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Have a Great Experience of Taj Mahal of Agra is lovely City of India Taj Mahal is one of the most illustrious landmarks in the world. It is the great pride of India and one of the reasons why foreign tourists make a beeline to this destination. If you are stationed at Hyderabad, then you can also request for Hyderabad Agra tours or for Hyderabad Taj Mahal tours, depending on your itinerary and time at hand.

Taj Mahal can be visited round the year since the landmark is a globally reputed structure and does not merit a fix season for tourism purpose. However, those who are not used to the summer temperatures in India may skip the summer months when the heat during daytime can get slightly unendurable. It is better to plan the visit during the months of October-March when the weather is dry and cool. This is the most favorable season to visit Taj Mahal as far as weather is concerned.

Some people have numerous doubts and queries regarding the viewing of the Taj. The whole beauty of the Taj lies in its sight and one must admit that you get to view its different faces during different times of the day. Even as you wade through seasons, the Taj shows its different hues in different times of the year. Some cite that the best time to view the

Taj is during sunset when the crimson rays of the sun make a brilliant fusion with the pristine white of the monument. But it may not necessarily be the best time for viewing the Taj. A lot, after all, depends on the perspective of individuals.

Sunrise, like sunset, is another great time to set your eyes on the Taj Mahal. Perhaps, there is an element of freshness which the dawn brings with itself. Bathed it the golden rays of the rising sun, the Taj looks spectacular. Bangalore Agra tours and Mumbai Agra tours are arranged throughout the year. Officials also suggest that tourists plan a full moon trip to Agra. Undoubtedly, the Taj is at its shimmering best under a full moon.

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Taj Mahal is one of the most illustrious landmarks in the world. It is the great pride of India and one of the reasons why foreign tourists...