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Make Your Journal Doodle Diary Personal Name, nickname, address, favorite music, color, play, secrets, blessings. Make it yours.


Foreword We are the spiritual co-creators of our reality we perceive each day while embodying a physical human form, but who is really in control? Any thought we have must be accompanied by a feeling if we want to manifest anything, but are we operating from the wisdom of our Soul? We voice millions of words every day but only if our thoughts are accompanied by the intent of feelings, only then does our Soul absorb those words. That energy becomes like a mirror. This mirror, or dream, creates the world we live in. Our daily experiences are a reflection of the feelings we think, write down or utter. Each of us has many Language of Light qualities that, when embodied, would expand our energy body in order to create a more harmonious reality in this world. In order to bring more aspects of our Soul into our daily lives, we need to open our Soul library and draw in the wisdom through the qualities of the Language of Light. Those qualities will heighten the spin vibrations of our 7 energy channels and transform us and our body, our biological cellular expression of consciousness, and free us from this third-dimensional illusion we call reality. Each of the seven energy body chakras are activated by the awakened Soul quality scalar waves symbol codes representing nothing but pure love because you encoded the shapes and curves and symbols within this pattern in your mind. By creating our own L.o.L symbol codes each DNA strand corresponds to our symbol code (some call them fire codes) built upon electromagnetic impulses of sound arranged in patterned sequences. Namasté Nadine May 4

Review on the Language of Light Workbook My first experience with Nadine's Doodle mind drawing workshop in 2002 was a revelation. The idea that one can access one’s unconscious thought processes by simply doodling, was new to me. I realised that there was no right or wrong way we doodle, just our own individual way. That was such a relief since I do not regard myself as an artist. It turns out that our daydreaming doodles can expand our infinite awesomeness to help with our daily tasks and also to help us to remember who we truly are. Nadine's workbook with her special exercises reinforced my sense of how the unconscious mind is part of our conscious behaviour, rather than in a Jungian sense a separate closed compartment which can only be opened with conscious effort Robin Beck - Publisher This unusual workbook is one of a kind. I was riveted by the explanation of the Language of Light. The many illustrations and creative formats that help one to create their own Language of Light cards, is phenomenal. This workbook is a breakthrough from the point of bringing into perspective how each one of us can embody more psychic energy. Sue Barker, Academy for Art Therapy -Western Cape This amazing book further develops the Language of Light mentioned in Nadine's novel "The Reality Shifters". Using the Techniques of Doodle Drawing, the reader is connected with their own intuitive nature, the Language of their Soul. This is a workbook which explains the Chakra system, how it resonates with your thought patterns and how emotional patterns are established, which affect your later life. Beautifully produced and easy to use, this book is most recommended. Renaissance Magazine June 2003 5

Table of Content 7 Instructions 8 Chakra Symbol Doodle Drawing 9 Your Six Base Chakra Symbols 10 Keyhole Doodling 11 Writing on your Keyhole Doodling Experience Page 12 A Grounding Meditation


Instructions 

There are different pages to express each LoL symbol within the Base Chakra 3 Colour-in line drawing pages. 1 Freehand Doodling page 1 Symbol doodling page 2 Notebook pages to write creative ideas into realities. 2 Diary pages to write down your thoughts and self expressions. 1 Journal page to write about what direction you see yourself going. 1 Meditations page

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If you are on your own or in a group, play some meditative music in the background. Pencils, colour pencils, felt pens or any other media you best express yourself in this journal. One option is to go to the Language of Light product page at ( Address is at the back of this journal.) There you find large sheets of the cards that are used in this journal and other products for a workshop facilitator. The Language of Light workbook is optional, but essential for a workshop facilitator. :

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Ask your higher self to participate in the following exercises. Write what you want to achieve throughout this doodling journal diary. Always state an intent before you proceed. If you have the intent to evolve towards a higher vibration or for your ascension, make this a conscious intent every time before you start these doodle exercises. Invite your Soul to embody more of its divine energy during your doodling. The best results are doodling without allowing your linear mind to interfere by creating symbols like a flower, a smiley face or the sun. 7

Chakra Symbol Doodle Drawing The Language of Light symbols used in this journal are a representation of the universal fire codes and are free for all to use. They represent the universal vibration keys that reflect a Soul quality particle of love. These symbolic forms can unlock thought-forms that are locked in a frozen state within our electro-magnetic field. It's this energy field that manifests our cellular/molecular structure. During our descent into a lower consciousness realm, the original tones of our creation became distorted. With each human incarnation, our individual Soul chooses how many Language of Light quality tones are dispersed during a lifetime. In the past most Souls embodied less than 10% of these unity consciousness vibes during a physical lifetime, but in order to manifest a physical ascension, at least 50% of these quality thought forms of love have to be activated within our 7 chakra channels. The Language of Light energy symbols within each of the seven chakras will awaken our original tones and vibrations of creation. Each of our seven energy channels hold Soul Qualities that we might be missing during this incarnation, but through our doodling intent, these Soul qualities come alive because the Language of Light operates on a resonance basis. Doodling connects us to our higher holistic mind. Our thoughts must be of a higher frequency or octave while doodling in order to activate our individual symbolic codes into action. This will in turn awaken each of us to a higher consciousness. Our Base Chakra is our instinctual mind channel. 8

Your Six Base Chakra Symbols The symbols that make up our alphabet can be seen as an analogue representation of the symbols of the Language of Light of creation. Throughout this journal, our individual symbolic expression of the qualities of your Soul is addressed. Each person is a creative artist at the core of their being, therefore it's important to come from a secret space with doodling out the 6 quality symbols within our Base chakra. Our spiritual language is like living symbols that represent the elements, forces, virtues, qualities, spirits and powers of the cosmos. Those living symbol tones were used to create our universe. All the kingdoms on our planet possess these elements within them. All the graphic expressions that are found on ancient monuments in the form of geometrical or hieroglyphic signs have survived many centuries in order to remind us of who we are: Co-Creators. If we focus on a Soul Quality and draw our own symbol, the energy of that Soul Quality will then be drawn into our auric field. Forgiveness - is the leading quality of the base Chakra followed by Peaceful Bliss, Perseverance, Purpose, Friendship and Global Unity. By doodling our own expressions of these Soul Qualities, each person will activate their own unique spiritual blueprint. Ascension occurs when our human body vibrates on a higher frequency so our Soul can evolve beyond the cycle of a physical reincarnation. 9

Imagery Through a Keyhole

Close Your eyes and leave the outer world… Enter into your inner world, the world of ideas…

Allow your thoughts and feelings to turn into colors, shapes or /and patterns


Write down the feelings and insights you received from just allowing your doodling interacting without trying to create mental symbols like a flower or a sun.


A Grounding Meditation


Forgiveness 14Your First initiation Symbol 15 Your First Base Chakra Channel Feeling Words 16 & 17 Taking Note pages 18 Freehand Doodling on the Power of Forgiveness 19 Diary page on the Power of Forgiveness 20 Your Own Forgiveness Symbol 21 Meditation on the Power of Forgiveness 22Journaling about your first Symbol 23 First LoL card on Forgiveness 24 & 25 Diary on your Soul Quality of Forgiveness


Your First Initiation Symbol of Forgiveness


Write your own feelings words about your First Chakra Symbol while coloring in the Base Chakra channel


Take Notes what came up for you in connection with your Soul quality of Forgiveness.



What do your feelings Look like in your doodling 0n Forgiveness

Eraser boards large drawing sheets on the Forgiveness Card At Nadine’s Zazzle store on the Awakening


Your Diary page on the first Soul Quality of Forgiveness


Your Own Forgiveness Symbol



Journaling Page on your Forgiveness Symbol

Eraser boards large drawing sheets of paper and paper plates


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Your Diary Page

Journals,Keyrings and even chocolates or shortbread on the universal symbol of Forgiveness At Nadine’s Zazzle store on the Awakening


Peaceful Bliss 26 Your Second Initiation Symbol 27 Your Second Base Chakra Channel Feeling Words 28 & 29 Taking Note pages 30 Freehand Doodling on the Power of Peaceful Bliss 31 Diary page on the Power of Peaceful Bliss 32 Your Own Peaceful Bliss Symbol 33 Meditation on the Power of Peaceful Bliss 35Journaling about your Second Symbol 36Second LoL card on Peaceful Bliss 37 Diary on your Soul Quality of Power of Peaceful Bliss


Your Second Initiation Symbol of Peaceful Bliss


Write your own feelings words about your Second Chakra Symbol while coloring in the Base Chakra channel


Take Notes or write what came up for you in connection with your Soul Quality of Peaceful Bliss.



Freehand Doodling on the Quality of Peaceful Bliss


Your Diary page on the Second Soul Quality of Peaceful Bliss

Zazzle Products for facilitator’s a classroom


Your Own Peaceful Bliss Symbol



Journaling Page on your Peaceful Bliss Symbol



Your Diary page

Large drawing sheets for Students at Zazzle


Perseverance 38Your Third Initiation Symbol 39 Your Third Base Chakra Channel Feeling Words 40 & 41Taking Note pages 42 Freehand Doodling on Power of Perseverance 43 Diary page on the Power of Perseverance 44 Your Own Perseverance Symbol 45 Meditation on the Power of Perseverance 46 Journaling about your Third Symbol 47Third LoL card on Perseverance 48 Diary on your Soul Quality of Power of Perseverance


Your Third Initiation Symbol of Perseverance


Write your own feelings using words about your Third Chakra Symbol while coloring in the Base Chakra channel


Take Notes on what came up for you in connection with your Soul Quality of Perseverance.



Freehand Doodling on the Power of Perseverance


Diary page on your Power of Perseverance


Your Own Perseverance Symbol



Journaling Page on your Perseverance Symbol



Your Diary Page


Purpose 50Your Fourth Initiation Symbol 52 Your Fourth Base Chakra Channel Feeling Words End of sample Thanks for watching this flipbook sample. The full version journal can be downloaded in a PDF file for people who have a drawing tablet. I've never tried this, but I know of a few creative people who have. Or you order the print version. Nadine May


Your Fourth Initiation Symbol of Purpose


Write your own feelings using words about your Fourth Chakra Symbol while coloring in the Base Chakra channel


Thanks for watching this flipbook sample. The full version journal can be downloaded in a PDF file for people who have a drawing tablet. I've never tried this, but I know of a few creative people who have. Or you order the print version. The following Doodle Journal on the Sacral Chakra: the orange ray emotional channel that directs our emotional intelligence. It is the temple of Our Body Avatar that holds all our genetic DNA memory files of an emotional nature. Included is the card on the body awareness of the Water element.



This is a full color illustrated book with the first 48 universal Language of Light symbols as a companion to the Language of Light workbook. Also included are 52 graphic designed cards with Nadine’s Soul Quality artwork. These meditative exercises can take the reader on an inner journey by tapping into the language of the universal Soul. Each Soul Quality key that we invite into our living experience will have an effect on our daily lives. These vibrational keys can unlock and release distorted thought-forms that have become set within our mind field. 54


Visit her YouTube Channel: Nadine May

Nadine created an active blog to support the readers of her Ascension novels, Doodle Journals and her Facilitators workbook titled: https:// Besides topics on Ascension, Nadine her main Blog has articles on Parallel Worlds, Anti-matter universes and the Outer worlds as well as articles to do with the Elemental, Astral / Emotional and Etheric/ mental realms. Topics from our ancient past and the many unexplained phenomena that have kept people’s attention for decades are further be explored through Nadine’s storytelling characters: Ingrid, Toon, Liesbeth / Tulanda, Hans, Annelies, POWAH, Richard, Trevor, and Tieneke. Often fiction is truer that facts. 56

The Language of Light - Doodling Workshop Most of the designs on the products in this journal are sold through a Print and Demand business at All the artwork and line drawings belong to Nadine's Language of Light writings. The Facilitators mind drawing doodling workbook both in greyscale and in full colour is available on Amazon ( The Journal colour-in cards on each chakra and other similar products that can be purchased at her Zazzle shop titled The Ascension ( live links found in her Blog) they are companion items to the workbook. There is also a PDF download: ( More on the information behind Nadine's Art -analogue tonal & colour and symbolic language exercises and why doodling and the colour-in activities are further explained in Nadine’s blog: The End of Times ( This creative project is Personalize this flyer at Zazzle for your own workshops created for individuals and 57



Thanks for participating in our ascension journey through the Chakras



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