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April 22-26, 2024


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Discover the evolution of EarthX at this year’s Congress of Conferences – the leading gathering for environmentalists of all backgrounds and perspectives. At EarthX, an unprecedented cross-pollination of people, power, and perspectives are fostered, and the potential is unrivaled. Every idea finds a home, so long as it is expressed with respect, to cultivate learning, understanding, and the common goal of safeguarding life on Earth. We explore:


EarthX will host North Texas Day at Earthx2024 which is free and open to the general public. This day long symposium will focus on North Texas issues and solutions with some of the region’s top thought leaders.

THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT Days 1-3, April 22-24

Day One: THE FUTURE OF ENERGIES. A sustainable energy future is not a binary choice between oil+gas and solar+wind. Explore the rich ecosystem of energy forms jockeying for a place in the market - solar, oil, wind, natural gas, modular nuclear, digital, hydrogen, efficiency, geothermal and more - to make the world more prosperous, resilient, secure, and sustainable.

Day Two: A CIRCULAR ECONOMY. Circularity isn’t just about recycling. It looks at the economy as a complex ecosystem much like nature. Hear from naturalists, scientists, and companies applying principles of physics, chemistry, and biology for continuous innovation, waste reduction, and recycling, to meet deeper human needs.

Day Three: MONEY, MEDIA, POWER, AND POLITICS. Powerful media leaders will make the case for climate protection to conservatives and progressives.


Invitation-only sustainability-focused investment and innovation summit that convenes hundreds of investors, innovators, industry leaders, dealmakers, and other innovation & investment ecosystem leaders.


Day Four: OCEANS, THE BLUE ECONOMY, AND PHILANTHROPY. Hear from business, academic, and political leaders in the southwest and Mexico who are stepping up. Learn the six most powerful steps to save oceans. Learn how ten brands using their buying power to protect oceans and climate.

Day Five: WILDLIFE CONSERVATION. Leaders of the wildlife conservation discuss critical themes such as how to overcome the challenges of wolf reintroduction, current conservation policy issues, pursuing a constitutional right to hunt and fish, confronting the illegal wildlife trade, and nature-based conservation solutions. Property owners will benefit from our expert led discussions on carbon credits for landowners, conservation and the generational transfer of wealth.


Peer-to-peer summit representing family office principals and other high-net worth individuals with more than $100 million AUM to discuss environmental investment and philanthropic opportunities.


This complimentary event will feature leaders of wildlife conservation associations discuss their history and current impact on wildlife & habitat.

AEarth Day Every Day Involves Our Very Survival

s we celebrate Earth Day 2024, it strikes me that the familiar saying, “Earth Day is every day,” may finally be within sight of our collective consciousness. Or it may be that after 14 years of publishing Natural Awakenings and almost five years of hosting and producing the Healthy Living Healthy Planet radio show, my world is so saturated with all things green and sustainable that I’m overoptimistic. That raises the question, “How can we tell whether we’re making progress in getting everyone to celebrate Earth Day all day, every day? How will we know when we’re all making regular choices that take into consideration the condition of this big round thing that we all walk around on, raise our families on, experience life’s joys and sorrows on and depend on for our very existence?”

I suspect most of us care about some aspect of our planet’s well-being, primarily because it affects us personally. But collectively, we aren’t where we need to be, which is the point that caring for the Earth is just as important, routine and time-consuming as caring for our own bodies—because it is just as important, if not more so. Our bodies cannot exist without the life-giving and life-sustaining environment Mother Earth provides. We should be having this conversation with ourselves and others every day, not just every April.

At Natural Awakenings, we think of April as the time for the planet’s annual checkup. Just as my recent annual physical revealed that my cholesterol is a little high, our 2024 Earth Day theme of “Planet vs. Plastics” is telling us that our manmade materials are way too prevalent, and that to sustain the Earth’s health, we need to reduce our use of these ubiquitous materials.

To continue the metaphor, think of all the diagnostics our healthcare providers administer for our bodies such as labs, scans and X-rays. In a similar way, testing and analyses are being done for Planet Earth by talented scientists, researchers and activists around the world. What motivates many people to get involved in environmental causes is a stark realization amid the drumbeat of empirical data that our own health depends on the health of the planet. The challenge, of course, is that they tend to be slow-moving, and by the time we see and recognize them, they’ve already begun to have serious impacts.

I am encouraged by all the people and places that celebrate and care for our beautiful Planet Earth, and this month we highlight several of them. Check out our “eco-travel” suggestions, which include locations across the country as well as in and around North Texas, like Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, High Hope Ranch, Hideaway Ranch & Refuge, and Mineral Wells. They are just an hour or two from the Metroplex, yet allow us to experience nature at its best. And don’t miss the hiking and backpacking tips from the Dallas Sierra Club, our local experts on how to prepare for and enjoy getting close to nature.

This year there are Earth Day events planned across North Texas, opportunities to celebrate our planet and engage with the growing community of people who care deeply about it and our collective future. You can find information about many of these events in our Earth Day calendar. As always, we hope that you will find much in our magazine to help you along your journey to living a healthier life on a healthy planet.


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7 April 2024
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economies together in harmony with the environment.

“In 2023, we must come together again in partnership for the planet. Businesses, governments and civil society are equally responsible for taking action against the climate crisis and lighting the spark to accelerate change towards a green, prosperous and equitable future. We must join together in our fight for the green revolution, and for the health of future generations. The time is now to invest in our planet,” advises President Kathleen Rogers.

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year’s Earth Day theme—Invest in Our Planet—reminds us that it
not enough to merely celebrate
calls attention
climate crisis.
home for one day. We are
upon to dedicate our time,
year-round to
and just world for generations to come. The motto also
to the
of the
It is no wonder that EarthDay.
, the global organizer
this annual event, decided to keep the same
as last year, thus underscor-
a continuing need to bring global

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9 April 2024
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Wild Earth Expeditions

The nonprofit Dallas Zoo Wild Earth Action Team is presenting a series of Wild Earth Expeditions for attendees 18 and older to explore the natural world, educate participants on conservation efforts and support local communities. One highlight is visiting monarch butterflies in Mexico with Holbrook Travel, where millions of migrate from North America each winter.

The 106-acre Dallas Zoo is the oldest and largest zoo in Texas. Founded with just two deer and two mountain lions in 1888 as the first zoo in the Southwest, this city of Dallas-owned and privately managed attraction is a thriving example of a successful public-private partnership. As an accredited member of the Association of Zoos & Aquariums for 35 years, the Zoo provides a home for more than 2,000 animals representing over 400 species.

For more information, visit

Movies That Matter at the Museum

Fort Worth Movies That Matter will screen the film A Decent Home at 7 p.m., April 4, at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. This feature-length documentary by Sara Terry addresses urgent issues of class and economic inequity through the lives of mobile home park residents that cannot afford housing anywhere else.

The film asks who we are becoming as Americans while private equity firms and wealthy investors buy up parks to make exorbitant returns on their investments while squeezing the mobile homeowners lacking rights and protections under local and state laws that must pay rent for the land they live on.

As a program of the Fort Worth Human Relations Commission, this bimonthly series in February, April, June, August, October and December explores human and civil rights issues, and celebrates diversity and inclusion. Each event features a film screening, followed by a moderated discussion with local experts.

Admission is free. Location: 3200 Darnell St., Fort Worth. Get tickets at See the trailer at Tinyurl. com/A-Decent-Home

10 Dallas Metroplex Edition News Briefs
Get To The Source Of Health, Healing, Happiness Holistic Health, Complete Care Dial up to contact! 5-star reviews on Google Primary Care Neural Therapy Weight Management Pain Management Physical Therapy Personal Training Phychologist Reiki Therapy Clinical Massages Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy ALL IN ONE AFFORDABLE MEMBERSHIP
Our Services

EarthX Weeklong

Earth Day Congress

The EarthX Congress of Conferences will convene leading experts in sustainability, finance, oceans and conservation from April 22 through 26, at the Hilton Anatole, in Dallas. An offshoot of the EarthX EXPO, recognized as the world’s largest environmental gathering, the Congress coincides with Earth Day celebrations for a week filled with insightful discussions, initiatives and networking opportunities aimed at driving positive change on a global scale.

April 22-26, 2024


Visit to Register

Frisco Rotary Farmers Market

Frisco Rotary Farmers Market at Kaleidoscope Park is moving to a new location at Kaleidoscope Park, in Frisco, on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., April 6 through December 16, then re-opening in January 2025. The new venue will include a kids’ park, dog park, entertainment venue, technology, shaded pathways and more vendors for a wider range of products. The park will be completed this summer. Until that time, the market will be located next to the park construction site at 3000 Internet Boulevard, in Frisco.

Discover the evolution of EarthX at this year’s Congress of Conferences – the leading gathering for environmentalists of all backgrounds and perspectives. At EarthX, an unprecedented cross-pollination of people, power, and perspectives are fostered, and the potential is unrivaled. Every idea finds a home, so long as it is expressed with respect, to cultivate learning, understanding, and the common goal of safeguarding life on Earth. We explore:


With more than 80 speakers and sessions, keynotes include Ivan Carter, David Fenton, Matt James, Van Jones and Senator Kevin Cramer. Each day will have a theme, including The Future of Energy, Circular Economy, Money, Power, and Politics, Oceans and Philanthropy, and Wildlife and Ocean Conservation. An invitation-only E-Capital Summit, provides a forum for high-level discussions and strategic collaborations.

EarthX will host North Texas Day at Earthx2024 which is free and open to the general public. This day long symposium will focus on North Texas issues and solutions with some of the region’s top thought leaders.

THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT Days 1-3, April 22-24

Market manager Cindy Johnson says, “When Kaleidoscope Park approached us about moving the market to the park, we knew it was the destination location we were looking for to take the market to the next level which will provide our customers with lots to do before and after they visit the market.”

Day One: THE FUTURE OF ENERGIES. A sustainable energy future is not a binary choice between oil+gas and solar+wind. Explore the rich ecosystem of energy forms jockeying for a place in the market - solar, oil, wind, natural gas, modular nuclear, digital, hydrogen, efficiency, geothermal and more - to make the world more prosperous, resilient, secure, and sustainable.

Kaleidoscope Park comprises six acres of green space next to Hall Park, located south of The Star in Frisco near Highway 121 and the Dallas North Tollway.

Day Two: A CIRCULAR ECONOMY. Circularity isn’t just about recycling. It looks at the economy as a complex ecosystem much like nature. Hear from naturalists, scientists, and companies applying principles of physics, chemistry, and biology for continuous innovation, waste reduction, and recycling, to meet deeper human needs.

The full week pass includes breakfast, lunch and a reception, with special pricing for students. Location: 2201 N. Stemmons Fwy., Dallas. For more information or to register, visit See ad, page 4.

Day Three: MONEY, MEDIA, POWER, AND POLITICS. Powerful media leaders will make the case for climate protection to conservatives and progressives.


For more information, call 214-417-5049, email or visit and

Invitation-only sustainability-focused investment and innovation summit that convenes hundreds of investors, innovators, industry leaders, dealmakers, and other innovation & investment ecosystem leaders.


Day Four: OCEANS, THE BLUE ECONOMY, AND PHILANTHROPY. Hear from business, academic, and political leaders in the southwest and Mexico who are stepping up. Learn the six most powerful steps to save oceans. Learn how ten brands using their buying power to protect oceans and climate.

Day Five: WILDLIFE CONSERVATION. Leaders of the wildlife conservation discuss critical themes such as how to overcome the challenges of wolf reintroduction, current conservation policy issues, pursuing a constitutional right to hunt and fish, confronting the illegal wildlife trade, and nature-based conservation solutions. Property owners will benefit from our expert led discussions on carbon credits for landowners, conservation and the generational transfer of wealth.


Peer-to-peer summit representing family office principals and other high-net worth individuals with more than $100 million AUM to discuss environmental investment and philanthropic opportunities.


This complimentary event will feature leaders of wildlife conservation associations discuss their history and current impact on wildlife & habitat.

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North Texas Prepares for Solar Eclipse on April 8

North Texas is preparing for a total solar eclipse on April 8, an astronomical event that promises to be a memorable spectacle. It will offer a rare opportunity for residents and visitors to witness daytime darkness as the moon passes directly between the Earth and the sun.

The eclipse will enter the United States at 1:27 p.m. in Eagle Pass, and will grace North Texas skies starting at 1:40 p.m. Fort Worth will experience totality for approximately two minutes and 33 seconds, while Dallas will be treated to a full three minutes and 51 seconds of darkness. This eclipse is special as because it is the last

visible in the contiguous United States for the next 20 years. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience not to be missed.

Solar Eclipse Events in North Texas

Addison: Addison Circle Park from 11 a.m. with yoga, live music, food trucks and more.

Arlington: Levitt Pavilion downtown from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., with family activities and music.

Bedford: Bedford Library Solar Eclipse Watch Party from noon to 2 p.m., with food trucks and free glasses.

The Colony: Stewart Creek Park event from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m., featuring solar viewing stations, crafts and free solar glasses.

Coppell: Andrew Brown Park from noon to 3 p.m., with games, popcorn, prizes and music.

Corsicana: Downtown celebration from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., with food, face painting, live music, and all-day activities.

Dallas: Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Downtown Dallas activities from April 5 to 8.

Ennis: Downtown Ennis starting at 10 a.m., with family activities and food trucks.

To fully enjoy the eclipse, it is essential to use proper eye protection. Eclipse glasses are a must to prevent eye damage, and can be found at local stores, public viewing events or online. With the right protection, viewers can safely enjoy the eclipse’s phases as the moon makes its celestial journey.

A variety of events are planned across North Texas to celebrate the eclipse. The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History Noble Planetarium is hosting educational sessions, complete with expert commentary and live music from the Navy Band Southeast Brass Quintet. The museum’s front lawn and the Fort Worth Botanic Garden are prime viewing spots. Dallas will host multiple viewing locations to accommodate the expected influx of eclipse enthusiasts and local hotels are reporting a surge in bookings.

Euless: Parks at Texas Star from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., with family activities and 2,000 glasses available.

Everman: Clyde Pittman Park from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., with music, food trucks and glasses for the first 200 people.

Fort Worth: Botanical Garden and Museum of Science and History from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., with educational activities.

Mansfield: Activities with live music, art, food from April 6 until the eclipse day.

Plano: Windhaven Meadows Park and Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve from noon to 3:30 p.m., with glasses available at the visitor center.

Southfork Ranch - Parker: Eclipse & Sip event from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.. with garden chairs and complimentary eclipse glasses.

Waxahachie: Festivities from April 6 to 8.

White Settlement: Total Eclipse at the Park in Veteran’s Park from 12:30 p.m., with activities, concessions and free solar glasses.

Dallas Metroplex Edition 12 Event Briefs

New Electric Vehicle Readiness Program

Dallas-Fort Worth Clean Cities, hosted by the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) and the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC), have launched a new designation program, Charging Smart, that awards communities for electric vehicle (EV) readiness. Funded by the U.S. Department of Energy Vehicle Technologies Office, the program provides personalized, no-cost technical assistance to help municipalities set and achieve policies that facilitate the equitable expansion of EVs and EV charging in their communities. Local governments that achieve certain metrics are awarded Bronze, Silver or Gold designations in public recognition of their status as EV-friendly communities.

NCTCOG Principal Air Quality Planner Amy Hodges says, “Dallas-Fort Worth has seen tremendous growth in the number of electric vehicles on the road in recent years. In the last 12 months, the number of EVs registered in the region increased by about 50 percent. As more residents choose to adopt EVs in the future, a public charging network to meet the anticipated demand becomes more critical. Through the best practices and processes provided in the Charging Smart program, North

Texas communities can ultimately save time and reduce costs in their efforts to provide EV charging to all residents. We are happy to be working with IREC to bring this timely program to our region.”

The pilot phase for local governments is being staged in North Texas and three other states. A few more are already engaged

in the developmental phase, and communities from one of them are expected to become the first Charging Smart designated cohort later this spring. Charging Smart will be made available throughout the country in the future.

For more information, email CleanCities@ or visit

13 April 2024

Women’s Wellness

Coming in May

Brewing a climate solution

Did you know that Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a vital component for beer. Not only does it carbonate the beverage, it cleans the empty beer cans prior to filling and is used to help a bartender pull a pint.

Josh Herbin, owner of Portland Street’s North Brewery in Nova Scotia, Canada, knew that most of the CO2 he buys is wasted. Not only is it one of the biggest costs to his business it is also greenhouse gas, so Herbin was eager to find a solution.

With the newly implemented sytem that now captures the previously wasted gas, it is estimated the brewery has cut their CO2 usage by 50 percent.

Herbin hopes to be able to put together some open source plans for the system so that other breweries can perhaps make and install their own.

Courtesy of the Carbon Almanac Network. Please share this information. Everyone on the planet thanks you, and Sign up to receive he Daily Difference (TDD) at

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15 April 2024
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New Way to Diagnose Autism

According to a 2023 study by Yale scientists published in the journal Nature Neuroscience, two distinct neurodevelopmental abnormalities that arise shortly after the start of brain development have been linked to the emergence of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The researchers created brain organoids using stem cells from 13 boys with the disorder, including eight with macrocephaly, a condition in which the head is enlarged. The organoids were small replicas of developing brains that mimicked neuronal growth in the fetus.

The study found that children with ASD and macrocephaly showed an excessive growth of excitatory neurons, while those without macrocephaly exhibited a deficit of the same type of neurons. Measuring the prevalence of certain types of neurons, as was done in this study, could help doctors diagnose autism and also identify which autism cases might benefit from existing drugs that treat excessive excitatory neuron activity.

County Declares Loneliness a Public Health Crisis

San Mateo County near San Francisco is the first county in the U.S. to declare loneliness a public health crisis. The resolution, which commits the county to address the issue but does not set aside funds to reduce loneliness, was inspired by the United Kingdom and Japan, which appointed ministers to tackle the problem. Future efforts by San Mateo County may include investments in infrastructure to make neighborhoods more accessible, social media posts that encourage social interaction, and the earmarking of community mental health dollars for organizations that develop or offer solutions.

Loneliness has been associated with increased risk of dementia, depression, anxiety, heart disease and stroke. A British study found that those that lived alone and had no visitors had a 39 percent increased risk of premature death compared to those visited by loved ones daily.

16 Dallas Metroplex Edition
Health Briefs
Maryna Auramchuk / CanvaPro

Treating Anxiety With Mindfulness

According to a randomized clinical trial published in JAMA Psychiatry, mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) has been found to be a well-tolerated treatment option that can be as effective as commonly prescribed anxiety medications. The study involved 276 adults with diagnosed anxiety disorders that were randomly assigned to either an eight-week MBSR course or treatment with escitalopram, a first-line anxiety medication. Anxiety levels were assessed using the Clinical Global Impression of Severity scale (CGI-S).

At the end of the study, both the MBSR and escitalopram groups experienced a reduction in their mean CGI-S score, with no significant difference between the two groups. MBSR was well-tolerated, with no dropouts due to adverse events, whereas a higher percentage of participants in the escitalopram group reported adverse events. The results demonstrated that MBSR was not inferior to escitalopram in reducing anxiety symptoms.

An estimated 301 million people worldwide are affected by anxiety disorders, including generalized anxiety, social anxiety, panic and agoraphobia, causing significant distress, impaired functioning and elevated risk of suicide.

Treating Diabetes With Healthy Food and Exercise

A radical new approach to managing Type 2 diabetes developed by Daniel J. Cox, Ph.D., from UVA Health, has received $3.5 million in funding from the National Institutes of Health for a large-scale clinical trial. The approach focuses on educating individuals about making wise dietary and exercise choices to control blood sugar and potentially alter the course of the disease. Rather than prioritizing weight loss or medication, it aims to reduce post-meal blood glucose levels, which are linked to cardiovascular risk and high levels of AIC, a marker of blood sugar over time.

Known as Glucose Everyday Matters (GEM), the approach combines educated food and drink selections with physical activity to prevent blood sugar spikes and hasten recovery if they occur. A small, initial trial involving 17 recently diagnosed adults with Type 2 diabetes showed promise, with 67 percent achieving remission after three months, and only one participant requiring medication. This trial was the first testing of self-administration instead of face-to-face delivery by medical providers.

This research offers promising hope for managing Type 2 diabetes through lifestyle interventions, providing patients with new options for controlling and potentially achieving remission from the disease. Cox’s personal success with the approach, maintaining consistently low A1C levels without medication for the past 13 years, further supports its potential.





17 April 2024 2024 FRISCO ROTARY FARMERS MARKET Every Saturday from 9am to 1pm AT KALEIDOSCOPE PARK 3000 Internet Blvd., Frisco, TX 75034 LOCATION Starting April 6th, you can find us at our NEW LOCATION at HALL PARK – 3000 Internet Blvd., Frisco, TX 75034! Then stay tuned for our big move to Kaleidoscope Park, coming later this year! Barking Owl Coffee • Bonnie Jean’s Preserves and Bread Cita’s Salsa • Cooking with the Robinsons • Flower Bar Farm K Bar K Meats • Lewellen Farm • Lucido’s Pasta • Nana Dot’s Southern Sweets • Running Brook Bakery • S&J Canning Sassy Lorraine • Stout Creek Farm • The Best Fudge Ever The Pour Girl • Totally Nutz • Warne Bee Farm • and more!
100 customers receive a FREE Kaleidoscope Park shopping bag. FREE glitter tattoos and kids crafts. Glitter tattoos and kids crafts 9:30 - 2:30
Vchal / CanvaPro

Sea of Methane Endangers Planet

Deep below the icy expanse of the Arctic lies a hidden danger that could have catastrophic consequences for our planet. Layers of methane gas are trapped beneath the permafrost, and as the landscape changes, this sea of methane has the potential to be unleashed, wreaking havoc on the world.

Studying the permafrost beneath the islands of Svalbard, researchers found an immense reservoir of methane that could reach several million cubic feet. Currently, the leakage from below the permafrost is minimal, but glacial retreat and permafrost thawing could “lift the lid” on this hidden danger, according to Thomas Birchall, a geologist at Norway’s University Center in Svalbard and lead author of a study published in Frontiers in Earth Science

Ocean currents can thin the permafrost, creating patchy and unpredictable regions. Geographical features can also allow gas produced by underlying rocks to escape. Even in areas with continuous permafrost, methane gas can migrate beneath the cold seal of the permafrost, creating the potential for escape.

A large-scale seepage would initiate a dangerous feedback loop of warming—a cycle where methane release leads to further permafrost thaw, resulting in additional gas emissions. While the focus of the study was on Norway, the researchers believe that migrating deposits of methane are likely present in other parts of the Arctic region as well.

In Vitro Fertilization May Save Nearly Extinct Rhino

Scientists at the BioRescue project have announced a breakthrough in embryo transfer that could save the northern white rhinoceros from extinction. According to the World Wildlife Federation, two genetically different subspecies exist—the northern and southern white rhino—found in two different regions of Africa. There are only two northern white rhinos left, both of which are female, living under protected housing in Kenya.

The BioRescue team achieved the world’s first rhino pregnancy through in vitro fertilization by implanting a southern white rhino embryo in a surrogate mother named Curra. Although the surrogate mother died after two months due to an unrelated infection, the successful embryo transfer offers proof of concept that this strategy could help save the northern white rhinos.

Plans are underway to implant a northern white rhino embryo into a southern white rhino surrogate mother. The scientists have used preserved sperm and eggs from the remaining females to make 30 preserved embryos. The BioRescue project has cost millions of dollars, supported by public and private donors. Eventually, the group hopes to reintroduce northern white rhinos into the wild.

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10 Takeaways From World Economic Forum

The 54th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum was held in Davos, Switzerland, in January. The meeting focused on the importance of trust and the fundamental principles driving it. Global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company reported ten key takeaways from the meeting.

1. Speed is crucial to outperformance. Compared to peers in slow-moving companies, leaders in fast-moving organizations experience higher operational resilience, financial performance, growth and innovation.

2. Cooperation can coexist with competition. Through the practice of “coopetition” leaders can advance shared interests in specific areas, even if they disagree elsewhere.

3. The generative artificial intelligence revolution is just beginning. This emerging tool has the potential to transform roles and boost performance in sales and marketing, customer care and software development, unlocking trillions of dollars in value.

4. Sustainability is a business imperative. Companies that navigate the increasingly complex net-zero economy can accelerate value creation and gain a competitive advantage.

5. Investing in better women’s health can lead to economic prosperity. Addressing the women’s health gap could boost the global economy by $1 trillion annually by 2040.

6. A comprehensive approach to transformation is most effective. By incorporating will, skill, rigor and scope, leaders can outpace the competition in times of disruption and change.

7. Matching top talent to the highest-value roles is essential. Skills-based hiring can help organizations access new talent pools.

8. The best CEOs leave companies in better shape than they found them. The key is creating distinct value and avoiding complacency.

9. Performance and diversity are not mutually exclusive. The business case for diversity remains strong, even in a rapidly changing business landscape.

10. India’s potential as one of the fastest-growing large economies deserves attention. This is especially evident in technology, talent and health care.

Hearing a Solar Eclipse

On April 8, millions of Americans along a 100-mile-wide path across 13 states from Texas to Maine will have an opportunity to witness a total solar eclipse. Thanks to a team from the Harvard University Astronomy Lab, people with visual impairments will be able to experience the celestial event, too, thanks to a smartphone-sized device called LightSound, which translates ambient brightness into sound.

Users of the LightSound device will hear a piping flute for daylight that will transition to a clarinet as the light dims when the moon passes in between the Earth and sun. As the eclipse reaches its zenith, LightSound will emit soft clicks to represent total darkness. The device is designed to complement the multi-sensory event, which may include a drop in temperature and the sounds of nighttime creatures like crickets and owls.

To make astronomy more inclusive, the Harvard team plans to distribute more than 700 LightSound devices at no cost. In addition, the device and its code are open-source so those with the skills can make their own. To learn more, visit Astrolab.fas.

19 April 2024
Astartu / De[

Sustainable Travel

Wanderlust With the Earth in Mind

Whether travel is enjoyed for much-needed relaxation, cultural immersion or the opportunity to volunteer in an eco-program spotlighting permaculture or farming, journeying to places far and near greatly enriches our human experience. During these environmentally critical times, our travels may carry a hefty price tag that the planet can no longer afford. This does not mean we need to sacrifice adventure. Every traveler can make a difference not only for the Earth but for the local communities they visit.

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, 8.1 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions can be attributed to travel and tourism. Being in the know and taking more responsibility for our environmental impact can be easier than commonly assumed, all the while inviting unexpected enjoyment.

Amanda Reiser, a global sustainable tourism specialist based in Pennsylvania, encourages her clients to consider the three pillars of sustainable tourism: environment, economy and equity. “We all can play a part in foster-

ing sustainable tourism and creating a more sustainable world," she explains, noting that a green-minded approach benefits not only the traveler but also the destination. "Ask yourself: Does my participation in this activity create a negative impact on the natural environment? Are there any actions to help reduce my environmental impact?"

A traveler’s footprint extends to the socio-cultural fabric of the destination, too. Reiser reminds travelers, “You may be in your destination for only a week, but the people who live there year-round feel the impacts of visitors every day, for better or worse.” By respecting local traditions and engaging locals in a respectful and inclusive manner, tourists can contribute positively to the cultural integrity of the communities they visit.

Greener Horizons

Instead of hitting all the trendy, transportation-reliant sights, opt to slow down and stay in one place for a longer period. This not only invites a richer, deeper experience but minimizes the need to hop onto another plane or bus. To support the local economy

20 Dallas Metroplex Edition
Feature Story
Dmitry Pichugin / CanvaPro

of a desired destination, buy locally produced items and book small, private hotels and inns, rather than international chains. Dining at locally owned eateries supports small business while giving travelers higher-quality fare and a more authentic cultural experience.

When planning a trip, contemplate the many treasures of domestic travel or choose a location that is not drowning in overtourism. The influx of tourists can significantly strain fragile ecosystems, deplete resources and disrupt the lives of local communities. Consider destinations that can be crossed via boat, train or bus, such as the New York-Montreal border or clusters of countries in Europe or Southeast Asia.

Packing With Purpose

Making small choices even when packing a suitcase goes a long way. Bring eco-friendly sunscreen and opt for brands that avoid chemicals harmful to coral reefs and tropical environments. Pack a cloth tote bag for daily excursions and a reusable water bottle to avoid single-use plastics. Remember that by using plastic containers more than once, we reduce the amount of waste that is released over time. Try not to overpack—bring only the most necessary items, preferably those that can be recycled, reused and disposed of properly.

Sojourning With Savvy

To avoid getaway glitches, become acquainted with local laws and regulations. When planning a fishing excursion, for example, identify the legally designated fishing spots and avoid harming endangered species, which are heavily protected under national and international regulations. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) offers an interactive map to show where legal fishing areas are by state ( Historical resources should also be taken into consideration. For instance, the Florida Keys require special permits for cultural, maritime, heritage and archeological explorations, including snorkeling expeditions of ancient shipwrecks and other unique, underwater sites.

It is always best to ask whether a destination is a naturally protected sanctuary or requires special permits. The FSW is a good reference site for information on activities in national wildlife refuges and the endangered animals that live there. To enjoy these areas to their fullest, make sure to find a knowledgeable local tour guide that understands the laws of the land.

Traveling consciously involves personal responsibility toward the environment through individual actions. “You can make a difference,” says David Knight, a professor of tourism management at Colorado State University. “Regenerative travel is not just leaving things the way you found them. It’s a matter of giving more than you take.”

Don’t Be Greenwashed

Greenwashing is a corrupt practice by companies that claim to support conscious tourism

but fail to live up to their claims. Vetting businesses when planning a trip means delving into third-party research and reports to check the fine print. Before booking, make sure the ecolodge or eco-touring company being considered has a legitimate certification on their website. The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) sets global standards and provides accreditations for destination managers, hotels and tour operators. There are also certifying groups in specific locations, such as the Sustainable Tourism Association of Hawaii, and others that are accredited by the GSTC, like Preferred by Nature.

For tourism operations that have not been certified, the onus is on the traveler. “Check with the local chambers of commerce. They should know who is working toward sustainability and can direct you to those aligned with what you are looking for,” says Claudia Gil Arroyo, an agricultural agent for the

21 April 2024
Food You Can Feel Good About! Dallas’ ORIGINAL farm-to-table restaurant Fresh • Local • Sustainable As Celebration continues to serve delicious, affordable and locally sourced food, we want to thank our friends and customers for your loving and loyal support! Restaurant - 214-351-5681 | 4503 West Lovers Lane Dallas, Texas 75209 Catering - 214-351-2456 • Market - 214-352-0031 • Local, free-range, 100% grass-fed beef from Springerhill Ranch • No antibiotics ever, vegetarian fed, cage-free chicken from Perdue Farms • Verlasso salmon raised in the clean waters of Patagonia

Rutgers University Cooperative Extension, in New Jersey. “If a tour operator or destination does not have a clear goal on how they’re contributing to the environment, it is unlikely that they are actually green.”

For tourism to be truly sustainable, it must also be economically viable for local communities. Economic sustainability ensures that tourism dollars benefit the local economy, creating fair wages, local sourcing and community empowerment, and allowing communities to thrive while preserving their cultural heritage. When traveling, support local, eco-friendly businesses that provide sustainable products.

A good example is agritourism—a vacation stay at a participating local farm—which can provide exciting, hands-on learning experiences. “Get out there. Look for your local growers and check out the services and activities they offer,” says Gil Arroyo. “People have this idea that agritourism is just picking your pumpkins and that’s it, and there’s so much more that can be done at a farm.”

Eco-Friendly North American Parks

North America is home to many national

parks—63 in the United States and 48 in Canada. Here are five exceptional examples that provide a sustainable, eco-friendly vacation experience.

Yellowstone National Park is known for its geothermal features, including the famous Old Faithful geyser. It also has a diverse range of wildlife, including grizzly bears, wolves and herds of bison. This U.S. park has implemented sustainable practices such as renewable energy installations, waste management programs and educational initiatives to promote conservation.

Great Bear Rainforest is a temperate locale on the central and northern coasts of British Columbia, Canada. It is home to a variety of wildlife, including the rare Kermode bear, also known as the spirit bear. The park works closely with First Nations communities, implementing conservation measures to protect biodiversity and support eco-conscious businesses.

Everglades National Park is a unique wetland ecosystem in Florida known as the “River of Grass”. It provides habitat for numerous endangered species, such as the Florida panther and the West Indian manatee. The park

employs restoration efforts to preserve the natural water flow and conserve wildlife, with plenty of opportunities for eco-friendly recreational activities like kayaking and hiking.

Cape Breton Highlands National Park is located on the northern tip of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. It offers breathtaking coastal views, rugged cliffs and stunning hiking trails. The park implements waste reduction, energy conservation, ecological restoration and educational programs to promote environmental stewardship.

Redwood National and State Parks, in California, are home to the tallest trees on Earth, the majestic coast redwoods. Sustainable eco-practices include trail maintenance and restoration, wildlife protection, interpretation programs to educate visitors about the delicate ecosystem, and conservation efforts to combat climate change and preserve redwood habitat.

Sara Kaplan is an environmentally conscious freelance writer and eco-traveler from Fort Collins, CO.

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Eco-Tourism at its Finest

The Hideaway Ranch and Refuge is located in the North Central Texas Hill Country between Glen Rose and Stephenville, with 11 private cabins, three-and-a half miles of hiking trails, several catch and release fishing ponds, a scavenger hunt, wildlife viewing, stargazing, front porch sitting and an “old Western town” common area. Co-owner Jason Niedziela, with his wife, Traci, says, “We have been operating as a guest ranch for 19 years. Four years ago, we decided to embrace sustainability and environmentalism. Traci has a master’s degree in sustainable tourism from Arizona State University.”

The destination’s sustainable practices include using eco-friendly cleaning products and providing eco-friendly soaps and shampoos; a recycling program for guests to use and a compost program for guest use; and a level 2 electric car charger free for guest use. Whenever possible, they use recycled, eco-friendly or sustainable products such as ECO shampoo and conditioner, Biokleen, scent-free, phosphate-free laundry detergent, plant based cleaning products, organic coffee and tea, bamboo toilet paper, biodegradable trash bags, recycled paper towels, natural fiber sheets and blanket and Ecobotanics soap.

The ranch has a recycling center and asks guests to sort their waste and use the bins in their cabin, as well as place their biodegradable waste in the composter located by the recycle center. They converting the air conditioning units to a more efficient mini-split system and are in the process of converting the hot water heaters to tankless models.

They do not use herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers on the 150 acres and neither hunt, trap nor kill predators and wildlife. “We allow the native plant life to grow with minimal influence from humans. We have free-ranging animals, including native bison on the property and support the local tourist economy,” shares Jason. There is WiFi in the office, but guests are encouraged to avoid stress, unplug and get outside as much as possible.

Hideaway is a charter member of the Humane Stewardship Alliance, (part of the Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust) which promotes protecting native plant and animal life. They are dedicated to preserving the ecosystem in as natural a state as possible and still allow people to enjoy it. “We leave large portions of our acreage completely unmolested, and the rest of the

property we only mow once every year or two to control some of the invasive plant species (like cedars),” says Jason.

In each cabin there is a guest book that encourages guests to participate in the ranch’s sustainable practices, as well as ideas to take home and put into practice. Jason advises, “I believe our ranch/refuge gives our guests the opportunity to contribute to their own health and wellness by giving them the chance to recharge, relax, enjoy the peace and calmness of nature, and to disconnect from the rat race.” Guests are encouraged to contribute to the mission by recycling and composting their refuse and adopt those practices in their everyday life at home.

Jason recalls, “We began as The Hideaway Ranch and Retreat. Over the years, we have gone through many changes in our business and personal philosophy. In 2019, we

23 April 2024
Business Spotlight

decided to ‘be who we are’ and to focus on the native environment and sustainability. We changed our name to The Hideaway Ranch and Refuge. Our mission is to nurture the natural ecosystem and to provide an eco-friendly ranch experience to our guests. We provide a refuge for our human guests, our wildlife and our natural environment. We have adopted sustainable practices, utilize sustainable products and strive to be an example of good environmental stewardship. We encourage our guests to embrace these ideals and take the opportunity to sit on a porch or walk one of our trails, and experience the sights and sounds of nature.”

The Hideaway Ranch and Refuge is located at 1022 Private Road 1250, in Bluff Dale. For more information, call 254-823-6606 or visit

Ecotourism and Agritourism Intersect in Glen Rose

High Hope Ranch and Fossil Rim Wildlife Center are neighboring eco-destinations that share lineage and a passionate, intertwined commitment to land conservation and nature’s significance to our health and well-being. Their ecotourism and agritourism options provide a multitude of opportunities for guests to engage with nature on all levels.

High Hope is an outgrowth of Fossil Rim. Krystyna Jurzykowski and her late husband, Jim Jackson, moved to Texas in 1988 and got involved with Fossil Rim Wildlife Ranch, today known as Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. The conservation was founded by Fort Worth businessman Tom Mantzel.

Jurzykowski and Jackson went on to manage and operate Fossil Rim. At their helm, the organization made great strides in conservation and wildlife management. In 2008, Jurzykowski and Jackson passed Fossil Rim onto the nonprofit of the same name, with covenants to protect the land in perpetuity.

The ranch grew organically as a response to the human and natural world, notes Jurzykowski. “Texas is the fastest-growing state in the country in terms of development. The counterpoint is that it’s experiencing the greatest loss of working land ranches, farms and raw land that protects forests and grasslands—all of which are the resources for growing our food.”

Noting that many humans today experience “nature deficit disorder”, Jurzykowski

emphasizes that High Hope helps people reestablish a connection with nature. Visitors come for individual or guided hikes, an outdoor labyrinth, yoga or the annual Harvest Festival, or stay overnight in one of four guests houses available for groups, families and individuals that offer serene, picturesque views of forested hillsides. High Hope also hosts retreats and events such as family reunions and weddings.

High Hope maintains a biodynamic farm with agritourism opportunities for guests to experience the cyclical relationships between people and land. The farm hosts pasture-raised chickens, Kune Kune breed pigs, and Boer and Nigerian dwarf goats

24 Dallas Metroplex Edition Community Spotlight
Farmstore at High Hope Ranch Giraffes at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center Zebra in the wild at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

not only for meat and milk, but also for their role in invasive species management. They grow cut flowers, herbs and produce for their onsite farm store, where guests can purchase eggs, meat, pickles and salsa. They also sell through The Farmacy Co-Op, in Glen Rose.

Jurzykowski says they are pursuing Demeter Biodynamic Certification for their edible and herbal products. In 2022, High Hope became part of the Living Lands Trust, a Wisconsin-based nonprofit fostering regenerative land stewardship throughout the U.S.

Guests can book garden and farm tours to learn how biodynamic farming principles improve land, soil and animal health. While definitions of biodynamic farming are complex, the overall belief is that all components of the farm—fields, forests, plants, soil, animals and people—comprise an integrated, self-sustaining, living organism. Biodynamic farming also combines spiritual and astrological components such as planting and harvesting with the sun and moon cycles, and embedding manure-stuffed horns to energize the soil.

High Hope managers Brandi and Robert Young explain that they make their own biodynamic compost, bury horn manure, plant cover crops to nourish the soil, maintain water sources onsite, and refrain from using pesticides and herbicides.

Guests have the opportunity meet and feed goats and piglets. “The grand finale is when our dozen piglets come scampering all at once toward the kids,” Robert enthuses. “They love it, and the whole family gets to learn about the benefits of biodynamically raised animals.”

A firm believer in the “You are what you eat” philosophy, Brandi says, “By keeping animals healthy and happy, visitors see and feel it. When they arrive at High Hope, they can stop at the farm store to buy these products made onsite. The farm offers an

intimate, interactive experience that helps connect people to the land.”

Educational Ecotourism

Many High Hope visitors take advantage of the ecotourism opportunities at neighboring Fossil Rim. Chief Marketing Officer Warren Lewis explains there are several levels of ecotourism involvement. The safari experience lets guests drive their cars through the self-guided Godsin Scenic Wildlife Drive—1,000 acres of diverse terrain with more than 50 different critically endangered species, including giraffes, zebras, scimitar-horned oryx, southern black and southern white rhinos, white-tailed deer and Texas tortoises.

“Visitors receive a species identification guide that illustrates all the different animals we have here on the property,” Lewis says. “We also have an app that allows you to point your phone at an animal. The app will identify it and give you information.”

Fossil Rim’s guided experiences take visitors out in a van. This rolling classroom allows the driver to share information about their conservation programs with visitors. Guests can ask questions, interact and learn more about Fossil Rim’s conservation and wildlife reintroduction efforts. They can further their experience by staying at the recently renovated onsite lodge, which has four suites, and enjoy access to exclusively guided tours.

The environmental engagement programs allow groups to reserve a specific day and learn more about certain aspects of conservation and sustainability. Lewis notes that programs can be designed according to each group’s needs and can last all day or a half-day in a hybrid classroom/outdoor setting.

The option of safari tours or hand-feeding certain animals such as giraffes allows Fossil Rim staff to interact with visitors and take them into deeper conversations about endangered species. Visitors learn about Fossil Rim’s successful reintroduction work of species such as the scimitar-horned oryx, the Attwater’s prairie chicken and the Mexican gray wolf.

Lewis emphasizes that a large component of Fossil Rim’s mission is land management. Their guides and educators have degrees in biology or wildlife management. They partner with Tarleton State University to offer internships for students to assist with soil and land research.

In December 2023, Fossil Rim welcomed one of their newest additions, a baby southern white rhino named Rocket. “All of our species have a lot of babies each year,” Lewis affirms. “We raise animals in open, natural spaces to help them retain their inherent social dynamic in preparation for reintroduction to into the wild.” Fossil Rim is currently building a new spe-

25 April 2024
Pumpkin Patch at High Hope Ranch

cies facility for the Texas Horned lizard to be completed this spring.

With like-minded missions, Fossil Rim and High Hope partner to protect their lands and watersheds. They also share resources and programming. The farm at High Hope uses rhino compost from Fossil Rim to add organic input and improve soil balance. For more than 10 years, High Hope has hosted High Adventure Treks for Dads and Daughters, and separately High Adventure Treks for Dad and Sons, a program Lewis had been involved in for fathers and their children to dedicate a weekend together to solve problems and communicate in natural settings.

Jurzykowski says, “High Hope and Fossil Rim are model examples of how land-based enterprises ultimately support nature and human beings, and develop awareness and individual responsibility as a human collective to our respective influence on Earth.”

High Hope Ranch is located at 3353 County Rd. 2009, in Glen Rose, (; Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is located at 2299 County Rd. 2008, in Glen Rose, (FossilRim org)

Wellness Travel

Farm Vacations

American Agritourism Grows in Post-Pandemic Times

Long a staple of European travel, agritourism is growing in popularity in the United States, as concrete-weary urbanites seek out a taste of country living and a way to support small-scale farms. The concept broadly covers any activity linking agriculture with tourism, and it takes as many forms as there are farms. Farm-stay options run the gamut from helping with farm chores like feeding chickens and collecting eggs to structured classes on weaving, soap making or beekeeping.

“Living in towns and cities, most Americans are very disconnected from nature and agriculture. Farm stays are helping to make an important urban-rural connection,” says Scottie Jones, founder of Farm Stay USA, an association connecting travelers with working farms and ranches that

offer hands-on opportunities and overnight accommodations.

Since 2007, Jones has operated her own farm stay, the 70-acre Leaping Lamb Farm, in Alsea, Oregon. She has been surprised at many guests’ “agricultural illiteracy”, underscoring the importance of the educational experiences that farm stays like hers offer. “I used to send guests off to graze in the garden alone, but then realized many people don’t know what carrots look like in the field,” says Jones. “I would get questions like, ‘Don’t you need a brown cow to make chocolate milk?’”

More than one in three guests to Leaping Lamb Farm return for subsequent stays, a very high retention rate for the lodging industry. “We get to watch families grow up as they return to the farm year after year. That

26 Dallas Metroplex Edition
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has a real impact, as we need the next generation to get involved in farming and food systems,” Jones notes.

Justin Bolois, of Los Angeles, got introduced to agritourism in Tuscany, later seeking out the farm experience closer to home. “We had been living in New York City at the time and came to value the expansive countryside being in Italy,” he says. “The family, which ran a vineyard, would cook incredible meals for us. Vacations are great when they mirror the experience of living in a place, and agritourism is one of the closest ways to access that.”

Bolois and his wife later discovered Straus Home Ranch, in Marshall, California, and fell in love with the place and its people so deeply they hosted their wedding there. The ranch was founded by a pair of pioneers in organic farming and land conservation in Marin County, and it was later revitalized to include a farm stay by siblings Vivien, Miriam and Michael Straus after their parents’ deaths. “You can tell that Vivian and Michael not only care about what they do, they also care about you, and about you enjoying their life mission. That’s a very special bond to develop with an agritourism owner,” Bolois says.

The ranch features special touches, including a beautifully equipped kitchen to shuck local oysters or to host private chefs for farm-fresh meals served on a handcrafted table made of reclaimed redwood from their old hay barn. There is no cellphone reception on the ranch, encouraging guests to kayak, hike, birdwatch and stargaze.

“After being cooped up during COVID, people want to see wildlife and biodiversity again. People are aching to disconnect from their screens and reconnect with nature—what we call ‘dirt therapy’,” says Ashley Walsh, president and founder of Poconos Organics, one of the largest Regenerative Organic Certified farms on the

continent, sprawling across 380 acres in Long Pond, Pennsylvania.

Walsh built the boutique resort, The Village at Pocono, with her grandfather when she was 25 as a sister destination to the farm. The accommodations feature full kitchens where guests can cook a cornucopia of produce fresh from the fields. Visitors can enjoy luxurious amenities on site, then pop over to the farm to attend hands-on cooking classes, wellness retreats, farm tours and more.

Beyond connecting with rural life, farm stays are a meaningful, mutually beneficial way for farmers and consumers to reconnect on a personal level. “Agritourism puts a face to farming. We want to educate people so they can make better choices in food and get to experience what really fresh food tastes like,” Jones says.

Connect with Washington, D.C., freelance writer April Thompson at

27 April 2024
Stefano Oppo from Corelens
/ CanvaPro

North Texas Agritourism Bounty is Everywhere

According to the U.S. Travel Association, an increasingly popular and growing opportunity for agricultural producers is agritourism. North Texas offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience the region’s agricultural heritage, landscape and rural way of life with a variety of attractions that appeal to different interests, including farms, ranches, wineries, orchards and farmers markets. Here are some popular agrotourism destinations.

Farm Tours: Many farms in North Texas offer guided tours where visitors can learn about agricultural practices, interact with farm animals and participate in activities such as fruit picking or vegetable harvesting. Examples include Chandler Family Farm, in Cleburne, and The Gentle Zoo, in Forney.

Pick-Your-Own Farms: North Texas offers a variety of “pick your own” farms where people can enjoy the experience of harvesting their own fresh produce.

Pecan Creek Strawberry Farm, in Pilot Point, is known for its delicious strawberries.

McKinney-based Pure Land Farm specializes in high-quality fruits and vegetables grown without synthetic additives.

Echo Springs Blueberry Farm. In Murchison, offers blueberries, a farm store and bakery with a variety of products.

Land Organic Farm, located at 7505 County Road 201, in McKinney, is dedicated to producing high-quality fruits and vegetables in a regenerative manner, without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or other additives.

Find more at

Pumpkin Patches and Corn Mazes: During the fall season, pumpkin patches and corn mazes pop up across North Texas. These attractions often include family-friendly activities like hayrides, pumpkin picking and navigating through intricate corn mazes. Hall’s Pumpkin Farm, in Grapevine, and Preston Trail Farms, in Gunter, are popular destinations for fall festivities.

Winery and Vineyard Tours: North Texas has a growing wine industry, with several wineries and vineyards offering tours and tastings. Visitors can explore the vineyards, learn about winemaking processes,, and sample a variety of wines. Examples include Eden Hill Vineyard, in Celina, and Blue Ostrich Winery & Vineyard, in Saint Jo.

Farmers Markets: Abundant in North Texas, they offering fresh produce, locally made products and artisanal goods along with an opportunity for visitors to connect with local farmers and artisans. Examples include the Dallas Farmers Market and the Denton Community Market.

Ranch Stays: Some ranches in North Texas offer accommodations for guests that want to participate in activities such as horseback riding, cattle drives and campfire cookouts. Wildcatter Ranch, in Graham, and Beaumont Ranch, in Grandview, are popular destinations for ranch stays.

Fruit Orchards: North Texas is home to several orchards where visitors can pick their own fruits such as apples, peaches and berries, depending on the season. Many orchards also offer additional activities like hayrides and petting zoos. Examples include Henrietta Creek Orchard, in Roanoke, and Storm Farms, in Arlington.

Educational Workshops: Some agritourism destinations in North Texas offer educational workshops and classes on topics such as gardening, beekeeping and sustainable agriculture that allow participants to learn new skills while connecting with the local farming community. Here are some other examples of North Texas agritourism offerings.

28 Dallas Metroplex Edition

Blueberry Hill Farms 314, Edom. A picturesque setting for blueberry picking during the summer months. Visitors can enjoy picking their own fresh blueberries and exploring the scenic country side.

Enoch’s Stomp Vineyard & Win ery, 871 Ferguson Rd, Harleton. A vineyard and winery that offers wine tastings, tours of the vineyard and fine dining experiences. Visi tors can learn about winemaking processes and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Luscombe Farm Market & Garden 8649 FM 1378, McKinney. A fami ly-owned farm that offers a farmers market with fresh produce, home made goods and artisanal prod ucts. They also host events and workshops throughout the year.

Hartley’s Antique & Vintage Truck Museum, 521 W. Oak St., Weatherford. A unique collection of antique trucks and farm equipment. Visitors can explore the museum and learn about the history of transportation and agriculture.

C o Q 1 0

M a g n e s i u m

L - C a r n i t i n e

T a u r i n e

B - C o m p l e x

D e x p a n t h e n o l

L o v e S p r i n g s f r o m t h e H e a r t !

G i v e a l i t t l e l o v e w i t h o u r H e a r t

H e a l t h I V

C a l l t o d a y f o r a n a p p o i n t m e n t

( 9 7 2 ) 7 7 1 - 8 9 0 0

Big Orange Pumpkin Farm, 15102 TX-289, Celina. Fall festivities including pumpkin picking, hayrides, corn mazes and a petting zoo. A popular destination for families during the autumn season.

Sweet Berry Farm, 1801 FM1980, Marble Falls. Pick-your-own strawberries, blackberrie and peaches during the harvest seasons. They also offer activities like flower picking, hayrides, and a corn maze.

Taste of the Country Cooking School, 3702 FM 17, Canton. Cooking classes using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Visitors can learn new culinary skills and enjoy delicious farm-to-table meals.

n d e d f o r b o l s t e r i n g t h e h e a r t w i t h e s s e n t i a l v i t a m i n s , m i n e r a l s , a n d a m i n o a c i d s . T h e i n g r e d i e n t s i n o u r h e a r t h e a l t h i v t r e a t m e n t a r e a i m e d a t l o w e r i n g u n w a n t e d , h i g h c h o l e s t e r o l l e v e l s , h i g h b l o o d p r e s s u r e , m i t i g a t i n g r i s k s o f c a r d i a c a r r e s t , h e a r t a t t a c k , a n d s t r o k e . I f a t a l l p o s s i b l e , t h e o b j e c t i v e o f o u r h e a l t h y h e a r t i n f u s i o n i s t o m i t i g a t e c a r d i o i s s u e s o v e r a l l , a n d i d e a l l y , e l i m i n a t e t h e n e c e s s i t y f o r c a r d i a c m e d i c a t i o n s

2455 Ridge Rd, Ste 151, Rockwall

29 April 2024
5050 Quorum Dr, Ste 300 • Dallas, TX • Providing Healthy, Green Alternatives For Our Patients General Our practice is committed to the overall health of our patients and treats everything from gum disease to fillings and crowns General Doctors Kozlow and Rowell practice using the latest holistic dentistry to help you achieve optimal dental and overall health Holistic Cosmetic A lovely smile is first functional, second beautiful. Restore your smile with implants, veneers and teeth whitening.
service and care I get with staff is above and beyond. From the moment you get there until you walk out the door...everyone is knowledgeable and friendly. The technology is cutting edge as well!” Schedule Your Appointment Today (972) 458-2464 Doctors Rowell and Kozlow H E A R T H E A L T H I V H E A R T H E A L T H I V R WC O u r h e a l t h y h e a r t d r i p i s i n t e

From Organic to GrassFed to Regenerative

Finding the Best Farming Practices

Embarking on a journey toward healthier eating often begins with a quest for a better understanding of food-labeling and food-sourcing options. For those taking their first steps into the world of healthy eating and sustainable agriculture, terms like grass-fed, organic and regenerative can be both intriguing and perplexing. Understanding these distinctions empowers consumers to make choices aligned with their values and priorities when selecting food products.

Conventional Farming

“Conventional farming practices involve very heavy equipment, heavy tillage and a lot of inputs—chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides,” says Elizabeth Whitlow, the executive director of the Regenerative Organic Alliance. “Despite its high outputs, conventional farming does not necessarily guarantee nutritious, healthy crops.”

A majority of our meat originates from animal feeding operations (AFOs), where animals are commonly raised in confinement and fed genetically modified grains, as opposed to grazing or foraging in pastures or rangelands. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, “Manure and wastewater from [AFOs] have the potential to contribute pollutants such as nitrogen and phosphorus, organic matter, sediments, pathogens, hormones and antibiotics to the environment.”

Grass-Fed Beef

Grass-fed farming focuses on feeding livestock grass rather than grains and, in some cases, allowing them to forage for their food, which is considered more humane than AFOs. Rotational grazing, common in grassfed farming, contributes to environmental sustainability by promoting soil fertility and biodiversity.

According to a 2019 review published in Nutrition Journal that compared the nutritional profiles of grass-fed and grain-fed beef, scientists from the California State University College of Agriculture noted that grass-fed beef tends to be lower in overall fat and higher in several heart-healthy fatty acids and antioxidants, including omega-3s, conjugated linole-

Neck Pain, Back Pain, Headache, Dizziness, Shoulder Pain, Knee Pain, Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, General Joint Pain or TMJ?

Seasonal Allergies, Food Allergies, Sensitivities, Intolerant, Sinusitis or Chemical Allergies?

Diabetes, Hypothyroid, High Cholesterol, Triglycerides, High Blood Pressure, Over Weight, Poor Digestion or Acid Reflux?


30 Dallas Metroplex Edition
Conscious Eating
of Sleep? CALL TODAY! 972-519-8488 NEW STAR CHIROPRACTIC & ACUPUNCTURE 425 Maplelawn Dr #101 • Plano By Central Market at Coit and George Bush Turnpike $36 KNEE PAIN EVALUATION (Incl. X-ray) Value $197. With this ad. Exp. 4/30/24.
Anxiety, Depression

ic acid, precursors for vitamins A and E, and glutathione. The authors also note, “To maximize the favorable lipid profile and to guarantee the elevated antioxidant content, animals should be finished [fed before slaughter] in 100 percent grass or pasture-based diets.”

While there is no federal standard for a grassfed label, third-party certifiers that may lend a level of reliability include the American Grassfed Association and A Greener World. Look for 100 percent grass-fed and grass-finished certification, and remember that a grass-fed label doesn’t automatically mean that the product is organic or regenerative organic.

USDA Organic Certification

Established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) in 1990, the USDA Organic certification and farming practices focus on soil health, biodiversity and natural methods of pest and weed control, rather than using synthetic inputs like chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, or genetically modified organisms. According to the USDA, 17,445 certified organic farms operated a total of 4.9 million acres in 2021, amounting to less than 1 percent of U.S. farmland. From 2019 to 2021, sales of organic crops increased 5 percent to $6.1 billion.

A 2019 study published in the journal Environmental Research reported that an organic diet may reduce exposure to a range of pesticides in children and adults. A 2024 review of studies published in the journal Food noted that certain health benefits have been associated with a higher consumption of organic foods, including a reduction in obesity, improvements in blood nutrient composition and a reduction in the development of non-Hodgkin lymphoma and colorectal cancers. Rodale Institute’s Vegetable Systems Trial, a long-term, side-by-side comparison of conventional and organic methods, is designed to analyze nutrient density and explore the links between soil health and human health.

Regenerative Farming

In addition to adhering to the core principles of organic farming, regenerative agriculture sets out to actively rejuvenate and improve ecosystems, nurture soil health, foster biodiversity and promote water retention, with the added benefit of sequestering environmental carbon by returning it to the soil. According to Kegan Hilaire, a small-farms consultant for Rodale Institute, this type of farming prioritizes human health, farmworker conditions, animal welfare and animal integration into farming methods. Farms and products that bear the Regenerative Organic Certification (ROC) label “meet the highest standards in soil health, animal welfare and social fairness,” Whitlow explains. As of 2023, 156 farms and about 1.1 million acres have received this certification, which is overseen by the Regenerative Organic Alliance, a nonprofit group of experts in farming, ranching, soil health, animal welfare, and farmer and worker fairness.

Voting With Our Pocketbooks

Hilaire points out that only about 1 percent of the U.S. population are farmers, fewer are certified organic or regenerative, and many small farms employ these methods without getting the official paperwork. “The best certification is meeting your farmer and deciding if you trust where your food is coming from,” he suggests.

Grass-fed, organic and regenerative organic foods each offer unique benefits, from improved nutrition to environmental sustainability. Every purchase becomes a vote for the kind of world we want to live in. By selecting products aligned with our values, we can collectively drive positive change in the food system and shape a healthier, more sustainable future for generations to come.

Sara English is the owner of Wild Roots Farm Marketing, a digital marketing firm for regenerative farmers and ranchers. Connect at

31 April 2024
Alex Raths / CanvaPro

Organic Egg Frittata

This frittata is bursting with farm-fresh goodness. Savor the superior taste and nutrition of organic eggs, supporting regenerative farming practices with every delicious bite.


1 lb organic pork breakfast sausage, chopped

1 Tbsp grass-fed ghee or butter

1 onion, diced

2 cloves garlic, minced

2 cups spinach leaves, chopped

8 large organic eggs

½ cup grass-fed cheddar cheese, shredded Salt and pepper to taste

Preheat the oven to 350° F. In a large skillet on medium heat, add ghee or butter and onions. Cook until onions have softened, about four minutes. Add minced garlic and cook for an additional minute. Add in chopped spinach leaves, stirring until wilted down, about one minute.

Place cooked mixture into a greased nine-by-13-inch baking dish and spread out evenly. Place sausage around edges of the pan and in-between gaps of the spinach-onion mixture for an even layer of sausage throughout the pan.

Crack eight eggs into a medium bowl and lightly beat together using a whisk or fork. Pour eggs over top of the sausage-spinach-onion mixture, ensuring all ingredients are covered in egg evenly and completely. Sprinkle with shredded cheese. Place dish in oven and cook for 25 minutes or until eggs are set through the center and golden brown on top.

Recipe courtesy of Sara English.

Organic Chicken Bone Broth

This easy, slow-cooker recipe fills the home with delightful aromas while providing a nutrient-dense broth. Using organic chicken supports farming practices that prioritize animal welfare and environmental sustainability.


1-2 lbs organic whole chicken bones (leftovers from a whole chicken roast is perfect)

1 onion, roughly chopped

3 carrots, roughly chopped

3 celery stalks, roughly chopped

6 cloves garlic, smashed

2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar

2 tsp black peppercorns

1 tsp salt

Optional: fresh herbs such as parsley or thyme for extra flavor

Place the chicken bones in a large six-quart slow cooker. Add the vegetables, herbs (if using), garlic, apple cider vinegar, black peppercorns and salt on top of the bones and mix to combine. Fill the slow cooker with filtered water until the ingredients are submerged. Cover with the lid and set to low heat for 12 hours.

Once done cooking, let it cool for about 45 minutes before straining through a fine mesh strainer into a large bowl. Discard the solids. The liquid should be thick and gelatinous. Once cooled, transfer to jars or other containers, labeled with the date and contents, and store in the refrigerator for up to five days or freeze for up to three months. Reheat before serving.

Recipe courtesy of Sara English.

32 Dallas Metroplex Edition Tvirbickis / CanvaPro
Madeleinesteinbach / CanvaPro



Earth Day 2024 Events

quired for guided hikes (free) to guarantee your spot.

within reach if we all take action. The time is right for innovators to bring planet-saving ideas to market, and for consumers to stop supporting brands that are socially and environmentally irresponsible—instead, spending money with businesses that take the Earth’s future seriously.

In the voting booth, citizens have the power to elect leaders that will help build a green economy through regulations, incentives and partnerships with the private sector. We can press our congressional representatives to support clean energy jobs and move away from the doomed fossil fuel economy.

Monarch Waystation, learn more and help maintain the native ecosystem. An outdoor volunteer project, registration through EngageUTD required. No experience necessary. UTD Disk Golf Course.

Thursday, April 25

Earth Fair – 11am-1pm. Campus and community sustainability partners give out more information about UTD and other local sustainability initiatives. Visitor Center and University Bookstore, Atrium, 842 Loop Rd SW, Richardson.

style and explore Coppell Nature Park. Biodiversity Education Center at Coppell Nature Park, 367 Freeport Pkwy,

There are many ways to make a difference in our daily lives, too. We can eat sustainable foods, pick up trash while on a run, participate in beach cleanups, reduce our use of plastic, write our representative, switch to solar power, take reusable bags to the grocery store, drive an electric vehicle, compost, go pesticide-free, plant a pollinator garden, support local farmers, eat less meat, purchase secondhand clothing, use environmentally friendly cleaning products, turn off lights when not in use, take shorter showers and so much more. Learn about all of the ways to make a difference at

University of North Texas EarthFest –4-6pm. Includes live entertainment, local vendors and student organizations, food and educational activities. EarthFest aims to be a low-waste event featuring recycling and composting. Library Mall.

Saturday, April 27

This year’s Earth Day theme—Invest in Our Planet—reminds us that it is not enough to merely celebrate our ancestral home for one day. We are called upon to dedicate our time, money and talents year-round to ensure a sustaining and just world for generations to come. The motto also calls attention to the economic realities and opportunities of the climate crisis. It is no wonder that EarthDay. org, the global organizer of this annual event, decided to keep the same theme as last year, thus underscoring a continuing need to bring global

economies together in harmony with the environment.

Texoma Earth Day Festival – 9am4pm. A community-wide, free, fun, family event where ordinary people learn practical things to improve the health of the planet, their children and themselves. Free admission. Sherman Municipal Grounds, 405 N Rusk, Sherman. EarthDay

Earth Day Celebration – 10am-1pm. Activities include hands-on crafts, live music, food and education opportunities that teach how to preserve and support our natural environment. Botanical Gardens at Heritage Park, 411 Ball St, Grapevine.

Earth Day at EpicCentral – 10am-2pm. Celebrate Earth Day with animal encounters, crafts, information on environmental issues and a tree giveaway. EpicCentral, 2960 Epic Pl, Grand Prairie.

EarthFest – 11am-1pm. Visit environmental education booths to learn how you can lead a more sustainable life-

– 11am-3pm. Explore booths, learn about native plants and recycling, make crafts, and enjoy demonstrations from local eco-artists and community partners. Josey Ranch Lake Library,1700 Keller Springs Rd, Carrollton.

Sunday, April 21

This year, join one of the empowering events here in North Texas and meet planet-loving people that are ready to push up their sleeves, vote with their pocketbooks and dedicate their time to a healthy, equitable and prosperous future on Earth.

Oak Cliff Park Earth Day – 12-5pm. Features a diverse line-up of entertainment, environmental education booths and green vendors along with food and fun for the kids. Lake Cliff Park, 300 E Colorado Blvd, Dallas.

Monday, April 22

“In 2023, we must come together again in partnership for the planet. Businesses, governments and civil society are equally responsible for taking action against the climate crisis and lighting the spark to accelerate change towards a green, prosperous and equitable future. We must join together in our fight for the green revolution, and for the health of future generations. The time is now to invest in our planet,” advises President Kathleen Rogers.

Spring Trash-Off and Recycling DropOff – 8:30-11am, Trash-off; 10am-1pm, Recycle drop-off; 10am-12pm, Festival. Items accepted include: paper for shredding, clothes/housewares, electronics, pens/pencils/ markers, plastic bags and film, eyeglasses, metal hangars, medicine disposal. Flower Mound High School Parking Lot, 3411 Peters Colony Rd, Flower Mound.


Earth Day Festival – 10 a.m. Join River Legacy Nature Center as we celebrate Earth Day with guided nature walks, story times, crafts, activities, demonstrations and more. River Legacy Nature Center, 703 NW Green Oaks Blvd, Arlington.

Earthx2024 – Apr 22-26. The Congress of Conferences highlights a wide range of environmental and sustainability-related topics, including Conservation, Energy, E-Capital, Built Environment, Law, Oceans, Environmental Justice, Youth and more. Hilton Anatole, Dallas.

Earth Day Butterfly Flutterby – 1-2pm. Join us on Earth Day as we conduct a bioblitz, a biological census, of the

Earth Week Eco Hub Workday –9-11am. Join us for this special workday and be the first to hear the new name of the microfarm at the Eco Hub.

Earth Day Mansfield Festival –9am-1pm. Features a wide range of Earth-friendly activities including educational opportunities, butterfly release, children’s activities, music and entertainment, food vendors, natural product vendors and a painted rain barrel silent auction. Free. Chris W. Burkett Service Center, 620 S Wisteria St, Mansfield.

13 April 2023

ColorPalooza – 10am-5pm. Designed to showcase the rich cultural, artistic, and eco-friendly spirit of Lewisville. Experience a day of creativity, education, and interactive art activities and displays. Old Town, Lewisville. LewisvilleColor

33 April 2024
Green Living
Dilyana Design/

Get Fit and Get Outside

How to Prepare for Outdoor Treks

Hitting the trails offers something for everyone, whether it’s hiking for the day or backpacking and roughing it overnight in remote areas. According to the 2022 Outdoor Participation Trends Report, getting up close and personal with Mother Nature is more popular than ever in the States, with 58.7 million hikers and 10.3 million backpackers in 2021.

With health benefits like stronger heart health, a lower risk of respiratory ailments and a boost in mental health, hiking is a fun way to stay fit, but prepping for the physical demands of local trails or wilderness is essential for both endurance and injury pre-

vention. “A strong, well-conditioned body is your best ally when crossing rough terrain and overcoming unexpected challenges,” says Larry Pringle, a certified fitness trainer and founder of Perfect Fit Training and Nutrition, a holistic training hub for busy entrepreneurs.

A Trail Plan for Any Age

With great diversity of trail challenges to choose from, hiking is doable for most people. “If you're generally healthy, no matter your age, you can complete any hike you’ve always wanted to do,” says Fit for Trips hiking coach Marcus Shapiro. “I have had the privilege of working with many individuals who are over 70 years old, and they have success-

fully reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro and the base camp of Mount Everest.”

Shapiro estimates an eight-to-12-week training regimen for younger hikers and 12 to 16 weeks of preparation for older enthusiasts. For the best fitness outcome, he underscores the importance of choosing the right exercises for the sport, explaining, “Every recreational activity requires a unique training approach for best results. It’s called ‘specificity of training’.” His Fit for Trips training includes inclines, stairs, lunges, distance and high-intensity interval training.

To meet the challenge of walking for hours at a time, cardiovascular conditioning like jogging, brisk walking, time on the treadmill or cycling is a good place to begin. Adding a heavy backpack of survival supplies to the equation requires extra strength in the legs, core and upper body and is best achieved through squats, planks, lunges and push-ups. Full body stretching with emphasis on hamstrings, quadriceps, hips and back are also essential.

Make It a Lifestyle

To avoid weekend warrior injuries, it is wise to adopt a hiker’s mentality in everyday life. “Start slow and find ways to incorporate more movement into your daily life,” advises Maggie Peikon, communications director of American Hiking Society. “Skip the escalator or elevator and opt for taking the stairs instead. You’ll be glad to have gotten those extra steps in when you’re taking on uphill climbs out on the trail.” She also hails the perks of biking to the store with a backpack or walking to the park for a lunch break if it is safe and feasible. Most of all, Peikon stresses the value of going slow and listening to the body.

The benefits of getting outdoors goes beyond physical health and spills over into positive impacts on the environment. Peikon muses, “When we hike, our connection to the places we explore grows. When we feel connected to a place—whether a trail or a favorite spot

34 Dallas Metroplex Edition
Fit Body

outdoors—we are more likely to step forward to protect the environment and change our behavior to lessen our negative impacts.”

For Pringle, having a strong body carries over into other areas of living. “Getting ready for the trails means getting ready for life. Before you hit those paths, hit the gym. It’s not just about reaching mountaintops; it’s about reaching for your best self.”

National Trails Day

June 1 is National Trails Day, a day of service for hometown trails and the people that love them. Promoted by the American Hiking So

ciety, public events throughout the country offer opportunities for tens of thousands of participants to come together in partnership to advocate for, maintain and clean up public lands and trails. To learn more and find a nearby event, visit

Finding a Nearby Trail

Check out these sites for detailed information about hometown trails that match the hiker’s



What to Pack on the Trail

• Sturdy, appropriate footwear—from trail shoes for moderate terrain to heavy hiking boots for strenuous climbs

• Nutrient-dense food

• Rain gear and dry-fast layers for changing weather

• Means to start an emergency fire

• Whistle

• Flashlight

• First-aid kit

• Multi-tool or knife

• Sunscreen, sunglasses and sun-protective clothing

• Lightweight protection from the elements

Marlaina Donato is an author, visionary painter and composer. Connect at

35 April 2024
Maridav / CanvaPro The Salt Retreat DFW's Premier Salt Therapy Center 469 345 7258 www thesaltretreat com @thesaltretreat 2552 Stonebrook Pkwy #925 Frisco, TX Breathe Better.... Sleep Better... Feel Better.... Naturally! Dry Salt Therapy for Allergies - Asthma -Sinusitis Eczema - Respiratory Hygiene

Therasage is the gold standard for energy healing, naturally healing infrared, negative ions and eliminating EMFs.

Sierra Club Meets Nature Head-On

Scan to register for educational webcast to learn more.

Sensiband is the simple, affordable, at-home self-test for metal allergies before joint replacement surgery.

Scan to register for educational webcast to learn more.

Founded in 1932, Boiron, the world leader in homeopathic medicines, is best known for its popular Arnicare® line of pain relievers and Oscillococcinum® flu reliever.

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OB/GYN-formulated with DHEA and Alpine Rose Stem Cells. Rejuvenates vaginal tissue, restores natural moisture, and helps prevent bladder leaks. products/julva

Mark Stein is the outings leader and former outings committee chair for the Dallas Sierra Club. Founded in 1892, their mission is to explore, enjoy and protect the wild places of the Earth. He states, “We also work for clean urban environments, including protection of communities that have not had equal access to clean environment. We believe one of the best paths to environmental protection is to get people outdoors with local and out-ofstate hikes.”

The Dallas Sierra Club organizes safe, fun hiking and backpacking adventures. “Our leaders are volunteers trained in group management and outdoor emergency care. We generally hike in groups limited to a dozen participants, says Stein. “Requirements vary with the difficulty of each hike. For day hikes, the ability to walk at a moderate pace is generally enough. For overnight outings, leaders ask questions about health and experience to steer participants to a hike appropriate for them.”

He explains that for people to prepare, physically and mentally, Experience is the best teacher. “We offer one or two Backpacking

36 Dallas Metroplex Edition

101 classes each year for ‘never-ever’ and ‘years ago’ backpackers.” During trips, participants are expected to respect each other, the leader and the environment, practicing “leave no trace” outdoor hiking and camping protocols.

Upcoming trips in April include easy backpacking in the Ouachita Mountains of Oklahoma, camping and hiking at Colorado Bend State Park, and a day hike with Master Naturalist and author Amy Martin at the Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Center. In June, there will be a set of day hikes in the new Valles Caldera National Preserve and nightly camping at Bandelier National Monument, in New Mexico.

Stein shares, “I’ve always been a walker. Hiking and backpacking with the Sierra Club motivates me to keep exploring new trails and showing people how much fun outings can be. I love being outdoors, but equally love the road trips and getting to know people on the way, on the trails and in camps. Backpacking is a team experience that builds friends. If people find they enjoy hiking or backpacking, odds are that they’ll continue those healthy activities.”

He explains, “Our outing leaders screen new participants before an overnight outing, discussing whether they have physical fitness and appropriate gear to enjoy the outing and be safe. Sometimes we steer people to start with an easier outing, acquire different gear or attend our class for new backpackers.”

As for mounting challenges in North Texas, he says, “Let’s face it. Our landscapes withing a couple hours of Dallas are generally easy for hiking unless hiking all day or in summer heat. Consequently, multi-day outings to the Big Bend, Texas Hill Country, New Mexico, Colorado, Arkansas and Oklahoma are popular with us because they introduce mountains, different temperatures or more extensive trails. In recent years, we’ve focused on day hikes, backpacking, and combinations of serial day hiking and camping. We’re an environmental conservation organization that does healthy outings. We don’t pretend fitness is our primary objective.”

For more information, visit

"Like so many families, I have been deeply affected by Alzheimer's, so I was thrilled to become a part of this film when I realized that there's hope, and it's not just a death sentence."
- Michael Bublé
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Calendar of Events

Thursday, April 4

Inspiring Children to Love Native Plants and Habitats – 6:30-8:30pm. Betsy Marsh will explore opportunities and techniques for reaching and inspiring the next generation of native plant champions. Fort Worth Botanic Garden, Rose Rm, 3220 Botanic Garden Blvd, Fort Worth. north-central.

Sunday, April 7

Ruiz Brothers Workshop: Mastery of Life and Wisdom of the Shamans – 1-2:30pm. Authors and brothers don Jose Ruiz and don Miguel Ruiz, Jr. will present an in-person workshop sharing lessons and teachings from their books. $30. Unity of Dallas, 6525 Forest Ln, Dallas. 972-233-7106. Tickets: tithe. ly/event-registration/#/8548826.

Tuesday, April 9

Dallas Sierra Club Meeting – 7pm. Topic: Bears Ears National Monument. Zoom.

Ongoing Events


Butterflies in the Garden – Thru Apr 14. Fort Worth Botanic Garden, 3220 Botanic Garden Blvd, Fort Worth.

Lights Out Texas – Thru June 15. Help migrating birds by turning off lights from 11pm-6am during spring migration.


Carrollton Runners Club Mile + 5K – 7:30am. A low-key 5K and 1-mile race every last Sun. McInnish Park, 2335 Sandy Lake Rd, Carrollton.

Sunday Service/Meditation and Purification – 9-11:30am. Participate in meditation, chanting and readings from the Bible and Bhagavad Gita. 9-9:45am, Meditation and Purification; 10-11:30am, Service. Ananda Dallas Meditation & Yoga Center, 4901 Keller Springs Rd, Ste 103, Addison. 972-248-9126.

Gentle Waves – 9:15-10:15am. A healing meditative practice that moves very slow and intentional. Gaia Flow Yoga, 3000 Blackburn St, Ste 140B, Dallas. Register: GaiaFlowYoga. com.

Celebration Service Live – 11am. Meditation, music and lessons on YouTube live: Unity on Greenville Dallas, TX or Love offering. Unity on Greenville, 3425 Greenville Ave, Dallas. 214-826-5683.

Dallas Shambhala Meditation Center Weekly Meditation – 11am-1:15pm. Each Sunday, we offer a free meditation, tea and dharma talk session in-person and via Zoom.

Thursday, April 11

Sprinkler System Spruce-up – 6-7:30pm. Learn how minor do-it-yourself repairs and simple irrigation tips can make a major impact on the health of your landscape and your water bill. In-person and online. Fort Worth Botanic Garden, 3220 Botanic Garden Blvd, Fort Worth. Register:

Tuesday, April 16

Grow Your Own Vegetables – 9-10:30am. Learn proper soil preparation, garden design and layouts, disease and insect identification, as well as the proper planting times for getting the most production out of your favorite vegetables in the challenging climate of North Texas. Free. Online. Register:

Thursday, April 18

Main St. Fort Worth Art Festival – Apr 1821. Spans 18 square blocks, and will feature jury-selected visual artists, live music, local cuisine, a TCC Makers Zone, children’s area, craft beer, wine tastings and more. Free admission. Main St, Fort Worth. MainStreet

Mystical Shamanism – 6:30-8pm. In this upcoming in person talk, Magick will share wisdom and stories of the “placeless place” where the Mystical and Shamanic merge so one can live the paradox of “everything matters” and “nothing matters.” $10-$20 (no one turned away). Entelechea Center, 1201 International Pkwy, Ste 200, Richardson. 972-7929900.

Friday, April 19

Bluebonnnet Trails Festival – Apr 19-21. Three-day festival featuring arts and crafts, bluebonnet souvenirs, children’s activities and music. 101 N Main St W, Ennis. Bluebon

Saturday, April 27

Artscape Fine Art Show & Sale – Apr 27-28. 9am-5pm. A juried fine art show and sale featuring over 100 artists from around the country. The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, 8525 Garland Rd, Dallas. 214-5156500.

All welcome. Free. Dallas Shambhala Meditation Center, 2695 Villa Creek Dr, Ste B146, Farmers Branch.

Greater Dallas Organic Garden Club –2:30pm. 4th Sun (Jan-Sept). Each meeting includes a special speaker presentation covering many topics of interest to local gardeners. Free. North Haven Gardens, 7700 Northaven Rd, Dallas. 214-363-5316. gdogc. org.

Sunday Meditation – 3:15-4:15pm. With Lynne Patterson. Class offers many meditation techniques and styles, with a focus on mindfulness and open awareness. $10. Yoga Mart, 2201 Tucker St, Ste 101, Dallas. 214-2382433.

Online: Awakening Heart Meditation –5-7pm. Interfaith mindfulness meditation, music and message based on the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh. Facilitated by Brother ChiSing. Donation accepted. Dallas Meditation Center, 727 S Floyd Rd, Richardson. 972432-7871.


Online: Zen to Go – 12-12:45pm. Mon-Thurs. An oasis in the middle of the day offering walking and sitting meditation followed by brief sharing. Donation accepted. Dallas Meditation Center, 810 We Arapaho Rd, Ste 98, Richardson. 972-432-7871.

Meditation Mondays via Zoom – 7-8pm. Meditation Mondays focuses on the practice and the experience of various forms of meditation. Free. Unity of Dallas, 6525 Forest Ln, Dallas. 972-233-7106.


Online: Ananda Yoga Sadhana Practice –5:15-7:30pm. Also Thurs. Time to recalibrate and center through this transformational practice based on the yoga teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. Ananda Dallas Meditation & Yoga Center, 4901 Keller Springs Rd, Ste 103, Addison. 972-248-9126.

YES: A Young Adults Meditation Fellowship – 7-9pm. A meditation series for young adults in their 20s and 30s. Each evening will include a beginner-friendly walking and sitting meditation, Dharma teachings and refreshments afterwards. Donation. Dallas Meditation Center, 810 W Arapaho Rd, Ste 98, Richardson. 972-432-7871. DallasMedita


Hot Yoga 201 on Zoom – 6:15pm. Open to all levels. This flowing-style class links the fundamental asanas (poses) of yoga linking body, mind and breath with music. Yoga4Love Studio Cabin, Ovilla.

Online: Meditation for Everyone –7-8:30pm. Classes are great for beginners that want to learn to meditate and great for more experienced meditators that want to expand their meditation. Must register:

Online: Metaphysics and Meditation –7-8:30pm. Manifestation and mysticism: 2 sides of the spiritual coin. Let us practice together, while diving more deeply into universal principles and spiritual living. Open to all. Free. A Center for Spiritual Living, 4801

39 April 2024

Spring Valley Rd, Ste 115, Dallas. 972-8669988.


ImpactNights – More info:

Online: Celebrate Recovery – 6:30pm. A safe community to find support, hope and freedom from the struggles and realities that we all face through transitions, hurt, pain, loss or addiction of any kind. Free. First United Methodist Church, 777 N Walnut Creek Dr, Mansfield.


Online: Friday Meditation Happy Hours – 5:30-6:15pm. Sessions begin every hour. Release stress with breath and gentle movements as you withdraw from the

Calendar of Events

Tuesday, April 2

Rain Barrels 101 – 6-7:30pm. Are you interested in the benefits of rainwater harvesting using rain barrels? This class, geared toward first-time users, will teach you how to properly install, use and maintain your rain barrel. Environmental Education Center, 4116 W Plano Pkwy, Plano. Register:

Friday, April 5

Greater Frisco Home and Garden Show

– Apr 5-7. 2-6pm, Fri; 10am-5pm, Sat; 11am5pm, Sun. Everything you need to solve your home & garden projects under one roof. Admission free. The Star at Ford Center, 9 Cowboy Way, Frisco. ShowTechnology. com.

Saturday, April 6

The Big Sit: Birding Event – 6am-5:30pm. Calling all birders. $15. Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area, 201 E Jones St, Lewisville. Registration required:

Guided Bird Walk – 7:30-10:30am. Birders of all levels welcome. Free. Details: Connemara

1st Saturday Nature Walk – 10am-12pm. Animal tracks, deer trails, singing birds, trees with personality, we never know what we’ll find. $5/vehicle. Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area, 201 E Jones St, Lewisville. Registration required:

Sunday, April 7

Gardening in the Shade – 2-3pm. Know and Grow Series. Allen Public Library, 300 N Allen Dr, Allen.

Monday, April 8

Total Eclipse of the Heard – 9am-5pm. We’ll guide you through the science behind the eclipse, sharing fascinating facts about this incredible phenomenon and answering your questions. Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary, 1 Nature Pl, McKinney. 972-562-5566.

external and begin the journey within 15min guided meditation. $10/session. Dallas


Morning Bird Walk – 7:30-8:15pm. 3rd Sat. Join Trinity River Audubon Center for a monthly bird walk and enjoy the grounds and our amazing feathered friends. $10. Trinity River Audubon Center, 6500 Great Trinity Forest Way, Dallas. Registration required:

Coppell Farmers Market – 8am-12pm. Yearround market. 768 W Main St, Coppell.

Morning Tai Chi – 8:30am. Join Tai Chi Chuan instructor George Deerfield for this interactive class in developing strength, balance, improved breathing. Unity of Dallas, 6525 Forest Ln, Dallas.

Second Saturday Guided Hike – 8:309:30am. Learn about our surrounding habitat while you enjoy a hike. All ages. Trinity River Audubon Center, 6500 Great Trinity Forest Way, Dallas. Registration required: Trinity

Pregnancy, Childbirth, Postpartum and Baby Classes – 6-7pm. Classes are held virtually online lead by our top AID instructors utilizing state of the art visual aids and activities to keep it fun and engaging while presenting the latest evidenced based material on each topic. $35/class. Child

Saturday, April 13

Early Bird Walk – 8am. With Master Naturalist Jack Chiles. Weather permitting. Bring binoculars or borrow ours. Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge, 6465 Refuge Rd, Sherman. 903-786-2826. Register: Friends

Spring Native Plant Sale – Apr 13-14. 9am5pm, Sat; 1-5pm, Sun. Features a huge selection of native plants, hard-to-find herbs and well-adapted plants. Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary, 1 Nature Pl, McKinney. 972-562-5566. Heard

Snapping Turtles and Leopard Darters –10am. With Makayla Blake and Ben Thomas. Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge, 6465 Refuge Rd, Sherman. 903-786-2826. Friends

Sunday, April 14

Meet the Meadow Introductory Trail Walk – 3-4pm. An introductory trail walk which is appropriate for families and those new to The Meadow. Led by Texas Master Naturalists and Meadow Volunteers. Free. Details:

Tuesday, April 16

Garden Green, Keep It Clean – 6:30-8pm. We’ll cover a range of residential landscaping practices that promote water quality and healthy growth, including: soil amendments, responsible weed and pest control, irrigation and more. Environmental Education Center, 4116 W Plano Pkwy, Plano. Register:

Wednesday, April 17

Armadillos, Irrigation & You Webinar – 121pm. Bring your lunch and learn from the City of McKinney’s Senior Animal Control Officer, Irrigation Technician, and Environmental Sustainability Coordinator in this online Green Seminar. Learn about the interconnected nature of our home’s landscaping and wildlife. Zoom. Register:

Saturday, April 20

Prairie in Bloom – 9 & 10am. Tours guided by Blackland Prairie Texas Master Naturalists. Learn about native plants’ benefits including their water filtration qualities, importance to wildlife, and positive impacts on air quality. Learn how to better protect our natural greenspaces. Erwin Park, 4300 Co Rd 1006, McKinney.

Forest Bathing – 9:30am-12pm. An immersive time spent connecting with nature in our wildlife sanctuary. Includes guided activities done while walking, standing and/ or sitting along our trails. $25. Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary, 1 Nature Pl, McKinney. 972-562-5566. Heard

Night Hike – 8pm. Explore the thrilling sights, smells, and sounds of night with Heard Trail Guides. Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary, 1 Nature Pl, McKinney Pre-registration required: 972562-5566 or

Saturday, April 27

Spring Plant Sale 2024 – 9am-1:30pm. Discover a diverse selection of native and hardto-find plant species well-suited for our North Texas climate and soils. Many of the species are not typically found in box stores or commercial nurseries. Free admission. Show Barn at Myers Park & Event Center, 7117 CR 166, McKinney.

A Night of Improv Comedy – 8-9:40pm. Frisco Improv Players is an improvisational comedy troupe that specializes in gamebased comedic performances, similar to those seen on the syndicated television show Whose Line is it Anyway? $15. Frisco Discovery Center, 8004 N Dallas Pkwy, Frisco.

I firmly believe nature brings solace in all troubles.
—Anne Frank
40 Dallas Metroplex Edition

Ongoing Events

NOTE: All calendar events must be received via email by the 10th of the month and adhere to our guidelines. Email for guidelines and to submit entries. No phone calls or faxes, please.


Grapevine Farmers Market – 9am-6pm, Sun; 8am-8pm, Mon-Sat. Eat healthy with locally-grown produce and products. 520 S Main St, Ste 203, Grapevine. 817-527-7446.

Star Coyote Events – Monthly events include gong, Tibetan bowl and crystal bowl sound journeys, shamanic journey with a drum dance, kid’s energy and creativity events, and a Wed morning class series. Please see the calendar at for the exact dates and times as they change each month or call 469-344-6484.


Frisco Fresh Market – 10am-4pm. Also Sat, 8am-4pm. Frisco Fresh Market, 9215 John W Elliott Dr, Frisco. 844-776-2753. FriscoFresh

Sunday Celebration Service Agape Center for Spiritual Living – 10am, meditation; 10:30am, service. Noah’s Event Venue, 5280 Town Square Dr, Plano. Rev Lee Wolak: 972468-1331.

Sunday Worship: Unity Spiritual Center of Denton Service – 10am, coffee; 11am, service. Unity takes spiritual principles and makes them practical in your life. 6071 New Hope Rd, Krugerville. 214-453-0218.

Sunday Brunch – 10am-3pm. Serves up farm-to-table shared plates, 72 taps (wine & craft beer), and a welcoming atmosphere to create a unique dining experience. Craft & Vine, 310 S Oak St, Roanoke. 817-464-8181. CraftAndVine.Restaurant.

Horizon UU Worship Service – 10:30am12pm. Horizon Unitarian Universalist Church, 1641 W Hebron Pkwy, Carrollton. 972-4924940.


Dairy Farm Tours – Mon-Sat, by appt only. Experience life on a dairy farm with an educational tour including how and what cows are fed, the benefits of grass-crop based feed (silage), the milking parlor, bottle feeding baby calves along with the learning the benefits of drinking raw milk vs pasteurized milk. Everyone gets samples of milk. $7/person age 2 & up. Circle N Dairy, 2074 County Road 446, Gainesville. 940-372-0343. Circle


Buddhist Sangha Online – 7-9pm. The meeting of Horizon’s Buddhist covenant group. Meditation and study of the 8-Fold Path. Horizon Unitarian Universalist Church:


Anu Kri Healing Service – 7-9pm. With Dr. Tricia and Dr. Rusty. Anu (God) Kri (Energy) is a new healing method for the evolution of humanity. Each week we will work with people from the audience. The healing service includes a time for everyone present to participate in healing as we address healing requests people have submitted online and in-person. Free. Entelechea Center, 1201 International Pkwy, Ste 200, Richardson. 972792-9900.


Meditation Practice – 6-6:30pm. With Dr. Tricia and Dr. Rusty. Meditation is a great way to bring more peace into your life, learn to quiet your mind and be more present. Free. Entelechea Center, 1201 International Pkwy, Ste 200, Richardson. 972-792-9900.

Mystic Mandala Meditations – 6:307:30pm. Guided by Vijay Moksha. A non-denominational mindfulness practice to evolve consciousness; to go beyond the mind using the mind itself.


The Joy of Daleth Breathwork – 7-9pm. 3rd Fri. With Dr. Tricia and Dr. Rusty. Access more energy, awaken your potential, resolve stress and anxiety, deepen spiritual awareness, gain clarity of purpose and reconnect to your Divine self. $20. Entelechea Center, 1201 International Pkwy, Ste 200, Richardson. 972-792-9900.


The Little Sit – 6am. 1st Sat. If you want to learn how to identify the birds of North Tex-

as, the Little Sit is the perfect way to start. A group of dedicated birders meet once a month at the end of Pad H on the West side of Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge. 6465 Refuge Rd, Sherman. 903-786-2826. Friends

2nd Saturday Bird Walk – 7:30-11:30am. Birders of all skill levels are welcome to join an expert birder as we explore prime birding locations along LLELA’s nature trails. $5/vehicle. Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area, 201 E Jones St, Lewisville. Registration required:

2nd Saturday Bird Walk – Sept-June. 8-9:30am. Helps beginning and intermediate birders with bird spotting and identification techniques. Included in general admission; free/Heard Museum members. Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary, 1 Nature Pl, McKinney. 972-562-5566.

1st Saturday Nature Walks – 10am-12pm. Monthly naturalist-led nature walk. Each season at LLELA is different, and we never know what we’ll find. All ages. $5/vehicle. Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area, 201 E Jones St, Lewisville. Registration required: 972-219-3550 or

Blackland Prairie Raptor Center First Saturdays – 10am-2pm. Meet raptors upclose. Take guided prairie hikes. Kids activities. Bring a picnic lunch. Blackland Prairie Raptor Center, 1625 Brockdale Park Rd, Lucas. Erich Neupert: 972-442-7607.

41 April 2024

community resource guide

Connecting you to the leaders in natural healthcare and green living in our community. To find out how you can be included in the Community Resource Guide email to request our media kit.



1320 W. Walnut Hill Ln, Irving 18601 LBJ #501, Mesquite 972-444-0660

team of Doctors have trained and graduated from the best Universities and Hospitals in China, S. Korea, Taiwan and Japan. We use the best of Eastern Medi cine using Micro & Laser Acupuncture and herbal medicine for those that are in pain and suffering and have amazing success rates.


Dr. Zhangping Lu, DC, LAc, MD (China) 425 Maplelawn Dr, Ste 101, Plano 75075 972-519-8488



1601 South Lamar, Dallas 214-378-1824

Whole-body wellness center providing chiropractic care, spinal decompression, allergy testing, NAET, IMAET, detoxification, weight loss, hormone balancing, wellness programs and more. All-natural healing, no medication, no surgery. See ad, page 30.



1033 E 15th St, Plano, 75074 214-892-2273

Cereset can help your brain reset itself, restoring your brain’s rhythm naturally, enabling it to manage stress more effectively. Cereset sessions jump start the process of re-balancing your brain, and can help issues leading to trouble sleeping, restlessness and anxiety, inability to focus or lack of joy. Periodic “tune-ups” provide ongoing support, ensuring long-term brain balance. See ad on page 9.

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.
—Dalai Lama

Dr. Barrier integrates mindbody-spirit into his psychotherapy practice. He specializes in Daleth Transformational Breathwork, Energy Healing techniques, and Hypnotherapy to assist clients in releasing old patterns and creating a better life. Dr. Barrier has been a licensed psychotherapist for 30+ years.



Dr. Cecilia Yu, DC, BSN. NUCCA Technique

5220 Spring Valley Rd, Ste 170, Dallas, 75254

Dr. Yu provides precise upper cervical chiropractic care for pain relief specializing in TMJ management, migraine headaches, vertigo, neck & back pain. With calculations tailored to each individual misalignment, Dr. Yu never guesses on your health. See ad on page 16.


Dr. Zhangping Lu, DC, LAc, MD (China) 425 Maplelawn Dr, Ste 101, Plano 75075 972-519-8488

Whole-body wellness center providing chiropractic care, spinal decompression, allergy testing, NAET, IMAET, detoxification, weight loss, hormone balancing, wellness programs and more. All-natural healing, no medication, no surgery. See ad, page 30.

Dallas College has seven campuses, including El Centro, Brookhaven, Mountain View, Eastfield, Richland, Cedar Valley and Northlake. Dallas College serves the region with accredited one and two year certificates, degrees and core credit courses guaranteed to transfer to Texas colleges and universities.


11600 Welch Road, Dallas 214- 363-6311

Established almost 100 years ago, The Hockaday School provides a college preparatory educa-tion for girls; from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade, including Boarding school for grades 8-12. With an approximate enrollment of 1,000 students and a 10:1 student teacher ratio, Hockaday students enjoy a 100% acceptance rate to college.


12345 Inwood Rd, Dallas 972-387-8700

Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas is a private Catholic institution for young men under the direction of the Society of Jesus. Located in North Dallas, it provides a student-centered education to approximately 1,000 students, grades 9-12. Our students’ average SAT scores exceed the national average by over 200 points.


2540 Walnut Hill Ln, Dallas 75229


More patients want alternative methods of treatment that are healthy, holistic and non-invasive. Earning your degree from Parker University in Functional Nutrition, Strength and Human Performance, Integrative Health can put you in position to help them. Offering top level experience and accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the Council on Chiropractic Education, and the Commission of Massage Therapy Accreditation.

42 Dallas Metroplex Edition



7700 Northaven Rd, Dallas 214-363-5316

Start Your Victory Garden


Dr. Philip Kozlow

Dr. Josh Rowell

5050 Quorum Dr, Suite 300, Dallas 972-458-2464


1320 W. Walnut Hill Ln, Irving 18601 LBJ #501, Mesquite 972-444-0660

Serving Dallas since 1951, NHG has grown into one of the most respected horticultural establishments in North Texas by serving our customers with quality and value. Offering gardening and plant education, concierge services, DIY classes, video library, gifts and more.

for a Lifetime of Health & Wellness

Plant For Fall Harvest:




We strive to provide healthy, green alternatives for our dental patients by providing digital X-rays, mercury safe restorative options and chemical free dental hygiene products. Committed to total body wellness while avoiding the use of toxic materials, and continuing education to ensure treatments are up to date and effective in a kind and caring environment. See ad, page 29.


Dr. D. Brock Lynn

6190 LBJ Freeway #900, Dallas 972-934-1400

Trained in Asia, graduated from a Korean University, Dr. Chapa holds a Naturopathic Doctorate Degree and a PhD in Eastern Medicine specializing in Neurological issues. A former medic/nurse since 1995, this unique training has given confidence from many Physicians to refer their patients. Dr. Chapa is founder and medical director of AIMC established in 2009.


Dr. Margaret Christensen M.D.

Meadow Center, 10260 N Central Expy #210, Dallas


Open Daily 9AM-5PM. Visit for more info.

7700 Northaven Rd. Dallas, TX 75230 214-363-5316

We have a network of comprehensive cancer treatment centers throughout Dallas-Fort Worth, offering full range cancer-related and integrative medical services. Whether you want to learn about types of cancer, screenings, prevention, healthy living or support, Baylor is here for you. We offer the experience, expertise and technology you can trust.


13 Locations in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex


With 13 Urgent Care Centers, PrimaCare serves the medical needs of area families with courtesy, convenience and compassion. Open 7 days a week with extended hours. No appointment necessary. Most insurance accepted. Use our Call Ahead Service and wait where your want. Open: Monday–Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday–Sunday 8am–5pm.



Dr. Toni Engram

415 State St #800, Richardson 75082 469-676-2777

At Flourish Dental Boutique, we believe the best dentistry is often the least dentistry. We help your body thrive on its own with therapies that enrich and empower its natural healing processes. As a holistic and biological dental practice, we choose safe materials and treatment protocols with special attention to your nutrition and overall wellness. See ad, page 11.

Practicing dentistry for over 38 years, specializing in periodontics, Dr. Lynn is board-certified and a diplomate of the American Board of Periodontics and Dental implants. He practices dentistry with a holistic approach and is a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine &Toxicology as well as the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health. See ad, inside front cover.



Cathy May Lemmon, Ph.D. Hom, LCPH, BA 469-383-8442

Homeoprophylaxis (HP), a part of Homeopathy, is a major part of Cathy Lemmon’s practice at Healthy Healing Arts. HP has been used worldwide for hundreds of years with a success rate of over 90% to help fight off disease. Lemmon uses an energetic, nontoxic means of promoting immunity in a safe and natural way.


3 Locations


Bone health revolution for detection of osteopenia and osteoporosis. Echolight bone ultrasound measures bone density – using Radiation-free technology. Non-invasive, affordable bone scanning to measure bone density, strength and potential risk for bone conditions. Three locations across the Metroplex. Call now for appointment.

Dr. Christensen founded Carpathia Collaborative, a unique multi-specialty clinic offering personalized care for optimal health. Carpathia Clinic has the most IFMCP-certified Functional Medicine practitioners in the country, collaborating to address chronic pain, autoimmune disorders, cancer support, mood disorders, and more. Services include detox foot soak, IV vitamin therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and BEMER pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.


Dr. Elizabeth Seymour, MD

399 Melrose Dr., Suite A, Richardson 214-368-4132


A nationally recognized medical facility specializing in the relationship of health and disease to environmental factors. Thorough investigation is made to determine the cause and correlation of the patent’s disease process to environmental factors. A leader in the field treating mold exposure/sensitivity; oil spill, pesticides and chemical exposure; chemical sensitivities, immune dysregulation and much more.


Dr. Alfred R. Johnson, D.O.

997 Hampshire Lane, Richardson 972-479-0400

Johnson Medical Associates is a state-of-the-art medical clinic offering comprehensive medical services aimed at finding the cause not just treating the symptoms. Dr. Johnson is a doctor of internal medicine with 35+ years of experience in areas of chronic illness, toxic exposures, allergies and the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy to address a multitude of conditions. See ad, page 14.

43 April 2024
August 1 - August 25: Broccoli by seed (IN) Brussels Sprouts by seed (IN) Cabbage by seed (IN) Cauliflower by seed (IN) Corn by seed (O) Cucumbers by seed (O) Kohlrabi by seed (IN) Snap Pole Beans by seed (O) Swiss Chard by seed (IN) Zucchini Squash by seed (O) Direct Seed Outdoors (O), Start Seeds Indoors (IN) Through August 15: Winter Squash by seed (O) Black Eyed Peas by seed (O) Southern Peas by seed (O) Okra by seed (IN)/(O) Black Eyed Peas by seed (O) August 1 - September 15: Pinto Beans by seed (O) Snap Bush Beans by seed (O) Yellow Bush Beans by seed (O)


Dr. Jerry Tennant MD, Medical Director 35 Veranda Lane, Ste 100, Colleyville 972-580-1156

Providing traditional “standard-ofcare” medicine using prescription as well as complementary medicine. Recognizing that the human body is not simply a collection of independent parts but rather an integrative whole -we treat it that way. Conditions treated include chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, macular degeneration and glaucoma, as well as thyroid support, adrenal support, hormone replacement. essential oil therapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.


Dr. Phyllis Gee, MD

4601 Old Shepard Pl, Bldg. 2, Ste. 201, Plano 469-361-4000

With 30 years of practice, empowerment and whole health are centerpieces of our care. Our goal is finding and treating the root cause of your symptoms to restore your health utilizing regenerative medical practices. We address functional wellness, sexual wellness, weight management. We do functional health testing. Call for appointment. See ad on page 9.



Suzanne Miller, LMT, CYT, APP 670 W Arapaho Rd, Ste 12a, Richardson 972-768-2210

Thai Massage is a unique combination of stretching, acupressure, massage and energy work. Benefits include: reduced muscle tension, improved flexibility, increased circulation and relaxation. With 23 years' experience, Suzanne welcomes the opportunity to be a part of your health journey.



9901 Valley Ranch Pkwy East, Ste 1009 Irving 972-580-0545

We are the exclusive distributor of the patented Tennant Biomodulator® PLUS & PRO. These FDA accepted non-invasive devices are designed to offer an affordable, drug free, user-friendly option for the indicated use of symptomatic relief for chronic, severe or intractable pain; and adjunctive treatment in managing post-surgical and post-traumatic pain.



8220 Abrams Rd, Dallas 214-349-8000

4904 W. Park Blvd, Plano 972-599-7700

Family owned and operated since 1980, with more than 135 years of combined experience. Our pharmacists work to provide proactive solutions to restore health and wellness. We work as trusted partners with physicians and patients to develop targeted treatment plans and customized wellness programs for your unique needs. Pharmacy Compounding. Accreditation Board (PACB) certified. PSY



Dr. Tricia Seymour, PhD, EdD, ND, LPC-S 1201 International Parkway, Ste 200, Richardson 972-792-9900

Dr. Seymour integrates mindbody-spirit into her holistic psychotherapy practice. She utilizes rapid psychotherapy methods such as EFT, ETT, Hypnotherapy, and EMDR to assist clients in releasing old patterns and creating a better life. Dr. Seymour has been a licensed psychotherapist for 30+ years.



4503 West Lovers Lane, Dallas 214-351-5681

The original farm-to-table restaurant in north Texas, including catering and takeout Market. With a full -service bar, we celebrate years of serving delicious, affordable, locally sourced food. We offer gluten free alternatives, clean water raised salmon and sustainably raised seafood, cage free poultry and 100% grass fed beef. Come in today, order in or take-out. See ad, page 21.

Food You Can Feel Good About!

Dallas’ ORIGINAL farm-to-table restaurant Fresh • Local • Sustainable

• Local,



6808 Pastor Bailey Dr, Dallas 214-331-8522

Concord Dallas is the church that grows people. Their core values are passion for Christ, passion for people and catalyst for change. Services are Sundays at 8:00am, 10:00am, 12:00pm and online at Mid-week service is Wednesdays at 7:00pm. Reverend Bryan L. Carter, Senior Pastor.


5502 Ben Davis, Sachse 972-984-8946

We teach positive psychology based on Spiritual teachings of Jesus. Services are held Sundays at 11:30am. Join us as we share truths and principles to help along your spiritual journey. Each week’s message and all events are posted on our website for your convenience. Spiritual counseling and positive prayer available.



5220 Spring Valley Rd #LL-40, Dallas 214-352-8758

All symptoms have an origin story and we get to the root of yours. Using radiation-free technology we can identify your symptom’s origin story and exactly what needs to change internally and how it will remedy your symptoms. We then recommend medical grade natural products to help you heal the root cause easily and organically. See ad on page 3.



2455 Ridge Road, Suite 151, Rockwall 972-771-8900

“Our goal is to offer our community high-quality wellness services in an exceptionally comfortable and healing environment. We know that time-honored healing traditions-Massage, Young Living Raindrop Therapy, Chiropractic, iV therapy, Juicing and Colonics work. RCW offers all of these things, come visit us and begin your journey to optimum wellness. See ad, page 29.

44 Dallas Metroplex Edition
free-range, 100% grass-fed beef from
Springerhill Ranch
antibiotics ever,
fed, cage-free chicken from Perdue Farms
Verlasso salmon raised in the clean waters of Patagonia


Dawn Harris, RYT500 306 W Ave F, Midlothian 214-817-8597

Ellis county’s premier yoga studio and eco-boutique offers a variety of weekly classes, specialty workshops, private yoga and reiki sessions as well as natural health and wellness events. Come feel your stress and tensions away. New student intro offer: 2 weeks unlimited Yoga for $20. Empowering a healthy lifestyle.

January | Health & Wellness

February | Heart-Healthy Lifestyle

March | Food & Nutrition

April | Eco-Travel

May | Women’s Wellness

June | Men’s Health

July | Keeping It Cool

August | Finding Your Tribe

September | Emotional Healing

October | Whole Body Alignment

November | Grateful Aging

December | Reconnect & Rejuvenate

45 April 2024
2024 Editorial Calendar
Oak Cliff Earth Day a celebration of people & planet Lake Cliff Park 300 E. Colorado Blvd, Dallas, Tx 75201 21 April 2024 Bandan Koro, African Dance & Drum Ensemble Alegre Ballet Folklorico Featured Performers by Dallas’ Community Artist Program Dallas Arts & Culture Oak Cliff Garden Forum Eats, Exhibitors, Entertainment, Education PASS US AROUND Please share with your friends and family.
46 Dallas Metroplex Edition With GoLink, you get curb-to-curb service within your zone and a connection to DART’s larger network. Book with the GoPass® app or call 214-515-7272 1 Your ride comes to you! 3 Get On-Demand Service with GoLink. Now Available 5 a.m. – Midnight, 7 Days a Week in All Zones!* Or Learn More at Pay with a GoPass® Tap card or with your credit or debit card 2 *Inland Port Connect Zone will operate Monday – Friday, 4 a.m. – 8 p.m.
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