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Interior Design Thesis I

ID 373 This senior level studio course covers the physical and psychological factors that impact hospitality environments. Students are expected to graphically demonstrate original and viable solutions. Research on human factors, codes, and lighting are combined with product mix and multi-sensory aspects of design to influence perceived value to the customer.

ID 401 Internship is a monitored program for senior-level students work part-time within the interior design industry. Field experience is an opportunity for students to apply and advance their knowledge, skills and professionalism under the supervision of a qualfied mentor.

ID 414 This senior level studio is a study of materials and fabrication techniques used in the design and construction of interiors and how these details are communicated threedimensionally and in construction documents. Content includes interior construction detailing of ceilings, walls, flooring, and millwork. Project solutions will consider the integration of building technology such as mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and other relevant systems.

ID 325 In this advanced course, the design of an upscale, global, corporate interior reflects the comprehensive synthesis of problem identification, research, programming, preliminary design, design development, and construction documents. Problem solving centers on the creative and technical aspects involved in the universal design of commercial environments including space planning with code compliance, way-finding techniques, and specifying corporate furnishings, and materials.

ID 376 This senior elective studio covers the total process of residential design from concept development through two-and three-dimensional presentations. Building codes, covenants, restrictions create the guildelines fpr solutions; while knowledge of sustainable practices, residential business practice, construction methods, materials and custom interior architectural details are applied.

ID 302 This studio course focues on environmental issues concernting interior designers and the construction industry. Students participate in discussions on green design topics and learn about resources for improving indoor air quality and more responaible design choices. Following LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) analysis, a final project implements sustainable design methods technically and creatively.

ID 275 This course challenges students to use planning reqirements to create universal and accessible designs. Construction, electrical, and basic plumbing are taught with emphasis of these application within residential kitchens and baths. Industry relevant nomenclature and product information are used to create technical documents and custom aesthetic solutions.

ID 420 In this senior-level course staduents use critical thinking skills through research, writing, and discussion, and problemsolving. emphasis is on the identification of a design problem that could be met through more responsible design. Students choose a reserch topic with instructor approval.

Computer-Aided Design III

ID 340 Students successfully completing this course will be able to use Computer-Aided Design software to assist them in their threedimensional project development. Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the integration of computer technology into the design process and an introduction to BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology.

Interior Design Thesis II

ID 421 In this senior-level studio course, students develop a viable and visual solution for the project typically researched in ID420. Solutions incorporate environmentally sound, cost effective, and responsible design methods to influence an audience using creative delivery methods.

Iceland is known for its volcanos and many large glaciers. Fire and ice are seen in many areas of Iceland’s culture. This resaurant was inspired by just that - fire and ice. The fire motif was used throughout the lower level as the fire bar. Conversely, the upper level was isnpired by ice, with the cool colors and the ice motif. The lower floor plans are part of the schematic and concept development phase. The plans are sketched design ideas for space shaping and traffic flow of the resaurant.

Produced in Google SketchUp Enhanced in Adobe Photoshop

ELDUR OGIS Eldur Ogis (Fire and Ice) is a hospitality design project that is located in Reykjavik, Iceland.


All Scales Represent Original Scale Full Set Available Upon Request


All Scales Represent Original Scale Full Set Available Upon Request

This project began with a SketchUp model of the reception desk as part of the specialty project. The desk was then created in CAD as an accurate 3D model. After validating the design and the frame/ support and finishing systems were done, a complete set of detailed construction documents with orthographic renderings were produced.

Produced in AutoCad

Produced in AutoCad

(Team Work)


This group project was focused on reverse engineering. With a photograph of a built furniture piece, the goal was to produce a complete set of detailed drawings and a 3D model of the furniture. Hand sketches and descriptions were created that were to be built later. Once the drawings were entered into AutoCAD, the piece was modeled with all its structural components and finishes. 2D orthographic drawings were extracted from the 3D model in order to organize, annotate and enhance a detailed set of drawings.



Produced in Revit

This craftsman style loft has a warm and comforting feel. Different textures and lighting give the room variety. The natural colors, warm wood tones and symmetric feeling unify the space. This loft has a welcoming feel, a place for relaxing but also a place to entertain. Eco-friendly flooring and other recycled products were used throughout the space.

The floor plans to the left are for the first and second floor of the loft. They are sketches that were created during the schematic and concept development phase. These sketches help formulate ideas for the furniture layout. The floor plan above is also part of the schematic and concept development phase. It is the red lining plan, which highlights the existing structure of the building.


Produced in Revit

The McFarlane Kitchen

Produced in Google SketchUp Enhanced in Adobe Photoshop


This modern kitchen with a vintage feel was designed for a young growing family. The kitchen’s open floor plan allows the client to be a part of the family while preparing meals. Different elements, from the custom distressed teal finish on the cabinets, the stainless appliance; hardware, pendant lights, and tile backsplash, add a variety of both modern and vintage designs. The simple, yet fun, color scheme of teal, white, and stainless, unifies the kitchen in a playful way. The two different wood tones warm the cool color palette, providing balance to the room. The built-in seating provides a workspace for anything from family dinners, eating a snack, to doing homework. The seating also provides extra storage under the benches. The use of oversized tall cabinets give this kitchen the pantry it needs.

All Scales Represent Original Scale Full Set Available Upon Request

THE CHAMBERLIN HOUSE Residential Architectural Drafting

This course is a study of basic drafting techniques that includes lines, lettering instruments, and orthographic projection. Students develop floor plans, elevations, sections, and building specifications for a single building. The Chamberlin house was as a whole designed from the ground up by me for a friend. Starting with just a site plan (to the right) of a corner lot, each student could design theirs or a friend’s dream home. This is a 6 bedroom, 10 bathroom dream home. Mr. Chamberlin has a love for music, so the basement is designed with a full sound studio with sound proofing elements.

All Scales Represent Original Scale Full Set Available Upon Request

All Scales Represent Original Scale Full Set Available Upon Request



Parametric Part Modeling

All Scales Represent Original Scale Full Set Available Upon Request

Using SolidWorks software, this course focuses on 3D solid parametric modeling in an engineering design environment. Hands-on learning in basic sketch profiles with constraint based 2D shape control is studied. Part design, Boolean operations, placed features, parametric features, dimensions and constraints, design modification of solid parts, analyzing and documentation of the part or parts are also covered. Bi-directional control of 3D model to 2D part drawing is studied. The use of rapid prototyping techniques for model creation and design, analysis and redesign are incorporated.


Interior Perfections Experience - Worked along side with designer - Budgeting/Pricing - Site visits and On-site Measure - Client interaction - Autodesk, Revit, and Google SketchUp work - Hand rendering

Hand Rendered

Overall, interning at Interior Perfections has provided plenty of hands on experience in design, with a small business aspect. Amy, the proprietor, was very welcoming and dedicated her time to teach me as much as possible in the brief time. I am forever thankful for this enriching experience from Amy Dineen for making me the stronger designer that I am today.

Produced in Goggle SketchUp Enhanced in Adobe Photoshop

COMMERCIAL “Street” is a full service social media design firm based in Schaumburg. This firm was designed to give street artists what they need to become that well accomplished name every artist wants. Street was established in 1995 to provide a range of services in the areas of music, media, fashion, advertising, and film, by connecting clients in different and unconventional ways. This fun and colorful office is one for the young and creative at heart. The walls, in a straight edge style, remind the people employed here of the streets that they grew up on. This style, being one of color and graffiti with wild and creative artwork, drives you through the space. This office has both public and private areas. Doors separate the private areas but with the walls being transparent everyone is able to see sun light. All spaces are designed to be comfortable for workers and nonworkers. The space planning in this office allows for workers to have easy access to the file and copy areas. The bathrooms are located in the main hallway of the building. The break/lounge area is located near the front of the office to give non-workers access to snacks and drinks. This social media marking office is designed with street art in mind. The bright, bold, fun colors are used throughout the space. The graphics that are used in the office are done by local artists and incased in transparent plexiglass. The use of recycled bricks gives the space a rough element of texture. Street is a media design firm that takes on the hard street artists that don’t normally get their day in the lime light.

Produced in Goggle SketchUp

Produced in Goggle SketchUp

All Scales Represent Original Scale Full Set Available Upon Request

All Scales Represent Original Scale Full Set Available Upon Request

When you hear the words, trees, mountains, animals, and bugs, what do you think of? Well, most people would think of nature, the great outdoors, etc. What about a doctor’s office? This pediatrician’s office is just that, a nature inspired office that also teaches the children about what is in America’s back yard. This pediatrician’s office was designed to meet LEED (Leadership for Energy and Environmental Design) Silver certification. In this building, you can find many sustainable practices, from the energy saving fixtures, to the water sense fixtures. You can also find materials with recycled content, and an area for recycling.

Produced in Goggle SketchUp Rendered by hand




Produced in Revit

Mission Statement The mission of the Cheyenne River Community Center is to be a hub for many community activities including after-school programs, cultural learning, holiday and summer camps, temporary housing for volunteer groups, storm relief, and minor health care. Our goals are to provide the community and families with the resources needed to grow in a healthy environment.

Client Profile -Bridger, South Ziebach, SD -30 to 40 Employees -200 guests/clients accommodated at a given time -Business type: Family Community Center -Building type: One Story Stand Alone -Approximate sq. ft.: 16,000 to 20,000

Cultural and Historical Influence Native American Culture

South Dakota is one of many states that has one of the greatest areas for Native American culture. The Badlands, Black Hills, Crazy Horse, and Mount Rushmore being a few of the most historical sites of the area.

Produced in Revit

5 Guiding Principles for Design Community: Friends and Family Historical and Cultural Aspects Relieving Stress High Quality, Sustainable Interiors Education and Thinking towards the Future

Millenium Goals Universal Education -Provide classes to teach their native culture Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger -Provide meals for children, elderly, and low income families Disease Combat -Provide education & medical supplies for diabetes and other health needs including alchol and drug abuse

Color Theory In Native American cultures, earth tones or colors made from natural elements are the main colors you would see. The colors of the medicine wheel are very important in their culture. Each color has great significance . Black, red, white, and yellow represent the major races of the world.

Produced in Revit

THANK YOU... I could not have accomplished all that I have without the undying support of my parents, family, and friends. Thank you for your encouragement and constant push to make me a better designer and person.

I would like to give a special thanks to my mom who has helped me throughout my life to overcome my weaknesses and encourage me to do anything I put my mind to.

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