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WRitteN BY kristeN kelloGG

photogRaphY BY katie kaizer

a local Filmmaker diScoverS the iSland oF dominica

N magazine

photo BY kristeN kelloGG


rom the moment I first spotted land as our little plane descended

pressive waterfalls. It’s home to the Waitukubuli National Trail that

over Dominica during the day’s golden hour, every inch of the

snakes 115 majestic miles across and around the island.

island appeared blanketed in deep and vibrant greens. They call this

As I set out to explore the Nature Island’s vast beauty, I couldn’t

breathtaking island nestled between Guadeloupe and Martinique in

help but be reminded of my backyard adventures on Nantucket

the Lesser Antilles, the “Nature Island,” and now I could clearly see

where conservation land is an essential component of why people

why. Dominica might just be one of the most lush and unexplored

love to visit, summer, and call it home.

places you’ll ever set foot on.

With around 70,000 people residing throughout the island’s

For a filmmaker like myself, the island screams “capture me,”

289.5 square miles, Dominica is home to a few lucky expats and

with its black, sparkling sand beaches, crystal-clear water, and im-

a wealth of friendly locals. The rich volcanic soil allows just about

N MAGAZINE July 2015  
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