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Are You Ready to Double Flip Your Business in 2012?

Dec 2011


Do you have too many clients?


PLANNING - We all know we SHOULD do it but very few DO - this year I DID and it looks like this

and you can have one too if you join my planning teleclass!

2012 is just is just a few short weeks away - are you on target? How would you like to see your whole year on one A4 sheet of paper?

This year I found the joy in starting to plan early. IT FEELS GOOD!

And like anything - if its in your diary you generally do it.

All my mentors state:

Planning means people can book early for your programs so it takes the guesswork out of your business.

A plan you can keep updating easily as the year goes on?


Would you like to start 2012 planned & ready to go - right now?

I was alway afraid that having an annual planning session would lock me in too much

Want to stop running in chaos and start treating your business seriously?

It can be really easy if you start early! Need Help Planning


You can find more info here

I can’t tell you how excited I got once I realised I could change things if the mood took me and that my plan didn’t have to be rocked in stone. Planning CAN be flexible & fun! I never thought I’d plan a year in advance but I have this year. I think its another reason why a lot has cleared for me. I can clearly see where I’m going and what to expect. Join my teleclass series which will run for 3 Tuesdays in December more info here

Note from Mz Margz Hi there and welcome to the very first issue of THRIVING in Your Heart Based Business. WOW 2011 is nearly done but it doesn’t mean you can slow down! Traditionally people tell me the last couple of months of each year go quiet. I used to believe that limiting thought too until Michael Charest challenged me to think differently and let a new possibility exist. Once I did that, December has been one of my busiest months. Despite what I thought, the smart people DO start coaching programs at this time of year because they know the importance of ramping up early for the new year. YOUR COACHING CHALLENGE How about creating a new possibility for your business in December - loads of people need help to deal with emotional stuff in the build up to the silly season - make sure they can find you! GET A PLAN The wise start their planning and implementing their ideas in the last part of the year, meaning their business kick starts again in the new year with the ideas they implemented before going on holidays, and the whole thing kicks into gear the minute the kids go back to school. If you don’t plan you end up wasting the first quarter of the year. Something I’ve found out the hard way too often - so this year I really put in a concerted effort to get things done in November. This time of year is always perfect to come back to the Decide Believe Dream module of the PBSS and re-gig your statements. It feels really good and I encourage you to come and join us for the planning teleclass starting this week and running for three Tuesdays in December.

Do you like the new newsletter format? I’ve been watching a few people create similar online newsletters and I thought they would cost an arm and a leg to produce. Who thought you could do it for free! Once I found that out - the ideas just started to flow and over time I’d love to have some of you guys writing articles that can be shared. Thanks to Lia for stepping up and writing an article so you could see what I have in mind. I’ve edited many newsletters for many different types of volunteer organisations and always loved the magazine style of presenting things. I think it adds so much more depth. This edition was put together in a hurry so I could get some feedback from you guys to see if you like it. Something I’ve learned the hard way is to not put a lot of energy into something you don’t want. So I’d love to know what you think of the new “Margazine” format - either send me an email, write on my facebook wall or write on my wellbeing winners page. Have a fun and productive month and I hope to hear you on the planning teleclass so you can feel virtuous too!

Margaret Gill Abundant Private Practices p +61 3 5348 2552

11:11:11:11:11 - a time to reflect and never forget As I look back I marvel at what has happened for me in the last twelve years. From the scared little weird girl sitting on a meditation stool with no idea where her life was going in 1999 ...... now I’m sitting here writing about something I probably thought I would never see. But I’m here, I’m alive and I’m kicking! Its been a shiftful 2011 for me. There have been many challenges and a lot of time for deep introspection on how I want to move forward and in fact even if I did want to move forward. The lovely Lia Scomazzon has found herself in print this month, in a similar way to how Kerry Belviso found herself

Need Help Planning


launching a teleclass product. Lia has been “meaning to” start writing articles for her blog for some time and in a brief exchange of emails, has magically found herself a published author. It was interesting she chose the topic of depression for her article.

But I thank the depression because I’ve also come a hugely long way from who I was and have created far more than I ever anticipated or thought possible. The ability to go into my dark side has helped me grow in ways I never thought possible.

Its not probably widely known unless you’ve hear me speak that depression is something I’ve been dealing with right throughout my journey. Where I live is a tourist paradise but also a winter resort that gets very grey and dull weather for months on end. At times it gets unbearable.

Any journey comes with challenges, its about how you get back on the horse that counts. As I’ve sat and reflected on what I’ve created from nothing and the people I’ve come across along the way I’m SO glad I stayed in the game.

So coupled with the heavy energy of 2011 and a particularly long winter, the introspection has been incredibly deep and dark this year.

So to reward myself and to honour and celebrate the journey I took a last minute trip to Noosa to celebrate the 11:11:11:11 gateway. I know there was a lot of hype around the day and many would have

I never thought I’d plan a year in advance but I have this year. I think its another reason why a lot has cleared for me. I can clearly see where I’m going and what to expect. Join my teleclass series which will run for 3 Tuesdays in December more info here

Celebrating the 11:11:11:11 Gateway on the Sunshine Coast

woken up feeling disillusioned the next day cos nothing much had appeared to change. I used to get SO excited about these gateways and convergences and so let down when nothing immediately changed. Then I realised that the change happens over time.

was in my little brown paper bag we were given during the ceremony. It was ochre dust and at one point I ended up tipping ochre all over me as I tried to manage my scarf, my only protection from the hot sun. Someone eventually told me I was “doing it wrong” and spilling all my ochre. It was very funny - I must have looked like

spaced out I had to go and stand in the river for some time before I got close to being able to deal with anything earthly again.

The ceremony was awesome. Very grounding and connected to the concept of oneness and remembering who we really were. Raeleen Byrne’s beauty and love permeated right through the ceremony. Jeremy Donovan bought us more of his indigenous wisdom and Sandy and Curly Harris created a strong heat beat with their magical drumming that we could all connect to and stay

that guy on Charlie Brown who always had a crowd of dust around him!

they didn’t lighten up I was coming home!

aligned with. THANKS GUYS! I got a bit off my face with the energy and didn’t fully understand what

who have been working so valiantly to live our dream and work with love and be of service. After the ceremony I was so

So I was the only one who went through two bags of ochre, so maybe that’s why the ceremony was SO powerful for me! But while I was connected to the mothership I also wanted to have a little chat with spirit about how tough its been for us humans

Why be in


So as I stood knee deep in water and ankle deep mud, covered in ochre I told the Universe in no uncertain terms if

Since then - I’ve been crystal clear, motivated, creative and feeling like nothing can stop me. It is so important that we take time for ourselves and ensure we get our needs met on every level. Ceremony is one of the greatest ways I know to be able to connect back into spirit and our purpose. Like Kryon says: when in doubt have ceremony!

With all the stresses and strains of business and with all that could go wrong - any sane person would ask why not just get a job? Its a question the ATO are trying to figure out at present with various focus groups. They can’t figure out why we don’t just go back and get a job the first sign of trouble. How do you tell a bunch of tax people “because we seek the freedom to serve others, be our own boss and plus we can’t help ourselves - its something we just go to do”


Is your business: a calm reflection of yourself - just like Lake Daylesford on a beautfiul day? or is it more a race down the rapids with no end in sight and a fight for your life?

Most might think having too many clients would be a good thing ..... right? Well I once might have said it was a good thing to strive for until recently when I’ve started to attract some interesting clients. They either have too many clients and are seriously chasing their tails, or are at a stage where just seeing clients all day everyday is no longer enough. Its a weird twist for my business and I’m loving these clients! They are full on, with little or no fear around success, and their initial problem of figuring out how to deal with too many clients is an easy fix for me because at heart - I’m a problem solver. Once we slow down their client flow, then its time for them to get their head around the fact that they have to stop building a practice and start building a business. Once they get their head around this, then

its time for the magic to kick in and get those creative juices flowing.

Business vs Practice There is a distinct different between a practice and a business. A practice sees you treating and charging by the hour and requires you to be in it all the time. Whereas a business (technically) is something that can grow without you being there. Basically most therapists follow a flawed practice building model right from the start. They come out of school ready to create a one on one private practice but unless they have set themselves up early to build an abundant private practice eventually the ability to grow themselves and their revenue will plateau.

The flawed model goes something like this: • Study your butt off • Graduate • Network your butt off • Convince as many people as you can to come and have a treatment with you • Work one on one with as many people as you can • Don’t limit who can see you • Charge by the hour for as many as hours as you can till you drop Sound familiar? Don’t be alarmed, its how most therapists start out and it is the exact model the clients who are showing up now with too many clients have followed. So on some level the model works. But the model has limitations.

So in effect the time for money model means you charge by the hour so you end up with a job the one thing most people fight so hard NOT to have when they set out to build a natural therapy practice. The traditional practice building model is however very safe because you don’t have to get too far out of your comfort zone. Its why therapists love it so much in the early days because it allows you to hide. You simply have to master networking and the customers keep flowing in. However, the more you work with people .... the more you want to work with more people. In a nutshell, you start to crave to get message to a lot more people.

It starts to falter a few years down the track. What happens is, your humanness starts to kick in and you realise • You can only physically see a certain amount of people of each day • Your own personal energy will put limits on how many people you can see each week • The numbers you can realistically cope with pay the bills but not much else • Emotionally the weight of constantly “helping” people gets very dense and heavy • Not “specialising” means you can’t put your mark or seal on the process so you have to charge what everyone else is charging • Trading time for money is the exact same model people with a JOB use!

That’s when the dilemma begins, because you then have to learn to speak in public, you have to start to develop product and you have to start making sense of all the crazy messages and ideas that are bouncing around in your head. But there is a bigger dilemma to be overcome - with the one on one model - you can’t make anymore money once your practice hits capacity. There are three very real reasons for this: • You are too emotionally drained to get create new revenue streams • You are seeing so many clients you no longer have time to scratch yourself • You are too buggered to chase any new opportunities anyway


2012 PLANNING TELECLASS * Leave with it done - get your plan for 2012 done and dusted and end the year feeling prepared and ready. Format: Teleclass more info here

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SORE TO SOAR * This workshop if life changing - I will help you find your voice and power in your story and the ability to deliver it in an authentic and believeable way.

E-PRODUCT EXPERT EASE This is a one on one coaching intensive where you start to develop your own programs, e-products and/or expert status.

Format: Live Workshop more info here

Format: 1:1 Coaching email me for more info

* A Leave With It Done Program

SACRED HARMONY REIKI WEEKENDS IN DAYLESFORD If you would like to learn Reiki and learn in a special environment where you can retreat from the world - this special weekend will appeal. you can learn more here

Worst of all you simply don’t have any more hours left in the day that you can charge for and eventually you will hit a revenue plateau.

Already a pattern is starting to appear in the natural therapists who are turning up with too many clients Their commonalities include:

Running a full practice brings many challenges The burn out rate is often discussed in hushed tones and the busy people are loath to discuss the issue because of those that say we “should” be able to maintain our energy levels naturally, eat well and look after ourselves so we are at optimum at all times. With the best will in the world, this isn’t always possible for a therapist whose only lunch break is often a few stolen moments between clients to digest the tail she has been chasing all day! To change something - something has to change All the clients in the “too many” category have all figured out the same thing. They have hit a revenue plateau that they can’t get over if they just keep seeing clients one one one. They also understand they must get a coach to help them out of their bunker. This is the part where I come in and firstly help them sort of the chaos they have created. Many of them are booked 6-8 weeks solidly in advance plus have clients constantly calling on their mobiles to try and book in NOW. Because therapists are chronic people pleasers, they start to cram “emergency” cases into spaces that don’t really exist - better know to most as “weekends”. That’s really stressful and only adds to their problems! The reward however is that once all the prebookings are served and calm is restored to the diary, then we can start moving into the really cool stuff - honouring the knowledge and wisdom that has been building up in the time they have been working with clients. But success leaves clues. I’ve been watching documentaries on massively successful musicians and in every case they had what it took to be famous before they got famous. Its all about mindset.

• Gifts to bring to the world that they’ve known about for quite some time • A natural drive to heal many and they can’t stop themselves pursuing it • Impatience flowing out of every pore and one person at a time is too slow • Implemented daily practices and walked their talk at a level most can’t even conceive • Naturally networked and marketed their business hard in the early days and now have a great following of people, but are a little unsure how to serve them all now • Never let anything stop them • Frequently given away too much of their time and rarely ever charge appropriately • Always under valued the dollar value of the knowledge and wisdom they have built up over the years • They clear their fears and thoughts that hold them back as soon as they appear and don’t return to their old patterns • They never bitch and moan about their situation, and never wallow in self pity, rather they seek answers & solutions to their challenges and simply move on So having fought all their fears, these gung ho therapists, now not only have a diary full of clients, they also have a head full of awesome knowledge ........ but they have no idea what to do with it. Converting their knowledge to products and working in groups is their next evolutionary step. But you never got taught that at therapy school so these advanced practice builders then have to accept they “don’t know what they don’t know”. The answer is to return to the classroom to fill the gaps.

Working with Clients Gives Back in SO Many Ways The biggest thing I’ve realised in my journey is that building a business is the best and greatest personal development you will EVER do. As you work with many more clients, something happens within YOU, that grows and heals you as much as your clients grow and heal. I never dreamed this would be the outcome. But quite honestly - if you are serious about personal growth - get serious about building your business. You will be amazed what happens particularly if you start considering other models before things get out of hand.

Life is a Magnificent Adventure or nothing at all This saying lives on my fridge and is often what gets me back on the horse when things go a bit pear shaped.

You have already seen two stars Kerry Belviso and Grace Ambrook launch their products and there are a few more waiting in the wings to dazzle you. Best give me a call if you are just starting to grow that client list and want to get it right the first time or if you have too many clients and need to get off the one on one hamster wheel.

Creative Commons  Image  Attribution:  Hamster  by  graffiti.freiburg

I love that I can pull all my skills together to help them make sense of it all because its making me grow too.

You can go to my Facebook wall or Wellbeing Winners Page to comment on this story

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raffle? The winners were:

You may remember I had a raffle to win some coaching with me and I didn’t have permission to share last time we spoke .... well now I do. It was such fun to do these sessions and everyone who wanted to be ended up a winner and I sorted many problems reminding me of a gift I need to honour and share more.

Amanda Adey

Ann Bridges

Eadie Miller

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Macedon Ranges VIC

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TREATING YOURSELF TO A BROADER PERSPECTIVE by Lia Scomazzon As a massage therapist, I frequently hear people speak about massage as “pampering”, “selfindulgence” “a special treat”. It is a commonly held belief and regularly promoted this way in advertising, too. When clients see massage this way, it becomes something inessential and/or a luxury, rather than a vital element in maintaining their wellbeing and enhancing their health. The result is that they either reject/delay indefinitely making an appointment, or if they do make an appointment, it’s based on either the Bandaid Model of client behaviour (a short term solution), or the Denial Model (where the issue is very complex, meaning that it will take a while to resolve because the body has many layers of dysfunction to work through- but they are not prepared to make that level of commitment). It is very unrewarding and frustrating for a therapist to work with people coming from these perspectives. As therapists, we know that massage can make a major contribution to people’s lives. Here are some alternative perspectives to share, next time someone says to you eg “I can’t afford massage”. They relate to Anxiety and Depression, which are just a few areas that massage addresses

BY 2030, MORE PEOPLE WILL BE AFFECTED BY DEPRESSION THAN ANY OTHER HEALTH PROBLEM (Source: World Health Organization/ WHO) Rates of depression are rising and will continue to do so, resulting in society’s biggest health burden, economically and socially. Depression has been called a silent epidemic, and is much more common than diseases such as cancer or HIV-AIDS. A recent WHO summit has identified a crisis in global mental healthcare, due to the extent of loss of life because of early death (about 800,000 people commit suicide each year) or severe disability brought on by depression and the massive impact this has on a country’s Gross Domestic Produc. In the UK, for example, it’s approximately 1% of the Gross National Product, or 19 billion pounds per year.

ANXIETY PREDICTS HEART DISEASE YEARS LATER (Reference from the Journal of the American College of Cardiology) Anxiety is a significant predictor for coronary heart disease years later. This has been shown in two pieces of research. The first example involved 250,00 healthy people in 20 studies and showed that anxious people had a 25% greater risk of Coronary Heart Disease and a 50% higher risk of cardiac death 11 years later. The second example was from research conducted over 37 years, involving 50,000 men. Those with anxiety disorders were twice as likely to suffer coronary heart disease or myocardial infarction (heart attack)

Anxiety and depression often need medical intervention, but there is also a role for massage , as demonstrated by research conducted by Dr Rappaport, Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences, Cedars – Sinai Medical Centre (“Effects of Massage on Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal and Immune Function”) because it

FACT: one in five people will experience depression in their lifetime


Useful Resources • lowers the stress hormone, cortisol (which also suppresses the immune system) and its precursor, arginine vasopressin • increases endorphins , which work with sedative receptors and are 18-500 times more powerful than synthetic analgesics • increases oxytocins- the hormone associated with contentment and Christopher Moyer, University of Illinois (“A MetaAnalysis of Massage Therapy Research”) who found • regular massage treatments reduce both anxiety and depression in approximately 75% of recipients. These results are as good as psychotherapy (the more traditional treatment) Depression and anxiety are major health issues that create much suffering for many people; the impact is wide-ranging and increasing. Massage is proven to

make a difference to this situation. I hope this brief overview can be an introduction to an alternative reality to share with your clients, so that pampering is now associated with a bubblebath, not massage. Lia Scomazzon is the Principal of Bilancia Natural Therapies and has 30 years experience as a therapist practising in a range of modalities such as Massage, Bowen Technique and Reiki. Her qualifications are at the highest level in massage (Remedial) and Bowen (Advanced Certified Practitioner). She is a member of The Australian Association of Massage Therapists. The Australian Natural Therapists Association, The Bowen Therapists Association of Victoria and has practised both in Australia and overseas. Lia’s skills and experience have been developed with a range of clients- people with •Acquired Brain Injury & other disabilities •Cancer •Addictions •Chronic illness •Emotional and /or psychological issues

You can comment on Lia’s story at her “Wellbeing Winners” page here

More information on depression can be found at the following websites: Beyondblue

the national depression initiative; a national, independent, not for profit organisation working to address issues associated with depression, anxiety and related substance misuse disorders in Australia.

DepressionNet provides a comprehensive online resource providing information, help and support for people living with depression and their families and friends.

MoodGYM training program delivering cognitive behavioural therapy for preventing depression.

BluePages information about depression for consumers.

YBBlue the youth/adolescent arm of beyondblue Source Queensland Government Website

Next Course 24 - 25 March 2012 Prahran Melbourne Only Six Tickets Available

Katherine Smith

speaking intensive

“Wow!! What an amazing weekend.”

sore to SOAR Jan Winslade “The Sore to SOAR weekend was a profound experience of speaking about my story. It helped me to understand myself on a deeper level.  It has inspired me to share my passion and love to assist others to connect and be true to themselves, and follow your dreams.  I did it!!!!

Gina Tucker


Following my talk to a room of around 35 people, I was approached by at least 5 people who wanted to tell me how much they appreciated my story, how much it resonated for them or how it related to their own circumstances in some way.  

Are You Ready to take a Leap of Faith? Business success is really just a series of great big leaps of faith. If you are ready to get serious - I have been trialling a couple of new programs that take people from having zero or low web presence and get them creating their first eProduct online. The group program is called Clinics Without Limits and six people went through the first six month program with great success. The program takes people with little or no web presence, gets them online and starts them building a database. The program also gets people writing their first free eProduct. One participant in the trial program couldn’t even type and was the first one to hand in her first highly comprehensive eProduct. Despite people having no prior knowledge, the commonality within a diverse set of offerings was that most people’s eProducts were pronounced “too good” to give away. If you have already had some success at getting clients and are interested in developing your first product but have little or no experience in this area, then Clinic Without Limits (my group program) or eProduct Expert Ease (the one on one program) may be of interest to you. Email me if you are interested in getting out of your comfort zone and starting to be seen as an expert at what you do. One of my mentors once told me in no uncertain terms, if I wished to be successful I needed to climb a mountain every day.

It was just after I had quite literally climbed a mountain in Colorado in the snow. I thought I’d done quite well to get to the top and back without having to be choppered off.

He pointed out that I needed to put myself to that level of effort everyday.

I thank him for that (unwanted at the time) piece of information because I’ve come to

Climb a Mountain Every Day

understand the metaphor he was using at the time.

If you want to be successful you have to be out of your comfort zone every day, reaching for new heights and being prepared to push past your discomfort.


Kerry Belviso - The Energetic Alignment Star

Kerry Belviso of Awaken Kinesiology Programs Kerry has done with me include:

• Sore to SOAR • Sanctum for the Soul • eProduct Expert Ease 1:1 Coaching

My name is Kerry Belviso and I’m need to find what it is and bottle a holistic Kinesiologist for my it”. business: Immediately I knew the answer: Alignment. Earlier this year, my business was I started to write down everything going well – I was seeing lots of I knew, thousands of words. clients and I was looking for the next step but with no idea what it As Marg and I started our would entail. coaching sessions, the bones for my Business Alignment program Then I was lucky enough to win three coaching sessions with Marg. were taking shape. Although I’d started to get a few little ideas, nothing had properly formulated until Marg prompted me with her response to my intake questions: “you’re obviously doing something right, you just

series for other therapists seemed beyond me. And yet this did seem the best way to get the material to the largest number of people. Marg was insightful and clear in helping me get to the core of what I wanted to share and what would be most helpful to other people.

Even still, the prospect of fully developing the material and But I still had no idea what would sharing it more widely was be the best way to share the completely daunting – stepping up information – I had run always brings up fears and workshops, but the logistics of anxieties and I also doubted I had promoting and running a tele-class the time to commit to such a big


Kerry Belviso - The Energetic Alignment Star project while so busy with my clients.

managed to get the material written that I would have pulled it together so quickly, or allowed it I got on my third call with Marg to to be accessed by so many people explain why I couldn’t possibly in the eventual format, that is now present a tele-class, workshop or sitting as a product on my site. anything else at this time. I still don’t know *quite* how she did You can read more about the this but by the end of the call when program and buy it from here: she asked if I would run a call on my material for her people, I found teleclasses/ myself saying “yes”. The program is just $115, which Here’s what she said that tipped for all the benefits participants my perspective: reported is a VERY small price to pay. If you attract another client or “Kerry, if you have this two the program will have easily information that could help other paid for itself! therapists, people who I know are struggling and this could be the BUT because YOU are one of thing that helps them … who are Marg’s lovely people, and you not to share it?” therefore a big part of the reason why I got over myself to create I think Marg was validated there this work, you’re eligible for a as enrolments for the program DISCOUNT! Yay! started to arrive – ten people by the first call, then twenty by the Just enter IMWITHMARG in the second and around 35 by the end. discount box as you check out

And who are YOU not to share the work bubbling inside your being that has the potential to also help many others?

Now the program is available (with three additional recordings) as a home study so it can continue to help people who feel blocked as they start or develop their natural therapy business and start to get clear and aligned!

Like all of us, sometimes we just need someone else to believe in us and someone else to see and encourage the greatness within.

I want this material to help as many people as possible. In fact, I’ll close by sharing a message I got just this morning.

“I love the alignment process, did another one last week of my own accord using your techniques and Marg gave me a push along when I of course big changes straight needed it (as we all do at times away! when our doubts surface) but also My business is growing in so provided an enormous amount of practical know-how about certain many ways and just so fast. All about right timing and the things that simply did or did not alignment process.” work. Like many of us, I didn’t know what I didn’t know and there is no chance that even if I’d Who AM I not to share this work?

MZ MARGZ REPLIES Kerry is an awesome example of what happens when a therapist gets out of her own way. When she came on that call announcing this had all been very nice but she saw no reason to take it further - that’s when I had to put the bad coach cap on and go in hard. So often people sabotage and talk themselves out of their greatness because it all seems too scary or hard or just unknown. I just *knew* Kerry was destined for more and it has been so wonderful to watch her ideas and product list grow as she overcame herself and just got on with it.

I can’t tell you how awesome it was to see the enrolments coming in and Kerry growing with each confirmation she was on the right track. The only way to test something is to put it into the marketplace and this idea I’ve come up with to hand hold people through their first launch really works. As does Kerry’s alignment program - it made the phone ring at my place too - MZ M xx

C a n Yo u H e l p ? As I do the 15 minutes of fame calls I hear story after story of people who can’t afford even the most basic of help in growing their business. They want to make a difference but due to many obstacles and lack of knowledge - just can’t get off the ground. I would like to help but I am totally alone and I h a v e l i m i t e d r e s o u r c e s o f t i m e a n d m o n e y. So I wondered if anyone out there might like a volunteer position to help launch a couple of ideas to get more information in the hands of the right people.

1. Editor for the Margazine

2. Mentor Program Mgr

The Margazine is a possible vehicle to have many real people writing articles and sharing information of interest to therapists.

I have over thirty people with their hand up to do a guest mentor spot for a low cost entry level mentoring program - but the program needs a volunteer manager.

If there is anyone out there who might like to edit the mag and help decide what goes in and generally help drive the direction of the content? Would suit someone with a love of words, writing and the NT industry.

I would be volunteering my time to host calls three times a month but someone needs to manage the back end - communicate with the mentors - set up the times etc - keep in touch with the Margazine editor to ensure everyone knows what is going on etc

Both roles would be on a volunteer basis Let me know if you might be interested in helping or have any bright ideas

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