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DID YOU KNOW? All of our photos are of real Trilogy® Homeowners.


Cover: Members on the Trilogy-organized Explore 360 trip to South Africa in 2022

Trilogy® at Lake Frederick

W E LCO ME Your time is now and your home is here – let’s make it happen together. We hope you enjoy learning about the world of Trilogy® and all the exciting adventures it unlocks. Travel your thing? Check out our Explore 52 (p. 21), Explore 360 (p. 22), Home Swap (p. 26), and Reciprocal Access (p. 25) programs. Always expanding your horizons? Dive into Club Connect™ (p. 17), Dr. Amy (p. 18), or Member-led Clubs (p. 13). New here? Take a look at our top five must-dos upon moving in (p. 37). Whatever makes your daily life richer, know that we’re here to help you discover your best life. Here’s to living happier.

Jeff McQueen President Trilogy® by Shea Homes®



Trilogy® at Monarch Dunes

COMMUNITIES ARE MORE THAN HOMES AND STREETS. Neighborly Members are what make Trilogy® communities thrive, and it’s a huge part of what it means to Live Happier®. With that in mind, Trilogy Members convened to create their own Good Neighbor Commitment: a simple set of promises made to one another, upheld and honored by Members at every Trilogy community. When you move in, you stand with the more than 30,000 Trilogy Members across the country who believe that the best neighborhoods begin with the best neighbors.


LEARN MORE Log on to MTL to explore all the great features available to Trilogy Members. Visit the Help Center for even more information!

MyTrilogyLife.com (known to Members as “MTL”) is the connective network of the Trilogy experience. Members visit MyTrilogyLife.com to get Trilogy news; explore activities; meet and interact with fellow Members both local and across the country; discover and register for events; buy and sell items on the Bulletin Boards; share recommendations for local service providers, restaurants, and day trips; and much, much more.


D A I LY D I G E S T Powered by MTL, we begin each day with an email providing a rundown of the events, activities, and news that’s important. Delivered automatically each morning to your inbox, the Daily Digest helps you plan your day, from fitness classes to dining events to offsite excursions. It’s like the Captain’s Letter from the cruise ship, except at Trilogy, the vacation never ends.

LEARN MORE Check your inbox each morning for the latest news and events happening in your community, as well as any virtual events happening across the Trilogy network.

J U S T I N T HE E XP LO R ATO RY P H AS E O F T R I LO GY ? Scan our QR code or visit MTL and “Request Guest Access” to get a sneak peek into life in our communities.


LEARN MORE Stay in the know with our regular updates from the community and Club leaders, all delivered right to your inbox.

NEWSLETTERS Newsletters are sent at least weekly and include a mix of events, news, Member-led Club announcements, and more. Your local Lifestyle teams utilize this communication tool as a way to keep you up-to-date on all things going on at the Club.




J O I N T H E M O V E M E N T . L I V E H A P P I E R ®.











Trilogy® at Monarch Dunes

#MTL Magazine was created as a way to share the amazing Members and experiences that make our communities such enriching places to live. The content includes stories on travel, cooking, personal histories, and more, all complemented by fun facts and many photos along the way.

LEARN MORE Visit MTL to read all the editions of #MyTrilogyLife Magazine online.


Trilogy® at Vistancia®

LEARN MORE Visit bsrg.club/mtlstories to watch the inspiring stories of our Members.


The goal of #MTL Stories is to chronicle, in the form of short films, the incredible stories of our Members and our communities. Our films take an authentic approach, where we strive to create content that inspires Members with real stories about real people. Our documentarian takes his role as “steward of our stories” seriously, and this is reflected in the quality of the final products.


Encanterra®, A Trilogy® Resort Community

#MyTrilogyLife Shop features exclusive Trilogy shirts, sweaters, hoodies, gifts, and more. These premium products keep you looking fresh, and also make great gifts for your Trilogy friends, neighbors, and loved ones!

LEARN MORE Visit MyTrilogyLife.com/Shop to check out all the fun options available, with new items being added all the time.


M E M B E R- L E D C LU B S At Trilogy, we believe Member-led Clubs are the best way to get involved in your community and find other like-minded Members. With dozens of clubs at each community, there’s something for everyone. Want to start a new one? Go for it! There are almost certainly others with the same interests as you.

LEARN MORE Log onto MTL and visit the Clubs section for a list of your community’s active clubs. Click into what you’re interested in and contact the Club Leader for more information. You can also see a full list of Member-Led Clubs on the #MyTrilogyLife Kiosk in your home Club. Scan the QR code to watch the story of the Veteran’s Club at Trilogy at Vistancia in Arizona.



The proprietary fitness concept for Trilogy communities, Afturburn combines the best elements of sports training, high intensity interval work, personal training, and mobility modules to create a challenging yet fun group workout environment that changes people’s bodies and lives. Afturburn emphasizes Trilogy’s belief that fitness is ever-changing, and that we should be challenging our Members with newer, more progressive techniques. Afturburn classes pair expert instruction and positive peer pressure to help you reach your fitness goals.

LEARN MORE Log onto MTL and register for one of the many fitness classes available. Or visit your local fitness area and our team will be your guide.


Trilogy® in Summerlin®

LEARN MORE Visit MTL to get the full details on the Barrel Masters offerings in your community.

For many in our Trilogy communities, wine culture is a critical part of the experience. Understanding this, all Trilogy communities have organized wine clubs and events, and many have gone so far as to include private wine lockers or other location-specific, specialty wine programming. The Barrel Masters program allows you to secure preferred wine pricing and access to special events and, where possible, reserve your own private wine locker. Cheers to that!

Trilogy® Lake Norman


Culinary Demo at Trilogy® Lake Norman

Ftiness Demo at Trilogy® Orlando

Wellness Seminar at Encanterra®, A Trilogy® Resort Community

Club Connect™ Virtual Lifestyle Events include culinary classes, lectures and talks, group meetings, Explore 360 trip overviews, and more. Over the years, we’ve hosted hundreds of events and classes that allow Members to join in whenever and wherever you want on any computer, tablet or smart phone. Most of what we do is still in-person, but the opportunities technology now provides means we can offer more diverse programming to larger groups of Members.


Dr. Amy is Trilogy’s Naturopath in Residence and is based in Arizona at Trilogy® at Vistancia®. Since 2009, Dr. Amy has played a critical role in our communities across the country, publishing a monthly Wellness Journal on MyTrilogyLife.com and doing individual consultations as well as group presentations. Dr. Amy’s concentration is in endocrine, hormonal, and preventive medicine. Each month, Dr. Amy hosts a Club Connect™ lecture about a different element of personal health, and all Trilogy Members are encouraged to participate.

LEARN MORE Log onto MTL and click “More Fun Stuff” to learn more about Dr. Amy and read her collection of Wellness Journals.

Trilogy® at Vistancia®


TH E BE H I ND THE Wellness is comprised of five dimensions, each having its own characteristics which contribute to a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life. Trilogy uses these five dimensions as the foundation for the activities, events, and experiences we create with Members.

Social Connection

We know we are at our best when we open ourselves up to new people, new experiences, and new friendships.

Physical Fitness

True wellness involves growth of the mind, the spirit, and, perhaps most importantly, the body. Physical Fitness means we exert control over our nutrition, endurance, strength, and flexibility.


Intellectual Enrichment

Intellectual Enrichment means we exercise our mind in the same way we exercise our body. Learning skills, pursuing passions, and expanding perspectives are all a part of a life well lived.

Emotional Confidence

Emotional Confidence means we are comfortable with ourselves, and comfortable with others being themselves as well. Through kindness, introspection, and empathy, we foster an environment where everyone can flourish.

Spiritual Well-Being

Regardless of how – or from whom or what – you derive your inner purpose, pursuing your own spiritual well-being is a critical part of the journey.


Trilogy® at Monarch Dunes

LEARN MORE Log onto MTL and click “More Fun Stuff” to view all the curated trips available in your area. Or visit your Club to access the #MyTrilogyLife Kiosk!

Explore 52 is Trilogy’s distinct way of helping you “see the ways of the place through the eyes of a local.” So, for example, a North Carolina adventure wouldn’t be “Visit the State Capitol.” It would be “Runaway to Raleigh, the state capitol where history meets the modern world. And when there, sit down for dinner at the must-try Brewery Bhavana, named ‘one of the 10 coolest places to eat’ in Forbes magazine. Complete your stay by checking into the Sheraton Raleigh Hotel, located downtown with easy access to walk around and experience some of Raleigh’s great hot spots.”


The Essence of Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks Trip

We all love to get away. Explore 360 is our inter-community travel program, where we organize trips to destinations throughout the world and make arrangements so that Members from any Trilogy community can attend. In the past, groups of Members have traveled throughout the US, plus to Europe, Africa, and many destinations in North, Central, and South America. Have something you’ve always wanted to see? Maybe this will be just the nudge you need.

LEARN MORE Log onto MTL and click “More Fun Stuff” to view the list of past trips and find out what’s coming up!


Trilogy® at Verde River™

Encanterra®, A Trilogy® Resort Community

We want Trilogy to feel like home, even when you’re on the road. If you’re traveling and near another Trilogy community*, your home Club team can arrange access for you to enjoy the Resort Club and other amenities. As you travel, your Membership perks follow, meaning Members may enjoy the amenities at any BlueStar Resort & Golf-managed Trilogy Club across the country. Work up a sweat in the fitness center, lounge by the pool, enjoy a bite to eat at the restaurant, and make new friends with other Trilogy Members. Across the country, Trilogy is there for you to enjoy. And reciprocal access is particularly fun when paired with a Trilogy home via Home Swap.



LEARN MORE Visit MyTrilogyLife.com/Reciprocal-Access to request access to learn about other locations and request access to your destination Club. *Limitations may apply.

Curious about other Trilogy communities across the country? Here’s your chance to see them in person while sharing your own awesome community with a fellow Trilogy Member. Home Swap allows you to connect with homeowners at other Trilogy communities and set up a “swap,” with you staying in their home and them staying in yours. There are no fees, no short term rentals – just a simple swap to share experiences.

LEARN MORE Log onto MTL and click “More Fun Stuff” to plan your own swap with other Members in the Trilogy network!


Gait-to-Gate is an annual multi-community walking challenge which encourages athletes of all shapes and sizes to come together and support one another. Whether you are already a 10K-a-day stepper or you are more of a beginner, Gaitto-Gate is a safe, fun, and encouraging way to challenge yourself and help everyone in Trilogy achieve a collective goal. Speaking of our collective goals, in prior years of Gait-to-Gate, we’ve circumvented the country via a route that takes you through every Trilogy. In another year we walked the distance to the moon (the next year we came back!). More recently, we’ve begun a partnership with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and our Members’ hard work and support means we’ll donate thousands annually to this incredibly important group. Gait-to-Gate is traditionally our highest participated event, and we’re proud of that. Like everything in life, the first step is always the hardest!

LEARN MORE Log onto MTL and click “More Fun Stuff” to learn more about this Member favorite intercommunity walking challenge. Or visit your local fitness area and our team will be your guide.


Trilogy® at Verde River™

LEARN MORE Visit bsrg.club/experience to hear how Trilogy thinks about the Food & Beverage, The Market Place, and Culinary Studio experiences.


The Food & Beverage experience is more than just serving great food and drinks to our Members and guests, it’s about creating social connections between friends new and old. Whether that is done in a full-service restaurant, in a café, or simply in one of our culinary studios, you can expect to feel like the heart of the Club is the same as at home – around a table, breaking bread with loved ones.

Trilogy® in Summerlin®


Trilogy® at The Polo Club


2021 Motion Month Winner | Trilogy® at Vistancia®


INTERCOMMUNITY E V ENT S & CONT EST S Our events and contests connect the 30,000 people and growing who call Trilogy home. A few fun examples? Themed weeks featuring craft beer; wine; restaurant specials; the College Basketball Bracket Challenge; the Survivor Pool football contest; and Motion Month – a month-long focus on our commitment to Wellness. Each year we publish a calendar that includes all of these national celebrations. It’s available for pickup around the holidays, with plenty of space provided to circle and lock-in everything that sounds interesting to you.

LEARN MORE Log onto MTL and visit the News page to get details about these events as they take place throughout the year.


THAN K YO U Every community. Every Member. Every time. Our job is to create experiences that make people never want to leave, and we take tremendous pride in being the best at what we do. Trilogy communities are places which are truly special, and my role is to help our team be innovative, spontaneous, energetic, and fun, all in the pursuit of bringing positivity and happiness to the lives of our Members. Whether you’re new to Trilogy or a trailblazer of your community, I want to say “Thank You” for calling us home. We hope you feel our gratitude every single day.

Sara Rainey National Director of Lifestyle BlueStar Resort & Golf


Encanterra®, A Trilogy® Resort Community

Formed in 2005 with the express intent of bringing Trilogy’s lifestyle promise to life, BlueStar Resort & Golf includes nearly 2,000 team members across the country working hard to make communities amazing places to live.


M Y T R I LO GY L I F E .CO M Events Calendar Member Bulletin Boards Community News Newsletter Archive M Y T R I LO GY L I F E .CO M/ SHO P #MTL Shop M Y T R I LO GY L I F E .CO M/ MO R E - FUN - S T UFF Afturburn Barrel Masters Club Connect™ Dr. Amy Explore 52 Explore 360 Gait-to-Gate Home Swap #MTL Magazine Reciprocal Access YO U T U B E . CO M / TRI LO GY HO ME S To view our collection of Member Stories S H E A HO M E S . CO M/ TRILO GY For information about homes B LU E S TARG O L F.CO M Learn about the group that brings it all together


Trilogy® Lake Norman

G E T TI N G S TA RT E D Start your life at Trilogy on the right foot by making sure you can check off the following: 1 . E N S U R E YO U HAV E YO UR MTL CR ED ENTI A L S You should have received a Welcome email from MTL shortly after you went under contract or once you completed your New Member Orientation. If you did not, please reach out to your local Club Concierge or Member Services Team. 2 . G E T I N VOLV E D W ITH A ME MBE R -L ED C LUB It’s a great way to meet other like-minded Members! Check out the Clubs section on MTL for a list of your community’s active clubs. 3 . L E A R N M OR E AB O U T YO UR ME M BERS H IP A D D - ON S Your Club offers a variety of additional fitness and wellness packages as well as Barrel Masters wine club offerings. Ask your Club’s Concierge or Member Services Team for more details. 4 . CO N F I R M YO U’R E R E CE I VIN G I N F ORM ATION Are you getting the Daily Digest from MTL every day? How about the Club’s weekly newsletter? If not, reach out to feedback@bluestarresorts.com to ensure you get on our list. 5 . G E T O U T THE R E AN D HAV E FUN! Check out the MTL Events Calendar for all of the fun happening in your community!

M Y T R I LO GY L I F E . CO M CR E D E NTI AL S Username(s) T H O U G H T S & Q UE S TI O N S



H E L P F U L TO O L S Below are links to resources offered by your Resort Club. Scan each QR code with your mobile device to easily access several of the helpful tools developed just for you. As always, if there is anything we can assist with, don’t hesitate to reach out.

M Y T R ILOGYLIFE .COM (MTL) ME MBE R P O R TAL Visit MTL to learn community news; explore Club activities; interact with fellow Members; discover and register for events; and much, much more. MT L H EL P CENT ER Here you’ll find a library of helpful videos and documents to learn how to best use the MTL platform. There’s also several Frequently Asked Questions for you to explore. A DDIN G MTL TO YOUR MOBILE D E VI CE ’ S H O M E S CR EEN Watch to learn how to add #MTL to your homescreen on your iPhone or iPad for easy access to MTL! M Y T RILO GY L IFE. COM AME NIT Y INF ORM ATIO N Explore all the amenities your Club has to offer including dining, spa, golf, and private event information on our amenity websites. R ENTAL R E GIS TR ATION OW NE R If you are planning to rent your home in your community, complete this form to allow your tenants access the Club amenities. R E N TA L R EGIS T R ATION R E NT E R Help your tenants be ready by sending them to our online Rental Registration portal. MEMBER/ R E SID E NT WAIV E R Please fill out this electronic liability and risk waiver form listing some important Club policies. Only necessary if you did not fill out the automated Member Enrollment form. G U E S T R EGIS T R ATION ( WAIV E R ) We are happy to welcome your guest access to Club facilities. Please have your guests fill out this form prior to visiting the Club.


Construction: SHALC GC, INC. (AZ ROC#291056) (FL #CBC1260716 and #CRC1332250) (NC #75061) (NV #0080574) (VA #2705152813) (WA #SHALCGI863P9). Shea Homes Limited Partnership (CA CSLB #855368). Shea Homes, Inc. (CA CSLB #672285). Sales: Shea Homes Marketing Company (CalDRE #01378646) (FL #CQ1034437). Shea Communities Marketing Company (AZ DRE #CO001121000) (NC #C25840) (NV #B.1002134.CORP) (WA #19548), and Legacy Resorts West, LLC (AZ DRE #LC674731000). Homes in Barcelona, Lake Frederick, Lake Norman, Meadowrdidge at Maple Centre, Summerlin, Orlando, Rio Vista, Tehaleh, Vineyards and Vistancia locations are intended for occupancy by at least one person 55 years of age or older, with certain exceptions. Ocala is a 55+ community, with select neighborhoods open to residents of all ages. Encanterra, Verde River, and Wickenburg Ranch are all-ages communities with select 55+ neighborhoods. Monarch Dunes and Rice Ranch are all-ages communities. Use of the golf course and club is at the pleasure of the club owner, and requires payment of additional fees. The Polo Club is private and requires the purchase of a separate membership from the club owner to access the club and its amenities. Golf courses at Encanterra, Verde River, and Wickenburg Ranch are planned to be private and access requires purchase of a separate golf membership from the course owner. Pricing does not include options, elevation, or lot premiums, effective date of publication and subject to change without notice. All square footages and measurements are approximate and subject to change without notice. IN ARIZONA, A PUBLIC REPORT IS AVAILABLE ON THE ARIZONA DEPARTMENT OF REAL ESTATE WEBSITE. This is not intended to be an offer to sell, nor a solicitation of an offer to buy real estate to residents of any state or jurisdiction prohibited by law. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Equal Housing Opportunity.

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