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AUGUST 14, 2019


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Fall Single Parent Scholarships Available

(MENA) Single parents thinking about continuing their education or who have already enrolled in college are eligible for fall scholarships. There are two qualifications: 1) responsible for at least one dependent child; and 2) eligible for a Pell Gant. Single Parent Scholarships are good at any post-secondary, non-profit institution.

For full-time students, scholarships are $1,100 a semester and $2,000 a semester for LPN students. Applications are available at the University of Arkansas Rich Mountain Financial Aid office and from the Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Polk County. The Scholarship Fund contact is Pete Chambers, (479)243-0781.

THE DEVALUATIONO F HUMAN LIFE We all know about it. Just a few days ago a man walked into a Walmart store and began killing people. Before he finished, he had killed 20 people and wounded many more. That same day, I think, another man killed 9 people and wounded many others. We feel hurt, we feel outrage, we feel anger, we have questions that just don’t seem to have answers, or at least our leaders have not found them. The anger that many of us feel is that leaders seem to focus on dealing with symptoms rather than problems. Take away the guns and the problem goes away??? No. The problem with human behavior is not going to be solved by taking guns away. There are many ways to kill masses of people, many of them far better than guns. In America we have killed over fifty MILLION babies with beating hearts in the past few years and the carnage goes on. In America we kill thousands on highways every year because alcohol is OK in America. In 10 years in Vietnam there were approximately 50 thousand young American men who died. Horrible. Yes. But in that same time in America approximately 250 thousand men, women, and children died on highways due to drunk drivers. Where are our legislaturers on that issue? They will continue to refuse to do anything at all about it until some of their own families are hit by this tragic nonsense. Maybe it’s because some of them enjoy alcohol themselves. You think? And automobiles? Even without alcohol the automobile (in use by humans) has killed thousands upon thousands of Americans through the years and continues even now to do so. Maybe we can take automobiles away. Maybe that will solve the problem. And bombs? Any high school young person can get the information and the materials to build bombs that potentially can kill more people at one time than a gunman with an AK-47 or AR-15 can do. I worked in San Quentin prison in California for a while. Once in a while a bomb would go off in the prison. Impossible! No. I will not tell you how they made them, only that they did, and with materials available to anyone who just wants to kill a lot of people… and, as we have seen those kinds of people are out there, somewhere, maybe in our own town. So now we are going to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Medical marijuana was simply the “foot in the door”, first step. Now “we” are considering that many who are in prison for marijuana violations are potentially going to be released. So what will they do if “recreational use” is legalized? Will they get “high”? Will they get behind the wheel? Will they hire ‘slick’ lawyers to sue us for false imprisonment? Sicker things have happened. Our culture has, in effect, decided that we do not need God anymore. And the consequences of that mentality are just beginning. And no one is going to like how it turns out. God is in His Word, and when that Word does not matter the One Who is in the Word does not matter either. If I sound like a “preacher,” then so be it. I am a man who wants to see the will of God prevail in our culture because I know there is no other way to achieve good results. The answer has never changed: “If My people who are called by My name will (1) humble themselves and (2) pray, and (3) seek My face, and (4) turn from their wicked ways, I will (1) hear from Heaven, (2) forgive their sin, and (3) HEAL THEIR LAND” (II Chronicles 7: 14). The Church of Jesus Christ is the “My people,” and it is so divided that it cannot pray with power. Jesus prayed for us that we would be “ONE,” not hundreds of “denominations.” YES, MY NAME IS GENE STACKS AND I DO APPROVE OF THIS MESSAGE. PROVIDED AND PAID FOR BY GENE STACKS

Letter to the Ouachita River School Community Ouachita River Community, Let me be the first to say, “Welcome Back to School!” I hope all of you had time to enjoy this summer together. As you know, school is fast approaching. In three short weeks we will begin the 201920 school year. We have been working hard to prepare our classrooms, buses, facilities, and personnel to make this year a success. I want to thank all of the staff for working so hard to prepare for the upcoming school year. We accomplished so much last year as a district, and I look forward to seeing what successes this year will bring as well. This year, as in the past, you will notice a few new faces among the ORSD family educating our students. I encourage you to come to Open House on August 12th at 6:30 pm to meet and welcome our new staff. Also, I want to share with you that we still have a Before/After School Program that will be starting in October on the Acorn Campus. This program will provide homework support, en-

richment activities, an afternoon snack, and transportation home. We will be communicating to you much more about this program as we approach September. Also, I want to share with you that we will have a different car rider drop off system this year on each campus. Please call your respective school for more information. Construction will be ongoing on the Acorn Campus until October around the Mary Davis Gym, New Gym, and Acorn High School. Each year our goal is to make our campuses as safe, functional, and clean as possible. In closing, let me say thank you so much for all of your support last year. I am very excited and enthusiastic about this year and the new projects to come for the Ouachita River School District. I cannot wait to see all of our students and staff! Sincerely,

Loma utest C Pet Pic

Jerrall A. Strasner


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Here Loma picked up a gentle butterfly while riding through the Ouachitas on one our cooler days!

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August 14, 2019  

Weekly, free news publication for Polk County Arkansas and surrounding areas

August 14, 2019  

Weekly, free news publication for Polk County Arkansas and surrounding areas