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Highlights Photography by Pierre Mardaga

Nelson British Bulldog Enjoys being in our company and watching TV (he tends to jump onto the coffee table and watch from there). He has a fascination with the movie The Lion King.

Lloyd Great Dane He rings a bell when he needs to go outside and has developed this into ‘human training’ to shape our behaviour. He started ringing the bell even when the door was open and we had to work out what he wanted. We have been trained when he wants to have a dog bed placed outside in the sun or if his ice bucket is empty of water.

Topsy Lhasa Apso Loves to sing. She can stand on her front legs to have a wee. Topsy shook all the way home coming back from the RSPCA and just after one day has been the happiest dog ever.

Sasson Dachshund Once ate a taxidermist canary generously leaving two feathers. Is often photographed because of his brindle coat.

Jackson Kelpie x Dobermann Just loves balloons and grabs them by the tie and shakes his head from side to side, then throws them up in the air. We have no idea where the game came from. If he sees a balloon out in the street, he’ll pick it up and bring it home.

Bailey Dalmatian x Loves playing in Mort Bay park and enjoys running into the water for a little swim. When in the park nothing will distract him from his ball no matter how many dogs are around. Bailey has hundreds of different faces, each one portrays another mood or feeling. He can make you smile, laugh and sigh all in the same moment.

Pedro Long Haired Chihuahua Doesn’t know he’s a dog...he thinks he is more like a cat or a human baby. He doesn’t know how to bark or behave like a proper dog and he won’t eat unless you hand feed him. He also loves going undercover - hiding in his doggy handbag!

Mojo Boston Terrier Is a 14 months old female who makes me laugh. She is beautifully built and has strong ‘Boston’ markings with big soulful eyes. Very athletic at the ‘dog park’ in Birchgrove Oval where her ball skills are on display as she tears around. At home she loves a tug-o-war with a yellow and red felt dragon or anything else you might want to offer as she loves interactive play.

Moresby Brindle Staffy Cross Moved to Balmain from a dog rescue home in Rooty Hill when he was 7 weeks old. He loves it here - especially Mort Bay and Ballast Point Park. In summer, he’ll go for a swim. In winter, he chases his ball in the circles - upstairs at Ballast Point. He’s got a bunch of mates there - including Bambi, Lilly and Moose. When he’s got a ball or stick - catch him if you can!

Grizzly Bear American Staffordshire Terrier Grizz is so adorable and sweet- he absolutely loves loves loves kisses, walks and playing and running with other dogs and his bigger brother who is a horse. And an interesting fact- he was born as a twin!

Olly Pug Is most curious about the world around him, with many endearing traits that almost everyone who meets Olly, immediately appreciates. Whether it be lovers in the park, fishermen at the wharf, or a family enjoying a picnic on the grass, it seems that everybody engages with Olly. Olly is never happier than sniffing and scratching the earth under the bushes in our park.

Lily King Charles Cavalier Works at her mum and dad’s doggy day care, spending most of her day snoozing.... but on the weekends she turns into a greyhound chasing every bird she can at the park.

Nancy Sheltie Sooooooo happy to see us when we get home, wake up, walk into the room, anything! Dear little 6 month pup who is definitely one of the kids.

Jazzy Mini Labradoodle Adores her visits to Elkington Park where we play ball each time and she eagerly awaits the arrival of other pooches to play with once she is tired of playing ball. Deep within her little frame she has the hugest heart and tonnes of energy to burn. She is trusting of all people but is quick to warn us of approaching danger, i.e. a visitor at the door! We all love our Jazzy girl, Tooch, Noosh, fluff ball...

Kelly Kelpie Is a little timid but extremely gentle with everyone she meets. She is only just learning to swim and loves it! She’s not quirky, just very smart and jumps higher than the children in our park, which they love of course. She does chase waves on the beach running crazily up and down until she is exhausted, I think she thinks she’s rounding sheep up!

Fleur Welsh Springer Spaniel Loves a walk and is excited to see me take her lead from the coat rack. She is so very loyal to me in particular, and waits patiently at the bottom of the stairs for me every morning. I am always so very happy to see her. I will always remember the first time I saw her as a tiny pup, sitting quietly amidst the mayhem of all her brothers running wildly in circles around her - she has maintained that serenity, softness and gentleness all her life, even when she’s excited to see a family member - she seems to show a more joyous enthusiasm to be near than a need to jump all over.

George Shih Tzu x Mini Fox Terrier Has a feline sibling called Sugar and at first I was worried about how they would get along but it only took a couple of weeks before George won him over too. George lavishes Sugar with love and kisses and cleans him - he is a bit of a pesky little brother though - I’m sure he thinks Sugar is a dog too and wants to play with him like his other mates at Doggy Daycare.

Bear Rottweiler Is a gentle giant with a sweet disposition. She loves a chat and her friendly howl is heard across Callan Park and the streets of Balmain.

Holly Labrador Is an 11 year old lab, still full of beans and the most adorable and loving doggie companion ever. She is super obedient, incredibly pretty and very happy to shake paws and play dead when you pretend to shoot her!

Zoe & Murphy Spoodle Are adorable 3 year old Spoodle siblings who love Balmain’s cafes and restaurants; and can often be seen outside relaxing with their family, watching the world go by. They are easy to train; they love Obedience and Agility training and like learning tricks. Zoe loves pushing her little toy pram and Murphy loves jumping onto his skateboard. They are delightful and loveable little dogs, who are much treasured family members.

Tuco Australian Shepherd Favourite thing is his brother Lester who is a Brown Burmese cat. He will wait for Lester to come home and then they have huge rumbles together. We love watching this unfold and also how excited Tuco gets when he goes to see his mates at the park.

Indie Mini Fox Terrier x Jack Russell Is a local Balmain sailing dog . She has participated and has won a Twilight Sailing series at Balmain Sailing Club and has also been a keen supporter of Balmain Rowing Club events. Indie has also been a dedicated supporter of our sons sailing, spending days on the support boat watching the races and cruising on-board the skiff between races. Indie is one of the small dogs of Balmain with a strong connection to the waterfront and loves being on top of the water not in it.

Eddie Terrier x Is very cool dude. He loves to play in the park, where he is very vocal and usually responsible for starting a choir of dogs. He loves squeaky toys ALOT. But if you know Eddie well, you will know that his all time favourite thing to do is roll around on the carpet. It doesn’t matter who’s carpet it belongs to, once he sees it - well it’s too late!

Max Lhasa Apso x Maltese Is a 13 year “baby” who used to come to work with me every day until I recently changed jobs. He is adored by us and still behaves like a puppy at times. He “sings” to certain songs and loves to be with people. He has a very expressive face.

Mr Bojangles Cattle Dog 18 year old “Cuddle Dog“on last legs. Legend of Balmain. Used to sing the Werewolf song with me at my gigs at West End Hotel.

George - Greyhound Is a big softy. He loves leaping around the backyard with his long legs flying in the air. He also loves running ‘Zoomies” around the house (A VERY small Victorian Terrace) which usually means something gets knocked over! George’s favourite toy is his red teddy which often ends up in bed with him. He is magnificent looking and often draws comment when we head down the park in Glebe. He is in week 1 of the 6 week Greenhound training program and is very much looking forward to having his muzzle off! George was a race dog. He loved racing but tended to be too relaxed! So now he enjoys living the dream at home. His brother Newman (yes- all the pups were named after Seinfeld Characters) lives in the same street as us- they often get to catch up!

Snoop Dog - Scottish Terrier x

Dizzee Rascal - Scottish Terrier (wheaten)

Snoop is a character to everyone he meets. True to breed, he is stubborn and loyal beyond his years. Snoop is a regular at White Creek Park, Annandale. His gentle nature and individuality make him loved by all who he meets. His beautiful eyes and ability to ‘say please’ makes hearts melt and treats are rarely knocked back. When not at the park or schmoozing customers at work (recording studio) Snoop enjoys watching cats on youtube. In fact he is very excited by and enjoys watching all animals on TV . Snoop is calmed down instantly by ‘meditation for dogs’ music (also on you tube) . His favourite toy is a high speed remote control race car that he will chase at top speed until the batteries run out. (Electronic rat in his mind).

Dizzee. The younger ‘brother’ of Snoop and the polar opposite. Dizzee is unique with his fresh modern scottie look. His left ear never popped up so he is a scottie with a floppy ear. He has been know to embrace his inner punk and sport a Mohawk. He has mischievously gotten into pink dye and coloured his tips. Dizzee at 1 year of age is a friend to all. With high energy levels and a love for life he wants to be everyone’s best mate. A ‘big brother at heart’ not afraid to chase off the baddies if a puppy friend is in trouble. Dizzee enjoys wrestling anyone who is keen. He is excelling at dog school. Spends his time hunting anything that moves and is currently working on a excavation project in the backyard. Dizzee is great with a ball, has his own flip the frisbee game that keeps him entertained for hours. Dizzee is a sweetheart.

Razoo - Whippet x Kelpie Razoo is now a 13 year old Casanova who loves women. He has been to show and tell at Annandale North Primary School several times as he loves to sing. You just have to mention “group hug� and off he goes. Razoo has always been a favourite with the local Nelson street kids.

Sooty - Maltese Shih Tzu Sooty is lazy and loves everyone except the people I don’t like. Sooty loves attention. She shakes like a leaf to get attention and lies on her back hoping for a scratch. She has a horny bone on the top of her head. She is twelve years old and when she gets a haircut, she thinks she is a puppy. When she goes to the country even though she is a white fluffy city dog, she turns into a country dog and get into all the adventures we go on and even takes herself off on a few. She had a brother Bruiser who passed away last year. They always slept in a puddle together. Since he passed she is more spoilt than ever. Rarely on her own and sleeps in my parents room with our bird, Mr Tails.

Pacino - Pomeranian Absolutely nothing like his namesake, Al Pacino, but we love him anyway.

George - Beagle George is the man about the house, always making sure things are right and everyone is behaving. Loves to visit Fat Fish to Hoover up any morsels that may have dropped to the ground. Smarter than smart, knocks on the door to enter and leave the room.

Gus - French Bulldog Gus is the life of the party, the worlds most personable dog. Smart enough that he knows what he wants to do, but not always smart enough to know how. Burping machine.

Lola - English Bulldog Lola is a 9 month old English bulldog. She hails from Queensland - but we don’t hold that against her. Lola is a fun-loving, energy-filled dog. She loves to play with her friends at the park and (unusual for a bulldog) is an avid swimmer. But most of all Lola loves her humans; she greets us with undiluted enthusiasm each and every morning. How can you resist a dog like that?

L.C. - Australian Bulldog L.C is the most lovable and fun dog to be around. In the park she’d be busy greeting each and everyone, her tiny tail wagging with joy of meeting and interacting. She tries hard to be as sporty and fit as the other dogs and is adorable when she tries new things like swimming and fetch :-) She is only 4 weeks and 3 months of age but has the ability to see right trough someone and is first on hand if she thinks someone needs a sloppy dog-kiss to brighten up their day. She’s caring and loves to be with others, she’s great fun to watch and we have never connected to so many people from different ways of life before if it wouldn’t be for her happy go lucky attitude and her need to say HELLO :-)

Indigo “Indie” - Kerry Blue Terrier She is so happy that she wags her tail in her sleep. Extremely affectionate preferring humans to dogs and she runs like a rocking horse instead of like a normal dog. I have also taught her how to ‘fist-pump’ so when no-one laughs at my jokes I can still get a bit of an acknowledgement.

Max - Shitsui Maltese Max is the loveliest little person we have ever meet, he has the biggest eyes that can do no wrong, the kindest heart that generates so much love & he loves to socialise with all his friends in Glebe. Max’s motto is : The world is a better place because I have taken up my little bit of space. Ps: Keep smiling because each day is a new beginning ~ X Max

Elvis - Shih Tzu Soon after we moved into our newly renovated, pristine and oh-so clean home in Leichhardt, we welcomed a furry ball of mischief who proceeded to turn our life upside down in the best possible way. With a shiny black coat and a shock of white locks in his ‘coif ’, our newest member of the family could only have been named Elvis. Wherever Elvis goes on tour; to cafes, the dog park and anywhere in between, he adds to a growing legion of fans and adorers taken by his beautiful, peaceful demeanour and genuine love of new company. It’s probably no surprise, though; after all, “everyone loves Elvis”. Like the hip-gyrating, cheeseburger-loving hound dog he shares a first name with, in all things, including our house, Elvis is the king.

Rio - Labrador Rio is our handsome 4 year old male Labrador. He loves migrating with our pack of 3 around the Blackwattle Bay foreshore and Glebe’s backstreets, marking his “territory” and socialising with other doggies. His favourite thing in the whole world is a big dinner after a walk and a swim. Other than his fetish for anything edible he is the most well adjusted dog we’ve had the privilege of parenting.. He goes to work with Paul several times per week, meeting work colleagues and clients alike. Relishes in receiving hugs and cuddles, especially first thing in the morning. We love the look in his big brown eyes and how he swims for hours on end, looking for fish, then plunging head first beneath the surface “fishing”. He has impeccable manors and a heap of tricks which he performs enthusiastically on command for treats, but begrudgingly without :)... He improves out quality of life every day in so many ways.

Pepsi - Jack Russell x American Staffy Rescued at 10 months old she is now 3 years old. She rests her head on her front paws & sticks her bum in the air to be patted by strangers. She’s obsessed by cats & on walks looks in everyone’s gate to see if she can spot one. Pepsi has the most beautiful smile & it lights up a park when she’s let of the lead to run free. We love her & even though we rescued her we feel like she rescued us everyday. Pretty dog - very photogenic!

Borris - Maltese Shih Tzu Borris loves to watch TV and is kind of obsessed especially when ANY animal is on the screen :) Borris loves to sing to harmonica, some of his expressions are hilarious. He looks like he is a man singing the blues. He has the biggest underbite which everyone who see’s him walking on the street absolutely loves and always comments how cute he is.

Harry - Mini Schnauzer Hurricane Harry is his nick name..........why you ask ? Because Harry is jet black and just turning 3 years old and he is always on the go when we walk together. Goes from this post to that post and next tree to patch of grass all at a 100 k’s an hour. Very alert and seeing if he can see any of his friends which may be dogs or humans.

Max - Jack Russell Max is a character, a rescue dog and an old soul. He’s gentle and quiet at home and likes to be right in the centre of things. If there’s a workman at our home he sits at or on their feet whilst they break for lunch or right in the middle of their work. When we feed him he quickly trots outside to show us he’s been keeping an eye on things before coming back to tuck in. He lives for his walk each day, makes his feelings known and is a regular and known fixture around Annandale, usually waiting outside the school or coffee shops, his back legs crossed or doing his resting yoga pose, squatting with his bum off the ground. His admirers are amazed by his gentleness, incredible with babies, not moving whilst they torture him and can’t imagine his dark side. He has a beat up nose with a few deep scars from his unfortunate run-ins with cats. When he sees a cat he’s nothing short of psychotic, nothing else matters as his hunting instinct comes to the fore, hence the reason he’s kept on the lead. Like a lot of Jack Russells he doesn’t think he’s small (and Max is particularly stocky and short). He greets a Great Dane like an equal. He brings joy and happiness to our lives.

Pirate - French Bulldog

Petrie - Mini Dachshund

One eye! Super playful! (Making a second appearance with her new play buddy Petrie)

Lives for the love of his big sister, chewing on shoes and is a professional underwear thief.

Molly - Rottweiler / Boxer Molly has become such a wonderful family pet. She tolerates our kids and looks out for them. She allows her fur to be painted and stickers stuck all over her face. Poked, prodded and dressed up, she enjoys the attention and her place in our family. Our family enjoys having her in our lives.

Simba - Bugalier I love hanging in my mums hair salon in Glebe Comb hair. I am the salon’s mascot. Comb just wouldn’t be the same without me.

Bentley - British Bulldog This is Bentley, our two and a half year old British Bulldog. This wrinkly ball of fun is a character like no other. He snores like a freight train, uses a chair like a human (mainly for birdwatching) and moves in a turtle-like fashion if he wants to transport his bed to the sunniest side of the yard. When it comes to food, Bentley is all about business. Among his favourite treats are Scooby Snacks, sausages and roast pumpkin – for all of which, you’ll see him come bounding over (a rare occurrence for a Bulldog). Besides his irresistible little face, his lovable attitude and endless supply of cuddles make him the perfect little addition to our family.

Tiger - Kelpie x I used to live on the South Coast and have recently moved to Enmore where I share a house with many new friends. I get to go on walks several times a day with different members of the house. When there is a house party, I sneak out and go walkabout. I always meet new friends who take me to a new place where my Mum comes to get me. Life is good.

Phil - Maltese Phil is a rescue dog. Our eyes really did meet across the room - in our case the treatment room in the vet clinic where I work. Everything changed in that moment. I had never seen myself as a small dog owner. Suddenly 2 kg of dog accompanied me everywhere I went. Phil wasn’t without his issues - severe dental disease, luxated patellas, allergic nasal disease, a penchant for throwing up, some idiosyncratic drug reactions and an unshakable habit of peeing on my bathmats - but he is my best friend. Often I find myself holding him even though I can’t remember picking him up. He’s very generous - when clients are anxious, just holding him can calm them down. He does feel the cold so he has around 40 outfits, including four Santa outfits thanks to clients who fall in love with him. He gets more gifts than I do. He loves a road trip, he goes crazy for a bit of sausage or a lamb chop (as he has no teeth everything has to be chopped finely). Our walks are very short and usually involve me carrying him. He is a paradox. He is scared of cats and guinea pigs, but has an inexplicable vendetta against black pugs and barks at tall dogs. I wouldn’t change him for the world (unless I could possibly tweak the bathmat habit). Strangers have cried then they see him in the street, saying he reminds them of a special dog in their life. Something about those eyes makes people melt. All he ever wants is some company, and to know that when those car keys rattle he is coming along for the ride!

Ginger - Cavoodle Ginger loves everyone and can’t wait to make friends. When she is at the park there is only one thing she loves more than friends, it’s chasing a ball. She is ball crazy! When running after the ball, Ginger looks like a mini rocket racing across the grass. One quirky thing about Ginger is when a dinosaur appears on TV, she tries to protect us. Not sure what she would do with it, if one was to jump out of the screen. But, it’s entertaining.

Charlie - Pug Charlie the first time you came into my arms I knew you were the most special gorgeous little soul. For 16years you have been my companion my shadow and my rock. Your unconditional Love, Companionship, Snuggles, Pughugs, Kisses and Cheekiness have brought soo much Happiness, Laughter to me and everyone who meets you. I love that you melt my heart every single day. I love that you are always so excited to see me. I love our walks naps.pughugs and kisses. I love everything about you. I just love you! So many wonderful memories we share with many more to come. After 2 strokes your courage and strength and will to live on is inspirational. I Love you soo much that I feel like my heart might explode. Thank you for coming into my life Charlie. I am Blessed and the Lucky one to share my life with you.

Ellie May - Labradoodle Ellie May is a well known Newtown dog at the St Peters park and Camperdown Park. As the daughter of a local vet, she has shared her short life, 1 year, with many of her mother’s clients. She is 25 kg of fluff. She is our “blond”.

Yoshi - Pugalier

Kazé - Pugalier

Yoshi’s mission in life is to steal tennis balls, sneak into bedrooms, chase reflections and destroy squeaky toys. Oh and above all else... EAT! Yoshi means “good” and for the most part she is, although every now and then her stubborn, independent streak shines through.

Kazé means “wind” in Japanese, she earned her name because she was like a whirlwind from the minute we brought her home. Fiercely loyal and prematurely grey, Kazé is smaller and younger than Yoshi but she is definitely the boss!

Travis - English Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Lily - English Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Travis is the twin brother of Lily and is a very entertaining character who likes to talk a lot, although the only person that understands what he is saying is his mum, as his dad really cant work it out most of the time. He has a lot of personality and always wears a big staffie smile with his very cute little sister in tow he struts around the neighbourhood with his chest out and head held high.

Although Lily is much smaller than her twin brother Travis, she’s the one in the relationship who wears the trousers. Not only is she quicker and more nimble in the stick and ball department but has a superior intellect and is always quick to put him in his place when he steps over the line. Lily is a very pretty dark brindle dog with white socks and a white chest, a few flecks of grey coming through which only adds to her allure. She especially likes men and bats her eyelashes at them, knowing they must love her.

Hunter - Dachshund x Blue Heeler Hunter was rescued from a shelter at 4 years of age. He had been there for many weeks but nobody wanted him; possibly because he is the rather unusual combination of Blue Heeler and Dachshund. However, now when we walk him they queue up to admire him. Hunter has a very strong personality and is rather vocal about making his wishes known. He loves his routine and his play but he hates the sound of pedestrian crossings, door bells and skateboards. We are convinced he is the reincarnation of Hercule Poirot.

Buddy - Whippet x Taiwanese Mountain x Street Dog Buddy acts like a royal (with his sphinx pose), maybe he is disguising his background...

Kaylee - Staffy x Our (not so) little one Kaylee enjoys playing AFL. She can even make the occasional mark! When not herding her various footballs around the park she spends her time playing with her brother Jayne the kitten and her best dog park friend Patty the miniature poodle. She has a patch over one eye and glorious floppy ears.

Sonny - Pekingese Sonny thinks he’s human and tries to make sounds to talk to us. He also likes to know what I’m eating and always wants to try some too. Sonny is a typical arrogant little Pekingese - he does what he wants, when he wants it. “Who are you calling? I’ll come if I feel like it but I think I’ll just walk the opposite way to show you who is boss! Come and carry me if you want me to come.”

Buddy - Pekingese Buddy loves to play with balloons- he bounces them off his head and chases them about. He has a very flat nose so it’s perfect for playing soccer with balls. Buddy thinks he is Sonny’s bodyguard and drags him along by the ear to get him out of danger.

Coco - German Shorthaired Pointer She is no ordinary idiot, she has been trained.

Darius - Hungarian Vizsla Darius is a 4 year old Hungarian Vizsla, a former country CAMDEN dog is now a true INNER WESTIE! His gentle, calm, zen like nature has to be seen to be believed.

Jasmine - Chihuahua Jasmine is a 3kg Chihuahua with a huge personality. She’s a bit of a diva, not impartial to poking her tongue out at you. The queen of the house and loved by all that she meets, especially her Dad.

Rocky - Bent Nose Bull Terrier Is it a pig? Is it a shark? It’s Rockyyyyy ! Friendly, enthusiastic and lovable. He likes his fur stroked the wrong way and knows exactly what to do to get a treat! Lil cutie.

Mickey - Jack Russell x Mickey is extremely talented, he can poop whilst in a handstand position . I did not train him to do this and accept no responsibility.

Bandit - Greyhound Bandit is a Senior rescue greyhound (11 years old) clumsy beyond belief and can’t run to save his life but the most stunning and adorable houndie ever.

Henry - Schnoodle He is a ‘rat bag’ who steals pegs off the washing, sneaks food off the table and creeps into bed when we’re asleep. People laugh that he lives with a Dog Trainer because ‘shouldn’t he be a good dog?’ Henry is Mia’s best friend, he is devoted to those he loves and his heart is pure. He can drive us crazy but his antics make us laugh and remind us not to be too serious. He’ll rub his body on you like a cat if he approves of you and jumps high in the air just to say g’day. He’ll make a friend of any dog even when their first impression of him wasn’t a good one. I think of the nervous little dog that came home from the pound, who fell over paralysed with fear as, while gardening, I plucked a stake from the ground. I love that he is not afraid to be his cheeky self now and the belly laughs from our daughter that are often heard while they are together. Henry is a ‘rat bag’... and that’s ok by me.

Bodhi - Staffie x Very smart pooch. Lots of tricks.

Sid - Brussels Griffon x Affenpincher x Terrier x Mystery Blend This little man came to us from Monika’s Doggie Rescue a few years back. He promptly claimed everything within a 1 km radius of the house as his own. Don’t get between this man and his squeaky fox toy, as Sid won’t hesitate to let you know when he is displeased with your actions. As a small man with no fear, Sid has been known to get himself into more than his fair share of sticky situations. A comical bundle of fun regardless.

Bronx - Boston Terrier Bronx is a cheeky but very cleaver pup! He is 5 months old and full of love, when we head to a dog park he runs up to the biggest dog in the park, he has no care for the little dogs he wants to be best friends with the big guys!

Teddy - Jack Russell x Maltese Being the ‘child’ of a dog groomer, Teddy is always sporting some sort of quirky fur-style or the first to trial new products.. The latest being dog dyes in purple, blue and red. You may have seen him around Dulwich Hill. Ted loves to wear clothes, his favourite being a dinosaur suit. Teddy’s best trick: When told to ‘get it’, Teddy will go and find his squeaking duck toy wherever it may be in our two-storey home and bring it back to you. Fun fact: Teddy was ginger as a pup but since his first haircut he has been cream.

Rambo - Kelpie Rambo was a rescue dog. He is nicknamed ‘garbage guts’ because he will literally eat everything. Rambo knows lots of tricks... Well, when there are treats involved he does. He loves to have staring competitions with our cat whilst standing about one foot from his face...and instead of playing fetch he likes to try to ‘heard’ another dog who is playing fetch..

Bailey - Kelpie x Bailey likes to cuddle up under blankets, head and all - preferably with human company. If he stands up suddenly with the cover still over him, he looks like a strange blanket monster. Out of the house he thinks he is pretty tough, but when we took him on holiday last year we found out he is quite scared of cows.

Bess - Golden Retriever My name is Bess aka Bessie Ann May. I enjoy cheese on toast for breakfast and walks with a stop & sniff every few meters. I am particularly fond of a good lawn and like to throw myself down, roll around and lie on my back for several minutes while my servants stand next to me looking embarrassed. My most favourite thing is the beach, swimming and then a good sand exfoliation is like heaven to me. I have recently moved from Broken Hill to Camperdown and am pretty much a metro dog now though I do miss those wide open spaces, kangaroos and emus. Oh and I love pretty much everybody so you will see me wagging my tail and stopping to say hello with a big smile on my face.

Roxy - Miniture Pinscher x

Darcy - Lowchen x

Roxy has the most gorgeous big ears that stick up & are on full alert all the time. With her gorgeous dark eyes it’s so hard to get cross with her.

Darcy just loves to attack your face when lying down. The more you giggle the more she licks & kisses. Sloppy puppy kisses. Hhhhhmmmmm.....

Farrah Fawcett Moffatt - Toy Poodle Our little furry child is very shy of people, but loves other dogs. Her best girlfriend is a Maltese/Poodle named Bubba. She also loves to sing along with the theme song of ‘The Antiques Road Show’.

Fifi - Pug

Minni - Pug

Zoe - Pug

Pugs are just quirky doing nothing but she has a tongue that pokes out about 1/2� when she gets lazy. She also yowels (like a wolf howling but she is husky). We have 3 pugs and now have immortalised them in a commissioned artwork being painted on the outside of our house.

She’s the oldest of the 3 and is a bit grey around the muzzle but endearing all the same. She sits like a frog and bosses the other 2 around and is also a show pug with a ribbon from Melb Royal Show (quite a few years ago now).

She dances on her back feet and is sooooo cute. We call her baby and she is a show pug.

Boo - Labradoodle Boo might be one of the fittest dogs in the Inner West as she runs with her Mum everyday. She is obsessed with balls and puddles and come Winter time, the heater is her best friend! She talks to me when I get home from work, and if I’m later than usual, I get told off! Her favourite toy is her handbag and always has time to pose for photos. Maybe we can call her vain!!

Alfie - Maltese Shih Tzu

Charlie - Maltese Shih Tzu

Alfie is much more of a proper dog, loves to be the centre of attention and always shoves Charlie out of the way. He is a complete Mummy’s Boy. He is not as stubborn as Charlie.

Charlie is obsessed with socks, he would have a sock in his mouth all day everyday even when he is asleep. It’s the first thing he picks up when coming back from a walk as well as when we come home. He also only walks on smooth surfaces and does not like to walk when its windy outside. He loves to eat his dry food on the couch.

Frankie - Chihuahua x Jack Russell Frankie comes to work every day at the vet clinic, rides in the basket of Megan’s bike and is quite handy with a soccer ball! She also loves to sleep under the covers and snuggle!

Thor - German Shepherd Thor is toy obsessed, like many German Shepherds, however he’s the only one I’ve ever met who can carry up to 4 toys in his mouth at once.

Booboo - Maltese x Booboo is a senior dog, at almost 15 human years he leads a healthy active life due to the fact that he spends his days with artists, musicians and tattooist in the inner west. This gives Booboo the platform to stay young and creative. Booboo has lived in the Inner West most of his life and enjoys the relaxed park, cafe lifestyle that is available for humans and dogs alike. He is quite well traveled and enjoys weekly trips to visit family and friends around Sydney. Booboo shares his parents love of the beach and looks forward to regular vacations in Fingal Bay.

Ruby - American Staffie x Ruby looks like one of those dogs that you want to avoid but she couldn’t love people any more than she does. She is 11 years old and when she sees people and meets them she is crazy excited like she has never met anyone before. She is a big sook and loves to be with Christian, myself and our son all the time. Morning cuddles on the bed, sitting at our feet all the time, shivering and curling up to us when there is a storm and sitting high and mighty in her lovely armchair, which is her bed. She is a very lovely girl, very silly but a very big part of our family.

Maverick - Shetland Sheepdog

Bean - Chihuahua x

Atlas - Australian Shepherd

We call him a Bonsai Lassie! He is famously known in the Inner West as the “Leaf Dog”. He has worked out that if he brings you a leaf and delicately places it on your lap, he has a 99% chance of you throwing it for him. Not only does he get you to entertain him, no other dogs get the “game” and so don’t try to get involved! SMART!

Bean is a rescue dog. She spent the first 4 years of her life in a backyard with very little human contact. When she came to us, she was emaciated and had major anxiety issues - she was Eenie Weenie Scaredy Beanie. 3 years on she has flourished and gained so much confidence that she is now known as Queen Bean!

Atlas is an Australian Shepherd who LOVES life - everything he does is with unbridled enthusiasm! He competes in agility and has 4 titles to his name. He can be a hooligan, a clown, a serious competitor and a true gentleman all in one day. He is the perfect all-rounder!

Ruby - Toy Poodle Hello, my name is Ruby, I’m a Poodle who appreciates the finer things in life, classical music, liver treats, a walk in the park sniffing other dogs and of course quality couch time after a long day of well…doing nothing. I’d like to think that the following best describes me - “Even the tiniest Poodle is lionhearted, ready to do anything to defend home, master, and mistress.” - Louis Sabin It’s been lovely meeting you, Ruby xxx

Lexi - Havanese Lexi is more human than dog! She loves spaghetti bolognese and hanging around with our cat Chloe.

Misha - Weimaraner Misha is beautiful, clumsy and hilarious but most of all she is a cuddly, spooky, lover. She has one toy, Panda from Ikea, which she carries around with her. She sucks on its head and gently grooms it. If you ask her, “where’s Panda?” she goes and finds him. If you’re ever upset she brings him to you and puts him on your lap. She has never ripped, bitten or destroyed him - although once she left him too close to the heater and we had to replace him with a clone. No other toy will do.

Humphrey - Pug Humphrey is very very loyal. He will listen to every command and wants nothing more than to please you. He sits, he stays, he waits, he comes. He lives his life a bit anxiously, but happily. It was once stated that Humphrey always runs on an 11 out of 10. He is a happy bouncy boy, who would happily marry a tennis ball or plastic bottle, given half the chance. Realistically, he only has eyes for Skylar, his one and only true love.

Erykah - Pug Erykah is the lady of the pug grumble. Lovingly referred to as “Queen E”, her soul is extremely wise and gentle. Having reached the amazing age of 14 years and surviving two strokes and numerous mentoring of puppies, E takes life slowly, with many meal breaks and naps. Her calm and quiet demeanor means she is the go-to for all human dramas. A few minutes with this vintage sunbathing pug in your lap and life starts looking up. She reluctantly spends tie with those silly “punks” that make up the pug pack, keeping them in line and being worshiped by the youngsters, however annoyingly.

Skylar - Pug Skylar is the BOSS. She has no fear whatsoever and is seemingly limitless. She lives life to it’s very peak, and is in direct defiance of all of the “pug” stereotypes. She runs, she fetches, she swims and she can breathe! Her spirit can be overwhelming sometimes, and she is no doubt the leader of her own little pug pack of 8.

Aristotle - Papillon x Maltese Ari was abandoned outside a Blacktown High School and was discovered in a very malnourished and disheveled state. Having come from the wrong side of the tracks, Ari had definitely landed on his feet, living in the lap of luxury with regular trips to the groomer, naps on his parents’ beds, clothes shopping and home cooked meals among his favourite activities. At 2.4 kilos, Ari is small but packed with energy and love.

Lucy - Labrador x 1. Her nickname is the Fun Police because in her younger days, she didn’t bother chasing the ball, she just barked at the other dogs who did as if to say you didn’t ask my permission first! 2. She also loves to bark at skateboards. Although happy to take pats from the boarders themselves, and then when they leave she would still give them a woof! Although these days as she is 13.5 years old and going deaf - she doesn’t hear them as well. 3. She knows exactly where the Vets/Nurses keep their treats behind the counter!

Rusty - Labrador Ridgeback Rusty wants to be everyone’s best friend, not just ours; we had to embrace this, especially at dinner parties as his puppy dog eyes were too much to handle until we pulled out a chair for him to be able to join us. Now, every evening at dinner(to the horror of Grandparents) he sits with us happily.

Fluffy - Alaskan Malamute Fluffy is a rescue dog from Albury who loves playing with other dogs and going for long walks around Marrickville. The deep toned Alaskan Malamute loves to hold your hand and is a big attention seeker.

Reggie Miller Diamante - Mini Dachshund Reggie is a 5 month old puppy with eyes to melt your heart. Loves to play fetch and his tummy rubs. He’s super friendly, enjoys a cuddle and has endless energy.

Kado - Kelpie x Staffy He thinks he is a mountain goat and sometimes gets on to our roof (despite us blocking his way), and runs around up there, sitting on the very pitch of the roof, looking down from a great height (it about 15m down to the street level and 4m down off the roof to our foot path) and takes in the passing street traffic and amused passers by. It is hilarious as well as concerning, but mostly just hilarious!

Rommie - Pug

Moya - Pug

She is a 4 year old pure bred pug, named after the spaceship avatar “Rommie” from the scifi show “Andromeda”. A calm, intelligent well natured dog who loves to sunbake and nap on anything that is soft like a lap, couch or cushion. Lets the world pass her by sleeping the day away. Only roused when it is time for food or a walk. Shy when meeting other dogs but loves people.

She is a 2 year old pure bred pug, named after the living spaceship “Moya” from the scifi show “Farscape”. A very active dog who has to know what is going on and can’t sit still for a moment. Loves to chase birds, bark at passers by and play with her toys. Follows you everywhere in case she misses out on something. Runs around in the park like a lunatic and loves to meet other dogs.

Lucy, the Adventure Dog! (Formerly known as Bailey) - Cattle Dog All the way from the rescue shelter in Alice Springs where she was saved from bad people who didn’t treat her well. She traveled for five days in a small, over-packed car to her new life in Sydney (and only vomited once on the way!). She swims like a fish, runs like the wind and is excellent at climbing steep mountains. A power-house intellect born with two adorable markings that make her look like she has eyebrows! She adores her new family of three cats and two mummies. She always lets the cats eat first and protects her home with her loud bark. Lucy is the great Australian survivor.

Crumpet - French Bulldog Our little brindle nugget is 9 weeks old and is already an Instagram sensation. She won’t be seen without a bandanna on, and when she gets excited she hops around like a rabbit. Eeeeee!

Ralph - American Staffy x Rottweiler My dog is a quality high-jumper and a cafe favorite around the University of N.S.W. Loves to chase at Centennial Park.

Elvis Bright - Australian Terrier Loves the ladies, rescued him when he was 4 months old, most loyal best little boy I could ask for.

Reg... Reggie boy... Reginald - mix....Kelpie, maybe Rottweiler, maybe Greyhound He makes me laugh, he has such a strong personality, loves people in particular kids but only because he thinks he is super cute and deserves all the attention. He’s from an Aboriginal community in NT and when he arrived in Paddo with a single woman as his ‘house mate’ he knew he had struck gold. And like any kid in the 21st C he knows what to do when the iPhone comes out... ‘Strike a pose’.

Croque Monsieur - French Bulldog Crazy French Bulldog. Is nine brindle and gorgeous.

Lolita - French Bulldog Is eight pied and looks like a butter ball.

August - Maltese X August (and her twin sister Cricket) were adopted from the RSPCA 3 years ago. August is super affectionate, always happy and loves her walks as much as she loves her sister!

Cricket - Yorkshire X Despite being just three kilos Cricket thinks she is the boss! She is very talkative, cheeky and runs at full speed the entire walk.

Scrap - Tenterfield Terrier Scrap likes to chase skinks and flies. He loves the park and always makes new friends. He’s a happy, affectionate dog.

Miss Molly - Cavoodle Miss Molly just celebrating her first birthday with a few of her doggy friends. My mum & dad gave me a great party with lots of treats for my guests. I received some new toys to play with and I love my parents to bits! (Ditto) I am an extremely smart girl who performs lots of tricks like, roll over play dead, dance, talk just to name a few. My daddy is a very famous magician and I like performing with him.

Bella - Labrador x Kelpie Bella was a rescue dog. She had a rough start to life and was a young mum. When I first got her she wouldn’t let me out of her sight and was timid with strangers. Now she’s come out of her shell - she loves nothing more than a stroll up King St in Newtown with her tail in the air and all the pats she gets when she’s waiting for me outside shops. She knows the ones she’s allowed to go into, but the pet shop is definitely her favourite as she knows she’ll get treats and might see a cat. Bella moved over with me from Adelaide and we both love it in Sydney.

Paco - Chihuahua The most cheeky thing that Paco does is to run away with our toilet paper! He grabs the end of it from the toilet paper hanger and run away through the hallway!

Manciboifancypants - Chihuahua He has a bung eye, wonky back legs, eczema and grunts when he gets excited. He’s just perfect.

Schnapps - German Wire Haired Pointer He loves going to the local vets (which happens quite often) and he loves to steal other dog’s toys when in the park which we are always apologising for.

Sophie - Maltese x Poodle Sophie loves chasing the ball and sleeping in on a Sunday with Adam while Peter and Harry go for a walk.

Harry - Cavoodle Harry loves his sister Sophie. She chases the ball and he chases her chasing the ball.

Gypsy - Chihuahua Gypsy’s super power is: the ability to make crying children smile with her zen-like gaze.

Oskar -Mini Schnauzer

Stanley -Mini Schnauzer

Oskar was born in 2011 and was 4.5 years old when he insisted to pose for the Sydney City Dogs book. He has an amazing, friendly nature and his shiny grey coat makes him very popular on walks and at the park. If you have seen Baz Luhrmann’s, The Great Gatsby, you might recognise Oskar. He was only 12 weeks old, but had a starring role in the movie!

Stanley is Oskar’s half brother, but there are a few years between them. Stanley was born in 2014 was 1.5 years old when he starred alongside his brother in the Sydney City Dogs book. Stanley is very loving and really enjoys a tickle under the chin. He has oversized ears for a Miniature Schnauzer, which is ironic, as he has a bit of trouble hearing. But he gets on really well and follows Oskar around everywhere.

Tully - Australian Terrier x Dachshund After moving to Newtown five years back, Tully decided that the locals were so cool that she was inspired to get a mohawk-style clip, which she sports every summer and is fondly known as the local ‘little lion’! Tully started riding motorbikes when she was in preschool, even though she has to wear ‘Doggles’ when she takes a cruise these days she loves the wind running through her hair more then ever! She hasn’t ever been in a professional photo shoot, and at 11 years old it’s on her bucket list!

Jimmy - Whippet Jimmy is a creature of contrasts. Let him loose in a (fenced!) dog park and he is guaranteed to leave the other dogs in his dust as he darts and weaves about them, touching 60 km/hr and seeming to relish in his speed and their exhaustion. It is a wonderful thing to behold (if a tad unfair on the other dogs...). At home however Jimmy adopts an entirely different persona. Barely moving from his favorite cushion he only occasionally raises his head to observe the comings and goings of the household with a somewhat detached disinterest until, that is, a tasty treat is in the offing or a squeaky ball appears...then the speed hound is back in top form, darting about the place at full throttle (but luckily never knocking a thing over...yet!).

Otto - Brussels Griffon Otto is a happy social little dog who charms everyone he meets. He has a very pronounced underbite that makes him stand out and attracts lots of comments and attention.

Elliot - Beagle Has a very loud snore, even when awake.

Sterling - Beagle Loves lots of cuddles, will paw at you if you’re not patting him in the right spot.

Finn - Cairn Terrier Rides on a paddle board with my son or husband.

Marshall - German Shepherd x Border Collie Marshall is only 4.5 months old and is still learning everything the world has to throw at him. Fearless in the face of 53kg Rottweilers, Marshall is puzzled by the little things such as a cube of ice, children crying and the occasional invisible street monster that stops the over confident pup dead in his tracks. While born 18 May, he might as well be a Gemini, one minute being lovely and cuddly the next he’s herding all the pillows in the house into his bed. We love him to bits and he enrichens our lives more and more each day as he slowly grows into a big intelligent and active dog.

Buddy - Cavoodle Hooray for Buddy, he’s true blue He’s a guru through and through When love escapes you Call Buddy the love guru.

Maple - Cavoodle Cheer, cheer the red and the white Honour Maple by day and by night Lift that noble banner high Shake down her thunder from the sky.

ixi - Schnoodle ixi is a stubborn little toy schnoodle who just loves to carry things around - anything from multiple soft toys in the house or several sticks in the park to a combination of her toys and (my) socks and undies! Our local little hang out is in and around Erskineville Oval.

Tyson - Staffy x Kelpie Tyson was rescued at 4 months old & is truly a beautiful soul. He has always been an active pup, going everywhere with us - surfing & swimming at the beach, mountain bike riding, going to the park, eating at all the local cafes... we take him everywhere with us. His absolute favourite thing to do is snooze, preferring to be the big spoon (even getting the paw over). He also loves our Bengal cat Tigger, sleeping on pillows, snacks & instagram. The only thing he hates is bath time. Tyson is such a loving companion & the most important part of our little family.

Barney - American Staffy When he wants attention he closes on of his eyes. He likes to sit on people’s laps despite the size. He star fish sleeps on the floor. He will always bring a shoe to greet you at the door. He doesn’t like to be left out, especially of cuddles.

Monty - Pug Monty is a sensitive soul. He is a bit of a loner, and likes to do his own thing. His happiest time of day is when mum or dad get home and the ball games can start! Monty will come for a kiss and then run straight towards his ball. He’ll then obsess over it for the next hour. He is very tolerant of his little brother Baxter, but loves him dearly and they spend hours wrestling together. Monty thinks he is a tough guard dog, behind doors, as he barks at anything and everything that goes past. Monty loves to play with toys and his goal in life is to destroy most toys in record time (except his favourite ball!) He also likes to say ‘Humph!’ a lot. Monty’s tail was damaged when he was a pup, so it doesn’t curl tight like a normal pug, but when he gets excited it stands right up and has a cute little kink in it, like it’s trying to curl but just can’t quite get there. Monty is reserved but loving and takes pride in looking after his little brother.

Baxter - Pug Baxer is a quirky, crazy character. He’s a lover, not a fighter. He loves every human and animal he comes across. He has no fear and just gets in there. He loves being affectionate, sometimes a little too much! Baxter loves to give kisses and then lick mum and dad or his brother repeatedly for extended periods of time. He talks to us every day, especially when we get home, he howls (Ar-wooooo!) and barks with excitement. Baxter is only 7 months old and he is fast becoming a true little character. He loves to chase and be chased, he’s not so interested in toys, unless Monty has it, then it has to be his. He adores food, and does a little circle dance when the food comes out. He is a delightful, free spirited and loving pug who thinks he is a human.

Yuki Shakespeare - Bichon Frise My 9 year old Bichon Frise - Yuki Shakespeare Rivadelo (pronounced you-kee means Snow in Japanese) has me wrapped around his little paw. Every morning when I pick up his leash to go for his morning walk, he lays on his back with his legs in the air and plays dead. It’s a dance we do every morning without fail. Only once the leash is on does he realise the gig is up, and he’ll follow me out the door.

Santana - Miniature English Bull Terrier Being a little cheeky and still a 7 month puppy, she has a tendency to jump. She was accused by doggy day care of being “Jumpy”, was suspended and they’ve asked she sees a dog therapist.

Winnie - British Bulldog Winnie loves to carry sticks that she finds but will never retrieve if thrown. She also loves to sunbathe in the yard.

Hank - British Bulldog Don’t be fooled by the face... upon meeting Hank you’ll soon realise he is one of the friendliest, softest and loveliest dogs around. But my goodness he is CRANKY. If something doesn’t go his way, he pulls the filthiest look - total Zoolander style. It’s not uncommon for him to take himself outside, have his back to you, then periodically turn around to give you a “I’m hard done by” look. Never a dull moment with Hank around.

Blitzkrieg (Krieg) - Pug Krieg is a distinguished gentleman who enjoys playing keno at the RSL on roast night.

Seb - Silky Terrier x West Highland Terrier When I adopted Seb over 7 years ago he was a real rascal as his start to life was rough! Seb and I fell in love immediately but he was aggressive towards men and other dogs. After spoiling him rotten, training and socializing for a year he became the biggest socialite. His stomping ground is Shannon Reserve where he high fives every dog that enters the park and stops at every person on a bench for a scratch. When he’s not at the park he is hanging at home with his best friend, Asha the Devon Rex cat. When I am not looking Seb likes to lick Asha’s face (when she lets him). In June 2015 Seb was diagnosed with cancer which was very devastating news to receive. Seb has completed all the chemotherapy at Sydney University Veterinary Hospital. He has been amazing through the whole process, he loves going there to spend the day with the team. He is a very happy dog that makes me laugh every day, his resilience is remarkable.

Cooper - Border Collier

Saffy - Staffordshire Bull Terrier

“Salty surf dog”. Chilled old fella who is as comfortable in/on the ocean as he is on land. Loves nothing more than hanging with his humans wherever that may be.

“Death row dog”. Recently rescued for the 2nd time. She’s a boof head with attitude, great fun and loyal but she hogs the bed arghhhhh. No danger here other than being licked to death.

Phil - Maltese Phil is a rescue dog who brings people together. Some of the time he lives with his owner, Dr Anne Fawcett. But he also spends time with his “Aunty�, Draga, whose own beloved dogs Foxie and Fluffy have passed away. While Anne is at work, Phil takes Draga out for coffee, they enjoy a walk together or they settle down and watch the Bold and the Beautiful.

Daisy - Jack Russell x Mini Foxie Once upon a time there was a dog named Roxy who gave birth to a litter of 6 puppies. Amongst the litter was a pup named Dozer, short for Bulldozer because she was so lively and destroyed everything in her path. Dozer was soon adopted and renamed Daisy. Four years later she’s mellowed slightly, but is still the energetic puppy I remember the first day I met her.

Bear - Pug Bear is a very happy and super social pug who is extremely loving to all he greets (which would be everyone if he had his way!) He enjoys his walks around the streets of Sydney with all the sights and smells, riding in his cushioned bike basket and a good game of ball in Centennial Park Lands. Bear loves to finish his day with a run at the local dog park with all his mates, a tall glass of water and a delicious bowl of dog chow and a warm lap to nap on. I’m blessed to have funny, crazy Bear Pug in my world.

Rei - Cocker Spaniel

Yohji - Cocker Spaniel

The first born, we have been through a lot together. Born in Cootamundra, she thinks it is hilarious to race through the underbrush collecting burrs and seeds in her ears and coat. Such a beautiful girl - but more tramp than lady. Rei has a strong personality and is constantly telling us how to do things more to her liking. She loves her little brother, until he gets too much attention and then she tells him all about the proper order of things.

Yohji is so cool and how handsome is he ladies? He could have been a star of the show circuit but through a twist of fate we got him and we love him to bits. He is the strong and silent type. Friendly to everyone he meets, but still willing to stick up for his big sister if she gets picked on. He could be the perfect dog but don’t tell Rei we said so.

Benjamin - British Bulldog Being a bulldog, Benjamin doesn’t do much when at home, his main priorities in life include nap time and eating. However, twice a day his pedantic nature comes out to remind his owners of the two scheduled visits to the outside world. The excitement wears thin by the time we reach the elevator, and we are back to having a grumpy old British Man inside a vibrant 3 year old dog’s body. During his walks, Benjamin has no time for socializing with other dogs, as maintaining his dominance over the two neighbouring parks, by diligently marking every tree and lamp post, is a full time commitment. He might at times allow humans to pet him, as even the King likes a belly rub. At home he continues his duty to the community by fighting off burglars in his sleep, but leaving his owners to deal with petty threats posed by the vacuum and thunder.

Dug - Pug x Duggie is a busy little city puppy who enjoys his daily social life of cafes, parks, pats, swimming and dropping and picking kids up from school.

Arlo - Mini Longhair Dachshund

Banksy - Mini Longhair Dachshund

Arlo is obsessed with balls or round objects that look like balls but can’t catch them whatsoever. Both dogs are very well known in the Pyrmont area and get lots of attention every time I walk them in the neighborhood or around Darling Harbour.

Banksy is a lover. He loves to ‘cuddle’ his brother Arlo, legs of random people and small children.

Cookie - Jack Russell Terrier x Cookie enjoys curling up in someone’s lap and chasing a ball in equal measures, the latter despite having had surgery on both his knees. He hasn’t quite realised that he’s a dog yet, and tends to be a bit socially inept with other canines. To his humans though, he is a cheeky bundle of love.

Charlie -Poodle x Golden Retriever (Groodle) Charlie is a laid back gentle giant who takes everything in his stride and thinks humans were put on the planet to pat him and provide endless cuddles. He is a role model for his side-kick Benny. Can often be spotted around 5 Ways and Rushcutters Bay Park.

Benedict Cumberbatch (Benny) -Griffon Bruxellois

Benny loves his pal Charlie and would follow him to the ends of the earth - well, provided there were no interesting distractions on the way; like trees or leaves or other dogs!!! He loves a cuddle too and doesn’t mind if you mess up his beard, a quick drink and rub in the grass will soon sort it out.

Anoushka - Dobermann Pinscher Newtown and Centennial Park are our daily stops for breakfast, doggy daycare and then a park walk before heading for home.

Alby - French Bulldog He has all the temperament and idiosyncrasies of this adorable breed with a few other added behaviours too embarrassing to share. Besides being a purveyor of fine meats and cheeses his passion is to play soccer. Born with the natural ability to play with the round ball he would make any coach proud. He can be seen most weekends in his beloved Queens Park trapping, dribbling and running with his soccer ball to the astonishment of onlookers. He hopes to represent his country one day. His best trait though is that he makes people smile when they see him.

Bennie - Whippet Loves popping bubblewrap and keeps a stash in a ‘secret’ spot under the stairs.

Delilah - Miniature Long-Haired Dachshund Delilah is the sweetest pup in the world - she is very vocal and always making cute noises to ensure the attention is on her. Her favourite thing to do is give kisses. She will literally pin you down with her paws on each of your cheeks and lick your face, especially trying to get right up your nose! But she is just so cute I don’t care :)

Diamond - Maltese Shitzu Cavalier x She is a Maltese Shitzu Cavalier cross which makes her cute and unique. Diamond has just turned 6 years and loves going in the car to the beach for walks.

Sooty - French Bulldog

Henry - French Bulldog

When Sooty was a little bit younger, she was the most nimble dog I had ever seen. When I would take her to the park she would sprint around doing weird break-dance flips, twists and commando rolls at high speeds. I have never seen a dog do anything like it before. She was such an entertainer. Now that she’s a little older, she’s just a boss.

When Henry was a puppy, I set up their beds in our back room as I had a friend crash on our couch. When I woke up in the morning to let the dogs out I couldn’t find Henry. I searched through the room in a panic (it’s only a small room) I could hear little squeaks coming from inside the ottoman in the room, as well as a fowl stench. Henry had ripped a hole underneath the ottoman, got inside the ottoman, then decided to do a poo in there and then couldn’t get out. Needless to say I finally got him out (he was covered in poo), but we had to chuck out the ottoman. Since then we call him Poodini as he always does poos in the weirdest places.

Seargant Peanut - French Bulldog He’s a very athletic and cheeky Frenchy. He can hi-five and play dead (sometimes). He’s very photogenic.

Mia - Weimaraner x Cattle (Red Heeler) Mia is a 7 month rescue puppy and what a beautiful girl. She’s quite the clown and makes me laugh, yet in her “hunting mode” looks so regal! Her glossy black coat often has people stopping us to ask her breed!

Penny - Boxer Penny is a big, silly girl and loves to chase empty Messina cups whenever she sees them on the ground when we’re out on our walks. Penny is more popular than we are in the neighborhood too. Whenever we take her for walks we always hear “Hi Penny”, not knowing the person who is calling out. Quite a social gal. She also cannot resist a good squeaky toy and just goes nuts when she hears one! She could play for hours and never get bored. Her favorite treats are bones from the butcher and kangaroo tendons.

Pippa - English Bulldog Full of love, slobbers and burps.

Walter - French Bull Dog Walter is almost 2 years old. Very friendly playful young chap! Works at Rose Bay Vets. Favourite things involve going to work, other dogs, spoons and parties. Hates water of any kind in particular swimming!

Trevor - English Bull Terrier Trevor is a rescue dog we have had for around a month. Absolute dreamboat! Very friendly and loves other dogs, in particular their intimate errors! Very rude! Also enjoys spoons and other dogs - in particular bestie Walter :)

Luna - Lagotto Romagnolo Luna is very happy and well behaved. She always greets us by wagging her tail non-stop and bringing one of her toys so that we can play with her as soon as we walk through the door. We have had Luna since she was 2 months old (she’s 6 months now) and we can’t believe how loving and funny she is.

Dovah - Great Dane Although Dovah is almost 60kg she has the sweetest most goofy personality. Very fitting for her breed. She adores other dogs of any size or breed and can’t always understand why not everyone wants to play! She loves being able to run off leash and really stretch out her long legs. It’s quite a sight to see her in a full sprint and a little terrifying at the same time as she doesn’t always manage to stop in time before crashing into you.

Sofie - Cocker Spaniel

Roxy - Jack Russell x Foxy

The sweetest, most gentle dog on the planet.

We recently adopted Roxy from Rocky’s K9 Rescue. She’s 8 years old and we believe had spent most of her life ignored in the backyard. Now she’s smothered with love and affection and treated like one of the family. And never left outside!

River - Staffordshire Terrier

Piper - Miniature Bull Terrier

River is 6 years old, loves her food and takes her teddy everywhere she goes.

Piper is 6 years old, full of energy even after exercising on a treadmill. Loves her soccer balls. Loves to lie on the couch and watch TV.

Mwahji - Chow Chow My favorite impersonation is lion king (of the sea). After running around a few laps on the beach, I find a spot to cool off bathing in the tourquise sea. My favorite food is “the yellow stuff ” when my daddy tries to talk in secret code with my mummy but I know it is cheese! My favorite past time is snoozing in the garden shrubs and showing my 10 second affection when I see my human family but my tail drops when I see all others especially at the vet as I shiver. My life is perfect but a new baby sister is on the way so let’s see how this chapter goes ;)

Mushu - French Bulldog He has a big black love heart shape on his side and we all color coordinate ( black and white ).

Thumbelina - Fox Terrier x Apparently Thumbelina has an Instagram following. I believe her top jaw belongs to one breed and her bottom jaw to another, because she has the most pronounced underbite I’ve ever seen. She looks like she could be permanently grinning or permanently bearing her teeth. Fortunately it’s just a smile.

Madonna - Rottweiler x Madonna is very gracious lady who loves attention. As long as it’s not from men. She has a disconcerting habit of barking her head off at everyone while simultaneously wagging her tail. It’s quite confusing. Once I have assured her the human in question means no harm, she will offer her paw to shake hands. She can be quite selective.

Marnie - Chihuahua x Marnie is now 13 years old and has been a paraplegic for the past 4 and a half years. She is well known around Maroubra and Coogee and gets around by means of her little wheelchair. I’d love her to be included in your photo album to let people know that dogs with disabilities can still have great quality of life and can do a lot of the same things that other able bodied canines can do - they just do it a little bit differently so I like to say Marnie is differently-abled, not disabled!!

Taco - Chihuahua x Taco is 11 months old and just loves life! He is obsessed with chasing balls and will spend hours doing just that if you’d let him. Problem is, he’s so small it’s hard to find a ball tiny enough for him so we’ve resorted to purchasing little party favour packs of assorted coloured rubber balls as they’re just the right size for him!

Raffy - Havanese Raffy was once described as the Danny DeVito of the dog park - a pint-sized funny man with never ending energy. He’s the party boy, that keeps everyone laughing..

Toast - Boxer Toast grew up in Paddington as a puppy on Brown St and is well known in 5 Ways, he knows every cat spot and back ally in the area, Paddington is his “hood”. He is commonly known as “the Toast of Paddington”. In his youth you could see him morning and night playing rugby with his dad in the Royal Woman’s hospital park chasing and playing with his rugby ball. Toast is mostly known for his large tongue (its HUGE) massive boxer under bite and loving character. He’s not phased by celebrities, he’s licked Elle MacPhersons legs at Bronte Beach and taken part in a Waratahs practice match at Centennial Park. He’s a VIP at local the London Pub, where a bowl of water is laid out as soon as he walks in and holds the room ransom to his boxer charm and good looks. He’s a typical boxer “police protector” and assisted a mother duck to heard her ducklings across the road near Edgecliff station one Sunday afternoon. Toast has had the same wonderful dog walkers - Meredith and Lee from Critter club - since he was six months old. He is top dog in his pack and the car rocks when toast jumps on-board and they head up to Centennial park for their daily escapades. Toast is a loving character and loved by all who stop him on the street. His tongue and personality is known far and wide and its not uncommon for us to be stopped on the street and asked “ is that Toast? we’ve heard about him” Sadly Toast passed away in July this year, we miss him everyday. His body gave in to cancer and arthritis but remained gracious loving and proud until the very end.

Monti - Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Her breed is not common in Australia so we often get stopped for questions and a photo. She loves learning new tricks and having a job to do. Monti particularly enjoys finding dirty socks amongst the washing. We now have a pile of unmatched socks! Monti has very expressive ears. After a swim or bath they resemble crimped pony tails.

Monte - Labrador (Chocolate) Monte’s two favourite passions are eating and swimming. Sleeping comes in a close third.

George - Labrador (black) George is almost 3 years old. He is a lover not a fighter and loves affection, is very social having lots of dog friends at the park that we meet regularly. He has a blanket that he uses like a pacifier. When happy or sad he drags it around, lays on it and falls asleep with it in his mouth. We have 3 kids and he is their best friend and no doubt protector. He is very placid for a lab and calm like an old man !!

Banjo - German Shorthaired Pointer Although Banjo was bred for hunting, he is much happier with his new life being a city dog, and frequently attempting to be a lap dog. Despite his size Banjo is very gentle and very careful around small dogs and children.

Pata - Pomeranian x Shih Tsu My pooch is an 8 year old rescue dog. I’ve had her for 2 years and she has no teeth due to malnutrition from previous owners who had her only to breed. She has an amazing temperament and adores her new home. I mash all her food up and she only eats the best now! We love her :)

Milo - Maltese x Shih Tzu Milo is playful, energetic and above all cheeky. His day begins with a walk in our neighborhood and he loves to meet and greet all who he comes across. Milo enjoys the company of his loved ones and thoroughly sprints at the idea of anyone who offers to throw him a play toy. Milo is often seen as a little boy in a dogs body, his favorite time of day is when mum gets home from work and the experimentation of tricks begins!

Gustov - British Bulldog Our baby Gustov is 4 months old and the love of our lives. Gustov loves fine dining (mums cooking) fresh salmon and tuna from the fish market are his favourites. His hobbies are sleeping, snoring, farting and collecting random pieces of bark from the park to bring home. He also has a love affair with a stuffed moose teddy bear who he is very passionate with most evenings after dinner.

Bondi - Toy Poodle Red headed Toy poodles all the way from China. Cool names when they lived in China. Bondi is not as pretty as Bronte but really smart.

Bronte - Toy Poodle Bronte is a bit of a dumb blonde.

Claude & Nadine - Toy Poodles When I got Claude & Nadine, I always left them my dirty work clothes so they could sleep on them when I was at work. As a reward when I returned home, I would throw my steamy socks to chew on. 10 years later they still await for my steamy work socks with the same excitement.

Elvis in The Fat Years - Pug Elvis takes heavy breathing to a new level.

Winnie - French Bulldog Little Miss Winnie is absolutely one of a kind. She brings countless joy in to my life. Her personality puts the biggest smile on whose ever face she meets, no matter their age. She loves people, loves other dogs and has no problem showing it. She is FULL of love. When she’s not mastering her side step skills in the park she’s playing with her favourite toy. “Peps” or an old plastic bottle. And once she’s exhausted herself enough from playing she loves nothing more then snuggling up in between my legs. She’s fun, charismatic, adventurous, energetic, gentle and an absolute little legend. I absolutely adore Miss Winnie and I’m sure you will too.

Ulot - Staffy x Ulot is a working nanny dog during the week at Bronte with three children. On the weekends he lives in Five Dock. Ulot does not know how to play fetch. He often steals other dogs balls at the dog park and then will happily chew and destroy the ball.

Manhattan - Chihuahua When everyone is busy around Manhattan, he does nothing more but seeks attention like a little kid. He makes a funny sound and lifts his front left paw as if he is trying to say ‘look at me - I need you’. He immediately gets what he wants.

Pookie - Dalmatian Is a senior citizen who has mastered the art of stealing food! Has eaten whole birthday cakes, once ate a whole roast chicken hot from the oven! Has survived it all.

Ivy - Italian Greyhound Refuses to sit on the ground! Will sit on Pookie’s back any chance she gets.

Herman - Maltese Loves dressing up in cool t-shirts and hoodies for his strolls around Bondi. He doesn’t have any teeth so his tongue sticks out.

Aby - Ridgeback x The most chilled out dog but not when confronted with motorbikes :). Breast cancer survivor

D’Artagnan - Welsh Springer Spaniel Darty is the sweetest and happiest of dogs that adores everybody young and old. His whole body wags in joy when he sees you and he can’t contain his delight. No matter what mood you’re in, it’s always better after walking in the door. His favourite time is when all the kids come over to play as he just thinks of himself as one big kid too. That all of his friends have come to create some kind of crazy fun and hopefully spill a bit of food along the way. On his walks he bides his time until he is off lead where it become a great run. He will run for hours non stop chasing birds and exploring new smells. The slowest he gets to is a trot and if I bring a ball or a stick then he will never tire of this game. If there is any water he will have a good swim while playing fetch as retrieving is in his blood. The one bane of his life is our old grumpy cat Luna who stalks him from behind the curtain or sits in the door way not letting him pass. She is a real meanie! D’Artagnan is so good natured that he would never hurt her even though she may have a go at him. He does however get jealous if she gets a pat. So we always make sure he has some extra cuddles.

Scarlett - Staffy x Jack Russell

Butler - Staffy xJack Russell

When you massage her she moans like a human.

Butler is Scarlett’s son....They are inseparable and do really funny quirky things together. Their wrestling is very cute.

Scruff - Golden Tibetan Terrier Scruff is a rescue dog. He has been abandoned twice in his early years and now has his forever home with me!

Rocket - Labradoodle Has expensive taste in shoes... Particularly good Italian leather. Will eat anything... Even undies. An AFL puppy in a rugby league town.

Paco - Maltalier Paco is Randwick’s new cutest pup! He loves exploring the streets and lanes seeking out new doggy pals.

Millie - Border Collie x Cattle

Cookie - Great Dane x Cattle ????

A rescue dog who is a nervous Nellie,but ever so caring, loyal and always on high alert. One of her many talents is her stealth like ability to sneak on to anyone’s bed at night without anyone knowing.

A rescue dog who we thought was going to be a small second addition to the family .Has now grown into the giant of the house. A very gentle, loving dog who has endured a complex operation on both back legs due to the previous neglect she endured but she is a very happy, fun, playful & smart Cookie.

Milo - British x Aussie Bulldog Milo is a complete lover, I would say the big loves of his life are myself, my partner, the ball and he is crazy for salmon sashimi. He sleeps in the bed with us every night, and his sweetest act is he will come and nudge you to lift up the blanket so he can position himself under in his perfect position. He will start the night off at the bottom of the bed and by morning he will have positioned himself right in between my partner and I, resting his head on the pillow just how any other human would sleep. Some nights (especially after daycare) I will find him already under the blanket on the bed - as if saying ‘if you want me I’ll be in bed’ and of course he’s always the last one out of bed the next day.

Photo taken at the Kemps Creek Animal Welfare League shelter

Here is a highlight from the 5 dog books I have photographed so far. - Balmain Dogs - Annandale & Glebe Dogs - Marrickville Municipality Dogs - Sydney City Dogs - Eastern Suburbs Dogs They have helped raise $7,500 over the last 2.5 years for the Animal Welfare League. I hope you enjoy this fabulous journey of dog photography that I have been on. I look forwards to knowing your dog’s territory. Pierre Mardaga

Highlights A My Dog’s Territory book, highlights. Copyright Š 2016 Proudly supporting the Animal Welfare League All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the prior permission of the publisher. The images contained in this book remain the property of Pierre Mardaga and may not be reproduced in any form or by any means without the prior permission of Pierre Mardaga. The publishers have made every effort to obtain permissions for all material and cannot be responsible for any errors or omissions. They would be pleased to correct any errors in future editions. Contact details Pierre Mardaga - Front Cover - Bear Back Cover - Trevor and Walter


My Dog’s Territory

Best of dogs Sydney I've put together a collection of some of my favourite photos taken for the dog books.

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