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MyDirectoryMaker - Software so easy, they will ask to volunteer!

Key Publishing Features Include: Family & Faculty Contact Management Manage all your family and faculty contact information. Entering data is quick and simple with default values and list formats. There is also an easy “point and click” form to create class rosters in minutes!

Class Roster Maintenance - Create class rosters in minutes with our easy point and click form.

Reports - Automatically created in standard or compact booklet format and saved as a PDF for easy distribution and printing. Standard reports include: • • • • • • •

By School - An alphabetical listing by last name for directory publishing in multiple formats and sizes. By Grade - Planning the 1st grade play or graduation? It's easy to get in touch with families with a detailed list of all students by grade. By Class - Makes it easy for your room parents and teachers to stay in contact with families with a detailed report showing all student and parent data for selected classes. Class Roster – A complete school class roster of all enrolled students in their assigned classes makes this a favorite addition in the directory. Staff reports - Alphabetical listing of contact information for faculty members. Mailing Labels - for sending out mailers and weekly packets to school families. Distribution Labels – Make sure the directory goes to the right family. Can also be used for weekly information packet distribution when you only want to send one per family.

Automatic Promotion & Graduation Get ready for the new school year with automatic promotion of students to the next grade level as well as archiving all graduating students.

Automatic Data Confirmation Letters This feature allows you to send families their current information at the beginning of each school year. This gives them the option to modify, correct or opt out of the directory altogether. This is an important feature that further protects family privacy and is a must for complying with federal family privacy rules (FERPA). Importer Get up and running fast! The importer provides the ability to import data from an existing spreadsheet file so you can get started quickly. Key Membership Features Include: Membership Designation - keep track of membership status, dollars donated and board or committee position within your organization.

Volunteer & Family Groups - Create groups of families and volunteers making it easy to get people involved. Also, your committee chairs will love you since getting in touch with volunteers is a snap!

Volunteer Time Tracking - Keep track of all the time your volunteers put in and make sure they get the credit they deserve!

Reports • • • • • •

Board Members & Committee positions Volunteer hours tracked by person and activity Members Only Non-members - handy for following up with those who have yet to sign up Room Parent report - shows all the family contact information by class. Send it out to room parents and they will be eternally grateful! Membership history - shows who has not renewed their membership from last year.

Key Communication Features Include: Email Export - Provides a quick and easy way to distribute email listing to the school, teachers and room parents. Email groups can be imported into any standard email program, including Outlook and Yahoo. • • • • • •

By school By grade By class Members only By volunteer groups and committees By Teacher

Labels - several different labels can be generated for both school and mail distribution • • •

Family packet labels - for those hard copy distributions - only one label per family ensures there is no wasted paper. "No email" labels - makes it easy to distribute hard copies to families without email. Mailing labels - when only snail mail will do!

Reports – The Families without email report makes it easy to know who still needs a hard copy.

All this for only $299! No annual maintenance fees. You own the software and have complete control of your data. You could save that much alone on printing costs the first year! And the software is fully transferrable from year to year. For $299 you will receive our complete solution including the following: • • •

Software, including all the features listed above Unlimited email support Tutorials – complete software “how to’s” videos including: getting started, creating reports, setting privacy features and tips on directory publishing. Templates & forms – that can be customized for your specific school to get you up and running fast.

MyDirectoryMaker Features List  

See all the features that are included in MyDirectoryMaker

MyDirectoryMaker Features List  

See all the features that are included in MyDirectoryMaker