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SUDOKU Using the numbers 1-9 only, fit them into the 9x9 grid so that each number appears once in each row, column and each of the 3x3 blocks

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What’s New? The Wearable Motorcycle It's not often that you see devices listed under both the transportation and wearables categories, but you can certainly consider this contraption to be a proud member of each. Created by an ex US Marine, the Yamaha Deus Ex Machina is an electric, single passenger, vertically parking, wearable motorcycle. Instead of riding a bike you become part of the bike. You have to admit, that has got to be one cool ride! However there are a couple of elements that appear to be lacking: One would be some sort of body armour as debris on the road, even just pebbles and dirt, at moderate speeds can become dangerous projectiles. The second would be something to lean on

(instead of hanging from a harness) to improve the comfort level. The bike would theoretically be controlled via 36 pneumatic muscles and 2 linear actuators. We're also told that it would be able to accelerate from 0 to 60 in just 3 seconds having a top speed of 75 miles per hour, It would have a cycle time of 60 minutes and a recharge time of just 15 minutes. To see it in action, click on:

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Tips for a Stress-Free Christmas Now the clocks have gone back and autumn has definitely arrived, we thought we would put together this article to help you prepare for your stress-free Christmas. Christmas presents If you want your presents to be personal, thoughtful and put everyone else's to shame, you need to follow these three simple steps. Step 1: Pay Attention. The key to a successful present is listening. People will tell you what they want and need throughout the year. Your mum may mention that she's cold when she goes to bed. Your boss may brag about his fabulous golf swing. Your best friend may lament over her calloused feet. Whatever it is, listen to the little comments people make. Each comment represents an opportunity for a perfect gift – write it down so that you will remember when you need to buy that person a present! Step 2: Make a List. Now that you've developed your listening and observation skills, make a note of what you've bought! You don’t want to buy the same thing twice and discover it festering in a cupboard next summer.

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Step 3: Celebrate! To add an incentive for you to be more organized, reward yourself when a gift is a big hit. Whether it’s just giving yourself a pat on the back or buying yourself something special, you know that you've done well and made someone happy with your choice Free / Very Cheap Stocking Fillers For Children: – has printable puzzles, mazes and even enables you to create and print personalised stories for your little “Elf”. You can get the child to write to Santa online and Santa will write back, you can even track Santa’s progress around the world on Christmas Eve. For Grown-Ups: • Weekend away pack made of travel soap, sample bottles of shampoo and shower gel, toothpaste and toothbrush. • Home-made cookies, cakes or jams • Chore coupons – promising the bearer one night’s free babysitting, one back rub, one car wash, a week off the washing up, etc • Recipe card gift set – pass on all your best home cooked meals to your loved ones in a decorative folder • Family photo album – buy a cheap album and fill it with photos or momentos from that person’s childhood

Shopping Online In many instances posting a present to the UK can cost more than the value of the gift itself, if this is the case why not consider shopping online. Some websites enable you to buy presents using a debit/credit card from Spain but will deliver to your friends and relatives in the UK. It can save hours of trailing around the shops looking for items that are light enough to post and in many instances the delivery is free: supply household and gift items; for flowers; deliver CDs, DVDs and Books UK and further afield. Last postage dates Make sure that you post parcels going abroad by mid-November to make sure they arrive in time. You don’t want your carefully chosen presents to be missed off Santa’s sleigh! Christmas Tree Take the opportunity now to go through your boxes of baubles and lights and replace any broken ones. Then, when you are ready, put up the tree, you don’t have to wait until Christmas Eve. Stock up with power Buy plenty of batteries. There's nothing worse than not being able to play with a new toy because you forgot the batteries! Treat yourself You are going to be working hard with little time to relax over the Christmas period so schedule yourself a beauty treatment a few days before Christmas Day. You will be surprised how much more relaxed you will be after a manicure, facial, massage or all three. Christmas Dinner If it just wouldn’t be Christmas without your turkey you should order it now, you will not be able to find one on Christmas Eve and reheated doner kebab just isn’t the same! Reduce Stress by Cheating You can buy chestnuts peeled and ready for use with your sprouts or in your stuffing mix from La Bodegueta in Orba. You can make and freeze pigs in blankets (cocktail sausages wrapped in bacon) and mince pies – simply freeze them raw and cook from frozen. Bread sauce can also be made and frozen for use on the big day, just defrost and heat through. Don’t Forget the Chef Just because you are in the kitchen you don’t have to miss the festivities. Make sure your glass is kept topped up too.


96 573 0449 Open Mon - Sat 9am - 7pm Get ready for Christmas with: FRESH FARM TURKEYS - crowns (breast meat) - boned/rolled - Royal Roast (Duck in a Chicken in a Turkey!) PLACE YOUR ORDERS NOW! ng ll hu We oints fJ Bee

R oa s & Cr t Pork ackl ing

Drunken Lamb Page 5

Recipes Winter Warmers

M editerranean Beef Casserole 300g baby onions 1 tbsp olive oil 500g lean stewing beef, diced 2 garlic cloves, crushed ½ tsp ground cumin ½ tsp ground cinnamon 400g tin chopped tomatoes 400ml red wine 1 bay leaf 350g baby new potatoes 400g tin artichoke hearts, drained and halved 200g frozen broad beans, thawed 50g black olives, stoned and roughly chopped Cut the ends from the onions and place in a large bowl. Cover with boiling water and allow to stand for about 2 minutes to loosen the skins. Meanwhile, heat the olive oil in a large flameproof casserole over a moderate heat. Add the beef and brown evenly, stirring occasionally, for about 8 minutes. Slip the skins from the onions and add them to the casserole to brown lightly, stirring frequently, for about 5 minutes. Stir in the garlic with the ground spices. Pour in the tomatoes and red wine and bring to the boil. Add the bay leaf, reduce the heat to low, cover the casserole and simmer gently for 1 hour. Stir the potatoes into the casserole and continue to simmer for a further 30 minutes, covered, until the meat and potatoes are tender. Add the artichoke hearts, beans and olives and cook for a final 5 minutes to heat through. Season to taste.

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Chicken, Guinness Casserole 1 tbsp olive oil 50g plain flour salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste 4 chicken thighs or legs 4 potatoes, peeled and diced 2 large carrots, peeled and sliced 1/2 white cabbage, finely chopped 450ml beef stock 450ml Guinness 1 dstsp dark brown soft sugar 1 dstsp cornflour, dissolved in 1 dstsp water Mix the flour and salt and pepper in a shallow dish. Dredge the chicken in the flour. Brown the chicken in the oil in a large flameproof casserole dish for 5 to 8 minutes, turning once, until nicely brown on both sides. Place the potatoes, carrots and cabbage in the casserole. Pour the stock and Guinness over the vegetables and chicken. Add the sugar and cornflour and mix well. Cover and cook in preheated oven at 180ºC for 45 minutes. Uncover and cook for a further 30 minutes. Portuguese Fish Casserole 2 tbsp olive oil 2 onions, sliced into rings 750g waxy potatoes, peeled and sliced 500g tomatoes, sliced 600g white fish fillets, cut into large chunks 1 sprig of fresh thyme 1 bay leaf 200ml fish stock salt and freshly ground black pepper fresh thyme to garnish Heat 1 tbsp of the oil in a large flameproof casserole dish and cook the onions gently until transparent. Lift out half and set aside. Remove the casserole from the heat. Place a layer of potato slices on top of the onions in the casserole, followed by a layer of tomatoes, then fish, then the remaining onions. Repeat until the ingredients are used up, finishing with a layer of potatoes. Season each layer with salt and pepper and place the thyme and bay leaf on top. Pour over the fish stock and add the rest of the oil. Put the casserole back on the heat and bring to the boil. Reduce the heat, cover, and simmer for 40 minutes or until the fish and potatoes are tender. Garnish with fresh thyme.

Computer Help Desk Do I have to grow up? As the nights draw in and the air turns cold I start to look for things to do inside in the evenings. Thinking back to when I was a child I decided to have a look on the web at some of the toys my brother and I used to play with. This search brought me to the website of Scalextric where I found on the home page a great piece of free software to design your own circuit. I have been in my element for the last hour or so trying to recreate famous racing circuits from around the world. After you have created a virtual circuit you can even submit the component list and they will ship the parts to you. This got me thinking about other toys and I found that has a similar piece of software which enables you to design your own “kit” and then purchase the items to construct it. Action Man, my old favourite, has a series of games to play battling against the evil Dr X and also offers games to play and special offers for web purchases. For those of you who prefer pink I also checked out and both of which offer a range of activities including games, puzzles, pictures to print and of course product catalogues. So whether you are looking for Christmas ideas for loved ones, or like me you haven’t made it past the age of six yet, don’t forget you can look at websites for individual toys as well as those for large stores for inspiration. Chris Alderton

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Boob Facts Fact 1 They can get out of shape while you sleep. Sleeping facedown won't deflate your breasts, but it can make them misshapen over time. The best sleeping position is to sleep on your side, with a pillow under them for support. It is recommended to use a lotion or cream (like Clarin’s Bust Beauty Gel or Avon’s Bust Sculpt Contouring Cream) every day to keep them in shape. Fact 2 Watch out, they can get sunburned even if you're not topless. Apply sunscreen lotion with a minimum SPF 15 plus UVA and UVB protection each time you hit the great outdoors in your bathing suit. Without it, premature wrinkling and brown spots can find their way onto your precious pair. Fact 3 Cleavage is not determined by breast size. Two women with the same cup size may not have the same cleavage. Woman's breasts that are fuller in the middle will have a larger cleavage. Women with only an A or B cup but with breasts naturally set close together, can have a nice cleavage too. In addition, if your body is narrow below your shoulders, you'll have an easier time creating a deeper valley between your 2 peaks. Fact 4 They hate to bounce around. Running and aerobics can cause your breasts to bounce around, inadequate support will result in breast pain the following day and cause early sagging. Wear a sturdy sports bra. Fact 5 Take them to see your Doctor at the right time. Because your boobs are at their smoothest and least tender the week after your period, it's the best time to have them checked for any unusual lumps or swelling. Fact 6 No two breasts are exactly the same size, and it is usually your left breast that is bigger than the right side. However, often the difference is so slight, you'd never notice it. Fact 7 The right exercise can give them a little lift. Regularly exercising the pectoral muscle in your chest can help make your breast perkier. Push-ups and chest presses are your best boobs boosting bets. Page 8

Best Breast Exercises Example of a chest routine: Press ups – 12-15 repetitions Chest flye – 12-15 repetitions Chest press – 12-15 repetitions Repeat 3 times with a minutes rest between each set. Perform each repetition slowly and under control. Perform twice a week. Standing Press and Full Press Ups 1) Stand a foot away from a wall and place hands on the wall at shoulder height with fingers pointing upwards and hands approx 2 feet apart. Lift heels and then bend arms at the elbows to a right angle aiming to keep the body rigid in the core area (i.e. don't let your hips fall forward or bum stick out) 2) On your hands and knees (hands about 2 feet apart), keep body rigid, bent at hips and slowly lower the body, bending at the elbows 3) The same as 2 except with the knees further away from the hands (straight line between shoulders and knees) again keep core strong preventing hips dropping or bum sticking out. 4) Full press up - The only points of contact with the floor are the hands and toes, keeping body straight from the head to your heels. Chest Flye Lie on your back on a bench or exercise ball, with your feet on the floor and arms straight up above you. Holding a weight in each hand with your palms facing each other, bring your arms outwards and downwards, until your elbows dip just below your shoulders. Raise the weights back up until your arms are nearly fully extended above your chest, with the weights an inch or two apart at the top. Chest Press Lie on a bench or exercise ball, with your feet flat on the floor and arms at your sides. Holding a weight in each hand with your palms facing upwards, bend your arms so that your elbows are at 90 degrees then raise your arms upwards until they are nearly straight, with the weights an inch or two apart at the top. IMPORTANT: Please remember to visit your doctor before attempting any of these exercises if you suffer from heart/lung conditions, back/muscular pains or any other conditions. IF IN DOUBT SEE YOUR DOCTOR.

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What’s On - November 2008 BENISSA Tuesday 11th November OPERA IN CINEMA - THE MAGIC FLUTE 20:00h at the Sede Universitaria

JALON Sunday 07th December FREE GUIDED WALK/TREK ROUTE Xaló: Serra de Bèrnia (PR-V7) PLACES OF INTEREST • Font de Bèrnia (spring) Thursday 13th November THEATRE IN ENGLISH • Forat (natural tunnel) "ADDRESS UNKNOWN" • Fort de Bèrnia (fortress ruins) 18:30h at Salón de actos Sede Universitaria. • Font del Fort (spring) Organized by: Xàbia Book Circle. LENGTH Time approx.: 3’5 hours Distance: 8 km Tuesday 18th November POETRY WORKSHOP IN ENGLISH Degree of difficulty: Moderate to strenuous 17:00h at the Satellite University. TIME & PLACE 9:00h in Xaló village square For more information on either of the above DON’T FORGET TO BRING: please contact the Tourist Information Office on -Your own vehicle 96 573 2225 -Water -Comfortable clothes CALPE -Walking boots or sports shoes -Sun protection Tuesday 25th November WOMEN IN BUSINESS WHITE RIBBON DAY -Snack Diamante Beach Hotel



96 649 9201

RESTAURANT FRIDAY NIGHTS - FISH & CHIPS 5.30-9PM SUNDAY ALL DAY CARVERY €7.95 INCL DESSERT AUCTION 2PM EVERY SATURDAY ANY ITEMS TO BE SOLD SHOULD BE HERE AN HOUR BEFORE We are on the Calpe to Moraira coast road 2km from Calpe, 150m past La Fustera Supermarket, turn left after the Asia House

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Flash Fiction - Reality TV Intergalactic Wife Swap Dear Reality TV,

Dear Reality TV,

Thank you for my wonderful intergalactic wife swap who is absolutely fantastic. Admittedly, she doesn't seem to keep the place as clean as Prudence did - there are cobwebs everywhere but the physical side is literally out of this world. I'm loving every minute of having all those legs wrapped around me and she is an absolutely voracious lover!

It's Prudence here. I'm writing this intergalactic postcard hoping it will get through to you soon because I want to get out of here!

When I agreed to be swapped with a wife from another species, I did at least expect that they would have two legs, two arms and one head. Guess what! My new intergalactic wife thinks After all - as I learned in my Texas hometown she may be pregnant. How fantastic to have school - we are all created in Gods image! intergalactic offspring - a first for your Reality TV show! Apparently the tip-off that she's But, after travelling uncomfortably for billions of expecting, she tells me, is that she feels really miles in a tin can, to be faced with a two metres hungry after making love. Tonight, after more tall hairy intelligent spider who expects me to love-making, she says we are going to have a eat him after we have made love is just totally special dinner together! With the love-making unreasonable! this good, I can't wait for the meal :-) Love Yours Gratefully Prudence. By Rob Hopcott Harold.

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Lewis Hamilton - A British F1 Champion When Lewis Hamilton roared across the finish line at the Brazilian Grand Prix on 2nd November 2008 he became the youngest world champion in Formula One history, beating Felipe Massa by just one point. He also became the first British champion since Damon Hill in 1996 and quite possibly the most bankable sporting commodity on the planet.

Although Lewis Hamilton initially took up racing as a hobby around his home town of Stevenage, the young British driver quickly turned his attentions to national events. Winning came naturally and by the age of 10 he was crowned the youngest-ever winner of the British Cadet Kart championship. By 1998, at the age of just 13 years he was admitted into the McLaren Young Driver Program with whom he won several European karting championships. In 2002 he joined the highly-competitive British Formula Renault series. Fears that he wouldn’t be able to cope with the increase in horsepower proved short-lived as Hamilton finished third in his debut season, taking the crown a year later after a record-breaking 10 wins, nine fastest laps and 11 pole positions. In his subsequent move to the Formula Three Euro series, Hamilton again managed to win the title in his second season with 15 race wins to his name. His foray into GP2 in 2006 proved equally thrilling. At his very best, Hamilton stunned onlookers with a string of spectacular performances. Outshining his more-experienced team mate Alexandre Premat with his bold driving style, he won the title and, perhaps more importantly, attracted the attention of the Formula One paddock. McLaren, looking for a teammate for Fernando Alonso decided to see how their protege would cope in a Formula One car. They

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were not disappointed and rewarded Hamilton’s impressive testing times and mature approach with a race seat. Hamilton won four Grand Prix in his debut season and led the championship for much of the year, developing an intense rivalry with Alonso both on and off the circuit. Only a mixture of bad luck and inexperience in the final two rounds deprived him of the title but it was enough to secure him a 5 year contract with the McLaren Team. 2008 started well for him, winning the 1st race of the season in Australia. This was to be the first of 5 race wins and 10 podium finishes. In the final race, Felipe Massa was just 7 points behind him in the championship and Massa new that in order to beat Hamilton he had to win the race with Hamilton finishing in lower than 5th position. For a time Massa’s wish seem to be coming true, Hamilton fell back to seventh place but quickly recovered until the rain began to fall with five laps to go forcing him and most of the leading cars to change to wet tyres. At the final turn, Timo Glock in 5th place was struggling to stay on the track with dry tyres and had to slow down considerably allowing Hamilton to make his move. Massa wept profusely on the podium. Despite winning the race in front of his home crowd he had lost the championship, had he won he would have been the first Brazilian champion since Ayrton Senna in 1991.

Whatever your age, your size or indeed your style, Occasions Boutique has something for every female and, in the current economic climate, at extremely affordable prices. Ann Cronk opened her first Occasions Boutique in Orba six years ago after moving to Spain with her husband Richard. They had already established a successful business organising walking holidays in the area. Ann realised there was a great business opportunity when she saw how difficult it was for British women to find fashionable, reasonably priced and well fitting clothes in Spain. Following the success of the Orba store Ann then opened the Jalon boutique one year later. She quickly identified with, and caters for, not only British women but she also has a large percentage of Spanish customers. In addition to appealing to the Spanish, Ann has built up a following of younger buyers in their teens and twenties, it is a tribute to Ann’s eye for fashion that trendy teenagers frequent her boutiques. The two Occasions boutiques not only stock the latest fashions, jewellery and accessories but also a range of English sheets, pillows and pillowcases. For their villa rental customers they offer very generous discounts on all bedlinen for bulk buying. The success of Ann’s businesses is due in no small part to the personal service that each and every customer receives. This is reflected when she sources and buys her ranges. Both she and her staff really know what their customers like and more importantly what suits them. Ann Cronk is a woman of boundless energy. On the charitable front she has hosted several fashion shows over the past few years raising money for such charities as Jalon Valley Help, Friends of Emaus (Calpe), Cancer Research and more.

FASHION SHOW Saturday 29th November At Restaurant El Cid, Benidoleig Doors open at 12 noon Show starts at 1pm 20% discount on all purchases on the day


96 558 3294 Hours: 09.30 – 13.30

Jalon next to The Medical Centre

96 648 0790 Hours: 09.30 – 13.30


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Travel - Segovia

Segovia is located in the Castilla and León region just half an hour's drive from Madrid. Like most European cities, Segovia has a long history. Over time it has been populated by Iberians, Arevalos, Valceos, Romans, Visigoths, and a brief Moorish occupation. Historical Sites: The Aquaduct: This is Segovia's best known historical monument. Clearly visible from the outskirts of the city, it was built towards the end of 1 A.D. Above ground it measures 728 metres and at its highest point it reaches 28 metres. This impressive piece of Roman engineering has 165 arches and 120 columns. The aqueduct took water from the river Frio to Segovia approx. 17 km and was in use until 1960 The Cathedral: Located in the Plaza Mayor, this beautiful Cathedral looms over Segovia's historic centre. Built in a Renaissance Gothic style in the 16th century following the destruction of the previous Roman cathedral it is acclaimed for both its size and beauty. Alcázar de Segovia: Just a short walk from the Cathedral, it was built in the 14th century. Alfonso el Sabio converted it into one of his favourite residences and during the rest of the middle ages it was visited by the Kings of Castilla. Isabel la Católica started her royal procession here before being proclaimed queen in the Plaza Mayor. Visitors have the opportunity to climb up the narrow spiral staircase to the top of the tower for an impressive view of the area and an appreciation of the fortified position that the castle and walled town once enjoyed. The walls surrounding the upper town start and end at the Alcazar. They are 3 km in length and were built

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in the 11th century under the orders of Alfonso VI. Two rivers go around the hill upon which the upper town and its Alcazar reside. The Eresma river flows to the north while the Clamores river is to the south. Calle Real: This is a pedestrianised street which joins the Plaza del Azoguejo to the Plaza Mayor containing many interesting monuments including: Palacio de los del Río (16th century) Palacio del Conde de Alpuente (5th century) Palacio de los Torreagero (15th - 16th century) Mirador de la Canaleja Casa de los Picos Plaza de Juan Bravo Iglesia de San Martín (15th century), one of the best examples of a Roman church in the city. Convento de San Antonio El Real: Built in 1455 as a summer residence for Enrique IV, it was given to the nuns of the Order of Saint Clare by Isabel la Catolica. This beautiful building became a national monument in 1931 although until recently it was closed to the public. Corpus Christi: This is an old Synagogue built in the 13th century as the centre for the Hebrew population in Segovia. Museo de arte contemporáneo de Segovia: Located in a renaissance style palace which once belonged to Enrique IV, it has a permanent exhibition of work by Esteban Vicente Palacio Episcopal: Dating back to the 16th century this building is currently used as an episcopal residence. Located next to an 11th century Roman church, Iglesia San Esteban. The conservation of it’s historical monuments together with its beauty make Segovia an impressive city to visit.

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clinica veterinaria Emergencies: 629 930 909 C/ Joanot Martorell no 7, Xalo Tel: 96 648 0986 C/ La Luna 1, Jesus Pobre. Tel: 96 575 6884

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Crossword Across 1 Descend on a line (6) 4 Long Persian robe (6) 9 Involuntary shiver (7) 10 Audible alert (5) 11 In-box contents (1-4) 12 Shy (7) 13 Similarity (11) 18 German baked dessert (7) 20 God (5) 22 Animal that always has the last laugh (5) 23 Different angle (7) 24 De facto (6) 25 Joker, fool (6) Down 1 Reply (6) 2 Steam room (5) 3 Enjoy to excess (7) 5 Accumulate (5) 6 To deal illegally (7) 7 Light-footed (6) 8 Likelihood (11) 14 Heartfelt, truthful (7)

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15 Italian for “to the tooth� (2,5) 19 Serious performance (5) 16 Respiratory disorder (6) 21 Dead to the world (5) Answers on Page 15 17 Marine mollusk (6)

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