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Richie’s Real American Diner

Congratulations to Jack & Linda Williams, recipients of the International Foodservice Manufacturers Association, 2014 Silver Plate Award! Temecula Location 32150 Temecula Pkwy Hwy. 79S Temecula, California 951-302-1448


ie’s Dine h c i r R


his prestigious award is the Foodservice Industry’s equivalent to an Academy Award. Past year’s winners of the Independent Restaurant/Multi-Concept category have included Col Harland Sanders (KFC), Norm Brinker (Chili’s), Carl Karcher (Carl’s Jr), Ray Kroc (McDonalds), and Jim Collins (Sizzler). The award was bestowed upon the Temecula couple at the National Restaurant Show and Convention held annually in Chicago. The nomination for the award came from Idahoan Foods. From that point, winners are selected using a rigorous process that includes prescreening by a “peer jury” of past winners, chief editors from leading foodservice publications

Murrieta Location 40651 Murrieta Hot Springs Rd. Murrieta, California 951-696-5504

and other industry experts. Jack and Linda opened the first Richie’s Diner in 1991, naming it after their dear friend, Rich Snyder, owner of In-n-Out Burger. With Linda having been raised in Alabama and Jack born in Texas, it was natural to bring in “good, old-fashioned manners and courtesy,” as their service standard. The couple has always been hands on in their restaurants and can still be seen visiting tables, checking on guests, and making sure they are living up to their mission statement: “Pleasin’ People.” Jack and Linda are two of the many wonderful people who make the Temecula Valley so extraordinary!

r Plate A


d r a w |


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A note from your Neighbor,

Take Note /////////////

Mayor Maryann Edwards “President Ronald Reagan paid tribute to the city and its residents in a speech to the US Olympic Committee in 1983”


t’s half-past-summer. Temecula’s hometown July 4th celebration is in the rear view mirror, stores are stocking school clothes and Halloween decorations, and I’m feeling my usual fond fall nostalgia about the “old days”. It was this time of year in 1987 that we drove down the 15 Fwy from Orange County, crested the hill in Lake Elsinore, and saw the Temecula Valley for the first time. We were the only vehicle in sight. Long-timer: for a long time; going far back in time; long term; a word that sounds better than “oldtimer” which is what everyone used to say before Maryann became one and asked everyone to use the word “long-timer.” In the early days, pre-cityhood, Temecula was a fast growing township of pioneers (the original longtimers) and new, eager families (like the Edwards 5) that had moved here to buy great homes or because their employers were building companies here, like our family. My husband of

37 years still makes that 8-minute commute every day. Like Cameron, Missouri (pop. 3672) where I grew up with 1500 mothers, Temecula’s culture was like that of a small town - one of compassion, generosity, and volunteerism. In fact, Temecula became so well known for its volunteerism and compassion, President Ronald Reagan paid tribute to the city and its residents in a speech to the US Olympic Committee in 1983. So if you lived in Temecula in the “old days” and your name was anything other than Scrooge, Vader, or Voldemort you were an active volunteer – not because it was the only thing to do (which it pretty much was), but because it was the “Temecula” thing to do, and it was definitely the most FUN thing to do. 25 years later, Temecula remains a city of compassion with the resources and volunteers to complete any plans or take action at a moments’ notice. From my vantage point in the heart of the non-profit world I see the same passion that was evident in “old days.” It’s the passion for community service and volunteerism that binds our 105,000 residents so tightly together. It’s the common denominator that connects us and gives us our

small town feel. It’s what makes me feel like I’m home, just like it did when I was a girl in that tiny town of Cameron, Missouri. I am so proud to live in a place where people go out of their way to show they care about others. This is the Temecula I have known, loved, and served for more than 28 years. It is a delight and an honor. If you are interested in getting involved in Temecula as a volunteer to help children, seniors, persons with special needs, animals, the homeless, the environment, the needy, combat disease, raise money for every cause imaginable, etc., email Mayor Maryann Edwards at See how good it feels to make someone else feel good!

We make a living by what we get We make a life by what we give -Winston churchill |


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Your Teeth Recovery Real Estate Law




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Publisher’s Note /////////////

ome people have actually questioned my sanity. It’s true. My mother is one of those people. Five years ago, I could’ve never even pictured my life being so busy. I was a divorced mom raising my five children, going to school at Loma Linda, and longing to finish so that I could go back to having a “simple” life. Since then I graduated, remarried, became a step-mom to four more (only four of the nine are still at home), and started two community magazines! And then this summer, I was talked into hosting two foreign exchange students from China. It’s actually much better than it seems. They are in class much of the time and they go on a lot of field trips. One of the teenage boys introduced himself as “Jack Sparrow.” It’s his English name. He prefers to be called Sparrow. My kids are actually enjoying the experience, as it has forced mom to slow down a bit and spend more time with the gang, exploring the wonders of Southern California all over again. One of our favorite summer activities is snorkeling in the La Jolla Cove. What are some of your favorite things to do here? I hope you’ll enjoy reading about our neighbor Daniel Santos on page 25. He’s an artist and spends a lot of time travelling to amazing places to capture the Earth’s beauty on film. It’s great to meet people who are living their dreams… It inspires the rest of us to reach for our own! Everyone is so different, but we all share at least one thing in common… Temecula. It’s our community that binds us together! Our Rising Star section is one of our reader favorites. We love to give pats on the back to our outstanding youth who are discovering their strengths and just starting to develop their own dreams for the future. This month you’ll read about Ryan Kelly Murphy, a young lady who has conquered the number one fear in America. Read her story on page 12. As you’re getting the kids ready to go back to school check out the frugal tips from the Temecula Qponer on page 31. If you prefer not to recycle within your family, bless someone else’s life by donating still usable school items or clothing to your favorite charity. Read more about how your donations help to change lives through The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC). Finally, I hope you’ll make time to stop into Richie’s Diner this month to congratulate Jack and Linda Williams for their amazing achievement! Read about their national recognition on page 3. They are the cutest couple ever and their down-home hospitality is so rare in our part of the country. Stop in for a meal (or a milkshake)! I’m just so proud of our community and hope you are too! Your neighbor,

Tracy Blanscet |


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//////////// Feature


strength reen



eople view strength in many ways. Some see strength as the amount of weight someone can physically lift. Others see it as a character attribute demonstrated by the ability to overcome obstacles. Dictionaries define strength as mental power, moral power, and power by reason of influence. Though there are many ways to view this word, the team at SunPro Solar stands behind the strength of Green! The “Green” they stand behind is not just a color or a symbol for the Earth-friendly, clean energy they educate about and provide… It is SunPro’s co-owner and operator, Jesse Green. Those who know Jesse well, recognize him as a man of strength and a man who leads by example. His commitment to his customers and to community is not something he has to talk about, it is evident in his actions. In addition to being nominated for Citizen of the Year in Wildomar, SunPro was nominated for Business of the Year in Wildomar, Murrieta, and Menifee. Jesse has also received awards from some of our local Chambers of Commerce for his contribution to community. “Jesse doesn’t need to boast or brag. Service is just part of who he is and people know that about him,” states SunPro employee, Emily Padilla. “I am lucky enough to see,




almost on a daily basis, how his strength affects others in a positive way.” Emily goes on to explain that Jesse’s deep faith in God motivates him to give his best personally and professionally. “He is very much in tune to the needs of others and believes that serving others is service to God,” she finishes. Jesse began in the construction industry early, framing his first

house at the age of 16. After graduating from Hemet High School, he worked as a journeyman carpenter until he was in a terrible motorcycle accident. Miraculously, he came back from death and after 30 days in an Intensive Care Unit, was able to stabilize and start the process of recovering. It was during his recovery that he and his friend Adam Evans began to make plans to start a

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Feature /////////////

“We are a business that focuses on our customers and the community, but we are also focused on our employees and how they grow as people.”

Adam Evans and Jesse Green

solar company. With Adam’s experience in the pool industry and Jesse’s construction experience, it seemed they had a great base to start on. The two began a partnership and with a lot of research and even greater faith, SunPro Solar opened its doors within three years. By staying true to their core values and providing good, old-fashioned customer service, their company grew

solidly and has never stopped. They have since been blessed to open the well-known, family friendly Rock Fitness Climbing Gym in Wildomar. Adam now manages that enterprise on a day-to-day basis, while Jesse operates SunPro Solar. There are several aspects of running SunPro Solar that give Jesse a tremendous amount of satisfaction. One is knowing that he and Adam

are investing in local workers. “We are a business that focuses on our customers and the community, but we are also focused on our employees and how they grow as people,” Jesse explains. Having had few options for higher education along his own journey, Jesse is proud to offer his team those opportunities he missed. “We have invested in our employees by sending them back to |


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//////////// Feature school, whether it be a trade school, community college program, or university.” Another source of pleasure is knowing products and practices available.” that SunPro Solar is helping local Their craftsmanship and attenfamilies ease the financial burden of tion to detail means SunPro will do living in Southern California. As a as much as possible to ensure you parent of three, Jesse is keenly are not just pleased by the low elecaware of the expense of raising a tric bills, but also proud of the way family in this location, and it is gratthe system looks. They strive to ifying to hear back from his cusplace the solar array with the best fit tomers that going solar has made and finish on your roof, patio or such a difference in their monthly ground mount. This means that they expenses. The best source of refereliminate the gaps in the arrays to rals continues to be his happy cusget the cleanest look possible, movtomers who can’t help telling others ing plumbing vents, fan vents and about their low bills or even getting roof vents if necessary, and using a check back from the electric the highest quality sealants for the company! roof that will not dry out or crack. With over 21 years of construcQuality is something the entire tion experience, Jesse is grateful to team is proud of, but what really have opportunities to use his skills to help those in need. Most recently, gives them all pride in their workplace is their involvement in the he accompanied a Christian service community and giving group to Mexico where they built a home in two “Helping back to others. “We have been blessed to sponsor days for a family who was many local groups and living in a house made of families ease organizations,” states cardboard pallets and tarps. Locally, he has been the financial Kelley Barber, SunPro’s Marketing Director. “We able to sponsor a Habitat burden” have met some awesome for Humanity home and people, such as Tristen. We donated and installed a were able to sponsor his Challenger solar system for a needy family in Baseball Team, a team for kids with the valley. special needs.” The company also SunPro Solar has designed and enjoyed teaming up with the installed jobs from small homes to businesses and for cities and munici- Assistance League to provide Thanksgiving Dinner to more than palities. They have even helped some customers achieve their goal to 50 needy families last year. Another non-profit they support go off the grid. With Adam’s backis the Student of the Month/Student ground in the swimming pool indusof the Year Program. This program try, they are able to upgrade pool recognizes many different types of systems to save even more electricistudents, from the high achievers to ty by decreasing consumption. “We those who have overcome great often upgrade main service panels, adversities. It is an honor for SunPro as well as building beautiful solar to contribute towards scholarships support structures,” says Jesse. for the students recognized in the “We are considered an integrator by programs of Temecula, Murrieta, the industry and we combine the best



Wildomar, Menifee, Lake Elsinore, and Perris. Though this company has rave reviews for saving people money, their genuine desire is to be known as a company that is invested in people and in the community. Jesse is proud to be married to his lovely wife of five-and-a-half years, Maggie, and of their three children. “I love to hike and camp with my family,” says Jesse. “My wife gave me a compound bow for Christmas and I’m getting pretty good at shooting arrows.” He also enjoys taking care of his yard and pool. The character of a business owner is a direct reflection on the character of a company. Clearly, the strength of Green is the strength of SunPro Solar. They don’t just claim to be “the most trusted solar company,” they live it. “Jesse’s example has inspired us to go above and beyond for our customers and to give the highest level of customer service and expertise,” explains Kelley. “Our desire is to lift others and we hope always to leave everything we encounter better than we found it.” After all, the strength of a community is in the strength of its people. «

34859 Frederick St, Suite 101 Wildomar, CA 92595 951-678-7733

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//////////// Rising Star

By Brittany Rose

hen 17-year-old Ryan Kelly Murphy walks into a room, it’s evident she’s not a typical teen. She’s poised and classy beyond her years; yet, she has a warm smile and laughs easily. In a world where text-speak has replaced proper English, a well-spoken teen like Ryan is refreshing. She discusses her passions, including politics, world affairs and humanitarian projects with the fluidity of an educated professor; so it’s no surprise she has conquered one of the top three fears in the United States… public speaking. Ryan recently won first place in the 77th Annual California Student Speakers Contest, representing the Temecula Chapter. The topic assigned to this competition was “Community Service–What Does it Mean and Why Does it Matter.” This win allowed her to receive a generous scholarship, but she says the lessons she learned along the way have been just as valuable. As the 3rd ranked speaker in the nation for the Stoa Speech and Debate League, Ryan has been honing her speaking skills since eighth grade by participating in speech




Ryan Murphy

Our investment in others helps us grow individually, as well as collectively.”

clubs, debate forums and political rallies. But Ryan is not all talk… she spends a lot of time backing her words with action. An active community volunteer, Ryan has participated in youth camps, local theaters, soup kitchens and political campaigns. When asked why she dedicates so much time to community service she explains, “I want to inspire people my age to get involved. Our investment in others helps us grow individually, as well as collectively.” Ryan was touched by chapter members, who made the three-hour drive to listen to her speeches throughout the six-tier competition, despite the fact that many had never met her. “The Lion’s Club members invested so much into me,” Ryan shares. “Their support taught me the importance of investing in the next generation.” Public speaking seems to be a family affair. Ryan and her sister

Taryn have debated together in competitions. When asked who the better speaker is, they debate about that too, playfully pointing to each other. Ryan’s parents contribute to her public speaking through friendly, dinner table banter about current events. She’s used these discussions as preparation for speaking on either side of an issue with conviction. She states, “Our education has trained us to examine and discuss differing world views.” Ryan clearly has a way with words, speaking eloquently and from the heart, but her dedication to service is backed with action. “Serving others humanizes us; it provides us with feelings of respect and compassion.” Ryan has learned early that we can each make a difference. By word and by deed, our example and actions have the power to improve our world and inspire others. «

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Meet your local Pool Guy,

Justin Campbell!

Business Buzz /////////////


by Sherry Wang

ince the age of three, Justin Campbell watched from the sidelines as his father serviced local pools. By 16-years-old, Justin officially launched his career with his own pool route, under the direction and guidance of his dear dad. This was where his desire to run his own business began. For over twenty-one years Justin has lived alongside you in Temecula. After graduating from California Lutheran High School, Justin attended MSJC and went on to graduate with his bachelor’s degree from UCR. Last March he married his college sweetheart, Amber. Justin is so proud to live and work in the city he grew up in. Justin is the guy you can trust when it comes to pool service. He has a California Contractor's License and ten plus years of experience handling a variety of pool needs from construction to repair. As a professional, he does so much more than keeping a pool clean. Professionals detect maintenance issues early on, so that they can be taken care of affordably - before causing significant damage and expense. Justin takes pride in being thorough and does not cut corners. “Brushing the pool walls

Dan Pettus Photography

may not seem important,” explains Justin, “but it is one thing I do that can help prevent problems.” Wouldn’t you rather spend your weekends relaxing with your family by the pool, than scrubbing the pool? Call Justin today to discuss your needs and see how you can spend more time doing the things you love. « |


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"I am a very proud supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project. My brother served in the Army during the Iraq War and served our country for over 12 years. In an effort to honor and empower our warriors and their families I make a donation to the Wounded Warrior Project out of every real estate transaction I close, to show my support and gratitude for their service to our country. The greatest casualty is for our Warriors to be forgotten. Thanks to our service members and veterans for all you do for us!" ~ Heather Sancarranco 951-265-1329

"CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) is an organization of volunteers appointed by a judge to advocate for the best interests of abused and neglected children in court and other settings. I choose to support the hard work of the CASA volunteers through donations and volunteer hours and hope to become a CASA in the very near future. Innocent children are suffering in our own country every day due to abuse and neglect. It will take all of us to help them grow up safely and have the future they deserve."


~ Cori Carey 951-334-1823


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Dentistry in the new digital age

Ask the Expert / Your Teeth /////////////


By Andrew Tibbitts, D.D.S.

very industry has seen large advances in technology over the past ten years, especially in healthcare. Dentistry too has grown and developed into a new era of digital information, techniques and technology. Some of the more advanced breakthroughs include the use of digital x-rays and 3D imaging, and cad/cam technology, and digital charting. These tools make for better more predictable treatment for the patients. One of the greatest improvements in dental digital x-rays is the use of CT scans. This allows 3D imaging of the jaw giving information about the bone dimensions, tooth content, and possible abnormalities of the tissue. In fact, recently a 17 year old boy came for a consult to have his wisdom teeth removed. His previous dentist did not have the

technology to appropriately x-ray the jaw. By taking a 3D CT scan of his jaw we discovered a large tumor that we immediately sent him to an oral surgeon to have a biopsy and treatment. Come to find out, this anomaly would have cost the boy half of his jaw if not identified at the early stages. Getting the image for this condition was convenient and took less than a minute due to the 3D CT scan in our office. Cad/Cam (computer assisted design/computer assisted manufacturing) is used in various industries throughout the world to produce accurate designs and allow for the construction of materials. 3D printing is becoming mainstream and essentially we are 3D printing a tooth! In the dental world this translates into repairing teeth in a single visit that previously may have taken weeks. These restorations resemble the look and feel of natural teeth while maintaining the strength of traditional dental materials. This translates into fewer appointments for the patients, more reliable outcomes, and better patient satisfaction. In fact, many dental offices will allow you to see the “3D printer� that mills a new crown while you wait, something unheard of in the past but is readily available in many dental offices today. Digital charting also allows for better access to information about your health history and the details of procedures done previously.

Notice the web like shape of a tooth in the yellow circle and the large kidney bean shaped darkness that is within the jaw bone that surrounds the tooth.

This is a 3 Dimensional CT scan showing the jaw, teeth, and implants.

Imagine trying to search through years of hand written charts just to find out a detail about a procedure. There is no Google for searching through archaic paper charts, only headaches and lost time. The world is moving forward and so is dentistry. The days of excessive radiation exposure, 2 dimensional imaging, hand written paper charts and multiple appointments for simple crowns are dentistry of the past. As society progresses dentistry does too for the betterment of the patients and their dental healthcare. Ask your dentist about the latest in dental technology, do they offer digital x-rays or CT scans, and how do these advances in technology benefit you, the patient.

40710 California Oaks Road Murrieta, CA 92562 (951) 677-5113 |


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Alterna Health and Wellness Center

//////////// Business Buzz

By Tracy Blanscet


ver the past three decades, Kelsey Butler has become intimately acquainted with alternative health therapies. After three car accidents, a motorcycle accident, multiple surgeries, digestive issues, and a fibromyalgia diagnosis, she was unable to find relief in traditional medicine and was headed for back surgery. Eventually, Kelsey found relief in alternative health modalities. Kelsey became such an enthusiast of alternative health because it changed her life. She felt whole in all aspects of health physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. This passion led her to become a natural health practitioner where she saw even more benefit through helping others find solutions to problems that fall through the cracks of traditional western medicine. After many years of research, personal experience, and networking, Kelsey is elated to bring together some of the most impactful therapies she’s encountered at the Alterna Health and Wellness Center. Kelsey felt it was important to be in a location that was convenient and accessible to all. The Promenade Mall has proven to be a fantastic choice! Since opening in November of 2013, Alterna Health and Wellness



Center has welcomed curious visitors to come in and try out the various modalities they offer. Perhaps the most talked about is the PSiO glasses, which combine audio and visual stimulation to accomplish a specific goal such as deep relaxation or weight loss. People find the PSiO experience difficult to put into words. “It’s truly something that must be experienced,” Kelsey explains. “The deep relaxation program is designed to get your mind to unplug. It takes so much energy for the brain to run everything going on in the body that even just unplugging for five minutes is like having a 4 hour nap!” Even those who profess to be totally closed minded to “alternative” wellness leave speechless. It is really an amazing experience! Alterna Health offers a circuit that includes relaxation and revitalization of mind and body! Kelsey has had particular success with children with Autism and ADD/ADHD. One particular therapy focused on

biofeedback has shown incredible results with all sorts of stress-related issues including: sleep disorders, chronic pain, depression, autoimmune disorders, PTSD, Autism, and ADD/ADHD. “I’m passionate about teaching people to be accountable for their own health,” explains Kelsey. “I love seeing people that come into the store stressed or in pain leave feeling relaxed and pain free.” According to the American Medical Association, 60% of all human illness is rooted in stress; including cancer, heart disease and auto-immune diseases. Managing stress is key to enjoying great health. Alterna Health and Wellness is dedicated to helping people manage stress naturally. All of the products in the store are available for purchase or pay a monthly fee and to do the circuit right in the store. Come on in this month for a free demo and see how good you can feel in just a few minutes a day!

In the Promenade Mall 40820 Winchester Rd #2320 Temecula (951) 296-6680 |

“Perhaps the most talked about is the PSiO glasses”

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A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. -Phyllis Diller |


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//////////// The Window Seat

Single Voyage A By Brittany Rose

fter boarding my flight to Sweden, I took the window seat and looked forward to a typical, quiet, solo flight over the Pyrenees Mountains. Before take off, an elderly couple sat down next to me. They were retired and living a luxurious life as world travelers. He used to be a surgeon and she was a surgical nurse, that’s how they met. When they sat down, the husband took the less desirable middle seat while the wife took the preferred aisle seat. I often travel alone so I welcomed the conversation of this chatty man. He recounted his professional life and welled up with tears as he discussed adventures with the love of his life. I listened intently as his wife



read her book. I saw a strong bond between them and it gave me, a lonely traveler, hope for a future filled with companionship. Halfway through the flight, his wife looked up from the world her book had transported her to and said, “Well, aren’t you talkative to her?” Her accusation shocked us both. Like a bolt of lighting through a rainbow, her words immaculately broke through all sentiments of love he had so generously shared with me. He looked embarrassed and asked her if she would like to trade seats with him, but she declined politely and went back to reading. He and I didn’t exchange another word for the rest of the flight.

As I stared out the window like a scolded schoolgirl, I thought of my role. Was I flirting? Was he flirting? Would I be angry if he was my husband? How can a woman who has such a strong bond and wonderful life be so insecure? Then it hit me like a different kind of light: wives have no idea how adored they really are. Shouldn’t they be more secure after building a life with someone? I wish I could say this was my first time in such a predicament, but wives can be ruthless to us single women. I know. I can see it when I walk in the room. All their heads turn to their husbands just to see if he’s staring at the girl without a

MyTemecula issue4[augSep]_Layout 1 8/1/14 4:42 PM Page 19

The Window Seat /////////////

“I can always tell a secure wife by how a man is allowed to treat me”

beau on her arm. Let me give it to you straight wives: single, sexy women want their own man, not yours. And while movies and music suggest men are on the search for sexual conquests; I can tell you that’s not my experience and you are feeding into a lie. Men love marriage because they are sick of trying to impress women. They generally hate dating. When they have a wife waiting for them at home, there is not enough lingerie I could wear (or not wear) to tear that man away from you, even if I wanted to. Husbands would rather be with you (in pajamas), than spend time proving their worth to me (which we all know is expensive and exhausting). Do you even remember being single? It’s so much work. And if you think I’m wearing my sassy pumps to share your errand run-

ning, diaper changing, sink fixing husband, you’ve lost your mind. I want my own dragon slayer. Yes some men cheat, but very few want all that trouble and hassle. Like the sweet gentleman on the plane - married men make it clear up front that they are married to prevent any misconceptions. At business meetings you and your children are the topic of conversation between a married man and a single woman. His chattiness is a display of his excitement over you, the woman he’s anchored to on the other side of the room. He’s devoted to you and that’s why he feels so free to talk to me. I’m no threat because he wants nothing from me. Some married men won’t even look me in the eyes. They see my dangly earrings and tight dress as a declaration of war to a peaceful ride home, as if he needs to apologize to

his wife for my single presence. I can always tell a secure wife by how a man is allowed to treat me. The woman on the plane acted as if my 30 min. conversation with her soul mate could even compete with 35 years of tending to his every need. This is an insult to all of us, not to mention a sad way to minimize her important role in his life. To sum it up wives, I don’t want your husband - and he doesn’t want me! No young, beautiful, single woman is a threat to your marriage because the only woman a married man truly wants is his wife. But that’s just my view from the window seat… « |


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//////////// Ask the Expert / Recovery

"You can't make positive choices for the rest of your life without an environment that makes those choices easy, natural, and enjoyable." -Deepak Chopra

A Life Recovered

Growing up, Doug Raulston, always looked up to his older brother. So, when his teenage brother began to experiment with alcohol and drugs, it wasn’t long before Doug followed. He was 12. Yale researchers have found that teens are more likely than any other age group to develop an addiction to alcohol and drugs, including nicotine, because the areas of the brain that govern impulse and motivation are not fully formed. “I honestly never thought I had a problem the entire time,” reports Doug, despite never having a drivers license or a regular job and losing several years of his life to time spent in jail by the age of 42. When he entered the Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) he was ready to change. The circumstances that brought him there made him realize he never wanted to touch drugs again. 20


The ARC is located in Perris and houses up to 125 men between the ages of 21-64 who express a desire for help. The program is voluntary and participants are able to stay as long as it takes them to integrate successfully into society. At the 20 acre facility, the men are able to address chemical dependency, homelessness and other dysfunctional behaviors in a clean and safe environment where physical, mental, and spiritual needs are provided for. Group and individual counseling helps to identify psychological and emotional reasons behind the choices that led them off track and provide tools for course correction. As with other successful 12-step programs, the Christian foundation has been key in creating desire for change and helping participants to recognize their own worth. Men get a second chance at life at the ARC, where they learn to be productive members of society. Goods donated by the communities throughout Riverside and San Bernardino Counties are the source of support for the program. The men work to collect, sort, and prepare the items for the Salvation Army store, while developing behaviors that will help them in all aspects of life.

We can help with the cause by donating goods directly to the store or calling 1-800-SA-TRUCK for pick up. Donations may include household items, appliances, clothing, books, furniture, and more. Donations are tax deductible and your contribution can help others to change their lives. Following his successful completion of the program at the ARC, Doug also quit smoking after 35 years. Over the last six and a half years Doug has moved into positions with more responsibility through hard work and dedication. He has replaced his harmful addictions with other activities: he spends all of his free time deep sea fishing out of San Diego and attending live concerts. Ultimately Doug credits God for giving him the strength to leave his old life and addictions behind, without looking back. The Salvation Army is dedicated to the good of society and has been a lifeline to those who need a hand up. Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center (951) 677-1324 adult-rehabilitation-center-arc

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//////////// Professional Profile



fter barely surviving a hysterectomy complicated by a ruptured appendix in 2006, Dr. Laurie Blanscet decided it was time to make a major change. She had a thriving family practice in the Temecula Valley, but she managed to arrange her schedule to return to school to study preventative and integrative medicine. Studying hormones, and learning to balance her own, made her acutely aware that others needed this treatment as well. Integrative Medicine is a growing field focused on prevention. It is an approach to care which seeks to integrate the best of science-based Western medicine with an understanding of the nature of illness, healing and wellness. It is also referred to as Lifestyle Medicine because it incorporates lifestyle changes that can help prevent disease: such as diet, exercise, and stress-management. Balancing the hormones is a part of integrative health. After completing the many extra courses on antiaging, regenerative medicine, and bioidentical hormones, Laurie was excited to bring a new level of care to her patients in the valley. However, it was disappointing to see where the nation’s healthcare was headed. She got into medicine to help people, but it seemed that insurance companies,







rather than doctors, were dictating patient care. The medical community was headed to a lower standard of care than she was comfortable with. Since the traditional medical model is based almost solely on what is covered by insurance, patients are not offered the best care. Instead their doctors only offer them what is “covered.” Insurance, like any other business, is concerned about the bottom line. Often the people making the decisions about your healthcare have no medical training whatsoever! Do they really have the patient’s best interest in mind? After contemplating the options, Dr. Blanscet opted to be true to her ideals, breaking away from the “traditional” practice to retain the power and choice to provide the best medical care possible to her patients. Thus, began her concierge practice, An Optimal You. Concierge practices differ from the norm in a few ways. The number of patients seen in a concierge practice is usually 300 or less compared to over 1,500 in a traditional practice. In the typical practice, the doctor may not even see a patient, sending in a PA or a nurse practitioner instead. The reduced patient load of concierge care allows for a greater level, allowing the doctor to see every patient, and giving them time to conduct thorough appointments. The way this is supported varies in each concierge practice, but it a fee for service. At An Optimal You, patients pay an annual fee, which covers a comprehensive annual wellness visit including special lab work and other in-office testing. Other visits for treatment or illness are billed either to the patient or their insurance at an affordable set rate. Concierge patients have Dr. Blanscet’s personal cell phone number and email, to access her after hours. Laurie is happy to be able to give the kind of attention to her patients she dreamed of in medical school. Patients can get same day appointments; enjoy thorough and unhurried visits; and receive integrative medicine counseling, including bio-identical hormones. Because Laurie is really able to get to know her patients, she can offer customized care. Patients, who have experienced the difference in attentiveness, can’t imagine

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Professional Profile ///////////// going back to an insurance-driven practice. Here, the doctor knows you by name and many are on a first name basis with her. “It is so comforting to have such a kind, caring, and conscientious doctor who attends to every detail about every condition I present to her,” says patient RoseMarie. “She is totally present and listens openly and compassionately, while imparting a positive and confident attitude. My calls and emails are always answered, no matter what else is going on that day.” Laurie’s background and training in family practice means she can treat the whole person from head to toe, but she understands that not everyone can switch to concierge care. Therefore, Dr. Blanscet also offers nutrition counseling, IV chelation and nutrition therapies, and bioidentical hormone balancing separately on a private pay basis while those patients stay with their current physician for their primary care. These visits do not fall under the concierge program. Patients who use Dr. Blanscet for all of primary medical needs have been open with their praise. “Dr. Blanscet couples technical medical excellence with an exceptionally positive way of interacting with people,” shares patient, Charles. “She really listens to what her patients are saying and gives honest advice about possible alternatives in treatment options.” Charles feels she has been his “partner in wellness” as he’s been able to stop taking prescription drugs by incorporating alternative therapies. When asked if she has a particular specialty, Dr. Blanscet talks about Bioidentical Hormone Therapy. Women over the age of 35 often begin to experience the effects

“It is so comforting to have such a

kind, caring, and conscientious doctor who

attends to every

detail about every

condition I present to her,”

– RoseMarie of hormonal imbalance as they enter peri-menopause or menopause, however hormonal issues can occur at any age. Laurie currently sees patients ranging in age from early 20s to the 70s for hormone treatment. For women it is not always the hot flashes or night sweats that lead them to seek hormone balancing. Women can experience headaches, sleep disturbances, depression, anxiety, increase in weight, palpitations, loss of libido, increase in aches/pains, etc. Contrary to what you might believe, hormone replacement is not just for women. In fact, 30% of Dr. Blanscet’s hormone patients are male. As men age, testosterone can decrease due to numerous factors. Low testosterone causes fatigue, low energy, loss of libido, increased belly fat, a loss of vitality, etc. There are other hormones including thyroid and cortisol, which may be out of balance, as well as nutritional deficiencies that can occur in both

men and women. All of these issues are addressed and treated at An Optimal You. Once the hormones are balanced, both men and women report feeling at their prime again. Dr. Blanscet’s patients have been thrilled with the fantastic results, as they’ve experienced relief from symptoms. They are sleeping better, have more energy, improved mood, increased memory, and just feel good again overall! Once An Optimal You began growing, it seemed a natural transition to bring other like-minded professionals together, who shared similar ideas on wellness. In 20122013 Dr. Blanscet brought together a network of patient-focused providers with a similar goal: optimal wellness. What is optimal wellness?? Optimal wellness is when you are living your life at the top level of your personal capabilities. This is different for each person. It may be living without medications, having the energy to run after your kids or grandkids, being able to run a marathon, remembering things well, living strong despite having cancer or some other illness. The definition depends on you! The Optimal Wellness Network (OWN) was formed to provide one convenient location where complementary services could be found and all providers could communicate easily to offer the best integrative care. “OWN your health” is the motto of this amazing network of traditional and complementary health professionals, which is comprised of an acupuncturist, aesthetician, colon therapist, counselor, fertility specialist, iridologist, thermographer, yoga teacher, massage therapist, nutrition coach, physical therapists, prp/stem cell specialist |


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//////////// Professional Profile

and an onsite lab. There are even practitioners that can help you look even better on the outside—offering permanent makeup, botox and fillers, laser tattoo removal, hair removal, teeth whitening, etc. OWN is happy to add to community education and wellness through regularly scheduled FREE health talks, weekly yoga classes, Geri-Fit classes, and support groups. Each practitioner operates their own business but all work together in order to enhance each patient’s health. It is said that it takes a village to keep you healthy–at OWN the village is under one convenient roof! Dr. Blanscet’s dream was to bring the ability to attain optimal wellness to people in the Temecula Valley. Her practice, An Optimal You, and the network of wellness professionals comprising the Optimal Wellness Network, have made that dream a reality. « If you would like to meet Dr. Blanscet or any of the other wellness practitioners at OWN, join them at their health fair on Sept 24 from 3-7 pm. Go to for a list of health talks.

Laurie Blanscet, D.O. An Optimal You 29995 Technology Dr. Ste. 203 Murrieta, Ca. 92563 951-541-3577

MDVIP (Concierge Medicine) Optimal Wellness Network



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Meet your Neighbor /////////////


By Susan J. Smith-Grier

here is a special quality in Daniel Santos’ voice that comes through strong and clear. This is a man full of joy and light. He values being a person of honor, “A lesson that I’ve learned is to do one’s best every time, even if no one is watching, for this behavior shapes the quality of the person one becomes.” Just as you can tell the quality of crystal by the sound that it produces, you can hear the integrity in Daniel’s voice. A former Director of Admissions, he is a professional artist with an impressive career including participation in local and international art shows. Daniel has the unique honor of having sculpted the Gala Awards for the Temecula International Film and Music Festival an award given to Raquel Welch, Kenny Loggins, Eric Roberts and the San Diego State University of Film Theater and Television. Daniel’s paintings are included in the permanent collection of the prestigious Jack Peltanson, UCI Chancellor and the University of California’s 16th president, Lisa Fernandez, Three Time US Olympic Team Champion and also in the corporate collections of Tri Valley Medical Weight Control. As founder and instructor at the Temecula Arts Academy, Daniel leads a very busy life. When things get a bit overwhelming he looks to family. “My family is the fuel that motivates me to continue when things are tough.” His lovely wife Marie, along with 8-year-old Julian and 5-year-old Isabella, inspire him to keep going despite any adversity he may face. But Daniel is no stranger to hard work and uphill battles.


is meditation about a moment in time

Hard work and perseverance are two of his core values. He worked his way through college and was a student athlete. His demanding college schedule paid off with a degree in Art Education from Cal State University Fullerton. The diverse curriculum of the Temecula Arts Academy includes more than just the arts. Character development and how to truly appreciate the medium are among the lessons taught. Daniel feels that the creation of art and appreciation of it are foundational to the humanity of the individual. His focus on integrity and character infuses all that he does and he uses a variety of avenues to impart such values to his students. Friends are quick to point out Daniel’s leadership skills and he is quick to point out the value of trusting and believing in others. “I know that no man is his own island,” he says. His creation of and instruction in art both work to bring people together as well as give the individual an alternative way to view the world. Perhaps one of the reasons Daniel is such a warm and easy going person is because the nature of his work is conducive to relaxation. He says, “The act of creating art has been scientifically proven to reduce stress.” He speaks warmly of the mind/body connection that creativity can produce. The foundation on which Daniel builds was one laid by his mother Oli, also an artist. She taught him to persevere and to think creatively in every situation. He has followed his mother’s advice well, bringing art instruction to both the young and young at heart of Temecula. |


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//////////// Business Feature

f o o w What’s all the Barking about? Temecula Pet Salon & Spa Story by Heather Rawlings Photos by Zoelife Photography

hen you walk into the doors of Stephanie Wilson’s salon, expect to be greeted with the soothing scents of lavender and chamomile, the sound of buzzers and scissors snipping, and warm and friendly smiles from the staff. It may seem like any other classy salon in town,




but this particular salon caters to a furrier clientele. Temecula Pet Salon and Spa is an upscale salon where your pooch can be pampered in style, while keeping up with the latest trends without the upscale prices. Before moving to Temecula, Stephanie had already run and sold a thriving pet salon in Dana Point. Over the last couple of years, she often thought about the need for a

groomer in her part of town, near Butterfield Stage and the 79 S, while driving to get her three dogs groomed. She wished she didn’t have to drive so far from her home in Wine Country and thought others probably felt the same. Over time, she made the decision to start the business herself, to bring high quality service closer to her neighbors and their pets. All of the pieces seemed to come

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Temecula Pet Salon 33353 Temecula Parkway, #102 Temecula, Ca. 92592 (951) 303-3356

Business Feature /////////////

[By Butterfield Animal Hospital & Big 5]

into place and she was able to gather an exceptional team of animal lovers. “My groomers are local and some of the best in the industry,” Stephanie beams. “They are committed to keeping up with the latest trends and styles while offering traditional breed cuts too.” The salon was transformed into a gorgeous, and chic pet grooming shop and with a fantastic staff in place the Temecula Pet Salon was able to open its doors in June! As an enthusiast of holistic health, Stephanie is excited to incor-

porate the same level of natural care for the animals she works with. Including a line of fantastic, all-natural products and treatments for her clientele was a must. The walk in tubs are of the highest quality, boasting a hydro surge bathing system that lifts the hair and dander near the follicles providing a longer lasting clean. It’s a quality unmatched in Temecula and yet clients are delighted with the reasonable pricing! Temecula Pet Salon & Spa aims for excellence in the entire experience; from the phone call to make that first appointment to the hugs your pet will receive on their way out the door. What a wonderful addition to our community! Stephanie and the entire Temecula Pet Salon team practice what they preach when it comes to making the best choices for your pet. As a pet foster mom working with A.R.F. (Animal Rescue Foundation), she is committed to help find loving families for pets in need of lifetime homes. She also volunteers her time and resources to provide medical attention for animals in need of care. Take some time this month to welcome Stephanie and Temecula Pet Salon & Spa to the community. Bring your furry friends along and see what all the barking’s about! Mention you saw us here in MyTemecula Magazine to receive $5 off per dog, per service.




Stephanie |


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Photo contest

winners Honorable Mention

CHIEF – Jodi S.

JETT – Krista P.


A special thanks to our sponsors!

Dogtopia 27629 Commerce Center Dr Temecula, CA 92590 Phone (951) 506-1200



Scarcellas 41653 Margarita Rd #106 Temecula, CA 92591 Phone (951) 296-0630

3rd Street Smokehouse 41915 3rd St. Temecula, CA 92590 Phone (951) 694-4227

Falkner Winery 40620 Calle Contento Temecula, CA 92591 Phone (951) 676-8231

Lazy Dog Cafe 40754 Winchester Rd Temecula, CA 92591 Phone (951) 719-1884

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Blaze Tales /////////////

A Vacation for Me!


Carol’s Carol’s Restaurant @ Bailey’s Winery 33440 La Serena Way Temecula, CA 92591 Phone (951) 676-9243

Texas Lil's 28495 Old Town Front St Temecula, CA 92590 Phone (951) 699-5457

don’t like the looks of this… My people are packing their bags, and they’re acting suspicious. “I’m sorry Blaze, you don’t get to go with us this time,” Mom says. I give her my sad eyes because I hate being left out of the fun. The little guy gives me a hug and says, “Why can’t Blaze come with us?” Mom says I’m going on my own vacation. My ears perk up. My own vacation? When it’s time to go, all my people get into the car and so do I. I’m so excited to see where I’m going on vacation. The sign says “Bentwood Farm.” When I get out of the car a lady comes up to us. “Hello Blaze,” she says. Her name is Debbie Thompson. I like her. She has a nice smile and she lets me sniff her. I smell other animals around, too. The kids are laughing at me because I’m so eager to smell everything. I can’t help it, there are so many new scents! Debbie tells my people parents that she will help me to feel right at home. Since I sleep in my own kennel in the house at home, I will do the same at her house. When my family leaves, Debbie takes me to meet two new friends. One of my new friends, Gracie, is training to be a search and rescue dog! She’s so cool. The three of us are allowed to go exploring, so we go check out the horses. They are very big, and I don’t want to get too close. Later, some school children come to work with Debbie caring for the horses, goats and chickens. She says my dog friends and I can play in the large, outdoor kennel where we can still see everything. I like this farm. When Debbie is outside with us, my friends and I get to run all over the place. The outside kennels are big and I don’t have to be by myself unless I want to. And best of all, when it gets dark and we go in the house, Debbie lets me sit right next to her on the couch. Three nights later, my people parents arrive to pick me up. They come in the front door. Mom says, “We missed you Blaze!” I look at her, but I’m really relaxed kicking back on the couch, so I don’t even lift my head. “Blaze?” Mom looks at dad. “I don’t think he missed us,” she says. “Come,” Debbie says. I get up and walk over to her. Mom looks a little disappointed. Come on Mom… Nobody likes a great vacation to end. |


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Choosing the Right

//////////// Ask the Expert / Real Estate

Real Estate Professional


any homebuyers are unaware that there is a difference between a real estate agent and a Realtor® So, what’s the difference, you wonder?





Realtors® are held to a strict Code of Ethics with the core message being to “treat all parties honestly.” Because this Code of Ethics clear understanding of your wants is legally enforceable, many people and needs. feel more comfortable using a Working with the right agent can Realtor®. The National Association be the difference between a pleasant of Realtors reports that only about experience and a headache. Buying half of all licensed real estate agents a house shouldn’t be a quick, emoin the US are Realtors®. tional decision. If you begin by Finding the Right Realtor® finding the right professional to help Choose the broker or agency. Don’t in your real estate transaction, you pick an agent just because you saw should be satisfied with your purtheir ad or their sign. Choose a repchase for years to come. « utable agency and then ask for recommendations to their top agents. Contributed by Twin Cities Realty This allows you pick from several At Twin Cities Realty EVERY agent agents by qualities that are imporis a REALTOR®. tant to you such as education, years of experience, or specialty. Your needs may differ if you are a buyer vs. a seller. Education, Education, Education. Although real estate professionals 27710 Jefferson Ave. 102 Temecula, CA are required to take a minimum of (951) 699-3788 45 hours of continuing education, a top-notch brokerage may double or triple that number in a year. Going Licensed by the Dept. of Business Oversight under above and beyond to the minimum the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act. requirements sets a professional License #4130785 Corp NMLS #2973 Not a commitment to lend or extend credit apart from the rest of the pack. David Fitzpatrick NMLS #259057 Choose an agent that listens to you. The right agent will help you to identify your goals and put you on the right path to get there. Whether you are ready to find your dream home now or make a more modest 27708 Jefferson Avenue, Suite #105 purchase as a step toward reaching Temecula, CA 92590 your dream, give your Realtor® a Office 951.296.6066 Cell 951.377.3692


Whether you are a first time buyer or a moveup buyer, you should look at the projections housing experts are making in two major areas: home prices and mortgage rates. PRICES Over 100 economists, real estate experts and investment & market strategists were recently surveyed. They were asked to project where home prices were headed. The average value appreciation projected over the next twelve month period was approximately 4%. MORTGAGE INTEREST RATES In their last Economic & Housing Market Outlook, Freddie Mac predicted that 30 year fixed mortgage rates would be 4.8% by this time next year. As of last week, the Freddie Mac rate was 4.14%. What does this mean to you? Honestly, what you are looking at is affordability and living space. What we look at is ‘timeliness vs. the cost of time’…the affordability example is below. However, if you need to stay at $1,218.17/month, you just may have lost that extra bedroom for one of your children. No kidding. The ‘waiting factor’ can affect several aspects of your home purchase drastically. If you are a first time buyer currently looking at a home priced at $250,000, this is what it could cost you on a monthly basis if you wait to buy next year:

If you are a move-up buyer currently looking at a home priced at $500,000, this is what it could cost you on a monthly basis if you wait to buy next year:

BOTTOM LINE With both home prices and interest rates projected to increase, buying now instead of later might make sense.

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Love to Clean Your Home

Business Buzz ////////////

4 Move In 4 Move Out 4 Spring cleaning

4 Office 4 Home 4 Commercial

“Lost time is never found again.”

Martha Mendoza

–Benjamin Franklin

In the rush of everyday life, it seems

there’s never enough time. Our neighbor, Martha Mendoza, started her housekeeping business with the goal to give back to others some of their most precious resource… Time. Martha has always been a hardworking woman with a keen business sense. Before moving to Southwest Riverside County, she was the coowner of a busy produce market and deli in San Diego for over 10 years. Upon relocating to the valley several years ago, she took some time off to be with her youngest children. Though she loved being a stay-athome-mom, the economy took its toll on her family, so she pushed up her sleeves and went back to work. When she started her cleaning business, she set high standards for herself and her team. First and foremost, she went through the process to become licensed and bonded to give her customers peace of mind. Then, Martha spent the time to properly train each member of the team to work quickly and thoroughly, leaving their clients homes cleaner than ever and exceeding expectations. “It makes me feel so good when I get a text from a client telling me they love the way their home looks,” she says, smiling. Martha knows happy customers mean referrals and this is solely what has built her business over the last two years. Martha explains that even her most tidy clients love knowing that things have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Everyone has their strengths and Martha takes pride in knowing that she is providing a service she excels at. Free Estimate

951-219-4989 | Licensed & Bonded #038740 |


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Estate Planning by the Numbers

Ask the Expert / Law/////////////

By Samuel G. Lockhart, Esq

“The first thing you need to understand is that the general rule is if you die without a trust your heirs will have to go through probate”


well drafted estate plan will save you and your estate time and money. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, but death and taxes.” We will all pass from this life to the next and the vast majority of us will have an estate that will need to be divided up among our heirs, whether large or small. Most people I meet know that an estate plan is a good idea…if you have money. However, I rarely meet a self-proclaimed wealthy individual. I have sat down with people with a few thousand dollars in the bank and others worth tens of millions of dollars who told me that they are not wealthy. When I inquire as to why they do not see themselves as being wealthy, the

response is typically the same – someone else they know has more money than they do. So, most individuals resolve to have an estate plan prepared when they reach the unobtainable destination of wealth. An estate plan will help you in a myriad of ways, but let’s look at the math behind the estate plan. The first thing you need to understand is that the general rule is if you die without a trust your heirs will have to go through probate. Probate fees that are paid to the attorney and executor are set by statute as follows: • 4% of the first $100,000 of the gross value of the probate estate • 3% of the next $100,000 • 2% of the next $800,000 • 1% of the next $9 million • 0.5% of the next $15 million The value of your probate estate is calculated based upon the gross value of what you own. So, if your home is worth $400,000, but you owe $300,000, the statutory fees will still be calculated based upon the $400,000 figure plus the value of the rest of your estate. LEGAL COUNSEL TO CLOSELY HELD BUSINESSES AND BUSINESS OWNERS

For Example: If the only asset in estate is a $500,000 home with a mortgage of $400,000. Filing Fee X 2 – “Petition to Probate” and “Petition for Final Distribution.” $870 Notice of Probate (at cheapest estimated rate) $100 Attorney’s Fees: • 4% of $100,000 = $4,000 • 3% of next $100,000 = $3,000 • 2% of remaining $300,000 = $6,000 • Total: $13,000 • Executor’s Fee: $13,000 • Appraisal Fee: 0.1% X $500,000 = $500 • GRAND TOTAL: $27,470!!!! The cost to set up a Revocable Living Trust and estate planning packet that will allow you to avoid probate completely, will typically cost you around a couple thousand dollars. If you aren’t sure whether an estate plan will be of benefit to you, give me a call and we can discuss your situation. «

PH: (951)461-8878 FAX: (951)823-5715 41856 IVY STREET, STE 207 MURRIETA, CA 92562 |


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Tapping into the Body’s Wisdom to Heal Itself

//////////// Wellness

By Dr. Terry A. Rondberg

“Did you know that STRESS - and the way that your body DEALS WITH STRESS - will determine how you look, feel and function?”

The body has the ability to heal itself and restore proper function when necessary. The wisdom in the body always strives to restore balance and heal itself: from the moment of conception to the day you die. I developed Bioenergy, and teach the technique to all types of doctors around the world. Bioenergy is based on ancient wisdom of Acupuncture and Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese and Indian medicine, which has been practiced for over 5000 years. I developed Bioenergy based on my knowledge of neuroscience, chiropractic, massage, psychology and energy medicine. Bioenergy unblocks the body’s channels of energy, resulting in healthy changes in the organs and systems in the body. When energy can flow through the body without

interference, life force is restored and balance is achieved. The brain receives increased “electrical nutrients” and increased blood flow enhancing wellness in your body and mind. Your brain receives increased “electrical nutrients” and increased blood flow enhancing your state of wellness. There will be a release of pain-altering endorphins, allowing your body to mediate any pain you are dealing with. Bioenergy is like taking your brain to the spa! “Did you know that STRESS - and the way that your body DEALS WITH STRESS - will determine how you look, feel and function?” Stress often creates the health issues most people face every day and no symptom treatment or cover up can resolve the real cause of your

problem and help you get your health must change how the body deals with stress. Bioenergy helps you recover from the adverse impacts that stress has already had on your body - and prepares your body to better cope with the future stresses that you will inevitably face. You CAN’T avoid stress... so why not PREPARE your brain and body to deal with it better and enjoy the health and energy that you want and deserve? The choice is yours...keep doing what you’ve been doing...and keep getting what you’ve been getting OR decide today to start on a new path - and take advantage of what neuroscience is now showing us the new way to health.

When Jack Williams came to me for care, I told him what I tell every new practice member; God does the healing and I collect the fee. I’ll let Jack tell you his story in his own words: “My appreciation and thanks for the improvement I’ve gained with my lower back issues. I just wanted to go on record with you and say ‘Thanks!’ Your Temecula Wellness Center program has been the reason I can say that back surgery is now unlikely. Blessings and thanks–forever!“ - Jack Williams, Co-founder, Richie’s Diner

We've helped thousands of people get their health – and lives back… and now it's your turn… 28780 Old Town Front Street, Unit D-7 | Temecula, CA 92590 | 951.699.5000



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Community /////////////

Back to School On-a-Budget

Kids going back to school can be a strain on the wallet, but Temecula Qponer, Justine Marie, shares her tried and true tips for staying on budget.

Back to School Swaps: This is a great idea for mom’s clubs, church groups, or just your own group of friends. Set a date for a Back to School Swap and have invitees gather last year’s backpacks, books, and clothing. Everyone can display their goods and allow kids to choose a “new” backpack and other items. Why not make it a potluck?


Reuse: There is no reason why you must buy a new backpack, pencil box, scissors and binder each and every year. Most of these items are still good and can be reused the next year. You can freshen backpacks up with few sprays of stain remover and spin through the wash machine. Then hang them to dry outside or in the closet. Pencil boxes can be scrubbed out to be good as new once again, and you can put a personal touch on them with a pack of stickers for decorating and a sharpie to add a name. Most of the time there are pencils left that just need sharpening, scissors that just need a quick swipe of a damp cloth, and binders that just need to be emptied. Just doing these small steps alone can save you close to $50.

Secondhand Shopping: There are so many wonderful secondhand/thrift shops in our city and if you have never been in one you are really missing out! I found brand new and/or name brand items for my kids for just a few dollars a piece and I’ve even found a few gems for myself. It takes a little time and may be easier to shop without the kids (just save your receipt in case something doesn’t fit), but you can save a lot of money shopping this way.

Discount Stores: Once you have done all of these things, you’ll know what supplies are needed to fill in the gaps. The items that are used up or thrown away from last year, like glue, crayons and pencils can usually be found for 25 cents or less at discount stores. If possible, buy twice as many as listed on the school supply list provided by the teacher. Items like these are so inexpensive before school starts, so you should keep the extras in a closet for mid-year when they need to be replaced. Once, I needed an extra glue bottle around December and it killed me to spend $3.50 on the same bottle I bought in August for 25 cents!

Visit for more frugal ideas for food, fun, & fashion in our wonderful valley! Many wonderful thrift shops… A blog about thrift store shopping tips…

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//////////// Temple Beth Sholom

Temple Beth Sholom


Open House on August 17th

Contributed by Temple Beth Sholom

emple Beth Sholom is holding an Open House on August 17th for Jewish and Jewish Interfaith families. Everyone is invited to learn about the various programs offered by Temple Beth Sholom. There will be the opportunity to discuss the upcoming High Holiday Services for Rosh Hashanah, which begins on Wednesday night, September 24th, and Yom Kippur, which begins on Friday night, October 3rd. Temple Beth Sholom provides a variety of educational programs, social events, and holds services every Friday night at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. Temple Beth Sholom is a conservative congregation, which Student Rabbi Sandy Rosenstein describes as “a Conservative Temple, but with a Modern Twist.� Temple Beth Sholom is seeking to reach potential new members, both Jewish and those of Jewish Interfaith families in the Temecula Valley area. The Temple is a member of United Synagogue and provides many programs and is actively engaged in an outreach program, known as Keruv, which is designed to provide a means for Jewish Interfaith families to participate in Jewish life and bring Judaism into the home. Temple Beth Sholom is a 48year old congregation which recently moved to Temecula from Sun City and is the only Jewish congregation in the area that is a member of United Synagogue. Membership dues to belong to Temple Beth Sholom are only $250 36


per person, per year, which is the lowest temple membership in the Temecula Valley. Membership also includes a seat for the High Holidays. If one cannot afford the dues, Student Rabbi Sandy Rosenstein has made it clear that no one has ever been turned away due to an inability to pay. Temple Beth Sholom is the only Conservative Temple in the Temecula Valley with an ordained Rabbi. Jewish and Jewish Interfaith families are invited to meet members of Temple Beth Sholom, and its

clergy, Rabbi, Cantor Jeff Schwimmer and Student Rabbi Sandy Rosenstein, during the open house.

Temple Beth Sholom is located at 26790 Y nez Ct., Suite B, in Temecula and leases space in the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce Building. For more information visit Rabbi, Cantor Jeff Schwimmer and Student Rabbi Sandy Rosenstein invite everyone to stop by to meet them and have a nosh.

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///////////// Community Corner

Wine & Chocolate Councilmember Ron Roberts, Retiring

It’s almost time for one of the most eagerly anticipated fundraisers in the Valley! Featuring the best local wines and beers as well as chocolate samples and desserts will be plentiful. A Day of Wine and Chocolate will be held Sunday, September 28, 2014 from 3-8pm at the South Coast Winery Resort & Spa.



Highway Patrol Sgt. Ron Roberts was invested in Temecula before there even WAS a Temecula. In 1988 when he worked this area as a highway patrol officer, he and his wife, Jean, fell in love with Temecula, and more than 24 years later, Ron Roberts has served his neighbors in more ways than would fit on ten pages. After incorporation, Ron served on the city’s first Public Traffic/Safety Commission. He’s served on the city council for 22 years and has been Temecula’s mayor five times. One of his earliest achievements was the acquisition of our most visible landmark, the Duck Pond. In 1995, Ron firmly suggested to friend and Kemper Real Estate executive, Dennis Chiniaeff, that Kemper donate the land to the city. Now, instead of a commercial center or parking lot, Temecula’s premier corner is home to a beautiful landmark. Over the years, the Duck Pond has become a favorite place for visitors and residents to walk, relax, and view Letters Home, the Veterans Memorial with notes written by soldiers during each of America’s major historic conflicts. The Duck Pond is also home to a touching 911 gift from our Sister City, Leidschendam-Voorburg, The Netherlands. This life size bronze called “Singing in the Rain” depicts children riding a bicycle, their heads shielded by umbrellas to signify eternal protection from the elements. The signed art piece sends prayers and best wishes to Temecula residents from their Sister City residents, including school children, who donated their allowance so Temecula children would know someone was thinking about them after 911. The most recent addition to Mr. Roberts’ Duck Pond is the Japanese Garden designed to honor our sister city, Daisen. Roberts was instrumental in establishing and growing the relationship with Daisen and its elected dignitaries, leading to multiple cultural, professional, and educational exchanges. The Japanese Garden was dedicated in June during a visit by elated Japanese officials from Daisen. So, Mr. Roberts, the residents of Temecula thank

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Community ///////////// Corner you for the Duck Pond, and the Sister City programs that gave us wonderful friends, iconic art, gardens, and heartfelt wishes at a time when we needed them. But mostly, we thank you for loving Temecula and working to make it the place it is for all these years. We will watch for you around town, and we will remember your service with gratitude and pride.

Child Spree Give New Clothes to Kids in Need

Last month the Salvation Army of Southwest Riverside County and JC Penney sponsored the Child Spree event. Together with 240 volunteers they helped to buy new clothes for 200 children in need for the start of the new school year. Each child was able to spend and was partnered with a volunteer to help them shop for new clothes and shoes of their choice. A community of caring people willing to lend a hand made the annual event a success. Thanks to a community of caring neighbors, this 2014-2015 school year will start a little brighter for many local children.

Business in Heels

Temecula Valley Film Festival

Do you love film? Music? Whether you are a music or film lover, the Film Festival has quite a weekend planned for you. 18th Annual Temecula Valley International Film and Music Festival is coming to town September 17 - 21. Check online at for tickets and more information! Volunteers needed to work behind the scenes at the festival. Check the website for info at It will be a weekend you'll never forget! |


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