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Waste Management’s New Overfill Policy

Waste Management is introducing a new policy addressing the overfilling of garbage cans so that lids cannot close. As Mayor and a city Councilmember, we want to articulate together the city’s perspective on this topic and answer the various questions that have been raised.

We will also discuss which materials can be placed in your recycling can. And lastly, we want to inform you of our thoughts on whether the city should continue to participate in Waste Management’s recycling program.

Dispelling Rumors: Fines for Wind Opening Garbage Can Lids

Unfortunately, an erroneous news report on Waste Management’s new overfilling policy has spread incorrect information. Let us be very clear: no one will be fined because wind pushed open their garbage can lid. We have expressed our disappointment with that news organization, and we encourage all to dispel this rumor.

Waste Management’s concern is garbage can lids that cannot close due to an excess of waste piled up in residents’ garbage cans. Garbage can lids should not be prevented

from closing because of waste that extends beyond the edge of the can opening. Beginning this April, residents may be fined $5 from Waste Management each time their garbage cans are filled to exceed capacity when their trucks stop to pick up waste.

The goal of this policy is to correct egregious violations, not incidental occurrences. Below are photos from Waste Management that give examples of unacceptable overfilling of garbage and recycling cans.

Waste Management’s smart truck cameras are equipped with the ability to distinguish between when a lid cannot close due to excess waste and when a lid could close but is being propped up due to an errant piece of waste, or if the wind pushed open the lid.

Review Process: How fines will be assessed

Riverton City has discussed at length with Waste Management how fines will be assessed. We have agreed to a process that will be fair and give residents ample opportunity to voice their concerns.

If the Waste Management smart truck cameras determine that a resident is in violation, both Waste Management and Riverton City staff must agree before the fine is levied. A photo of the violation will be emailed (if available) to the resident, and the resident may contact either Waste Management or Riverton City’s utility billing office to appeal the fine.

The Riverton City utility billing office phone number is 801-2083133. Riverton City staff will be the residents’ advocate in reasonable dispuites with Waste Management.

Riverton’s sanitation portion of utility fees are among the lowest in the valley. We work hard to negotiate great rates for our residents. Additionally, each year the city subsidizes the real cost of trash collection to each resident by using city-wide sales tax revenue.

If residents find that they need an additional garbage can, please call

Riverton City utility billing to order one.

Recycling: Do’s and Don’ts

Waste Management tells us that Riverton City has a high rate of recycling contamination. This means that nonrecyclable material placed in resident recycling cans are spoiling the collection. Over one in every four recycling collection efforts are contaminated.

Too many of our residents are “wish-cycling.” A term that refers to residents’ best intentions and hopes that items can be recycled but it is not. Sometimes an item may have a recycling symbol on it and not be recyclable in our area. Below is a list of materials that Waste Management sees the most of in our residents’ recycling cans that are not recyclable through their program.

NOT Recyclable in Riverton Recycling Cans

• No Wood: Especially large portions of wood, 2x4s, or sheets of plywood

• No Glass: Riverton City has a free glass recycling bin located at 13400 S on 4050 W, east of the Maverik and South Hills Middle School and west of Holiday Oil.

• No Clothing

• No Household non-recycle materials (plastic toys, cardboard with wrapping paper on it, etc.)

• No Diapers


MARCH 2024
Examples of inproperly filled garbage and recycling cans. - continued on page 2

Trent Staggs - Mayor

Andy Pierucci - District 1

Troy McDougal - District 2

Tawnee McCay - District 3

Tish Buroker - District 4

Spencer Haymond - District 5

Waste Management’s New Overfill Policy

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Materials to Recycle in Riverton

• Cardboard (pizza boxes are not recyclable)

• Paper

• Simple plastics

• Small quantities of metal

Again, Waste Management’s new program is meant to discourage the most egregious behavior. For example, one resident placed a whole engine block in their recycling can and another resident placed an old kitchen sink in their recycling can. While a scrap yard may be able to recycle the material off these items, placing them in the recycle can is not acceptable.

Waste Management reserves the right to remove a resident’s recycling can on the 4th violation of contamination. Residents may contact the Riverton City utility billing office if they feel their recycling can should not have been removed.

Riverton City’s Partnership with Waste Management

Some residents have inquired about whether Waste Management is the ideal trash collection vendor for Riverton City. There are a few reasons why we feel confident that Waste Management is the best partner for the city at this time.

In August of 2022, Riverton City received several bids from various trash collection vendors. Waste Management’s bid was millions of dollars lower over the purposed fiveyear contract than the next lowest bid.

The city has also explored providing our own hauling services with our own trucks and drivers, but this too proved to be more expensive. Waste Management staff are good partners with the city, and we appreciate their work in our community.

Riverton City’s Future Participation in Recycling

Riverton City elected officials and staff are committed to helping residents be good stewards of the environment. Recycling, when done properly, can be a great way to take care of our resources.

There are concerns however, that the recycling is not actually happening and instead the material ends up at the Trans-Jordan Landfill. We share these concerns.

As elected officials we are actively evaluating both the costs and whether the hoped for benefits of recycling are achieved. Riverton City has the contractual option to end Waste Management’s recycling program in our city if we so desire. Moreover, we want to ensure recycling is actually effective and not a misnomer.

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The Value of Riverton’s Fire Inspections

Riverton’s local fire crews will be out in the community performing routine inspections soon. This means your local firefighters will be visiting select businesses within the community to ensure the businesses are safe and compliant with the adopted fire code. Each Riverton business receives this inspection biannually. Unified Fire Authority’s Fire Prevention Division performs the inspections for businesses that are more complex related to fire inspections, for example businesses that have manufacturing or hazardous materials.

The first and most obvious benefit of a fire inspection is that it provides an opportunity to educate business owners and the community on fire safety. As the firefighters inspect the businesses, they have a perfect opportunity to perform pre-incident planning. Simply doing a walk-

through of the business can expedite the fire response and provide key information to the fire crews, such as identifying the best way to access the building or locating the closest fire hydrants. There is no substitute for being prepared. Pre-incident planning is critical to safe and effective firefighting operations.

The crew will be using an inspection program on a tablet or phone to address the fire inspection list. The following requirements appear on each inspection list for commercial businesses:

• Maintain fire lanes free of obstruction

• Fire hydrants and fire department connections must be visible and accessible with 36” of clearance

• Fire extinguisher(s); annual certification required

The inspection should be viewed as an opportunity to learn and be mutually beneficial. Many times, businesses have areas that can be improved upon that greatly reduce

As the firefighters inspect the businesses, they have a perfect opportunity to perform pre-incident planning.

the fire hazard. Some of these improvements include providing signs indicating the location of fire extinguishers that can be difficult to spot. The fire code is ultimately in place to reduce the community’s risk to the hazard of fire. When you see your local firefighters out and about, please don’t hesitate to say hi and ask them about fire prevention and safety.

For more information or questions, please email me at wwatkins@ unifiedfire.org.

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Spring Clean Up Days Coming in April

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• April 13 & April 20, Riverton City Park & Western Springs Park

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Clues will lead teens to safe local destinations throughout Riverton to get candy and prizes. Pre-registration online is required to participate.

Friday, March 29, Noon-4pm

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