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Us Holladay

Have you ever stopped to think about who plans our Summer Concerts? Or finds knowledgeable presenters for the Historical Speaker Series? Or inspires people to plant and nurture trees within Holladay’s beautiful tree canopy? Or informs us about safe and healthy living?

Our city is fortunate to have residents who willingly volunteer their time, energy, and talents, benefitting us all. The Arts Council, Historical Commission, and Tree Committee are the most visible. One new organization is the Happy Healthy Holladay Coalition, which plans and supports activities that improve the health of Holladay residents by identifying community needs, highlighting existing programs and resources, and establishing evidence-based initiatives that bolster mental, physical, and social well-being.

In addition to those involved in city organizations, individuals also respond when called upon. For example, many filled sandbags last year when areas of the city were threatened with flooding from melting snowpack. Neighborhoods also work together to address specific needs. Residents living around the Olympus Hills Park join forces to weed, paint stairs, and generally clean up that park in the spring. And I appreciate those who plan, speak and perform at the annual Interfaith Service each November.

Volunteers come in all ages, shapes and sizes, and their reasons for volunteering are as varied as the volunteers themselves. They benefit the city, their neighborhoods, and hopefully themselves, as they strengthen relationships with other volunteers and those they serve. Studies also show that volunteering helps with mental and physical health and increases a sense of community. If you would like to help with a city activity, please visit the city website for more information.

I hope you will support and benefit from the work of our many volunteers by participating in their upcoming programs and activities. During March, there will be a Tree Talk at the Holladay Library on Saturday, March 9 at 10:30 when arborist James Stevens will talk about trees that attract and are a habitat for birds. The next in the Holladay Historical Commission Speaker Series will be March 11, when Holladay resident Doug Wright will talk about the history of radio. The Holladay Arts Council is putting on its annual Fine Arts Show and Sale on March 16-23 at the Holladay City Hall. Happy Healthy Holladay activities will be announced on the Holladay City website when they are scheduled. Or you can find out more about each organization by visiting the City’s new website at www.HolladayUT.gov.

Coming to City Park!

We are excited to share some of the improvements coming to our beloved City Park. In efforts to better meet residents’ needs, the City will be installing sports lighting at the skate park! We will also be unveiling a Historical Exhibit soon. Furthermore, we will be making minor cosmetic changes to park features in order to protect them and reduce maintenance costs.

The skatepark project is one we have been working towards for some time. This will be primarily grant-funded and will propagate an opportunity to renew efforts to take care of the park. We want to remind users that keeping the park clean, beautiful, and welcoming is a joint effort! The City prides itself in offering this amenity to the community and hopes to continue to strengthen the relationships that make this possible.


• New hours (w/ lighting) will be from sunrise to 10 pm.

• Wear helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads.

• Please clean up after yourselves & help us keep the park clean!

• Keep gum, food, and drinks off the skating surfaces.

• Do not add graffiti or artwork.

• We welcome all non-motorized wheel sports.

• Most importantly, be safe & have FUN!

Our Historical Exhibit will be an outdoor museum experience to celebrate our Holladay heritage. The Historical Commission has championed this project for over a decade. Construction will begin in earnest next

year and we are excited to be partnering with Riggs Ward Design on this project.

The aforementioned cosmetic changes will primarily be applied to the trellis on the Southeast corner of the park. The columns in particular continue to be defaced with vandalism which requires consistent maintenance. The changes will allow us to address this issue and lower long-term maintenance costs. Again, we appreciate your help in keeping Holladay’s parks clean and welcoming.

Stay tuned to our social media pages to learn more about these upcoming changes! Find us on Instagram (@cityofholladayutah) and Facebook (City of Holladay – Government).

In Memorium Diane Burandt

With heavy hearts, we announce the passing of Diane Burandt who was with Holladay from the beginning in 1999. Diane served as the City’s Finance Director and was an integral part of our community. She was hired under Mayor Stillman when Holladay was officially incorporated. The former mayor describes her as having a strong sense of integrity. Tenacious and dedicated to her craft, Diane could be trusted with some of the City’s most important matters. She loved all things Disney and had a hearty sense of humor. Diane had a gift for finding something in common with everyone she met and loved to cook for others. We’ll miss her stories of growing up in the South and living abroad in Japan. We are privileged to have worked alongside her and are grateful for her years of dedication and service. Diane will be in our hearts as we continue her legacy of hard work and integrity.

M ARCH 2024

Adopt a Shelter Pet

Salt Lake County Animal Services

In 2023, Salt Lake County Animal Services welcomed 6,326 animals into the shelter, with 2,277 finding new homes through adoption. If you’re considering adding a pet to your loving family, please consider adoption as your first choice. The most compelling reason to adopt is the opportunity to save a pet’s life. Choosing a shelter pet provides them with a second chance and contributes to breaking the cycle of pet overpopulation.

We are in desperate need of families and individuals to adopt a pet and help free up some of our kennel space for the stray pets that come in every day.

Visit our website at AdoptUtahPets.org to explore our adoptable pets or come see us Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm to meet your new furry best friend. The adoption process includes low-cost adoption fees and all pets available for adoption will already be spayed or neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and will even go home with a new leash and collar.

Salt Lake County Animal Services provides a diverse range of highly adoptable pets, including dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, reptiles, and birds. Our collection includes various cat and dog breeds, covering different ages, genders, and personalities. The diverse selection ensures there’s a perfect match for every potential adopter.

Questions about adoptions?

Email: Adoptions@slco.org

Learn-to-Play Clinics

Holladay-Lions Rec Center Registration opens April 1

Spring Lane

Granite School District’s decommissioning of Spring Lane Elementary has provided us with a potential opportunity to develop that area into a park! Conceptual design is still in its early stages to provide the Holladay City Council with more details before any final decisions are made with Granite School District. Holladay is partnering with MHTN Architects this spring to explore how the area could be transformed into a new park for our residents. Spring Lane Elementary holds a special place in Holladay’s heart, so we couldn’t be more thrilled (and hopeful) to possibly keep it a place where lasting, happy memories can be made. More information will be forthcoming as the project continues with multiple opportunities for residents to share ideas and provide feedback.

Stormwater Awareness

Good water quality is integral to a healthy environment and essential for maintaining clean groundwater drinking sources! Thanks to the Salt Lake County Stormwater Coalition, we have a few easy ideas each of us can implement to prevent stormwater pollution.

First, please bag and trash pet waste; this common pollutant can spread harmful bacteria. Second, mulch or compost your mowed grass, and consider xeriscaping. Third, please pick up and throw away trash; recycle glass and plastic when possible. Fourth, recycle oil and use a commercial car wash rather than washing your vehicle on your property where pollutants can easily enter stormwater drains. Finally, try to use household chemicals sparingly and safely dispose of them.

You can find more information by visiting stormwatercoalition.org/ residents. Thanks for doing your part to help keep our water sources clean! Remember, we all live downstream


Rob Dahle, Mayor rdahle@cityofholladay.com 801-580-3056

Ty Brewer, District 1 tbrewer@cityofholladay.com 801-550-8747

Matt Durham, District 2 mdurham@cityofholladay.com 801-999-0781

Paul Fotheringham, District 3 pfotheringham@cityofholladay.com 801-424-3058

Drew Quinn, District 4 dquinn@cityofholladay.com 801-272-6526

Emily Gray, District 5 egray@cityofholladay.com 801-755-3477

Gina Chamness, City Manager gchamness@cityofholladay.com


City Council

– rst and third Thursday of the month at 6 p.m.

Planning Commission – rst and third Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m.


Mon-Fri. 8 a.m.-5 p.m. • 801-272-9450 4580 South 2300 East • Holladay, UT 84117

Community Development 801-527-3890

Finance 801-527-2455

Justice Court 801-273-9731

Code Enforcement 801-527-3890


Emergency 911

UPD Dispatch (Police) 801-840-4000

UFA Dispatch (Fire) 801-840-4000

Animal Control 385-468-7387

Garbage/Sanitation 385-468-6325

Holladay Library 801-944-7627

Holladay Lions Club 385-468-1700

Mt. Olympus Sr. Center 385-468-3130

Holladay Post O ce 801-278-9942

Cottonwood Post O ce 801-453-1991

Holliday Water 801-277-2893

MARCH 2024
holladaylionsrec.activityreg.com slco.org/holladay-lions @slcoparksandrec

New & Improved City Website LIBRARY HAPPENINGS


The Holladay website is designed to be a one-stop shop for all your questions and needs. We have been working for several months to make the Holladay website more user-friendly and accessibility focused. Our finished product is set to be launched on March 5th! Here are some of the changes we’re most excited about:

ACCESSIBILITY: We took great care to ensure that our site was ADA-compliant. All fonts across the website were updated to be more accessible for those with visual disabilities, and all images contain alt text.

QUICK LINKS: Website analytics and information from City Hall’s front desk staff showed clear frontrunners in our most visited pages and asked questions regarding city services.

MAPS: Our map gallery has a map for just about everything you’re looking for: which utilities service your area, upcoming and completed construction projects, zoning for your property, floodplain zones, school boundaries, and much more.

CALENDAR: This feature will now be separated into three tabs: “Community Events”, “City Events” and “Public Meetings.” The “City Events” tab will feature city-sponsored events hosted by the Holladay Arts Council, Historical Commission, Tree Committee, and Business Advisory Board. The Public Meetings tab will include meeting dates for the City Council, Planning Commission, Historic Preservation Committee, and Tree Committee, and will also list federal holidays when City Hall will be closed. The Community Events calendar will include events happening at the library, the Holladay Recreation Center, and more!

SOCIAL MEDIA: Our social media pages will work in tandem with the new website to keep residents informed regarding city events, meetings, and important notices. We want to offer a variety of channels through which you can easily stay in the know. Find us on Instagram (@cityofholladayutah), Facebook (City of Holladay), and Twitter/X (@CityofHolladay).

Along with exciting changes, we will be changing the website URL from cityofholladay.com to HolladayUT.gov. This change is necessary to comply with security-minded regulations passed in the last legislative session. The content of our website will stay the same, only the domain name is changing. We are working diligently to update all city forms and documents to reflect this change, but this will take time. We want to reassure our residents that all links that still contain cityofholladay.com in the title will continue to work and will automatically forward users to HolladayUT.gov. There should be no disruption to our website resources during this transition. You will also see the email addresses for city officials and staff change from @cityofholladay.com to @HolladayUT.gov. As with the website, the cityofholladay.com emails will continue to be forwarded to the new addresses. We appreciate your patience & continued involvement in our community!

Slumber Storytime

Wed., March 13th @ 7pm

Children are encouraged to wear pajamas to this family Storytime featuring stories, songs, rhymes, and other early literacy fun.

After School Crew

Wed., March 20th @ 4pm

Drop in each 3rd Wednesday of the month for active, hands-on discovery, social interaction and fun! Geared towards ages 6-11. The March After School Crew will be about Bees!

UFA Update – Naloxone Counters Opioid Overdose

Every once in a while, I see some statistic that surprises me. I am a member of the Happy Healthy Holladay Coalition, and our goal is to enhance the physical and mental well-being of citizens in Holladay and to help in any way we can. The Salt Lake County Health Department (SLCOHD) presents us with data highlighting areas where Holladay is successful and areas we need improvement.

What shocked me was, according to the SLCOHD, opiate overdose deaths were Holladay’s number one area of opportunity. From 2022 data, the City of Holladay had an almost 50% higher rate of drug/opioid deaths than the Salt Lake County Average. In response to that, we have given over 50 naloxone (Narcan) kits and trained people in how and when to administer them. Naloxone is an opioid antagonist medication that is used to reverse an opioid overdose. The way I look at it, for every kit we get out, and every person trained, is basically like teaching someone the Heimlich maneuver or CPR. It is a tool someone can use to save a life.

Happy Healthy Holladay recently hosted a training session at the Library with over 35 people in attendance. The Holladay Youth Council also received training and a Narcan kit when they visited the fire station. Overdoses are an issue we can all help with. It starts with awareness, education and knowing it can happen to anyone. Watch for more training to come.

Free, no questions asked naloxone kits are available for pick-up at the Library. Every household first aid kit should include naloxone.

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