2023 Faces: Leaders of the Citrus Nut Industry

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Promote root growth and improve soil

Improve nutrient absorption efficiency and fertilizer utilization

Increase production and improve quality

Drought and heat resistant

Cold and waterlogging resistance

Acid and alkali resistance

Disease resistance

To absorb nutrients, crops rely on a set of specific active biological enzymes in plants to catalyze the transformation of nutrients, resulting in nutrient absorption. When occurring naturally, the scale of biological enzymes in plants are limited. This makes the amount of nutrient absorption by fruit trees significantly lower than what is needed to achieve high yields of quality fruit.

In addition to these products containing a variety of nutrients, high-quality seaweed is used to carry out multiple fermentations and continuous extraction of beneficial biological nutrients. This results in a large number of fermentation metabolites (including active biological enzymes) and organic matter. The addition of high-quality seaweed significantly improves nutrient absorption and overall yield of crops. It’s also shown to improve the stress resistance of crops, enhance the root system and flowering quality and produce higher fruit setting and growth rates. In the end this leads to increased yield, a more stable crop and a higher quality product.

Multicolor Sweet Multicolor Crop

Multicolor Sweet gives your fruit yields a boost in the later stages of growth with a variety of nutrient elements (high potassium content) and many fermentation metabolites (including enzymes such as polysaccharase).

In addition, you can see it achieve:

Increased fruit sugar content

Increased fruit density

Improved peel color and texture

W e ' ve se en th e f rui t ripening period advance naturally and be more concentrated, prolonging the fresh-keeping period of the fruit on the tree and after harvest. It's also promoted a thinner peel for some thick-skinned fruits (such as navel oranges and other citrus), the increase of juice in the fruit, better fruit firmness, and storage and transportation resistance.

Multicolr Sweet Multicolr Sweet Multicolr Sweet Multicolr Sweet compared product A compared product A compared product A compared product A compared product B compared product B compared product B compared product B Untreated Untreated Untreated Untreated 7 6.8 6.6 6.4 6.2 6 5.8 5.6 600 580 560 540 520 500 480 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 4500 4000 3500 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0
too long, our industry has been planting, nurturing, growing, processing, and overall feeding the world without recognizing the people that make it all happen. In this magazine, readers will find “FACES” of many key players in the ag industry, each with their own stories and specialties. We want to tell your story and introduce you to our readers so they can explore the businesses and people that make agriculture and our communities great! INDEX LEADERS OF THE CITRUS INDUSTRY 2 Multicolor 6 JCS Marketing, Inc. 7 Soil and Crop 8 WN Citrus 10 DECCO 12 California Citrus Mutual 14 Kim-C1, LLC 16 TreeSource 18 Custom Ag Formulators, Inc. 20 REEMOON 22 Live Earth Products 24 Synagro 26 Wonderful Citrus 28 Axiom Ag 30 Bioline 32 Chemurgic 34 PolymerAg, LLC 36 Cultiva

In collaboration with Citrus Mutual, JCS Marketing Inc. is branching out with a new annual publication to assist the citrus industry with additional communications and opportunities with industry experts. JCS Marketing Inc. also produces a bi-weekly podcast “My Ag Life in Citrus” and helped organize the annual Citrus Showcase Conference for the industry.

Our goal is to help promote products, services, and brands to a wider audience in the citrus industry. The hope is that this magazine can provide valuable information to industry members, such as updates on new products, technologies, and industry trends.

This publication can help your company stay up-to-date on the latest developments and make more informed business decisions about products and services to invest in.

This publication is a resource for networking among industry members. Companies can connect with each other, share ideas, and form partnerships that can benefit their business.

Overall, this California citrus magazine features companies who can be a valuable resource for the industry and your business by helping to promote innovation. Please turn to the thought leaders and companies in this guide first when you have needs. They have the experience you need to grow your business!

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The NEW generation of commercial citrus growers



WN CITRUS Great Roots. Great Fruits.



PLUS Enjoys long walks on the beach

WN Citrus | Bakersfield, CA

“I married the farmer’s daughter”

Walk about and talk about it!

Meet the next generation of WN Citrus. Perhaps you have seen Zac and WN Citrus on your social media feeds; however, do you know who he is and how he came to be the owner and General Manager of WN Citrus?

The son of a preacher man from Kansas, Zac is a graduate of Kansas State University. After graduation, he moved to Los Angeles and then to San Francisco. There he met and fell in love with the farmer’s daughter. In the fall of 2015, Zac and Jaclyn gave up their careers to join her family farming business and citrus nursery operation.

Through Zac’s ability to train and lead a diverse team, he has set and achieved new sales and quality goals, improved customer service and improved employee morale. Zac believes that maintaining a high quality product along with high standards of customer service can only lead to WN Citrus continued success. Zac believes that when our farmers are successful then WN will be successful.

Zac and the Johnston Family understand the struggles, the gambles and the success and failures that California Citrus farmers face daily because they are California Citrus farmers themselves. As such, they bring a different perspective to the citrus nursery business. Two things Zac has learned from his father-in-law, Dennis Johnston, treat people with respect and kindness, and always keep a shovel in the back of your truck.

wncitrus.com | 661.327.9345
Are you a Citrus grower? Do you want to talk varieties, place an order or just have questions about your trees, give Zac a call. Contact Zac Green today. Call 661.327.9345 or email ZacharyG@wncitrus.com. WN Team @wncitrus Keep Pushing, Keep Moving Forward, Together.

“Our purpose to enable more and better fresh food for the world is reflected in the fact that we are protecting more than 9 million tons of citrus every year globally. Still, according to FAO, 45% of total fruit and vegetable is never consumed. DECCO has a clear commitment to produce constant innovation of smarter and safer solutions to minimize the waste of the produce at the heart of the food system.”

“As part of the UPL OpenAg vision, Decco has positioned us to be the global postharvest leader, especially in areas where citrus is produced. With a focus on reducing food waste, there are no borders to where we find solutions. As a result of the rapidly changing trends and needs in today’s markets to protect crops after harvest, Decco has moved toward organizational agility. We have enabled our network of people to focus on rapid learning and fast decisions to quickly reconfigure strategy, processes, and technology to meet customer needs. Our transformation is reflected in our new, bright, vibrant logo. Most of all, Decco US remains intent on having meaningful connections with our employees, customers, suppliers, and industry personnel, all focused on the same goal. “

A citrus grower can lose up to 25 % of fresh production. The leading cause of fruit spoilage is peel injuries and impact bruising as they encourage pathogen growth, respiration, significant water loss and ethylene production. Second to that are physiological changes that lead to quality loss.

Today, thanks to DECCO postharvest solutions, our products such as coatings for dehydration, fungicides to control decay, and sanitizers to ensure optimal fruit quality allow our customers to get more fruit to the consumer, resulting in less loss throughout the supply chain. More than 15 million tons of fruit & vegetables are protected by DECCO, every year.

Our products, technology and top-notch service has made DECCO one of the trusted companies in the citrus industry.

Our biggest asset as a company is our people. We have many long-term industry experts on our team, and many can boast over 30 years of experience in citrus and postharvest applications. This has allowed DECCO to build long lasting collaborative relationships with our customers. Our valued existing customers, and those looking for a new partner to provide the best solutions for their operations, can trust that we will keep a watchful and experienced eye on their business to minimize loss and maximize utilization of their valuable investment.

Our customers’ success is our success. We care deeply about our customers as we never stop to innovate, adjust, and examine how we can continue to improve the service and products we provide.

Contact one of your local citrus experts at: (626) 359-8240

We work together alongside our customers to monitor the fluctuations we face in all areas of the business. Sharing of information, collaboration and long-term relationships continue to secure DECCO’s place as a postharvest leader in the citrus industry.

2023 Citrus Showcase Boasts

Growing Audience, Improved Experience for Citrus Industry

The 2023 Citrus Showcase, put on by California Citrus Mutual in collaboration with with JCS Marketing, Inc., producer of MyAgLife, was nothing short of a success with attendees and exhibitors. The Showcase, held in Visalia, Calif. on March 9, boasted its largest attendance to date, offering the over 1000 registered growers, consultants and industry professionals an expanded agenda that included more educational and networking opportunities than ever before.

“We’ve heard a lot of positive feedback that this was the best show yet,” said Casey Creamer, president/CEO at California Citrus Mutual. In total, the Showcase saw an abundance of approved CEU credits, research updates, an industry luncheon, panel discussions, a trade show and an industry mixer.

Starting at 7:00am was registration and an hour of trade show time in the exhibitor hall, where attendees poured in for coffee and early networking with over 120 companies and organizations offering solutions to the citrus industry. At 8:00am, attendees had the opportunity to choose between the State of the Citrus Market panel or key integrated pest management (IPM) talks in the CEU room, which offered a total of 4.0 DPR, 5.0 CCA and 0.5 CDFA INMP credits on the day. Industry leaders on the State of the Citrus Market panel included Al Bates, president at Sun Pacific Shippers; Tracy Jones, COO at Booth Ranches; Jim Phillips, president at Sunkist Growers; and Zak Laffite, president at Wonderful Citrus. Morning IPM talks were given by University of California researchers and included topics on thrips, California Red Scale, Phytophthora, ants and more.

Noon brought the sold-out industry luncheon, which featured keynote speaker Gregg Doud, former Chief Agricultural Negotiator for the U.S. Trade Representative. Doud spoke to citrus industry members on the current geopolitical landscape as it relates to ag trade, the war in Ukraine, global economics and the future of trade policy. Those that did not attend the industry luncheon had the opportunity to support local FFA members through a burrito fundraiser.

After lunch, attendees were once again given the choice to head back to the CEU room for more seminars or listen in on the Citrus Water Panel. The panel included multiple perspectives on water use in the citrus industry from Jason Phillips, CEO at Friant Water Authority; Jon Parker, general manager at Kern Water Bank; Joe Del Bosque, farmer and former California Water Com-

The 2023 Citrus Showcase boasted its largest attendance to date, offering the over 1000 registered growers, consultants and industry professionals an expanded agenda that included more educational and networking opportunities than ever before.

mission member; and Tim Quinn, former executive director at ACWA and Metropolitan Water District deputy general manager. Afternoon CEU seminars included nutrition and organic citrus information. The Showcase concluded with an industry mixer event that provided additional networking opportunities.

“The educational opportunities were informative and high-caliber, and the tradeshow floor was the place to be for networking within the citrus industry,” Creamer said. “We were excited to bring back our first full show since the COVID-19 shutdowns and are even more excited about making next year’s show even better.”

“It was a real honor to be part of this growing legacy conference held by the citrus industry,” said Jason Scott, JCS Marketing, Inc. CEO. “This year’s growth shows the continued interest and support from the ag community for citrus. If you were not present, you missed out on a great event! Plan to attend next year and be part of this amazing celebration of ag leadership.”

Contact our office 559-592-3790

Proven Plant Growth Regulator Plant Nutrition Technology

AND 14
Kimzall — Mocksi — Falgro — Krop-Max PLANT GROWTH REGULATORS Optiva, Whole Earth & AgroThrive PLANT NUTRITION PRODUCTS © 2023 Kim-C1, LLC, Heritage Crop Science, LLC, & Spencer Distributing, LLC. Kimzall & Mocksi are registered trademarks of Kim-Z, Inc. Falgro is a registered trademark of Fine Americas, Inc. AgroThrive is a registered trademark of AgroThrive, Inc. Krop-Max is a registered trademark of Tide International USA, Inc. Whole Earth is a registered trademark of Heritage Crop Science, LLC. Optiva is a registered trademark of Spencer Distributing, LLC Contact Ben Letizia @ 559-284-1392 for more information


What started in 1999 as a way to acquire trees for replants after the freeze of 1998 by Griffith Farms has trans-

formed into one of the largest citrus nurseries in the world Facilities have changed over the years from simple hoop houses and ball and burlap grown in ground to what they have now: the capacity to grow over 900,000 Super Trees and 2 million citrus liners per year in 25 greenhouses

TreeSource is a zero waste company This means that 95% of the waste generated throughout the production process is recycled, reused, or reincorporated back in to the system. TreeSource prides itself in the ability to cut waste and not contribute to landfills. Almost everything grown at TreeSource originates at TreeSource They make their own Seed, Seedlings, and Budwood


State of the art greenhouses were developed by Roger Smith, Senior VP Nursery and Genetics, after collecting ideas from all over the world TreeSource has 100% USDA/CDFA certified insect resistant structures meeting strict Asian Citrus Psyllid quarantine guidelines TreeSource was purchased in 2015 by AC Foods, an Agricultural firm dedicated to sustainable & regenerative agriculture

TreeSource Citrus Nursery On the top side of the road 2 million Citrus Liners and Rooted Cuttings are produced On the bottom side of the road 900k Super Trees are grown Citrus Liner Supervisor Team
Scan to view the TreeSource Video Tour
Raul Arreola & Erasto Vega Calderon Supervisors who have been with TreeSource since the beginning
Rosa Deniz Inspecting a Citrus Liner Left to Right: Yasarely Munoz, Carlos Martinez, Ramona Gomez, Rosa Deniz

Starting in 2021, Joshua Thompson took over as general manager at TreeSource, bringing 25 years of horticulture experience along with him Joshua is a ISA Board Certified Master Arborist who possesses an agriculture production nursery background as well as a large scale horticultural nursery background, making him a perfect fit to lead our team One thing everyone can agree on: Joshua knows trees

Citrus Liners are sold to other wholesale nurseries and retail outlets as shifting stock These wholesale nurseries will transplant TreeSource Citrus Liners and grow them out to a desired size and maturity level.

Heidi Cervantes leads the sales office team This team has 100 years of combined experience Lloyd Cassidy is the Horticultural Sales representative servicing the Nursery Industry and also helps with commercial grower sales Yesenia Ramirez is the administrative support for the Nursery Josh Blackwell handles all of the shipping of the products. Debbie Marten is the accounting specialist

Whatever your Citrus needs, you can turn to TreeSource. They are growing strong and offer the same quality products and services as they have over the last 20+ years Give the office a call at 800-992-2304 with any questions or availability inquiries.


TreeSource Office & Sales Team Left to right: Debbie Marten, Joshua Thompson, Yesenia Ramirez, Lloyd Cassidy, Heidi Cervantes, & Josh Blackwell Left to Right: Raul Arreola, Vincent Aguirre, Yadira Diaz, Erasto Vega Calderon, Ty Lentz Budwood Supervisor Erasto checking the tenderness of the growth to determine when to cut the budwood Large Pot Supervisor Team

All About Custom Ag Formulators

For more than 25 years, Custom Ag Formulators (CAF) has been serving the agricultural community with advanced product technology and unbeatable service. By a continuous R and D commitment, CAF has developed both micronutrient and NPK lines of products with enhanced uptake and translocation levels that lead the industry. Supported by testing through universities and independent consultants, our products continue to prove uptake levels and performance that directly reflect on greater quality and yields for our customers.

Service has become synonymous with our name. Our manufacturing plants in Fresno, CA, Adel, GA, and Queensland, Australia, have been able to supply worldwide demand. Using automation and multiple quality controls, CAF has built the reputation for meeting the needs of our customers consistently and with

the highest standards of packaging within the agricultural industry.

Combining these facets with the abil ity to custom formulate and private label for our customer base, became the final piece of the CAF mission. We have been able to formulate liquid and dry product offerings meeting specific needs and label requirements for a multitude of our customers. This has enabled them to enter their markets with an identity and product offering that is truly unique to their business model.

At CAF, we continue to grow and ex pand with the support of our custom ers and growers like you. We never forget that we are partners to the grower in building and supporting a crop that will attain the highest ROI with each season. We will continue to be your home for the answer to your agricultural needs.

1-800-355-4457 www.4caf.com

CHALLENGE is derived from KTPP (potassium-tri-poly phosphate) combined with organic acids and sequester- ing agents to increase the uptake of both the P and the K components. KTPP is an extremely high grade of a phos- phate that is in a chain of three ortho phosphates combined with a potassium to produce the entire chain of potassium tri-poly phosphate. Due to its nature, the K works with the phosphate to convert it into a more readily available form of P for plant uptake while aiding in the uptake component.

LIGNOSULFONIC ACIDS & HUMIC ACIDS: These two components help to further increase the uptake of CHALLENGE. They have a “metering” effect which help the plant to better absorb the applied materials while reducing the damaging effect of many post emergent chemicals. They also help increase the soil health while reducing salt incursion.

What is CITRUS X-TRA? 3% Mn, 3% Zn, 2% Fe, 3.6% S combined with our ETS system.

Manganese, Zinc, and Iron are all critical for develop- ment of your citrus crop. CITRUS X-TRA is built to help this need by supplying all three micronutrients in one formulation.

CITRUS X-TRA uses the sulfated form of the nutrients for quick uptake and combined them with our ETS (En- hanced Translocation System) to quickly move into and throughout your citrus trees to where it is needed.

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN WARNING PRECAUTIONARY STATEMENTS WARNING Hazardous to humans and animals. Causes eye and skin irritations. When mixing or applying agricultural sprays, always wear spray goggles and impervious gloves plus protective clothing as recommended on pesticide labels. FIRST AID If this product gets into the eyes, immediately wash the eyes with large amounts of water for at least 15 minutes, occasionally lifting the upper and lower lids. Obtain immediate medical treatment. If this product gets on the skin, immediately wash the contaminated area. Seek medical attention if skin irritation persists. If this product has been swallowed and the person is conscious, immediately give large volumes of water. Do not induce vomiting. Seek immediate medical attention. STORAGE AND DISPOSAL Do not contaminate water, food or feed by storage or disposal. Rinse container. Empty rinsate into spray tank. Dispose of empty container according to approved local practices. Contact county agricultural commissioner for disposal information. CONDITIONS OF SALE Follow directions carefully. Timing and methods of applications, weather and crop conditions, mixtures with other chemicals not specifically recommended and other influencing factors in the use of this product are beyond the control of the seller. Buyer assumes all risks of use, storage or handling of this material not in strict accordance with directions given herewith. F1286 Information regarding the contents and levels of metals in this product is available on the internet at http://www.aapfco.org/metals.html 6-20 GENERAL INFORMATION CHALLENGE is designed to be used for both soil and foliar applications. It may be used as a starter fertilizer with seed or transplants. CHALLENGE is intended to be a supplement to a regular fertilizer program. Rates on this label are for foliar application unless stated otherwise. Challenge may be applied by ground or air. DIRECTIONS FOR USE Cole Crops (Transplant and Direct Seed): Apply 1 2 quarts at 4-6 true leaf stage, 2 - 3 quarts at bud stage, and 2 3 quarts at two week intervals. Corn: Apply 2 3 quarts when plant is 21 inches and again prior to tasseling. Lettuce, Spinach, Celery: Apply 2 - 3 quarts after thinning spinach and lettuce. Apply 2 weeks after celery transplant. Apply again every 2 weeks thereafter. Potatoes, Yams: Apply 2 - 3 quarts when plants are 6 inches high. Apply two more times at three week intervals. Soybeans: Apply 2 - 3 quarts at bud stage and repeat again at pod-fill. Other Vegetable Crops and Root Crops: Apply 2 to 3 quarts per acre every 2 weeks after plants are established. TREE VINE, BERRY CROPS: Apples and Pears: Use 2 to 4 quarts per acre at pre-bloom, petal fall, and once again 3-4 weeks later. Do not apply to Melrose Apples. Apricots, Cherries, Almonds, Plums, Peaches, Prunes, Nectarines: Apply 2-4 quarts pre-bloom. Repeat rate after petal fall. A third application may be required. Citrus: Use 4 to 6 quarts per acre at early bud stage, prior to bloom, and again at early fruit set and at fruit size. Do not combine with oils. Boysenberries, Blackberries, Cranberries Blueberries, Raspberries: Apply 2 3 quarts acre at pre-bloom and at 2 week intervals thereafter. Grapes: Apply 1-2 quarts per acre when canes reach 15 20 inches. Apply another 2 - 3 quarts at pre-bloom buckshot stage and at 4-6 weeks prior to harvest. Pecans, Pistachios, Walnuts: Apply 3-4 quarts per acre at pre-bloom, and again every 4 6 weeks until 30 days prior to harvest. Strawberries: Apply 2 - 3 quarts per acre at 2-week intervals beginning at pre-bloom and continuing throughout the season. TURF GRASSES: Apply at 2-8 oz/1000 sq. ft. in adequate water for sufficient coverage. 8-32-5 GUARANTEED ANALYSIS Total Nitrogen (N)...................................................................................8.0% 8.0% Ammoniacal Nitrogen Available Phosphate (P2O5)................................................................32.0% Soluble Potash(K2O)..............................................................................5.0% Zinc(Zn)...............................................................................................0.05% Derived from: Ammonium Poly Phosphate, Potassium Tri-Poly Phosphate, Phosphoric Acid, and Zinc Sulfate ALSO CONTAINS NON-PLANT FOOD INGREDIENT: 0.2% Humic Acid (Derived from Leonardite) Wt per gal: 11.81 lb @ 68°F 1.42 Kg/Ltr @ 20°C DIRECTIONS FOR USE (Cont.) FIELD CROPS: Alfalfa (hay): Apply 2 - 4 quarts per acre 5 days after each cutting. Alfalfa (seed): Apply 3 4 quarts at pre-bloom and several more times at 3-week intervals. Barley, Wheat, Small Grains: Apply 2 3 quarts per acre when plant is 10 inches, and again prior to heading out. Cotton: Apply 2 quarts per acre at first true leaf. Repeat at first square and again at 2-week intervals. Peanuts: Apply 3-4 quarts per acre in soil as a starter. Apply 1-3 quarts 1-2 weeks prior to bloom. Repeat again 2 weeks after bloom. Rice: Apply 2-3 quarts per acre at boot stage and 1-2 weeks prior to bloom. Repeat again 2 weeks after bloom. Tobacco: Apply 1-2 quarts per acre in transplant water. Apply 1-3 quarts after transplant. Repeat at 2-3 week intervals. VEGETABLE CROPS: Artichokes, Beans, Peas, Melons, Squash, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Peppers: Apply 2 4 quarts per acre at bud stage, prior to bloom and then an additional application every 2 weeks. IN FURROW APPLICATIONS: Corn, Soybeans, Peanuts: Apply 2 4 quarts per acre. Sweet Potatoes: apply 2-4 quarts per acre in Transplant water MANUFACTURED BY: CUSTOM AG FORMULATORS, Inc P.O. BOX 26104, FRESNO, CA 93729 800-355-4457 F1286! CITRUS Information regarding the contents and levels of metals in this product is available on the internet at http://www.aapfco.org/metals.html WARNING: Hazardous to humans and animals. Causes eye and skin irritations. When mixing or applying agricultural sprays, always wear spray goggles and impervious gloves plus protective clothing as recommended on pesticide labels. FIRST AID: If this product gets into the eyes, immediately wash the eyes with large amounts of water for at least 15 minutes, occasionally lifting the upper and lower lids. Obtain immediate medical treatment. If this product gets on the skin, immediately wash the contaminated area. Seek medical attention if skin irritation persists. If this product has been swallowed and the person is conscious, immediately give large volumes of water. Do not induce vomiting. Seek immediate medical attention. STORAGE AND DISPOSAL: Do not contaminate water, food or feed by storage or disposal. Follow all governmental procedures for the disposal of pesticide spray solutions. Rinse container, empty rinsate into spray tank. Dispose of empty container according to approved local practices. DIRECTIONS FOR USE Apply with adequate water to provide optimal coverage. SOIL APPLICATION: Apply 1/2 to 8 pints per acre. Rates will depend upon the level of deficiency. FOLIAR APPLICATION: Apply alone or with other foliar sprays at a rate of 1/2 to 6 pints per acre. Rate will depend upon the level of deficiency. CONDITIONS OF SALE: Follow directions carefully. Timing and methods of application, weather and crop conditions, mixtures with chemicals not specifically recommended and other influencing factors in the use of this product are beyond the control of the seller. Buyer assumes all risks of use, storage or handling of this material not in strict accordance with the directions given herewith. Sulfur (S) ..................................................................3.60% Soluble Manganese (Mn) .......................................3.00% Iron (Fe) ...................................................................2.00% Soluble Zinc (Zn) .....................................................3.00% Derived from Boric Acid, Manganese Sulfate, Ferrous Sulfate, and Zinc Sulfate. Wt per gal.: 10.60 lbs. @ 68°F |1.27 Kg per Ltr. @ 20°C GENERAL INFORMATION: CITRUS X-TRA is designed as a foliar spray on tree, row and field crops. It may also be used as a soil-applied product on various soil types. CITRUS X-TRA may be used to treat or prevent Zn, Fe, and Mn deficiencies while providing a highly compatible source of micronutrients for tank mixes. COMPATIBILITY: CITRUS X-TRA is compatible with most pesticides and fertilizers. However, a compatibility test is recommended if the desire combination has not been used in the past.

S o r t i n g p r e m i u m f r u i t s f o r t h e w o r l d

S h a r e s u p e r a c h i e v e m e n t w i t h t h e w o r l d

Reemoon Sorting USA Inc. Tom Summers General Manager tom.summers@reemoonus.com
551-9343 w w w. r e e m o o n . c o m / e n 20

S o r t i n g s o l u t i o n of c i t r u s

H i g h a c c u ra c y

H i g h - s p e e d s o r t i n g t o i n c r e a s e p r o d u c t i o n

N o n - d e s t r u c t i v e t e s t i n g o f b r i x

M u l t i - s p e c i fi c a t i o n g ra d e d i v i s i o n

o f
Re e m o o n te c h n o l o g y
g a
f r u i
& ve g e ta b l e s s o r ti n g i n d u s tr y i n Ch i n a

Improve Nutrient Availability with Live Earth Products


Family Owned and Operated. For over 30 years, Live Earth Products, Inc. has helped farmers address their soil fertility issues by improving nutrient use ef ciency through the power of humates. Family-owned and operated, Live Earth mines and manufactures humic and fulvic acid-based products that help nourish your soil by helping retain vital nutrients, extending fertilizer life, and reducing nutrient loss.

Locally Produced. Deep in the mountains of Utah is a rich mineral deposit called humic shale, formed from an ancient semi-tropical forest. Fully decomposed, this mineral deposit is rich in stable organic acids and trace minerals that help improve soil health and support healthy crop growth. This rich mineral deposit is the source material for our humic and fulvic extracts.

Industry Experts. Live Earth Products specializes in low-ash extracts that can be us in drip irrigation in addition to soil and foliar application. Live Earth’s team of experts, led by CCA, Russell Taylor, are here to address your citrus crop requirements for increased yield. We are pioneers in the humic industry with decades of experience with soil problems like high salts and compaction.

• Live Earth Products Humate Soil Conditioner

Our Humate Soil Conditioner is an organic soil amendment that provides humic acids and minerals. Humate is used to help increase organic matter concentration in the soil and combat salt issues. Our Humate Soil Conditioner is 100% Humic Shale which is naturally pH 3.0. It also contains iron and sulfur, along with other other trace minerals. This product is a CDFA OIM and can be used in organic agriculture.

• Liquid 6 (Humic Acid, 6% HPTA Approved Method)

Liquid 6 is liquid humic acid designed for crop use. It blends well with most liquid fertilizers and is ideal for improving nutrient uptake, increasing organic matter, and reducing nutrient tie-up in the soil. Liquid 6 can be blended with UAN-32 to help reduce nutrient loss. This product is a CDFA OIM and can be used in organic agriculture.

400 S 200 E, EMERY, UT 84522 (435) 286-2222 | (800) 846-2817

The leading vertically integrated citrus company, offering a full citrus portfolio

Over 7,500 team members passionately support our leading citrus operations across California, Texas, New Jersey, Florida, and Mexico.

With over 74,000 owned & managed acres, we control the entire farming process from planting to picking, from tree to table.

We offer a diversified product portfolio including mandarins, oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit, & specialties.

We operate some of the world's leading citrus nurseries and packing facilites, processing 1 billion pounds of citrus annually.

Wonderful Citrus has best-in-class marketing prowess and a national sales team providing category management expertise and dedicated customer service to our partners.

Wonderful’s nationwide merchandising team provides in-store merchandising services, utilizing exclusive citrus displays that attract shoppers.

CONTACT US TO LEARN MORE: contact.citrus@wonderful.com • 661-720-2400

Give Your Plant What It Wants! When It wants It!

There is no silver bullet when it comes to farming. Farmers now more than ever have to make sure they are getting the most out of every input. Creating a plan to give your crop exactly what it wants, when it needs it to create the highest return is what we help Farmers throughout the state do everyday. Don't settle for what has always been done. Let's combine the best practices of the past with the technology of today.

AHA Technology

Unleash the power of Alpha Hydroxy Acids! We are now able to hold more nutrients in the soil, provide abundant food for your microbial flora and etch minerals from the soil profile all at the same time. Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) are revolutionizing the way nutrients are applied, using less product and getting significantly better results. Now is the time to start taking advantage of these proven technologies.


Axiom is driven by helping Farmers grow more abundantly on their land for decades to come. Now more than ever, farmers need an advocate for them, guiding them on what fertilizers are ideal and when to use them. With current prices, every penny matters, and the days of “just add more” are long in the rearview. Axiom has developed an entire line of fertility products specifically for California growers and is the only retailer with AHA Technology in every product, improving your field's chemical, biological, and structural health with every application. The possibilities are endless when you work with nature and the systems already in place. Axiom walks side by side with growers helping them determine the best plan for every situation, giving them the benefit of an independent consultant with the backing of a full-service retailer. Taking soil, tissue, and water testing into account ensures every application is as efficient as possible.

Using today's most advanced technology with the best practices of the past, Axiom creates enormous value for every grower they work with.

Jeff is the Founder of Axiom Ag. This company was born from a vision of modernising the entirety of California agriculture into a system that is profitable for the Farmer and better for the land we have been given stewardship over. Axiom is the practical application of that vision.


Jeff Merritt Jeffery Merritt

For over three decades, Polymer Ag has been the thought leader in foliar polymer solutions for agriculture. Over the years, Polymer Ag has worked closely with farm advisors and managers at California State University, Fresno, the University of California, Davis and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the testing of Anti-Stress. In addition, many independent growers and PCAs conducted their own field tests to determine the value of Anti-Stress formulations in their production protocols. Field tests conducted in all of these venues on a wide variety of crops and plants proved that Anti-Stress 550 was successful in reducing damage to plants and crops during periods of frost and freeze, heat stress, drying winds, drought and transplanting.

Polymer Ag, LLC is the world leader in polymers for use on growing plants during periods of climate-related stress. Anti-Stress products are sold throughout the world and are instrumental in helping farmers, nurseries, landscapers, horticulturists and gardeners across the globe increase production and plant health, while reducing water use.

Call us at (800) 678-7377 or visit our website to learn how to integrate our winning solutions into your farming practices: www.polymerag.com

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