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Updated Nov. 14, 2008

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Motel 6 and Studio 6 Join The Viking Tours

November 14th, 2008 The Viking Cue 9-Ball tour is pleased to announce that Motel 6 and Studio 6 Hotels have joined the Viking Cue 9-Ball Tours as a nationnwide lodging sponsor for our players and the sport of Billiards. All Viking Tour members will receive a 10% discount off their stay at all Motel 6 and Studio 6 locations. To receive the discount, Viking Tour member are required to call or email the Viking Tour for their unique discount code or they can simply pick it up next time they play in a Viking Tour event. Additionally, any player, spectator or friend of our sport can also use the 10% discount once they register on the free Viking Tour email or USPS mailing list. Mike Janis stated “We are very pleased bring an outside corporation into the billiard community. This is our 4th outside industry sponsorship for the Viking Tour and it is our continued goal to help bridge the gap between the corporate world and our community.�

To receive your discount code simply email or call 1-800-200-POOL and requst the Motel 6 / Studio 6 billiards discount code.

Breaking Better In Pool Author: Gerald Njuguna

When a break is executed well on the pool table, it gives the player a better advantage over the other player. Also, when one is consistent in breaking well on the pool table, it results with the cue ball having a better striking position with the other balls. With this, the player gets a better choice of sending the other balls in the pockets with the next shot that he executes. There are various ways which one can break in a billiard game. One needs to have good physics when striking the ball. Its believed that different pool tables might determine which break will turn out to be the best. Power and Speed are considered to be essential but don’t forget that control is needed to handle the power that you put behind that shot. With much practice, a player will be able to determine how to best make the shots. There are other tricks that one can use to improve their break on the billiard table and ultimately improve their overall game. Power Break Power is considered to be crucial and important just as having full contact with the first ball. Most pros in the billiard profession agree that a good break moves at about twenty miles per hour. If you can break faster than 20 mph then the better. In the billiard game the fastest break is considered to be at thirty miles per hour. Your break should be powerful enough but without losing control. Tips on Achieving a Power Break Their are various methods you can use to execute a power break. The important thing to note here is that you want a proper transfer of your body weight to help your shoulders and arm strength in wielding the break. One good technique you can apply is by rocking your body back and forth which assists in transferring the weight from your front leg to the back leg. You might notice players lifting their front legs before they strike. This helps them to transfer their weight to their back leg and then stomp that front leg down on contact to do the reverse.

Breaking better on the 8/9 ball game One technique you can use on the 8 ball game is to shoot the cue ball between the first ball and the thrid ball at a slight angle almost parallel to the triangle’s adjacent side. This is executed from a distance far enough to give the pool player enough space to transfer most power. On the diamond 9 ball rack, its common to hit the head 1 ball parallel to one of its adjacent side. As you practice more and more on your break, you will discover which stance and power suits you best in as yo play to drop in the wing ball. The Break Cue Some billiard players cannot play without the break cue. As you use the break cue, the tip of the cue will get altered and deformed and with time you will need to to replace the tip because it will affect your game. The weight of the cue also matters a lot. Most professional players usually go for lighter break cues. This is because when the cue is lighter, its much easier for the billiard player to wield it with more power and speed. Article Source: sports-and-fitness-articles/breaking-better-inpool-242842.html About the Author: Visit to learn more about billiards and the pool. Also learn more about billiard gloves.

Win $200 from MxM

Cover Girl Contest: Last months winner was Angela from Morehead City, NC. Submit your pictures to and if your gal is chosen to be our Cover Girl you will win $200 in cash. MxM reseves the right to publish all submissions as we see fit.

Want to spice up your pool night?

Play a game of pool where clothes become the currency: Strip Pool. For obvious reasons, these rules are for games with adults only. Strip Pool: The Cast of Characters Before you think about introducing strip pool to your evening’s entertainment, make sure you’re with other like-minded adults. This is a game for couples, potential paramours, or a group/party of like-minded friends who won’t freak out when the clothes come off. This isn’t a game anyone should feel pushed into -- it’ll be no fun for that person or the other players. Any kind of pool can be played in a strip version. Strip pool sometimes starts with all players wearing the same number of articles of clothing, but the rules are flexible. The consistent aspect is the removal of clothing in place of or in addition to the betting of other games. Like other adult party games, activities besides removing clothing and playing pool might be involved. ("Truth or dare" type options are often included.) Strip pool is usually played as a variant of simpler pool game variations with fewer betting rounds, like 6-ball, 3,ball or a three player game called cut-throat. In case you were wondering.... YES, pool cues can be used as dancer poles during the game of strip pool and are highly encouraged by MxM Billiards along with pictures and videos. We also suggest you put the Bushka’s and other high dollar cues in a safe place before the fun begins. MxM highly suggested that this game be played in a private home. Our interns found out that playing this game in a public billiard room can lead to losing your keys, girls and being beaten-up by the clubs bouncers.


November 21ST - 23RD Registration 6-7pm • Auction 7-8pm • Play Times 8pm-3am Continues Saturday Noon-3am • Continues Sunday Noon-Finals $65 Entry Fee • Discounts Available • Tour Card Required Mr Cues II in Atlanta, Georgia • 3541 Chamblee-Tucker Road Visit: for more information Amateur-Advanced Players Only • NO PRO’s ALLOWED

There are people who support independent filmmaking just because it’s independent. No matter how bad the micro-indie they’re pushing is they’ll try to convince you it’s wonderful, just because it was made quickly, cheaply, and outside the studio system. I’m not buying it. If a movie is bad it’s bad, if it’s good it’s good. How it was made is irrelevant. Like those other under-funded independent, Kisses and Caroms is a movie made quickly (shot in five days I’m told), cheaply (no posh trailers for these stars), and definitely outside the studio system (unless you count Poverty Works as a studio). Unlike a lot of its other micro-indie counterparts though, it’s also surprisingly good. It begins where a lot of guys might like their evenings to end, with a menage. Zack (Drew Wick) wakes up in bed between two beautiful naked women, and pretends to go back to sleep. Jennifer (Nikki Stanzione) wakes up next to Zack, slips out of bed, and sneaks out of the house. Zack opens one eye and then attempts to do the same, but it doesn’t work. Tara (Nicole Rayburn) sits up stark naked and unashamed to call out after him. She’ll be in later to pick up her check. Tara is in fact, not a hooker. The three bedmates work together at a billiard supply store, and the film unfolds as they are forced to face the day together post-orgy. For Zack and Jennifer at least, things get a little uncomfortable. The real shocker in all of this is the acting. It’s good. Kisses and Caroms’ script is mainly about relationships, with a few wacky gags mixed in to keep the mood light. Anything this heavily character driven is shaky ground for a micro-budgeted movie. It’s not like the film’s director/producer/co-writer (and I suspect caterer/janitor/driver and a dozen other things too) Vince Rocca could have run out and hired Scarlett Johansson to tackle one of the movie’s more demanding roles. Of course hiring a known actress would probably only mean you’d be stuck with a diva who won’t take her top off’ and who wants to deal with that? Still, you get what you pay for and often the big problem with these moneyless productions is that they’re not paying anyone and so end up taking whomever they can get off the street to fill out a part. Friends, neighbors, a bum who wanders in front of the camera in the midst of a night shoot, or worse aspiring models; wherever these pics on the cheap get them, the acting usually sucks. Kisses and Caroms breaks that mold with some fairly solid performances from complete unknowns. Casting is actually the movie’s greatest strength, and you’ve got to wonder where Vince found his. I’m not trying to sell these actors as Oscar contenders, keep in mind we’re working on a sliding scale here. But compared to its other micro-indie brethren, Kisses and Caroms is rather well acted. It probably helps that the film’s decent enough actors are given pretty solid dialogue to interpret. Some of the script feels a little contrived, for instance we probably could have done without a radio psychiatrist subplot, or another gun-toting jealous husband. But as it explores the relationship between Nicole, Zack, and Tara K&C has some interesting, maybe even a little bit brave, places to go. Well brave if you consider being pro-swinging gutsy. Scratch that, it’s not an advertisement for swinging. Maybe a better way to describe it is as willing to endorse the experimental. Amidst the girl on girl on guy action Kisses and Caroms is mostly a movie about making love work, even if it means being willing to be a little non-traditional. For a lot of people it’s not natural to think outside the box where relationships are concerned, but the movie presents it in a way that’s smart and silly all at once. They get it right, it feels authentic and when you’re taking on something as potentially wild as threesomes I don’t think you can ask for more than that. Whoa, I can hear you hardcore Chronicles of Narnia fans clicking over to another review already. You’re right this probably isn’t the movie for you. But don’t take it too seriously. This is after all a comedy, and one with a few decent laughs. Some of the best jokes are riffs on the work of Kevin Smith, which perhaps explains why he’s gone and endorsed it. You can’t really go wrong with references to the Rufus, the 13th apostle. The movie’s a sexy, funny, insightful, gleefully rated R flick that’s at least a step above any other script shot in five days for next to nothing. It’s not perfect, the production values are low and sure there’s plenty of room for improvement in the details of it. I’m not here to make excuses for the film, but for what it is Kisses and Caroms works. Maybe Vince Rocca’s threesome opus isn’t ready for Hollywood, and it could definitely use a better title, but the movie’s sharper than it ought to be. If you’re stuck in an arthouse and you can’t stand another boring 120 minutes of pretension, keep an eye out for Kisses and Caroms and give it a chance. Reviewed by Joshua Tyler -

Online Consumers Plan to Spend Less in Stores NEW YORK, Nov. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Online consumers intend to spend less in stores this holiday season than last year, The Conference Board and TNS report, but slightly more online. Consumers will be expecting free shipping and deals not available in stores when they shop online. The Consumer Internet Barometer, a quarterly report produced by The Conference Board, the global Consumers to Reduce In-Store Spending; business research and membership organization, and TNS, a global market insight and information Planned Online Shopping Shows Slight Increase group, surveys 10,000 households across the country and tracks who’s doing what on the Inter- Even though online shoppers plan to spend less in stores this holiday season, planned spending net. online is up slightly, compared to the same quar“Given the current economic environment, it is no ter last year. Online households planning to spend surprise that consumers are reigning in their spend- more than $500 in stores declined to 16 percent from 21 percent last year. Those planning to spend ing and seeking bargains,” says Lynn Franco, Director of The more than $500 online rose to 5 percent from 4 C o n f e r e n c e percent last season. Board Consumer Research Center. “Free shipping, exclusive online deals, coupons and discounts are among the incentives consumers will be expecting this season.” Bargain hunting will remain the driving force behind online sales, the report notes.

Those planning to spend between $100 and $499 in stores declined to 57 percent from 61 percent last year, while those planning to spend that amount online edged up to 36 percent from 35 percent last year. Online households planning to spend less than $100 in stores increased to 22 percent from 16 percent last year. Those planning to spend that amount online rose to 32 percent from 29 percent. “Despite slowing retail sales in many channels this holiday season, online shopping is likely to be one of the few bright spots this holiday season,” reports Mary Brett Whitfield, Director of the Retail Forward Intelligence System(TM) of TNS Retail Forward. Online sales across retail channels are forecast to grow 9 percent this holiday season, compared with a total retail sales forecast of just 1.5 percent growth this year in the key holiday shopping retail sectors. TNS Retail Forward forecasts online sales to reach $42.5 billion in the fourth quarter, up $3.5 billion from last year. “The convenience of shopping online still resonates with many holiday shoppers, even in a slow economy,” adds Whitfield.

s, But Slightly More Online This Holiday Season Retail and Catalogue Sites Most Popular

Consumers More Cost Conscious

This holiday season, books, clothes, movies and toys will be the most popular items on the consumer’s Internet shopping list. The most preferred shopping sites are those operated by retail store and catalogue operators such as or, followed by online retailers such as and online auction sites such as

Shipping charges, which are the most frustrating aspect of online shopping, tend to frustrate women more than men, 47 percent versus 38 percent respectively. The ongoing sentiment among online holiday shoppers is that free shipping, coupons and discount offers would encourage them to spend more online. About 93 percent of women versus 87 percent of men say free shipping would serve as a motivation to spend more online this holiday Women shoppers are shifting from retail and cata- season. More than 71 percent said special offers logue sites to online retailers this year, perhaps in and deals not available in stores would boost their search of better prices. Female shoppers who pre- online spending, with little difference between ferred retail and catalogue sites dropped to 42 per- men and women. More than 70 percent of women cent from 48 percent in 2007, while female shop- and 68 percent of men said they would be willing pers who prefer online retailers have grown to 40 to spend more if merchants offered coupons/dispercent from 34 percent last year. Site preferences counts. In concert with shipping cost frustrations, for male shoppers only changed slightly. 48 percent of women say they would spend more online if sites offered free return postage, comShopping Habits Differ Among Genders pared with 39 percent of men who felt this way. Consumers are very aware of the cost benefits between shopping in stores and online. Self-identified bargain hunters account for 44 percent of shoppers who made an online purchase in the past three months, the same as a year ago. Die-hard Internet shoppers have increased slightly and represent 17 percent of shoppers. They are the second most common type of Internet shopper. Traditional shoppers, who occasionally shop online but prefer the familiarity of real stores, account for about 15 percent of online shoppers. Last resort shoppers, who buy online only when products are unavailable in stores, rank fourth on the list and represent 14 percent of online shoppers. Lastly, hurried shoppers, who point and click only when pressed for time, represent 10 percent of online shoppers. Among bargain hunters, men are more likely than women to surf the Internet searching for deals. Only 41 percent of women compared with 48 percent of men are self-proclaimed bargain hunters. Last resort shoppers and hurried shoppers, however, are more likely to be women. About the same proportion of men and women are Internet die-hards and traditional shoppers.

About This Survey: The Consumer Internet Barometer is based on a quarterly survey of 10,000 households. A unique sample is surveyed each quarter. Return rates average 70 percent, which ensures highly representative data. Data is weighted as well to reflect the latest U.S. household demographic information. The latest survey was conducted during the fourth quarter of 2008. For more information, please email or lynn.franco@

America’s #1 Cue Shaper and Scuffer

Dealer Inquiries Invited. 1-888-CUECUBE CUE CUBE CORPORATION

Manufacurer and Distributor of Quality Billiard Accessories

WHO WE ARE Like many tip tools and cue accessories, the Cue Cube was made by someone who wanted a tool for themselves. Others in their local poolroom wanted one and it turned into a business. In 1982 the “company” was purchased and at the suggestion of some pro players the curvature and grit roughness were modified, though the cube shape and metal base were retained. The Cue Cube Corporation, maker of the “Original Cue Cube” is celebrating its 26th year as one of the premier manufacturers of billiard cue shaping devices in the United States. In fact the trademarked names “Cue Cube” and “Shaft Slicker” are so prevalent throughout the billiard world that, like Scotch brand cellophane tape, or Kleenex tissue, users of tip shapers or maintenance tools tend to refer to all of them as Cue Cubes or Shaft Slickers. The Cue Cube has become one of the most successful and widely-recognized products in the billiard world. Cue Cube Corporation currently distributes its products to countries around the globe. The Shaft Slicker, a treated leather/nylon item for shaft maintenance, was put into production and marketed in the mid-80s and in 1993 the two items were packaged together for the first time as the “Pool Cue Maintenance Kit”. Later developments adapted the Cue Cube for attachment on a key chain plus at least six different colors are now available for the cube bodies. In addition the labels, traditionally silver, have now included a gold edition and a patriotic red, white and blue model. This small “started-in-a-garage” company from Milwaukee, like the little engine that could, is still going strong, with steadily increasing sales year by year. Cue Cube is very proud to have competed successfully in a market with a lot of import competition. They are proud to stamp “MADE IN U.S.A.” on their every product. Thanks to Bruce Venzke and Tom Shaw. The above was excerpted from their articles in Pool and Billiard Magazine. (12-02 & 1-04)


Manufacurer and Distributor of Quality Billiard Accessories


2 in 1

One side of this two-in-one tool shapes the cue tip to the proper radius, while the other scuffs the cue tip to hold chalk and prevent miscues. Made of solid metal with silicon carbide, this device lasts and lasts. This product is used by professional players. The Cue Cube has a successful track record because it works so well and is reasonably priced. Cue Cubes come in avariety of colors, fiishes, and packaging. Many leading cue manufacturers recommend the CUE CUBE and SHAFT SLICKER.

Turn over to SCUFF


#9110 CHROME CARD(25) #91103-BULK BOX(36)

#91120 CHROME CARD(12) W/ Key Chain

#91118(24) DISPLAY PKG CHROME W/Bonus Chalk

#91105-COLOR CARD(18) #91106-BULKWOCHAIN(36)

SHAFT SLICKER Shaft Slicker is made of soft high quality genuine leather on one side and a cleaning pad on the other side. The gentle, not abrasive cleaning side removes the dirt and oils that accumulate on the cue from repeated use. After cleaning, the specially treated soft natural leather smoothes the shaft for a perfect stroke #91111-DISPLAY BOX OF 20 #91104-DISPLAY BOX OF 36

7234 W. Becher Street Milwaukee, WI 53219 414-541-5309 #91108(12) - #91101(24)

#91107(12) - #91112(24)


November 18th $10,000 GUARAN



Southern Classic Amateur-Advanced Info Each Event Will Have A Player Auction At 7-8pm Events Played On - 9’ Brunswick Gold Crown IV Tables Viking Tour Card Required For Participation Table, Reg. Fees of $20 included in entry fee $45 Discount to 9-Ball event if you play 1 other SCA-A Event

-- 23rd, 2008 NTEED ADDED



presented by

Southern Classic Amateur-Advanved “No Pro’s Allowed”

Mr Cues II

3541 Chamblee-Tucker Atlanta, Georgia 770-454-7665

Event Schedule Nov 18-23 Tuesday Night 6-Ball Event $1,000 Added Registration 6-7pm Auction 7-8pm Play Times 8pm-2am Cont. Wed 7pm-Finals ••• Wednesday Night 1-Pocket Event $1,000 Added Registration 6-7pm Auction 7-8pm Play Times 8pm-2am Cont. Thurs 7pm-Finals ••• Thursday Night 8-Ball Event $2,000 Added Registration 6-7pm Auction 7-8pm Play Times 8pm-2am Cont. Friday 7pm-Finals ••• Friday Night 9-Ball Event $6,000 Added Registration 6-7pm Auction 7-8pm Play Times 8pm-3am Cont. Sat Noon-3am Cont. Sun Noon-Finals


MillerLiteSponsorsTheVikingCue“Open”and“Amateur”9-BallTours Battle On The Cape Miller Lite presents the $3,500 added Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour Battle on the Cape. The event will be held on the weekend of December 6th and 7th, 2008 at Diamond Billiard Sports Bar and Grill located at 1242 SW Pine Island RD in Cape Coral, Florida (ph: 239-573-7665). The $2,500 added “Open” event starts at 1pm on Saturday, December 6th and will continue into Sunday until a champion is crowned. The $1,000 added “Amateur Only” event starts at 1pm Sunday, December 7th and will be completed that day. Amateur players may compete in both divisions. For more information about the event such as start times, fees or directions to the event, please visit the tours web site at Mike Janis, the founder of the Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour, added, “Having Miller Lite as our “Presented by” sponsor for this event is a major leap forward for the future of American Cue Sports. Miller Lite sponsorship has allowed the Viking Cue Amateur 9-Ball Tour to raise our added money for this event. I am really excited about this sponsorship from Miller Lite. It’s the second outside industry sponsorship we have gained on the Viking Cue Amateur 9-Ball Tour and one of the very few outside industry sponsors to support our sport. I believe that if enough supporters get behind this event and sponsor we will be able maintain Miller Lite as a future sponsor for our sport.” To help show your support of the Miller Lite sponsorship please attend this event, responsibly enjoy Miller Lite and send a brief email letter to the Viking Tour sponsors to let them know how much the fans and players in our sport appreciate their sponsorships. About the Viking Tours: The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour was founded in 1994 as the Ohio 9-Ball Tour by Mike Janis from Cleveland, Ohio. Over the years it has grown significantly to include many regions of the US. It is currently the largest and longest running Open regional billiards tour in the USA. The Viking Tours consist of four separate tours: The Viking Cue Open, Amateur, Amateur-Advanced and junior 9-Ball Tours. Combined, the tours offer approximately 219 tournament events each tour season for players from beginning to professionals to compete in. Player and business associate members are offered many outstanding benefits that separate the Viking Tours from any other tour in the USA. These benefits include: Healthcare insurance, Free entry fees for Ladies and junior players, Discounts to Military Personnel, Senior Citizens and Pool League Players. For more information about sponsoring, participating in or hosting Viking Tour events contact the tour at or call 1-800-200-POOL. Visit the Viking Tours web page at:

Crosby & Ybarra Take 2nd KF Cue tour stop The Open Division

The Amateur Division

Tony Crosby came from a second-round defeat to battle through and win the finals of the KF Cues Open 9-Ball Tour this weekend. As Crosby was battling throught the one loss side John Demet was making his way to the finals with some impressive wins over Adam Wheeler 9-7, Jason Richko 9-6, Mark Wathen 9-8 this would set up a hot seat match with Top Ladies Touring professional player Tracie Hines. Hines had battled her way to the final with wins over Stephanie Mitchel 9-3, Bob Eaton 9-8, Josh Degler 9-5 and Jose Del Rio. The final would see Demet take the hot seat with a very hard fought 9-6 win. Crosby who dropped a 2nd round match to Josh Degler would make his way to the final with wins over Bobby Livrago 9-4, Bob Eaton 9-3, Julio Aquino 9-7, Jason Richko 9-3, Jose Del Rio 9-7, Tony Ruberto 9-2 and Tracie Hines 9-2. The final would see Crosby grind out an impressive 9-3 win to take down the $1000 Added event. Taz Naravane would finish Top Junior player with play off win over Bryce Lepak.

Jose Ybarra would claim his first KF Amateur tour title with a undefeated run through a strong 32 man field. Ybarra mad his way through to the final with wins over Hank Samuels 7-6, Johnny Demet 7-4, Jesse Langston 7-4, and Mike Rodriguez 7-4. In the finals he would meet Orlando pool room owner Ted Lepak who made his way with some very hard fought wins over Stephanie Mitchell 7-6, Richard (Turtle) Knight 7-6, Brett Hawes 7-6 and Louie ( The Spoiler) Smith 7-5. Ybarra would take the hot seat match beating Lepak 7-3. Josh Degler who dropped a 1st round match to Richard (Turtle) Knight 7-5 would then go onto win 8 straight wins over Stephanie Mitchell 7-4, Johnny Demet 7-4, Jim Oddy 7-4, Bryan Davidson 7-3, Jose Delrio 7-3, Mike Rodriquez 7-3, Louie ( The Spoiler) Smith 7-3 he would then go onto to beat Ted Lepak Hill Hill to get himself in the final. Jose Yabarra would finally halt his run on cliam his first KF event with a comfortable 9-4 win. Taz Naravane Would finish top junior player for this event.

1st Tony Crosby $650 2nd Johnny Demet $400 3rd Tracie Hines $250 4th Tony Ruberto $150 5/6th Jose DelRio $100 5/6th Mark Wathen $100 7/8th Brett Hawes $75 7/8th Jason Richko $75

1st Jose Ybarra $500 2nd Josh Degler $350 3rd Ted Lepha $200 4th Louie Smith $145 5/6th Jesse Langston $75 5/6th Mike Rodriguez $75 7/8th Jason Richko $60 7/8th Jose DelRio $60

Thanks To Strokers Pool room for hosting the event and our Title Sponsors KF Cues. We would also like to recognize our latest sponsors, SImmonis cloth and Master Chalk. Visit to see our sponsors and upcoming events.

Lessons From Tony Crosby Tony has been teaching people to play billiards for as long as he can remember. Everybody who has participated in one of his lessons has been satisfied with their improvement. “The most enjoyable thing about teaching people is seeing them improve and the pleasure they get from it. “ said Tony. Tony has many people come to him for lessons - from beginners to Pro’s. Some of the more recent top pro players include Ladies’ number 3 ranked player Monica Webb, Ladies’ number 7 ranked Helena Thornfelt, and Richey Orem, who just won the Reno Open Championships. These are just some of Tony’s satisfied students. For further information on taking a lesson from Tony you can contact him at: 727-488-0536 Testimonials -

"It's amazing how fast Tony targeted and corrected my weaknesses, and what was missing in my game." - Helena Thornfeldt U.S. Open Champion

"The absolute best lesson I have ever received. I knew there was something missing in my technique that had made my game plateau. Tony gave me what I needed to continue improving in my quest for #1." - Monica Webb # 3 on the Women's Pro Tour

Keeps Your Wood Straight !

Shaft Freeze is a Revolutionary new coating that promotes stability keeping one’s shaft straight! It will not allow your shaft to oxidate or turn that ugly blue tint that happens so often! It will keep your shaft slick for up to 2 years, and will not add any noticable weight. Your shaft will also keep playing like it has always played. The coating can be added to any shaft but keep in mind that older used shafts will have to be sanded past dirt, wax and sealers to insure adhesion. You will get a brand new looking shaft that will save you money on cleanings over time! Only $40.00!


The Viking Cue Amateur 9-Ball Tour was at Randolph’s in Hickory, N.C. the weekend of November 8th & 9th, 2008 for the $3000 Added Amateur Only event. The event had 68 participants including 8 women and 26 league players who took advantage of the discount programs offered by The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour. Players from all over the region and as far away as Florida and Ohio showed up to try and take home some of the $5970 prize fund that was up for grabs. However, the hometown boys had this one in the bag as Randy Canipe, the owner of Randolph’s took 1st and the $1570 prize that went along with it. Mackey Lowery took 2nd place and the $1050 prize that came with it.

1st $1,000 + $570 Randy Canipe 2nd $700 + $350 Mackey Lowery 3rd $500 + $250 Mike Cantrell 4th $400 + $100 Tony Morrison 5/6 $300 + $50 each Ed Killough / Evan Wyatt 7/8 $200 each Jerry Hilton / Brandon Canipe 9/12 $150 each Daniel Hill / Norman Moody Ritchie Tuttle / Matt Armstrong 13/16 $100 each Justin Lazaro / Dusty Norris Dale Phillips / Preston Buckwold Good fortune was abound for Randolph’s this weekend as Becky Canipe the co-owner of the billiard room also won the $500 Viking Cue Raffle. As always Randolph’s was an excellent host for the tournament. Each day the players were treated with home-made food fresh from the kitchen and after the event the pool room was abound with action and the lounge area provided a place to relax for all the players.

The Viking Tour wishes to thank Randy and Becky Randy Canipe went undefeated to claim his 1st Canipe along with the staff of Randolph’s for the prize funds, he drew a bye in round one then pro- hospitality and great atmosphere they provided for ceeded to defeat Mike Bumgarner 7-3; Jeff Pruitt everyone at the event. 7-6; Brandon Canipe 7-2; Jerry Hilton 7-5, Evan Wyatt 7-1, Mackey Lowery 7-5 in the match for the Hot Seat and once again in the set #1 of the finals 7-5. Mackey Lowery also drew a bye in round one then proceeded to defeat David Coffey 7-6; Kevin Falsetti 7-4; Ritchie Tuttle 7-3; Matt Armstrong 7-6; Tony Morrison 7-6; Before his loss in the match for the Hot Seat to Randy Canipe 7-5, In the semi-finals Lowery defeated Mike Cantrell 7-6 to earn his trip to the finals where he once again faced Randy Canipe only to lose in set #1 of the finals. Amy Kilby earned the spot as the highest finishing women player and for her exceptional efforts she will receive her pool league dues and weekly fees paid for the next year.

Hot News OB Cues- Not Just Shafts Anymore!

BCA Chairman Sean Cummings Resigns from Board of Directors

The OB Cues company is proud to announce they now have 4 models of cues Broomfield, Colo. – November 12, 2008 – Sean Cumto compliment its line of game improving mings, 2008-2009 Billiard Congress of America (BCA) Board of Directors chairman, has announced his resignaperformance cue shafts. All OB Cues incorporate Full Length Core, or FLC, technology. FLC is a solid maple core that extends from the joint to the bumper and adds just the right amount of stiffness in just the right place to really complement the OB-1 or OB-2 cue shafts. The new cues also feature AWS (Adaptive Weight System). AWS allows the pool player to tailor the weight of their new OB Cue to their preference. The weight system uses readily available and inexpensive weights and tools making it not only easy to adjust the weight, but affordable as well. With 4 beautiful models to choose from, ranging from the 108 series with figured curly maple forearm and butt sleeve to the intricate 408 series with 12 points and 36 inlays, you are sure to find what you are looking for at a price that fits your budget. All OB Cues products are 100% made in the USA.

For more information contact: Royce Bunnell – OB Cues 972.578.9100 or 877.399.9901

tion from Brunswick Billiards. After 12 years of service with Brunswick Corporation, three years of which with Brunswick Billiards, Cummings is leaving the industry for a position with a privately held industrial products company in Milwaukee, Wis. As a result of his departure, Cummings has also resigned his position as chairman of the BCA Board. “It is with much sadness that I submit my resignation from the BCA Board of Directors,” said Cummings. “I will certainly miss being a member of the BCA and the broader billiards community. It was truly an honor for me to be selected chairman of the organization. The Board and its membership should be proud of their commitment to the betterment of the industry. ”In light of Cummings’ resignation and per the BCA Bylaws, the first vice chairman shall complete the unexpired term of the chairman. As such, the BCA announces that Ivan Lee, of Iwan Simonis, will serve as chairman until the next annual election of officers, which is scheduled to take place in June 2009 during the 2009 International Billiard & Home Recreation Expo in Las Vegas, Nev. “Sean will be missed by the BCA Board, as well as the entire billiard industry,” notes Lee. “He is a true gentleman that leads by example. I wish him all the best in his new endeavors.” In addition, Kathy Vegh, of Danny Vegh’s Billiards & Home, will now serve in the capacity of first vice chairman. As chairman, Lee will have the option to appoint from members of the current Board a replacement for the now vacant position of second vice chairman. The BCA Board will also seek to fill Cummings’ director term, which will expire in 2011. “It has truly been a pleasure to work with Sean and his presence in the industry will certainly be missed,” said Rob Johnson, BCA CEO. “Sean is one of the rare individuals with not only the ability to achieve great success in business, but to do it while treating everyone with respect and professionalism. These traits have enabled him to serve as a respected advocate for the industry, Brunswick and the BCA. On behalf of the BCA Board of Directors, I wish him much success in his new position.”

Southern Classic

Amateur-Advanved Nov. 8-9 “No Pro’s Allowed”

$10,000 Added Mr Cues II

3541 Chamblee-Tucker Atlanta, Georgia 770-454-7665

Nov 18-23 Tues - Nov 18 6-Ball - $35 Entry

$1,000 Added Registration 6-7pm Race to 7W/7L Play Times 8pm-2am Cont. Wed 7pm-Finals

Wed. - Nov 19 1-Pocket - $35 Entry

$1,000 Added

Registration 6-7pm Race to 2W/2L Play Times 8pm-2am Cont. Thurs 7pm-Finals

Thurs - Nov 20 8-Ball - $45 Entry

Friday - Nov 21 9-Ball - $65 Entry*

$6,000 Added Registration 6-7pm Race to 7W/7L Play Times 8pm-3am Cont. Sat Noon-3am Cont. Sun Noon-Finals

68 Players

$3,000 Added - Amateur Only Winner = Randy Canipe

Randolph’s Billiards

16 2nd St NW • Hickory, NC • 828-326-7005

Dec. 6-7

Start Time =1pm

$2,500 Added - Open Event Double Elim • Race to 9W/7L on 9' tables

Dec. 7TH

Start Time =1pm

$1,000 Added - Amateur Only Double Elim • Race to 5W/5L on 7' tables

Diamond Billiards

1242 SW Pine Island Rd • Cape Coral, FL • 239-573-7665

Dec. 13-14

Start Time =1pm

$2,500 Added - Amateur Only Double Elim • Race to 9W/7L on 7’ tables

Breakers Billiards

5000 Clinton Hwy • Knoxville, TN • 865-688-6475

Dec. 20-21

Start Time =1pm

$2,000 Added - Open Event Double Elim • Race to 9W/7L on 8' tables

$2,000 Added Dec. 21ST

Registration 6-7pm Race to 5W/4L Play Times 8pm-2am Cont. Friday 7pm-Finals

Start Time =1pm

$500 Added - Amateur Only Double Elim • Race to 5W/5L on 8' tables

Club Quincy - Birmingham Race Course 1000 John Rogers Dr • Birmingham, AL • 205-838-7446

visit: for more info Southern Classic Amateur-Advanced Info Each Eevent Will Have A Player Auction At 7-8pm Events Played On - 9’ Brunswick Gold Crown IV Tables Viking Tour Card Required For Participation Table, Reg. Fees of $20 included in entry fee $45 Discount to 9-Ball event if you play 1 other SCA-A Event

Hot News Brunswick Reports Loss for Third Quarter, Cites Production Cuts, Write-Downs, Restructuring Charges

Vacation Anyone?

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Oct. 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Royal Caribbean International LAKE FOREST, Ill., Oct. 23 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ today announced its entry into Dubai in the United -- Brunswick Corporation (NYSE: BC) reported Arab Emirates with the deployment of Brilliance of today results for the third quarter of 2008, which the Seas in 2010. From January to April 2010, the cruise line will offer its signature style of include the following: cruising for active vacationers to an international “- A net loss of $591.4 million, or $6.70 per mix of guests, on seven-night sailings from this diluted share, for the third quarter of 2008, which increasingly popular destination. Itineraries for the includes $4.31 per diluted share of non-cash new cruises from Dubai will be announced in the goodwill and trade name impairment charges, coming weeks. $0.28 per diluted share of restructuring charges “Dubai is a dynamic and thriving city that and $1.78 per diluted share of non-cash charges shows great growth potential. Building on our for special tax items. reputation for introducing revolutionary cruise - Total sales for the quarter down 22 percent experiences, we are excited to provide a different versus a year ago to approximately $1.0 billion, cruise vacation than traditionally offered in this region,” said Michael Bayley, senior vice president, driven by a 28 percent drop in marine aales. - Fitness segment sales up 8 percent in the quarter international, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. “Royal Caribbean continues to attract vacationers globon strong demand for commercial product. - Cash on hand of $342.9 million at quarter’s end.” ally and we are thrilled to offer new and exciting choices for our guests -- combining our distinct onboard amenities with compelling itineraries includBowling & Billiards Segment ing the Arabian Gulf’s most popular destinations.” Brilliance of the Seas has a sleek profile and features vast expanses of open space, mirrored surfaces and glass paneling -- nearly three acres of exterior glass. The open Centrum with ten-deck high windows and ocean-facing glass elevators offers guests breathtaking vistas of the passing landscape and sea. Among the ship’s unique fea-

tures is a pair of ultra-high-tech, self-leveling

“The Bowling & Billiards segment is comprised pool tables in the Bombay Billiards Club. of the Brunswick retail bowling centers; bowling equipment and products; and billiards, Air Hockey and foosball tables. Segment sales in the third quarter of 2008 totaled $111.1 million, down 3 percent compared with $114.6 million in the yearago quarter. For the third quarter, the segment had an operating loss of $10.4 million, which includes $13.6 million of goodwill and trade name impairments, and $1.8 million of restructuring charges. This compares with an operating loss of $0.2 million in the year-ago period.” SOURCE Brunswick Corporation

ACS Presents The Pechauer All American Tour Results from Finish Line Food & Fun The fourth stop of the 50-stop 2008/2009 Pechauer All American Tour (produced by the American CueSports Alliance – ACS) was hosted at Finish Line Food & Fun in Chenoa, IL, on Saturday, October 25. The $500 added event featured 26 players in a double-elimination 8-ball format on 7-foot bar boxes. John Pokora (Springfield, IL) outlasted Jeff Colvin (Auburn, IL) in the A-side finals by a 6-1 margin to gain the hot seat. Previously in the A-side semi-finals, Pokora clipped Larry Miller (Saybrook, IL) 6-5, while Colvin out-managed Bob Romano (Streator, IL) 6-4. The B-side final six showcased Larry Miller eliminating Bob Romano (Lockport, IL) at 5th place by a 4-2 margin, while Brad Blankenship (Sedalia, MO) suffered the same 5th place fate at the hands of Bob Nodine (Streator, IL) 2-4. Nodine then stopped Larry Miller at 4th place 4-1. Next Nodine faced off with Colvin for a chance at Pokora. While Bob started hot, he was stopped at 3rd place with a 2-4 loss to Jeff Colvin. This set up Jeff Colvin’s rematch with undefeated John Pokora for the title. Pokora was on top all night, forging an early 5-0 lead. Colvin could only manage to earn one game from Pokora, as Pokora took the title in the first set! By virtue of John Pokora being the highest-finishing ACS member in the event, he qualified for a free 9-Ball singles entry into the 2009 ACS Nationals in Las Vegas – courtesy of the ACS. The ACS wishes to thank sponsors J. Pechauer Custom Cues, Championship Billiard Fabric, Nick Varner Signature Cases and oZone Billiards for their support in donating “Value-In-Kind” product for this and all stops on the Pechauer All American Tour. Sponsorship opportunities are still available for the 2008/2009 All American Tour by contacting the ACS. The Tour moves to Legend’s Sports Bar this Saturday, November 1 for a $500 added 8-Ball stop in Clinton, IA (contact David Holmes at 563-321-8435). Further information, entry details and schedules for the 2008/2009 Pechauer All American Tour are available at Final Results: 1st John Pokora (Springfield, IL) 2nd Jeff Colvin (Auburn, IL) 3rd Bob Nodine (Streator, IL) 4th Larry Miller (Saybrook, IL) 5-6th Brad Blankenship (Sedalia, MO) Bob Romano (Lockport, IL)

$425 + $210 side pot + Free Singles entry to ACS Nationals $287 + $157 side pot $207 + $105 side pot $115 + $53 side pot $58

The ACS is a non-profit, national organization dedicated to heightening the interest and awareness of cue sports through the support and sanctioning of organized competition throughout the United States.

November 18 - 23 TH


Amateur-Advanced Players Only

DU Th RIN eE G ven t


Full Bar & Grille and 38 Table Pool Room 3541 Chamblee-Tucker • Atlanta, GA • 770-454-7665 POCKET

Starts on Tues. Nov. 18th at 7pm

Starts on Wed. Nov. 19th at 7pm

Starts on Thurs. Nov. 20th at 7pm

$1,000 Added

$1,000 Added

$2,000 Added

$35 Entry Fee $45 Entry Fee $35 Entry Fee Amateur-Adv Event Amateur-Adv Event Amateur-Adv Event Race to 7W/7L* Race to 5W/4L* Race to 2W/2L*

Starts on Friday Nov. 21st at 7pm

$6,000 Added

$65 Entry Fee - 7W/7L - Amateur-Adv Event

$40 Discount to this event if you play 1 other SCA-A Event Above

Events Are Played Only In The Evening During The Weekdays Tues-Friday 8pm - 2am

During the SCA-A Event Atlanta is for snootie foodies, sports fanatics, fashionistas, nature lovers and even bohemian hipsters. 1 Atlanta Ballet 2 Atlanta Botanical Garden 3 Atlanta Braves and Turner Field 4 Atlanta Civil War History 5 Atlanta Falcons at the Georgia Dome 6 Atlanta Hawks and Atlanta Thrashers at Philips Arena 7 Atlanta History Center 8 Atlanta Motor Sports 9 Atlanta Opera 10 Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Chastain Park Amphitheatre 11 Atlanta University Center and the Historic West End 12 Atlanta Walking Tours 13 Atlantic Station 14 Discounts Galore 15 See a Broadway Show 16 Buckhead, A Luxurious Experience 17 Centennial Olympic Park 18 Center for Puppetry Arts 19 Chattahoochee River Fun 20 Chateau Élan Winery & Resort 21 City of Decatur 22 Inside CNN Studio Tour 23 Dine Out 24 Let’s Do Downtown Year Round 25 Fernbank Museum of Natural History

26 Festivals Galore 27 The Georgia Aquarium 28 Georgia’s History Under the Gold Dome 29 Golf in Atlanta 30 The Gone With the Wind Experience 31 A New High Museum of Art for Atlanta 32 Imagine It! The Children’s Museum of Atlanta 33 Jimmy Carter Library and Museum 34 Marietta Historic District 35 Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site and Sweet Auburn District 36 Midtown, The Heart of the Arts. 37 NEW World of Coca-Cola 38 Piedmont Park 39 Roswell Historic District 40 School’s in for Culture 41 City Segway Tours 42 Shop Until You Drop 43 Six Flags Over Georgia & Six Flags White Water 44 Stone Mountain Park 45 Find Theater at its Best 46 Underground Atlanta 47 Virginia-Highland 48 William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum 49 Yellow River Game Ranch and Kangaroo Conservation Center 50 Zoo Atlanta

The 2008-2009 Pechauer All American Tour Returns for its 4th Year The American CueSports Alliance (ACS) is pleased to announce the fourth annual installment of the All American Tour. ACS will again be teaming up with sponsors Pechauer Custom Cues, Championship Billiard Fabric and Nick Varner Signature Cases (in addition to new partner oZone Billiards!) to product the Tour. With fifty (50) stops nationwide to be conducted between October 2008 and June 2009, the Pechauer All American Tour is one of largest in the nation. All events are open to any amateur player (all paying the same entry fee) cying for $500-$1,500 added prize fund events, with the highest-placed ACS member receiving an extra perk of claiming a free singles entry to the ACS Nationals in Las Vegas, May 31-June 6, 2009

View the All American Tour Schedule Below. Date


October 24 Fort Crook Billiards       October 25 Sandite Billiards & Grill October 25   Fort Crook Billiards       October 25 Fort Crook Billiards       October 26 Fort Crook Billiards       October 25 Leisure Time Billiards October 25-26 Finish Line Food & Fun November 1 Legends Sports Bar November 8 Rudy’s Place November 8 Miller Time Billiards November 8-9 Brickhouse November 15-16 Q’s Sports Bar & Girl November 22 Billiards on Main November 29-30 Match-ups November 29 Hammerheads


State Added $

Entry Game

Omaha               Sand Springs Omaha               Omaha               Omaha               East Moline Chenoa Clinton Aurora Davenport Decatur Port Charlotte Galesburg Ft. Collins Dubuque

NE        OK NE        NE        NE        IL IL IA IL IA IL FL IL CO IA

$40   $30 $40    $30    $30    $30 $30 $30 $30 $30 $35 $40 $30 $25 $30

$300          $500 $300          $300          $300          $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $1,000 $500 $1,000 $500


9-Ball             402-291-7665 8-Ball 918-245-2859 8-Ball (Open)    402-291-7665 8-Ball (Women) 402-291-7665 8-Ball (Scotch)    402-291-7665 8-Ball 309-752-9559 8-Ball 309-261-2256 8-Ball 563-321-8435 8-Ball 630-898-7769 9-Ball 563-359-7225 9-Ball 217-429-4500 9-Ball 941-585-9600 8-Ball 309-342-7665 8-Ball 970-482-2337 8-Ball 563-583-9809


(If you are not currently an ACS member, you can join prior to start of tournament for $25.00)

For more details on each event, visit or call ACS at 1-888-662-1705

It’s A Matter of Focus Denny Stewart

Concentration is not something that you can force, or control. Matter of fact if you’re even trying to concentrate that means your not concentrating! Fighting your mind does not work, you can’t will a state of mind, or we’d all be willing dead stroke every time. It just doesn’t work that way. What you can do is FOCUS the mind. It works like this, as you achieve your focus, the mind quiets automatically. A quiet mind only picks up what is relevant in the here and now. You will get into a state of relaxed concentration. Having the proper rhythm helps the player to keep their MIND & BODY Working together as one unit and to develop the sensation of Deadstroke. Ask yourself this question. Have you ever shot a shot when you weren’t ready? This is one small example of what happens when your mind and body aren’t working together. Each routine has a starting point called a SWITCH. By having these defined starting points for various routines, it becomes easier to “start over” whenever necessary. Once these starting points have become a habit, it becomes easier to keep the mind and body working together. This starting point becomes a SWITCH that triggers specific responses in the mind and body that helps to keep your rhythm smooth and intact. Let’s try this now, when your at the table and going into your PreShot routine, or planning a shot, then executing it, it is relatively easy to focus because your actively engrossed in what you’re doing moment by moment. But you are very vulnerable between strokes, shots, or when you’re in the chair. Something that might benefit you for when you have those stray thoughts of winning, losing, who’s there and what if I miss etc. (basically all chatter) is to focus the mind on your breathing. Nothing is more “here and now” than your breath. It also has a beneficial calming effect. So now you have some tools to keep your head in the game. Focus on the here and now while you’re at the table and running balls, and for all else you can erase with some focus on your breathing. It will keep you in a lot more games. Next time when you’re getting ready to practice try this. Set up a straight in shot to the side pocket. You’re going to stop the cue ball when you shoot it. Now once you have decided on what tip position and speed you’re going to shoot it at, close your eyes and I want you to feel it, hear it then listen for it to go in the pocket. Try it and see and feel the effects of it.

$2,500.00 Added

“AMATEUR” 9-Ball Tournament Starts Saturday • Dec 13th at 1pm Event Played On 7’ Tables

Tournament Location

Chameleon Rack & Turtle Tapper

42 TV’s + Game Room Complete Pro Shop On-Site Cue Repair

Food & Liquor Available 5000 Clinton Highway • Knoxville, TN • 865-688-6475

$50 Entry Fee

Ladies (Non-Professional) and JR Players (Age 17-under) get Race to 9W/7L 7’ Tables FREE Entry Fees & Tour Cards at Viking Cue Amateur Events Double Elimination (Inc. $20 for Table & Reg Fees)

World Standardized Rules 138 Players at Amateurs Only Added Prize Money Guaranteed Last Event 2 Day Event - $20/$30 Viking Amateur Tour Card Fee Player Auction Starts Saturday Dec 13TH at 1pm Pool League Members Receive a $10 Discount

Friday Night Mini Tournament at 8pm - $30 Entry Quick-Clean Saturday 9pm $200 Entry Winner-Take -All Billiard Supplies OB-1 Cue Shaft

About Viking Cue In the early 60’s Viking Cue Mfg., Inc. founder Gordon Hart began making two-piece pool cues in the basement of his poolroom in Stoughton, Wisconsin. Gordon traveled to various tournaments to sell his cues. In a short period of time, Viking cues became popular with many of the top players. Viking was incorporated in 1965. By the late 1960s, Gordon spent more time making cues, so he sold the poolroom and moved the cue business to its present location in Madison, Wisconsin. He expanded production capabilities and began selling cues throughout the United States and abroad. Viking grew steadily through the 1970s and early 1980s. At that time, Gordon’s children, Robin, Barry and Darcy became involved with the business. Then in 1986 the major motion picture, The Color of Money, was released and created a boom in the billiard industry. Sales of Viking cues skyrocketed, and the company experienced phenomenal growth as a result.

By the mid-1990s, Viking hired a full sales staff to handle the needs of their constantly growing list of distributors and dealers throughout the world. At the same time, Robin and Barry took over the day-to-day operations, and granddaughter Shawna became involved with the company. Nancy was very active in the Billiard Congress of America in the 1990’s, serving on its board of directors. Years earlier, she served on the board of the Billiard & Bowling Institute of America, and was their First Female President. In 1994, Gordon was honored with the first-ever Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Cue Makers Association. Viking is known for its generous support of various tournaments and organizations including Nationally televised events, the Viking Nine Ball Tour, Super Billiards Expo, VNEA, BCA League and National Wheelchair Poolplayer Association Inc. In the 2000’s, Barry became active in the Billiard Congress of America, serving on its board of directors. Grandson Justin joined Viking to continue the tradition of the family business.

As the 1980s came to a close, Gordon began updating machinery and investing in state-of-the-art As one of the oldest manufacturers of cues in equipment to ensure a quality product. Promotional America, Viking has the strictest quality control in efforts increased with an extensive advertising and the industry. The continual upgrading of machinery public relations program coordinated by Gordon’s and superior technology is what makes Viking the top wife, Nancy, which helped make Viking a household cue manufacturer in the industry. Viking lives up to name. Vikings efforts coupled with significant product the expectations of the millions of current and future quality enhancements, positioned the company as a owners of the most critical tool for your game. leader in the billiard industry. Viking Cues are proudly and exclusively made in the U.S.A.



World Class Players for Borneo 9-Ball Championship KOTA KINABALU: Tomato Event (M) Sdn Bhd and Pool Zone (1Borneo) in collaboration with the Sabah Snooker & Billiards Association is organising a Malaysian Borneo 9-Ball Championship next month. The tournament sanctioned by the Malaysian Snooker & Billiards Federation will take centre stage at the 1 Borneo Hypermall Centre Court. The preliminary round will be held from Nov 26-28 while the final on Nov 29. Then on Nov 30 the two finalists of the championship will be involved in the World Ranked Player Challenge Match where the winner will walk home with a handsome RM5,000 prize-money. The two world ranked players that have been invited for the tournament are Joven Bustamante and Roberto Gomez, both from the Philippines. Joven, who is the sibling of the more glamourous Francisco Bustamante, is ranked sixth in the World Pool-Billiards Association male rankings, while Roberto 13. The organising spokesman Alan Vui said among the objectives of the tournament is to encourage the development of cue sports as an official sport in Sabah as well as the whole of Malaysia. It is also aimed to stimulate interest and involvement from major media companies, besides creating the opportunity for Malaysian players, especially Sabahans to experience competing against world ranked players. He added “that the tournament is held in conjunction with the opening of the Pool Zone – a newly opened pool shop.” Among the highlights of the tournament, Vui said, is that it is the largest scale ever 9-ball tournament in East Malaysia. It is also the first ever world standard pool tournament set up at the shopping mall in Malaysia. He also pointed out that they are also expecting players from Peninsular Malaysia. Another interesting fact about this tournament, he pointed out, is that the champion and the runner-up of the tournament will be able to participate in the World Ranked Player Challenge Match. He added that they are limiting the entries to 128 players as stipulated under the WPA ruling. The championship he said is offering a total of RM20,000 in prize money with the winner taking home RM5,000 while the 1st runner-up would pocket RM2,000. The losing semi-finalists will be rewarded with RM1,000 each and RM200 each for the losing quarter-finalists. Vui said the championship is open to anyone aged 16 years old and above. The deadline for registration is on Nov 24. Entry forms are available at Pool Zone or the promotion booth at 1Borneo. For more enquiries please contact Alan at 012-828 0432 or Leon 013-8843888. Reported by:

Zim’s Rack APT 2009 Season Kicks Off Despite all the efforts by the tournament directors and tour director, the 2009 pool tour season will not include the Paducah Amateur Tour (PAT) or the Springfield Amateur Tour (SAT). Due to a fire and a couple pool room cancellations, we were not able to secure enough host pool rooms for the PAT and SAT; however, the Gateway Amateur Tour is on track and recently held the first 2 events of the 2009 tour season. With the current economic situation and other scheduled events in the area, the GAT had a small turnout for it’s first Qualifier for the season on October 11th at Baxter’s in Fairview Heights, Illinois. We drew a field of 16 players with the winner receiving (in addition to regular payout) a paid entry fee into the first Tour Stop of the season. The first Tour Stop was held on October 18th at Riverbend Billiards in Alton, Illinois. There were a couple other popular tournaments in the area on the same day, but we were still able to attract 24 participants. We had several new players join the tour and many returning from last year’s roster with hopes to qualify for our Final Tour Championship scheduled for October 2009. We offer two events per month, a Tour Qualifier and a Tour Stop. Our format is 8 ball, double elimination, and race to the handicaps. Handicaps are based on A, B+, B and C levels and start out at a race to 3 games and adjusts by 1 game increments based on the handicap levels competing. The Tour Qualifiers are a $20 entry fee and no tour membership is required, this is really an event to attract new players. Current tour members receive 10 points for participating in the Qualifiers. Tour membership is required to participate in the Tour Stops, which have the exact same format, but the entry fee is $40 per event. Tour members receive 20 points for participation and additional points for each match they win (A- 1 pt, B+- 2 pts, B- 3 pts & C- 4 pts). Players accumulate points to earn a Bonus Payout at the end of the season. Money accumulates from merchandise sales, raffles and the host poolrooms to be added to the Final Tour Championship (FTC) at the end of the season. The money collected after 12 months is split 20% to Bonus Points Payout and 80% to the FTC. We are projected to accumulate around $10,000 throughout the entire tour season. To qualify to participate in the FTC, players must compete in a minimum of 8 of the 12 Tour Stops, and no minimum points are required, only the participation. A couple unique items are going to be available this year for raffles. Tickets will be sold during the tour season and the winners will be drawn at the FTC. There are a limited number of tickets, when we’re out, we’re out! Tickets will be $10.00 each and these will be 2 separate raffles. More details about each raffle coming soon. 1) 2)

Complete Cue Repair Station and Hightower jump/break cue. Winner will receive Complete Cue Repair Station and 2nd place will receive a custom jump/break cue by Hightower Custom Cues. Weekend Getaway in Las Vegas. Winner will receive 3 days & 2 nights in Las Vegas with hotel accommodations for 2 and 25% of the raffle proceeds.

October’s Results:

Tour Stop 1st- Jimmy Eberhart (A) 2nd- John Bissell (B+) 3rd- Tommy Ada (B) 4th- Jon Williams (A) 5th/6th- Andy Hauschild (A) & PJ Hoffman (A)

Qualifier 1st- Brian Plog (B+) 2nd- Michael Zimmerman (B+) 3rd- Terry Strader (B) 4th- Andrew Edwards (B)

NEW Viking Cue Amateur-Advanced Division Qualification Rules As of August 20th, 2008 the Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour has created a new division called the Amateur-Advanced Division. This new division is intended to bridge the gap between amateur players and amateur players with advanced skills to help guide each player on their journey of organized tournament competition with the goal of becoming professionals in our sport. Rules for Qualification & Disqualifications of players for the Viking Cue “Amateur-Advanced” 9-Ball Tour Event Division are as follows: Re: Disqualifications You Can Not Play in the Viking Cue “Amateur-Advanced” 9-Ball Tour events if: 1. You have ever won 4 or more Open Regional Tour Events in the last 5 years or any Professional Events in the last 10 years. 2. You have Won or placed 2nd or 3rd of any $10,000 added or more tournament in the last 5 years. 3. You have 12 or more 2nd, 3rd or 4th place finishes in open regional tour events. 4. You have won 10 or more Amateur events on any other Amateur tours (combined) and not including the Viking Cue Amateur 9-Ball Tour. 5. You have ever been considered a professional player. 6. You are a known Road Player with professional skills. You may not participate even if you have never competed in any professional events. If you fall into any of the above categories the Viking Cue “Open” 9-Ball Tour is the division for you. Additionally, who may and who may not play in the Amateur-Advanced division is at the sole discretion of the director at the event or the Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour office staff. If you have any questions regarding your eligibility please email the Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour at at least 14 days prior to the event you wish to compete in. If you do not fall into any of the above categories the Viking Cue Amateur-Advanced 9-Ball Tour is your ticket to success.

Re: Current Member Disqualifications Current Viking Cue Amateur-Advanced 9-Ball Tour players will be disqualified from participation in Viking Cue Amateur-Advanced 9-Ball Tour events if at anytime they meet any of the any of the above stated rules for disqualifications. At that time your current Viking Cue Amateur-Advanced 9-Ball Tour card status will be changed to an Open tour card for the remainder of your tour card time period.

Viking Cue Amateur-Advanced 9-Ball Tour members will be eligible to participate in the Amateur-Advanced division until: 1. You win 6 Viking Cue Amateur-Advanced 9-Ball Tour events. 2. You place in the top 4 places of Viking Cue Amateur-Advanced 9-Ball Tour events 12 times. All players that have not met the disqualification rules for the Viking Cue Amateur-Advanced 9-Ball Tour are welcome to participate in our Amateur-Advanced division events. Lessor skilled players may participate in all of the Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour Divisions. Those divisions include: Amateur Only, Amateur-Advanced, Open and Professional.

Join the KF Cues 9-Ball Tour Everyone is welcome to join a KF Cues 9-Ball Tour event - pros and amateurs alike. Top level amateurs are handicapped in the double-elimination events. If you have any questions or want to join, please contact: Tony Crosby / Natalie Crosby • 727-488-0536 • •

KF Cues 9-Ball Tour Schedule 10/25/08 - 10/26/08

3/14/09 - 3/15/09

Strokers Billiards 30901 US Hwy 19 Palm Harbor, Florida 727-786-6683

Art of Billiards 4251 SW 13th Street Gainesville, FL 32608 352-225-3535

11/29/08 - 11/30/08

4/11/09 - 4/12/09

Capone’s 10463 County Line Rd Springhill, Fl. 352-688-9965

Capone’s 10463 County Line Rd Springhill, Fl. 352-688-9965

12/13/08 - 12/14/08

5/2/09 - 5/3/09

Hammerheads 1916 US-19 Holiday, FL 34691 727-939-9494

Hammerheads 1916 US-19 Holiday, FL 34691 727-939-9494


1/17/09 - 1/18/09

5/30/09 - 5/31/09

Big O’s Billiards 11780 N Dale Mabry Hwy Tampa, FL 33618 (813) 961-2446

BankShot Billiards 11000 Beach Boulevard Jacksonville, FL 32246 904-998-2100

2/21/09 - 2/22/09

6/13/09 - 6/14/09

Strokers Billiards II 11236 W Hillsborough Ave Tampa, FL 33635 813-814-2277

Strokers Billiards 30901 US Hwy 19 Palm Harbor, Florida 727-786-6683

$1,000 Added Open 9-Ball $65 Entry Fee $20 Green Fee/ Registration Fee Included Race to 9W/9L Double Elimination Anyone Can Play Winner Breaks Rack Your Own Standardized World Rules

$600 Added Amateur 9-Ball

$50 Entry Fee $20 Green Fee/ Registration Fee Included Race to 7W/5L Double Elimination Top Level Amateurs Will Be Handicapped Winner Breaks Rack Your Own Standardized World Rules

Stop playing with that stick AND learn the truth about your balls

Are your balls worn out? That’s usually the problem. MxM Billiards recommends that you

il Mx li M .c ar o d m s

Get A Set !


Do You Have Old Balls ?

Did you know when you are making that all important break the cue ball is traveling from 0 to 20 mph (Avg.) in a fraction of a second causing an impact temperature of up to 482 degrees F. I bet you didn’t know your break was that strong. I just have to say that is pretty impressive big boy. That massive strength you put into your break overtime leaves burn spots on the balls causing them not to fit into the rack as tight as they should. Maybe the next time you are having a difficult time getting that tight rack try switching out your balls.

The Viking Cue Amateur 9-Ball Tours $500 added Sunday tournament was won by Jason Stemen who defeated Joe Powell in the 1st set of the finals. The Viking Cue Amateur 9-Ball Tours Payouts: 1st - $500 Jason Stemen 2nd - $210 Joe Powell 3rd - $100 Mike Janis The Viking Cue Amateur 9-Ball Tours Mini Tournament with a format of race to 9 single elmination was won by KC Donahey.

Double Hill Billiards Club in Hixson, TN hosted the $2,500 added Viking Cue Amateur 9-Ball Tour

the weekend of October 4th & 5th, 2008. This weekends events were played on the fifteen 8 foot tables all freshly covered with Simonis 860 cloth. The events paid out $4540 in prize money to the participants. The Viking Cue Amateur 9-Ball Tours $2000 Added main event quickly became the Landon and Pendley show as these two young men worked their way to the finals defeating some tough players along the way. Landon Landon made a come back in the finals and double dipped Marcus Pendley to take the first place prize money. Everyone in attendance, as well viewing the matches during the live streaming provided by Cue Sports Video, saw some exciting action as Landon and Pendley played. It’s always a pleasure to have these young players at the Viking Cue Tours events. They both exhibit such wonderful sportmanship and demeanor.

The Viking Cue Amateur 9-Ball Tour would like to thank Double Hill Billiards for hosting this event. Double Hill Billiards provides an excellent atmosphere with tables that are kept in prestigious condition, a full bar and restaurant that caters to all ages. So, if you get to the Chattanooga (Hixson), Tennessee area, make sure to drop in. The Viking Tour added: This is Landons first win on any organized tour and we are very happy to be able to provide events that allow opportunities for junior players to excel in our sport. We are very proud of Landon for his accomplishments in cuesports and extremely happy that he took his first tour win with the Viking Tour. Over the past 14 years of the Viking Tour, only one other junior player has won a Viking Tour Open or Amateur event and that was the 2nd place finishes brother, Adam Pendley, who won an open event at Randolph’s Billiards in Hickory, NC.

Landon began his race to first place by defeating Charlie Conway 9-2; Jeff Tabet 9-6; Robert Frost 9-6; before he faced Pendley for the first time. Pendley defeated Landon 9-8 sending Landon to the one loss side. Once on the left side of the chart, Landon defeated Jonathon Tedder 9-7; and Wade Aycock in the semi finals 9-3 and proceeded to double dip Pendley 9-7 in set #1 and 9-6 in set #2. Marcus Pendley worked his way undefeated thru the top half of the brackett until he ran into Shuffett for the second time in the finals. Pendley began by defeating Mike Laney 9-8; Jamey Hickman 9-5; Charlie Pierro 9-1; Landon 9-8; Wade Aycock 9-2; and placing 2nd after his defeat by Landon in the finals.

Jason Stemen1st Place, Terrie Janis & Joe Powell 2nd

The Viking Cue Amateur 9-Ball Tour Payouts:

1st - $1200 Landon 2nd - $720 Marcus Pendley 3rd - $520 Wade Aycock 4th - $300 Jonathon Tedder 5th/6th - $200 each Robert Frost / Jeff Tabet 7th/8th - $100 each George Payne / Joe Powell

Holds Nine Cues. Compliments Any Décor Looking just like an oversize 8 Ball…the Trader Ridge Cue Rack compliments any game room décor. Place anywhere to provide a safe resting spot for your cues. No more broken tips or damaged sticks. Terrific for use during match play, or for storage and display. Fits nicely into corners and it’s great for use in low-ceiling applications too! Easy to move as yourneeds change.

Easy Tote Accessory Tournament players suggested that we make a carry handle to move their cue rack and cues from one table to another during tournament play. We designed the Easy Tote for that purpose. Installs or removes in seconds with a wing nut.


Easy to use….no need to fumble through multiple holes as in other floor racks. Simply place the cue’s butt into the tapered openin. the deep-pocke design self-aligns your cue neatly with the others...every time. The large size (16” diameter) and wide base provide exceptional stability. No mounting or ballast required. Outstanding st rength and durability withstands any hard use. The one-piece design features molded-through color and a satin gloss finish. Ships fully assembled. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

“At Aramith, we are fully dedicated to supply the best billiard equipment, for the full satisfaction of both players and billiard-related businesses. We are proud to provide you with the most reliable and valuable products in their category.� After the Kings and Emperors at the early age of the Sport, you also may enjoy the game of billiard! While you bring your family or friends around the table, or while you compete for fun or in a tournament, the Aramith balls ensure you play at your best level.

Pool - Super Aramith PRO-CUP Value Pack

Pool - Super Aramith PRO-CUP TV

Pool Super Aramith Pro

Super Aramith PRO-CUP Cue Ball

Ask Bridgett Q. Would you use

this hand-held bridge ?


Actu al H Bridg and-Held e Easy named Strok er

MxMbilliards Forum readers section

Bridgett assures us that she would use this hand held bridge. Now where do the batteries go?

Ask your questions at:

and Bridgett will get back to you with an answer as soon as she can.

3808 High Point Road • Greensboro, NC • 336-852-1448 Shooters has 20 pool tables and is host to a variety of weekly, independent, and tour tournaments in addition to APA pool league. Tables With 10 Diamond ProAm 7’ “bar boxes”, 3 Diamond ProAm 9’ with tight pockets, 5 AMF 9’ tables, 1 Gold Crown IV 9’, and 1 Diamond Professional 9’, you’re sure to find a table that you’ll like and complements your playing ability. Quality equipment is important to the staff at Shooters and as such every table is brushed and cleaned nightly and the cloth is replaced as wear and tear dictates. Each Diamond ProAm table has a matching Diamond box light for perfect lighting without distracting shadows. All tables are covered with Simonis 760 “Tournament Blue” cloth. Additionally, each table has its own bridge and marker beads and the walls have over 70 well-maintained “house cues”. Table rates are $4.00/hour/person except for a select few 9’ tables which are $5.00/hour/person. Pool League As host to over 30 APA league teams, Shooters is the largest APA pool room in the triad area. Both 8 and 9 ball divisions are played here. League nights are currently Monday, Thursday, and Sunday with Monday and Sunday now doing “double jeopardy”. Many of the local and regional APA events are hosted here atShooters. The league players really appreciate the fine equipment.

November 1-2, 2008

November 8-9, 2008

$2000 Added

$1500 Added

December 6-7, 2008

January 10-11, 2009

$2000 Added

$2000 Added

March 7-8, 2009

March 14-15, 2009

$1500 Added

$2000 Added

$100 Entry Fee Host: Bill Haley Comet Billiards 233 Littleton Rd. Parsippany, NJ 07054 973-334-7429

$100 Entry Fee Host: Holden Chin Raxx Pool Room, Bar & Grill 510 Hempstead Turnpike West Hempstead, NY 11552 516-538-9896

$100 Entry Fee Host: Dick Cappotto Cap’s Cue Club 1895 Teall Ave. Syracuse, NY 13206 315-701-0101

$100 Entry Fee Host: Victor Conte Hippo’s House of Billiards 5160 Commercial Dr. East Yorkville, NY 13495 315-768-0218

$100 Entry Fee Host: Bill Haley Comet Billiards 233 Littleton Rd. Parsippany, NJ 07054 973-334-7429

$100 Entry Fee Host: Tim Berlin Trick Shot Billiards 1602 Rte. 9 Clifton Park, NY 12065 518-383-8771

w w w . j o s s 9 b a l l t o u r . c o m

Northeast 9-Ball Open XXI

20th Ocean State 9-Ball Championship

November 15-16, 2008 November 22-23, 2008

$2000 Added $100 Entry Fee Host: Rocco Spinelli, Jr. Golden Cue Billiards 1048 Central Ave. Albany, NY 12205 518-459-9442

January 17-18, 2009

$5000 Added $125 Entry Fee Host: Steve Goulding Snookers Cafe and Billiards 145 Clifford St. Providence, RI 02903 401-351-7665

Mid-Season Event Turning Stone Classic XII 9-Ball Open

$2000 Added

February 19-22, 2009

March 28-29, 2009

$25,000 Added

$100 Entry Fee Host: Irene Skawinski Diamond Eight Billiards 9 Johnson Rd. Latham, NY 12110 518-786-8048

$2000 Added $100 Entry Fee Host: Jackie Vaccaro Classic Billiards 3400 Ridge Road West Rochester, NY 14626 585-227-7400

$150 Entry Fee for current members $200 for non-members Contact: Mike Zuglan 518-356-7163

Turning Stone Casino Verona, NY

BEBOB Publishing

Great Books, Videos, DVD’s, & More for Pool Players

Bebob Publishing was founded in 1992 by Bob Henning to create and distribute advanced training resources and other interesting books and videos to competitive pool players. Since then, the company has displayed at countless tournaments and built a distinguished roster of satisfied and loyal customers. The name Bebob has become synonymous with pool information that makes a difference. We ship almost every day, using US mail and UPS. You will receive your order ASAP! P.O. Box 530411 - Livonia, Michigan 48153 Phone - 734.462.9500 / Fax - 734-462-9501

We Offer Quality Pool Cue Accessories that will help enhance your pool-playing experience, whether you’re a casual player or one who takes the game seriously. We invite you to browse our site, explore our How it Works products and contact us with questions or to place an AcCueShot ™ is a small electronic device that is order. Willard’s Cue Products sells to wholesale dealers. placed on the far rail of the billiards table. On the front Call 1-800-379-0299 to locate a dealer near you. We’re of the AcCueShot ™ device is an illuminated target bar always seeking new distributors. If you’re interested in addfor the player to aim at. On the face of theAccCue- ing our accessories to your product line, call or email us to Shot ™ device are three indicators: left arrow, center Become a Dealer. bulls eye and a right arrow. The player stands at the opposite side of the table and then aims and shoots Willard’s Cue Tip Shaper Meets Needto Re-shape Cue Tips the cue ball at the ™ target bar. Utilizing its infrared Willard’s Cue Products is famous for its Cue Tip Shaper. optics and microprocessor, AcCueShot ™ calculates Here’s why: Over time, a cue tip can flatten with use. When where the cue ball hits the rail with respect to the the tip is improperly shaped, the angle at which the ball target bar and illuminates the appropriate indicator; leaves the tip will no longer be true and your aim will be left arrow if left of the target, right arrow if right of adversely affected. the target and bulls eye if on the target. In addition, AcCueShot ™ has a built in speaker that will emit a The human eye cannot see the precise curvature unique sequence of tones for each condition (left, of the cue tip that is necessary for accurate shots. Willard’s dual-featured cue tip shaper provides both the right and bulls eye hits). carbide grit shaping device and a precision gauge in a single convenient tool for correctly-shaped tips every time! A properly-shaped cue tip gives you the precisely-curved striking surface necessary to hit the ball accurately for each shot.

Willard’s Cue Products, Inc., P.O. Box 156, Aurora, IL 60507 1-800-379-0299 The Eight Ball Bible Book 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If after 30 days, you are not satisfi ed with the performance of the AcCueShotTM training device, you may return it for a full refund (less shipping/handling charges and sales tax). Call 1(800)7CHADAM for your return authorization code.

Chadam Innovations, LLC 1(800)7CHADAM

The Eight Ball Bible is one of the most impressive guides to bar table play on the market. This 283 page book features instruction and diagrams on the topics of: Pattern Play Shot-Safety Cluster Work Strategy Last PocketSafety Play Blitzkrieg Play Overweight Cue Ball The BreakAnd much, much more!Over 460 illustrations to help bring the instruction to life. If you play bar table rules eight ball, this book is an absolute must read.





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o r e d c e n s

o D

n ’ g


$10,000.00 Added Chameleon Rack & Turtle Tapper

Tournament Location

Southern Classic Amateur-Advanced November 18th thru 23rd, 2008

DU N S R E T he ING OP UR Eve O H nt 24 Full Bar & Grille and 38 Table Pool Room

3541 Chamblee-Tucker • Atlanta, GA • 770-454-7665 POCKET

Starts on Tues. Nov. 18th at 7pm

Starts on Wed. Nov. 19th at 7pm

Starts on Thurs. Nov. 20th at 7pm

$1,000 Added

$1,000 Added

$2,000 Added

$35 Entry Fee $45 Entry Fee $35 Entry Fee Amateur-Adv Event Amateur-Adv Event Amateur-Adv Event Race to 7W/7L* Race to 5W/4L* Race to 2W/2L*

Starts on Friday Nov. 21st at 7pm


$6,000 Added

$65 Entry Fee - 7W/7L - Amateur-Adv Event

$40 Discount to this event if you play 1 other SCA-A Event Above

Event Schedule

6-Ball, 1-Pocket and 8-Ball Events are played in the evening hours only. Play times are 7pm - 2am

All events:

Register at 6-7pm Auction play starts at 8pm on day of event

Presented by;

www. MxMBilliards .com

Player Auction

Each event will have a player auction @ 7pm

www. MxMBilliards .com

Events Played On

9’ Brunswick Gold Crown IV Tables

Viking Tour Card Required For Participation

Table & Reg Fees

of $20 included in entry fee

Billiard Supplies OB-1 Cue Shaft

ACS Presents The Pechauer All American Tour Results from The Brickhouse The thirteenth stop of the 50-stop 2008/2009 Pechauer All American Tour (produced by the American CueSports Alliance – ACS ) was hosted at The Brickhouse in Decatur, IL, on Saturday, November 8. The $500 added event featured twentyfive players in a double-elimination 9-ball format on 7-foot bar boxes. Larry Parke (Decatur, IL) breezed undefeated to the tourney finals. In the A-side finals, Parke manhandled Milton Strack (Monticello, IL) by an 8-1 margin. Earlier in the A-bracket semis, Parke clipped Dave Gentry (Decatur, IL) 8-6, while Strack turned back John Pokora (Springfield, IL) 8-4. On the B-side Mike Dunklin (Normal, IL) eliminated Marco Jaywook (Springfield, IL) at 7th place 8-3, while Justin Callarman (Springfield, IL) tied with Jaywook via a 6-8 decision to Mike Durbin (Sullivan, IL). In the B-side quarterfinals, Durbin and Pokora dispatched both Dave Gentry and Mike Dunklin to 5th place by respective 8-7, 8-7 margins. In the B-side semifinals Durbin continued his momentum by ousting John Pokora at 4th place, 8-5. Recovering from his A-side finals loss to Larry Parke, Milton Strack finished Mike Durbin’s run at 3rd place with an 8-3 win, giving Milton another shot at Parke. The Parke/Strack finals was hard-fought, but Milton Strack displayed the determination to win the title by besting Larry Parke in two sets, 8-7, 8-5. By virtue of Milton Strack being the highest-finishing ACS member in the event, he qualified for a free 9-Ball singles entry into the 2009 ACS Nationals in Las Vegas – courtesy of the ACS . The ACS wishes to thank sponsors J. Pechauer Custom Cues, Championship Billiard Fabric, Nick Varner Signature Cases and oZone Billiards for their support in donating “Value-In-Kind” product for this and all stops on the Pechauer All American Tour. Sponsorship opportunities are still available for the 2008/2009 All American Tour by contacting the ACS . The Tour moves south to Port Charlotte, FL the weekend of November 15-16 for a $1,000 added Snowbird 9-Ball Open at Q’s Sports Bar & Girl (contact Ken Coulter at 941-585-9600) Further information, entry details and schedules for the 2008/2009 Pechauer All American Tour are available at Final Results: 1st Milton Strack (Monticello, IL) $400 + $492 Side Pot + Free entry to ACS Natls 2nd Larry Parke (Decatur, IL) $240 + $369 Side Pot 3rd Mike Durbin (Sullivan, IL) $120 + $246 Side Pot 4th John Pokora (Springfield, IL) $80 + $133 Side Pot 5-6th Dave Gentry (Decatur, IL) $50 Mike Dunklin (Normal, IL) 7-8th Justin Callarman (Springfield, IL) $30 Marco Jaywook (Springfield, IL)

Iwan Simonis Billiard Cloth The Truest Playing Cloth SIMONIS BILLIARD CLOTH - SINCE 1680 • • • •

The reference standard for accuracy and consistency Cloth that enhances your enjoyment of the game A modern company built on over three centuries of experience & tradition Environmentally responsible manufacturer


Office Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST Contact: en español: CLOTH. The balls are in constant contact with it. Your game is measurably determined by its accuracy. Your game is riding on it. The craftsmen at Simonis have been making superior cloth for over three centuries. Simonis is the oldest company in the billiard industry and the only textile mill in the world dedicated solely to the production of cloth for cue sports. Being the oldest company in the billiard cloth business didn’t make us the best... being the best has made us the oldest. Simonis makes the most consistent and truest playing cloth available. We get it right. Every time. So ask a player. Ask a Pro. Ask anyone who has experienced the difference that Simonis cloth brings to the game.

Simonis cloth... Authentic. Accurate. Always.

Honored as the “Pool School of the Year” for the last

9 years by the

Billiard Instructors Guild of America

Established 1987 BCA Master Academy since 1992

Phone: 800-707-0158 Fax: 972-418-9876 School FaCilites 1014 Belt Line #114 Richardson, Texas 75081

About Us

Does the tip of your stick look like a Mushroom?

Try one of the tools below and keep the mushroom away

Founded in December 1994, Magoo’s has been Tulsa’s favorite entertainment destination for over a decade. Located in the heart of Tulsa, the Fontana shopping center at 51st and Memorial, Magoo’s welcomes thousands of customers and players every week to eat, drink, and play. With over 30 billiards tables, Magoo’s has entertainment options for everyone. A well-stocked bar and full-service kitchen provide your favorite drinks and great food; sit down and enjoy or have it served while you play! Our facility has hosted events from corporate functions to weekly pool parties to national billiards tournaments, and continues to provide Tulsa with the best equipment, best service, and a clean, safe environment for adults.

Tip-Pik Shaddow > Tip-Pik Classic

Magoo’s Restaurant & Billiards Willards

Tip Tools and one with a Bottle Opener Just add Beer and a Cue and you are ready to go!

5002 South Memorial Drive Tulsa, Oklahoma Telephone: (918) 663-3364 Open 11am to 2am daily.

Southern Classic Amateur-Advanved “No Pro’s Allowed”

Mr Cues II

3541 Chamblee-Tucker Atlanta, Georgia 770-454-7665

Event Schedule Nov 18-23 Tuesday Night 6-Ball Event $1,000 Added Registration 6-7pm Auction 7-8pm Play Times 8pm-2am Cont. Wed 7pm-Finals ••• Wednesday Night 1-Pocket Event $1,000 Added Registration 6-7pm Auction 7-8pm Play Times 8pm-2am Cont. Thurs 7pm-Finals ••• Thursday Night 8-Ball Event $2,000 Added Registration 6-7pm Auction 7-8pm Play Times 8pm-2am Cont. Friday 7pm-Finals ••• Friday Night 9-Ball Event $6,000 Added Registration 6-7pm Auction 7-8pm Play Times 8pm-3am Cont. Sat Noon-3am Cont. Sun Noon-Finals


Southern Classic Amateur-Advanced Info Each Event Will Have A Player Auction At 7-8pm Events Played On - 9’ Brunswick Gold Crown IV Tables Viking Tour Card Required For Participation Table, Reg. Fees of $20 included in entry fee $45 Discount to 9-Ball event if you play 1 other SCA-A Event

Show Us Your Butt Everyone knows what they think the best butt looks like. Hows Yours? Send your favorite Cue Butt pics to: if Max chooses your butt pics we will send you a free t-shirt


Results • Schedules • Articles • Pictures

Results • Schedules • Articles • Pictures Max will make sure to read all of them and print the best ones. Especially the ones with beautiful Women playing pool! No Pictures? Thats OK , Max needs something to wipe with.

Send all submissions to:

Results • Schedules • Articles • Pictures

Give something to do. Send Max all your tournament



1000 John Rogers Dr • Birmingham, Alabama • 205-838-7446


$60 Entry Fee

(Inc. $20 for Table & Reg, Fee)

Race to 9W/7L - 8’ Tables Double Elimination World Standardized Rules Open To All Players Added Prizes Guaranteed 2 Day Event Player Auction at 1pm Age 19 & Over Only

Dec 20-21 at 1pm

LADIES & JR PLAYERS Non-Pro Get Free Entry Fees + No Tour Card Fee ••• LEAGUE PLAYERS Get A $10 Discount Off Entry Fee ••• TOUR CARD FEES $20 1x or $30 - 12 Month

Dec 20TH - 21ST $500 Added


$2,500 Added $2,000 Added

$50 Entry Fee

(Inc. $20 for Table & Reg, Fee)

Race to 5W/5L - 8’ Tables Double Elimination World Standardized Rules Amateur Players Only Added Prizes Guaranteed 2 Day Event Player Auction at 1pm JR Players Allowed on Sun

Dec 21st at 1pm

Mini Tournament Friday Night at 8pm $25 Entry Fee 100% Payback 32 player Max. $100 Entry Fee Winner-Take-All Event Saturday at 8pm

MxM Billiards Forum Member Submission

From: POOL SHIRTS Submit your articles and pictures for publication to

Jamie17 Asks

Mike has spent his life dedicated to the sport he loves so much and this dedications as well as years of playing experience has led him to be ranked as one of the leaders in cue making and repair industry. Mike owns Babys Pro Shop and is based out of Greenville, S.C. Babys Pro Shop specializes in custom cues and cue repairs. And with years of experience they know how to baby your cue and give you a strong, smooth shaft to help maintain your stroke. So if your shaft needs some babying and you want your shaft to be treated special that means Babys Pro Shop is the only place to go. Babys knows how to treat your shaft with the care and attention it desires. Now that we have babied your shaft and smoothed it out to perfection how do you plan on keeping the slick, smooth feeling you get every time you stroke your shaft? Because as any player will tell you, there is nothing like feeling a smooth, slick, straight shaft as it slides through your hand with every stroke you make. Let me suggest Gulyassys’ new shaft coating it will make playing with your shaft a whole new experience. Conatct Mike for more information.

DOES YOUR SHAFT NEED BABYING? If so Babys Pro Shop is the place for you….. It’s the only place to go if your shaft needs some special one on one extra attention. Don’t just trust your shaft to anyone. About Mike (babyface) Gulyassy….. Mike (baby face) Gulyassy originally from the Ohio area started playing pool at the young age of 14 with determination and practice Mike continued his career to become a professional player. Mike’s accomplishments include winning the Title of the BCA’s Amateur 8-Ball Championship, he played on the Masconi Cup team two years in a row (1995 &1996) and became the reigning Back-Pocket 9-Ball Champion in 1995. These are just a few of the long list of accomplishments in Mike Gulyassy vast career.

Mike Gulyassys’ latest accomplishment is the design and development of “The ARSENAL” this is an all inclusive playing, jump/break cue with two different length jump handles that give you the option of a longer or shorter jump handle. So whether your just knocking balls around or going for the strong, hard break The ARSENAL has got you covered. The ARSENAL comes packaged in its own sleekly designed carrying case with a quick-release joint that makes changing which shaft or butt you want to play with as easy 1-2-3 . The Arsenal break shaft never needs a tip and we all know there is nothing like having a hard, strong tip that is going to last a lifetime. The ARSENAL playing shaft comes with one of the best tips on earth a Moori tip. The ARSENAL is designed to make it possible for everyone from the novice to the pro player to have the equipment they need to be able to play, break and jump with the best of players. To learn more about Babys Pro Shop, The ARSENAL and all of Mike Gulyassys’ other products visit:

How It Works The Jump Buddy is a sturdy hand-bridge that provides a stable platform for this shot. It can be used as a training aid, or in regular play. The Jump Buddy provides a stable platform for the bridge hand. It also fits easily over another ball, allowing the player to bring the hand closer to the cue ball. This improves the accuracy of the shot

The Jump Buddy is a handsupporting bridge. It will help you learn to make jump shots, masse’ shots, and support your hand bridging over other balls.

Shots near the rails present additional challenges. If there is not room to use the standard tripod, one of the legs can be replaced with a short “rail leg.” The Jump Buddy includes: The 8-ball tripod with three removable legs, a single shorter rail leg, and the carrying pouch. The Jump-Buddy supports the hand during difficult pool shots, including jump shots and masse shots. Includes carrying bag and instructions. Price: $29.95 Availble from:

That is the question for every player in the country, how tight do you like it when you are playing? Do you want to play on the table with the tightest pockets or do you prefer it looser? As we travel around the country and watch matches being played on different tables in different rooms, I have often wondered how tight does the player like it? Do you want your balls to fit just right in the pocket or do you need a little room to move around? Shooters Greensboro, NC

LisaMarie Asks..



the tight pockets that make you work to get the shot just right give you the edge over your competitor? Does the tighter pocket make you aim straighter knowing there is no room to just slop the shot in the hole. If your answer is yes……..Have we got some action rooms for you. If you step up to these table you need to know how to hold your shaft and how to stroke it because there is no room for error as these pockets are just tight enough for your balls, you won’t find any loose holes here. Diamond Billiards Cape Coral, FL



Welcome To The Universal Pool League Welcome Statement Welcome to the Universal Pool League! Over the years of playing professional billiards tournaments around the world and watching closely how things are done, I thought there must be a better way! The Universal Pool League is the answer! A place where average players can interact with the pros, get tips, lessons, chat, qualify for pro events, and get on the right track to being the best pool player you can be! Our board of top touring professionals has worked hard to come up with the best handicap system pool has ever seen! Players are able to post scores online so they can see their handicap improve immediately! Teams are ranked by their margin of victory or number of balls made for the team. This helps eliminate sandbagging because every ball counts for the team! Players are encouraged to get their handicap as high as possible to qualify for other events! Sign up today and become part of the new wave in billiards and thank you for being a part of the Universal Pool League. Good luck this season! - Corey Deuel

Corey Deuel “The Prince of Pool” Corey Deuel (born on November 20, 1977, in Santa Barbara, California) is an American pool player from West Jefferson, Ohio. Nicknamed “The Prince of Pool,” at the age of 14, Deuel began playing pool at Drexeline Billiards in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, before taking to the road in his teen years. He is an accomplished tournament professional, having won the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship in 2001, as well as many other major titles.

The Turtle Tapper is proven to extend the life of your leather tips by providing a clean, effective scuff without eating away at the surface of the leather. Each Turtle Tapper has a pre-formed nickel or dime radius that shapes & requires no skill at all to use. The knurled surface of the Turtle Tapper acts as the tapping surface, and the weight and balance of the product does the work for you. Made from high-quality steel and industrial grade diamond abrasive and built to last a lifetime. The Turtle Tapper now features a tip guage to help guarantee a perfect shape for your tip and measure the remaining tip height for timely replacement. The product that started it all, now in its fourth generation, is no longer just a 3-in-1 tip tapper and scuffer, but now it also gauges tips for timely replacement! The Turtle Tapper offers either a nickel or a dime radius shaping/scuffing tool, a knurled head surface that acts as a tip tapper, and now a tip guage on the side of the head that determines tip shape and height for timely replacement

The Chameleon is the only product that adapts to rack all your favorite games including; 3 ball, 6 ball, 7 ball, 8 ball, 9 ball & 10 ball. Unique tightening features for each game ensure a quality tight rack each and every time you use your Chameleon rack. Classic top-loading design is simple to use and makes it easy to see the headstring maker spot on the table. The Chameleon is incredibly easy to store. It hangs easily on a wall-mounted hook and fits in almost any slotted pool table. The Chameleon will not damage the felt on your table or the surface of your balls.

WWW. RST2INTERNATIONAL .COM Guaranteed Low Prices We at Ozone Billiards believe in upfront pricing however many of our competitors hide their markups in their shipping and handling charges. As a result our low price guarantee is based on the total purchase price. If you should find a lower price including the shipping and handling charges on a legitimate United States competitor’s website on an identical item we stock, we’ll match it or beat it. Please email us at (This guarantee excludes closeouts, liquidations, clearance and online auction items). Contact Us General Inquires & Sales Returns

Sales - M-F 8:00am-12:00am ESTSat-Sun 9:00am-9:00pm EST Customer Service - M-F 9:00am-5:00pm EST 1-866-481-7665

Accu-Stats Video Productions signs on as a Sponsor of the Viking Cue 9 Ball Tour October 9th, 2008 – Accu-Stats Video Productions is pleased to announce their involvement and participation as a sponsor of the Viking Tour, one of the leading North American 9 Ball Tours. Accu-Stats is a perfect fit as a sponsor, complementing the Viking Cue 9 Ball Tour’s passion and dedication to all levels of players. Accu-Stats offers the best in Professional Billiard videos, Uncut!!, and in their entirety, with Professional Players commentating on their fellow peers!!! They offer 9-Ball, Straight Pool, One Pocket, 3-Cushion Billiards, & 8-Ball matches. They also offer instructional videos by Buddy Hall, Grady Mathews, Bill Incardona, Jim Rempe, Mike Massey, and Pat Fleming. Accu-Stats has its new production studio in Parsippany, NJ at Comet Billiards, the “Home of the Accu-Stats Arena” ready to host your tournaments, challenge matches, and instructionals, for live internet feeds and DVD production.

Silver Cup Chalk is acclaimed by both professional and amateur players alike and is the exclusive chalk used in many of the most prestigious and lucrative tournament televised around the world. Players competing in that arena demand the finest. So should you! Silver Cup Chalk, Inc. was founded in 1990 with the goal of producing a professional grade billiard chalk unsurpassed by any others. Silver Cup and National Tournament Chalk are made from the finest quality sand mined only in the United States. Just the right amount of moisture and additives produce the highest quality billiard chalk to be found, and made only in our plant in Macon, GA USA. Try Silver Cup - Try National Tournament - You will be impressed! Sold through dealers worldwide.

Dealer Inquiries Only

For more information, Call 1-800-828-0397 Visit

Phone: (478) 742-1972 Fax: (478) 746-6943 Email:

Monday November 10th = Private Exhibition in Toledo, Ohio (already booked) Tuesday November 11th = Detroit, Michigan = Pool School 11.00am to 3.00pm at Rack & Roll (riverview) Tuesday November 11th = Detroit, Michigan = Exhibition 8.00pm at Rack & Roll (riverview)

Today, Mark Cantrill AKA “T-Wheels” announced the next leg of the Legends and Champions Pool Tour. “The Legends and Champions Pool Tour is heading for the Mid West this time and we are all really looking forward to it, we have been welcomed so far in Arizona, New Mexico, California, Oregon, Washington and Texas by all and believe that the Mid West leg will be just as enjoyable” said “T-Wheels”. The stars of The legends and Champions Pool Tour are Johnny (The Scorpion) Archer and Earl (The Pearl) Strickland. Both Johnny and Earl perform a 3 hour+ exhibition together at each stop that include, Earl’s trick shot and stroke shot exhibition while telling stories from the road, Johnny Archer plays a mini challenge match (usually against the local house pro, League Champion or local hotshot). Raffle tickets are available for the chance to play on either team Archer or Team Strickland in a game of scotch doubles. 8 names are drawn for 4 racks. Obviously the evening of the exhibition ends with Johnny and Earl signing cues, Cue balls and taking pictures with the local pool and billiard enthusiasts. All in all a great night for pool fans of all ages. Pool schools are also available usually the day after the exhibition and are limited to 12 students per class. These 12 students are then split into 2 groups of 6. 6 students go and work with Johnny Archer for 2 Hours and 6 Students work with Earl Strickland for 2 hours. After 2 hour the students switch and work for the final 2 hours with the other pro. These small groups make sure that each student gets the one on one time to learn from two of the greatest players who ever lived. The fee for the chance of a lifetime 4 hour class is only $200.00 per person. That’s $50.00 per hour and the way this leg of the tour is scheduled that means that there are only a maximum of 12 spots per stop available.

Wednesday November 12th = Columbus, Ohio = Exhibition 7.30pm at 8-Ball Billiards Thursday November 13th = Columbus, Ohio = Pool School 11.00am to 3.00pm at 8-Ball Billiards Friday November 14th = Chicago, Illinois = Pool School 3.00pm to 7.00pm at The Pyramid Club Saturday November 15th = Sturtevant, Wisconsin = Pool School 11.00am to 3.00pm at Boomer’s Billiards Saturday November 15th = Sturtevant, Wisconsin = Exhibition 7.30pm at Boomer’s Billiards Sunday November 16th = Decatur, Illinois = Exhibition 7.30pm at Starship Billiards Monday November 17th = Decatur, Illinois = Pool School 11.00am to 3.00pm at The Pyramid Club Tuesday November 18th = Des Moines, Iowa = Exhibition 7.30 at Big Dog Billiards Wednesday November 19th = Des Moines, Iowa = Pool School 11.00am to 3.00pm at Big Dog Billiards Saturday November 22nd = Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Exhibition 7.30 at Jamaca joe’s Sunday November 23rd = Oklahoma City, Oklahoma = Pool School 11.00am to 3.00pm at Jamaca Joes.

If you are interested in attending one of the pool schools or just have questions please feel free to either call or email Mark Cantrill at or call directly 480-612-7732.

Karen Corr and Julie Kelly were the final two players out of a field of 35 women at the JPNEWT event, October 11&12 at Drexeline Billiards in Drexel Hill, PA. Owner Bob Maidhof added $2500 and raffled a DeCola cue. This event also carried a 2009 US Open qualifier spot, which was well earned by Pam Cimarelli (nee Treadway). Co-sponsored by Sapphire Limousine and Yoder & Armstrong, the $2500-added event drew 35 of the area’s best 9-ball players to compete for the Pennsylvania State title and a chance to go to the 2009 US Open. The field included many top players, including Corr, Kelly, Pam Cimarelli (nee Treadway), Megan Minerich, Liz Taylor and Ming Ng. Karen Corr started her tournament bid with a 7-2 victory over one of JPNEWT’s newest members, Karen Freire, then quickly got through the field with wins over Tina Meraglio 7-0, Ming Ng 7-4, and Liz Taylor 7-3. She then battled successfully against Kelly to earn the hot seat. NorthEastWomen’sTour payout below 1st $1000 Karen Corr 2nd $ 600 Julie Kelly 3 $ 475 Pam Cimarelli rd

4th $ 350 Liz Taylor 5/6th $ 225 Linda Shea My-Hanh Lac 7/8th $ 150 Brandi Brown Ming NG 9-12th $ 75 Emily Duddy Morgan Steinman Corina Lawrence Megan Minerich

Kelly moved to the one-loss side to face Pam Cimarelli, who got out to a 3-1 lead before Kelly hit a great break and turned the tables to lead 6-3. Cimarelli won the next game, but Kelly ran out the next rack to return to the winners’ side for another chance at her friend, Karen Corr. Corr was ready for her, though, and while there was a lot of savvy play in the opening two games, Karen found her stroke and took the match 7-2. Congratulations to our new Queen of PA - Karen Corr, the Irish Invader! Special thanks to Yoder & Armstrong for the program guides, Sapphire for the Limousines, J. Pechauer and Bob Maidhof for their continued support of women in billiards and Sure Shot Billiards, Coca Cola, Black Boar, Action Vending, Accounting Offices of Frank J. DiSantis & Company, Peter Burrows, John E. Mulloy, Jr., CPCU, Drexel Agency, Inc., Iwan Simonis, Top Notch Roofing, Keane’s Oriental Rug Cleaning & Restoration Services, Landscaping Unlimited, Dave Gosselin, LUTCF (Dave Gosselin Agency, Nationwide Insurance), We Paint-You Smile, Hibachi Japanese Steak House & Sushi Bar, and Moe’s Tavern & Grill.

Viking Cue Mfg., Inc. 2710 Syene Road Madison, WI 53713 Email:

Phone: 608.271.5155 Fax: 608.271.5157 Toll Free: 800.397.0122

Viking Cue is one of the oldest manufacturers of pool cues in the USA, and has the strictest quality control in the billiard industry. Our 43 years experience, modern machine technology, and elite manufacturing process is what makes Viking the best pool cue manufacturer in the world. A Viking cue is the most critical tool for your game. Viking Cues are proudly and exclusively made in the U.S.A.

G-Series Cues

Each G-Series cue is hand-crafted in the USA using the finest materials and attention to detail. With more than 75 designs to choose from you’re sure to find a cue to match every taste and budget.

Harley Davidson® Cues

The best of two worlds collide in our HD-Series cues. Featuring bold and timeless graphics that are sure to gain recognition. Built on Viking’s finger-jointed maple butt for the performance you would expect.


Fat Daddy Jumb/Break Cues

Great pool players combine art and science. In that spirit, our DeCues feature some of the coolest graphics available anywhere on a precision-crafted cue.

Fat Daddy’s unique shaft design leaves more mass throughout the shaft allowing for less compression (flexing) at the point of contact. For jump shots, the quick release forearm allows for effortless over and under stroking to get the ball in the air with ease.

Cue Cases

Cue Accessories

Protect your investment and make transporting your cue convenient with one of our quality cases. We offer multiple sizes and colors to suite your needs.

Keep your cue in prime condition with our fine cue accessories. Joint protectors seal out debris and protect against impact. Viking’s Q-Wiz™ shaft cleaning kit will keep your shaft and stroke as smooth as silk.

Club Quincy “At Birmingham Race Course”

Chameleon Rack & Turtle Tapper

1000 John Rogers Dr • Birmingham, AL • 205-838-7446

$2,000.00 Added “OPEN” 9-Ball Tournament

Starts Saturday • Dec 20th at 1pm

$60 Entry Fee

(Inc. $20 for Table & Reg Fees)

Ladies (Non-Professional) get FREE Entry Fees & Tour Cards at Viking Cue Amateur Events

Race to 9W/7L 8’ Tables Double Elimination No JR Players World Standardized Rules Allowed in Anyone Can Play Added Prize Money Guaranteed Open Event 2 Day Event - $20/$30 Viking Open Tour Card Fee Player Auction Starts Saturday Dec 20TH at 1pm Pool League Members Receive a $10 Discount

$500.00 Added

“AMATEUR” 9-Ball Tournament Starts Sunday • Dec 21st at 1pm


$50 Entry Fee

Ladies (Non-Professional) and JR Players (Age 17-under) get Race to 5W/5L 8’ Tables FREE Entry Fees & Tour Cards at Viking Cue Amateur Events (Inc. $20 for Table & Reg Fees)

Double Elimination YES JR Players World Standardized Rules Allowed in Amateurs Only Added Prize Money Guaranteed Amateur Event 1 Day Event - $20/$30 Viking Amateur Tour Card Fee Player Auction Starts Sunday Dec 21ST at 1pm Billiard Supplies Pool League Members Receive a $10 Discount OB-1 Cue Shaft

ACS Presents The Pechauer All American Tour Results from Leisure Time Billiards The fifth stop on the 2008/2009 Pechauer All American Tour (produced by the American CueSports Alliance – ACS) was hosted at Leisure Time Billiards in E. Moline, IL, on Saturday, October 25. The $500 added event drew twenty-nine players in a double-elimination 8-ball format on 7-foot bar boxes. Rory Smith (Galesburg, IL) ran undefeated to the finals. In the hot-seat match, Smith (rated a “4” on a regional handicap system used) pasted Anthony Garcia [4] (E. Moline, IL) 4-2. Earlier in the A-bracket semi-finals, Smith tripped Rob Hess [4] (E. Moline, IL) 4-2, while Garcia passed Deno Foster [4] (Shirley, IL) by the same 4-2 margin. In the B-side bracket Mike LaPorte [5] (Galesburg, IL) ousted Rodney Flenoi [5] (E. Moline, IL) at 7th place 5-4, while Cale Enabnet [5] (Manchester, IA) eliminated Justin Callerman [4] (Springfield, IL) at the same placement 5-3. In the loser’s quarterfinals Rob Hess toppled Mike LaPorte into 5th place 4-3, while Cale Enabnet dispatched Deno Foster 5-2. Enabnet kept up his momentum by eliminating Rob Hess at 4th place, 5-3. In the B-side finals, Enabnet closed out Anthony Garcia’s tournament at 3rd place by a comfortable 5-2 score. In the tournament finals, Enabnet had the task of overcoming undefeated Rory Smith for the title, and Cale did just that by identical 5-3 margins to win the event! By virtue of Rory Smith being the highest-finishing ACS member in the event, he qualified for a free 9-Ball singles entry into the 2009 ACS Nationals in Las Vegas – courtesy of the ACS. The ACS wishes to thank sponsors J. Pechauer Custom Cues, Championship Billiard Fabric, Nick Varner Signature Cases and oZone Billiards for their support in donating “Value-In-Kind” product for this and all stops on the Pechauer All American Tour. Sponsorship opportunities are still available for the 2008/2009 All American Tour by contacting the ACS. The Tour moves to Legend’s Sports Bar this Saturday, November 1 for a $500 added 8-Ball stop in Clinton, IA (contact David Holmes at 563-321-8435). Further information, entry details and schedules for the 2008/2009 Pechauer All American Tour are available at

Final Results: 1st Cale Enabnet (Manchester, IA) 2nd Rory Smith (Galesburg, IL) 3rd Anthony Garcia (E. Moline, IL) 4th Rob Hess (E. Moline, IL) 5-6th Mike LaPorte (Galesburg, IL) Deno Foster (Shirley, IL) 7-8th Rodney Flenoi (E. Moline, IL) Justin Callerman (Springfield, IL)

$320 $250 + Free Singles entry to ACS Nationals $200 $100 $60 $45

The ACS is a non-profit, national organization dedicated to heightening the interest and awareness of cue sports through the support and sanctioning of organized competition throughout the United States.

d e v o r p m I r t a s e oM Y e h t f o r e y Pla Award

1 Place st

Diamond Billiards

Chameleon Rack & Turtle Tapper

Sports Bar & Grill

“Where the pros come to play”

1242 SW Pine Island Rd • Cape Coral, FL • 239-573-7665

$2,500.00 Added “OPEN” 9-Ball Tournament Starts Saturday • Dec 6th at 1pm

$65 Entry Fee

Ladies (Non-Professional) and JR Players (Age 17-under) get Race to 9W/7L 9’ Tables FREE Entry Fees & Tour Cards at Viking Cue Amateur Events Double Elimination (Inc. $25 for Reg, & ATS Fees)

World Standardized Rules Anyone Can Play “Open” Added Prize Money Guaranteed 2 Day Event - $20/$30 Viking Open Tour Card Fee Player Auction Starts Saturday Dec 6TH at 1pm Pool League Members Receive a $10 Discount

$1,000.00 Added

“AMATEUR” 9-Ball Tournament Starts Sunday • Dec 7th at 1pm


$55 Entry Fee

Ladies (Non-Professional) and JR Players (Age 17-under) get Race to 5W/5L 7’ Tables FREE Entry Fees & Tour Cards at Viking Cue Amateur Events Double Elimination (Inc. $25 for Reg, & ATS Fees)

World Standardized Rules Amateurs Only Added Prize Money Guaranteed 1 Day Event - $20/$30 Viking Amateur Tour Card Fee Player Auction Starts Sunday Dec 7TH at 1pm Pool League Members Receive a $10 Discount

Billiard Supplies OB-1 Cue Shaft

$ $

Florida’s #1 Action Spot

$ $

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