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What is matter? What makes up matter? What are the properties of matter? How does matter influence our lives? How is matter arranged and interact?

You are to write a 2-5 page double spaced paper on one of the topics listed: 1 .States of matter, phase changes, thermodynamics, and absolute zero 2. Classification of matter (all about elements, compounds, and mixtures) 3. The history of the atom and parts of an atom 4. What is a chemical reaction and types of chemical reactions 5. Physical and chemical properties of matter 6. Periodic table and relationships within it (periodicity) 7. Acids, bases, and neutralization 8. Organic chemistry 9. Heat: conduction, convection, radiation, and the electromagnetic spectrum 10. Density and buoyancy 11. Isotopes and radioactivity 12. Types of chemical bonds with examples of compounds found in our everyday lives. 13. Subatomic particles (quarks and such) Do not 14. Gas laws and examples in real life 15. Chemistry of life plagiarize!!

We are going to draw a number to choose a topic. You must then register that number with me and if you trade with someone you must inform me.

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