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Friday, January 9, 2009

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Concern over exploitation of illegal farm workers, and standover tactics as...

Feds move in on farms SEVERAL Federal agencies, including immigration and taxation departments, have targeted illegal immigrant exploitation in the Robinvale-Euston area.

The Mildura Weekly has learned of harsh living conditions, cheap labour and standover tactics by some people in charge of labour gangs.

Many in the community, including growers, have been turning a blind eye to the treatment of the ‘illegals’, but Federal Ombudsman inspectors and representatives of other Commonwealth agencies recently visited the area, and action is being taken to rectify the problem.

Horse play •  Cabarita horsewoman Lesley Allen and her Quarter Horse ‘Paris’ are members of a new group determined to keep the horsemanship skills of America’s Old West alive and well. Read all about it on Page 58.

Our report is on Page 3

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2 • Mildura Weekly - Friday January 9, 2009

A look at the lighter side of life and other amazing things...

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Friday January 9, 2009 - Mildura Weekly • 3

Feds probe abuse of illegal workers


•  CONCERN: Robinvale and Euston are again in the spotlight over concerns that overseas workers are still being recruited illegally for cheap harvest labour, and INSET, Michael Campbell.

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Federal police have also been contacted. In the lead-up to Christmas, a team of agency representatives converged on the two picturesque and agriculture-rich Murray River townships for face-to-face meetings with labour hire operators and farmers to advise them of their lawful obligations to their workers.

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The agricultural sector is understood to employ the largest number of illegal workers, and authorities recently located more than 30 of these in the RobinvaleEuston region. Mr Campbell said his officers had recently joined with the other enforcement agencies to speak with labour recruiting companies, growers and pickers in the area. “The idea was to provide information and education about their respective rights and responsibilities ahead of the harvest,” he said. Mildura Weekly sources have told of stand-over and intimidation tactics by some labour hire representatives in order to win contracts from local growers. It is understood that in some cases they have been aggressive and threatening towards their workers once they have arrived at the property from overseas. The Mildura Weekly has agreed to publicise the Workplace Ombudsman help line – 1300 724 200 – aimed at any worker who feels they are being forced to endure unacceptable workplace practices, or who need help, advice or further information.

NSW horse ban lifted NEW South Wales horse event organisers will be relieved to learn that registration of events is no longer required. In the wake of the equine influenza outbreak in 2007, restrictions and guidelines were put in place to prevent the virus spreading. After a 12-month surveillance period since the last recorded case in Queensland, NSW Minister for Primary Industries, Ian McDonald, said the time was right to lift the final restriction being placed on horse events. “This is the final step in Australia’s recovery from the devastating EI outbreak,” he said. “In doing so Australia has convinced the rest of the world we have succeeded in eradicating EI.” For more information go to


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ROBINVALE and Euston are again in the spotlight over concerns that overseas workers are still being recruited illegally for cheap harvest labour. The Mildura Weekly believes that Commonwealth agencies are disturbed that many people in those communities are turning a blind eye to this exploitation. It is understood that most foreign workers feel too threatened to complain about their treatment, especially their wages and conditions of employment. At least three local labour recruitment operators are known to be under active investigation for exploitation of their workers, and for using them in unsafe working conditions. While local blockies may not be directly involved, it is felt they tend to ‘look the other way’ in order to get the job done. Following inquiries by the Mildura Weekly, the Federal Workplace Ombudsman’s office has confirmed it recently sent senior inspectors to the Robinvale area. Executive director of the national workplace ‘watchdog,’ Michael Campbell, said his office was investigating allegations about the treatment of workers he described as “vulnerable.” In an emailed statement, Mr Campbell said investigators were examining claims that some foreign workers were forced to work up to 10 hours a day, seven days a week, were paid as little as $12 an hour, and were only allowed to leave the property once a week. “Experience has shown that these workers are some of the most vulnerable, and as a result, are open to exploitation and unsafe working conditions,” he said. Mr Campbell said the office of the Workplace Ombudsman is extremely concerned at its findings, and is involved in a multiagency strategic operation aimed firstly at stopping the illegal labour trade, and also halting employer abuses of illegal workers. Other agencies believed to be involved in ongoing investigations include the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Centrelink, Australian Taxation Office, and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. And the Mildura Weekly understands that NSW, Victorian and

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4 • Mildura Weekly - Friday January 9, 2009


A Change is Coming

Friday January 9, 2009 - Mildura Weekly • 5

Green light for our new discount petrol outlet By BEN PISCIONERI APCO service station chain director, Peter Anderson, says he aims to narrow the disparity between country and metropolitan fuel prices when he opens his newest complex in Mildura at the end of the year. Mr Anderson has been locked in a Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) battle over his plans to build a service station opposite McDonald’s in Deakin Avenue, but was given the go ahead by the Tribunal on New Year’s Eve to proceed. “You won’t necessarily see heavily discounted price wars. But you’ll see instead of being 15 or 20 cents dearer than Melbourne here in Mildura, it will be closer to eight or 12 cents per litre,” Mr Anderson said. “We aim to keep prices a bit fairer than they have been in the past.” With the VCAT battle behind him, Mr Anderson said the first step would be demolition of the former seafood take-away restaurant which has been dormant on the Deakin Avenue site for several years. “The first activity will be getting prices to demolish the building that’s already there and get new fences erected, which will also provide the neighbouring properties with more security than they’ve had,” he said. It could then be a slight wait before construction starts. “We’ve committed ourselves to

•  FUELLED UP: APCO director Peter Anderson has been given the green light to commence work on his latest outlet in Mildura, in Deakin Avenue. He expects it to be operating by the end of the year. a new site at Bairnsdale at the moment, which we’ve started on and expect to open in May,” Mr Anderson said. “We still need to get the tender out for the Mildura project, but we expect to start construction by the second half of the year, and it

should be up and running before Christmas.” Despite VCAT deciding in favour of the project, the person who lodged the appeal to the Tribunal maintains the Deakin Avenue site isn’t suitable for a service station. The person, who had between 20 and 30 letters in support of their appeal to VCAT, said the majority of concerns centred around petrol fumes from the facility, increased traffic and the complex being a congregation point for people which could lead to unwanted behaviour in the area. The person, who did not wish to be named, said it was frustrating that the Mildura Rural City Council’s planing staff, who have the relevant experience and expertise to make planning recommendations, had rejected the application to build a service station on the Deakin Avenue site, but had their recommendation overturned by Councillors, “who didn’t necessarily have the same level of expertise”. The objector claimed the Mildura Rural City Council’s planning department had received 47 signatures from people objecting to the proposal during the consultation process. “What’s the point in zoning an area residential and then dumping a petrol station there?” the person said this week. “Property values will go down accordingly.”




Broadband blow for bush THE Rudd Government is under fire, accused of jeopardising high speed broadband Internet access in the Mallee. Nationals Member for Mallee, John Forrest, this week accused the Federal Government of “dumping Coalition plans that would have seen fast broadband services now being rolled out to remote communities”. The plans Mr Forrest refers to are part of the $1billion Australia Connected initiative announced by the Howard Government two years ago – to build infrastructure to connect 99 percent of Australians, including residents in the Mallee, to high speed broadband Internet. Under the former Federal Government’s plans, the broadband service would be delivered via optic cable on a network built by OPEL, which was a joint venture between Optus and Elders. However, on election to office, the Labor Government cancelled the OPEL contract. According to Mr Forrest the situation was then worsened when Telstra was excluded from the Rudd Government’s new national broadband network (NBN) tender process late last year. He says Telstra must be al-

lowed back into the process. “Telstra cannot be ignored. I’m worried our Mallee and Wimmera communities will be forgotten,” Mr Forrest said. “Telstra’s been the traditional supplier of communications in regional Australia and that’s not about to change. “I can’t see another provider setting up in the bush with fibre to node broadband.” Mr Forrest said excluding Telstra from the tender process could end up costing taxpayers more money. “It will certainly be a sad day if the government’s $4.7 billion gets spent duplicating existing fibre optic cables in the cities because it has become to hard for them in isolated areas such as ours,” he said.


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6 • Mildura Weekly - Friday January 9, 2009

With a passion for the expression of British and Australian culture through folk music, Danny Spooner is lauded as a National Living Treasure... and he’s coming to Sunraysia.

A Spooner-full of folk BORN into a workingclass family in the East End of London prior to World War 2, Danny Spooner grew up with the traditions, music and folklore of a typical Cockney family. At 13 he left school and worked on a sailing barge that plied the Thames and the south coast of England. He was apprenticed as a water-man and lighterman, and after six years had earned his Freeman of the Thames ticket. At the same time he was growing as a folk singer under the instructive eye of British folk legend Bob Roberts – who was also a storyteller, bargeman, author, and journalist as well as being the last captain of a British commercial vessel operating under sail, bringing to an end a centuries old tradition. Danny learned the British songs and was enrolled in libraries up and down the coast in order to read the stories of the songs he was singing. During the next decade, he held various jobs including salvage tug and trawler skipper, and it is this varied, almost nomadic life, that has given

Danny an all-too-rare reallife education in the ways of working people. When Danny arrived in Australia in 1962, he realised that there was an audience ready, interested, and willing to appreciate the sorts of songs he had been learning and perfecting. He heard Declan Affley singing in the early folk scene in Sydney, and at the fabled Frank Traynors in Melbourne – Martyn

ingness to perfect his craft, Danny Spooner quickly developed into one of the best singers of British folk songs in Australia. Over the years he has augmented what he learned “on the job” with a vast repertoire spanning almost every part of the British tradition – as well as a respectable portion of the Australian folk heritage. Along the way he has been pleased to add American material learned

Wyndham-Read, Brian Mooney, David Lumsden, Trevor Lucas, and Margret RoadKnight. This was the engine room of the folk revival in Australia, and it made Danny want to learn those songs. From Wendy Lowenstein and Gwenda Davey he gained an all-important understanding of the social context of the songs and proper attribution. Thanks to a prodigious memory and a will-

from new friends including a favoured CanadianFrench whaling song. Danny has performed in folk clubs all over Australia, New Zealand and in Britain on his visits home, and has appeared at every major folk festival in Australia. It is not unusual at these festivals for him to host a range of workshops on all aspects of folk singing and the songs of Britain and Australia. Many of these pre-

sentations have been recorded live by ABC radio for airplay around the country. Danny’s complementary passion is getting people singing, and he has inspired and encouraged many in developing their singing craft. Nothing gives him more pleasure at a festival than getting a good singing session going. “That’s what folksong is about,” he says. Long described as “a National Living Treasure”, Danny Spooner can make traditional music seem new and make new songs seem old. It’s a rare gift and you can catch him as part of this year’s artsmildura Murray River International Music Festival. Danny will appear in the Australian Inland Botanical Gardens Magenta Woolshed function centre from 8pm on Friday, January 23, for an “evening of traditional and contemporary folk song”. Tickets are $25 each, supper included. Bookings can be made on line at, at the Mildura Arts Centre or at the Wentworth Visitor Information Centre, telephone 5027 3624.

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Friday January 9, 2009 - Mildura Weekly • 7

Thanks to those who ‘rose’ to the occasion THE Australian Inland Botanical Gardens will hold an appreciation night on January 29, to thank volunteers for their contributions. Public Relations Officer, Sheena Clark, said it was due to the volunteers hard work that the gardens are maintained “in such good condition”. “We can never get enough volunteers,” she said. “With limited money available for staff, we rely heavily on the work they do. The night will acknowledge all past and present volunteers.” Red Cliffs Rotary Club has also donated a state-of-the-art entertainment system – to become a permanent feature of the garden’s new catering building once completed. “The donation from the Rotary club is very generous, and much appreciated,” Mrs Clark said. “Its first official outing will be to show a movie of the Botanical Gardens’ growth over the past few years. A tour of the grounds will also be held to showcase some of the upgrades volunteers have helped finish.” A large number of volunteers spend their spare time maintaining and improving the look of the gardens.

Brewery fire scare

They include a group affectionately known as the ‘deadheaders’, who spend every Wednesday morning cleaning and trimming the rose bushes, the Z-Team, who perform countless ‘handy-man’ jobs, those who work in the various shops around the grounds on Sunday’s, and the train drivers who run the tours. Marjorie Donnellan, who has been working at the garden’s for more than a decade, said the enjoyment she got from volunteering was indescribable. “Every volunteer has their place and purpose. If they haven’t, it doesn’t take long for them to find one,” she said with a laugh. “I really enjoy gardening, and it’s been a real joy to watch the garden grow and change. “I’m always showing off the Botanical Gardens to relatives and friends whenever they visit Mildura. Not many people realise what a wonderful place it is.” The night’s activities will include a light dinner starting from 6.30pm will be provided, followed by tours of the updated and improved areas of the garden’s. Anyone interested in be- •  SMELLING LIKE ROSES: Marjorie Donnellan, Friends of the Gardens president coming a volunteer is also wel- for the past 10 years, and fellow volunteer for the past seven years, Lester Reed, ‘dead heading’ roses. come to attend.

THE quick-thinking actions of staff and management have prevented what could have been a major fire at the Mildura Brewery Pub’s production facility this week. The alarm was raised about 4.30pm on Wednesday when a chef noticed a pile of cardboard boxes ablaze, backing up against the Brewery’s production facility in Gallagher’s Lane. Brewery Pub and Quality Hotel Mildura Grand general manager Simon Cox said the boxes were engulfed in fire within seconds before spreading to the wooden rafters above the production area, which also housed gas lines for the facility. Mr Cox, the chef who raised the alarm and a passerby fought the blaze using fire extinguishers and hoses, bringing it under control by the time fire fighters arrived. Of major concern was the gas valves and cut-off switch had been engulfed in fire and damaged, preventing any attempts to shut off the gas as the fire spread into the rafters. Fire fighters extinguished the blaze, preventing further damage. Mr Cox said damage was mainly limited to electrical wiring and gas supply equipment, which was repaired yesterday. He said the incident did not threaten the Brewery Pub section of the complex, which was filling with patrons, and should not disrupt production.

All the Mallee Santa’s and organizers would like to pass on great thanks and appreciation to all the sponsors that were involved in the donations received for the “Make-A-Wish Foundation” – Mildura Branch for the 2008

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Coward’s Cakes Daryl Fisher OneStop Wholesalers Gateway Tavern Pantry Direct Mildura Settlers Club Link Distributors Mallee Laundry Services Bursons Auto Group Cadbury Schweppes Forbes Wilson Group Access Forbes Wilson Group Cranes Tile Centre Mildura Mallee Meats Tim Donaldson Graham Witney Wooden Eye Estate Bobos Engineering Devilees Air Conditioning Morello Eaerthmoving Ransoms Sunraysia Auto Group Sunraysia Security Denis, Lorna and Kevin Freckleton Mick Powell Paul Freckleton Neqtar Wines – Irymple BuildPro Sunraysia Chickens

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8 • Mildura Weekly - Friday January 9, 2009

They’re all Greek to us...

...but can you put names to the faces? lia. She is not sure how he came to Mildura but does know he toiled on the Chaffey farms with many other Greeks who were working hard to pay the fare of other family members to come to Australia. Once family members were brought out,

DO you know any of the people in this photograph, ABOVE? It was taken on New Year’s Day 1947, at Johnson’s Bend and shows the entire Sunraysia Greek community of the day. The photo is on display at the In this particular case tragedy intervened Greek Hall in Elizabeth Street, when their child, Stavrou, was diagnosed Mildura, and Greek community members Helen Bounias with infantile paralysis. Christos raised the and her sister-in-law Anne money and sent it to Magdaline but the Ziguras hope to have all those in the photo identified. They Australian Government would not allow the are counting on members of child to come... the Greek community to take a moment to look at the photo most Greek people set about buying their and put as many names as possible to faces. Most of the adults in this photo would have own plot of land, the most important investarrived in Australia before World War 2. Helen ment of their lives. Christos moved to Melbourne where he is a small child, third from front left, with her bought a fish and chip shop in Bentleigh, hand up to her head. Her father Christos, who was a carpenter then to Kerang and finally settled in Cardross and stone mason, came to Australia in 1927 where he was proud to have his own fruit when he was 26. He had a wife and one-year- block and where he and Magdaline became old child in Greece. In the usual manner, and well known members of the Cardross comone still followed today, they could not afford munity. Magdaline was famous for her fetta two fares so the father often came first, to work cheese and yoghurt which she sold as far and earn enough money to pay his wife’s fare. afield as Broken Hill. In this particular case tragedy intervened • Continued next page when their child, Stavrou, was diagnosed with infantile paralysis. Christos raised the money and sent it to Magdaline but the Australian Government would not allow the child to come to Australia because he was considered too great a burden on the health system (things have not changed in 50 years!). A very difficult period ensued with Christos’s young wife, Magdaline, caring for the child and taking him many hundred of kilometres by public transport to the nearest city Thessalonika for treatment, on many occasions, alone. Magdaline and little Stavrou lived with both sets of grandparents in the mountain village of Kriminion. Other members of the family also migrated, but to America. Christos’ brother, Nick, also settled in Australia. After 10 years, after much soul searching, Magdaline agreed to settle Stavrou, who by this stage had learnt to walk on callipers, with caring relatives, to travel to meet her husband. She believed that she was only going for a visit and was fully intending to persuade Christos to return to Greece! Her husband had other ideas, he had worked hard, bought a fish and chip shop and was getting established. So she stayed and had three more children, Jim, Con and Helen. Helen said her father Christos paid his own fare to Australia and landed in Western Austra- MW24322

•  WHO’S THAT?: Sisters-in-law Helen Bounias and Ann Ziguras have been doing a lot of work trying to name all those in the photo by using their contacts in Sunraysia’s Greek community.






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Friday January 9, 2009 - Mildura Weekly • 9

A premature birth…medical problems…in and out of hospital…convulsions…speech impediment, ‘club’ foot, asthma – Calvin Leech had all that, and more. Almost three decades down the track, this environmental high achiever has his sights set on…

Making a mark on the mining world By ALAN ERSKINE CALVIN Leech is living proof that you can’t keep a good man down. And chances are the world will be hearing a lot more about this young high achiever, especially where the mining environment is concerned. It’s a far cry from his birth 29 years ago, when Calvin and his family had to overcome a multitude of medical, financial and emotional burdens to ensure he was given the same chances in life as other youngsters. Among those early problems was being born with a ‘club’ foot, arriving six weeks premature weighing just 5lbs, going through an operation to fix a life-threatening stomach blockage, having a finger almost torn off by the belt of a water pump, overcoming a minor speech impediment, suffering convulsions and, in his teen years, developing asthma. Fast-forward to the present, and the now recently wed Calvin has the world at his feet after graduating with honours with a degree as a Bachelor of Natural Resources from the University of New England in Armidale, and about to take on an important environmental role with one of the world’s biggest mining companies, based in Perth. A lot has happened in the years from childhood to manhood, and Calvin’s mum Helen is so proud of her son’s achievements – especially considering those early setbacks – she wanted to share them with Mildura Weekly readers. “Today Calvin stands over 6ft in height and just as tall in success,” she said. “He worked hard to put himself through university, and harder still to make his dreams come true.” Calvin is modest, but also proud of his achievements. Back

•  GETTING A LEG UP: This was how the media reported Calvin’s case 28 years ago…complete with a picture of the cute toddler bravely taking his first steps. home at mum and dad’s King’s Billabong home for the Christmas/New Year break before starting his new job in February, he admits he has worked hard, set high goals, and is especially proud of the environmental work he has completed so far, and the fact he has been pro-active in seeking out new challenges across the nation. He pays high tribute to many of the people he has worked for, and with, in recent years, and says this mentoring is one of the reasons for his success. He speaks very highly of role models within Greening Australia and the National Centre for Sustainability, and says he learned a lot by watching and listening, drawing on their vast experience across many fields to lay the foundations for the work he wanted to do. Calvin has an impressive work history already, despite ongoing pain from his damaged right foot, and even though he has been told that a further op-

eration would more than likely fix the problem, has too much to do in too short a time to spend six months walking around with a plaster cast on his leg. Calvin’s story was first documented by the media in 1980, in a story headlined; ‘Child deformity: Heartbreak to Hope.’ It was a touching story about a family determined to help their youngest son overcome the ‘club’ foot disability and other medical problems, and give him every chance in life.

•  FLASHBACK: Calvin doesn’t remember the early years of remedial footwork organised by his parents, but is grateful they went to so much trouble to get his medical problems sorted out. These ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures show Calvin in his high chair, complete with a cast of one, and back home for the Christmas break before starting an exciting new job.

Can you put names to the faces? •  From previous page Helen and Anne, who is married to Helen’s brother Con, said the people in the photo would all have been wearing their best clothes to attend the picnic, an important event. They all look happy, relaxed and prosperous wearing their hats, ties and suits despite probable high temperatures in midsummer! Well known Sunraysia Greek names, Tselepis, Joakim (who once ran a booming fruit shop

under the T&G clock) Scamangis, Kalamaris, Manolas, Couroupis, Theofelos, Stamation and Fitos and many more families are all represented in this historic photo. And little Stavrou? He stayed in the Greece and had a happy and productive life, marrying, raising two children, doing odd jobs and some say, becoming a village stalwart and something of an identity. Magdaline travelled back to Greece on a number of occasions to visit him.

Established for 40 years



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10 • Mildura Weekly - Friday January 9, 2009 10 • Mildura Weekly - Friday January 9, 2009

Sculptors Making a mark on the mining world in the spotlight • From Page 9


mattte ersofthe

• Dimitri Nickas and one of his exhibition pieces ‘Divine Recline’.

THE works of four local sculptors will be in the spotlight at Stefano and Donata De Pieri’s Gallery 25 tonight for an exhibition entitled ‘4x3D’. The exhibition is the brainchild of featured artist Geoff Brown, who approached fellow locals Jim Curry, Dimitri Nickas and Craig Haire with the concept

of a collaborative exhibition. “Most of the art shown around Mildura is two-dimensional, or canvas-based,” Geoff said. “I thought it was time to branch out and showcase some 3D sculptures by accomplished people. “Between the four of us, we’ll be exhibiting figurative works, abstract pieces, and some more met-

aphorical and practical examples of our art.” Geoff said the night would be “a fantastic opportunity” for members of the public to experience another facet of Mildura’s artistic talent. For those moved to purchase a piece or too, Geoff said sales will be negotiable on the night.

It meant extra working hours for dad John, and staying at home minding two children while Helen went backwards and forwards with Calvin between Mildura and Adelaide, firstly by bus every week, then by car every month, and then every few months – for just on four years. It wasn’t easy for the toddler. Splints on both feet, screwed to a metal plate to keep his legs even, and then months later, an operation to cut a foot tendon to release the heel, a full length plaster cast, months of professional and home physiotherapy, and still more trips to Adelaide. A young Calvin was determined nothing was going to impede his normal progress through life, and despite ongoing pain in his leg, played junior footy with Irymple, took up BMX and mountain bike riding, and even went rock climbing. After his VCE year at Mildura Senior College, Calvin completed a TAFE course for his Diploma in Natural Resources, worked part-time for private garden contractors, did a traineeship and then full-time work with Mildura Rural City Council before joining the Green Corps to pursue a full-time environmental pathway in life. Even during holiday periods he couldn’t sit still, and applied – successfully – for holiday employment with mining company

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Certificate III in Aged Care Work � � � Certificate III in Children’s Services � � � Certificate III in Home & Community Care � � � Certificate IV in Aged Care Work � Certificate IV in Community Services (Lifestyle and Leisure) �

rehabilitation programs. These were three-month assignments that cemented Calvin’s dreams of a long-term career in environmental science, and after further TAFE studies he completed a part-time university course, then decided on three years of full-time study at the University of New England in Armidale, specialising in the important field of land regeneration after mining operations. His latest job, which he starts in a few weeks, is equally as important – he is to be the environmental adviser for a world-wide company, managing all its environmental compliance regulations as set down by strict Government regulations, and he’s excited by the challenge. “This is far-reaching,” he said. “It is work that is important in the short term, but equally important for long term sustainability of the land. It’s a job where you have to look ahead and plan for the next 50 or 100 years. I can’t wait.” Calvin starts his new job even before his official graduation ceremony, which is scheduled for the Armidale University in March. He’s got time off from the mine bosses already, and it’s a fair bet there won’t be too many dry eyes among members of the Leech family as this young high achiever steps forward to receive his reward for many years of hard work, perseverance and dedication.

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Friday January 9, 2009 - Mildura Weekly • 11


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12 • Mildura Weekly - Friday January 9, 2009

Mallee Family Care, and the man who established the lives of thousands of Mallee families. Today

Celebrating of assistance PUBLIC NOTICE



Notice is hereby given that the following dates and venues have been chosen for various Council Meetings the month of January 2009 Date

Commencement Time


Planning Forum Monday 19 January 2009


Council & Committee Room, Upstairs Deakin Ave Service Centre, 76-84 Deakin Ave, Mildura

Mildura Arts Centre Board Tuesday 20 January 2009


Mildura Arts Centre 199 Cureton Avenue Mildura

Ordinary Council Meeting Thursday 22 January 2009


Committee Room, Upstairs Deakin Ave Service Centre, 76-84 Deakin Ave, Mildura

Mildura City Traders Wednesday 28 January 2009


Rendezvous, Langtree Avenue Mildura

Mildura Rural City Council will be holding a Community Forum on Thursday 12 June 2008 at the Red Cliffs Club, 11 Heytesbury Avenue, Red Cliffs commencing at 7.00pm. All interested community members are welcome to attend. Refreshments will be served at the conclusion of the meeting. For more information please contact Geoff Burr, Council’s Community Liaison Officer on 03 5018 8453.


Please be advised that Council at its Ordinary Meeting of 22 May 2008 resolved to name five parcels of wetland identified as per the By BEN PISCIONERI attached plan. Accordingly, Council now invites public comment thehumble proposal.beginnings, MalFROM on very

lee Family Care has grown to become an essential service for thousands of people. It is the ‘baby’ of Vernon Knight, who is now also a Mildura Rural City Councillor, and who recently took time out to reflect on what has been essentially his life’s work, a labour of love that started in “the boot of the car” and has grown into a multimillion dollar business boasting an annual turnover of $10 million. Back in the early 1970s Mr Knight was working at the coal face of child welfare, as the superintendent of a children’s home in Melbourne. At that time children’s homes Persons wishing to comment on the proposed action may were the sole solution to help chilpursuant Section 223 the Act, lodge formal written dren living in to dangerous orofunsuitsubmission within 14 days the publication of this notice to Chief able family environments. Butofwhile Executive Officer, Mildurain Rural City Council, PO Box 105 Mildura it certainly helped children those environments, VIC 3502 it was still far from an ideal situation. Anymany person hascouldn’t made a written “Yes, ofwho them stay submission to Council may request that submission, that he or she be heard in person at home, but within the options the system provided at the time the or by a person acting on his or in support of thedenied written them submission opportunity to grow in a family,” her behalf beforeup a meeting of Council or a Council Committee. Mr Knight said of the system which on the proposal existedFurther in the details early-to-mid 1970s. may be obtained from Richard Sexton, phone 03 5018 8100. “There wasManager a lot ofCorporate unrest inGovernance, the early 1970s about the way in which we did our business and the high SITUATIONS number of children that were in care. VACANT I mean it was in the thousands, not COORDINATOR GALLERY & HERITAGE in the hundreds.” Artsa&successful Culture - Fullstint Time Position After as superintendent at the children’s home, Job Number: R668 Mr Knight was recruited to head up Remuneration: Band 6A - commencing at Melbourne-based organisation Chil$55,830.57 dren’s Welfare Association of VictoClosing Date: 4.00pm Thursday 19 June 2008 ria, which was to be one of the driv- was interested in change,” he said. ing forces behind sweeping changes “I was there for about four years to family services at the time. COORDINATOR THEATRE and had the professional privilege of TheArts Association had been around living through that enormous change & Culture - Full Time Position for several years, but never had a full- period in child welfare and care of Job Number: R669 time director. people with disabilities and mental Band 6A - commencing at MrRemuneration: Knight took up the role which illness, and in a small way, having $55,830.57 coincided with a new and exciting era a part to play in encouraging that in child and family Closing Date: welfare in Victo4.00pm Thursday 19 June 2008 change. ria. “I’m a great fan of that era because “I went in as its first director and, it was really when we started to get CARE WORKER happilyUNQUALIFIED for me, it was at aCHILD time when concerned about the environment, it we had a Services Premier- Casual (Rupert ‘Dick’ Family on Call Position was when governments became inHamer) and a State Government that Job Number: R671

Residents and ratepayers are most welcome to attend all meetings.

MILDURA RIVERFRONT REFERENCE GROUP EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST Expressions of interest are sought from members of the community to be part of a Reference Group to assist in the development of the Mildura Riverfront Central Precincts Redevelopment Study. The plan will deal with the area from Seventh Street to Hugh King Drive from Walnut Avenue to Orange Avenue. The central precincts are the focus of Council’s award-winning Mildura Riverfront Master Plan (MRMP) prepared in 2005, and further refinement of the MRMP proposals is now required, including detailed design, feasibility and costing of the required public infrastructure to facilitate the identified private sector investment in the precinct. The Reference Group will include several community members and Council encourages representation from a wide range of the community, including but not limited to people with an interest/ experience in the following: • Businesses operating in the CBD • Community groups that have an interest and/ or utilise the Mildura Riverfront • Organisations/Committees that have an interest and/ or utilise the Mildura Riverfront • Residents of the CBD and adjoining areas This is a voluntary role and the Reference Group will act in an advisory capacity and ensure issues relevant for consideration are referred for inclusion within the scope of the study. Council is also establishing a Steering Committee for the project, which includes Council along with key stakeholders. The Reference Group may convene during business hours and/or after hours and duties will commence in mid-February 2009. For further information and a copy of the Terms of Reference contact Peter Douglas, Strategic Planning Manager at Mildura Rural City Council on 5018 8410. Expressions of interest close at 5.00pm on Tuesday, 27 January 2009, and should be forwarded to: PETER DOUGLAS STRATEGIC PLANNING MANAGER MILDURA RURAL CITY COUNCIL PO BOX 105, MILDURA VIC 3502.


Environmental Services- Full Time Position Job Number: R738 Remuneration: Band 3 - Commencing at $39,847.08 Closing Date: 4:00pm Thursday 22 January 2009


Environmental Services- Full Time Position Job Number: R739 Remuneration: Band 3 - Commencing at $39,847.08 Closing Date: 4:00pm Thursday 22 January 2009


Leisure & Lifestyle Services – Full Time Limited Tenure Position - Up to 12 months Job Number: R741 Remuneration: Band 4 - Commencing at $42,291.08 Closing Date: 4:00pm Thursday 22 January 2009



Family Services- Casual on Call Position Job Number: R670 Remuneration: Salary based on qualifications and experience Closing Date: 4.00pm Thursday 19 June 2008

Closing Date:

•  Continued next page

Salary based on qualifications and experience 4.00pm Thursday 19 June 2008


Environmental Services - Full Time Position Job Number: R740 Remuneration: Band 3 - Commencing at $39,847.08 Closing Date:

creasingly interested in culture and equal opportunities, a whole bunch of things we take for granted today surfaced in the 1970s and I strongly believe Dick Hamer was the trigger for that change.” One of the organisations instrumental in delivering those changes to family services was Melbourne Family Care, which is the parent organisation of Mallee Family Care.

4:00pm Thursday 22 January 2009

Please contact Human Resources on 5018 8197 for a Position Description prior to applying or alternatively, one can be downloaded from Council’s website at Applications should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, PO Box 105, Mildura 3502, or e-mailed to humanresources@ All emailed applications will be acknowledged.

Please contact Human Resources on ☎ 5018 8197 for a Position Description prior to applying or alternatively, one can be downloaded from Council’s website at Applications, addressing the selection criteria, should be sent to the Chief Executive Officer, PO Box 105, Mildura 3502, or emailed to All emailed applications will be acknowledged.



PO Box 105, Mildura Vic 3502 Email:


108-116 Madden Avenue, Mildura

Phone: (03) 5018 8100

•  SOLID SUPPORT: Mallee Family Care’s three patrons – Professor Tony Vinson AM, Milton Whiting OAM, and Richard Haselgrove AM, with Vernon Knight, right.

Friday January 9, 2009 - Mildura Weekly • 13

it, are marking 30 years helping and improving we bring you Part 1 of our two-part feature...

three decades for families

•  From previous page Melbourne Family Care was established in 1851 and is the oldest nongovernment child welfare agency in Victoria. “Despite the fact that they’ve had many name changes, they were still a major player in the 1970s and they took up those challenges and decided that they were going to reshape the nature of their organisation and my role in the Children’s Welfare Association meant that I was called on to their review committee to assist them in that process,” he said. One of the key findings of the review was to ensure as many children as possible grew up in family environments rather than be institutionalised in children’s homes. It was a period Mr Knight remembers fondly. “They were halcyon days, very exciting stuff and Melbourne Family Care essentially determined at the end of its review that, number one, it would significantly withdraw from the institutional task, phase out of is residential care programs and develop a whole new set of services that would in the first instance assist children to live in their own families,” he said. “Where that wasn’t possible at least give kids the opportunity to grow up in something that looked and smelled like a family. “The other thing they determined was that, if it was to succeed, those services had to be located where people lived. “You can’t simply provide it in Melbourne and think that you’re going to meet the needs of a family in Mildura, so one of the things they determined was that they needed to re-deploy their services into particularly the most disadvantaged areas of the State.” Which is where the impetus to create three regionally-based service providers, including Mallee Family Care, sprang from.

•  HOME BASE: Mallee Family Care executive director Vernon Knight started the organisation 30 years ago, LEFT. It has since grown to become an essential service to hundreds of Mallee families, based in Mildura out of its offices in Ninth Street, ABOVE. Mallee Family Care was to handle the Mallee region (encompassing towns and cities including Mildura, Swan Hill and Kerang), Western Port (now known as Windermere) covered areas including Dandenong and Narre Warren, and the Upper Murray, which was to look after towns including Wangaratta and Wodonga. Mr Knight was asked to move across from the Children’s Welfare Association to Melbourne Family Care, following his work in the review process. His first task was to establish the Western Port (now Windermere) organisation, which he described as a ‘voyage of discovery’. “We developed new services, set up new offices in key locations across that region and they were very fulfilling times,” Mr Knight recalled. He was then asked to set up a similar service in the Mallee at the end of the 1970s. It took two years to set up the Western Port region and it was expected to take a similar length of time to set up Mallee Family Care. “It was always imagined that I would come up to the Mallee for a couple of years, but I guess the Mallee gets under your skin after a while,” Mr Knight said. “I can remember the director of Melbourne Family Care ringing me one day after the two years had expired and he said, ‘it’s about time you thought about coming home’. “I said to him, well it’s a pretty big job up there, I think it will take a bit longer. I remember him saying to me; ‘You’re not coming back are you?. I said no, I’m not.” Mr Knight’s comments at the time in relation to Mildura being ‘a big job’ weren’t too far from the mark.

Before Mallee Family Care, Mildura often ‘exported’ its problems. “I can well recall talking to some notable locals at that time about the plight of children at risk and being told that the Mallee didn’t have any,” Mr Knight said. “I said, well, you’re right, the Mallee doesn’t because we were taking them off the train in Melbourne.” When he first arrived in the Mallee, Sunraysia was in the grip of a housing crisis, particularly low income housing. “Literally, you couldn’t house the people who lived here in terms of low income housing,” Mr Knight said. “It’s sad to reflect that we actually had people who lived at the tip. I can remember great controversies about the plight of some of the families that existed in this community at that time.” But it was also a time of massive change in the district, as the sweeping changes which had taken place closer to Melbourne were happening in the Mallee. “They were exciting days. I literally lobbed into town with my office in the boot of my car,” Mr Knight said. “Life was pretty simple. A box of pens and a packet of writing pads was about all you needed. “There was no mobile phone, we didn’t even have faxes back then, so it was a very different situation. “So to provide a service that was responding to emergencies at all hours of the night and day was a bit more challenging than it is today.” • NEXT: We detail how the organisation developed, including its involvement in bringing a La Trobe University campus to Mildura, and the challenges that still lie ahead.

Rules for pedestrians FOR the record and the sake of this article, it should be pointed out a pedestrian includes a person in a non-motorised wheelchair, or a person driving a motorised wheelchair that cannot travel at over 10 km per hour (on level ground), and also a person on a wheeled recreational device or wheeled toy like roller blades. Pedestrians have certain facilities like footpaths, bridges or other structures designed to use for their safety, ie. marked foot crossings, pedestrian crossings or school crossings. If there are traffic signals controlling the crossing, pedestrians must obey the signals. Pedestrians must not stay on a crossing longer than necessary and must not cross the road within 20 metres of a marked crossing. On-the-spot fines can be applied. A pedestrian must not travel along a road if there is a footpath or nature strip adjacent to the road, (unless it is impracticable to travel on the footpath or nature strip). If it is necessary to walk along the road, a pedestrian must not travel alongside more than one other pedestrian travelling in the same direction. A pedestrian must not cause a traffic hazard or obstruction by moving into the path of a driver. Unless there is a marked pedestrian crossing at a roundabout, pedestrians must wait for cars. Adults should hold young children’s hands and teach them to STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK before crossing a road: • STOP as close to the edge of the kerb as you safely can • LOOK for traffic in ALL directions; • LISTEN for traffic and Emergency vehicles • THINK if you have enough time to cross safely. (You will need to judge the speed and distance of

approaching vehicles. If you’re not sure you can cross safely, WAIT, and set a good example at the traffic lights and not walk across on the “Red Man” At a railway level crossing, pedestrians must use the pedestrian facility, but must obey any signals or warning bells operating, or if the train can be seen or is sounding a warning and must not cross within 20 metres of the crossing. A shared path is an area designated to be shared with both pedestrians and bicycles. (A sign will display a person and a bicycle.)

Pedestrians normally keep to the inside allowing the bicycles to ride on the outside. Bicycles should give way to pedestrians but always check behind if needing to cross over the bicycle area to move off. Any questions or enquires about road rules can be forwarded to Denis Jewell 5021 3662. • Information resourced from Victorian Road Rules Hand Book & Vic Roads Website: www.vicroads.

Walking for a good cause THIS year’s Relay for Life cancer research fund-raiser will be staged on the weekend of March 28 and 29, but the effort to raise funds for the Dragonflys team began last November. The team took part in the Relay for the first time in 2008, and is keen to better last year’s fund raising total of $3700. “We were happy with what we achieved last year,” team spokesperson Kaye Roberts said, “But we are looking to contribute more in 2009.” Last year more than 750 participants raised $130,000 when they walked non-stop for 18 hours at Mildura’s Ornamental Lakes. The Dragonflys raised their money over six weeks last year and have planned several fundraising events and activities during the next few weeks. As well approaching businesses for direct support the team has also planned: • A ‘Boys Night Out’ next Friday evening with a round of golf, an auction and a raffle. • A three kilometre fun walk or run to be followed by a family brunch at Jaycee Park

on Sunday, January 18 with another raffle. Prizes will be drawn on the Relay weekend. • Rock and Roll night at Settlers Mildura with ‘Impact’ on Saturday, January 24. • A repeat of last year’s successful ‘Girls Night Out’ at the Mildura Club with karaoke, music and another big raffle on Saturday, February 7. • A Street Garage Sale and sausage sizzle on Saturday, March 14. Kaye said the team would greatly appreciate any contribution individuals, or businesses, could make to their fund raising efforts. “It is such a worthy cause,” she said. To contact the Dragonflys to make a donation, or to find out more about the team’s upcoming activities, ring Kaye on 5024 5671 or 0409 409 588, or team captain, Melissa Harvey, on 5023 1725. Meanwhile, registrations for the Relay are now open for new, or existing, teams and individuals at www.relayforlife. For further information contact Bec Newman on 0419 358 407.

14 • Mildura Weekly - Friday January 9, 2009

Snap-happy little big shots LIFE as seen through the eyes of a child. Many would have some interesting tales to tell, but ChildFund Australia has now taken it one step further and come up with a unique photographic exhibition that has now found its way to Mildura. The ChildFund Australia’s Through Children’s Eyes exhibition is now on show at the Mildura Tourist Information Centre and will run through until Friday, January 30. Entry is free. The exhibition got under way when ChildFund Australia presented 49 Papua/New Guinea and rural Australian children youngsters aged from nine and 14 with a loan camera, gave them basic training in its use, and invited them to individually capture images from their day-to-day lives – with no creative direction or input from adults.

The exhibition of photographs represents their world – friends, family, food, animals and their physical environment – and organisers say the differences and similarities between the ‘worlds’ is striking. Nigel Spence, CEO of ChildFund, said that the motivation behind the exhibition was driven by ChildFund’s desire to understand and communicate the development needs of different communities by listening to children. “What really resonates is not only the surprising similarities between the lives of Australian and Papuan children, but the sense of positivity and excitement that shines through many of the images,” he said. The exhibition was launched in Sydney last May, delighting thousands of visitors in the opening weeks, and has since also gone on the road to Byron Bay, PNG and Cairns.


ChildFund Australia is an independent and non-religious international development organisation that works to reduce or eliminate poverty for children in the developing world. Using a child sponsorship approach, as well as public donations and government grants, ChildFund Australia directly implements programs in Vietnam, Papua New Guinea and Cambodia and manages projects delivered by partner organisations in Asia, Africa and the Americas. ChildFund Australia is a member of ChildFund Alliance – a global network of 12 organisations that assists five million children in more than 50 countries. ChildFund Australia is a registered charity and is fully accredited by the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID). Information on the exhibition is available from ChildFund Australia communications manager Anastasia Vaughan on (02) 8281 3106.

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As part of the Global Skills for Provincial Victoria (Skilled Migration) initiative, a two day workshop had been developed with MADEC to provide the partners of skilled migrants in our region with assistance and training to become ‘work- ready’ in Australia. The workshop will cover topics such as •Australian Workplace Culture, •How to source Employment Opportunities, •Resume Writing, •Application Letters and Interview Skills. There are no costs involved for the participants in this workshop and places are limited. To express an interest in this training please contact: Catherine Kelly, Skilled Migration Coordinator, Mildura Rural City Council on 50188266 or email

JUSTICES of the Peace took up permanent ‘residence’ at the Mildura Police Station this week to witness the signing of official documents by members of the community. Previously this had been done by Police officers but as Sen. Sgt Bill Panagiotaros said the initiative would “free up time for pro-active police work”. “We’ve done figures, and dozens of hours have been spent monthly overseeing document signings,” he said. JPs spokesman, Ken Wright, said the permanent move was made after a trial period of two months in July and August 2008. Citizens seeking witnessing of documents can now inquire at the front desk of the Mildura Police Station between 2pm and 5pm every week day.


Announce your special day MW24410



JP signing roster starts

Workshop on Employment Opportunities and Australian Workplace Culture for Partners of Skilled Migrants


Short Courses in 2009

•  PICS WITH A STORY: Meet Aunty Vila, BELOW, …looking none too pleased at being snapped by her 13-year-old niece Elmah Mambingit..she was busy getting a meal ready and about to clean house, built out over the sea. Further inland, Kethy Gaba, also 13, snapped this shot of a village woman, LEFT, carrying a plate of sago. Back home in South Australia, ABOVE, the house was a little different, with Bethany Martin, 10, helping her mum Vicki make cakes for the school lunches. Bethany says her job was putting the sprinkles on.

For bookings call 5023 3823 373 Deakin Avenue, Mildura

You’re in for a treat!!


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Friday January 9, 2009 - Mildura Weekly • 15

It’s been one adventure after another… five years travelling the highways and bush tracks of the world on a motorbike, dodging global trouble spots, armed marauders, wild animals and thieves. Now we’re happy to report…

Our Robbo on his way home THERE are 225 million people in Indonesia, and Mallee adventurer Allan Roberts reckons that every one of them must own at least two motorbikes! The 30-year-old from Turriff, on the last leg of a five-year motorcycle trip around the world, told the Mildura Weekly he has never seen so many motorbikes in one place in his life. Robbo, whose world travels were documented in some of our earlier editions, has so far travelled almost 97,000 kilometres, and has just 4000 kilometres to go before he sets foot back on Australia soil… and he can’t wait. “I dream of the long roads of emptiness in Australia,” he said. “I’m looking forward to using the full range of my gearbox, and not having to change gears every few seconds like I have been doing.” He says that riding through Indonesian traffic is a big test, bordering on crazy. “There are literally millions of motorbikes clogging the roads, along with cars, trucks and a wide array of other contraptions that don’t fit any category at all,” he said. “It’s absolute mayhem.” Robbo intends to spend the early part of January in Bali before heading into East Timor where he will catch a boat for Darwin. He expects to be in the Top End around the end of January, and will take three to four weeks riding back to Victoria. “Then it’s party time,” he said. “I will make sure I arrive back in Turriff on a weekend so I can catch up with family and friends… and anyone else who wants to drop in a say G’day.” The Mallee boy says the past five years have been exciting, interesting – sometimes dangerous, experiencing the wilds and perils of Africa, AK47-wilding soldiers in Russia, surviving runs-ins with Chinese police, sneaking in and out of various border crossings, crossing the

Gobi desert… and somehow surviving some of the most isolated, primitive and worst roads in the world. And to cap it all off, Robbo at one stage decided to get really off the beaten track, going to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates to do the annual desert motorbike challenge, which rates alongside the Paris-Dakar race as the toughest in the world… came second in his class and 11th overall, and as he proudly told the Weekly… “and that’s in the world!” Writing on his most recent experiences, the intrepid adventurer recalls the chaotic traffic of Java, where on his second day saw him take six hours to travel 150 kilometres. “And that’s on a motorbike,” he said. “I would hate to be in a car. It’s not just the slow pace, it’s nearly been killed several times every kilometre… fumes from motorbikes and cars, lack of road rules, and maniac driving. “Over here, car and truck drivers believe they have the right to overtake on hills or blind corners, and take up as much of the road they can, at the expense of bikes, motorbikes or foot traffic. But on the other side of the coin, there have been some really interest-

ing rides and experiences. “My most recent ride was really spectacular,” he said, “especially when it came to skirting the flanks of the many Volcanoes scattered across Java. The most impressive was Bromo, an active volcano spewing gas day and night. “I got to ride across the lava plains, and spent one night camped at the base of it, with volcanoes Bromo and Batuk as my back drop. That was a wee bit too close, I think, because when I woke in the morning my tent was covered in white ash.” Robbo said Indonesia was a vast contrast to Australia, but most other countries he visited didn’t have those dramatic changes. The ones he noticed, apart from language, were mainly centred around food and religion. Among other interesting experiences were visits to the Orangutans of Bukit Lawang, and witnessing the aftermath of the giant Tsunami that hit Banda Aceh, an event that took 200,000 lives in that region alone. Robbo said he had overcome all the logistical problems of getting his motorcycle shipped back home, and he was keen to get his $US1000 security bond back from Indonesian Customs so he could fund the last leg, which will include ‘island-hopping’ to Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores and Timor before the one-and-ahalf hour flight to Darwin.

•  BEAUTY AND THE BEASTS: It’s a long way from Turriff to Angola, but that’s where our Robbo, ABOVE, caught up with a village elder and her daughter head-bound for home with their personal possessions, while BELOW, Robbo was happy to give way to these rhinos when their paths crossed in Botswana.

•  TIGHT SQUEEZE: Squeezing past a truck in Angola, RIGHT, sharing the road, BELOW, with some Angolan natives on their way back from market, and meeting up with a nomadic family in Namibia, BELOW RIGHT. That’s Allan Roberts (INSET) and back on the farm in his younger days – little did he know of the adventure that awaited him.



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16 • Mildura Weekly - Friday January 9, 2009

Getting the wood on some ancient skills... By GRANT MAYNARD WE’VE been making use of wood since time immemorial, so it’s not surprising that even in these most modern of times there are still many among us who feel a special affinity with this wondrous material. If you subscribe to Darwin’s theory, wood has been our constant companion – in the trees when we were swinging through them and still later when we descended to the ground. If you believe the Bible, then wood still holds a special place in our history – after all, were not Adam and Eve dwellers of a garden full of trees and was not Noah’s Ark a wooden vessel? Whatever your beliefs, wood has been around a long time, and man has learned to work it into some very useful and, at other times, decorative items. It was the material that gave us warmth once we discovered fire and it still warms many of us in Sunraysia’s cold winter. It remains a staple of the building industry – having provided us with shelter for aeons, and it is still used by dedicated wood workers and wood turners the world over. That brings us neatly to the Mildura Woodturners and Woodworkers Inc., one of many groups around the globe dedicated to the skills of transforming raw timber into something useful around the home, or as an artful decoration. For the past 20 years and more, the Mildura-based club has been fostering the wood working skills of its members in our region.

•  WOODSMEN: Bruce Morcom, ABOVE, ponders a couple pieces of timber, wondering what he can do with them, while, LEFT, Robin Lewis, a member of the club for the past 14 years, uses a lathe to get his job done and BELOW, Ron Scheele, of Mildura, is a relative newcomer, having been working wood with the club for just 18 months.

The group has a monthly meeting – every second Friday of the month – from 7pm at the MADEC Centre on Deakin Avenue, Mildura, and its workshop days are Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9am till about noon at its Deakin Avenue workshop, also part of the MADEC complex. Long time member and dedicated woodworker, Max Innes, says: “All our members

have certain skills that they are keen to pass onto to those who are interested.” The group is open to both sexes and juniors. Although membership is predominantly male, the group has five active female members and Max acknowledges the group’s timetable makes it hard for juniors to get involved at present. “But juniors are welcome to attend our Saturday work-

shop days as long as they are supervised by a parent or guardian,” he said. The group is active in the community. One of its more high-profile activities is a demonstration of wood working and turning skills at the Old Mildura Homestead on Thursday and Sunday mornings. “We have a roster of members who go along there to show people what they can do

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with wood,” Max said. Then, each Christmas the group supports local charities by donating wooden toys made by members, and in many cases their spouses and partners, throughout the year for disadvantaged children across the district. That, Max says, is a very satisfying activity. Since the 1990s, the group has hosted its biennial Wood

Show at the Old Mildura Woolshed. The show is due again this year, coinciding as it has done for many years with the annual Mildura Country Music Festival and providing a showcase for group skills, talents and activities. “Once people know you are a member of our group,” Max says, “It’s amazing the amount of wood and timber we have donated.” “We get many offers of wood from people taking out trees, as well as other sources... like historical wood from houses and other timber structures. “In fact, at the moment we have enough wood to last us for quite a while and we maybe be able to help someone who is looking for wood for a special project.” The most common local woods use include jacaranda, Silky oak, apricot and other fruit trees and, of course, red gum! For more information on the Mildura Woodturners and Woodworkers group contact secretary, Kath Underwood, on 5021 2963 or Max Innes on 5023 3328.

Friday January 9, 2009 - Mildura Weekly • 17

It’s intricate work, but someone has to do it... in fact, the more the merrier according to...

Mildura’s China painting Queen

•  PROFICIENT IN PAINT: Gwen with an example of her work, RIGHT, and ABOVE, a pallet of the paints she uses.

By VINNIE RODI GWENDOLINE Anderson has been China painting for 28 years, and it’s an art form she said needs to be rediscovered by Mildura residents. Gwen, as she is more commonly known, learned the process back in the early 1980s, and has carried the torch ever since. Until two years ago, Gwen and her husband were the owners of an art supply business on Benetook Avenue. The store was already supplying China painting material to the public when the couple took ownership, and the style of artwork caught Gwen’s eye and she wanted to learn more. “My mother-in-law and I both thought we’d learn the process so we could instruct our customers,” Gwen said. “I was fascinated by the concept and was keen to learn more. Once the business was up and running, I started conducting anywhere from four to five classes a week. “My interest in China painting came from teaching it to our customers.” At the invitation of Gwen, Adelaide China painter Meave Abraham, began making the trip to Mildura once a month, to teach Gwen and her mother-in-law the techniques. Meave eventually stopped coming to Mildura, leaving Gwen to search elsewhere to learn more about her craft. She’s travelled all over

Australia to broaden her skills, travelling to Adelaide and Melbourne to study with experts like Josie Robinson, and Patsy Milden, along with attending various arts and crafts shows. Gwen said in all the years she has been painting, she has never felt like a master.

“You’re always learning new things. I have a lot of fun playing around and experimenting with new techniques.” – Gwen Anderson “China painting isn’t an art form where you can say you know it all,” she said. “I’ve always tried to study the people I’ve gone to see, to look at their unique styles and incorporate it into my own work. I’m still very much a student. “You’re always learning new things. I have a lot of fun playing around and experimenting with new techniques.” Making a piece of China painting is according to Gwen, a learnable skill. “There’s a lot to learn in terms of brush stroke techniques, mixing paints to make the colours, and then the application and process

of getting a finished product,” she said. To produce a piece of China painting: Take a plain, white piece of porcelain, glass, or tile and apply a thin layer of paint in any pattern around the object. Patterns range from intricate floral designs, to paintings of buildings, or simple colour patterns. “The design of the piece is really up to the painter,” Gwen said. “As long as they are happy with the way the piece looks then that’s all that matters.” The piece is then placed in a kiln, heated to 800 degrees Celsius. This imprints the paint permanently onto the piece, the process (called firing) is repeated at least five times, or until the painter is happy with the finished product. The process may seem long, but Gwen assures it’s worth the wait. Some of her work is valued at up to $200 a piece, however, according to Gwen, it all depends on how good the piece turns out. Gwen has been displaying her own work and those of her students, at the Mildura Show for years, and also displays work four times a year at the Australian Inland Botanical Gardens. Her work over the years has generated a lot of feedback from members of the community. “I always get people coming up to me and saying: ‘I’d love to be able to learn that,

but I don’t have the time,’” Gwen said. “I usually tell them to make the time, it’s a great skill to learn.” “It’s something that the younger generation need to be introduced too as well. The interest I get nowadays isn’t the same as the interest I used to get. “I still get some older people who want to come and learn, but not really a lot of young people. “Ever since we sold the business two years ago, I’ve been teaching two classes a week at home. I’d like to add another class, however I need at least six people per class to make it worthwhile.” Gwen’s backyard shed, or “studio”, is a sea of com-

pleted and’work-in-progres’ pieces of art. Two kilns line the back wall next to glass jewellery Gwen has melted down and painted herself. Various vases and cups, all painted with intricate floral designs, rest in the middle of the room on a work table. For Gwen, the back shed is her own private world, a place to go and harness her craft. “China painting is just something I love,” she said. “I never get tired of teaching others how to do it, and continually learning about the craft myself.” Gwen teaches beginners, intermediate, and advanced students. Anyone interested in learning China painting can contact her on 5023 0245.

Getting a lift MILDURA Rural City Council is installing a lift to make the top storey of its Madden Avenue office more accessible from the start of 2009. Work on the project began this week and will take around three months. Mayor Glenn Milne said the project would significantly improve access for people with a mobility issue. “Often meetings with Councillors or staff are conducted upstairs at the Madden Avenue office, so it is important that all members of the community are able to access this area should they need to.”


&((7BL Wbl#Xdb#Vj

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Sunraysia Prestige

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18 • Mildura Weekly - Friday January 9, 2009

A tramcar vision derailed AS STRANGE as it might sound, if things had worked out as the Chaffey brothers had planned, two mules riding a rolling tramcar down Deakin Avenue might today be a Mildura tourist drawcard. Unfortunately, Mildura’s founders didn’t get around to putting this final touch on our copy of their California irrigation settlement. Ontario’s Euclid Avenue was the model for Deakin Avenue, and for several years, from 1888, the mule-powered Ontario and San Antonio Heights Railroad Company tramcar ran up Euclid Avenue’s centre plantation. At the 24th Street terminus – and this is the fascinating bit – the two mules then boarded their little trailer to ride back down behind the tram. When the tramway later converted to electric power, the old cars disappeared. A farmer bought the mules, but he could only get them to plough in one direction – they expected a ride back! Recently, while researching Ancestral Streams, I was delighted to find a picture of The Famous Gravity Tram, complete with trailer-riding mules. And now it occurs to me that perhaps it’s time for Mildura to finish what eluded the Chaffeys. After all, Sunraysia’s southern California origins still show. Its vineyards and orchards, tall palms, numbered streets, and even some avenue names – Ontario and San Mateo –


During research for his next book on the Shipwreck Coast, former Mildura resident DANNY O’NEILL, author of ‘Ancestral Streams, notes from the Murray Valley’, discovered some popular tourist attractions in Victor Harbor and Portland. Seeing what these cities have done on their waterfronts, Danny imagines completing the Chaffey Brothers’ vision for Mildura, but with a twist. evoke the San Bernardino Valley. So I can easily imagine a tourist tram here, in this case run by the Ontario and San Mateo Railroad Company, perhaps. I’m sitting on Mildura’s rowing club lawns with a few other tourists. Even in dry times the riverfront looks magnificent, thanks to the weir. This was where the Chaffeys once had their busy workshops, and I recall that later, there were railway sidings nearby. It’s the Monday after the Jazz Festival, and it’s very quiet. After the P.S. Melbourne rounds the bend towards Lock 11, there’s just the duty pelican to entertain us. Before long, however, even it flies off. It’s an Actors’ Equity thing, to do with rest periods, I think. But I also think that Mildura needs something else here to amuse visitors. This is where the mule tram comes in. Lately I have spent some time on the south coast, where I discovered precedents for creating or restoring


tram services for tourists. For example, Portland restored 1880-era Melbourne cable cars, and laid new track for them, in the late 1990s. Of course, Deakin Avenue today wouldn’t be a very practical place for tram rails. In any event, it probably lacks the necessary incline required to give mules a satisfying ride back to Seventh Street. But Mildura might follow Portland’s example. Its 3.7-kilometre-long tramway connects several tourist attractions: Powerhouse Museum, Botanic Gardens, Maritime Discovery Centre, historic lighthouse and WW2 Memorial Lookout. And it runs along foreshore lawns that were once railway yards, and on nature strips beside roads. What would it take, then, to add a tram, perhaps even mule-powered, along Mildura’s waterfront? As I turn to look towards the railway station it strikes me that there’s already a likely route along council and railway-owned land between Langtree Avenue and the riverfront.

WATER RESTRICTIONS Lawns and Gardens Effective from 1 January 2009

For information on water restrictions or to report a breach please call our restrictions hotline

03 5051 0799

Let’s see; from beside the station, rails could run parallel to Seventh Street, crossing the railway along the blocked Walnut Avenue extension to Cureton Avenue. Then they could curve gently down Cureton Avenue and back to Lock 11. Turning again, they could follow the river past the wharf, to a terminus at the planned marina conference centre, near the old bridge lift span. More ambitiously, there could be a passing loop half- way to allow two trams to pass. The mules would ride down Cureton Avenue’s incline. All other parts of their trip, however, could be power assisted – mules probably have unions these days too – by a hidden engine much like Portland’s pretend cable grip car. Of course, mule power is a different proposition to relatively hassle-free diesel motor power. And perhaps Mildura could simply settle for the latter. But mules would be a nice touch. Victor Harbor rebuilt its his-

toric horse-tramway in the 1980s, and now three handsome Clydesdales each day take turns on the replica cars. Their slow trip along the long timber Granite Island causeway is a compelling attraction, but even the two horses resting in the stabling yard near the city square attract admirers. Seven other Clydesdales wait their turns, on other days, on a property outside town. (They rotate them so that they’ll wear evenly.) Mildura’s mules would need daytime stabling facilities at the railway station, beside permanent tram sheds, like Victor Harbor’s. But who might build and operate the Ontario and San Mateo Railroad? Portland Cable Trams is a not-for-profit community owned company. Volunteers restored its tramcars, and the Puffing Billy Preservation Society won the contract to lay new tram rails. At Victor Harbor, volunteers built the cars, and a contractor, who also operates the service for the city, owns the Clydesdales. Sunraysia’s restoration of its Psyche pumps, and Red Cliff’s little steam engine, among other things, clearly show it has no shortage of capable enthusiasts. Imagine what an attraction it would be if Mildura could recreate Ontario’s Famous Gravity Tram. But I confess I don’t know where you find mules these days. Do you suppose they still ‘make’ them? And now my pelican is back, so I

•  ALL ABOARD: Ontario’s Euclid Avenue was the model for Deakin Avenue, and for several years, from 1888, the mule-powered Ontario and San Antonio Heights Railroad Company tramcar ran up Euclid Avenue’s centre plantation, ABOVE and BELOW, Victor Harbor rebuilt its historic horse-tramway in the 1980s and it now operates daily.

Friday January 9, 2009 - Mildura Weekly • 19

Film festival to ‘sniff out’ talent in 2009 By VINNIE RODI THE Australian Bush Film Festival is back in 2009, with this year’s theme challenging participants to incorporate a sense of smell with their entries. The festival aims to showcase the film-making talents of people from all over Australia, who have a passion for digital media and photography. This year’s theme ‘Aroma’ centres on both film and photographic entries stimulating audiences through their sense of sight and smell. The festival, due to be held on March 15, will be split into three categories: film, photography, and students. After the success of the festival’s inaugural event last year, organiser and Big Screens Australia owner Steve Timmis said he wants to continue to showcase the talents of others. “The support we received from community members in the form of participation, and sponsorship last year was fantastic,” he said. “The only downside was that we didn’t receive many entries from the younger generation. “We decided this year that by giving students a chance to screen some of their work from school, we could increase the number of younger people participating in the festival.” Mr Timmis said the ‘aroma’ theme was proving to be a challenge for potential participants.

Lots of crazy ideas “How do you make a picture smell?” He asked. “We’ve had discussions about what people may do, including bringing along boxes containing smelly items, and then opening them up during their individual screenings, and all sorts of other crazy ideas. “It’s going to be very interesting to see what people have come up with. It’s completely up to the film makers and photographers to decide what, and how smells are used in their presentations.” Entries for the film section can be a maximum of eight minutes long, and must be the film’s first screening to the public. Photographers must submit two photos, one focused on the bush, the other encompassing any topic they choose, as long as it incorporates some sort of smell. Students who wish to enter, can submit any film of any topic, providing it has been a part of their schoolwork in the last three to four years. Films must be no longer than five minutes.

•  WINNING SMILES: Category winners from last year’s festival included, left to right, Anthony Connell, Sharyn Davy, and Jennifer Douglas. The ‘aroma’ theme won’t apply for students. “We mainly want to give students a chance to showcase their work,” Mr Timmis said. Entries for the film and photography sections cost $55, with student entries costing $20. Last year’s winner for best screenplay, Jennifer Douglas, said she is excited by the festival’s ‘smelly’ them’. “I’ve been working on two script ideas which take the concept of aro-

ma to a whole new level in film making,” she said. “Both scripts include interactive ‘smell-o-vision’ components, where the audiences visual experience will be enhanced through the use of aroma’s that complements the vision. “The script I’m leaning towards describes the day in the life of an unsavoury racehorse trainer, and the story should create many opportunities to use some interesting aromas.” Jennifer said she was using a “trial

and error” system to incorporate the ‘smell’ component into her film. “One of my first ideas was to have people roaming around the crowd, blowing scents through the air, but I was worried about people having allergic reactions as a result of different fragrances touching their skin,” she said.

A bag of smells? “I’ve decided to hand out numbered bags, then have the corresponding numbers appear on the screen, with the audience smelling the appropriate bag. Whether the smells are pleasant or not is part of the fun.” Jennifer also said the ‘aroma’ theme was a good indicator of the next step being taken towards more audience participation in film. “Film makers nowadays are producing mini television series on You-

•  CROWD PLEASER: Last year’s inaugural film festival attracted a large crowd on screening night in 8th Street, Mildura.

Tube. With 3D movies being around for a while, I think smell-o-vision is the next logical step,” she said. Jennifer also had advice for first time entrants, who may be nervous about presenting their work in front of a crowd. “Don’t get too worried about how bad you think your work is going to be, enter it anyway, and just enjoy the night,” she said. Around 500 people attended the festival last year, with Mr Timmis hoping the number will increase this year. “We’ll be providing around 300 chairs for the night, we’re also approaching the Sandbar to ask if we can hook up a live feed of the event into the bar,” he said. The event is due to be held on Eighth Street between Langtree and Lime Avenues. Mr Timmis said the outdoor setting makes it difficult for those who want to watch the event while enjoying a quiet drink. He believes the live feed could accommodate those who want to do so. “The Sandbar is in close proximity to where we’ll be holding the event, by introducing the live feed, we’re hoping we can give those who want to have a drink, while still watching the event, an opportunity to do that,” he said. The event will also be streamed live on the internet, as a way to showcase participants’ work to a wider audience. Participants will also receive a DVD of the evening in recognition of their work, along with a number of awards being presented on the night. The live stream can be seen on the Bush Film Festival website www., and the Mildura Rural City Council events page at www.mildura Entries close a week before the big event, and full criteria and entry forms can be found at

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20 • Mildura Weekly - Friday January 9, 2009

It is one of the most poignant, lasting and historic memorials to a bloody campaign that cost the lives of thousands of brave Australians. Mildura Weekly special writer Lisa Cooper has completed research on one of history’s most significant plantings, and says…

Rot, storm damage, but Lone Pine will live on… THE fierce storms that lashed Canberra the weekend after Christmas badly damaged one of Australia’s tangible links to the battlefield of Gallipoli, and the 8709 Australians who died there during The Great War. Fears were held that the storm, which severely damaged the Lone Pine tree at the Australian War Memorial, had so badly damaged thje tree that it would have to be removed. Strong winds ripped off a large part of the tree. An inspection discovered that the beautiful old pine had the beginnings of rot. Arborists, however, have thankfully given the tree the all clear, deciding that with a bit of rot repair work, removal of other branches to ‘balance’ the tree, along with some cable supports, this historic pine can be saved. The Aleppo Pine, or Pinus halepensis, was planted in the grounds of the Australian War Memorial by His Royal Highness The Duke of Gloucester on October 24, 1934, in honour of the thousands of Australian soldiers lost during the battle of Lone Pine at Gallipoli in 1915. It has taken 70 years for that seedling to grow to the mighty 30 metre giant of today. An imposing figure in the grounds of Australia’s national monument to our Anzac heroes, the Lone Pine tree is such an important part of our heritage that no expense nor effort will be spared in conserving it. The battle of Lone Pine was one of the most famous assaults that Australian and New Zealand troops took part in during the Gallipoli campaign. It was also one of the most deadly. The Lone Pine battlefield was given its name from the single pine tree growing on the site. The Australians originally called it ‘Lonesome Pine’, the name of a popular song from around the time the war started, ‘The Trail of the Lonesome Pine’. That ‘lone pine’ was destroyed early on in the fighting. By the end of July, 1915, Allied command had become frustrated by the stalemate that had developed at Gallipoli. Lone Pine was planned as one of many feints, or mock attacks, as part of what became known as the




email: August Offensive.

Strategic Australian attacks The series of strategic attacks by the 1st Australian Infantry Division began on August 6. Including the murderous charge of the Light Horse at the Nek, these feints were used as a diversionary tactic to draw Turkish troops away from what were seen as more important positions, being Chunuk Bair, Hill Q and Hill 971, Thus giving the Allies a better shot at taking those positions in their push at driving the enemy from the peninsula. But the attack at Lone Pine would be deadly, murderous in fact. Author Les Carlyon later described it as “an epic of savagery and sacrifice.” Allied troops were being asked to run anywhere from 60 to 120 yards along a front line of no more than 220 yards, headlong into machine gun fire. All for very little, and questionable, gain, against an enemy that would not have been expecting an attack at that post. Lone Pine was one of the strongest posts the Turkish troops held at the time. Initially the attack on Lone Pine saw quick success, with relatively few casualties given the front-on assault. Anzac troops reached the main Turkish trench within 20 minutes of the initial charge. Wave after wave of Anzacs charged the Turks, clambering over the bodies of their fallen comrades, dead or wounded, sometimes piled three or four high, with nowhere else to place their feet. Most of the casualties occurred

•  Private Leo Leach, of the 7th Battalion AIF. he was the son of Ouyen residents William Augustus and Elizabeth Leach. once troops reached the enemy lines, where the Anzacs discovered enemy trenches heavily fortified with pine logs. The only way the Anzacs could defeat the Turks was to get into the trenches with them. And so they did. It was what Charles Bean described as a battle of bombs and hand to hand fighting, “the heaviest of its kind in which Australian troops ever took part”. It was primitive, almost gladiatorial in nature, with men using bayonets and bullets, fists, boots, and rifle butts. Anything they could to defeat their enemy. In the end, Lone Pine for the Allies was somewhat of a rarity – a vic-

tory at Gallipoli. Every victory, even the smallest, would be one to savour, even if it was only short-lived.

Lone Pine held Regardless of the ferocious and unrelenting counter-attacks launched by the Turks, Lone Pine remained with the Allies. But this was not without the dogged determination of an Anzac defence that lasted three days and nights, all for very little ground won. Lieutenant-General Birdwood, at the time in command of Australian troops, later wrote of the heavy

losses suffered by both sides lost at Lone Pine. “We dragged a thousand corpses out of the actual trenches… and was irrespective of the large number lying around outside”. The scene facing survivors was horrific. Thousands of dead and dying, in various states of damage and decay, surrounded them. The overwhelming smell of rotting flesh in the confined space. It was something those who fought there never forgot. It was a measure of the unprecedented struggle at Lone Pine that seven Victoria Cross medals were awarded during the battle. Two of those were posthumous. Given for the most supreme acts of courage, incredibly six Victoria Crosses were earned on the one day, August 9. Today, it would be difficult to believe that along that stretch of coastline, one small area that became known to the world as Lone Pine could have such a lasting impact on the lives of thousands of Australians. With its sweeping, picturesque views of the Gallipoli Peninsula and out over the Aegean Sea, the spirits of those Anzac and Turkish soldiers who lived, fought, and died on the Lone Pine battlefield, will forever remain present there. In those three days of fighting at Lone Pine, more than 2200 Australian soldiers were lost. Turkish losses were estimated to be more than 7000. But back to THAT pine tree, now so firmly entrenched in Australian military folklore. There two known accounts of how seedlings from the battlefield’s pine trees made it back to Australia. Lance Corporal Benjamin Smith, 3rd Battalion AIF, is said to have sent a pine cone home to his mother in Inverell, NSW. The cone was souvenired from a branch of a tree the Turks had been using as shelter for one of their trenches at. She kept the cone for more than 13 years before planting its seeds in 1928. From those sprouted two seedlings. One was given to the town of Inverell, and the other to the Parks and Gardens section of the Department of the Interior, Canberra. It was that second seedling in Canberra that now stands tall in the

Snakes ‘n’ Ladders All ages playground

The Hippo Waterslide 17th Street, Cabarita | 50 25 3575 is now at Snakes and Ladder s.

Open Everyday over the holidays



Drytron Sunraysia / Mallee

John May

On Site Dry Cleaning Specialists on Carpets, Upholstery and Drapes Ask for this months special

Friday January 9, 2009 - Mildura Weekly • 21

Making them up is an easy task… keeping them is a lot harder… breaking them is easy… our junior columnist Sarah Whitelegg digs a bit deeper and says…

NY resolutions are nothing new THE New Year has come again… we can all breathe a sigh of relief that the pressure and frenzy of Christmas has slowly drawn to a close, and instead look at the happy prospect of a bright, New Year full of amazing possibilities and the chance for a fresh start. Many people take this time to reflect on past years and find ways to improve on things in their life that they are not satisfied with, sort of a promise to change a particular aspect in their life. This is called a New Year’s resolution. New Year’s resolutions are goals that people set for themselves at the start of a new year. They were very popular in times gone by and are still around in society today. Adults and teenagers look forward to the opportunity to enhance their lifestyle and make some necessary changes. Making a resolution to celebrate the New Year is not a new custom, in fact it dates back 153 B.C. when an ancient, mythical king of Rome was put at the start of the calendar. The mythical king had two faces, so it was thought that Janus could see both behind him and in front of him. The Romans named the first

talk Girl

Resolutions also date to the early Babylonians, who celebrated New Year’s Day over 4000 years ago. It is interesting to know that a common resolution of the Babylonians was to return borrowed farm equipment.


sarah whitelegg email: month after Janus, (January) and he is known as the god of the doorway, as January was the door to the New Year. On December 31st the Romans pictured Janus looking back at the year past and looking forward at the year ahead. They imagined that Janus was reflecting on the past year and thinking of ways to improve the next one. Resolutions also date to the early Babylonians, who celebrated New Year’s Day over 4000 years ago. It is interesting to know that a common resolution of the Babylonians was to return borrowed farm equipment. These days, getting fit, saving cash and to quit smoking are amongst the popular choices. However, hardly any of us actually follow through with

our resolution commitments; research shows that only one in 10 people will fulfil their resolution. The University of Hertfordshire in England found that men are more successful when they set a specific, achievable goal such as losing 3 kilo’s a month instead of ‘lose weight’ and women who tell their friends their resolution are more likely to achieve it. Those who want to stop smoking have the hardest goal it seems, as a report from Pfizer Australia found that nine in 10 people who say they want to quit will still smoke. If Australian smokers had kept to their New Year’s resolution, we would have had 640 000 fewer smokers! The hardest thing about making a resolution is failing

to achieve your goal. What’s the point of making one if you know you’re going to fail? It is much easier to not make one, that way you won’t get disappointed with yourself and you are free to live your life as you want and not struggle through the year, fighting off the urge to bite your nails or light up a smoke. So what’s the secret of keeping a New Year’s resolution? The first thing to remember is to choose the right resolution. Make it a realistic and a short term goal. For example instead of saying that you want to lose weight, it would be better to plan to lose 1 kg a week for 2 months rather than the general statement “I want to lose weight” It’s also a good idea to write it down and put it somewhere where you can see it, to remind you of what you want to achieve. Create a plan; think about

how you can reach your goal and what needs to be done to ensure success. Write down steps that you will take and assign dates for each step, such as for a resolution to ‘exercise more’ you might write down a run on Monday, the gym on Tuesday etc etc. Lastly, stay flexible and stick to it. If you happen to break away from your plan of attack, don’t worry, accept that you can’t always follow your plan but remain focused. Don’t forget to celebrate achievements, even the smallest lifestyle change is cause for celebration. It’s a great feeling having goals, getting excited about working towards achieving them, and the pride of knowing that you can reach them, and that you will succeed. And if you don’t fulfil them, relax; it’s not the end of the world. You don’t have to limit your resolutions to New Year’s you can make a resolution at

any time during the year, if you didn’t achieve your New Year’s resolution, start again from scratch. If you keep to it, you will get there and the results will speak for themselves. Finding a New Year’s resolution isn’t always easy; here are some resolutions my friends have for 2009. Jazmin’s resolutions are; to get better grades, lose weight and to start planning her future, Alan’s is to lose weight and win more card games, Tianna would like to get fit and save a thousand dollars, Taylor aims to have better relationships with people and Maddy’s resolutions are to grow taller, to get a tan and to live life to the fullest, 2009 and beyond. My New Year’s resolution this year is very simple, to take every opportunity that life presents to me and take each day at a time. It has been a pleasure writing articles for you to read and hopefully enjoy, and I look forward to continuing to write to you for years to come. In 2009, I hope you succeed with your resolutions and that you make this year your best year yet. Happy New Year – Sarah W.

Rot, storm damage, but Lone Pine will live on… A mother’s donation The mother’s donation of a Lone Pine seedling was in memory and honour of all Australian sons who fell at Lone Pine. But especially in honour of another of her sons, a brother to Lance Corporal Benjamin Smith, killed in the battle for Lone Pine. Sergeant Keith McDowell, 24th Battalion AIF, carried a pine cone in his kit bag right through the war. On his return to Australia, he gave the cone to his aunt, Mrs Emma Gray, in Grassmere near Warrnambool, Victoria. More than za decade later, Mrs Gray planted her seeds, successfully propagating four seedlings. One was planted in Wattle Park, Melbourne, in May, 1933. Another was planted at the Shrine of Remembrance, and a third at the Soldiers Memorial Hall at The Sisters. The last seedling was planted in the Warrnam-

bool Gardens. There is again a ‘lone pine’ which today stands in the middle of the Lone Pine Cemetery and Memorial to the missing at Gallipoli, and it is a descendant of the original tree. It proudly stands guard over what is the main Australian memorial at Anzac Cove. The memorial and the tree also mark the furthest point inland of the Allied advance during the entire campaign. By the time of the Allied evacuation in December, 1915, the Allied campaign on the Gallipoli peninsula had lasted seven and a half months. It had cost the lives of more than 8000 Australians. Deemed a major Allied failure, troops had advanced just 1.2 kilometres from the landing site of April 25.

The grounds of the cemetery, once the site of Turkish trenches and tunnels, some of which were filled in as mass graves, stand today as a mark of honour and respect of to the thousands of Australians killed during the campaign. There are 1167 soldiers buried in the Lone Pine cemetery. Of these, 504 are unidentified. There are special memorials in honour of the182 Australians known to be buried there. Somewhere. The Lone Pine memorial to the missing is located at the east end of Lone Pine cemetery. Dominating the site is a limestone pylon, about 45ft square and reaching a height of more than 47ft. An inscription on the wall begins, “TO THE GLORY OF GOD AND IN

LASTING MEMORIAL…” It stands in remembrance of the 3268 Australians and 456 New Zealand troops who died during the Gallipoli campaign and who have no known grave, and the 960 Australians and 252 New Zealanders whose grave is the watery depths of the Aegean Sea. The names of the Australian dead are carved into panels which form walls either side of the limestone pylon.

The men from the Mallee The names of men who lived in the Mallee region are remembered both on the memorial panels, and on headstones in the cemetery itself. Others, wounded during the action at Lone Pine, are honoured elsewhere. Like Private Leo Leach, of the 7th Battalion AIF. The son of Ouyen residents William Augustus and Elizabeth Leach, Leo enlisted in his home town of Ouyen on April 10, 1915. He had been working for the Walpeup

Shire before joining his father on the family property. Aged just 20, Leo was shot in the head on August 6 by an enemy sniper during the Turkish attempts to regain Lone Pine. Evacuated by hospital ship to Egypt, he died on August 13, and is thought to have been the first man from Ouyen killed during The Great War. It is the Lone Pine tree at the Australian War Memorial, almost destroyed by that freak storm of two weeks ago, that stands to honour and respect the likes of Private Leo Leach, and thousands of other Australian sons just like him. We are just seven years away from commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Anzac landings at Gallipoli. While time and Mother Nature may sometimes be against the old pine tree, we can only hope that it stands proudly and in good health come that day, and for many years thereafter.

Mazda CX9 Seal The Deal, 2008 Model Clearance For a Limit ed Time On ly > FREE 12 Months Registration > FREE Compulsory Third Party Insurance > FREE 3 Year Roadside Assistance > Additional 1 Year Extended Warranty

CX-9 Classic and Luxury From: $47,990


•  From previous page

*Offer applies to CX- 9 models built in 2008 only. Price excludes $1095 dealer delivery. Picture is for illustrative purposes only.

9 Seventh Street, Mildura Ph: 5021 2999 Contact Jason Harding - Sales Manager: 0417 561 838 or Sally Harvy – Sales Executive: 0488 519 326

LMCT 10074

Your Special Day

22 • Mildura Weekly - Friday January 9, 2009






‘HEAPS of fun’ is

the way Jaki Cafarella and Chris Dimasi remember their wedding day, and their happiness is clearly reflected in the

photographs taken by Darren Seiler. The couple was married in the relaxing surrounds of Sovereign Gardens,

followed by a reception at the Club Da Vinci for 180 guests, some having travelled from as far afield as Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Emma Mammone, Lidia Dichiera and Gabriella Dichiera attended Jaki, and they played an important role in a very special day, with Emma designing the bridal gown, and Lidia expertly applying the bridal party’s makeup. The flower girls were Shania Menegaldo and Isabella Dimasi. The groom’s attendants were Robert Dichiera, Joseph Carrazza and Michael Dimasi, along with pageboy Aydan Menegaldo. Jaki and Chris flew to Thailand for their honeymoon.


Announce Your Engagement CALL THE MILDURA WEEKLY ON

5021 1777 OR DROP INTO 73 ORANGE


Marriage Celebrant


Shirley D. Penny OAM RMC, JP

0448 349 518 - 5023 1542

03 5023 2628 378 Deakin Avenue, Mildura




Wedding Ceremonies MW21601

trace beale

Personal and Professional


Friday January 9, 2009 - Mildura Weekly • 23



For more details see Page 24


Friday JANUARY 9. 2008

$17,000 FOR ESTABLISHED HOUSES MFL will complete and lodge the first home owners grant for you, providing a simple no hassle process.

better than a bank


Ph: 5051 0400

135 Deakin Ave, Mildura •

24 • Mildura Weekly - Friday January 9, 2009



Featurehome homebuyersguide If you’ve just entered the real estate market then make sure you take a look at this beauty. With character and that feel you get from these older homes, this home has 3 bedrooms, harwood timber floors, lounge, sunroom and renovated kitchen. Outside features include large sustainable hardwood deck, with pitched pergola, large yard and brick shed. YOUR FREE REAL ESTATE AND HOME FINANCE GUIDE

homebuyersguide homebuyers BUYER GUIDE : $160,000 to $190,000

OPEN : Sat and Sun 11.30 – 12.00 and Tues 5.00 – 5.30

Mark Thornton 0408 534 772 homebuyers

Economic uncertainty causes house price volatility The median price of a house in Melbourne has declined by 3.3 per cent to $435,000 in the REIV September quarter median property values report. REIV CEO Enzo Raimondo has said that the moderate drop in house values was a direct result of the most difficult external economic climate we have witnessed for many years. “Analysis of the REIV data also shows that the economic climate is having the strongest impact in the most expensive suburbs, the same ones that displayed run away growth in 2007 and the least impact in the most affordable suburbs. “Overall the local housing market is the most volatile it has been for many years. In the March quarter the median price fell, in the June quarter it increased and now in the September quarter it has fallen. We have also seen auction clearance rates vary by over 10 per cent over a month. “The median price of a house in Melbourne is now similar to what it was in March this year when it was $430,000. “People who are looking to sell their home will still see good demand, particularly in the more affordable segments as Melbourne is experiencing ongoing strong population increases and there are very few vacant rental homes. “The fastest growing suburbs over the last twelve months were Broadmeadows (up 24.7 per cent to $268,000), Narre Warren (up 22.9 per cent to $329,250), Keysborough (up 19.6 per cent to $400,500), Coburg (up 19.3 per cent to $593,750) and Lalor (up 19.1 per cent to $327,500) “It’s important to note that the majority of sales during the quarter occurred before the 1 per cent cut in interest rates and the increase in the first home buyers grant, the impact of these factors will therefore become apparent in the December quarter. “Unit and apartment values have been far more stable, dropping by 0.4 per cent from $370,325 to $369,000 in the quarter. “The three main regional cities have also performed the same or better than Melbourne with Ballarat’s median increasing by 1.5 per cent from $231,000 to $234,500, Bendigo’s has fallen by 1.9 per cent from $229,250 to 225,000 and Geelong’s has dropped by 3.3 per cent from $309,000 to $298,744,” Mr Raimondo concluded


Friday January 9, 2009 - Mildura Weekly • 25 Mildura 47 Hector Street

Mildura 8 Desroy Avenue

This comfortable 3 bedroom home has plenty to

If you’ve just entered the real estate market then make sure you take a look at this beauty. With character and that feel you get from these older homes. Outside features include large sustainable hardwood deck area with pitched pergola.

offer to the astute buyer.

• 3 bedroom, 1 Bathroom • Large 20 x 30 shed with concrete and power, also including a toilet • Separate living • Large kitchen • Separate lounge with gas heating

• 3 bedrooms • Hardwood timber floors • Sun room and renovated kitchen • Large yard with a brick shed

For Sale $150,000 - $170,000 View Sat 11.00 - 11.30 Mon 5.30 - 6.00 Andrew Whitelegg 0429 965 608

Auction $160,000 - $190,000 View Sat & Sun 11.30 - 12.00 Tue 5.00 - 5.30 Mark Thornton 0408 534 772

Tel 03 5021 9500 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Tel 03 5021 9500 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Mildura 19 Sharland Street

Merbein 56 Third Street

Neat 3 bedroom home on huge block.

This beautiful 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home with expansive views of the Merbein flats would be ideal for the growing family, with separate living area’s both upstairs and down. Also included is a 20 x 40 shed which half has been converted to a self contained unit currently rented at $85 pw.

Separate lounge, renovated kitchen, ample shedding, great central location close to shops and parks.

• This massive allotment has potential for future subdivision (STCA) • Perfect for the investor or first home buyer • Plenty of space for the kids and dog. • Save on renting and buy this rock solid home today.

• 2 storey with fantastic view’s of the river • ¾ acre town water • Single garage

For Sale $150,000 - $175,000 View Sat & Sun 12.30 - 1.00 Mon 5.00 - 5.30 Mark Thornton 0408 534 772

Auction Fri 6th Feb 1.00pm at Hotel Mildura View Sat 1.15 - 1.45 Tue 5.30 - 6.00 Andrew Whitelegg 0429 965 608

Tel 03 5021 9500 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Tel 03 5021 9500 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Mildura South Store & Post Office Huge opportunity to take over a thriving business in the fastest growing section of Mildura. Offering flexibility for the family with a 3 bedroom residence at the rear of the business. Businesses like this don’t come up very often!



Tel 03 5021 9500 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Merbein 191 Commercial Street

An opportunity for the first home buyer or investor

Ideally located across from the Merbein high school is this 4 bedroom, 1 bathroom home. Featuring a new kitchen, big yard, large lounge, gas heating and double carport. This is a great opportunity to enter the market.

to purchase this 2 bedroom unit with new kitchen, large court yard and single garage. Centrally located to CBD. A must to inspect. Sale $120,000 - $135,000 View Sat 10.15 - 10.45 Andrew Whitelegg 0429 965 608 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Auction Fri 6th Feb 1.00pm at Hotel Mildura View Sat 2.00 - 2.30 Tue 4.45 - 5.15 Andrew Whitelegg 0429 965 608 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue


Sale $260,000 View Phone To Inspect Mark Thornton 0408 534 772

Mildura 14 Pearl Avenue


• Largely established and receives huge clientele from the ever expanding residential development of Mildura South • Amongst a major school and kindergarten, the business is non stop • Post Office, fast food & general store

Mildura 15 Belle Gardens Drive

Mildura 1 Semmens Court

Mildura 1/172 Thirteenth Street

Mildura 57 Tenth Street

Ideally located in a private court is this beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home. With a low maintenance yard, double carport and pop up auto sprinklers, this home makes for easy living. Perfect for the smart investor or first home buyer.

Investors will love this 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom

Spacious townhouse with 3 bedrooms, semi ensuite, newly painted and carpeted, rear yard, auto double carport and A1 condition. This property is ideally located to schools & church. Be quick to secure this blue ribbon location.

Centrally located is this beautiful 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom weatherboard home. A fantastic opportunity to enter the market for the first home buyer. You could own this home from as little as $251 - $282 per week.

Sale $200,000 - $230,000 View Mon 4.45 - 5.15 Andrew Whitelegg 0429 965 608 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Sale $190,000 - $210,000 View Sat 12.30 - 1.00 Andrew Whitelegg 0429 965 608 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Sale $210,000 - $235,000 View Sat 11.45 - 12.15 Andrew Whitelegg 0429 965 608 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Sale $150,000 - $165,000 View Sat 9.45 - 10.15 Andrew Whitelegg 0429 965 608 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

home. Natural gas cooking and heating. Located within walking distance to Centro Plaza and close to transport. This home will tick all the boxes.

26 • Mildura Weekly - Friday January 9, 2009

Mildura 30 Birralee Avenue

Mildura 10 Villiva Drive

Mildura 8 Todd Court

Red Cliffs Lot 1 Seymours Road

Immaculate home and yard, an opportunity to purchase this very well kept property. Open living includes cathedral ceilings, lounge, dining and kitchen. Vendors want this sold so all genuine offers will be considered.

Brand new with earthy combinations of stone, timber & render to enhance the urban feel of this individual home. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms plus study with built in work station. Unique floor plan designed for indoor/outdoor living.

The Vendor wants to see a sold sticker!! The perfect entertainer. 4 spacious bedrooms, master with WIR & ensuite. Incorporating the finest fittings & features throughout is this stunning home in the popular Ularara Estate.

Rural living at its best, this massive 4 bedroom home set on approx ¾ of an acre is sure to impress. With beautiful timber floors and a stunning timber kitchen this is a fantastic opportunity for someone to purchase this large family home.

Sale Offers Over $120,000 View Sat 10.45 - 11.15 Mon 4.00 - 4.30 Mark Thornton 0408 534 772 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Sale Offers Over $350,000 View Sat 2.00 - 2.30 Mark Thornton 0408 534 772 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Sale Offers Over $370,000 View Sat 1.15 - 1.45 Mark Thornton 0408 534 772 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Sale $360,000 - $400,000 View Phone To Inspect Andrew Whitelegg 0429 965 608 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Red Cliffs 6 Nulla Street

Red Cliffs 189 Hakea Street

Mildura Barraclough Way Buronga 18 Pittman Ave

Mildura 94a Langtree Ave Mildura Lot 28 Jordan Ave

This 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom home is completely renovated. New kitchen, new bathroom, re-painted and re-carpeted throughout. Great sized yard with large shed. Would make great investment with potential rent $160-$170/wk.

14¼ acres planted to Almonds and Fresh Fruit. All

Good sized block of land in established Mildura subdivision. Close to all amenities including Centro. Build your dream here on this 642sqm block.

A fantastic opportunity here to purchase this commercial free hold title in Langtree Avenue. This highly sought after area is perfect for a small business.

Large 848 sqm block in popular Ularara Estate. In the established Jordan Ave, surrounded by big homes, enough space to build your family home here.

Auction Fri 6th Feb 1.00pm at Hotel Mildura View Sat 10.00 - 10.30 Mark Thornton 0408 534 772 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Sale Offers Over $190,000 View Phone To Inspect Andrew Whitelegg 0429 965 608 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Ideal for the first home builders and families wanting to build their dream home. This is a fantastic opportunity to purchase a large parcel of land of approximately 937m2.

Sale Offers Over $80,000 View Phone For Details Mark Thornton 0408 534772 Ray White Mildura

Sale $90,000 View Phone For Details A Whitelegg 0429 965608 Ray White Mildura

Sale $270,000 - $300,000 View Phone For Details A Whitelegg 0429 965608 Ray White Mildura

Sale Offers Over $100,000 View Phone For Details Mark Thornton 0408 534772 Ray White Mildura

with low level sprays and 50 megs of water. Also on the property is a renovated 3 bedroom cottage which is currently rented out at $170 per week.




12 Riverview Rise, Gol Gol • $2.5m • 5460m2 allotment • Breathtaking views, best in district • Teaming with birdlife, nature at it’s best • Architecturally designed • 72sq under roof, over 3 levels • 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, guest toilet, & pool toilet/change room

• Classic Queenslander home • River views from most rooms • Gourmet Granite kitchen • Reverse cycle air conditioning • Quality appliances & fittings • Extensive glazing, lots of natural light

• Huge verandahs, extensive landscaped & established gardens • Large inground pool & spa • Huge colourbond shed, floating pontoon • Ironbark polished floorboards • Plus many more features, too numerous to mention


Friday January 9, 2009 - Mildura Weekly • 27


roccisano property group




AUCTION-Value Packed Home ESR $190,000-$200,000 Picture Perfect Parkland ESR $330,000-$360,000

• Stunning kitchen • Alfresco entertainment area • Low maintenance yard • Quality craftmanship throughout

• 3 bedroom & ensuite • Timber kitchen and meals areas • Large lounge to front • Spa bath with family bathroom

For Sale Now or by Auction Saturday 17th January, 2009 at 1.00pm on site

Contact: David 0408 514 666 Address: 512 Walnut Avenue G13 Internet PID: 303778




AUCTION - Display Quality Guaranteed

• Luxury display home • 4 bedrooms with built in robes • Spacious living areas • 2 bathrooms


• Double car accommodation • Good sized block & garden shed • Close to shops & transport

• 3000m2 of botanic gardens • 3 bedrooms, ensuite & walk in robe • 20 x 30 shed & annex • Formal lounge to front

For Sale Now or by Auction Saturday 17th January, 2009 at 11.00am on site

Contact: Gary 0419 548 922 Address: 21 Macquarie Court K11 Open: Saturday 10.30-11.00am Internet PID: 303050

Open: Saturday 10.00-10.30am

• Kitchen/Meals with dishwasher • Large family living room • Close to river & double garage • Covered alfresco area

Contact: Gary 0419 548 922 Address: 67 Ginquam Avenue (between Eleventh & Cureton Ave) Internet PID: 306314 Open: Saturday 2.00-2.30pm





Auction - Deceased Estate


Location, Location, Location!


A very rare opportunity to acquire a dignified period home built in an era when craftsmanship & style were valued. Comprising 3 bedrooms plus 2 sleepouts plus a 2 bedroom self-contained flat, all set on 2 titles totaling 1910m2. Ideal for restoration, development or retirement facility (STCA). The property has enormous future development potential being located in one of Mildura’s most prestigious addresses with huge frontage to Toorak Avenue & Eleventh Street. Inspection is by appointment only.

The Murray River is right at the rear of this spectacular residence designed specifically to take advantage of the panoramic river views. You can ski, sail, swim, fish or simply sit & watch the ever-changing river scenery. This magnificent contemporary style home comprises 4 bedroom plus study, 3 living areas, 3 bathrooms, designer granite kitchen, crystal clear wall-to-wall glass windows that capture the stunning views. Beautifully landscaped gardens complement the lovely pool & Gazebo area. Triple car garage with ample space & lock-up secure shed ideal to park the speedboat in. Dual water connected to the property is also a feature & irrigation is by way of automatic sprinkler system. A home you will be proud to call your own. For Sale Now or by Auction Saturday 24th January, 2009 at 12noon on site Contact: Tony 0418 502 101 Address: 53 Carramar Drive Internet PID: 283531

T PRES Investors - Ideal Rental • 3 good sized bedrooms • Open plan kitchen & dining • Large separate lounge • Detached bungalow/ 4th bedroom Contact: Peter 0407 212 850 Address: 4 Kepeto Court M6 Internet PID: 298404

For Sale Now or by Auction Saturday 14th February, 2009 at 1.00pm on site

Contact: Tony 0418 502 101 Address: 328-332 Eleventh Street & Toorak Avenue G5 Internet PID: 301076 Open: Saturday 11.00-11.30am


MILDURA $189,950 • Quiet court location • Large rear yard • Close to shops & public transport • Walk to Sunraysia Insitute of TAFE

Open: Saturday 9.30-10.00am


Fabulous Location

Contact Tony Roccisano 0418 502 101 for further details

IRYMPLE ESR $290,000-$310,000

• 4 good sized bedrooms • Formal lounge & dining rooms • Large master, ensuite, WIR • Ornate ceiling rose & cornices • Open family area with slate floors • Double garage & carport, shedding • Ducted air conditioning & vacuum • Lovely undercover outdoor area Contact: Rico 0418 516 773 or Mandy 0417 017 635 Address: 5 Carina Close Internet PID: 306319

5021 1900 83 Deakin Avenue, Mildura *ESR - Estimated Selling Range

$400,000 plus

This classic craftsman built home is one of Mildura’s finest with all the style of a luxury hotel. This home boasts a rural setting of a picturesque grand family residence set amongst a luscious green vineyard and only minutes away from the heart of Mildura. Comprising of 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, formal living areas, gourmet designer kitchen with granite and stainless steel appliances, refrigerated wine cellar, double garage, huge 60x30x12 high shed with mezzanine, roman style backyard with a stunning pool and water feature, all set on 3000m2. The master bedroom is truly luxurious with large double French doors that open out to the pool area and a stunning marble ensuite with large spa. Every bedroom has a view to the manicured green-hedged gardens surrounding this sensational home. Simply, this is one of the best value quality 5 bedroom homes on the market today. For Sale Now or by Auction Saturday 14th February, 2009 at 12noon on site Contact: Rico 0418 516 773 Address: 801 Benetook Avenue (between Fifteenth & Sixtenth Streets) M13 Internet PID: 304289 Open: Saturday 1.00-1.30pm

Real People in Real Estate Tony Roccisano 0418 502 101

Rico D’Amico 0418 516 773

Mandy D’Amico 0417 017 635

Peter White 0407 212 850

Gary Castleman 0419 548 922

Loretta Paiano 0418 596 789

David Adolph 0408 514 666


When Style and Luxury Count


28 • Mildura Weekly - Friday January 9, 2009


Prime Building Site

• 1 Acre building allotment • Town water available • Power available • Close to Irymple South Primary Contact: David 0408 514 666 Address: Lot 1, Dewry Avenue Internet PID: 304712

IRYMPLE SOUTH $99,500 • Minutes to CBD • Great rural position • Large block of land • Build your dream home here

roccisano property group


Fair Bargain Vineyard • 71 megs of water • 190 tons anticipated crop • 10 acres merlot • 9 1/4 arces shiraz / contracted Contact: David 0408 514 666 Address: Lot 6, Sheoak Avenue Internet PID: 304847

Stroll To The River - New Price

• 3 bedroom brick veneer home • Approx 20 acres total • Close to the River • All vertical trellis system • Great position to build that dream • Popular West side location • 2 separate living areas home on (STCA) Contact: Peter 0407 212 850 Address: 1A Pevensey Grove D3 Internet PID: 273196

MILDURA $242,500

• 2 bathrooms • Paved roofed outdoor entertaining area • Ducted natural gas heating • Large yard

Open: Saturday 11.00-11.30am




Great Value 4 Bedder ESR $235,000-$250,000 Reduced - Time to Sell ESR $200,000-$210,000 Contemporary Living • 3 bedrooms plus study • 2 bathrooms, large laundry • Fully appointed kitchen • Open plan kitchen/family Contact: Loretta 0418 596 789 Address: 13 De Garis Drive I11 Internet PID: 295280

• Separate lounge & dining • Double carport & garden shed • Large block of land • Well positioned close to Centro

• 3 bedroom brick veneer home • Immaculately presented, neutral tones • Semi-ensuite, large walk in robe • Natural gas heating, evap cooling

• Enclosed entertaining area • Double car accommodation • Good sized yard, rear access, shedding • A must see!

• 3 bedrooms plus study • Stone bench & 900 oven • Enormous living area • Parents’ retreat

MILDURA ESR $290,000-$310,000 • Auto double garage • Landscaped with garden shed • Pergola with dutch gable • Extreme quality fixtures & fittings

Contact: Gary 0419 548 922 Contact: Rico 0418 516 773 or Mandy 0417 017 635 Address: 128 Sixteenth Street (between Ontario & Walnut) F15 Address: 9 Macquarie Court K11 Open: Saturday 10.45-11.15am Internet PID: 297367 Open: Saturday 11.00-11.30am Open: Saturday 12.00-12.30pm Internet PID: 306364


Build Your Dream Home

Jewel In The Crown


ESR $360,000-$420,000

Worthy of a centrefold in a luxury home magazine, this capturing property boasts standards of presentation second to none.

• 1 Acre building allotment • Power to boundary available • Close to popular Irymple South Primary Contact: David 0408 514 666 Address: Lot 5, Fifteenth Street Internet PID: 304699

• Semi rural location • Great value area • Minutes to CBD of Mildura • Town water available


Blue Chip Family Home ESR $260,000-$285,000 • 4 bedrooms, full ensuite • Enormous lounge • Fully renovated kitchen/meals • Rumpus room Contact: Gary 0419 548 922 Address: 5 Currawong Court H8 Internet PID: 301850

• 3 car garage • 9” ceilings and reverse cycle air cond • 1000 m2 allotment, quiet Court • New carpet and freshly painted

Open: Saturday 11.30-12.00pm

From $64,000


Surrounded by enchanting gardens, this home is ideal for entertaining or just to relax in total privacy. • Mildura’s Best Valued Allotments Comprising 3 bedrooms plus study, 2 living areas with bar, huge gourmet • Don’t miss out! kitchen, 2 bathrooms, sewing room, beautiful undercover entertaining area, • Prices start as low as $64,000 reverse cycle air conditioning, shed, rain water tanks, plus many more outstand• Fully serviced ing features, too numerous to mention. • Centrally located for convenience close to schools & major If you have been waiting for that something special home, this is it. Beat the shopping centres rush & phone now for immediate viewing. • You won’t find better value for money

Contact: Tony 0418 502 101 Address: 2 Sandpiper Drive H8 Internet PID: 300949

Contact: Rico 0418 516 773 or Mandy 0417 017 635

Open: Saturday 12.00-12.30pm Address: Riverside Park, Cnr Fifteenth St & Riverside Ave D12 Internet PID: 266851




(Lots 34-48)

Affordable Bargain • 3 bedroom home • Open plan living • Large shed • Ducted heating Contact: Loretta 0418 596 789 Address: 6 Reynolds Court I14 Internet PID: 295063

MILDURA ESR $195,000-$210,000 • Evaporative air conditioning • Automatic sprinkler system • Approx. 678m2 allotment • Double carport, quiet court location

value House & Land Packages

*ESR - Estimated Selling Range

Contact: Gary 0419 548 922 Address: Lot 15 Sixteenth Street (Btw Walnut Ave & Ontario Ave) F15 Open: Saturday 12.30-1.30pm Internet PID: 268889

Real People in Real Estate Tony Roccisano 0418 502 101

Rico D’Amico 0418 516 773

Mandy D’Amico 0417 017 635

Peter White 0407 212 850

Gary Castleman 0419 548 922

Loretta Paiano 0418 596 789

David Adolph 0408 514 666


13 squares of living

Condor Homes now have extreme

Open: Saturday 10.00-10.30am

83 Deakin Avenue, Mildura

Great Value at $200,000

Stage 1 is completely SOLD OUT

Available for Stage 2 - Don’t Hesitate!

5021 1900

House & Land Package $229,000 Less Govt. Grant $29,000

Friday January 9, 2009 - Mildura Weekly • 29


roccisano property group

Attention Buyers



• Vendors relocating, want sold • Floor heating, evaporative cooling • Neat & tidy 3 bedroom brick veneer • High double car accom, rear access • Kitchen meals area, pantry • Ideal investment property, close to • Separate formal lounge & dining shops & schools Contact: Rico 0418 516 773 or Mandy 0417 017 635 Address: 64 Brian Street L8 Internet PID: 306231 Open: Saturday 11.00-11.30am



Rarely will a truly magnificent home such as this be available. Built without compromise, the home reflects only the very best. This breath-taking classic home has some outstanding features, which are as follows: Land area is approx. 1 acre, located only 100 meters from the river, 400 metres from the Arts Centre & Lock 11 lawns and gardens. Incredible, beautifully landscaped gardens with some very exotic plants.


Granite is used extensively throughout the residence, deluxe ensuite with spa to main bedroom, beautiful views to gardens from all rooms, balconies which overlook the gardens, forest area, crystal chandeliers, huge garage with stainless steel trough - hot & cold water, boat, garden shed, workshop. The home is fully air conditioned & heated, exquisite painting throughout, large living areas & bedrooms, the list goes on and on.

Best Value Townhouse ESR $190,000 - $215,000 • Low maintenance townhouse • 3 bedrooms • 2 Living areas • Double garage

All this set in arguably the best prestige & exclusive location in Mildura. For Sale by Tender - Tenders close Friday 20th February, 2009 at 5.00pm

Contact: Tony 0418 502 101 Address: 5 Riverview Way E1 Internet PID: 297772

4 Bedrooms Plus A Pool • 4 bedroom brick veneer • 2 living areas • 2 bathrooms 3 toilets • Fantastic inground pool Contact: Peter 0407 212 850 Address: 6 Killara Court J10 Internet PID: 302043

3 Bedroom Family Home

Contact: Tony 0418 502 101 Address: Unit 6, 145 Riverside Avenue D5 Internet PID: 84210 Open: Saturday 1.00-1.30pm

MILDURA $240,000

• 2 covered, paved outdoor areas • Ideal for singles or a couple • 2 workshops • Quiet Court location

Open: Saturday 10.15-10.45am


ESR $238,000-$255,000

•Generous lounge, dining & family room •Separate double lock up brick veneer •Ensuite & walk-in robe to master garage plus carport •Fully appointed kitchen & 2 bathrooms •Fully fenced self cleaning lap pool •Access to rear yard with automatic •Prime position, walking distance to watering system schools & CBD Contact: Loretta 0418 596 789 Address: 280 Walnut Avenue G8

• Close to golf club • Walking distance to CBD • Ideal for first home buyers, retirees or investors

4 Bedroom Family Home

• Full ensuite & walk in robe to master • Formal entry & lounge, dining/study • Large kitchen/meals area • Family size rumpus room

Contact: Gary 0419 548 922 Address: 9 Wanera Way E2 Internet PID: 294887

MILDURA ESR $315,000-$345,000

• Reverse cycle a/c, ducted gas heating • Covered alfresco dining • 20x25 shed, stroll to the river • Large landscaped allotment

• 3 bedrooms plus study • Freshly painted • 40x20 shed with toilet & shower • Town water & sewerage • Open plan kitchen & meals area • Walk to schools & shops • Spacious lounge with Coonara heater • Very well priced

Contact: Gary 0419 548 922 Address: 35 Murray Avenue Open: Saturday 10.30-11.00am Internet PID: 286933

Large Freehold Workshop • Large workshop area • 100x20 storage shed • Approx 3000m2 allotment • Freehold


Home On 2 Acres (approx.) ESR $165,000-$190,000


• 4 offices plus staff room • Showroom and reception area • Front and side access • Evap/reverse cycle airconditioning

Contact: Tony 0418 502 101 Open: Saturday 11.45-12.15pm Address: Cnr Short Street & Silvercity Highway Internet PID: 303768 Internet PID: 304905

Superb Family Home

• 3 bedrooms plus study • Huge meals, family area • 2 bathrooms • Mirrortone kitchen Contact: Peter 0407 212 850 Address: 4 Jordan Avenue D5 Internet PID: 302022

Open: Saturday 3.00-3.30pm

MILDURA $315,000 • Tradesman’s shed, separate entrance • Double garage under main roof • Gardens under automatic watering • Located in popular subdivision

BOZZI HEIGHTS a level above the rest!

Is this the best subdivision in Mildura?

SUPER SPECIAL - for the next 5 blocks sold!!

Better Than New - A Must See • 3 bedrooms, ensuite & WIR to main • Fabulous well appointed kitchen • Extensively tiled throughout • Separate light filled lounge

MILDURA • Huge savings for this month only $259,000

• Superb outdoor entertaining • Beautiful drought tolerant garden • Access to rear yard, double garage • 20x20 workman’s shed with power

Contact: Rico 0418 516 773 or Mandy 0417 017 635 Address: 7 Bene Vista Boulevard L13 Internet PID: 295268

5021 1900 83 Deakin Avenue, Mildura *ESR - Estimated Selling Range

$5,000 $29,000 $28,000

Total savings to purchasers $62,000 WOW!

Allotments Priced from $60,000

Agent On Site Sat 9.00-9.15am

For Further Details Contact Peter White 0407 212 850

Real People in Real Estate Tony Roccisano 0418 502 101

Rico D’Amico 0418 516 773

Mandy D’Amico 0417 017 635

Peter White 0407 212 850

Gary Castleman 0419 548 922

Loretta Paiano 0418 596 789

David Adolph 0408 514 666


• Developers discount • Government First Home Buyer’s Grant to eligible purchasers • Builders discount

30 • Mildura Weekly - Friday January 9, 2009

Home Loan Rates

Call 5021 5101 0417 215 107 HOME LOANS

Home Loan Repayment Indicator Check the indicator below for WEEKLY PAYMENTS on housing loans available on all residential properties listed in this supplement.

HOUSE COST $100,000 $110,000 $120,000 $130,000 $140,000 $150,000 $160,000 $170,000 $180,000 $190,000

LOAN REPAYMENT $95,000 $132 $104,500 $146 $114,000 $159 $123,500 $172 $133,000 $185 $142,500 $198 $152,000 $212 $161,500 $225 $171,000 $238 $180,500 $252

HOUSE COST $200,000 $210,000 $220,000 $230,000 $240,000 $250,000 $260,000 $270,000 $280,000 $290,000

LOAN REPAYMENT $190,000 $265 $199,500 $278 $209,000 $291 $218,500 $304 $228,000 $318 $237,500 $331 $247,000 $344 $256,500 $357 $266,000 $371 $275,500 $384

Repayments based on a 30 year loan term, with 5% deposit, at an interest rate of 6.06%* per annum to approved purchasers. * Fees and charges apply. Terms and conditions available on application.

Best rates available in the market

Carole Tulloch Joins Stockdale & Leggo

At Mildura Home Loans, we provide the complete service

Well respected Residential Property Manager, Carole Tulloch has joined the team at Stockdale & Leggo.

• Quick Approvals • Assistance to first home buyers through to settlement (incl first home buyers grant) • 100% Finance • Investment Properties • Re-financing existing loans • Renovations Loans • Personal Loans

Carole has several years experience in all facets of Property Management and is a welcome addition to the growing team at Stockdale & Leggo. With over 800 properties now under management, an appointment such as Carole’s is deemed critical for the continued growth and development of the business. Any clients wishing to continue their business with Carole, can contact her on 0428 291 639 or 5023 5000 or via e-mail

Call Mark Weight to arrange an appointment

5023 5000

Phone 5021 5101, 0417 215 107 Fax 5021 5707

92 Lime Avenue, Mildura

107 Eighth Street, Mildura MW20355

Mark Weight


5022 4700

Shop 65, Centro, Mildura

Friday January 9, 2009 - Mildura Weekly • 31

We sell your home as if it’s our own.


...We are the only agents open 7 days

Gol Gol

Lot 4 Potters Road FIRST RELEASE

Gol Gol’s Best Kept Secret

Well positioned and very well presented is this 14 acre (approx) hobby farm in popular Gol Gol.


9 Main Avenue South Immaculate Home On Approx 3/4 Acre


Offering fabulous rural life style, yet just a short walk to all Merbein’s facilities, is this immaculate 3 bedroom plus study home offering split level lounge, huge family room, separate games room, fully fitted kitchen with wall oven, hotplates, dishwasher.

With an elevated outlook and offering a peaceful rural lifestyle only minutes from town, this is certain to be the envy of many. Offers a spacious home of some 4 bedrooms plus study with full ensuite to the master, large formal and informal living, light and bright kitchen and much, much more, all in shady surrounds with established gardens and trees (and your own vegie patch!).

Extras include slow combustion heater, ducted vacuum, town water, ducted evaporative cooling, paved and covered outdoor living area, double carport, established gardens.

Planted to Chardonnay, Cab Sav (both with long supply agreement) and Mandarines with 40 megs water, modern irrigation systems and a great list of plant based around a New Holland tractor. This property will provide supplementary income whilst offering an enviable lifestyle in a ‘top notch’ location. Own pump on Gol Gol Creek with no near neighbours. An inspection will surprise.

Auction: Sat 24th January, 11.00am Terms: 10% Deposit, Balance 30 Days Inspect: Sat 1.30 - 2.00pm Sun 12.15 - 12.45pm Contact: Ian Miers 0428 586 205

Price: $390,000 - $430,000 Inspect: By Appointment Contact: Ashley Burns 0408 618 294


25 Petrucci Way


2 Gem Place

Rooms, Rooms, Rooms!

Picture Perfect Presentation

This quality built 4 bedroom home will impress the fussiest buyer.

This beautiful home located in the belle of a quiet Westside court has been presented with absolute pride.

Features include super sized lounge with bay window, massive family room with tiled floors, delightful solid timber kitchen with gas cooking and dishwasher, master bedroom boasts full ensuite including spa and WIR, remaining bedrooms have BIRs.

Comprising an impressive entrance, 4 genuine bedrooms, en-suite and WIR, formal living room, formal dining, family meals area with large kitchen and new appliances. Outside features large outdoor pergola with pitched roof overlooking a magnificent inground pool and secure backyard, fully established low maintenance allotment, excellent shedding and double lock up garage.

Outside includes elevated balcony/ entertaining area under main roof, garden shed and double lock up garage. Ideally located in popular west side, this home will not disappoint.

Price: $385,000 - $395,000 Inspect: By Appointment Contact: Jason Lawler 0417 248 002


2 Banksia Court

Price: $339,000 Inspect: By Appointment D3 Contact: Daniel Cawood 0408 388 732


2751 Fourteenth Street

Superb Location

What A Great Starter

An opportunity exists to purchase this stunning home located in the exclusive Rambling Way Estate.Tasteful décor is the focus of this spacious home. Large picture windows create a light and airy effect and French doors in the main bedroom and dining room open onto a private courtyard. A new kitchen, three bedrooms, study, ensuite and three separate living areas including a huge family/rumpus room with cathedral ceiling and separate closet for out of season storage, makes this a perfect family home.

Fully renovated throughout this home features 4 bedrooms, two living areas, full ensuite and large raised open lounge. Other features include large outdoor area, Rinnai gas heating, ducted evaporative cooling and fully secure yard. This home represents great value and would be ideal for the first home buyer.

Enjoy summer evenings relaxing on the large timber deck overlooking a picturesque setting of lawns, gardens and parklands. Set in a secluded court on approx. 1000sq m allotment. If location matters then this is the home for you. $320,000 - $340,000 Price: Inspect: By Appointment H10 Contact: Faye Scherger 0407 212 860

Red Cliffs

131 Jacaranda Street

Price: $199,000 Inspect: Sat 10.30 - 11.00am Contact: Daniel Cawood 0408 388 732


You Have The Power FIRST RELEASE This delightful and conveniently positioned

Lot 6 Dow Avenue (off Benetook Avenue) FIRST RELEASE

Escape The Rat Race

Offering 3 bedrooms, a modern bathroom, family rumpus room, open-plan kitchen with all new appliance, the meals area and separate lounge room.

On approx 5.8 acres is this gigantic colourbond shed (27m x 9m with 3m verandahs) with power, water and septic connected.Well set back from the road the shed has had partial completion for a temporary dwelling, double roller doors and all with cement floor and attractive street appeal.

Outside you’ll discover a serene entertaining zone privately sheltered from the elements with established leafy views.

Town water connected (and rural water available) with the property being fully fenced and with two horse yards.

On inspection of this brilliant home you will be impressed at the quality of work that has been carried out and wish to make your own.

The hard work’s done in what will prove to be the perfect hobby block only minutes from town.

Price: Inspect:


home is fully renovated so there is nothing to worry about other than to simply move in.

Offers Over $180,000 Sat 9.30 - 10.00am Adriano Aiello 0438 075 747 Contact: Chris Hill 0431 378 202

Inspect: For All Things Real Estate Visit Contact:

5023 5000 107 Eighth Street

$195,000 - $225,000 By Appointment Ashley Burns 0408 618 294

5022 4700 Shop 65 Centro Plaza


32 • Mildura Weekly - Friday January 9, 2009 10 Box Street, Merbein

Big House, Big Block


59 Hector Street, Mildura $155,000

Sitting on approx 1000sqm is this most spacious , part renovated 3 bedroom home. Offering huge living areas, updated kitchen and bathroom, polished boards, high ceiling with ornate cornice and ceiling roses, rear verandah , 30 x 25 ft shed, rear lane access,. ....This one is sure to appeal.

We sell your home as if it’s our own. Inspect: Sun 10.00 - 10.30am


7 Orlando Drive

For the growing family is this spacious modern 18 month old court located home. The expansive floor plan combines stylish separate living areas, 4 bedrooms, study and 2 bathrooms (ensuite to main). Plenty of entertaining space in the living and dining room, kitchen boasting all modern appliances, BIR’s /WIR and double auto garage with internal access included. Outside is the (approx) 21x21 ft shed, with power and concrete floor, with side access and secure yard and pool, just perfect for summer.

Price: $315,000 - $325,000 Inspect: Sat 11.00 - 11.30am Contact: Adriano Aiello 0438 075 747 Faye Scherger 0407 212 860


28 Belar Avenue Extension

Gol Gol

This roomy three bedroom home is in surprisingly good condition considering its incredible price. Features include: Air conditioning and natural gas heating, spacious kitchen/meals area, internal laundry and toilet, 9’ ceilings and fancy cornice , good size enclosed backyard with garage/shed.

3 Robert Court

5 Barraclough Way

Comfort That Knows No Bounds

Price: $399,000 Inspect: By Appointment Contact: Daniel Cawood 0408 388 732

Inspect: Sat 10.30 - 11.00am Contact: Adriano Aiello 0438 075 747 Chris Hill 0431 378 202



32 Ularara Drive

Price: $340,000 Inspect: By Appointment Contact: Chris Hill 0431 378 202

Price: $339,000 Inspect: Sat & Sun 11.00 - 11.30am Contact: Daniel Cawood 0408 388 732

1 Ellen Court


From the moment you enter this home, the feeling of comfort Offering 4 bedrooms, ensuite and walk-in robe, formal is the first of many highly-desirable qualities you will find. and informal living area with lounge, dining meals area Formal and informal living areas, quality flooring throughout the and large family room, the home also features a modern extensive meals area and family room. A gem for families, the fully equipped mirrortone kitchen and central bathroom. home’s accommodation comprises 3 bedrooms, a study/4th Complete with timber decked outdoor entertaining area, 2 bathrooms with additional powder room, natural ideal for the summer barbecue as well as a fully established bedroom, gas cooking, solar hot water, pitched outdoor living, pebbled allotment with modern landscaping. Extras include reverse concrete paving, double auto garage, great sized yard with access. cycle ducted heating and cooling, ducted vacuum, double Don’t miss this great home. garage and excellent shedding. Price: $300,000 - $320,000

Pure Perfection

Versatile home with town water and high security water allocation on a massive 14 acres (approx) and enjoys surroundings of well established trees and gardens. Boasting high ceilings, split system heating /cooling, abundant storage, bright original kitchen, dishwasher, pantry, adjoining dining area with sep lounge, large rumpus/ billiard room, spacious master bedroom with WIR, full ensuite, other bedrooms offer sep split systems, ceiling fans and BIR’s. Externally, a large approx 20 x 40 shed with power and concrete floor, garden shed, lock up car accommod, plus an extensive list of plant.

Inspect: By Appointment

Stunning & Spacious

Private, Peaceful, Perfect



Inspect: By Appointment

Park The Caravan Here!

Irymple South

2/30 Olive Avenue, Mildura

Begin Here

Boasting a beautiful ambiance this large four bedroom home includes a list of endless special features. The home features a formal lounge and spacious light filled timber kitchen with large adjoining meals and family area. Other features include reverse cycle ducted heating and cooling, quality window furnishings, a double lockup garage, sprinkler system and large shed. Outside you will enjoy the privacy of the outdoor entertaining area and low maintenance gardens. Inspection will not disappoint.



15 Dyar Avenue

45 Panorama Drive

Super Presentation

Stunning 5 year old Dunning built home on 820sqm lot in prestigious neighbourhood. Features 3 double bedrooms (ensuite and WIR to main), 2 separate living areas, French doors, 9’ ceilings, ducted reverse cycle air conditioning, superb kitchen with Stainless Steel appliances, quality floor coverings and window furnishings, undercover outdoor entertainment area, double lockup garage.

Price: $310,000 - $330,000 Inspect: By Appointment Contact: Faye Scherger 0407 212 860



2 Sotiri Court


Central Unit Centrally located is this large two bedroom unit boasting a large living area, in the heart of Mildura City - a genuine stones throw to the CBD and all other facilities. In a group of four and having street frontage the property enjoys access to a swimming R pool shared by all occupants. Currently leased at $140 per week

51 Belleview Drive

Hidden Treasure - Life Changing Experience

This stylish 4 bedroom home will impress Separate lounge, enormous open living, kitchen appointed with quality bench tops and stainless steel appliances, master bedroom offers generous ensuite with spacious BIR and bay window, specially designed cinema room, ducted vacuum, separate office fully wired, double auto panel lift garage and modern window furnishings. Pebbled concrete paths, water feature, good size shed with power/concrete floor, rain water tanks.

Price: $360,000 - $395,000 Inspect: By Appointment Contact: Adriano Aiello 0438 075 747 Chris Hill 0431 378 202


3544 San Mateo Avenue

When Big Is Big!

Enjoying a quiet rural location is this large family home on approx 1.5 acres. Offers two levelsof living, downstairs with 3 bedrooms, 3 living areas and 2 bathrooms whilst upstairs consists of 2 bedrooms, living, kitchen and wet areas. Outside you’ll find 160,000 ltr water storage, excellent shedding, established gardens and much more within a few minutes drive of Centro and Fifteenth Street shopping. Inspection highly recommended.

Price: $390,000 - $430,000 Inspect: By Appointment Contact: Ashley Burns 0408 618 294



624 Sandilong Avenue


Paradise Found - Quality Location

Space and storage in this fabulous 4 bedroom family home, set in a quiet court. Creature comforts include spa bath, heating and cooling, huge separate living areas with internal living dimensions. The kitchen boasts a large open area, double fridge space and even more storage space! BIRs, WIR and 2 bathrooms, alfresco areas, tool shed, undercover car accommodation and access to the back yard makes this total package the perfect home to buy.

Price: $275,000 - $295,000 Inspect: By Appointment Contact: Adriano Aiello 0438 075 747 Chris Hill 0431 378 202


Feature-Filled And On Approx 3/4 Acre

Huge, immaculate timber home boasts 3 lge bedrms (all with BIRs), huge formal living, generous dining, spacious modern kitchen with d/washer, etc, huge tiled bathroom, sep powder room, leadlight windows, ornate cornice, etc., fresh paintwork t/out, 2 split system air cond units. Magnificent shedding: (50’ x 25’ huge party room with bbq, bar, slow combustion heater and evaporative cooler, s/comb unit – ideal teenage retreat, double garage with double carport attached, 45’ x 30’ (14’ high) shed with 3 phase power & mezzanine floor, plus extra under cover storage at side).

Price: Offers Over $270,000 Inspect: Sun 11.30am - 12noon Contact: Ian Miers 0428 586 205

One of the best presented properties on the market is this delightful 3 bedroom plus study double story home. Features include polished floor boards, formal lounge, study, sunroom/ sitting area overlooking Lake Hawthorn, master bedroom includes full ensuite and walk in robe. Verandahs, front and back. The home is set on 5 acres planted to sultanas with a 18.5 megalitre water entitlement, basic plant and equipment. The perfect property for those seeking room to roam and all within a short drive to Centro.

E3 Price: $260,000 - $285,000 Inspect: Sun 12.00 - 12.30pm Contact: Jason Lawler 0417 248 002

223 Channel Road

Classic Dunning-Built Townhouse

5 Acre Hobby Block With 18.5 Megs



Block 348 Benarra Road

Here’s A Chance To Secure A Lifestyle For The Future

Set on approximately 11.7 hectares is this recently renovated 3 bedroom home plus bungalow. The block has been meticulously maintained with plantings of Gordo, Sun Muscat, Carina Currents and Sultana - producing a great crop. Add to this a 60’ x 20’ steel framed shed, basic plant and equipment, 4 megs H/S water, fantastic established gardens shading the verandahs...sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet. Option to purchase water and current crop at agreed value.

Price: $245,000 - $260,000 Inspect: By Appointment Contact: Jason Lawler 0417 248 002 Chris Hill 0431 378 202

Bring The In-Laws!

18 month old superior dwelling in prestigious neighbourhood. Simply oozing with desirable features, this is not to be missed. 2 separate living areas, 3 great sized bedrooms, superb fully fitted kitchen with electric wall oven and gas hot plates, dish washer, etc, ensuite and WIR to main plus tiled family bathroom. Quality fixtures and fittings throughout, ornate cornice, ducted reverse cycle air conditioning, covered/paved outdoor living, double lock up car accommodation. Spoil yourself!

Price: $270,000 - $290,000 Inspect: Sat 12.30 - 1.00pm Contact: Ian Miers 0428 586 205



1 Panorama Drive

Don’t Miss Out On This One!

This superbly located four bedroom brick veneer home is well worth inspection. Ideally situated, the home is only a short stroll from Centro Shopping and the Lutheran Primary School. Features include large lounge, full ensuite, fresh paint and floor coverings and large fully secure yard and outdoor entertaining area... ...A must see. Price: $239,000 Inspect: Sat 11.30am - 12noon F14 Contact: Daniel Cawood 0408 388 732

Sensationally presented home offering hugely versatile accommodation. Firstly, there is a 4 bedroom solid brick home with 2 good living areas, fabulous new fully fitted kitchen, large dining area, 2 bathrooms and 2 toilets. Extras include slow combustion heating, split system reverse cycle air conditioning, gas heater, ceiling fans, ducted evaporative cooling, double carport plus single carport, plus huge covered and paved outdoor living. Secondly, there is a most spacious self contained unit offering bedroom with ensuite, new kitchen, dining and separate lounge overlooking decked outdoor living. NOT TO BE MISSED!

Price: Offers Over $280,000 Inspect: Sat 10.45 - 11.15am Contact: Ian Miers 0428 586 205


2 Crown Court

Stylish 3 Bedroom Townhouse Situated in a quiet court is this near new brick home with all the space and comfort one could need, combined with easy low maintenance living. Comprising 3 bedrooms with built in robes, full en-suite, open plan living with neat kitchen and tiled areas, paved courtyard and double lock up garage. Other features include reverse cycle heating and cooling, walk in robe to master. Ideally situated on the Westside this home has easy access to primary schools, hospitals and the ever increasing Fifteenth Street precinct.



Inspect: Sat & Sun 10.00 - 10.30am For All Things Real Estate Visit Contact: Daniel Cawood 0408 388 732


5023 5000For 107all Eighth Street 5022 4700 Shop 65 Centro Plaza things Real Estate visit


Friday January 9, 2009 - Mildura Weekly • 33

We sell your home as if it’s our own. Wentworth


...We are the only agents open 7 days

”Ruby Views”, Wentworth Street


16 Tower Court


3602 Benetook Avenue


125-127 Lemon Avenue


Lots 1-4 $60,000 each Lots 5-8 $70,000 each Lots 9-12 $240,000 each

Be The Envy Of Many

More For Your Money

Inspect: By Appointment Contact: Ashley Burns 0408 618 294

This delightful 4 bedroom family home is a real surprise, boasting built in robes to all bedrooms, master bedroom includes ensuite, large open plan living area, timber kitchen with plenty of storage, paved entertaining area, established gardens and double carport. Located in a quiet court location and is within a short drive to Mildura CBD. Price: $199,950 Inspect: By Appointment Contact: Jason Lawler 0417 248 002



RUBY VIEWS 4 x 2100 sqm allotments (approx) with absolute Darling River Frontage and direct access to Wentworth Street. Super water views, easy walking distance to the Wentworth Club, Historic Port precinct and all the shopping Wentworth has to offer. Short distance to the junction of the Murray. Secure one of these most affordable lifestyle opportunities. It’s opportunities like these we look upon later in life and say “that was one of the best things I’ve done.” Build your dream home on our most sought after asset – RIVER FRONT

16/265 Twelfth Street

Golf Anyone?

Here is your chance to purchase a delightful 3 bedroom modern townhouse backing directly onto Mildura Golf course. Features include generous size living area with natural gas heating, master bedroom with ensuite and built in robes, alarm system, generator backup power supply, lock up garage under main roof, pergola, established gardens with garden shed and the home has recently been repainted. The Ideal property for busy professionals or retiree’s alike and is with walking distance to shops and hospitals.

Price: $198,000 - $226,000 Inspect: By Appointment Contact: Jason Lawler 0417 248 002



254 Ninth Street

Neat As A Pin!

Delightful home with loads of character in a great location. - 3 large bedrooms all with b.i.r’s - Comfortable lounge, separate kitchen/dining - Ducted natural gas heating - Walking distance to Mildura West Primary School ....If you’ve been searching for value in this price range then be sure you see this.

Price: $175,000 Inspect: By Appointment Contact: Faye Scherger 0407 212 860


Tapio Street

15 Taylor Drive

Great Investment Property

Room To Move

City Centre Living

Price: $220,000 - $240,000 Inspect: By Appointment Contact: Ashley Burns 0408 618 294

Price: $200,000 - $230,000 Inspect: By Appointment Contact: Chris Hill 0431 378 202

South Mildura


Nestled on the edge of the Koorlong township is this three bedroom family home with “room to move”. Offering attractive kitchen - meals, spacious lounge, good sized bedrooms, reverse cycle air conditioning plus evaporative cooling and natural gas. Outside offers a fully fenced allotment, great shedding (4 bays), town water plus 2 megalitre S & D water right.

Block 952 Twentieth Street

Rural Living, Yet Close To All Facilities

In near new condition is this light and bright 2 bedroom townhouse enjoying: - Formal lounge, bright and airy kitchen / meals - Gas heating, evaporative cooling, low maintenance allot - Double carport with remote - Rental return $190p/wk (lease until Oct 2009) Price: $185,000 Inspect: By Appointment I15 Contact: Ashley Burns 0408 618 294

Price: $180,000 - $195,000 Inspect: Sun 1.15 - 1.45pm Contact: Ian Miers 0428 586 205



43 Avocado Street

Appealing 3 bedroom weatherboard home on approx. 3000sqm (3/4 acre). Offers large living room with slow comb heater, galley kitchen with adj. dining , rear sunroom / study. Extras include evap. cooling, gas cooker, rear verandah/outdoor living, 40x25 shed with concrete floor, evap. cooler & power, 1.8 megs, 2 rainwater tanks, fenced above ground pool with shade sail over, garden shed , fruit trees plus lots more. It’s a beauty!

2 Evans Way



Walk To The River

Affordable 4 Bedroom Home

This spacious 4 bedroom home offers open plan living, tidy kitchen with dishwasher, polished timber floorboards, evap. air conditioner and new natural gas heater. Large backyard, 15’ x 12’ garden shed, conveniently located close to schools and shops.

Situated in a quiet westside court within easy walking distance to the river is this very comfortable home. Comprising of 3 bedrooms, all with built in robes, 2 bathrooms, open plan living, plenty of cupboards, split system & evap. air conditioning plus ceiling fans, paved entertainment area, double carport with auto door, sensational 30’x16’ handyman shed with suspended powerpoints, shelving and bench.

Price: $159,500 Inspect: By Appointment Contact: Faye Scherger 0407 212 860

Price: $190,000 - $210,000 Inspect: By Appointment Contact: Faye Scherger 0407 212 860



33 Mitchell Street


Here’s your opportunity to be part of the CBD. No more traffic or parking problems, and you can choose from all the best eateries and shops only minutes from your door. Situated on an approx. 950sqm block, offering 4 bedrooms, 2 living areas, large open yard with rear lane access for off street parking - buy now for redevelopment in the future (S.T.C.A.). Potential rental $220 - $240 per week.

1/484 Walnut Avenue

Dunning Built Home

Enjoying a popular Westside location is this smart 3 bedroom townhouse. Enjoys 2 living areas, semi ensuite, quality kitchen, reverse cycle air conditioning and a double garage under main roof completes the picture. Currently returning $220 per week. Vacant possession available. Price: $200,000 - $210,000 Inspect: By Appointment G14 Contact: Ashley Burns 0408 618 294

Nichols Point

383 Cowra Avenue

You Won’t Find Better

Cute and cosy character 2 bedroom plus study weatherboard home on low maintenance approx. 670 sqm. allotment. Recently renovated and complete with updated kitchen, fresh paintwork, near new carpets, vinyls, etc. Features include portico at front, decked and covered outdoor living at rear, open fire place in lounge, double carport and 30’ x 20’ shed with concrete floor and power, located between Eleventh Street and Cureton Avenue

Price: Offers Over $150,000 E2 Inspect: Sat 11.30am - 12noon Contact: Ian Miers 0428 586 205

1 Oke Street


126 Chaffey Street



Room Inside And Out

CBD Location With Character And Charm

Sited on a large rectangular allotment with rear lane access is this spacious 3 or 4 bedroom home. Boasts large living, clean and tidy kitchen and neat wet areas. Outside enjoys excellent near new shedding (cement floor), covered and shaded outdoor living and a neat and tidy appearance inside and out. Excellent investment, you won’t find better!

Located in the main street of Ouyen and boasting oodles of character and charm is this extensively renovated character home with those hard to find “good looks” of an era gone by. Enjoying 3 bedrooms, lounge with feature fireplace, formal dining with open fire and french doors, near new “light and bright” kitchen and modern bathroom / laundry. Extensively renovated including re-stumping, re-wiring and re-plumbing.

Price: From $155,000 Inspect: By Appointment Contact: Daniel Cawood 0408 388 732

Price: $159,000 Inspect: Sat 10.00 - 10.30am Contact: Ashley Burns 0408 618 294

Price: Offers Over $150,000 Inspect: Sat 9.15 - 9.45am Contact: Ashley Burns 0408 618 294

Price: $149,000 Inspect: Sat 10.00 - 10.30am Contact: Faye Scherger 0407 212 860





Darling River Frontage

Council approved to build your home or shed with 5 year DA, sealed road to front gate, only 15km from Wentworth - take the boat to town. Wide open stretch of river in the Murray pool, with up to 7km of frontage to the Darling. Start building today, or legally use your 5 year permit. New stock fences to waters edge. INVESTMENT of the future whilst enjoying all the FISHING, HUNTING, BIKE RIDING AND CAMPING, your own world. Blocks under influence of Murray weir pool.

3/354 Walnut Avenue

676 Sandilong Avenue

24 Jenner Street

As New Townhouse

Well located just a short walk to the Merbein Secondary School and shops is this as new townhouse. Featuring two double bedrooms, new kitchen and bathroom, open plan living, new floor coverings, ceiling fans and split system reverse cycle air conditioning. Enjoying an elevated position, double carport, rain watertank and shade sail for outdoor entertainment, this home offers outstanding value.



Affordable Unit, Great Westside Location Big Block, Big Value!

Appealing to the first home buyer or smart investor with a current rental return of $150 per week, this quietly located westside rear unit in a group of only three features 2 bedrooms with built in robes, open plan kitchen, meals area with large living room opening to a neatly landscaped courtyard. Take advantage of the first home buyer’s grant. Sit back and enjoy this recently painted and well maintained unit with nat gas heating, evap cool, security alarm, multiple undercover carparking, small garden shed.

Price: $145,900 Inspect: By Appointment Contact: Daniel Cawood 0408 388 732


Situated on over 1000sqm allotment is this ideal first home/ investment. Offers spacious living room, updated kitchen with timber cupboards, elec. wall oven, gas hot plates, range hood, pantry, 2 large bedrooms plus brick bungalow (3rd bedroom). Extras include ornate cornice, picture rails, split system air conditioning, verandah at front, 3 bay open shed,. It’s a beauty!

Price: $125,000 - $145,000 Inspect: Sat 10.00 - 10;.30am Contact: Ian Miers 0428 586 205

5023 5000 107 Eighth Street

2190 Fifteenth Street

Budget Buying

Transportable Home

Beaut 3 bedroom conite home on approx. 1000sqm and offers huge gas heated lounge, large updated kitchen with elec. wall oven and hot plates, adjoining dining area, new shower recess in bathroom, verandah at front and covered/paved outdoor living, extras include evap cooling, sensor security lighting, 2 good

sized sheds and carport. SURE TO APPEAL.

This neat transportable home has been very well maintained inside and out.Would ideally suit a single person or a couple looking to retire. Comprises 2 brs plus study, spacious lounge, dining, nice kitchen with new bench tops, bathroom, & laundry. Covered timber deck garden shed & carport. Park fee $120 p.w. plus power.

Price: Offers Over $130,000 Inspect: Sun 10.45 - 11.15am Contact: Ian Miers 0428 586 205

Price: $48,000 Inspect: By Appointment Contact: Faye Scherger 0407 212 860


5022 4700 Shop 65 Centro Plaza MW09052008

34 • Mildura Weekly - Friday January 9, 2009

03 5021 4600

9436 6888

Res Com Property & Finance Centre ResCom Property & Finance Centre 79 Pine Avenue, Mildura 510 Plenty Road, Mill Park MILDURA

5 Kyamber Court


17 Burnside Way

Location Perfect - Ideal Family Home

Smart, Slick & Modern

Planned to four bedrooms - main has ensuite.

This is a real quality home! Located in a fantastic street is this ultra-stylish home. Ideal for the entertainer or retiree. • 3 Large bedrooms, master with semi-ensuite • Large open plan living with pitched ceiling • Fully appointed kitchen & built-in bar off living area • Undercover alfresco area & low maintenance yard • Natural gas heating, evaporative cooling • Double lock-up garage BUYER GUIDE $235,000 to $260,000 INSPECT Saturday 1.15 to 1.45pm Ben Ridley 0407 830 970 Raeline Noll 0409 189 356 H-13

• Formal lounge & dining • Great mirror-tone kitchen with gas cooker • Large family room leading to outdoor paved pergola with raked roof • All traffic area are tiled • Reverse cycle air conditioning throughout • Garden shed, double garage under the main roof BUYER GUIDE

$320,000 to $355,000


Saturday 11.00 to 11.45am

Brian Erskine 0419 127 993


Green Patch Holiday Village


884 Fifteenth Street


8/290 Ninth Street


by R

A Rare Opportunity This long established holiday apartment complex offers four

Charming First Home

First home buyer & investors should rush to inspect this

fully furnished & refurbished 2 bedroom mediterranean style

charming & appealing two bedroom home in a popular west

villas with private courtyards and undercover parking.

side location.

It is ideally located close to Mildura Centro Plaza & numerous

• Huge kitchen

other facilities. With a strong occupancy history and a repeat

• Open plan design

clientele, this freehold business is to be sold on a walk-in

• Recently repainted

walk-out basis.

• Timber venetians


$640,000 to $690,000

• Character brickwork & secure yard


Ring To Inspect



$140,000 to $170,000

Martin Scott 0417 016 288

Gavin Ridley 0417 867 513

112 Burrows Street


F-4 I-4

64 Summer Drive



Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover!

Great Family Home

To truly appreciate this home, you need to step through the front door. A very pleasant surprise awaits you inside! • 3 Large bedrooms, 2 with BIR’s & ceiling fans • Very open plan living with fully updated lounge • Neat low maintenance yard with garden shed • Split system heating / cooling, double lock-up garage • The perfect home for a first home buyer BUYER GUIDE $145,000 to $175,000 INSPECT Saturday 12.15 to 12.45pm Ben Ridley 0407 830 970 Raeline Noll 0409 189 356 I-8

(between 14th & 15th St)

919 Karadoc Avenue


36 Wadsworth Drive

Big House, Big Shed, Big Block!

Country Lifestyle Property


Everything you need is right here! Ideally situated in a prestigious Gol Gol location, only minutes from the mighty Murray River. • 4 BR’s plus study & full ensuite • 2 Separate living areas & alfresco entertainment area • Open plan living, reverse cycle heating / cooling • 6m x 15m Shed with 4m caravan bay • Huge 1680m2 block • Walking distance to Gol Gol Hotel, shops post office, school & boat ramp BUYER GUIDE $370,000 to $390,000 INSPECT Saturday 10.15 to 10.45am Brian Erskine 0419 127 993

Located in residential area near Irymple is this eye catching lifestyle property on 2 acres. • Five bedrooms - two bathrooms • Outstanding quality with timber accents • Spacious rumpus room with dado boards • Formal lounge with open fire place / dining • Fabulous in-ground pool in tropical setting • 60 x 30 Workshop with 3 phase power Agents note: Also includes over an acre of vacant • 6.88 Megs of water plus town water land adjoining a future residential subdivision BUYER GUIDE $590,000 to $630,000 that could be developed or sold off in the future. Brian Erskine 0419 127 993


es by R

four services in one real estate mortgages



MW 311008


This rendered 23sqr home on a large block of land and only 7yrs old, has much more to offer at a very affordable price. • 4 Bedrooms, ensuite plus study • Evaporative cooling, gas heating • Double carport • 20’ x 20’ Shed • Paved entertainment area • 1015m2 block BUYER GUIDE $265,000 to $295,000 INSPECT Saturday 10.30 to 11.00am Martin Scott 0417 016 288

Friday January 9, 2009 - Mildura Weekly • 35

03 5021 6888 4600 9436 Res Com Property & Finance Centre Centre ResCom Property & Finance 79 Pine Avenue, Mildura 510 Plenty Road, Mill Park IRYMPLE

3 Heritage Court


(Btwn 14th & 15th St) 649 Sandilong Avenue

Charming Home, Tradesman Shed

Classic Home / Exclusive Neighborhood

Set on approx 1011m2 allotment in a quiet Cul De Sac is this totally refurbished charming home, together with a sensational 25’ x 80’ tradesman shed. The home features two bedrooms with built-in robes, living areas with polished floorborads & bright fully appointed kitchen. The shed includes office, ample shelving, air conditioner & 3 phase power. There is also extra shedding and well established gardens. BUYER GUIDE $175,000 to $205,000 INSPECT Saturday 11.00 to 11.30am Tense Venneri 0409 430 183

This elegant four bedroom plus study quality family home won’t last long. Boasting a approx 25sqr’s of living, established garden & lawns, great shed, in-ground pool & gazebo. Set on a 1850m2 block in a quiet court location in the sought after & popular Heritage Gardens. • Spacious timber kitchen & dining area • Formal & informal living areas • Evaporative air conditioner, ducted natural gas heating • 40’ x 25’ Colorbond shed • Double carport • 5000 gallon rain water tank BUYER GUIDE $355,000 to $395,000 INSPECT Sunday 11.00 to 11.30am Martin Williams 0429 695 280


36 Wilkie Drive


4 Johnson Drive

Irymple Central

Close to all of Irymple’s amenities this top value home is a must inspect. • 3 Bedroom brick veneer home • Fully appointed kitchen adjoining meals area • Separate formal lounge & dining • Covered outdoor entertainment area • Wood fired oven set amongst established gardens BUYER GUIDE $170,000 to $200,000 INSPECT Saturday 10.30 to 11.00am Michael Richardson 0418 367 227


9 Rose Street

Charm & Premier Location

Tucked away in a peaceful tree lined street, yet moments from the Murray River, restaurants and the CBD. Four bedroom character weatherboard home, offering lounge & separate formal dining, with charming features including; • Polished floorboards, high ceilings, open fire places • Renovated federation style bathroom • Well appointed timber kitchen featuring original gas stove • Stainless steel dishwasher & island bench • Large verandahs front & rear for outdoor living • 20’ x 20’ Tradesman’s shed BUYER GUIDE $290,000 to $340,000 INSPECT Saturday 12.30 to 1.00pm Michael Richardson 0418 367 227

property caters for all your families needs. • Four bedroom large family home • Separate formal lounge with open fire place • Open plan kitchen / meals dining - featuring cathedral ceilings • Sensational undercover outdoor area including spa • 34’ x 20’ tradesman shed with access thru to rear yard BUYER GUIDE

$250,000 to $285,000


Saturday 11.30 to 12.00pm

Michael Richardson 0418 367 227


6 Wright Court

Right Home, Right Location


This established brick veneer home is nestled in a quiet court close to doctors, hospitals, schools & golf course. Comprises; • 3 Bedrooms all with BIR’s • Open plan living with fully appointed kitchen • A separate bungalow • Low maintenance yard • Outdoor entertaining area • Double carport & shedding BUYER GUIDE $185,000 to $215,000 INSPECT Saturday 11.00 to 11.30am Gavin Ridley 0417 867 513 F-6


71 - 73 Leicester Street


18 Wirraway Drive

Big & Spectacular


es By R


Martin Scott 0417 016 288

Brian Erskine 0419 127 993

Gavin Ridley 0417 867 513

David Hensgen Michael Richardson 0417 863 469 0418 367 227

20 Bene Vista Boulevard

As Good As It Looks

This immaculately presented two year old home located close to Centro Plaza complex, will attract purchasers looking for that little bit of luxury living. • 4 Bedrooms (ensuite to main) plus study • 2 Living areas ( 1 set up as theatre room) • Reverse cycle heating / cooling • Double lock-up garage • 30’ x 20’ Shed with rear lane access BUYER GUIDE $375,000 to $425,000 INSPECT Ring To Inspect L-13 David Hensgen 0417 863 469


3 Cooper Street

Renovated Family Home

If you are looking for absolute quality with the best possible extra’s, this your home. Located in a great position on the way to Bruces Bend. • 4 Huge BR’s + study, master with WIR & ensuite • Large living downstairs with separate dining • Fully appointed mirrortone kitchen / gas cooking • Reverse cycle heating/cooling • Alfresco entertainment area • Huge 809m2 block with 20 x 30 shed & power BUYER GUIDE $330,000 to $360,000 INSPECT Ring To Inspect Ben Ridley 0407 830 970 Raeline Noll 0409 189 356 N-3

Tense Venneri 0409 430 183

Then this is for you, an outstanding family home of approx 25 squares in this popular court off Karadoc Avenue. Offers “Brand New” gourmet kitchen, large living areas, four spacious bedrooms with the main bedroom having an ensuite. Warmed by a cosy slow combustion heater plus ducted gas heating throughout. • 2 Offices • 7 Squares of garaging with storage room • Paved alfresco area • 3000m2 Land (3/4 acre) BUYER GUIDE $390,000 to $440,000 Michael Richardson 0418 367 227


Su Surperbly located on the west side of town, walking distance to the parks & Murray River. This wa ttrendy re new development offers low maintenance lilliving. Comprising; liv • TThree bedroom modern townhouse plus ensuite • Formal lounge & stunning mirror-tone kitchen • Reverse cycle ducted throughout • Full lock-up garage & alfresco area BUYER GUIDE $240,000 each INSPECT Saturday 1.30 to 2.00pm Michael Richardson 0418 367 227 A-5


5 Highview Court

High Expectations?

A beautifully renovated home awaits the lucky new owner of this gem. All you will need to do is book the removalist! • 3 BR’s and bathroom with separate shower • Open plan living with polished floorboards •Brand new fully appointed kitchen with gas cooking • Situated on a comfortable 634m2 lot • Rear lane access, close to all amenities BUYER GUIDE $110,000 to $140,000 INSPECT Ring To Inspect Ben Ridley 0407 830 970 Raeline Noll 0409 189 356

Raeline Noll 0409 189 356

Ben Ridley 0407 830 970

Martin Williams Chris Katis Robinvale Damian Portaro Finance 0418 991 026 0428 827 675 0429 695 280

MW 010808 MW 270608

The Complete Family Package Nestled in an established & well regarded location, this

36 • Mildura Weekly - Friday January 9, 2009

03 50216888 4600 9436 Res Com Property & Finance Centre Centre ResCom Property & Finance 79 Pine Avenue, Mildura 510 Plenty Road, Mill Park 2770 Kulkyne Way


(corner Fitzroy Ave)

Quality Family Living On 3/4 Acre

Lifestyle Property

Approximately 5 years old, this quality and spacious brick veneer family home is superbly located on the towns edge in semi- rural surroundings. • 4 Bedrooms - 2 bathrooms, plus study • 2 Living areas • Huge pitched roof entertainment area • Double garage, 40’ x 25’ shed • Approx 2700m2 allotment with town water BUYER GUIDE $350,000 to $390,000 INSPECT Sunday 1.00 to 1.30pm David Hensgen 0417 863 469

Fully renovated 3 bedroom home set amongst landscaped garden. • 46 Acres • 75hp Private diversion pump on Murray river • Ample shedding • 5 Megs of water • All drip irrigation Planted to citrus & vines and extra water available to purchase if required. Two lot subdivision applied for. BUYER GUIDE $239,000 INSPECT Ring To Inspect Brian Erskine 0419 127 993


(lot 2) 50 Konnung Avenue Have A Look At This...


53 Konnung Avenue

Rural Outlook On 2 Acres

Character home on a elevated parcel of land. Realistically priced to allow room in the budget to fully realise the potential of this property. • 3 Bedroom home • Approx 14 acres • 2 Meg water right (metered) • Plenty of shedding with concrete / power • Large entertainment area plus double carport BUYER GUIDE $160,000 to $190,000 INSPECT Sunday 11.00 to 11.30am David Hensgen 0417 863 469


1 Murray Court

Perfect Starter

Comfortable, affordable home set on a rural parcel of land on the edge of town with potential plus... • 4 Bedrooms • Renovated kitchen / meals area • Coonara heating / evaporative cooling • Fenced horse paddocks on approx 2 acres • 3 Meg water right - metered BUYER GUIDE $145,000 to $175,000 INSPECT Sunday 12.00 to 12.30pm David Hensgen 0417 863 469


6 Namoi Avenue

Affordable Investment

Affordable weatherboard home for 1st home buyers or investors to enter into the real estate market at a realistic price. • 3 Bedrooms • Large fenced 1007m2 allotment • Close to town centre & primary school • Rental appraisal of approx $160 per week BUYER GUIDE $85,000 to $115,000 INSPECT Sunday 2.00 to 2.30pm David Hensgen 0417 863 469


Lot 3 Chisletts Road

First home buyer and investors an inspection is a must, this home will compare very favorably with others in this price range. • 3 Bedrooms (BIR in all) • Spacious lounge • Freshly painted internally • Ready to move into... • Rental appraisal $155 - $165 per wk BUYER GUIDE $95,000 to $125,000 INSPECT Sunday 3.00 to 3.30pm David Hensgen 0417 863 469


19 Eldridge Road

Value Buying

Elevated Views

Build your dream family home on this fully fenced • Approx 2.5 acres with views of Woorlong wetlands • Planning permit to construct a house pool & shed • 3 Meg garden right already metered $115,000 to $140,000


Ring To Inspect

Michael Richardson 0418 367 227

23 Selwyn Street

Fantastic Family Home


38 Ronald Street

Position Position Position

Three bedroom brick veneer on a large corner lot (1205m2) in the centre of town. Modern open plan living dining, opens to a recently constructed undercover outdoor alfresco area plus cubby for the kids. A must see... • Ensuite & WIR to main, BIR’s to others • Kitchen with the lot - dishwasher, pantry etc. • Gas & combustion heating, evaporative cooling • 9’ x 4’ Shed with concrete floor & power • Paving & Colorbond fence etc... BUYER GUIDE $240,000 to $275,000 INSPECT Ring To Inspect Chris Katis 0428 827 675


As New Home


4 Nulty Drive

Truly a family home in the centre of town opposite primary & secondary schools, close to St Mary’s & walking distance to shops. Magnificent gardens, shady back yard & securely fenced. • 3 Bedroom ensuite & WIR to main (BIR’s in 2) • Fully appointed timber kitchen • Brick garage - roller door & garden shed • Large L/U work shop- fax & phone, steel work benches • Rear lane access - BBQ area - Fruit trees • Carport under main roof BUYER GUIDE $245,000 to $275,000 INSPECT Ring To Inspect Chris Katis 0428 827 675


2 Maston Court

Quiet Court Location

Easy and secure living in a popular location, approx 3 years old modern home in mint condition. Ideal for 1st home buyers, investor or family home. • 3 bedrooms - W.I.R to main • Spacious living, dining & kitchen area • Reverse cycle air con • Lock up garage • Great decor BUYER GUIDE $195,000 to $225,000 INSPECT Ring To Inspect Chris Katis 0428 827 675

four services in one real estate mortgages



e By R

• Surrounded by vines & bush land BUYER GUIDE

This very solid brick home well located close to the town shopping centre is priced to sell quickly... • 3 Bedrooms (BIR in all) • Kitchen / meals area • Town water / sewerage • Good size allotment • Great 1st home buyers home BUYER GUIDE $135,000 to $165,000 David Hensgen 0417 863 469


elevated allotment.


354 Cocklin Avenue


Close to schools, brick veneer and titled roof. Double undercover carport with direct access to large family room. 858m2 allotment securely fenced. • 3 Bedrooms, ensuite & WIR to main • BIR in two bedrooms • Reverse cycle cooling / heating • Garden shed & rain water tank BUYER GUIDE $210,000 to $240,000 INSPECT Ring To Inspect Chris Katis 0428 827 675


MW 311008


Friday January 9, 2009 - Mildura Weekly • 37

03 50216888 4600 9436 Res Com Property & Finance Centre Centre ResCom Property & Finance 79 Pine Avenue, Mildura 510 Plenty Road, Mill Park MILDURA

(Btwn 11th & 14th St) 549 Cowra Avenue



3 Linden Close



Country Estate

Rustic Charm

Minutes from Mildura City. Spacious four bedroom home on 1 acre with in ground pool and room for a tennis court. • Double lockup garage under the main roof • Big brick workshop with flat • Spacious ensuite • Expansive living area • Outdoor patio / pool / BBQ area • Air conditioned for summer comfort • Piped music & intercom throughout • Security system installed BUYER GUIDE $395,000 INSPECT Saturday 12.15 to 1.00pm Brian Erskine 0419 127 993 O-9

All the hard work has been done, just add your own personal finishing touches to this character filled weatherboard home. With a country ambience on the fringe of Mildura city on an 1104m2 allotment, comprises two spacious bedrooms, formal lounge, kitchen with adjoining meals area and separate family room. Features also include high ceilings, ornate cornice, lead light windows and polished floorboards. Step outside to verandahs and fabulous gazebo for entertaining and relaxing. BUYER GUIDE $175,000 to $205,000 INSPECT Saturday 12.00 to 12.30pm Tense Venneri 0409 430 183 O-1 O-5 O-10


(left off Sturt Hwy) 709 River Avenue


1 & 2 - 67 Magnolia Avenue Inner City Townhouse

Stunningly presented, two luxury townhouses only a few minutes stroll from the city heart. • 2 Large bedrooms with BIR’s • Separate bathroom with shower & bath • Formal lounge & separate dining • Mirror-tone kitchen with electric cooking • Ideal time to use $29,000 first home buyers grant BUYER GUIDE $210,000 to $230,000 each INSPECT Saturday 11.15 to 11.45am Ben Ridley 0407 830 970 Raeline Noll 0409 189 356 J-5


73 Ontario Avenue


Want a good solid conite home in the Mansell Estate? Then have a look at this one. The kids can walk to school. • 3 Bedroom • Evaporative air conditioning • Gas heating • Single carport • Low maintenance BUYER GUIDE $140,000 to $175,000 INSPECT Ring To Inspect Martin Williams 0429 695 280 F-13

• 80’ x 20’ Lock-up shed with wood heater, shower, toilet & sink • Located on 1 acre with established gardens BUYER GUIDE

$300,000 to $335,000


Sunday 12.00 to 12.30pm

Michael Richardson 0418 367 227


195 Commercial Street

“Super Starter Home”


7 Parliament Court

Dress Circle Townhouse Site

Build your courtyard style “dream home” among other established quality homes within one of Mildura’s premier court locations. • Ample size for 18+ squares of living • Good frontage (for double garage) • Northerly aspect for morning sun • Fenced two sides Create a low maintenance secure home environment with the confidence of existing neighbours. BUYER GUIDE $79,000 INSPECT Ring To Inspect H-13 Tense Venneri 0409 430 183

A great opportunity to get into the market with this cosy character home, just a short distance from the shops and high school across the road. • 3 Bedrooms, & study • 708m2 allotment • Polished floorboards / outdoor spa • Slow combustion heating / evaporative cooling • Garden shed / single lockup garage • Town water BUYER GUIDE $145,000 to $165,000 INSPECT Saturday 12.00 to 12.30pm Martin Williams 0429 695 280


22 Box Street

Californian Dream


This house is an icon of the Merbein township. Only rarely does a character style home enter the market with the quality of craftsmanship this unique house provides. • 3 Bedrooms, 1 bathroom • Solid timber floorboards throughout • Rear bungalow with kitchenette & shower • 1590m2 allotment with front & rear lane access • Close to Kenny Park, schools, church & township BUYER GUIDE $180,000 to $220,000 INSPECT Saturday 2.30 to 3.00pm Ben Ridley 0407 830 970 Raeline Noll 0409 189 356


41 Sheoak Avenue


Brian Erskine 0419 127 993

Gavin Ridley 0417 867 513

David Hensgen Michael Richardson 0417 863 469 0418 367 227

Offering expansive and open plan living areas to cater for the whole family. • Modern four bedroom plus study family home



e By R

• Stunning kitchen with stainless steel appliances LD S•OLarge separate rumpus room for the kids • Covered alfresco area • 859m2 lot with side access to yard BUYER GUIDE

$290,000 to $340,000

Michael Richardson 0418 367 227



Lot 3 River Avenue

Darling River Property

Room To Move On 12 Acres

Martin Scott 0417 016 288





Four bedroom family retreat on the banks of Australia’s greatest river, where rambling paved verandahs & irrigated gardens & lawns invite you to the river’s edge. • Large lounge / dining room • Master b/r with WIR & ensuite, spa & twin vanities • Kitchen- Redgum benches & s/s appliances • Ample water storage, 3 meg stock & domestic water right • 25 Acre freehold approx 800mtrs of river frontage • 4 Paddocks fenced, approx 7 acres o/h sprays + Nissan Diesel pump BUYER GUIDE $650,000 INSPECT Ring To Inspect Brian Erskine 0419 127 993

Build your dream home and set up your ideal hobby farm on this glorious 12 acre rural allotment. • Planning permits for house, pool & shed • Two meg water right with metre connected • Power available to the boundary • Approx 10 acres overhead sprays with share pump. BUYER GUIDE $95,000 to $115,000 INSPECT Ring To Inspect Tense Venneri 0409 430 183

Tense Venneri 0409 430 183

14 Kane Drive

Class, Quality & Location

Raeline Noll 0409 189 356

Ben Ridley 0407 830 970

Martin Williams Chris Katis Robinvale Damian Portaro Finance 0418 991 026 0428 827 675 0429 695 280

MW 010808

• Inground pool along with a large undercover gazebo



• Five years young brick veneer home • Main bedroom with ensuite & WIR

Make A Start

MW 270608

Her Home, His Shed Outstanding rural property, offering all the “I wants”...

38 • Mildura Weekly - Friday January 9, 2009

Lot 2 Coorong Avenue, Red Cliffs

13/265 Twelfth Street, Mildura G








Located just a short stroll from Red Cliffs Golf Club is this amazing rural lifestyle property. Included is a huge brick home of approximately 30 quality squares, 4 bedrooms, 2 living areas, solid timber kitchen, 3 bedrooms, huge double garage & outdoor entertaining area. Outside includes landscaped gardens, detached BBQ pavilion, fencing and 2 huge high clearance colour bond sheds measuring 18m x 12m and 18m x 9m with concrete floor and power. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by....

Situated on the edge of the fairways & greens fo the Mildura Golf Course Resort, this luxury townhouse of approx 21 sq will impress. Features 3 bedrooms plus study, main with WIR & huge ensuite with spa, formal lounge upstairs with bar & balcony & panoramic views of Golf Course. Downstairs is second living, meals & entertainment area all enjoying views of the golf course. Dbl garage adds to the privacy within this secluded estate. Golf anyone?? call now!

Contact: Warrick Fisher 0428 214 330 or

Contact: Tim Leng 0408 133 326 or Clem De Rosa 0408 239 902 or

$370,000 - $410,000

40 Leicester Street, Mildura

7 Duneden Close, Mildura

Open Saturday 12.00-12.30pm

Open Saturday 12.45-1.15pm



At last a quality family home for the style conscious in a neat quiet close. Enjoy the convenience of nearby schools, shopping plaza and public transport. Numerous features of this 3 year old Col Gowers home include open family living, separate lounge or home theatre room, 3 br’s plus study, gourmet mirrortone kitchen, excellent entertainment area and landscaped gardens, 6 x 5m shed. Quality oozes from every level of this spacious designer home.

First class all the way in this 12 month old 3 bedroom plus study home, fresh & appealing with separate living areas, designer kitchen and reverse cycle throughout. Alfresco entertainment area and low maintenance yard. This home was built to appreciate living. Inspection will impress!


Contact: Tim Leng 0408 133 326 or Clem De Rosa 0408 239 902 or

$290,000 - $310,000

Contact: Cheryl Reberger 0408 214 360 or

22 Westside Boulevard, Mildura

92 Cureton Avenue, Nichols Point











Open Saturday 11.00 - 11.30



A beautifully presented Westside home! Features include 3 bedrooms, WIR & ensuite to main, large separate lounge area, open plan kitchen/dining with second living room, plus study/sitting room! Outside you can entertain undercover, and the shed has plenty of room for all Dad’s tools. Inspect today or miss out!

Is what you will find when you see this rare property. Consisting of close to 2 acres on the city fringe and within a stones throw from new Marina development. Consisting of 4 bedrooms, 2 lounges, new evaporative cooler. With space inside & out, whether you’re looking to operate a business from home (STCA) or just a lifestyle change with the convenience of city living, in a rural setting. Town water plus 1.1 megs rural water connected. Call for inspection.

$259,000 - $279,000


Contact: Matt Mason 0438 274 258 or

10 Mahogany Drive, Mildura

12/59 Cureton Ave, Mildura N


Open Saturday 10.15 - 10.45


Completely refurbished quality 3 br 2 storey townhouse. Featuring timber flooring, refurbished kitchen & bathroom, carport, courtyard area, separate living areas & 2 toilets. Ideal as a holiday home or holiday rental. Enjoy the lifestyle you deserve being across from Mildura’s New Marina & wonderful waterfront!

Auction Sat 31st January @ 12noon Contact: Tim Aldridge 0407 239 917

67 Lime Avenue, Mildura Ph: (03) 5021 2200

Pitman Avenue, Buronga





Contact: Tim Leng 0408 133 326 or Clem De Rosa 0408 239 902 or




Open Saturday 10.15 - 10.45

COMPACT BUT NOT CONFINING... Situated in a quiet Westside location is this immaculate home. The property would suit any first home buyer or retiree, with 3 bedrooms, ensuite & WIR to main, separate lounge and open kitchen/dining, also ducted gas heating & evaporative cooling. Outside is a spacious backyard, shed & undercover BBQ area. Don’t miss your chance!!

$219,000 - $239,000

Contact: Matt Mason 0438 274 258 or

EXCLUSIVE RIVER FRONTAGE! Set on approx 5 acres right on the Murray River is this truly magnificent property, boasting 4 large br’s, 2 bathrooms, stunning timber kitchen & huge family room overlooking water views. Step out onto the decked BBQ area and enjoy the peaceful surrounds watching the boats go by. Make your dreams become reality!

$1,500,000 - $1,600,000

Contact: Matt Mason 0438 274 258 First Natioanl believes this information is correct but itt does not warrant or guarantee the accurancy of the information. You should make your own enquiries and check the information. Certain Certan information has been obtained from external sources and has not been independently verified. MW9-11-2007 MW9/1/2009

Friday January 9, 2009 - Mildura Weekly • 39

MIKE CHAPLIN Experience sells Real Estate and with over 25 years in the industry Mike has more than just about anyone. Call Mike today on 0429 336 755 101 Alkira Road, Yelta

7 Plant Court, Mildura

3237 Fifteenth Street, Irymple

Waterside Way, Dockside Marina








Exclusive residential allotment of 635m2 over looking the Marina, 1 of only 15 residential allotments located next to proposed resort. This is a rare opportunity to invest in a unique Inland Marina. With water views, adjoining Murray River.


Contact: Trevor Rogers 0409 506 377


BIG FAMILY? This home is seriously large in all aspects, 4 br, 4 bathrooms, massive kitchen, formal dining, formal entry, r/c a/c ducts throughout, games room, dbl garage UMR, plus detached rec room with bar, BBQ, cellar & pool room! Concrete pool & over 1 acre all in spectacular original decor. Fantastic family entertainer!

$395,000 - $425,000

Contact: Graham Hill 0408 992 242

73 Panorama Drive, Mildura


Open Saturday 12.00 - 12.45

Open Saturday 10.30 - 11.00


5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3 toilets, 2 living rooms, sunroom, dining, solid timber kitchen, inground pool, paved outdoor living, double carport, large shed, set on over 1/4 acre in quiet court. It’s got the lot and more! Inspection is a must! Owner says SELL!!

$360,000 - $395,000

Contact: Robert J. Stephens 0458 658 566

First Street, Nichols Point

This stylish rendered brick veneer home will meet all of your family requirements. Boasting 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, stunning kitchen overlooking the backyard, huge family room and the list goes on! Great outdoor area, huge yard awaiting a pool. If your looking for a family home in quality location, call me today!

$337,000 - $365,000

Contact: Matt Mason 0438 274 258


Set to the up-market location of Upland Drive comes this most delightful rendered style home featuring open plan living, formal lounge, 3 spacious bedrooms & home office. Inviting garden areas & doubld garage to complete this style of living.


$300,000 - $330,000

Contact: Corey Iredale 0439 700 711

Contact: Tim Davey 0409 234 271





Open Saturday 12.45 - 1.15pm



$363,000 - $392,000

Contact: Matt Mason 0438 274 258

10 Burnside Way, Mildura


Nestled within sought after, family friendly court is this wonderful family home. With formal lounge, 4 real br’s, stunning timber floor & reverse cycle throughout and French doors opening to undercover outdoor area with bbq & child-friendly rear yard - families couldn’t ask for more!

$295,000 - $325,000

Contact: Tim Aldridge 0407 239 917

11 Ularara Drive, Mildura

19 Plantation Street, Mildura

6 Federation Drive, Mildura

11 Annunziata Court, Mildura

2 storey & 1 of a kind! Situated on 2.5 acres with fantastic views this home boasts 4 br, 3 bathrooms, separate lounge, plus sitting room, Baltic timber kitchen and dining area. You can entertain whilst the kids play on the tennis court and there’s ample shedding for storage and 5 megs of water.

Open Saturday 11.00 - 11.30


This is your last chance to buy into a fabulous location in Nichols Point. Set on almost 1 1/2 acres, this immaculate 3 br, 2 bathroom home will certainly impress. With room for chooks, horses & for the kids. For your last chance to view this great home, please call today!


12 Upland Drive, Mildura

Open Saturday 12.15 - 12.45












Open Monday 5.30 - 6.00pm

Open Saturday 12.00 - 12.30




Nestled within peaceful court is this as new 4 br family home. Two separate & spacious living areas & over 20sq of living, large outdoor area, generous rear yard for the kids plus 20’ x 15’ shed & low maintenance gardens - families must not miss this affordable opportunity.

Located in sought after Federation Estate is this spacious family home featuring huge formal lounge, 3 real br’s, 2 separate living areas, spa, generous undercover outdoor area & awesome fully-enclosed inground pool with shade sails. Families who love to entertain and summer living couldn’t ask for more!

4 br, 2 bathroom, brick veneer home in sought after area, refurbished throughout, this is the ultimate entertainer with fantastic inground salt chlorinated, solar heated pool, large outdoor entertaining area, 6m x 10n shed and set on a generous 1250m2 allotment - great for the kids!

A delightful modern family home that offers a touch of class, features formal lounge & stunning kitchen with all mod cons, 2 bathrooms, 3 br’s & computer alcove. Outside sees a fully paved & pitched ent area, full 20 x 30 shed, handy side access and all set on a generous allotment - made for the family!

$290,000 - $320,000 Contact: Tim Aldridge 0407 239 917

$290,000 - $320,000 Contact: Tim Aldridge 0407 239 917

$285,000 - $315,000 Contact: Tim Aldridge 0407 239 917

Contact: Tim Leng 0408 133 326

7 Kurrajong Parade, Mildura


Open Saturday 1.15-1.45pm

Renovated family home in blue chip location, added 4th br or rumpus room, natural gas & r/c throughout, 2 bathrooms, separate living & meals area, great change to secure a family home witha location that counts. Walk to schools, parks, kindergartens & CBD.

$280,000 - $300,000

Contact: Tim Leng 0408 133 326

Clem De Rosa 0408 239 902

67 Lime Avenue, Mildura Ph: (03) 5021 2200

MODERN DELIGHT Modern 3 br + study family home, features formal lounge with parquetry floor, spacious kitchen with gas cooking and separate family room, ensuite to main, very clean home with verandah off living area, double garage with auto door - only 4 years old.

$270,000 - $295,000

Contact: Trevor Rogers 0409 506 377

Clem De Rosa 0408 239 902

31 Carfora Drive, Mildura

21 James Cook Dve, Mildura

Open Saturday 11.00-11.30am

$269,000 - $309,000


7 Rodeo Drive, Mildura

Open Saturday 9.45 - 10.15


Beautifully finished brand new home with quality throughout, 2 separate living areas, large outdoor entertaining area, neutral tones & extensive window furnishings. With outstanding location in sought after Ularara Estate, why would you go through the hassle of building when this brand new home is ready for you to move into today!

Under 3 years old and within a short drive to 15th st shopping strip comes this 4 bedroom home with features including 2 bathrooms, 2 living areas, ducted reverse cycle throughout, double garage & family sized backyard.

Contact: Tim Aldridge 0407 239 917

Contact: Tim Davey 0409 234 271

$265,000 - $295,000

$279,000 - $295,000 First Natioanl believes this information is correct but t does not warrant or guarantee the accurancy of the information. You should make your own enquiries and check the information. Certan information has been obtained from external sources and has not been independently verified. MW9-11-2007 MW9/1/2009

40 • Mildura Weekly - Friday January 9, 2009

Regina Avenue, Cabarita

352 Deakin Ave, Mildura

7 Madison Close, Mildura

369 Eighth Street, Mildura




Open Saturday 11.30 - 12.00

Open Saturday 12.15-12.00pm


AS GOOD AS NEW Just move in & enjoy this fully renovated brick home, 4 large br with BIR’s, brand new kitchen with natural gas cooking, fully renovated ensuite & bathroom, new quality floor coverings. Outside shows hassle free gardens, enclosed garage & work shop for the handy person.

$260,000 - $289,000

Contact: Lyle Massey 0418 505 507

3 br & study family home with WIR & ensuite to main, set on 2656m2 rural allotment in Cabarita, adjoins Golf Course & Crown land, features stunning slate floors, modern Baltic kitchen, spacious lounge with raked timber ceilings & comb heating, shady verandahs plus dbl garage with 40’ x 20’ shed.


4 br’s + study, formal & informal areas, set close to Ularara Estate brand new bv home, open plan kitchen with quality appliances, separate lounge, ensuite to main, ducted gas & evap cooling, fully landscaped gardens & large family friendly backyard with 10 x 10 shed & dbl garage.

$250,000 - $275,000


Contact: Trevor Rogers 0409 506 377

Contact: Lyle Massey 0418 505 507

3 Josie Court, Mildura

5 Baker Court, Mildura W


Open Saturday 10.30 - 11.00

$239,000 - $259,000

Contact: Corey Iredale 0439 700 711

Open Saturday 10.30 - 11.00


YOU WON’T FIND BETTER VALUE! Extended and expanded to offer significant family spaces, this 4 br, brick veneer residence enjoys considerable lifestyle advantages, close to shops, schools, parks & the river. Featuring large lounge, great dining area, split systems & nat gas throughout, with double carport & great rear yard, you’ll certainly enjoy life here!

Set amolst opposite St Pauls Primary school this home has much to offer, featuring two living areas, two bathrooms, smart kitchen, double garage with drive through access to tradesman shed, with large rear yard.

Quality Onorato Homes have now for sale this most modern style home, with many stand out features including 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 separate living areas, double garage, side gate access and much more!

$249,000 - $259,000


Contact: Tim Davey 0409 234 271

924 Karadoc Avenue, Irymple

5 Argyle Street, Mildura

36 Flora Avenue, Mildura





GJ Gardener built townhouse with a modern design, clever use of space and quality finish. Boasting 3 bedrooms, ensuite and WIR to main, mirrortone kitchen, huge dining area and separate lounge. Outside is a fantastic BBQ area with well maintained gardens. It has it all - location, quality & class!

Great opportunity lies ahead with 4 bedroom + study character hom with bonus fully self contained bungalow with 2 bedrooms, inground pool, rear lane access to shed in blue chip location. Inspection is a must!

$236,000 - $251,000 Contact: Matt Mason 0438 274 258

Contact: Tim Leng 0408 133 326

$230,000 - $250,000

Clem De Rosa 0408 239 902

4 Sunset Court, Mildura

193 Ontario Avenue, Mildura

Just listed this as new 3 br home has it all, secluded 1.2 acre allotment close to river & only minutes from CBD. Features ensuite to main, modern kitchen, open living area & main lounge, garage UMR. A unique water reticulation system, 20 x 10 lock up garage. An early inspection is a must!


Contact: Mike Chaplin 0429 336 755

12/145 Riverside Avenue, Mildura


Open Saturday 9.45 - 10.15am

Open Saturday 12.00-12.30pm






$256,000 - $273,000

Contact: Matt Mason 0438 274 258

Open Saturday 12.45 - 1.15pm


Contact: Lyle Massey 0418 505 507

56b Wood Street, Gol Gol

Open Saturday 12.30 - 1.00pm

This home is perfect for the growing family. Boasting 3 bedrooms, all with BIR’s, 2 bathrooms, separate lounge, huge kitchen/dining area, plus 2nd living area. Reverse cycle is ducted throughout, complete the package with a large entertaining area undercover, 20 x 20 shed and very workable backyard.

Lot 66 Nicholas Avenue, Mildura


Open Saturday 10.30 - 11.00


Photos for illustration purposes only



Open Saturday 11.45 - 12.15

Open Saturday 12.15-1.00pm


TWO FOR ONE Neat 3 bedroom home updated kitchen, separate lounge, massive outdoor ent area, huge yard, added extra is fully lined & serviced shed with shower & toilet as rumpus or guest room. Side access for added security. You won’t find better value here.


Contact: Tim Leng 0408 133 326

Clem De Rosa 0408 239 902

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open plan kitchen/meals and lounge area, double garage, ducted reverse cycle throughout, expected rental return of $240 per week.


Contact: Tim Davey 0409 234 271

Lyle Massey 0418 505 507

50 Williams Street, Gol Gol

3290 Benetook Avenue, Mildura





Open Saturday 11.30 - 12.00



Open Saturday 11.30 - 12.00


Offering wonderful street appeal this 3br home is sure to impress. Featuring spacious formal lounge, large kitchen & bathroom & superb o/door area. With generous rear yard, shed (floor & power), & just a short stroll to Centro & sought after westside court location this as new home won’t last long.

With quality westside location set opposite medical facilities, within walking distance to both private & public hospitals. Features open plan living, smart kitchen, 3 good sized bedrooms, outside shows a fantastic undercover entertainment area and a ripper tradesman shed.

$223,000-$237,000 Contact: Tim Aldridge 0407 239 917

$229,000 Contact: Tim Davey 0409 234 271

67 Mildura 67Lime LimeAvenue, Avenue, Mildura Ph: Ph:(03) (03) 5021 5021 2200 2200

Open Saturday 1.00-1.30p,

NOW’S THE TIME With so much value on offer, good size 3 bedroom steel framed home set on 3/4 acre, massive shedding to suit all trades and work from home base. You get the best of both worlds in quiet rural location not far from town.

$190,000 - $225,000

Contact: Tim Leng 0408 133 326

Clem De Rosa 0408 239 902

Open Saturday 1.00-1.30pm

CONVENIENCE PLUS Right in the Heart of Gol Gol within a minutes walk to school, shops, river and of course the famous ‘Hotel’. A neat 3 br home awaits a new owner. Features BIR’s in bedrooms, separate meals & living & large backyard. Inspect now!

$190,000 - $225,000

Contact: Clem De Rosa 0408 239 902

Natioanl believes this information correct does not warrant orthe guarantee the ofYou theshould information. Youown should FirstFirst National believes this information is correctisbut it doesbut nottwarrant or guarantee accuracy of theaccurancy information. make your make your own enquiries and check the information. Certan information has been obtained from external sources and has not been enquiries and check the information. Certain information has been obtained from external sources and has not been independently verified. independently verified. MW9-11-2007 MW9/1/2009 MW7/12/07

Friday January 9, 2009 - Mildura Weekly • 41

CHERYL REBERGER Diamond award winner at the recent First National Awards. To experience Cheryl’s award winning service call Cheryl today on 0408 214 360 223 Dow Ave Cnr Euston Ave, Cardross

Louisiana Drive, Mildura

1577-1579 Deakin Ave, Mildura Sth

Open Saturday 10.30 - 11.00

18 Shannon St, Wentworth

Open Saturday 2.00 - 2.30pm





Set on over 1/2 acre of low maintenance native gardens is this family home of 4 br plus study area, 2 living rooms, 2 bathrooms & 2 toilets. Large tradesmans shed plus a large garden shed, double carport all on a private rural elevated lot in the very popular Irymple/Cardross area.

Beautifully presented 3 bedroom & ensuite, brick veneer townhouse. Tiled walkways & meals modern kitchen & dw, powder room, rear paved verandah. 5 yrs old - sensationa location. Fantastic tenants, very well cared for. Reduced to sell!

2 titles totalling 1685m2 used as a Veterinary clinic. Equipped with rear lane entry with 40 x 20 shed this presents a prime redevelopment site, storage opportunity or renovator’s dream. Ideal Home office with high exposure traffic flow and close to everything!

Now with the generous Federal & State Government 1st home buyers grant this immaculate 3 br brick veneer home is perfect. Open plan living, undercover entertaining area with study or music room, 2 lock up sheds, rear lane access. Be quick to inspect at the new price.

$195,000 - $215,000

$195,000 - $210,000 Contact: Trevor Rogers 0409 506 377

$170,000 - $195,000 Contact: Trevor Rogers 0409 506 377

All realistic offers considered. Offers over $190,000 Contact: Mike Chaplin 0429 336 755

Contact: Robert J. Stephens 0458 658 566

87 Chaffey Street, Merbein

6 Don Maria Court, Mildura

Commercial St, Merbein

Open Saturday 10.45 - 11.15

Open Saturday 10.00 - 10.30

EASY LIVING GEM Immaculate, bright & fresh, 2 bedroom unit, natural gas connected, evap cooling, low maintenance yard makes this an ideal first home, investment or retiree home.


Contact: Tim Leng 0408 133 326

Clem De Rosa 0408 239 902

4/75 Chaffey Avenue, Mildura

Open Saturday 10.45-11.15am




First home buyers this is a must see, polished floors, spacious kitchen with huge walk-in pantr, large dining and separate lounge, take off first home buyers grant and this home is not only affordable but very cheap!

Centrally located to Merbein school, shops & amenities is this 3 br weatherboard cottage, spacious lounge and modern kitchen, freshly painted, 20 x 20 shed in spacious yard of 839m2, suit first homers or ideal investment with new tenant @ $190 pw.

Safe & secure unit in perfect location close to Mildura City Heart. This immaculate 2 bed unit represents a great buy. Natural gas, updated kitchen & shaded backyard. Rental approx $160 - $165 pw. An inspection will be worth the time!

$168,500 Contact: Trevor Rogers 0409 506 377

$150,000 - $165,000 Contact: Trevor Rogers 0409 506 377

Contact: Tim Leng 0408 133 326

138 Commercial Street, Merbein

2/12 Settlers Drive, Mildura

2/168 Tenth Street, Mildura

$135,000 - $150,000

Clem De Rosa 0408 239 902

4/881 Fourteenth Street, Mildura





Open Saturday 1.15 - 1.45pm


Open Saturday 11.15 - 11.45

Open Saturday 1.15-1.45pm



This is an affordable opportunity for the first home buyer, comprising of 2 large bedrooms & study, this home will appeal with separate lounge, open plan kitchen meals area, central bathroom. Outside will impress with plenty of room for the kids or handy person with a 40x20 shed, complete with power & concrete floor.

$139,000 - $148,000 Contact: Tim Davey 0409 234 271

4/209 Ninth St (Aroona Village)

Freestanding 2 bedroom brick veneer unit with side gate access to rear yard on good sized allotment. Minutes from Centro this is the ideal first home.

$133,000 - $147,000 Contact: Cheryl Reberger 0408 214 360 127 Adams St, Wentworth

SPACIOUS INNER CITY UNIT Large 2br unit, spacious open plan living/meals area, roomy bathroom with shower & separate bath, timber kitchen with pantry & breakfast bar, large private rear yard & lock up carport with auto doors, room for boat or caravan. Currently let at $165 per week. Ideal investment.


Contact: Clem De Rosa 0408 239 902

Tim Leng 0408 133 326

Forrester Estate, Nichols Point

DON’T THINK DO! Check out this great 2 br unit in excellent condition, with cathedral ceiling, timber kitchen, formal lounge, paved outdoor living carport & shed. The owner wants it sold & has priced to sell.


Contact: Robert J. Stephens 0458 658 566

1/127 Adams St, Wentworth

Open Saturday 12.00 - 12.30




Secure living in this 2 br unit in popular Aroona Village minutes from CBD and with vacant possession available. Previously leased at $160 pw.


Contact: Cheryl Reberger 0408 214 360

67 Mildura 67 Lime Lime Avenue, Avenue, Mildura Ph: 2200 Ph: (03) (03) 5021 2200

For sale is this excellent double brick 3 br home! Featuring reverse cycle a/c, immaculate interior and shedding to the rear. Call to enquire about this bargain!


Contact: Corey Iredale 0439 700 711

Available for purchase is this elevated 4005m2 allotment located in Forrester Court, Kings Billabong. One of the last remaining blocks. Power & water available, fenced - ready and waiting for you to build your dream home.


Contact: Trevor Rogers 0409 506 377

CHEAP AS CRISPS! Located just minutes from town, this 551m2 allotment has front & rear access and all services available. Will suit developer or tradesman or first home builders. Call today for more info.


Contact: Corey Iredale 0439 700 711

First Natioanl believes this information is correct but t does not warrant or guarantee the accurancy of the information. You should

First National believes this information is correct but it does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of the information. You should make your own make your own enquiries and check the information. Certan information has been obtained from external sources and has not been enquiries and check the information. Certain information has been obtained from external sources and has not been independently verified. independently verified. MW9-11-2007 MW9/1/2009 MW7/12/07

42 • Mildura Weekly - Friday January 9, 2009

Tenth Street, Mildura $130,000 - $145,000 Tim Leng 0408 133 326 Clem De Rosa 0408 239 902





Neat low maintenance 2 bedroom unit, ideal location close to all amenities. Currently tenanted to an excellent tenant at $160 pw. Not a thing to do! Inspection ideal!

Outstanding 7 acres of land, current building permit, located on city limits with rural aspect. Close to river, rec ovals & transport. 2 megs water.

10 acre of lifestyle living 2 megs water Power available Don’t miss this opportunity

Ideal for the tradesman or boy’s with toys! Solid brick 3 br home, open plan living, meals/kitchen, huge rumpus room, spacious yard, double carport & large shed, great westside location.

3 bedroom character home. 15 acres, 2 megs water, good shedding, popular & secluded location, plant available.

Ninth Street, Mildura $495,000 + GST Tim Leng 0408 239 902 Clem De Rosa 0408 239 902


Located opposite Sunraysia’s premier development. This excellent 2 br unit currently tenanted at $170 pw will prove to be a fantastic investment.

To beat the rental cycle & give you the opportunity to buy & build this affordable 3 br home with $30,000 government grant & bonuses, you can be keeping warm in your own lounge room for as little as $235 per week.

Lisa Court, Mildura $159,000 Phone For Inspection Lyle Massey 0418 505 507



Are you in the market ofr an inner city townhouse? Inclusions are synonymous in quality including dbl carport with auto door, r/c a/c, dw, ceiling fans & landscaped gardens. Call today to inspect.

Lovely 3 br bv home situated & positioned with views, kitchen/dining, 2 bathrooms, evap cooling, gas heating, 20 x 3 verandah, garden shed, 7 acres, 28.9 megs water, 40x36 lock up shed, great plant. Contract with sunbeam.

Gothorp Road, Irymple $280,000 - $308,000 Phone For Inspection Lyle Massey 0418 505 507


Fourteenth St, Mildura $159,000-$169,000 Phone For Inspection Cheryl Reberger 0408 214 360

Opportunity to secure a three bedroom brick veneer home moments to Senior College. All bedrooms with BIR’s, good sized shed, neat yard, double carport. Currently tenanted at $190 per week.


Riverside Ave, Mildura $129,500 Phone For Inspection Cheryl Reberger 0408 214 360

Westcliffs Avenue, Red Cliffs $219,000 Phone For Inspection

The surprise inside with this spacious two bedroom unit with fully paved & covered outdoor entertaining area. Vacant posession available or sit back & enjoy a great tenant currently paying $155 Twelfth St, Mildura per week.

Approx 5 year old rendered 3 bedroom home with open plan living, ensuite & large covered outdoor entertaining area. Neutral decor, currently tenanted, vacant posession available late June & leased at $260 per week.

Indi Avenue, Red Cliffs $169,900 Phone For Inspection Lyle Massey 0418 505 507

Set on almost 5.5 acres surrounded by olive trees is this lovely 3 br brick family home, formal lounge, modern kitchen, wide verandahs, large shed, working plant, 18.6 megs water entitlement. What a wonderful place to Seventh Street, Mildura $159,000 raise the family.

Vintage Estate, Mildura $212,722 Phone For Inspection Lyle Massey 0418 505 507

$198,000-$219,000 Phone For Inspection Cheryl Reberger 0408 214 360

Phone For Inspection


3 br bv home, large lounge, central bathroom, electric cooking, dbl carport, town water, family friendly backyard, established lawns & gardens, 8x4 shed, walking distance to bowling green & Cureton Ave, Kings Billabong shopping centre. Tenanted at $789,000 $180 pw.

Phone For Inspection Graham Hill 0408 992 242

2 year old classic homestead with classy modern appeal. 5 br’s including guest room with ensuite, 128,000lt rainwater storage & split grey water system set up with 2 pumps zoned to underground soaker lines, solar hot water, see the rest for yourself Just stunning!


A great assortment of new & exciting plans to choose from with 3 & 4 brs, ensuite, 2 x living areas, double carport or garage. With land ranging from a low maintenance 451m2 to large family sized Eighth Street, Mildura $185,000 - $195,000 lots of 1000m2

Phone For Inspection Graham Hill 0408 992 242

Immaculate three bedroom home in popular location. Great sized yard with two sheds, double carport, natural gas connected. Inspections will impress.

Walnut Avenue, Mildura $195,000-$205,000 Tim Leng 0408 239 902 Clem De Rosa 0408 239 902

This property will suit any buyer wanting great position, excellent condition & great layout. 3 br, big bathroom, large living & spacious kitchen, sitting on 746m2 land, dbl carport, leased til July ‘09. Great value on offer!



Ontario Avenue, Mildura $110,000 Phone For Inspection Tim Davey 0409 234 271 PERFECT INVESTMENT

Walnut Avenue, Mildura $190,000-$205,000 Tim Aldridge 0407 239 917 Warrick Fisher 0428 214 330

3 br plus study conite home with formal lounge, high ceilings, 2 toilets, r/c heat/cool, double carport, shed, large front verandah overlooking Mansell Reserve, Close to river & Arts Centre. Location is second to none.

Robert J. Stephens 0458 658 566


RELAX & ENJOY YOUR GOLF Ideal three bedroom, two bathroom townhouse is all about low maintenance and located next to Mildura Golf Course and moments to bakery & aero ovals.




Villiva Drive, Mildura $220,000-$250,000 Phone For Inspection Cheryl Reberger 0408 214 360

Robert J. Stephens 0458 658 566

Robert J. Stephens 0458 658 566


Cureton Avenue, Mildura $150,000 - $160,000 Phone For Inspection Corey Iredale 0439 700 711

Wade Avenue, Mildura $260,000 Phone For Inspection Corey Iredale 0439 700 711

Mildura CBD opportunity, warehouse area 144m2, luxury office space with reception, potential rent return of $30,000 - $35,000. Inspection would surprise.

Thirteenth Street, Mildura $199,950 Phone For Inspection HOBBY FARM WITH INCOME



Rodwells Road, Cabarita $174,000 Tim Leng 0408 133 326 Clem De Rosa 0408 239 902

Sandilong Ave Extension $105,000 - $119,000 Phone For Inspection Lyle Massey 0418 505 507

Flora Avenue, Mildura $240,000 Tim Leng 0408 133 326 Clem De Rosa 0408 239 902

A solid investment is this two bedroom brick unit located within walking distance to CBD, schools, local shops, reserve, doctors & hospital. Low maintenance, r/c heating & cooling, combined lounge/dining area, terrific little kitchen, single car space. Rental indication of $135-140pw.


Fantastic bv home features 3 generous bedrooms - main with ensuite, large family room & separate kitchen/ dining area. Outside is a huge u/cover area, spacious yard & large shed. Located only a short stroll to schools, shops & Centro Mildura with River Avenue, Merbein great tenants paying $250pw, $170,000-$185,000 this offers the perfect Phone For Inspection investment.

This lifestyle property has it all! Picture your dream home on this amazing rural property. Features include 90x40x14 c/b shed with skillion verandah & storage room, planing permit for a dwelling, 5.18ha with views & 5megs water plus power & town water available.

Warrick Fisher 0428 214 330

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67 67Lime LimeAvenue, Avenue, Mildura Mildura Ph: Ph:(03) (03)5021 5021 2200 2200

Natioanl believes this information correct does not warrant or theshould information. Youown should FirstFirst National believes this information is correctisbut it doesbut not twarrant or guarantee theguarantee accuracy ofthe theaccurancy information.ofYou make your makeand your ownthe enquiries andCertain check information the information. Certan information has sources been obtained from external sourcesverified. and has not been enquiries check information. has been obtained from external and has not been independently MW30/11/07 independently verified. MW9-11-2007 MW9/1/2009

Friday January 9, 2009 - Mildura Weekly • 43

87 Commercial Street, Merbein Phone 5025 3133 Fax 5025 3139

Roger Walder 0417 711 217 Aaron Walder 0408 315 746

email Shady Retreat

24 Werrimull Sth Rd, Werrimull


3/60 Box Street, Merbein

Offers Over $90,000



Won’t Bust The Budget 10 Op .0 en 0 S – at 10 .3 0

Investment Special 9. Ope 30 n – Sa 10 t .0 0

Feel The Serenity


3 Smith Street, Merbein

12 Sanders Street, Merbein


Very tidy two bedroom aluminium clad home with secure back yard in a “walk to everything” location. Includes separate lounge and dining rooms, near new cooler, gas heater, back verandah, 20 x 20 shed and garden sprinkler system.

With weekly repayments likely to be less than $200 this is a walk up start for the first home buyer with only a small deposit. Includes 3 bedrooms, 10 foot ceilings (some wunderlich), front verandah, evaporative air-conditioner & garden sprinklers. “Edge of Town” location with vineyard opposite.

Rental With Potential

Country Spot-City Block

One For The Tradesman

Great Place To Start

13 Cedar Street, Red Cliffs


533A Boobook Avenue, Red Cliffs

10 Op .4 en 5 S – at 11 .1 5


$139,500 Neg


83 Chaffey Street, Merbein

9 Baylee Avenue, Mildura

Comfortable 4 bedroom home on big corner block in quiet Red Cliffs location. Good current rental return of around 7%pa gross and features include high ceilings, big secure backyard, wood heater, side access and subdivision potential (S.T.C.A). Great value at this price.

Quiet out of town location but no need for a ride on mower with this well presented 3 bedroom conite home in the Red Cliffs area. Features include 11 foot ceilings, renovated kitchen and bathroom, good heating and cooling, big shed and side access. Use that increased First Home Owners Grant and stop paying rent now.

With just a little “TLC” this comfortable 3 bedroom weatherboard home would come up an absolute treat. Features include new kitchen, good bathroom, polished boards, 10 foot ceilings, rev cycle and evaporative air conditioning, triple carport, great 25 x 20 shed and secure backyard. Plenty of room to park the truck and trailer etc.

$154,500 Very well presented weatherboard home in quiet Mildura location. Features include brand new kitchen, good bathroom, separate dining room, totally re-wired and painted, ceramic tiles in heavy traffic areas, natural gas connected, good shed, security blinds and outdoor entertainment area. Perfect for the first home buyer.

Charm and Character

Little Beauty At Birdwoodton

Small Acres - Small Price

Professional Position

17 Commercial St, Merbein


Located on a big ¼ acre corner block this property has much to offer. Close to primary schools & sporting facilities, great street appeal, picket fence, new kitchen & bathroom, high wunderlich ceilings, great 20 x 20 shed, separate garage & garden shed. With 2 street access it also has subdivision potential STCA.

$179,500 324 River Avenue, Birdwoodton This property is located in the much sought after Birdwoodton area and has no near neighbours, with plenty of good features which include recently renovated bathroom, timber kitchen, polished floorboards, 10 foot ceilings and town water it is well worth a look for the first home buyer or investor.

Block 44 Yelta Rd North, Merbein • • • •

Rico and Mandy D’Amico Your Local Real Estate Agents. Professionals Sales Team of The Year.


Choose the quick, efficient personalised services of a private conveyancer... Sheree Hensgen is a member of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers (Vic Division) and Associate Member of the Institute of Legal Executives (Vic) Flat Rate plus disbursements Professionally insured for civil liability 3/,$ • Preparing Section 32 statements and contracts of sale for vacant land and existing homes • Transfers of land Call our office for a quotation and speak to our wonderful staff Allstate conveyanCing services p/l Office: 41 Pine Avenue, Mildura Phone 5023 5355

$85,000 Neg

6.32ha – 15 ½ acres approx. Approx 15 acres Sultanas. 5 megs water – more available Close to town – less than 1km from primary school.

Are you Buying or Selling? You need ALLSTATE


10 Op .3 en 0 S – at 11 .0 0

Located around 100m from Post Office, Bank, Supermarket and club this 2 bedroom brick veneer and tile unit represents a great little investment opportunity. Features include reverse cycle air conditioning, built in robes & carport. Potential return of around 8% p.a gross.

11 Op .1 en 5 S – at 11 .4 5

It’s better than Bonnie Doon this fully renovated 2 bedroom hardiplank home on almost ½ acre in Werrimull Township. Features include new kitchen and bathroom, high ceilings, great covered and paved outdoor entertaining area, 40 x 25 shed/garage, rainwater tank and all-round fencing. Get out of the rat race at a very affordable price.

100% IS WHERE WE START Selling your home?

Call Rico and Mandy Direct for professional assistance on

5018 9104 0418 516 773

5018 9114 0417 017 635


Located opposite Chaffey Secondary College this lovely big family home would also be absolutely perfect for use as professional chambers. It includes 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, sunroom, utility room & a separate FSC bungalow. Fully renovated just 7 years ago it is on a 910m2 block and also features 11 foot ceilings, gourmet kitchen, separate dining room, natural gas, 3 car accommodation & covered outside entertaining MW24333


If a lifestyle of security and companionship, is what you seek, then call to inspect this delightful two bedroom Unit located in a lovely Tudor style Village very conveniently located near Centro Plaza with buses at your door. Open plan living with classic neutral decor, all latest appllicances, garage with remote access, 24 hour security call system, charming private outdoor area, etc. The Community Centre offers many differing services to residents as well as meeting all of your gardening and maintenance needs. For an armchair tour of the Village visit our website:


roccisano property group


268 Deakin Avenue, Mildura

Please call Village Manager: Sue Scales on 50 23 1433 or 0408 388 413 for an appointment to inspect. $125,000 is all you require to begin a life changing move.

Helping to get your name out there. So you want to promote your business or club. Mildura Weekly has over 24,000 copies free each week throughout Sunraysia, also reaching as far as Broken Hill and Riverland. With this wide range of distribution areas, your business or club is sure to be seen. To find out more call one of our professional Advertising Consultants on 5021 1777.

44 • Mildura Weekly - Friday January 9, 2009

Residential /

*0 $5






*0 $5





*0 $5









t t t t t

t t t t t

t t t t t

t t t t t










1IPOFUPJOTQFDU For Sale offers over $150,000 Contact .BSUZ%FBDPO


MERBEIN Cowanna & Yelta Rd



Pleasure on the Darling

Renovated Victorian



t t t t t

t t t t t

t t t t t

t t t t t




1IPOFUPJOTQFDU For Sale $240,000 - $260,000 Contact .BSUZ%FBDPO


1IPOFUPJOTQFDU For Sale $670,000 Contact 4UFWF$PPQFS










Darling River frontage

t t t t t

t t t t t

t t t t t

t t t t t






0QFO For Sale Contact

1IPOFUPJOTQFDU For Sale Offers invited Contact 4UFWF$PPQFS













Townhouse with a difference




t t t t t

t t t t t


t t t t t

1IPOFUPJOTQFDU For Sale offer over $200,000 Contact .BSUZ%FBDPO

0QFO For Sale Contact



34 Darling Street, Wentworth


0QFO 'PS4BMF Contact



Phone: 03 5027 3411

Friday January 9, 2009 - Mildura Weekly • 45

Rural 4*..0/47*/&:"3%4 WJB.*-%63"

$00.&"--" Reserve Road














1IPOFUPJOTQFDU For Sale offers over $40,000 Contact .BSUZ%FBDPO


$00.&"--" Channel Road















34 Darling Street, Wentworth

Phone: 03 5027 3411

‘water is what we do’ temporary water trades permanent entitlement sales water market advice and strategy

How Can WeSecurity Help You? • NSW High

Sunraysia Water Exchange (SWEX) can provide the necessary advice to enable you to• NSW make General informed Security decisions and achieve the best results in respect of your water requirements. To discuss the current market value of your permanent water entitlement contact us today.

temporary trade water available Zone

Volume (ML)

Spot Price (as atat8 JANUARY 2009) (as 15 May 2008)

Vic - 1A Goulburn Vic - 1A Goulburn MIA Vic - 1A Goulburn MIA Vic - 1A Goulburn MIA Vic - 7 Barmah Coleambally Vic - 7 Barmah MIA Coleambally

3 15

7 20 16 100 50 14 40 25 125 100

$470 $470 $500 $514 $499 $499

permanent entitlements for sale To discuss your permanent or temporary water requirements please contact Phil Grahame. Mobile 0408 596 678 Email

To view our electronic water trading platform go to

telephone 03 5027 5027 2517 3411


150Type $370 Licence Murray Valley High Security Murray Valley High Security Lower Murray High Reliability Lower Murray High Reliability

facsimile 03 5027 3511

305 310 325 325 330 335

Volume (ML) 90 175 107 56.9



Permanent Wanted! Water is one of Water our most important and valuable assets. Therefore, like any asset, it isedimperative thatlarge it isquantities managed to achieve We have qualifi buyers seeking theprofessionally following permanent water: the best financial results and security for your rural business. • LMW High Reliability

46 • Mildura Weekly - Friday January 9, 2009






Real Estate


•4 br plus ensuite, solid timber kitchen, split level, formal dining and lounge •Huge family room, leadlight doors, double french doors

•Huge formal lounge & dining, dream kitchen •4 car garage and verandahs front and back •Huge colourbond sheds


•Open fire to lounge, wood heater to family room, evaporative cooling •Huge allotment, double garage, established trees

PRICE: $512,000 INSPECT: Phone to Inspect PHONE: Judy Aitken 0418 502 302




305 McEdward Street



•Approx. 32 sq (under roof) •Whopping big family and of family living in a rural lounge rooms plus ducted location on around 1.5 acres vacuum system throughout •4 br, 2 bathrooms (including •Double garage UMR, 50’ x spa in ensuite) 30’ shed

•Thriving business located in the rapidly developing Koorlong area •Spacious 4br home complete with new kitchen

PRICE: $450,000 INSPECT: Phone to Inspect PHONE: Graeme Roper 0429 824 008

PRICE: $350,000 PLUS S.A.V. INSPECT: Phone to Inspect PHONE: Graeme Roper 0429 824 008



38 Lemon Avenue


•315m2 freehold shop in very central location •Currently used as continental grocery store

•4br, 2 bathroom family home •New mirror tone kitchen, spacious family room, covered outdoor BBQ area, large workshop/shed


2 Belle Gardens Drive

•3 bedrooms, ensuite, country kitchen, huge family room, separate lounge •Air conditioner and ceiling fans throughout •Huge covered and paved outdoor area, large 20’ x 20’ shed, double carport •Established gardens, auto sprinklers

21 De Garis Drive

•Lots of room to party, rumpus •Huge garage room with bar •Located in a prestigious •Lounge, formal dining, street only a stones throw kitchen, family room, 2 from Centro bathrooms, 5 bedrooms PRICE: $279,000 INSPECT: Phone to Inspect PHONE: Judy Aitken 0418 502 302

PRICE: $242,000 INSPECT: SATURDAY 12.00-12.30pm PHONE: Judy Aitken 0418 502 302

•3 br, 2 bathroom townhouse in cosy Burke Court •Only mins from Centro, Gateway Tavern, Servo and the Gateway Home Centre


Lot 1 Morpung Avenue


•Approx. 10 acres with income - Approx. 9 acres gordos and 1 acre sultanas •Building permit

•Fantastic location •30 megs •Own pump just installed •B/W 11th & 5th streets

PRICE: $240,000-$260,000 INSPECT: Phone to Inspect PHONE: Nigel Pavilach 0401 137 990


101 Pawson Avenue


•Low maintenance yard •Safe and secure •A quality Dunning built home in quiet neighbourhood •Good size yard for small pets

PRICE: $250,000-$260,000 INSPECT: Phone to Inspect PHONE: Nigel Pavilach 0401 137 990



•3 br on 3/4 acre •2 good sized living areas and formal dining •Fully undercover outdoor entertaining area

•A beaut shed with concrete and power - DIRECTIONS: Turn right at S/Cliffs Store, over railway line, turn left into Avocat North Rd, turn right into Pawson

PRICE: OFFERS OVER $250,000 INSPECT: Phone to Inspect PHONE: Nigel Pavilach 0401 137 990



219 Eleventh Street



Tuckers Creek


•Absolute freehold frontage to the picturesque Tuckers Creek •Recently renovated 4 br residence

•Enclosed verandah •Single roll door garage, 20’ x 40’ LU shed with concrete & power plus 20’ x 15’ bedsitter

PRICE: $272,000 INSPECT: SATURDAY 11.45am-12.15pm PHONE: Kevin Forbes 0419 596 711

OP 12A Burke Court



•3br, brick veneer tiled roof home •Entry hall, large lounge & family room •Kitchen has b/bar & pantry



MILDURA Seventeenth St b/w Benetook & Cowra






3 Mellis Street (cnr. Avocat Ave)


•Solid brick, bull nose •Ceiling fans, cork tiles, verandah, 3 bedroom home skylight, comb heating, •Ensuite, entry hall, family ducted air conditioning room, combined lounge/ •Dbl carport, rear verandah dining room, large linen press •2 x sheds, fruit trees

•New kitchen and 2 living areas •Land comprises approx. 1.5 acres freehold and 1.5 acres leasehold

PRICE: $249,500 INSPECT: SATURDAY 10.30-11.00am PHONE: Graeme Roper 0429 824 008



2 Merlot Court


PRICE: OFFERS OVER $245,000 INSPECT: SATURDAY 12.30-1.00pm PHONE: Kevin Forbes 0419 596 711


36 Hector Street

•Near new 3 bedroom, 1 •Close to schools, sporting bathroom brick home with a facilities sleek modern decor •Only a few km’s to Centro •2 living areas •Good land size at approx. 728m2

•Well loved 3 br home with so many extras - absolutely immaculately presented •2 living areas •A beaut shed

PRICE: $235,000 OFFERS INVITED INSPECT: Phone to Inspect PHONE: Graeme Roper 0429 824 008

PRICE: OFFERS OVER $230,000 INSPECT: Phone to Inspect PHONE: Nigel Pavilach 0401 137 990

PRICE: $205,000 INSPECT: Phone to Inspect PHONE: Nigel Pavilach 0401 137 990




•3 br bungalow style home •Sitting room •Return to an era of the •Big wide front verandah fondly remembered past offers an opportunity to sit with colonial timber kitchen, and watch the world go by formal lounge, dining area •A much loved residence MAP REF: J 5 INTERNET ID: 348447





•Low maintenance garden, double carport UMR •Evap unit, ducted gas heating •To inspect this home is to be impressed

PRICE: $290,000 INSPECT: SATURDAY 11.30am-12.00pm PHONE: Graeme Roper 0429 824 008



4 Iredale Court


•Price includes cool room, refrigerated display cabinets, display shelving and more •Rear lane access for deliveries, ample parking

PRICE: $290,000 INSPECT: Phone to Inspect MAP REF: J 4 PHONE: Judy Aitken 0418 502 302 INTERNET ID: 348191



•General store, grocery items, take away food and alcohol sales plus an authorised Australia Post Office outlet



PRICE: $1,400,000 - $1,600,000 INSPECT: Phone to Inspect PHONE: Graeme Roper 0429 824 008

10 Hyder Drive



•Overlooking Mildura Weir, bushland, the river, and picture book gardens •Approx. 50 sq, 4 br, study, wet bar, wine cellar



428 West Road




•Delightful outdoor entertaining area fully undercover with decking •Access to the park behind you MAP REF: L 6 INTERNET ID: 356204

Mildura Office

Wentworth Office

97-99 Lime Avenue, Mildura

47 Darling Street, Wentworth

5025 8700

HOME LOANS Kevin Forbes

Graeme Roper

Nigel Pavilach

Judy Aitken

0419 596 711 0429 824 008 0401 137 990 0418 502 302

Kathryn Martin

Water Trade

Wendy Compton

Sally Hardy

Deb Ryan

Sales Support Sales Support 0488 422 366

5027 3080


Friday January 9, 2009 - Mildura Weekly • 47













59 Twelfth Street


•3 bedrooms all with bir’s, 2 bathrooms, 2 living areas •Gas ducted central heating •Entertainment area •Tradesman’s style shed


•Close to schools, sporting facilities •Immaculately presented •Fabulous for a growing family •Lots of fruit trees

PRICE: $178,000 INSPECT: Phone to Inspect PHONE: Nigel Pavilach 0401 137 990



61 Magnolia Avenue


140 Lemon Avenue


•Cosy cottage, fully renovated with 4 br, lounge, new kitchen, bungalow •Evap cooling, gas and wood heating

•Paved outdoor undercover area •Lock up garage and shed •Rear lane access •Close to all amenities

PRICE: $165,000 INSPECT: SATURDAY 11.00-11.30am MAP REF: J 4 PHONE: Judy Aitken 0418 502 302 INTERNET ID: 358517


Boronia Crescent



Unit 16/841 15th Street (Plaza Village)


•Quality 2br, brick veneer unit located in sought after Plaza Village •Good sized living, separate bathroom, laundry & toilet


Lot 15 McSwain’s Road

4.856HA �APPROX 12 ACRES� � IN 2 TITLES •Deep sandy loam ridge •All pipelined (furrow) irrigation •With or without water •Power, town water, available

•Dbl carport with auto door, new HWS, ducted cooling, electric heating •Let at $170pw to reliable tenants

PRICE: $159,500 INSPECT: Phone to Inspect PHONE: Graeme Roper 0429 824 008



5 Laurel Street


PLANTINGS: 2.18ha colombard(grafted) 1.88ha chardonnay (grafted) .8ha sultanas (grafted)

OFFERS INVITED INSPECT: Phone to Inspect PHONE: Kevin Forbes 0419 596 711


Lot 2 Sheoak Avenue


•Cosy 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom •Walk to work, shops, only a hop, skip & jump from supermarkets & restaurants Mildura CBD •Leased at $140pw •Approx. 500m2 •Backyard (rear lane access)

•Spacious 2 br brick home •R/cycle air conditioner, on approx. 1 acre in a quiet, security system private rural location •Nestled amongst tall trees •2 spacious living areas, stock and shrubs, surrounded by & domestic water vineyards

•Neat and cosy 3 bedroom, 1 •A top one to start out in or to bathroom home grow your portfolio •Delightful updated kitchen •Extremely well priced, you •Just a few mins drive to won’t find better value for the CBD money

•16.9 acres, 2 megs water •Power available •DIRECTIONS: Past airport, left into Sheoak Ave, left hand side

PRICE: $145,000-$155,000 INSPECT: Phone to Inspect PHONE: Nigel Pavilach 0401 137 990

PRICE: OFFERS OVER $125,000 INSPECT: Phone to Inspect PHONE: Graeme Roper 0429 824 008

PRICE: $120,000-$132,000 INSPECT: Phone to Inspect PHONE: Nigel Pavilach 0401 137 990

PRICE: $119,000 INSPECT: Phone to Inspect PHONE: Nigel Pavilach 0401 137 990



•In popular Mildura South •Loads of room •Now with building permit







1057 Sturt Highway



Lot 1 Dewry Avenue


•3 ac f/hold and approx. 3 ac •40’ x 20’ steel shed with LU l/hold - 4 br cement sheet room and power, 25’ x 20’ home with town water steel LU shed with concrete •Lounge with combustion and power, 2 bay open shed, heater garden shed, fenced

•Situated between 11th and 14th streets •4000m2

PRICE: PRICE ON APPLICATION INSPECT: SATURDAY 11.00-11.30am PHONE: Kevin Forbes 0419 596 711

PRICE: $114,900 INSPECT: Phone to Inspect PHONE: Kevin Forbes 0419 596 711



Lot 2 Calder Highway


•2 megs stock & domestic water available •Power available


•4040m2 •3 megs water •Meter is installed

PRICE: $95,000 INSPECT: Phone to Inspect PHONE: Nigel Pavilach 0401 137 990

PRICE: $89,000 INSPECT: Phone to Inspect PHONE: Kevin Forbes 0419 596 711


•This home is not the Ritz but as far as value for money goes, it’s a fantastic opportunity •Partially renovated


•3br home on 2 ac freehold a stones throw to Dareton township •Raw water connection, 2 megs irrig, 1 meg S & D

! 1 6, LD S Walnut Avenue (Sunraysia Village)






•3 br brick veneer home •BIR to 2 bedrooms •Evap cooling, ceiling fans to bedroom 1 and lounge & kitchen


51 Brian Street


•New electric hot water service •Large lock up garage, paved and covered bbq area •Lots of fruit trees

PRICE: $165,000 INSPECT: Phone to Inspect PHONE: Judy Aitken 0418 502 302





•3 bedroom brick home in a •Attractive design is a little nice court location, a short different from your average hop to main shopping centre home •Covered entertainment area, •Your first step to home carport and tool shed ownership PRICE: $169,000 INSPECT: Phone to Inspect PHONE: Graeme Roper 0429 824 008

PRICE: $139,999 INSPECT: Phone to Inspect PHONE: Nigel Pavilach 0401 137 990

4 Delamere Court


Lot 1 Sheoak Avenue


PRICE: $75,000 O.N.O. INSPECT: Phone to Inspect PHONE: Nigel Pavilach 0401 137 990


O 36 Keam Crescent C WHAT ! R1A STARTER •A well loved 3 bedroom, •Beaut shed for your tools E bathroom home and toys D •A good N sized yard for your •Fantastic opportunity to entertaining secure this one at a fabulous U price



•Contact Council to build here •Past the Airport, turn left into •1 acre in the peace and quiet Sheoak Avenue, on the left •Power available hand side

•2 bedroom villas from $79,500 - 3 bedroom villas from $83,000 - 4 bedroom villas from $86,500 •Reverse cycle air conditioning, gas appliances, raked ceiling to living areas, choice of colours •Lovely neighbours, fully fenced back yard, community pool and bbq •Small, well mannered pets allowed •Get rid of your huge mortgage ! - Change your lifestyle today. Downsize and cash up !




PRICE: FROM $79,500 INSPECT: Phone to Inspect (floor plans available from agent) PHONE: Judy Aitken 0418 502 302

PRICE: OFFERS OVER $85,000 INSPECT: Phone to Inspect PHONE: Graeme Roper 0429 824 008




Burra Road


•Power pole on property •Permit for shed is in place

1 0,



Block 92 Seventh Street Extension


•Build here (S.T.C.A.) on the •Only a few mins to the CBD edge of Red Cliffs and sporting facilities •Approx. 1 acre with services •Take the Sect 32 and chat available to Council about putting your dream home here











11 Keam Crescent


•3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, •Well fenced, rear access weatherboard/tiled roof home •Small garden shed •Combustion heater

PRICE: $96,000 INSPECT: Phone to Inspect PHONE: Kevin Forbes 0419 596 711


Mildura Office

Wentworth Office

97-99 Lime Avenue, Mildura

47 Darling Street, Wentworth

5025 8700

HOME LOANS Kevin Forbes

Graeme Roper

Nigel Pavilach

Judy Aitken

0419 596 711 0429 824 008 0401 137 990 0418 502 302

Kathryn Martin

Water Trade

Wendy Compton

Sally Hardy

Deb Ryan

Sales Support Sales Support 0488 422 366

5027 3080


48 • Mildura Weekly - Friday January 9, 2009

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Noon Tennis: Brisbane: International 2009: Day Five: Presented by Johanna Griggs 5.00 Home Improvement 5.30 Deal Or No Deal 6.00 Seven News 6.30 Today Tonight 7.00 How I Met Your Mother 7.30 Better Homes And Gardens 8.30 Movie: Duplex: Ben Stiller, Drew Barrymore, Eileen Essel, Harvey Fierstein, Justin Theroux, James Remar, Robert Wisdom, Swoosie Kurtz, Wallace Shawn and Maya Rudolph 10.15 Tennis: Brisbane International 2009: Day Five

Noon Midday Report 12.30 Poirot 1.30 Surfing The Menu 2.00 Parkinson 3.00 Children’s Programs 6.05 The House Of Windsor 7.00 ABC News 7.30 The 7.30 Report 8.00 Choir Of Hard Knocks 8.30 The Somme: A docu-drama following a group of young men through the first day of the Battle of the Somme. 10.25 The Mafia 11.20 MDA: Ella wrestles with a conflict between duty and personal morality.

Noon The Ellen DeGeneres Show 1.00 The View 2.00 Days Of Our Lives 3.00 ET 3.30 Malcolm In The Middle 4.00 Children’s Programs 4.30 Nine News 5.00 Antiques Roadshow 5.30 Temptation 6.00 Nine News 6.30 Win News 7.00 A Current Affair 7.30 Two And A Half Men 8.00 The Big Bang Theory 8.30 The Mentalist 9.30 Crime Investigation Australia 10.45 Monster House

Noon Tennis: Medibank International 2009 (Cont): Day Two 5.00 Home Improvement 5.30 Deal Or No Deal 6.00 Seven News 6.30 Today Tonight 7.00 How I Met Your Mother 7.30 The Rich List 8.30 Bones: Booth and Brennan are called in to investigate when a corpse is found in the back of a gang member's car. 9.30 Killing Hitler 10.40 Scrubs 11.40 Kath & Kim The American Series: Kath and Phil decide to host a Christmas party.

Noon Dr Phil 1.00 Oprah 2.00 Ready Steady Cook 3.00 Everybody Loves Raymond 3.30 Huey 4.00 It's Me Or The Dog 4.30 Judge Judy 5.00 Ten News 6.00 The Bold & The Beautiful 6.30 Futurama 7.00 Friends 7.30 The Simpsons 8.00 Rules Of Engagement 8.30 Movie: Double Jeopardy 10.40 Out Of The Blue 11.10 Ten News 11.55 The Late Show

Noon World Watch 1.00 The Food Lovers' Guide 1.30 Dirty War 2.30 The Mormons 3.30 The Glamour Game 4.30 World Watch 5.00 The Crew 5.30 Corner Gas 6.00 Dakar Rally: Highlights 6.30 World News 7.30 Top Gear 8.30 South Park 9.00 Drawn Together 9.30 World News 10.00 Pizza 10.30 Skins 11.25 Movie: Dark Water

Tuesday 13th


Noon The Ellen DeGeneres Show 1.00 The View 2.00 Days Of Our Lives 3.00 ET 3.30 Malcolm In The Middle 4.00 Children’s Programs 4.30 Nine News 5.00 Antiques Roadshow 5.30 Temptation 6.00 Nine News 6.30 Win News 7.00 A Current Affair 7.30 Australian Geographic 8.30 Movie: The Tuxedo: Jackie Chan and Jennifer Love Hewitt 10.40 Movie: Spanglish: Adam Sandler, Tea Leoni and Paz Vega

Noon Midday Report 12.30 The Leahy Family Special 1.30 Surfing The Menu 2.00 Parkinson 3.00 Children’s Programs 6.10 River Cottage Gone Fishing! 7.00 ABC News 7.30 The 7.30 Report 8.00 The Museum: Curator Irving Finkel is recruited by Scotland Yard for his expertise. 8.35 Party Animals 9.30 Bastard Boys 10.30 ABC News 10.40 Shrink Rap 11.30 Movie: The Man Who Knew Too Much: James Stewart

Noon The Ellen DeGeneres Show 1.00 The View 2.00 Days Of Our Lives 3.00 ET 3.30 Malcolm In The Middle 4.00 Children’s Programs 4.30 Nine News 5.00 Antiques Roadshow 5.30 Temptation 6.00 Nine News 6.30 Win News 7.00 A Current Affair 7.30 Cricket: Twenty/20: Australia v South Africa: The GABBA 10.30 Movie: Hard To Kill: Steven Seagal, Kelly Le Brock, Bill Sadler and Frederick Coffin

Noon Tennis: Medibank International 2009 (Cont): Day Three: Presented by Johanna Griggs 5.00 Home Improvement 5.30 Deal Or No Deal: Presented by Andrew O’Keefe 6.00 Seven News 6.30 Today Tonight 7.00 How I Met Your Mother 7.30 Wild Vets 8.00 Coastwatch: The coastguards launch a desperate search to find a missing diver. 8.30 Eli Stone 9.30 Ghost Whisperer 10.30 Extreme 11.30 Dirty Sexy Money

Noon Dr Phil 1.00 Oprah 2.00 Ready Steady Cook 3.00 Everybody Loves Raymond 3.30 Huey 4.00 It's Me Or The Dog 4.30 Judge Judy 5.00 Ten News 6.00 The Bold & The Beautiful 6.30 Futurama 7.00 Friends 7.30 The Simpsons 8.00 Rules Of Engagement 8.30 NCIS 10.30 Out Of The Blue 11.00 Ten News 11.45 The Late Show

Noon World Watch 1.00 The Storm Rages Twice 2.00 Don Matteo 3.00 Here Comes The Neighbourhood 3.30 Everyone Loves A Wedding 4.00 World Watch 4.30 Newshour 5.30 Corner Gas 6.00 Dakar Rally: Highlights 6.30 World News 7.30 Desperately Seeking Doctors 8.30 Blood And Guts: A History Of Surgery 9.30 World News 10.00 Hot Docs: Chicago 10 11.55 Movie: Lunacy: Pavel Liska

Wednesday 14th


Noon Midday Report: Local, national and international news, with special attention on business and the economy. 12.30 Tennis: The Hopman Cup XXI: Highlights 6.05 Pilot Guides 7.00 ABC News 7.30 The 7.30 Report 8.00 Kylie Kwong: My China: Kylie continues her journey along the eastern seaboard. 8.30 Tennis: The Hopman Cup XXI: Final 10.30 ABC News 10.40 Tennis: The Hopman Cup XXI: Final

Noon Midday Report 12.30 National Press Club Address 1.30 Surfing The Menu 2.00 Parkinson 3.00 Children’s Programs 6.05 Art Museums Of The World 6.30 Nigella Express 7.00 ABC News 7.30 The 7.30 Report 8.00 My Family 8.35 The Omid Djalili Show 9.05 Star Stories 9.35 Seven Periods With Mr Gormsby 10.00 The Robinsons 10.30 ABC News 10.40 Taggart 11.55 Movie: The Big Fix

Noon The Ellen DeGeneres Show 1.00 The View 2.00 Days Of Our Lives 3.00 ET 3.30 Malcolm In The Middle 4.00 Children’s Programs 4.30 Nine News 5.00 Antiques Roadshow 5.30 Temptation 6.00 Nine News 6.30 Win News 7.00 A Current Affair 7.30 10 To One 8.00 New Adventures Of Old Christine 8.30 CSI: Miami 9.30 ER 11.30 Just Shoot Me

Noon Tennis: Medibank International 2009 (Cont): Day Four and AAMI Kooyong Classic: Day One 5.00 Home Improvement 5.30 Deal Or No Deal 6.00 Seven News 6.30 Today Tonight 7.00 How I Met Your Mother 7.30 Air Crash Investigations 8.30 Las Vegas: The new owner tries to make changes at the Montecito. Sam struggles with the realisation that she has no real friends. 9.30 The Unit 10.30 Tennis: Medibank International 2009: Day Four

Noon Dr Phil 1.00 Oprah 2.00 Ready Steady Cook 3.00 Everybody Loves Raymond 3.30 Huey 4.00 It's Me Or The Dog 4.30 Judge Judy 5.00 Ten News 6.00 The Bold & The Beautiful 6.30 Futurama 7.00 Friends 7.30 The Simpsons 8.00 Rules Of Engagement 8.30 House 10.30 Out Of The Blue 11.00 Ten News 11.45 The Late Show

Noon World Watch 1.00 Movie: A High Sky Summer 2.30 Tales From A Suitcase 3.00 Salam Café 3.30 Football Stars Of Tomorrow 4.00 World Watch 4.30 Newshour 5.30 Corner Gas 6.00 Dakar Rally: Highlights 6.30 World News 7.30 Food Safari 8.00 Tales From The Palaces 8.30 The Long Way Down 9.30 World News 10.00 Movie: The Green Butchers: Mads Mikkelsen 11.45 Movie: Carnage

Thursday 15th


Friday January 9, 2009 - Mildura Weekly • 49 TEN SBS

Noon Midday Report 12.30 Cricket In The 80s 1.30 Surfing The Menu 2.00 Parkinson 3.00 Children’s Programs 6.05 Planet Earth 7.00 ABC News 7.30 The 7.30 Report 8.00 Everest ER: A climber who is close to death comes into the base camp clinic. 8.35 The Unteachables 9.30 Nigger Lovers 9.55 Constructing Australia 10.55 ABC News 11.05 Live From Abbey Road 11.55 Wildside

Noon The Ellen DeGeneres Show 1.00 The View 2.00 Days Of Our Lives 3.00 ET 3.30 Malcolm In The Middle 4.00 Children’s Programs 4.30 Nine News 5.00 Antiques Roadshow 5.30 Temptation 6.00 Nine News 6.30 Win News 7.00 A Current Affair 7.30 Sudden Impact 8.00 The Waiting Room 8.30 Cold Case 9.30 Secret Millionaire 10.30 Amazing Medical Stories

Noon Tennis: Medibank International 2009: Day Five and AAMI Kooyong Classic: Day Two 5.00 Home Improvement 5.30 Deal Or No Deal 6.00 Seven News 6.30 Today Tonight 7.00 How I Met Your Mother 7.30 Ugly Betty: Just as Gio makes Betty an incredibly romantic offer, Henry pops back into her life with a proposal of his own. 8.30 Eli Stone 9.30 Heroes: Nathan makes a move with global repercussions. 10.30 Tennis: Medibank International 2009: Day Five

Noon Dr Phil 1.00 Oprah 2.00 Ready Steady Cook 3.00 Everybody Loves Raymond 3.30 Huey 4.00 It's Me Or The Dog 4.30 Judge Judy 5.00 Ten News 6.00 The Bold & The Beautiful 6.30 Futurama 7.00 Friends 7.30 Don't Forget The Lyrics 8.30 Law & Order: SVU 9.30 Law & Order: Criminal Intent 10.30 Out Of The Blue 11.00 Ten News 11.45 The Late Show

Noon World Watch 1.00 TV Around The World 1.30 Blizzard: Race To The Pole 2.30 The Battle Of The River Plate 3.30 If Only 4.00 World Watch 4.30 Newshour 5.30 FIFA Futbol Mundial 6.00 Dakar Rally: Highlights 6.30 World News 7.35 Rex In Rome 8.30 Carla Cametti PD 9.30 World News 10.00 Movie: 36 Quai Des Orfevres: Daniel Auteuil and Gérard Depardieu 11.55 Queer As Folk







50 • Mildura Weekly - Friday January 9, 2009

all things


BMW Confirms High-Performance, Super Frugal 330d Sedan for Australia BMW will bring an acclaimed new generation 3.0-litre

those purchasing thirstier vehicles. The 3.0-litre straight-

diesel engine to Australia in 2009. Deliveries of the new

six engine accelerates the 330d from 0-100 km/h in just

BMW 330d Sedan are expected to commence in the

6.2 seconds. Top speed is limited electronically to 250

second quarter.

km/h. Carbon dioxide emissions are just 180 g/km.

The 330d uses a new generation all aluminium high output

The new BMW 330d joins the just revealed new look BMW

turbocharged 180 kW six-cylinder engine that develops a

3 Series Sedan line-up which goes on sale in Australia on

substantial 520 Nm of torque. Peak power is delivered at

November 22. This range starts with the 320i Executive

4,000 rpm and peak torque is available between 1,750

at $54,500.

and 3,000 rpm. The 330d will be available only with a sixspeed automatic transmission.

Like the BMW 330d Sedan, the four-cylinder 320d Executive, priced from $57,500, benefits from the LCT

Despite having significantly more torque than any other

concession, as its combined fuel economy performance is

BMW 3 Series Sedan, the 330d returns incredibly frugal

well below the 7.0-l/100km limit at 6.0-l/100 km. Pricing

fuel consumption at 6.8-litres per 100 km on the combined

for the BMW 330d will be announced closer to launch.

fuel cycle. As a result, the BMW 330d qualifies for the higher Luxury Car Tax threshold of $75,000 before the tax is applied, meaning 330d customers will pay less LCT than

“BMW continues to roll out the fruits of its industry-leading EfficientDynamics engine programme

cars / motorbikes / trucks / tractors / caravans

in Australia which brings the triple benefits of high-performance, low consumption and low emissions,” said Tom Noble, General Manager, Marketing at BMW Group Australia. “The new BMW 330d Sedan gives our customers the opportunity to mix V8 engine performance with four-cylinder fuel economy, but at the same time delivering the tangible delights of our highly-acclaimed straight-six cylinder engines. “BMW in Australia has been selling increasing volumes of diesel-engined vehicles each year. Our customers really appreciate the benefits of these high torque, low consumption engines. “Now we can offer a truly muscular diesel performance option in our most popular body style. It’s a mix we are certain will be extremely popular in this segment of the market,” he said. For further information contact Sunraysia Prestige on 5021 2999.

Friday January 9, 2009

Friday January 9, 2009 - Mildura Weekly • 51

Best Prices, Best Range, Best Service, Best Team, W h y Wo u l d Yo u Look Elsewhere??


Indepe ht Tested Green Lig S U N R AY S I A



nd d end este ed IndepeSLigU ht TN R A Y S I A Indep ght Test Green Li Green



Indepe S FREE Green Lndent RACV ight Te sted


Ind US Gre epend FR E en Lig ent RA E ht T CV est ed


Ind US Greeepende FREE n Li nt RA ght Test CV ed

Sunraysia S U N R AY S I A


$68 Per Week


$52 Per Week

Independent RACV Green Light Tested

Independent RACV Green Light Tested


1.8 ltr 4 cyl engine, automatic, air conditioning, power steering, window tint, rear spoiler, alloy wheels. Under 12,000 km’s!

s/n: u8842




2.0 ltr 4 cyl engine, automatic, power steering, power windows, climate control A/C, alloy wheels, CD player.

1.8 ltr 4 cyl engine, automatic, power steering, central locking, & CD player.

$18,888 s/n: u8777



Independent RACV Green Light Tested


$65 Per Week

Independent RACV Green Light Tested




s/n: u8849



Independent RACV Green Light Tested

$65 Per Week



1.6 ltr 4 cyl engine, automatic, air conditioning, power steering, power windows.

2.4 ltr 4 cyl engine, automatic, air conditioning, dual airbags, electric windows, CD player, alarm, central locking.

$18,888 DRIVE AWAY



s/n: u8734

$118 Per Week

Independent RACV Green Light Tested


$34,888 SAVE: $9,000

3.0 ltr turbo diesel engine, automatic, air conditioning, power steering, power windows, bull bar, window tint, roof racks, tow bar. s/n: u8539


Independent RACV Green Light Tested

$52 Per Week


$26,888 WOW, WOW, WOW!!!



Independent RACV Green Light Tested

$91 Per Week

Independent RACV Green Light Tested

s/n: u8949

This immaculate Corolla will certainly catch the eye of those that love sleek & sporty small cars! Featuring a zippy 1.8 litre engine, automatic transmission, 7 airbags, 6 stack CD, bluetooth, cruise control, 18” alloys and more. This stunning vehicle is a MUST see!


s/n: u8640

$214 Per Week



4.2 ltr 6 cyl diesel engine, 5 speed manual, airconditioning, steel bar, tow bar and much more!


$91 Per Week

Independent RACV Green Light Tested




2.3 ltr engine, automatic, air conditioning, power steering, alloy wheels, sunroof.

3.2 ltr V6 engine, automatic, air conditioning, power windows, full electrics, alloy wheels, CD player, soft top convertible.

2.5 ltr 4 cyl engine, automatic, symmetrical AWD, air conditioning, power steering, power windows, CD player, climate control, alloy wheels.




$63,888 SAVE: $2,000

s/n: u8525

$101 Per Week


Independent RACV Green Light Tested

Independent RACV Green Light Tested

s/n: u8702

$108 Per Week


Independent RACV Green Light Tested



2.4 ltr engine, automatic, air conditioning ducted to rear, power steering, safety pack, power windows, s/n: u8928 cruise control.

Current model! 2.4 ltr engine, automatic, air conditioning, power steering, power windows, dual zone climate control, alloy wheels, 6 stack CD player. s/n: u8862

3.0 ltr 6 cyl engine, automatic, power steering, power windows, window tint, leather interior, climate control, 19” alloy wheels, sunroof.


s/n: u8916

$201 Per Week



s/n: u8909

$59,888 SAVE: $5,000

*Excludes registration, transfer fee and stamp duties which vary from state to state. Includes balance of registration where current. #Weekly finance payments quoted are based on 20% deposit calculated on the purchase price of each vehicle. Statutory fees including government stamp duty, transfer fee & registration/ctp fees are excluded and are payable on delivery. Loan term is 60 months with the first payment in advance and a balloon/arrears payment of 20% of the purchase price in month 60. Finance offer is available only to approved business customers. Interest rate is fixed for the term of the loan at 9%. Comparison rate is 9.72%. A full list of terms and conditions is available at Sunraysia Auto Group.

CNR Seventh Street and Etiwanda Ave Mildura Phone: 50 212 999 LMCT: 10074

s/n: u8763

52 • Mildura Weekly - Friday January 9, 2009

all things



☎ 5021 1777








01 Nissan 200SX

Spec S,Auto,28225km AC,PS,EW,tint,turbo,no mods, immac con RHH269 priced reduced to $26500 Ph:0428214330

Ford Fairlane, new gas conversion,climate control,cruise control,CD player,152,000 kms,reg WHM 366, r o a d w o r t h y reg,$3,250ono must sell Ph:50220181

Or'93 thisFord for..... Laser Wagon, auto, air, 10 mths NSW (160mmx64mm) rego, WWM807 $ 1 8 ($5.90 0 per 0 col.o cm)n o $188.80

'07 Hyundai Getz


Nissan 300ZX 195000kms,aus made,90 model, GC,CC, Elec windows, exhaust, rims,sound system $8200 UBX816 Ph:0415467479

Hatch, 3 door man, * FullPh:0447172223 Colour GST inc. air, PS, PW, 29000ks, warranty til 2011 S524AAE $9,750 Ph:0438 340 577




Holden Astra. 1.8ltr, fuel injected, C o m odore VX RKERSmGen 5sp man, alwaysWOSS,5.7 3, 6 speed R O F serviced. mechanicallyANm TEaDn u Na l , t i n t e d W GI excellent OQP382 windows,alarm, all SS RUNIN LD. $ 1 0 0 0 o n oP options,VGC,$16,200 A R E M Ph:0405254618 or Eono 0401 w on oPh:0417829730 n e 0418578043 g r 1 503 Geo


or 040

Toyota Hilux 9.91 Dual cab ute 2.8D, A/C P/S, CD player, Reg RDN 329 to 9.09 $3800 ono Ph:0421548359


Ford 067 Falcon, '99, dual 2002 VU IICommodore929 fuel, 18inch mags, tint 5

Get this for.... windows, CD, W C ,per $ 6line) 000SVR392 $10.85R ($1.55

ute 80,000 kms,mannual, lowered,sports bar, tub liner,cd player & sub,mettalic blue, $16,000 ono Ph:0418588639


Commodore SV6, VGC, 54,000kms, Silver, UKE 731 $ 2 3 , 5 0 0 o n o Ph:0417000617


Ford Festiva Trio, hatch, near new stereo, VGC, QHX601 $1900 ono eager to sell Ph:0431679914

To place your ad call into Mildura Weekly at 73 Orange Ave Mildura Phone: 5021 1777 •

Pop Top, twin beds, awning and full annexe,GC,inspection welcome $14900neg Ph:50236033

BOATS 12 Foot Punt on trailer, 25 HP,$2200 Ph:0408819663

houseboat.eps W 7.0 D 2.00




Crewman V6 05 model,70,000kms, EC,reg WNL304 $20000 Ph:0429976644

Post steel bull bar to suite Hilux,with driving l i g h t s , $ 8 5 0 Ph:0408819663

Steel Tray to suite Toyota extra cab,canvas canopy,water tank,lights $ 2 0 0 0 Ph:0408819663



2004, 5.7L, fully opt incl. sunroof, sat nav, leather, 17 inch alloys, 6 CD, reverse sensors and more. 80,000kms. EC,Make an offer $25900. SQC 245. Ph: 0428214330


Houseboat 15x7.2M

"How's The Serenity" Launched 2006 in Survey, 3 Queen Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Yamaha 60hp Hi Thrust, , Diesel generator in Steel Pontoons, Tastefully fitted out, In Successful Hire Fleet, Forward Bookings, Thousands $$$ Below Replacement Value $350000 Max on 0417445190 or 0885698100



Honda CBR929RR,Original,GC, 55239km,HG523,reg 12.09 $7000ono Ph:0412081170

Ph: Laura or Corinne

73 Orange Ave, Mildura Phone: 50211777

More than just a car

HOUSEBOAT 20mx7m "KOKOMO" Very Good Earnings In Survey, 3 Double Bedrooms, 2 Bunk Rooms Ext Toilet , 1 Bathroom inc Toilet, Yamaha 2x 60hp, 5 KVA Generator, Steel, Pontoons, Great Family Boat, Good Forward Bookings, Very Well Maintained, Excel Value $249,500, Max on 0417445190 or Office :08 8569 8100 SEARAY 33

Air Con CRUISER 27'x 9'x 3'Draft, Volvo Pen Inboards/Legs, Very Econ 6.5lph Cruis, Flybridge Dual Steering, Superbly Fitted Out, Mint Condition, Excellent Value, $59,500, Max on 0417445190. Office: 08 8569 8100


73 Orange Ave, Mildura Phone: 50211777

Mildura Weekly

all things


Your Complete guide to Private Sale Classifieds, New and Used Cars, Motorcycles, Tractors, Caravans, Trailers and much, much more.

Delivered Free every Friday


PO Box 4081 Mildura 3500

Advertise Until Sold for only $25*

Ph 50211 777 Fax 50211 733

73 Orange Avenue Mildura Victoria 3500 Email: MAXIMUM OF 5 LINES

PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY (With no word breaks at end of lines)



























































































*All advts. must be pre-paid. For $25 you get 5 lines ONE ITEM ONLY advt. Advt. will run for four consective weeks. If your item does not sell within that four-week period you can rebook it prior to the booking deadline of 5pm Wednesday’s. These advts. must be reconfirmed each week thereafter. If more than one week passes the item will be deemed to have

been sold and the advt. cannot be repeated unless paid for. Sale price must be included. Alteration to PRICE ONLY. Not included in the offer are business advts., rental hire etc., for the purpose of ongoing profit, or Real Estate Listings. The publisher reserves the right to decline any booking for the purpose of continuing gain.


Phone, fax, email or bring in this coupon with $25*, or $35* with photo, and your advertisement will be published in the next four editions.

If the item does not sell after four weeks then phone our office by 5:30pm Wednesday each week and we will repeat the item until it has sold. Categories included: Autos, Caravans, Trailers, Commercial Vehicles, Four Wheel Drives, Motorbikes and Wrecking.

(*For private use only)

Name . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Address . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Phone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Category . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cash





Credit card number - (minimum credit card purchase $10)

Credit Card expiry date: Total: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Signature: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To be a part of it, Call 5021 1777


Friday January 9, 2009 - Mildura Weekly • 53

☎ 5021 1777

Drop into our office


Parish of Sunraysia South 25 Heath St, Red Cliffs Sundays - 10.30am Bible based, Christ centred Ph: 50242521

New Wine Christian Fellowship Sunday 1030am. 31-37 The Crescent, Mildura. Ph:50214687

LAW NOTICES 73 Orange Avenue Mildura



03 5021 1777

03 5021 1733

(Minimum of $10)

Classified Guidelines • Line Classifieds will have a minimum charge of $10, which is equivalent to five (5) lines or less. • $1.55 for each line after. • A Charge of $10 will apply for photos.


Lost, Found and To Give Away • Will be free of charge up to five (5) lines only. • A Charge of $10 will apply for photos.

Free ‘For Sale’ Ads Items must not exceed $50. Price and one phone number must appear in advert. Ads must be restricted to 3 lines. One ad per customer per week. Ads expire after 1 week. No animals, plants or food products. Offer excludes all other categories. Offer excludes ads for business or ongoing profit. Mildura Weekly Pty Ltd reserves the right to deem an advertisement is for business or for ongoing profit.

Vehicle Advertiser Private vendors of motor cars advertised for sale must include in their advertisement: • Cash price of motor car. • If car is registered, Registration number. • If unregistered, Vin, Engine, or Chassis number. All transactions paid for with a credit/debit card will have a minimum total cost of $10. All line classified advertisements must be submitted to the Mildura Weekly by 12.00pm the day before the newspaper is to be published.

Development Ass Market Day Raffle Results $100.00 Fuel Voucher Barry Cramp Purple B096



Hill mature escort service. Monday Friday,10am-6pm. Ph:0427187179 PCA 6542XE


Mature Escort visiting, short time only, in/out calls, Gol Gol. Prices from $80 Ph:042718719 PCA 6542XE


Errors While the publisher agrees to exercise reasonable Care, the publisher shall not be liable to either the advertiser or the advertising agency in respect of the accidental omission of, errors in, or misclassification of any advertisement. Errors in repeat advertisement must be notified to the Mildura Weekly office immediately after appearance of first advertisement. The publisher does not accept responsibility for errors in respect advertisements that are not drawn to our attention upon the first appearance. No allowance can be made for errors not materially affecting the effectiveness of the advertisement. In the event an advertisement is omitted from this publication, we assume no liability for such omissions.

Avairy, big enough for four cockatiels. Ph:50233667


Curran Court, Mildura, Saturday & Sunday 8am-1pm. Moving house sale, everything to go. Walnut Ave, corner of Ford Close, Mildura, Saturday 8am, huge garage sale, you want it, we'll have it.


Huge moving/clearance sale house hold items: lounges, chairs,TV'S sideboards,fridges,desk s,book shelves,barstools tallboy,outdoor furniture,2x Roland keyboards,small PA system mikes,leads,stands etc computer,printer, Sony projector & 100 inch screen,fish finder sounder max-210,EL Falcon wagon PPK 539 $1800 ono, everything must go, Sat & Sun 8am-4pm 407 Etiwanda Ave, enquiries 0429133237

Pure bred (no papers) 2 female, $450 each Julie:0428936221 Maryjane:0427099819


3 legged tabby cat, in Merbein West, Honour Avenue, Please contact Kim on 50253034


GIVE AWAY 2 kittens to good home, 9 wks old. Ph:0413555534


Seater van in GC, between $1500 & $200 approx. Ph:0427920003


picker Ph:0421813066


Accommodation at Semaphore from $85/n Ph:0412106646 www.seacroftapartment


WATER PERMANENT & TEMPORARY WATER AVAILABLE NOW!! Please ring Kristen at Advance Water Trade on 50332223 All enquiries welcome



Phone: 50211777

Byo food and drinks, catering also available, all cruise come with entertainment, nibbles, chef and captain.

To make a booking Ph: 0428 234 845 Merbein Development Association

Merbein street market! Commercial Street & Elders Forecourt 18th January, 8.00am-1.00pm Every 3rd Sunday of the month Over 100 stalls

My sincere thanks to all the friends, family and colleagues who gathered to mark my 30th year with Mallee Family Care. Your presence was an important reminder of the richness of the history of our organisation and the countless individuals who have contributed to our achievements. May 2009 continue that success.

Geoff Evans & the Rock & Roll Dancers ALL WELCOME Enquires Pam PH.5025 1284

Buses R Us Bus service to Broken Hill. Monday, Wednesday & Friday Departing at 3.10pm

Vernon Knight.

Everything on sale! laptop,refrigerator,large screen TV,lounge suite,household furniture,knick knacks,micr owave,bikes,desks,numerous items all in very good conditon! 8am-7.30pm everyday 6 Mahogany Drive Mildura Ph:0439575453

Uncatered Cruises 3hour cruise $350 max 18 people 4hour cruise $450 max 18 people

For further info check out

Thank You

Moving Out!

Hway, Gol Gol, next to Sunraysia Garden Centre, Sat 9-1pm. Household items.

Lets have a party cruise along the mighty murray river sing some songs listen to some music, have a bbq, dont just dream about it come on give the Barby Boat a go...

Commencing Monday, 12th Jan 2009 at the Cardross Sporting Reserve, Dairtnunk Ave, Cardross @ 6pm BBQ to follow. For futher information contact coach: Chris Bounias on 0428 242 417

Mobile airconditioner $50 Ph:50213300



Pre-Season Training


Cadell Street, Wentworth, Sat 8-5, Sun 8-12. Beds, tables, chairs, books, BBQ & more. CHEAP & MUST GO THIS WEEKEND!


Cardross Football Netball Club Inc.

Adults Concession/Student

One way $60.00 $50.00

Return $104.00 $90.00

For booking contact: Broken Hill 08 8088 6900 Mildura Visitors Information Centre 50188380



CLEANING TENDER St Margaret’s Pre School Inc. We require applications for cleaning of the pre school for 12 months commencing February 09. Please apply in writing to “The Secretary P O Box 190 Mildura 3502” Phone enquiries please contact 0400 232 466. Applications close 23/01/09. MW24412


We reserve the right to revise and restrict any advertisement we deem objectionable and to change the classification when necessary to conform with the policy of this newspaper. Positions cannot be guaranteed.

2 x Rottweiler Pups

Cardross Football Netball Club


Mildura Gay & Lesbian Group meets monthly, P.O. Box 3091 Mildura. Leaving Mildura everything must go 52 Hazeldene St Mildura

General Advertising Conditions Full name and residential address must be supplied, even though not necessarily included in advertisement.

any condition Ph:0447517680


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.



I buy houses any price


Credit card facilities

THOMAS KEATING deceased. Take notice that THOMAS JOHN KEATING,GAVIN KEATING and DARREN KEATING the Executors named in the Will dated 24 September 2006 of THOMAS KEATING deceased,late of 13 Game Street,Merbein, Victoria,Retired will 14 days after the date of publication of this advertisement apply to the Supreme Court of Victora for a grant of probate of that Will. Martin Irwin & Richards Solicitors,61 Deakin Avenue,Mildura 3500







Water, Water, Water. WE HAVE TEMPORARY AND PERMANENT WATER FOR SALE IN VARIOUS SIZED PARCELS Contact Kerry Homfray or Kurt Roberts Cnr 15th Street and Koorlong Avenue, Irymple Phone: (03) 5024


Your Water Broking Specialists


How to place a classified ad

73 Orange Avenue, Mildura


We invite tenders from suitably experienced contractors for cleaning the facilities of Health Centre, Community Hall and offices to commence 2nd February 2009. Tenders close at: 4.00pm Friday 16th January 2009. Details on the requirements can be collected from Mildura Aboriginal Corporation Inc - Administration Building 113 Madden Avenue Mildura or by calling 5022 1852.

54 • Mildura Weekly - Friday January 9, 2009




For Lease

(03) 5021 9500

Available now

69 Deakin Avenue, Mildura VIC 3500

121 Darling St, Wentworth ........................3br .................$180pw 14 Helena St, Wentworth ..........................2br .................$200pw 58 Murray St, Wentworth ..........................3br ................. $160pw 4/80 Murray St, Wentworth .......................2br ................. $130pw COMMERCIAL Dareton, main street ................................................ $110pw+GST Wentworth, main street...........................................$500pm+GST Yelta, versatile shed ................................................ $300pw+GST MW23668

F o r a p r o f e s sio n a l a p p r o ac h t o P r o p e r t y M a n ag eme n t c a ll J e nny M a r t in t o d ay. 0 3 5 0 2 7 3 411 o r 0 4 2 8 16 8 7 12 “Servicing Sunraysia”



Lil Hughes







2 Close to Centro

1/7 Francesca Drive





2Modern t/house

19 Cavallo Drive






226 Benetook Avenue





2 Great location

412 Etiwanda Avenue







4 Dunning Drive







Wendy Hobbs

Kathryn Martin

97 – 99 Lime Ave Mildura 47 Darling St Wentworth Ph 5025 8700 Ph 5027 3080


MILDURA CBD- $185 p/w 3 Bedroom House MILDURA - $225 p/w


TO LET TO LETHouse 3 Bedroom

Cnr 15th Street and Koorlong Avenue, Irymple

Phone: (03) 5024 6855


bedroom palace,fully equipped,big backyard, clean reliable person,$80-100 per week Ph:0431742161 or 0432030097

3br Cottage

close to CBD & river, air con, gas heating, carport, small shed, large fenced yard. No Pets. $185 pw. bond & refs essential. Ph 0418 147 841

Don't Rent!

Why Rent? Rent - To - Own! You can afford a home! Only $5,000 deposit! Ph: 5022 2411 BH


PARK OPEN. Happy New Year from TRENTHAM CLIFFS CARAVAN VILLAGE. Long Term & Short Term Accommodation Welcome. New Clean Amenities. Murray River Access. Ph: 50248545


Large shed






Large shed

269 Eighth Street






Close to CBD Modern unit

9 Raymond Court






4/444 Eleventh Street





1Fantastic location






2 Rural location



1 Great location








Walk to town

$ $135.00









6 Ilex Street



Big Lizzie Units



Merbein Carwarp


99a Birkins Road

Other Office








“We put you first”


Brownport Road






Kulkyne Way, Iraak






$100.00 $100.00 $110.00 $135.00 $150.00 $155.00 $160.00 $160.00 $165.00 $165.00 $170.00 $175.00 $180.00 $190.00 $190.00 $190.00 $190.00 $190.00 $195.00 $200.00 $210.00 $210pw $210pw $215.00 $260.00 $295.00 $295.00 $450.00

Please contact our office to arrange an inspection. For a complete list call into our office or visit our website




1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2

67 Lime Avenue Mildura Phone 5021 2200








191 Commercial Street


Walk to shops



3/5 Golden Grove


03 5021 4600

Res Com Property & Finance Centre 79 Pine Avenue, Mildura 1/245 Ninth Street, Mildura 4/494 Eleventh Street, Mildura 1/902 Fourteenth Street, Mildura 7/23 Steven St, Mildura 1/881 Fourteenth Street, Mildura

roccisano property group

for lease


$130 $130 $135 $145 $145 $150 37 Ruby Avenue, Mildura $150 $150 13/471 San Mateo Avenue, Mildura $155 3/24 Settlers Drive, Mildura $160 2 Hornsey Park, Mildura $165 103 Ontario Avenue, Mildura $175 116 Eleventh Street, Mildura $175 364 Etiwanda Avenue, Mildura $180 3/47 Plantation Street, Mildura $185 $185 36 Ruby Avenue, Mildura 1 Maiella Court, Mildura 2BR *Paved courtyard *Single carport *Garden shed $185 87 Eighth Street, Mildura $190 411 Cowra Avenue, Mildura 3BR *5 mins. from town. *Neat and tidy/garage $200 239 Twelfth Street, Mildura 2BR *Townhouse *Near golf course *Single garage $200 8 Belle Gardens Drive, Mildura 3BR *BIR *semi ensuite *Modern kitchen *Natural gas $220 446 Ontario Avenue, Mildura 3BR *BIR *Fenced yard *Separate dining/lounge $220 94 Charles Street, Merbein 4BR *Ensuite *BIR *Evap cooling *Single carport $240 309 Tenth Street, Mildura 3BR *Townhouse *WIR to master *Rev cyc. heat/cool $240 3 Lavender Court, Mildura 3BR *2 Bathrooms *Open plan living *Gas heating $255 12 Shakira Drive, Mildura 3BR *Ensuite *BIR *Fenced yard *Double carport $265 2/27 Langtree Parade, Mildura 3BR *Ensuite *Large living *Dishwasher *Dble LUG $270 78 Rohdes Lane, Cardross 3BR + study *23 acres *Ensuite *Shedding $300 22 Drings Way, Gol Gol 3BR + study *Ensuite with spa *2 living areas $350 4 Bollinger, Court, Irymple 3BR + study *BIR *Gas cooking *low maintenance $400 10/645 Etiwanda Ave, Mildura 4/ 76 Cherry Ave., Mildura

2BR *BIR *Evap cooling *Close to CBD 2BR *BIR *Fenced rear yard *Single carport 2BR *BIR *Fully fenced yard *Single carport 2BR *BIR *Evap. cooling *Separate lounge/kitchen 2BR *BIR *Open plan living *Fenced rear yard 3BR *Combined dining/ lounge *Large yard 2BR *BIR *Sunroom *Rear lane access *Single LUG 2BR *Freshly painted *New carpet *Single carport 2BR *Close to Centro *Evap cooling *BIR 2BR *Court location * BIR *Fenced rear yard 2BR *Separate bungalow *Reno bathroom *Shed 3BR *Freshly painted *Large rear yard 3BR *BIR *Large yard *Workshop *Single LUG 3BR *Large rear yard *Shedding *Fantastic location 2BR *BIR *Single LU carport *Close to Centro


Neat 2 BR unit. Features open plan living. Electric cook and gas heating. Set in quiet street on east side close to Centro





Street Self Storage Own Lock & Key Individual Units FREE local move-in van Ph: 50220841





Unit 1 & 2

Blk 10F Sandilong Ave, Mda





Quiet Location

6/471 San Mateo Ave, Mda





Close to Centro

5 Nicholls Crt, Red Cliffs





Opposite Parkland Close to Shops

1/230 Woodham Ave, Mda





23 Pine Ave, Mda






2/878 Fifteenth St, Mda





Close to Centro

8088 Benetook Ave, Mda





Rural Property

1/382 Deakin Ave, Mda





Double Storey

59 Thirteenth St, Mda





Close to Schools

9 Jobson Crt, Mda





Close to schools

150 Mellis St, Red Cliffs





New Kitchen

6/145 Riverside Ave, Mda





Low Maintenance

37 Belleview Dve, Irymple





Close to Shops

315 Eighth St, Mda





Low Maintenance

39 Herston Dve, Mda





Huge Shed

132 Sixteenth St, Mda





Reverse Cycle Brand New

118 Sixteenth St, Mda





1 Heidi Crt, Mda






4 Pamela Crt, Mda





4 Living Areas

12 Cobb & Co Way, Gol Gol





River Views


Neat 2BR newly renovated. Walking distance to CBD. Open plan living, BIR, private rear garden and single carport.



Ph 5021 1777

PAINTERS Painting, Decorating,

Repairwork & Wallpapering, Interiors & Exteriors. Would you like one or two rooms painted? No job too small. 25 yrs exp. Ph: Ron 50227639 or 0409692502


97-99 Commercial St, Merb

DEBORAH’S PAINTING SERVICE Experienced Guaranteed Quality


No Job too Big or too Small

0438 042 729

5021 1900 83 Deakin Avenue, Mildura

“A new level of Property Management”

Room shared kitchen & bathroom includes power $140pw Ph:0429239425 Apartments Fully self contained, $110 unfurnished, $125 furnished Ph:0429239425 for inspection


7 Hunter Street

Red Cliffs

Choosing Elders Is Choosing Success

2Modern, spacious


Cnr Karadoc & First Street

$280pw $250pw $240pw $220pw $210pw $200pw $200pw $200pw $190pw $185pw $175pw $170pw $170pw $160pw $155pw $150pw $140pw $140pw $135pw $125pw



Nichols Point


F3 I7 I7 E3 E4

3br 3br 3br 3br 2br 2br 3br 3br+study 2br 3br 2br 3br 3br 2br 2br 2br 2br 2br 2b 2br



$160 P/Week

G5 K7 K5 H5 F5 K5 N5

35 Carfora Drive, Mildura 21 Belle Gardens Drive, Mildura 7E Sirius Court, Mildura 5A Lapthorne Crt, Mildura 210A Adams St, Wentworth 3 Rose St, Mildura 59 Thirteenth St, Mildura 151 Almond Ave, Mildura 77 Olive Ave, Mildura 237 Ninth St, Mildura 2/144 San Mateo Ave, Mildura 31 Ambleside Cres, Mildura 55 Cadell St, Wentworth 3/173 Ontario Ave, Mildura 1/15 Ryder Cres, Wentworth 1/59 Ontario Ave, Mildura 2/124 Thirteenth St, Mildura 4/124 Thirteenth St, Mildura 4/113 Ontario Ave, Mildura 2/8 Renniks St, Mildura



4 Arielle Court

3/2 Elouera Drive



5 Etherington Drive


Real Estate



2 Bene Vista Boulevard

Rent p/w 1 1&2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 2 2 2 2 3 3 2 2 3 3 2 3 3 4 4 5+S


2/221 Adams St, Wentworth .....................2br ........... unit 135pw

125 Adams St, Wentworth .........................2br ................. $160pw

Address 1/75 Williams Street, Gol Gol 5 & 1/11 Pooley Street, Buronga 1 & 2/1 Churchill Street, Buronga 2 Riverlaze, Nichols Point 3/27 Walnut Avenue, Mildura 11 Westcliffs Crescent, Red Cliffs 3/881 Fourteenth Street, Mildura 4/209 Ninth Street, Mildura 2/134 Olive Avenue, Mildura 2/872 Fifteenth Street, Mildura 1/24 Plantation Street, Mildura 172 Eleventh Street, Mildura 1/476 San Mateo Avenue, Mildura 12/189 Deakin Ave, Mda-Furnished 13 Palm Terrace, Mildura 3 & 5/9 Lisa Crescent, Mildura 587 Sandilong Avenue, Irymple 148 Almond Avenue, Mildura 2/4 Ascot Court, Mildura 11 Carmela Court, Mildura 5 Kyte Close, Mildura 161 Walnut Avenue, Mildura 2/484 Walnut Avenue 46 DeGaris Drive, Mildura 721 Fourteenth Street, Mildura 7 Kurrajong Parade, Mildura 7 Rodeo Drive, Mildura 510 Walnut Avenue, Mildura


18 Shannon St, Wentworth .......................3br ....... avail early Feb


List your rental property with Ray White today. For effective, professional service phone


101 Adams St, Wentworth .........................3br ........avail Jan 27th

$160 P/Week

New Listings

B4 K11 F10 J10


For Lease


☎ 5021 1777


Lawn Mowing & Gardening Service All types of garden maintenance Ph:0428245176


Phone: 50211777

Lawn Mowing & Gardening No job too big or small. For the best job in town, give Bob a call. Ph: 0417059735 or 50274140


Ph: Laura or Corinne 73 Orange Ave, Mildura Phone: 50211777


Lawn mowing & Gardening Maintenance. Mulching, Tree lopping, Pruning, Garden tidying, Rubbish removal, Gutter cleaning. Fully insured, free quote, friendly and prompt service guaranteed. Wayne Langley 50242925 or 0414865661

Friday January 9, 2009 - Mildura Weekly • 55


A i r c o n d i t i o n e r Dining



Reading light 5ft, swivels, suit aged care, new $45 Ph:50233277


table heavy solid timber,polished maple,heavy turned legs,rectangular would seat 8 comfortably, 184cmsx180cmx75cm high, 6 upholstered chairs to match in tapestry fabric,PLUS one similar chair with same upholstery,all in b e a u t i f u l condition,moving house and will not fit $650 Ph:50211652





clothes & toys sz1-2 $40 the lot. Ph:0429483044 Safe n Sound booster seat, VGC $39ono Ph:50231246 Monitor 17" C R T $ 4 5 Ph:50220255



( &# ($# ' ( " %""    !     

Jeans - Bootcut Sz 7 ďƒš length,low rise,new $10 Ph:5024 8424


We welcome Carole Tulloch to the team

Mushroom Compost

Ideal garden mulch and soil conditioner. Orders over 10 cubic metres. Ph: 50256265

Panasonic Phone/Fax $49 Ph:50247574

Pam Carter - Centro OfďŹ ce

Tracy Taylor - City OfďŹ ce


ALISON KEDMENEC Remedial Massage Therapist

$50, 1 hour


Health Fund Rebates

Shipping Containers

20 & 40 ft, wind & water proof. Mildura. Ph: 0416142638 steele frame bed-cream,brass & porceline decoration, quality matteres $375 Ph:50237990


11th January moving house,Home furniture in VGC, 9am-1pm 5 Kyamber Close Ph:0411123511

Vacuum Kambrook Jauguar,1600 watt as new $50 Ph:50232353 Washing machine, GC $50 Ph:50238737 Window

pelmets, timber, 12ft, 5ft, 3'7" $40 the lot Ph:50228240

SERVICES OFFERED Artback Gallery & Functions, Wentworth, for your Wedding Party or Meeting. Your choice of caterer, live music with Greg & Julia Evans. Ph:50272298 or 0407893485 Complete Home Maintenance. Doors, Windows, Carports, Sheds, All types of maintenan ce-renovations. Ph: Peter 0448909782 Dominant Home Care Cleaning Products, new sales consultant in area Ph: Simone on 50274832 to receive catalogue.


PH 5023 2114 PH 5023 2001 Mobile 0458 229 880

Supply and manufacture of quality Tubular Design fencing. Specialising in Colourbond Security, Tennis Courts Garden and Pool style fencing. No job too big or too small. Free Quotes - Cheap Rates Supply & Install PVC Plastic Fencing Various Varieties

FREECALL 1300 324 734 0409 254 581 - 5023 1858

eleventh street





4 2 4 1 3 3



4 3 4 4 3 3 3 2 2 2 1


Wood heater, d/wshr, l/up carport Lovely townhouse, Eulinga Estate Renovated, 2 bthrms, dble gge Good sized back yard Double garage, fully fenced Dble gge, sgl c/port, security gates Carport, garage and workshop Quiet location, as new townhouse 2 bedroom unit, 1 bathroom Roomy unit close to shops/schools One bedroom unit, single carport

$260.00 $260.00 $250.00 $230.00 $225.00 $220.00 $195.00 $185.00 $150.00 $140.00 $100.00


Swimming pool, lge shed, ent area $350.00 LET Lovely cottage, walk to CBD $295.00 LET LET Family home, quiet court $285.00 LET Neat 1 bedroom unit with courtyard $250.00 LET Semi snsuite, dble l/up gge, d/wash $235.00 LET 2 bathrooms, close to CBD $220.00



Saturday 9am - 12noon & Sunday 11am - 2pm City 5023 5000 Centro 5022 4700


For all things Real Estate visit

5 Tarella Court 3/877 Fourteenth Street 165 Seventh Street 124 Sturt Highway, Buronga 1/484 Walnut Avenue 32/217 Thirteenth Street 3 Christie Parade 3/3 Redford Court 8/471 San Mateo Avenue 4/966 Karadoc Ave, Irymple 7/227 Wade Avenue

Fully furnished exec apartment $385.00 Exec home in near new Estate $360.00 Beautifully presented exec home $340.00 Out of town, ingroung pool $300.00 WIR, ensuite, d/washer, entert area $280.00 Ensuite, rev cycle a/cond, dble gar $270.00 Dbl gge, low maint, 2 bathrms $260.00 Dble cport, 3 livg areas, huge rms $250.00 Mod kitchen, dbl c/prt, outdr area $250.00 Quiet street, close to CBD $240.00 3 bedroom home plus bungalow $240.00 Near new townhouse, low maint $230.00 Totally refurbished, no maint $220.00 Timber oors, d/wash, dble garage $210.00 3 bedroom home close to town $190.00 Vineyard setting, carport $180.00 Character home in quiet street $180.00 U/covr e/tain area, rear lane, shed $180.00 Neat and tidy, just out of Red Cliffs $170.00 Neat unit, close to hospital $165.00 Evap cool, elec heat/cook, sng c/pt $165.00 Renovated, close to Euston Club $160.00 Neat home, close to school $160.00 Neat and tidy unit on West side $160.00 3 bedroom home, good sized yard $150.00 Neat home, gas heating, sewing rm $140.00 Close to town, single carport $135.00 Close to Centro, reverse cycle air $130.00 2 bedroom unit, close to Centro $130.00 1 bedroom bedsitter, furnished $125.00 Recently renovated unit $125.00 Neat 2 bedroom unit on West side $120.00 Neat one-bedder close to river $115.00 One bedroom unit, single carport $100.00 One bedroom unit, single carport $100.00 Lovely spot, short term lease avail $90.00ea


1 3 + study 4 5 4 + study 3 3 3 + study 4 3 + study 3 + bungalow 3 4 2 3 4 2 + sleepout 2 + study 3 2 2 3 2 2 3 2 2 2 2 1 1 2 1 1 1 1

MW09012009 MW23673



14-16 Olive Avenue 22 Drings Way, Gol Gol 13 Anniversary Dve, Robinvale 3072 Etiwanda Avenue 28 Sturt Highway, Buronga 14 Ularara Drive 5 Bristol Way 1 Asling Avenue 3 Chad Court, Red Cliffs 170 Olive Grove 73 Thirteenth Street 11/803 Irymple Ave, Irymple 1/52 Commercial St, Merbein 6 Kurrajong Parade 58 Eighth Street 14 Karadoc Ave, Nichols Point 24 Argyle Street 801 Fourteenth Street 195 Hakea Street, Red Cliffs 2/1 Joakim Court 1/20 Ontario Avenue 41 Cowper Street, Euston 9 Loddon Avenue, Red Cliffs 3/76 Riverside Avenue 7 Bowring Place 17 Henderson Street, Ouyen 2/166 Commercial St, Merbein 2/3 Eileen Street 1/1 DeGaris Drive 5/311-321 Tenth Street 7/5-7 Cameron Avenue 3/274 Tenth Street 9/86-88 Seventh Street 8/227 Wade Avenue 6/227 Wade Avenue 1&4/24-26 Mitchell St, Ouyen

104 Wood Street, Gol Gol 25 Ruby Avenue 3 Tarrango Drive 1/276 Tenth Street 5/8 Taylor Drive 69 San Mateo Avenue



1 Oak Ave Mildura

Carole Tulloch - City OfďŹ ce



Ph: 5022 9634

Our experienced team continues to grow TO LET PROPERTY ADDRESS

Youths Tracker Fox Motorbike Boots $50. Youths Tai Kwan Do Suit $25 Ph:50246150


...the only agent open 7 days a week


Pam Harrison 5023 1125 0419 388 391


Problems Solved On site service & repairs No fix no fee guarantee Ph:50257473

Carole Tulloch Joins Stockdale & Leggo

Well respected Residential Property Manager, Carole Tulloch has joined the team at Stockdale & Leggo. Carole has several years experience in all facets of Property Management and is a welcome addition to the growing team at Stockdale & Leggo. With over 800 properties now under management, an appointment such as Carole’s is deemed critical for the continued growth and development of the business. Any clients wishing to continue their business with Carole, can contact her on 0428 291 639 or 5023 5000 or via e-mail

5023 5000

107 Eighth Street, Mildura


5022 4700

Shop 65, Centro, Mildura


Spring Clean windows, att to detail, have police check, ABN, for further detail Ph: 50252216


Free Quotes Quotes

Phone Gary 0437 878 800


Bazzar Half price sale starts Fri 9th January, new clothes & evening wear not included. 133 9th Street Mon -Thurs 10am-4pm Fri 10am-5pm & Sat 10am-1pm

Fridge/freezer pair, see working $350. Trailer 6x4, reg w /canopy $375. Steel filing cabinet $35. Ph:50238737 or 0428180670



Table and chairs 7 piece solid teak, immac cond, carved legs $500, Solid wood QS bed w/ two side tables & draws $250 Ph:0424806878

17KW,Derby,reverse cycle system,still under warranty,with ducting and controller,suit house under 20 sq $2200 Ph:50215598 or 0439384855


Just 12kms from Wentworth NSW, this 2 acre block is freehold to the River edge, with approx. 114 metres of river frontage, in a wide and deep reach of the Darling, ideal for boating. 3 bedroom recently relocated cottage in need of establishment. This property is ideal for holiday or family home. Bitumen road, mail, rubbish collection, electricity and telephone adjacent to property. For Private Sale negotiable $250 to $270K range. Contact Owner: 5027 2244 or 0403020762





☎ 5021 1777





R&W Septic Cleaning

Septic pumping, fast 7 day service.Phone Roger on 50241986 or 0428413323

56 • Mildura Weekly - Friday January 9, 2009

Classifieds EMPLOYMENT

Split System Air Conditioning




• Installation Specialist • Fully qualified technician • All makes and Models • Prompt Installation

7 days a week Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Chef - Dareton MW24337

phone Kerry 0447 734523


CFC RAC L002384

Qualified and experienced Chef is required for a busy bistro. Must be reliable, no split shifts required. This is a positive opportunity for a career minded Chef as there is a diverse variety of work. Applicants must be team orientated and committed to achieving high standards. Penalty rates will be paid for weekends and public holidays. Full time permanent position.

Right Information is the Key to Your Success

Head Chef - Mildura



PH: 0419 556 803 7 Days Service





PH: 0427 148 212 LEON

A qualified Carpenter is required by a local builder in Mildura. Current driver’s licence essential. Full time position.

Sales Executive - Mildura

A local media business requires a person for a full time Maternity Leave replacement position (12 mths). This person will be able to provide a high level of customer service to clients to ensure our high standards are maintained. Development of new business plus monthly contact with existing client base; also liaising with Accounts department and Clients. Must have excellent communication skills (verbal & written) and computer skills also be well presented. Current drivers licence essential. Full time permanent (fixed term Maternity Leave replacement position).

Security Guards

• Warm Wash • Ear Clean • Towel Dry • Toe Nail Clipping

Mildura - 5021 3472 Red Cliffs - 5024 3777 Wentworth - 5027 2203

Robinvale - 5051 8080 Merbein - 5025 3344 Ouyen - 5092 2284


EMPLOYMENT Mildura & District Pest Management

Office Administration Trainee Full Time Mildura & District Pest Management is offering a FullTime Office Administration Traineeship at our office in Irymple.

Experienced Nail Technician Beauty Therapist Contact: Leisha

50233 768 0400 233 768


•Excellent computer skills with ability to learn new programs •Excellent phone manner and customer service skills •Ability to draft letters and documents •Highly organised and accurate •Works well unsupervised •Well presented Experience in the following is desirable, but not essential: •Office Administration •Answering of telephones Interested applicants can apply via fax (5024 6567), email - or in person at our office. If applying in person please phone prior for directions. Applications close 5pm Wednesday 14th January 2009. Position is for immediate start. Any queries please call Kristin on: 5024 6929

Removal, Fast 7 day service. Phone Roger Moser on 50241986 or 0428413323


Ph: Laura or Emily Corinne 73 Orange Ave, Mildura Phone: 50211777

JUST $ 1.55

Construction Induction “White Card” Australian National Institute is taking enrollment for Construction Induction. Enrollments are currently being taken course start on a rolling basis Cost $130 per person Further Information available from Frank Strangio 0350222900 Email:


Ph:5021 1777

Ph 5021 1777

info@ investorsgroupaustralasia.

Fax 1300 797 714 ABN: 3313376405 ACN: 133176495

www. investorsgroupaustralasia. MW24405



Enrolment for 2009 Certificate IV in Training & Assessing This program will be run from 5pm to 9pm on Thursday evenings over 13 weeks, starting February 5th. Additional assistance is provided throughout the program to assist participants to meet the program requirements; details available on request

Diploma of Management This program is delivered in a flexible manner with participants required to attend one workshop per month over 10 months. It provides participants with a National Qualification and the skills to manage people. The program includes coaching, communication, leading, learning, team building, OHS, selecting staff, and performance appraisal Program scheduled to start February

The successful applicant must have a current driver’s license and be prepared to commit to full traineeship and possess the following skills:


Ph 1300 852 353




Call Scott on 0429 046 035

For any small maintenance jobs. Ph:5024 2137

Don’t Hesitate – Call Now

Local tree maintenance firm requires a person to train into a highly skilled Tree Technician. Duties will include working at heights, trimming and removal of hazardous trees; clean up of debris using Woodchipper and Skid Steer Loaders. Ability to liaise with Clients and Management a necessary part of this role. This work is highly physical; applicants need to be able to demonstrate ability to handle all outdoor working conditions. Long term employment opportunity for the right person.



Semi -retired carpenter

Investors Group Australasia

A security service in Mildura requires Security Guards for static guarding. Positions available in Mildura and Swan Hill. Essential to have Certificate 11 in Security. Required to have or be willing to obtain a Traffic Controller Certificate and Construction Induction Card. Casual position. Current driver’s licence required.

Tree Technician

Personally Managed Accounts 20% Return Last Month Reputable Australian Company Portfolios Tailored to Suit LIVE Trade Demonstrations

Limited Positions Available in this Unique Investment Opportunity

A local busy freight company requires a Yardman/Truck Driver Multi-Combination licence and Fork Lift licence. May involve some Adelaide trips, main duties will involve local pickups and load preparation for interstate line haul.



• • • • •

Carpenter - Mildura

Yardman/Truck Driver – MC licence required


HARVESTING all types of trellis Also Wetting Topping

A restaurant in Mildura requires a qualified and experienced Head Chef. Full time position with accommodation available for someone that would like to relocate to Sunraysia. Split shifts may be required at times. Full time permanent position.


Manager required for service station /restaurant in small country NSW town.Ideal lifestyle change for suitably experienced person.Must have experience with ON Q/Brezze systems.Casual hours avaliable for spouse /partner.Pay and conditions negotiable.Please send resume/enquiries to: p b a i l e y _ 2 or P.O Box 1120 Albury NSW 2640 before 30th January 09


Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety Course in 6 Months


Offered Jointly by Australian National Institute and Swinburne University Center for Occupational Health and Safety Training . The Diploma in OH&S aims to give students a working knowledge of the current OH&S Act, Codes of Practice and advisory standards. This course also provides a description of the consequences of exposure to health hazards at work and an understanding of the skills required to recognise, evaluate and manage health and safety hazards in the workplace. It also develops the skills required to administer various occupational health and safety functions and compensation, particularly in the areas of rehabilitation, planning, policy development and ethics.

Ph: Laura or orCorinne Emily

For Enrolments information call Frank Strangio on 50222900 or 0428245728 email :

73 Orange Ave, Mildura Phone: 50211777

Announce your special day IN THE $1.55 per line, ............................... ............(minimum of 5 lines) ............ Name......................................................$3.00 Logo .......................................................$5.00

To place your message call into Mildura Weekly at 73 Orange Ave Mildura Phone: 5021 1777

Fax: 5021 1733

16 64 •• Mildura Mildura Weekly Weekly -- Friday August 8, 2008

Friday January 9, 2009 - Mildura Weekly • 57

sunraysiaonline Sunraysia’s Number 1 web guide driving more traffi t ffic to t your website.. b it

Mildura Weekly invites your business to be a part of Sunraysia’s newest and most comprehensive website guide-sunraysia online.


Becoming part of sunraysia online will allow your business to capitalise on Mildura Weekly’s distribution of more than 24,500 copies a week exposing your website to a greater potential client base then ever.

“ come on sunraysia get connected” Option Op p 1: Contact: 12 months for $250*

an go intoDenman and the monthly draw Steele onto win a 1/ page and a 1/4 page advertisement. 1/2 Ph: 5021 1777 to the discuss Op Option p listing 2: the options $1 per week. $10 *O Option 1 only valid to clients paying upfront.

To be a part of sunraysia online contact Mildura Weekly Sales Team on 5021 1777

58 • Mildura Weekly - Friday January 9, 2009

There’s arguably no time in history more romanticised than America’s Old West. It was a time when men were men, and all he needed was his trusty steed, his six-gun, and the wide open spaces of ‘the range’. Most of the books and films glorifying the era also included a beautiful, devoted ‘gal’ waiting patiently with stars in her eyes for her man’s return from fighting the marauding Indians. Now there’s a Sunraysia group dedicated to...

Keeping the spirit of the old WEST alive By GRANT MAYNARD

the western pleasure ring, followed by a demonstration of western horse gaits. Cold drinks will be available, but AMERICA’S Old West will never die as long as there are people determined to the day is BYO food. There is also some paperwork to hang onto the skills and romance of attend to. Club membership is comthose times. Enter the Border Western Horse pulsory before taking part in any club Group, at present a loose association of activity, as is the completion of a NSW friends and associates interested in the Department of Primary Industry parwestern style of horsemanship, but the ticipant details form. The payment of club membermove is on to formalise the group... and ship, Donna explained would ensure soon. “We have had fantastic support from insurance cover, for the fledgling club many people to form a club,” one of the and the owners of Tapio Station. Both the payment group’s prime movers, of membership and Donna Turvey, said. the copy of the particThe first order of ipant form are availbusiness is a special able by contacting meeting next Monday Karen Timmis, PO evening from 7.30pm Box 75, IRYMPLE VIC at Finest Drop Cel3498 or by telephone lars, on Lime Avenue, at 5024 5030. Mildura, to elect office The club is to be bearers and set the diaffiliated with the rection for the club’s Australian Quarter future. Horse Association, “We have already but is open to horses had expressions of inof all breeds and ridterest for the club from ers of all ages. about three dozen peo“Anyone who is ple, so it is full steam interested in the westahead,” Donna said. ern style of horse“We’re organising manship will find a our first club day for lot of ‘friends’ in the the Sunday after next – new club,” Donna the 18th.” said. The group is plan“Even those who ning a regular get-todo not necessarily gether on every third •  DETAILS: The intricate ride, but have an interSunday of the month leatherwork of Lesley’s est the Old West culand thanks to the Barnsaddle is typical of the field family, of Tapio western style the group is ture, will be made welcome.” Station, the group has alstriving to keep alive. Diary dates for inready secured a ‘home’. terest people include: “We will be using the • February 15: Scrabble Game Tapio rodeo grounds for many of our Day. club activities,” Donna said. • March 15: Proposed halter and But as always there are some preliminary preparations that have to be done show preparation. Drawing of major and the group’s steering committee has raffle. • April 19: Western Pleasure clinic already planned a working bee for Satwith Paul and Whitney Henschke. urday the 17th to prepare the grounds. • May 17: Mounted games day. “Anyone wanting to come and lend • June 21: Proposed reining clinic. a hand would be more than welcome,” More information about these Donna said. “The more the merrier... we’re working on the principle that events will be forthcoming, Donna promised. many hands make light work.” She also paid tribute to the corpoThe work will be followed by a camp over, complete with sausage sizzle rate support that the new group had received, saying businesses such as and a sleep out. “Anyone wanting to bring their swag Horseland Mildura, the Nichols Point and keep us company is welcome,” Store and the Gateway Tavern had all contributed, as had equine dentist Donna said. The following day’s activities will Luke Campbell and farrier Peter Bezget under way from 8.30am in an effort zina. “With this kind of support, we are to “beat the heat”. These will include a demonstration very positive about our future,” she of appropriate western horse tack for said.

A great day for horsing around MILDURA Horse Complex will be running a fun day on Sunday, January 18, at the Mildura Horse Complex from 9am. Activities will include hacking (controlled trotting), novelty (presentation), harness, and show jumping events. Riders who don’t usually compete at open shows, or who want to bring their horses out for a run, are also welcome,

dress is casual. Food will be provided, with programs available from local saddlery and fodder stores. More information is available from Lorene Dunstan on 5024 6464. Members and other interested people are also invited to attend the club’s annual general meeting to be held at Chaffey’s restaurant on January 13.

•  SITTING TALL: Western riding enthusiast, Lesley Allen, from Cabarita, and her horse ‘Karzmute Mine to Shine’ or ‘Paris’ go through their paces in readiness for next weekend’s big day. Paris is a Perlino Quarter Horse, the Perlino referring to her ‘blonde’ colouring and blue eyes.

Friday January 9, 2009 - Mildura Weekly • 59

If a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, what price a racing pigeon? Exactly $65, in the case of our very own ALAN ERSKINE, who recently put up the hand at auction for his second crack at the rich Mildura Breeder’s Plate, but admits he’s on…

Two wings and a prayer A MATE rang me out of the for a blue chequer trained blue. “You’re into pigeon by one of the doyens of racing,” he said. “Well, one ‘thoroughbred’ pigeon raclanded in my back yard ing and prolific trophy winthree days ago. It’s either ner – Vince Araco. not a homing pigeon, or Last year I was ‘racing’ it’s had a memory lapse and for a slice of $15,000 the just doesn’t know where pigeon offered up in prize home is!” money for its glamour He’s a good bloke, event. Wadey. When the pigeon Now it’s up to $25,000. showed obvious signs of For a pigeon race! (In the settling in over the next few United States they’ve got days, he made sure it had one worth $1 million). plenty of water and bird Ken says there has been seed. so much interest in pigeon Then he read that pi- racing since Mildura Weekgeons loved wheat, so he ly staff and others decided went out and bought a $20 to get on board, their bird bag, just for his new feath- auctions have exceeded all ered friend. expectations. Two days latAt the two “They are a er it flew the pigeon auccoop. tions held so favourite with I tell you far, birds have birds of prey, and this because been flying I suspect it over long distance out the door was one of (so to speak) races there can be the pigeons for as little a high attrition I bought for as $30, allast Septemthough some rate.” ber’s monof the better ey-rich and bred varieties prestigious Mildura Pigeon were fetching around $100. Club Breeder’s Plate race, Ken admitted buying a and which hasn’t been seen bird was a gamble. “Sadly, since! a lot don’t make it home,” Either that, or it could he said. “They are a favoube another from the scores rite with birds of prey, and of racing pigeons belonging over long distance races to other hobby owners that there can be a high attrition simply vanish each year, rate.” some unable to find their Others, he says, frelofts and obviously wander- quently overshoot the mark. ing the skies aimlessly, oth- In other words, especially if ers perhaps finding a new there’s a strong tail wind, home, and others still that the pigeons get their tails become victims of murder- up and scoot through the ous attacks by predatory skies at up to 140kph. It’s hawks and falcons. not hard to overshoot the Photographer Joe home loft at that speed. Pasquale got one around During one race last the same time as me af- year, launched from deep in ter being talked into part- SA, some of the birds went ing with $35 for a share in as far off the beaten track as a few birds by friends at a Ouyen before they realised street party. His has also they were heading away been put on the ‘Missing Pi- from home. Mine’s probgeons List.’ ably still somewhere in the Anyway, I refuse to be a harsh Mallee country. quitter. The lure of big dolAnyway, my latest aclars as an owner of the win- quisition cost double what ning bird was too much, so I paid last year, so it’s obviI got club stalwart Ken Carr ously better bred, probably to buy me another one - $65 quicker, and a lot smarter

•  PIGEON PAIR: Early days yet, but experts say this youngster (the one in the nest) has the makings of a champion… and that’s good news for owner Alan Erskine, and trainer Vince Araco, pictured with the nest-egg hopeful.

that my first pigeon. I bought number 1840 sight unseen, but Ken tells me it’s a smart looker, and Vince is no slouch when it comes to breeding, training and racing. The mother of my bird was last season’s club bird of the year, and ‘dad’ was best cock bird for 2007, with a sister that flew a second in a $10,000 race in Adelaide a few years ago.

How’s that for breeding? And Ken has good news for other hobby owners. There’s one more auction left – Sunday, January 18, at the pigeon club’s headquarters just inside the Mildura landfill enclosure. The club has already raised about $15,000 from the two previous auctions, both held in December. The Breeder’s Plate, the

richest race on the club’s calendar, and one of the richest races in Australian pigeon racing, is held each September. This year the birds will be given the task of flying home from Forbes in central New South Wales – that’s about 530kms as the pigeon flies. Unless they get lost, overshoot the mark, or come under attack by a

hawk or a falcon. Ken says that already, a lot of the young birds bought at auction have started vigorous training regimes. They will be regularly tossed into the air by their respective trainers from distances up to 120kms from Mildura between now and race day, and told to find their own way home. As well as practice fly-bys, each bird must compete in at least one regular season race on the club calendar. Ken says interest in this year’s Breeder’s Plate has been huge, with breeders from as far away as Adelaide, Rosebud, Horsham, Wagga, Kyabram, Broken Hill and Murray Bridge offering up birds at the Mildura auctions. So far the auction average has been around $60, but Ken believes that popular club identity and auctioneer Claude Hartley will ensure new records will be set at the third and final auction on January 18. Prize money for the Breeders Plate is split three ways. The breeder of the first, second and thirdplaced bird receives one third, as does the owner and the flyer, who must be a registered member of the Mildura Pigeon Club. The auctions are open to anyone. Ken says personalities from other Sunraysia sports often attend the sales. At the December auctions, local football stars were strong bidders, along with a couple of top harness racing drivers. “This one will be a good day out,” he said. “It starts around 11, lunch is provided, you can get a beer or a soft drink, and who knows, you might just find yourself a bargain winner. “There has been many a cheap bird through the years who was the Mildura pigeon equivalent of Takeover Target.”

Mildura’s young bowlers on a roll THREE Sunraysia lawn bowlers are set to compete in the Junior Provincial Bowls Championships at Daylesford later this month after impressive performances at the recent Under 19 Group Championships. Michael Lodge, Darcy Waldron and Brandon Tyers joined Christopher Lodge, Daniel Gebert and Travis Rolfe to take out the Under 19 Group Championships at Swan Hill, one win and several shots ahead of their nearest rival, Murray Valley. Coach and Sunraysia Bowls Association Junior Development Committee chair Ken Job said with the last minute omission of Adam Cox, who was selected in the team but forced to withdraw due to a date clash, there were

fears the Sunraysia team would struggle this year, leaving others to pick up the slack. “Brandon Tyers and Darcy Waldron in particular did this and were terrific over the full day, but all players did what was required of them when the questions were asked,” Job said. With a bye in the first round, Sunraysia’s first taste of competition was the second round, which featured pairs and triples against Murray Valley. Michael Lodge combined well with Rolfe to take out the pairs while Tyers, Whaldron and Christopher Lodge proved too good in the triples for Sunraysia. The third round of competition for the day was played against Northern Districts and

“With little previous experience and no form whatsoever due to missing all of the pennant season this year because of other sporting commitments, Darcy took the championship by storm and put on a superb display of draw bowling.” was an up and down affair. While Sunraysia lost the singles match, Michael and Christopher Lodge, Rolfe and Tyers triumphed in the fours. It was a similar story in the next round when Tyers and Gebert suffered a loss in the pairs, but were bolstered by the efforts of Michael Lodge, Waldron and Rolfe, who took out the triples for the round. The Sunraysia players per-

formed well for the remainder of the championships, and after the dust had settled had cemented the overall win over Murray Valley. Job praised the entire team for its performance at the Under 19 Championship, singling Darcy Waldron out for special mention. “With little previous experience and no form whatsoever due to missing all of the pennant

season this year because of other sporting commitments, Darcy took the championship by storm and put on a superb display of draw bowling,” Job said. Michael Lodge, Darcy Waldron and Brandon Tyers are now preparing to take on some of the best junior players in Victoria on January 22, following their selection in the Provincial Junior Championships to be played at Daylesford. Job said it’s a chance for all three players to pit their skills against some top competition, all the while hoping to shine in front of State selectors, who’ll be keeping a watchful eye on proceedings with a view to selection players for the State representative time.

60 • Mildura Weekly - Friday January 9, 2009

FishingWilbur Wilson



Off to a ‘fishing’ good start HAPPY New Year to everyone and I wish tight lines and bent rods for the new year. The year has started with the South Australian Government dropping a bomb shell by deciding not to re-open the Murray cod season in South Australian waters on January 1 as planned but to keep it closed for the entire year in an effort to protect its cod stocks. This has disappointed many anglers and may increase the fishing pressure on our local waters. Hopefully more people will practice catch-and-release to also protect our fish stocks. I feel very sorry for the many South Australian resident cod fishermen that will have to go without their cod fishing fix this year. In my opinion the SA government has got it wrong and should immediately introduce fishing licenses and a re-stocking program to increase cod numbers. Locally the fishing has been great with plenty of Golden perch and a few cod being caught by both bait and lure fishermen alike. The ski boat traffic at this time of year makes it very hard to fish unless you get in early or travel up stream to escape them. This traffic has also made the water

dirty with the constant wash on the banks making it hard for us lure fishermen. Ash Mills and I hit the water at 7am to beat the traffic for our first fish of the new year. It didn’t take long to get on the board with a nice 95cm cod being caught and released on a trolled lure in the first hour. This was followed by a 40cm perch which fell to the same 140mm JD python lure. By 10 o’clock the river traffic had started so we packed up after a good three hours of fishing. The next Sunraysia Lure Fishing Club competition will is set for Sunday January 18 with an 8am start at the Red Cliffs water pumping station boat ramp. It is hoped that the stars of Cod Almighty 1 + 2 DVD Rod McKenzie and Gus Storer will be competing and offering advice before and after the competition. Rod will also have a range of his custom lures for sale. Camping near the boat ramp on the Saturday night will ensure plenty of fishing stories can be exchanged over a few beers. For more information phone 0437 002 993, see Al at Got One Mildura or check Sunraysia Lure Fishing Club on Facebook. Hope to see you there. Good fishing Wilbur.

•  GOOD CATCH: The first cod of the new year 95cm caught and released on a JD python, while (below left), this perch must have been hungry to tackle this 140mm lure.

Mildura Netball Academy shooting for success

Sudoku & Weekly Trivia 2

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For 1 point 1. What, in America, are referred to as Benjamins? 2. Who was the voice of Darth Vader in Starwars episodes IV, V and VI? 3. Which restaurant chain was originally called Pete’s Super Submarines? 4. Which Metal is extracted from Bauxite? 5. Which US city is home to the famous Waikiki Beach? 6. What’s the legal drinking age in the USA? 7. Which Food do Humans eat Most of? 8. Which Knight of the Round Table found the Holy Grail? 9. What is the basis of the Mexican dish guacamole?

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Who am I? Born 18 July, 1950, My first successful business venture was at age 16, in 1972, I opened a chain of record stores, I have the Virgin brand of over 360 companies, My estimated net worth is approximately $4.4 billion USD. Who Am I?



5 8 4

with o Peter Palazzo

THE Mildura Netball Academy is set to build on the success of its maiden year with a big season in store for 2009. The Academy was formed last year to strengthen netball in the district through development of players, coaches and umpires, and it was a recipe which proved a resounding success. The Mildura Netball Association is about to select two academy squads, in the 13 and Under and 15 and Under age groups as part of the Academy program. Two representative teams in each age group will be chosen from this pool of players to contest the Association Championships and other major competitions throughout the year. There will also be a focus on encouraging and developing top level netball coaches in Sunraysia according to Mildura Netball Association president Karen Martin.

“Mentor coaches will travel from Melbourne to assist local coaches with the Academy,” she said. “(They) will also work with local coaches to strengthen the quality and number of coaches within the Association. Local coaches will continue to work with the Academy players between visits from the mentor coaches.” She said the Academy was also looking to add to what was already a successful formula in the initiative’s first year. “The Academy Committee have evaluated the program and have implemented a number of changes this year which will result in more specialist training for players,” Ms Martin said. “The Academy is seeking coaches to participate in the program for 2009 and will assist with funding for coaches to gain their accreditation.” Another aspect of the program is encouraging more

people to become seriously involved in umpiring. “Academy teams are unable to attend tournaments without the support of our local umpires,” she said. “The program was grateful for the support it received from local umpires during our inaugural year and we are seeking this support again in 2009. “The program will also identify and develop umpires at a local level and is seeking interested umpires to assist in this process.” An information session for interested coaches and umpires will be held on Thursday January 22 from 7pm at Mansell Reserve. Selection dates for the 13 and Under and 15 and Under squads are on February 12 and 9 respectively from 6.45pm. For more information contact either Karen Martin on 0419 212 369 or Louse Becker on 0427 246 130.

Friday January 9, 2009 - Mildura Weekly • 61

Mildura trio return from stateside basketball trip

NBA game featuring the Washington Wizards and Indiana Pacers. The group also got a chance to go on a sight-seeing tour of Washington DC, Disneyland, Hollywood, and Universal Studios. The girls, who were the success story of the trip, won all their scheduled games, along with the invitation only Mount Zion tournament, ensuring they returned to Australia undefeated. “The team played really well, feeding off the energy of the crowd,” Elise said. “The opposition players were really athletic and tall, which was the main difference between the sides. “The way our side played was a real credit to how close we were as a team.”

•  WELCOME AUSSIES!: (right) Jess, Elise and Matt, arriving for their games at Wayne County. (below) Franklin County 40-member cheer squad performing between time outs. (above) Opening ceremony at Franklin County Stadium.

S T R O P S R E W O P WEEKLY Sat 10th



4pm till da

@ Sunset Strip

Sat 10th

E L T I T S O S.A. N pm en 5 Gates op rts 7pm a Racing st @ Timmis Speedway OLYMPIC




THREE of Mildura’s junior basketballers recently returned from the American winter back to the WHK Hothouse of Mildura. Elise Strachan, Matt Dea, and Jess Moorehead, flew out of Los Angeles on December 22, returning to Australia in time for Christmas Eve. They were selected for the U/18s boys and girls National Intensive Training Camp Program team, comprising players who have taken part in the Basketball Australia initiative. The NITCP is designed to identify and develop basketballers between the ages of 14 and 17. Players take part in rigourous training programs designed to help them compete successfully at national and international level. All three graduated from the program at the end of 2008. “The camp runs four times a year,” Jess said. “The coaches really try and drill us in proper training techniques. “We do a lot of work on our structures, which as a forward, really helped me learn more about my own game. “The training techniques we’re taught are world class.” Elise, who along with Matt captained their respective sides, said: “Everything is different when you go to camps. The things you learn and the way you’re taught are so much more intense. “It was a good experience to captain the side, and see how it works over there in the US.” Both teams played nine games against various colleges and high schools throughout North Carolina and Virginia, concluding the tour with a two day tournament at Mount Zion in North Carolina. Games were played in front of crowds of up to 800. “It was unbelievable playing in front of such big crowds,” Jess said. “You realise you’re not playing in Mildura anymore. “It was a learning experience, and something we had to get used to pretty quickly.” Both NITCP teams were described as fast across the court, something their American counterparts quickly adjusted to. “Each team we played had their go-to guy, and were extremely fast. It showed us what sort of level we had to play at to be successful.” While playing basketball was the main aim of the trip, the group did get a chance to see the real professionals go at it, attending an

62 • Mildura Weekly - Friday January 9, 2009

Stephanie ‘slam dunks’ the South Australians By VINNIE RODI

FORMER Red Cliffs resident Stephanie Gates received the surprise of her life when she was selected for the Under 20s South Australian Metro Basketball team. She will travel to Townsville on February 14 to take part in the U/20s Australian National Titles, competing against the best talent from around the country. The 18-year-old was selected from players from metropolitan and country regions to represent SA. “I’m still surprised by it all,” Stephanie said. “Being the new kid, no one knew what to expect from me as a player. I really had to knuckle down and prove myself.” Stephanie started her basketball career at the age of nine, playing in the Red Cliffs Basketball Association during the summer, and for Mildura Basketball Association

as the Lady Mavs), and have been playing representative basketball ever since,” she said. Coaching and Development ResCom Junior Program Director Alan Morris believes it is the first time in Mildura’s history that a player has represented two State sides. “I can’t recall a time when a player from Mildura has been selected in two State teams. It’s a fantastic achievement for Stephanie,” he said. Stephanie was approached by the Adelaide Basketball Association side the Southern Tigers in 2008, and was immediately a fixture in the side’s starting five. She was facing off against girls not only bigger and stronger than her, but also more experienced. Most of her opponents are around 201cm (6’7”) with Stephanie measuring in at 180cm (5’11”). “It’s definately a tougher com-

“The girls playing here are tougher and harder then anything I’ve faced in Mildura, even the games are played that little bit quicker.” side Imps Wildcats during the winter. When the U/12s season started, she decided to make the permanent move to the Wildcats. During her junior career Stephanie won Most Valuable Player (MVP) trophies in each age group she represented. She was promoted to the Wildcats Women’s A-Grade team at an early age, winning the MVP award in the 2006-07 season, with a total 268 points scored, an amazing 94 points ahead of her closest rival. She also started playing representative basketball for the bottom age U/12s ResCom Maverick side, playing in representative age groups ever since. During her time with the junior representative team, Stephanie has helped her team win seven Victorian Country Division One State titles, beating some of the best teams going around from Bendigo, Ballarat, and Geelong. She has also represented Country Victoria at the Australian U/14 titles twice, and has also been a prominent member of the WHK Lady Heat side, continually playing in the starting five. “From the age of 14, I made the Lady Heat side (formerly known

petition to play in,” Stephanie said. “The girls playing here are tougher and harder then anything I’ve faced in Mildura, even the games are played that little bit quicker.” Making the move to Adelaide in 2008 to pursue her basketball career also gave Stephanie the chance to take on another challenge. “I’ve started a University degree in Medical Imagery, which focuses on the operation of x-rays and ultrasounds,” she said. “It’s been an area I’ve been interested in for a while, and the move has given me the chance to pursue that alongside my sport.” Stephanie also said the experience of playing next to Australian Women’s National Basketball League players Tracy Braithwaite, and Samantha Woosnam (another former Red Cliffs girl), has encouraged her to keep striving for WNBL selection. “I’ve wanted to play in the WNBL since I was 14,” she said. “It’s something I’ve been aiming for since my junior days. “From there who knows, the ultimate goal of any basketballer is to play in the United States. For now I’m just excited to be playing for South Australia.”

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Adams on track for title •  From back page.

AFTER two rounds, Adams sits on 40 points, five clear of defending champion Chris Holder, who was runner up in Mildura on Wednesday night. Rory Schlein meanwhile sits two points further back on 33. After Adams, Cameron Woodward is the next best Sunraysia rider in fifth place overall. Cory Gathercole sits in 11th, four places ahead of Justin Sedgmen. The final and deciding round of the championship will be fought out in South Australia, around the Gilman Speedway to-

morrow night. Should Adams continue the form he’s displayed in the opening two rounds, he’ll be the first man to win 10 Australian Solo Speedway titles, adding to his already impressive resume, which boasts more than 20 years of international competition at the highest level. The 37-year-old, who races for Swindon in the British Elite League competition during the winter months, has been a regular top performer in the premier World Speedway Grand Prix competition for numerous years, coming runner up in 2007 with three GP wins.

Friday January 9, 2009 - Mildura Weekly • 63

At The with

Pat Silcox

International flavour at McLeod Oval Coomealla Wentworth v Mildura East


here is no doubt it is crunch time for the Blues, and with only six games of the 2008/09 season remaining, tomorrow’s clash against the import-laden Mildura East combination at the ‘Georgie G’ presents them with one final opportunity to remain in contention for the big prize. Most of the club’s top order contingent endured lean times at the batting crease during the latter stages of 2008, highlighted by the fact that Glen Stephen, Matt O’Connor, Dan Walters and Scott Smith could only contribute 10 runs between them in their last on-field outing against Workers at Carramar Drive. It was left to the likes of powerhouse skipper Tim Smith (29), Shane Dalziel (12) and promising keeper, Tim Watson (15) to help push the score past the 130-run mark, which unfortunately proved to be 38 short of the mark. Smith once again led the way with the ball, as he collected the scalps of both Workers’ openers while conceding a tick under two runs per over, while Stephen (1/38) and Tim Plumridge (1/16) did their level best to support the ‘big man’ in the field. This weekend, against a new ball attack that is likely to feature two men with serious first class experience, Coomie will need to really ‘dig’ in and steel themselves to deliver their best effort of the season, with Jeremy Giddings, Walters, Smith and O’Connor needing to step right up to the plate, especially in the absence of Stephen and Plumridge. Despite the fact that they are currently occupying sixth position on the points table, the addition of Scottish International, Craig Wright and Zimbabwean, Ian Nicolson, could just be the boost that Mildura East needs to get its season back on track. Wright and Nicolson are expected to add a whole new dimension to the visitors’ much maligned bowling attack, with both men able to let the ball go with some sort of pace. It was a case of ‘the one that got away’ back in the seventh round, as East failed to haul in the 196 runs required for victory, despite an outstanding first wicket stand of 55 between Jason Harris (31) and Tom Vadlja (23). Both men were savagely brutal on any width offered up by the opposition, and while Brad Thomas (20) and Andrew Willison (25) continued to take the challenge right up to the Mildura West attack, things went a little pear-shaped fol-

•  DOWN, BUT NOT OUT: Dashing Mildura East opening batsman, Jason Harris, gets another chance to impress at McLeod Oval tomorrow afternoon. lowing the dismissal of Willison, leaving them to contemplate just what might have been. With the armory required to fully exploit any inconsistencies in the McLeod Oval wicket, Vadlja will be commanding a committed and consistent performance from his fellow batsmen, with Harris, Higgins, Thomas, Willowfest heroes, Andrew Willison and Andrew Ross and the captain himself, the most likely to get them over the line.

Mildura Settlers v Mildura West


s was the case in the final homeand-away game contested in 2008, the limited overs format is


P: (03)5022 9913 F: (03)5022 1640 MW23383

M: 0488 660 833

Unit 2, 57 Seventh St East Mildura Vic 3500 E:

once again in vogue this weekend as Setts play host to West at the Mildura Senior College. The home side enjoyed an extra week off during the Christmas and New Year period courtesy of the seventh round bye. However some of their squad took the opportunity to stay on the ball during the inaugural Sunraysia Ashes clash played on December 19. Skipper Richie Wyld continued his fine form with the bat by scoring a polished half century against the Aussie combination, whilst fellow team mates Liam Andrews, Dan Wood and Brendan Rodgers contributed to the greater cause for their respective sides in

what proved to be an extremely entertaining encounter. When the two teams last clashed back in November, it was the new-ball duo comprising Wood and Simon Guthrie that ripped the heart out of the West batting line-up, combining for nine wickets between them. The reliable combination of Wyld and Ben Erskine almost singlehandedly drove their team to victory as they compiled an enterprising century-plus stand for the first wicket. Chalking up successive wins over tomorrow’s opponent will certainly give the carry over champs plenty of confidence going into their first hit out of 2009. And with big speedster, Jake Avery expected to be back in tow, Wyld, Erskine, Wood, Andrews and company are undoubtedly keen to make it three in a row. Making a long awaited return to the winners list at the conclusion of their seventh round showdown with arch rival, Mildura East, the visitors will be determined to consolidate their position within the top four when they take to the field tomorrow. It has been well documented in most media circles, but West faces the reality of going into this crucial confrontation without the services of Queensland-bound Gerard Sippel and dual Innes Medalist Chris Williams. Sippel will be looking to link up with his old outfit, the Laidley Blue Dogs in the Ipswich and West Moreton Cricket Association tomorrow afternoon, while Williams prepares for the Victorian Country oneday clash against East Asia Pacific over in the Barossa Valley. With both members of their leadership group out of action, Mildura West has entrusted hard hitting middle order bat, Jason Bell, with the duty of steering the senior side around the paddock, while former second division captain, Kristjan Hobbs, will step up to the plate as Bell’s deputy. Youngsters Damon Healy and Alex Kuhanez both look likely to make their debut at first division level, with Healy ready to follow in his father’s footsteps and hold down a place in the middle order. Kuhanez meanwhile appears to be the preferred option at the top of the list alongside of Hobbs, allowing a first drop return for Mark O’Donnell. Left-arm seamer Ash Casey could also make a return to the top flight in an attempt to add an extra dimension to the club’s bowling stocks which also include the likes of Greg Norton, Brent Johns, Luke Atkinson and Dean Hall.

Workers Gol Gol v Irymple


ith only seven points separating them from the ladder leading Swallows on the SCA premiership ladder, Workers Gol Gol has a tremendous opportunity to press their major round claims when the two sides go head-to-head on Saturday at Carramar Drive. The home side delivered a workmanlike performance against Coomie in their last outing at the end of December, with the allround exploits of Brett Cumming, Jeremy Barnes and Nick Carroll leading them to an impressive 38run victory. Cumming earned Player of the Round honours for his match winning double of 43 and 3 for 34, with Carroll and Barnes collecting a wicket apiece while also sharing in an unbeaten 49-run stand for the sixth wicket. Despite the absence of young gun, Wade Hancock, who is currently on duty with the Victorian Under 17 squad on tour in Perth, the home side has plenty of batting depth, with the likes of Ben McPhee, David Hogarth and Simon Groves ready to join forces with Cumming, Barnes and Carroll in taking the game right up to the highly regarded Irymple bowling attack. In an impressive run throughout the months of November and December that netted them four successive victories, the visitors will be searching for redemption tomorrow afternoon following the disappointment of their last start loss to the Saints. Setting off in chase of the 178run target set by Merbein South, the Swallows found themselves on the wrong end of a blistering spell from Shane Trinick and Matthew Walder, losing an amazing six wickets with just 21 runs on the scoreboard. A late rally from middle order batsman Jordan Payne (31) and tail ender, Glen Gascoyne, (32) restored some sort of respectability to the Swallows’ performance, as they eventually fell 56 runs short of the mark. There is absolutely no doubt that top order players such as Jason Bruhn, Brendan Payne, Scott Cunningham and Nick Giofre will be looking to get amongst the run scoring action over the border tomorrow afternoon as they attempt to compile a tally that puts their opposition out of the equation. There is no shortage of pace bowling options at the disposal of skipper, Jason Bruhn, with Jake Reed, Jeremy Weinert, Nathan Bromby, Scott Cunningham and Gascoyne comprising one of the most complete and talented attacks in the competition.

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Friday, January 9, 2009

SUNRAYSIA’S Leigh Adams is now just one meeting away from making Australian solo speedway history. Adams was in scintilating form at the second round of the Australian Solo Speedway Championship on Wednesday night, taking five wins from five starts and an easy win in the final in front of his home crowd at Olympic Park. It followed a similarly dominant performance at the opening round of the championship around the larger confines of the Newcastle Showgrounds on Saturday night. Continued page 62.

Photographs: Glenn Milne



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Mildura Weekly  

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