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These Jeans Were Made for You and


Jeans are the death of any shopping experience. Too short, too clingy. They never fit just right. COCO COOPER steps in to fill the void and to empower curvy women (sizes 6 to 16). The new premium denim company has designed its 11 styles of jeans—from cropped to flare styles—with comfortable waistbands, four-way stretch and hold technology and a “lock in” feature for the butt. The brand’s introductory collection is on the pricey side ($180 to $200) but with its precise engineering that lifts, sculpts and defines natural curves, it may be worth it.



What’s in a La Prairie bottle

If ever there was a prize for anti-aging cellular therapy, it would go to La Prairie. Since its launch more than 35 years ago, the scientifically advanced skin care company has attempted to intercept aging at its source by fusing science, art and rare ingredients—mainly gold, platinum and caviar. To better understand the mystery behind La Prairie, M&V spoke with Elizabeth Lamont, the company’s vice president of marketing.

M&V: Why does La Prairie pursue prestigious ingredients like gold, platinum and caviar? LAMONT: For us, it’s a reflection of our formulation credo. We go to the ends of the earth to find rare and precious ingredients, not only for those attributes, but ultimately for the beneficial results they bring to skin. Are our formulations complex as a result? Absolutely! But we’ve never let this stop our quest to intercept aging and give women back time. Skin Caviar Essence-in-Lotion is the newest addition to the Skin Caviar Collection. Beyond collagen production, what are the benefits of caviar? The caviar extract nourishes skin with vitamins and proteins to help increase skin firmness and with omega 3s to increase antioxidant defense and helps reinforce the skin barrier. That’s a promise of interest to any woman, regardless of age. How do you market the company to the younger market, and how do you convince them the price is worth it? We are increasingly present in the digital and social landscapes, though it’s still relatively new turf for us; our Instagram @laprairie just went live in April. We’re forging relationships with a series of influencers on both global and national scales. The convincing is really something that happens within the customers themselves. We are generous with samples at the counter and offer complimentary facials at several of our points of sale. Once you’ve tried our products, experienced the exquisite textures and seen the short- and long-term benefits, price becomes a moot point. What is the one resolution every woman should have for her skin? Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen in your skin care ritual. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. We just came to market with a high-performance, feather-light everyday sunscreen called Cellular Swiss UV Protection Veil SPF 50, which not only protects skin from UVA and UVB damage but from everyday environmental aggressors and free radicals.


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