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Polar vortex strikes MVCC campus By Naimah Mitchell Staff Writer In the first weekend of 2014, winter storm Ion slammed the Midwest with heavy snowfall and a succeeding deep freeze. According to, the highest recorded snowfall total in the region was Benton Harbor, Michigan with 18.8 inches. In the Chicagoland area, 10 to 12 inches of snowfall was expected throughout the weekend. Following the heavy snowfall was a deep freeze where temperatures dropped between -25 and -35 degrees with wind chill factored in. The record breaking deep freeze began late Sunday, January 5th and continued into Tuesday, January 7th with a slow but steady warm up beginning Wednesday, January 8th.. The dangerously cold weather “can cause frostbite in a matter of minutes,” according to CNN. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) also noted on its website that “hypothermia [can result] from prolonged exposure to cold.”

Patrons of the Chicagoland area were strongly advised by the NWS to stay indoors as much as possible, adjust heat to a higher setting, and keep a backup heat source in the event of an emergency outage. For travelling patrons who could not make it home in time for the storm, many public buildings were turned into warming centers for emergency shelter. The inclement weather resulted in most major school districts closing, major airports and public transit systems halting service, and jobs cancelling work. Emanuel Reyes, a longtime resident of Blue Island, shared his experience with the snowstorm. “This snowstorm was particularly difficult for me to deal with because I was stuck at work overnight. My wife and newborn were at home and I could not make it to be with them.” Moraine Valley was also negatively impacted by the snowstorm. The college issued a statement on its website that the school was closed on Mon-

Heavy, still-falling snow made for difficult treks by students between classes. [Erica Sinnott] day, January 6th due to the extreme conditions. For students of Moraine Valley, the college’s closing put many of them at a disadvantage: “I am an adult student who works two jobs. I don’t have time to run back and forth [to Moraine Valley], so when I found out it closed, I had to

completely change my plans. I had to withhold buying my books and everything,” stated student Angela Sotomayor. Fortunately for students and staff, the college reopened all of its facilities at noon the following day on Tuesday, January 7th to the appreciation of many students.

“I was glad that the college opened up quickly. This is my first semester here at Moraine so I needed to register and sign up for class,” explained student John Collins. Naimah Mitchell can be contacted at

International students expand horizons By Ashley Meitz News Editor It may be a surprise, but Moraine Valley’s International

Student Orientation Program begins with picking students up from the airport. Upon arriving, students meet their host families and

Muhammad Arslan, Xiaowei Wang, Oswanel Mozer Molloumba and Han Dong Change inside S217. [Erica Sinnott]

learn where they will be living throughout their schooling. Host families are founded through word of mouth, relatives already living in the states and specialized recruiters. Before placement with a host, both parties complete questionnaires in order to ensure a comfortable living environment. During their first five days, students are provided with information essential to acquiring an education in the United States. Orientation includes a campus tour, staff introductions, an overview of the U.S. educational system, placement testing, information regarding general health in the U.S., academic advising, community

advising and an explanation of college policies. The Thursday during orientation is dedicated to demonstrating transportation into downtown and a glimpse into Chicago. Students visit Millennium Park and The Water Tower Place and have the opportunity to see the sites and shop. “The orientation is one of our greatest prides. Not all schools have such a comprehensive program for international students. We teach them what to expect academically, from choosing classes to buying books. Then we teach things like how to choose classes, how to open a bank account, how to get a driver’s license and where the post office is,” explained Cecilia Galvan,

International Student Services & SEVIS Coordinator. Visa regulations differ from one country to the next. Typically, students study during the fall and spring semesters and are allowed to spend summer as they wish. “Some stay with their hosts, some travel to destinations like California or New York and others choose to visit home,” said Eliza Plous, M.A., International Student Services Specialist. Visas permit international students to spend anywhere from one year to five years within the states. Nearly all of the international applicants possess at least a basic understanding of English. Some writing and INTERNATIONAL | page 2

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THE GLACIER JANUARY 24, 2014 VOLUME 47, ISSUE 9 ABOUT THE GLACIER  The Glacier is published biweekly during the fall and spring semesters by the students of Moraine Valley Community College. SUBMISSION POLICY All submissions should be typed and letters to the editor must include the author’s name, phone number and email address. Anonymous submissions will not be accepted.

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INTERNATIONAL| from front page reading skills have already been learned upon admittance to MVCC, as well as basic comprehension. Schooling begins with grasping a firmer understanding of the language and after one or two semesters, students incorporate academic classes such as science or math in their schedule as well. Unlike a number of students from the U.S. who travel abroad, academia is the driving force behind international students attending MVCC. From the stance of an American student, short-term stays to popular destinations like Australia, France and Spain are mostly considered cultural experiences rather than educational ones. “Americans go for the experience,” explained Plous. “The U.S. is still so culturally isolated that we feel we don’t

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have to go outside of our borders.” The mutual goal of nearly all international students is to transfer into a University within the U.S. After obtaining credit hours from MVCC, students are in the Illinois school system, opening many doors for them. “We’re very proud of the program, we know we do a very good job. We ask students to rate what they liked and what they didn’t about orientation. Responses are always positive. It’s rewarding and amazing to work with such a unique group,” said Galvan. Plous closed with a piece of advice for local students at MVCC: “If you see an international student, say ‘hello’ and make a new friend.” Ashley Meitz can be contacted at news@

Bathrooms made equal By Ashley Meitz News Editor As of the 2014 spring semester, upstairs bathrooms in the U Building turned unisex. “We’ve been seriously entertaining the idea for about a year, but it was addressed before I started at Moraine,” explained Kent Marshall, Assistant Dean. A pivotal point in the mission to create unspecified gender restrooms was ‘Transgender Day of Remembrance’, sponsored by Celebrating Diversity Task Group and the GASP Club. This open dialogue panel invited those who are transgender from outside the Moraine Valley population to speak openly. To ensure comfort of outside speakers, temporary signs were posted on the restroom door allowing either sex to use the facility. “It was a quick fix,” said Marshall. “We want not only our visitors, but our students, to feel comfortable.” Unisex bathrooms allow all students to feel comfortable using the restroom for whatever reason. They’re for anybody to use which is why both symbols are posted. Each restroom is intended

for single occupancy and have locks from the inside. “We have mothers who need a place to breastfeed or pump. We also have students who do not feel comfortable in either a male or female restroom -- students who might be going through the transgender process. Or, perhaps they feel comfortable, but others do not,” explained Marshall. Any new buildings constructed at MVCC will most likely have similar facilities. They promote safety and comfort of students and serve as a place where no one has to feel they don’t belong or worry about what other people think. Jeffrey McCully, Advisor of GASP Club and faculty at MVCC, Campus Operations, College and Community Relations and the Vice President for Student Development helped turn the idea into a reality. “It was an initiative that several people were behind. Sometimes, things don’t affect you directly so you don’t think about it. This is just the right thing to do,” said Marshall. Ashley Meitz can be contacted at news@

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Nurses lead and inspire By Annie Parker Editor-In-Chief

42 nursing students received their coveted pins at the Nurses Pinning Ceremony, signifying success and commitment into such an important field of work. Dr. Pamela Haney, Vice President of Academic Affairs, gave the opening speech at the ceremony on Tuesday, Dec. 10, enlightening students and commending all of them on their achievements. “Your dedication is an inspiration to us all,” said Haney. “Believe in what you are doing and have a passion for what you are doing. The nursing profession is

not just about hospital care, it is about so much more.” Everyone was reminded that the nursing profession, while a major component, is not just about tending to health of patients, but being committed to service, and using gifts of knowledge, patience, and kindness. These are talents that the students were instructed to continue to learn as their nursing careers take off. Dr. Pamela Haney reminded students, “People connect with nurses and trust them to do the right thing,” she explained. Second to speak was Professor Jennifer Van Cura, who recognized the rigNURSES | page 7





Fall 2013 President’s List To be eligible for the President’s List for a given semester, students must complete at least nine credit hours of college credit courses that count toward a certificate or degree. Students who meet the eligibility requirements and earn at least a 3.75 grade point average (excluding developmental courses) will be named to the President’s List. “D,” “F,” or “I” grades will exclude a student from qualifying for the President’s List. Alsip Stephanie A Alberts Micaela L Andres Nariman Ashkar Hayat S Ashkar Jose A Barajas Danielle E Cancholas Yvette Candelas Jamie M Cronin Lydia B Delossantos John R Dougherty Crystal E Fierros Roberto C Figueroa Kelly M Galvin Christine A Hanson Camille V Hart Berenice Hernandez Brittany K Holst Bryan J Homel Douglas J Hoogland Zeynep Ikiz Joseph N Jachimiak Lanette M Jerousek Susana Jimenez Ronald J Konieczki Sara A Lello Alyssia M Mendoza Cameron A Miller Angela Munoz Joseph R Novak Joseph Nykoluk Beth Raskey Roy A Ritos Ariel Schultz Matthew M Sperlin Danielle N Strohmier Timothy M Valenta Claudia E Vega Ashley J Walsh Haley H Walsh Donna M Wolfe Anthony J Zemaitis Aurora Michael B Montemayer Sagun Shrestha Bedford Park Krystina E Aguilar Dorcy Covarrubias Natalie A Edwards Emily R Tlapa Raegan Tlapa Beecher Kyle M Volek Berwyn Tom Gibbons Carlos J Pike Salvador Urzua Blue Island Ryan A Adamski David Alexander Diego A Avila Ashley R Brudek Gonzalo S Campos Jason Castaneda Tannairri Cisneros Eboni S Davis Michael B Emperor Kassandra Esparza Rigo E Esparza Anabel Fernandez Felipe D Fernandez- Garcia Franco R Frausto Liz A Frausto Cathy A Haskell John L Kotos Larry A Lesniak Alberto D Martinez Bryan McDermott Daniela Mendez Oladele M Miro Diego Ortiz Alyssa J Plahm Lucia A Reyes Carolina Rodriguez Kelly T Ronspies Hilario Salgado Jessica Sanchez Nicolas A Santiago Johnny Sarabia Jr. Patrick M Smith Terrence A Stewart

Joseline Suyo Elyse C Thompson Joe D Torrez Trisha L Triolo Erika Valencia Bridgeview Yousef M Abdulla Wala A Abdulmajid Mohamed Y Ali Angelica Avalos Lisa M Biel Sarah C Binger Craig S Bonislawski Kelly Bressanelli Stephanie M Carlson Emily L Conner Lindsey A Cruz Muhammad M Dissi Suzanne Elmahboub Emily K Fierke Cody A Garcia Beth M Gillis Eric M Horning Hasan M Hussein Jennifer Janners Ayub A Julany Mateusz Kataniak Sophia A Khan Kaitlyn M Kopchik Shawn H Lando Nicole L Lesiak Joshua M Lindemann Danuta Miskiewicz Rawan A Musa Scott A Nehring John E Orosz Lindita Osmani Alaa I Oweisi Monika A Pawlikowska Malissa W Potoczny Donna M Quinlan Tennille M Riordan Nasr Salim Katsiaryna Samra Jeff Santiago Katie M Snyder Randall M Spreadbury Sameera A Suleiman Kaitlyn M Szewczyk Damian S Szkola Azizeh Taha Jadwiga M Wrobel Burbank Nariman Abunijmeh Bayan I Abuzir Mostafa Alkolaghasi Minji Baek Jiaying Bao Rouhaifa Betouni Wieslaw Bobek Matthew J Borawski Klaudia D Bosek Stephanie H Buczek Gina Cesario Heeyeong Choi Daniela L Costea Celina M Craft Fedda Daghash Cendy L Delgado Sandra Diaz DeLeon Kaitlin R Dowling Caitlin D Farbin Lenard M Fudala Tory J Gabala Jeffrey R Grindle Daniel Guzy Vanessa Jauregui Melissa A Johnson Corinne M Kaehr Christos Kalleris Jehan M Kamal Robert L Karpiel Stanislaw J Kij Jacob A Klimovich Anna E Krupa Jeffery G Kubic Anna M Kuruc Ada Licwinko Theresa L Loredo Manar M Maali Maria M Martinez Torres Phillip J McGeever Magdalena N. Michonska

Maria Mietus Malgorzata Mirowski Lukas Miskowicz Cary L Misner Veronica Mrowca Halina Musial Thai Nguyen Laura Ortega Anna Z Para Mikolaj A Perhon Kimberly B Placzkowski Julie Rodriguez Johnathan M Schallmo Heba R Shaheen Haia M Shihadeh Priscilla Solorzano Amy Stout Jolanta J Strama David G Styga Mark Styrczula Edyta Suchecka Patrick S Taraszka Abigail G Van Dam Ana P Vergara Ashlie P Wiechec Jake R Wilke Kinga S Wrobel Laura T Zamora Aneta J Zapotoczna Denna K Zayed Aleksandra Zubek Thomas Zuk Central Stickney Janusz Guros Chicago Doaa Abdelsalam Johnny D Acosta Lina T Aguilar Jaron M Alston Ashley A Andaverde Duvon M Atkins Elizabeth Boyle Donald D Buczkowski Karen Carrillo Daniel J Chlebek Angelo Dasilva Jessica E Destefano Leovigildo Diaz Vanessa Dominguez Sarah Downar Myra Escot Marcos Estrada McKenzie N Evans Katherine N Flaherty Ainee M Gonzalez Gage D Grabowski Howard V Harvey Hannah J Hughes Felicia A Isaac Raymond P James Jeremy N Joyce Cameron J Juillerat Kim C Keating Michael J King Claire M Leamy Jong E Lee Thomas J Liszka Alex Loepke Cesar Lopez Freddy Lopez Kristen N Lopez Siu Nok Luk Megan D Markacek Patrick L McCollum Michelle N McVicker Eric T Mendez Sara C Monks Caitlin E Muir Nilofer I Nanlawala Evan J Nave Mohammad A Nofal Suzanna Nowaczyk Ulises Ocana Carlos L Ogaldez Brian R Palmsone Richard Pasquel Victor D Perez Zaira D Perez-Padilla Alejandro T Pinal Brendan Rafferty Edwin F Ramirez Stephanie A Ramirez Lauren M Sample Lakeita A Senior Samantha Siepak Kevin A Smiechowski Alicia A Tamayo Rocio A Torres Michelle A Varlotta Arnoldo R Villada Daisy Villalobos Lauren T Vitrano Debbie A Wedel Isaac Wheadon Geordon I White Dominika M Wierzba

Christopher S Williams Lajuanese B Williams Kevin M Wrobel Ricardo Yanez Claudia Young Wilson Yung Xavier Zapata Yihong Zhang Tomasz Zurek Chicago Ridge Ayah K Alia Michael W Betsanes Anna Bialy James E Brown Matthew A Chapman Sammar Dahman Amal Daradi Justin D Devries Seong Gyun Doo Michael P Espinoza Bajes Faraj Amanda R Fox April A Frawley Amanda M Gordon Felisha R Griffin Melissa A Gunther Nurdan Guven Aysar A Hamdan Abdulrahman M Hussein Jill J Ismail Kyle Jarolimek Sara Khawaja Joseph T Krueger Roland Leschkies Rana K Mamo Jillian Martin John P Mlinarcik Samar Naser Pilar I Navarro Jeremy J Norton Jeffrey A O’Boyle Nada S Omer Matthew Paterkiewicz Adam J Quiroz Nelly Ramirez Jacob E Robinson Joanna Rozek Matthew A Rudnick Dima N Shaheen Christopher D. Silbernagel Kyle R Stang Breanne C Stark Miguel Villarreal Charles W Walker Jeffery L Zenner Countryside Kayla Oblazny Malva A VelasquezRojas Crest Hill Veronica L Berey Crestwood Katherine A Brown Letitia P Cullens Rebecca R Evans Kaitlin M Featherstone Edward P Isenegger Damien A Johnson Michael K Miwa Catherine C Niehoff Jessica L Pinkston Ken Proctor Nicholas J Schneider Daniel J Wilson Robert T Wirick Crete Preston L Parker Elmwood Park Brian E Gluecklich Evergreen Park Samantha H Aalders Sarah E Adams Eamon Almiladi Sarah M Brandt Erin L Byrne Jacqueline M Daker Meghan I Dennis Ariana M Diaz Jillian J Domina Brianna N Finnerty Christopher M Fontaine Pamela J GardnerBrown Maika Hamasaki Robert N Hettinger Nicole Ihrig Kathryn B Ingersoll Edward J Kennedy Wing Y Lam Xiao Tong Ma

Kevin T McGinnis Thomas Minarik Magdalena M Mitchell Latonia D Peterson Lucas J Pfister Jason E Prazuch Christine M Putlak Allison Quinn Shareef M Salahuddin Claire Sherman Samantha A Simon Jori D Simpson Deanna C Sroka Karrington K Ward Courtney M Watkins Rosalind White Flossmoor Fatma Hegazy Luke A Thrall Forest Park Angel M Nunez Frankfort Lindsey M Burns Jennifer Friederich Denise L Jungheim Taylor M Leddin Karina Padilla Alex Shin Frankfort Square Caitlin N Maze Franklin Park Alexander C McCaskill Harvey Diamond D McCray Hickory Hills Ehab A Abu Atherah Anan Abusharekh Dimitra E Alexander Pedro E Barrios Ryan Campbell Mei Y Chan Amanda Chrupczak Joshua J Cuta Matthew G Dixon Jeremy J Eckert Mohammed E El-Khatib Nicole Feltz Lisa M Fielding Lukasz Galica Charlotte C Gambla Larry L Gardner Anna Maria Giannelli Lukasz Halon Aleksandra M Herdzik Yoram Hong John A Hurlock Wisal Hwaij Piotr Kuzma Cheuk Hon Lee Danielle E Marren Liliana Martinez Joseph Michaels Tony Michalski Edward L Najera Antoaneta Nikolova Kelly A Price Victoria Prijilevscaia Jihad R Ramadan Jazmin M Ramirez Atiya Razi Tomas Rybovic Tomas Savelskas Ashley K Sotello Daniel Stopka Ruta Survilaite Salah M Tarazi Hayley A Tiffin Mateusz P Topor Magdalena Tor Eric E Waszak Chun Kit Conrad Yeung Homer Glen Sara M Camacho Stephanie L Harvey Marcus Hillenberg Karl Knapczyk Hometown Nicole Falco William T Gaynor Elizabeth A Krizka Nicholas Lamacki Jessica Y Lopez Gabriel Martinez Kaitlin M Mikols Angela R Roti Dillon Ryle James M Swatkowski Jacob A Tkachuk Lisa M Wrede

Homewood Victoria J Vinson Indian Head Park Nikolas Rose Joliet Robert D Baikie Jose A CardenasOrozco Tamara A Johnson Justice Delilah H Ali Kawthar A Askar Nicholas J Babul Liang Chen Muoi S Chuong Heer Dave Iuliia Ignatenko Giovanni Juarez Samantha Kaster Szymon Koszarek Katarzyna Z Kozicka Magdalena B Landowska Ying Tung B Lau Lissette Lerma Mateusz P Maka Grzegorz Maryniarczyk Heather M McDade Louis Meyers Elizabeth M Montei Caren J Pardol David Shipyor Randi L Simon Martin Sulc Wioleta Takuska Karen M Tokarczyk Ania Tomaszewski Giang T Tran Elizabeth J Turpin Jessica E Walkosz Piotr P Wesolowski Isabella Wisniewski Bobbie Zawada Ryan S Zuniga April L Zurlo Lansing Alicia Tappin Lynwood John R Powell Lyons Yaqoub N Ayyad Vilim Lovrinovic Markham Melette Cureton Brian G Menke Latonya Wallace Matteson William E Lowe Chris J Robins David W Stroth Merrionette Park Jennifer L Callaghan Daniel Gutierrez Midlothian Daniel J Caudill Anthony M Garner Ashley N Mack Miguel A Medrano Grace M Pedley Chris Stoba Elias J Tracy Mokena Caitlin Halloran Ryan B Marshall Mallory K Webber Monee Earl J Moy New Lenox Caelyn Carlson Oak Forest Qusai H Alqadi Christina G Arden Matthew L Benoit Salomon A Cazares Jennifer N Dell Pamela E Dunne Evita Garcia Ryan Grady Miguel A Guerrero John F Janozik Jamie J Kraus Denise A Lamm Michael S Litt Araceli Mata Meghan McKenna Charles A Moravec

Ravi V Patel Hector A Pena Danielle Reusnow Joseph E Rivera Danielle C Rutledge Amanda L Ryan Sean R Sauter Scott M Slager Laura N Vogrig Nicholas R Wisniewski Matthew K Zohfeld Oak Lawn Thaer Abdelrazeq Hedayeh A Abed Tania Adame Ali H Amra Edita Andriulis Lukas Andriulis Sahar Barakat Erica Barragan Samantha L Bechard Steven Berezewski Audrius Brazauskas John J Bringe Joy A Bueta Yvita A Bustos George P Capetanos Marisa M Chesna Christopher S Ciszek Kaylee E Coffey Michael V Corona John M Curran James DeMarie Caelan Dean Marissa M Delich Amanda K Demas Bridget Deschaaf Mary P Dixon-Cechura Diem T Doan Stephanie Dominguez June M Donners Vincent M Doria Jershawn D Dubose Edward T Egan Kaleb B Elam Angela C Espinoza Daniela Espinoza Francisco Espinoza Kassandra N Fabara Brittany K Fitzpatrick Erin Fleckenstein Julie C Flores Kelly J Flores Fedai A Fouz Zachary J Frazier Franklin E Gage Cristian Garcia Grace Garcia Christopher J Ginder Aileen T Gorman Keunho Ha Jessica E Halal Adrian W Hamerski Brylle Keane H Handang Lonnita R Harris Madeline R Heredia Karen M Hewitt Rosalie E Hincks Meghan E Houbolt Afnan M Jaber Walter M Janz Brian P Jennings Islam Kadri Justin T Kapelinski Rosemary D Karippaparambil Jacob F Kendryna Thomas W Kinney Aaron P Kneeland Hanna F Lancerio Angela R Larkin Marty Lavin Nicholas S Lazzara Ka Sin Lee Sejong Lee Victoria M Leone Nicholas A Mager Quinn K Markham Fabian Martinez Joseph Martinez Taleb M Masri Stacy L Mayer Kevin M McNamara Melissa M McDermott April A Medinger Brandon A Mehring Patrick J Metke Andrew S Meyer Melvin K Molina Bradley S Moss Matthew J Mulqueen Daniel P Murphy Nhi H Nguyen Jennifer M Niemiec Matthew R O’Donnell Jodette K Palacios Katlyn E Paolisso Mark E Peterson

Karina Polovinkina Heather L Pulver Yasmian Rahman Maira L Ramirez Amisha Rana Kristin N Renken Elyse N Reynolds Anna T Ricchiuto Jason A Richardson Matthew J Richardson Luis F Rubio Nene H Sanankoua Emma J Scigalski Taylor N Serrano Raniah A Shehadeh Carolyn M Shotas Lauren E Sipple Melissa B Smith Jonathan D Solus Joseph Sorrentino Brian J Spencer Nicholas F Spies Farah Sukkari Carly M Swiatek Hayley A Swigart Richard L Szul Charles E Thompson Alex A Valencia Stephanie Waxmansky Tsz K Wong Sung H Woo Moeka Yamamoto Matt Zylius Oak Park David Hencinski Olympia Fields Aisha F Bilal Nicole P Johnson Orland Hills Mohammad A Ahmad Brian A Alberts Alaa Alqam Greg Anicich Marcus W Bevans Emmanuel B Calungcaguin Lauren J Conrad Daniel Garcia Robert J Havelka Heather M Hudzinski Lindsay A Huisenga Ruchita L Jagani Melissa L Justyn Matthew D Kozek Katie J Lagowski Lauren A Langosch Nicholas Martin Christa M McDonough Amnah Mohammed Andrea Q Moore Ala’a Mustafa Miranda S Papak Vincent T Ricobene Guadalupe A Sanchez Enas A Tafesh Beth A Triezenberg Samantha M Volrath Ian J Welke Seth T Wilkerson Annette E Wojtowicz Yara Zayed Orland Park Nicole Abramovske Mohammad H Abuzir Hardy A Adjunta Dima K Akroush Hia Alazzam Sumera Ali Abdulrahman Alkhatib Claire Allison Yaser Alzubi Samuel R Arrigo Waleed Ata Arwa N Atieh Murad N Atieh Daiva Avizienis James M Banich Daphne A Bechrakis Marianne C Beechy Victoria Bengston Krystle K Binkowski Mary J Blair Anne Marie G Bonaguro Madeline A Bonow Hailey R Bramwell Caitlyn Brogan Daniel J Buchler Jami L Busse Eric E Bussean Joseph A Butkus Christina M Calderone Robert J Cambalik Agustina Cortez Brittany A Cuttone

PRESIDENT’S | page 5


THE GLACIER JANUARY 24, 2014 VOLUME 47, ISSUE 9 Yousef R Dahleh Barbara M Darden James H Davidson Issa Dawud Juan D De La Parra Nicholas K Deangelis Mallory Ebeling Ross G Enyart Genevieve Enyart Edward R Faltenberg Robert J Faron Michael J Forsythe Daniel B Foster Caitlin I Freeman Kathy A Frugoli John J Galanek Amaranda Garza Michelle R Gawlak Joseph S Gawlak Dawit Gebeyehu Nickolas C Georgiou Brittany Golab Joanna M Golab Agnieszka Gorlicki Jonathan Grezlovski Rimas Grybauskas Brittany M Grzeslo Gerdas Gudzevicius Lena Haddad Mark C Hansen Matthew O Harmon Hannah M Harris Kayla C Harrison James T Healy Abdullah M Hussain Naimeh K Issa Victoria M Janicijevic Azher Javaid Vykinta Jones Maria A Karstens Kais J Kawar Renee K Kelliher Elaine M Kelly Kara R Kentner Kellianne H Kim Ryan W Kim Charles N Kimzey Stephanie Kincaid Christopher D Kohr Samantha G Koldenhoven Tomasz J Kopec Hassan A Kutom Julianne M Lang Michael D Larson Kelcy R Lemme Daniel R Lombardo Daniel Long Isaac Lopera Andon Maca Ralph R Machovski Kara A Majich Michelle Majka Niamh T Maloney Marija Markuceviciene Viviana Martinez Kara J Mayer Ryan T Mc Cann Mark A McCague James McCague Stephen McCague Jessica L McCarthy William Michalek James Michelli Jack J Misheck Saleh Mizyed Edward Modesto Safa Y Mohammad Amanda Moulton Michelle N Mulhall Brittney L Munoz Laura A Natal Angelo Niqula Jeffrey N Nonog Tyler L Oberheu Crystal A Oehmen Joseph R Paciorek Jennifer K Pajak Anne M Parker Ashley C Pickens Helen Picman Ryan M Pisanko Daniel J Pisciotti Xenia C Pittos Matthew Przybylo John Rafter Anthony R Ramirez Peter T Rasla Nicholas A Reczek James Reed Aneta M Rychtarczyk Ahmad N Salem Ayuob Salem Manal M Salem Rowan M Salem Brian A Salkas Ruba I Samara Primo Santos James W Schroeder Zachery C Schwer Ramon Selles Nadeen N Shaban Tina Sherelkis Evan C Sink Galli Spinner Collin W Stearns Haley M Suich

Nina E Sullivan Megan M Swiderski Paul Szymanski Eric M Tabor Mark Teplitz Ivonne M Torres Sonia M Torres Lourdes Torres Al-Khatib Nico Voras Nicholas L Weibel Olfat Zaghloul Brianna N Zygadlo Palos Heights Michael V Athy Katherine Aviles Lopez Brandon R Barlage Kayla B Carmody Amber M Casas Nicholas R Crot Mary R Donahue Katelyn Galvin Teage A Garbaczewski Gabrielle E Glim Julie Harkin David Hofman Munaya A Issa Neil Kelleher David Leth Myah R Lowry Nicole Neylon Edward J Oldfield William F O’Malley Kyle P Rooney Donna Saraz William J Shaw Edward M Shaw Nicole A Skrobin Edyta Slodyczka Patricia E Smith Sarah A Sumoski Joshua H Wabiszczewicz Jennifer Wennerberg Danielle M Young Palos Hills Kholoud Awad Romziath A Bakary Jacquelyn I Bean David R Botello Sean R Brady Matthew J Bum Caileen Casey James J Cifaldi Michael J Cikowski Joey Czerwien Stephanie M Dagenais Shereen S Daik Derek Dainys Oriane C Dalmeida Athanasios D Davelis Sarah Demos Aminderjit S Dhanoa Steven N Eichstaedt Abdul M Farooqui Ashley A Fiedor Shawn T Finnigan Katarzyna D Gacek Kayla M Glogowski Adam Gonzales Daniel Hajnos A Reum Han Aiya M Hasan Emma N Healy Brian A Helmuth Tsz Ching Hon Iris Hui Ting I Hou Andrew J Jender Choongwhan Jung Joon Goo Kang Andrea R Kasper Karren Khoury Hongyong Kim Iseul Kim Alex Kirchof Amy Konjevich Andy J Kukuc Monika Kupiec Christine M Kurek Kichang Lee Yoojin Lee Monika Luczak Dawid Lysiak Rabia Mahmood Sylwia Maka Egle Matuliauskaite Taku Mizusawa Salam Mohammed Dana R Muersch Wakana Ogasawara Alexander V Pendleton Egle Polikaityte Hector Ramirez Michael J Rankin Timothy Recio Zain Rehman Hiba Shakeel Layla M Shehayber Marzena J Skwarko Natalia S Stanek Barbara Staszel Jakub J Swiatek Luis E Tadeo Erin M Tiggelaar Dominykas Timukas

Magdalena M Ulanecka Marija Vaitkevicius Lavelle L Ware Jodi Wiak Wing Lui Yiu Kayo Yoneda Roy I Zentz Olha Zvarych Palos Park Julie Adams Rene Andriusis Kyle V Belluomini Adaliz O Benitez Amber A Bey Cassy J Burke Julie M Burns Nicholas Dargis Alicja K Dybaczewska Faith R Johnson Joshua G Johnson Sarah C Kudia Daniel E Lowery Marta M Majcherska Lauren McAlister Stephen J Neven Raymond. J Pajeda Travis M Poulsen Nathan R Ridings Joshua Rupp Victoria Scatena Divya Soni Randall Swanson Alexandra Walters Barbara F Weir Riverdale Kristen L Melendez Robert L Pooler Robbins Lakeesha D Craig Lauryn S Flynn Christopher Horace Roselle Jason Donato Sauk Village Van T Ho Shorewood Brandon J Wright Skokie Nina R Ahrnes Stickney Township Krzysztof J Szwajnos Summit Joana A Hermosillo Nicole M Hervieux Karla Y Medina Roberto Melendez Angelica Padilla Gerardo Padilla Gloria Rodriguez Erika Silva Edgar J Solis Tinley Park Michael S Adduce Sherry P Agate Lemya Alarab Sandra Alsakkal Daniel J Aspan Ethan R Bard Rachel E Bard Anthony Barkhoff Angela E Bella Courtney T Bingham Amanda L Blattner Nicole R Bodinet Muaz Bondokji Kenneth E Braasch Robert A Bushnell Rachelle J Campbell Kristina M Caputo Mitchell R Carpenter Hannah M Carroll Nicolai Cebotariov James J Cermak David J Chadek Jessica A Cotter Michael Cullinan Kathleen L Curran Robert J Dietz Diana Dinh Ly T Doan Cora M Dyslin Christine Elkhatib Merna A Esily Rabia S Fatima Kiran S Fatima Kayla A Fitzgerald David M Fratantoni Rachel J Fus Shannon L Gibbons Tera L Goral Ashley M Gregor Lisa Grigaliunas Debra Gross Sarah Gucwa Breanna Gutierrez Robert Guzman Kelli N Hayes

Ryan P Hoban Molly R Hogan Bryana Joyce E Holzer Ashlee Humes Mckenna L Hutchins Myasar A Ihmud Noor S Jaber Nathan M Jentsch Katrina A Karczewski Kevin G Kasprzyk Dilpreet Kaur Sarah A Kischkel Emily A Kozak Timothy J Kuschel Mary A Lebel Michele D Luna Binh H Ly Amanda A McGreal William S Menden Kyle P Mockus Alyssa S Moravec Allison M Mrozek Angela A Muccianti Scott Mullen Sean P Murray Robert A Muys Alexandr Nagornov Zackery S Nasir Steven R Nemecek Thu H Nguyen Victoria L O’Gorman Gary Obidowicz Renee O Olson Mayankkumar J Patel Dil R Patel Ann R Pendergast Kevin D Pokrzywa Kevin J Pomper Kevin Pustz Daniel E Putlak Ryan Ritchie Arthur E Roman Yessennia M Salamanca Patricia L Salefski Rebecca Scanlon Bryan R Scheulin Michael A Scheve Debhora Schipits Kaitlyn E Sitniewski Kevin R Smuskiewicz Anthony P Stevens Rebecca N Szubert Antonio T Tessari Rebecca C Tongson Brittany R Townsend Rachel S Townsend Raeann Uthe John J Vandyck Martynas G Vasiliauskas Esmeralda Villalpando Nicole L Warja Katie L Yates Kyle M Zagorski Emily A Zioncheck University Park Toyneka Washington Willow Springs Kamile Liberyte Sarah E Paulsen Robert Soltys Willowbrook Thomas W Suk Woodridge Mark J Wroblewski Worth Moin H Ajmal David E Anderson Sarah J Boylan Jacqueline L Brink Jessica L Buis Ana M Buralli Tashanda V Burton James R Donohue Amanda J Dunmore-Rolek Keisha L Escamilla Julie Fitzner Charlene L Gardner Yolanda Gonzales Anthony Gorniak Muhiedin B Itani Akina Iwao Sangun Jung Jalal H Karaziwan Alyce Kerkstra Donghee Kim Dong W Kim Alexis L Kozicki Daniel F Lauzon George A Medina Antonio J Morales Shonnie Murphy Le H Nguyen Francine R Ostrowski Torin K Pena Raquel L Rodriguez Allaa Salman Lorissa Sernus Spencer Witowski Kyle L Wlazlo

Fall 2013 Dean’s List To be eligible for the Dean’s List for a given semester, students must complete at least nine credit hours of college credit courses that count toward a certificate or a degree. Students who meet the eligibility requirements and earn at least a 3.50 grade point average (excluding developmental courses) will be named to the Dean’s List. “D,” “F,” or “I” grades will exclude a student from qualifying for the Dean’s List. Alsip Abeer A Adi Faten A Ali Michael R Alsen Gilberto E Andrade David S Barrett Ryan M Belliveau Alfonso Blanco Theresa M Boltz Francisca R Castro Ashley E D’Amico Christopher T Dalzell Megan Doolan Victoria A Dorsch Marissa R Fletcher Jessica L Haack Tiffany T Henderson Adriana Hernandez Julie M Howe Marcia D Huggins Amal O Jada Travis R Jirik Bridgette M Jones Rodolfo Macedo Cheyenne A Mitchell Danielle A Nievera Luilia M Rahman Michael A Rico Alisha C Rivera Layne J Ruda Erick Ruiz Subreen Sandoka Kelly B Scott Albert J Stockton Nicole Tornga Heather H Trofimchuk Lino M Velasquez Jessica L Walsh Daniel J Werniak Thomas C Wiercigroch Berwyn Matthew L Mercado Daniele N Unzueta Blue Island Jesus A Ahumada Christian E Avila Gabriela Aviles Maximiliano Boyso Billy L Cisneros Linda A Covarrubias Sigifredo H Esparza Omar Flores Eric G Garcia Nancy Gonzalez Angelo G Greene Suselle Ibarra Christopher P Jackson Zinnia N Lampkins Walker W Lewis Yesenia Meza Estuardo Morales Beatriz Olmedo Emily Shine Donna Wenig Braidwood Gina M Brown Bridgeview Mohammad A Abdullah Caleb H Blood Roaya B Braqa Jose E Fernandez John P Finn Jose P Hernandez Stacee L Kane Nicole S Krol Patrick D Krol Kenneth E Leyendecker Mariah M Manqueros Hannah R Moeser Adam Mohammad Abdulqawi S Monasar Youssef Nafe Adrian M Nykiel Karl H Prahl Maher F Rabie Marisol Rodriguez Yaser M Saleh Abigail E St Germain Michael Villalobos Kevin S Wegiel Mohamad A Yasin Malik Zahdan Jacob D Zboinski Brookfield Crystal A Davis Burbank Ramzi Z Abudayyeh Susan M Adams

Ahmad A Al-Tumizi Tawfek M Awwad Nicholas L Bal Evangelos Blanas Kassandra I Brown Christina A Buczek Pedro Bustamante Hector L Cirilo Adrian A Dachowski Damaris Davalos John A Demma Lukasz Duda Zachary J Endrulat Dominik K Fitt Paulina Florczykowska Natalia M Gabrys Julia Garcia Cynthia Garcia Ashley E Grindle Hayat T Hamad Roberto Iniguez Michael T Izydorski Luis E Jimenez Chanel A Koepke Pawel Krol Szymon Kwiatek Monika Las Kristin E Light Joseph G Lorusso Kayla M Lowisz Malgorzata Majewska Madelynn Martinez Briana E McNulty Alejandro E Morales Derrick Mrowca Jill Mulligan Jigar S Naik Ryan Oldendorf Daniel S Olevich Ewa Opolski Carlos P Palomo Lorena Perez-Hernandez David Pineda Martyna Plonka Angelina M Rodriguez Diane M Ruedy Cole Schmitz Saned Soheil Jasmin A Steele Lilliana Vergara Tin H Vien Eduardo L Villagomez Moises S Zarate Nicole J Zarnecki Calumet City Oluwatoyin O Ekundayo Dave A Hardy Calumet Park Jazmine S Gladney Lucille Y Hall Amanda C Harris Chicago Michael A Ackerman Samuel Amaya Karen L Arroyave Anthony J Baldacci Timothy P Bautista-Johnston Cynthia M Becerra Cicely Bolls Brandon A Bradley Alex R Bravo Zachary J Bulthuis Michelle M Campos Alexis R Carrizales Lauren A Ciurej Marissa Clifford Jasmine A Cooper Abel Coronel Eva M Delt Victoria A Diaz Ashley A Duffin Ismael A Fernandez Kevin A Flores Kenneth E Gooday Kiman M Hannah -Cheatom Andrew J Havlicek Daniel E Hendren Guadalupe Hernandez Gabriela Ibarra Michael J Jackson Zachary R Jacobs Kendria S Jones Laurie Kocal Eric R Koronkiewicz Justin J Kuhtic Jason Li Angel Martinez Katharine A Matias Vanessa M Matuszewski

Thomas J Mizwicki Richard Morales Raven S Newsome Veronica M Pagliuco Gina E Panek Julia Paniagua Evelyn Pena-Mata Catherine M Perez Aleksandra Rajcevic Joanna E Rys Stephanie Salgado Ashley K Sampier Dominick M Sema Matthew R Stempak Francis S Sujack Michael S Todorovich Evelyn Urbina Armando Uribe Jessica J Velasco Michelangelo Versace Karen M Wilkosz Zichen Zhang

Chicago Ridge Elham Abuobeid Amidee Barnes Lauren Bauman Karley E Bergman Jason Callan Daniel J Cannata Ariana L Davis Bernadette M Dunter -man Jeremy W Frederiksen Victoria K Gadawski Noor M Hammam Kamal R Kawar Laura N Labeau Joseph D Lyons L Maryell Mansour Stephanie L Marquez Ikram O Mohammad Brian Mrozek Amber L Naser Amanda M Powers Magdalena A Pyskaty Sara L Sanchez Cairn S Schaal Ameria A Shehadeh Nada N Taiym Loubna M Tawil Matthew M Vineyard Ashley B White Monica Zloza

Cicero Francisco A Castaneda Crestwood Alan C Bartos Kyle J Brazill Caitlin Cain Katie Carlson Daniel A Friberg Sarah Gray Cesar Hernandez Daniela Hernandez Bram S Holden Katelyn M Maciejko Gina M Messineo Daniel Morales-Huez Ellie M Smykowski Kathleen E Webb Kevin M Zielke

Hickory Hills Noor M Abdulrahman Rose M Alexander Christian P Bafia Cristian A Barraza Kimberly R Bitinas Sheamus H Brennan James E Burk Daniela M Chacon Kelly Gonzalez Rahmah Y Hasan HiuYan Ip Kyle W Kelley Izabela D Kokoszka Przemyslaw Koziar Ryan S Kristufek Magdalena K Kurnat Nicole A Maloney Monika M Molinski Alejandro Nieto Yessenia Nieto Emilija Petraityte Lumturie Salihovski Frank Sambucaro Ayyat Z Sheikh Star M Smith Jennifer M Targosz Katie M Varek Adam S Wallace Dominik T Zarnowski Homer Glen Joseph W Anderson Dana Mack Asim A Mehta Peter Q Weitzel Hometown Ashley M Beaubien Patrick M Burke Janet K Daugherty Kaitlyn C Murbach Vanessa Y Rosales Kyle C Stalla Joliet Keanna Doss Justice Emmanuel J Boyd Hung Kit Cheng Ismael Cossyleon Diem K Do Maria S Dobrzynski Clarice A Gartley Edward A Hayes Briant C Holloway Dorota E Kielbasa Sze M Kwan Alberto Lara Valdivieso Shaylin R Little Brian P Moore Cheuk Hang Ng Kamila N Orawiec Faith O Orock Nicholas C Puskarz Paige M Richmond Armando Rueda Anna Stopka Megan L Stotts Lansing Jessica L Roeda

Dixmoor Maria T Martinez

Lemont Allison M Lukhard

Dolton Monica D Irving

Lockport Jenessa M Serna

Downers Grove Regis G Simba

Lyons David B Kreutz Gina C Landrey Michelle M Zarbock

Elmwood Park Michael M Bryant Evergreen Park Mitchell A Adas Joyann G Ainley Abigail J Berglind Lauren E Blake Andrea Brazausky Orla Brogan Edward J Byrne Jacinta J Dixon Cody J Eliszewski Sean M Feely Brian M Heisterman Max B Malave Lauren M McGuire Luke L Opoka Ashlee Schickel Jean E Shalloo Ryan M Sullivan Tiffany E Thomas Clarissa F Veneracion Flossmoor Clarice Tayui Frankfort James R Constantine Tiffany J Saletta Kerrigan Harvey Maritza Najera Hazel Crest Aaron M Blackman

Merionette Park Kaitlyn M Grand Midlothian Robert Burgess Gina M Ryan Tyler A Sifuentez Gary Wojtanowski Minooka Eric Trinidad Mokena Joshua R McPhail Trang T Nguyen Monee Kaitlyn E Beezhold New Lenox Jonathan R Christensen Meghan L Sims Oak Forest Brett M Burton Erin Caruso Tyler E Danihel Michelo A Dantis Kayla M Fitzsimons Emily M Flores William M Hooten Kelly House Corinne D Kalebich

DEAN’S | page 6

6 DEAN’S | from 5 Brooke L Prusa Steven R Wacek Hailey V Williams Oak Lawn Malak Abuzneid Nilly Albeitoni Karam Alrafati Amal Alsayed Amanda Anderson Shadi H Asfour Stephanie M Bach Khaled Z Beituni Bridget M Boline Clarence P Bonoan Matthew Brewer Matthew M Capriola Kathlyn Cardenas Jairus P Castaneda Eunae Cho Robert M Clark Andres J Cobar Sarah K Coughlin Brendan J Cummane James Cummings Briana D’Aversa Gina M Dangelo Qassam W Diab Mladen Dinic Rahid Doleh Anna Dusza Divina G Enriquez Erica J Erdakos Amr A Esiely Taylor Falls Arely N Flores Saja Q Froukh Jose M Gallegos Marillia Gallegos Antony A Garcia Omar Garcia Kristina L Geraty Lisa Gorney Rizek S Halim Ardit Hasanaj Suzanne M Hempstead Trevor D Hepburn Hannah L Host Bridget B Houlihan Haya H Hussein Daniel Kelly Kenneth D Kiebles Yedam Kim Luke J Knibbs

THE GLACIER JANUARY 24, 2014 VOLUME 47, ISSUE 9 Victoria K Korpitz Jowita B Kozak Eliana Laspina Joseph D Lebarre Colin MacDonald Alexander G Maglaris Michael E Maryniarczyk Tracey S McAuliffe Zachary A McHugh Abby Miller Allison R Misale David J Mitchell Oscar D Moran Thomas Murphy Taylor F Newton Peter L Nguyen Alex Nollinger Frank J Oliver Christian E Ortiz Natalia M Patrzyk Maralys G Perales Benjamin J Popp Michelle E Powers Abraham Ramirez Erica B Ramirez Omar Ramirez Mohamed Rashad Yasmine M Reyes Brent A Rigik Dana A Romaniak Cynthia M Rosales Emma G Roza Krista L Salinas Maria D Santana Liam E Sheehy Jessica L Stafford Marcin P Stafira Brittani Vaughn Ulysses C Villafuerte Jessica Villegas Patrick Vogwill Kristopher E Vopelak John D Vranas Rachel Weyer Susan P Wilson Amanda G Wojcik Kana Yamamoto Elizabeth Zahdan Orland Hills Stephanie M Aimone Nicole M Bryson Matthew T Bukala Chris Curry Kyle R Damon Emma K Fenlon-Meeter

James T Fischer Aimee Garza Gabrielle R Grant Daniel A Iskandar Nicole A Kasielski Christopher M Krakow Yulia I Lesiv Nicholas J Marcum Katherine L Mazzuca Antoinette Murray David J Savage Derek Tavares Matthew W Wiabel Orland Park Joseph A Alfini Rima Al-Natour Mary K Arcenal Rudina N Atieh Britta A Beardsley Barbara L Bensema John M Benz Amanda M Boike Brittany M Brindza Kelsey E Brittain Anthony M Cacciato Kelly L Calhoun Jason T Carr Timothy E Creamer William R Cummins Joanna L Curtis Jeffrey J D’Adam Evelyn M Dawiec Jaime M Dietterle Paige A Ditchman Kyle P Ebeling Katherine Eble Robert J Fetta James R Gibson Ashley M Grimm Tyler Grudowski Emily A Gut Jair E Gutierrez Gomez Alaa Hamed Mark R Hansen Angela Heidegger Samantha Holler Stephanie D Holliger Ashley A Horvath Shadi N Jabali Takhreed M Jamal Steven J Janicki Joy M Kaftan-Benes Bart Kaluza Jordan T Kamradt Katerina Karamihas

Gina J Kazecki Stephanie H Kim Justin R Koebel Dominika E Kogut Jillian M Kondratowicz Edwin Koszulinski Magdalena Kucek Trang N Le Rachel Lewandowski Kelley A Leyden Nicholas L Liarikos Joseph M Liskiewicz Kaleigh E Lucas Katherine A Lukas Kelly M Lundgren Kate M Maas Kailyn A Majich Evelina Markevicius Eliceo R Martinez Giovanni Martino Mahmoud Matarieh Ashley Mateja Melissa N McNally Meghan L McGinty Ronnie N Merjan Jonathon L Miller Ibrahim W Mizyed Iman Mohammad Gerardo Mora Breanne N Munoz Tamara N Murskyj Jillian C Nachel Patrick M O’Malley Cem J Ozerdinc Julie T Panzella Isabella M Parise James Passarelli Chintan P Patel Vikram Patel Ethan E Pelesky Jeffery N Perino Daniel Perisic James P Powers Nicole D Pratl Joseph S Procaccio Alexandra Rubi Eric D Rydberg Bahia R Salah Ranen R Salah Kassem M Salameh Joseph Schaffer Anthony G Schury Karolina Scripnic Jessica R Senafe Meda Serenaite Ahmad M Shuaibi

Cathy Simmons Brandon A Siriann Amal M Soloman Amandah K Spence Gabija Staninaite Eleanor F Steffes Tadas Stonkus Ellen M Suffern Ismail M Sulieman Alaina M Tomasino Raul B Torres Robert K Wachholz Jennifer N Weaver Eric M West Bisan Z Yahya Palos Heights Candice M Bilina Cortney Busen Jake Coyne Kimberly Duda Margaret A Flynn Lisa R Haney Katie A Harkin Vita Loginaite Victoria E Lombardo Antoinette J Mitchell Michelle C Murawski Patrick J Neylon Jacob M Randulich Karly K Slattery Robert W Stephens Nicholas A Sumoski Patricia E Vargas Palos Hills Mai Ahmed Ruba M Alkhatib Ahmad Ayyad Brittany E Benavides Nathaniel J Berry Paulina J Bosek Laura Brazdziunaite Marina A Chibe Ciesea Covic Monika K Danko Kinga P Drag Hebba Elyyan Cynthia C Gongora Katarzyna Gut Jennifer R Habner Kelsey N Hensel William Herrera Mitchell R Holin Lama R Hourani Yousef M Ihmoud

Nadine Ismail John W Janas Sam Bong Jang Brett P Kaiser Brianne Keane Giedrius Lisnicenka James J Lulek John B McKeating Omar Mukahhal Van T Nguyen Krzysztof Para Dillon F Ristucci Houriah R Salem Xiaowei Wang Deja D Wilson So Jeong Yoon Magdalena A Zalewski Ryan Zanta Palos Park Karissa L Burnson Declan M Duggan Isaiah S Nowotarski Elizabeth G Panella Lashonda D Robinson Allison J Tanis Peotone Jacklyn M Andersen Posen Erik J Yunker Richton Park Theresa A Davis Robbins David E Lavigne Meagan T Washington Summit Rehan Ashraf Rana Assi Daniel E Boguslawski Ariana Bollas Rolando Cruz Marilin C Duenas Monika D Fudala Lucretia L Jackson Lisa Madonia Janay D McGovern Brenda B Melara Isabel Palencia Janet Rodriguez Osvaldo Torres Joshua Vinas

Magda Zagrodzka Tinley Park Baha M Abdelrahim Amanda D Alberts Joseph D Allton Erika Aranda Danielle Bayze Nicholas J Brancato Kyle A Brand Courtney D Buechele Jacquelyn L Butzen Kelsey L Carter Casey L Case Caitlin O Castellana Steven A Castillo Nicole Chadek Nicholas A Cimino Andrew E Clarke Cameron Connell Heather M Connolly Nicolette L Cossidente Jessica L Cotton Charlene-Grace S Crisos tomo Kamel A Dahbour Colleen M Danaher Olivia J Demicheal Antoinette M Dull Rania H Elayyan Markal D Ellens Mohammed Faran Nicholas Filippo Joseph A Frickenstein Alex C Gahan Bree D Granata Mary Grigaliunas Elizabeth D Hauser Anthony F Haynes Christopher M Hector Jessica L Iorio Christopher J Janyk Rachel A Jentsch Sarah Kinasz Patrick M Kline Jeremy Kraft Emily A Kraus Joseph A Lang Emma Lindgren Jonathan A Lopez-Tyahla David P Love Daniel L Maurer Jacqueline R McGarry Ashley N Meitz Grace Mittler Bianca S Paz

Ashley N Perez Donald J Pisano Kristine D Plasky Leslee D Pritza Alicia J Rattigan Brent M Reevas Luke J Reketis Venus P Rosendo Ramy Q Salameh Jonathan R Serritos Rebecca N Stocks Laurie A Sucharzewski Hala N Sughayar Jeffrey Trayes Jill A Trumpey Donna L Vogler Lindsey F Walker Alyssa M Weiland Alison K Wiabel Vama Katlen L Siwinski Willow Springs Marina L Dankert Andrew C Fox Dijar Isufi Michael P Jagla Woodridge Kostantina Taseva Worth Rita E Aguiah Anwar Allan Omar H Altaher James A Anisko Ramzi H Araj Jameelah W Atiq Daniel F Brooks Robin E Comber Balbina Flores Lori A Hardman Alaine M Hope Nicole E Iniguez Kyle S Joy Gregory L Murray Erik Nowakowski Mitchell Pearl Kaieshia M Potts Kamila A Rafacz Amanda M Rojas Deaya Z Saleh Mary T Tully Lisa M Williams Ranim Zayed



NURSES | from page 2 orous hours of study that the students pushed themselves through, to gain entrance into the profession of nursing. “The fact that you are here today to receive nursing pins, shows that it is time for you to be ready to move on with your nursing career, and that deserves a lot of praise and recognition,” said Van Cura. She recognized sacrifices made, not only by students, but their family, friends and loved ones who were there in support of what the students have accomplished. Two nursing students were granted the honor of presenting speeches before

the audience and their peers. One student shared how “patients will look to you for help when you need it most, and you will be there. There is an eternal satisfaction that comes from helping others.” The second student to speak explained that, “it by far is the most difficult, yet worthwhile thing I have ever done in my life.” Moraine Valley will always be a stepping-stone in the path to the nursing profession.“Look to us to help you in continuing your educational development,” said Dr. Pamela Haney. Annie Parker can be contacted at

Fall ‘12 Part Time Honors To be eligible in the Part-Time Student Scholastic Achievement List students must meet a cumulative grape point average of at least 3.5 with at least 24 credit hours earned and at least 3.5 grade point average for the semester that the distinction is recieved. Qualified students must attempt less than 12 credit hours and earn three to eight credit hours for the semester that the distinction is recieved Addison James Leakaros Alsip Lucas A Aderman Katlin B Boomsma Ruthanna H Bresinger Timothy S Burns Anahi Catalan Michael Crocilla Olga Drozdova Stephanie Esparza Don J King Ashley Linstra Jonathan Michalik Jonathan P Motley Cecylia Muro Emily A Nelson Kathleen T O’Loughlin Jose Ortiz Jenna Osinski Brian M Pater Josh Rose Kristen A Shepard Maureen M Sodin Arlington Heights Adrian Cerchez Frank Guerino Bartlett Perry A Triveri

Dr. Haney recognizes nurses before ceremony. [Erica Sinnott]

Bedford Park Michael J Muhr

Berwyn Adan Aguirre Alex Castillo Daniel Montalvo Blue Island James Connor Gerald O Dagenais David R Etherton Cristal Herrera Huricela Mercado Tirzah G Morfoot Kathleen M O’Connor Donald C Rose Sandra F Salcedo Victoria Sarabia Gabriela Torres Shelly C Zook Bridgeview David L Aparicio Rachida Bahassoune Lorena A Contreras Stacey J Corso Ashton K Crivellone Margaret A Dorula Dana Hussein Halima D Ibrahim Abeer Jaber Francisco Paul P Jimenez Kathryn M Kolar Katarzyna A Kot Jonathan Majerczyk Alex D Mathews Salah A Muthana Rebecca N Seyller Kimberly R Shamasko Karen M Swiecicki Mohammad D Tina Burbank Mohamad Y Abdelhalim Genesis Aguillon Abdul K Atek Martin S Barnat Maria Bielanska Barbara Bryja Melissa Byrne Nitza Y Cancel Alexandra Carrillo Ewa M Cisek Ana Costache Elzbieta Fudala Katrina Grande Krystyna Guzy Rebecca Hacker Marta M Jarzabek Mariam H Khanani Katarzyna Komperda Tomas Koslab Nicole M Kuhlman Ameer Mansur Jakub Marmul Bernard P McErlean Kirk Ortiz MaryJean Ricchiuto Jennifer M Robinson Doaa J Shaheen April L Supran Zygmunt Swierk Mariusz Wojcik Steven Zarnecki Burnham Sean Watson Calumet City Britney Jackson Brandon Jefferson Marvin Johnson Rodney V Jones Calumet Park Kimberly D Dewalt Central Stickney Dorota Kmin Channahon Christopher Rouskey Chicago Gregory Adams Adetunji A Adeshina Salah Awad Denise Banda Thomas L Bassett Kenneth Bayliss Franklin R Benitez Christine Bennett Michael Bocconcelli Jillian M Bonilla Terrence M Brew Michael K Brewer Walter T Brown

Joanna Byrdak Maurice Carter Joseph Coleman Lasharme Collins Anika Collins Sarah K Concaildi Roberto Cruz Beth A Danaher Daniel J Dermody Peter F Dignan Monique Dixon Daniel Dodovich Frank Donis Jesus M Escobedo David Estrada Willie G Ezell Shalonda Felton Dominic B Ferro Whitney B Fletcher Kimberly C Flowers Watson Renaldo Fuller Nancy H Gacki Angelo Gallegos Raul Garcia Shelley A Gorecki Patrice Greenwood Luis A Guadarrama Petra Gumbel-Pritchett David Heidewald Monico Hernandez Steven Hines Allen G Hooper Jermaine Hoskins Fallon M Hubbard Kenneth Hudson Gloria Hurt Alexander Jameson Willeta Johnson David Kato Sufian Khalil Kenneth J Komaniecki Kevin T Lyman Erica Madkins Michael G March Mark Marella Miguel A Martinez Erin T McCann Adrian I McCoy Johnnie L McKinney Carl Mercherson Esther Montanez Jeraldine Moore Dominic F Mrzena Reginald Murphy Pedro Ornelas Terry T Overton Jacob V Parisi Riyaz Patel Steven Phillippo Daniel J Popp Maravin Prak Kelly Rice Alvaro Rodriguez Robert E Rodriguez Jorge Roman Trina Romero-Munoz John T Russell Patricia Sexton Raymond Smith Tom A Smith Sherita Somone Clay Joel Soto Yvonne Stott Jason Strong Elisha S Thompson John R Thompson Jose L Torres Marcus Turner Karina Vazquez Ricardo Vazquez Elizabeth A Vega Eric F Velez Anthony J Weber Terrence White Linda I Williams Lori Wiskur Elliott O Wolfe Chun H Wong Talojia M Wright Chicago Heights Michael A Neely Chicago Ridge Laela P Al-Asfar Taylor M Caffrey Ericka R Camacho-Ortega James S Kamba Curt Lebensorger Anna R Lonigro Ramonita Perez Cody D Stang Krzysztof Studnicki Donald A Tetlow Anna M Trybulec Kristen N White

Mark M Flynn Mary A Generoso Glenn R Kuzel Rebecca R Lyons Kelly Markase Elisabeth J Miwa Kimberly Rovy Loretta A Stockdale Michelle M Supalla Des Plaines Paul Liboy Robert Reimer Xavier M Rivera

La Grange Kathleen Hilt Matthew Murray Lansing Ryan E Follmar Patrice Tears Lemont Patrick M Daley Bryan Jepsen

Dolton Steven Jackson

Lincolnwood Emmanuel Varesis

Downers Grove Kathleen Furgala Alvaro Morales

Lockport Mary B Carlson Pamela A Mavrin Scott A Murdoch

Elmwood Park Adam S Flores Evergreen Park Thomas A Andersen Carlos Bosques Karien Dean Susan L Dennis Christopher J Dillon Ingrid M Doering Debra L Eliszewski Gabrielle Gardner Timothy D Hajec Ellen M Lahart Cindy L Lullo Amanda C Malloy Heather M Malloy Khrystyna Medvid Janice E Neideen Alejandro A Rocha Ross Russell Charles Spears Rene A Vanpuyenbroeck Bonnie C Witowski Safiata Yameogo Forest Park Charles Spears Garden Homes Erin Bays Paulette Urban Glendale Heights Robert J McCaffrey Gurnee Dorian J Swain Harvey Shivonda M Adams Hickory Hills Ashley D Alghini Lina Elzahdan William J Ganta Shauna Herbold Nermean M Khatib Dimitra J Konstantopou los Bartlomiej Lapsa Theodora A Manasses Ma I Mora Ashley E Purcell Gintare Savelskas Ayat A Shuaibi Jeffrey B Smiley Alicja M Szaflarska Beata M Szaflarska Krzysztof P Szaflarski Katarzyna Tylka Rachel C Venneri Marta Zawadzka Hoffman Estates Thomas Melcher Homer Glen Russell T Ricobene Christina E Tan Lynette Theis Andrew P Tucker Hometown Kevin Benson Judith A Chruszczyk Josue Najera Homewood Christopher L Stansbury Erik S Sulej Wenney Tse Indianapolis Anna K Nelson

Country Club Hills John L Lewis

Itasca Pawel Kozimala

Countryside John A Gosciejew Angela Pawlowicz

Joliet Michael Obrien

Crestwood Jermaine Batemon Puah M Booth Richard J Chubb Amina F Edmonds Sarida A Emola

Ewa Sarat Jose Villalpando

Justice Alicja K Burek Amparo Hernandez Sarah A Judd Kathryn Knapczyk Elizabeth A McKittrick Maria Munoz

Lombard Michael Chavez David Valentin Lynwood Asian Lewis Lyons Michael Jacob Marijana Jovicic Brian Krzyzowski Manhattan Joshua Mitcheff Matteson Lewis E Richmond Maywood Erica Jones Merrionette Park Lucian J Chuchro Michael Dunleavy Midlothian Lacarl D Baker Bridget P Jackson Rachel L Miwa Erin J Schisley Sarah A Young Mokena Thomas R Raines Daniel P Redilan Monee Irene A Blakely Roshawn D Matticx Amy Roush Mount Prospect Scott Knefer Naperville Jerold T Smith Eric Villarreal New Lenox Laura C Arreaga Michael Martus Mayra Pluta Niles Gerard A Deleon Richard P Liboy Ryan Molina Michael Puchacz North Riverside Norma Falcon Oak Forest Thomas A Adduci Mohammed A Baig Kristine M Christensen Patrick A Cusack Ashley M Freeze Traci A Gilbert Jason Jurik Diane M Kazibut Donald M Pasqua Colleen F Radakovitz Martin P Rohrich Kaitlin M Sternisha Garth Whalen Oak Lawn Geena M Abbott Darlene Aleo Adan S Alvarado Juan C Bautista Stephanie M Benoit Jason R Bienko Lillian J Bocek Christopher M Brennan Renata Budna Tracy D Burns Kari Candos Pinghung Chan Gerald Chickerillo Katarzyna M Ciszek Veneise S Cowart Brian Culbertson Anna Czerny Danielle Dace

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Welcome back! Students are advised to go to for course information, details about programs and services available to you, activities and event happenings around the campus. For more information or any questions, call (708) 974-4300 or email, or stop by the Information Desk in Building S. EPA certification refresher This refresher course is aimed at individuals with HVAC training who need the required EPA 608 certification. EPA 608 certification permits servicing building air conditioning and refrigeration units as well as purchasing refrigerants. The course includes the certification exam at MVCC. Course dates are Saturday, Feb. 8 and Saturday, April 12, from 8 to 11 a.m. The refresher course, study guide and certification exam costs $99. Industry professional HVAC instructors will teach the course. After completion, participants will take a computer-based test for Type I, II, III and Universal certification. Register at the RegPART TIME | from 7 Fritzie Eckenstein Latonya J Edwards Karin R Fox Katie L Garrison Theresa V Gergits Nancy J Gill Justin M Harvey Nehaya D Hasan Lana Khoury Jeffrey M Kleinhenz Gertrude M Kooy Jessica L Kudzia Michael E Lehner Sarah I Lynch Omar Macias Kelly Mager John F Maleady Jeannie M Mandernach Katelyn A Metz Nicholas L Meyer Tyya C Nathaniel Michael Panek Tenesha L Payton Helen H Pourchot Rita Restivo Megan A Roberts Myra Roca Marissa R Rooney Jennifer R Roy Amber L Schulz Anna Sil Wade Stillo Beata B Straczek Nancy M Szkodzinski George Tarpanoff Sandra M Unger Amira S Valdez

Jennifer R Vondra Gloria Vopinek Jennifer Walsh James J Welsh John R Wheaton Nicholas B Williams Daniel H Zalewski Hani Zughayer Orland Hills Karrie Benda Roger E Bradley Maria Caruso-Galgano Paul A Dina Nilam Jagani Victoria May Georgene Panfil Stephanie Reszka Laima Sineokijiene Sue A Stonis Jennifer Styx Catherine Wrona Orland Park Kelly Albus Leonardo Arenas Sahar Ayyad Chris Bartlett Joan Bertucci Georgiana M Besbekos Aleksandra Bienkowski Alexandria J Brigando Christopher Burch James G Butcher Elizabeth A Campbell Beatriz Castro Ulia N Cechir Bryan A Colby Diamond W Collum

istration Office, S125, or by calling (708) 974-2110. Online registration is available Course codes are MP5-600-271 for February and MP5-600-272 for April. Weekend Classes Classes that don’t interfere with the week’s schedule are now available. Weekend classes will be offered during the Spring 2004 semester. Schedule options include: Fridays only -- College: Changes, Challenges, Choices, beginning March 21 for eight weeks, Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays -- Introduction to Psychology, beginning March 28 for three weeks, Saturdays only -- Speech Fundamentals, beginning March 1 for 10 weeks, Saturdays/Sundays -- Fire Fighting Tactics/Strategies II, beginning March 29 for three weeks. A complete listing of classes can be found inside the spring 2014 class schedule or online at www.morainevalley. edu. Register in the Registration Office, online or call (708) 974-2110. Paid toll worker positions MVCC students are being recruited Debra L Davis Rebecca Deangelis Rebecca E Derivera Jessica G Estremera Wisam H Fakhouri Kimberly A Fako Joel Feinstein Avani J Garala Thomas D Goshen Robert L Griffin Dawn Hiatt Diana L Howard Yesmine M Jamal Melissa A Janks Kenneth R Johnston Janet L Kappel Manal Khalaf Jason W Klaczynski Kathy A Koczwara Eileen L Kost Christopher M Lavelle Stephanie Lia Ala G Liashko John M Majewski Joshua R Martinez Joseph F Martino Lisa Masterson Robert J McDonald Debra A McKinney Hemant Mehta Ryan Meyer Mary E Norton-Williams Hugh O’Donnell Andrea M O’Reilly Taofik Ogbara Jalpa Pandya Melissa Payton Roxanne M Piotrowski Gayle L Raimbault

Tracy E Rampick Anni Rasmussen Marie T Reyes Nicole A Rhim Cynthia B Russell Janine Salameh Elizabeth T Serrata Kathleen J Spencer Katarzyna Szymanski Ross S Tanzer Leopoldo M Torres Kyle Trokey Vida Vaiciulyte Evan M Veith Leigh Walls Mary Beth Williams Alaa Zayed Allison Zuehlke Palos Heights Helen M Dunne Debra A Guerrero Dovydas Krolis Eva K Michniak Sharon A Mullen Anne-Marie Peterson Scott D Sands Meghan Schuemann Laura A Sutton Ellen Wirry Palos Hills Abdallah Alawneh Cerilda C Aleck Reema Assil David R Bambuch Eugenia I Barnard Bradley J Berg Maria S Castrejon

by the Cook County Clerk’s office to aid in suburban polling places for March 18’s Primary Election. Working inside the atmosphere allows an inside look at the election process, a unique opportunity to offer service to the community and the chance to get paid all at the same time. To learn more about positions, apply online at or call (312) 603-0988. MVCC Foundation Scholarship From Jan. 24 until March 7, students are encouraged to complete the MVCC Foundation scholarship application. The campaign, Foundation for Success: Transforming Lives at Moraine Valley has raised over $2 million dollars that will be used for college and community programs, scholarships and other financial assisance to help students. For more information, contact Kari Pantol, Assistant Director of MVCC Foundation at 708-974-5551. Paintball Club If you are seeking a thrill and looking to become connected throughout Marsha B Dudnick Katherine G Einhorn Ericka R Henderson Andrew Holmes Lukasz M Kita Stephanie Kouchis Jamie W Kucharski Kristina Lapienyte Jieun Deborah Lee Timothy McGreal Todd M Meyer Brian Robinson Stephanie A Rojas Paola Russo Maram M Salameh Sonia Sierocki Victoria C Svoboda Bozena Tybor Viktorija Vasiliauskiene Anna Wojtyczka Palos Park Cara Bonick Amanda M Budz Olivia M Cribbin Michael R Getto Jason M Machulis Ryan M Martin Amanda E McAlister Edward Sobczak James A Tysiak Tara M Womer

Jose Vargas Richton Park Gregory Barron Adriene L Hayes-Hoy Kevin L Jenkins Paris L Meehan Shavellea Tinder Riverdale Cynthia Dawson Robbins Everardo Angulo Rolling Meadows Eric Galati Shorewood Sean Michalczewski John K Schmidt Stone Park Ricardo Alonso James Ruiz Streamwood Joseph Harry

Park Forest Delisa Spears

Summit Enver Asani Joanna M Bebenek Guillermo Benitez Kostadina Shackleton Jorge Torres

Plainfield Anton Collins Brandon Schaffer

Tinley Park Teo Abrego Melinda A Allen

campus, this adrenaline-filled club is for you! With the soul purpose of enhancing teamwork skills and sportsmanship as well as creating new friendships, the Paintballing Club is for anyone looking for a good time. The team is coed. If you have any questions or would like to sign up, stop by the paintball club table between buildings U and S. The table will be set up Jan. 28 from 10 a.m- 11 a.m. and Jan. 29 from noon- 1:30 p.m. R U Ready 2 Graduate? Is your education nearing finished at MVCC? Are you uncertain of your next steps? Trying to figure out where you would like to transfer? Attend this event and learn everything you need to know about transfering into a four-year college or university. Many institutions will be present to assist your search. Complete a degree audit verifying you’ve completed the credits essential to graduating, complete a graduation petition form an arrive Thursday, Jan. 30 between 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. on the first floor of the S Building. Nicole C Baer David J Benoit Robert J Birkmeyer Jason A Blohm Krista Broderick Susan A Buenger Michael J Darcy Denise A Dowling Derek Dybala Mohamed A Esily Marie T Galassini Anita M Goeppner George R Grey Donna C Hansen Carole A Hanson Thomas Jones Shannon L Kelley Elizabeth M Keyes Craig R Kolar Mena Loka Joan T Mazzuca Patrick J Miller Cheryl Pabisinski Jacqueline Pajon Terry Parker Tina Ramirez Joan E Renken Elizabeth A Rumbaugh Katie M Sheehy Chris Sigourney Jackie Siska Elena Storino Rex K Stouffer Mary F Tesher Jason S Thompson Philip D Vana Kevin Yee Vickie C Yuskis George D Zoeterman

University Park Asiel Harper Villa Park Robert Schultz Westchester Michael D Hall Jennifer M Jefferson Westmont Zaynab N Hedroug Willow Springs Elizabeth J Holmes Brittany Rowley Daniel J Rushing Willowbrook Roger J Segura Worth Amena Ahmad Alyssa C Ariaz Nour Baloot Jennifer M Comise Curtis E Czartoryski Wojciech A Hyrczyk Jayne M Joyce Judith L Keating Mary A Latsaras Stephanie A Lee Dana J Long Sherri McCollum Sylwia A Mietus Maida Moreno Lisa S Musleh Junyoung Yang Sylwia Zarzycki

College campus thrives among generations By William Lukitsch Entertainment Editor Do you know what your college can do for you? Career Paths and Coffee is a program organized by the MVCC Admissions office with the goal of giving new and returning students a glimpse at programs and resources offered. On Jan. 15, a small group of prospective students gathered in a S building conference room to learn more about the college campus that is thriving in

their community. Pamphlets, folders, free pens and, of course, coffee were set out as a courtesy. Admissions Recruiter, Peggy Heenan, guided intrigued adults through the basics with her interactive presentation. “Today, fewer employers are providing on the job training and most of them are looking to hire what they consider ‘plug-and-play’ employees,” said Heenan. And it’s true. The demand for higher education has been growing steadily over the past twenty years. Often, a

bachelor’s degree isn’t enough to keep Americans out of the unemployment lines. Heenan went on to give students an outlook on industries with job growth potential on the local level. She mentioned healthcare as being one of the top industries estimated to grow, not only in the Chicagoland area, but on a national level. With exclusive certification programs in nursing, respiratory therapy, and polysomnography, paired with low tuition cost, Moraine Valley is a smart

choice for advancement in the medical field. Other growing industries include information technology, transportation and distribution, and leisure and hospitality, all of which can be taken at Moraine through certification or transfer programs. For more information regarding this information session, visit the admissions web page on William Lukitsch can be contacted at

9 Views Will state cell phone laws keep drivers safer? THE GLACIER NOVEMBER 22, 2013 VOLUME 47, ISSUE 7

“Distraction while moving a ton of metal over 30 mph can be at best dangerous, and at worst, fatal.”

“...the car radio, is just as much of a distraction as a cell phone [and] it has just as many buttons...” By Matt Galvin Staff Writer

By Connor Reynolds Layout Editor

I am all for public concern, safety, general well being, and caring for fellow The new statewide ban on holding a cellphone while driving makes for a conhumans, but when it comes to personal freedoms and liberties there is a fine line sistent enforcement across the state, while closing loopholes to make for a more between consideration and condemnation. enforceable, logical approach to ticketing drivers. Totalitarianism is defined as a political system in which the state holds total Bans on cell phone use for calls or texts have been in place in many Illinois cities authority over the society and seeks to control all aspects of public and private life and counties for years now. However these laws were not necessarily consistent in whenever possible, which can be closely linked to fascism. Recently cell phone use interpretation and application from area to area. The statewide law will help to clarhas become a controversial topic of discussion, particularly cell phone use while ify the details of hands free laws so that citizens will be able to better follow them. operating a motor vehicle. At the center of the issue with this new law is safety. It would be a wonderful According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, as many as 41 states world indeed if everyone was capable of safely driving while texting, calling, eating have some sort of restriction or ban on cell phone usage while operating a motor or changing. It just doesn’t work that way. Distraction while moving a ton of metal vehicle, with fines ranging from $200 to $800, and I believe this to be a totalitar- over 30 mph can be at best dangerous, and at worst, fatal. ian practice that is infringing on basic civil liberties to obtain income, and should Many opponents to this law claim that this is just the latest example of the govnot be in place. ernment prying into our private lives. Americans tend to cry foul when behaviors Some law makers, like the neighboring town of Oak Park or the state of New they’ve grown accustomed to are restricted. Jersey, are pushing for these distracted driving clauses to go as far as adding eatThis would be an example of the government overreaching if distracted driving ing while driving, doing makeup while driving, or even changing CDs while driv- was only of detriment to the driver. Everyone on the road, as well as pedestrians ing as illegal and fineable offenses. The authorities and passengers are affected by the dangerous habits have already been installing all sorts of cameras to of a distracted driver. The law obviously works in the check speed, stopping at red lights, and observe best interest of the general public. high crime areas, what are next to come cameras in Until this new law took effect, drivers were eascars to be sure these new laws are being adhered to? ily able to get out of texting tickets by claiming they The dangers of operating a motor vehicle are very were doing other functions on their phone. real, but how many lives will really be saved from This law allows no such ambiguity in enforceenacting these laws, and how will they be enforced? ment. Police officers still retain power of discretion Take for instance the car radio, is that not just as and don’t necessarily need to ticket those they see. much of a distraction as a cell phone, it has just Motorists retain the ability to use their phones when as many buttons and certainly has more volume, stopped or in emergencies. should those be outlawed next? In the 1930’s that Technology has advanced to the point where a was a serious debate. hands free device is cheap and available to anyone. The Galvin Brother’s Radio Company (no relaThe headphones that come with the iPhone allow for tion), came up with the practice of installing car rahands free use. dios into automobiles, and those who could afford Not getting the necessary hands free accessories this luxury, loved the idea. In response to this legisis just laziness. lators in states like Massachusetts, New York, New When driving a car, the most important responJersey, Illinois and Ohio, tried to pass bills to make sibility is, just that, driving the car. We’ve become playing these car stereos, or even having them inspoiled drivers, with cup holders, radio, CD changstalled while driving a fineable offense of up to $50, [Graphic by Donnell Outlaw] ers and smartphones that make a sometimes tedious which in retrospect to today that figure would be part of life less so. The government grants certain inflated to something like $825. Passing these laws was a waste of time and ef- drivers the privilege of driving. Qualified citizens earn the privilege of driving by fort because it was not only very hard to catch these “criminals”, but rarely ever demonstrating they are responsible. enforced, and the idea was eventually abandoned. This law is important and just makes sense. It seems obvious that drivers should In short, teach responsibility and attentiveness in drivers education programs, not be allowed to drive recklessly, whether its from intoxication or cell phone use. and make it a mandatory part of the written and driving test when applying for With the speed and consequences inherent with operating a motor vehicle, momena license, and keep the government’s money grubbing paws out of our pockets. tary distraction can be enough. Matt Galvin can be contacted at

“I think traffic accidents and the death toll will decrease as a result of the new statewide law.” -Raquel Piña

“It’s unsettling when you see other drivers on the phone. I ‘ve always prefered to pull over when on the phone.” -Giovanni Martino

Connor Reynolds can be contacted at

“It’s a good idea. I use bluetooth so it’s easier for me and it doesn’t distract me while driving.” -Valery Garripoli

“I think it’s great for inexperienced drivers, but a hindrance for older, experienced drivers.” -Ryan Arendt



Meatless Monday: An Easy New Year’s Resolution By Kenny Torrella Guest Editorial At this time of year, many of us are likely thinking about New Year’s resolutions and how we can make the world, and ourselves, better in 2014. We’ve all made far-fetched and vague New Year’s resolutions that don’t stick. So how about making a resolution to do something that’s easy and can make a big difference for animals, the environment, and our own health, plus has a lot of staying power? It’s called Meatless Monday. Meatless Monday, which stems from a U.S. government resource-saving initiative from World War I, has gone mainstream. Household names like Oprah and Al Gore are touting the benefits of eating less meat, and even the Norwegian Army is going meat-free one day a week. Meatless Monday has also taken off on college campuses, with over 200 colleges and universities now participating, including Monroe Community College, and over 20 percent of college students reporting that they’re consciously cutting back on meat consumption. Why the shift toward eating more plants, and fewer animals? The current high levels of meat consumption in the U.S. support inhumane practices in in-

dustrial factory farms, and push small family farmers out of business. Eating less meat is better for animals, creates less waste and pollution, and places more value on humane and sustainable agriculture which benefits family farmers and generates more income for rural communities. Going meat-free one day a week can make a big difference for the chickens, pigs and cows raised for food, most of whom suffer in factory farms. For example, egg-laying hens are confined in small metal cages. Each bird has less space than an iPad on which to live, leaving her unable to even flap her wings or engage in other natural behaviors. Breeding pigs in the pork industry are usually locked into cramped crates barely larger than their own bodies for virtually their entire lives, suffering from intense physical and psychological distress. By choosing meat-free options just one day a week we can all help prevent an enormous amount of cruelty to animals who feel pain and pleasure just like all animals.   In addition to helping animals, humans have a lot to gain from participating in Meatless Monday. A number of studies have found that “meat-reducers” – those who eat

less meat than the average American – tend to have lower rates of high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease and even certain types of cancer. Former president Bill Clinton, once known for his love of fast food, has been making headlines with his recent dietary change. After years of battling heart problems and undergoing quadruple bypass surgery, Clinton took his doctor’s advice to reduce his meat consumption and increase his intake of plant-based foods. He swapped the chicken nuggets and fried fish for veggie burgers, lo mein with green beans, hummus and fresh fruit smoothies and reports that the results have been tremendous: he said he has lost 24 pounds, feels more energetic and saw a drop in cholesterollevels. Lastly, eating less meat in the New Year is one of the most effective ways to help the planet. According to the United Nations, meat production is responsible for 15 percent of all human-induced greenhouse gas emissions. Perhaps the Sierra Club put it best when they said, “If Americans reduced meat consumption by just 20 percent, it would be as though we all switched from a sedan to a hybrid.” The Humane Society of the United

States advocates compassionate eating – or the Three Rs:“reducing” or “replacing” consumption of animal products, and “refining” our diets by choosingproducts from sources that adhere to higher animal welfare standards. And yes, there’s an app for that. Download VegOut onto your phone to find the closest restaurants to you that offer delicious vegetarian options. Plus, national food chains like Chipotle and Denny’s offer meat-free dishes, and international cuisines, from Thai to Ethiopianto Chinese, are never short on meat-free options. Want to try your hand in the kitchen? Visit to keep your Meatless Monday resolution going throughout the year. We all know that New Year’s resolutions can be tough to stick with, but that’s often because ourgoals are either too lofty or difficult. That’s where Meatless Monday comes in: it’s not only easy; it’s effective in improving our health, helping animals stuck in factory farms, and protecting the environment. Here’s to a New Year and a new tradition – bon appetit! Kenny Torrella is the Meatless Monday Coordinator for the Humane Society of the UnitedStates. Visit for more information.

UN sidelines Iranians in peace talks By David Alexander Staff Writer Any observer of the fratricidal Syrian conflict knows that the civil war can be separated into roughly three concentric circles. There is the innermost circle, where all the killings are happening. This circle pits the largely Shi’ite (Alawite) Bashar Assad’s government against the multitudinous Sunni brigades, eighteen hundred at the last count, that are seeking to overthrow him. Then there is the middle circle where regional actors operate. This is where Shi’ite Iran and Lebanon’s Hezbollah militia on one hand are facing off against Sunni Saudi Arabia and the other Sunni Arab Gulf states in a battle for religious and ideological supremacy that has raged on for the last 1,400 years. The third and outermost layer of the

Have an opinion? Be heard.

infernal Syrian concentric circle has the West, the US, and some might lump the United Nations into that camp, jockeying for influence against Vladimir Putin’s Russia. With all these players entangled in the Syrian bloodbath, it was quite surprising to see the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon invite Iran to the Geneva II peace conference for Syria, and then dis-invite the Iranians days later. Surely, every observer of the Syrian Civil War should know that the only reason Bashar Assad is still in power in Damascus is because the Iranian leadership is solidly behind their fellow coreligionist. Syria is a strategic ally for Iran, and the Iranians have pledged to stand by Assad to the bitter end. To this end, members of Iran’s elite Al Quds force have reportedly trained Assad’s Shabab Militia in Iran, and have

also reportedly fought alongside Bashar Assad’s forces inside Syria. Then there is the issue of Hezbollah, Iran’s proxy Lebanese army that is actively in the fight on the ground in Syria. This is in addition to the tons of weapons and logistical support that Iran has sent to Damascus and so forth. It might not be far-fetched to say that if Iran ceases to support the Assad regime, the regime would crumble in a matter of days and week. With this as the background, the decision to not invite Iran to the Syrian peace conference, in a bid to placate the fractious opposition, is a puzzle. Common sense would dictate that for peace to be brought back to Syria, Iran, which is a major part of the problem, has to, by the same token, be a major part of the search for a solution, instead of the two score observer nations that have nothing to offer but were invited to the conference anyway.

Trying to sideline Iran in the search for peace in Syria is a silly and serious mistake that inevitably will turn the Geneva II Syria peace conference into an international talking shop for angry exchanges of well-worn accusations, since obviously all the concerned parties at the peace conference are not there to negotiate, but to state demands. The sad fact however is this, the only power that can make Bashar Assad go is, well Iran, and the Iranians have been dis-invited to Geneva II, so how exactly will Iran feel incentivized to support the search for peace in Syria? And how exactly will the West, the US and the eighteen hundred fractious Jihadi opposition brigades accomplish their goal of regime change in Syria, since the military option has not worked so far three years on? David Alexander can be contacted

All letters to the editor are welcome and will be considered for publication or posting online. The preferred method is to e-mail letters to Letters should be timely and should be addressed to the editor; no open letters to other people are printed. Letters must be submitted through a valid Moraine Valley student email, must contain contact information, and must be fewer than 400 words. In cases where it is required letters may be published anonymously.



Cyclones stepping in the right direction By Sean McDermott Sports Editor After ending the 2013 portion of the schedule on a sour note, the Cyclones continued their downward spiral as they’ve lost four out of their last five games. The Cyclones came into the year like a picture with a broken frame. They had a few returning starters, which earned them the title of preseason Region IV favorites, but ultimately the loss of Karrington Ward (Eastern Michigan) and the departure of seasoned NJCAA coach Dedrick Shannon proved to be too much for the “rebuilding” basketball program to handle. When coach Dave Howard was hired he was already walking into a difficult situation. Howard had a very short time to recruit and had big shoes to fill after the incredible 2012-13 season. Despite the 5-13 record the Cyclones have put together a couple of memorable games. The Cyclones were in an overtime thriller against region rival Waubonsee Community College on Jan. 16. Led by guards Johnte Shannon and Kyle Ward, the Cyclones jumped out to a 12 point lead with less than 15 minutes

Des’nique Harris, Johnte Shannon, Kyle Ward, Brett Kaiser and Paulius Otruskevicius on the bench during the Cyclones 80-73 loss to Oakton on Jan.11. [Gaby Aviles] in the first half. Eventually the Chiefs would battle back to tie the game at 25 all. A back and forth contest would ensue in the second half with Waubonsee’s guard Raheem Jackson nailing the game tying three with 0.8 seconds left on the scoreboard sending the game to over-

time. At a 55-55 standstill, the Cyclones caught second wind as Denton Wallace and Ward led the offensive charge in overtime to give the Cyclones the 6458 victory in what can be viewed as the best played game this season for Howard’s Cyclones. Ward notched a triple-

double in the victory scoring 17 points and gathering 11 boards to with 10 assists. The win against Waubonsee snapped a four game skid, but a daunting test was ahead of the Cyclones as they traveled to South Holland, IL to take on the seventh ranked Bulldogs of South Suburban College (17-3). Carrying confidence on their backs the Cyclones seemed unphased by the dominant Bulldogs team and only trailed by a point at halftime. The second half was a different story for the Cyclones, as forward Des’nique Harris and Ward couldn’t carry the team over the hump on the way to a 66-59 loss. Harris and Ward combined for 45 of the Cyclones’ points as the rest of the squad couldn’t find a rhythm and get the ball into the basket. With 11 games remaining on the schedule, the Cyclones are beginning to play better defense and have become a pest to many teams. The close-knit unit is beginning to play physical and smart basketball late into the season and have a shot to make a little noise in the upcoming Region IV tournament. Sean McDermott can be contacted at


Katie McGann

Men’s Basketball Guard

Women’s Basketball Guard

By Sean McDermott Sports Editor Kyle Ward is a second-year guard/ forward on the Moraine Valley men’s basketball team. The 6’1’’ Lockport High School alum has had a tremendous 2013-14 campaign under head coach Dave Howard. Ward is averaging 15.3 points per game with a free throw percentage of 72 percent and an average of seven rebounds and four assists. Ward has been one of the main keys to the Cyclones’ success this season. Ward’s best game came on Jan. 18 in a loss against seventh-ranked South Suburban College. Ward scored a team high 25 points along with five rebounds and three assists.

Katie McGann is a second-year guard on the Moraine Valley women’s basketball team. The 5’10’’ product out of Providence High School has been on a tear of late for head coach Delwyn Jones’ Cyclones. In her last three games McGann has averaged 22 points per contest while sinking 18 three pointers doing the span. McGann’s best game came in a 7776 loss against South Suburban College on Jan. 18. McGann hit eight three pointers and finished the game with 32 points. The Cyclones will look towards McGann to continue her hot shooting for the rest of the season. Sean McDermott can be contacted at


Sean McDermott Sports Editor



Palos native obtains Olympic dream By Sean McDermott Sports Editor Kendall Coyne, a record-breaking player at Northeastern University, has achieved her dream, as she will represent the United States of America as a member of the Women’s Hockey team in the Sochi Olympics. “We’re excited for Kendall and this opportunity,” said Northeastern University’s women’s hockey head coach Dave Flint, who was an assistant coach on the 2010 silver medal Olympic team. “She’s earned it. She has worked her whole life for this and we are really proud of her.” A Palos Heights native, Coyne gained aspirations of playing hockey at the tender age of three after watching her older brother Kevin play at the local ice rink. After the 1998 winter games Coyne attended a hockey camp run by 1998 gold medalist, Cammi Granato from Downers Grove. “When [Granato] came around, that was the first time I realized that a girl could play hockey,” explained Coyne. “As I’ve gotten older, watching the Olympics and the camaraderie with the U.S. delegation; it was always a dream.” With a new ambition and a dream, Coyne went on to play travel hockey for

the Chicago Chill when she was 11. She remained with the Chill until she was 14. Coyne was able to compete at the international level against women at the age of 15 at the 2008 U-18 World Championship, where her impressive play led the United States to a gold medal. Her performance helped earn her a roster spot at Northeastern University in Boston. In two seasons she has scored 63 goals and 113 points along with honors including New England Women’s Division 1 All-Star and the 2013 Beanpot Most Valuable Player. Her career statistics and outstanding play at the national level made the agile, 5’2’’ winger an easy choice to represent the United States at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Despite her small size, Coyne has outstanding speed, stick handling skills and strength. Coyne also possesses strong leadership and has embraced a “team first” attitude that has turned her teammates into a stronger knit unit. “The experience has been great so far,” said Coyne. “Being treated like a professional athlete and focusing on hockey is a dream come true.” Throughout 2013 Coyne spent most of her time training and perfecting her skills for 2-3 hours a day at the Edge in Bedford, Massachusetts. The hard

work is needed for Coyne and her teammates to get ready for face-off against the world’s best female hockey players “It’s a more physical game – especially when you get into the games with Canada – and is so much faster,” said Flint. As the days to Sochi begin to draw near, the United States women’s hockey team has endured an exciting once in a lifetime experience that they will be able to tell their family, friends and children some day. Team USA was introduced at the nationally broadcast NHL Winter Classic during the second intermission and they were able to practice in the historic ballpark Fenway Park. Coyne who will wear number 26 for the red, United States Left Winger Kendall Coyne. [USA Hockey] white and blue and her teammates will begin their Preps for the Olympic Games by gonuquest for gold Feb. 8 against Finland at athletics 3 a.m. (CT). Sports Topix by Gregg Rubio. *All quotes were pre approved from the United States Hockey team. Sean McDermott can be contacted at A Dream Realized: Kendall Coyne

Women thriving on McGann’s shooting

By Sean McDermott Sports Editor A long December gave Delwyn Jones’ Cyclones a reason to believe that maybe this season was going to be better than the last. Carrying an 11-8 record the Cyclones have won six of their last eight games. With aspirations of extending their five-game win streak the Cyclones battled Waubonsee Community College on Jan. 16 at the Cyclone Center. A slow start by the Cyclones offense found them on the wrong side of an 18-point Waubonsee advantage. With the game seemingly over, the Cyclones got hot and brought the game back to within three points thanks to the hot shooting Katie McGann (5-12 3FG) However, the early hole proved to be too much for Jones’ Cyclones, and Waubonsee snapped their winning streak in a 67-61 loss. With a disappointing loss still on their minds, the Cyclones took on the 12-8 Bulldogs of South Suburban College in an Illinois Skyway battle. Once again the baskets wouldn’t fall, and the Cyclones trudged into halftime down double digits. McGann once again led the charge in the second half by nailing three consecutive 3’s that prompted the advantage to flip in the Cyclones favor.

Samantha Holler inbounds the ball on Jan. 16 against Waubonsee Community College. Holler is averaging 8.3 points per game along with 5.2 rebounds. [Erica Sinnott] Now with the lead, the Cyclones defense needed to stop the Bulldogs as they had possession of the ball with seconds left. The stifling Cyclones defense contested

the go ahead shot, which rimmed out leading to a controversial play. The ball fell to the hardwood floor, the Bulldogs were able to get the offensive rebound

and put up a shot at the buzzer and won the game 77-76. The play was controversial due to the fact that the ball appeared to leave the Bulldogs player hand after the buzzer. McGann finished the game with 32 points, 24 of those points came in the second half. After two straight disheartening losses, the Cyclones took a step in the right direction with an 88-36 thumping of the McHenry County College on Jan. 21. McGann led the Cyclones in points for the third straight game, as she shot 60 percent from the field (5-9 3FG) and scored 18 points. In her last three games McGann amassed 65 points while shooting an amazing 53 percent from beyond the three-point line. Forward Jamilla Jones also had a splendid game, as she pulled down 20 rebounds and scored 15 points for a healthy double-double. The Cyclones streaky team shooting has been on the upward of late and it needs to stay consistent for the rest of the year if they want to make it far in the upcoming Region IV playoffs. They also must not dig themselves into early holes, as in six of the Cyclones’ eight losses they trailed after first half. Sean McDermott can be contacted at



Ciara Barnett Features Editor


Kicking off the spring semester By Ciara Barnett Features Editor

Welcome Days hosted activities such as tug-of-war for students to participate in. [Student Life]

Moraine’s Merry Christmas Music

The Student Life department made an amazing effort to host a wonderful Welcome Days for students who are new or returning to the college, greeting them for another great semester. As tradition, Welcome Days takes place on the first week of each semester, offering students games and trivia to get back into the spirit of school and learning, as well as setting examples for the departments objective of joining everyone together. Held in the U Building from 12 p.m. to 2p.m., snacks, games and music were provided. Students, organizations, club members and teachers filled the Student Union to participate in welcoming everyone to Moraine. The atmosphere was fantastic, and those who participated in games such as tug-of-war, musical chairs, and hula-hooping won prizes and walked away with the feeling of a community. The goal of Welcome Days is to WELCOME DAYS | page 3

Moraine’s ‘Catechism’ class

By Dimka Atanassova Staff Writer Moraine Valley Music Department’s “Merry Christmas Music” concert created highlights that stirred up twinkling memories for spellbound patrons. The 17th edition of this festive holiday concert was held at the Dorothy Menker Theater on Dec. 7, 2013. Traditionally, this highly anticipated event has sold out tickets for weeks before the date of this seasonal celebration. The 70-member Moraine Valley Chorale, the 15-member Chamber Singers, and the growing 12-member Chamber Orchestra’s merrymaking was imbued with a wide range of emotions. The performance made lasting impressions, with glittering stage appearances by musicians, Jeanne Vaughn’s inspirational reading, and Nicholas Thomas’ directorship and debonair entertainment style. Thomas’ humorous hats and costume changes created sparks of laughter through the audience. Twenty splendid secular songs and updated traditional Yuletime carols, with rich, uplifting tonal design and vivid text images, were performed for both the participants’ and the audience’s sheer pleasure. The opening and closing combined multiple numbers; “The Star-Spangled Banner”, “Christmas on Broadway”, “Swing We Now CHRISTMAS | page 10

Mary Beth Burns lectures to her “Catechism” class for help with the Las Vegas night fundraiser. [Erica Sinnott] By William Lukitsch Entertainment Editor Catholicism isn’t typically regarded as a laughing matter. Something about bleeding crucifixes and Virgin Mary statues doesn’t leave much room for humor in the Catholic church, or so it might seem. The Dorothy Menker Theater hosted two packed shows on Jan. 18. Due to

popular demand, a matinee performance was added to the bill, starting at 3:00 P.M. Despite the perilous weather conditions, patrons of various ages and religious backgrounds gathered at Dorothy Menker Theater for the outrageous comedy act, “Late Nite Catechism: Sister Rolls the Dice”. Written by Maripat Donovan, this show incorporates a distinct style of humor, poking a bit of light-hearted fun at Catholi-

cism, which the Sister defends with her 12-inch ruler. Mary Beth Burns, or Sister, as she prefers to be called during the show, transformed Dorothy Menker Theater into a Catholic school classroom. While Donovan deserves credit for the creation of the character, Burns was the heart and soul of Sister at this performance. “Sister Rolls the Dice” is largely CATECHISM | page 8



New fitness center set to open in March By Jerry Rodgers Staff Writer The new fitness center is about to flex its muscles on the Moraine Valley Community College campus. Local area workout warriors are ready to pump iron, fulfilling their New Year’s resolutions with the coming of the anticipated and newly constructed health club. Work on the 113,000-square foot facility that started last year, with vivid color schemes, is coming closer to completion with its official opening in March 2014. The center will be open to students, faculty, and community members, and features 77 pieces of top-ofthe-line cardio machinery, 3-full court basketball courts and 4 spacious fitness studios. Luckily if you’re a full-time student, you have the convenience of using the gym’s facility for free. Members get first class strength and cardiovascular equipment, a pro shop, a café, private sessions, evaluations and personal training quarters. For a measly $26 a month for an individual to $70 month for a family package that extends to five immediate

The future home courts for Cyclone basketball is completed in the new Health, Fitness, and Recreation Center. [Erica Sinnott] family members, the fitness center has everything one needs. A lavish whirlpool, and steam rooms for men and women, will allow members the chance to pamper themselves after a backbreaking and exhausting workout. Everyone is chomping at the bit to step foot into the newly constructed fitness center. The amount of labor that was put into the gym to get it ready once looked like a lengthy and drawn-out project that would have to be seen to be believed. “I’m already a member at a fitness club currently, the month delay doesn’t matter that much to me. I’d rather have a facility done correctly than push the project faster for my own selfish interest,” said Tabu Hobart Knight, a student

Construction is still underway on the Health and Fitness Center. [Erica Sinnott]

at Moraine Valley. The newly constructed fitness center is offering amenities at an acceptable price, compared to other neighboring fitness centers such as Life Time Fitness or LA Fitness. Palos Hills is a great location, convenient for Moraine Valley students and the community who will now have a quality fitness center right in their backyards. Moraine Valley values and understands the significance of having quality accommodations and fitting exercise into your daily routine, whether before, after or in between classes. Jerry Rodgers can be contacted at



Alum becomes editor of newspaper chain By Ciara Barnett Features Editor As managing editor of 12 weekly newspapers in the Chicago suburbs, one could say Bill Jones has his hands full. Starting at the Orland Park Prairie in 2010, Jones was first hired as an assistant editor. However, Jones started his writing career at Moraine Valley Community College for “The Glacier.” He spent a year doing reviews of music and video games and took many literature classes while attending the college. Jones graduated with an associate’s degree and went on to the University of Iowa, double majoring in English and journalism, with the focus on creative writing. “I’m basically responsible for everything in our office’s editorial department. That includes special sections we publish, holding editorial meetings, discussing ideas and programs with our owner, some copyediting and really whatever else comes my way,” said Jones. “I’m always answering a lot of questions from a lot of people for guidance on our regular work.”

Not only do all of the editors of the 12 newspapers report to Bill, but he also does assignments himself, and only has an assistant editor and an assistant managing editor to help him out for the Orland Park Prairie paper. “At Moraine, I had a lot of great instructors in classes like composition, literature, and so forth. That’s when I really started to realize I liked writing,” said Jones. “And obviously I started writing for The Glacier, so that gave me a little taste of what you could do with newspaper writing.” Bill’s position is not one that many young people are able to obtain, but when the former managing editor received a new position, Jones took a chance and pitched the idea to his boss about letting Jones take over. “In this position, I have an assistant managing editor, Jon DePaolis, who helps with all of the management duties. As editor of The Orland Park Prairie, I have an assistant editor who helps put that paper together,” said Jones. “We also use a number of freelance writers and photographers to provide content for the paper.” Launching a Highland Park paper in February will cause 22nd Century

Media to have the secondlargest circulation statewide, second only to the Chicago Tribune. “I think it (MVCC) helped me narrow down what I wanted to do. Before college, I was thinking about pharmacy and realized I hated chemistry,” said Jones. Bill Jones is a man of many responsibilities; by juggling and handling many duties, this makes him an overall professional in his craft. Jones has the position many young journalists and writers should strive for, making him an inspiration. One can only hope to have such a predominant title in today’s economy. Ciara Barnett can be contacted Moraine Valley alum Bill Jones recently promoted to at managing editor for the Orland Park Prairie. [Provided]

Book scholarship winners By William Lukitsch Entertainment Editor College can be tough: on the mind, the spirit, and especially on the wallet. Despite the relatively low tuition at Moraine Valley, there are many other expenses that can put students into a tight spot. One of those financial woes is the ever-increasing cost of college textbooks. For nearly a decade, the Student Government Association has offered a $1000 book scholarship program. Each semester, five different students are given $200 gift certificates to be used for textbooks or other materials available at the Moraine Valley Bookstore. Funding for the scholarship has traditionally been appropriated through a book sale fundraiser, held in the Moraine U Building. To be considered for the scholarship, students must possess a 2.5 GPA, present a letter of recommendation, and be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours in the semester that they are applying for. An acceptable letter of recommendation has to come from a Moraine Valley faculty or staff member, or from a high school teacher. In addition to basic criteria, applicants are required to submit a 500 to 1000-word essay. When it comes down to it, the essays are an important element that the Student Government Association looks for in terms of quality; but, according to Student Government Association advisor Bradley Custer, there are other factors that are considered when choosing the awardees.

“We expect that the essays be well written and that they address the questions,” said Custer, “We’re also seeking to give this to students who have real financial need.” The quality of students’ writing and the strength of their recommendation letters are factors, but it seems that the goal of the Student Government Association is to give this scholarship to the ones that need it the most. “This scholarship was designed to provide a little bit of money for books for students that really need it,” Custer said. Though the scholarship has been on the block for a while, the Student Government Association has made some changes with the program, mostly in regard to the essay. Students, in addition to writing generally about why they deserve the scholarship, are asked to answer one of three questions pertaining to leadership characteristics, current Moraine Valley issues, and overcoming educational challenges. Applications for spring semester were due on January 13, whereupon committee members selected five scholarship awardees among the 26 eligible applicants. The spring scholarships have been decided, but there’s still opportunity for next semester. Students interested in pursuing this scholarship can find more information in the Student Life Center, or through the student life page on William Lukitsch can be contacted at



Sport streaming website now available By Ciara Barnett Features Editor Coming this spring, streaming of Moraine Valley’s sports will now be broadcasted online for those unable to make the live game. This is a great opportunity for broadcast students who do not have classes for their major at Moraine. Though students would have to volunteer for the positions, they would gain experience with technology that most community colleges do not offer. “It was time,” said Amanda Sidorowicz, digital media coordinator. “My boss Sean came up with the idea and the multimedia team got it up and running. The school has never done live streaming before, so it’s an interesting thing to give people of long distance a chance to watch their family members online.” Positions available that students can volunteer for are camera and computer operators. The minimum a game can operate on is two people. However, if more people are available for the games, they can assume the roll of a broadcaster: giving play by plays and commentaries on the game. “I want to thank the student aids and

volunteers because without them, there wouldn’t be a streamed game, without them we wouldn’t be able to broadcast,” said Sidorowicz. “I’m definitely excited about this project; though, I’m least excited that not a lot of people know about it. Training is provided, and broadcast majors can use this background as a skill on their portfolio, as a technical or sporting background.” Multimedia Services (located in L111) will provide the equipment necessary to stream all of the sports games and will provide training on proper clean up, set up, and operation of all equipment. “It is a career choice for me, I want to be involved with sports in the future,” said Sean McDermott, student volunteer for the program. “Broadcasting is something I’ve always wanted to pursue. Amanda helped set up the program and approached me with the job possibility, and I jumped at the chance. I recommend this program for anybody who is on the same career path as me or interested in sports. This can also help students get more into the school’s basketball games.” There are still many open positions for the February women’s basketball games.

Live streams of games are available through the Athletics website. [Provided] “Perhaps in the future we’ll be able to do radio broadcasting. There was a lot of trial and error with this project but it’s about having fun and gaining experience, not about perfection,” said Sidorowicz. “Now that students are able to have this option, it opens doors for when they transfer, they have gained knowledge from this experience that students have never had before.” Men’s live games can be watched here: athletics/mens_bball/watch.htm. Women’s live games can be watched

here: athletics/womens_bball/watch.htm. All archived and live games will always be at If you are interested in volunteering to work the camera, computer or broadcast the games, please contact Amanda Sidorowicz at (708) 974-5291 or email her at Also contact Sean Terry at Ciara Barnett can be contacted at



Now offering direct deposit By Ashley Meitz News Editor Starting the 2014 spring semester, students are encouraged to open e-Checking accounts with Standard Bank. These accounts will allow student’s mobile deposits, online access and refunded ATM withdrawal fees. Aside

from convenience, Standard Bank requires no monthly maintenance fee. By logging onto, an account may be created right away. Select e-Checking and enter the promo code SB-MVCC. A driver’s license or state ID, social security number and your mother’s maiden name must be available. Standard Bank Representatives were

[Graphic by TJ Schultz]

present outside the Cashier’s Office from Jan. 20 to 24 to help sign students up and answer any questions. “The e-Checking accounts are aimed at the convenience of students,” explained one representative. E-Checking accounts also make transferring money from one Standard Bank user to another simple and hassle-free. Everything can be done electronically, whether by means of a smart phone or computer. With a username and password, accounts may be accessed via any device with internet access. Free online banking and bill pay along with a debit card, e-statements and telephone banking will prove the most simple account for students. Automatic payments ensure no overdraft or late fees. Standard Bank sponsors MVCC’s ‘Standard Bank and Trust Company Scholarship’. The scholarship amount is $2,500 and is awarded to one student each semester. Eligibility calls for a graduating senior from Brother Rice, Marist or Mount Carmel High School who plans to enroll at MVCC. The applicant must have a high school GPA of 2.5 or higher and carry at least 12 credit hours at MVCC during the semester they are awarded the scholarship. Ashley Meitz can be contacted at news@

STUDENT CLUBS Compiled by The Glacier 24 Karat Dance Team Contact Terra Jacobson at 974-5467. Action, Social & Political Empowerment Contact Annette D’Silva at 608-4023. Alliance of Latin American Students Contact Alexandria Elvira at 974-5487. Anime Club Contact Jeremy Kingery at 608-4322. Arab Student Union Contact Nina Shoman-Dijani at 974-5229. Art Club Contact Kevin Daly at 708-927-0764. Artistic Metal-Working Contact James Greer at 974-5423. Asian Diversity Club Contact Tamina Farooqui at 974-5313. BOSS Contact Josiah Fuller at 974-4025. Business, Finance, & Entrepreneur Club Contact James Snooks at 974-5785. Christian Fellowship Contact Daniel Cristman at 608-4284. College Bowl Contact Ted Powers at 608-4177. Combat to College Contact General McArthur at 974-4144. Creative Writing Club Contact Tina Jenkins-Bell at 974-4379. Fashion Valley Couture Contact Dominique McDowell at 974-5722. Filmmakers Club Contact Dan Pal at 630-942-2800. Fire Science Contact Bryant Krizek at 608-4404. Forensics - Phi Kappa Delta Contact John Nash at 974-5556, Krista Appelquist at 974-5222. GASP - Gender And Sexuality Progress Contact Jeffrey McCully at 608-4377. The Glacier Student Newspaper Contact Ted Powers at 608-4177. Honors Program Contact Alicea Toso at 974-4191. International Women’s Club Contact Annette D’Silva at 974-4023. International Conversation Partners   Contact Elizabeth Boucek at 974-5427. K-Fu Club Contact Courtney Reese at 974-4067. Korean Student Association (K.S.A.) Contact Young Shim at 974-4319. Legacy X Dance Team Contact Demetrius Robinson at 974-5353. Mastadon   Contact Ted Powers at 608-4177. Music Club Contact Tammi Carlson at 974-5636. Muslim Student Association Contact Michael Morches at 974-5310. Psychology Club Contact Mitchell Baker at 974-4058. Recreation Management/ Recreation Therapy Contact Donna McCauley at 974-5227. Relay for Life Planning Committee Contact Wally Fronzek at 974-5372. The Society of Arab Scholars Contact Kipp Cozad at 974-5331. South of the Himalayas Contact Sumeet Singh at 974-4353. Student Government Association Contact Demetrius Robinson, Kimberly Golk at 974-4179 Student Nursing Organization (S.N.O.) Contact Georgina Murphy in 974-4122. Ultimate Frisbee Contact Jessica Crotty at 974-5281.

6 WELCOME DAYS | from front page get students more involved with clubs and other campus activities. Also, it offers students a chance to meet new people and broaden their otherwise already established social circles. “Welcome Days were created five years ago to welcome returning students and new students through educating, entertaining, and encouraging,” said Student Life Manager, Demetrius Robinson. People were motivated to wear green and white to show school spirit and win special prizes for their commitment to Moraine Valley. Whether students attended Welcome Days with the intention to meet new people, join a club or sport, have a snack, or play some games, this event had something for everyone who participated. Welcome Days strives to include many other organizations and companies to promote students to take into account the activities available outside of classrooms. Students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities in order to make the most of their time at Moraine Valley. “Welcome days is made up of fun games and food, with a chance to win another Moraine shirt,” said Jessica Pyrkowski. “I think I have more than the bookstore does by now.” Great sportsmanship was shown for the tug of war games; however, only one team could win. Host Megan Roberts told Moraine Valley students the rules of the games, and encouraged contestants to try their best. Robinson stated that joining a club not only provides students with the opportunity to get to know one another and explore their own growing interests, but it “builds social skills, teaches you how to communicate, promotes leadership, and shows you how to work within


Musical chairs was on the agenda of activities planned for Welcome Days in the Student Union. Students showed great sportsmanship and were able to win prizes such as t-shirts while taking part in the two days of fun. [Erica Sinnott] a team.” Opportunities and events like this hosted throughout the semesters possess the ability to change not only students’ time at Moraine Valley, but their lives beyond its walls as well. For more information on how you could become involved in clubs or activities contact student life manager Demetrius Robinson by calling (708) 974-5717 or email him at studentlife@ Ciara Barnett can be reached at features@

Students take part in a hula-hooping competition during Welcome Days in the Student Union on Jan. 14. [Erica Sinnott]

7 Entertainment A page from Carrie Ann Schumacher’s book William Lukitsch Entertainment Editor


By Ashley Meitz News Editor “I don’t hate books,” Carrie Ann Schumacher joked at the start of her Artist Talk during the “All The Stories She Was Ever Told” exhibit. Typically, art is presented in one of two ways: on paper (2-D) or in the form of a sculpture (3-D).  Schumacher managed to create an art form in itself that combines both.  Using pages from old romance novels, she designs and pieces together one-of-a-kind dresses.  “Alice and the Boy She Left Behind”, “Harlequin”, “Never the Prom Queen” and “Why You Don’t Kiss and Tell” are a few names she’s given her creations. Schumacher explained that her idea to make these dresses did not come to her all at once.  While working at a library she came across a box of 50 donated romance novels.  Not fully knowing why, Schumacher stuck the box inside the trunk of her car, where it sat for months, until she was assigned a school project that revolved around the concept of “invisibility”.   The box of books found its way out of the trunk and Schumacher found herself questioning what was visible

and what was invisible within society, in terms of her project. She scrutinized the box, considering what exactly femininity meant, and how romance novels inevitably coincided with the idea.  Schumacher took her talents public after her husband recommended it, and since, has been the featured artist in a number of exhibits. After Schumacher’s grandmother passed the dressmaking took on a life of its own.  “If a person knew they were going to die, what would they wear into their next life?” Schumacher wondered.  With this question in mind, she cut, hole-punched and attached pages until her project was finished.  She named the creation after her grandmother, calling it “Alice and the Boy She Left Behind”, a tribute to her grandparents love story. Time went on, and Schumacher continued making sculpted dresses.  Different holes and cuts on individual pages create the illusion of texture, and piecing them together constitutes the sculpture as a whole.  Completing one sculpture takes anywhere from days to weeks. You may be wondering whether the content of the novels used contains any significance for each specific

Carrie Ann Schumacher describes her technique and inspiration in designing the dresses on display in Robert F. DeCaprio Art Gallery. [Erica Sinnott] piece.   Schumacher explained that it really depends on the piece.  For one sculpture, she wanted to portray a “man-eater kind of dress”, as she called it, and made sure to place risky, sex scenes on the emphasized shoulder.   Carrie Ann Schumacher is a Chicagobased artist with a M.F.A. in Painting

from Northern Illinois University. Her exhibit will be on display in the Robert F. DeCaprio Art Galley until Feb. 7. For more information, visit Ashley Meitz can be contacted at



Joan Curto brings Cole Porter back to life

Joan Curto on stage. [Matt Galvin] By William Lukitsch Entertainment Editor Cole Porter is regarded as one of the great classic American songwriters of the 20th century. Much of his best work was written between the early 1920’s through the 1950’s, and during his career, he managed to write over 800 original songs. Porter has been praised for his musical contributions, many of which have made their way into the “Great American Songbook”, and music has been re-recorded by various artists, from Frank Sinatra to U2. Many of his noteworthy works were written to hit Broadway shows such as “Kiss Me, Kate”, “Fifty Million Frenchmen”, and “Leave It to Me”. On Jan. 12, Cole Porter fans gathered to Moraine Valley’s John and Angeline Oremus Theater to see Joan Curto’s show “Cole Porter – From Major to Minor”. Joan Curto is a professional Cabaret singer that’s received high acclaim from critics all over the country. She’s played at some of the

top jazz clubs across the U.S. and received the Chicago After Dark Award for Outstanding Cabaret Artist in 2003. Curto took the stage with her band kicked the evening off with Cole Porter’s “It’s De-Lovely”. Accompanied by Beckie Menzie on piano, Jim Cox on stand-up bass, and Phil Gratteau on percussion, Curto put her powerful vocals to work, captivating the crowd and setting the tone for the evening. Curto’s four-piece band played through the big show tunes Porter is most famous for. The first set featured Cole Porter favorites such as “Most Gentlemen Don’t Like Love”, “My

Heart Belongs to Daddy” and “Night and Day”, ending with “Blow Gabriel, Blow”. Curto, appears to be the ultimate Cole Porter fan. With the help of her stellar musical group, Curto delivered a spectacular show filled with Cole Porter songs and stories, and she even played a bit of Cole Porter trivia with the audience. “Now look, this isn’t just a cabaret show, this is also a game show,” Curto said jokingly as chuckles rumbled through the venue, “and look at the fabulous prizes you get.” Trivia winners received copies of her newest CD “Joan Curto Sings Cole Porter: From

Major To Minor”. In the final set, Curto performed “Weren’t We Fools”, “I’m Unlucky at Gambling” and “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”, to name a few. For the last song of the night, Curto asked the audience to sing along with “Let’s Do It, Let’s Fall in Love”, ending the show in a hail of applause and cheers. Curto is based in Chicago and performs in town fairly often. Her next show will be at Davenport’s Piano Bar on March 10 in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood.

CATECHISM | from front page an improvisational comedy. The script follows the story of Sister as she is organizing a Las Vegas night to raise funds for the Parish. The audience, which she refers to as her “class”, is whisked into this interactive comedy, ensuring that no two shows are ever the same. As Burns selected audience members for participation, she introduced each one with an inquisition. “Are you Catholic?” asked Burns, placing a hand on her hip, taking a sassy stance. And anyone who said “no” certainly heard something about it.

This was more than just an improvisational comedy. Burns also organized a trivia game based on the mortal and venial sins. One lucky woman won a “Lent special”; a can of tuna and a jar of mayonnaise. Burns’ razor sharp wit and incredible improvisational skill kept audience members laughing and clapping all the way through her one-woman show. Her hysterical style lives up to the reputation of Chicago’s prestigious comedy academy, Second City. A North Side native, born and bred into Irish Catholicism, Burns understands the culture of our city, as well

as the culture that comes along with her religion. “Sister Rolls the Dice” is part of a seven-show series created by Maripat Donovan, the original Sister. But it’s not all fun and games; Donovan takes her faith very seriously. At the end of every “Late Nite Catechism” performance, Donovan collects donations from the audience, which is used to aid retired nuns. Over the years, Donovan’s shows have collectively raised over $3 million in aid for retired sisters.

William Lukitsch can be contacted at

William Lukitsch can be contacted at



‘The Legend of Hercules’: not so legendary By Matt Galvin Staff Writer They might as well have named this movie ‘Half Man, Half God, and 100% Cheese.’. “The Legend of Hercules” hit theaters on Jan. 10, and despite being the first wide release of the new-year, the weekend box office earnings weren’t very legendary. The film only came in with a meager $8.6 million to offset a whopping $70 million budget. Throughout film history, dozens of men have portrayed the demigod Heracles, or, as he has come to be known by western culture, Hercules. The mythological character of Heracles was described as a man that held the power of the gods but maintained the appearance of a normal guy. Instead of an average-looking guy, audience’s have grown accustomed to the vision portrayed by beefy movie stars such as Mickey Hargitay, Alan Steel, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, Kevin Sorbo, Paul Telfer, and, most recently, Kellan Lutz to glorify this role. It wasn’t until the 1990’s television show, “Young Hercules” that an adaptation of the myth actually represented

Hercules (Kellen Lutz) on a rampage. [Millenium Films] the physical appearance of the Greek demigod. But hunky stars and beautiful starlets are quintessential variables of the ro-

mantic movie equation. And, at its core, that is what “The Legend of Hercules” is: a dramatic romance film, and a modern approach to revise classical antiquities.

Myths may be fictional works, but they ought be preserved to a point and respected to at least some degree. Kellan Lutz’s portrayal in “The Legend of Hercules” falls pretty far from that mark. “The Legend of Hercules” basically uses a mythological story as a catalyst to fill the holes of the same old generic romance plot. The tale of the Heracles’ immaculate conception, for example, has been toned down, probably in effort to hold on to the film’s PG-13 rating. “The Legend of Hercules” focuses solely on the Hercules’ affairs on Earth and does not depict any of the involvement from Mount Olympus or Hades. Maybe there wasn’t enough time to squeeze that junk in with only a 99 minute run time. The plot of this film resembled a mash-up of generic, mushy soap operas; as if “300”, “Gladiator” and “The Odyssey” all compounded together into one big, sappy love fest. Overall, “The Legend of Hercules” deserves 2 out of 5 stars. It might be a decent movie for a date night if you’re looking to get all sentimental and gooey, but don’t expect Academy Award winning performances. Matt Galvin can be contacted at

10 CHRISTMAS | from front page of Christmas”, and “Jingle Bells”. This performance brought the full house audience into a festive mood of cheer, laughter, and delight throughout the program. Seasonal harmonies followed in merry measure in both choirs’ individual presentations and engaged the patrons in joyful sing-alongs. Bursts of applause followed each of the choirs’ renditions where the singers showcased the composers’ beauty of tone and their own hearty, artistic skills. The Chorale punctuated glorious sounds, emotional nuances and adoration in the powerful anthems of praise, “Angels We Have Heard on High” and “O Holy Night”. Last year’s concert favorites, “No Time to Diet” and “Riggin’Up the Lights”, arranged by David Huntsinger, received accolades again. The traditional “Burgundian Carol”, performed with a vocal scat singing groove, and “Pat-a-Pan Salsa” were both standouts this year. The Chamber Singers spread holiday cheer and jingle bell time with seven debuts and repeated favorite renditions. The students sang “Jolly Jingle Christmas Medley” which demonstrated their crisply clear articulation in the layered vocal themes of dotted rhythm from the 16th Century French carols “Ding Dong Merrily on High” and “Masters in This Hall”. They rocked the patrons with their “Extraordinary Merry Christmas” medley as performed by the cast of Glee and vowed with “In Excelsis Deo!” gospel-rock rendition. The spirited program included another debut with demanding rhythmic precision at the collegiate stage - “Deck the Rooftop” from The Cast of Glee 2010 record. The bravo piano accompaniment of Beverly Holt and the entire Chamber Orchestra’s musicianship greatly contributed to the concert’s success. It was no surprise for anyone to hear, after the final bell rang, that it was, indeed, the best of the best celebrations here at Moraine Valley Community College. Dimka Atanassova can be contacted at


The Golden Globe Awards By Naimah Mitchell Staff Writer The annual Golden Globe Awards recognize each year’s greatest achievements in the world of film and television. The star-studded award ceremony aired Jan. 12 on NBC to highly favorable ratings, boasting a viewership of 20 million – the highest viewership for the program in a decade. Top critics proclaimed that hosts, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, were the real stars of the show. The pair previously hosted the 2013 Golden Globes together and were asked to return due to high acclaim – and rightfully so. Over the course of the night, Fey and Poehler captivated the crowd with witty and hilarious quips. When referring to Showtime’s new series “Masters of Sex”, Poehler joked, “’Masters of Sex’ is the degree I got from Boston College.” The duo also delivered a barrage of perfectly timed jokes aimed at the nominees in the audience. One notable joke Fey made referred to George Clooney for his role in the film “Gravity”, “[Gravity is] the story of how George Clooney would rather float away into space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his own age.” This year’s most memorable speech was provided courtesy of Jacqueline Bissett, winner for her role in BBC’s “Dancing on the Edge”. In her speech, Bissett appeared dazed and overly emotional. She went off on a tangent and used an expletive before her speech was awkwardly cut off by background music. Jennifer Lawrence offered a more down to earth approach to her acceptance speech unlike the superficially crafted speeches of the other winners. After accepting an award for her role in

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler host the Golden Globe Awards. [NBC] “American Hustle”, a teary eyed Lawrence delivered a relatable and humorous speech that captivated the crowd. This year’s high profile presenters were celebrities who were previous Golden Globe nominees or winners. Drew Barrymore, Usher, Jonah Hill, Orlando Bloom, and Zoe Saldana were a few of the talented celebrities that braced the stage. The noteworthy winning actors of the night were Amy Poehler for “Parks and Recreation”, Andy Samberg for “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, Bryan Cranston for “Breaking Bad”, Matthew McConaughey for “Dallas Buyers Club”, and

Leonardo DiCaprio for the “Wolf on Wall Street”. “American Hustle”, “Breaking Bad”, and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” were among the films and television shows receiving multiple awards. “American Hustle” racked up the highest amount of awards with wins in three categories. Fey and Poehler’s performances were so stellar that they have been invited back to host for their third consecutive year in 2015, according to the Los Angeles Times. Naimah Mitchell can be contacted at


Career Corner


More JRC workshops for spring semester By Annie Parker Editor-in-Chief

The Job Resource Center (JRC) continues providing tools and strategies for students through the use of workshops during the spring 2014 semester. The JRC will hold 26 informative workshops throughout the spring semester. Each workshop will cover several topics from how to write a complete resume to critical techniques when preparing for an interview with an employer. Students currently enrolled may sign up for any of these workshops at College Central Network. Under “Upcoming Events,” select “Workshop” and click on “RSVP.” Noncredit evening workshops are also available. Students are encouraged to attend the Spring Mock Interview Day on Feb.19 in building M from 2 to 5 p.m. For more information on JRC and workshops, students can contact the Job Resource Center at (708) 974-5737 or visit S202. Anne Parker can be contacted at

Spring 2014 Job Resource Center Workshop Schedule


Erica Sinnott Photo Editor




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