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Fender Acoustics

Vintage photo taken circa 1963 by: Bob Perine

Fender Acoustics ®

Fender’s acoustic guitar history dates back to the early 1960s, when the company injected a much-needed dose of modernity and youthfully exuberant Southern California sun-and-fun culture into the old world of acoustic guitar design. Fender acoustic guitars were innovative, great-sounding, ingeniously built and eminently affordable instruments. They weren’t delicate and expensive museum pieces for the hushed concert stage—they were sweet-sounding, sturdy, smooth-playing guitars designed to be thrown in the car and brought to the beach, the car, the party, the campout and the coffeehouse. They were for everybody, and above all, they were fun. It’s a great Fender tradition that continues to this day with a full line of fine acoustic guitars perfect for any occasion, any budget and any player. And it looks like a beautiful day outside, so let’s grab a great-sounding Fender acoustic and go …


Classic Design series

Fender Classic Design series instruments present great traditional steel-string and nylon-string sound, feel and performance in time-honored acoustic design forms and sizes for everyone from beginners to gigging musicians. For quintessential acoustic guitar vibe with a dash of Fender style and innovation, look no further than the Classic Design series.

CD-110CE Black

CD-60 CE Sunburst

CJ-290 SCE JUMBO Maple

CD-160 SE-12 String

CD-110CE Black

CD-220 SCE Natural

CD-280S Natural

California series

Fender California series acoustic guitars evoke the good-vibration days of the 1960s, when we introduced our sun, fun, sand and surf-styled instruments and shook up the stodgy old world of acoustic guitar design. From Stratocaster® headstocks to custom colors and more, the California series resonates with Fender’s innovative ’60s-era acoustic legacy.

Sonoran™ SCE

Sonoran™ SCE Red

Malibu™ CE Natural

Sonoran™ SCE Candy Apple Red

Villager™ 12-String Natural

Kingman™ Bass SCE Natural

Malibu™ SCE 3-Tone Sunburst

Flashy and fun, the Fender Hot Rod Design series is for the acoustic guitarist who’s after something a little different in a guitar with smooth feel and full sound. From exotic woods and striking finishes to distinctive graphics and modern electronics, the Hot Rod Design series puts a lot more Fender mojo under the hood of your acoustic guitar.

Hot Rod Design series

T-Bucket™ 400 CE Natural

T-Bucket™ 400 CE Natural

T-Bucket Bass E Exotic Top T-Bucket CE 3-Tone Sunburst

T-Bucket™ 300 CE Trans Blue

T-Bucket 200 CE Trans Black

Tim Armstrong Hellcat Acoustic

Photo: Rob Naples

Jimmy Dale Signature Kingman™ Natural

Dick Dale Signature Malibu™ Red

Photo: Justice Howard

The Fender Artist Design series brings you highly distinctive sound and styling from a diverse world of acoustic artists, including Dick and Jimmy Dale, Rancid’s Tim Armstrong and others. For great acoustic sound, style and performance with a distinctive signature stamp, look no further than the Fender Artists Design series.

Artist Design series

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Personal Day. Fender Acoustics Vintage photo taken circa 1963 by: Bob Perine