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BOOK S T ORE Out of Our Heads: The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Me By Ronnie Schneider (hardcover) $69.00 (paperback) $34.99 (basic paperback) $19.69 Fresh out of accounting school in 1965, Ronnie Schneider was hired by his uncle, the now legendary/infamous Allen Klein, to tour manage what would become the most dangerous band of the era, the Rolling Stones. In a few short years, Schneider would also be working for Klein clients the Beatles, and his recollections of both bands are often pure gold. Schneider’s memoir gives a nuts and bolts depiction of what the primitive pop music biz was like before it became an industry. He details many of his transactions with actual hand-written tallysheets from the time. The author’s recounting of the infamous 1969 Altamont concert debacle, where a concert-goer was stabbed to death, is especially vivid. From its mundane details of life on the road to its magnificent anecdotes of life-threatening altercations, Out of Our Heads is a must-read for devoted Stones fans.

Audio Made Easy: Or How to Be My Riot: Agnostic Front, Grit, a Sound Engineer Without Really Guts & Glory By Roger Miret and Jon Wiederhorn Trying; Fifth Edition By Ira White (paperback) $19.99 Author Ira White delivers an updated compilation of his concise and comprehensive guide to audio, recording equipment and techniques that furnish readers with practical information and guidance on how professional audio equipment works and how to best use it. With the always converging world of technology, White’s signature approach remains the same. He suggests that knowing what you need and don’t need in audio is what’s necessary for successful audio engineering.

What is Hip? The Life and Times of the Tragically Hip

ADK Z-­12 "I  really  think  the  ADK  Custom   Z-­12  is  a  Magic  Microphone.  It   has  the  modern  cut,  but  also  has   the  vintage  character  I  love.  And   Z-­Mods  are  quieter  than  any   Vintage  Mic." Lindsay  Rimes  -­   Lindsay  Rimes  -­  Award-­Winning   Sony/ATV  Musician,  Producer,  Engineer 14 September 2017

By Marc Shapiro (paperback) $19.99 New York Times best-selling author Marc Shapiro brings readers the story of a band profoundly famous in Canada, who moved across borders and became largely unknown. The Tragically has sold millions of albums in their home country, and have even opened for the likings of the Rolling Stones, the Who and Led Zeppelin’s Page & Plant. Shapiro tracks how the band remained anonymous in foreign countries, but rose to rock royalty in Canada.

(hardcover) $26.00

In his memoir, Roger Miret chronicles his career as vocalist for hardcore band Agnostic Front and leader of New York’s hardcore scene. My Riot gives an inside account of Miret’s life and the scene he grew with as a musician. Born in Cuba at the time of Castro’s communist regime, Miret fled to the U.S. where he would live in poverty and violence, extreme challenges that shaped the grit that became essential in his survival. Through countless adversities, he found himself pioneering the new musical genre alongside other like-minded misfits. My Riot is the story of the artist’s time in New York during the ‘80s and a testament to the perils of growing up too fast.

America 51: A Probe into the Realities That Are Hiding Inside “The Greatest Country in the World” By Corey Taylor (hardcover) $26.00 Slipknot and Stone Sour lead singer Corey Taylor did not expect Donald Trump to win the presidential election. In response, he decided to write about what he perceives to be the brutal realities of the United States. America 51 digs deep into the roots of contemporary America, the author ranting about everything from white privilege to Irish car bombs, even briefly on man buns. Taylor presents anecdotes from his many international tours to explore foreigners’ perceptions of Americans.

Music Connection September 2017  

Music Connection presents its 2017 Film/TV Music Supervisor & Post-Production issue featuring singer-songwriter Bebe Rexha. Elsewhere in the...

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