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UNIQULTURE Music Going For Gold. Art & Beat : Frankie & The Heartstrings, Pippa Marias, Rev78, Queens Of Sheba, Emma Melton, These Foreign Armies, Gem And The Deadheads, Mr Bligh, BandWagon Gigs, 88 Miles Per Hour Popupo Starlette, Rhiannon the Nightmare & more

Monthly Planet No. 21

Monthly Planet is a zine about lives drenched in music visualised by art and sprinked with poetry. So here we are in the depression of recession but it aint all bad news. Music and Art Power are giving positity to the balance of the world.

From the uniqulture (think multi culture without division into different genres) of ArtBeat (sound and vision, united) something positive and socially inclusive has grown. And all that jazz. Funky, punky times wiith added soul. I know its only rock n roll, but I like it. McNaughty Contact details back page

Monthly Planet No. 21 The Sound‌Frankie & The Heartstrings, Pippa Marias, Rev 78, Bombers, These Foreign Armies, Queens Of Sheba, 88 Miles Per Hour

‌of VisionAnn-Marie Mullarkey, Anuli, Claudia Gronke, Emma Melton, Lucca Joy, Neil Anderson, Popupo Starlette, Rupert Hitchcox

Thank you; Andrei Nedelea (Red Stag Management), Maria & Stan at BandWagon Gigs, Mark Bennett at CrossHair, Ben Dodd, Heather Minx Ferguson at Minx Media, Mark Stein, Ian &Jon at One Beat Records, Paddy Davis at Hall Or Nothing, Chenaii Madhoo, Tristan Scholefield, Ceri Payne, Chris Neagle

Share The Joy 17th December

The Toejam Xmas Party at the Bussey Building in Peckham - Bands, Art, Djs, Dancers and freaky fun. Click the pic of Santa getting a festive freebie for the full info.

Monthly Planet No. 21 Winter 2011/2012 No Ones To Watch 2012 lists or round ups of 2011. If its in, its IN.

14 - Art; ‘Romeos’ by Popuppo Starlette

18 – Rev 78

6 News update – Jean Ge- 20 – BandWagon - new nie, Stephen, Rav, last issue’s cover stars, 12 Dirty Bullets

8 Frankie & The Heartstrings “12 great things about Sundeerland”


– A few current listening pleasures

11 – Words from Mr

uniting artists and gigs.

22 – hot dirty rock n roll Gem And The Deadheads

24 – Pippa Marias 27 – Uniqulture – Going For Gold

32 - Clit Rock – pix of


Dana Jade and She Makes War by Neil Anderson

12 – Artful 2011 report

34 – These Foreign Armies live review

13 – Neil Anderson pix of mAn fLu

35 – Midlands Music making Magic

Monthly Planet No. 21 38 – Queens Of Sheba. New and ready to rock you. 40 – 88 Miles Per Hour 42

– Art; Emma Melton illustration.

46 – Rupert Hitchcox

photography with some news

48 Anuli Photography at Rocklands Office Party 53 BandWagon Xmas bash 22nd December. 54 Rhiannon The Nightmare by Ann-Marie Mullarkey 55 Contact info for Monthly Planet

Monthly Planet No. 21 Our Summer issue cover star, Jay Differ has been a live highlight of this year with his storming set at City Showcase Rocklands. Went on to smash it at the massive London Coronet, and is racking up views on YouTube with his witty flow. This is an urban sound worthy of the attention. Different. pic by John Whitfield Something new began at Rocklands “Office Party� in the Horse & Groom, Eastenders land, including the 2012 project of Uniqulture. Chances are, if you are reading Monthly Planet then it may already involve you. Pictured Rav and Stephen with Jean Genie of Rocklands. Read the picture article for the full monthty.

Image by Anuli

Monthly Planet No. 21 12 Dirty Bullets have had an amazing 2011 including an amazing USA tour, radio chart success for their new single, ‘Motown’ in America. and more than encouraging reactions to their sharpened guitar sound on their European and UK end of year tours . ‘Motown’ is the first taste of the second album, recorded and produced themselves. Its due for 2012 release. With sellouts and touts at this stage, Ones To Watch is a bit of an obvious status. Last issue’s cover stars on the rise.

Dana Jade of Gaggle staged an amazing first Clit Rock event. Already been asked to do another in February! Saint Jude, fronted by Lynne Jackaman (pictured) found themselves nominated at the Classic Rock Awards, headlining the mag’s first live event and their album, Diary Of A soul Fiend, distributed with the latest issue! UK tour this month.

Anita Maj has found herself getting radio play and interviews around the UK in anticipation of her single, ‘Playtime’ in January. Another of her songs, Undercover, appearing on the RockBand compter game. Grrrls keep on coming!

Sunderland. Wonderland. new single, Sunderland show (and a dozen of the great things about home!).

Frankie & The Heartstrings have a great new single, ‘Everybody Looks Better (In The Right Light)’ - a 143 second burst of infectious joy released on Pop Sex Ltd, to round off their amazing 2011. It was produced by Bernard Butler. The B-side, ‘The Way That You Kiss’ was produced by Ryan Jarman of The Cribs. These songs are their first new material since the acclaimed Top 40 album, ‘Hunger’ earlier this

year. It was followed by a full on summer of packed out festival appearances, including a triumph at Sunderland’s Split Festival. Then it was round the globe for the debut tour of Australia. What has been an amazing 2011 ended with a twenty date tour of the UK with The Vaccines. Frankie & The Heartstrings have announced their own special homecoming Christmas / New Year event. Monthly Planet asked the band to name a dozen great things about Sunderland… Their reply?;

Mullers Bakery Independent Louis cafe Junipers pantry Penshaw monument Backhouse park The Bunker Stadium of Light Ron Ledger & Sons shop The Isis Wearmouth Bridge Willys Drum shop Ticket information for Frankie & The Heartstrings gig, 29th December at The Independent is at their website. The venue has previously hosted ‘on the up’ shows from the likes of Maximo Park, Kasabian, Franz Ferdinand and The Kaiser Chiefs. This one promises to be pure pop sex!

Monthly Planet No. 21 Ears been enjoying

and the comedy of …and a favourite live set at both UpRise Festival and the recent Clit Rock event. The multi talent that is

Monthly Planet No. 21 You've got no consideration, No appreciation You just do all the things That you feel you gotta do No matter what's left in the wayside People's families, tears been cried You had to do all the things that you feel you gotta do There's a man Getting ten grand a month Just for fucking up our banks Just for making our lives tough That lady in the garage Got let go today I'm really sorry love but we just can't pay No we won't take no crap

Won't take no crap from you No we won't believe that What you say is true If you can try, try and find Find a little, little piece of mind That you lost, yes you lost Just once before my friend Before you let it go I don't know and I don't care What has happened over there Cos if you're bigger if you're smarter If you're harder if you're faster You will follow me and what i'm trying to be

Mr Bligh You can never have too much Mr Bligh, so yeah, back in Monthly Planet. Good to see him in the top 5 of the Strummerville chart, too!

Monthly Planet No. 21 Annual expo of Planet Water 1st to 31st of October. So many things started this year/ New friends and ideas made. Live music service, BandWagon launched and connected. Rocklands Music started working with some fave artists and a pop up, artbeat stars promo service began. A sort of travelling office (which popped up all over Heartened to see every day people standing up to injustice through Occupy. Nearly got kettled on the first day at St Paul’s. Another time tho had a lovely evening in the Bank Of Dreams / Bank Of Ideas (I.e. the occupied Bank Of Switzerland) at Occupy choir practise.

staged the Artful Halloween party - it was mega. Other Starbreaker Alliiance clubs that celebrated were Panda~Power! Presented by Jean Genie at Powers Bar, it was off the hook - with added art! Deptford Army was full on mighty beats and Too Many T’s were making their promo video. A 47 bus ride away, This Feeling celebrated its 5th birthday with Shaun Ryder performing a Happy Mondays greatest hits set. Bonkers. A few days later a Red Stag Management, Lil Minx Records and Rocklands Music meeting found itself in the middle of a Stone Roses reunon in a central London bar. Surreal.

Got to catch excellent New York band, The Dig, live. Wouldnt have missed THAT! Graphic artist Lucca Joy Or the party in a person that made the Artful silver year was Mark Morriss live at (2011) logo and is also one of Flashbax. the instigators of the greatToejam events. They Click this page for the full

Artful report monty.

Monthly Planet 21 Rock n rollers, check out the best-new-bands photography of The site is a growing resource documenting live music life. Love these images of mAn-fLu. Look out for new material from them soon.

The stories of ten guys, most of them prostitutes. One of them has a fiancee whose crime has an impace on all their lives. The tale touches on subjects such as human trade, drugs and solitude. Popupo Starlette is a musician born in Argentina, creating in London. Met her at Panda~Power! With this wonderful art. These images are from her graphic novel and were projected at Artful 2011. Search “Romeos� on facebook.

REV78 Teddy Quick vocals, Dave Gritzman guitar, Jimi Laff bass, Tom Hargreaves drums. “heaps of potential to break into the mainstream with songs that cry out to be synched onto tv” (SoleMusic attend the launch of “Could Have Been A Dancer” the newly released Rev78 release) Born in a flat share five years ago, Rev78 take their name from the old 78 revolutions per minute shellac recordings. Each band member cites a wide range of influences but draw most comparisons to the post punk bands of the early to mid 80's. In 2010, Rev78 recorded their debut album "The Boy In The Blitz", which they begged, stole and borrowed to fund completely off their own back.

They signed to Day Job Records in early 2011 then released the album in May. It is available on download and CD. Rev78 have just recorded three new tracks with producer Paul Tipler (of Idlewild, Placebo fame) and are already being snapped up for special 2012 shows including Carl Barat’s Jubilee club in Camden and Manchester Roadhouse. An Italian tour is also being scheduled. The December launch show has set them up for the next stage. Revved up, so to speak.

ARTBEAT New PROMO! Pop up promotions office, last seen in London at the Occupied Bank Of Switzerland in November and the Shoreditch Horse & Groom in December.

Matthew Stolworthy musician/ promoter of Toejam events and DJ at various events around London. Multi tasking music tourist board

Fun(ky)! But serious about letting people know about the Ones To Watch. Working with great musicians plus events like City Showcasae, BandWagon Gigs, UpRise Festival, Rocklands Stage (Peoples Day Festival), And connecting with various promoters, venues and events. CLCK FOR THE FACEBOOK!

A newly launched music site promoting seamless communication between promoters and bands, has already proved a hit with both within just one month The idea was born from music of operation. By the end of the year, founders Stan and Maria will have made a noticeable mark on the UK music industry. BandWagon co-operates with live music promoters and venues by simplifying the gig booking and event management process.

fans communicating with experienced promoters and artist managers who felt that the creation, application, booking and promoter of gigs needed better structure and transparency. It is still early days and in development but the site also features a helpful resource (van hire, etc) for its members. As it grows, BandWagon is also evolving into a resource in its own right as a rating system for bands to rate promoters, and vice versa.

Promoters create and manage multiple events. Bands and solo artists apply for/play various gig opportunities in their local area BandWagon’s website is free to use. Additionally, there is a and further afield. premium service available for The service is a welcome addi- bands applying to play at paid tion for touring artists who are gigs. Further benefits to follow. This is also free until the end of without a booking agent. this year. BandWagon gigs site aims to “faciititate and promote emerg- From 2012, there will be a ing artists, as they build a fan- subscription fee towards prebase through playing to live mium service so now is a good time to join! audiences�.

15% of the subscription fee will be added to the BandWagon Bel Esperit fund to help get the skint and new to the next stage. Money will be made available to successful members to help with tour costs, rehearsal space, recording etc.

“1,000 likes in 4 weeks they must be doing something right!”

Each promoter and artist that confirm their booking through the site raise their own profile.

(Style And Then Some)

In short, BandWagon is an additional support to the UK live music industry (which contributes at least £1billion to the UK economy, annually) Although at a seminal stage, BandWagon has already achieved results.

The initial feedback is also encouraging…

(Original Speculation)

“Is this the future of the music industry”

“Effectively, speed-dating

for bands and promoters alike. Great idea. (Music Biz embassy)

“A great new service for bands and musicians looking for gigs”. (Mako Records)

“Looks very slick and SO user friendly”. The Bow Mods (band)

This is one of the bands that Monthly Planet came across with a profile on BandWagon.

Alternative rockers - Gem (Vocals/Guitar), Tristan (Lead Guitar), Charlie (Bass), Henry (Drums) - have properly arrived on the music scene. A female led band with a laddish swagger and a fusion of sound that span the decades. Think of Quentin Tarantinos 90′s hip soundtrack featuring early 60′s surf rock group The Centurians, with the stage presence of a late 70′s Debbie Harry. Mix this with grunge and a modern twist to come closer to describing their compelling (and pretty instant) attraction. Gem has a versatile, captivating vocal that easily swoops from delicate sensitivity to a fully charged offering rooted somewhere between Hope Sandoval and Janis Joplin’s octaves. Picking up early encouragement as one of the best new dirty rock n roll outfits around, they’re ready for the next step. Monthly Planet caught up with Tristan to hear how they’re coming along. “2011 has been a year of finding our sound, getting the ship in order and getting better as a live band. We spent most of the first half of it searching for the right drummer. We felt very strongly about finding a hard hitter with a good groove and we were cool with taking time to get it right. Henry came in, ticked all the boxes and we've since been rehearsing loads. Getting better (and louder).” Having got the basics in place, Gem And The Deadheads moved things up a gear during the second half of this year, most recently… “…Supporting The Holloways at The Garage, playing at Urban Outfitters new store openings, getting press shots done and shooting our first video for a track called ‘Velvet’. 2011 has also been a year of working on new material. We've been locked

away in the studio, writing and demoing new tracks which are pretty much done now and we can't wait to get them out there.” Gotta admire their focused attitude, it matches the immediacy of their sound and they already have plans for next year. “2012 is about showing off our new songs, more videos are already in planning stages. We've got some exciting London shows coming up at The Underbelly and Blues Kitchen. We'd love to put a record out and get out on the toilet tour!” Here’s wishing them the very best of luck with that. Search and Facebook!

Pippa Marias

. formed from living together (well, on

the sofa in some cases!) in 2010 but somehow a spark was lit and these house mates became London’s disco-pop electroSwedes. The real Dalston Superstars ! They’ve gone from playing in cellars, steadily, with their engaging live performance welcoming new fans to the fold with every show. It’s so now, future and retro - all at the same time that going to a show is like stepping outta the big bad mad to the max world on the news. Simple but cool visually, like the video for the hooky recently released single, ‘Shoot Me Down’, this band work their art to great effect. Heck they even look good together as a band. Pippa Marias have been picking up radio play, some interviews, great shows like Camden Barfly and Club NME and have just been working on another video, ‘Shut Your Mouth’ for the near future.

It was the urgent sounding ‘Miss Machine’ MP3 and ‘Love Is Like A Feather (But It Cuts Like A Knife) that did it for Monthly Planet at New Year (many thanks, Andy Ross), but with hardly any live music events on this year (usually the way to check fave new sounds fastest) it was not until Autumn that it all came together at a live show.

The band had spent a very productive summer break working on new material and gearing up until next summer. This included recording ‘Shoot Me Down’. It had definitely been worth the wait to see them in the flesh. That night, seeing Pippa Marias with new music taste makers, Chenaii and Claudia under a big moon and Jupiter, was proper funshine.The impact the band made on all of us was tangible. We have all been to see them again already! Love it when that happens from going to a gig.

‘Shoot Me Down’ was released 11/11/11 @ 11:11am and the band celebrated with a headline at Camden Koko that evening (after 11, of course!)

“We can’t wait for people to hear our music. “ Read the Independent Music News interview with Pippa Marias by Claudia Groenke who took these great live shots at The Bull & Gate during Artful month. Henrik Nyblom – Lead Vocal Bernhard Siljedahl – Drums Robert Kling - Lead Guitar Tobias Lindvall – Bass / Synth Christoffer Hoberg – Percussion / Backing Vocals.

How do ya like them apples!?

Music Ones To Watch 2012 Uniqulture going for gold. Project by social inclusion between New Years Day and New Years Eve 2012. Various film makers, writers and photographers on board. Also want video diaries to weave into the tale of how promising potential connect with events, venues and promo support to the next stage. The first material for Season 1 has been created by the connecting and collaborating at Rocklands Music events - Panda~ Power! 2nd Dec and the office party on 6th Dec, A true story of music to weave into next year’s legacy. In Bronze Year (010) we laid a foundation. This, Silver Year, a movement grew. Share The Joy in Gold Year?


Uniqulture; A Unique Culture of Uni Culture…

There’s nothing wrong with hope and romance. In the decade with no name, friendship’sresourcefulness is a welcome addition to cash as the entertainment industry had to find new ways and means necessary in an Orwellian, Dickensian, Mad Max 21st Century. The soundtrack of veers from the mainstream urban pop sheen of day time radio to the melting pot of fusion, styles and cultures at grass roots. They make the future look brighter

Yeah yeah. blah blah, but what relevance is the hippy dippy idealism of

in the real world?

Well, (1) the real world isn’t all good for you. (2) What is being sold by mass media certainly isnt real. As for the world, David Attenborough, native tribes and nature lovers are more in the vein of leaders. Every page of Monthly Planet is connected by word of mouth, friends recommendations, promoters sharing, the multi tasking of musicians as Djs and bloggers and it ain’t even sponsorted by Poundsaver shops! Everybody in this zine is worthy of some interest whether it be new likes on their facebook page, financial support, publishing interest, cool festial slots and the oxygene of media attention. In the mean time, to get their word around they have each other. When film maker/TV producer and promotions star, Heather Minx Ferguson of Minx Media TV, ll rounder booking agent / tour manager Mark Bennett of Crosshair Booking recommend. Listen up. If Jean Genie is booking them now, look out for the acclaim a year later. They are just three of the friends that exchange and share favouries, following up with support. Multiply that by around one hundred around the countr y(and some abroad) and its now a viable working network. Yes, it is based in London. But thats a mere geographical thing in the on line age. As for being a hippy. I personally am a bit. I love the moon and, being mostly made of water, believe in a little lunarcy every now and then. I use the side door… Caffy


“Uniqulture (2012 The Musical)”

From New Year’s Day, January 1st 2012 to New Year’s Eve, December 31st 2012 and tell a tale that begins with where you are as the year begins.

Weave love, peace, positivity, uniqulture and yourself into gold year Before then, you can email legacy, via Word Visual arts Soundtracks Video diary

with your Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and YouTube etc links and keep in touch with news and updates or post them at the facebook page /uniqulture where we already network.

Poetry Photography Style Politics The News Music Industry Live events /festivals The Olympics

How are those involved coming along? Reports in four seasons Spring, Summer, Autumn and a year on from this Winter edition of Monthly Planet, YouTube playlists etc and sessions / photography from events, interviews etc.

There is a star breaker alliance of sorts, promotingpromoters that seek (entertaining!) actively self promoting, ambitioius, hard working talent that wants to get their name about /grow a fan base. You are likely to run into somebody in this issue at their nights. Google the artists mentioned here, None of them are a one trick pony. They have ideas that cross over from theatre and design to charity and media. We start something every Artful October. This year adding more PR promo to the live events, creative artist development and network side of things. Again this was with the help of friends. Why bother making a multi media doc among so many major events? Because the artbeat of uniqulture is tried n tested. To get more support for ground level though, it has to be proved. On the live side alone we have already staged an array

of thrills at our events, some went on to deals, more profile, major festivals within a year, others are following at a more organic pace. Its a recession. Some people run out of money, line ups / band names change. New projects begin. People can have so much fun on the way to failure and so much stress on the way to success. There is no crystal ball. This is showbiz. How wonderful to have made, played and even recorded some music. A legacy for the world. Go for the future but live for the moment. Right here, right now, in that freezing cold van, with stale beer on your jeans having driven all day to play for thirty people, or having slogged your guts out promoting then only half the promised crowd turn up and you’ve lost the gas bill on hiring the venue‌ One day you may look back with rose tinted nostalgia. For now tho, you are living the rock n roll dream.

at Clit Rock by


Anderson. A night of poetry, art, projections , great music, good cause, wonderful people. headlined in fine style. Here’s to the next one. Details of the campaign;

Daughters Of Eve

at Clit Rock, The Lexington, London. Nov 2011 by Neil Anderson

Monthly Planet - These Foreign Armies Live On Stage November 2011, Dublin Castle, London Im probably not the right

person to be reviewing this gig as I'm biased and liked them from the get go, but this would prove to be a real "trial by fire" gig - opening slot, on a Monday night, even if it is in Camden.. After a few minor technical glitches in the soundcheck, Barney, Marx et al proceeded to tear into their set with a polished enthusiasm and gusto that defied the paltry crowd. They practically played back to back, with a few cheeky comments and a rather humorous dedication to the late JImmy Savile, complete

with lyric change to the song, as well. For a band that's only been together a few a months, they play with an edge and confidence that belies their tender years. These Foreign Armies had all the members of the headline act nodding their heads vigorously, jiggin around - they even went up to the TFA lads after and keenly congratulated them on a brilliant set. With tthe way that this band perform, and what they play, lack of people at gigs is something that I am sure will soon be remedied in the coming months. Of that I'm very sure! Ben Dodd

Monthly Planet - midlands music magic More middle earth than middle england…

music’s making midlands magic There’s a hive of activity around Birmingham and beyond producing some exciting and fresh sounding treats. Media like Brum Notes and Midlands Music Maniacs are loaded with gigs and news. On various social networks there’s a palpable buzz. Monthly Planet is London based but kept in touch with some of the local enjoyments who have graced Panda~Power! (namely Isolated Atoms - as featured in the last issue - and Bombers) - and it has been great seeing their story develop.

Monthly Planet - midlands music magic MP had a little exchange with David Duell of Bombers. Belts a song out. Talks it like it is... “Birmingham music scene wise I've been quite jaded and cynical recently but there are definitely good things happening - Black Heart Generator are an excellent band and hopefully Shana Tova, our labelmates, will be back up and running too. I really like them, they remind me of Seafood. The label who are looking after us, Dead London Records, are trying to get some of the better people together and make some waves so that's excellent. It's very much fighting against the tide though as there are still very few promoters who will actually do any promotion - the order of the day is still bands selling tickets to their mates, which isn't really the best way of starting new and exciting scenes.”

He’s got a point, as live music promoters ourselves we believe in plugging our shows. You can only do your best. Better to try and fail than fail to try though. Be booking Bombers again tho soon as... Talking of which, what’s the latest there? “Bombers wise, news mainly consists of the Film Fanatic EP release - we put it out on 31 October on Dead London and it seems to have been well received - including the recent airplay on Artrocker radio and BBC6 Music (Tom Robinson's "Fresh on the Net" show). The tour went well, as I say we did some shows in Birmingham, London and Brighton in November. Otherwise, we're working towards more shows and some new releases - Am hoping to get into the studio between Christmas and New Year to start on it, at least.”

Monthly Planet - midlands music magic He suggested that I ask the rest of the band about the local scene as they have more insight and to get a more balanced view. I will do. The more feedback on the local scenes around the country, the better. Music Tourist Board style. This is ongoing, no doubt will be returning to this subject. I mean this is Heavy Metal’s birthplace! Everybody will name different artists from the area making their mark. "The Rimes are The most effortlessly, exciting band i've seen in years" Simon Hill of BRMB Radio about the Wolverhampton quartet who are stealthily hovering up fans around the UK with each tour. King Adora kciked some arse in the 90s and theres this band called Duran Duran who are pretty well known/

Click here for a recent radio article on soundcloud about the Birmingham music scene, inspired by One Beat Records

The label, run by Jon Brookes (The Charlatans) and Ian Light ex Virgin Records, is home to two of the happening bands regionally – The Arcadian Kicks and The Carpels. Both bands will release singles in January, kick off UK tours and a busy year. They are also active in making things happen, staging events, engaging with creativity. The very thing that movements are made of.

At New Year 2012, launches with a vibe that can only add to the subtle hum of approaching buzz

Like this issue’s cover pic? This new London band formed in 2010 and were forged in 2011. Monthly Planet got all impressed with their debut single ‘Little Brown Eyes’ this summer, followed by their first video this winter. Ready for 2012 they’re an exciting prospect for future rock n roll. Led by 18 yr old Rita on vocals (whose dad was a biker - she inherited his love of rock) and 22 yr old Regi on guitar (another rock fan, she started playing guitar at 15) they blast chords like there's no tomorrow.

Queens of Sheba take the best from the past, mash it up, add a huge dollop of 'now', and 'POW!' 0 0 another three minute classic is born… Out there from the Urban/R&B route, a bunch of guitar-wielding black girls is a rare thing. With no modern role models to learn from have had to wing it and make it up as they go along.

They told Joanna Random… About the band name; “The Queen of Sheba was a strong, black African woman. If you meet us our personalities are very strong and our music is ballsy. The name goes along with our personality and the way we look.” And their plans for the future; “A lot of recording, a great chicken dinner and then world domination!! Yeah, Probably in that order too... then we can take next week off....”

Another band found on the further investigation.

BandWagon gigs site. Something about them incited

Having reached the semi finals of Surface Unsigned festival in

88 Miles Per Hour started this year full

2010, of drive and determination.

Jamie Cross (drums), James Barlow (rhythm guitar/lead vocals), Chris Neagle (bass guitar/vocals) and Luke Chase (lead guitar) decided that 2011 was going to be the beginning of something big for them. They took some time to carefully craft and perfect their repertoire of original songs, ready to make their first EP- ‘Here we go my friend!’. Using their University’s facilities and equipment, and their own it themselves with no professional help. All year they’ve performed at venues around the Midlands including The Soundhouse, the Shed and Lock 42. One was an audition for the local, rapidly growing Glastonbudget festival - the band secured themselves a slot for 2012! They also came second in the acoustic Laid Bear competition winning a half hour set and interview on radio and won the Beat 100 video competition with an acoustic cover of ‘Firework’ by Katy Perry! As well as standard gigs, they’ve contributed to/performed for various charity events run by their university. One (for Comic Relief) saw 88 Miles Per Hour dressed as super heroes playing a five minute medley of the most popular children’s TV themes! For 2012 there are already key events in place including the release of the above mentioned EP, ‘Here We Go My Friend’. 88 Miles Per Hour are continually writing new material and they hope to build upon the successes of the past year and play further afield. Inventive, and fuelled with enthusiasm, they are off to a heady start at a rate of knots.


Emma Melton is a freelance illustrator who recently graduated with distinction. She has also has set up her own small fashion biz ‘Blessed by a Giantess’, that sells a mixture of her self made t-shirts, badges, bags and zines. The range is aimed at teenage girls and promotes self confidence and good body image. Emma’s work has appeal for musicians. And Monthly Planet! The above picture, 'No Face's Gold', is an album cover for Leeds based band Bearfoot Beware.', Expect to see more of her work around in the near future.

Emma Melton Illustration

'A Tale Of Spencer W. Cole' is a collaboration with music producer 'A-J Wishart Taylor' for his concept album that explores a story of 1920s New York.

Emma Melton illustration This page; T-shirt design for Leeds based, math indie band, Hides. Opposite page; Singer Songwriter, Anita Maj, from a photograph by Rupert Hitchcox.

Fiona Bevan was a great hit at UpRise Festival, then supported Ed Sheeran on his October tour. Love this pic that Rupert Hitchcox took at a Panda~Power event earlier in the year with Jean Genie on hosting duties. Lovely voiced lovely ladies‌ pandapowerparty

photographed by at This Feeling Club. Cracking single, ‘Bears’, in the new year (One Beat Records) and play high profile gigs to kick off 2012.

London, December 2011 And more, pix ffrom Rocklands Office Party By Anuli


Chris Eustace of The Run-Up and Jean Genie’s getting massive hugs from Stephen Brolan.

Stan and Maria of BandWagon with Bongo Tom

Rabia, Laura, Charlie (Warehouse Republic) Phil Phamous (Rhiannon The Nightmarere) Anuli Photography

Anuli Photography (left) Caffy, Ben and Stan and below, DJ Chris Todd played a sparkle beat set.

Robert Owen (chatting to fab after party DJ Kalamity Kate) had just been working with mAn-fLu, then kick boxing. Came to watch, ended up being roped in as crew!

Anuli Photography

Clockwise; Clarkey (Rhiannon The Nghtmare), Jean Genie’s Massive Hugs, Charlie Flynn and (above) the comic punk turn Kalamity Kate who kicked off the “live turns”.

Anita Maj

Anuli Photography

& Jean Genie

Warehouse Republic acoustic set

GEM AND THE DEADHEADS * * ANITA MAJ *CHARLIE FLYNN * AL ROBERTSON * GRACE BANKS A free entry, social - 7pm Silver Bullet, 5 Station Place, Finsbury Park, London N4 2DH Quizzes, Sherry and Mince Pies plus Quiz Of The Year with quality prizes to be won! And superb stripped down live sets

Rhiannon Carr, photographed by Ann-Marie Mullarkey at Rocklands Stage, Peoples Day Festival

Monthly Planet is published by the Music Tourist Board collective. Next issue - MP22 - is Spring Equinox 2012. Deadline first week of March via email to

vision @rocklands . tv

Whats what? North (Scotland and North of England), East and Midlands (of England), West (Ireland, Wales and West of England) or Sarf? Venues, Best New Bands etc.

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Warehouse Republic at the 02 December Sessions by S M Secchi Photography Turning Tricks EP 25th December Turning Tricks / Tender / Junkyard

"If the British government is not prepared to really make amends to the British people by penalising the banks the way they should, then I think we should do it ourselves". (Thom Yorke)


Monthly Planet 21 Winter 2011/2012


Monthly Planet 21 Winter 2011/2012