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Front Page : The multi-talened Jean-Genie is at the heart of the art that has made an authentic parallel dimension from love, fun and imagination. Her star studded travelling circus of Panda-Power partying calls in at Goldsmiths S.U. on Friday 1st - May Day, welcoming the community to the venue for a proper night out with Everything Everything, Dynamo Garage, DJs, Fashion, Art, Visuals and more! This and next page: Contents. Music Tourist Board recommends too many things, but here are just a few that have made friends, and the foundation of something completely different. Page 4& 5 - Music Tourist Board - this issue is basically the creation of the next chapter depending on feedback and response. Page 6 & 7 - Maps Magazine. From the vanguard of anti-scene to an eye and ear on the future Page 7 - Chris Getliffe - along with Matt Sargent, Sarah Petherbridge, 13:53 Magazine collective, The Blue Light District, New Cross Gallery, Kate & Tristan shop, Goldsmiths, Creekside, Jenna Foxton, Artmongers, Creative Process and hundreds more studios, galleries and artists - is just one reason why the new adventure destination is the ‘eART of London. / Page 8-12 - The Newer Wave of Rock. Bands that MTB would love for it’s travelling circus of loud guitars, big songs and massive performance. + images: Bleech - new single Boys Don’t Cry is a stormer, like Bleech. Can’t recommend them highly enough. + Officer Kicks - fresh out of Dean Street studios with a new single Tom Thumb preceding their second album, Citywide Curfew. + Ten City Nation kick off their UK tour with their first gig in a long time at the Fox, a necessary stop on the London circuit if you kick ass. Which 10CN do! + Milk Plus full on beats and riffs, the band not only got the praise pouring in but recently featured with with iconic media that is Afro Punk. Get on this + Ten City Nation tour dates. + Kids Love Lies new single, new video, new all sorts! Page 14 & 15 : Between Deptford Town Hall on New Cross Road and Creekside bordering Greenwich lies a different kind of independence (from the 51st State) day on Saturday 4th July so far including cabaret; Mad Cap, films; Deptford 45s, Art/Music at Deptford Arms with Earwax Radio, Unplugged Session and Urban Music show at The Albany, loads more! Today Deptford. Inspired by T-shirts worn on 1980s Top Of The Pops by Squeeze and The Flying Pickets: Today Deptford, Tomorrow The World. Most prophetic... A taster of London’s unhyped alternative universe + pix from the Unplugged launch. Today Deptford is by the community loaded with talent and ideas. So spread the word or search “Today Deptford” on Facebook. Page 16 : Planet Water origins : People who think that thug is another word for unemployed, and that all politicians, judges and bankers are honourable people, probably breathed a sigh of relief after The Dawning Of The Age of Aquarius in the 60s. Glad that it was over. Well ha ha...! Anybody with sufficient suss knows morning follows dawn. The Age Of Aquarius began on valentine’s day this year. The feeling that Planet Water exists is sixth sense. From Midnight, New Year’s Eve 1999, has been the brave new world where the back of the compass needle faces south to the parallel dimension. Proof that above money lies Nature’s speciality, creation. The origins of Planet Water started from Year 000. By Year 003 they were in full swing. In this credit crunch age, people are getting back to basics. Catching up with

what Planet Water has been about for a few years. From Year 003 : Bloc Party on Bloc Party. Page 17 : Images from the vanguard of creating your own alternative economy from skint friendship, mutual co-promoting and having fun. Digital Sneakers nowadays over in demand. Videos, films, ads, ICA nights dedicated to them, Channel 4 regulars etc and Toby’ Ls got Rockfeedback on there too and the Basement Club/ Transgressive Records on the go. 18 : Planet Water origins : People who think that thug is another word for unemployed, and that all politicians, judges and bankers are honourable people, probably breathed a sigh of relief after The Dawning Of The Age of Aquarius in the 60s. Glad that it was over. Well ha ha...! Anybody with sufficient suss know s morning follows dawn. The Age Of Aquarius began on valentine’s day this year. The feeling that Planet Water exists is sixth sense. From Midnight, New Year’s Eve 1999, has been the brave new world where the back of the compass needle faces south to the parallel dimension. Proof that above money lies Nature’s speciality, creation. The origins of Planet Water started from Year 000. By Year 003 they were in full swing. Bloc Party on Bloc Party... 19 : Images from the vanguard of creating your own alternative economy from skint friendship, mutual co-promoting and having fun. Digital Sneakers nowadays over in demand. Videos, films, ads, ICA nights dedicated to them, Channel 4 regulars etc and Toby’ Ls got Rockfeedback on there too and the Basement Club/ Transgressive Records 20 - God Is In The TV zine and Chamber Club unite for a London show 19th. 21 -Toy Toy Pure Groove party pix by Gabriel Green. 22 : Rock’n’roll services. Hannah Crozier photography + VMR Publicity merchandise + Totally Tidy Tours, original MTB DJs, Unemployable Welsh Scum have since provided travel and tour management services for The Hives, The Darkness, Rumblestrips, British Sea Power, SeaSick Steve and loads more. Responsible, reliable and rock n roll as they come. 23 : Help create an Artful guide for travellers and locals alike. Massive thank you to anybody that has responded and therefore researched and contributed.Including ... Peel Street venues on the Rising Star Circuit recommended by artists & audiences. Earwax Radio / Earwax TV / Earwax DJs God Is In The TV Music & Culture Ents 24 + Costa del Thames. Location of 2012 Artful Olympics - the lower east side. 24 : + CMU Daily + Itchy Media -+ Oh Yeah music arts collective of Northern Ireland 25 : Stummerville collective + East Spanglier - the best buzz band circuit right now. 26 + 27 The North West of England. Liverpool courtesy of Yorkie + Strawberry Fields hotel, Blackpool + Sonic PR, Rochdale + Manchester courtesy of the Northern Quarter Festival Maps (1st-4th May) including a preview of Orphan Boy at Night & Day on the Saturday night! 28 + 29- Maps Festival - 2nd May Saturday night rock fest at Night & Day. Page 30 & 31 - MTB recommends. live music events flyers 32 & 33 - Music Tourist Board celebrates a year of social enterprise - Earwax Radio will create a live show plus there will be recommended new bands and a late music bar after show. Arrive early to get in for free AND see The Ray Summers warm up for their Camden Crawl appearance. Tonight also heralds the return of Messengers to Rocklands!

34 & 35 - The Tenets. Young, fresh and WANTED - band to investigate. Then - Planet Water Origins - early days of 90s bands going strong in the naughties.

The first Rocklands event is born in Paradise. Pop Of The Tops Club. Apr003 Wanna put talent and locality on the map to bring positivity to the community. We make beer mat calling cards with a map showing the 02 as The Peace Dome. In a parallel dimension it would become a great arts, music and sports venue for the world’s biggest stars. They would each leave a message of peace at the planet’s Time Zone. That October Digital Sneakers film a month of Pop Of The Tops events, artfully. Music Tourist Board, not for profit disorganisation, begins. Apr 004; Rocklands (i.e. Sarf East London across the river from Docklands) in the press. There’s a New Cross scene for a bit. Being the anti-scene, this will become the only trend to return every year as it becomes extremely uncool or cool depending on the seasons... In October the films “Rocklands - Live In New Cross” screened and acclaimed, Xfm Radio special etc and the 15 minutes of fame continues to the end of the year. Rocklands Rounded Tour is legendary then Pop Of The Tops is killed off at Christmas to Stay Beautiful. Apr 005 : Music Tourist Board sort of getting a bit real. There are contacts around the world, around BritainIreland, and especially in London’s largely stylist / biz / media / cash free lower east side. So that October, an expo of the entertainment and exhibition, Artful is launched at the UK Music Industry’s In The City event by eleven bands their own packed-til-the-ceiling-dripped-sweat event in Manchester. Then a month of partying, hugging, dancing, rocking and connecting on land in London and on line in space. New collectives (including The Blue Light District), ideas, bands, media, films, photography, promoters, The South East Bank and the future are created. This non conventional convention is now annual. Apr 006: City Showcase event, start promoting outside London South East X at Camden Barfly, Kings Cross Water Rats, ULU etc. Kick off Access All Ages events in Dirty South Kids come from as far as sussex as they were starved of under 18 gigs. Hosts the Rocklands Bandstand at that summer’s People’s Day Festival and Dirty South Bank show. October Artful = ‘Once Upon Another Time’ honours some playing class friend soundtracks. The X-Party unites Artful with Deptford X Festival is filmed for Digital TV to accompany the BBC Documentary series ‘The Tower’ and relaunch New Cross Inn in Rocklands courtesy of the artists Kate&Tristan. Sarf East London is back in favour as a scene.

007: Bonding and Freedom from bonds. 200 years of slavery abolition celebrated. Rocklands inspires a 4 page article in Time Out Magazine. Rocklands Party, the “24 hour Concrete Glastonbury” that saw thousands of music fans party around Deptford and New Cross. During that same weekend there were also events in Brockley, Lewisham and especially the five-star rocking session that is Foxfest. Costa del Thames is the place. Rocklands Bandstand at People’s Day Festival. Battle of Lewisham gathers outside New Cross Inn. Music Tourist Board also stage an all ages event at The Albany Theatre and are invited back, as NXP (with Kate&Tristan) to stage more punky events as Rocklands Party during Artful. Will retain relationship with the venue which creates RAR!. Saatchi & Saatchi popping to New Cross Inn for their Matt Sargent fix since the NXI/13:53 riot of a birthday party. 008 : RAR! launches. A head for business course at The Albany = meeting the artist Eugene Ankomah. Apr 008, Music Tourist Board aim’s to restart from scratch as a social enterprise. It’s for real! City Showcase again at New Cross Inn and The Fly. The shop, Kate&Tristan launches. New Cross Inn tipped as a breeding ground for coolest new bands in NME and rated one of London’s Top 10 venues in The Guardian. We celebrate solstice with a midsummer dream all dayer mixing film makers Loose Belt with bands like The Darling Reds, Chew Lips, Kids Love Lies and some spicy new potatoes. MTB is event programming at Made In Deptford. Rocklands Club starts as a regular event hosted by The Heartbreakers. Artful Pirate Awards. Artful annual broadcast by Earwax Radio re-launches as a webcast - Earwax TV. Rock and Rave! exhibition at Albany Cafe by our photographers. Costa del Thames becomes a genuine alternative, affordable, bohemian adventure . Deptford Project, Deptford X successes. End the first year having made only a little money, but it’s better than losing millions. This Artful is the punkiest, most exhibitionist, most connecting so far and inspires this little on line zine, Monthly Planet. Issue 1 is in Nov 008. Planet Water Year 009. Rocklands Music Management set up. New venues approaching for summer+ shows. New ideas and connections. Thank you to everybody that made the above happen for an art powered ideas factory fuelled by chaos magic. In this issue are just some of the extended family tree making the future...



The Newer Wave Of


A century of guitar power shows no sign of abating. Lately, the “Indie” marketing genre, overtook the original spirit of independence which maverick labels like Rough Trade and Factory originally embodied. It isn’t a particular style of music (besides, Urban music scene has the best DIY set up). To have or not to have investment defines independence less than Artistic freedom. Alongside indie-pop, the 80s raved and Madchester was the capital. Guitars and dance united. In the 90s punk’s influence resurfaced and the media coined a phrase for collision-pop (what bands like S*M*A*S*H and These Animal Men called their sound); “the new wave of new wave in”. Bands like Manic Street Preachers, then Mansun, Stereophonics, kept the guitar flag flying. More stylised new wave spawned Britpop. Strangely, the very british and very pop Spice Girls weren’t invited to the party. Though Sport Spice was later nicknamed Indie Spice for a bit to include them. Indie was like getting knighted or something and is currently omnipresent. Through it all though, has been the many faces of Rock. It is to the 70s Blues and Peace festivals that a nod of thanks can be paid for the huge Festivals economy that is such a defining part of British Isles 21st Century culture. Music is something that between a handful and thousands can gather in peace together. Still. One of the positive past, present and future stories of humanity. There’s something about the spirit of rock’n’roll that the world can learn from. Rhythm forever. Corporate cool may pitch “Indie” at same coiffeured-class that high street fashion and yoof media also target (one music paper even ran an article once (with pictures), of “how to dress like The Strokes”. Stage style has always been street style and as the rock’n’roll years, turn into the rock’n’roll decades has changed the face of history time after time. There’s still a bit of an attitude where classic and especially glam was something for weekend-hobby bands and dinosaurs. As if Spinal Tap was on the education syllabus. You don’t hear the phrase “pub indie” after all, and yet it is pubs that still play a big part in shaping the entertainment economy of the future by supporting new talent with somewhere to play. The small venues on the rising star circuit are the barometer of future. Booking bands on the strength of whatever attraction or recommendation, Electro-metal, glam punk, disco rock, blues folk and grime pop are just a few of the amazing melting pot sounds that this decade benefits from. Motorhead t-shirts in Top Shop. The Rolling Stones and other children of all ages. Page 8

There was a time when Justin from the Darkness could be found flyering up and down the queue at London’s Stay Beautiful Club, (itself influenced by the Manics). Not long after there was derision at the spectacle of the Darkness which turned to respect for their fifteen minutes of fame. An additional nod of appreciation that goes up to 11, is due, for putting the cock back in rock and getting up the noses of appalled indie purists. Early indications of future stars are up close, personal, affordable and music fans can get as involved at that stage. It’s often like the 20th century rock’n’roll story continues whatever the technology and business models. The seeds of home grown, world class, guitar band talent have been sewn. Download, Kerrang, Ozfest, Metal Hammer and Classic Rock are a constant success. Like The Glitteratti this decade can be both traditional and underground at the same time. Progressive can be alternative. The new music circuit has witnessed full on set that definitely count classic rock in their influences. In the vanguard, punky blow outs from Metro Riots and White Man Kamikaze, the full on stadium experience of The Sea and Saint Jude. Very 21st century bands that would have been equally at home playing the original Isle Of Wight festival last century, or one in the future like Marner Brown, Officer Kicks, Milk Plus, Manatees, King Of Conspiracy and a host of big riffed, ambitious new names on the word of mouth and net scene. The bottom line is real songs, musicianship, personality, live presence, showy showmanship and, importantly, the ability to connect with, and grow audiences organically, which is timeless, not matter what the current business model or technology. They need to MEAN it. This isn’t easy and nothing is guaranteed in the biz of SHOW. Without the right hair, sufficient indie-cred points, right generic sound or marketing cool potential for rapid progress they must still attract a crowd that demand emotion with their motion - what bona fide followings are made of. At one Saint Jude show, with the audience in genuine awe of Lynne Jackaman’s presence, the mic buzzed slightly. “Sacrilege!” shouted a voice in the crowd. When Officer Kicks made their first trip to Reading (a support slot at 7.30pm) they’d sold ten CDs before finishing their set and incited the kind of excitement that saw new fans won asking if they could make a petition for the band to play the town’s famous Festival (if only you could get a set that way, eh?)... in other towns they’ve grown a following just by returning. With NME picking up on The Sea and critical praise for Marner Brown it’s an exciting time. Multi-tasking talent like Dirty Sounds (DJs, musicians, tour managers, writers, designers, promoters, party people), The Heartbreakers (DJs, promoters, photography, film, rock chicks), DJ, designer, producer and cool dude Rich Pack and Totally Tidy Tours (Unemployable Welsh Scum DJs, The House Of Rock, you name it) play their part in spinning the tunes and connecting the dots.

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Bleech by Richard Harris. Officer Kicks by Luke Newman.

Ten City Nation photographed by PhotoDolly. Milk Plus.

Along with the dancing, visual arts and hippyish aspects, the spirit of rock’n’roll is at the heart of Music Tourist Board along with a whole lotta love. Which is probably why quite a few of these bands have played around it’s locality. One place that Rock rocks is Rocklands. Look out for Little Ghosts at Lewisham’s foxy Fox & Firkin on April 16th (don’t miss a young band that recall the glory days of The Old Grey Whistle Test, The Run-Up, in support) at the same venue on 25th April see Ten City Nation storm the gaff ably supported by the dynamic King Of Conspiracy who will return two weeks later on Friday May 8th to play a mile away at New Cross Inn ably supported by the brilliant Bleech who should also be caught at close quarters while possible as they are exactly what this article is about.

In fact the bill is sufficiently exciting to have been added to this year’s City Showcase Festival (7th-9th May), which recognises what’s coming with a Rock Day (May 8th(, as does Stortford Festival on 3rd May which this year has added the Rhodes Rocks/Club Blub Rock Stage. New Classic Rock is on the rise and lately coming to real attention in all it’s diverse glories. Xfm ran an Indie-v-Rock debate citing the rise of the rock press sales as NME fell, it incited lively commentary. Safe and pedestrian “Day Time Radio Playlist” bands lost out to Iron Maiden for a Best Live Band at The Brits. God gave rock’n’ roll to you. Enjoy, because day time radio is so safe at the moment that half of the 20th Century classics wouldn’t have got on there these days. Really feeling it is less restricted by age than marketing department cool so it’s not against the rules to be over twenty (as the Rolling Stones and many more have demonstrated for years). The spirit of Jimi Hendrix is in the air when a guitarist ad libs a wig out unintentionally, or an arm windmills. And did you know that Keith Moon was actually from the moon? You learn something new every day. In a parallel universe, Arctic Monkeys and Metallica are both on the vibe of a broader appreciation than being judged outside the thrills they’ve created. Recently a London paper picked up on the number of rock clubs across the capital, and it’s true to say that in recession, along with dancing, rocking has always been a great escapism. Everybody will have a completely different collection of new favourites and recommendations. That’s the beauty of it. The new band’s mentioned in this article are recommended because they’ve been booked to play and delivered mighty performances and passing on tips to audiences and industry alike is what Music Tourist Board does. You can lead a horse to Planet Water, but you can’t make them drink, so as the great Noddy Holder says, look to the future now, it’s only just begun. Rock will be there. Articulate? Probably not. Spell checked? Possibly. McNaughty Page 12

The Newer Wave Of


Ten City Nation &

King Of Conspiracy + Blue Stragglers

Saturday 25th April - £3 entry, 9pm-2am The Fox, Lewisham High Street, Rocklands, London SE13 Presented by 2bob:

“We'll have plenty more news soon enough, but if you could join us for this auspicious event, we'd be honoured. For one thing, drinks at the Fox are pleasingly cheap, the atmosphere is warm and inviting, the DJs are top notch and the food hasn't killed anyone yet. Cheers.” - Seymour (guitar) Sat 9 May - Cambridge Portland Arms w/The Shills, Bokaata, Hyman Roth, Sat 23 May - Foxfest, Sun 24 May - Club Strut All-Dayer Darlington Seen with Ipso Facto, Lord Auch and Razmataz Lorry Excitement, Tues 26 May - Club Fandango Camden Dublin Castle with The Shills, The Beautiful Sleazy and The Refuseniks, Weds 27 May @ 9pm ICR FM - Live Session & Interview, Sat 13 June Kilburn Luminaire with St Francis & Spinmaster Plantpot, Sat 20 June Brit Pop Now London 12 Bar Club w/ Untitled Musical Project, Dexy, Kunk & Lily Rae, Sat 4 July - Norwich Marquee w/ KunK, Sun 5 July Ipswich Music Day, Sat 8 Aug Fordham Music Festival, Sat 15 Aug - Random Camel Collective All-Dayer Ipswich PJ McGinty's with I.C.H., Fuck Dress, The Resistance, Mustard City Rockers, KunK, State Of Urgency, The Dead Batteries, Oh Dear, Keyarolla & Toe, Sat 5 Sept - Weyfest, Farnham, Sat 26 Sept - B Fest, Burston Alternative Stage @ 4pm

Download the entire Ten City Nation catalogue for free @

Kids Love Lies post punk powerpop penetration that is definitely a favourite part of all this creation. It’s great to see their reputation swelling. The new single Count In My Head is out this month. If you’re not already on it, go find this band

(Jimmy of Jimmy & The Banned joins Glenn on guitars in Deptford Market)

PLANET WATER ORIGINS - THE NAUGHTIES In Ye Olde Days (i.e. first half of this decade), vanguard electropunks, Corporation:Blend, helped to found Pop Of The Tops club at The Paradise Bar, New Cross Road, Deptford. They invited friends to play. Chris Chinchilla from Art Brut helped out with the computers at Paradise Bar and photographed C:B, while Matt from Bloc Party had been in the same class at school, the band came and played a couple of times. They are just some of the playing class friends that joined the party, making the Planet Water wavelength a reality and were members of the Autumn 003 gathering where musicians, film makers, photographers, writers, zine editors, labels, students and anybody uncynical met up in Paradise one afternoon and created art for life to imitate... and it has, ever since. Artfully. Union became Bloc Party and left this page about

Bloc Party...

Bloc Party is an autonomous unit of un-extraordinary kids reared on pop culture between the years of 1976 and the present day. Like many such kids, between them they eventually concluded that their own attempts to imitate what had informed them could be construed as a worthy variation on the many forms that preceded. They do everything that's required to conform to the currently received ideas of what a band is: ostensibly to play instruments at the same time, but also have a title for the work created. Kele picked up a guitar when his hands enabled him to do so and his brain gave him the inclination. Russell had already done as much beforehand when they met in 1998. In the fine print of music papers and in telephone conversations they enabled meetings with Gordon who had ideas of some relevance to bring to the collective effort, and after a number of unmemorable drummers they happened on Matt through mutual friends, who was the best drummer they’d ever played with, and the nicest too. In this sense a band was formed. The band set about gigging with this line-up at the beginning of 2003, while laying down a number of recordings in an attempt to pinpoint the sound they’d arrived at. This was a mixture of angular post-punk ideas (Gang of Four, Wire, New Order) and harmonic, intricate guitar sounds (Radiohead, Mogwai) fused on to sharp, cut-up beats and the postrock dynamics of Fugazi and Sonic Youth. By summer 2003 the band had a handful of tracks that were fully representative of their sound, which became the ‘She’s Hearing Voices’ demo. In September this had found its way to Steve Lamacq, who played it at the earliest opportunity, and described it on air as “genius”. Precious weeks beforehand the demo had fallen into the hands of a band called Franz Ferdinand, who were sufficiently impressed to offer Bloc Party a support slot for their Domino Records ten-year anniversary gig. Coupled with this, the demo was taken up by fledgling indie label Trash Aesthetics with the intention of putting it out as a limited 7” in October (003). Bloc Party are not artisans or artists or workers or visionaries or leaders: they are not cut from the heavy cloth of deliberate musicianship nor the shell-suit nylon of tacked-on adolescent guitar rock. They oppose - through actions, not words - the paid-up singsong of over-furrowed artifice. Instead they work a new pattern out of remembered elements. An electro-magnetic charge that moves through smoke-clogged air from fingertip to fingertip. A whirl of bashed-up beats and riffs - rock turned centrifugal, sexy and thoughtful.


What New Cross scene? What new Camden / Hoxton / Shoreditch / New York etc? Just a largely residential area with over imaginative minds obsessed by art and music. They create their own world and the anti-scene still lives. Above Rob, Dexy, Michael after a Live In R o c k l a n d s show at The Amersham Arms with Toby L of R o c k f e e d b a c k. Ben of the Blaine Brothers / Digital S n e a k e r s films Chris T-T while Mark Beaumont DJs. Ben’s at it again, this time it’s Bloc Party for the Rocklands Live In New Cross f i l m s . Paul Madden, editor of Maps Magazine takes pictures. Jamie I z z a r d of Earwax Radio hones his skills on Andy. By October 005 Music Tourist Board have sufficient art for the first Artful F e s t i v a l. This year (009) will be Episode 5 of the annual expo on land or on line. Anybody interested is invited to take part. Share The Joy

One of the best new new music culture publications, God Is In The TV, has teamed up with Chamber an ace night of alternative/progressive/new wave/dark music based in London. In the coming months they'll be announcing exciting line ups, superb competitions and the chance for band to appear at one of these nights. Chamber in association with GIITTV launches on

Sunday 19th April

Vile Imbeciles + Jon Jones & The Beatniks Movement + Deathray Trebuchay + Micron Sixty Three + Akira + Demontre + DJ King Chinchilla 7pm until Midnight, £5 Entry The Legion 348 Old St London EC1V 9NQ tel 020 7729 4441 Vile Imbeciles Brighton’s intense, deranged psychedelic punk, unhinged rock and erratic funk. Second LP ‘Queenie Was A Blonde’ out now. “Wilfully avant-garde trio admirably attempt to disassemble rock n roll” Kerrang - “sounds like captain beefheart if he were 50ft tall, possessed by the devil himself and plugged directly into the national grid” The Word Jon Jones & the Beatniks Movement /jonjonesandthebeatniksmovement Bone crunching Bradford rock that whips in Stooges, Ramones, QOTSA, 80s Matchbox with dirty guttural hooks. ‘Engine Power EP’ out now on Decasian Records. “A piece of punk escapism, a nightmare on your street, a bad trip on a flight home, a psycho-babble orgy - whatever you fear most, this is it ....Absolutely electrifying!" Toxic Pete Deathray Trebuchay /deathrayband London six-piece gypsy avant-punks pumping high energy eccentric performances and rousing melodies. Like a vodka party in the middle of a hurricane. Debut single ‘Number Six’ out now. “Ace punk meets samba meets surf" Time Out "Death Ray Trebuchey have blended the genres of surf rock, samba, ska, and punk to create a scary other world of dancing skeleton Mexicans who parade about carrying heads on pikes"

Micron Sixty Three: Surging and frenetic rhythms. Jagged post punk melodies. Think PiL and Bauhaus mangled together with Nine Inch Nails. The sound of your heart exploding in your chest. Debut Single ‘Death Is Colder Than Love’ out now on Disc Error Recordings. “It grabs you, thrashes you, rotates you and throws you to the floor. And that's only the opening” Audioscribbler Akira (London) Experimental trio merging everything from lo-fi pop through to post-rock apocalyptica. ‘Japanese Frequencies EP’ out now. "The one overriding factor that they have going for them is the sheer scope of their vision. They're one of the few bands who you can really say are completely doing their own thing with no regard to what the outside world thinks it should be hearing." Drowned In Sound Demontré: London Three piece combining demonised pop and lurching and contorted thundering rhythms. GIITTV has a PAIR of tickets to give away simply name the venue where the event will be held and send your answers to by April 7th.

GOD IS IN THE TV ZINE: Worldwide A forward thinking collective with a real passion for new music, unearthing quality acts from around the country and putting them out there’re for the world to see. Combining in-depth interviews, interesting features and cutting edge reviews. Get involved and interact. * *

Electro’s queenz of noizier, Toy Toy, launch Fuck My Boyfriend single (complete with fuck taxi and fuck my boyfriend pink (killer!) cocktails and dancing ladies dressed in lights. Catch them at this year’s Glastonbury Festival. Or anywhere you can! photography by Gabriel Green


Page 23 - Music

Tourist Board recommends...

There’s no Artful guide book by Music Tourist Board yet. This is being created from contributions received by this year’s Artful Festival in October. For now though, the amount of conversations, meetings, emails and projects that have come on board have spawned the seeds. Here is a small fraction of what will become media, labels, industry/services and by region; festivals, shopping, art/music collectives, venues etc on the wavelength. Then match them to the relevant media to keep the guide up to date. Peel Street. Venues that help and inspired talent. The great John Peel is the patron saint of new music. Just as there is John Lennon airport, so there is a virtual Peel Street of venues up to 1,000 capacity, where there’s very often something special happening. This is the circuit to support, because without it, we damage the future of the entertainment economy. Music Tourist Board's suggested venues come from audiences and artists alike. Massive thanks to Chew Lips, Toy Toy, The Run-Up, Kids Love Lies and more for getting this started. Along with experiences on the road with other bands, some of the nominated venues so far (taking into account a variety of factors like how the band are looked after and promoted, the atmosphere, sound on stage etc) include... Brighton Prince Albert, Cambridge Portland Arms, Camden Proud Gallery, Deptford Albany, Glasgow King Tuts, Guildford Boileroom, Hitchin Club 85, Lewisham Fox & Firkin, Liverpool Korova, Montague Arms, New Cross Inn, Newport TJs, Norwich Arts Centre, Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms, Reading Plug’n’Play, Shoreditch Old Blue Last, Southampton Lennons, Southend Chinnerys and more to be compiled. Earwax Radio/Earwax TV - early doors band tips with a quality band spotting record. They make great podcasts, play fine music and are in possession of the charm that inspire the term Playing Class Friends. ________________________________________________________________________ In 2005 GIIITV put on an event in London and the compilation CD, it included bands like Luxembourg, The Art Goblins and 1984 (who Snide-free media where pro-active bands, became Reverend and the Makers). promoters and writers network. Regularly mentioned in the same breath as more In 2006, GIITTV released a compilation of corporate publications, when it comes to new underground acts including Rose Kemp, music. Penny Broadhurst, The Psychotic Reaction and The International Karate Plus. In 2007, Independent culture webzine. Launched in GIITV launched their singles club, offering 2003 by editor, Bill Cummings and Alex some exclusive free downloads, starting with Worsnip, covers a wide range of music 'The End Of The World' by Time. Space. including unsigned, independent and major Repeat which was downloaded over 15,000 releases. It encourages anybody times. professional and amateur - to get involved! ________________________________________________________________________

Ents 24 - Music fans get updated when as soon as a date is publicised for the band that you follow by the promoter. This website is a massively read, massively used database as opposed to a social network. It just gets down to what you want with feedback from audiences publicised equally from the biggest to the smallest acts. Ents 24 Promoters put your gigs on the database. Artists update your entries on the database. Music fans get news on your favourite tourings bands from the database. In these days of social networking every time you fart or snog, something more directly connected with the business of playing live. MTB did contact Ents 24 for a logo/info etc but they (rightly) probably thought we were some pesky nutters. Doesn’t matter. Music Tourist Board recommends them.

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Tourist Board recommends

Costa del Thames. You live in London and want an adventure. You’re from out of town and fancy a weekend. You’re creative and want to stay somewhere likewise and affordable. With a reputation that’s spread world-wide through friends from Camden to Canada and beyond, the South East Bank that is the bottom of the Thames u-bend (see Eastenders credits) has become a genuine destination. Even more so since the o2 (next door to the David Beckham Academy) became one of the world’s top venues. London hasn’t noticed this landmark locality (boroughs of Lewisham, Southwark and Greenwich) despite this being the planet’s time zone, but comparisons from Time Out Magazine (“60s San Francisco”, Italian Vogue “Paris Montmartre” plus the support of LA bands galore, Thailand’s Supersweet Magazine and a heap of short films, articles etc (“how to speak New Cross” by the Evening Standard, anybody?) prove that Music Tourist Board of Rocklands saw a reason to begin, which is becoming increasingly justified. Last month New York Times travel guide recommended New Cross and Deptford as a future hip destination... CMU Daily. Are you in any way, shape or form in the business of music? Catch up on music news, music business, music gossip, music tips and music links via this regular newsletter. A bit like Record Of The Day but the tongue in cheek has to be admired, also. Music Industry e-sheet with news etc. MTB did contact to see if we could use some of the witty repartee as an example ... blah blah blah pesky nutters etc but like their work with Edinburgh Festival, student networks etc and highly recommend Itchy Media. What’s on and where for sixteen major locations around the UK. A one stop a nationwide going out guide Musician's Union, PRS, MCPS plus Creative And Cultural Skills have used our facilities. It’s the sort of organised brilliance that Music Tourist Board can only aspire to. Very much worth, from the heart. The oh yeah music centre is a former bonded whiskey warehouse in the heart of the Cathedral Quarter, Belfast's cultural district. On three floors it features a performance space, a drop-in area, office units, a privatelyrun recording studio and exhibition space and was recognised as a charity in 2008. Since moving into the building in 2007, oh yeah has hosted live events with the likes of Elbow, Gary Lightbody, Tim Wheeler from Ash, Duke Special, Foy Vance, Iain Archer, James Walsh from Starsailor, Lisa Hannigan and Jello Biafra. Also worked with Oxfam, Amnesty International, The Equality Commission, The Prince's Trust, Include Youth, Opportunity Youth, UnLtd, Common Purpose, the

Also a compilation album, 'The Oh Yeah Sessions' (2008) and also that year the photographic exhibition, 20/20 was launched.

oh yeah has staged

events for the Ulster Bank Festival, Open House Festival, The Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival, the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival and the Trans Festival. Outreach programmes have provided training to disadvantaged young people in the fields of music photography, drumming and DJ skills. This works. Get involved, support or sponsor in any way. So far oh yeah have received support from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, UnLtd, 4Talent , Belfast City Counci and been sponsored by Carling and HMV.


a registered charity aiming to create opportunities for

aspiring musicians. Set up by the friends and family of Joe Strummer in the year after his death, it seeks to reflect Joe's unique contribution to the music world by offering support, resources and performance opportunities to artists who would not normally have access to them.

East Spanglier (i.e. Hertfordshire, Essex and East Anglia). Following the March issue, this is the circuit for bands that are exciting enough to break through on. Costa del Thames and East Spanglier have become connected through bands, zines, ideals and having a wealth of Peel Street venues. For instance, Seymour of Ten City Nation came from Suffolk to Rocklands for a night out in a regular haunt. He found himself in the DJ booth of New Cross Inn with Dexy who was DJing. Both are now stalwarts of the Lewisham massive... Messengers first gig was in that same venue. MTB recommended them to the fab Playground Club their set was previewed on Earwax Radio. Steve from the sussed Club Blub of Bishops Stortford caught their set at Proud Gallery and immediately booked them. Doll & The Kicks and Marner Brown recently called in. Messengers on 17th April for the excellent Rhodes Rocks 16+ event with Look See Proof and again on May 3rd for Stortford Festival. They were recently played on Radio 1 by Steve Lamacq and as pop star potential electronic rock bands, go, have the musical ability to take it to another level. With panache. Welwyn Garden City punks, S*M*A*S*H, then The Shills, The Pins, The

Worldonfire. Making Eyes At Elvis, thrill. Club-Lolita Charli XCX is fab fun from Hertfordshire, caught her at New Cross Inn, (also playing Stortford Festival. My Passion put Hitchin (and Club 85, one of the UK’s best venues) on the map. Following their amazing riot at Artful Rocklands Party were invited back to Deptford Albany to become

one of the fave frenzies at the 14+ RAR! club. Over the last six months they have become hot property, having built up a massive army of devotees on the net while constantly touring. Huntingdon has the best REAL non corporate festival of all... The Secret Garden Party. Essex has brill venues like Harlow Square, Colchester Art Centre and Southend Chinnerys, as well as Offset and V Festival. It’s all backed up by BBC Essex Introducing (massive thanks to them for their help in compiling Peel Street for the future). All of East Spanglier is covered by Music-Zine. Cambridge, Norwich and Hertfordshire have local press that covers the more alternative entertainment. It all makes for a genuine breeding ground so that when The Pins, hit London, there’s a good turn out, not just new friends in the city, but being a short hop on the train some local support as witnessed by their recent foray to Camden Tommy Flynn’s. London’s, Officer Kicks debuted in Herts in August, to 30 people. Thanks to the wonderful response, they returned in January, to around 200 people at venue of legends, Rhodes Arts Centre. Then May 3rd for Stortford Festival. Creative Revolution is in the air. Has been for years, courtesy of anti-establishment R*E*P*E*A*T - Cambridge Portland Arms in is where they’ve staged many a great show. MTB and Wombat Wombat based at Norwich Arts Centre (home of Fuck Dress and The Kabeedies etc), represented at the Ladyfest “Women In Music” event held there last year, too.

For the huge amount of bands seeking to build a following on the blasé, tediously-trendy, spoilt for gigs, London circus, appreciation is but a drive-back away. So google the above events and venues for the next buzz things...

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The North West of England Liverpool by Yorkie UNIVERSAL SHOES is a music production facility set up by local legend YORKIE, former bassist, producer & arranger with indie giants SPACE. They strode the UK Top 10 singles and albums charts . His production work with Liverpool legends SHACK gained huge critical acclaim from most periodicals (as well as Noel Gallagher & Pete Townshend). Check out and Yorkie’s guide to the pool....

“Liverpool has a rich history in diverse music. The '70's post punk period gave us the likes of THE TEARDROP EXPLODES, ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN, WAH HEAT!, PINK MILITARY STAND ALONE, ORCHESTRAL MANEOUVRES IN THE DARK, and many more. Although most of these went on to main stream success, they were originally mavericks in the truest sense of the word. Grouped together in a Dave McCulloch SOUNDS interview, under the heading 'The New Merseybeat', the only thing they had in common was to do something different from everybody else. Indeed, no two bands sounded alike. This spirit has been carried forward through the years with such bands as my own THE BALCONY, THE DANCE PARTY & EGYPT FOR NOW, as well as such liminaries as MARSHMALLOW OVERCOAT, THE WALKING SEEDS, CHINESE RELIGION, KLINGKLANG, CLINIC, SPACE, ETC. The current scene is predominantly healthy for all sounds alternative to the corporate industry meat feast. Bands such as 28 COSTUMES, VOO, ACCIDENTS NEVER HAPPEN (Norway, based in Liverpool), ELLE SAPELLE (now sadly demised) and the very wonderful MY AMIGA. I have had the pleasure of working with the latter on some stunning recordings, and they continue to be one of the leading lights of the Liverpool alternative music scene. The leading venue for a number of years has been KOROVA (Wood St), with mainman REVO steering a healthy ship through all that is different, obscure, alternative, and even at times, unfathomable.His devotion to bringing new sounds to the huddled masses of Liverpool's hungry underground should not go unrewarded. As for record shops, there is but one. PROBE RECORDS (Seel St) continues to be the leading light at the end of a particularly dark tunnel for all those willing to brave it's doors. The staff are unrepentantly rabid about the music they sell, and are willing to either recommend or slag off anything that passes through the shop with their usual wisdom or acerbic wit. The shop has been around since the very heyday of alt music (PUNK) and long may it continue. For a purely retro, collectible vinyl experience, why not try HAIRY RECORDS at the top of Bold St. Packed with every collectible genre of music, it is reasonably priced and staffed by knowledgable, if somewhat grumpy at times, people.”

Yorkie 2009

Strawberry Fields Hotel - Blackpool. Beatles

theme heaven with it’s own “Cavern”, clean and comfortable rooms, great and friendly service, affordable accommodation within walking distance of the sea front (was there for a gig at the Empress Ballrooms), a warm traditional british hospitality and a fantastic, well cooked, served hot, filling portions breakfast. This is going in the Music Tourist Board guide, for sure. Don’t just take this recommendation. Read the guest book at 95 Palatine Rd, Blackpool, FY1 4BX - Tel: 01253 625482 or 07941 741 735

Sonic PR - Rochdale

Regional press for David Kitt / Depeche Mode / Emmy the Great / Erasure / Exile Parade / Exit Calm / Fredo Viola / Get It Loud In Libraries / Grinderman / Helene / Jake Flowers / Joe Gideon & The Shark / Metronomy / Moby / Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds / Officer Kicks / Patrick Wolf / Polly Scattergood / Shmoo / Silverclub / Summer Sundae Weekender / Teitur / WhiskyCats

Maps Festival - Manchester May 1st-4th Music, art, poetry and stuff – what The Northern Quarter is all about + + search "Maps Festival" on Facebook for events. Manchester is steeped in personality drenched self expression that the entire nation is influenced by. MAPS is the party growing into something stamping the city’s magic on the world of creative talent. It tips well. Catch future stars at close range. “Edinburgh has its fringe, Camden has its crawl and now Manchester has its MAPS” Urban Life Following last year’s debut, 2009 will put the spotlight on local and nationwide creativity . The 4-Day weekend culminates in a large outdoor stage on the Bank Holiday Monday for up to 50,000 people. Working with arts bodies like Green Room and Zion Arts Centre it will merge the cultural cross sector of arts and community with the vibrant music scene. Supporting talent and incorporating all sorts of events in regular and unusual venues indoors and out, uniting the cultural spectrum, businesses, individuals and organisations May’s Bank Holiday musical highlights include 1st : Launch party at Night & Day starring Liam Frost (described by Guy Garvey of local boys done good, Elbow as “the UK’s answer to Bright Eyes”) with rising stars, Jake Flowers, Allesi's Ark and more.2nd May : Lost & Found night with the acclaimed Baddies, see Night & Day’s big rock show Saturday night preview on next page.

Sunday 3rd: Fat City DJs huge closing party at the glamorous Ruby Lounge with live bands including The Brute Chorus. Monday 4th May : The Bay Horse will look after mellifluous acoustics and ragtime music, and provide a Spring Barbeque for the weekend’s chill-out sessions. May The 4th Be With You! plus... Craft & Design Centre traditional May Day / UK Craft Mafia exhibition / poetry and spoken word events from For Folk’s Sake and The Undergrowth Collective / artwork by local artists and photographers / a mapping walk youngsters can investigate and have some input into artwork and music events for the weekend and beyond / local shops, bars and eateries contribute with offers and reductions on their goods throughout the Festival, all in the name of community and the spirit of the Northern Quarter! This year Maps Festival has joined with The Radio Republic for exclusive live broadcasts from the comfy environs of the newly reopened Castle Hotel. Add street performance, circus acts and a very special Mrs Boon’s Tea Party, jubileestyle and you have this year's biggest party and one of the Summer’s most authentic festivals. “MAPS is a proud celebration of Manchester’s best independent music and art” Metro News (Maps Festival continued)

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Festival - Manchester May 1st-4th SATURDAY NIGHT ROCKS AT NIGHT & DAY

2nd May - Maps Festival presents a FIVE STAR bill! ORPHAN BOY + OFFICER KICKS + SUZUKI//METHOD + LITTLE VOLCANOES + ROMANOV Night & Day Cafe, 26 Oldham Street, Manchester, M1 1JN Tel : 0161 236 4597 Doors 8pm-2am * Tickets £6 advance). Free entry with Maps Festival wristband.

Orphan Boy

One of the UK’s best new talents, Orphan Boy have a knack of writing spirit nagging tunes lyrical with real life. Their alternative rock is crafted with unpredictable tangents and the live show is sharp and full on. Snapped up by sussed independent, Concrete Recordings (Subways etc), they released their first single, Alderley Edge to end off 2007 and haven't looked back. The post-punk-power-punch pop with debut album Shop Local acclaimed one of 2008's best. Xfm, Glastonbury and Secret Garden Party caught on. "the most played song on my ipod' declared Steve Lamacq. "hearing Orphan Boy on record is equally as brilliantly scary as we witnessed. Watch this lot VERRRY closely. They should be huge." said The Fly, among many clamouring to express acclaim. With the seeds of a fervent following, Orphan Boy are set to make their mark. They played one of the punkiest live riots that Glastonbury Festival has witnessed last year, then ended 2008 working on new tunes. They have a refreshing, down to earth honesty that looks past all they hype. Sure they were tipped (rightly) in lots of places, but it's not an overnight thing and they don’t expect that. They started 2009 featuring on the iTunes Top 40 compilation of international best new bands, Fresh Weird & Wonderful , and have an exciting brace of new tunes for the next chapter and are setting up tour dates to play them. The bus trips of following that flavour their shows know a major talent when they experience it.

Officer Kicks : "No nonsense killer tunes" (Clash Mag). Armed with big songs &

personality and amazing feedback. A cracking live show and the spirit of rock running through their collective veins. Debut album, The Six Grand Plot, introduced them to the general public and earned them airplay and some great reviews. With both Mani and Danny McNamara giving them the thumbs up, they've been invited to return to Manchester more than once. Since the last trip they've worked feverishly in the studio on the new album, Citywide Curfew which is released mid summer on We Make Things records, preceded by live favourite, Tom Thumb. "Their name should be a lot more familiar by the end of the year" "This band could be massive" said Sunday Express and S.London Press respectively last month, but don't take anybody's word for it. Kicks Army are recruiting. Be the best.

Suzuki//Method ; Salford's Alt-power-pop outfit drenched in exciting potential and have already been snapped up by Alan McGee for one of his famed Death Disco Club nights. The BBC caught them at a local show recently and noted; "The sweat is dripping down the outstretched arms of the crowd, who are punching their fists into the air.... ... the thumping, electronic rhythms and beats provide the foundation for others to dance on. Aggressively, they keep the beat rate at the foot stomping level, in a way that the likes of The Whip or Delphic are currently exhibiting."

Little Volcanoes : Not just “another Manchester band!” Rock's thrills, pop sophistication, dance floor grooves, sex and anthems, Little Volcanoes have got the lot. This is their time, 2009 is the year of ROCK. They may be new but they've already had radio features and a BBC session and their single “Can We Do It Again” was played on the BBC big screen. They've gigged with britmusic legends like The Buzzcocks' Steve Diggle and The Bluetones' Mark Morriss all the while growing a sizeable fan base at home and beyond. They want it. You want it. Rock so hot it's lava... "One of the best up-and-coming live bands around today!" Manchester Confidential (Dec 2008)

Romanov : Cor, with all the influences you'd want from the 20th and 21st Century best to (1) get advance tickets and (2) arrive early, because Romanov are in your face in the tradition of the North West's must have bands. In their own words, "With a dedicated fan base who follow our every move, we are sure you will see Romanov somewhere on a piece of paper soon."

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Music Tourist Board relaunched in April 008 as a social enterprise. Celebrate good times. come on (Thursday 23rd)

MESSENGERS, DON'T WAIT ANIMATE, EDIT/SELECT (pictured), MYLOR TIDE @ EARWAX RADIO SHOW + DJs Free before 9pm then ÂŁ3 (/ÂŁ2 for NUS/Music Tourist Board) Late Music Bar after. New Cross Inn, 323 New Cross Road, Rocklands, London SE14 6AS Tel: 020 8692 1866 High quality live music tips. Low cost booze. Radio show creating tonight. A different kind of St. George's Day - who's your fave George? A sparkling, hand picked bill starring... Messengers. Debuted at Rocklands Club and quickly becoming one of the London buzz bands, now in residency at Camden Proud Gallery , recently on Radio 1, they're back on home turf tonight with their showy, rocking hi-energy electrodisco. Believe the hype, real musicianship in the house, see stars. The art maverick experience that is Don't Wait Animate are back at The Inn with their live electrodub party Edit/Select : Intrusive riffs, in your face attitude and energetic shows are the talk of town - get involved. This newer wave force has already graced and won over West End audiences and according to the BBC "Sound like a band you would see at a hot, sweaty and energetic gig with beer all over the floor!". Bring a mop. Mylor Tide: Shay and Rosie rock out. Described as "Joan Jett meets PJ Harvey", their sound is stark and stunning acoustic blues explosion. Warmed up for their first proper gig by support Glenn Tilbrook at the Unplugged Sessions (crowd LOVED them) this is cool blues rock folk genius

The Ray Summers : A very special early-set extra tour date for Radio 1 sessioned pop outfit The Ray Summers who call in to South London for their Camden Crawl warm up. See them up close early doors! Here's their latest news: The Ray Summers are pleased to announce they will be releasing their debut EP, ‘Tales from Vicar Street ’ on Monday April 20th 2009. The EP will be released for download through our own website and myspace, mail order and for sale at gigs. The EP will be free to download or will cost £4 for a physical product. If you download the EP from the website and register you will receive via email all four tracks along with a personalised artwork featuring a unique download number and your name. This download number also entitles you to free tracks and gigs in the future. We feel that delivering a debut EP is about getting your music heard and the best way to do this is to give it away to you for nothing. We have had a listen to the first mixes of the tunes produced in conjunction with the guys at Monomen studios and we think you will like them cos we do. To complement this release we will be touring the country so I hope you can come along to see us live, ‘cos that is always the best way to listen to a band. Love. Ray. x. Earwax Radio : Exclusive sessions, interviews, underground classics, thousands of subscribers. Earwax excels in giving an outlet to buzzy unsigned talents with quite a few getting on Radio 1, XFM, BBC 6Music etc after being featured. "All the rabble-rousing, word-spreading, tune-disseminating duties you’d have wanted from pirate radio once upon a time". (Time Out Magazine). Got something to promote on the show? Get in touch Music Tourist Board : Love + music + words + visuals + ideas to create future, Music Tourist Board uses art power to promote a World Entertainment Capital via it's gritty but inspiring creative quarter. The “Costa del Thames” of “Rocklands” has since become a genuine destination in London, the aim is to bring extra business and a feeling of community via positivity. "Board meetings" have featured new music tips, early days, like Chew Lips, Art Brut, Pop Levi, Hatcham Social, Bloc Party, Fight Like Apes, Toy Toy, Kids Love Lies etc @ clubs around London/UK, In The City, festival stages, City Showcase, touring, film makers, photographers, Artful Festival, Rocklands Party, Monthly Planet Zine, Rocklands Management/Promotions and with NXP the fab RAR! events, exhibiting, screenings in The West End, at the National Film Theatre/ICA etc. All are invited to get involved. It all starts at new music nights. Like this. Facebook group / Music Tourist Board events : "Playing Class Friends"

THE TENETS In 2004 The Tenets originally a London 5 piece consisting of myself (Isaac Young) and my brother Joel. The two guitarists and three others with all of us writing the songs. We were in love with music, spanning all decades especially the 60s. We were a classic DIY punk band writing and learning our instruments side by side while making rough demos. We had no drummer but bags of songs.. We committed every waking moment to the cause, and gave up on our degrees to make the seemingly impossible, possible. We realised that it was time to make a difference, to never look back, like we were on a mission from God. We hadn't played in front of anyone apart from open mike nights and desperately wanted to take part in the battle of the bands competition. Through circumstance we met our drummer (Andy) with four weeks to spare and won the competition. Soon after Steve the singer not believing in his talent, quit the band which later soon imploded. Joel and I continued to write material while we worked the odd shitty job. A year later we reconciled with Andy and set about looking for a Bassist and singer. Meanwhile in Cardiff, James Davies (D'vine) was playing the circuit, a seasoned busker and performer, with a real taste for 50s rock n roll. He was in various bands before he decided in the Summer of 2007 to pack up his things and head to London in search of a greater destiny. He was barely in town for two weeks when he came across an ad in NME from a band named The Tenets. We had given up looking for a singer and decided to do it ourselves but through a strange twist of fate our ad was still in months later, instead of for two weeks, so it was a surprise getting his call. We met up, exchanged some songs, and signed our lives away. He immediately moved in with us and I changed to bass. In September 2007 we formed properly and got eight songs down in time for a gig at our local a month later. We were in the band we all dreamed about being in. However, in April 2008 Andy quit and we were left without a drummer once more. After countless auditions In June 2008 we met Theo, younger and full of energy and ideas, and the band was back on, and even better. That winter we were asked to support American band "Electric Six" on a mini tour starting in James' hometown, Cardiff and finishing at Shepherds Bush Empire. It couldn't have been sweeter. Ironically James answered that ad from a phone box just outside this venue back in 2007.. We are continuing to play the London circuit, our sound with the help of Theo is maturing and ever developing. We cannot imagine another line up change and fully believe sooner or later we will be offered the right record contract.

Other bands have called us the best band in London. Maybe..

Upcoming London Shows: 14 Apr 16 Apr 24 Apr 16 May 2 Jun 16 Jul

Bardens Boudoir, Stoke Newington Road Rhythm Factory, Whitechapel New Cross Inn 229, Great Portland Street The Old Queens Head, Islington Proud Galleries, Camden

Much Love, The Tenets x

PLANET WATER ORIGINS - THE 90S THE 90s new ROCK followed The Manics...

+ THE ART and boundary free imagination of Radiohead

= fractions of THIS ART ROCK decade

(pix by McNaughty)

Inspiration for Planet Water being photographed by Tom Sheehan New York 1993 (pic by McNaughty). Back on home turf at Reading & Leeds Festivals 2009. Practise random kindness and senseless acts of beauty. Share The Joy.

Monthly Planet 07 - Apr 009  

Monthly Planet Zine. Music Tourist Board recommends. Bleech, Kids Love Lies, Radiohead, Orphan Boy, Messengers, Ten City Nation, Manchester...