Lantana Living Magazine September 2021

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Ask The Expert: Home Decorating



by Allison Fifer, POSH Home Staging & Redesign | photo courtesy of Allison Fifer

lanning on staying in your home for years to come? Aging in Place can be done comfortably and with style. Staging your home becomes more of a necessity than a luxury as we age; staying in your home is a gift. Aging in place doesn’t mean life now demands grab bars and removal all of your throw rugs. But with the right floor plan and flow, it is doable.

Aging in place can include stylish elements as well as comfortable changes. While aging in place does refocus our priorities on wider doorways, clear pathways with fewer obstructions, good lighting and grab bars in wet zones, you can absolutely stage with beautiful design elements and style. So how do you mix in style while staying focused on all the aging in place considerations? Color is a fun way to add style. Color also provides contrast for depth perception. Color can be added in the form of paint or wallpaper. Embracing color will influence fabrics and additional textures to use, but it will also affect how we feel, your mood, and how furniture or art looks in your home. When you add pops of color, you will also want to incorporate those special pieces that are personal to make you feel comfortable in your home. Pops of color

corner and a bed that is comfortable

and easily accessible height-wise. Many

older homeowners consider wall-to-wall carpet over an area rug under the bed

to avoid stumbling. Final touches would

can be on walls, a furniture piece, or even frames on mirrors, photos, or artwork.

be a soothing color palette, clear wide

Open floor plans are a hidden gem and will accommodate the aging in place lifestyle. An open family room that flows into the kitchen welcomes grandchildren’s visits…letting them romp around in a stylish and kid-friendly environment and it will be an easy room to make small adjustments to as the homeowner ages. It is easy to make hardwood floors into paths for swift navigation from room to room and as time passes accommodations can be made with little effort such as removing rugs.

Bathrooms have many aging factors to

Creating a “Zen” master bedroom helps one sleep better. Decluttering is key, not only to our mental well-being but also in eliminating physical hurdles. A stylish bedroom includes a clear path to the bathroom, nightstands that sit at the same height as the bed, a dresser and reading

handheld shower head to accommodate a

pathways with minimal furniture.

consider as well. If you are building or

wondering where to prioritize a redesign

in your home, considering a zero entry or curbless shower is highly recommended. You can design your shower just as

beautifully with the same tile you would select for a traditional shower floor and extend it seamlessly into the remaining floor area of your bathroom. This is a

great bonus if you have elderly parents visiting, too. Additional elements to consider with a shower redesign is

the addition of a seat or bench plus a seated individual or easier clean up.