Lantana Living Magazine November 2021

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Ask The Expert: Decorating


GUEST ROOMS by Allison Fifer, POSH Home Staging & Redesign

he holidays are upon us! Living in a shopping metropolis and a destination for fun, it’s not a matter of if, but when will overnight guests arrive? Let’s talk about creating the perfect space for your overnight guests; one that says “Welcome! Glad you are here.”

The perfect room starts at the walls. Wall colors set the tone for the room. You want to select a fabulous color palette - a paint color that is light and fresh will keep the room feeling bright and airy, avoiding a gloomy or dark feel. Secondly, you want to select flooring that provides a feeling of warmth. Most guest rooms in Texas are either carpeted or have a cozy rug on a wood floor. Stepping onto this thick woven fabric will provide a setting that is peaceful, warm and inviting. Once your wall and flooring are in place, it is all about layering. Furniture is next and is the core of the room while bedding, pillows, art and accessories add the personality. There are two key factors to consider when decorating — size of room and use of the room. The old adage of “Form follows Function” is particularly true in designing this room.

For a bedroom that is specifically designed for housing guests, one should consider a queen sized bed with two nightstands and a 3-drawer chest. This will provide good balance to the room and cover basic needs for a guest. Additionally, if space allows, include a chair and ottoman where a guest may sit to enjoy a cup of tea, read a book, take off shoes or just be still. If your guest room is also doubling as an office, you may consider placing a quality sleeper sofa, day bed or an attractive futon in the room instead of a bed. All options will sleep two and save on space.

maker would make their visit special, adding that 5-star experience. Keep in mind that everything should be based on the size of the room. All items should be to scale so you avoid a room that looks cluttered. Having proper light is also important as a lot of people like to read at night. Two nice lamps will give the room balance while providing for reading. Adding color to the room can be done with your area rug, tasteful artwork and bedding. The bedding makes the bed and adds a flair of drama. The ideal scenario is for your guest to walk into your guest room and say “Wow! Thanks for having me!”

Adding in “creature comforts” are a nice bonus for your guests and include quality bedding, a big screen tv, reading materials, scented candles, extra towels, soft linens and pillows. Adding a coffee