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FORGING AHEAD Annual Report 2010 – 2011

This report offers a reflection on recent successes and outlines our plans for forging ahead. We look forward to working with you along the way as, together, we use art as a catalyst to ignite change in the lives of all of our constituents.



©2012 City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program / James Burns  Photo by Eunice Yu

We believe that public art brings life to Philadelphia and that the city’s public art belongs to all of us. We are dedicated to furthering public art by deepening relationships with our many stakeholders, fostering exciting new dialogues, and working with cutting-edge contemporary artists.

Cover Photo: Paul Robeson Mural Restoration  ©2012 City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program / Ernel Martinez  Photo by Dan King for GPTMC

For more than 27 years, the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program has had a dramatic impact on the people and neighborhoods in Philadelphia, engaging them in the creation of murals and other public artworks that help revitalize urban neighborhoods and commercial corridors.

About the Cover:

REFLECTING BACK The Paul Robeson mural, originally painted by Peter Pagast in 1999, is one of West Philadelphia’s most well-known and beloved murals. This past year it received a makeover courtesy of the Albert M. Greenfield African American Iconic Images Collection and artist Ernel Martinez (pictured). Martinez worked to brighten and repair the artwork so that it will continue to honor Robeson’s unparalleled legacy of excellence in the arts, academia, athletics, and human rights.

FORGING AHEAD Ernel Martinez will lend his artistic talents to several Mural Arts projects this year, including: The Roots Mural Project, which will celebrate the musical creativity and genius of Philadelphia’s hip hop heroes The Roots, especially founders Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson and Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter. The Haiti Mural Project, a project we are creating in collaboration with 18 survivors of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti and the larger Haitian population of Germantown. Through the creative process, we will facilitate healing conversations that give voice to and build connections within the Haitian community. The Porch Light Initiative, Mural Arts’ threeyear effort to place art- and mural-making at the heart of the recovery process at three behavioral health clinics. Martinez will be working with clients at Project H.O.M.E. to create a large-scale mural.

Finding the Light Within Muralists Kala Hagopian (left) and Kien Nguyen (right) paint panels of Finding the Light Within in our paint studio at The Gallery at Market East.


The past two years have been special for Mural Arts and for all of us who have shared in its incredible journey. It has been such a privilege to witness this pioneering arts organization grow into its role as a national and international leader in the world of community-based public art- and mural-making, and to take a small part in guiding its work. In 2009, Mural Arts celebrated its 25th anniversary, marking two and a half decades of public service, and challenging itself for the next 25. Mural Arts remains faithful to its mission and committed to improving the lives of every Philadelphian, while pushing its artistic boundaries in a way that helps redefine what public art can be. Mural Arts has long recognized the pivotal role that inclusive public art plays in the transformation of communities from within and has helped dramatically improve Philadelphia’s civic and cultural landscape. As the organization continues to grow and develop, using

©2012 City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program / Keir Johnston  Photo by Alisa Hathaway

Dear Friend of Mural Arts,

innovative technologies and methods to create art that inspires lasting change throughout Philadelphia, it remains constant in its commitment to the city’s underserved communities and individuals in need of second chances. The program continues to be such a great investment of time, energy, and resources, and regularly touches the lives of all who encounter its work. I am proud to serve such a dynamic organization that accomplishes great work throughout Philadelphia. Sincerely, Joe Goldblum Chair, Board of Directors


Henry Ossawa Tanner: Letters of Influence  Muralist Keir Johnston puts the final touches on the Henry Ossawa Tanner: Letters of Influence mural.

Dear Friends, Mural Arts Advocates Board of Directors

Many people in our city, around the country, and throughout the

Kimberly Allen Dan Astolfi Hilda Bacon Richard Binswanger Jamie Bischoff, secretary David Brown Marc Brownstein The Honorable Darrell Clarke, ex-officio Linda DeJure,

growing reputation as the mural capital of the world. As we have built

vice president

Tamala Edwards Dr. Arthur Evans, ex-officio Catherine Franks John Gattuso Joseph Goldblum, chair Philip Goldsmith Peter Gross Erik Hirsch The Honorable James Kenney, ex-officio Susanna E. Lachs Roger LaMay Margelle Liss Lynn K. Manko Brett Mapp Zach Oppenheimer David Pudlin Milton (Tony) Schneider Gary Steuer, ex-officio Ed Tettemer Carlton Tolbert Clarena Tolson, ex-officio Howard “Chip” Wilson

world know about Mural Arts, as Philadelphia has earned an evera strong collection of community-based public art over the last 27 years we have also worked hard to broaden our artistic range, initiating more daring and creative off-the-wall projects with a greater sense of adventure and innovation, and the promise of more long-term impact for the communities we serve and of which we are a part. We have seen our work have significant impact in all of Philadelphia’s neighborhoods. We are proud to lay claim to a wide range of projects, a body of work that has grown and diversified exponentially over the last several years. And we are thrilled to contribute to the creative energy of Philadelphia, and to help put our city on the map of the contemporary art world through extensive new temporary projects, public installations, and cutting-edge works. As we reflect on the last two years, we also look forward with renewed energy and a continued commitment to giving voice to the indomitable spirit of our city, the wealth of personality, hope, love, and determination that courses through our work and drives our organization to create bold, innovative, and meaningful public art for all of us. Best wishes, Jane Golden Executive Director


Despite variances in size and goal, each project employed a common approach: • We included a wide range of stakeholders in the conception and creation of every piece. • We worked in partnership with public, non-profit, and for-profit entities, aligning our projects with existing strategies. • We engaged cutting-edge contemporary artists from local, national, and international pools who helped us build our social practice.


This deeply cooperative approach to creating public art generated social capital, inspired a sense of communal ownership over public space, and empowered people to continue to work for positive change in their communities. In fall 2010, we formalized a new program area focusing on the behavioral health community by creating artistic hubs within clinics. By offering art-making classes and leading community-based art projects, we are helping those in recovery forge positive and supportive relationships with family and community members. In an effort to assess the program’s potential as a replicable model, we are currently working with the Yale School of Medicine to conduct a three-year evaluation of three of these sites, together called The Porch Light Initiative.

Journeys South Different Paths, One Market (Street Market Awnings) Neighbor Ballads (Poetic Broadsides)  

©2010 City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program / J. Meejin Yoon Photo by Kevin Slattery

The outcomes for each of these projects varied from stimulating economic growth along struggling commercial corridors, to inspiring a dialogue and reconciliation in communities plagued by conflict, to giving a voice to important social concerns, such as homelessness, suicide, and the criminal justice system.

©2011 City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program / Michelle Ortiz, Tony Rocco, Frank Sherlock, Erin Ruin  Photo by Steve Weinik

Over the past several years we have created between 50 and 100 murals annually in partnership with thousands of individuals and hundreds of organizations. These projects ranged in scale from small murals created in collaboration with specific neighborhoods to major civic initiatives that engaged thousands of city residents and garnered attention from a national audience.

Light Drift 

Photo by Dan King



Mural Arts is currently working to expand the definition of muralism to include 21st century ideas and technologies. Working both on and off the wall, we look forward to introducing our constituents to several new artists and new media over the next several years. Over the next year, for example, internationally celebrated Dutch artist team Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn will continue their 18-month residency with us, during which time they are living and working in a community in North Philadelphia and bringing new public artworks to three of the city’s commercial corridors.

MURALS & SPECIAL PROJECTS World-famous Dutch artists Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn take on the Philly Painting project.



Lunch Truck Project 

Litter Critter

A leadership transition in fall 2010 prompted us to think about new strategies for engaging young people across the city. Following a months-long planning process, we restructured our staff and program design in order to build on our strengths while leveraging new opportunities. The revised program structure includes six tracks designed to accommodate students at all phases of their artistic development:

Art education instructor Brad Carney leads his class in a drawing lecture. Photo by Steve Weinik

Philly Chunk Pack Justice Taylor, Gary Steuer, Mayor Michael A. Nutter, Tony Goldman, Kenny Scharf, and Jane Golden pose for a photo at the Philly Chunk Pack mural dedication. 

©2011 City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program / Ben Woodward and Thom Lessner  Photo by Steve Weinik

We offered instruction year-round, with classes meeting twice per week after-school, and daily during the summer. Instruction included a combination of lessons in artmaking technique, independent and collective art-making activities, field trips to local cultural sites, and work on murals. Students attended public events and mural dedications connected to the projects they worked on, which gave them a chance to experience firsthand the impact of their work on communities, to see their accomplishments celebrated, and to practice their public speaking skills.

ART EDUCATION ©City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program / Shira Walinsky Photo by Steve Weinik

Our safe and supportive classrooms facilitated fun and engaging learning experiences that were responsive to the interests and experiences of our students. Once empowered with skills as creative thinkers and makers, youth collaborated on major public art projects that helped lift them up as agents for positive change in their communities.

©2011 City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program / Kenny Scharf Photo by Aaron Swan

In recent years, we have provided free Art Education programs to more than 1,500 youth annually at sites throughout Philadelphia, offering a constructive and engaging opportunity to young people with few or no alternatives for artmaking or other out-of-school activities.

Photo by Eunice Yu



Mayor Michael A. Nutter, Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter, Jane Golden, and Kamal Gray at The Roots Mural Project press conference.

1. Foundations and Innovations, serving beginning youth ages 10 to 22. 2. A2O, an environmentally-themed track offered at recreation centers for beginning youth ages 10 to 14. 3. Restorative Justice Youth, an introductory track tailored to a severely at-risk population. 4. ARTrepreneurs, an entrepreneurship themed track for intermediate youth ages 14 to 18. 5. Emerging Muralists, serving intermediate and advanced youth ages 14 to 22. 6. Youth Apprenticeship Program, a paid, year-long internship program within one of Mural Arts Departments for Emerging Muralists graduates ages 17 to 22.

The new approach also features: Lesson plans that are inspired by the content and themes of major mural projects, giving our teachers a chance to introduce a rich variety of subject matters and experts into our classrooms. For example, youth who are currently collaborating on a mural honoring Philadelphia poet Sonia Sanchez are writing haiku, exploring meditative art forms such as photography and minimalism, and crafting handmade books. A Youth Development and Engagement Manager who helps participants transition between tracks and prepares them for outside opportunities such as high school and college applications, internships, scholarships, and exhibitions. A team of highly skilled lead and assistant educators who work closely with each other and our Art Education staff to deliver innovative and effective programming. In addition to their classroom duties, they make weekly reflective blog entries about their experiences and participate in Friday education labs.



Artwork created by participants in our Restorative Justice program was displayed publicly on two occasions, first at the Mayor’s Office as a part of Art in City Hall during fall 2010, and then in an exhibition called Art Breaks Through, held in February 2011 at the Lincoln Financial Mural Arts Center at the Thomas Eakins House. Each exhibition received many visitors, and served as an opportunity for people to learn more about the justice system and engage in dialogue around its impact on our society and within our individual lives.

Photo by Joe Hoffman

Henry Ossawa Tanner: Letters of Influence The mural crew for the Henry Ossawa Tanner mural project take a break from their work to have their photo taken.

The Butterfly Effect Muralist Cesar Viveros addresses attendees at the dedication of The Butterfly Effect mural.

Restorative justice

©2011 City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program / Jon Laidacker   Photo by Steve Weinik

We have also enrolled over 100 individuals annually in The Guild Program, our artsbased work readiness program for adults coming out of the Philadelphia Prison System and probated young adults recruited through the city’s Youth Violence Reduction Partnership. Guild participants build practical skills through training with professional instructors, apprenticeships on community-engaged public art projects, and mentorship from our Employment Opportunities Specialist. The program is designed to combat the city’s high recidivism rates by building participants’ employability, helping them connect to their communities in positive ways, and reducing negative stigma towards former inmates.

©2011 City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program / Cesar Viveros  Photo by Linda Li

The transformational nature of art is magnified through the successes we’ve seen in our Restorative Justice Program. In recent years, we have provided art education classes to over 200 inmates annually at several area prisons. In these classes, inmates built skills and discovered their creative voices, and made a visible contribution to communities in Philadelphia by helping to create murals.

©2011 City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program / Hoffman Keir Johnston   Photo PhotobybyJoseph Alisa Hathaway



The Melting Pot 

We continue to incorporate the concepts of restorative justice through mural-making and community service, and place a growing emphasis on creating a successful re-entry process. In coming years, we plan to increase awareness of the program through: The unveiling of Family Interrupted, a new mural that explores the impact of incarceration on families. During 2011 and 2012, inmates, ex-convicts, family members, and members of the public engaged in a series of dialogues, preparing artist Eric Okdeh to create an artwork that channels diverse stories and perspectives on the issue. Further promoting The Guild to local business owners in order to better facilitate our participants’ transitions into the work world. Launching Restorative Justice Month in April 2012 with events that showcase inmates’ creative talents and a regional symposium featuring influential scholars and practitioners in the restorative justice community.

Family Interrupted Artist Eric Okdeh works with community members at a recent Family Interrupted paint day.



Last year we introduced a new approach to this part of our work by introducing two formal mural collections: 1. Mural Mile Collection, featuring a series of iconic murals located in Center City. 2. Albert M. Greenfield African American Iconic Images Collection, featuring a selection of 47 murals that represent important African American figures and events in Philadelphia. Both collections were developed through extensive research processes and are accompanied by a range of free interpretive materials, including: free downloadable audio tours, a virtual home on our website, and in the case of the African American Collection, educational lesson guides and an iPhone/iPad application.


©2003 City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program / Parris Stancell  Photo by Meredith Edlow

Over the past several years, we have continued to build a robust tours program that offers thousands of visitors and Philadelphia residents an inside look at the mural-making process and stories behind our greatest works of art.

A Celebration of Poetry   Muralist Parris Stancell provides the story behind his work of art to tour customers during an Albert M. Greenfield African American Iconic Images Collection tour.

Opposite: A detail from the Group Tour Mailer designed to market mural tours to groups. Design by Brandon Kauffman, Type Image Form


FORGING AHEAD Just in time for the 2012 tour season, our tours program will open the doors to Mural Arts at The Gallery, a 5,500-square-foot merchandise, exhibition, and paint studio space located on Level 2 of The Gallery at Market East. This new space will allow visitors to: TOUR Buy tickets to renowned Philadelphia mural tours, most of which start and end at The Gallery. SHOP Purchase one-of-a-kind merchandise including books, postcards, t-shirts, and original artwork made in Philadelphia. EXPLORE See a pictorial history of the Mural Arts Program, use Mural Explorer interactive touch-screen kiosks, and check out the latest exhibition from our diverse artwork. CREATE Visit a paint studio where master muralists work on our latest mural projects or reserve an experiential tour where they can participate in the creation of a mural.


Financial Statement of Financial Position Assets

Statement of Activity and Changes in Net Assets 2011


Cash and Cash Equivalents

$ 1,261,472

$ 844,842

Grants and Program Receivables   net allowances of $35,437 & $49,980   for fiscal years 2011 and 2010, respectively

$ 2,421,024

$ 2,176,161

Inventory Prepaid Expenses Other Assets




$ 500,000

$ 100,883

$ 600,883


$ 654,766

$ 368,990

$ 1,023,756

$ 454,008

$ 1,229,334

$ 1,683,342

Grant Income:

$ 111,810

$ 86,869

$ 3,644

$ 10,361





Program Services and Revenues

$ 3,934,630

$ 603,288

$ 4,537,672

$ 451,216

$ 16,885

$ 468,101

$ 246

$ 246

Total Revenue

$ 4,386,091

$ 620,173

$ 5,006,264

Net Assets Released from Restrictions

$ 2,143,575

($ 2,143,575)

Total Support and Revenue

$ 8,138,439

$ 175,805

$ 8,314,245

Program Expenses

$ 5,303,487

$ 5,303,487

Support Services

$ 2,207,184

$ 2,207,184

Total Expenses



$ 5,616

$ 1,783

$ 1,651,938

$ 1,694,555

Total Assets

$ 5,455,504

$ 4,814,571

Liabilities and Net Assets Liabilities: —

$ 285,885

Accounts Payable and Accrued Expenses

$ 451,498

$ 454,480

Accrued Payroll

$ 149,503

$ 194,334

Deferred Revenue

$ 250,217

$ 79,130

Total Liabilities

$ 851,218

$ 1,013,829

Net Assets:




Property and Equipment – NET

Line of Credit

Revenue and Support


Investment Income

Photo by Miles Kennedy for the Philadelphia Phillies


Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels and muralist David McShane pose in front of a section of the Phillies Mural Project.


Unrestricted Funds

$ 2,293,274

$ 1,665,505

Increase in Net Assets

$ 627,768

$ 175,805

$ 803,574

Restricted Funds

$ 2,311,012

$ 2,135,207

Net Assets Beginning of Year

$ 1,665,505

$ 2,135,207

$ 3,800,712

Total Net Assets

$ 4,604,286

$ 3,800,712

Net Assets, End of Year

$ 2,293,273

$ 2,311,012

$ 4,604,286

Total Liabilities and Equity

$ 5,455,504

$ 4,814,541


©1998 City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program / Meg Saligman   Photo by Linda Li

Common Threads Rededication Muralist Meg Saligman and friends release confetti canons to celebrate the recent restoration of Common Threads, which was one of seven murals restored in the 2010–2011 fiscal year.

Impact by the numbers

Murals and Special Projects

In FY2011, Mural Arts’ Restorative Justice Program involved

The net loss of real estate value in Philadelphia due to blighted properties

399 people, including: inmates, youth engaged in residential


placement centers, and participants in The Guild. Art Education The typical Philadelphia public school profile reveals

one visual arts

66% of ex-offenders will return to prison within three years of their release.

teacher serves 500–800 students.

Philadelphia Consensus Group on Re-Entry and Reintegration

Public Citizens for Children and Youth, 2009

Through 2011, only 10% of re-entry workers employed by Mural Arts re-offended within a year of their release.

In FY2011, Mural Arts enrolled a total of at

1,815 students

38 sites in our Art Education programs.

Only 50% of Philadelphia high school students graduate on time and more than 40% drop out altogether. Ruth Curran Neild, Johns Hopkins University

100% of high school seniors in our Mural Corps art education program graduated from high school in 2011. 16

Restorative Justice

Econsult Corporation 2009

Mural Arts projects are

one of the top five investments the city can

make on commercial corridors, reducing blight, increasing retail sales and raising property values. Econsult Corporation 2009

Philadelphia’s unemployment rate is 10.6%, Philadelphia Business Journal as compared to the national rate of 8.3%. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Each year, Mural Arts employs more than

Tourism Philadelphia hosted

$3.6 billion.

37.4 million visitors in 2010.

Visitor spending in Greater Philadelphia generates

$24 million per day in economic impact for the region — $8.7 billion for the year. Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation 2010

In FY2011, Mural Arts served 18,809 tour customers from 70 different countries.

250 artists as

muralists, assistant artists, and instructors, contributing

$2.2 million to Philadelphia’s Creative Economy. In FY2011, Mural Arts created a total of 174 murals with the help of 3,700 community members who participated in more than 100 paint days. /Our behavioral health initiative, Porch Light, served 94 participants at 3 behavioral health sites in FY2011.


MURAL ARTS IN THE NEWS  April 27, 2011

Associated Press  November 7, 2011

Flying Kite Media  June 21, 2011

“Take your Twitpic at Love Park (also known as John F. Kennedy Plaza, where the City of Brotherly Love’s famous Robert Indiana “Love” sculpture is located) and then hop on the SEPTA train for an overview of the city. It’s argued that Philly, in addition to being the birthplace of America, is also the birthplace of graffiti. In 1984, the city’s Mural Arts Program started, growing out of an anti-graffiti movement. Since then Mural Arts has produced more than 3,000 works of wall art around the city. Hop aboard the Love Letter Train Tour to view 50 romantic murals from the elevated train line and platforms on this subway tour.”

“As a teen, Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter got busted for graffiti and was ordered by a judge to perform 150 hours of what he called “scrub time” — cleaning up such vandalism by painting murals. More than 20 years later, it seems all is forgiven in his hometown. Philadelphia is showing some brotherly love to Trotter and the Grammy-winning band he co-founded, The Roots, by creating a city-sanctioned mural in their honor.”

“A new hybrid temporary and permanent public art installation has transformed an entire city block in the Mantua section of Philadelphia. A Place to Call Home, a project of the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, is a multimedia presentation that culminates at 3828 Melon Street. Over 200 people showed up for last week’s dedication of A Place to Call Home, which addresses the specific issue of homeless youth.”

Philadelphia Business Journal  August 12, 2011

New York Times  October 26, 2010 “The [Love Letter] project was partly inspired, he said, by one completed last year along a blighted commercial stretch of West Philadelphia by the artist Steve Powers. As part of that city’s Mural Arts Program, Mr. Powers created a series of eye-popping murals visible from the elevated train line, with the cooperation of local property owners.”



February 25, 2011 “The Albert M. Greenfield African American Iconic Images Collection will include 47 murals throughout the city. Tours will be offered with a guide or self-guided. An audio tour, which can be downloaded to an MP3 player, will feature narration from Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson of The Roots. A website,, provides educational background, maps, mural histories and other information.”

“Mural Explorer digitizes Philadelphia’s anti-graffiti, pro-mural initiative, which aims to make the city one of the world’s largest outdoor art galleries. You can view murals by neighborhood and read the stories behind the artwork.”  June 28, 2011 “But the [Thomas Eakins] house isn’t just an historical relic. It serves as the headquarters of the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. The agency was founded in 1984 by Jane Golden as an anti-graffiti initiative that provided

artistic outlets for city teens. There’s not a neighborhood in the city that hasn’t been touched by one of its more than 3,000 outdoor murals. It is the largest mural arts program in the U.S. and has earned international acclaim. In the past the organization has expanded to indoor works and themed presentations and other outdoor installations, such as a light display over a portion of the Schuylkill River.”

National Public Radio August 23, 2010 “The City of Philadelphia is known for many things — cheese steaks, the Liberty Bell, the Rocky statue — not to mention being the birthplace of America. But now, the City of Brotherly Love can boast one more sight to see — colorful murals painted by locals are transforming Philadelphia’s neighborhoods into outdoor art museums. The murals are collaborations between the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program and local citizens — who get involved to beautify their communities, connect with neighbors and fight graffiti and crime.”

O R G A N I Z AT I O N S ACE Group The Albert M. Greenfield   Foundation Anonymous Aramark Aresty Institute of Executive   Education Artpreneurs Inc. Avencia Incorporated The Ball Family Foundation Bank of America Charitable   Foundation The Barnes Foundation The Barra Foundation Berger Memorial Fund Berwind Fund BJR Financial Services The Brook J. Lenfest Foundation Brotherhood Lodge No. 126   Free and Accepted Masons of   Pennsylvania Bryn Clovis Foundation Bryn Mawr College Calvary Presbyterian Church Cherry Scaffolding The Christian R. & Mary F.   Lindback Foundation The Christopher Ludwick   Foundation Citizens Bank Foundation Claneil Foundation Cohesive Capital Partners Commons & Commons, LLP Commonwealth of Pennsylvania   Department of Community and   Economic Development

Connelly Foundation Corptalk, LLC Cotiga Development Co De Paul Catholic School Delaware Valley Regional Planning   Commission Dolfinger-McMahon Foundation Dr. Bronner’s Family Foundation Drexel College of Nursing The Edouard Foundation, Inc. The Edward & Stacey Rivkin   Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish   Community Foundation Electronic Ink The Elizabeth B. and Arthur E.   Roswell Foundation, Inc. Encore Brand, LLC Enterprise CDC Fairmount CDC First Cornerstone Foundation The Fischer Foundation Ford Foundation The Forrest & Frances Lattner   Foundation Foundations, Inc. Frateral Order of Police, Lodge #5   Philadelphia Friends of the Laurel Hill Cemetary Fund for Philadelphia Generocity Community Alliance GlaxoSmithKline Glenmede Graham Partners, Inc. Greater Philadelphia Chamber of   Commerce Gwynedd Mercy College Hahnemann University Hospital Hamilton Family Foundation

Heart of America Foundation The Hess Foundation Heritage Philadelphia Program   through the Pew Center for Arts   and Heritage The Honickman Foundation The Horace W. Goldsmith   Foundation Hummingbird Foundation IBM Independence Charter School Independence Foundation Jefferson University John K. and Elizabeth W. Knorr   Foundation The John Kenton and Elizabeth   Hentz Eisenbrey Foundation Journal of Ecumenical Studies Judith Worth Rosenbaum Interiors Julian A. and Lois Brodsky   Foundation Kimmel Center for the   Performing Arts Knapp Gallery Korean Community Development   Services Center KPMG LaSalle University Liberty Property Trust Libertyme Foundation Lincoln Financial Foundation, Inc. Lomax Family Foundation The Lumpkin Family Foundation Main Line Health Major Artery Revitalization   Committee Malfer Foundation Manayunk Special Services District

Marcum LLP Metrocorp The National Arts Program   Foundation National Endowment for the Arts The Needles Family Foundation Neumann University New Kensington CDC NewCourtland Elder Services Nina Abrams Fund OMG Center for Collaborative   Learning Parkway Corporation P.E.T. Charter High School Palisades Community Foundation The Patricia Kind Family   Foundation PECO Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Pennsylvania Humanities Council The Pennsylvania Horticultural   Society Pennsylvania Real Estate   Investment Trust Pennsylvania Women’s Forum People’s Emergency Center Peter A. Wiley and Elizabeth   Greene Wiley Fund of the   Philadelphia Foundation Pew Center for Arts & Heritage   through the Heritage Philadelphia   Program Pew Center for Arts & Heritage   through the Philadelphia   Exhibitions Initiative Phi Theta Kappa Middle States   Region Philadelphia Academies, Inc.

Philadelphia Activities Fund Philadelphia Arts in Education   Partnership Philadelphia Cultural Management   Initiative through the Pew Center   for Arts and Heritage Philadelphia District Attorney’s   Office Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Exhibitions Initiative   through the Pew Center for Arts   & Heritage The Philadelphia Foundation Philadelphia Mental Health Care   Corporation Philadelphia Youth Network The Phillies Plants. Etc. PNC Arts Alive Port Richmond Savings Bank Princeton University Prudential Foundation PTS Foundation Radian Red Tettemer, Inc. The Reinvestment Fund Robert Saligman Charitable   Foundation The Robert Wood Johnson   Foundation Rosenlund Family Foundation Ross Family Fund S. Peter and Janice Albert   Foundation SAP Matching Gift Program School District of Philadelphia Sheila Fortune Foundation Shoprite-Colligas Family Markets

Siemens Medical Solutions, USA Springside School St. Johns Evangelical Lutheran   Church Straus-Harris Foundation Sunoco Surdna Foundation TD Charitable Foundation The Thomas Skelton Harrison   Foundation Thomas & Carolyn Langfitt Family   Foundation Thomas Scattergood Behavioral   Health Foundation United Way of Delaware University City District University City Swim Club University of Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania School   of Nursing Urban Outfitters US Airways US Department of Justice, Office   of Juvenile Justice and   Deliquency Prevention US Trust The Utley All Stars Foundation Verdi Contracting Inc Verizon Foundation Villanova University The Violette deMazia Foundation Virtua Visiting Nurse Associate of Greater   Philadelphia The Wachovia Wells Fargo   Foundation WHYY William Penn Foundation


Woven Legends, Inc The Wright-Hayre Fund of the   Philadelphia Foundation World Cafe Live Staff Wyncote Foundation Yentis Foundation


Diego Rivera $ 1,000+ Anonymous Ellen Baxter and Robert Kavash Jamie Bischoff Richard and Cheryl Binswanger John C. Bogle Mr. and Mrs. J. Mahlon Buck Jr. David Cohen and Ellen Goodman John Cunningham Linda Dejure Howard and Phyllis Fischer Julia and David Fleischner Joe and Jane Goldblum Robert Goldenberg Peggy Greenawalt Marcy Gringlas and Joel Greenberg Deborah and Stuart Gross Kurtz Carole Haas Gravagno Rodd and Kerry Henkels Erik Hirsch and   Margaret McAllister Pauline Clark McAndrew and   Robert Hudson Carolyn Payne Langfitt David and Margaret Langfitt Dorothea Leicher H.F. (Gerry) Lenfest Stephen Levick Alan Lindy Deborah Luepnitz Cheryl Martin Joanna McNeil Lewis 20

John and Gina Moore Mrs. J. Maxwell Moran Zach Oppenheimer Seymour Preston David and Helen Pudlin Ira and Arden Saligman Ellen Sherk Herman Silverman and   Elizabeth Serkin Deborah Silvers and   Nicholas Adams Leila Sobel Shanin and Tracey Specter Leonard and Barbara Sylk Robert V. Ward Jr. Ken and Judy Weinstein Howard and Patricia Wilson Jami Wintz McKeon Pat and Warren Witte Joseph and Renee Zuritsky

Keith Haring $999 – $500 Matthew Adams Rocco Albano Valerie Arkoosh Hilda Bacon Don and Kathrine Blenko Debra Bloom Carolyn Cannuscio and Dan Rader Fred and Karen Clark Jane C. Davis Joseph Dworetzky Bill Eastman R. Elfant Mr. and Mrs. Barry Feinberg Donald and Gay Fish Bill and Carol Fisher Rachel Hillhouse Osagie and Losenge Imasogie

Gabriele Lee Sheldon and Margelle Liss J. William Mills III Christine Plourde Robert L. and Gene E.K. Pratter Chip and Nancy Roach Gerald B. Rorer Ann and Larry Seidman Joanne Sundheim Mr. James Touhey-Donovan Mary Webb Ana Maria Zaugg

Maxfield Parrish $499 – $250 Anonymous Camille Cates Barnett James Berkley Chuck and Martie Bernicker Geoffrey Berwind Mark and Amy Brenner Mr. and Mrs. James Buck, III Melvin Buckman Michael Carr Carol Caswell J. Gordon Cooney, Jr. Patricia H. Dent Barbara A. Devenny Marian G. Dixon William F. Dowling Susan and Stephen Dubow Caroline Estey King Elizabeth Fabens Anne Marie Figueroa Phyllis and Paul Fink Amy A. Fox Catherine Franks Nancy Glasberg Mrs. C. David Goff Amy Joy Goldberg

Phillip Goldsmith Ron and Linda Henry John Hollway Louisa Horsey Katherine Hovde Mary Hurtig Laura Jansen Nancy and Shahir Kassam-Adams Patrick and Ann Kavanagh Mr. and Mrs. Bennet Kaiser Marc McKenna and   Laura Kind McKenna Elizabeth Kolsky Austin Lavin David Lerman and Shelley Wallock Amelia Longo B. A. Maclean Linda Matrunich and   Patrick Grannan Michael and Nancy McLelland Della Micah Hal Michaels Mark H. Minter Michelle Molano Linda Munich Jerry Murphy Ms. Rachel Naselsky Doug Ross Seymore Rubin John Santoleri Lisa Miller and Ronald Sarachan Richard Scheff and Natalie Ramsey Antoinette F. Seymour Joseph Shapiro Joan Shepp Brian J. Siegel Florence Ruth Silvers Joseph and Connie Smukler David Stevens Tom and Meg Stoeri Betram Strieb Ed Tettemer

Hal Weinstein Jonathan A. Weiss and   Abigail Wolf Velma J. Whitlock Marian and Norman Wolgin Susan M. Wolski

Painter $249 – $100 Anonymous Louisa Abney-Babcock Richard B. Adler George Ahern Liz Albert A. M. Alexander James and Judy Allison Megan Andeer Lavon and John Arms Robert F. Atkins, MD and   Naomi Atkins Daniel and Marcy Bacine Liesel Baker Ray Ballister Elizabeth Barnes Flora M. Barnes Irma Barness Horace Barsh Mr. and Mrs. John Bartlett Jennifer Basset Sylvia R. Beck Jerry M. Belew Karen Lee Bell Sandra Berkowitz and Jeff Shender Ellen and Perry Berman Penny and Sheldon Bernick Baruch Blumberg Naomi Breman Lawrence and Gina Brent Alvin L. Brothers Idee Brown Leslie E. Brown Myrna Ann Butkovitz

Pearl Carpel David Carrozino Mr. James T. Carson H. M. Casper Lee A. Casper Judi Cassel and Peter Siskind Susan W. Catherwood Morris Cheston, Jr. Margaret Christian Ronnie Cimprich Edward T. Claghorn Isaac H. Clother IV and   Barbara Clothier Elizabeth Cloues David and Rona Comroe Jim and Joan Conmy Marc Ross and Katherine Conner Julie E. Cristol and T. L. Hill Julie Curson Suzanne Czarkowski Janecy Daly Alanna Dancis Timothy Davidson Linda De May Terryl A. Decker Beth and John Delaney Sarah DeLeo Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Denny L. and J. Desmond Linda Donnelly Kevin Donohoe Lee F. Driscoll Patricia Drybola Louisa Dubin Marlene and Leonard Dubin Robin J. Dunitz Erika Durham Richard and Susan Duxbury Robin Eisenberg Joseph M. Evancich Rodd and Cari Feiler Bender Debra Felman

John and Nancy Fischer Michael and Barbara Fishbein Susan and Rob Fleming Janet Fox Phyl Francis Melania Freeburn Leslie A. Friedman Karl Fritton and   Christine Council Fritton Tom and Joan Gaidimas Robert and Ruth Gales Alan Gardner Sirisha Garikapati and   Shekar Pannala Howard Gillete Alan and Betty Jane Goldboro Ms. Jane Golden and   Mr. Tony Heriza Bruce Goldman Susan Greenbaum Lisa Y. Griegel Christopher Griffin Maureen Grossi Ms. Therese Gaudagno John Gundersdorf Mary Gutman Julia G. Haas Barbara Hare Holly and Tom Harrity Jane M. Hastings Janice Hayes-Cha Susan L. Henick Al and Phyllis Hersh Susan Herskovits Curtis Hess Ellen Hickman Mrs. Joseph Hill Sandy Hillburn Julie Hirsch Waxman The Hoffman Family Roger Holland Caroline Horstmann

Steve and Jennifer Horton Margot and Ellis Horwitz Gail Howard Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Huber Willaim and Martha Hudson David Iverson Diane Javian Chris and Leslie Jones Ms. Andrea M. Kahn-Kothmann Harriet Kalogrithis Robert and Renee Kargen Sam Katz Terry Katz Ary and Nancy Kaufmann Nancy Kendrick M. L. Kennedy Huda Khouri Sandra F. Kirch Marry Ellen Krober Tracy Kroop Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Kurtz William Labov Roger LaMay Robert Lamb Rick Landell Magali and Charles Larson Martin Lautman Lance and Mary Lavers James and Eleanor Lee Esther Lewis Carol Lidz Lawrence W. Lindsay Gail Lopez-Henriquez Kathleen Loughhead Vivian Lovingood Jane Isaacs Lowe and   Edward Speedling Melanie Lowe Anh Ly Sue K. Manuel Ms. Barbara J. Marshall Connie Martin

Phyllis Martino Keith A. Maston Herman and Marciene Mattleman M. Mezzetti Martha Michael Ms. Cynthia J. A. Micka Michael Moehlmann Page S. Morahan Susanne Morello Marsha Moss Marty Moss-coane Francis and Marcia Murphy Masao and Tae Murayama Irving and Diane Nachamkin Mr. Jack H. Nagel Ida Newman Bao Nguyen ad Lang Thuynh Theodore T. Nguyen Eliot and Bonnie Nierman Eileen O’Rourke Lisa and Michael J. Oswald Joanne Packer Alexis Pappas Janet Parrish Leslie Pearlman Bob and Susan Peck Carl A. Peridier Jeff Perkins and Ken Lovett Christina Perrone and   Patrick Crombie Jane Piecuch Manny D. Pokotilow and   Marcy C. Panzer Dr. and Mrs. Stanley T. Praiss Judith W. Preston Mr. Joseph M. Ragan William Raich Tom and Josephine Rees Abe and Sherri Reich Anna K. Reimann Barbara Picasso Rex Beth Rezet and Greg Fromell

Evelyn Richman Hershell Richman Linda and Mel Richter Gretchen and Jay Riley Stacey and Edward Rivkin Jennifer Robinson Beth Hutter and Ken Roos Paul and Loretta Rossi Robert Rossman Harriet Rubenstein and   Marty Brigham Lydia Rubin Jim and Carol Ruddick Diane Rurode and Jim Lord Philip K. Russell Lawrie Ryerson Harris Chris Satullo Judy and Bob Schachner Stephanie Schechner and   Brian Norton Albert Schmidt Michael Manzo Schwartz Mitchell and Deborah   Schwartzman Clifford Schwinger Mary Ellen and Bob Scott Helene and Fred Seeman Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Segal Hermine Seidenberg Louis Seitchik Nancy Sewell Margaret Shapiro and   Howard Bilofsky Judy Shea Marjorie R. Shiekman Simon Singer Jeremy Wiss Smith Jim and Donna Smith Matthew Snyder Harriet Soffa Ann and Larry Spector Walter A. Spencer

Robert Spiegelman Sandra McKelvey Irv and Arlyn Stein Dylan Steinberg Paul Steinke Anna N. Stock Lauri Sussman Siegel, Esq. Ellen Svitek Christine M. Tartaglione Alden Taylor Thomas Ten Have Ann C. Thompson Jacqueline Thompson Jon Tilley Walter Tsou Kent Twitchell Margo Waddington Sujata Vemuri Fred and Margaret Vincent Paul Waber Juliet Spitzer and Phillip Wachs Maureen Wade Ann M. Wagner Kent Wagner and   Rosanna D’Orazio Jane Warren Sue Wasserkrug Susan L. Weiss Raymond and Joanne Welsh Mary Wentz JoAnn White Wendy White Laura A. Williamson Mattie B. Wilson Linda Witt and James Marsh Jennifer Ann Wolfe Jennifer Wolfe Anne Wood Roger and Lillian Youman Stephen Zarrilli Phillip and Deborah Zuchman

Apprentice $99 – $1 Anonymous Mr. Robert L. Abramowitz Evelyn Adler Nina Ahmad C. Gloria Akers Marcus Akinlana Estelle Alexander Muriel H. Anderson Carolyn H. Asbury Marilyn Ashbrook Ms. Kathleen M. Astroth Carol Baldridge R. Lucille Balukjian Alan M. Barnett Katherine Barnett Theresa and Charles Barringer Marguerite Beardsley Steven and Betsy Becker Elaine Becker Stephen F. Belfiglio Edward and Jane Benedick Tish Berchtold Debbie Berger Robert Berkow Joseph Betz Mark Biezup Mary Biggin Ms. Sandra A. Bloch Nona Rena Bloom Bettye J. Bolling Cherry and Hans Bombeck Rebecca Boudwin Sylvan Brandman Doreen Braun Ms. Joan G. Broadfield Maria F. Brooks Alfred L. Brown T. Wister Brown, MD Terry Brown Kenneth and Lisa Brownstein


Kathryn Brylawksi Lisbeth M. Bucci Anne Bulik Joyce Burd Linda Burke Judith F. Burry Bernard Burstein Rick and Katrin Buscavage Jack R. Butler David Byers Sara Calderon Donna Calio-Chmar John and Karen Callaghan Samuel and Virginia Cameron Meryl Candor Gary and Gail Cantor Janet M. Cary Kate Casano Larry Ceisler Mr. Mahlon J. Cephas Paulette Chambers Patt Chappelle Henry Chen Arthur Cherry M. Chomitz Cheryl Clearwater Andrea Clyman Doris Cochran Fikes Esther R. Cohen Gladys Cohen Norman and Maye Cohen Elliot and Carole Cole Ronnie Collins David Colman Albert and Edith Comer James Connell Patricia Conrad Gladys E. Cooper Iris Cutler John L. Dale Cynthia D’Amico David Dannenberg 22

Katherine Davidson Sherrill Davis Joan DeLapp Neal Demp Murray and Linda Dessner Denis Devine Ms. Maureen P. Devine Betty Dovey Nick Dragga Ms. Dorothy M. Dragoni Mary Ann Drew Leginia Driscoll Ronald and Susan Drucker Phyllis Drucker Sichel Linda Dubin Garfield Loretta Duckworth Kirk M. Duffy Anna Durbin and Peter Goldberger Johnnie L. Durham Craig Eaton Daniel and Nina Edelman Peggy Edmunds Helene S. Edner Freda Egnal Rob Einhorn Ted Eisenberg L.M. Eitzen Stacy B. Ellen Beverly Elliot Alan and Ellen Epps Ms. Phyllis Epstein Carleton and Debra Erdman Cynthia T. Evans Sheldon and Joyce Eveloff Lenore Fair Ruth and Barry Farber Sidney P. Feldman Jane Felix Glennie Ferniany Liesa Finkbiner Joy Finkel Mrs. Joann Finley

Julia Fiorello Charlotte Flynn Barbara Forer Irwin Frank Dr. and Mrs. Frayer Ann Freedman Jeanette A. Frese Alexandra Friedman Donald M. Friedman Rodney W. Fultz Jahleem Furahaali Pamela Furches Maxine Gaiber B. G. Gantor Ms. Elizabeth S. Garlatti LuAnne Garvey Gaye Gavhane Jeffrey and Marsha Gerdes Ken and Mary Gergen Susan Gettlin Edith Glassman Ms. Paula Glenn Lamb Alfred and Wynona Godwin Caryll Goldberg Ttee S. Goldflies Arthur Goldman Avery Goldstein Irwin and Lenore Gordon Barbara and Herbert Gorenstein Marvin Gottlieb Erna Graham M. Granzow Valerie Gray Sharon Grayson Sandi Greco Max and Jo Gross Joanne Guarnieri Michael Guinn and Cynthia Arkin Maya Gutierrez Janet Hagan Kathryn C. Haggerty Phyllis Halpern

Monica Harbison Ian and Caryn Harris Crystal M. Harris Jane M. Hart John C. Hawkins Diana Hayes Sharon Haynie Hilary Heckman Carole Dean Henn Melinda Hileman Michael Hirsch Susan Hoch. MD Alice M. Hoffman Aaron X. Holland Bertha A. Holt Joan and Burt Horn Lynne Horoschak Patricia Houck Richard Houston Christine Hoyler Ms. Cheryl Hughey Diana Hulboy Barbara J. Hurd Thora Jacobson Mr. and Mrs. Donald Jarrell Christine Jaslar Andria Johnson Betty Johnston Jane Jordan Ira Josephs Michael Judge and   Kathleen Cumming Judge Albert Kaplan Deborah Karlson Elkan Katz Karen and David Katz Kathleen Kaufmann Robert Kay Lynne and Alan Kaye Mary Kenley Gall Eileen Kenney Erin Kepplinger

Debby Kern Toni Kestenbaum Natalie L. Kidd Karel Kilimnik Michael King James and Caryn Kinzig Georgia Kioukis Ellen and Ray Kirsch Shelly Kline Sharon Kling Laurence Klugman and   Bonnie Stone Dawn Knipmeyer Phyllis and David Kohn Bernice J. Koplin Laura Kowal Mary Krencicki Reinhard and Sue Kruse Kimberly Kupka Peter and Joanne Labiak Anne LaBrum Merry Landis Joseph R. LaPenta Denis LaSota Nancy B. Lassen Kimberly Latona Magdalen Y. Lawton Mary L. Lee Mr. Marquise T. Lee Wendy Lenhart Patricia Leswing Melinda Levandoski Janet Levit Jeffrey Levitt Mr. and Mrs. Levitt Berthold Levy Debra A. Levy Mr. and Mrs. Richard Levy Elsa R. Lichtenberg Elizabeth Liddell Vivian Lieberson Catherine M. Link

Jules and Louise Lippert Cecily and John Littleton Holly Logan Darlene Long Monica LoRusso Rita Lourie Altovise Love-Craighead Arnold Lovitz Joe Low Marilyn Luber Patricia Lund Judy Luther Kristina Lybecker Mrs. Joan W. Mackie Eleanor C. Macrie Zandra L. Maffet Henry J. Magaziner Nicole Mandarano Marilyn S. Mandler Brett Mapp Joel Marcus Mrs. Alvan Markle IV Mr. Wayne R. Marquardt M.T. Martin Neda Massar Deartra Maxwell Marion A. Mazzotta Marian Holland McCallister Jonathan McCaffrey Stephen and Deborah McCarter Ms. Cristine M. McCollum Patricia McCool-Cobb Patrick McDevitt Susan McGarvey Ms. Alana L. McGill Kathleen McGrann Edward McLaughlin Mary J. McLaughlin George McNeal Lynn W. McQuade Joseph McQuillan Maureen McTamney

Steven Ian Meisel Jean B. Meyers Kathleen Mickels Andrew L. Miller George J. Miller, III Naomi Miller Philipus Miller Robin Miller Linda Mills Andrea Missias Walter and Irene Moeller Tara Mohan Frances Monacelli Albert and Mary Monillas Diana S. Montgomery Donna Montich Linda Moonblatt Sue Moore Alexandra Morigi and Michael   David Lipuma Michael and Chrysanthe Mosher Saafie Muhammad Susan Mumpower-Spriggs Christiane Murray Thomas Naff Judith Nagle Eva Nagy-Wilkins Eleanor Nalle Suzanne Naples Anthony Napoli Judy Nathanson and Bob   Zimmerman Mr. Murray Needleman Michelle Newman Cathleen Noone Janet Novack Christopher and Sara O’Brien Megan O’Donnell Patricia Oglesby Mimi O’Malley Ms. Sandra S. Orlin Fred and Vera Orthlieb

Cindy Otto Ezgi Ottolenghi Irene Palmer Jane C. Palmer Zoe Pappas David Park Fayette H. Parker Judith A. Parker vox parvis Bryna N. Paston Robert Peagler David Penkower Gail D. Perkin Pauline Perkins Mark and Carol Peterson Cheryl Phillips Jamie Picardy Joseph and Lynn Pokrifka Susan Pond Sandra B. Portnoy Robbie and Bill Potsic Eleanore M. Potter Anne and Donald Powers Barbara Pressman Michael Pritzker Alexa G. Raab Ms. Linda J. Ramsey Bonnie C. Randall Laurie Townsend-Rapp Renee C. Rattigan Anne Ravdin Taylor Margery N. Reed Julia Reid Brian Reidy Nona Reinhart Richard and Debra Reis Peter Richman Marci and Joel Richter Barry Rinker Catherine Rivera Ortiz Thomas B. Roberts Susan Rogers

Margaret A. Rohdy Daniel Romer Judith Romig Dorilona Rose and Michael S. Kay Jeffrey and Ellen Rosen J. Randall Rosensteel Hal and Sue Rosenthal Karen Rosnick Helene Ross Nathan Rouse Mrs. Robert H. Roy Carol Rozmiarek Edward Ruback Constance Salidis J.S. Sasloff Cynthia C. Scalzi Farrel Schell Karyn L. Scher Ms. Barbara Scherer Jean Schiff Bobbie Schmidt Deena J. Schneider Peter Schneider Phyllis Schreiber Gerald R. Schultz Utsav Schurmans Msgr. Leonard G. Scott Stephen and Carolyn W. Seeling Susan and Richard Segal Paul and Kathy Selbst Louise Seltzer Jennie Shanker Elaine Sharer Amy Shellhammer Daniel Sher and Juliet A. Sternberg Ms. Sophie Sherman Janet and Mike Shields Dr. Janice R. Showler Scott Shubert Catherine Seigl Joyce W. Silberman Zelda Silberstein

Susan Silver Jerry Silverman Susan Simmons Janet Simon Elena Sisti Lee Sledd Elaine Smith, Esquire Jeffrey Smith Norm Smolen Clint Snyder Dr. Bernard Sobel Pat Somers Henry Sommer Steve and Barbara Speece Joe Speight D. Sperle Paula G. Spielberg Mark Spiller Harry Spivak Stephen Stamm Alise Steinberg Rabbi Richard Steinbrink and   Diane Steinbrink Joseph and Perri Stella Mark J. Stern Ellen and Marc Stiefel Joan Strachota Harriet Stuart Adelaide Sugarman and   Marshall Greenberg Kathleen E. Sutch Shirley Sue Swaab Mr. and Mrs. William Swain Marylou Sweeney Robert and Connie Swert Irv Tannenbaum Deena Taylor Barbara Taylor Maria R. Texidor Mrs. Robin Thomas Ann Thomforde Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Radclyffe F.   Thompson Nancy Thompson Ronald Thompson Sean and Maurisha Tighe Kashiya Tolliver Tamar Tulin and Larry Palmer Barbara Turner Steve Udicious Daniel Umstead Geraldine Upshaw Erica Van Adelsberg Hannah Vanderlan Anthony and Aidan Vega Julie Vetack Marguerite Viola Virginia J. Vitucci Robert Vogel John C. Vose Mrs. Lynn Wagman Jean Warrington Ted Wasserman Karen Weaver Rita Weil Mrs. Laura Weinbaum and   Mr. Brett Mandel Susan Weinstein Elaine Weiss Robert Weiss Judith B. Wentz Mary A. Westervelt Robert Westle Anne F. Wetzel William and Nancy Whichard The Wider Family Howard Wiener Mr. John J. Wilcox, Jr. Dale Wilden Marjorie Wilhite Earl Williams Janet J. Wilson James and Anna Lee-Winans

Carol and Walt Woytus Oliver and Mary Young Joan Zeidner Morris Zimmerman Pamela Zimmerman Mr. George Zolot Ben Zuckerman Megan Zuckerman Michael Zuckerman



2010 and 2011 supporters



$4,999 – $2,500

Barefoot Wines Beautiful Blooms Cashman and Associates Loews Philadelphia Hotel Philadelphia Distilling Tower Investments


Alice Saligman & Robert Saligman   Charitable Fund Blue Cadet Delaware River Port Authority ECBM Insurance Empire   Industries GlaxoSmithKline Community   Partnerships Graham Partners Parkway Corporation Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Foundation Philadelphia Phillies Samuel D. Cozen Memorial Fund Stradley Ronon Stevens &   Young, LLP TD Bank Wilmington Trust Bank WP Realty

Citizens Bank

$10,000+ Accutome, Inc Blank Rome, LLP Brownstein Group The Glenmede Corporation Hangley Aronchik Segal Pudlin &   Schiller Independence Foundation PTS Foundation

$9,999 – $5,000 Ballard Spahr Andrews &   Ingersoll, LLP Bank of America Destination Maternity Empire Coverings Goldman Properties Honickman Foundation I.B.E.W. Local 98 The Karen and Herbert Lotman   Foundation Liss Global Pennsylvania Real Estate   Investment Trust ShopRite- Colligas Family Markets


Under $2,500 1812 Productions Amoroso’s Baking Company Anonymous Ardmore Toyota Scion Artex Manufacturing Co. Bancroft Beckman & Marion Beneficial Bank Binswanger Foundation Boyds L.P. Carr & Duff, Inc. Coca-Cola Philadelphia CRW Graphics The Cutler Group Daniel Tabas Family Foundation

Daniel Veloric Foundation Dow Chemical Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP Econsult Corporation Fairmount Park Conservancy The Fischer Foundation Fund for Philadelphia The Fresh Grocer The Garbose Family Foundation Goldblum & Hess PC Greater Philadelphia Tourism   Marketing Corporation Hamberg & Golden P.C. Keystone Property Group KPMG Consulting LLR Management L.P. Manayunk Development   Corporation The Mitchell and Hilarie Morgan   Family Foundation Norman Carpet Company, Inc The Pennsylvania Horticultural   Society Philadelphia Women’s Center Radian Group Inc. Rio Brands Ross Family Fund Saint Joseph’s University Savran Benson, LLP Seed the Dream Foundation The Sheerr Foundation Sterling Leather Enterprises, Inc. Suzanne F. Roberts Cultural   Development Fund Trion Group Inc. Visiting Nurse Association of   Greater Philadelphia Woodmere Art Museum


$10,000+ Joseph and Jane Goldblum

$9,999 – $5,000 Susanna Lachs and Dean Adler

$4,999 – $2,500 Anonymous Susanna Lachs and Dean Adler The Bacon Family Dale and Zvi Barzilay Linda Dejure Lenny Feinberg and Jill Govberg Mark and Jill Fishman Robert Fox Erik Hirsch and Margaret   McAllister The Gillespie Family Bruce and Judi Goodman Steven and Christina Graham Dr. and Mrs. G.S. Peter Gross David and Margaret Langfitt Zach Oppenheimer and Family Jeffrey and Marsha Perelman Carlton Tolbert

Under $2,500 Paul Abraham Leslye S. Abrutyn Katie Adams Jack Adler Rocco Albano

Peter and Jan Albert Craig and Sharon Altman Karen Altobello Mark and Abbe Avart Alexis Baran Lynda Barness Alon Barzilay Ellen Baxter and Robert Kavash Alisa and Brad Beckman Allison Benkovic Jeffrey Biglan Michael Bing Richard and Cheryl Binswanger Frank and Sue Binswanger Jamie Bischoff Jeffrey Braff and Hope Comisky Todd Bressi Idee Brown Sandy Brown Robert L. Brown John Ruttenberg and Barbara   Brown-Ruttenberg Sean Buffington Joyce and Ron Burd David Caldwell Marshia Carlino Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Carpey Matt Carter Isaac H. Clothier Scott Cody Mark Cohen Richard Cohen Susan Cohen Danielle Cohn Cathi Cozen Snyder Kathryn Crous Beth V. Cullum Bonita Cummings

John Cunningham Julie Curson Amy Cutler Adjumoke Dada Richard Woosnam and   Diane Dalto Woosnam Evan Davis Janet Davis Ryan Davis Patrick and Abbie Dean Joseph P. Denny Daniel Dilella Peter and Lisa DiLullo Stephen Dittmann Ted Domers Mary K. Dougherty Joshua Dubin Loretta Duckworth Nancy Dunleavy Dawn Dye Caroline Edsall Brian and Sherry Effron Rachael Eisenberg Deby Engelmeyer Sabrina Erdely Joseph Fenkel Dina and Michael Fink Howard and Phyllis Fischer Michael and Barbara Fishbein Charles Fitzpatrick David and Julia Fleischner Clare Fletcher Amy Fox Barbara and Bob Freedman Amanda Friday Erica Funk Judith Garfinkel Steven Gartner

Bill Gehrman Marygrace Gilmore Bruce and Lisa Ginsburg Marc and Tracey Ginsburg Jeffrey and Lisa Glass Edward Glickman Mindy Hankin Goldberg and   Richard Goldberg Robert A. Goldenberg Andrew Goldman Phil Goldsmith Richard Goldstein Autumn Graves Councilman Bill Green Richard and Peggy Greenawalt Joseph Greenburg Jane and Allan Greenspan Lindsay Griffin Deborah Gross Kurtz Richard and Terri Grossman Robert and Randie Harmelin Samantha Harmelin Libby Harwitz Richard Hayden Eileen Heisman Mitchell Hollin Adam Holt Christian Hung Mary Hurtig Ariell Johnson Anne Karmatz R. Andrew Swinney and   Leslie Kase Sam Katz Mitchell and Lyn Kaye Michael Kelly-Sell Earl Kendall Sherrie Kendall

Leandra Kern Marc McKenna and   Laura Kind McKenna Jamie Klein Joseph H. Kluger Leanne Krueger-Braneky Ari Kushner Lauren Ann Ladd Roni Lagin Catherine Lajoie Roger LaMay and Anne Gemmel Martin and Susan Lautman Mary Laver Sang Lee Ellyn and Seth Lehr Jeffrey and Susan Levitt Jon and Caryn Liss Benjamin and Jennifer Liss Providenza Loera Ryan Loughlin Phyllis Malis Jason Mango Brett Mapp Scott Mason Heather McDanel Brian and Donna McElwee Kate McInerny-Rowley George McNeal Judy Mesirov Megan Metloff Thomas Meyers Timothy Misnik Marsha Moss Susan Muller Michael Newman Stephanie Nolt Barbara Noone Susan Norcross

Marilyn Nyman Larry Palmer Zoe Pappas Roxanne Patel Shepelavy John Pscolar and Adam Sandman Leslie Pearlman Eli Pearlman-Storch Allison Perelman Marc Rash Joshua Ramirowsky Sterling Randolph Dianne Reed Abe and Sherry Reich Chip and Nancy Roach Shira Rosenwald Val Rossman Andrew Rubin Ellen and Stanton Rubinstein Eric Rugart Nicole Sadler Peter and Meg Saligman Carol Saline Peter and Bonnie Schorsch Al Schuster Robert Schwartz Elizabeth Scime Lesley Seitchik David Seltzer Marjorie Sheikman Susan Sherman Diane Shoemaker Howard and Marjorie Silverman Deborah Silvers and   Nicholas Adams Jon and Karen Sirlin Joellen and Stefano Sola Sarah Soslow Larry Spector

Wanda Speight Susanne Spinell Shuster Lawrenec Spitz and Carol Klein Elena Steiger Reich Bertram Strieb Jill and Eric Suss Frank and Ellen Svitek Ed and Lyn Tettemer James and Margaret Thompson Tamar Tulin Helene Van Beuren Robert and Marilyn Vogel Todd and Michelle Vondeak Lynne Wagman M. Karen Weaver Bryan and Maggie Weingarten Ken Weinstein Judith and Bennet Weinstock Joseph H. Weiss and   Sharon Pinkenson Jon Weiswasser Lisa Welsch Jeffrey and Jennifer Westphal Judy Wicks Patricia and Howard E. N. Wilson Rebecca Quinn Wolf and Matt Wolf Zane Wolf Steve and June Wolfson Lawrence and Susan Wolk Mary M. Yoh Shira Yudkoff Joseph and Renee Zuritsky


Photo by Danny Clinch




Photos by Paul Loftland





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2010/11 Annual Report  

Annual Report

2010/11 Annual Report  

Annual Report