Munaluchi Spring/Summer 2020 Issue

Page 136



APRIL 7, 2019 P h o t o g ra p h e d b y A my A n a i z P h o t o g ra p hy

Text by Angela Conner


ana and Tracy’s first college encounters read like a romance novel. “We talked about our childhood, our families, and everything in between. It was as if we were old, familiar friends catching up. There was this outer body feeling as if our meeting was all part of a plan we had no idea about. We fell in love, fast and hard,” Tracy shares. They dated and broke up all in the same year. When their relationship ended, Tracy remembers, “it felt as if we were losing out on something bigger than us.” Call it divine intervention, but their paths crossed again years later in church. This time, they were maturer and had a deeper sense of spirituality. They began to pray about their relationship, and they felt that this time they were ordained to last.

Like many men, Nana was nervous when he was ready to propose. He wanted everything to go smoothly. He told Tracy he was taking her to a work event, but then made an excuse to detour to their church. When he arrived, he went inside and came out with two dozen roses. Tracy immediately started crying. He escorted her inside the church where they were welcomed by the sound of their favorite gospel songs being sung by their praise and worship team. He got down on one knee and proposed. Nana recalls, “After we took photos with our church family, we drove to Tracy's sister's house where I had her family and best friends waiting for her. It was an amazing day, and watching Tracy stare at her ring in disbelief was priceless.”