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The racing thoughts, the endless to-do-lists, the deadlines, the pile of laundry, the melting down kids, the dishes and that never-ending drive to get it all done perfectly…. It’s a rush baby! And we are all hooked!

It’s modern-day slavery – the only difference is that we have become a slave to our own internal stress hormones. Adrenalin and cortisol are more addictive than crack and they are literally on tap 24/7.

We turn it on as soon as we open our eyes, we are like a mobile phone looking for the wifi network. We wake and search for the stories of yesterday to define who we are and then start planning the to-do-lists for the day ahead. Every single negative, fearful or judgemental thought about the past or the future produces a tiny amount of adrenalin or cortisol. We are slowly drip-feeding ourselves stress all day every day, simply through the addiction to our own inner critic.

Imagine how your day would start off differently if, when you woke, you remembered to ask yourself this simple question…. “Who am I?” Imagine remaining present and relaxed as your soul lands back into its physical body after a night of subconscious acrobatics. Imagine connecting in with the depths of who you truly are and releasing yourself from the clutches of your fear craving to kickstart your first hit for the day.

Who are you without stress?

Who are you beyond thought?

Addiction is the opposite of connection. So how can you step off the treadmill and deeply immerse yourself into a relaxed state of being, one that is ruled by a different kind of addiction – an addiction to LOVE instead of fear?

Have you ever tried to wean a baby off the breast? That is one little love addict right there. The pure bliss hormone of oxytocin is flooding every cell of that precious beings’ little body as it snuggles up warm and close to its Mumma, feeling safe, secure, connected and loved.

This is a rush of a different kind.

One that has no come-down and yet still gives us that happy high that we are so desperately seeking. We are hard-wired to become addicted to things, so why not choose love instead.

There are many ways to address our fearful thought addiction: presence,

It is simply a matter of choosing love over fear as much as humanly possible.

mindfulness and meditation are ones you have heard of before I’m sure. But did you know that the sacred art of detoxing your physical toxins has a direct relationship to your mental toxins or fearful thoughts?

As a life-long happy high seeker, I have now discovered this sacred and profound practice gives me greater internal highs than any street drug ever did. Detoxing has not only supported me to clear many physical addictions such as wine, cigarettes and processed sugar; but more importantly, it has supported me to over-come my addiction to my own toxic thinking.

As the physical toxins leave the body, so too do the toxic thoughts and BOOM BABY! Hello HAPPINESS, here we come.

Detoxing doesn’t have to be all deprivation and starvation either, a wellrounded nutritious Vegan diet for 3 – 7 days can wipe the slate clean for most people.

The absolute sweet spot after a process like this is that when you ask the question again – “Who am I” when your body, mind and soul are free from the veils of toxicity, you get to connect in with the love that is always present, the love that you truly deserve to feel and the love that will ultimately become your most potent addiction.

It is simply a matter of choosing love over fear as much as humanly possible. Is this a fearful thought or a loving thought? If it is a fearful thought – simply choose again.

Your mind is craving fear Your body is craving sugar Your soul is craving connection and love

Tamala Ridge

Tamala Ridge is the Founder and Director of the Institute for Spiritual Companioning. She is an International Best Selling Author, Addictions Specialist and Spiritual Mentor. She empowers divine feminine healers and coaches to release their own limiting and self–sabotaging habits so that they can hold space for themselves and their clients with a greater degree of integrity. She supports other Space Holders to clear their own path to success, abundance and divine sovereignty.

Her mission is to inspire others to experience Heaven on earth through the sacred art of detoxing and Spiritual Companioning. After her own battle with addiction she is now a self -confessed #detoxjunkie and #spaceholdingmentor. She now gets high on the sobriety of her untainted soul.

She is the coach’s coach, working with, challenging and inspiring Spiritual Entrepreneurs to become more clear, conscious and magnetic in order to increase the potency of the medicine that they bring to the world thereby increasing their income, impact and influence.