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OCTOBER 10-11, 2009

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We are, as always, working around the clock to bring you the biggest and boldest convention and expo we can, dedicated just for you, the fitness professional

Here we go again, the year is rolling round so fast that it’s almost time for the annual International Fitness Forum. A lot has happened since last year’s event, and those of you that were there may have seen me waddling around six months pregnant. It was so hectic that there were a few times when I thought young George may have paid us an early visit, what with the loud music, early mornings, late nights and last minute hiccups, but I am pleased to say that he appeared on time three months later (albeit with a penchant for dancing, cycling and running up stairs). In the past 12 months we have also undertaken a major office move right into the heart of Canary Wharf, redesigned our online offering and launched our new-style flexible memberships, so its been all hands on deck for all of us here at Multitrax HQ. What hasn’t changed though is our dedication to the Forum. We are, as always, working around the clock to bring you the biggest and boldest convention and expo we can, dedicated just for you, the fitness professional. Our biggest news is the shift across London to Stamford Bridge - home to Roman Abramovich’s Chelsea FC I’m told. The facilities are amazing, with everything you could possibly hope for from a top class convention - including hotels, restaurants, stunning health club and right in the heart of London, (but more of this later in the magazine). And if you are a seasoned convention-goer, you will appreciate how important the Saturday night party is. It’s the coming together of instructors and presenters who, let’s face it, know how to have a blinking good knees up. This year we are really lucky to have a guest list for the exclusive Valmont Club in Chelsea, so if I were you, I would get a group of friends together and make Fitness Forum this year’s weekend getaway - you can be sure that I am. I really hope that you enjoy reading our new ‘magazine-style’ brochure, which will give you all the International Fitness Forum information and class details, as well as interviews, articles and features from some of the presenters that will be attending the event. See you in October,

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07 Melody


See what makes Marc-Oliver Kluike bounce

08 Forum

Focus Presenters Per Markussen and Jeroen Vancoillie give their advice on what to expect at the Forum, while Dr Joanna McMillan Price and Dr Guy Meadows focus on fitness food and sleep respectively


Way of the Samurai

Ilaria Montagnani explains Forza, her Japanese sword fighting-inspired workout class


Anatomy in Motion

Unlock the secrets of human motion with Gary Ward and Hamish Wolfenden



Find out how to build a successful Pilates session with the Australian Fitness Network’s reigning “Presenter of the Year” Zosha Piotrowski


Fitness Education - Where Next?

Academic and FIA chairman Paul Batman discusses the future of the fitness industry




A quick overview of what and who will be appearing at this year’s Expo.

The event has become a favourite for me and I look forward to it every year, as it just gets better and better



Patrick Goudeau


Venue Overview

Stamford Bridge explained. Full accomodation, eating and travelling details are featured

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RELIVE THE INTERNATIONAL FITNESS forum DON’T MISS A SESSION The international Fitness Forum Live! Access the classes you didn’t attend and relive the ones that you did, with this exclusive DVD. Filmed just for you, the DVD includes: • Exclusive behind the scenes footage • Presenter interviews • Full class workouts and accompanying session notes

Featured Presenters Mindy Mylrea, Steve Boedt, Zosha Piotrowski, Gary Ward, Linda Halliday, Graeme Marsh, Jean-Brice Panza, Dr Guy Meadows, Jeroen Vancoillie, John Shehan, Joanna McMillan Price … plus many more!



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Marc-Oliver Kluike

Melody Maker German über-presenter and Multitrax music producer Marc-Oliver Kluike discusses his personal taste in music, what influences him when compiling a mix CD and gives us his thoughts on what makes a perfect workout track.

compiling a workout cd … Is a very long journey, and takes a lot of time. I go to record stores all over the world when I’m travelling, listen to the Internet radio and TV. I’ll also ask great DJs for their favourite tracks, and twice a year I’m in Ibiza to check out the hottest stuff. This way I can be sure that I will have the best music for my classes which motivates everyone all over the world to new heights.

my influences are … I’m very open minded. I have the opinion that the mix of different styles makes a CD interesting so I try to get great remixes of well known tracks and mix them with great new stuff, and only a few chart hits. One or two Latin tracks are always nice too. Then you have to ensure that the whole CD has good energy building correctly to keep the energy at all times.

It should be a track which you hear and think straight away, “wow, that’s a must have track”. It will have great energy, a good melody and it needs to be an uplifting sing-a-long.

A good workout tune should … Be a track which you hear and think straight away, “wow, that’s a must have track”. It will have great energy, a good melody and it needs to be an uplifting sing-a-long. The track also needs to build up to make the crowd scream with excitement. As you see, a track needs to have a lot to get on my compilation.

I love presenting … All my Multitrax CDs because they are my music. I saw that my Good Times CD sold worldwide better than any other CD and that shows me that people still love the classics where they can sing along.

my favourite tunes … This is a hard one, there are so many. I will go with; Be Without You by Mary J.Blige, Fame and Flashdance both by Irene Cara and Robin Thicke’s Magic Touch. That’s four, my fifth choice I will say everything from Melody Gardot – which I love to hear while I’m cooking, sitting or playing in the garden with my wife and our little Emily (18 months now!), meeting friends, being at the beach with a Mojito and of course working out too.

AT THE MOMENT … I have so many ideas for upcoming releases, but I can make only one step after the next to keep this high outstanding quality. I’m working on a new Good Times Vol.3 release because the first two sold so well and everyone is now asking for more. I search every weekend in different stores all over the world to find great remixes of old tracks which I can put on my new CD. There are only a few missing now for Good Times Vol.3 so I will be meeting my DJ soon in Ibiza and we will listen to lots of music over there, and also meet some famous DJs who will help us to find more great music that I know our Multitrax customers will love. The tracks are top secret, but everyone can be sure it will be an outstanding compilation which will get your classes moving and grooving.

Marc-O will be presenting Dance Step For All and Dance Aerobic. For his full profile, session descriptions and times, go to p36. INTERNATIONAL FITNESS FORUM THE MAGAZINE 07


food for

thought Nutrition is a cornerstone of the modern fitness industry, with high profile diets forming the basis of many a health regime. But how ethically and environmentally correct is advising clients to go on high protein or carb diets? Nutrition expert Dr Joanna McMillan Price (PhD) challenges current fitness thinking about dietary habits, and argues that we cannot afford to base our food decisions on nutritional factors alone.


also supporting the economies of developing countries. Then we have the problems of climate change, drought, rising population growth, and on how we choose what we should increased numbers of people living in cities (and eat have substantially changed. Over the bulk fewer in the country). of this time I have been Suddenly choosing predominantly interested our food based on the in the best diets for weight grams of fat or carbs it loss, body composition I want to encourage contains seems rather change and long-term shallow. good health. All of these instructors … On the surface food areas continue to be valid, to expand their choice may seem and indeed crucial, given minds beyond the simple, but when all the current exponential best diet for weight of these complexities rise in the numbers of are taken into overweight adults and loss or muscle consideration feeding children worldwide. growth the world becomes so However there are now much more than being additional considerations about the nutrients that should be in the that food contains. This may seem an off the cuff forefront of our minds when it comes to making session for a fitness convention, but I want to good food choices. I have become increasingly encourage instructors who exert huge influence interested in the environmental impact of the type over the food choices of their clients to expand of diet we consume. A high protein/animal food their minds beyond the best diet for weight loss diet may well be close to what our hunter gatherer or muscle growth. We must think in global and ancestors ate, and even be helpful in weight future terms in order to make the best choices control, but the bottom line is that environmentally both nutritionally and ethically. and ethically we cannot feed the world this way. ver the last 16 years of being involved in the fitness industry, my views

Jeroen Vancoillie

Forum attendees can expect ... A dynamic funky electro mix and disarming presenting style. I will encourage you to do more than you’re used to, using strong physical cues and pep talk. No difficult moves and no thinking, you’ll just be enjoying the music-mix. A successful Indoor Cycling session ... Uses great music, short and powerful cueing and uses simple moves. A good session should also play with the emotions and energy of the crowd, and have a dynamic motivator as an instructor! My advice to aspiring instructors ... Get a good education! You should use your music, the music that makes you feel good and mix it up. Relational skills are very important and you should be a great motivator with strong (non) verbal cueing. Keep your lessons basic and simple in the beginning and go to fitness conventions. They’re a great place to learn new skills and meet people with the same goals.

Does that make it right for us relatively privileged few in the “Developed” world to indulge ourselves in this way? We also now live in a global food market where the food we buy in our local supermarket may have come from almost any country in the world. This raises many issues including fair trade, air miles, support for local farmers but

Joanna will be presenting lectures Star Foods, Food and Me, Feeding the World and Inner Health Outer Beauty. For her full profile, session descriptions and times, go to p33.

Want up-to-the-minute International Fitness Forum

Jeroen will be presenting Muscle Fireworks, The Energy Freestyle Ride and Less is More. For his full profile, session descriptions and times, go to p32.


news, as well as offers and information? Then follow us on Twitter, the world’s largest social networking site. We will keep you posted on all the latest Forum happenings and give it right to you, no need to wait, no fuss. Just go to and folllow us @multitraxpro.

// forum focus

FORUM FOCUS Forum attendees can expect ... A lot of energy and the pure joy of movement during my classes. At the same time the combination of play and challenge will show you a complete new set of enthusiasm and joy. A great group fitness session ... Is a combination of many factors, but for me a great session is based on the communication between me and my delegates and how well I can “transfer my message” to them. If I where to take a session for another instructor I would find four things very important: Personality, presentation, atmosphere and music!

The presenters that inspire me ... I work a lot with other international presenters and there is always something that will inspire me from their work and professionalism. I can get extremely inspired by watching other presenters teaching a great class. My biggest inspiration when I started group fitness back in the 90s was international presenter and very good friend Richmond Bachia, founder of the brand new AfroMoves-concept. Per will be presenting P Step, Synchronised Solutions and True Style. For his full profile, session descriptions and times, go to p39.

Per Markussen

PUTTING FITNESS TO BED Sleep is the ultimate training companion, and boosts everything from muscle repair to growth and temperature regulation. Most people though are surprised to learn that sleeping is a skill that can be honed and improved through practice and understanding. Here, Dr Guy Meadows (PhD) discusses the relationship between sleep and fitness, and explores techniques for improving the quality of sleep.


magine a world where you could sleep less and yet have more daytime energy. This may sound like a dream but with the correct knowledge and regular training it is possible to achieve. Learning to sleep is just like physical training; better techniques lead to greater gains. Understanding and respecting the sleeping process should be an essential element of your personal training plan.

Optimising fitness Sleep is essential for many functions in the human body including the recovery of energy, managing memory, regulation of temperature and hormones, and maintaining the immune system. With regards to physical fitness, sleep is unequivocally the body’s most important training aid as this is when the body undergoes the majority of its growth and repair. Unfortunately sleep is the one thing that most of us believe that we do not get enough of, or could do with more of. In fact most of us believe that we need eight hours of sleep every

night to function at our very best and any less will lead to daytime fatigue, poor performance and even illness. Unfortunately since the majority of us lead busy lives and do not have the luxury of eight hours in bed, this presents a potential problem. Thankfully the restorative effects of sleep are not solely dependent on the length of time you sleep. The importance of sleep quality and sleep efficiency cannot be underestimated, and by optimising these factors, you can start to experience more daytime energy from less sleep. This applies to training as well, as improved sleep quality means greater physical growth and repair, leading to boosted physical performance.

Letting go Most of us take sleep for granted, as something that just happens every night that we do not have control of or need to bother about. It’s only when we can’t sleep that we suddenly learn how important it is and start giving it the respect that it deserves. Falling asleep is the essence of ‘letting

go’ and something that can be quite challenging if we have a lot on our minds. Understanding how to ‘let go’ of the problems we face can therefore be a very effective tool in making our lives easier. At the Forum I will discuss in depth some of the basics behind modern therapies such as cognitive behaviour therapy, mindfulness based cognitive therapy and acceptance, and commitment therapy and how they can teach us to ‘let go’ and ‘accept’ our problems rather than constantly trying to fight with them in an effort to fix them. We will also explore how living in the moment and noticing what is happening, can allow people to choose how they wish to respond to their experiences rather than been driven by old knee jerk habits that have built up over time. Guy will be presenting Quality Sleep - The Essential Training Companion. For his full profile, session descriptions and times, go to p31.

It’s great to meet with motivated fellow fitness enthusiasts, share experiences and expertise, and enjoy great company in a variety of presentations. Helen Carpenter Waters


Way of the


Italian born presenter and Nike Elite athlete Ilaria Montagnani is flying in from New York this year to demonstrate her swordplay! She has adapted ancient Japanese sword fighting techniques – including Kendo and Aikijujitsu – into a high-intensity, full-body fitness class with the award winning Forza. Here, Ilaria discusses the genesis of Forza, what to expect in a class and the benefits of this Samurai style workout.


// way 0f the samurai


created the concept of Forza over 10 years ago, when I earned my first Black Belt in Karate, basically because I fell in love with the intense challenge of learning how to use a blade. Forza, which is Italian for ‘strength’ or ‘force’, has been designed as a sword workout for everyday warriors and is accessible to virtually everyone, not just martial artists. I truly believe that training with a sword is one of the most beneficial ways to train both the body and the mind. Forza includes strength, stability and cardio components, and has no intricate choreography, just beautiful strong movements performed in a controlled and flowing manner. The footwork is

perfect control of the blade, while maintaining strong posture and unmovable spirit. We usually begin with “half cuts” (raise your sword over your head so the “blade” points behind you, then slice down to neck level) and “full cuts” (same thing, except the slice ends at the navel) then proceed to simple combinations and patterns with the emphasis placed on learning the correct technique of each move. As the class progresses, students are lead through more advanced routines depending on their ability level. For those of you worrying about contact though; don’t panic! All moves are performed against an imaginary opponent

simple, although the difficulty comes in making each cut precise, putting the whole body behind the swing and controlling the stick. It activates your core and shoulder muscles in a whole new way, burning calories and increasing endurance. The choreography of the routines is simple. It stresses the importance of learning good technique and developing strong and agile muscles over fancy intricate steps, which is the way Samurai warriors have always trained with their Katana (or real sword); placing more importance on honing their skills of speed and

with wooden swords, called bokken. There is absolutely no contact in the class. What I’ve noticed while teaching Forza is that the participants can’t stop looking in the mirror, they feel empowered by the workout and fascinated by the sword play. Something happens when you get a sword in your hands that does not on the treadmill. And people don’t mind working their butts off. It’s not too hard, not too easy, but does require concentration, which I find meditative. It’s definitely not a bubblegum kickboxing workout though.

Forza includes strength, stability and cardio components, and has no intricate choreography, just beautiful strong movements performed in a controlled and flowing manner.

Benefits of Forza 1) Intense cardiovascular workout: students learn the basic strikes by doing dozens of repetitions of each cut, starting from the Half Cut and moving up to Diagonals and Horizontals. Each cut is executed while stepping, squatting or lunging. 2) Athletic lean muscles: each cut ends with an isometric contraction of all upper body muscles, including the abdominals, in order to stop the sword in line with the proper target. 3) Focused mind and spirit: repetitions is key in Japanese sword practice; students perform the same strikes over and over in order to develop the perfect cut, and the laser-like mind we need to deliver each strike. During FORZA classes we do the same, we repeat the same cuts many times, which allows for the mind to relax and to become One with each move, the zen principle of “mind-no mind”.

Ilaria will be presenting Forza Sword Fighting, Body Strike and Atlectica. For her full profile, session descriptions and times, go to p31. INTERNATIONAL FITNESS FORUM THE MAGAZINE 11


Unlocking the Secrets to the Human Body Effortless motion and joint mobility is the ‘holy grail’ of the fitness world, with trainers and coaches across the world teaching perfect form to get the most out of classes. Personal trainer Gary Ward has teamed up with biomechanic expert Hamish Wolfenden to explain the secrets of human motion, and discuss correction and how to return movement for longevity back to your clients.


hat if the way we move was to dictate all of the problems we could ever experience? If our motion was actually responsible for the way our body responds to sitting at a desk all day? If motion is so important, why is our current anatomical model based on the experimentation and understanding of muscle activation in a laying down position? What if we began to understand the science behind the body in motion, what secrets could we begin to uncover and what solutions could we actually bring to our clients and the population as a whole?

Effortless & efficient Our motion should be effortless. Whether walking, running, jumping, skiing, climbing

or backflipping, our aim should be to do it in the most efficient way possible. There is a direct correlation between effortlessness and efficiency that we need to understand, which directly impacts the choice of movement and exercises we have to help the body reorganise itself into an optimum position. Notice I said ‘reorganise itself’. In studying the body in motion it is clear that the body itself knows how to conserve energy and minimise effort, we just need to give it the tools to access that. Anatomy in Motion looks at the other side of the proverbial anatomical coin. Our life experiences say that there are two sides to every story and the reality of that is that in all our physical and medical practices, we study, analyse and assess anatomy in one particular

way – the way we all know, understand and utilise on a daily basis – what we call the concentric isolated model. The belief that underpins this concentric model is that muscles act and joints react – we contract our bicep and our elbow flexes. However, notice when we walk that there is no physical activation of muscles: yet joints continue to react, and we can see the skeleton move to help us get from A to B. If we were to actively contract our hip flexors and our glutes reciprocally when walking, this would constitute serious effort and a waste of energy. Not to mention all of the other muscles that are involved. On the flip side, we see joints reacting to contact with the ground, and muscles responding to the movement of the joints. In effect the muscles are managing the freedom of the joint system. Once we accept that the human body in motion is at work with greater forces, we notice that it is trying to manage it’s centre of mass in the universal relationship between gravitational forces and the body’s own base of support – the area beneath the standing structure. Our centre of mass is never still – no matter how hard we try – as we oscillate around the optimum position, while our muscle system manages the flow of the joint system.

Pendulum effect Effortless motion requires a pendulum effect where the body “tick tocks” from one end range position to another, passing through its perceived central position in three planes of motion. As the hip extends, the hip flexors are lengthened. When nature kicks in and forces the hip flexor to contract eccentrically 12 INTERNATIONAL FITNESS FORUM THE MAGAZINE


to prevent hyper extension of the joint, this contraction swings the hip into flexion and begins lengthening the hamstrings and gluteal muscles, among others, which are the muscles that control the amount of hip flexion available. This creates the pendulum effect in the sagittal plane for the leg in motion. If the motion available at the hip was to be lacking in either flexion or extension, the natural role of the muscles would be altered as would its perceived central position. If one joint had its true perception of centre altered, it would impact all of the other joints simultaneously and the net result would be the altered position of your centre of mass, and a global adaptation in our posture.

Optimal motion Anatomy in Motion makes no bones [sic] about it: our focus on the determination of joint mobility stems from the ability for the joints of the foot to experience optimal motion when in contact with the ground. Thirty-three joints in each foot, if not operating equally, do cause alteration and adaptation in the 33 joints of the spine (the current main focus of therapists the world over). If one foot cannot find centre, neither can the rest of the body; our centre of mass would shift as would the standing and sitting posture of the rest of our body. Can we afford to overlook the foot and it’s affect on our centre of mass? The law of conservation of energy oversees all of these factors. In an effortless environment, there is no conscious activation of muscle to influence the joints. That begins when we have inhibition in the joint system at one or more crucial joints. Effortless movement cannot take place when there is tension present in the soft tissue system. When inhibition is present the body overcomes it perfectly through the law of compensatory adaptation. It compensates motion where necessary by changing the tension and compression relationships in the body and by inhibiting a joint whilst balancing that by giving excess freedom to another. All the while the body seeks to conserve the maximum amount of energy available so as not to exhaust itself and maintain a fully functional unit – despite its limitations. The great thing about joint motion is that you can see it. Postural changes are obvious to many lay people but motion at individual joints is not an awareness that many practitioners have. To be able to see the gaps in joint motion (the difference between optimal and

sub-optimal) is to know where to begin with correcting the human body in the eccentric zero tension model.

Finding centre Anatomy in Motion teaches the body to “find centre”, which is a three dimensional

version of ‘neutral’ that the body is innately aware of. Through movement the body itself can rediscover centre when it knows that gravity, centre of mass and the base of support have a totally functional interrelationship and tension is removed from the muscle system.

Hamish (L) and Gary (R) will be presenting Useful Information That Nobody is Telling Us and The AiM of Corrective Exercise Finding Centre?. For their full profile, session descriptions and times, go to p31 & p30 respectively.




PILATES PERFORMER Ahead of the International Fitness Forum, reigning Australian Fitness Network ‘Presenter of the Year’ and cohost of Pilates TV, Zosha Piotrowski, explains what to expect from her class, who and what inspires her and how to get the most out of your body.

PEOPLE CAN EXPECT ... To learn a collection of information I have been gathering through my training in Hong Kong. I run a pre and post natal programme which has taught me so much practically about what women can and cannot do throughout this special time, so the pre con class will share all these experiences and solutions. My Pilates sessions are based around working with bodies that need repair and movement, I have drawn on modes such as feldenkrais, and posture exercises, and applied them to Pilates principles, resulting in useable movements for classes and PT.

I LOVE TEACHING ... A whole range of classes! I love teaching Pilates as it’s so rewarding to see people understand their bodies and mind. However I also love to teach spin, step and dance as I love the music and love the energy we all create.

PRESENTERS THAT INSPIRE ME ... Are those that move from their heart and show passion and integrity. Magnus Ringburg, Marcus Irwin and Michael King inspire me a lot. They are beautiful people, with great energy and a total laugh!

DURING A SUCCESSFUL CLASS ... The student begins to gain an awareness of their body and how to move it effectively. Every body is different, so learning about what you have will help you get the most from your own body. Also giving yourself permission to do exercise that is a little slower. As an adrenalin junkie, one often feels exercise should be at max to have benefit, but actually having patience and being mindful about your movement can be just as effective and teaches you how to be in the moment.

Every body is different, so learning about what you have will help you get the most from your own body.

MY ADVICE TO YOU ... Present what you are passionate about, and keep learning and experiencing from as many sources as you can. The more you learn and experience the more you have to share.

Zosha will be presenting Move and Release, Standing Pilates and Intermediate Pilates. For her full profile, session descriptions and times, go to p41. 14 INTERNATIONAL FITNESS FORUM THE MAGAZINE

// Fitness education - where next?

Fitness education -

Where next? Author and academic Paul Batman evaluates current fitness industry trends and initiatives, and, with the advent of national governing bodies such as REPs and Fitness Institute Australia, discusses his ideas for the future of the fitness professional.


fter 30 years of working in the in the health, sport and fitness industry, I am delighted at the initiative shown by the ongoing development of registering bodies such as the Register of Exercise Professionals and Fitness Australia. On a global scale this is perhaps the single most constructive initiative that has happened in fitness education for many years. It regulates the training of fitness professionals ensuring that the qualifications received or endorsed are of the highest standard. For the first time in memory, course providers are now held accountable for mapping their courses to the extensive competencies of the National Occupational Standards. It gives a clear indication to prospective employers, clients, students and the public alike of the stricter requirements now necessary to work as a professional in the health and fitness industry.

In the beginning When I first started in the fitness industry in the 1970s the prerequisite for getting job was based on any or all of the following; you looked good in a pair of shorts, you looked good in a leotard, you lost heaps of weight or you had a background in sport! It now encourages me to think that fitness professionals will begin to consider which path they will take with their continuing professional development once they have achieved their minimum registration status. Given the new professional image that we are now setting ourselves, it is also important to plan how we can maintain that professional credibility.

Significant investment All of us have made a significant investment in our training to the point where we now feel we have the skills and knowledge to make a successful career in health and fitness. What we must now realise is that it does not stop there. Just as any medical practitioner,

accountant or engineer is required to maintain their professional position, we too will need to map our further education through a selection of courses and experiences that will assist us in keeping current and up-to-date. Fitness professionals have correctly selected a significant amount of their continuing education based on developing the practical skills to perform the job. Workshops have taught fitness instructors the many specific aspects of exercise programming and prescription. Whilst being an integral part of continuing education, there is another dimension


of professional development that should also be considered i.e. the academic knowledge that underpins many of these practical skills. The health and fitness professional is, according to Thomas R. Baechle, “a professional who uses an individualised approach to assess, motivate, educate and train clients regarding their health and fitness needs.” To meet this end, the fitness professional must have a strong foundation of exercise science, which can only be accomplished by a combination of formal education, practical skills and work experience. Fitness instructors should be encouraged to also consider comprehensive advanced education courses that address the new responsibilities, greater knowledge and higher skills that the personal

trainer, clinical exercise specialist, fitness trainer or sports conditioner is now required to have.

Educating trainers Current research suggests that fitness trainers with advanced qualifications are likely to be more knowledgeable than those trainers who have completed entry-level fitness education programmes. It has also been reported that years of “On the Job” training, while very important for professional development, does not necessarily increase a trainer’s knowledge beyond that of an inexperienced trainer. Research further supports the notion that there are core courses that are essential for the fitness professional. These include: functional anatomy, biochemistry, mechanical principles, exercise rehabilitation, clinical exercise prescription, exercise testing, fitness programming, nutrition and weight management, special populations, exercise physiology and business management to name a few. As a long standing fitness professional I am now personally becoming more aware of the physiological limitations imposed by mandatory ageing and the exercise prescriptions required to not only improve performance, but to also maintain normal function. My professional development in exercise and ageing has now taken on an entirely different meaning. In the future, fitness professionals will need to challenge themselves to improve both their academic knowledge and practical skills to truly achieve and maintain professional status within the allied health professions. This will not only improve their work performance but will increase their longevity in the industry. Paul will be presenting Older, Stronger and Fitter!, I am too Young to be this Old, Sports Conditioning and An Endurance Training Experience. For his full profile, session descriptions and times, go to p38 INTERNATIONAL FITNESS FORUM THE MAGAZINE 15


DIFFERENCE Join our network and become an official Spinning® Instructor.

SOME PROGRAMS HAVE MADE AN IMPACT IN THE FITNESS INDUSTRY, BUT HERE’S ONE THAT STARTED A REVOLUTION. The Spinning® program is the original and most popular group cycling class. With no complicated moves to learn, top-notch instructors and music that begs your legs to pedal, getting into the best shape of your life has never been easier and more fun. With over 35,000 official Spinning® facilities and millions of enthusiasts around the globe, there’s no shortage of Spinning® classes to motivate and inspire you. Gatorade is a proud partner of the Spinning® Program.

Visit to find a Spinning® Certification Clinic near you.

6 machines. 12 intuitive stations. 250 square feet.

Limitless opportunities. Designed to reflect human body mechanics, HumanSport® is so simple, so intuitive and so natural, it feels as if it were custom built for each and every user. For more information, visit HumanSport Specialist - Cable Trainer Certification: Special Launch Offer - £155.00 inc. VAT The HumanSport Specialist workshop teaches trainers the newest techniques in functional integrated training, how to properly use and train on cable based equipment, and how to design a balanced 3D exercise program. This training is aimed at personal trainers and performance fitness instructors of REPS level 2-3. Friday 14th August - Glasgow Friday 18th September - Bristol Friday 16th October - Oxford

| | |

Friday 4th September - Southampton Friday 2nd October - Preston Friday 27th November – Shrewsbury

Experience Spinning® and HumanSport® and discover how these unique programs will change the way you view fitness with a host of International Presenters and amazing workout sessions and lectures in the UK and Ireland. Contact us for booking details at 01494 688260 or

©2009 Star Trac. All rights reserved. Star Trac, the Star Trac logo and HumanSport are registered trademarks of Unisen, Inc. Expect Different is a trademark of Unisen, Inc. SPIN ®, Spinning ®, Spinner ® and the Spinning ® logo are registered trademarks of Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc.

// Reasons to attend

Reasons to attend the

International Fitness Forum Affordable



From just £50 you will be able to choose 10 classes from over 80 sessions per day.

Join us at The Velmont – the only club listed in GQ Magazine’s ‘Top 100 Best Things in the World’ – on Saturday night for the official Forum party. Free guest list entry is available, just come and ask.

We are bringing over 60 presenters from over 14 countries to the Forum, giving you a truly international event.


Location The Forum is back in West London, giving you easy access to the capital’s top restaurants, West End shows, exclusive clubs and lounges, and world famous museums, plus more.

CPD Earn up to 8 CPD points towards your yearly total.

Get qualified by attending one of our many pre-convention courses, taking place on the Friday before the main event, and earn more CPD points.



Facilities Stamford Bridge is a world class conference facility, designed to give visitors access to all the resources they need under one roof.

Expo Get access to our ‘trade show’ featuring the latest in fitness products and resources free with your International Fitness Forum ticket. If you have any additional questions about the International Fitness Forum, please fee free to call our customer service team on 0207 719 1414.


PREVIEW Running in conjunction with this year’s Convention is the International Fitness Forum Expo; a trade show specifically for health and fitness instructors. The Expo, taking place across October 10th-11th, showcases a variety of products and services from many different companies, which include sports apparel, exercise equipment, nutritional supplements, recruitment agents and training providers. Here is a small sample of companies exhibiting at the event:

Intelligent Training Systems – Stand B27 Intelligent Training Systems (iTS) is a training provider running courses for personal trainers, fitness instructors, therapists and sports coaches, as well as other health and fitness professionals, to train them as Biomechanics Coaches™. This training (CPD) and qualification (Diploma) provides exercise professionals with unique information to prescribe effective and safe exercises for their clients, meaning fewer injuries, better management of existing injuries and better long term client retention. All courses are accredited by REPs and validation is by London Metropolitan University.

YogaFit Training Systems Worldwide – Stand B29 YogaFit, the leader in Mind Body Education, was founded by Beth Shaw in 1994 and has since trained over 100,000 fitness instructors in the United States, and thousands more in Europe, Turkey, Australia, China and South America. YogaFit overcomes the mystery of yoga by delivering a practical, user-friendly style which is accessible, understandable and doable by individuals with any level of fitness. The YogaFit style reduces the risk of injury and augments recovery for ailments including stress, lower back pain and tension. The YogaFit method is the only nationally recognised continuing education partner for ACE, and has been a member of IHRSA since 1997.

PILATES SOLUTIONS – Stand B13 Pilates Solutions is the exclusive UK distributor for STOTT PILATES® equipment. Their education division, Active Training, has the licence to deliver STOTT PILATES® instructor courses and workshops throughout the UK. STOTT PILATES® has earned an international reputation as the world’s most respected Pilates brand and their contemporary approach to Pilates makes it one of the safest exercise methods available, suitable for rehab and prenatal clients, athletes, the active ageing market and everyone in-between. STOTT PILATES® education provides you with the depth of knowledge and practical programming options to teach effective group or personal training programmes to clients of any age or fitness level. 18 INTERNATIONAL FITNESS FORUM THE MAGAZINE


STAR TRAC® – Stand B12 & B14 Star Trac® is the fastest-growing commercial fitness equipment supplier in the industry and is renowned for its revolutionary, user-focused cardiovascular fitness equipment. Building on a history of innovation dating back to 1975, Star Trac® manufactured components for the first electronic cardiovascular machines. Since then its mission has been to help mould lifelong habits for health and fitness. Through strategic partnerships with BMW Group Designworks USA and Mad Dogg Athletics (creators of Spinning®), Star Trac® has developed a complete range of user-focused fitness equipment designed to meet the needs of its users. Since acquiring the former Flex Fitness in 2003, Star Trac® has introduced three entirely new lines of strength equipment including the HumanSport™, Impact and Instinct lines.

Spinning® – Stand B12 & B14 The Spinning programme offers an energising, cycling-inspired group exercise training programme with expert coaching, exhilarating music and a unique mind/body philosophy— all at a self-directed pace. The Spinning programme has reached more than 35,000 clubs and millions of enthusiasts in 80 countries worldwide. California-based Mad Dogg Athletics — the worldwide leader in indoor group cycling bikes, education and products — has worked closely with Star Trac® on its patented line of Spinner bikes, also developing and marketing Spinning instructor certifications, continuing education programs and offering a complete line of Spinning-branded apparel and accessories.

StepnPump – Stand A28 & A30 Established over 15 years ago, StepnPump offers everything you need to look and feel fantastic while working out either in the studio, gym or on the track. StepnPump is committed to offering the very best in clothing and accessories for the fitness and leisure industry, and is the largest independent stockist of USA PRO in the UK, as well as suppliers of Nina Bucci, PureLime, Blue Fish and many other leading brands. So, whether you are into fitness, aerobics, dance, spinning or yoga, or just want great leisure wear, then look no further than StepnPump.

MULTITRAX PROFESSIONAL – Stand B6 & B8 In spring 2009 Multitrax relaunched as Multitrax Professional, a bespoke service for the Fitness Professional designed to meet the ever changing demands of the modern fitness industry. Multitrax Professional is designed to be the complete fitness package providing music, continued education, equipment, and the latest news and developments within the industry – not as extras, but all under one membership. A Fitness Professional will no longer have to source an array of different companies for their various instructor needs, as Multitrax will be their only port of call.

PILATES INSTITUTE – Stand A16 & A18 Established in 1999, the Pilates Institute is the largest Pilates teacher-training company in the UK. Internationally recognised, the faculty’s teachers have over 25 years of experience in both the fitness industry and the Pilates technique. The Pilates Institute’s method and teacher training programmes are taught worldwide in over 20 countries. INTERNATIONAL FITNESS FORUM THE MAGAZINE 19

Pre-ConventioN Courses Friday 9th October 2009 All pre-convention workshops are REPs accredited and will provide everyone who attends with a qualification certificate in the given programme. So if you need REPs points, or just wish to diversify into a new and exciting discipline, then the International Fitness Forum pre-cons is a perfect way to achieve this goal, and is also a great way to begin a fun packed weekend. If you would like to book on to any of the courses, please refer to the Registration Form on Page 26.

Pre and Post Natal Training with Zosha Piotrowski A one-day workshop giving PTs and group exercise instructors the knowledge and confidence to be able to prescribe appropriate programmes for the pregnant and post partum client. The first half of the day covers the changes that occur throughout the three trimesters, and how to adapt and modify training protocols to suit a variety of pregnant case studies. Students will learn how to identify whether an exercise is appropriate for their pregnant client and how to work with both fit and unfit clients, and clients who may have lumber/pelvic dysfunction. The second half of the day covers the post partum or the fourth trimester. Learn the importance of training from the inside out and progressing slowly so that the body recovers and regains its strength and stability. This intensive course will give students case studies, programmes and solutions to training this special group. VENUE: LONDON TIME: 10.00-5.00pm PRICE: £75.00 MEMBER CREDITS: 65

The Bender Method of Training with Leslee Bender This is a ground level course for both personal trainers and group fitness instructors who want to become critical thinking teachers. Too many students are getting injured in core training due to lack of body awareness, previous injuries or poor exercise choices. Most students are not aware that in most core exercises they are only utilising their hip flexors which become short and tight and lead to back pain. This dynamic course will develop your understanding of supine standing and seated core training in ways you have never experienced before. 1. Learn the ‘correct’ way to address your deep core muscles. 2. Learn the difference between the local, global and skeletal muscles, and how they actually fire. 3. Learn what to look for in your client’s posture to transform the way in which they move. 4. Learn how to utilise scales to determine your clients imbalances. 5. Learn amazing partner exercises. VENUE: LONDON TIME: 10.00-5.00pm PRICE: £75.00 MEMBER CREDITS: 65


// pre-convention

Let the Feet do the Talking with Gary Ward and Hamish Wolfenden The motion of each foot has a direct influence on the joint system of the whole body, and understanding the foot’s motion through the gait cycle enables us to understand everything from postural change to extensor chain activation, as well as breathing and injury. This workshop will show you how the foot informs the rest of the body of its movement requirements, and will demonstrate how foot scanning equipment, and the information it provides, will transform your understanding of injuries and postural inhibitions. Gary and Hamish will also show you how a client’s physical problems can be tracked through the motion of each foot. VENUE: LONDON TIME: 10.00-5.00pm PRICE: £75.00 MEMBER CREDITS: 65

Push & Lift with Steve Boedt Push & Lift is a group strength training workout designed to shape and tone your body using plates and bars. Set to energising music, this workout takes the best elements from both the gym floor and the group exercise studio, and combines them to create an enjoyable and achievable workout. On completion of the Push & Lift training course, attendees will have the knowledge and practical application to deliver safe and effective classes. VENUE: LONDON TIME: 10.00-5.00pm PRICE: £75.00 MEMBER CREDITS: 65

Big Dance with Jonatan Canada Strictly Come Dancing meets group fitness in Big Dance, the latest group exercise craze to be included in the Multitrax education lineup. Suitable for fitness professionals searching for a new cardio class, Jonatan Canada teaches dance the through the style and steps of ballroom dancing. On completion of the Big Dance training course, attendees will have the knowledge and practical application to deliver a safe and effective dance class. VENUE: LONDON TIME: 10.00-5.00pm PRICE: £75.00 MEMBER CREDITS: 65

Shallow Certification with Steph Toogood This one-day core course allows gym instructors, personal trainers, club coaches and swimming teachers to qualify as water exercise instructors. The day involves both lecture and pool sessions, showing how the properties of water and intensity progressions can be utilised to create fun and challenging classes, as well as a written multiple-choice exam. A pre-course worksheet and manual are included in the fee. VENUE: LONDON TIME: 8.45-5.30pm PRICE: £140.00 MEMBER CREDITS: 65


enlightened inner spirit, outer light Train as a Pilates instructor to enhance your career. To request a new information pack on full diplomas in Matwork and Equipment leading towards a Masters Certification, please email or call +44 (0) 207 719 1414 to request an information pack. Sponsors of


HOW TO BOOK ONLINE: Book online at to get instant confirmation on your session choices. BY MAIL: • Look at the presenters, sessions and descriptions to choose the classes you want to attend. • Using the session selection grid on pages 24-25, choose 3 sessions in order of preference (see below for example). If your first choice is unavailable we will use your second choice, then third. • If you do not wish to attend sessions within a particular time slot, please indicate by striking through. • Remember, standby queues are available on the day for all sessions.




Returning your form: Fill in and tear out pages 23-26. Take a copy for your records then post to: Level 33, 25 Canada Square, Upper Bank St, London E14 5LQ. Book early to improve your chances of getting your session choices.

GROUP/CORPORATE DISCOUNTS For groups of four or more people, please contact the Sales & Marketing Department at Multitrax on +44 (0) 207 719 1414 or email PAYMENT PLAN For further information about spreading the cost of the convention over a period of months, please contact Amanda Hibbard on +44 (0) 207 719 1414. CANCELLATION & AMENDMENT POLICY Session amendments: Unfortunately, once submitted, amendments to your session choices cannot be accepted. However standby queues are available on the day for all sessions. Refund Policy: Any payments made by credit card will incur an additional 15% administration charge on refunds.

Registration Cancellations Procedure: Cancellations before Friday 11th September, 2009 will receive a full refund, minus an administration fee of £15. Cancellations after Friday 11th September, 2009 will receive a 50% refund of the registration fee paid. Cancellations within 48 hours of the Convention, or without notification, will not be refunded under any circumstances. CONVENTION CREW We need volunteers to help out at the convention. In return for your hard work you will be able to attend half the convention for free! If you are interested, please contact Amanda Hibbard on +44 (0) 207 719 1414 or email CHILDREN Children are not permitted access into the convention sessions for safety reasons. CONTACT DETAILS Address: Multitrax Group, Fitness Forum, Tel: +44 (0) 207 719 1414 Email: Web:


5.15-6.15 (60) (60)

2.00-3.30 (90)

12.00-1.00 (60)

10.45-11.45 (60)

9:00- 10.30 (90)

7:15- 7.45


Dr Rob Johnson

Transformational Gait

P Step

Low Back Considerations: Functional Solutions

BIG Dance

Per Markusson

Chuck Wolf

Corrective Functional Training for the feet, knees, hips and lower back

Layer by Layer

Jonatan Canada

Dr Rob Johnson



John Shehan

John Eade

Yoga Core

Mama Mia

Ilaria Montagnani

Beth Shaw

Anatomy of a Lunge


Helen Carpenter Waters

Chuck Wolf

Patrick Goudeau

The Winning Team

Lexie Griffiths

I am too young to be this old! A Physiology journey through ageing.

Paul Batman

Mental Toughness

Steve Harris

Are You a Stressed Personal Trainer?

Linda Halliday

Star Foods

Joanna McMillan Price

Older, Stronger and Fitter!

Paul Batman

Aussie Warm Up w/ Zosha Piotrowski & Darryl Preston


Yin Yoga Stretch

Elsie Matthijssens

THE BENDER method of Selected Stabilisation

Leslee Bender

STOTT PILATES® Mini Stability Ball™ Workout*

Caroline Murray

All New Reformer on the Mat

Leslee Bender

Move and Release

Zosha Piotrowski

Wake Up Yoga

Elsie Matthijssen

Pilates Institute The 34 Moves

Joanne Cobbe

Peak Pilates®: Power Circle Mat

Lee Morgan

Flex and Flow

Beth Shaw

Pilates Institute Technique Clinic

Joanne Cobbe

Pilates Training Solutions Equilates

Belinda Buttery & Claire Worman

Pilates for Golf

Kathy Corey

Useful information that nobody is telling us!

Gary Ward & Hamish Wolfenden

Pilates and Pregnancy

Yolande Green

Food and me: exploring our relationship with food

Joanne McMillan Price

Knee pain? How simple biomechanics can help your clients - Part 1

Martin Haines

Quality Sleep – The Essential Training Companion’

Guy Meadows


Lexie Griffiths

Life Coaching and its role within personal training

Paul Bedford

Look Into My Eyes

Helen Carpenter Waters

Exercise and Health: From Birth to Death

Greg Whyte

Looking to become a trainer, assessor or IV?

Yolande Green

Training Prescription - From Elite Athletes to Celebrities to the Common Man

Greg Whyte

How to boom your business in a credit crunch

Janey Holliday


Barry Ross

Marketing 4 PTs - The Brand YOU

Javier Santin

Shoulder Pain? Biomechanics Part 1

Martin Haines

Functional Golf Fitness

Mike Andreou

Share your Passion! Motivating your Clients

Javier Santin

Developing Speed, Strength & Power

Mike Andreou

Cardio Crazy

Mindy Mylrea

Push & Lift

Steve Boedt

Thump Boxing Workshop

Christian Marchegiani

Hardwork Conditioning Part 1

Patrick Goudeau

Muscle Fireworks

Jeroen Vancoillie

Forza Sword Fighting

Ilaria Montagni



Letting Go

Michelle Colvin

TeenSPIN - The Regression!

Sarah Morelli

The Italian Job

Sandro Morelli

Changing Attitudes

Michelle Colvin

Pulling Power

Barry Ross

Le Tour de France - Vive le Spinning!

Mark Tickner

STOTT PILATES® Arc Barrel & Foam Roller Challenge

Caroline Murray

STOTT PILATES® Jumpboard Interval Training

Judith Amira

Pilates for Scoliosis

Kathy Corey

STOTT PILATES® for Golf Conditioning

Judith Amira

Peak Pilates MVe EveryBody Fitness Reformer Workout

Lee Morgan

STOTT PILATES® Intensifying Essential Reformer

Caroline Murray

Boxing Techniques for Fitness Trainers

Mike Andreou

Introduction to Cable Training

Sandro Morelli

Weigh In

Barry Ross

Peak Pilates®: Power Circle Mat

Lee Morgan

Fast Twitch Cable Camp

Sarah Morelli

3D Training

Barry Ross

Egyptian Fantasie

Agata Pienio

Disco Time

John Fernando Echeverri

FightClub 09

Tosh Cameron

Push & Lift

Padraig Clyne

The Boys Are Back In Town!

MTX Indoor Cycling Team

The Energy Freestyle Ride

Jeroen Vancoillie

Mood, Movement and More

Steph Toogood

Hand Buoy Solutions

Steph Toogood


5.15-6.15 (60)

4.00-5.00 (60)

2.15-3.45 (90)



11.00-12.00 (60)

9:00- 10.30 (90)


Fit for Kids

True Style


Mindy Mylrea

Mental Toughness

Steve Harris

An Endurance Training Experience

Paul Batman

Setting up a PT Business

Graeme Marsh

Sports Conditioning: A Periodised Model

Paul Batman

Training the Time Poor Client

Graeme Marsh

Feeding the World

Joanne McMillan Price

Aqua Aerobics

Corrective Functional Training for the shoulders

Dance Aerobic 4 All the Basics

Per Markussen

Rob Johnson

The Pelvic Core


Marc Oliver Kluike

Chuck Wolf

Knee pain? How to screen your client’s to help their knee pain - Part 2

Jonatan Canada

Synchronised Solutions

Martin Haines

Functional Training for Multi Sport Athletes

Dance Step for All

Per Markussen

Chuck Wolf

Partner Play

Don't Stop til You Get Enough

Marc-Oliver Kluike

Mindy Mylrea

Steve Boedt


Play Ball

Patrick Goudeau

Intermediate Pilates

Zosha Piotrowski

Bender Method of Balance

Leslee Bender

Standing Pilates

Zosha Piotrowski

Pilates Have a Ball

Petra Kluike

All New Men on Mats

Leslee Bender

Pilates Institute Spirals

Petra Kluike

Safe Yoga / Yoga Basics

Beth Shaw

STOTT PILATES® Ultimate FlexBand® Level 3

Caroline Murray

Cardio Pilates

Petra Kluike

Innovations and Choreography

Kathy Corey

The Power of Yoga

Elsie Matthijssens

The Sizzle Outstanding Customer Service

Lexie Griffiths

Pushy Mothers on the Run

Judy Difore

How to do In-House PR and get Media Coverage for your Business

Janey Holliday

Conflict - Is this something you handle badly?

Linda Halliday

Living Wonderfully

Lexie Griffiths

Quality Sleep – The Essential Training Companion’

Guy Meadows

Gary Ward & Hamish Wolfenden

Handling Client Communication

Linda Halliday

Ageing and Training

Keith Smith

Inner Health Outer Beauty

Joanne McMillan Price

Why members do/ do not buy personal training.

Paul Bedford

How inclusive are we as an industry

Keith Smith

The AiM of corrective Exercise Finding Centre?


Sleep On It

Barry Ross

Progressing Your Clients

Mike Andreou

Shoulder Pain? Practical Part 2

Martin Haines

It's Showtime Encore!

Sarah Morelli

WTF? Without Tools Fitness?

Javier Satin

Planning Periodisation in Your Classes!

Mark Tickner


Workout Global

Jean-Brice Panza

Bump & Grind

Helen CarpenterWaters


Mindy Mylrea


Jean-Brice Panza

Hardwork Conditioning 2

Patrick Goudeau


Ilaria Montagnani

Chill Riding Blind

Sarah Morelli

What Lies Beneath

Barry Ross

To The Beat of The Drum

Mark Tickner

'Heartbreak Hill''

Michelle Colvin

2 Fast 2 Furious

Sandro Morelli

Rising Sun: Moving Mountains

Sarah Morelli

STOTT PILATES® Arc Barrel & Foam Roller Challenge

Caroline Murray

STOTT PILATES® Jumpboard Interval Training

Judith Amira

Power Reformer Moves

Kathy Corey

STOTT PILATES for Athletic Conditioning (Mat/Ref)

Judith Amira

Peak Pilates MVe EveryBody Fitness Reformer Workout

Lee Morgan

STOTT PILATES® Intensifying Essential Reformer

Judith Amira

Developing Speed, Strength & Power

Mike Andreou

Practical Strength Training For Cyclists

Sandro Morelli

Peak Pilates® Reformer-Mat Challenge

Lee Morgan

Olympic Weightifting

Barry Ross

Functional Golf Fitness Practical

Mike Andreou

3D Training

Barry Ross

Soul Child

Agata Pienio

The Latin Quarter

John Fernando

Boxing for Fitness

Phillip Norbury

Let it Flow

John Shehan

How to Create Spectacular EquipmentFree Outdoor Workouts and Bootcamps

Janey Holiday

Tank Buster

Tosh Cameron

Less is More

Jeroen Vancoillie

MTX Revolution

Tosh & Padraig

Senior Swing High Swing Low

Steph Toogood

Personal Water Training

Steph Toogood

REGISTRATION Form Please fill in and return to: multitrax professional, Level 33, 25 Canada Square, Upper Bank Street, London E14 5LQ or fax to 020 7038 8125. PERSONAL Details Title:

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Fitness Forum contains practical sessions designed for experienced and physically conditioned industry personnel. Participants with any physical restriction, disability or predisposition to injury or sickness should not participate if their health or ability to exercise is at risk. This document is a Release of Claims. Signing this document confirms acknowledgement of the following – 1. That willing participation in the event is at your own risk. 2. That you have no physical restrictions, disabilities or any other predispositions to sickness or injury that may be adversely aggravated or affected as a result of participation in any of the sessions. 3. That full responsibility by you the participant is acknowledged for any injury, loss or damage to your person or property that may arise directly or indirectly from participation in the event. 4. That as a participant you will not seek compensation from, nor penalise or prosecute; the organisers, sponsors, presenters or other participants of the event for any injury, loss or damage to your person or property. 5. That Multitrax may film, photograph or record you during the event. 6. That Multitrax retains the right to use any such film, photograph or recording for any future publishing or promotional purposes.

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recruiting now! Are you looking for a career boost? Multi-skilled, talented and dynamic group fitness instructors / personal trainers / massage therapists required for placements worldwide • The only REPs-registered maritime fitness training provider in the world • Excellent salary and career opportunities

exotic locations

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presenters & Sessions Agata Pienio

Egyptian Fantasy - Saturday, 5.15-6.15pm This is a unique and simple to follow cardio street dance class that has been inspired by the magical tale from Michael Jackson’s hit “Remember The Time”. Soul Child - Sunday, 5.15-6.15pm A lyrical dance session that focuses on emotional, as well as a physical

perform safely and effectively before applying to training. This is a great workshop to introduce you to Olympic weightlifting. What Lies Beneath - Sunday, 4.00-5.00pm This is an endurance energy-zone ride that will take you to the edge of your fitness threshold. Physically you can easily ride above your threshold, but the challenge here is to stay below for maximum aerobic benefits. You will have to endure the saddle and control intensity to complete the ride successfully. Sleep On It - SUNDAY, 5.15-6.15pm (Lecture) Regular traveller? Too many late nights or sleeping in? This lecture shows how these factors can lead to unnecessary fatigue, and explains the benefits of regular sleeping patterns and early nights. Understand the vital role sleep plays on correct hormone release and how many ailments might actually be

expression through movement. The class will include a deep stretch finale.

due to a lack of sleep.

Winner of the LA Fitness “Fitness Person of the Year”, LA Fitness “Presenter of the Year” and the “IFS Presenter of the Year” 2005 awards. Choreographer for the ’05 and ’06 Ministry of Sound “Pump It Up” fitness DVDs. Agata is currently working on a Master Diploma with The Pilates Institute.

Barry Ross A Master Instructor in the Spinning Programme since 2007, with over 15 years experience in the fitness industry. Barry currently owns his own personal training business near Glasgow, using Metabolic Assessment for clients wishing to gain more from their training. 3D Training - Saturday & SUNDAY, 9.00-10.30am, In this practical workshop using Humansport equipment, Barry will demonstrate beginner to advanced exercises in all three of the body’s planes on just one piece of equipment. He will also work through isolated exercises to integrate full body dynamic movements, stable to unstable platforms and unilateral to bilateral exercises. We just hope you can remember them all. Weigh In - Saturday, 2.00-3.30pm Whether you’re away from home and working out, or the free-weight area is just too busy, bodyweight training can prove more challenging than you think. Add a new dimension to your training knowledge with this workshop, packed full of challenging exercises and drills that your clients will love. Pulling Power - Saturday, 10.45-11.45am Take it in turns to pull team-mates up the hill on this strength energy-zone interval ride. Then drop back, consolidate and allow the team to assist your climb. Find the extra energy to lead the team and learn to recover as you climb. X-Factor - Saturday, 5.15-6.15pm (Lecture) This class discusses cross training our activities, as well as cross training the components of fitness and how to benefit from this approach. It will help you understand different ways of training that can add variety and freshness to your workouts. Olympic Weightlifting - SUNDAY, 12.15-1.15pm Regardless of your sport or activity, Olympic weightlifting can make you a stronger, faster and more powerful athlete. This class will discuss the benefits of weightlifting and how it can improve performance, as well as the technical aspects of the discipline so that we can understand how to 28 INTERNATIONAL FITNESS FORUM THE MAGAZINE

Belinda Buttery A Director of Pilates Training Solutions Ltd. 2009 sees the launch of their Equilates courses aimed at horse and rider, where they have developed a team of highly trained practitioners in this field. Equilates - Saturday, 10.45-11.45am A lack of spinal stability and core endurance can lead to muscle dysfunction and misalignment in the saddle. This then affects the performance of the horse and ultimately may cause it too, to suffer skeletal and muscular dysfunction. This session introduces instructors to Pilates for correctional work with horse and rider.

Beth Shaw Beth is the founder and president of YogaFit Training Systems Worldwide, and author of YogaFit and YogaFit2nd Edition. She has appeared on numerous television programmes and published in numerous fitness, business and consumer publications discussing the concept of YogaFit. Yoga Core - Saturday, 10.45-11.45am Utilising the YogaFit ball, this workshop focuses on strengthening the body’s core for a stronger back using a variety of abdominal and low back exercises. The importance of core centre strength is emphasised in the class, as the key to a successful yoga practice and crucial to the support of the internal organs. Flex and Flow - Saturday, 2.00-3.30pm Discover the strength and cardiovascular benefits of this workout, which is a fusion of strength training and total-body stretching. The “Flex” refers to isometric holds in traditional yoga postures aimed at strengthening and toning the major muscle groups of the body, while “Flow” refers to a smooth and fluid series of poses that act to counter balance the extensive muscle contracting, simultaneously providing the body with challenge and release.

// SESSION descriptions

Safe Yoga/Yoga Basics - Sunday, 4.00-5.00pm Yoga is more popular than ever. Why? It provides a total body workout that enhances strength, cardiovascular condition, balance and flexibility. It enhances body awareness, increases physical control and facilitates body mastery. Yoga also helps reduce stress, tension and fatigue through its focus on mindfulness, fluid movement and deep-breathing. This session will show participants how to teach and/or evaluate a safe, effective yoga class.

Caroline Murray Caroline is the resident Instructor Trainer for Active Training at their Oxford-based STOTT® PILATES Licensed Training Centre for education in the UK. She teaches courses in Matwork and Equipment and has over 16 years experience in personal training and fitness classes. STOTT® PILATES Intensifying Essential Reformer - Saturday, 9.00-10.30am Learn how to challenge clients with maximum safety and effectiveness by taking STOTT® PILATES’ Essential Reformer exercises to a higher level of intensity. Add variety and increase the pace of the workout to keep clients continually motivated and progressively challenged. STOTT® PILATES Mini Stability Ball Workout - Saturday, 2.00-3.30pm This energising workshop incorporates the Mini Stability Ball to create total-body strengthening and conditioning. The exercises work on improving posture with a major focus on core stability and back mobility, while also lengthening and strengthening the surrounding muscles. STOTT® PILATES Arc Barrel & Foam Roller Challenge - Saturday, 5.15-6.15pm & Sunday, 5.15-6.15pm This workout will teach you how to select exercises from the STOTT® PILATES Essential Matwork repertoire incorporating the Arc Barrel for support, challenge and variety. Using a foam roller, learn how to bring more diversity and challenge to your group or personal training Matwork routine. STOTT® PILATES Ultimate Flex-Band Level 3 - Sunday, 2.15-3.45pm This workshop teaches intermediate-level exercises to challenge core and peripheral strength and add variety and multi-dimensional joint movements to the basic Flex-Band exerciser routine. Emphasis is on upper and lower body working together while maintaining correct alignment and form.

Florida, consulting with clients ranging from the rehabilitation setting to professional athletes. Anatomy of a Lunge - Saturday, 9.00-10.30am Explore the biomechanics of the basic lunge movement pattern and develop an understanding of why lunges are an effective training tool from the foot through the hip. Then learn how to transform the traditional lunge into an integrated three plane movement to enhance performance for all populations from the seniors to high level athletes. Low Back Considerations: Functional Solutions - Saturday, 3.45-4.45pm Attendees will develop functional strategies to improve conditions such as sacroiliac dysfunction, low back pain, and the chain reaction upon spinal movements while examining the impact of the hip and feet upon low back biomechanics. Functional Training for Multi Sport Athletes - Sunday, 11.00-12.00pm By applying the functional anatomy and movement patterns into a triathlete’s training programme can significantly reduce the risk of injury and improve performance. Analysing functional integrated movement patterns of the legs and core can identify improper swim, bike and run techniques. The Pelvic Core - Sunday, 2.15-3.45pm The pelvic floor is really the basement of the thoracic core and ceiling of the lower extremity into the pelvis. The integrated movements of these regions greatly impact the pelvic floor. This session will delve into the gross anatomy of the pelvic floor and how integrated core stability movement patterns will enhance pelvic floor function. Learn how the musculature of the pelvic floor functions like all other muscles of the body, by first eccentrically loading and then concentrically unloading.

Christian Marchegiani THUMP founder Christian has been teaching “boxing for fitness” for over ten years, and has been involved with many high profile Australian athletes and sporting teams. He currently owns and runs a boxing gym in Sydney’s inner west, and works closely with many schools and fitness centres in developing their boxing for fitness programmes. THUMP Boxing Workshop - Saturday, 2.00-3.30pm This workshop will show you how to box to condition yourself to maximum potential. Clients will love to hate you as you put them through their paces in a fitness session born straight out of New York’s Bronx.

Chuck Wolf

Claire Worman

Chuck holds a Masters of Science Degree in Exercise Physiology and is currently sought after as one of the industries top educators. He is currently the director of Human Motion Associates in Orlando,

A Director of Pilates Training Solutions Ltd. 2009 sees the launch of their Equilates courses aimed at horse and rider, where they have developed a team of highly trained practitioners in this field.


➜ Equilates - Saturday, 10.45-11.45pm This session aims to introduce instructors to the use of Pilates for correctional work with horse and rider. A lack of spinal stability and core endurance can lead to muscle dysfunction and misalignment in the saddle. This then affects the performance of the horse and ultimately may cause it too, to suffer skeletal and muscular dysfunction. This session aims to introduce instructors to the use of Pilates for correctional work with horse and rider.

Darryl Preston Darryl is the executive director of Multitrax Group and managing director of The OnboardSpa Company. Having been in the fitness industry since the age of 18, in his native Australia, his knowledge and professionalism have seen him educate instructors world wide for the past 27 years in all areas of the business. Aussie Warm Up - Saturday, 7.00-7.45am Come early, avoid the queues and warm up with Darryl and Zosha, two of the most consumate professionals in the business. Be prepared to dust off your legwarmers, laugh out loud and feel ready to start the day. The Boys are Back in Town - Saturday, 5.15-6.15pm Yet another legendary cycling session with the Multitrax Indoor Cycling team. Amazing music mixed live with expert musical intepretation and unprecedented track activities. Experience the ultimate ride of your life, this session is not to be missed.

Elsie Matthijssen Elsie became a Nike sponsored athlete-educator in 1996 and has been working as a Nike Elite Trainer since 2002. Widely known for her teaching and movement skills, she has been presenting and lecturing across the world – specialising in Vinyasa Yoga – and works as a television presenter and writer for various health and fitness magazines. Wake Up Yoga - Saturday, 9.00-10.30am Is there a better way to wake up than with yoga? This session is a combination of energising yoga flows to wake you up happy and gently into the day. Yin Yoga Stretch - Saturday, 5.15-6.15pm Yin Yoga is a form of yoga which is performed to stretch the primary connective tissues of the body, which include the hips, thighs and lower spinal area. A perfect class to finish your day, Yin Yoga will provide a deep stretch and relaxing sensation. The Power of Yoga - SUNDAY, 9.00-10.30am In this session of Vinyasa Yoga, you will experience a vigorous flow based on intelligent sequencing principles. Be prepared to sweat and to open your heart, and you will find lasting inner peace, joy and bliss through the power of yoga.


Gary Ward Gary developed his interest in the human body when working as a ski boot fitter in the Alps. Believing 100 30 INTERNATIONAL FITNESS FORUM THE MAGAZINE

per cent in full body movement and the universal law of opposites, Gary has pulled many of the teachings he has experienced together to create his own programme incorporating human movement and biomechanics, with a large focus being placed on the role of the human foot in motion. Useful Information That Nobody Is Telling Us - Saturday, 5.15-6.15pm (Lecture) We know how muscles work, don’t we? This informative lecture discusses theories behind the interaction of muscles, joints, fascia and the skeletal system, and looks at alternative answers for insight into injury, pain, and, most importantly, how the human body conserves energy to generate effortless and pain free motion. The Aim of Corrective Exercise – Finding Centre? - Sunday, 9.00-10.30am (Lecture) This class is a discussion on the evolution of “neutral” as a concept for optimum postural potential. Can we maintain a neutral spine with each step we take? What if our feet are not in “neutral”? What are the forces that determine our physical wellbeing? We introduce the concept of “centre” to help take a fresh look at posture and our potential.

Graeme Marsh Graeme is the owner and operations director of Aegis Training, based in London, England, which specialises in nutrition and training for the time poor client. Training the Time Poor Client - Sunday, 11.00-12.00pm (Lecture) Real world training for the “twice a week, time poor, genetically average, non-athletic” client, which makes up the bulk of the British population. This seminar addresses the conflicts between time and outcomes, and how to manipulate guidelines to strike a balance between the ideal and the realistic using examples currently employed at the Aegis studio. Includes some videos and templates of training routines in action. Setting up a PT Business - Sunday, 2.15-3.45pm (Lecture) This talk examines some of the harsh lessons learnt when setting up a personal training business – ranging from finances to equipment purchasing. Learn about the realities of what is involved, the hidden costs, the importance of planning and strategy, and much more based on the “Aegis Success Principles”.

Professor Greg Whyte Greg is a professor of Applied Sport and Exercise Science at the Research Institute for Sport and Exercise Science, John Moores University. He is also a former director of Science and Research at the English Institute of Sport, as well as a former international modern pentathlete, double Olympian and European bronze and World Championship silver medallist. More recently, Greg coached Little Britain star David Walliams’ English Channel swim, and the Celebrity Big Climb up Kilimanjaro in 2009.

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Training Prescription – From Elite Athletes to Celebrities to the Common Man - Saturday, 10.45-11.45am (Lecture) Whilst the perceived glamour of working with elite athletes and celebrities may be greater than that of the ordinary person, the science of coaching remains the same. In this session I will recap the principles of training using a variety of examples including David Walliams’ swim across the English Channel to charity runners in Marathons. With the right approach ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things - in this session I will show you how I have approached success in elite athletes, celebrities and the common man. Exercise and Health: From Birth to Death - Saturday, 2.00-3.30pm (Lecture) In this session I will outline the impact of physical inactivity on health across the age span and examine the beneficial effects of exercise on physical and psychological health. I will focus on the governments drive for 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week and explore the reality of delivering this message. The session will be interactive, calling on the audience to give personal experiences working to make inactive individuals active.


Guy Meadows Guy has been studying human physiology for twelve years, of which seven have been devoted purely to sleep research and the prevention of sleeping disorders. In recent years Guy has narrowed his focus solely onto the prevention of chronic insomnia and now uses his in-depth knowledge to provide highly successful holistic non drug-based plans for chronic insomnia sufferers at the London Insomnia Clinic. Quality Sleep – The Essential Training Companion - Saturday, 10.45-11.45am & Sunday, 9.00-10.30am (Lecture) Highlighting the importance of sleep for optimal human performance, this session will teach you how your clients can get a good night’s sleep every night and feel energised during the day.


Hamish Wolfenden Hamish has had a keen interest in the human body for many years both academically and practically. He has trained in martial arts, skied all over the world although his main love is surfing. In 1992 he received a degree in quantum physics from otago university in NZ, and later completed a Master Degree in Biomechanics from the University of Surrey. Useful Information That Nobody Is Telling Us - Saturday, 5.15-6.15pm (Lecture) We know how muscles work, don’t we? This informative lecture discusses theories behind the interaction of muscles, joints, fascia and

the skeletal system, and looks at alternative answers for insight into injury, pain, and, most importantly, how the human body conserves energy to generate effortless and pain free motion. The Aim of Corrective Exercise – Finding Centre? - Sunday, 9.00-10.30am (Lecture) This class is a discussion on the evolution of “neutral” as a concept for optimum postural potential. Can we maintain a neutral spine with each step we take? What if our feet are not in “neutral”? What are the forces that determine our physical wellbeing? We introduce the concept of “centre” to help take a fresh look at posture and our potential.

Helen Carpenter Waters Helen is currently the director of UK Fitness Academy, and has worked as a professional dancer, choreographer and college lecturer. She is also a NLP Master Practitioner, Ericksonian Hypnotherapist and Advanced Life Coach. Mama Mia - Saturday, 10.45-11.45am “Gimme, Gimme, Gimme” your mind and bodies for one hour and I will show you how to be a “Dancing Queen” or “Super Trouper”. This easy to use choreography can make lots of “Money Money Money”. “Take a Chance on me” and you’ll have a fun time which is, after all, “The Name of The Game”. Look Into My Eyes - Saturday, 3.45-4.45pm (Lecture) Learn how to read peoples processing and thoughts by looking into their eyes and reading their accessing cues. This skill can assist personal trainers understand, connect with and guide their clients effectively Bump & Grind - Sunday, 4.00-5.00pm Seriously sexy and so hot you’ll sweat even just watching. Combine the styles of burlesque, RnB and Jazz to create a fantastic class that wiggles, jiggles and teases you into fantastic shape.


Ilaria Montagnani Ilaria was named as one of New York Magazine’s leading fitness gurus, while her Powerstrike martial art/group fitness class was voted “Best Exercise Class” in New York City for two consecutive year. She holds a black belt in Shorinjiru Karate, and has more than thirteen years of training in kickboxing and Samurai sword fighting. All of Ilaria’s workout programmes have been featured on television, and in magazines and newspapers across the world. Forza Sword Fighting - Saturday, 9.00-10.30am Forza is a one hour Samurai sword training class based on traditional Japanese sword fighting techniques. Specifically designed for group exercise, Forza uses a regular wood sword and teaches precise striking movements that shape the upper and lower body while building strength. Incorporating ancient forms into a present day fitness format, Forza allows exercise enthusiasts of all levels to experience the strength and mysticism of working with swords.


➜ Body Strikes - Saturday, 12.00-1.00pm Ilaria’s newest fitness concept is a total cardio workout designed to shape lean and muscular legs. The martial art-based routine combines ballet and high intensity lower body moves to improve flexibility and core strength while burning hundreds of calories. Atlectica - Sunday, 9.00-10.30am Sculpt and train your body like an athlete. Every muscle will be challenged with a series of high intensity exercises based on power endurance and progressive strength training. Strong emphasis is placed on strengthening the core. This class is not for beginners, so be prepared to sweat and test the limits of your willpower.

Janey Holliday Janey Holliday is the founder of “Fit for a Princess” which has been running group outdoor workouts for women across London since 2003. Over 2000 women have taken part in her outdoor workouts to-date, which are expanding nationwide from Autumn 2009. Janey is responsible for the content, branding, marketing and PR of her business and has an extensive media profile. How to Boom Your Business in a Credit Crunch - Saturday, 9.00-10.30am (Lecture) Learn how to keep upbeat during a down turn and make profit when clients want to cut back. This class discusses clever business strategies guaranteed to make more money with minimal stress and maximum gain, and outdoor workouts that keep punters coming back for more. How to Create Spectacular Equipment-Free Outdoor Workouts and Bootcamps - Sunday, 9.00-10.30am (Outdoor Practical) Teaching great outdoor workouts can be harder than you think: no music, different abilities and often big groups in a large open space, but they are easy, fun and incredibly popular when you know how. Come and learn from someone that has made outdoor workouts her business. How to do In-house PR and get Media Coverage for Your Business - Sunday, 2.15-3.45pm (Lecture) PR agencies can be expensive and ineffective, especially for smaller businesses, but doing your own PR isn’t as scary as it sounds. We show you how PR can be easy AND enjoyable. Learn how to get started, find an angle, make contacts and get press.

Javier SaNtin After managing some of Madrid’s top fitness clubs, Javier now runs his own company, Personal Kinetics, and works as education manager and Master Trainer for Star Trac in Spain. He is also responsible for the Madrid Gymnastics Federation’s PT and Fitness Management Training Department. Share your Passion! Motivating your Clients - SATURDAY, 10.45-11.45am (Lecture) Are you motivated? Do you enjoy being a Fitness Professional? This 32 INTERNATIONAL FITNESS FORUM THE MAGAZINE

class will show you how to motivate clients with your passion for fitness and exercise using simple and effective strategies that will help them keep focused on their goals. Marketing 4 PTs - The Brand YOU - SATURDAY, 3.45-4.45pm (Lecture) In this session, we will discuss basic marketing and branding techniques to help you sell and promote your business as a personal trainer. We will discover what your unique selling points are, how to create our own brand and the basics of successful brand positioning in the fitness market. WTF? - Without Tools Fitness? - sunday, 11.0012.00pm (Lecture) Quite often we have to strength train clients without adequate equipment because of busy gyms, home training and so forth. With the basic techniques taught in this session, you will need no more than these three elements to provide effective training sessions: Your hands, a towel … and your brain.

Jean-Brice Panza Alongside a successful professional martial arts career, Jean-Brice studied for a physical fitness degree at Strasbourg University. He is a “FISAF Aerobic Pro Instructeur”, ISAS “Step Advanced Instructor” and ISAS “Lift Instructor”, as well as the “Aerobic Sportive” champion (France), RPS - Sunday, 12.15-1.15pm Relaxation, Power and Stretching. In this masterclass, Jean-Brice will demonstrate how music will inspire you to optimise your motions in all three areas. Workout Global - Sunday, 5.15-6.15pm With this session you will quickly find out how you can attract people who might be normally difficult to motivate, by slightly changing your training method.


Jeroen Vancoillie Jeroen is well known across the International Indoor Cycling scene having presented at national and international conventions. He is known for his funky music style and is working on the development of the freestyle Indoor Cycling workshops for the Power-zone academy in Belgium. Jeroen is also one of the developers of the Indoor Cycling CDs for Multitrax. Muscle Fireworks - Saturday, 10.45-11.45am Balance, power and flexibility all with a funky rhythm. This creative way of presenting will give you some new choreography and “tricks of the trade” to take home. The Energy Freestyle Ride - saturday, 2.00-3.00pm This freestyle ride gives you sixty minutes of energetic and impressive freestyle cycling. Your kick of the day! Less is More - sunday, 2.15-3.15pm With strong cues Jeroen will teach you that “less is more” when it comes to communicating on the bike. Learn how to get accross what you need to without talking the ears of your participants.

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Joanne Cobbe


With ten years experience in the fitness industry, Joanne Cobbe joined the Pilates Institute in 2003. She is trained in all forms of Matwork, and as principle tutor for the Institute, she concentrates on course development and tutor training. Joanne also specialises in remedial Pilates, having owned businesses in Ireland and the UK focusing on the area. Technique Clinic - saturday, 12.00-1.00pm Never get time to look at your own technique? This class is a unique opportunity to review and critique yourself using movement analysis and corrective exercise. Working in groups which will openly critique technique to help with personal development, you can make sure that you are as good as your clients are. The 34 Moves - saturday, 5.15-6.15pm This is billed as the “ultimate class for Pilates teachers”. One hour of non-stop intense movement with no correction, Joanne flows through the original moves, but with a modern day slant. The ability to self modify is required.

of chronic diseases like heart disease and cancer, but telling people, women in particular, does little to motivate them towards change. This session will outline Joanna’s lifestyle programme, designed exclusively for women. It includes the keys to a great diet, and targets emotional eating, activity levels and the right exercise.

John Eade John is operations manager at THUMP Boxing as well as a THUMP Boxing Master Trainer, and has been working in the fitness industry for the last nine years. He has travelled as far as Australia to teach boxing for fitness classes. Thump - Saturday, 12.00-1.00pm This is a group exercise class based on the principles of functional fitness training and its adaption to professional boxing training. This type of training allows participants to have a total body workout with all the fun and excitement of boxing combinations and cardio routines.


Joanna McMillan Price A professional nutritionist and dietician with a PhD from the University of Sydney, Joanne is currently the resident nutritionist for Australia’s breakfast TV show TODAY. She has authored a number of books, including the internationally published The Low GI Diet, and was also named Fitness Network’s “Presenter of the Year 2006”. Star Foods - Saturday, 10.45-11.45am (Lecture) Using a sporting analogy of selecting the best players to make up a winning team, Joanna will take you through each food group, explaining the role each plays in the game of healthy eating. Her unique ranking of foods from five star performer, to reserves and liabilities, clearly shows how to combine foods to achieve an optimal diet and highlight the flaws in common diets. Food and Me: Exploring Our Relationship With Food - Saturday, 2.00-3.30pm (Lecture) Many of us know what we should eat but just can’t seem to do it to get the results we want. If we do not understand how and why we eat, no diet plan is going to work. In our quest for the perfect body we must not forget that food is an integral part of culture, who we are and our enjoyment of life. This session explores our relationship with food and strategies for improvement. Feeding the World - Sunday, 9.00-10.30am (Lecture) Are you a firm believer in all things organic, or are you advising your clients that a high protein, hunter-gatherer style diet is the way to go? In today’s world of rising living costs and higher food prices, caused by the impact of climate change and reliance on finite oil supplies, we can no longer make food decisions based purely on nutrition science. This session will explore the dilemmas facing us today and tomorrow in ethically and environmentally feeding the world an optimal diet. Inner Health Outer Beauty - Sunday, 2.15-3.45pm (Lecture) We all know that the right diet and exercise regime will reduce the risk

John Fernando echeverri John has presented in some of the most popular events and conventions in the UK and Europe. Using his Colombian background, John has a style that combines traditional teaching skills with the sensuality of Latin moves. Disco Time - Saturday, 3.45-4.45pm Have a great time with this Level 2 Hi Lo aerobics class. Enjoy disco moves and music from your school days. The Latin Quarter - Sunday, 4.00-5.00pm Hi Lo with a Latin touch. Putting together the breakdown and choreography, building a style from Hi Lo with the spice, wiggles and rhythms of the Latin culture.

John Shehan John was named “International Presenter of the Year 2007” at the Can-Fit-Pro convention in Toronto. He is the choreographer of six successful DVDs, and a regular contributor to both TV and radio. Layer by Layer - Saturday, 2.00-3.30pm Built “layer by layer”, this class is designed to take you on a choreographic journey through all the latest moves and grooves. Traditional step based moves coupled with sleek teaching skills will make this the right destination for you. Let it Flow - Sunday, 12.15-1.15pm Logical teaching techniques and progressions help this Hi Lo class flow seamlessly from one combination to the next. No second guessing which foot goes where, just let it flow.


Jonatan Canada Jonatan is an overseas programme developer and creator of Big Dance. He held the World Aerobic Championship an unprecendented 20 times and has been an international presenter since 1993, working across Europe, Japan and the USA. Big Dance - Saturday, 3.45-4.45pm The new cardio group exercise workout based around ballroom dance. You will soon find yourself excelling at all the classic ballroom moves – including Samba, Cha Cha, Rumba, Tango and Quickstep – while getting a great CV workout. Sandunga - Sunday, 2.15-3.45pm A new generation of Latin Workout. World Aerobic Champion, Jonatan Canada presents a sensational fusion of Latino dance styles and choreography set to inspirational music.

Judy DiFiore Judy specialises in ante/postnatal exercise, and is the author of The Complete Guide to Postnatal Fitness and The Pregnancy Exercise Book. She is also the director of Pushy Mothers Ltd. Pushy Mothers on the Run - sunday, 4.00-5.00pm (Lecture) Many brand new mothers take up their pre-pregnancy fitness routines desperate to get back into skinny jeans, but is this ok? What exactly are the risks and when it is ok to run again? Judy discusses all these topics and more in her Pushy Mother on the Run session.

Kathy Corey Kathy is a Master Teacher who began her career with the Pilates Technique in 1979. She has been the

Judith Amira Judith has a wealth of expertise as a STOTT® PILATES Instructor Trainer. She draws on her degree in Applied Nutrition, Applied Massage and Sports Massage as well as Injury Rehabilitation. Judy was also crowned Zimbabwe National Amateur Ballroom Champion and in the late 1990s she was the gold medallist in the Zimbabwe National Aerobics Championships. STOTT® PILATES for Golf Conditioning - saturday, 12.00-1.00pm Help raise your client’s golf game to a new level with specificallydesigned, targeted STOTT® PILATES exercises on the Mat and the Reformer. Trainers can use this workout to benefit any level golfer from amateur to professional. With a better understanding of the conditioning requirements of golfers, these moves will help improve balance and flexibility and condition the entire body. STOTT® PILATES Jumpboard Interval Training - saturday, 3.45-4.45pm, Sunday, 4.00-5.00pm Learn to challenge and motivate your clients and classes using innovative and simple Jumpboard combinations, separated with intervals of upper and lower body strength and flexibility exercises on the Reformer. This ultimate cardio/strength interval workout challenges the core and total body strength, elevates the heart rate, while focusing on proper jumping technique. STOTT® PILATES Intensifying Essential Reformer - Sunday, 9.00-10.30am Learn how to challenge clients with maximum safety and effectiveness by taking STOTT® PILATES’ Essential Reformer exercises to a higher level of intensity. Add variety and increase the pace of the workout to keep clients continually motivated and progressively challenged. STOTT® PILATES for Athletic Conditioning - sunday, 12.15-1.15pm Learn to take your clients’ game to the next level in this sports conditioning workout session. Improve strength, power and agility by using STOTT® PILATES exercises that challenge unilateral movement, weight transference and core stability on both the Mat and the Reformer. Perfect for your sports enthusiast clients and athletes of all levels. 34 INTERNATIONAL FITNESS FORUM THE MAGAZINE

leading expert in the Pilates community for 30 years and is now the director of Kathy Corey Pilates, an Advisory Board Member for Inner IDEA and an Advisory Board Member for Pilates Style Magazine. Pilates for Golf - saturday, 9.00-10.30am The course will address the biomechanics of the golf swing, the golf stance and the neuromuscular aspects of the swing. Proper breathing technique coordinated with the swing and the coordination of sequential movement will be topics included in this presentation. Pilates for Scoliosis - saturday, 2.00-3.30pm This workshop presents a programme of exercises to help re-balance and strengthen the back muscles and spine. Combining traditional Pilates exercises with innovative developments has produced a programme that safely and effectively realigns the body’s structure creating a functional strength system to support and balance the body. Innovations and Choreography - sunday, 11.00-12.00pm Kathy presents a new session of evolved Pilates by introducing innovative choreography and sequencing into classes. She presents different ways of taking traditional movements, and using modifications and variations to create combinations that can be practiced individually or linked together to create a complete choreographed class. Power Reformer Moves - sunday, 2.15-3.45pm Look at ways to take original repertoire movements and change the dynamics of your workout. Using choreography as a tool to help increase movement challenge and motivate students you will experience a different approach to the Pilates technique. This fast-paced course uses movement transitions to create dynamic energy flow.

Keith Smith Keith is a tutor and assessor in most personal trainer and specialist population modules, as well as a national trainer for the Life Fitness Academy. He has worked in the fitness industry since 1992 and presented at conventions worldwide since 1996.

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How inclusive are we as an Industry? - sunday, 11.00-12.00pm (Lecture) A lighter look at how the fitness industry can become more inclusive of the whole population. The session will look at how to develop a more inclusive feel about your business, as well as planning and delivering inclusive sessions. Ageing and Training - sunday, 4.00-5.00pm (Lecture) With the amount of information bouncing around the fitness industry regarding the benefits of focusing on the ageing population, there are key considerations required for delivering a practical session for this client group. This class will investigate some factors that need to be considered when planning a session for an individual within this client group.

Lee Morgan Lee is a classically trained Pilates teacher and certified Pilates Teacher Trainer. He began his career as a sports therapist and personal trainer, and over the last fifteen years has spent significant time working with elite rugby union and football clubs. He now dedicates his time to teaching and travelling the world, delivering Pilates education with Peak Pilates. Peak Pilates MVe EveryBody Fitness Reformer Workout - saturday, 10.45-11.45am, sunday, 11.00-12.00pm Get your energy in motion with MVe EveryBody Fitness Reformer, the ideal entry level reformer workout. Enjoy a combination of beginners Pilates reformer exercises, stretches and postural exercises that will introduce your participants to the benefits of equipment-based workouts. Peak Pilates Power Circle Mat - saturday, 3.45-4.45pm, sunday, 12.00-1.00pm Guaranteed to make you sweat. This mat class will move at an intermediate pace using the power circle, with focus on the rhythm and dynamics of each exercise and special attention to breathing. Come prepared for a workout that engages all aspects of the mind while developing body control and precision placement. Peak Pilates Reformer-Mat Challenge - sunday, 2.15-3.45pm Selective exercises from the classical reformer are executed on the floor in sequential order without the assistance of springs. This experience will teach you the independent relationship between the mat and the reformer, and where opportunities lie for improving your reformer technique. This class will also alter your thinking about both the mat and reformer, and provide tools for spicing up your mat classes.

Leslee Bender Leslee is the founder of The Pilates Coach and The Bender Method of training, and produced over 25 DVDs to-date. She has written extensively for IDEA and other fitness publications, while her work on a safer approach to Pilates training for today’s society has been published in The Journal of Applied Research. Leslee is also the original creator of the Pilates mini ball, now called the “Bender Ball”.

All New Reformer On The Mat - saturday, 12.00-1.00pm Simulating traditional reformer exercises using small equipment that either the Pilates trainer or fitness professional can utilise instead of large equipment. This class offers an understanding of muscular weaknesses and how to address exercises for specific postural needs. The Bender Method of Selected Stabilisation - saturday, 3.45-4.45pm A new programme for all types of trainers utilising the Bender Ball. Learn how to activate deep core muscles that will lead to selected stabilisation as well as great new core exercises that can be used either in personal training or group exercise classes. All New Men On Mats - sunday, 9.00-10.30am Why do men generally not engage in flexibility and core strength, Pilates or yoga? Here, Leslee offers a session geared strictly to men, and guarantees that it will greatly improve every aspect of their other sports, and help weekend warriors that are always injured. Bender Method of Balance - sunday, 2.15-3.45pm We do not realise as trainers that we have the ability to bring a body back into balance physically and energetically. When the body is feeling disconnected from the mind, or its higher self, then it is difficult to train completely. This programme is a way in which you, as the trainer, can balance your client and understand their energy field before working with them. Learn how to read emotional posture, what it is saying and the affect it has on movement patterns.

Lexie Griffiths Lexie is an international aerobic presenter, author, company director, keynote speaker and NLP coach. She has previously taught and educated the elite Army PT Corps at the request of the British Armed Forces, and managed a fitness club at their largest garrison in Germany. She was also appointed developer and spokesperson for the International Reebok Kidz programme in 1995. Coaching - saturday, 9.00-10.30am (Lecture) In this seminar Lexie shows the importance of developing coaching skills to increase your worth and success as a personal trainer, manager or instructor. This session will prove to be a cost-effective and positive step towards achieving maximum results both in your personal and professional life. The Winning Team - saturday, 5.15-6.15pm (Lecture) Lexie will identify the traits of world-class teams in this seminar, sharing anecdotes and examples to help you grow your dream team and take your company to the next level. Living Wonderfully - sunday, 11.00-12.00pm (Lecture) Packed with ideas and strategies on how to create, implement and market easy to follow, functional class programming for the 60+ market which meet this social, emotional and physiological needs of this age-group. The Sizzle – Outstanding Customer Service - sunday, 5.15-6.15pm (Lecture) Learn how to develop a service culture that sizzles and succeeds. This seminar is packed with ideas and tips on how to delight your customers now. INTERNATIONAL FITNESS FORUM THE MAGAZINE 35

Linda Halliday Linda is director of South Africa’s ETA and the deputy chairperson of the Standards Generating Body for sport coaching and fitness qualification standards in the country. She has been involved in occupationallybased adult education for more than 20 years and is also a registered assessor and moderator with THETA. Are You a Stressed Personal Trainer? - saturday, 12.00-1.00pm (Lecture) Through a process of self evaluation and a dynamic presentation, delegates will learn how to manage their own stress levels, and, as a result, help their clients manage their stressors as well. Handling Client Communication - saturday, 5.15-6.15pm (Lecture) Communication is the oil that keeps a personal training business or group fitness class going. This workshop will address communication styles and methods, and provide an opportunity to brainstorm better methods of reaching clients and participants to ensure that they get on board and stay on board. Conflict – Is This Something You Handle Badly? - sunday, 12.15-1.15pm (Lecture) During this workshop participants will discover their own personal style of conflict management through the completion of conflict management questionnaires. This session is all about knowing who you are and knowing who the other person is, and finding ways to reach new ground together by exploring ways of improving your own conflict management style.


Marc-Oliver Kluike Named “Presenter of the Year” 2003-05, Marc is one of the worlds leading presenter and respected educators. He is the founder of “People in Motion”, which has been named among the best Dance-Aerobic, Dance-Step and Pilates schools in the industry. Dance Step for All - sunday, 11.00-12.00pm Learn how to experiment with rhythm, direction, arm and leg patterns. Take a look at all the different teaching methods, including crossphrasing, cutting and holding pattern/removal, which will give you totally new ideas for your future classes. Dance Aerobic 4 - All the Basics - sunday, 4.00-5.00pm This ambitious style of training will teach you a number of effective approaches, exciting choreographic elements, dance tricks and speciality moves for your classes. Learn how to put together an hour of Dance Aerobics in a professional style, with just the right appeal.

Martin Haines Martin has trained five Olympic gold medallists, McLaren Formula 1 racing drivers, premiership footballers as well as international rugby players and golfers. He has also biomechanically screened 36 INTERNATIONAL FITNESS FORUM THE MAGAZINE

over 4,000 people ranging from the sporting elite to recreational sportspeople. He has linked these outcomes with the work of McGill, Twomey, Taylor, Bergmark and many others to create a unique biomechanical screening system. Knee Pain? How Simple Biomechanics Can Help Your Clients - Part 1 - saturday, 12.00-1.00pm (Lecture) Knee pain is a common complaint for your clients. The frustration is, while not being able to treat them, how you can objectively prescribe an exercise programme to help them. This presentation will describe the best ways of screening your client’s knee for biomechanical weaknesses and then discuss how to prescribe the most suitable exercises. Shoulder pain? biomechanics - Part 1 - saturday, 2.00-3.30pm (Lecture) Many of your clients will have shoulder pain. This session will discuss some simple and harmless screens that you can do to establish the biomechanical integrity of your client’s shoulders, and then show you how to prescribe the right exercises to help reduce the risk of load through the joint. Theory is highlighted and some practical examples described. Knee pain? How to screen your clients to help their knee pain - Part 2 - sunday, 12.15-1.15pm This is a practical presentation that will develop the theories covered in Part 1. We will be demonstrating, and you will be practicing, screening techniques for the knees as well as creating exercise programmes for your clients based upon the results of the screens. Please note, attendance to Knee Pain? - Part 1 is mandatory for anyone wishing to attend this session. Shoulder Pain? - Part 2 - SUNDAY, 2.15-3.45pm This practical session is an extension of the theoretical lecture. Martin Haines and his team will describe in detail the screens for the shoulder as well as teach you how to create exercise programmes for your clients based upon the results of the screens. Please note, attendance to Shoulder Pain? Part 1 is mandatory for anyone wishing to attend this session.

Mark Tickner Mark is an International Master Instructor for The SPINNING Programme in the UK, and an Elite level Triathlete having finished 12th at the Great Britain Age Group competition. His passion for triathlon is second to none, and he is now competing in the Ironman Triathlon which gives him an ideal transitional outlook to coaching within the Spinning Programme’s “Le Tour de France - Vive le Spinning!” Le Tour de France – Vive le Spinning! - saturday, 9.00-10.30am Are you ready to take yourselves to another level of cycling performance? Many of you have experienced this incredible Tour de France ride before. The roads are longer, the climbs are tougher, and you will experience in full colour the most iconic roads in cycling. Planning Periodisation in Your Classes! - sunday, 9.00-10.30am (Lecture) Once you learn what periodisation is, you then need to know how to plan your training sessions to maximise training time. With careful consideration you will create a powerful and addictive training programme – full of variety, skills, energising and addictive classes – that you your clients will come back for time and time again.

// SESSION descriptions

To the Beat of the Drum - sunday, 2.15-3.45pm You will feel hypnotised by the energy that only a drum can give, by riding to world rhythms inspired by the instrument’s powerful sounds. Be prepared for an attack on your musical senses, as we deliver the sounds of dance, rock, world, percussion and more.

Michelle Colvin Michelle was named a Master Instructor for The SPINNING Programme in 2007 as well as a specialist in metabolic assessment, VO2 max and blood lactate fitness testing. She is a Lifestyle Coach for her own multisport coaching company and competes in Ultra Fit competitions at national level. She is an active triathlete at all distances from sprint to full ironman, and sponsored by TRI-UK. Changing Attitudes - saturday, 12.00-1.00pm Mention “endurance” and riders groan, while instructors panic. Endurance training is the heart and soul of your fitness programme and coaching this zone is an art. Discover breath connection, quietening of the mind and visualisation techniques. This ride will demonstrate the enormous influence we have on a rider’s mindset by what we choose to say during an endurance ride. Letting Go! - saturday, 5.15-6.15pm Many riders work hard but often ignore recovery training activities except when they are ill or injured, yet these practices are an essential ingredient for a balanced training programme. The principle of recovery refers to that part of training where the benefits of the work undertaken are maximised through practices which reduce residual fatigue and enable the athlete to cope with workloads more effectively. Heartbreak Hill - sunday, 12.15-1.15pm Ride the bike course of Ironman Switzerland. Fast flats, long gradual climbs and the infamous “Heartbreak Hill”. The breathtaking scenery of the Swiss Alps, the crowds, the energy and determination all make for an exhilarating ride.

Mike Andreou Michael is a Master Trainer for the HUMANSPORT Programme, having been a former national and international martial arts competitor. He now focuses his attention on golfers, developing their physical needs for the demands of the sport, while still maintaining an active personal training business and martial arts school. Developing Speed, Strength & Power - saturday, 9.00-10.30am An important look at speed, strength and power in relation to sport. See why so many trainers overlook this with normal clients and how it can enhance results for athletes wishing to improve on performance, or for general clients wishing to gain faster results. Boxing Techniques for Fitness Trainers - saturday, 5.15-6.15pm This workshop will show you how to correctly hold the pads for your clients, as well as analyse punching techniques and combinations.

Functional Golf Fitness - saturday, 12.00-1.00pm (Lecture) This lecture will explain which muscles are used during golf. Topics include how to increase torso rotation and speed in order to drive the ball further without injury, the dynamics of a swing, the careful touch of the putter, and pre and post game warm up and cool downs. Functional Golf Fitness - sunday, 11.00-12.00pm This session is the workshop element of the ‘Functional Golf Fitness’ lecture, which includes an introduction to golf-specific training exercises. Progressing Your Clients - sunday, 4.00-5.00pm This lecture will show the importance of safe and effective progression with your clients. It will focus on client retention by keeping them stimulated mentally and physically through training. Speed, Strength & Power - sunday, 5.15-6.15pm This session is the workshop element of how to develop speed, strength and power using resistance and plyometrics for a particular sport.

Mindy Mylrea Mindy is “Presenter of the Year” for ECA 2008, Can Fit Pro 2004 and IDEA 1999, and a national and world aerobic champion. She is the creator of the Gliding exercise programme, a master trainer and a member of the prodevelopment teams for Schwinn Cycling, Body Bar, and Bosu. Cardio Crazy - saturday, 5.15-6.15pm Join Mindy as she takes Gliding Discs, med balls, steps and wild cardio moves, and turns then into a fitness playground for the cardio crazed. Cardio intensity intervals are combined with cutting edge fitness drills and games, to create this breathless bash. Partner Play - SUNDAY, 9.00-10.30am Grab a buddy and join Mindy for this power packed partner extravaganza. Train for sport, strength, cardio and flexibility while laughing at every turn with the crazy couple configurations Mindy has cooked up, and leave with lots of ideas for your PT, circuit or group exercise classes. This is partner training at its best. WORKout - sunday, 2.15-3.45pm Are your students craving the toughest, most challenging, sweat wrenching workout available? Are you looking for exercises and drills that will satisfy even your most die-hard front rowers? Mindy takes all the exercises we know and love, and adds 100 per cent more: More integration, more muscle activation, more sweat and tears. Fit for Kids - sunday, 5.15-6.15pm You want ideas for kids, or maybe even some game ideas for adults. Mindy is the best at creating fantastic games, drills, and tangible teaching skills for kids programming. Learn over 30 ready-made games for instant application, as well as tried and tested teaching techniques for all ages and stages. If you don’t teach kids now, you’ll want to after this workshop.

Padraig Clyne Padraig started in the fitness industry over nine years ago. He is working in Dublin as a personal trainer in a large health and fitness club, and also lectures in


➜ college about exercises to music. Padraig is the Multitrax Indoor Cycling and Push & Lift Master Trainer in Ireland and is now presenting in countries throughout Europe. Push and Lift - saturday, 12.00-1.00pm Set to the hottest new music, Push and Lift is the ultimate studio strength training programme. Each workout is designed to hit all the major muscle groups, creating a balanced and achievable workout. The Boys are Back in Town - Saturday, 5.15-6.15pm Yet another legendary cycling session with the Multitrax Indoor Cycling team. Amazing music mixed live with expert musical intepretation and unprecedented track activities. Experience the ultimate ride of your life, this session is not to be missed. REVolution - sunday, 12.15-1.15pm Padraig joins with Tosh Cameron for a master class you will not want to miss. The best club mixes, with all the hills and climbs that you would expect but with a difference. Thrive on the energy, the atmosphere and the inspiration that will have you screaming for more.

Patrick Goudeau Patrick is a NASM certified trainer, former US National Aerobics Champion and “trainer to the stars”. His challenging, results-driven workouts have inspired countless individuals to adopt a fulfilling fitness lifestyle. Quickstep - saturday, 9.00-10.30am An amazing, no-nonsense fat burning routine designed to get your body into fit and fabulous shape. Unique, easy to learn step patterns, with seamless flow. Hardwork Conditioning: Part 1 - saturday, 12.00-1.00pm Not for the meek or the timid, this session tackles every trouble zone by combining unique and effective strength training with intense cardio intervals. Get ready for some fresh, new ideas about interval training. Hardwork Conditioning: Part 2 - sunday, 11.00-12.00pm Patrick’s second session in this series of conditioning masterclasses. New equipment will be brought in for the ultimate in interval conditioning. Play Ball - sunday, 5.15-6.15pm Don’t let the title fool you – while this total body blast is jam-packed with fun, you had better be ready to play and play hard. All you need is a medicine ball, room to move and a winning attitude. Patrick has put together the perfect blend of sculpting and cardio drills that will tone and tighten your entire body.

published hundreds of articles and made public presentations on all aspects of health and fitness. Paul’s research interests are in exercise and ageing, developing online learning resources for health and fitness education and developing fitness training models. Older, Stronger and Fitter! - saturday, 9.00-10.30am (Lecture) The emerging view of biological ageing suggests that the decline in function can be lessened by an increase in physical activity. This presentation will focus on dose response training models to improve both strength and endurance in the ageing population. The aerobic training pyramid model and the resistance training pyramid model will be reviewed and applied to reduce the impact of the ageing process. I Am Too Young To Be This Old! - saturday, 3.45-4.45pm (Lecture) Mandatory ageing is something that we have little control over. In the absence of disease or injury, cells, tissues, organs and systems will eventually undergo an irreversible process causing a decline in strength, mobility, balance and endurance. The associated decrement in performance can have a profound effect on the quality of life of older adults and their ability to maintain their independence. Fitness professionals who train this group must be aware of the changes that they are facing and the limitations that they impose. Sports Conditioning: A Periodised Model - sunday, 12.15-1.15pm (Lecture) Sports conditioning is growing in popularity, particularly with the upcoming London Olympics. Unlike fitness programming for improved fitness or weight loss, sports conditioning requires the mastery of an entirely new skills set. The Sports Conditioning periodised model examines the preliminary information required before planning the programme, and the 10 steps necessary to build a 12 months periodised training program for improved sporting performance. An Endurance Training Experience - sunday, 4.00-5.00pm (Lecture) A training session is usually described as consisting of a warm up, conditioning section and a cool down. Some trainers tend to focus more on the training session requirements rather than the training experience. An endurance training experience consists of those physiological responses occurring during session as well as those occurring after the training session has been completed. This presentation examines the short-term toleration responses, the causes of fatigue, the methods of recovery, types of overcompensation responses and possible detraining consequences that can occur in an endurance training programme.

Paul Bedford

Dr Paul Batman

Paul currently divides his time between conducting research in the area of retention and delivering a training course that provides practical approaches for fitness focusing on all areas of the customer experience. He has also been a senior lecturer for YMCA Fitness Industry Training.

Paul is the director of Fitness Institute Australia and has been an academic at three Australian universities over a 20 year period. A frequent presenter at conferences the world over, he has written 10 books,

Life Coaching and its Role Within Personal Training - saturday, 5.15-6.15pm (Lecture) This session explores the roles of personal trainers and how they can



// SESSION descriptions

integrate life coaching into existing sessions, as well as developing a parallel coaching business. Roles of the coach, a professional’s boundaries and the structure of sessions will all be covered in this class. Why Members Do/Do Not Buy Personal Training - sunday, 12.15-1.15pm (Lecture) Based on interviews with exercisers that do buy personal training and those who don’t, this session will explore the motivators and barriers. Attitudes and perceptions of individuals about the way in which PTs market themselves will also be covered, as well as professional behaviour and what people expect from a session.

Phillip Norbury Phillip is a personal trainer and popular group exercise instructor with over 20 years experience. He was the fitness advisor for “Dancing on Ice” winner Gaynor Faye’s fitness DVD and is now a THUMP Boxing Master Trainer, teaching classes both in the UK and Australia. Boxing for Fitness - sunday, 2.15-3.45pm This is a group exercise class based around the principles of functional fitness training and its adaption to professional boxing training. This type of training allows participants to have the experience of a total body workout with all the fun and excitement of boxing combinations and cardio routines.

Per Markussen With his creative intuition and innovative choreography, Per has established himself as one of Scandinavia’s leading performers. His education, experience and teaching skills have made him a very popular and unique instructor at S.A.T.S Sports Club where he works, as well as all over Europe. P Step - saturday, 5.15-6.15pm Contains groundbreaking choreography and superb house music. A class to challenge, inspire and show you a whole new dimension of spectacular moves and grooves. The ultimate step-class! Synchronised Solutions - sunday, 12.15-1.15pm This step class will inspire your teaching skills to the max. Per focuses on the choreography breakdown and presents you with great new moves to take home to your classes. True Style - sunday, 5.15-6.15pm The freshest RnB and hip-hop mixed together with the sweetest moves and grooves! An intense and dynamic class where Per takes you on a choreographic journey with authentic styles of hip-hop and funk.

Petra Kluike As Nike athlete and owner of the successful People in Motion as well as Pilates Institute Germany, Petra combines these positions with her multiple roles as presenter, educator and choreographer. She is regarded as one of the hardest working and respected presenters in Europe. Pilates - Have a Ball - sunday, 11.00-12.00pm A classic tool used along with the Pilates technique. Learn how to develop movements using the stability ball and practice exercises to take home to your students/clients. Cardio Pilates - sunday, 12.15-1.15pm Cardio-Pilates combines Pilates with the fat burning effect of cardiovascular-training. A complete programme for good posture, activating core and an effective way to shape your body. Achieve a lot in little time. Spirals - sunday, 5.15-6.15pm Spirals is an innovative new weighted ball programme designed by the Pilates Institute. It incorporates a fusion of dynamic movement, free-flowing choreography and challenging exercises, set to inspiring music.

Dr Rob Johnson Dr Rob Johnson is a doctor of chiropractic and a Master Trainer for The Pilates Coach. He is also a personal trainer and life coach, and has been teaching health and nutrition for seven years. Rob has managed sports-rehab for three professional sports teams. Corrective Functional Training for the Feet, Knees, Hips and Lower Back - saturday, 2.00-3.30pm Learn the basics of movement and function, how to teach the exercises that transform the whole body from the feet up. Use whole body exercises to correct the fundamental body imbalances that create injury . Transformational Gait - saturday, 5.15-6.15pm Most people are unaware that most muscular imbalances are not only easily detectable but completely correctable through proper gait. Learning how to walk correctly will engage most of the trouble areas in the body, leading to better results in and outside the gym. Corrective Functional Training for the Shoulders - sunday, 4.00-5.00pm Learn to use play therapy and movement to rehabilitate and strengthen the shoulders, and how to teach the exercises that transform the shoulders making them strong again. Use whole body exercises to correct the fundamental body imbalances that create injury.

Sandro Morelli Sandro is a Master Instructor for The SPINNING Programme and Master Trainer for HUMANSPORT. He is an Olympic distance triathlete, active cross-country mountain bike racer, and Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong instructor. Sandro is also a successful mountain and road bike designer with a global distribution network and training camps for road cycling and trekking in Spain and Italy. The Italian Job - saturday, 2.00-3.30pm Let us take you on a virtual tour of Italy, north to south, through the Apennines; and east to west, across the Italian Alps. This dual interval ride allows you to take in the atmosphere of the Italian landscape, but you are going to have to work for it. With work intervals separated by easy rhythms, time will fly past and before you know it ... the job is done.


➜ Introduction to Cable Training

- saturday, 3.45-4.45pm Cable training encourages movement in different planes of motion and multi-joint usage. Young or old, fitness or performance, pure strength or core training and CV workout, cable training meets the needs of everybody who aims for an active and healthy lifestyle. Training in 3D for a life in 3D. 2 Fast 2 Furious - sunday, 11.00-12.00pm Spinning your legs too fast will drive you out of control farther down the road, and being too negligent with your power will deplete your batteries too soon. Learn to control the beast within yourself so you can endure this aerobic interval challenge. You can be too fast and too furious, but never too smart. Practical Strength Training for Cyclists - sunday, 4.00-5.00pm Strength training away from the bike is the most neglected form of training among the average cyclist, although elite and pros riders have known about its benefits for a long time. This workshop will reveal how resistance training can dramatically improve the performance on the bike

population, however this journey, full of metaphors, will give you first hand experience with how it feels to be visually impaired. Heighten your senses by literally riding blind. With no reliance on seeing your heart rate monitor, you have to internalise all your feelings. This is a perfect class to finish a great weekend.

and then take us through a practical application of the exercises.

Hand Buoy Solutions - saturday, 12.00-1.00pm (Aqua Aerobics) The complete solution for hand buoy programming. Learn to work with a single hand buoy and to design flowing choreography with a pair of buoys. Discover how the drag and buoyant properties of the equipment can be used to challenge balance and maintain flexibility with full range of motion work, and learn innovative routines to use in all your classes. Mood, Movement & More - saturday, 3.45-4.45pm (Aqua Aerobics) An eclectic mix and medley of movement designed to maximise the mood and involvement of the participant. Powerful strength sections melt and flow into mellow and mindful soft movements. The ever changing waves and patterns ensure complete mind body focus and create a magical blend. Personal Water Training - sunday, 9.00-10.30am (Aqua Aerobics) This workshop is perfect for personal trainers wishing to add water exercise to their clients’ programme. Personalising a water programme for all fitness levels, from post rehabilitation to the athlete in the challenging water environment, requires specialised water exercise knowledge. Learn how to establish personal training services at local clubs and leisure pools. Investigate one-on-one, defining programme needs, goals, concerns, safety and equipment needs. Senior Swing High, Swing Low - sunday, 12.15-1.15pm (Aqua Aerobics) An interesting and varied workout using big-band swing music to elevate mood and encourage rhythmical movement. The format uses mostly basic, simple choreography interspersed with more complex sections to focus the mind. Intensity fluctuations allow seniors to enjoy some higher interludes with alternating sections using grounded moves at a lower intensity. The goals are fun, enjoyment and class adherence to improve function.

Sarah Morelli Currently Sarah is the Education & Development manager at Star Trac Europe, International Master Instructor for The SPINNING Programme, Master Trainer for HUMANSPORT and Biomechanics Master Trainer. Previously, she managed a high-end central London club before progressing to develop a successful PT company in London’s Covent Garden which utilised metabolic testing and natural movement training. Sarah is also a former UK EFBB fitness champion and IFBB Pro-Fitness athlete. Fast Twitch Cable Camp - saturday, 10.45-11.45am This is ‘cable play time’ to see what you are made of. With complex movement patterns and explosive jumps, leaps and bounds, this session will not only be fun but totally consuming. TeenSPIN - The Regression! - saturday, 3.45-4.45pm More children are entering adulthood with a number of illnesses, ailments and joint problems, as well as physiological conditions; all or part of which are caused by childhood obesity. We can help overcome this international epidemic by encouraging teenagers to exercise wisely and understand their bodies before its too late. Rising Sun: Moving Mountains - sunday, 9.00-10.30am Strength classes are hard to ride and easy to teach... hard! Become a lean riding machine with immense power in each pedal stoke, built up during the ride while the body adapts to the overload. This class rips into the ride with layered ethnic vibes from the Himalayan and Lebanese mountains. It’s Showtime – Encore! - sunday, 12.15-1.15pm Spinning instructors love the bike, love music and love events. This session provides an interactive environment to channel our own passion and release it to our classes every week. Great for wannabe presenters who are a little nervous. Chill – Riding Blind - sunday, 5.15-6.15pm We have mastered the skills required to present classes to the mass 40 INTERNATIONAL FITNESS FORUM THE MAGAZINE

Steph Toogood Steph is the founder of Hydro-Actif Limited, specialising in water exercise education worldwide. She is ACE and AFAA certified, highly recognised as an international educator and presenter of water fitness, and has been a member of the Water Fitness Committee and three-star IDEA presenter. Steph is now an Education Consultant to Speedo International, heading Team Speedo in the UK.

Steve Boedt Steve has travelled the world as a dancer, teacher and presenter, and also as a member of the Belgium Nike Elite Team. A popular presenter who delivers unique and flawless choreography infused with humour and charm.

// SESSION descriptions

Push and Lift - saturday, 3.45-4.45pm Set to the hottest new music, Push and Lift is the ultimate studio strength training programme. Each workout is designed to hit all the major muscle groups, creating a balanced and achievable workout. Don’t Stop Til’ You Get Enough - Sunday 9.00-10.30pm Based on a Hi Lo workout, this is a high energy class with lots of danceflavoured moves and flawless choreography.

Steve Harris Steve holds a MBA and a PhD, is the winner of the Anglo American’s national “Build a Business” contest for entrepreneurs, and a former South African national champion for surf lifesaving. He became a mental coach for the Springbok rugby team and has been the manager for their mid-week team, and is now director of ETA in South Africa. Mental Toughness - Saturday, 2.00-3.30pm & Sunday 5.15-6.15pm In this session Steve will share some of his observations, research and experiences that led to his programme on developing mental toughness. The content is not specific to sports people, but applies equally to all walks of life.

Tosh Cameron Tosh is a lecturer at the Scottish School of Sport Exercise and Outdoor Studies. He is a Fitness Scotland trainer/assessor, Multitrax Indoor Cycling master trainer and has presented in many countries throughout his career. His exceptional motivational skills and enthusiasm have made him one of Scotland’s top fitness presenters. FightClub 09 - Saturday, 2.00-3.30pm A high energy, fast paced unique workout utilising Thai boxing techniques and “kick ass” moves. Bring it on! The Boys are Back in Town - Saturday, 5.15-6.15pm Yet another legendary cycling session with the Multitrax Indoor Cycling Team. Amazing music mixed live with expert musical intepretation and unprecedented track activities. Experience the ultimate ride of your life, this session is not to be missed. The Tank Buster - sunday, 4.00-5.00pm This one’s got the lot. All the fuel you need to engage and re-energise your Indoor cycle classes. Upbeat and motivational. REVolution - sunday, 12.15-1.15pm Padraig joins with Tosh Cameron for a master class you will not want to miss. The best club mixes, with all the hills and climbs that you would expect but with a difference. Thrive on the energy, the atmosphere and the inspiration that will have you screaming for more.

Yolande Green

Beazley. She wrote the first “Pilates for Pregnancy” course and “Pilates for Seniors” for the Pilates Institute, and has presented pre and post natal lectures and training across the UK and in Holland. Looking to become a Trainer, Assessor or IV? - saturday, 12.00-1.00pm This session will discuss the many benefits of working as a trainer, assessor and/or IV. Yolande will discuss the various routes to gain the recognised qualifications and will explain some of the roles for each of these jobs. Pilates and Pregnancy - saturday, 3.45-4.45pm This session will look at some of the major changes to the female body during and after pregnancy. Yolande shows you the benefits of working with Pilates for this group and how to modify the exercises.


Zosha Piotrowski Is an international presenter/trainer and Australian Fitness Network “Presenter of the Year”. She is co-host and writer of Pilates TV, which is shown worldwide, and has produced and presented numerous DVDs. She now resides in Hong Kong where she, in combination with FISAF, provides training throughout Asia in Pilates, group exercise and personal training. Aussie Warm Up - Saturday, 7.00-7.45am Come early, avoid the queues and warm up with Darryl and Zosha, two of the most consumate professionals in the business. Be prepared to dust off your legwarmers, laugh out loud and feel ready to start the day. Move and Release - saturday, 10.45-11.45am Learn how to structure your Pilates classes so you are balancing the planes of the body through muscular endurance and mobility matwork exercises. Create cues and progressions that will make all posture types feel the challenge through intention and without competition. Standing Pilates - sunday, 12.15-1.15pm Using functional alignment, balance, co-ordination and core endurance, this masterclass applies the Pilates principles to standing exercises. The inspiration comes from the matwork and basic strength exercises without equipment. Using your body weight and creating flow through music, this session will give you a great challenge of control through breath and movement. Intermediate Pilates - sunday, 4.00-5.00pm Learn how to apply basic principles of overload to Pilates exercises to increase body awareness and challenge those participants who have been attending your Pilates classes religiously. This class will observe why certain postures find some exercises more challenging and how we can improve their movement through our instruction and exercise choice.


Yolande co-wrote “Pilates for Pregnancy” and “Pilates the Complete Body System”, and has personally written “Weights for Women”, all published by Mitchell INTERNATIONAL FITNESS FORUM THE MAGAZINE 41

international fitness forum

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Once you have booked onto the International Fitness Forum, you will want to complete your overall weekend experience, so Multitrax have found our delegates some fantastic offers. Simply show your delegate card on arrival to any of the offers listed below, and take advantage of the special offers. The International Fitness Forum have also found our delegates special offer prices on hotel accommodation, including the Millennium & Copthorne Hotels At Chelsea Football Club.


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The Valmont Club Unwind in style at this year’s International Fitness Forum party, taking place at the trendy Valmont Club. Located a very short walk from the convention venue, the club exudes sophistication and style. So after a hard day’s workout, party hard at one of London’s premier venues. 266a Fulham Road, Chelsea, London, SW10 9EL The party starts at 9, with free entry till 10, with £10 entry after that! Tickets will be available free at the main registration desk to all convention delegates, alternatively you can pre-book your at:



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Marco Pierre White Restaurant Located within the Chelsea Football Club Complex at Stamford Bridge, Marco is a collaborative effort between restaurateur Marco Pierre White and Roman Abramovich fusing culinary delights from both sides of the Channel. Frankie’s Italian Bar and Grill This exciting Italian family restaurants is the result of a partnership between Frankie Dettori and Marco Pierre White. The results can be seen immediately upon entering this stylish Italian restaurant. 55 restaurant The newly launched 55 restaurant at The Millennium & Copthorne Hotels at Chelsea Football Club has undergone a multi-million pound refurbishment. 55 restaurant offers an innovative menu drawing on influences from England and Europe.

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‘As the only club listed in GQ magazine’s Top 100 Best Things In The World,The Valmont Club is cocooned away from the bustle of Fulham Road, in Londons fashionable Chelsea.’


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Face m u r Fo 2009 This year Multitrax has teamed up with Lovin Studios to find its Face of the Forum 2009. One lucky attendee will be given the opportunity to win this exclusive competition along with a number of fantastic prizes, which include: • Free portfolio/studio session with Lovin Studio • Cover feature in trax Online plus profile • The option to be the face of a future Multitrax marketing campaign • Free Multitrax credits worth £100 • Free entry to next year’s Fitness Forum To enter, all you have to do is simply turn up and enjoy yourself while we watch the classes and scour the halls of Stamford Bridge for the brightest, most energetic and enthusiastic attendee.

This event is exclusively for the attendees to the Fitness Forum. To register your interest, either phone Craig/Amanda on 0207 719 1414 or come to the Multitrax Info booth at the Forum and we’ll do the rest.






For those of you still overwhelmed by the scale of the International Fitness Forum, here is a quick A-Z guide with everything you need to know ...

A – Aqua

Aqua sessions make a welcome return at Stamford Bridge’s exclusive swimming pool with Steph Toogood of hydro-fit.

B – Big Dance

Guaranteed to be a standout session, with Jonatan Canada presenting

C– Chelsea

West London’s most exclusive area, home to King’s Road, one of the most fashionable shopping streets in London

D – Dance

Lots of it this year, with DanceStep and Dance-Aerobic sessions from Marc-Oliver Kluike, and fiery Latin American dance with John Fernando to name a few

E – Expo

Trade show running in conjunction with the International Fitness Forum specifically for health and fitness instructors, showcasing products and services from a number of companies.

F – Frankie’s

Italian restaurant created by jockey Frankie Dettori and Marco Pierre White


G – Goudeau

One of the most sought after fitness professionals in the world, Patrick will be presenting Hard Work Conditioning parts 1&2, Play Ball and Quick Step.

H – HumanSport

Forum sponsors Star Trac will be hosting a HumanSport training room, where delegates can test the optimal total body strength and stability training machine.


– International

The International Fitness Forum is a worldwide event, with visitors from Asia, Africa and South America joining the large contingent of European attendees.

J – Join

... our mailing list for all the latest Forum news and updates http://www.

K – Kluike

Husband and wife presenter team Marc-Oliver and Petra host DanceStep, Dance Aerobic and Cardio Pilates classes at this year’s Forum

L – Live!

Relive the International Fitness Forum with the live DVD. All your favourite sessions and presenters on one disc..

// A to Z guide

T – Training

Come along to the Pre-Cons and gain qualifications in everything from group fitness to Pilates, and get REPs accredited at the same time.

U – Underground

The District Line’s Fulham Broadway Station is just a five minute walk from Stamford Bridge.

M – Marco Pierre White

Celebrity chef and restaurateur who has developed Frankie’s and namesake Marco’s on the grounds of Stamford Bridge.

N – Nutrition

Dr Joanna McMillan Price will be discussing good eating habits, with lectures Food and Me, Star Foods, Feeding the World, and Inner Health, Outer Beauty.

O – Online Booking

Turn on, log-in and sign up. For the first time, book your place and choose your sessions online at

P – Party

Let your hair down at this years Fitness Forum party, taking place at The Valmont Club in Fulham Road.

Q – Questions

We’re sure you have lots of them, so ask away. Our customer service team (0207 719 1414) are always happy to answer any queries you have.

V – Volunteers

Looking for cheap way to attend the Forum, then why not apply to work as a volunteer? You can work half the convention, and attend the rest for free. Just drop us an email on

W – Wake Up Yoga

Yoga specialist and TV presenter Elsie Matthijssen will be teaching energising yoga flows to help you wake up happy and gently in this class.

X – EXperiment

The International Fitness Forum is an excellent opportunity to experiment with over 150 classes and lectures taking place across the weekend. From Yoga to Spinning and everything in-between, there is sure to be something new for you.

Y – You

The stars of the Forum, so bring your energy and enthusiasm for a great weekend.

Z – Zosha

R – REPs

Visitors will receive 4 REPs points for each attendance day at the convention.

S– Spinning

One of the most respected Pilates instructors in the world and host of Intermediate Pilates, Standing Pilates and Move and Release at the Forum.

The Star Trac Spinning Room will take presenters and visitors alike through the hills, flats, mountain peaks and time trials of interval training. INTERNATIONAL FITNESS FORUM THE MAGAZINE 45



THE VENUE Stamford Bridge is a world class, multi-purpose sport and exhibition centre located in the heart of West London, near the exclusive King’s Road. Home to Chelsea FC, the venue also features 21 function rooms, 2 hotels with 275 rooms and a 1500 guest capacity, 180 car parking spaces and 3 restaurants.



Heathrow Take the Heathrow Express to Paddington railway station.

Marco A collaborative effort between restaurateur Marco Pierre White – winner of three Michelin stars – and Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, Marco offers a fusion of culinary delights from both sides of the Atlantic.

Gatwick Take the Gatwick Express to Victoria railway station.

Opening hours (Dinner only): Tuesday - Saturday, 6pm-10:30pm T: +44 (0) 20 7915 2929 Email:

Stansted Take the Stansted Express to Liverpool Street railway station.

Frankie’s Italian Bar & Grill Frankie Detori and Marco Pierre White partner together to offer a wide selection of Italian dishes at this stylish Italian restaurant. Opening hours: 12pm-3pm / 5pm-11.30pm T: +44 (0) 207 957 8298 55 Restaurant Named after the year that Chelsea FC won its first League title, 55 offers an a la carte menu which draws on influences from England and Europe for a more classic dining experience.

ACCOMMODATION The Millennium & Copthorne Hotels Stamford Bridge Fulham Road SW6 1HS T: +44 (0) 20 7565 1400 F: +44 (0) 20 7565 1450 Alternative hotels are avaliable in the area. See for full listings.


Opening hours: Breakfast: Monday - Saturday, 7am-10.30am. Sunday, 7.30am - 11am Dinner: Monday - Sunday, 6pm-10.30pm T: +44 (0) 20 7565 1400

Fulham Broadway is the nearest tube station to Stamford Bridge, located on the District Line in Zone 2. Exit the station, turn left and walk along Fulham Road for approximately 400 metres. Stamford Bridge is located on the left hand side of the road.

TRAVEL BY CAR Exit the M25 at junction 15, take the M4 East bound towards London. Continue on the M4/ A4 to Hammersmith, over the Hammersmith flyover before turning right onto the A3320 Earls Court Road. Continue for approximately 1 mile passing Earls Court tube station. Turn right on to the A308 Fulham Road signposted towards Fulham and Putney. Stamford Bridge is located 600 yards on the right. Parking Underground parking is available in the grounds, with hourly (£2), half day (£15) or day rate (£25) passes available.

King’s Cross From King’s Cross tube station, take the westbound Piccadilly Line. At Earls Court, change to the southbound District Line and continuing to Fulham Broadway. Victoria From Victoria tube station, take the westbound District Line (Wimbledon branch) to Fulham Broadway. Paddington From Paddington tube station, take the southbound District Line (Wimbledon branch) to Fulham Broadway. Liverpool Street From Liverpool Street tube station, take the westbound Central Line. At Notting Hill Gate, change to the southbound District Line (Wimbledon branch) to Fulham Broadway.



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