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1. MUEBLE DE ESPAÑA at FERIA HÁBITAT VALENCIA 2012: you’re welcome! 2. Location map and MUEBLE DE ESPAÑA’s exhibitors list 3. Home-fashion attractions and contract items across the fairground 4. The Spanish furniture industry in figures 5. Interview with the President of ANIEME, the Spanish Association of Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters 6. MUEBLE DE ESPAÑA around the world: discover the latest news…



MUEBLE DE ESPAÑA at FERIA HÁBITAT VALENCIA 2012 _________________________________________________________________________

Hola, nice to meet you again! September is finally here bringing back the autumn, shorter days and fallen leaves. But at this latitude it’s not so gloom. Valencia in September can still boast of sunny days and a major fivedays event that turn the town into a bubbly design capital: the Feria Hábitat Valencia, that this year will took place from 18th to 22nd of September. Over the years Valencia Hábitat Fair has proved to be the best platform to get a true overview of the Spanish furnishing offer and “made in Spain” interior collections. As matter of fact, our event is the only one that brings together the whole range of products for home and contract use: furniture, interior design, textiles, lighting, kitchens and the newest outdoor proposals. There will be lots of great new products to see and we bring you a preview of some of the most innovative and trendiest proposals that will be put on showcase at the event. In this press kit you will find plenty of information that will ease your work and allow you to make the most of your visit to the Spanish trade show. You can also find more information about new collections, interior projects and the internationalization of MUEBLE DE ESPAÑA’s companies on our web site or directly on our social network profiles:

We will also upload post-show information, photos and videos on the dedicated section of our site: MUEBLE DE ESPAÑA will have its own meeting point inside the fairground in the corridor between hall 1 & 3, in level 2, stand 4. It’s a perfect setting to have a first contact with what’s hot and new about Spanish design. We hope you will enjoy the fair and the city that in this magic week will show its most colorful and creative side. Let’s meet under the sun of Valencia, then…



Location map _________________________________________________________________________



The companies of MUEBLE DE ESPAÑA at FERIA HÁBITAT VALENCIA 2012 _________________________________________________________________________






3 Hall 2 2 Hall 3 2 Hall 2 2 Hall 1 2 Hall 2 3 Hall 1 2 Hall 3 2 Corridor halls 1-3

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A13 C44 B44 A15 B4 B6 A37 B28 A27 D54 A43 B22 B58 F25 A69 A41 F33 E19 B22 F56 F54 B17 A3 B10 B60 A20 B54 A57

Upholstered Design Haute decor Flash Haute decor Modern Design Spanish Ass. Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters Modern Modern Modern Design Contemporary Design Haute decor Haute decor Contemporary Modern Haute decor Design Modern Flash Haute decor Modern Flash Design Contemporary Flash Flash Haute decor Haute decor Modern Haute decor Contemporary Modern Haute decor





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B2 A57 D38 B24 B14 D57 B51 B28 D22 B44 B70 E67 F40 B64 E27 D28

Haute decor Modern Design Upholstered furniture Upholstered furniture Haute decor Design Modern Design Haute decor Haute decor Modern Flash Haute decor Design Design


Home-fashion attractions and contract items across the fairground _________________________________________________________________________



Hall 2: Spanish classic deco beauties, excellence and timeless elegance Classical furniture is evolving and MUEBLE DE ESPAÑA keep up with latest trends by introducing new interior concepts that responds to different needs and tastes. Dark noble woods, carved ornaments and precious gold leaf decorations are giving way to modern lacquer finishes and less formal shapes. In new classic collections clean lines predominates and the colour scheme tends to more neutral tones suggesting a more refreshing and comfortable look. Material formerly associated with more contemporary designs – such as stainless steel and chrome - have been introduced as well in order to get the attention of younger consumers. So, while staying true to its ethos and strong commitment to high-quality standards, Spain’s highend furniture manufacturers have strived to apply the latest technology and materials keeping products interesting for different segments of the interior market. Although inspiration comes mainly from the stylish Mediterranean lifestyle and its rich cultural background, Spanish top brands are capable of creating bespoke items and made-to-measure solutions that meet the local taste and the specifications of the most demanding clients. That’s why Spanish luxury décor is in high demand in countries like Russia and its former Republics, as well as in the Middle East, where intimate sophisticated settings are highly appreciated. At Feria Hábitat Valencia, pavilion 2, in level 2, showcases a unique blend of brands that reflects the exclusivity and diversity of “made in Spain” high-end furnishing offer. Let’s have a deeper insight….

Luxury and eclectic glamour, a trend as strong as ever… One of the great things about classic pieces of furniture is that they never really seem to go out of style, providing sophisticated ambiences with beauty, charm and, why not, a warm inviting and personal feel. The inspirational blend of fine designs, precious finishes and, noble woods that goes into Spain’s high-class decoration reflects the strong character of the country and its authentic joie de vivre. You will find a good example of this at Habitat Valencia 2012, where a selection of Spanish classic top brands, such as MARINER, COLECCION ALEXANDRA, TECNI NOVA, SOHER, MUEBLES PICÓ, MUEBLES SOLOMANDO, ESTILO DECORARCHER and VICENTE ZARAGOZÁ, will impress crowds with their fine inspiring collections. Makassar ebony, walnut, mahogany wood, as well as natural veneers, enhanced by precious inlays, gold and silver leaf decorations and eye-catching fabrics, will be sharing the scene with sophisticated art deco inspired collections and more contemporary lines.



EVENT collection by AMBOAN Lacquered in a new elegant champagne tone, with stainless steel and Galuchat leather finishes, the stunning EVENT bedroom set is the new proposal by AMBOAN. SOHER, in addition to new furniture pieces, will be setting a refined mood with its EBONY and DOLCE VITA collections, two sets of bedroom and living room furniture that come in two versions, ebony and white lacquered, with gold or silver leaf decorations, precious textiles and genuine leather finishes.

DOLCE VITA collection by SOHER

BELLE EPOQUE dining set by SOHER



The combination of hardwoods, shining gold finishing and a choice of fine velvet fabrics, give to neoclassic style inspired RICHMOND dining room by MARINER a majestic look. A complete bedroom set in black piano lacquer and prestigious SICIS Murano glass silver leaf mosaics are the main features of the high decorative NICEA collection.

NICEA bedroom by MARINER

RICHMOND dining set by MARINER

The fine veneers and the exclusive Mariner’s brass badges ensure to the new GALLERY collection a top-market status and a highly sophisticated feel.

GALLERY dining room by MARINER

VENECIA meeting room by MUEBLES PICÓ Hand-finishing is at the core of the offering of another grand master of classical furniture: MUEBLES PICÓ. The Valencia-based firm will showcase in Valencia the amazing VENECIA collection, a comprehensive furnishing offer that ranges from elegant living room and home office



furniture in walnut wood and gold decorations to glamorous white lacquered kitchens. Despite their classic sophisticated look, new kitchen designs by MUEBLES PICÓ integrate cutting-edge technology and are highly functional and versatile.


When the ordinary just won’t do, TECNI NOVA’s high impact proposals are surely the best furnishing option. The firm will unveil at Habitat fair a set of new decoration items, such as brand new high-back armchairs and a stunning round-shaped revolving bed with slide out TV set. On display there will be also the charming round sofa that mix different textures (leather, capitoné and fabrics) and is embellished by a precious golden chain and an original chest of drawer, a piece of great personality upholstered in fabric with embroidery details.

Curved sofa mod. 1705 by TECNI NOVA

Chest of drawers mod. 4591 by TECNI NOVA



Inspired by the work of the 18th century Italian masters Maggiolini and the Manfredini brothers, the HERMITAGE collection by VICENTE ZARAGOZÁ is aimed to embellish the world’s most refined residences. Main decorative finishes are the carved elements with gold leafing and the precious marquetries that stand out against an eucalyptus wood and mother-of-pearl ground. The collection is also available in a white lacquered version.


TROYA armchair and VALENTINA cabinet


Suggestive spaces, warm and enveloping atmospheres, modern and eclectic ambiences by definition, and a sublime natural refinement are the hallmarks of COLECCIÓN ALEXANDRA, one of the worldwide finest ambassadors of the luxury living. On display in Valencia new items of the LEONID collection and pieces from its latest collections - VALENTINA, with the LUXOR and VINTAGE editions, TRAVELLER, DURBAN etc. -, decorative products and the sophisticated fabrics by TEXTURAS FROM ALEXANDRA.



ESTILO DECORARCHER’s furnishing offer will always impress for the opulence and the depth of character that go in all their creations; a sumptuous choice that emphasizes the rich feel and is highly appreciated in Middle Eastern markets. Intricate hand-carved wooden sideboards and sofas with precious fabrics and gold leafing finishes are the new proposals of ESTILO DECORARCHER for this edition of the fair.



The soft charming look of new classical designs…

Less formal lines, high-gloss lacquers and bold colours feature in this new model of chest of drawers that ALCOMOBEL will showcase for the first time in Valencia and that is a good option to create a warm cozy atmosphere at home.

Chest of drawer mod. 852 by ALCOMOBEL

The new AURUM collection by GENOVEVA is a line of classical high-end office furniture and upholstered seating, made of solid beech wood with refined gold leaf finishes.

AURUM office furniture by GENOVEVA

LLASS will launch at Habitat Valencia its brand new EUPHORIA collection, a line of home furniture that boasts a more contemporary look and an innovative range of finishes, such as the gloss chrome details and a neutral tone palette.




A complete new line of chairs, armchairs, small sofas and headboards, aimed to the contract market, will be put on display for the first time in Valencia by upholstered furniture specialist LUJOSA. The new collections – with suggestive names such as ROMA, PAULA, SONIA, NOELIA, GERALDINE etc. – mix traditional elements, such as tacks and sinuous lines, with a more stream-lined contemporary look and trendy hues. SONIA, PAULA and ROMA seating collections

Complete the haute décor offer of Habitat Valencia fair the new unique collections of Landscape and Marinas paintings by PRIMARTE, a firm that has embellished the wall of many luxurious mansions all over the world. The impressive elaborated wooden frames are all inspired to ancient master artisans and stand out for the precious gold leaf decorations.



Hall 1 & 3: Spanish design, a vibrant choice that breaks ground… In the habitat industry, when innovation teams up with top-notch designers the result is always fascinating: ground-breaking new aesthetics give rise to out-standing deco items while introducing new lifestyle concepts and inspirational interiors. This symbiotic process is nowadays part of the business strategy of many Spanish furniture manufacturers in the contemporary style segment. Spain itself is a forge for forward-thinking decorative solutions and new talented designers. We all know big names such as Patricia Urquiola, Hector Serrano, Jaime Hayón or Javier Mariscal, who have conquered the international design scene over the last decades. But a new generation of young Spanish talents has jumped on the stage renovating aesthetics and injecting dynamism, inventive and fun into design: Odos Design, Yonoh, La Granja, La Mamba, Nadadora and Joan Lao, among others. It’s the so called Nueva Ola (the New Wave), featured on a recent show in London, curated by the prestigious Wallpaper magazine. Valencia, with its annual Feria Hábitat trade show, has become a centre for furniture making and one of Spain’s arts mecca and main hub of new design talent. This year the design offer at Habitat Valencia will concentrate in pavilions 1 and 3 over two levels, in differentiate spaces, conceived to offer visitors a deeper insight into the various trends that feature the Spanish avant-garde design industry. In this pioneering initiative, companies that have won a National Design Award will be exhibiting together as a group for the first time – companies of the calibre of Nani Marquina, Amat-3, Andreu World, Mobles 114, Punt Mobles, Santa & Cole, Stua, Sellex, BD Barcelona and Akaba. The contemporary design offer, in hall 3 level 2 and 3, is completed by Spain’s internationally renowned brands, such as ACTIU, ARLEX, CAPDELL, EXPORMIM, TAGAR, JOENFA, NOMON, SANCAL, VONDOM and ZIRU. In pavilion 1 level 2, Flash Habitat Valencia will host contract furnishing products from the most international leading avant-garde brands, as ALMERICH, B&B ITALIA, EMU, GANDIA BLASCO, INCLASS, KENDO MOBILIARIO, KOO INTERNATIONAL, MAGIS, TRE-P & TRE-PIU, VICCARBE, VITRA, just to name a few. Stands in these sections will overflow with new vibrant and forward-thinking designs, that promises to wow and amaze for their sleek lines, bold colours and the use of cutting-edge and eco-friendly materials. This is so true that design furniture produced by Spanish leading brands – such as Andreu World, Gandia Blasco, Vondom, Viccarbe, Sancal… – have been awarded with international prestigious prizes on both side of The Pond. They have enjoyed success in the Wallpaper*, Red Dot, Design Plus, Good Design, BOY (Best of the Year), iF and arena DESIGN awards, with furniture and lighting products that demonstrate why Spain is such a force in avantgarde design.



Please, sit and relax! Spanish design, as we’ve seen, is all about vibrant creative energy and cover a vast array of furnishing products. But there is a segment in which Spain is a real star: seating. You can have them in different configurations of colours, materials, and shapes, for home and contract use, but always offering the maximum lightness and comfort. URBAN, the new line of chairs for public spaces designed by Javier Cuñado for the Spanish brand ACTIU, features an open architecture design concept that allows multiple configurations. URBAN by Javier Cuñado

Elegant and distinctive, the program of executive chairs TNK A500 retains all the mechanical and functional properties of an highly operative chair. For its design it has received the Red Dot Award 2012.

TNK A500 by alegreindustrial

ANDREU WORLD puts on display the sensual and ergonomic NEW RONDA, a collection of armchairs that can be configured in different ways: with an oak wood shell or upholstered with flexible foam; with a choice of different steel bases or with a wood base. Its larger dimensions make it suitable for home and public or professional settings. TAO is a sculpture like table made of oak veneer, and with a wood solid base, that comes in three different sizes and various colour finishes.

NEW RONDA by TAO table by Lievore Altherr Molina MUEBLE DE ESPAÑA


The brand CAPDELL showcases its captivating new models: CAPITA, ICS, ZAS and ECO. Made of eco-friendly materials, ECO by Carlos Tíscar presents a complex skeletal structure that makes it highly resistant as well as attractive; a sculptural piece that provides public and private spaces with comfort and personality.

ZAS by Fiorenzo Dorigo

ECO by Carlos Tíscar

DELHOM will launch in Valencia its new collections of sophisticated sofas, armchairs and versatile corner units that are perfect to configure extremely elegant setting at home or in public spaces: FRAGRANCE, GLAMOUR, PERSIERO, SUEÑO, TALENTO and VISION. Designed with the maximum care for details and high quality standards, these new models stand out for the amazing mix of classic lines and avant-garde aesthetics.

SUEÑO collectionaaaaaaaaa a



Oscar Tusquets Blanca re-embraces the rattan and updates it in its new beautiful creation for EXPORMIM, the charming and lightweight FONTAL chair and armchair that pay homage to the traditional handcrafted rattan seating, but with a more modern hint.

FONTAL by Oscar Tusquets Blanca

As its name suggests, the SUM modular system launched by KOO INTERNATIONAL is highly versatile and functional. Upholstered modules and occasional pieces can be combined to solve problem of space and configure highly personalized settings. You will love it! SUM modular sofa by Carlo Tiscar

A sofa made up of cushions to maximize the relax experience, in the spirit of the slowfood movement, is the other great proposal of KOO INTERNATIONAL. The piece is fantastically comfortable and super stylish too! NEST sofรก by Lagranja



The FLASH collection by SANCAL introduces new interior concepts aimed to impact and infuse modern ambiences with a sense of feast and energy. The whole collection is committed with independent designs that can be used alone to create exciting settings with minimum items…as in a flash of ideas! The collection features FLOAT, the vibrant and multifunction sofa designed by the creative Karim Rashid that has been highly successful all around the world. With its bright colours, this sofa is perfect for spacious spaces, such as contemporary lofts, as it can be used as an intriguing partition or just as a screen. Float components (arms, seats, backs and headrests), as well as colours, can be chosen in different configurations. FLOAT by Karim Rashid

With PARTY, modularity is brought to the extreme in order to meet the needs of modern daily life. Its colorful and comfy cushions can even be placed on the floor to create a seating place with variable heights, ideal for a party zone. PARTY by Luis Eslava

With its soft shapes and plump cushions, COPLA, by Rafa García, is a modular program of seating that provides real comfort and warmth to public spaces. Asymmetry is the hallmark of the NUDO tables by Juan Ibáñez Lax. COPLA collection by Rafa García

NUDO table by Juan Ibáñez Lax MUEBLE DE ESPAÑA


TANGO by Jorge Pensi


To celebrate its 50th anniversary, TAGAR has created a new project, CINCOBYCINCO. This new collection, that will bring a lot of colour to the fairground, brings together five chairs for public spaces designed by five of Spain’s most renowned designers. Each line of chair – GADEA, TANGO, UIT, SOO and MARIE – represents a decade of Spanish design history. Let be seduced by them!

VICCARBE will impress at the Flash space with its colorful and enjoyable MAARTEN swivel chair. Its lacquered steel tube structure and carefully made, elegant, upholstered seat recall the classics of the’70s. The large choice in bases and finishes make it suitable for settings of all kind. MAARTEN chair by Victor Carrasco

WRAPP is a sensual extra large armchair available with two choices of bases: sledge and swivel. Inspired to American classics, its curved enveloping lines ensure maximum comfort. Ideal for both domestic and contract use.

WRAPP armchair by Marc Krusin



In natural oak or stained, the DREY chair produced by ZIRU presents a skillful design made of an extremely light wooden frame reinforced by a buttress fixed to the body. This gives to the piece a unique look, assuring at the same time highly resistance performances. DREY chair by Francesc Rifé BALÚ collection by Francesc Rifé

EXA+PENTA tables by Francesc Rifé

The company will be exhibiting other original collections, such as the BALÚ, a set of armchairs, tables and a footrest that can be combined among them with an original result; or EXA+PENTA table made of two models of wooden and lacquered irregular hexagon and pentagon pieces that can be put together like in a puzzle to create a unique piece. On display at Habitat Valencia also the stylish URBAN sofas and the VANT chairs by Yonoh.

Indoor stories… The Spanish contemporary offer is completed by furnishing pieces in eco-friendly and natureinspired materials, stylish bookshelves that build walls and intriguing partitions, cutting-edge lighting, extra-large wall clocks and all a series of objects thought to bring elegance and contemporary glamour to your place. Here you will get a preview of some of them…



HOOD pendant lamp by Iván Casañ

Inspired by the old water deposits, TOWER is the new reading floor lamp created by ALMERICH, suitable for home and contract use. It’s also a multi-purpose item, as the structure incorporates an occasional table located in the middle, ideal to place objects such as a book, a cup of coffee, etc. This versatility makes it not only a light, but also an object you can interact with. HOOD is a pendant lamp which is made from a unique folded sheet of steal. The standard finish is always white on the outside, being possible to colour the inside from a choice of white, red, black, green, yellow or brown. On display also other models: CORE, TRANSITION, MAYA and the highly decorative RAINING DAY.

TOWER collection by Hugo Tejada

ARLEX will showcase its new collections of forward-thinking book shelves and modular units that enable to break up with rigid volumes, allowing a high degree of personalization of the spaces in terms of shapes and colours. FLIP shelving units by Josep Turell

Freestyle by CrousCalogero



Manufactured in different heights and lengths, the rectilinear STOCKHOLM sideboard created by Mario Ruiz for PUNT offers a new kind of sophistication with its structure in wood, front with no pulls and edging in the form of a warm appealing skin in anodized aluminum, gold or copper. STOCKHOLM SIDEBOARD BY Mario Ruiz

In wood with the option of having a base in a different colour, MITIS is a table that features a sawhorse-type base and a combination of finishes that add character to its simple yet coherent style.

MITIS table by Mario Ruiz

GAN, GANDIA BLASCO’s rug brand, is launching a new interior concept: the GAN SPACES. Considering GAN rugs as the main concept in your décor, now you are given the chance to add additional items that will personalize your space: multi-use modules, cushions, accessories, poufs and containers. CANEVA Space designed by Charlotte Lancelot for GAN [GANDIA BLASCO] CANEVAS uses cross-stitch embroidery to achieve a pixellated effect, giving a contemporary spin to traditional inspiration… MUEBLE DE ESPAÑA


Made of thermo-lacquered iron wires, ARAM is a practical collection of coffee tables and versatile stools that complement the rugs with their functionality and mobility. Colour finishing available in white, taupe and green.

ARAM collection by NENDO

Don’t forget the role a clock can play in an interior, so make time to look into the fine wall-clock of Barcelona-based NOMON. The firm will exhibit in Valencia its new GOLDEN EDITION and ISOLA collections. The Golden Edition is a new vintage interpretation of Nomon’s jewel-clocks. It blends natural wood with matt gold metal finishes, evoking the glamour of the contemporary classic designs. GOLDEN EDITION by NOMON

ISOLA clock by Mario Ruiz ISOLA boasts an attractive sculptural shape that evokes a small floating island. Made of walnut or oak, natural or lacquered, this unique piece can be configured in different way to suit different atmospheres. WINDSOR sofa by edeestudio for B&V B&V Tapizados will unveil at Hábitat Valencia its

new image and new products, among which the WINDSOR sofa. Designed by edeestudio, it is a classic sofa with a romantic and English style, but with a wink to more contemporary trends. On display in Valencia there will be also the contract collections UVE, LINE and KUBIC, designed by edeestudio.



Outdoor living spaces: tales with no boundaries… Now more than ever outside space is treated as another living area, especially if you’re lucky enough to live in a mild climate such as in Spain, where people can be outdoors almost round the year. Spanish brands have been pioneer in developing solutions that make it possible a better use of the outdoor areas. Ranges have been improved and enlarged by creating new weather-resistant materials and fade-resistant colours and by adding sophisticated fabrics that were previously available for indoor use only. This way you can create your own outdoor living room bringing together a modular sofa, two or more armchairs a coffee tables and a dining table with chairs. Pillows, indoor/outdoor rugs, and plants complete the look.

NAUTICA hanging chair by Mut Design for EXPORMIM

SIESTA sofa by Lievore Altherr Molina for ANDREU WORLD

On the other hand, many outdoor products present a dual-function design that allow to move the cozy and attractive atmosphere of a patio inside, under the dining room ceiling, for example, facing a stunning unparallel view on the Mediterranean sea.




CHRISMY by Teresa Sapey for VONDOM

CHRISMY, the new Christmas tree with inside lighting, a creation by Teresa Sapey for VONDOM.

ADAN&EVA vases by Teresa Sapey for VONDOM Not just vases, but also multifunctional architecture pieces, since they can be used as seats, flower pots, auxiliary tables…

BALY sunshades by Ododesign for GANDIA BLASCO

ATLANTIC collection by José A. Gandía-Blasco Manufactured in NOWOOD, a new technological material 100% recyclable and exclusive of GANDIA BLASCO, ATLANTIC has a warm texture similar to wood, but offers a highly resistance performance.



Hall 1 & 2, level 3: the Spanish modern home, a cool urban haven… In modern life, home becomes more and more a place to escape, a cozy nest that mirrors our personality and helps us to recover after a busy day at work. The Spanish modern offer encompasses a full range of products specifically designed to bring comfort and a natural yet elegant feel to every setting. In the “made in Spain” modern bedroom, dining and living room sets there is an amazing blend of beautiful design, industrial innovation and versatility, three ingredients that contribute to turn your place in an oasis of natural serenity and relaxation. Though straight minimalistic stylistic elements are still dominating the market, some Spanish brands have overcome this strictness and have introduced curved lines as well as rounded shapes to their designs. The emphasis is always on comfort, but bold colours and innovative finishes play also an important role to add visual impact to the decorating scheme. Whatever your style, in Hall 1 & 2, on the 3rd level, you will find a solution to your needs at interesting prices.


AIRE NUEVO juvenile bedroom collection by ARANQUE

AVANT living room by SPAINDOR



ARKIMUEBLE RIVIERA outdoor collection

ANDRATX outdoor collection


New berth and beds train programmes




The unique design and the perfect geometrical shapes make of DYAN table an architectural objects aimed to bring sophistication to contemporary settings.

PHI shelving units An inimitable object that blends storage and decorative function in a unique way, almost an artistic object that demand attention and add character to your space.

Living rooms are meant to be the comfort zone of the house, a cozy space assigned to the interaction of family life. Spanish furnishing proposals for this area come in innovative shapes and attractive hues. The trend is definitely towards an uncluttered look that fits in with the sleek minimalistic lines of the modern home. Pieces can be customized to specific dimensions in order to maximize functions and still add elements of charm and beauty. At HĂĄbitat Valencia the spotlight will be on stylish maxi modular and sectional sofas in a wide range of neutral and more vivid tones, with versatile corner and peninsula configurations. High quality leathers assure the best performance and add visual impact to the decorative scheme.





RODA collection

PIELCONFORT S.L. PielConfort Group presents in Valencia its new LIVING collection under the Siextta Design brand. As a new extra option, a High Quality Stereo Audio System, with iPod / iPhone /USB / Memory Card docking station, can be incorporated in the armrests.

LIVING collection




SALLY sofa



TONE collection by Stefano Giovannoni

The Spanish furniture industry in figures… _________________________________________________________________________



Spanish furniture foreign trade According to ESTACOM statistics, Spanish furniture exports closed 2011 with a positive result: sales abroad amounted to 1,334.6 million Euros, registering an encouraging growth of +0.6%, if compared to 2010. Figures are even more positive for the first six months of 2012 with exports recording an increase by +7.9% against last year’s results for the same period.



% 11/10

JanJun 2011

1,334.6 1,343.0 +0.6% 651.5 * in million Euros

JanJun 2012

% 12/11



On the import side, figures indicate that at the end of 2011 Spain’s furniture imports decreased sharply by 9.9%, amounting to 2,270.2 million Euros. Import and export figures revealed that the deficit of the Spanish furniture trade balance amounts to 927.2 million Euros, while the import/export coverage ratio makes up 59.0%.

 Main markets for Spanish furniture European markets are the main consumers of Spanish products, with France, Portugal, Germany, Italy and United Kingdom ranking at the top of Spain’s major furniture purchasers. Over the first six months of 2012, encouraging results have been registered both in Northern and Eastern Europe: to compensate the decrease of sales to some major EU markets, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Sweden have increased their imports of Spanish furnishing products by +30.0%, +8.3% and +56.6%, respectively; exports to Russia have picked up again by +34.2%, while export to Poland have risen by +32.1%. A country where Spain is doing particularly well is Morocco that ranks now 6th among main Spain’s clients – just behind 5 EU countries -, with an increase of +17.3% of Spanish furniture imports. Outstanding results have also been registered in Saudi Arabia (+24.1%), Mexico (+26.4%), Equatorial Guinea (+68.8%), Dominican Republic (+127.9%) and Qatar (+62.6%). The presence in different markets and the growth in emerging ones are a strong evidence of the thriving international vocation of the Spanish furniture industry. MUEBLE DE ESPAÑA


Interview with ANIEME’s President (the Spanish Association of Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters) _______________________________________________________________



FERIA HÁBITAT VALENCIA 2012 – Interview with Juan Carlos Muñoz Melero, President of ANIEME

Forecasts of ANIEME about the attendance at the Hábitat Valencia Fair and its possible results… Unfortunately, our forecasts can’t be too optimistic. We have to face reality and be honest about the current context and circumstances. With internal consumer demand for furniture slowing down, no wonder that the national retailers show less interest in attending the fair. At international level, the increase in the number of specialized events makes it even more difficult to attract international buyers.

Why do you think it is worth attending Hábitat Valencia? The Hábitat Valencia fair is the only platform we have here in Spain to promote the Spanish furnishing offer at international level. At Hábitat Valencia we play at home and obviously this means lower exhibition and travel costs. The country itself, with its culture, gastronomy, architecture and weather, is surely a further attraction for international visitors. So, the event offesr a gold opportunity to promote MUEBLE DE ESPAÑA from its home.

In your opinion, what are the strengths of this fair? Its main strength is indeed its comprehensive offer that includes not only furnishing products, but also lighting, home textiles and decorative accessories. This is without doubt its main attraction, particularly if we speak in terms of specifiers who are looking for an integrated offer for their interior projects. Another strength of this event is the link between Spain and the Latin American world. As a matter of fact, the fair has strengthened its collaboration with various associations of architects and interior designers in different countries such as Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Panama and Argentina. Every year they attend Hábitat Valencia in order to source out new products to be used in their interior projects. In this way, we can even say that Feria Hábitat Valencia has turned itself into a union point between Latin America and the rest of European countries. The Spanish culture and the idiom are key factors of this privileged relationship.



What about last year’s results? As we colloquially say “everybody reports on the fair according to its results”. Speaking in general terms, if compared to 2010 results, both the number of visitors and the confirmations of orders registered a significant decrease. On the other hand, companies that did their homework well all year round had no complaints, because visits from their clients increased as well as the confirmation of orders and projects. Economic cycles affect trade fairs too, as it happened to IMM Cologne or the events in Paris. Over the last years, the number of visitors to these events had been fluctuating and after some years of unsuccessful results it climbed again. We are therefore positive that Habitat Valencia will recover too and return to its former performances.

Could you tell us about the Spanish furniture sector? The furniture sector is passing through difficult times, as other Spain’s traditional industries. In Spain, furniture consumptions have almost come to a standstill. At the moment, things are going better only abroad. According to latest statistics, between January and June 2012 Spain’s furniture exports have increased by 7.9%. This good result reflects the effort of Spanish firms in strengthening their international presence and pushing up furniture sales to foreign markets.

What are your forecasts for the end of the year? What are your expectations? First semester’s figures make us optimistic and positive about the future. As we have already said, exports are the only salvation for Spain’s economy and the good results of Spain and the Valencian Community, that registered an increase of furniture exports of +7.9% and + 19.2% respectively, make us believe that by the end of 2012 sales of furniture to foreign markets will have risen by 6-8%. In ANIEME we think that in the forthcoming period exports will be still on a upward trend, while the number of companies is expected to shrink even more. Although it’s true that internationalized enterprises are expanding their presence in global markets, especially in the emerging ones, prospects for companies that are starting now to export are not so rosy. There is no other way to face the crisis and get over it, though. That’s why the Spanish Association of Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters (ANIEME) keeps on encouraging the Spanish furniture companies to improve their position in main markets all around the world. In this context, public institutions and corporative associations play an essential role in supporting the internationalization process of SMEs – small and medium enterprises.



MUEBLE DE ESPAÑA around the world: discover the latest news… _______________________________________________________________



SOHER has furnished institutional offices in Saudi Arabia _______________________________________________________________ September 14 / 2012

Photo Gallery

A specialist in luxury furniture solutions, SOHER is continuing to work on highly prestigious institutional projects in the Middle East. It has recently completed work on the interior decoration of some Governmental offices in Saudi Arabia. SOHER was commissioned to supply many custom-made pieces specifically designed for private offices, lounges, reception and meeting rooms.

The furniture is made from high-gloss ebony veneer with gold leaf decoration, precious fabrics and other special bronze finishes. It includes a spectacular made-to-measure meeting room table, office and occasional tables, chairs and armchairs, lighting and an amazing Moorish style inspired screen.

The company has already a strong experience in Saudi Arabia and in the United Arab Emirates and it can cite many celebrities among its clientele. SOHER furniture can be found in many exclusive venues all around the world, for example in two stunning residential projects in Riyadh, in the Equestrian Club in Abu Dhabi and in the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Sidney, to name but a few. MUEBLE DE ESPAĂ‘A


ACTIU exports its innovative sustainable concepts to Australia and the United Kingdom ____________________________________________ September 7 / 2012 In August, ACTIU, a leader in the manufacture of equipment for public and private workspaces, presented in the headquarters of Cervantes Institutes, in Sydney ( Australia), its successful business model based on an innovative sustainable industrial policy.

Throughout the talk “Who says sustainability and business are not compatible?”, ACTIU gave to more than 170 architects and designers, from all over Australia, a deeper insight on the values of its brand conveyed into the new Actiu Technological Park project, the first European Industrial Building to obtain the LEED Gold Certificate. This project has been highly appreciated by the Australian public, as it not only represents construction that respects the environment but a whole business philosophy based on sustainable production processes and eco-designed products. ACTIU owns a network of worldwide showrooms located in the main cities of the world: Sydney, Paris, Madrid, Dusseldorf, Lisbon, Casablanca, Dubai…



With its new London showroom, situated in East Clerkenwell, the Spanish brand strengthens its presence in the United Kingdom, as well as it international presence in more than 65 markets. The London exhibition space, over a space of 250 sqm equipped with a big interior garden, green areas and an efficient management of resources, reflects the values and lifestyle of the brand. In addition to the exhibition and promotion of ACTIU’s products, the showrooms offer a workspace destined to the development of contract project and training of professionals; a sustainable meeting point for society and the culture of design.



COLECCIÓN ALEXANDRA shortlisted for the SBID International Design Award 2012 ____________________________________________ September 6 / 2012 Under the brand Luxurious Living, which is its UK exclusive distributor, the TRAVELLER trunk, the CASABLANCA chair and the stunning showhouse of the Spanish brand COLECCIÓN ALEXANDRA have been shortlisted for the prestigious SBID International Design Award 2012 in the categories best products and best commercial projects of the contract sector.

Entries were from 27 countries and with judges such as the prestigious Jimmy Choo, the nomination of Colección Alexandra is a big honour for the Spanish furniture industry.

COLECCIÓN ALEXANDRA’s owner, the interior designer Mario José Guinot, has carried out the complete decoration of several VIP’s mansions and high-class hotels all around the world. We could really say that creativity at COLECCIÓN ALEXANDRA has no boundaries at all, as the brand takes inspirations from many cultures and tastes, meeting the requirements of the most demanding client.



Andreu World collections features in the New Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Campus ____________________________________________ August 2 / 2012 Andreu World has equipped the Campus Foundation by Bill & Melinda Gates in Seattle, designed by the NBBJ studio. Founded by the creator of Microsoft, Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda, it is one of the largest private charity in the world. Find out more inside…

Bill & Melinda Gates Campus Foundation, Seattle, USA

Photos: © Timothy Hursley

The Bill & Melinda Gates Campus Foundation, which opened its doors in mid-2011, is located in the heart of the city, near the Seattle Center and Space Needle as well as the “Experience Music Project”, designed by Frank Gehry, creating one of the most important architectural spaces of the city. The new campus, which covers an area of nearly 80,000 m2 divided into two boomerang-shaped buildings, has been built using sustainable and efficient energy. That is why the campus has a LEED accreditation, which certifies energy excellence and the environmental-friendly design of the complex. Within this large complex, Andreu World has equipped various areas with the VALERIA, CARLOTTA and RDL collections. All products featured in the installation are made of FSC wood from 100% sustainable, reforested areas. MUEBLE DE ESPAÑA


New project in Japan for TECNI NOVA ____________________________________________ August 1 / 2012

TECNI NOVA has furnished the newly-opened INTER LIFE Wellness Center in Fundao-Cho Ashiya City, near Kyoto, Japan.

High-end furniture manufacturer TECNI NOVA has enjoyed success with several large hotel and residential contracts in different countries. Lately, it has supplied its striking MOD. 1698 modular sofas, occasional tables and table lamps for the waiting areas of a luxurious wellness center in Fundao-Cho Ashiya City, in Japan. The collection, which was showcased at the last editions of MAISON & OBJET in Paris and I SALONI in Milan, comes in various configurations to adjust to the specifications of the area. Each composition consists of different modules, such as chaise longues, pouffs and corner units, with metal legs and arms, to maximize the personalization of the spaces.



Fabrics are selected among top international textile producers. They come in the trendiest hues, such as the eye-catching turquoise and the cream with fine graphic patterns. Since it was started 25 years ago as a handcrafted upholstered furniture manufacturer, Yeclabased TECNI NOVA has specialized in the production of exclusive furniture for home and contract use. Its designs allow a lot of personalization in order to meet the specifications of the most demanding and quality-oriented clients. In 1994, TECNI NOVA decided to focus on international markets and since then it has strengthen its presence abroad: Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Americas, no continent is left out. As a result, at the moment the 80% of its annual turnover comes from exports. Asia is the focus of its attention, with China as one of its main destination markets. TECNI NOVA has recently opened a new showroom in Shanghai and it has also worked on exclusive projects in Thailand, Japan and Taiwan.



TECNI NOVA’s latest fabulous ranges of furniture and decorative accessories, both in classical and more contemporary style, are highly appreciated by interior designers and specifiers all over the world. They have been used for the chicest public and private projects: from luxury mansions to embassies and top class hotels, including also VIP lounges in international airports.



VONDOM in Croatia at luxury Kempinski Residences ____________________________________________ July 3 / 2012

Photo gallery

Can you imagine anything more appealing for your summer holidays than a stunning villa looking at open crystal blue Adriatic horizon and totally immersed in lush vegetation? At the Kempinski residences in Savudrija, Istria (Croatia), lodgers can experience all that, while discovering the true essence of comfort and relaxation. For the outdoor spaces of the villas, architect Ante Vrban has chosen the stylish elegance of VONDOM furnishing proposals.

Both interior and exterior spaces have been custom designed by architect Ante Vrban who have provided the villas at Kempinski with the best in terms of furniture and decorative solutions. Terraces, gardens and pool sides have been equipped with pieces of VONDOM’s collections, such as REST and ALMA, designed by A-cero, VERTEX by Karim Rashid, LLUM pots by Studio Vondom, FIESTA by Archirivolto Design and MOMA by Javier Mariscal.

Young, innovative, dynamic, VONDOM, a leading brand in avant-garde indoor & outdoor furniture, planters and lighting, collaborates with international top-notch designers, such as Karim Rashid, Stefano Giovannoni, Ludovia+Roberto Palomba, Javier Mariscal, Ramon Esteve, Acero, to offer its customers unique and exclusive furnishing solutions that accentuate the refined elegance of the purest Mediterranean lifestyle.



Spanish forward-thinking designs have landed in Washington, at Jaleo Restaurant ____________________________________________ June 25 / 2012

Photo Gallery

We dare say that Spanish design has no boundaries and this is so true that you can experience a great deal of that in downtown Washington D.C., at Jaleo, the newly redesigned restaurant created by famed chef José Andrés with his partners, Rob Wilder and Roberto Alvarez. Jaleo D.C. features sleek furnishing and artworks created in Spain by some of the country’s most renowned contemporary designers.

The spirit and flavours of Spain are celebrated at Jaleo Restaurant not only at the table but also all around you! The Spanish brands ANDREU WORLD, SANCAL, MOBLES 114, RS BARCELONA and LZF LAMPS have been chosen to carry out the furnishing and restyling of this tapa-bar that is one of D.C. most celebrated. The result is one of the best examples of Spanish creativity in terms of furniture and lighting designs. In collaboration with the US Gronning Architects studio, Spanish designer and architect Juli Capella has created various ambiences that reflect the new tendencies in Spanish interior design. Main aim was to move the “Spanish way of live” to the very heart of Washington and, no doubt, they hit the target.



The main hall presents a modern, dynamic look and gives way to a more formal ambience with traditional tables and little elegant booths. There is also an alternative space has been thought for a quick wine and tapas dinner at the bar. Among the design pieces that contribute to accentuate the vibrant and daring look of Jaleo we can count the GREEN chair designed by Mariscal for MOBLES 114, the NUB armchairs by Patricia Urquiola for ANDREU WORLD, the creative AGATHA lamp by LUZIFER LAMPS and tha fresh and playful chairs and panels of the TEA collection, a successful design by Estudihac for SANCAL. Last but not least, guests attention will be grabbed by the unique football table designed and produced by the creative RS Barcelona and the stunning artworks by Daniel Canogar and Mikel Urmeneta , founder of Kukuxumusu.

Jaleo is a Spanish word for bustle, revelry, mess‌ in a word, fun! Spanish brands have succeeded in creating a playful ambience made of bold colours and forms, with a hint of madness and irony and a touch of Mediterranean surrealism.



Viccarbe seating in new London restaurant _______________________________________________________________ June 19 / 2012

Photo Gallery

Nothing to do with other Chinese restaurants! At the Jia Restaurant, in South Kensigton, Londoners can eat in style and comfort on the charming WRAPP chair, a design by Marc Krusin for Viccarbe. The two-storey JIA Restaurant wanted to differentiate itself from other Asian restaurants and not only for its delicious Dim Sum but also for its amazing interior design.

To upgrade the clientele’s dining experience, the Dols Wong Architects Studio specified the WRAPP chair, a versatile product of VICCARBE that accentuates the elegance of contemporary ambiences. Designed by Marc Krusin for Viccarbe, WRAPP is an armchair with sensual shapes and generous proportions that offer ultimate ease and comfort to users. It comes in two versions, in oak veneer or upholstered, and can be configured with chromed steel legs or a revolving base. Valencia-based VICCARBE brings the warmth and hospitality of the Mediterranean lifestyle to more than 60 countries on five continents.



Spanish companies participate in the furnishing of the exclusive Tashan restaurant in Philadelphia, USA ____________________________________________ June 14 / 2012

Photo gallery

TASHAN is a Hindi word for “style” and that is precisely what they tried to achieve at the newlyopened Tashan Restaurant in Philadelphia both with the contemporary Indian menu and the dining experience. For the stylishly modern dining room Architect Winka Dubbeldam from Architectonics NY Studio chose the chic contemporary look of KOO INTERNATIONAL and SANCAL’s seating.

Fruit of the collaboration with prestigious designers, such as Francesc Rifé, Héctor Diego, Ododesign, Sergio Barredo, Lagranja Design or Tito Agnoli, KOO INTERNATIONAL has developed a line of exclusive and innovative seating products suitable for the intensive use in the contract market.

For the dining room of Tashan Restaurant, the firm supplied the elegant CAMELOT armchair, an original design by Eduardo Climent that has been chosen by renowned interior designers to decorate several TV settings. The solid volume, that ensures the most comfortable seating experience, is lightened by a skillful play of empty and full spaces. MUEBLE DE ESPAÑA


For the restaurant booths Winka Dubbeldam opted for the timeless smart style of MENU sofas, designed by Rafa García for the Spanish brand SANCAL. In 6 different modules, it is perfect to create corners and highly personalized spots.

In Tashan’s dining and lounge room diverse cultures mashed-up into a wave of creativity, excitement and energy. The mix of sleek contemporary furniture, exotic pieces and precious ornate details has created an ambience unique in its kind that reflects in an unparallel way its global cultural wellspring.



ANDREU WORLD awarded at Neocon 2012 ____________________________________________ June 12 / 2012 And the winner is… NEW BRANDY chair, a design of Lievore Altherr Molina for ANDREU WORLD, has been recognized with the Best of Neocon 2012 Silver Award in the category “guest seating”.

The versatile and beautiful design of this collection as well as its high comfort were some of the features which convinced the “Best of NeoCon” jury. NeoCon 2012 has been the launching pad for the New Brandy collection. It consists of upholstered armchairs and lounge chairs with a structure covered in flexible foam. The armchair is available in five different bases: cantilever, sled base, four steel or beech wood legs and a central swivel base with four solid wood plywood legs. The lounge chair option has been presented in two versions with four wood leg bases in beech wood or fully upholstered. This variety of base options allows the New Brandy to be suitable for all types of installations.



COLECCIÓN ALEXANDRA, inspired luxury living in China! ____________________________________________ June 5 / 2012 COLECCIÓN ALEXANDRA is highly appreciated all over the world as one of the finest ambassadors of the luxury living. This is so true that the Spanish company is all year round engaged in major events in different countries: MAISON & OBJET, I SALONI Milan and the new event INDEX Saudi Arabia, in Jeddah, just to name a few. But the travel around the globe of the firm has taken it even farther, up to China and the promising Asian markets.

The Spanish luxury firm has recently open a new showroom in the AUSEN IDC, the Home Furnishing Design Center of Shanghai, the China’s first international design center for elite brands.

The expansion of Colección Alexandra in China will be completed in the next months with the opening of two new showrooms in Beijing and Chengdu. Meanwhile, the Chinese edition of ELLE DECORATION, in its February issue, has published a special report on the brand and its owner, the interior designer Mª José Guinot.

In Shanghai, Maria Jose Guinot has been awarded the Golden Seat Award, which is one of the most prestigious awards in the field of interior design. Shanghai International Interior Design Festival aims to establish Golden Seat Award as the Oscar Award in the field of interior Design. MUEBLE DE ESPAÑA


VONDOM keeps on broadening its horizons in Asia _______________________________________________________________ June 4 / 2012 VONDOM is conquering the Fair East with its design outdoor furnishing proposals! On the 2 nd of March, the firm inaugurated a new flagship store in Taipei (Taiwan) and last 21 st of May it opened its brand new showroom in Shenzhen, China, the youngest and smartest city in China. Both opening events were a resounding success! The new showroom in Taipei has a total surface of 220 sqm and is located in the prestigious New World Design Center (more info>>). At the inauguration party, which was held under the motto “share experience, feeling and obsession for design”, participated more than 300 guests.

The firm supplied also furniture of its latest stylish collections for a special VIP Jazz Concert in Taipei, celebrated on occasion of the birthday of a famous Asia singer.

The new VONDOM store of Shenzhen is located in OCT, an amazing district known for its excellent lifestyle and the prestigious design and architecture studios. On occasion of the opening, the outdoor space of the showroom was transformed into an attractive chill out meeting point where clients and media could enjoy a delicious cocktail, dance and live music…



VONDOM's new flagship store in Shenzhen As a part of its internationalization strategy, VONDOM is strengthening its presence in Asian markets. The company has already opened new showrooms and corners in Xian, Yantai, Wuxi, Suzhou and Wuhn and this year will be exhibiting for the fourth time at FURNITURE CHINA 2012 in Shanghai.



Vicente Zaragozá in the BRIC meeting Yekaterinburg, Russia ______________________________________________________________ Photo Gallery

In cold climates nothing cheers you up more than high quality beautifully made wood furniture. That’s why Russian love Spain and its furniture. Valencia-based VICENTE ZARAGOZÁ has a long-established presence in all Eastern countries, being Russian institutions one of its major clients in the area. In 2009, two spectacular bespoke round tables were supplied for the first BRIC meeting in Yekaterinburg. Be sure that attractive and comfortable furniture contributes to make political discussions more constructive and less tiring! From: Spanish project N_03 (on-line magazine) MUEBLE DE ESPAÑA


Vicente Zaragozá furnishes the Häcker’s Grans Hotel in Bad Ems, Germany ______________________________________________________________ Photo Gallery

Refresh, rejuvenate and unwind in the warm yet aristocratic atmosphere of antique Häcker’s Kurhotel, in Bad Ems. To enhance the charming beauty of its dining rooms, the management has chosen a range of classic white lacquered furniture by VICENTE ZARAGOZÁ. All the pieces come with gold leaf finishes and precious details, such as the exquisite damask fabrics of the chairs in tune with the décor of the ambiences. From: Spanish project N_03 (on-line magazine) MUEBLE DE ESPAÑA






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