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FURNITURE FROM SPAIN I Saloni Milano 2014 - Press Release

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1. MUEBLE DE ESPAÑA at I Saloni Milano 2014 2. Spain’s brands on display: location map & exhibitors’ list 3. New findings across the fairground A. Classic B. Design C. Modern 4. EuroCucina 5. The Spanish furniture trade in figures


MUEBLE DE ESPAÑA, lifestyle and lovely design From haute décor and the most refined classic-trendy furniture collections, to fresh, playful designer products and the latest trends for contemporary easy-living lifestyle, the Spanish furniture industry covers a wide spectrum of products and ranges and put it on display at the 53rd edition of I Saloni Milano 2014. With 68 furnishing brands and an exhibition surface of more than 6,000 sqm, the Spanish contingent is a great protagonist in Milan, second only after Italy, the host country. For visitors, specifiers and professionals of the furnishing sector, this is a unique chance to have a first hand overlook at a complete furnishing offer which is high quality in both tradition and innovation. So, whatever your style and need, meet MUEBLE DE ESPAÑA in Milan and feel the unique Spanish lifestyle…


Spanish exhibitors & map

Il Salone Internazionale del Mobile/Salone del Complemento d’Arredo: halls 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 Eurocucina: halls 9 and 13 Il Salone Internazionale del Bagno: hall 22





B10 D03 D05 B05 C08 H01 D06 E07 F12 F06 M02

B32 B36 N30 R38 D28

H27 L41 N28 L24 F30 L36

G01 R05 S06 D07 E07 P06 D06 S09/T08

D22 C31 C36 B37 D47 D43 E22












E52 E38

C07 D08 C05

C06 B05 E15

B39 D49 E35 C42 C40 F32 C41

C40 C35

E06 C24 D01 D06 B07 A11

C06 E24


D01 G04

H32 H38












Classic ___________________ Passion for tradition & haute dĂŠcor


Passion, creative energy, Mediterranean vibrancy combine with remarkable craftsmanship to keep Spain’s furniture interesting and appealing; strongly connected to its past, but with feet firmly rooted in the present... This provocative mix of traditional artisanal skills and innovation stays at the heart of the Spanish furniture industry, which boasts one of the most complete offer in classic style and stands out for its vibrant, fresh designs.

Ebony collection, EPOCA

The luxe factor

Park Lane collection, MARINER

Equus collection, SOHER

Spanish manufacturers are really luxury connoisseurs. Their long-established experience has helped them to keep alive the ancient crafts and their taste for exquisite details and noble materials. Combining materials evokes emotions and ramps up the luxe factor, as SOHER and MARINER show with their EQUUS and PARK LANE collections respectively. Strongly influenced by the Empire style, PARK LANE features exotic veneers in combination with oak inlay and French gold ormolu. Swarosky crystal elements, gold finishing and bronze details embellish the elegant Art Deco inspired EQUUS, in solid palisander wood. Known for its beautifully crafted furniture, all made in Spain by the most expertise craftsmen, EPOCA designs pieces that are real works of art, like EBONY, a stunning combination of ebony wood and bird-eye maple to create impressive ambiences beyond classicism and trends.


Traveler high bar cabinet, COLECCIÓN ALEXANDRA


The trend for mixing high-quality leathers, noble materials and sumputuous fabrics stays strong in the Spanish haute décor, with brands such as COLECCIÓN ALEXANDRA and TECNI NOVA launching new lines that will impress for their glam and contemporary feel. Shapes are the great protagonist of FORTUNE , the new line of lounge and bedroom furniture of TECNI NOVA, which stands out for an intriguing combination of different textures and materials. For the first time in Milan, the 16 hand-crafted sculptural furnishing pieces of the CAMUS COLLECTION. All in solid American walnut and other noble materials, these “functional sculptures” – as they are considered by experts – will impress for their stunning ornaments made of alabaster, polished aluminium, enea (bulrush) fibres and gold and silver details.

The Fortune collection, TECNI NOVA


Trazo bedroom, AMBOAN

Classic furniture is evolving introducing new interior concepts that keep up with new trends meeting different needs and tastes. The new collections of AMBOAN and VALENTI retain all the luxury quality of traditional furniture, but without the fuss of classic high dĂŠcor. The emphasis is on more large, geometric shapes that suggest comfort and utility, while still capturing the unique and attractive aesthetic of classic designs. Noble woods, high gloss finishes, top quality leathers and neutral colours are still present suggesting more refreshing and comfortable looks. Contrast is often highlighted through textures or tones, as in the MASCARON collection of VALENTI that offers different exclusive finishes: caviar, smoke, purple, emeralds, deep blue... TRAZO of AMBOAN features new attractive additions, such as the Ebony wood and the metal details in stainless steel, gold and graphite.

Contemporary classic haute dĂŠcor A young collection, modern and versatile, AUDERE by CANELLA makes a new luxury statement. Beautifully crafted, it features unique, exotic finishes (Palma de Khaya with Sapele, bleached Pomele with Sycamore, white lacquers) and cuttingedge technology. It incorporates Bluemotion which allows the automatic opening of doors via remote control, increasing functionality and comfort.

Mascaron living room, VALENTI


The new luxury essence: products with classical spirits and modern aesthetic


Beautifully crafted, ÁGORA is the new launch of LLASS, a specialist in refined high-end décor. It boasts new striking textures and refined finishes that create visual interest while setting an immediate glam mood.

Ágora, LLASS line Retro styles haven’t lost their popularity and are always a source of inspirations and cool decorating ideas. As the COLLAGE collection by Dsignio for LA EBANISTERIA, a new modular proposal inspired by some of the early 20th century artistic movements, such as Cubism, Neoplasticism, and Suprematism. Aimed to break up with current furniture design, all pieces of this collection have been conceived as volumes and sculptural elements that stand out with a sense of proud presence in any ambiences.


Legos kids’ bedroom and One composition, LOLA GLAMOUR

“Go to bed” has never sounded so inviting as with LEGOS, the new children’s bedroom of LOLA GLAMOUR. Drawing inspiration by LEGO construction toy, the Salamanca-based firm has created this space that’s big on personality and style, but with a strong practical side. Structures play with asymmetry featuring a chaotic mix of shapes, colours, textures and fittings, as in the ONE composition or in the intriguing LONDON chest-of-drawers that stands out for its sophisticated hand-carved wooden handles.


743 R Model, FEJOMI

Monaco collection, MUEBLES CERCÓS Marquetry, intricate carvings, French polishing, gold and silver leaf applications and fine detailing are all the hallmarks of Spain’s finest traditional furniture and the ones that define its timeless appeal and inimitable style. As for the new stunning table and display cabinets of CREACIONES FEJOMI or the MONACO collection, the new launch of MUEBLES CERCÓS.

Respect for heritage & tradition Made of solid beech wood and embellished by elegant details and high-end marquetry, the three new lines of bedrooms of PANAMAR respond to the specific demand and needs of its international clientele. The firm has also launched a whole new line of refined occasional furniture (shoe cases, entrance hall furniture, desks, consoles…) and a range of more modern furniture for living rooms. All with the quality hallmark of PANAMAR…

PANAMAR’s new line of bedrooms


An homage to the refined ambiences and the cutting-edge engineering of the legendary ship, PASIÓN TITANIC of MONRABAL CHIRIVELLA is a new line of modular programmes for bedrooms and lounge spaces that features a perfect combination of traditional woodwork and cuttingedge technology. It is finished in wood veneers (oak, cherry, walnut) or lacquers. Hand-made carved decorations, chrome and gold lacquered details add further interest. Headboards are available in different finishes: deep buttoned upholstery, forged iron, cane or wooden.


Design Stylish In&Out living


The Literatura Open bookcase, the new Breda sofa and Stockholm coffee table, PUNT

Combine the Spain’s joyful sense of life with cutting-edge innovation and you get vibrant, fresh designs that punctuate spaces with unexpected accents. Take for example the reissue of the iconic LITERATURA, a creation by Vicent Martínez for PUNT. The new LITERATURA OPEN offers a new airy silhouette in different finishes and colour options. Ideal to be used against a wall or as a partition. Minimalist and angular shaped, JUDD, a design by Nathan Yong, can work as sidetables in combination with the new BREDA beds - or to add a singular touch to any corner at your space. PLATEAU by Note Design is a natural complement to bedrooms. Mixing functionality and smart aesthetics, this piece helps to keep all the essentials at hand.

PUNT’s new bedroom ambience: the Breda bed, the Judd sidetable, the Plateau coat stand and the Stockholm sideaboard

Indoor flair & minimalism

Nara modular containers by OdosDesign for ARLEX

The trend for mixing natural wood, minimalist aesthetics with spots of invigorating colours stays always high in Spain’s design products as it inspires elegance and stylish lifestyle. As in NARA, the new family of playful containers designed by OdosDesign for ARLEX. With an essential design inspired to the frames of canvas, it cleverly integrates handles into its colourful edges, so that they don’t look as extra, superfluos elements. Essential, stream-lined designs feature also in the LATAULA table by CrousCalogero and in PIANO, the new cabinet of the W Collection, created by OdosDesign for ARLEX.


Thanks to its top divided into slats, LATAULA preserves its appearance either when compacted or in extended position. In PIANO the wooden slats of the fronts, which recall piano’s keyboards, serve as an overlay to pull the door panels. Functionality and versatility at its best, as the look of these products can be customized by choosing among natural wood finishes and the wide choice of colour lacquers of the Arlex’s range.

Lataula by CrousCalogero for Arlex Piano by OdosDesign for ARLEX

The Nuc table and the Mir mirror by Francesc Rifé and the Cami coffee tables by Luis Arrivillaga, KENDO MOBILIARIO KENDO MOBILIARIO launches some new highly versatile proposals for contemporary spaces. Fresh and playful, CAMI is a collection of coffee and occasional tables that come in two sizes and three height configurations. Tops are divided in two parts: the smaller in solid walnut or oak, as the legs, and the bigger in lacquered MDF. Made of solid walnut (or oak) and with a transparent glass top (15mm), NUC’s frame features a singular design: its corners are joined together in a very singular way, as they were held together by knots. MIR is a versatile, space-saving smoke grey mirror that can add deep and style to any room.

Available in different veneers, such as European walnut or the oak burl, and in combination with metals, brass and stainless steel, ILAND is a new line of dining, living and bedroom furniture designed by Fermin Verdeguer for MOBIL FRESNO. A fresh take on glam!

Iland by Fermin Verdeguer for MOBIL FRESNO


In solid natural wood or with light aluminum structures, eco-friendly and ergonomic or featuring sculptural shapes, in a blend of textures and a different choice of colour combinations, possibilities are endless to maximize comfort and provide contemporary ambiences with a strong identity. Take a tour of the chicest seating on the Spanish side‌.

Agora chair by Lievore Altherr Molina for ANDREU WORLD Functionality, comfort and ease of use are the main features of the AGORA lounge chair of ANDREU WORLD, a big name in the seating sector. Fully upholstered, it is available with different base configurations: swivel central base of polished aluminum, swivel central base of solid wood, or on a base with four wooden legs. Character and originality that meet different interior design requirements in public and private spaces.

Sitting pretty and in great comfort!

The Siesta Indoor sofa by Lievore Altherr Molina for ANDREU WORLD Curved, almost sensual, the new chairs of CAPDELL are a real feast for the eyes. The beveled finishing, the special curve in the backrest and the type of connection among parts add value to POLO, a chair simple and easy to understand but carefully designed down to the last details. London-based Lucy Kurrein has created PANEL, a lounge chair manufactured from sheet steel and tailored leather with exposed edges. For home and contract use...

The sectional SIESTA sofa suggests great comfort and beautiful proportions. It possesses a high degree of modularity that allows for the most varied compositions. It is equipped with an EPL-5 outdoor treated steel frame finished in White or Earth Brown as well as dismountable upholstered parts, available in all the ANDREU WORLD’s ranges of fabrics for outdoor and indoor use.

Panel chair by Lucy Kurrein, CAPDELL Polo chair by Yonoh, CAPDELL


Vision chair by Fiorenzo Dorigo for CAPDELL

Plum chair by Claesson Koivisto Rune, CAPDELL The trend for cocooning, enveloping designs is growing, as well as that for the spaceseparating seating that creates reserved areas for peaceful individual moments or business meetings. As in these brand new launches of CAPDELL available with tall and short backrest.

The Marlow sofa and the Memory armchairs by G. Vegni & G. Gualtierotti for CASADESÚS

viccarbe presents ‘trestle bench’ by john pawson, the architect’s first design for the spanish company which will debut its 2014 collection at the salone del mobile in april. the sleek form is elegantly proportioned and is extendable offering ample seating. the cushioning is upholstered in either fabric or leather from viccarbe’s catalog, and is supported by solid oak feat. the ‘trestle bench’ has been conceived for both home use (in its short version, as well as for waiting areas and hallways in public spaces (in its extended version), making it a versatile addition to many interiors.

Mid-century inspirations and capitonné are still on trend, with designers loving its luxe, timeless effects. With its generous proportion, the stunning MARLOW sofa of CASADESÚS makes a grand statement in glam ambiences. Its strongest points are comfort and versatility, as it comes with a set of cushions that allow to play with seat depth while modular combinations make it suitable for different environments. The XXL version can reach a length of 6.46 meters. The frill in the lower part of the MARLOW CLASS version provides the product with an extra charming touch. Inspired to more classic designs but with a modern functionality, MEMORY is a smart collection of armchairs, sofas and poufs available with a low or high backrest. Feet come in chromed steel, matt nickel or black graphite. A swivel base is also available. Its soft shape and comfy seats make MEMORY suitable for both home and contract use.


The architect John Pawson has conceived the TRESTLE bench, a new launch of VICCARBE, a leader in the manufacturing of seating for the contract sector. The cushioning is upholstered in either fabric or leather from VICCARBE’s catalogue, and is supported by solid oak feet. Its sleek design is elegantly proportioned and is extendable offering ample seating and making it a versatile addition to many interiors. KLIPP is a new design by Victor Carrasco for the firm.

Trestle bench by John Pawson, VICCARBE

Klipp chair by Victor Carrasco for VICCARBE KLIPP is a stackable chair made of curved oak and available in two versions – with or without upholstered seats – and many colour configurations. Its name refers to the cut in the backrest that can be used as a handle or as a rack to hang bags. Simple look, great functionality…

Season Mini by Piero Lissoni, VICCARBE A new addition to the succesful SEASON bench, the little SEASON MINI poufs feature hidden wheels and a handle perfectly integrated in the upholstery.

Singular chair by Manuel Torres, TAGAR Hundreds of possible combinations, pure design, a unique personality. TAGAR presents SINGULAR, a collection of chairs and armchairs designed by Manuel Torres. In different shapes and materials, such as steel, wood and upholstery, SINGULAR is aimed to set trend for its new playful and functional design.

Must by Francesc Rifé, KOO INTERNATIONAL

A new design by Francesc Rifé for KOO INTERNATIONAL, the MUST multifunctional sofa can be considered an evolution of the successful MUS model (2010), as in this version wood has been replaced with metal to achieve lightness and a sleeker design. The structure is made of matt lacquered metal with seats, arm and backrests of high density polyurethane foam over a Silestone board. Suitable for indoor and outdoor.


Mediterranean people are all great aficionados of the open air life, but Spaniards know better than any other how to add sunshine to outdoor spaces. That’s why they have everything you’ll need to start creating your perfect patio. GANDIA BLASCO has some new stylish proposals that move all the indoor comfort outside in a very interchangeable way. DOCKS is a modular, open and flexible furniture collection that takes into account the interaction between the pieces and the human body. Cushions and supports are placed over a light, stackable and easily transportable aluminum structure to create more complex sofas, beds and rest areas.

Docks by Romero Vallejo for GANDIA BLASCO

Outdoor lifestyle Jian collection by Neri & Hu for GANDIA BLASCO

JIAN is a collection of outdoor furniture inspired by the concept of “inbetween” conveyed by the Chinese JIAN character. JIAN is one of the two characters that forms the words “space, time and people”, among many others. NERI & HU, who designed this collection for GANDIA BLASCO, wanted to create a collection that has an ethereal quality, capturing both time and space, the sky and land, something to give poetry to outdoor living, and offer a restful sanctuary to everyday business. The collection is made up of various sizes and functions for different outdoor uses.

Stack by Borja García and Flat by Mario Ruíz for GANDIA BLASCO Designed by Borja García, STACK is a stackable outdoor furniture collection inspired by the nautical world with design elements that recall the 60’s and 70’s. GANDIA BLASCO’s innovative design uses self-supporting fabric over the extruded aluminum body to provide this simple construction with lightness and comfort. Both the STACK collection and the new additions to the FLAT line feature Batyline fabrics and are suitable for large contract installations and small residential projects.


Mist outdoor lamps, POINT

Arc collection, POINT POINT’s new intriguing range of outdoor furniture is called ARC and has been designed by Gabriel Teixidó. Made of an epoxi lacquered aluminium structure, pieces are upholstered with hand-woven Shintotex synthetic fibres. For a more contemporary yet refined look, legs come in teak wood. Created by José Manuel Ferrero [Estudi(H)ac], the MIST lamps are the other new cutting-edge product of POINT. The industrial design brand KETTAL, a specialist in outdoor furnishing, has reinterpreted the BASKET chair, created in the 50s by Danish designers Nanna and Jørgen Ditzel. The woven chair, made from oak, is offered in its ‘original’ version and in an outdoor adaptation. The traditional Ditzel chair has hand-braided wicker, while the outdoor version is made from artificial fiber and teak to protect against the elements. Nanna Ditzel, known as the ‘queen of Danish design’, is also the author of the cushion fabrics’ design. They are made of pure wool and come in four color combinations and eight Hallingdal fabrics by Kvadrat.

Basket chair, KETTAL The new fresh and versatile outdoor items of CALMA convey all the elegance, functionality and fine designs that are the hallmarks of the Spanish brand. Designed by Beatriz Sampere, PLIS PLAS is a chair made of aluminium and polyethylene whose enveloping seat shell can be configured in different colours and trendy graphic patterns. The ROMANA armchair, a creation by Andreu Carulla, represents a new dynamic way to seat, easily adapting to the most convenient position for users.

Plis Plas chairs, CALMA

Romana chair, CALMA


Modern ___________________ Keep your home trendy!


The Spanish offer in modern style encompasses a whole range of furniture collections: upholstery, living and dining rooms, occasional furniture, bedrooms and kids’ rooms. Comfort along with functionality, customization and affordable design are the key words behind Spain’s modern furniture. Let’s have a look at the main novelties introduced by Spanish companies at I Saloni 2014. As far as upholstery is concerned, things have never been better. A group of 7 companies will be showing their latest proposals of sofas, armchairs, modular programs and chaise-longues.

Lounge in comfort Starting with FAMA which will be showcasing the new models MADISON NORDIK and MIRANDA.

Madison Nordik, FAMA

While MADISON NORDIK is an elegant and versatile modular program -its arm can be removed and used as a footstool or a small table-, MIRANDA is a fresh looking chair suitable to be placed anywhere in your home.

Arianne Love, FAMA

Miranda, FAMA

FAMA also goes one step further by increasing the Arianne family with round modules and launching the new program ARIANNE LOVE. A piece to fall in love with…


ACOMODEL introduces at I Saloni 2014 its recent collection under the name COMO. A new sofa offering a wide range of options: fixed composition or sliding systems, flexible measures, chrome legs and a great variety of selected fabrics to choose from.

Como sofa, ACOMODEL AFRICA and NAYMA, these are the names of two of the new models launched by LUMAR SOFAS. Modern upholstery furniture with a comfortable design and plenty of colorful fabrics and fancy leathers available to make your home feel more cozy.

Africa and Nayma models, LUMAR SOFAS MORADILLO

The upholstery manufacturer MORADILLO plays with shapes, textures and colors offering new trendy pieces. GIFU, ITO ALTA CAPITONE, OKI and SHAM, these are the new models which guarantee comfort and relaxation. The perfect choice for both home and contract projects.


Ito Alta Capitone


Sham 24

Finally PEDRO ORTIZ presents its new collection of sofas and sofa beds. Standard or electric beds, chaise-longues, different measures and finishes in fabrics or leather, these are the different options offered by the Spanish manufacturer. Can the name of this collection “WE ARE TALKING ABOUT FRESHNESS” be more tempting?

Ainhoa sofa, PEDRO ORTIZ

Tukali sofa, PEDRO ORTIZ How to make your home feel homey? Let’s have a look at Spanish furniture manufacturers specialized in living and dining rooms.

New trends for your indoors MOBLIBERICA introduces DRESSY, a wide collection of tables and chairs. Customization is high in this new line that features tables in multiple finishes with innovative ceramic tops and a broad collection of fabrics for the chairs. Ideal for home and contract furnishing, these new tables are available in different sizes for both fixed and extended versions. Different structures, backs or even type of upholstery can be chosen for the chairs.

Dressy collection, MOBLIBERICA


Tree Wood collection, naCHer With the new collection TREE WOOD, the Spanish furniture manufacturer naCHer enlarges its offer of tables and chairs. Oak, walnut or beech solid wood are the different options to choose from. The look is up to you!

New Natural, GARCIA SABATE Stylish wall-units called NEW NATURAL and inviting bedrooms under the name LIFE are the new proposals showcased at I Saloni 2014 by the Spanish manufacturer GARCIA SABATE. Curved lines and rounded shapes in combination with straight lines which traditionally define contemporary furniture. Natural veneers and different lacquers for the finishes.

Life collection, GARCIA SABATE


Coat Trees, HERDASA And last but not least, the Spanish offer in occasional furniture is represented by the company Hermanos Andrés García (HERDASA). The HERDASA DISEÑA collection brings together original coat trees and valet stands in solid beech wood. Modern solutions to the real world.

Young & Cool Regarding modern bedroom sets for kids, juniors and also adults, the Spanish firm GLICERIO CHAVES HORNERO is considered a leading company on this field. This company introduces the BASIC collection, offering a wide variety of items to choose from, ranging from convertible baby cribs to bunk beds and from trundle beds to classic single beds. Top-quality, lovely colors and functional lines to set unique and uplifting spaces for young people.



EuroCucina ___________________ Cook in style...


Modern living is all about the kitchen. We cook in it, entertain in it and hang out in it, so how it looks is more important than ever. Whether you’re cooking for one or rustling up a feast for the family, you want to create a space that works hard, yet is easy on the eye. This year, the Made in Spain offer will be present at EuroCucina, bringing a selection of kitchen furniture for different decorating schemes: the cutting-edge contemporary models and the classic designs.

DICA, the hub of modern home A new dimension has been given to the use of the kitchen that has evolved into a multi-purpose room designed as much for living as it is for cooking. The trend is all on turning the kitchen into a welcoming space for family life and entertaining. The Spanish kitchen manufacturer DICA has strived to improve their design in order to provide the market with products that are functional, versatile as well as elegant and attractive. DICA goes one step further with its collection by conquering new areas of the home such as the living room and the bedroom. Take a look at the many possibilities offered by this company‌


Do not forget about classic style at EuroCucina 2014. The company PICÓ MUEBLES will unveil its new lines of timeless kitchens: HERMITAGE & GEORGIA. Made of solid wood and in the purest Russian baroque style, the HERMITAGE kitchen features a precious wood hand-carving decoration and a fine lacquer and patina finish. The whole composition is embellished by gold or silver leaf details that enhance its grandeur and luxury mood.

PICÓ MUEBLES, classic sophistication in your kitchen

Hermitage, PICÓ On display there will be also the GEORGIA kitchen, inspired by the Greco-Roman architecture. Neo-classical lines with rich carvings and inlaid details in orange, sycamore and walnut root are part of this style that evolved in America between 1750 and 1850. Touches of gold and silver add further sophistication.

Georgia, PICÓ


Spain’s furniture around the world ___________________

facts & figures


A positive balance What a great start of the year for Spanish furniture companies! After a successful participation in Imm Cologne, Maison & Objet Paris, the Stockholm Furniture Fair, Interior Mebel Kiev and the Hábitat Valencia, they will be exhibiting at I Saloni Milano. But the travel around the world of our brands doesn’t stop here. A lot of B2B and trade missions are scheduled on their agendas (Ghana, the Ivory Coast, Angola, Saudi Arabia, India, China, Peru, Panamá, Russia,…), as well as the participation in other major international events: Index Dubai, Furniture China in Shanghai and I Saloni Moscow. Main target: conquer new markets and bring the excellence of MUEBLE DE ESPAÑA all over the world. Figures are encouraging, as you can see…

Final figures for 2013 indicate that Spain’s exports of furniture have increased by +15.4% over the previous year’s figures, amounting to 1,603 million euros at the end of the year. Rich in styles and ranges and with a unique emotional approach, Furniture from Spain has consolidated its presence in four EU countries: France, Portugal, Germany and the United Kingdom, which rank 1st to 4th among Spain’s major markets.


A positive balance Exports have increased significantly in most of the top ten importers. In 2013, sales to the United Kingdom increased by +32.7%, while exports to Russia were up by +37.6% and to The Netherlands by an impressive +103.6%.


Spain’s main markets for furnishing products

2013/2012 % increase







United Kingdom




The Netherlands








Saudi Arabia

+22,1% SOURCE: Estacom / ANIEME

Among main destination markets, significant increases have also been registered in exports to the Gulf Region: Saudi Arabia (+22,1%), United Arab Emirates (+12,6%) and Qatar (+69%). Spanish exports to Eastern European countries are improving, with Russia leading the ranking of Spain’s main Eastern clients for furnishing products. Regarding exports to America, USA earned the 7th position in the ranking, with imports of Spanish furniture growing by +30% to 52,5 million euros, while the Mexican market ranks now 11th, registering a +14% increase and totalling 33.5 million euros. As for Africa, apart from Morocco included in the top ten, countries as Equatorial Guinea and Algeria did well during the last year showing a growth of +27.3% and +44.3% respectively.


MUEBLE DE ESPAĂ‘A is a brand of ANIEME Spanish National Association of Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters Find out more about furniture from spain Visit to get more information about our brands and their interior projects. Follow us

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Mueble de España - Press release I Saloni Milano 2014  
Mueble de España - Press release I Saloni Milano 2014  

Spain's new products and findings in classic, design and modern halls at I Saloni Milano 2014 and EuroCucina. Get a preview and hot inspirat...