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“You are not good enough” Ashley 7 “3 reasons why you retain fat” Nabilah 11 Race Review -Spartan Sprint David 13 “Are you regiment?” Brian 17

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Lone Star Spartans Andrew 21

Brian Sherrod

“Maintaining Motivation” Muddy 25

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Roger Smith, PhD.

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This magazine wouldn’t be what it is Please support them when

Do you have an event you would like t

Contact matthew

s without the support of our partners. n choosing your next race.

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My entry into the OCR world started in August

Shortly after my first race I discovered that my

of 2012 when I signed up for Tough Mudder by the

friend Will, from my coed soccer team, ran mud

urging of my coworkers. I had 4 months to train, so

runs too. He was stronger than me, and faster than

I joined a gym and started running. There was only

me, but he motivated me to keep going. All of a

one problem, I hated running! (In my only season of

sudden I went from running to finish, to running

cross-country in high school, I cried at the starting

to place, and eventually running to win. As I

line of every race). I had always been an athlete, but

improved, I think I motivated him too (even though

had relied on my natural talent and avoided practice,

he probably won’t admit it). Now, I had a teammate

training, and anything that resembled hard work.

and shortly thereafter, a team. Before I knew it I

In preparation for Tough Mudder, I signed up for Hog Wild 2 with my sister as a “practice run�, and instantly I was hooked. When Tough Mudder

had a race nearly every weekend and a collection of medals and trophies to show for it. The best thing about OCR is that on the course

was only days away, I found out that everyone I had

we are all competitors, and off the course we are all

signed up with had bailed due to fear or injury and

friends. After moving to Florida from Michigan

I was going to have to run it alone. I ran every step

six years ago, friends were hard to come by, but the

of the 11.2 miles. I conquered every obstacle without assistance. Most importantly, I proved to myself


OCR community has introduced me to so many people with common interests. We share pointers, training techniques, and beer. The people I run with

that I was capable of more

are my motivators, while I look forward to the run; I

than I ever imagined.

also look forward to the fun!

When people find out about my obstacle course racing addiction, they often ask which obstacle is the most difficult I have had to face. The answer to that is so easy, but unexpected. The toughest obstacle is the voice inside my head that says “You are not good enough”, “You can’t do this”, and “Just give up”. If you are a runner, you have heard it and know exactly what the voice sounds like, and know how that voice haunts you. I have spent every day training to make my body stronger, just to be able to quiet that voice. The voice is still there, it comes out in a moment of weakness, exhaustion, and fatigue. It can never be out run, out climbed, or out muscled but it can be proved wrong. It took me 27 long years to find something I can say I am passionate about. Obstacle course racing has strengthened me physically, built me emotionally, enhanced my relationships, increased my confidence and improved my life. It has taught me how to set, meet, and exceed goals. It gives me something to look forward to. I got engaged this past year and when asked by a bridal consultant if I was considering preserving my dress, I laughed and said I would rather destroy it in a mud run. She laughed too, because she thought I was kidding. The women I were with laughed and said “That’s so you!” They are right, it is me. OCR is more than just a sport. It is a lifestyle.


10 Besides the inactivity and the consumption of empty calories,

in your body. Sticking with organic products will also increase

there are other factors as to why you retain fat. If it were as simple

the function of your liver. Things to stay away from are highly

as diet and exercise the world would be a much leaner place. Here

processed foods and artificial sugars such as Sweet n Low and

are 3 common reasons we retain that stubborn unwanted fat.

Splenda. By doing this your liver can continue to stoke your

Calories in vs. calories out. While over consumption of calories is going to keep the fat right where it is, the lack there of

metabolism increasing your ability to burn fat! Drinking diet products! Following up to reason number 2.

will replicate the same outcome. Yes there are calorie restricted

Drinking a diet product is like putting the nail in your fat loss

diets out there that do drop the “weight”, but we are talking

coffin. Not only is artificial sugar a neurotoxin which alters

fat not “weight” Restricting calories is only good for the short

brain function, it is not recognized by the body therefore

term result and most of the weight loss is water and muscle.

storing all in-take as FAT. The body cannot break down what

By allowing your muscle to dissipate you essentially are losing

it doesn’t know. Ever noticed the majority of people who drink

the metabolic machinery that is optimal at burning fat. This

diet soda are typically over weight? This is not a coincidence

means if you were to increase your calories at any point in time

but the result of how the body biologically responds to

you will gain all the weight back and then some due to a lower

artificial neurotoxins. Best options it to eliminate diet sodas all

metabolism caused by a calorie restricted diet. A better option

together giving your body a fighting chance to incinerate

is a well balanced nutrition program that is sustainable for your

the fat.

lifetime and coupled with exercise! Toxic liver! How can your liver make you retain fat?

By tweaking your diet with these simple yet highly effective steps, you will start to not only feel better but

Simple. Most people don’t realize that your liver controls your

look better! For more information of fat loss visit us at

metabolism. If your liver is highly toxic, then it will spend most Follow our blog, follow our

of its energy expelling the toxins out of your body in order for

Instagram @liveintheskinny, and find us on Facebook @

you to live; leaving your metabolism suffering. Eating a diet filled

Motivators VinnyNabilah.

with raw fruits, veggies and lean protein will help eliminate toxins

spartan sprint malibu December 7th, 2013 by: David Aguilera was no wait to park. The area was enormous, well staffed and came with a $10 charge. The only concern was the wet ground, which made for some very enjoyable entertainment as so many southern California drivers skidding and spinning their wheels just trying to get from one side to the other. The wait for the shuttle was no more than 5 minutes and travel time another 20. All in all, 35 minutes from when I arrived at the parking location to when I arrived at check-in. Parking and Shuttle: 4 out of 5 (If I’m paying $10 How does a 33 year old father of 2 celebrate his 34th birthday, he goes for a run, and that is exactly what I did. December 7, 2013 marked the return of Spartan Race to Malibu California. With the memories of last years parking and shuttle fiasco (wait and shuttle time from the parking area to the venue was 90 to 105 minutes) still fresh in their minds, thousands braved the inclement weather in hopes that the Spartan team had learned from its mistakes and would deliver an exceptional experience. Pre-Race: I arrived at the designated parking fields about an hour and 15 minutes before my wave. Needless to say, if the shuttles were anything like last


year, I would not be making my wave. Thankfully, there

to park, I want it to be at the venue) Check-in was a breeze. They had waivers ready to be signed as you entered the venue. Once you had your bib number you proceeded to the appropriate line, showed your I.D., and handed over your waiver. It was less than 5 minutes from when I stepped off the shuttle to when I was handed my packet. Check-In: 5 out of 5 Having arrived with time to kill before my wave, I set out to see what the Spartan Village had to offer. I found what you expect to find at a race, food, drinks, venders, bag check ($5), photo ops, and, of course, portable toilets. By the time I arrived, any competitions were over and the only people using the rope climb or slosh pipes were normal runners.

Village: 4 out of 5

cold, I was able to warm up with another set of 30

Race Time:

burpees; damn rope climb. A short skip through

My wave was the 12:15pm wave or as it came to be known, the Weeple Army wave. Thankfully the clouds that promised heavy rains parted and gave way to blue skies and complete sunshine; a welcomed relief in the face of what lay ahead. As I approached the staging area, I noticed Spartan Race had decided to get the fun started right away. In order to enter the starting area, one had to jump over a 5-foot wall. Nothing major but definitely something unexpected. After the customary pumping up from the emcee and the shouts of “I am a Spartan Aroo Aroo”, the race began. Obstacles: Now, Spartan Race does not promote its obstacles as it prides itself on giving you the unexpected. So out of respect to them I will not be mentioning all the obstacles I faced, instead I will highlight a few, hint at some, and completely leave off others. If you want to know what they all are, sign up and run one. The first obstacle we faced was a nice hike up the mountain on muddy slippery ground, compliments of the rain earlier in the morning meant to thin out the herd. At the top of the mountain is a 30ft cargo net climb, up and over I went. After a walk down the mountain and back up, not alone, I came upon the first penalty obstacle… the monkey bars. I successfully crossed the monkey bars and continued down the mountain. I got some help over the next obstacle and was hit with my first set of burpees shortly after. Apparently, the Spartan Race crew thought the runners would be hot by that point, so they were gracious enough to cool us off with a nice swim in the 30-degree pond. Shaking from the

the pond led to another wall, which appeared to be built backwards (wink, wink), and then the much anticipated barbed wire mud crawl. Anyone who has done a higher-level mud run has come across the standard barbed wire mud crawl but never have I experienced one that had a built in rest area half way through. Nearly half of my GoPro footage is that mud crawl. After the crawl I hike again before putting my chest to the floor for more burpees. I guess I’m a better gatherer than a hunter. After a few more slippery hills and mud pits I came to the Spartan Race signature finish; the Spartans themselves. I leapt over the fire, ducked right, gave a little stutter step, turned on the little speed I had left, and crossed the finish line with nothing more than a small tap on the back from the Spartans wielding the giant Q-tips. I moved forward, collected my red medal and with it my acceptance into the Trifecta Tribe.

Race: 5 out of 5 (it was tough, challenging, and enjoyable all in one) Post Race: Much like the pre-race, the post-race festivities met expectations. The only issue I saw revolved around the finisher shirts, which were not handed out at the finish line but rather at a tent near the changing tents. I know people left the venue without their shirts, which is sad. Taking 10 seconds to ask someone could have fixed that. The shuttles back to the parking are were quick with very little wait time and exiting the lots was even easier than entering. Post Race: 4.5 out of 5 Overall, the Spartan Race Sprint received a 4.5 out of 5. If not for some minor slips and personal opinion, it could have easily received 5 out of 5. The length and difficulty of the obstacles make it a perfect starting point for anyone interested in taking on the Super or the Beast. As first time Spartan runner Guillermo C. from Los Angeles put it, “I love the intensity and the challenge of each obstacle. It’s not a typical mud run, Spartan is in a league of its own, Aroo!”. If you are looking to upgrade from your ordinary “fun runs” and you are looking to challenge not only your body but also your mind, then look no further than Spartan Race. AROO!!!! New Trifecta Tribe member David Aguilera


First of all, A Big Thank you to Damion

asked this crazy question, “Do you want

who encouraged me to do the Regiment

to play a game”? So we play this dice game

T3 event. I went into this event expecting

and to make matters worse we lose the

it to be an easy 20-mile ruck march and

game and have to repeat the whole zero

nothing more. LOL.

hour training over. So I’m like F this I’m

With two months to train I thought walking 10 miles every weekend would prepare me. WRONG! This event was The Master of All Terrain and it meant just that. We started at 3:45am with Boot Camp called, “Zero Hour Training”, which consisted of duck walking 40ft over fences into a grass pit where we had to do 30 burpee’s and then roll 40ft on our bellies. At this time, “I’m like what did I get my self in to”. But the fun had just begun. Now we had to low crawl 40ft more, ooh and I forgot one small detail, We are doing this with our 60 lb rucks on. I luck out at this point because my ruck was lighter then the other guys. So we finish low crawling when the group gets

done! I did not come here for games! But not to be a poor sport, I kept going. So second time around and now the group is ready to complete the first 4mile of this forced march/run with our rucks on. We start running and about a 1/4 mile into it, it starts to rain, and when I say it starts to rain; its coming down like Hurricane Katrina. So what is the first rule of thumb when you do one of these 11events? Well if you don’t know then let me tell you. NEVER wear cotton; it’s not your friend. When it gets wet, it’s heavy. So 30 or 40 mins. of rain, and many burpee’s, we make our way back to the starting point where we see people pulling up to start the 10 mile event. But we,

already worn out, are running an extra 6 miles prior to the 10. We get to the starting line and we are off. This is were I’m kind of at the quitting point; one guy had already quit do to injury and I felt at this point I’ve gone this far so second quitter does not sound so bad now lol. But I kept going. OK Another 6 miles completed and over with and I’m still in the game and the guys are giving me a motivational speech. Only 10 miles left. How hard can that be? So I keep going. The next 10 miles were pure HELL. I felt like I was on an episode of “I Survived”. This is were the true meaning of Master of All Terrain comes into play; We start out on flat ground carrying two 5 gallon buckets of water and we cant spill the water or there is retribution. That means an outrageous number of burpees and more!!. After two miles of carrying the water we had only 8 miles left. Now leaving the bucket behind we do an indian run UPHILL and downhill followed by some group pushups. Now we only have four more miles left. Once again I say to myself, “ I am done and how did I get my self into this!” But I can’t quit now because the only way out is to finish because we are stuck in the woods. Through the forest we go over and under trees uphill and downhill and with my last bit of motivation and every bone in my body screaming, my brain telling me to move but muscles refusing to listen. The faster I try to move the slower I become to the point that I’m just walking at a very fast pace. When we get to the last mile and half marker we realize we have 30 mins to make it to the finish line. Now this seem to be an easy task, but with 18 miles behind us this two miles will take everything I have in me and more!!! Once again, with the group

motivation we were able to do it in 27 minutes. So we are done at last! At least that’s what we think.... News flash..... We have to repeat the zero hour training ALL OVER one time around. WE DID IT TOGETHER. AND FINALLY WE ARE FINISHED! And for real this time! Time to get your award. But we have to do more before we can lay our hands on the coveted PATCH. Now we push the last bit of energy to do 80, 4 count flutter kicks. Talk about never ending pain OMG! I’m at the finish line and once again I’m ready to quit but I keep going and this time, ........ We ARE DONE and I have just completed the REGIMENT T3 RUCK MARCH. I enjoyed the T3 even though it challenged me physically beyond what I thought I was capable of. Although it was extremely hard and I know now, I undertrained for it; I am amazed at the power of a good team to motivate each other to push past all limitations. We did it in 11 hours and I have my Patch and Medal and even more than this an unforgettable experience with a fantastic group of men. Once Again, Thanks Damion of MudRunFun.


Team Highlig h

t The origin of Lone Star Spartans started as a concept by Paul Almanza and Spencer Rau after the Spartan Sprint in May of 2013 to join like-minded individuals in a common goal of getting people off the couch and get active within the Central Texas area. With society always being on the move and looking for a quick fix, staying healthy can be defeating and making the choice as an individual can often be the receipt for failure. Motivation requires constant maintenance and external encouragement will help push someone over the plateau to keep moving forward. The weekend of December 14th, 2013 was the Lone Star Spartans inaugural event. Roughly 6 months from team conception and we were about to face one of the hardest OCR, obstacle course racing, events of the year. 13+ miles and over 30+ obstacles lay ahead. It is said that, “Confidence is the feeling you have before you fully understand what you have gotten yourself into”. This statement holds true for

many others as they navigated the Texas terrain. Prior to our start, we were awarded the Largest Team Tent of the event. This allowed us to gather and feed off each other’s motivation. Paul Almanza, Lone Star Spartan’s team Captain, provided a motivational speech that ignited the team’s energy for the Texas Beast. His final words before our departure was, “No Spartan left behind. I don’t care if they are Lone Star or not. We are Spartans, we help those who need it and encourage those around us. AROO!” An eruption of cheers echoed within the tent which likely startled those within a 13 mile radius. The stage has been set and now is time to prep for battle. The course designer, Norm Cook, has developed a reputation for designing Spartan Race courses that leave a memorable impression on all those who finish. The Texas Beast was no exception. There was an added bonus for the runners of high winds and high 30 degree weather. The decision was made to

remove the swimming obstacle from the course

About an eighth of the way through the course,

because Spartan Race wants to challenge and push

Spartans were required to navigate a narrow creek

everyone to their limits, not to cause death even

littered with thorny bushes and trees along the

though everyone signs a Death Waiver before

bank while the creek bed was covered with rocks,


mud or branches depending on where your foot

We gather at the starting line for our 10:15 heat. Looks of anticipation and excitement are on everyone’s face because we had no idea what we were about to embark on. Dustin Dorough begins his enthusiastic Spartan speech indicating we were nearly ready to start. Upon the 3rd AROO, we were off. Everyone dashed off the start line as the sounds of cheers grow faint the further out we ventured and the same message resonating from our Captain, “No Spartan left behind.” Throughout the course I could hear random shouts of “Lone Star!” which was responded by a proper “AROO!” This indicated to all those around that you are near a Lone Star Spartan and if you need assist we are here whether it be a hand to shake or a hand to pull through. One Spartan rolled his ankle within the first few miles of the Beast. There were 2 Lone Star Spartans and 2 more Spartans offering assistance with bandaging or fuel.

placement was. A Lone Star Spartan came across a fellow Spartan sobbing uncontrollably because she could not climb the bank and requested a medic to retrieve her. To this Lone Star Spartan there was only 1 option, get his fellow Spartan through the creek. He fireman carried her for the duration of the creek. This embodies the spirit of what a Spartan is and how Lone Star Spartans carry themselves, “Leave no Spartan behind”. As the day wore on, the sun dropped behind the horizon meaning there was a short amount of time before Spartan staff was going to pick up the remaining runners without a head lamp. There was a small group of 5 Spartans left on the course and only 1 of them had a head lamp. Running the risk of being removed from the course and not finishing, these Spartans accelerated the pace as best they could to finish. The lead Spartan was a Lone Star Spartan and without her preparation, 4 Spartans

may not have finished and cherished the glory of victory. An example of true leadership was exemplified by the team Captain Paul Almanza. He made the statement “No Spartan left behind� and he stood true to his word. He navigated the course with fellow Spartans until the very end. Although he would have been able to finish sooner, he stayed with his teammates until they crossed the finish line. Although the initial impression while running the course was that Norm Cook is a sick and twisted individual bent on our defeat, the general tone the next day was of gratitude because without his course vision we would not have pushed ourselves to our limits. Would not have known what we are really capable of. Each challenge conquered left behind a wake of pieces reflecting our former selves and showed each of us who we are under tough circumstances. We are the Lone Star Spartans: Shatter your limitations.


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Matthew@MudRunFun Having made a major life change two years ago, I’m now at a place where my pursuit of fitness is

resolve to continue in my healthy pursuit. I am a Mom. I am a wife. I also have a career that

not just a hobby, but instead it has become a part of

I love, but that can also be demanding, stressful, and

me, it is a lifestyle. It is not something that I would

emotionally taxing (this description can actually

randomly wake up one morning and decide that

apply to motherhood and being a spouse at times as

it was no longer for me. I love to run. I love how

well! Love them, but it’s true!). These things alone fill

strong it makes me feel, I love the burning in my

each day to the brim with responsibilities.

lungs, and I love how it makes me feel like I can

So how does one find time when there is the

conquer the world. Running is a great time to reflect

demand of motherhood, the struggle to maintain a

on life, to work through life’s riddles, and to come to

healthy marriage, and the expectation to perform

peace with oneself while taking in the fresh breath

flawlessly at work? Well, it’s not easy, and I’m

of nature. Actually, talking about running right now

definitely not perfect. I believe that the key to

makes me wish I could go running right now!

successfully balancing all of these things is to

It definitely helps to have a love of running, and in

do your best to remember not to be too hard on

some cases it does take time to cultivate that love (or

yourself when you don’t meet your own expectations

in some people’s cases, it may not be a love so much

(easier said than done right?).

as a respect for the run), but just because I love it does not mean that I don’t go through a roller


Some mornings I’m exhausted. The thought of getting out of bed to go run, a thought that generally gives me plenty of momentum to pull my tired

coaster of motivation that at

self out of bed, does nothing for me. I want sleep,

times attempts to sabotage my

I crave sleep. My body is fatigued and my mind

bargains with my desire to get up, whispering softly that what I need is not a workout, but a day of rest. Occasionally my mind wins, and a rest day is what I take. Does this mean I’ve given up? No. Does this mean I’m weak and have lost my motivation? No. I believe that I am slowly learning to listen to my body, to take rest days when my body pleads with me for a break, and to ignore those thoughts that tempt me to drift back to sleep when I know a run is needed. And I know that a rest day one day means that the next morning you’ll find me lacing up my shoes before most are awake, and hitting the pavement for an early morning run. And although I may not always have time to go as far as I want, at least I go.


Posted by Arnel Banawa on November 25, 2013 There aren't too many people who can say that they beat OCR Legend Hobie Call, butReebok Sponsored Athlete Hunter McIntyre can. Hunter not only has beaten the #1 Obstacle Course Racer in the World, but he continues to consistently dominate at every race. Some people question if that is even "humanly possible", but Hunter is proof that if you work hard, it really does pays off. Let's meet this BEAST shall we! Arnel Banawa: State your Full Name Hunter McIntyre: Hunter Garrahan McIntyre Arnel Banawa: Where are you from, and where do you currently reside? Hunter McIntyre: I was born in NYC and I currently live back in the Big Apple. Arnel Banawa: Your very first Spartan Race was in Malibu, CA and you placed 6th Overall. Did you actually train for that race? Following your first OCR, you researched who the top elite OCR competitors were, and once you found out

who these athletes were, did your training change drastically? Hunter McIntyre: At the time of my first Spartan Race in 2011 I was very into strength training. This meant heavy duty power building routine, trying to push as much iron as possible. There wasn't much cardio involved in my life, but I did do a lot of abs which had been a big part of my success. I did out some research and found a lot of info on Hobie Call, from there I just added some running but I didn't change much. Arnel Banawa: When you set your mind to beat Hobie Call, and it happened at the Superhero Scramble in Clermont, FL 2013, how did that make you feel? What do you think gave you the edge to beat the #1 OCR Athlete in the world? Hunter McIntyre: It definitely was a very rewarding feeling to beat Hobie Call! I was coming to the end of a very heavy racing schedule and I felt scared for the first time in my career that I might not podium, as the miles started to roll on everyone faded behind me and I knew I had bested the

champ! The greatest advantage I had on the course

right now is Hobie, Cody and Brakken. They're all

is my swimming ability and I monopolized on that

amazing athletes ready to take the crown at any

allowing me to beat the best athletes in the sport by

time. This year will present many new athletes to

a big margin.

the sport but these athletes are so strong that I think

(Courtesy: Superhero Scramble) Arnel Banawa: Congratulations on your 1st Overall at the Miller Park Spartan Sprint and Carolina Spartan Beast, you must recover super quick, what's your secret for fast recovery? Hunter McIntyre: I believe recovery is as much mental as it is physical, so I really push hard to stay focused on what's ahead of me to keep up with the dense racing schedule. Another big part of recovery is getting right back in the gym. I try to move around as soon as possible to flush out the body, then I jam myself full of a bunch of healthy food to keep me happy! Arnel Banawa: Which TOP 3 Athletes would you consider to be your current competition? Hunter McIntyre: My greatest competition

they will be able to stay on top. Arnel Banawa: You are a Crossfit Trainer, Spinning Instructor, and just an overall Fitness Enthusiast, who influenced you, and how did you get involved with this lifestyle? Hunter McIntyre: I have been a fitness enthusiast for about 4 years now and I continue to grow with newest trends to stay stimulated. I started like many young men do by telling myself I would become a navy seal, I did my research and started doing my push ups! My grandfather continued to press me about continuing in sports, he has probably been the biggest influence overall I my career of athletics. I don't think my love for fitness and athletics will ever fall apart as long as the challenges keep getting harder :)

Arnel Banawa: How often do you run every week,

the best training gear a boy could ask for :) My

and what does a typical running regime look like for

favorite shoe right now are the Outdoor Wilds and

you when you do not have a race on the weekend?

they are best for terrain like Vermont or flat trails.

Hunter McIntyre: My fitness routine is always changing, my coaches Brian Mackenzie and Cody Burkhart really keep me in good shape with the

My stadium/ road shoe is theDelta One, it's great for both training and racing. Arnel Banawa: How long have you been invloved

Crossfit Endurance Program. During the week I

with Crossfit, and what other ways do you train for a

will hit 2-3 interval base running workouts, a lot of

Spartan Race?

strength and circuits that include running/ rowing, gymnastics and weight lifting all at the same time. This gets my heart rate above what I would reach in a race so they are very challenging. Arnel Banawa: As an athlete sponsored by Reebok, what shoes do your wear for an Urbanathlon or a Stadium Sprint? Obviously there are different shoes for every terrain, and distance, but what is your preferred shoe for something like a Spartan Race in Vermont and SoCal, and what is your shoe preference for races where there are no mountains such as where I am from in Florida? Hunter McIntyre: I am lucky enough to be a Reebok sponsored athlete, my closet is stuffed with

Hunter McIntyre: I have been doing Crossfit

Hunter McIntyre: I don't try to be super crazy

type workouts for about 3 years, I really never stick

about my diet, my coaches have me working on the

to one kind of routine for to long. I have never

paleo diet. I cheat :) I eat tons of fat, and greens. Get

been a member at a Crossfit box so I'm Not a true

your peanut butter and start eating ASAP for best

crossfitter. I try to keep in shape using the outdoors


instead. For a new athlete to the sport I suggest you

Arnel Banawa: You say that you workout 4-6

get a pair of dumbbell, find a hill and create some

hours per day, almost every week! How do you stay

kind of crazy circuit. I also like to training with

motivated to keep going?

intensity! I believe the intensity in your training

Hunter McIntyre: 4-6 hours of training can be a

will transfer over into the success of your sport or

lot of fun or painful. I try to keep it on the fun side

whatever goals you're trying to achieve, work hard

by training with my friends or girlfriend to keep me

win big!


Arnel Banawa: How is your nutrition, are

Arnel Banawa: When you are not training for a

you living in Paleolithic times? Do you take

race, what does Spartan Pro Team Athlete Hunter

supplements, if so, which ones?

like doing for fun?

Spartan Race World Championship on the top of your list? Will you be traveling abroad? Hunter McIntyre: 2014 is a big year for me, I definitely see myself being on top of the podium much more this year now that I have some experience. The opportunity to traveling abroad would be very exciting to meet other athletes while seeing the sites. Most of 2014 will be spent preparing for the World Championships, there's nothing I want more than that crown! Arnel Banawa: Other than Spartan Races, do you participate in other events? If so, which ones? Hunter McIntyre: I have raced a few other obstacle course races like Superhero Scramble, but I like to think the real competition is at Spartan Race.

Hunter McIntyre: Most of my free time is spent with family. I just moved back to NYC to get some more time with them. I also spend a lot of time reading about other athletes, this really helps me with my mental strategy! Arnel Banawa: Where do you see yourself in 5 years, still racing competitively? Traveling around the world? Having a family? =) Hunter McIntyre: 5 years from now is to far to tell, however I hope I am still involved in some form of athletic competition. In the next few year I want to settle down somewhere in the mountains and start a training facility for athletes, especially high school kids trying to have a future in whatever their sport is. Arnel Banawa: What are your race goals for the 2014 season? Is 1st Overall at the 2014 Vermont

I will be competing inCrossfit more this year just for

to complete. Go buy a pull up bar and get to work! If

the fun of it, you can expect to see me at some SoCal

you're trying to podium at one of these events it will

events coming up soon.

take time and determination. The best thing to start

Arnel Banawa: What advice can you give to

doing is study the athletes around you and find out

someone who has never done a Spartan Race before?

they're tips/ secrets. Use these in your training, then

And what tips can you give someone who's goal is

strengthen your weaknesses. Last but not least work

to be a TOP Overall Spartan Race Finisher?

on your core as much as possible!

Hunter McIntyre: If you're just starting Obstacle Racing I would suggest your get stronger first and

~ Arnel Banawa is a P90X Coach, Interner

then focus on your running. I see so many people

Entrepreneur, OCR Athlete and Blogger.Connect

fail the rope climbs and walls which takes strength

with him on facebook!

You are feeling great. You have conquered a dozen

of them work for a mud run. So I will give you all

obstacles in the run. Then you turn the corner and

six, but explain only the best in detail.

see it – a rope climb, 20 feet high, with no knots. It is

Gym Class Method (Terrible).

the same as a big sign that says “Do Burpees Here!” You have tried this rope before and it was ugly. But that doesn’t have to be you. You could become that rare person who zips up the rope like Spiderman. You have wondered how they do it. Well it is time that you found out.

Remember how hard it was to climb the rope in gym class? Did the coach ever show you a technique for doing it? No! Because the coach had no clue either. So most of us made up our own technique … and it was terrible. This is what most people use in a mud run because they do not know anything better.

It is all in knowing a technique that works.

It is 90% arms with feet that are trying to clamp onto

Runners who have been in the military have the

the rope, but are failing. It consists of trying to hold

inside track. They learned how to climb ropes so

the rope by pinching the insides or bottoms of your

they can assault buildings or get out of helicopters.

feet together against the rope … and it accomplishes

Runners who train at CrossFit gyms have an

almost nothing. This is the method you are going to

advantage because it is part of their training routine.

stop using.

So what about the rest of us? When do we get a lesson? That would be today, right here in Mud Run Fun Magazine.


All Arms (Amazingly Difficult). A few really strong people can get up the rope using just their arms. Their feet hang free and they

There are six basic techniques

show the rest of us what a pure Tarzan stud they are.

for climbing a rope. Only three

This is impressive, but even the strongest people can only do this for a limited height or repetitions. Also,

the rope has to be about one inch in diameter to get a good grip. The better method you will learn can be done multiple times by most people and using smaller rope sizes. L-sit (Gymnasts Only). Same as All Arms, but you flex your core so your legs stick out at a right angle to your body. This looks awesome in stage performances, but is extremely difficult, and who would want to burn all of that energy when you can save it for other obstacles? S-wrap (Marine Corps). The Marine Corps taught my brother to climb a rope by wrapping one leg around the rope, then locking it between his two feet. First, you place the rope outside your body, kick your leg out, hook it backward and around the rope, then pull forward so your foot hooks the rope so it is lying across the top of the foot. Then use the other foot to step on the rope that is lying on top of your foot. This creates a lock that will hold 90% of your weight.

the S-wrap. Then step on top of the rope with the foot nearest the rope (no wrapping the leg around the rope). Your second foot hooks under the rope, lifts up slightly and stands on the first foot with the rope trapped between them - the rope will form a ‘J’ down the side of your body, under your first foot, and over your second foot. The foot lock is done by pinching the insides of your feet together with the rope between them, or by using the second foot to step on top of the first with the rope between. But

To climb, pull up with your arms, release the foot

the rope stays outside and away from your legs so

lock, let the rope slide down your leg, then step the

that you do not get a rope burn. Also, without the

lock down again. Repeat to the top. This is the right

leg wrapping it is much easier to reset the lock after

idea because it allows your legs to do most of the

you pull up. Once you master this method, you can

work, which is what you need to get up a long rope

do it all day. You will be able to get up and down any

and back down again. It will also work on smaller

length of rope without getting worn out. No more

ropes. But it takes a lot of time and energy to reset

burpees for you.

the lock each time. Finally, you will get a rope burn

J-hook Variation (CrossFit).

on your calf … ouch. J-hook (Navy SEALS). The Navy SEALS teach an improved version of

CrossFit trainers have studied the J-hook method and found a couple of variations that work great in the gym and on obstacle courses. It is

the S-wrap which is simpler, uses less energy, and

the same basic method, but with

is much faster. It is called the J-hook. Start with the

two small changes. First, the rope

rope hanging down one side of your body, just like

running up the side of the body


is shifted slightly so that it runs up the center of the body with the knee nearest the rope on the outside of the rope. This change puts the center of your body weight more squarely down the rope instead of off to one side. This little change also makes it possible to add a second very useful variation. When you pull your legs up the rope to climb, your two knees can scissor apart so your feet are out in front of you while still holding the rope. This allows you to raise your feet higher up the rope and make more progress each time your lock your feet and stand up. With this change, your arms do not have to do much pulling at all. Most of the climbing comes from raising your legs, locking, and standing up. It is lightning fast, secure, requires less energy, and can be done by people with less hand and arm strength. That is all there is too it. You have graduated from a gym class klutz to a CrossFit Navy SEAL. Watch the videos and practice a couple of times before your next race. You will be begging the race


directors to put in more rope climbs just so you can show off to your friends.

Watch these YouTube videos for great demos and instructions. ITS Tactical shows why J-hook is best: FitDeck demonstrates J-hook: Lauri Galassi teaches CrossFit tricks: Camp Rhino shows 3 methods: Amazing All Arm Demo:

Dr. Roger Smith is a researcher at Florida Hospital, author, and avid mud runner. He competes with the old guys in every mud run around Central Florida. This column was drawn from his book The New Blueprint for Fitness: Mud Run Edition, which is available at

















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