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Catering Menu

Breakfast Continental Breakfast Sliced seasonal fruit, Fresh baked muffins, Danish pastries, Breakfast breads, Deli- style Bagels, cream cheese, butter and preserves 10.75 per person

Healthy Breakfast

A La Carte (Continued) Danish 16.00/dozen

Donuts 16.00/dozen

Bags of Chips/Pretzels/Popcorn 1.50 each

Sliced seasonal fruit, Yogurts, granola, Fresh baked muffins oatmeal, with brown sugar and raisins 12.75 per person

Assorted Granola Bars 1.50 each

Sunrise Breakfast Buffet

Basket of Whole Fruit

Sliced seasonal fruit, fresh baked muffins, Danish, scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, sausage and bacon 14.75 per person

Assorted Yogurts

Full Breakfast Buffet

Beverages Per gallon

Assorted cold cereals with milk, sliced seasonal fruit, fresh baked muffins, Danish, scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes (Choice of two) Turkey sausage, bacon, ham, French toast, or pancakes with maple syrup 16.50 per person

17.00 (12 pieces) 1.75 each

Regular and Decaf Coffee 16.00

Hot Chocolate 16.00

Iced Tea

A La Carte Fresh Baked Cookies 16.00/dozen

Fresh Baked Brownies 16.00/dozen

Fresh Baked Muffins 16.00/dozen

Bagels 16.00/dozen


Lemonade 14.00

Pepsi Products Soda (6-Pack) 9.00

Juices (bottles) 16.50

Aquafina Water (20oz. bottles) 16.50

All breakfast options are served with coffee, decaffeinated coffee, hot teas and assorted fruit juices Any refresh of coffee after the first initial service is $16 per gallon

Service charge of 19% and applicable sales tax will be added to all food and beverage arrangements



Brunch Buffet Sliced seasonal fruit, assorted Danish, muffins, bagels, with cream cheese, butter, preserves. Scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, French toast and pancakes with maple syrup. Bacon, sausage, cheese blintzes with raspberry sauce

Boxed Lunches 16.95 per person (minimum 15 guests) All Sandwiches come with Lettuce and Tomato on Artisan bread

25.95 per person

Carving stations (choice of two meats)

Turkey breast Honey or Dijon Ham Roasted beef strip loin Served with Fresh Baked Rolls Additional Brunch Stations Omelet station-Eggs prepared to order with fresh cut choices of ham, bacon, sausage, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli, and cheddar cheese

Sandwiches Turkey and Swiss Roast Beef and Provolone Ham and Cheddar Tuna Salad Chicken Salad All Beef Hot Dog with condiments All Lunches come with Chips, Pasta Salad, Whole Fruit, Cookie, Iced Tea, Soda or Water (More than one selection may be made with counts provided for all)

add 6.95 per person

Pasta Station Chefs choice of 2 pastas with pesto, marinara, alfredo sauces and garlic bread add 6.95 per person add grilled chicken or meatballs - 8.95 per person

Salmon Platter Salmon poached or roasted sides served with red onions capers lemons and chopped egg add 9.95 per person Brunch is served with coffee, decaf coffee hot teas and assorted fruit juices. Minimum 25 people required; if less than 25 people a 5.00 per person assessment will be charged

Service charge of 19% and applicable sales tax will be added to all food and beverage arrangements

Plated Light Lunches

Plated Luncheon

Soup and Salad Cup of soup du jour with mixed green salad or cup of soup with your choice of turkey, ham, roast beef, and chicken salad

Pasta (choice of sauce) marinara, alfrado, pesto, ala vodka, roasted red pepper marinara, and garlic butter

14.95 per person

18.95 per person

Chefs Salad Mixed green with turkey, ham, swiss, cheddar cheese, tomato, black olives, and sliced egg with your choice of dressing

SautĂŠ chicken breast (choice of sauces) masala, honey balsamic, bruschetta, citrus salsa, pacitta, tomato herb salsa, pesto cream, povonsal, supreme

15.95 per person

Caesar salad Romaine lettuce tossed with asiago cheese, croutons topped with grilled chicken) Fajita salad Marinated grilled flank steak or marinated grilled chicken breast served on mixed greens with corn and black bean salsa tomatoes cucumber and cheddar cheese with ranch chipotle vinaigrette Sonoma salad Mixed greens with tomatoes, cucumbers, goat cheese, dried cranberries, bacon, walnuts, and sweet onion vinaigrette dressing. Salad entrees served with choice of soup du jour or seasonal fruit, rolls and butter chef’s choice of dessert. Coffee, Decaf Coffee, hot teas, and assorted sodas and iced teas

21.95 per person

Roasted pork tenderloin (choice of sauces) Kentucky bourbon glaze, honey mustard sauce, apple whisky sauce, fruit cutney 24.95 per person

Rib eye steak (choice of sauces) Herb butter, caramelized onions and mushrooms, red wine demi, rosemary demi 25.95 per person

Oven roasted salmon (choice of sauce) Dill bur blanc, sweet chili glaze, lemon bur blanc, fruit salsa 26.95 per person

Walleye (choice of cooking method) fried, baked and pan seared Current Market Price All entrees are served with house salad, chefs choice of starch, seasonal vegetable, and dessert. Freshly brewed coffee, Decaffeinated coffee, hot teas, sodas, and iced tea, Pasta selections are not served with rice or potatoes

Service charge of 19% and applicable sales tax will be added to all food and beverage arrangements

Buffet Lunches

Buffet Lunches (Continued)

Roasted Meat Mixed green salad with two dressings, choice of two meats, Beef strip loin, turkey breast, pork loin, chicken, (for salmon it will be an extra 1.00) choice of Soup de jour or seasonal vegetables (if both requested 2.50 extra) chefs pasta selection rolls and butter relish and condiments

Deli Sub Sandwiches Soup de jour, mixed green salad with two dressings, (choice of one) Cole slaw, potato salad, pasta salad, macaroni salad, (Choice of three entrees) Turkey, ham, roast beef, chicken salad, and tuna salad ( subs include lettuce, tomato) chips and condiments

22.95 per person

Tailgaters Delight Mixed green salad, (your choice of) potato salad, Cole slaw, pasta salad (choice of two entrees) Hamburgers, hotdogs, BBQ chicken breast, marinated grilled chicken breast, bratwurst, (ribs is a 1.00 extra) macaroni and cheese baked beans relish and condiments 23.95 per person

Italian Feast Caesar salad (choice of two entrees) chicken picatta, lasagna, Italian sausage with peppers and onions, chicken parmigiana, chefs pasta selection and fresh seasonal vegetables and garlic bread 24.95 per person

Asian (choice of two entrees) sweet and sour chicken, teriyaki beef, sesame chicken, sesame beef, Beef and broccoli, chili garlic chicken, Fried rice or steamed rice, stir fry vegetables, (choice of one) pork egg roll or vegetable spring roll 25.95 per person

19.95 per person

East coast sandwich buffet Soup de jour, mixed green salad choice of two dressings, (Choice of one) Cole slaw, potato salad, pasta salad, and macaroni salad, mini beef Philly sandwiches, min chicken Philly sandwiches, mini Ruben sandwiches relish tray and condiments. 22.95 per person

Soup and Salad bar Soup de jour, Build your own salad bar with two dressings, a Specialty salad, (choice of two meats served cold) Grilled flank steak, chicken, turkey breast, rolls and butter. 20.95 per person

Wrap it up buffet mixed green salad with two dressings and chef’s specialty salad (choice of three) Veg out (asiago cheese lettuce cucumber roasted peppers zucchini and caramelized onions) Tuna salad with lettuce and tomato, grilled chicken breast provolone cheese and tomato, the Italian ham salami lettuce tomato banana peppers and provolone cheese, roast beef swiss cheese leaf lettuce and red onion, turkey club mex pepper jack cheese lettuce and bacon, Relishes and condiments(soup du jour 2.50 per person) chips Buffet luncheons are severed with chefs choice of dessert, freshly brewed coffee, decaffeinated coffee, hot teas, sodas, and hot teas

Service charge of 19% and applicable sales tax will be added to all food and beverage arrangements

Break options Cookie jar break fresh baked assorted cookies and brownies with ice cold milk 7.95 per person

Munchies break pretzel, popcorn, chips, mixed nuts, cracker jacks

Gourmet coffee break Freshly brewed coffee and hot chocolate with flavored syrups and whipped cream biscottis, chocolate covered coffee beans and pirouettes 10.95 per person

8.95 per person

Old fashioned pretzel break Jumbo soft pretzel with honey mustard warm cheese dip mixed nuts 8.95 per person

Soda fountain break Vanilla ice cream with root beer ginger ale and assorted ice cream bars 9.95 per person

Chocoholic break Chocolate dipped fresh strawberries, chocolate brownies and chocolate dipped pretzels served with milk 9.95 per person

South of the boarder break Tortilla chips with salsa con queso, roasted red pepper salsa, and guacamole 9.95 per person

Health break sliced fruit, assorted low fat yogurts, crunchy granola with vegetable display 9.95 per person

Slide into home slider burgers and hot dogs with relish tray condiments popcorn and cracker jacks 9.95 per person

Service charge of 19% and applicable sales tax will be added to all food and beverage arrangements

Dinner buffet

Hor d oeuvres

Two main entrees


32.95 per person

2.00 per person

Three main entrees

Spanakopita Assorted pizza bites Grilled cheese and tomato soup shooters Fig and mascarpone phyllo Vegetable spring rolls with chili garlic dipping sauce Bacon wrapped water chestnuts Chicken satay with peanut sauce Mushroom stuffed with Italian sausage Pork pot stickers with sesame teriyaki sauce Meatballs: (Choice of Sauce)

36.95 per person

Salads Broccoli salad Sliced seasonal fruit salad Classic Caesar salad mixed green salad sliced tomato mozzarella salad fresh mozzarella topped with a balsamic vinaigrette Grilled Asparagus Salad topped with roasted tomatoes and lemon vinaigrette asparagus salad is seasonal, if out of season a one dollar charge will be added

Entrees SautÊ chicken breast with choice of sauce Oven roasted tilapia with choice of sauce, Sliced roast beef sirloin with choice of sauce Sliced pork loin with choice of sauce BBQ spare ribs Seasonal vegetables, chef’s choice of starch, assorted desserts, Coffee, decaffeinated coffee, hot teas, assorted sodas, and iced tea

Hot 3.00 per person

Coconut shrimp Teriyaki shrimp dumplings Bacon wrapped scallops maple glaze Coconut chicken skewers with sweet chili glaze Raspberry brie phyllo Chicken Wings (Choice of Sauce) Walleye Bites Cold 2.00 per person

Fruit kabobs Crostini with tomato tapenade Melon wrapped in prosciutto Bruschetta with artichoke Cold 4.00 per person

Jumbo shrimp display BLT bacon lobster and tomato crostini

Service charge of 19% and applicable sales tax will be added to all food and beverage arrangements


Carving stations (Continued)

Fresh vegetable display with dipping sauce

Whole beef tenderloin

3.00 per person

225 - serves 25 people

Hummus and tabouleh served with fresh pita chips

All carving stations are served with artisan rolls and assorted sauces. 75.00 chef carving fee for each station

3.25 per person

Cheese and cracker display imported cheese and assorted crackers 3.50 per person

Fresh fruit display 3.50 per person

Baked brie en croute

SautĂŠ station Italian pasta Chefs choice of 2 pastas with pesto, marinara, alfredo sauces and garlic bread 6.95 per person add grilled chicken or meatballs - 8.95 per person

Hot crab and artichoke dip served with baked pita chips

Southwestern fajita seasoned beef and chicken with grilled onions sautĂŠed peppers cheddar cheese salsa guacamole sour cream Spanish rice and tortillas

140 - serves 50 people

8.95 per person

Shrimp cocktail display served with fresh lemons and cocktail sauce

Asian stir fry stir vegetables with chicken, beef and rice

Current Market Price

9.95 per person

Carving stations

A minimum of 25 guest is required for each sautĂŠ station a 75.00

125 - serves 50 people

chef attendant fee for each station applies

Roasted pork loin 175 - serves 35 people

Roasted turkey breast 175 - serves 35 people

Glazed ham 175 - serves 35 people

Roasted beef strip loin 175 - serves 35 people

Questions or Special Requests? Contact Event Director and Catering Coordinator: Angie Dixon 419-725-4394 |

Service charge of 19% and applicable sales tax will be added to all food and beverage arrangements

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