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Butte Animal Shelter

The Chelsea Bailey Butte-Silver Bow Animal Shelter has more than 150 pets available for adoption, including 36 dogs and 115 cats looking for new homes. Shelter director Erin Wall said all the animals available for adoption are spayed or neutered, have had their appropriate shots and are micro-chipped. Many of the cats and dogs would make great pets for families with children, or households that already have pets and who are looking for more companionship.

View Featured Pets from the Butte Animal Shelter available for adoption on pages 3-9 of this guide.

And the process to adopt a pet is easy and inexpensive, thanks to a dedicated staff and generous volunteers. Adoption from start to finish usually takes a few days -- depending on the animal being adopted -- and includes submitting an application and having a background check to ensure the applicant’s living conditions and care capabilities are suitable and appropriate for the animal being adopted. The non-profit shelter is open thanks in part to individual contributions to Albert’s Angel Fund, a fund that supports the organization by providing medical care and daily comforts to the animals. But those funds only cover a part of the care needed. The shelter is always seeking volunteers, donations and food and treat donations. If you would like to adopt a pet or make a donation, call the Chelsea Bailey at 782-4850, visit the shelter at 699 Centennial in Butte, or email A complete list with photos of pets waiting for new homes is also available online at The facility is open 1 to 4 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday.


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Rombo the Mambo DSH, black, Male neutered, 1-2 yrs. STRAY: Need a dance partner? Rombo loves to Mambo!! He’ll twirl right into your heart. Don’t be a wallflower, come get him before his dance card is full. Adoption fee is sponsored! BUTTE’S BEST BUSINESS PRINTER 120 West Park St • Historic Uptown Butte PHONE 406-723-3363 • FAX 406-782-2207

Nitch DSH, Black, Male neutered, 8 Yr STRAY: Nitch is one cat that I could easily take home. From his beautiful, loving personality to his slightly “different right ear, he is amazing. He took to the other cats very smoothly. This laid back cat would like a home to hang in and a home that would give him a ton of love! Adoption fee is sponsored by his Guardian Angel!

Candle DSH, chocolate tiger, Female spayed, 1 Yr STRAY: No other cat can hold a candle to Candle. She came in a live-trap so we were unsure of her temperament. Well, the minute she came out of the trap she was a total love kitty. If you even look in her direction she is purring and rubbing her head against her kennel door. She is the complete package! Adoption Fee Sponsored by Guardian Angel!

Rossiter DSH, silver grey, Female spayed, 1 Yr STRAY: Root for Rossitter!! This stunningly silver kitty is a mush. She struts through the cat room like she is in a beauty pageant. She would win, her looks and personality sum it up. Rossiter is amazing! She enjoys hanging out with the other cats and all people. Throw your vote towards Rossiter, she will win you over!

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Tiger DSH, brown tiger; declawed, Male neutered, 5 yrs. OWNER TURN IN: I took one look at this boy and thought what a sweetie pie! He has such a gentle soul and demeanor. Tiger just wants to be warm and loved. He is de-clawed in the front, box trained and is handsome to boot. I know there is a special home out there that will treasure this special cat! Orlando DSH, orange/white, Male neutered, 3 Yr STRAY: Orlando is all sunshine and happiness. This big boy was a little shy at first and then out he sauntered with his big eyes and curious meow. I didn’t really get to know him until about day 4. I set him up with a box with a comfy blanket and was so happy with his new digs. Maybe he just likes a soft, cush spot to rest. Don’t we all? He has been a bright spot in my day ever since. What a cool cat! Serrett DSH, Black and White, Female spayed, 4 Yr OWNER TURN IN: Serrett is my sweetheart! She is deaf due to neglect in her last home. Serrett doesn’t let her hearing loss damper her outlook on life. She has a vocal meow of happiness when I enter the room. Serrett has stolen my heart and she will do the same with yours. My girl definitely needs to be an indoor only cat for her entire life. She needs a home that will give her time, patience and a ton of love. Daisy DSH, chocolate tiger, Female spayed, 3 Yr OWNER TURN IN: We call her “Big D”. She is amazingly huge not only in size but heart. Honestly, she is the biggest cat I have ever seen. After a successful double eye surgery Daisy is seeing how great life can be. She has a streak of diva in her which makes her very endearing and lovable. Eyes wide open and heart full of love, that is our Daisy!


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Adopting an extra cat adds fun to your home

(ARA) - People are social and we all highly value our interactions with friends and family. While you might not think the same of cats, people who have more than one can attest that having multiple cats can make everyone in the household - two-legged and four-legged - a little happier.  “Cats need stimulation, friendship, companionship, play and exercise, and these are all things that a second cat can help provide,” explains Dr. Jane Brunt, a veterinarian and executive director of the CATalyst Council. “That’s why the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), the American Humane Association, Petfinder and the CATalyst Council are partnering to remind people that adopting two cats can be twice the fun.”  Emily Armitage, spokesperson for the Anti-Cruelty Society, estimates that cats are surrendered to shelters at up to twice the rate as dogs, depending on the time of year. More litters of cats are born in the summer, so shelter staff must work even harder to find each kitten a “forever” home.  There are a lot of good reasons to adopt two cats. While cats are often misunderstood as solitary beings, cats are extremely social. They get lonely when left by themselves, and cat owners often report that a cat will mourn the loss of a feline friend. 

But before you add a new pet to any home, you need to be prepared. Take a minute to make sure you and your family are ready. The AVMA offers this countdown of the top 10 things you should consider before you adopt a cat: 10. Scratching is a healthy form of exercise for cats. When you adopt a cat, pick up a scratching post, or other items, to give your new pet a healthy place to “work out.”  9. Visit your veterinarian to get advice on parasite controls for fleas and ticks. Prevention is the best cure.  8. Make sure everyone in your house is prepared for the new pet. In fact, make the visit to the shelter a family affair, so that all members of the family can help pick an appropriate cat - or cats. Everyone needs to be on board to provide the best quality of care.  7. Make a cat-care budget. Litter, cat food, scratching posts, veterinary care, perhaps a little catnip - add this all up and you’ll see that cats are far from expensive pets, but these are costs for which you should be prepared. 

6. Stock up on supplies before you bring the cat home. This will help your cat feel at home from the first moment they arrive. In addition to a scratching post, you’ll need a litter box (be sure to show your new kitty where it is), cat litter, food and water bowls, cat food, toys, perhaps a cat bed and grooming tools like a brush, toothbrush and nail clippers. 5. Cat-proof your home. Did you know that cats can swallow loose string or tinsel, and that they can cause stomach or bowel obstructions? Cats are sometimes attracted to power cords and will chew on them - resulting in a powerful shock. Kittens have also been known to swallow paper clips. For more information, visit www.  4. Call your veterinarian to ask for health tips. A quick consultation with your veterinarian before the cat arrives and a visit soon after you adopt the cat will give you the information you’ll need to keep your cat healthy.  3. Include your cat in your home emergency plan. If there is a fire, flood, storm or other disaster, your new pet needs you to be a hero. For a video or brochure on keeping pets and other animals safe in an emergency, look for the “Saving the Whole Family” brochure and video on and  2. Pick a cat with a personality that matches your own. According to animal behaviorists, round-faced, long-haired cats are often more mellow in personality, while short-haired cats with triangular faces can be a bit more active and fun, although there are always exceptions to this rule. Take the time to get to know a cat to make sure it will be a good fit.  1. Mark your calendar to visit your veterinarian twice a year for a wellness checkup. Cats are often perceived as self-sustaining. But, as Dr. Brunt explains, many cats do not show obvious signs of pain, discomfort and other symptoms when they are ill, so you may not realize you have a sick cat at home until it’s too late.  Bottom line? Two cats will bring you twice the fun, but it’s up to you to make their lives healthy, safe and happy. For lots of great information about cats and how to keep them healthy, visit www.


Bella Lab/Border Collie X, black/white, Female spayed, 5 yrs. ABANDONED: Bella is that something special. Her love of snuggling and joyful dancing when she gets any attention will put a smile on your face. Bella is medium in size but would enjoy getting out and about. With her by your side any outdoor activity will feel like a fun filled adventure. Benny Shiba Inu X, red/cream with 3 legs, Male neutered, 4 Yr ABANDONED: This beautiful dog does not have electric boots or mohair suits but he does have a huge heart and moves like a jet on his 3 legs. Do not feel sorry for Benny, he doesn’t miss his leg and neither should you. This is one cool dog with a light in his eyes and a zest for life that will make you feel fabulous every day.

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   

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Josey Sheltie/Shepherd X, brown/black, Female spayed, 5 Yr OWNER TURN IN: Josey is the kind of outlaw  you need and will want in your life. She is on the hunt for love and she will steal your heart just like she has stolen mine. Josey is a sweet talking social butterfly. She likes to get to know  and hang out with other animals, adults and   kids. She is very intelligent and very much likes dog toys that make her use her brain power.

 

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Cletus American Pit Bull Terrier, blue/white, Male neutered, 8 Mo ABANDONED: Cletus is a vibrant, fun pup that that is ready to enjoy summer and all the “The Sign of Experience” seasons after for many years to come. He has been many places and seen many things Butte Plaza Mall • 494-5777 but he is now ready to settle down and be loved. Cletus is a happy, friendly pup that likes to hang out with all people and other dogs. Cletus is a true blue soul that is all original and one of a kind.

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Expert health tips for loving dog parents (ARA) - How Americans view the family pet has evolved over the years. Today, people are not content to merely be pet owners; instead they consider themselves to be “pet parents.” The joy and unconditional love that pets bring have catapulted them into the realm of true family member and people are willing to do whatever it takes to provide their pets with the best. A recent survey commissioned by Milo’s Kitchen home-style dog treats, revealed that a whopping 81 percent of Americans consider their dogs to be equal members of the family and 77 percent talk to their pups as if they are a human family member.  It is clear that the role of dog parent is constantly shifting, with each generation allowing dogs to play a larger and more prominent role in family life. Wendy Diamond, a well-known pet expert and animal rescue advocate, agrees. Here she provides some insider tips about how to give the best-quality care to canine family members:  1. Plant with care  Warm weather months call us outdoors to plant landscaping. The yard or patio is also where pet parents spend a lot of time with their pup enjoying nice weather. When planting, it is important to take care to avoid plants that are toxic for dogs. Common plants that are poisonous if ingested by a dog include the following: a variety of lilies, aloe, buckwheat, daffodil, dahlia, hydrangea and some ferns. Also, avoid using cocoa mulch because the cacao bean shells contain theobromine, which is very dangerous if consumed by dogs and other pets.  2. Clean green  Pet parents love their pets, but it’s likely that most four-legged friends don’t have a place setting at the dinner table. Because dogs spend a lot of time on the floor both eating and relaxing, it’s beneficial to take precautions by using nontoxic cleaners. The green cleaning movement is growing and it’s probable that pet parents can find many great options at local retail stores. Looking at the labels is key; many will note if they are nontoxic for pets. Another option is homemade cleaners from common household ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, salt and lemon juice. 

3. “Treat” them well There are so many treat options for dogs, it’s easy for pet parents to get confused about what is both healthy and tasty. One of the easiest ways to recognize a higher quality treat is to simply look at its appearance. Look for treats that look wholesome, with no artificial colors, flavors or fillers. Find treats that look like they are made with the same quality and care as we would choose for our own meals, like Milo’s Kitchen home-style dog treats that are 100 percent real jerky, sausage slices and meatballs. Pups deserve treats that live up to the high standards families set for their own well-being.  4. Bond through exercise  Just like people need exercise, both for their physical and mental health, so do dogs. This could be a great excuse for dog parents and dogs to spend time exercising together. Walking and running with pups has always been popular, but the latest dog exercise trend is to spend time at specialized dog parks, which are available in many communities. Here, leash laws are relaxed and dogs can enjoy some time simply being themselves. This might even spark pet parent friendships and encourage other dog lovers to start meeting for regular doggy play dates.  5. Don’t fear the vet  Regular vet visits are important for maintaining good pet health, but too often these are dreaded by both dogs and their pet parents. Annual visits to the veterinarian provide necessary insight into pets’ health and development. Regular veterinary visits also give parents the opportunity to ask questions and receive expert feedback. From advice on vitamins and medicine, to age-related physical and behavioral concerns, a vet is there to help pet parents make solid choices when it comes to their pets’ well-being. Plus regular visits can help ensure dogs live long lives as active members of the family.  When dog parents love their dog like family, it is imperative to provide only the best care. These expert tips will help Fido to live a long, healthy life.


Mario Rottweiler/Lab X, black with a little white, Male neutered, 9 Mo OWNER TURN IN: Big love bug coming at ya! Mario is the happiest dog with the best wigglebutt I have ever seen. He will love you like no other and will give such unconditional loyalty. He likes all people, other dogs and is house-broke. Mario will be your “must have” to enjoy and brighten your life forever Burnell Lab/Boston Terrier X, brindle/white, Female spayed, 4 Yr STRAY: Burnell is our camera shy beauty with a heart of gold. I will try and capture the wonder and greatness of this dog in her bio so you can fall in love her with just like we have. Her friendly smile, immediate loyalty and want to be loved will make you feel very special. This calm, smart, responsive dog would be an awesome companion for a novice or expert dog home. Buddy Lab X, black/white, Male neutered, 1 Yr OWNER TURN IN: This dog takes the common, plain “Buddy” name to new heights. Our Buddy is built like a brick house and he has a personality that is full of feelings and fabulousness. Buddy would do best in a home that will have him as the only four legged family member. He is ready to enjoy all his new life will offer, indoors and out. From the heart, our Buddy is so much more than just a dog named Buddy. Endal Lab/Shepherd X, black, Male neutered, 1 Yr STRAY: This dog is the “be all and Endal” of dogs. Both sides of his personality compliment each other perfectly. Endal has a loving, adorable, fun, innocent puppy side and an onpoint, very intelligent and attentive adult dog side. You will look forward to doing everything with Endal by your side. I can’t imagine Endal not being the love of your life instantly. He just has that effect about him and I love him for it!


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Five important facts about heartworm (ARA) - With warm weather here, pets as well as people are spending more time outdoors. But is your pet protected from one of the most common - and deadly - diseases? A nationwide survey of more than 5,000 veterinary hospitals was recently completed by the American Heartworm Society (AHS) to gauge the incidence of heartworm disease in the United States. The sad news: While effective and affordable heartworm preventives for dogs and cats have been available for decades, the 2010 AHS survey documented heartworm in each of the contiguous United States and Hawaii - as well as in almost every county and parish. If you’re a pet owner, here are five facts you should know about heartworm disease: 1. Blame the mosquito. Pets don’t infect each other, they require a go-between: the mosquito. More than 20 species of mosquitoes are known to spread heartworm, and they can carry the infected larvae for miles, even transmitting the disease from wild animals (such as coyotes) to pets. And while mosquito repellents are a good idea for reducing mosquito numbers, they don’t take the place of monthly heartworm preventives. All it takes is for one infected mosquito to bite your dog or cat, and even the best mosquito repellent won’t provide adequate heartworm protection. CONTINUE ON PAGE 15

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Saving Shiny Smiles Everybody loves a pearly white smile including your dog or cat! Not only do healthy teeth say a very inviting “Hello!” but they are also a good marker for what may be lurking beneath the surface. The oral cavity is a very sensitive place with a sensitive balance of normal bacterial inhabitants, teeth, tissues and all the mechanical parts that allow animals (including humans) to chew, eat, and, under certain circumstances, defend one’s self. With that in mind, it is easy to see why the mouth is a vital component of any biological system’s well being and maintaining this spectacular body part is of vital importance. Having a tooth ache for even a day is something no human would want to endure and those unlucky enough to have experienced this will attest to it. The same applies to dogs and cats. Imagine having a tooth ache for a day, a week or even a month-yowsers! However, many dogs and cats are going through this kind of pain without ever showing a sign. Non-human animals are amazing in this capacity but this is not an acceptable reason to let proper dental care be ignored. In fact, once dental issues are addressed, many pet owners will find their furry friends have an extra skip in their step and are playing like a puppy or kitten again. Since our cuddly critters are so adept at hiding their illness, including dental disease, it can be a little difficult to tell when a dental cleaning or some sort of intervention is needed. Some clues that your pet may have rotten teeth can be found using some of your senses. First, seeing lots of yellow, brown or black tartar on the teeth, especially the teeth in back you don’t normally see, is a very good indication that there is dental disease. Second, your nose can lead the way. If your dog has breath that could kill a plant with one pant, there is definitely something amiss in the oral cavity. Third, if your pet is favoring a side to chew food or toys, that could indicate something is painful and he/she doesn’t want to have pressure on that side. Finally, and best, is to have your veterinarian do an oral exam and find any troubled tooth or evidence of gum disease. If you have questions about your pet’s dental health, call your veterinarian and schedule an appointment. Dental cleanings are as vital as vaccines in our companion animals. Having brought up the topic of the necessity of dental cleanings, it would be prudent to elaborate on some specifics as to why dental cleanings are beneficial. As mentioned previously, aching teeth hurt - a lot! That reason alone should be enough to want to fix the source that is causing the pain. However, there are many other good reasons. Just like in people, if there is an infection in the mouth, it can get into the blood stream and the bacteria from the mouth can shower the liver, lungs, heart, kidneys and practically every organ in the body. Having an infection in your heart is definitely not compatible with life! Maintaining dental health can easily prevent this serious complication. Along those same lines, an infection around the teeth can eventually lead to a tooth root


abscess. This disease process is very painful, leads to swelling in the face and can take a lot of oral surgery, pain medications and antibiotics to cure. It is much easier to prevent dental disease than deal with a tooth root abscess! Many, in fact most, of our furry friends will require yearly dental exams and cleanings much like their owners. This can help prevent tooth loss, jaw bones being eaten away by infection and a lot of pain. If your pet has never had a dental cleaning, you may be wondering what exactly it entails. Unlike people, dogs and cats do not sit quietly with their mouths open for dental cleanings. In fact, the noise from the dental scaler often would be enough to send a cat climbing up the walls! Therefore, anesthetizing your pet is necessary, not only for their (and our) sanity but also for their safety and to ensure a thorough and proper cleaning. The remainder of the dental is almost identical to that in people; however, more significant scaling is often required depending on the tartar buildup. Dogs and cats will also get their teeth fluorided before being awakened! If your pet requires tooth extractions or more extensive dental work, these procedures can be accomplished during the session as well. In between yearly dental cleanings, it is vital to try to maintain your pet’s oral health at home. There are many things you can do to help your pet’s teeth. The best way to maintain healthy teeth and gums is to do exactly what people do - brush them! There are specialized tooth brushes available for dogs and cats and also specialized non-toxic toothpaste for them. Other available options for cleaning your pets teeth include dental chews, dental toys and some spray on products. A word of caution-just because the label says it works to fight tartar and plaque doesn’t always mean it’s effective. When looking for a dental product, look for a seal with VOHC on it. VOHC stands for Veterinary Oral Health Council and these are products that have been examined and passed by certified veterinary dentists for being reliable products for maintaining oral health. Dental care is just as important for your fuzzy friend as it is for you. The sooner proper dental care is started, the better your pet’s mouth will feel and smell! By Dr. Heather Davis of Amherst Animal Hospital


Pintler Pets There are more than 175 pets available for adoption at Pintler Pets in Anaconda. The non-profit shelter currently has 150 cats and 28 dogs waiting for homes. Shelter spokesperson Pat Phillip says many lucky pets have found companionship around the country from as near as Anaconda, and as far as Connecticut and Alaska. “We have pets adopted everywhere,” Phillip said. Phillip said she has so many great stories from families about pets they have been adopted, and she wants each dog and cat currently at the shelter to have the same opportunity.

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The adoption process usually takes a couple of days and includes submitting an application. Phillip said the shelter does a thorough job of checking prospective homes for their pets to ensure the best fit. “We like owners to have fenced yards,” Phillip said, when referring to people looking to adopt a dog. Phillip said they also check to see if families rent or own and what kind of pet owners they’ve been in the past. The shelter relies on donations to stay open and is always looking for monetary contributions, volunteers and food donations. If you would like to adopt a pet or make a donation, call Pintler Pets at 563-7464, visit the shelter at 80 Silver St. in Anaconda, or email Their website,, also has a complete list of pets waiting for adoption.



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Sadie Pit Bull Color: white/red Female spayed, Adult OWNER TURN IN: Sadie is obese! The best thing about dogs is that we, as humans, control how much they eat! Sadie needs a lot less than she has been getting in her food dish. She was originally adopted from Pintler, and was quite svelte then, so we know she can lose the extra pounds. She and Mr. Gus are friends, but they can be adopted together or separately.

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As good as you’ve heard. 1200 E. Commercial • Anaconda 563-5225 • •

Lady Labrador Retriever Color: black Female spayed, Adult OWNER TURN IN: Lady was with us last November as a stray. She was adopted but her new family felt she was too protective of them. It seems that she wants to be someone’s one and only, but with some socialization, she will have to learn to “Play well with others”. She looks like a purebred Lab but we can’t be 204 E Commercial, Anaconda • 563-7115 100% certain.


Hannah German Shepherd Dog Color: tan/black Female spayed, Adult OWNER TURN IN: Owner surrender because of county ordinances regarding the number of dogs allowed per household. Hannah is a beautiful German shepherd dog with a lot of positive things going for her. She needs some regular grooming now that Spring is here. Update: Hannah is in foster care in Missoula. Call Andrea at 406-214-4639 for more information. Buddy Great Dane X Color: taupe Male neutered, 8 Mo STRAY: Abandoned, forgotten or fell out of a truck, Buddy was found at the Deer Lodge Exit of I90. He has a fabulous, unique coloring and eyes to match. He looks somewhat like he has some Great Dane in him, but is much leaner and delicate. He is not going to grow to be a big dog. Update: A DNA test done on Buddy revealed... get this! ... that he is part Bichon Frise, part Sheltie, and part Great Dane.

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    


Griz Lab/Pointer Color: dark brown/white with spots Male neutered, Young Adult OWNER TURN IN: He is a fabulous dog: big and strong and observant. Griz has more of the physique of a pointer. He was originally identified as a hound cross, but with those spots and that “eye”, he seems more like a GSP / Labrador cross. Update: Griz is being sponsored by the Mark Softich Family of Anaconda. Kate American Bulldog X Color: white/black Female spayed, 4 months STRAY: Arrived full of mange (the non- communicable kind) and physically scarred from who knows what. Her skin is mostly healed now, and is well on the way to 100% healthy after a rough start. This pup is a darling, full-oflove and-intelligence type dog. Her foster Mom would have loved to keep her but it is best that she gets a home of her own. She reminds one of the Little Rascal’s (or Our Gang’s) dog. Ole DSH Color: buff/white bicolor Male neutered, 10 weeks OWNER TURN IN: Ole and Lena are siblings, and Betty is their Mom. They have been in foster care and are well socialized. Ole and Lena are about 10 weeks old. Ole is the more outgoing one and quite the character, and Lena is shy and beautiful. Call 782-8034 for their foster Mom. Bandit Snowshoe Siamese Color:cream/brown/white Male, 3 months STRAY: He is very charming and very much like a Siamese in his inquisitiveness. He is also a talker and likes to follow his foster Mom around like a dog. Bandit is in foster care so call the shelter (406-563-7464) for an appointment to see Bandit and leave a message for ‘Sam” (and/or Bandit).

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Betty DSH Color: white/gray/cream Female spayed, Young Adult Where Any Time is Dog Time OWNER TURN IN: Betty arrived with two kit• Daily/Weekly Rates tens, although almost a kitten herself. Betty is • Pick-Up & Delivery a tiny, long-legged, thin kitty. She is very loving and outgoing. Her colors are outstanding and • Overnight Cage Free Care & Boarding she has the most expressive eyes ever. Call • Indoor/Outdoor Play Area 782-8034 for their foster Mom. 5051 Harrison Ave

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Humphrey DSH Color: brown tabby Male neutered, Young Adult STRAY: Humphrey and Margarita were livetrapped in the same area. Hopefully their owner is looking for them! Beautiful, well taken care of cats who unfortunately were in the wrong place. They should be home


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CONTINUED FROM PAGE 10 2. Your pet can’t escape the threat of heartworm disease. Heartworm incidence has been documented in all 50 states. That’s why the American Heartworm Society guidelines recommend that all U.S. pets be given heartworm preventive on a monthly basis, and dogs be tested annually for heartworm. 3. Cats get heartworm disease, too. Dogs are more susceptible than cats, but cats can become seriously ill from just a few worms. The bottom line: if you live in an area where heartworm disease in dogs is prevalent, your cat should get preventive medication, too. 4. Pets need more than “fair-weather” friends. While spring is when many pets are tested for heartworm, the American Heartworm Society recommends that pets be protected from this deadly parasite year-round. Between varying weather conditions, warm microclimates that form protective pockets where mosquitoes can survive and frequent travel with pets, limiting heartworm protection to warm-weather months can be a risky proposition.

5. Prevention beats the cure any day. Dogs with heartworm disease can and should be treated, but the cost is significant; treating a dog can cost more than $1,000 and dogs need careful monitoring and cage confinement for a month or more. Meanwhile, there is no effective medication for treating cats with heartworm disease. The good news: prevention, which is available for both dogs and cats, is a fraction of the cost of treatment and is much easier on your pet. Only a veterinarian can ensure your pet is getting optimal protection from heartworm. For more information, talk to your veterinarian or visit


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