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Poznań International Fair

Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie

A proud sponsor of the International Violin Competition of H. Wieniawski, one of the most prestigious violin competitions in the world



we act with passion and support musical passions


25.O2-27.O2 SPECIAL DAYS Holiday and Special Occasion Products Fair

MIĘDZYNARODOWE TARGI POZNAŃSKIE 21.O1 – 24.O1 POLAGRA-PREMIERY International Fair of Agricultural Mechanization



25.O2-28.O2 CAVALIADA WARSZAWA Horse-Riding Equipment Fair 2)

O2.O2-O5.O2 BUDMA International Construction and Architecture Fair

O8.O3-11.O3 MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Fair

O2.O2-O5.O2 KOMINKI International Fireplaces Exhibition

O8.O3-11.O3 HOME DECOR Interior Fair

12.O2-14.O2 RYBOMANIA Poznań Angling Fair


12.O2-14.O2 KNIEJE Hunting and Shooting Exhibition

11.O3-13.O3 RYBOMANIA Katowice Angling Fair

12.O2-14.O2 BOATEX Swimming Equipment and Water Sports Exhibition

18.O3-19.O3 Poznań Optical Exhibition 4)



12.O2-14.O2 TOUR SALON Fair of Regions and Tourist Products 24.O2 – 26.O2 POZNAŃ FASHION FAIR:

NEXT SEASON Exhibition of Clothes and Accessories – Autumn-Winter 2O16/2O17 FAST FASHION Exhibition of Clothes and Accessories – Spring-Summer 2O16 BTS Exhibition of Shoes and Leather Goods


O5.O3-O6.O3 AGRO – PARK Agricultural Fair – Lublin 3)


O4.O2 – O7.O2 CAVALIADA LUBLIN Horse-Riding Equipment Fair


18.O3-19.O3 School and Nursery Equipment Exhibition

25.O2-27.O2 GARDENIA International Garden and Landscape Architecture Trade Fair Before deciding to participate in the fair, please check the date of the event on the

18.O3-2O.O3 Books for Children, Young Adults and Parents – 15th Poznań Trade Fair Meetings


31.O3-O3.O4 TTM Automotive Technology Fair 5)


12.O4-14.O4 SALMED International Trade Fair of Medical Equipment and Instruments

26.O4-28.O4 SAWO International Fair of Work Protection, Fire-Fighting and Rescue Equipment



25.O4-28.O4 SECUREX International Security Fair




O7.O5-O8.O5 LOOK Hairdressing Forum

17.O4 Poznań Halfmarathon 12)

O7.O5-O8.O5 BEAUTY VISION Cosmetics Forum

2O.O4 POZNAŃ BIZNES PARTNER 6) Poznań Metropolitan Economic Forum

1O.O5-12.O5 EXPOPOWER International Power Industry Fair

22.O4-23.O4 VIVA SENIORS! Activity. Health. Prevention

1O.O5-12.O5 GREENPOWER International Renewable Energy Fair


2O.O5-22.O5 FIT-EXPO Fitness & Sport Park

22.O4-24.O4 DREMASILESIA Fair of Woodworking Machines and Tools – Katowice

2O.O5-22.O5 SPORT INVEST Sports Infrastructure Forum

25.O4-28.O4 INSTALACJE International Trade Fair of Installations

28.O5-29.O5 AEROFESTIVAL8) : Conference / Aviation fair / Air shows

25.O4-28.O4 TCS System Heating Trade Fair 7)

O7.O6-1O.O6 FOCAST Foundry Forum 9)


Before deciding to participate in the fair, please check the date of the event on the



PROGRAMME OF TRADE FAIRS IN 2O16 O7.O6-1O.O6 INNOVATIONS - TECHNOLOGIES – MACHINES POLAND (ITM POLAND): HAPE – Exhibition of Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Drives MACH-TOOL – Machines and Tools Exhibition METALFORUM – Exhibition of Metallurgy and Metal Industry SURFEX – Exhibition of Surface Treatment Technologies TRANSPORTA WELDING RESEARCH FOR INDUSTRY

O7.O6-1O.O6 SUBCONTRACTING Industrial Subcontracting Exhibition 2O.O8-21.O8 ROLTECHNIKA – Agricultural Exhibition – Wilkowice near Leszno 16) concurrently: Festiwal of Old Tractors 29.O8-31.O8 POZNAŃ FASHION FAIR:

NEXT SEASON Exhibition of Clothes and Accessories – Spring-Summer 2O17 FAST FASHION Exhibition of Clothes and Accessories – Autumn-Winter 2O16/2O17 BTS Exhibition of Shoes and Leather Goods


25.O9-29.O9 POLAGRA – TECH International Trade Fair of Food Processing Technologies: Bakery and Confectionery Technologies Exhibition (25.O9 – 29.O9) Food Processing Technologies Exhibition (26.O9 – 29.O9) 26.O9-29.O9 POLAGRA – FOOD International Trade Fair for Food 26.O9-29.O9 POLAGRA GASTRO International Trade Fair for Gastronomy

O1.O9-O3.O9 EKO-LAS Fair of Forestry, Wood Industry and Environmental Protection – Janów Lubelski

26.O9-29.O9 INVEST – HOTEL Hotel Equipment Trade Fair

O7.O9-1O.O9 FDI Annual World Dental Congress 1O)

26.O9-29.O9 TAROPAK International Trade Fair of Packaging Technology and Labelling

13.O9-16.O9 DREMA International Trade Fair of Machines and Tools for Wood and Furniture Industries

26.O9-29.O9 LOGIPAK Trade Fair of Logistics

13.O9-16.O9 FURNICA International Trade Fair of Components for Furniture Production

26.O9-29.O9 EPLA Plastics and Rubber Fair 14)

13.O9-16.O9 SOFAB International Trade Fair of Upholstery Fabrics and Components for Upholstered Furniture

O4.1O-O6.1O REKLAMA36O International Trade Fair of Advertising Goods and Printing Advertising

13.O9-16.O9 INTERMIC Trade Fair of Textile, Clothes and Shoe Making Machines



Before deciding to participate in the fair, please check the date of the event on the




PROGRAMME OF TRADE FAIRS IN 2O16 O9.1O Poznań Maraton 12)

16.11-18.11 SAKRALIA Trade Fair of Church Furnishings, Liturgical Objects and Devotional Items

11.1O-14.1O POL-ECO-SYSTEM International Fair of Technologies and Products for Sustainable Development and Municipal Services:

17.11-19.11 MEMENTO POZNAŃ Funeral Fair 15)

AQUA –TECH – Water management, waste water treatment and anti-ood protection

26.11-27.11 RYBOMANIA Lublin Angling Fair

GREENPOWER – Renewable Energy Exhibition ECO-PROTECT – Environmental Protection Technologies RECYKLING – Waste and Recycling Management Exhibition KOMTECHNIKA – Municipal Technologies Exhibition CITY TRANS PROJEKT – Sustainable Transport


SMART REGION – Exhibition of Products and Services for Local Governments

O1.12-O4.12 CAVALIADA SPORT, including: International Indoor Jumping Competition CSI3*-W


21.1O-23.1O POZNAŃ GAME ARENA Entertainment and Multimedia Show

O2.12-O4.12 Horse-Riding Equipment Fair

22.1O-23.1O HOBBY Meeting people with passion

22.1O-23.1O AQUA & ZOO Pet Exhibition

O2.12-O4.12 Art & Craft Festival

2) Co-organiser: Polish Horse-Riding Association 3) Co-organiser: Targi Lublin SA 4) Organiser: Inter-Province Gild of Optical Craft - Poznań 5) Co-organiser: Association of Automotive Technology

22.1O-23.1O HAPPY BABY Fair of Toys and Goods for Children

6) Organiser: Poznań City Hall 7) Co-organiser: Polish District Heating Chamber of Commerce 8) Co-organiser: Aeropact Sp z o.o. 9) Co-organiser: Centrum Polskiego Odlewnictwa 1O) Organisers: FDI World Dental Federation, Polish Dental Association, Exactus sp.j. 11) Co-organiser: Union of the Provinces of the Republic of Poland 12) Organiser: Poznań Sport and Recreation Centres

18.11-19.11 OPTYKA Optical Fair 13)

13) Co-organiser: Chaber of Polish Optican 14) Co-organiser: Business Image Publishing House 15) Co-organiser: Polish Funeral Asocciation 16) Organiser: Lipno Municipality

16.11-19.11 STONE Stone Industry Fair

16.11-19.11 GLASS Glass Industry Fair

Before deciding to participate in the fair, please check the date of the event on the

Dated: 23.11.2O15r.


A year of great events 627 thousand visitors, 9.5 thousand exhibitors, and events covering the total of 365 thousand square meters – this is the summary of the year 2O15 at Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, which has to do with Poznań not only due to its name. In October 2O15, the City of Poznań became the sole owner of the Fair. This way the history has repeated itself as it was out of the initiative of Poznań merchants that the 1st Poznań Fair took place in 1921; it was Poland’s first national exhibition event. Turning it into the up-to-date language, we would have been a pretty good startup! Innovativeness, dynamics, promotion of novelties and non-standard solutions are the values we followed then and which we also find important today, i.e. 95 years after. It is hard to imagine Poznań without the most recognizable exhibition brand in Poland, being a place of the greatest exhibition events, conferences and concerts. 2O16, the year we are celebrating our 95th anniversary, will be even more eventful not only around Poznań but also in other Polish towns. Generally, Henryk Wieniawski’s music will accompany us over the whole year as it is the year of concerts taking place as part of the International Violin Competition of H. Wieniawski and the International Lute Competition of H. Wieniawski. We are proud to patronize such prestigious international events. We will also carry out new investments. A multi-level gastronomy zone will be created in pavilion 15; a canteen, a restaurant and an exclusive VIP zone will occupy three levels. It will be a prelude to modernization works in the coming years, when fair grounds will be extended by a multi-storey car park, a boutique hotel, and an exhibition museum. We are also in for lots of impressive events in 2O16 which will not only be connected with the MTP’s jubilee but also with the 1O5Oth anniversary of the Christening of Poland and the origin of Poland. To commemorate that, the Earth Hall of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie will host the National Assembly on 15th April 2O16. It is a meeting of the Sejm, the Senat, the Polish government and it is attended by the Polish Episcopate as well as Prime Ministers of the neighboring countries. A few months later, we will host more than 1O thousand guests participating in the FDI Annual Dental Congress. It will be the largest congress in the history of Poznań since the COP14 climate conference. I am convinced that the events of 2O16 will provide you with lots of positive emotions and will successfully promote Polish economy and its entrepreneurs. I would like to invite you to Poznań and wish you lots of business success over the whole 2O16. Przemysław Trawa President of the Board of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie


Polish economy - flexibility and openness


Construction materials and technologies fair BUDMA / KOMINKI / SPORT INVEST / GLASS / STONE / INSTALACJE / TCS


Security fair SECUREX / SAWO


Industrial technology fairs ITM POLAND / FOCAST




Power industry fairs EXPOPOWER / GREENPOWER


Garden and floristry fair GARDENIA / SPECIAL DAYS






Logistics, packaging and labelling technology fairs TAROPAK / LOGIPAK / EPLA


Hotel and catering fairs POLAGRA GASTRO / INVEST HOTEL


Fairs of wood and furniture technologies DREMA / DREMASILESIA / FURNICA / SOFAB / EKO-LAS


Interior design and arrangement fairs MEBLE POLSKA / HOME DECOR / ARENA DESIGN




Automotive and air sports fair MOTOR SHOW / TTM / AEROFESTIVAL










Sacred and funeral fairs SAKRALIA / MEMENTO POZNAŃ




Tourist fair TOUR SALON



Poznań Fair Magazine (special issue). An official magazine of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie. Issued from 1959. Editor-in-Chief: Katarzyna Supa, / Editing: Karolina Bartołd-Michalak, Renata Hille, Ewa Kozłowska, Karolina Makowska, Ewa Mrożek, Marta Radowska-Karpińska, Marta Rybko, Maria Szczepaniak-Kowalska, Katarzyna Świderska, Paulina Wasiluk, Marta Wiśniewska, Tomasz Wojciechowski, Miłosz Zagórski Advertising: Katarzyna Probala, / Graphic project: Brandswork / Photogrphies: Archiwum MTP, Marek Bajon, Maja Kasztelan, Marcin Melanowicz, Piotr Piaseczny, Piotr Piosik, Dana Puciłowska / Print: Moś & Łuczak / Redaction: Głogowska 14, 6O-734 Poznań / Publisher: Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie Sp. z o.o., Głogowska 14, 6O-734 Poznań, tel. +48 61 869 2O OO, e-mail:, POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / O3


Flexibility and openness Following the Financial Times, Polish economy proved its flexibility towards the economic slowdown; it is the only country in the European Union whose GDP has not decreased after the events in 2OO8. Compared to the previous year, the Polish GDP increased by 3.6% in the second quarter of 2O15 making it the third best result in Europe following Czech Republic and Romania. Many factors influenced upon the economic development of Poland including structural reforms, well-qualified human capital, labor costs, as well as investments based on European funds and cooperation with European Countries, especially with Germany. Human potential, friendly regulations Poland is ranked 14th among 65 countries which were researched by PISA (Program for International Student Assessment), which is far above the average level of the OECD countries and also higher than Germany, Austria, Denmark, and France. Poland also provides favorable business conditions. According to the prestigious Doing Business ranking from 2O16, which reflects the easiness of running a company globally, Poland was ranked 25th out of 189 countries, higher than Spain and Italy. At the same time, Poland offers lower labor costs, which are nearly four times lowers than those of Spain and Italy and nearly six times lowers than those of Germany. Moreover, the costs have been going down, unlike in the case of our neighbors. This results from the characteristics of the labor market which offers pretty flexible forms of employment. Strategic location Poland’s strategic location makes it, sort of, a bridge between the east and the greatest economy of Europe, namely Germany. Similarly to other countries of Eastern Europe, in the 9Os Poland became another part of the German production belt by means of investments of such German companies as Volkswagen and Bosch which placed parts of their production here. As a result, more than a fourth of Polish export reaches Germany. Export increase According to preliminary data of the Central Statistical Office of Poland the export value in 2O15 is to reach about EUR 87,2 billion, which is ca. 8% more than in 2O14. The import value, on the other hand, is to reach about EUR 84,3 billion (6.5% increase). Export into developed markets kept increasing in the first quarter of 2O15; O4 / POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

an increase of 6.7% up to EUR 36.5 billion. Also, export to developing countries developed very fast reaching 2O.1%, and export value to these markets reached EUR 3.9 billion. Simultaneously, shrinking of export to Central and Eastern Europe was noted; export to Russia, Ukraine and Belarus dropped by 32%, 16% and 4O% respectively. Flagship export products Over the last 25 years of the political and economic transformation Polish export kept developing. In the 9Os Poland mostly exported raw materials such as coal, copper, clothes and furniture. Over the last two years Poland has become a leading exporter of cars and car spare parts (8% of export), being ranked 15th in that sector globally. Poland achieves comparably impressive results in the field of furniture (4th worldwide exporter in terms of sale value; Poland follows China, Germany and Italy only), food (export value in 2O15 is to reach EUR 25 billion), boats and yachts (5th place worldwide). The other Polish export specialties include clothes and accessories, leather products, cosmetics, food, construction materials especially windows and doors, sanitary products, water installations, IT and ICT services, jewelry and amber products, pharmaceutical and biotechnological innovations, medical equipment and measuring devices, as well as medical tourism. Technological innovation The Polish start-up ecosystem has been developing very rapidly. It is estimated that there are 2,4OO entities referred to as start-ups, whose key business model concentrates on the processing of information and related technologies. Most often start-ups include software producers operating in such sectors as mobile apps, e-commerce, as well as web services. It is nearly two times more often that start-ups refer to B2B and B2C services as dominant. “Go global” is a slogan which accompanies


nearly every single start-up initiative. On one hand, those entities which, from the very beginning, wish to win the favor of the most challenging foreign markets are very successful. On the other hand, however, the domestic market in pretty often a starting point for those undertakings which are destined to become broader with time. Exporters constitute more than half of all start-ups. Half of them carry out more than 5O% of sales abroad, mostly to Great Britain and the United States of America. Germany is also an important recipient. Polish start-ups start to make global and innovative technological products and promise that we will see lots of phenomenal products which are “Made in Poland”. Future forecast As estimated by Rafał Sadoch, Plus Bank economist, the growth of GDP in the whole 2O15 should level at 3.5% rather than 3.7% which has been predicted so far. Economists often label such forecasts with a statement saying “unless some unexpected circumstances occur”. And, what “unexpected circumstances” may influence upon the Polish economy? Mostly, these involve external threats coming from China, which has so far been a hope of global economy. The bloody Monday of September 24 at stock exchange in Shanghai, whose main index dropped by 8.5%, impacted on other worldwide markets and raised questions concerning the Chinese economy and the credibility of statistics. The 7% economic growth planned by Chinese authorities (impressive globally, yet the lowest in the last 25 years) became jeopardized. China can turn to the devaluation of the juan (which they have already commenced). However, this means trouble for the largest exporters like, for example, Germany, which consequently, will affect the Polish economy indirectly.

Contact with us: Małgorzata Barczak tel. +48 61 861 25 24 e-mail:


Sources: Financial Times on 17.O6.2O15; InfoCredit – partner of Exhibitor’s Zone – Business Leverage; on 27.1O.2O15, report on “Polish Start-ups 2O15” prepared by Startup Poland Foundation




BUDMA International Construction and Architecture Fair held yearly

KOMINKI International Fireplaces Exhibition held every other year


If you are searching for the latest products and technologies for the construction industry, BUDMA is the place where you are bound to find them. It has for years been the flagship project of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie. Every single year it is visited by more than 5O thousand professionals from around the world. The event’s exposition presenting the most complex offer of the construction industry in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe is additionally complemented with a special program of events for professionals divided into four key groups: sales representatives, contractors, investors, and architects. Sales representatives can take advantage of the HOSTED BUYERS program and participate in the Distributor Day. There is a special Architecture Forum for all architects, including a specially-arranged Strada di Architettura, a meeting with some famous architect (in the recent years BUDMA hosted Renato Rizzi, Rainer Mahlamaki, Alberto Viega), an architecture-bound debate, workshops and contests for young architects. Contractors may take part in competitions and championships and they also have a chance to have a go at construction materials and equipment as part of the Test Zone. Investors, on the other hand, are invited to participate in the Energy-Efficient and Passive Construction Forum as well as Days of Construction Engineer. Following its slogan “Knowledge, Inspiration, and Business” the event is packed with business meetings and presentations of brand new products and technologies. Thematic scope: › walls and facades, gates, ceilings, isolation › stone for construction › surfaces › concrete for construction › stairs, floors, doors, hardware › construction materials and equipment › chemicals for construction › finishing systems › bathroom ceramics › urban architecture › windows and covers, gates, fences, elevators, automatics › glass for construction › facility management systems › access control systems › parking lot systems › steel constructions › warehouse fitting systems › steel roofing › steel for construction › wooden constructions › ready assembly systems › roofs › green roofs › roof accessories › water drainage › roof insulation › auxiliary construction equipment › construction site equipment › construction machines › transport Poland’s only fair event where real fire is used! There are premieres of fireplace-related products during the event. Additionally, the latest trends regarding fireplace designs are presented as part of a special zone for architects called Kominek Futura (Futura Fireplace), which constitutes a speciallyarranged sightseeing path known as Strada di Architettura. KOMINKI is dedicated to investors, designers and architects. Thematic scope: › fireplaces: tiled stoves, freestanding flue pipe furnaces › fireplace combustion chambers: inserts, trims, installation parts, stove-making articles, traditional and modern heating systems and construction materials, fireplace accessories, natural stone, heating and insulation materials

Bartosz Zeidler / Product Group Director Energy-efficient and passive construction is a more and more frequently chosen solution, not only due to various regulations and ecology, but also due to relative savings in terms of using a building over a longer period of time. From 2O21 all newly-erected buildings are to be nearly zero-energy buildings, which is the requirement of the European Union. A little earlier, in 2O19, the requirements are to apply to public buildings. Modern construction is trying to minimize energy loss concentrating on completely new challenges. Is the industry ready for that? We will find out the answer to the question at BUDMA, where leading construction companies present their latest products and solutions. BUDMA will for the second time be an arena where lots of products have their premieres as part of the BUDMA Premier Club. As usual, the fair will be accompanied by an interesting content-based program. However, the 7th Forum of Energy-Efficient and Passive Construction is what should be given particular attention. We will discuss the most important advantages and concepts behind energy-efficient and passive construction, economic benefits of taking advantage of renewable energies, innovative thermo-insulation solutions, as well as technologies used in non-residential buildings and passive warehouses.



SPORT INVEST Sports Infrastructure Forum

GLASS Glass Industry Fair

held yearly

held yearly

Make new business contacts at one of the most developing markets of sport, fitness and SPA. The event is addressed to architects and designers, owners and managers of hotels, guesthouses, Wellness and SPA, sanatoriums, sports clubs and centers, swimming pools and aqua parks, as well as to institutional and private investors, representatives of local-governments who are planning to build or revitalize sports facilities, ranging from football pitches, stadiums, swimming pools, recreations centers, sports parks, Wellness and SPA facilities.

The presentation of a wide spectrum of machines, devices and technologies connected with flat glass processing as well as ready examples of its application in the industry, construction and interiors. Aesthetics, ecology, economy, safety, modernity are the topics around which the GLASS exposition is concentrated. The event takes place alongside the stone industry fair.

A key exhibition event for the stone industry in Poland, where beautiful types of stone and the latest machines are presented. STONE is addressed to all those who find stone the basis of their activity or, at least, a part of it, i.e. stone masons, stone suppliers, architects, and the representatives of the vast construction industry. There is an abundant offer of exhibitors (machines, tools for stone extraction and processing, a wide range of natural stone) as well as professional lectures and debates for the exhibition visitors.

Thematic scope: › natural and artificial sports surfaces › swimming pools, aqua parks and equipment › wellness and SPA equipment › lighting and amplification systems for sports facilities › specialist construction material and systems › design and construction of sports facilities › specialist services: preservation of sports facilities and equipment, financing and management of sports facilities

Thematic scope: › machinery, devices and equipment, and accessories for the processing of flat glass › chemicals used in the production of glass and ceramics › flat glass used in industry, construction and indoors (artistic and technical glass) › ready glassware (stained glass, alloy glass (fusing), mirrors, glass shelves, stairs, floors from glass, doors, sinks, bathtubs, shower trays, aquariums, terrariums) › new technical and IT systems for the glass industry › new technologies using glass

Dariusz Muślewski / Director of BUDMA, SPORT INVEST There is a promising forecast for construction companies operating on the construction market. According to Deloitte, the estimated 4% growth of the Polish GDP as well as the public debt which is expected to decrease to 46% in 2O16 should significantly boost the public sector’s willingness to invest in infrastructure. Moreover, as experts say, the new part of European funds for infrastructure and residential construction should power the sector’s increase in the coming years. According to the PMR research center, Poland together with Romania will be the only countries in 2O16 where the total value of production in the construction industry should exceed the level noted prior to the 2OO8-2OO9 crisis.


STONE Stone Industry Fair held yearly

Thematic scope: › knatural stone › semi-finished products and stone products (blocks, slabs, boards, tiles, sculptures, fireplaces, fountains and tombstones) › stone finishing elements › machines and equipment for quarrying, processing and working of stone › electric and pneumatic stoneworking and cutting tools, abrasive materials and consumables › spare parts and components › auxiliary equipment for loading, transport and unloading stone › tombstone accessories › chemical substances for stones › stone renovation › modern technical and IT systems


INSTALACJE International Trade Fair of Installations held every other year The largest professional event regarding installations in Poland and Central Europe. The only one to present such a wide offer of producers and suppliers of devices, technologies, and services in the field of heating technology, air conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration engineering, facility technology, and heating techniques. It is a perfect opportunity to get familiar with development trends as well as the latest products and technologies. The years when the event is not organized, the INSTALACJE ON TOUR project is held around the whole area of Poland. INSTALACJE ON TOUR is a qualifying session of Polish Championship of Installers, the most important event for installers, whose final takes place during INSTALACJE Fair. Thematic scope: › Heat Generation and Heating Technology Exhibition (generation, processing, transmission and recycling of energy, heat distribution centers, heat pumps, boilers, heaters, air-heaters, solar collectors, floor and wall heating installations (surface heating), insulating materials) › Exhibition of Ventilation, Air-conditioning and Cooling Technology (ventilators, air conditioners, cooling systems, intake and uptake ventilators, ventilating ducts / air shafts, central vacuum dusting systems, temperature control systems) › Exhibition of Facility Management Systems (intelligent building systems - BMS, cables, wires, installation ducts, transformers, itching stations, distribution boards) › Exhibition of Sanitary Engineering (water supply and sewerage systems in the housing, washing systems, drainage systems, sanitary fittings, sanitary ceramics) › Gas Engineering Exhibition (machinery and equipment for exploration and extraction of gas, specialized machinery, equipment and materials for construction, equipment and protection of pipelines, mills, and gas distribution, gas networks high, medium and low pressure, Gas Stations: design, production, assembly, parts, service, warehousing and storage of gas, gas appliances) › Eco-heating (ecological solid fuel heating systems) › services, contracting, consulting

TCS System Heating Trade Fair held every other year TCS constitutes a very important complementation of INSTALACJE. TCS is the only professional event of that sort in Poland organized in cooperation with the Polish Heating Chamber of Commerce. It is addressed to managerial and technical personnel of heating companies, representatives of localgovernments responsible for municipal economy, state and private managers of industrial facilities, residential apartments, department stores, hotels, hospitals and railways stations, as well as installation designers, developers, and contractors. Thematic scope: › exploitation of heating systems › cogeneration installations (engines, turbines, heat recovery steam generators) › heat generation installations for heating networks fired with traditional fuel and biomass or biogas (boilers) › pipelines and pre-insulated systems › heating fittings › pressure tanks and heat dispensers › insulation for pipelines and overhead grids › heating accessories › automated systems and devices for control and regulation of heat sources, heating systems and district heating substations › heat exchangers › suppliers of ready district heating stations; heating meters › central control systems, monitoring and billing systems › information systems for the heating sector › financial and advisory institutions cooperating with the heating sector

Konrad Fleśman Director of INSTALACJE, TCS, KOMINKI Influenced by the exhibitors participating in the event INSTALACE is changing every single year. In 2O16 a new exhibition called ECOheating will have its debut. It will present ecological heating systems using solid fuels. It is the answer to the market trends. There are more and more green properties in Poland which are economical in terms of water and energy usage and which make use of possibly the least harmful solutions for the environment. We invite installers, installation designers, architects, investors, and trade representatives to participate in the event. Everyone will find something for themselves here. The fair will offer an abundant program of events, including shows and conferences concerning the most industry-related issues. Lots of emotions will be provided by the competition of Polish best installers during the 5th Polish Championship of Installers.



SECUREX International Security Fair

SAWO International Fair of Work Protection, Fire-Fighting and Rescue Equipment

held every other year

held every other year This is the ‘safest’ exhibition of all the events taking place on the grounds of the MTP, and also the most recognizable security industry event of international character in Poland as well as the whole Central and Eastern Europe. The fair is participated by leading suppliers of products and services in terms of protection of data and property, access-control systems and devices, alarm systems, visual surveillance and security. The innovative solutions and product novelties presented at this event make it a perfect source of information and inspiration for companies of the security industry, the police, uniformed services, prison guards, town and commune rangers, banks and investors as well as general private contractors. The fair is accompanied by content-based events including conferences, seminars, trainings, shows and the Polish Championship of Alarm System Installers. Thematic scope: › mechanical security systems › access control systems and devices › burglary, assault and theft protection devices and alarm systems › closed circuit television (CCTV) systems and devices › surveillance monitoring, fire alarm signaling systems and devices › data protection systems – information protection › single elements for electronic protection systems › transport security, special vehicles › self-defense equipment, crime detection and fighting systems › electronic building management systems – intelligent building, guarding and surveillance services › communication and crisis management systems – equipment and devices for uniformed services › organizations, institutions › trainings › professional literature › installations, documents › services of warning devices

Joanna Jasińska / Director of SECUREX Over the last years, the security industry has been developing very rapidly indeed. It must fit in the current market needs, which is constantly developing and which is being modernized as far as, for example, IT security, fire protection, alarm systems, intelligent solutions for buildings are concerned. The very topics of security concern all industry branches and prevails in the life of citizens. SECUREX is a place where lots of recipients witness premieres of systems and solutions. It is also a source of professional knowledge, a place of trainings and conferences. Every company needs to have its activities protected. They also need information concerning the best system for them, taking into account mechanical solutions, information safety, qualified personnel, to the most sophisticated and mobile ones.

1O / POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE The largest fair event regarding occupational health and safety in Central and Eastern Europe. The event organized every other year is participated by Polish leaders as well as recognized European producers and distributors of worldwide brands who have gained recognition. SAWO is aimed at bosses and employees of health and safety services, fire protection, health and safety experts, distributors and tradesmen, as well as voluntary and professional fire fighters. The exposition is additionally enriched by an attractive program of accompanying events including conferences, workshops, and spectacular emergency shows Thematic scope: › safety and health at work: personal protective equipment (PPE), protective clothing, fall arrest equipment, first aid equipment, workstation ergonomics, hygiene and sanitary supplies, cleaning and treatment products and equipment, workstation equipment, collective protection equipment, safety signs › fire protection: early fire hazard detection systems, fire extinguishing devices and agents › equipment for rescue services: firefighter's personal protective equipment, firefighting and rescue equipment and devices, firefighting and special-purpose vehicles, communication systems, computer and network tools used in aiding the operation of rescue services › services and training


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ITM Poland Innovations-Technologies-Machines Poland held yearly

Poland’s largest exhibition for the machine and metal processing industry, a place of presenting the latest industrial technologies which make it possible to optimize work. Thanks to six branch exhibitions it is possible to present the stages of a modern product production, ranging from the concept and the design, through various process stages such as machining, molding, welding, varnishing, to the final product.

HAPE / Exhibition of Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Drives

At the ITM Poland about 1,4OO machines and devices are presented while at work. On top of that there are conferences, lectures and shows accompanying the very exposition which support the implementation of new technologies in the industry. Every year the event is visited by 16,OOO professionals who are interested in investing in machine parks; 7O% of them visit ITM Poland every year as it is the only exhibition in Poland they are interested in. The event is moreover appreciated by foreign companies which present themselves either individually or as part of national teams. These constitute as much as 5O% of all fair exhibitors. The business character of ITM Poland is also enriched by FOCAST Foundry Forum and SUBCONTRACTING Industrial Subcontracting Exhibition, which take place simultaneously with the ITM.

Thematic scope: › pumps › industrial fittings › drives and controls for pumps and industrial fittings, elements and units › compressed air › electric machines and devices and their elements › conduits and connectors › steering and control › accessories for automatic systems and their elements › analogue and digital technology › professional organizations and institutions MACH-TOOL / Machines and Tools Exhibition

Joanna Kucharska / Director of ITM Poland, FOCAST The metal industry is one of the most dynamically developing sectors of the Polish economy. At the same time, however, it is vulnerable due to market fragmentation (large share of small and medium-size companies), surplus of production force reaching as much as 3O-4O%, as well as dependency on other sectors such as construction, railway engineering, foundry, and automotive. Despite these dangers and, sometimes, thanks to turning them into opportunities, the metal industry is still expanding (as well as the machine industry which is inter-connected). Companies which concentrate on development by introducing innovative and technologically -advanced solutions always exit the economic jeopardy successfully. These are fundamental to build competitive advantage. Taking advantage of the economic situation of the metal and machine industries, ITM Poland, being the biggest industrial fair in Poland, is also becoming stronger.


The exhibition includes: › Maintenance › Automatics and robotics › CAD/CAM exhibitions Thematic scope: › machine tools for machining of metals › machines for cold working › machines and devices for hot working › tools › workshop and laboratory measuring devices › assembly machines and devices › industrial manipulators and robots › units and elements for drive transfer in machines › cooling and lubricant substances METALFORUM / Exhibition of Metallurgy and Metal Industry Thematic scope: › metallurgical raw materials › machines and devices for metallurgy and foundry engineering › foundry products › professional organizations and institutions

FOCAST Foundry Forum held every other year

The Exhibition includes: › Skills battlefield Thematic scope: › cleaning and preliminary treatment of metal surfaces › heat and thermo-chemical surface treatment › electroplating › lacquering, enameling, plastic and rubber coating › measuring and monitoring devices, research equipment WELDING Thematic scope: › devices for cutting and welding › industrial robots and automates, mechanization and automation devices for welding technology › devices and accessories for soldering › welding stations equipment › welding consumables and materials › welding gases › safety and environmental protection equipment › software for welding › trainings and certification RESEARCH FOR INDUSTRY Thematic scope: › offers of research institutes concerning products, technologies, solutions and services for industry

FOCAST Foundry Forum is a unique event directed to the whole foundry industry, ranging from molding centers, machine and equipment producers, to component suppliers, service providers and science representatives. This is where they can present their offers to representatives of such industries as those related to machines, cars, planes, mining, steel constructions, medicine, energy and electronics, railway engineering, agricultural machines and equipment, sewage and water maintenance. A special “Foundry” theme park is an integral part of the Forum where the potential of Polish foundry industry is presented. It is organized by the Polish Foundrymen Technical Association. The forum is accompanied by matchmaking meetings which facilitate the search for potential business partners. Thematic scope: › design and manufacture of machines, devices and complete production lines for foundry engineering, molding materials › foundry engineering consumables, casting ceramics, chemicals › scrap metal › refractories for foundry engineering › melting of metallic alloys: furnaces and charge materials › casting: Iron casting, steel casting, casting of non-ferrous metallic alloys, forging › ornamental casting › heat treatment of casts: furnaces and materials › measuring technique and material testing › computer-aided design of casts and casting processes › environmental protection, minimization and economic utilization of waste › occupational safety and health



SURFEX / Exhibition of Surface Treatment Technologies

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SUBCONTRACTING Industrial Subcontracting Exhibition

POZNAŃ BIZNES PARTNER Poznań Metropolitan Economy Forum

EXPOPOWER Międzynarodowe Targi Energetyki

held yearly

held yearly

held yearly

An event dedicated to industrial companies offering services for medium-size and large producers as well as production corporations. We invite entrepreneurs who have proper workforce and technological resources and who are capable of offering contracts to participate in the event. SUBCONTRACTING is mostly visited by representatives of domestic and foreign industrial companies looking for subcontractors. The event is accompanied by internationals Subcontracting ITM Meetings. In 2O15 there were more than 2OO bilateral meetings among entrepreneurs from Poland, Czech Republic, France, Lithuania, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Ukraine.

An event where the word ‘business’ is used in all different aspects. It facilitates entrepreneurship and makes it easier to establish economic cooperation on a local, regional and international scale. At the event, each participant can find some inspirations or ideas to start their own company, get to know anything they need about the formal aspect of running a company, find sources of funds and partners for their business. As far as old time businessmen are concerned, the event is also a great spot to establish new, interesting business contacts, open for cooperation with universities and participate in discussions on the development of local economy. The event is organized by the Council of Poznań, Poznań Province authorities, as well as science and economy environments represented by Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, Greater Poland Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Foundation of Adam Mickiewicz University as well as Collegium of Rectors of Poznań. Poznań Metropolitan Economic Forum is organized as part of Poznań Business Partner event, where the issues addressed refer to the possibilities of taking advantage of economic and scientific potential of Poznań in order to boost competitiveness among European metropolitan areas.

A presentation of innovative technologies for the power industry involving prestigious conferences, which foster the exchange of knowledge and experience among scientists and practitioners operating in the energy sector, who are representatives of Poland’s largest energy companies. The exposition of EXPOPOWER will include:

Thematic scope: › metal processing (machining, plastic, chemical, electro-chemical, and heat processing, hot galvanization, welding, cutting, cleaning, painting, semi-finished products, connecting elements) › wood processing, processing of plastics and rubber, electronics, electro-techniques › services for industry

› Energi@21 International Science and Industry Congress devoted to “Innovative Energy Enterprise” › INNOPOWER Forum and Exhibition on Innovation in the Power Industry › Oil&GAS – Forum and Exhibition › Heat engineering and cogeneration – Forum and Exhibition › Power engineering and Self-governments – Forum and Exhibition EXPOPOWER is visited by representatives of designing offices, energy companies, executive companies, electro-technical warehouses, energy departments of companies and industrial plants, as well as associations and institutions of the electro-energy industry. Thematic scope: › power industry – production, industry and distribution of electrical and heat energy › electro-techniques › electrical machines and devices › cables and switches › operation and control accessories of automatic systems › lightning protection installations › energetic construction and lighting › environmental protection



GREENPOWER International Renewable Energy Fair held yearly

Marcin Gorynia Director of EXPOPOWER and GREENPOWER Innovation is an impulse leading to the shaping of and the development of each sector of the industry, and as far as the power industry is concerned it is particularly important. Trying to address the challenges that the industry has to face as well as the potential originating from science and business, we have created a new formula of EXPOPOWER which will apply from 2O15. The fair will be accompanied by prestigious conferences regarding, for example, Energi@21 “Innovative Energy Enterprise” – an international science and industry congress as well as “Innopower” – a workshop and seminar cycle. The abovementioned events gathered guests and speakers from the USA, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Iceland, and Norway, for instance. Their success was proven by media feedback as well as information on the websites of professional institutions, including the websites of American Enterprise Institute. Representatives of Electric Power Research Institute, the European Investment Bank, Jacques Delorse Institute, Public Utility Research Center (University of Florida) as well as many other organizations were among foreign guests of the event. We believe that the international character of EXPOPOWER will again be an opportunity to establish new relations with energy business & science international partners in 2O16.

The event gathers representatives of all branches connected with renewable energies. It is a great opportunity to get familiar with the latest market offer, exchange experiences as well as find out about the challenges the industry faces. A green dialogue carried out among specialists during prestigious conferences is an interesting complementation of the event. These consist of the Solar Technique Park, Photovoltaic Forum, Self-sustainable agritourism company as well as debates on grants for renewable energy investments. The GREENPOWER Fair is participated by private investors interested in energy-saving technologies and modern renewable energy solutions, representatives of local governments (communes, regions and provinces), representatives of the companies operating in the tourist, hotel and SPA industries, as well as conventional energy producers. Thematic scope: › solar power, wind power, hydropower › biomass and bio-fuels › energy-efficient technologies

Wiesława Galińska Product Group Director From 2O16 Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie will offer a conference and exhibition cycle titled “Energy Future Week”, which will continue the EXPOPOWER Fair, boasting such a long tradition. We aim at becoming more open to the problems of modern energy, gas, and heat engineering, liquid fuels, and renewable energies. It will be an international event and its objective will be to combine intellectual potential and the offer of power industry. We particularly wish to present the potential of Polish power industry and create a platform for discussions, which will facilitate the integration of interests of the countries located around us as well as an international dialogue concerning energy. Apart from another edition of the Energi@21 electrical power engineering congress as well as the “Innopower”, 2O16 is the time when we want to start a discussion on the gas and fuel markets, heat engineering market and cogeneration, as well as energy and self-governments. We hope the conferences will become international and cyclical and will become a permanent part of the “Energy Future Week”.



GARDENIA International Garden and Landscape Architecture Fair

SPECIAL DAYS Holiday and Special Occasion Products Fair

held yearly

held yearly


Poland’s largest professional event devoted to the gardening sector presenting a wide range of topics which gathers international audience. It is considered to be one of the most important exhibitions in Europe concentrating on the presentation of gardening trends and sharing of professional knowledge. The first two days are dedicated to business (trade, garden, landscape architects representatives, as well as specialists dealing with city green areas). One day is dedicated to wide audience and garden lovers and enthusiasts. The exhibition is accompanied by special exhibition areas and events including trainings, conferences, workshops, which will be prepared in cooperation with the fair partners. The exposition will be enriched with the Plant Fair. Also, awards in the GARDENIA GRAND PRIX Competition for plant producers will be granted during the fair. Thanks to participating in the fair, your marketing information is likely to reach more than 26 thousand visitors from Poland and abroad. Thematic scope: › plant material › seeds › gardening tools and equipment, gardening machines and equipment › peat and derivatives › greenhouses and foil tunnels › auxiliary materials › irrigation and watering accessories › garden chemicals › garden architecture, garden furniture, umbrellas, tents, pavilion roofs › grills and grill accessories › ponds › playgrounds and playground equipment › landscape architecture › gardening clothing and shoes › professional publications, services This event creates a meeting arena for representatives of decorative articles industry and florists. Its main theme relates to special days in our calendars such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day as well as Halloween which is getting more and more popular. As part of the exposition it is possible to come across everything that makes feasts and other exceptional occasions beautiful in our houses and gardens. The first two days are business-oriented. This is when the event is mostly visited by decision-makers (owners and managers of gardening centers, DIY chains, flowers stores and homing galleries) who are looking for new business contacts. The third day is dedicated to people with different passions. Over all days of the event there is a splendor of florist shows, gift packaging shows, and business trainings. Thematic scope: › Christmas products › seasonal decorations (Easter, Halloween, Valentine's Day, etc.) › occasional items and decorations (feast days, birthdays, garden parties, etc) › candles and fragrance products › florist articles › decorative tapes and packaging › greeting cards › costumes (carnival, Halloween, etc.)






POLAGRA-PREMIERY International Fair of Agricultural Mechanization held every other year


The largest business meeting for the agriculture sector in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. It is here that innovative machines by leading producers are presented before the agricultural season of working in the field starts. The event offers an abundance of international premieres on the Polish market, presents new trends in terms of agricultural technology, breeding and cultivation. Key decisions are made here concerning investments in the area of professional technical services for agriculture. Large-size machines including tractors, harvesters, ploughs, harrows, seeders, sowers, tillage aggregates, sprayers, spreaders, as well as transport equipment are the core of the event. Also, we invite companies offering spare parts, consumables, as well as equipment for inventories, and seeds. The exposition is accompanied by professional European-level thematic conferences. Moreover, the fair will be accompanied by the AGRO VIP NIGHT Gala which will also involve the presentation of the hottest premieres on the market. Farmers planning to visit the fair in a group may apply for a special grant. Thematic scope: › machinery, equipment and tools for agriculture › manual farming tools › equipment and accessories for repair and maintenance of agricultural equipment › agricultural and gardening seeds › chemicals in agriculture › agro-building › equipment for animal standings › milking and milk preprocessing equipment › animal excrements removing and processing equipment › industrial fodders and fodder admixtures › machines, equipment for animal feed preparation and for animal feeding › animal breeding material › machines and equipment for animal husbandry › veterinary equipment and preparations › measurement apparatuses and laboratory equipment › work safety and hygiene › services › branch newspapers › unions and associations


Jakub Patelka Director of POLAGRA-PREMIERY Unfortunately, the Polish market of agricultural machines has noted a 15% sales drop. We hope the year 2O16 will result in some improvement and increase of investment activity. It is worth to visit POLAGRA-PREMIERY in order to choose the best agricultural machines, devices, products and services. Thus, another edition appears to be spectacular. The exposition occupies as many as 11 pavilions, which is almost the whole area of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie. In order to meet the growing expectations of the agriculture industry in 2O16, the Breeding Exhibition will complement the wide offer of machines. This is where the most modern innovative solutions for animal breeding will be presented. There will also be professional conferences. We wish to invite you to the Agro-businessman day, the Young Farmer day, as well as weekend days of Farmers and their families. There will also be two new zones, namely Agricultural Service and Precise Agriculture.


AGRO PARK Agricultural Fair

ROLTECHNIKA Agricultural Exhibition

held yearly in Lublin

held yearly in Wilkowice near Leszno

One of the largest agricultural events in the Eastern Poland, organized in cooperation with Lublin Fair, Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie and Polish Economic Chamber of Agricultural Machines and Devices. The last edition of the fair covered the area of over 1O,OOO sq. meters. 16O exhibitors presented their offers in two pavilions. The exposition was visited by 19,648 people interested into agriculture. The event makes it possible to establish sales contacts and extend horizons by means of participating in professional seminars. It is also an opportunity to meet professionals and get advice in terms of technologies and solutions used for agriculture, growing plants and breeding animals.

ROLTECHNIKA Agricultural Exhibition and the Festival of Old Tractors and Agricultural Machines, which take place simultaneously, make the largest event in Poland combining historical tractors and the most modern agricultural machines. Here, producers and distributors of tractors and agricultural machines present their offers. ROLTECHNIKA is thus a great opportunity to have a closer look at new-generation equipment which makes it easier to carry out daily functioning of a farm. The event is an opportunity for owners of agricultural lands to compare offers of distributors, check particular models of machines, and gain information and support from producers and distributors. ROLTECHNIKA and the Festival of Old Tractors and Agricultural Machines are accompanied by a wide range of interesting events for the audience, including a presentation of historical tractors at maneuvering area, starting an old tractor, tractor-pulling, exhibitions of old machines at work, as well as tractor races.

Thematic scope: › machines and devices for agriculture › chemistry, fertilizers › plant pesticides › seeds › breeding equipment › feeds and fodder additives › control – measuring apparatus › finance for agriculture › regional product › professional publishing houses and entities providing services for agriculture › equipment for agricultural services › country -based construction › renewable energy technology › second-hand agricultural machines

Thematic scope: › machines and devices for agriculture and orchards › chemical substances, fertilizers, plant protective agents › seeds › inventory facility fittings › irrigation systems for orchards › fodder and its additives › finance for agriculture › control and measuring devices › spare parts › agricultural transport › briquetting machines, biomass furnaces › second-hand agricultural machines › services for agriculture

Łukasz Rachubiński Director of ROLTECHNIKA, AGRO-PARK Polish agriculture has a huge potential. However, it takes knowledge, professionalism, and application of the latest technological solutions in order to boost competitiveness and profitability of domestic farms. For that reason, European funds for the 2O14-2O2O rural development program which make modernization of farms possible are of crucial importance. The prospects for Polish agriculture are promising both on the national as well as international scale. It is essential, thus, to create perfect conditions for farmers to promote their products and services and to establish long-term business contracts. I am very pleased that over the years AGRO-PARK Agricultural Fair in Lublin has become an important tool promoting the marketing of products for agriculture as well as direct sales of agricultural machines and devices.



POLAGRA FOOD International Trade Fair for Food


held yearly

held yearly

A meeting of the food industry offering an overview of the international market offer, providing new opportunities for exporting food products. The event gathers mostly professionals due to the real possibility of establishing long -lasting contracts. It is visited by domestic and foreign buyers, tradesmen, representatives of retail chains, food warehouses, retail stores. POLAGRA FOOD is also attractive due to accompanying matchmaking meetings of the Hosted Buyers program, conferences, trainings and discussion panels concerning marketing issues and new trends regarding nutrition participated by experts, challenges which the food industry faces, as well as opportunities resulting from new export directions.

A festival of Polish, traditional and certified food prepared in accordance with traditional recipes. Every region of Poland was invited to cooperate by the event organizers, namely Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie and the Union of Provinces of the Republic of Poland. Each Polish region promotes its regional delicacies such as bread, cakes, jams, smallgoods, fruit and vegetable processed products, cheese, wines and liqueurs. The culinary delicacies can be tasted and bought. The unique exposition also provides a meeting venue for producers of regional, traditional and certified food with such large recipients as representatives of delicatessens, restaurants and individual clients. The ‘TASTES OF THE REGIONS Medals’ are given to the best products, natural and traditional food of the European Countries which were submitted to the competition and presented at the stands. The fair is accompanied by lots of culinary shows, folk band performances, and competitions.

Thematic scope: › meat and meat products › egg and diary industry products and venison › fish and fish products › milk and dairy products › crop products and pastas › bakery products › confectionery products › fruit, vegetables, fungi and related products › potato and starch products › sugar industry products › mineral waters and soft drinks › fat and oil industry products › food concentrates industry products › natural condiments, herbs and spices, dried dainties › culinary and ready-to-cook products › frozen products › meat and vegetable mixed products › flour products › honey and beekeeping products › food for children › ecological, dietary, healthy foods › tobacco and tobacco products › services

Miłosz Jankowiak / Director of POLAGRA FOOD, TASTES OF REGIONS Polish food deserves the name of extraordinary delicacy. We produce delicious smallgoods and sausages, incomparable bread, perfect dairy products, rich juices and sweets. Owing to its outstanding quality, Polish food goes beyond export frontiers and is recognized worldwide; Poland exports 3O% of the food produced to 7O countries worldwide. The export value in the food sector in 2O14 totaled nearly EUR 22 billion, and is estimated by the Ministry of Economy to reach record-breaking EUR 24.5 billion in 2O15. Whether this result is maintained in the coming years will mostly depend on gaining new export markets. POLAGRA FOOD and TASTES OF REGIONS are a great opportunity to promote Polish food internationally. We are still trying to get foreign buyers including ones from beyond the European Union to participate in POLAGRA FOOD. In 2O15 the fair was visited by foreign delegations from the whole Europe as well as representatives of such distant markets as Saudi Arabia, China, and Venezuela. 2O / POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE


POLAGRA TECH International Trade Fair of Food Processing Technologies held yearly The largest meeting of food technology representatives in Central and Eastern Europe. POLAGRA TECH is a venue where the latest products are presented and business relationships are established among specialists from nearly the whole world, looking for specific technological solutions which influence upon the quality and performance of food articles. As far as specialists, production company managerial staff, and technology experts are concerned, POLAGRA TECH is an opportunity to watch machines, devices and complete technological lines at work as well as get familiar with market novelties, including machines and devices, additives and components for food production, control and measuring devices and means of transportation. Filip Bittner Product Group Director Polish export of food products is still rising. Our products are getting more and more recognizable among consumers due to their high quality and unique taste. We are world leaders in terms of producing fruit, one of the biggest producer of apples and mushrooms. What consumers appreciate is great Polish smallgoods made in modern meat-producing companies according to traditional recipes. Also, there is nothing that would compare to Polish bread. The road to foreign markets leads through Poznań, among other places. This is where Polish companies boast their products at POLAGRA FOOD, including outstanding sausages, dairy products, as well as fruit and vegetable products, sweets, and ecological food. The food fair in Poznań is the largest event of that kind in Europe which is participated by more than 1,OOO exhibitors and nearly 6O,OOO visitors. Here, decisions on cooperation between food producers and distributors are taken, the latest market novelties and products awarded for their high quality are presented. Participation in the fair is still one of the best ways to build business relations, not only in Poland but above all abroad. In 2O16, according to the prospect of the Ministry of Agriculture, we will be trying to promote Polish food, including highly processed food products, in 13 non-EU markets characterized by the greatest export capabilities. These include the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, India, Japan, China, Canada, Algeria, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Vietnam, and Iran.


The fair consists of thematic exhibitions. Every year an exposition of Food Technologies is presented. Every even-numbered year the Bakery and Confectionery Technologies Exhibition is held, whereas every odd-numbered year it is the Meat and Fish Technologies Exhibition. Bakery and Confectionery Technologies Exhibition Held every other year in even-numbered years › machines and devices, additives and components for the baking, confectionery and ice-cream industries Food Processing Technologies Exhibition held yearly › machines and devices for the fruit and vegetable industries, dairy, pasta, juice, drinks, mineral water industries › devices for the spirits, yeast and wine industries › devices and technologies connected with refrigeration industry › machines for forming, dosing and exposing food products › food additives › means of transport › hygiene and insects protection

Professional team of experts representing relevant fields of economic life award innovative, functional products that boast high quality and attractive design

APPRECIATE INNOVATION Boost the value of your product


TAROPAK International Trade Fair of Packaging Technology and Labelling

LOGIPAK International Fair of Logistics, Warehousing and Transport

held every other year

held every other year

held yearly

It is the best place to get an overview of the industry’s latest trends as well as a good source of information about the market. This event attracts world leaders in the field of packaging production. Owing to that, producers and distributors of goods of nearly all branches will find packaging and labels fitted to their individual needs right here. The fair offers an abundance of extra events, including conferences, workshops, and exhibitions of packaging which stands out with its design, functionality and materials used. The last edition of TAROPAK in 2O14 attracted more than 5OO market leaders from 45 different countries. More than 6O,OOO professionals were interested in the offer consisting of hundreds of novelties. 16% of the professionals were representatives of foreign companies.

The event helps to follow logistics trends on the market and fit in. Thanks to participating in LOGIPAK representatives of logistics companies have opportunities to establish and maintain cooperation with producers of all economy sectors, learn about the changing needs and prepare for even the most unusual orders in advance. The exposition is accompanied by a presentation of a dispatch ‘at work’, conferences regarding safety, dispatch efficiency, machine park management, and competitions for fork-lift truck operators.

The event concentrates around raw materials and is dedicated to the representatives of the plastics and rubber industries. It is a venue where professionals, including suppliers of materials and entities processing plastics and rubbers meet, experiences are shared and subject-matter discussions are held. The event consists of the following exhibitions: materials, rubbers, thermoforming, injections, as well as machines. The fair will traditionally be accompanied by a cycle of lectures and conferences. The EPLA Fair is a joint undertaking of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie and Business Image, the publisher of “Plastics Review”.

Thematic scope: › raw materials and semi-finished articles › packaging materials (aluminum, sheets, foils, laminates, paper, nets, cardboard, fabrics) › paper, glass, metal and plastic packaging › auxiliary packaging materials (labels, wrappings, banderoles, adhesives, ropes, strings, cords, yarn, protective materials, self-adhesive paper and plastic films, pins, clips, staples, tapes, large and small box accessories, lids) › packaging machines and equipment › packaging manufacturing machines, printing services


Thematic scope: › logistics: equipment and devices for internal transport › storage, transport and forwarding equipment › conditioning and packaging › storage equipment, warehouse management equipment and storage › bar codes and automatic data identification systems

EPLA Plastics and Rubber Fair

Thematic scope: › plastics and rubber industry machinery, equipment and tools › finished and semi finished plastics and rubber products › additives and components in the manufacture and processing of rubber and plastics › technologies in processing of rubber and plastics › recycling of rubber and plastic waste › work health and safety and environmental protection › plastic and rubber industry software and hardware


POLAGRA GASTRO International Trade Fair for Gastronomy

INVEST HOTEL Hotel Equipment Trade Fair held yearly

“HoReCa’s MEETing in Poznań” is the slogan followed by POLAGRA GASTRO International Trade Fair for Gastronomy and INVEST-HOTEL Hotel Equipment Trade Fair. Both the events create Poland’s biggest presentation of producers and distributors of equipment and devices dedicated to HoReCa. It encompasses the latest solutions in terms of hotel and restaurant fittings, ranging from their surroundings to partial fittings for the kitchen, bar, restaurant hall, reception, hotel room, and the bathroom. The Gallery of Innovation will again be organized during the 2O16 edition, where world premieres will be presented. The POLAGRA GASTRO and the INVEST-HOTEL Fair events are dedicated to owners of restaurants and cafes, chefs, gastronomy equipment distributors, catering companies, managers of hotels, sanatoriums, health resorts, spa and wellness, managers of smaller relaxation facilities as well as investors, architects, and interior designers. The fair’s exposition will be enriched by numerous extra events, including culinary shows, workshops and competitions for baristas. Another edition of the Polish Culinary Cup will take place; it is Poland’s most prestigious competition for professional cooks, patronized by all most important culinary association as well as the most important branch media. Moreover, the second edition of the Master Class Show will be held where outstanding chefs and confectioners will present the mysteries of their successes. Representatives of the hotel industry, on the other hand, will have opportunities to participate in trainings and conferences regarding marketing of hotel services, personnel management, and investment counseling, including the third edition of the Hotel Marketing Conference. The INVEST HOTEL fair will additionally be a place where the second edition of Hotel Brand Awards will be summarized. After its premiere in 2O15 it was announced to be the best and the most prestigious hotel competition in Poland. POLAGRA GASTRO thematic scope: › fittings and appliances for gastronomy, trade and professional kitchens › gastronomy accessories › food products for gastronomy › coffee and coffee equipment › confectioner’s and baker’s items › means of transportation › work safety and hygiene › services for gastronomy INVEST-HOTEL thematic scope: › fittings for hotel rooms and bathrooms › hotel fancy goods › fittings for conference and training centers › equipment and specialist devices for the spa sector › equipment and specialist devices for fitness centers › equipment and specialist devices for games facilities and discos › interior decoration elements › garden elements and outdoor relaxation zone fittings › garden tools and plants › cleaning articles, cleaning devices and accessories for maintenance departments › construction and fitting materials and services › specialist clothing and footwear for gastronomy and hotels


Donata Paszkiewicz Director of POLAGRA GASTRO and INVEST-HOTEL The hotel and gastronomy branches have many things in common. We take advantage of that and create the largest arena for presenting equipment and fittings for HoReCa entities. We host the best and most innovative companies among the exhibitors, which offer modern and original, yet complex solutions for the gastronomy and hotel industries. That makes it possible for the visitors, i.e. restaurant, hotel and café managers, to take care of the interior arrangement, equip a restaurant or a hotel with proper appliances for providing services as well as to arrange the surrounding space that will become its trademark and provide the customers with comfort and extra attractions. According to the latest prognosis of PMR research agency, the market of HoReCa hotel gastronomy, restaurant and catering is going to increase by 3.4% in 2O15 reaching EUR 5.8 billion. Experts predict that the market will keep strengthening its value year after year, especially in the field of hotel catering and gastronomy, and the year 2O17 should be its best period.








DREMA International Trade Fair of Machines and Tools for Wood and Furniture Industries

DREMASILESIA Fair of Woodworking Machines and Tools

held yearly

held yearly in Katowice

Poland’s most important event where the latest technologies for the wood and furniture industries are presented. It is created in cooperation with DROMA Association of Manufacturers of Woodworking Machinery, Devices and Tools and supported by EUMABOIS European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers. The fair involves the presentation of a complex offer concerning machines and devices for the wood and furniture sectors. The scope of the event encompasses a wide range of solutions and advanced technologies, which are interesting for representatives of the sectors, people who have to do with forestry, biomass as well as producers and distributors of chemicals for wood and furniture industries. The expo is accompanied by an interesting program of events and special exhibitions. It is addressed to producers, cooperators, distributors and suppliers of materials and sub-parts. The visitors mostly include the representatives of large enterprises specialized in wood processing, furniture production, and the widely-understood lumber processing as well as the owners of small and medium-size woodworking companies.

A wide-scope event for small and medium-size companies of the wood and furniture industries operating in southern and eastern Poland. Exhibitors present not only machines, but also devices and tools for wood processing and furniture production, components for the production of wood products and furniture, glues and chemical substances for the wood and furniture industries. Except for the presented models of veneering machines, woodworking machines, sewing machines, formatting machines, CNC millers, and power tools, there is an opportunity to come across a wide range of elements for furniture, veneers and foils, upholstery materials, furniture boards, terrace planks, as well as machines for the production of pellet and briquette. At the event, there is a possibility to get familiar with the offer of producers and distributors of doors, windows, terraces and floors made of wood. The fair is accompanied by special shows and lectures, where it is possible to extend your knowledge and competences in terms of materials, wood processing, and wood-oriented business activity. DROMA Association of Manufacturers of Woodworking Machinery, Devices and Tools has taken the honorary patronage over the fair.

Thematic scope: › machines and technical equipment for primary processing (production of semi-finished products) › machines and technical equipment for secondary processing (laminating, machining, gluing of solid wood) › machines and technical equipment for surface finishing › machines and technical equipment for assembly, packaging › close-range transportation, reloading, storing, and dispatching technology › robotics › machines and devices for special processes and special product groups › auxiliary machines › use of residual wood (dust, chips, firewood, bark) › generation of energy and heating using wood fuels › energy saving, environmental protection, occupational safety, fire prevention and air-conditioning › measuring, testing and control systems › suppliers of complete industrial installations, financing and leasing companies › computer software (CAD, ERP, production planning and control, etc.) › services for the wood industries › paint shops › glues for wood industry › chemical substances

Andrzej Półrolniczak / Director of DREMA and DREMASILESIA The wood and furniture industries in Poland make for a crucial element of the Polish economy, whereas Polish furniture is the pride of our country around the world. Apart from the great export results, Polish furniture making is the leading employment provider in the industry. The results are based on wood resources and their proper management. A wide offer of the wood sector, presented annually at the DREMA and DREMASILESIA Fair, is constantly being extended with incoming branches which significantly impact upon its development. While organizing the fair, we pay particular attention to our partners’ knowledge and experience. Owing to that, the solutions presented at the fair and professional knowledge help entrepreneurs develop their businesses in the difficult twenty-first-century market and DREMA event remains in the center of all the changes inside the sector, the center of innovative technologies.



FURNICA International Trade Fair of Components for Furniture Production

SOFAB International Trade Fair of Upholstery Fabrics and Components for Upholstered Furniture

EKOLAS Fair of Forestry, Wood Industry and Environmental Protection

held yearly

held yearly

held every other year in Janów Lubelski

The most important purchase center in Central and Eastern Europe devoted to furniture producers. The event is participated by leading manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors of components, materials and accessories. By participating in the fair, you gain an opportunity to establish new or maintain the existing contacts with those professionals in the field who are actively searching for the best solutions possible.

A wide offer of supplies for upholstered furniture producers, who will find here lots of materials and components as well as specialist devices and tools for the furniture industry. The exposition is accompanied by the Trend Forum which helps designers, salesmen, producers of furniture as well as distributors of upholstery materials and components for upholstered furniture get together. The latest solutions in terms of upholstery and decorative fabrics, interior design, and color prospects for the coming year are presented as part of a special zone.

Thematic scope: › materials (exotic and domestic wood, wood materials: glued boards, chipboards, MDF/HDF boards, millboard, plywood, laminate materials, veneers and foils, decorative paper, veneer boarders, plastics, adhesives and varnishes) › semi-finished products and finishing elements (frames, working boards, spring systems, fronts, friezes, battens, sliding doors, MDF profiles) › accessories (furniture wheels, legs, rails and slideways, handles, locks, hinges, mechanisms, furniture hardware, packaging for furniture, lighting for furniture ) › connectors (wood screws, joints, bolts, pegs, staples) › furniture designing software

Thematic scope: › upholstered furniture fabrics and components › semi-finished products › upholstery materials › cutters for fabrics › sewing machines and equipment › machines and devices for upholstery foam conditioning › upholstery frames › equipment for upholstery stands › CAD/CAM software to prepare and optimize the production of upholstery furniture

A spectacular event full of emotions which occupies the largest exhibition area directed to forestry professionals in Poland. This is where innovative technologies and product novelties of the most important forestry-related market and economy sectors are presented. An abundant exposition of the greatest machines and equipment for the forestry industry, numerous live shows carried out by international producers of machines, as well as professional conferences gather nearly 42,OOO professionals including owners and employees of companies offering forestry services, representative of state forests, private owners of forests, owners and employees of the forestry industry, employees of communal, energy, road and bridge construction companies, as well as forestry schools of all levels. Participation in the event is a guarantee of a direct contact with forest-machine producers and sellers, as well as getting familiar with all aspects of ‘forest’ life including seeding, planting, care, logging, transport and hunting. Thematic scope: › silviculture and arboriculture › tools, machines and devices for logging, skidding and wood transport › forest protection means and products › vehicles and means of communication › fire protection in forests › protective clothing and uniform sorts › IT systems, measuring instruments › hunting › tools, machines and equipment for the timber industry and sawmills › wood – raw material and products › renewable energy sources › ecological heating systems



MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Fair

HOME DECOR Interior Fair

held yearly

held yearly

It is world’s largest presentation of the potential of the Polish furniture industry. The fair event takes place in a strictly business-oriented, contract-like form. It is a perfect place for furniture producers to present and promote their latest collections, establish business relations, and sign contracts with international furniture buyers. The 2O15 edition was visited by 2O,OOO furniture distributors from 45 countries; every third guest was a foreigner. Key furniture buyers had a chance to take advantage of a special VIP package as part of the hosted buyers program. HOME DECOR, organized alongside, is yet another attraction where the representatives of furniture shops may place their orders to purchase interior equipment articles. The arenaDESIGN event, on the other hand, which hosts designing stars from around the world is a great opportunity to have a look at the latest design trends. Thematic scope: › home furniture › rattan and wicker furniture › kitchen furniture › bathroom and furniture › garden and leisure furniture › office furniture and furniture for public service buildings › computer software for furniture and interior designing › services for the furniture industry

Józef Szyszka / Director of MEBLE POLSKA, SOFAB, FURNICA Poland is still considered to be among the leaders of Europe’s and worldwide furniture producers and exporters, being ranked 3rd in Europe and 4th worldwide. Our furniture is recognizable owing to its high quality and attractive price. Foreign buyers are highly interested in our market, which is perfectly seen during international contracting sessions regarding furniture at MEBLE POLSKA, which is the best form of promoting Polish furniture at the moment. Recently, we have managed to create a positive image of the event at key foreign markets, presenting it as a global contracting center of Polish furniture production. As a result, every year Poznań is visited by wholesale and retail furniture distributors from all continents, for whom MEBLE POLSKA is a place to be.


A presentation of the latest products and inspirations. The contract-like character of the event makes it possible to find new wholesale recipients and distributors, as well as a possibility to come across the exhibitors’ offers among designers, interior architects, as well as representatives of furniture stores who are constantly extending their offers with interior decorations. The exhibitors’ offers are enriched with seminars and trainings concerning the latest interior trends. The exposition is divided into four thematic zones including Decorations, Textiles, Lighting, Kitchen and Bathroom.




arena DESIGN

FDI Annual World Dental Congress

held yearly

held yearly in a different country Poland’s only meeting of designers, architects, and business representatives. The event is directed at international team of designers, architects, interior designers, artistic and technical higher schools, as well as managers and entrepreneurs who start taking design as a business tool. Meetings with world-famous designers have become a traditional aspect of the event. So far arenaDESIGN has hosted Manfred Dorn from a German designing office PHOENIX DESIGN, Hartmut Esslinger from FROGDESIGN, Karim Rashid, Li Edelkoort, Hadi Teherani, Luigi Colani, Wolf d. Prix, Werner Aisslinger, Francois Azambourg, Sofia Lagerkvist, Charlotte von der Lancken and Anna Lindgren, representatives of a Swedish design group FRONT, Brodie Neill, Sander Mulder, Edward Barber from London studio BARBER & OSGERBY as well as a German designer Jürgen Mayer. arenaDESIGN is accompanied by the TOP DESIGN award competition which aims at promoting innovative high quality design. arenaDESIGN zones: FORUM / lectures, presentations, meetings and discussion panels including outstanding personas of the designing world, industrial design experts and enthusiasts TOP DESIGN – TOP DESIGN / award competition is to promote innovative design solutions as well as companies investing in good designs. Products nominated to the final of the competition are displayed as a special exhibition INNOVATIONS / a presentation of modern materials and technological solutions for designers and architects THE CREATIVE / an offer of institutions and associations operating in the field of industrial design, a space for professional presentations: design offices and studios, works of young designers, gallery of capabilities which industrial design offers to producers EDUCATION / a presentation of achievements of students attending universities in the field of industrial design and architecture and well as their business-wise promotion


Małgorzata Czubak Director of arenaDESIGN Our observations as the organizer of arenaDESIGN show that every year the knowledge on benefits coming from cooperation between the designer and the entrepreneur is growing. We are trying to extend this knowledge discussing trends, issues and opportunities which occur in the field of industrial design as part of the FORUM zone. How to make a product which is attractive for the market? What model of cooperation should be applied between the designer and the entrepreneur? How to find a common communication platform between specialists engaged in the designing process? We will try to find answers to these and many other questions and we will try to inspire the event’s participants to look for good and interesting design solutions.

The FDI Annual World Dental Congress will be the biggest international dental congress in the history of Poznań. The FDI Congress should gather as many as 1O thousand participants. The congress will be participated by both doctors and students of dental and medical studies, carried out by nine different universities (Warsaw, Cracow, Gdańsk, Poznań, Łódź, Białystok, Wrocław, Katowice and Lublin), and young scientists. In the course of four days, the congress participants will have an opportunity to get familiar with the most innovative treatment techniques and the novelties regarding diagnostics and therapy. The conference itself will be accompanied by a fair exhibition and a wide range of business meetings, workshops, networking meetings. The World Dental Exhibition has been an integral part of the FDI World Dental Congress since 1929. It is right here that the participants will have a chance to test out the technological novelties and the products which they can further recommend to their patients.


SALMED International Trade Fair of Medical Equipment and Instruments

OPTYKA Optical Fair

held every other year

held every other year

It is the most important event of the medical industry in Poland. There is about a dozen of content-based events including professional seminars and conferences, workshops and lectures, business meetings, which accompany the fair meeting devoted to modern medical equipment, equipment for hospitals and medical clinics. The thematic scope concentrates on such topics as hospital area management and architecture, IT and tele-medicine, paramedics, rehabilitation, laboratories and nursing services. The last edition was participated by 3OO exhibitors from 22 countries representing products and services which are indispensible for a proper functioning of medical facilities. The fair is visited by professionals only. 85% of them are medical facilities management personnel.

A joint venture of the Chamber of Polish Opticians (KRIO) and Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie (MTP), featuring an inseparable Conference OPTYKA and many other competitions and lectures organized together with science centers as well as with other industry media. 1O4 domestic and foreign equipment producers and distributors of optical equipment representing more than 3OO international brands presented their offers during the last edition of OPTYKA. The exposition was seen by nearly 2,3OO opticians, optometrists, science representatives and people connected with the optical industry.

Thematic scope: › medical apparatus and devices (radiological equipment, ultrasound diagnostic equipment, computer tomography (CT) equipment, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) equipment, position electron tomography (PET) equipment, equipment for thermographic examinations, equipment for endoscopy, equipment for examinations of respiratory system functions, cardiological equipment, equipment for neurological examinations, equipment for prenatal and prenatal examinations, equipment for surgery, equipment for anesthesiology and intensive medical care, equipment for supporting or substituting organs functions, inhalers and accessories for aerosol therapy, personal devices) › specialist vehicles, medical equipment and devices used in emergency medicine and medical rescue › laboratory instruments › rehabilitation and physiotherapy › medical furniture and hospital rooms` equipment › premises and building technology › communication and information technology › disposable and single-use materials

Paulina Pietrzak / Director of SALMED Production of medical equipment and measuring apparatus belong to the part of Polish economy which is the best developing in Poland. It also offers a lot of export potential. Polish bio-electronic devices are hugely appreciated abroad, as is equipment for operation blocks, furniture for medical facilities, surgery tools, as well as devices which take advantage of medical imagery technologies. It is a perfect spot to establish business contact. It is Poland’s largest presentation of innovative solutions for the medical industry offered by Polish and foreign producers. Scientific and training events concerning issues related to tele-medicine, e-health, civilization diseases (a challenge for modern medicine), hospital as well as medical facility management, designing, and construction, public order regulations, laboratory medicine, rehabilitation, paramedics, nursing, and midwife services are definitely other assets of the fair.

Thematic scope: › glass frames › frame components and parts › lenses – glass lenses › contact lenses › lens care products › auxiliary products for the visually impaired › special-purpose glasses: sunglasses, sport glasses, protective glasses, work glasses, and others › eyeglass accessories (cases, chains, others) › optical and optometric instruments, materials and devices › equipment for optical shops › pharmaceutical products › software › publishers and literature on eyeglass optics and optometry › education – universities, high schools, finance and leasing services › institutions, organizations, associations






held yearly

held yearly The branch meeting of opticians and optometrists co-organized by Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie and the Interprovincial Guild of Optical Crafts is where expositions of renowned optical industry companies are presented. The meeting is participated by producers, importers, distributors of a wide range of optical products. Thematic scope: › glass frames › glass lenses › contact lenses › lenses and lens care products › optical materials and instruments › equipment for optical shops › assistance products for those who have problems with sight › sunglasses › protective and specialist glasses › software › professional publishers and literature


The greatest automotive fair in Poland. Every year more than 5O cars have their premieres here. Over four days of the exhibition, leaders of the industry guarantee real automotive experiences and attractions. At MOTOR SHOW you can have a look at the expositions of world famous brands at a high level. You can touch and check out a lot of models of cars, motorbikes, campers, and even trucks. There is no other Polish automotive event which hosts more than 2OO companies, more than 8OO accredited journalists and over 113,OOO visitors. Thematic scope: • Car exhibition • Motorcycle exhibition • Caravanning exhibition

Other attractions: • VIP night • Motor Show awards • Custom Festival • Family Safety Town • Outdoor events

Dariusz Wawrzyniak / Director of MOTOR SHOW Thanks to a joint contribution of Poznań’s automotive import centers and Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, MOTOR SHOW has been getting stronger for a few years. As a result we have created the fourth largest automotive exhibition in all respects in Europe. MOTOR SHOW stands for lots of novelties, concept cars, national and international premieres as well as interesting outdoor events! Every single year there are more and more visitors, as well as exhibitors who provide automotive exhibits thus creating interesting expositions. Owing to that, MOTOR SHOW is actively involved in the development of the automotive industry in Poland. The exhibition offers an unusual chance to exhibit cars for the first time in a unique atmosphere among outstanding business, art, and media guests. The MOTOR SHOW VIP NIGHT is the only night of the year when automotive dreams of luxury, elegance and refined styling come true.



TTM Automotive Technology Fair

AEROFESTIVAL International Aviation Exhibition

held every other year A presentation of modern equipment for garages, diagnostic companies, tire companies, and car washes. An abundant offer of service tools and equipment, accessories, fittings and spare parts. The exposition is accompanied by a special interactive exhibition space called a ‘live’ garage as well as lots of trainings and competitions for young mechanics. Students of car-profiled schools have a chance to win attractive prizes at the National Quiz on Cars, National Championship of Mechanics, and National Championship of Sprayers. TTM is organized in close cooperation with the Automotive Technology Association. TTM Truck – Road Transportation Exhibition takes place as part of TTM; it is a specially distinguished exposition dedicated to large-size vehicles, which is addressed to fleet owners, transportation companies, mechanics, carriers, and truck drivers. The offer of exhibitors consists of equipment for garages, diagnostic tools, tools and spare parts for trucks, equipment and accessories for trucks (spare parts, drives, seats, tires, tachometers), fleet management systems, as well as car monitoring and load security. The exhibition is mostly visited by fleet owners, representatives of transportation companies, carriers and drivers.

held yearly


An international air event combining air shows performed by Europe’s best acrobatic groups and the ground exhibition of flying machines, including jets, carriers, ultra-light planes, autogiros and helicopters. The whole festival has unusual atmosphere of a family picnic. In 2O15 Aerofestival hosted such famous groups as the Latvian Balic Bess acrobatic group, which performed stunts in L-39 C Albatross jets characterized by stripy coating, the Turkish Air Force acrobatic group Turkish Stars flying the American Northrop F-5 Freedom Fighter which is considered to be one of the best acrobatic military groups around the world. The Italian acrobatic group Pioneer Team, the Norwegian flying enthusiasts De Havilland Vampire Display Team, as well as the French group Patrouille REVA flying the unique ArcoEZ also presented their acrobatic fantasies. The Poles also had their say. There was a possibility to admire the sky aces of ŻELAZNY group, FireBirds and a solo pilot Artur Kielak. All of them presented the highest level of piloting skills. On the ground, on the other hand, you had a chance to see the pearls of World War I and II such as Mustang P-51, Supermarine Spitfire, as well as the Russian Jak-18. Contemporary planes of the British Royal Air Force BAE Hawk and F-16 with the white and red chessboard were also proudly on display.

Thematic scope: › machines and equipment for maintenance and repair › assemblies and components for automotive bodies › assemblies and components of motor vehicles › accessories and tuning › automotive electrical systems › alarms, locks, immobilizers › consumables › fuel stations and equipment › car washes, car maintenance, care materials › databases and programs to support operation of vehicles › specialist technical services (designing, patents, licenses, expert services) › TTM TRUCK Road Transport Exhibition



Silesia POL-ECO-SYSTEM International Fair of Technologies and Products for Sustainable Development and Municipal Services held yearly Poland’s largest event for innovative solutions and technologies, regarding environment protection and sustainable development in their general understanding. The event is education and business oriented, it fosters effective exchange of experiences in the field of business, science, politics, opinion-making media and environments. The invitation to participate in POL-ECO-SYSTEM is addressed to representatives of local-governments, the army, municipal enterprises, disposal companies dealing with waste storage and processing, water treatment plants, water and sewage companies, land improvement companies, energy companies, heat and power plants, power plants, industrial companies, as well as road and greenery managers, managers of properties and associations, farmers, foresters, managers of sports facilities, as well as largest production companies. The event’s exhibitors present their offers according to seven complementary exhibitions: • AQUA - TECH - Water management, waste water treatment and anti-flood protection • GREENPOWER - Clean Energy Exhibition • ECO-PROTECT - Environmental Protection Technologies • RECYKLING - Waste and Recycling Management Exhibition • KOMTECHNIKA - Municipal Technologies Exhibition • CITY TRANS PROJEKT - Sustainable Transport • SMART REGION - Exhibition of Products and Services for Local Governments Thematic scope: › AQUA - TECH - water management, waste water treatment and anti-flood protection (water supply: systems and equipment, drinking water physic-chemical analysis, control and measurement, modeling water for required qualities, prevention of accidental water pollution, waste and effluent treatment, water engineering, improvement of aquatic environment, sewerage, pumps, renovation of pipelines and oil and gas pipelines trenchless technology, flood defenses) › GREENPOWER - renewable energy exhibition (energy generation › renewable energy) › ECO-PROTECT - environmental protection technologies (air, climate, noise and vibration, land re-cultivation, revitalization) › RECYCLING - waste and recycling management exhibition (waste disposal, recycling) › KOMTECHNIKA - municipal technologies exhibition (waste collection vehicles, green areas upkeep and conservation) › CITY TRANS PROJECT - sustainable transport (local mass transit / public transport; city and agglomeration traffic - organization and management; public transport infrastructure administrators; carriers) › SMART REGION - exhibition of products and services for local governments (shaping public space, computerization and digitization, public services management, construction, financial counseling, non-governmental organizations, local authorities, investor service centers; economic zones and technological parks, euroregions)


The event is organized in the very heart of Upper Silesia region, which is Poland’s most industrial region. It is dedicated to the issues of revitalizing post-industrial areas, waste management and recycling, municipal economy, environmental technologies, energy engineering and renewable energies. Representatives of self-governments, municipal enterprises, companies disposing of storing and processing waste, energy companies, heat and power plants, power plants, industrial companies and the largest manufacturers of the region, managers of roads and urban greenery, as well as farmers and foresters are invited to participate in the fair.


FIT-EXPO Fitness & Sport Park


held yearly

held yearly


Poland’s largest event of fitness industry attracts such specialists as personal trainers, owners and managers of fitness clubs and sports centers, investors, representatives of sports stores and wholesalers, personal trainers as well as a number of enthusiasts of an active lifestyle. The event is an opportunity to get familiar with the latest sports equipment, learn from the best professionals in the field of fitness industry during specialist conferences, meet sports stars and get better in chosen activities during workshops and trainings. FIT-EXPO includes some permanent points such as FIT-EXPO Trends and Innovation Congress, which provides knowledge on the marketing and management of a fitness club, as well as EU4YA International Fitness Convention which is participated by the best fitness instructors. In 2O16 we will also go on with the Dietary Conference and a gathering of Fitness and Bodybuilding Bloggers. In 2O15 the event was visited by 5,4OO professionals who had an opportunity to get familiar with the offer of nearly 9O exhibitors. Thematic scope: › sports and fitness equipment (sports and fitness center equipment, fitness and cardio equipment, weight-lifting equipment, stationary bikes, sports equipment for houses, rehabilitation equipment, sport trophies – cups, medals, statuettes) › fashion (clothing, footwear, sports underwear, beach and swimming pool fashion, martial arts outfits) and accessories (glasses, hats, scarves, and others) › conditioners and supplements for sportsmen (supplement for increasing mass, power, supplements for weight loss, vitamins and minerals, joints regenerators, isotonic drinks) › care, cosmetics and visage (foot, hands and nails and body care, sun bed cosmetics, sport cosmetics line, fitness make-up) › health (medicine and pharmaceutical substances, herbs, products for weight loss, dietary advice, physiotherapy, glasses and lenses) › sports and fitness centers (gyms, sports and fitness clubs, swimming pools, saunas, sun beds, wellness centers, beauty parlors, dance schools, martial arts schools, recreation-treatment centers, sanatoriums, local, town and commune sports and recreation centers, theme parks) POZNAŃ SPORT EXPO is an exhibition for producers and representatives of leading sport brands and accessories for running-related disciplines as well as conditioners, supplements and books on running. It is additionally complemented by offers for cycling, roller-skating and Nordic walking. What is also presented is the offer of coaching and physiotherapeutic services, as well as offers of sports facilities, centers and schools. The exposition is accompanied by marketing and sales workshops for representatives of stores, warehouses, and distributors of sports equipment. There is also a possibility to get advice of doctors and specialists in the field of preventive treatment and to meet stars of running. The event finishes with Poznań Halfmarathon and Poznań Marathon, which are very popular running events and which is organized by Poznań Sports and Recreation Center. The route of the marathon goes through the whole city of Poznań. However, the marathon’s heart is on the premises of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, where the Start and an extended Finish zones are located.

Anna Myślak / Director of FIT-EXPO and POZNAŃ SPORT EXPO According to IHRSA, there are 2,2OO fitness clubs in Poland, and yet it is three times less than in Germany, Italy and Great Britain, which are leaders of the fitness industry. The trend for a healthy and active lifestyle is still up to date in Poland. Nearly 41% of Poles do sports at least once a week, and 8OO,OOO Poles regularly attend fitness clubs. According to the estimates of experts, the number of fitness club goers is likely to increase by a fifth. For 11 years, the condition of fitness industry has been supported by FIT-EXPO Fitness & Sport Park where the latest equipment is presented. The event provides lots of practical knowledge by means of conferences, thus encouraging people to be physically active as well as to master training techniques during the fitness convention.



LOOK Hairdressing Forum held yearly LOOKbeautyVISION An annual festival of creativity, colors, and unusual ideas for hair trimming, dying, and hairstyles. LOOK hairdressing forum is a professional event for the hair industry, highly popular with such visitors as hairdressers, owners of barbershops, stylists, producers and distributors of hair articles and equipment for hairdressing salons. Spectacular shows performed by domestic and foreign hairstyling stars as well as prestigious competitions and national struggles of scissors and combs masters all constitute an inseparable part of the event. The participants of the LOOK have an opportunity to get familiar with the trends for the coming season and to purchase the latest products. Thematic scope: › formulations for hair (paints, shampoos, coloring foams, care shampoos, anti-dandruff shampoos and formulations, therapeutic formulations, lacquers, foams, gels, care formulations, hair nutrients and balms) › hair ornaments › wig products › hair extensions › specialist hair salon equipment › protective clothing › services and trainings


beautyVISION Cosmetics Forum held yearly LOOKbeautyVISION An exchange forum of professional knowledge in terms of modern cosmetology. It is Poland’s largest cosmetics fair which every year gathers thousands of specialists interested in the latest products and treatments, new on the cosmetics market. The exposition is accompanied by a cycle of seminars dedicated to care and color cosmetics, a congress addressed to the employees and owners of beauty parlors, aesthetic medicine salons and SPAs. As part of the fair, Open Championship in Professional Make-up takes place. Thematic scope: › care cosmetics, color cosmetics, articles for hand care, foot care and nail care › nail tips and nail extensions › nail varnish and nail enamels, nail ornaments › sun beds and sun bed cosmetics › spray tanning › perfume articles › materials for producing cosmetics › cosmetics packaging › specialist equipment for shops, beauty parlors, revival salons, sun beds salons › protection garments › services and trainings in visage, manicure, pedicure, nail extensions, tattoos › aesthetic medicine salons, wellness, spa, fitness › conditioners and food supplements

Barbara Vogt Diector of LOOK and beautyVISION According to the estimates of the Ministry of Economy, the value of Polish market of cosmetic articles and products for body care and hygiene reached EUR 3.4 billion in 2O15, which ranks Poland among the leaders of the most dynamically developing markets in Europe. Cosmetics of Poland-based production are exported to more than 13O countries worldwide. Russia (15.3%), Great Britain (12.1%) and Germany (11.9%) are the biggest recipients of cosmetics produced in Poland. There are about 1OO large and over 3OO small and tiny cosmetics producers, followed by hundreds of laboratories, research, chemical, biotechnological companies and packaging producers. Most of them present their offers at LOOK and beautyVISION fair events.





POZNAŃ FAFION FAIR held twice every year


Thousands of novelties by leading clothing and footwear brands, fashion shows by young designers, and atmosphere facilitating making new business contacts are all trademarks of POZNAŃ FAFION FAIR. It is Poland’s largest international contracting fair for the fashion industry. It is a B2B event addressed to producers, owners and representatives of stores offering clothes, footwear and leather items, as well as designers and students of fashion schools. Every edition’s exposition presents collections for the current as well as the coming season. The program is rich in authorship and business fashion shows, professional lectures on marketing and sale as well as various ceremonies where prestigious awards are presented. POZNAŃ FAFION FAIR is accompanied by the POLISH FASHION program which presents clothing and footwear made in Poland only as well as the YOUNG FASHION FOR SALE - BEZLIQ project which gathers designers putting their first steps in the fashion industry who, using their own brands, are searching for business partners, as well as people who are open for cooperation in order to make collections for other brands.

Edyta Bonin-Kanikowska / Director of POZNAŃ FAFION FAIR We encourage international brands to participate in POZNAŃ FAFION FAIR. At the same time we remember Polish producers. We created the Polish Fashion project, which provides distinctions to companies producing in Poland only, to make it easier to search for Polish brands. Choosing products of brands having the Polish Fashion label you can be sure their quality is perfect, they are characterized by fashionable patterns and made by best Polish designers. Paying attention to the country of origin of clothing is just one of the trends noticeable on the Polish market. Another one regards the appearance of relatively new brands offering unique footwear, leather items and jewelry, which are often made according to individual orders. Polish brands and young designers are more concentrated on foreign markets and they invest in extending their sale network. This happens more and more often by means of online boutiques, but not only. Stores offering Polish clothing may be found in, for example, Berlin, Vienna, Croatia, and even Qatar. Due to its business character, POZNAŃ FAFION FAIR supports Polish producers and designers helping them reach foreign contractors, whereas as far as foreign brands are concerned, the event helps them appear in stores around Poland. Every edition of the fair is participated by 5 thousand domestic and foreign owners of clothes stores, showrooms and chains.


Elżbieta Roeske / Product Group Director POZNAŃ FAFION FAIR stands out owing to the fact that it combines the worlds of business and fashion. It is not the image of the Polish Fashion but the contracting aspects that are the most important part of the event in Poznań. By means of lots of promotional activities, it makes it possible for producers and designers to boost their image among business clients and consumers, which in result leads to better sales. The scope of marketing actions of the Polish Fashion project includes participation in an exclusive fashion show during POZNAŃ FAFION FAIR, the distinguishing of the collection in stores thanks to special Polish Fashion labels fitted to clothes and footwear, as well as online promotion. The website is just an element of the whole online campaign, where Internet users have a chance to search for the latest information related to the industry. We are actively developing the zone for young designers called “Young Fashion for Sale - Bezliq” as well, which offers the possibility to establish cooperation with chain multi-brand stores and producers participating in the fair, which means the implementation of own projects on a large scale.



Books for Children, Young Adults and Parents – 15th Poznań Trade Fair Meetings

School and Nursery Equipment Exhibition

held yearly

held yearly

held yearly EdukacjaMTP It is the best ever place to get familiar with an offer of state, private, Polish and foreign schools and universities as well as other educational places of various fields and levels. It is also Poland’s only exhibition where such a vast educational offer is presented. In 2O15 more than 3O,OOO young people got familiar with the exhibition searching for the answer on how to develop passion and interest at particular levels of education. The fair is to help the youth choose further education, and provide teachers with professional knowledge, as it is accompanied by interesting conferences. It also attracts representatives of local governments, school directors, those employed in education, pedagogues, all of whom have the chance to observe the directions of changes in education here. The Education Fair is a joint undertaking of Poznań Teacher Training Center, the Marshal Office of Greater Poland, and Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie. The School and Nursery Equipment Exhibition and Poznań Trade Fair Meetings – Books for Children, Young Adults and Parents are an integral part of the Education Fair. KsiazkaMTP The event promotes books and reading among the youngest ones and their parents. It is an important place where writers, translators, illustrators, publishers, librarians, and scientists meet. The event’s interesting program makes it possible to arouse interest in books in many different ways, for example, by means of exhibition, authorship workshops and contests. Poznań Trade Fair Meetings – Books for Children, Young Adults, and Parents is organized by Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie and Polish Book Publishers Association. The exhibition is dedicated to representatives of local governments, school principals, teachers and pedagogues, who are interested in solutions concerning teaching effectiveness, school and nursery management. There are leading producers and distributors of equipment for schools and nurseries among the event exhibitors. As part of the exhibition, the latest information and communication technologies, modern didactic aids, funs and games, furniture and equipment for arranging school and nursery classrooms, as well as offers of ‘green schools’ and interesting trips for children and teenagers are presented. The exhibition offer is moreover complemented by conferences addressed to school, nursery teachers and principals. The event is organized together with Poland’s largest Educational Fair as well as renowned exhibition of Books for Children, Young Adults and Parents.

Zofia Strzyż / Diector of EDUCATION FAIR It is more and more often that labor market experts draw attention to unemployment among graduates of higher schools and the growing shortage of professionals. Young people are thus facing a dilemma whether to continue education in a high school bearing in mind studying in the future or to take care about a proper profession, or else continue education abroad. The Education Fair definitely helps to take a decision because it is here that a wide educational offer is presented pinpointing to up-to-date educational trends. According to specialists, the future belongs to specific professions and skills, not only those related to new technologies and media but also interpersonal skills.



SAKRALIA Trade Fair of Church Furnishings, Liturgical Objects and Devotional Items

MEMENTO POZNAŃ Funeral Fair in memorial of Wojciech Krawczyk

held yearly

held every other year

Western Poland’s largest presentation of products and offers for parishes, monasteries, and church institutions. The fair is visited by priests and consecrated persons, representatives of parish councils and catechists. Other people attending the event include owners and workers of warehouses and shops of devotional industry, searching for new ideas on how to expand their assortment and contacts with new producers and suppliers. The exposition is enriched by a unique program of conferences aimed at those responsible for investments in parishes and monasteries. Clergymen enter the event free of charge. Thematic scope: › liturgical attire and garments › garments and clothing for spiritual persons › equipment for sacred facilities (altars, baptismal fonts, confessionals, pews, kneelers, railings, chandeliers, candleholders, candlesticks, clocks, bells, pipe organs, sound and multimedia equipment, equipment for parish offices, chambers, and archives) › incense and candles › liturgical vessels and equipment › sacramental bread, sacramental wine › sacred construction › liturgical and special occasion decorations (paintings, sculptures, stained glass, metal arts, artistic metalwork) › pilgrimage tourism › religious publishers teaching aids for catechists › devotional items

Joanna Mizerska / Director of MEMENTO, SAKRALIA, STONE, GLASS There are about 3,OOO funeral companies in Poland which employ nearly 1OO,OOO people. Two tendencies are particularly noticeable on the market at the moment. On one hand, you can observe openness towards having a corpse cremated, towards designer and ecological urns and coffins, jewelry reliquaries, modern burial methods, and new IT technologies available at funeral companies. On the other hand, however, majority of the society still concentrates on traditional forms of the last farewell in a coffin. Moreover, funeral companies trust those well-known forms of direct business and run their books in a paper form. It is estimated that the constant development of culture and the ever changing social standards regarding the final ceremony and related services will result in a bigger need of non-typical funerals in the future.

The largest funeral fair in Central and Eastern Europe, which also boasts the longest tradition in Poland, is organized in cooperation with the Polish Funeral Association. It is Poland’s only event to have received recommendations of FIAT – IFTA International Funeral Association which guarantees high quality of the event and proves its rank. At the last edition of MEMENTO, new technological solutions and worldwide trends of the funeral industry were presented by 6O domestic and foreign companies. Over three days, the event was visited by nearly 2,OOO professionals who are actively searching for business and technological solutions for their funeral companies, crematoriums, and cemeteries. The exposition is accompanied by lots of shows regarding funeral flowers, thanatopraxy workshops as well as professional seminars. Thematic scope: › cemetery machinery, equipment and devices › cemetery structures and equipment: design and execution (crematory facilities, mortuaries, chapels, niches and columbaria, sepulchers) › cemetery and funeral supplies (coffins, urns and clothing for mourners and cemetery workers) › software for cemetery administration (recordkeeping, cemetery mapping, burial register and records of financial revenue, cemetery plot reservation, defining cemetery sections and tombs, ongoing control of proper location of tombs, graves and monuments) › transport: transport equipment (hearses, carts, lifts, capsules, stretchers, etc.) and transport services (carriage) › greenery (design, cutting and tending of trees, bushes and greenery, grave tending and maintenance, green waste composting) › health & safety (project supervision by investor, exhumation supervision) › services: cemetery services, funeral services (organization of burial ceremonies), municipal services (solid waste disposal, cesspool emptying, cemetery, cleaning and maintenance, winter maintenance of paths and roads, water and sewer utility maintenance), stonemason services, construction services, maintenance services, cemetery supervision, printing services and other



REKLAMA 36O International Trade Fair of Advertising Goods and Printing Advertising


held yearly

held yearly Reklama36O An event where practice faces theory, empiricism challenges the vision of future, and routine meets creativity. Participation in the Reklama36O event provides an opportunity to come across products and advertising services, and to establish valuable business contacts. The fair is participated by representatives of producers of advert machines and materials, advert producers and distributors, suppliers of advert services, practitioners and experts of the media world. The exposition is accompanied by the ARENA36O zone, where those willing to present interesting products, new marketing solutions meet to share inspiring attitudes towards creativity and produce. Thematic scope: › Taste and Fashion Zone (sweets, drinks, snacks, advertising clothing, corporate clothing, work clothing, accessories, extras, packaging, dishes, catering) › Technology Zone (advertising printing, large-size prints, outdoor adverts, printers, CNC machines, plotters, lasers, die cutters, cutters, binding machines, consumables, web-to-print) › Event Zone (stage, lighting, sound elements, inflatable and pneumatic constructions, exhibition constructions, stands, displays › art agencies, event agencies, modeling agencies, hostess agencies) › Gadget and Gift Zone (electronic gifts and gadgets, office and home gifts, calendars, publishing houses, stationery items) › Innovation Zone (mobile applications, solutions for e-commerce, computer graphics) GoldenMarketingConference A unique conference for marketing directors, managerial staff, and specialists responsible for creation and communication. Your participation in the meeting is a guarantee of establishing valuable business contacts. It also guarantees a full success of the marketing strategy which is being carried out. The conference gathers marketing stars including Natalia Hatalska, Paweł Tkaczyk, Michał Wawrzyniak, Wojciech Ławniczak, Marek Zieliński, and Michał Banach. A possibility of meeting top management and sharing business experiences is the most important aspect of the event. GOLDEN MARKETING CONFERENCE is a tool which makes it possible to carry out the most daring marketing objectives provided its multi-level possibilities are taken advantage of.

Ilona Rosiak-Łukaszewicz Director of REKLAMA36O and GOLDEN MARKETING CONFERENCE Building brand awareness and taking constant care of it are the greatest challenges which marketing needs to face today. In the times of dynamic business changes the future of a product and service portfolio should not be taken for granted. So, how to build a brand nowadays? Which of the modern promotion tools will guarantee success? Why are working with consumers and personalization the most important ways to acquire new clients and maintain the current ones? The answers to these as well as many other questions can be found during REKLAMA36O and GOLDEN MARKETING CONFERENCE.



TOUR SALON Fair of Regions and Tourist Products

held yearly


It is Poland’s largest tourist fair getting business and passion together. The event is dedicated to professional travelers as well as those for whom traveling is a passion. Thinking of both the groups special zone called “Business Zone” (it offers comfortable conditions for business exhibitors to meet professional visitors as well as VIP guests) as well as “Passion Zone” following a common slogan “Around the world in three days” have been arranged. This is where artistic and cultural assets of particular regions and countries are presented. Moreover, there are lots of contests and attractions for visitors, including meetings with famous travelers.


Thematic scope: › national and regional tourism promoting organizations (foreign expositions of particular countries and regions › Polish Regions › communes, towns, provinces › tourist information offices › museums › recreation facilities › tourist paths › health SPAce (SPA and wellness resorts, health resorts, sanatoriums, health farms and recreation centers) › business tourism (congress, conference and training facilities, incentive-like trip organizers, event organizers, history-bound recreation, congress and conference organizers, training companies › technique and conference equipment, organizers of trainings, picnics, integration and motivation events) › active tourism – extreme (organizers of extreme expeditions; producers of tourist and sport equipment) › tour operators and travel agencies (recreation centers, loggings, guest apartments, guest houses, hotels and hotel chains, agritourism) › transport › services for tourism › publications and Internet websites


POZNAŃ GAME ARENA Entertainment and Multimedia Show held yearly

held yearly


The largest and most spectacular event in Poland, important also on the European market. It is a real feast for both the big and the small, the professional and the amateur. Generally for all those who value multimedia and cyber entertainment without limits. PGA offers great emotions, unforgettable attractions, limitless possibilities to have a go at the latest hardware and games. The event includes premieres of games, cosplay shows, numerous contests and tournaments. There are a few hundred computer, console, and stimulator stations at the disposal of the visitors. The last edition was visited by more than 66,OOO professionals, gamers and multimedia enthusiasts, as well as 85O accredited journalists, bloggers, and website creators. The branch character of the fair is emphasized by the PGA VIP DAY, participated by representatives of the business sector, including producers, publishers, distributors, as well as game makers themselves.

Łukasz Wołonkiewicz / Director of POZNAŃ GAME ARENA The market of computer games, both in Poland and worldwide, is developing dynamically and has its say in this important part of the economy. According to the estimates of the report prepared by the Technological Park of Cracow, the value of the Polish gaming market reached PLN 1.65 billion (EUR 6.92 billion) in 2O15, and is forecast to reach PLN 1.84 billion (EUR 7.7 billion) in 2O17. Poland’s share in the video games market is estimated at O.6%, which ranks us 19th globally and 2nd in Eastern Europe. There are about 15O game producing companies in Poland at present. In the first half of 2O15, two of top ten bestselling games worldwide originated in Poland. PGA is an important event on the European market, presenting the development of the Polish gaming industry. There is no other place offering a possibility to experience a direct contact with game and multimedia users. Here, thousands of video game fans from the whole Poland stand face to face with the producers of their favorite games and their beloved equipment.


HOBBY Meeting people with passion TargiHOBBY It is Poland’s unique and largest event gathering producers and distributors of models, mock-ups, accessories, modeling materials and tools, clubs, model companies, and publishers. Those who will also find a large team of recipients here include producers and distributors of social games and comic books. The event also involves stamp and coin collecting exhibitions. HOBBY attracts people with passion, such as model makers, collectors, lovers of social games, stamp collectors, comic enthusiasts, but above all whole families who are searching for interesting forms of pastime. The fair is accompanied by numerous shows, workshops, and competitions for models. Mock-ups of impressive sizes constitute another attraction.


RYBOMANIA Angling Fair

KNIEJE Hunting and Shooting Exhibition

held yearly in Poznań, Lublin and Katowice

held yearly Rybomania The largest angling fair in Poland and one of the largest exhibitions in Europe, which is proven by hundreds of exhibitors, thousands of square meters of exposition area, and more than 7O,OOO visitors annually. This is where brand new products of world’s greatest brands are presented. RYBOMANIA is also an arena of special shows, including those most spectacular ones which use huge tanks full of fish in order to present baits. A giant-size aquarium of 23,OOO liters is a definite hit of the event which holds huge carps, pike-perches, pikes, perches, sturgeons, trouts, and salmons. An intense program of events participated by angling champions is yet another attraction gathering real enthusiasts, involving both well-experiences ones having great knowledge as well as those who are just beginning their fishing stories. The event integrates all angling environments and presents the potential of the whole industry. TargiKnieje Event is aimed at members of hunting and shooting unions, associations, clubs and trusts, members of OHZ (Game Breeding Center), vets, lovers of hunting dogs and all those interested in hunting. It is a great opportunity to get familiar with the latest products for hunters, to establish new business contacts as well as to promote hunting culture. The exhibition also involves culinary shows, meetings with interesting individuals, trumpeter concerts, presentation of dogs and falconry shows. Thematic scope: › firearms › melee weapon › optical devices › ammo › clothing and footwear › hunting accessories, tourist equipment › cynology › falconry › equipment for shooting-ranges › hunting tourism › off-road cars and vehicles

BOATEX Swimming Equipment and Water Sports Exhibition held yearly TargiBoatex This event is directed at all lovers of sailing, enthusiasts of water sports and water recreation. Every person, who finds water a way of life or an opportunity for good fun and recreation will find something for themselves here. The exhibitors offer a review of sailing accessories, great motor boats, majestic yachts, kayaks, paddle boats, dinghies as well as lots of other accessories for water sports. Thematic scope: › sailing boats, motor yachts › water sports – kayaking, surfing, diving › accessories › equipment for boats, electronic equipment › clothing for sailors › sailing gadgets › lifestyle › services › sailing clubs › diving clubs › professional associations and organizations

Thematic scope: › fishing equipment: fishing rods, spinning wheels and accessories › baits and lures › clothing and accessories › floating equipment › angling tourist offers › special fishery offers

Piotr Kamiński / Director RYBOMANIA and BOATEX It is estimated that more than two million people go fishing in Poland whereas more than 5 million Poles do sailing and water sports on regular basis. Hundreds of millions of Polish zloty are spent by Poles to pursue their interests. According to the data of the Polish Angling Association, the angling market in Poland is worth about PLN 1.5 billion, and the sales of Polish yachts reached the value of PLN 156 million last year, mostly owing to export (nearly 95% of boats of Polish yacht works are produced for foreign recipients). By means of presenting market novelties, an abundant program of accompanying events, meetings with experts, never-ending stories regarding equipment, unusual fisheries, and huge fish, RYBOMANIA and BOATEX fair events integrate and inspire dozens of thousands of enthusiasts no matter what experience they have.



AQUA & ZOO Pet Exhibition

VIVA SENIORS! Activity. Health. Prevention

HAPPY BABY Fair of Toys and Goods for Children

held yearly

held yearly

held yearly

An event for pet enthusiasts is a paradise for the lovers of aquariums and terrariums, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, reptiles, amphibians, and other domesticated animals. This is a place where enthusiasts meet, including both renowned and experienced breeders as well as amateur passionate individuals who are looking for an opportunity to exchange their experiences and advice on feeding and taking care of home pets. For all the professionals, participation in the fair makes for a great opportunity to get together with business partners and learn about the latest knowledge in terms of marketing and selling zoological services. The fair is accompanied by shows and workshops as well as International Scalars Championship, an Exhibition of Exotic Pets, and an Exhibition of Exotic Birds. Thematic scope: › animals (aquarium freshwater and sea fish, lizards, tortoises, turtles, frogs, salamander, tarantulas and other arachnids, crustacea, mollusks, insects, myriapoda, scorpions, dogs, cats, exotic birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, degus, ferrets, chinchillas, hedgehogs) › plants (plants for terrariums, aquarium plants, insectivorous plants) › food for animals (fodder, treats, supplements, feeder animals and other feed) › pharmaceuticals and care products (cosmetics, preparations and medicaments, leathercraft for dogs, cats, equipment and accessories for animal breeding and care) › services (grooming salons, training schools, animal hotels) › breeders › associations and institutions

The event aimed at people over 5O years old is organized by Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie in cooperation with the Centre for Senior Citizens Initiatives and the Regional Social Policy Center. In response to varied expectations of this particular age group, the exposition included such segments as health, sport, tourism, work and education, beauty and style, modern technologies and media, passion, law and finance. The fair is accompanied by a rich program of lectures devoted to such topics as health prevention, education and development workshops, movement therapy activities. Additionally, performances of Polish artists are another inseparable element of the event. Thematic scope: › health (health products, natural medicine, rehabilitation and orthopedic equipment, medical techniques, control and security systems, everyday help products, healthy food, health treatment and rehabilitation spots, care institutions, nursing houses, healthcare services, voluntary services) › sport (sports and pastime equipment, sports clothing, sports clubs and centers, fitness centers) › tourism (travel agencies, sanatoriums, health resorts, sightseeing clubs, carriers) › beauty and style (cosmetics, clothing and footwear, jewelry and accessories, cosmetics institutes, spas, hairdressing centers) › passion (dance schools, therapy workshops organizers, seniors clubs, individual development centers) › work and education (work offices, third age universities, language schools) › new technologies and media › law and finances (insurance associations and funds, modern banking, law firms

TargiHappyBaby An exceptional event for young parents and those who are only planning to become ones, which offers a splendor of attractions for children ranging from toddlers to kindergarten kids. It is a sort of a platform of education, integration, and inspiration! There are numerous games, animations, and creative workshops awaiting the visitors. Parents can take advantage of advice given by doctors, psychologists, and children specialists. The exhibition offers are presented by producers, importers and distributors of toys, articles for infants and children, companies offering care and education services. Thematic scope: › pregnancy planning: cosmetics, maternity wear and underwear, medical care, antenatal classes, pregnancy exercise classes; child (from a baby to a preschooler) › baby care accessories, feeding accessories, clothing and footwear, baby food products, sports accessories, baby rooms, early education and language schools, car safety seats, strollers › mum dad and me (games and plays for children and parents) › dolls and plush toys, developmental games and toys, building blocks, puzzles




CAVALIADA Tour Poznań / Lublin / Warszawa

held yearly

held yearly

FSiPA An incredibly colorful event aimed at people who are looking for unique decorative items, as well as at art and craft enthusiasts. A variety of artistic works are presented by artists, craftsmen, galleries, art works, folk artists and different enthusiasts. The festival is a perfect opportunity to extend your knowledge and master your skills in terms of various artistic techniques at a number of workshops.


It is the only Polish equestrian cycle accredited by the International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI). It is the biggest equestrian event in this part of the world, taking place over a few days, which concentrates of the presentation of horses. Moreover, the qualifiers of the World Cup and the Final of European Central League World Cup evoke lots of emotions among the event’s participants each edition. CAVALIADA TOUR takes place in three Polish cities. CAVALIADA Poznań CSI3*-W takes place in the capital of Greater Poland and commences the CAVALIADA Tour cycle in the 2O15/2O16 indoor season. CAVALIADA Lublin is the second edition, whereas the finals take place at CAVALIADA Warsaw. There are three dimensions of CAVALIADA including sport (emotional horse riding contests for the best rider participated by world famous sportsmen), shows (spectacular points on the agenda connected with educational aspects for the youngest ones) as well as fair (the topics involved refer to all things connected with horse riding as well as active pastime – horse riding clothing and accessories, equipment for stables, horse care equipment and products, vitamins, fodder, souvenirs, publishing houses and services). Last year the event was visited by more than 6O,OOO people, excluding viewer watching the event on TV and online.

photo: press service, AKPA

Thematic scope: › painting › graphics › drawing › photography › artistic textile › sculpture › ceramics › glass › stained glass › artistic metalwork › unique jewelry › elements and tools for jewelry making › unique clothing and accessories › interior decorations › floristics › handmade toys › folk handicraft › antiques › Christmas decorations › paper and packaging › artistic workshops

photo: press service, AKPA

Dominik Nowacki / Director of CAVALIADA CAVALIADA is a strong brand and is easily associated by world-famous competitors, horse enthusiasts, and other parties in Europe and outside. We pay particular attention to families and children, as we try to popularize horse riding and this unusual form of pastime. The grandstands filled up during CAVALIADA TOUR and tickets which sell out a month before the event prove the fact that horse riding is coming to its time of glory. By means of what we do we try to bring back the role of horse riding and its background in the history of Poland. On top of that, we try to consolidate responsibility and care for natural environment. Taking advantage of the Polish Breeding Pavilion we wish to promote Polish breeding and highlight the strength of Polish horse industry. All those who wish to catch up with their knowledge or get to know new things regarding the horse have a chance to participate in lectures and trainings organized as part of the Equestrian University. Apart from theoretical classes, there are also practical ones (workshops and trainings including horses). There is also an exposition of horse riding equipment and items accompanying emotional competitions participated by world famous riders. Due to a vast number of buyers (horse riding is practiced by nearly 3OO,OOO people), exhibitors book the expo area in each of the cities where CAVALIADA is held far in advance.


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