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WEDNESDAY September 23, 2009

Caribfest seeking community involvement Brittany Norman Editor In Chief

Chris Collins Managing Editor

It was early September, and Chris

Caruvana and Clarke O’Connor were getting food at Taco Bell, about to head to the Grove to chill. A normal evening. A boring evening. The friends, both local musicians and students at MSU, wanted to see a live show. ‘Why are there no bands playing tonight?’ they wondered. Then they had a revelation: why wait for other people to book shows when you can book your own? Between them, they know a ton of musicians. Throwing a show would be fun. “It sounded like it would be pretty easy,” Caruvana said. A couple weeks later, the duo brought their plan to fruition. The Virus series, which showcases a collection of local musicians, debuted Sep. 18 in the Clark Student Center. The concert, which played more like an open mic session than an honest-to-God See VIRUS page 4

Photo and illustration by Brittany Norman Chris Caruvana and Clarke O’Connor are spearheading an arts and music movement at MSU called “The Virus”

The maroon and gold campus will be hit with a splash of Caribbean color Oct. 2 with the 12th annual Caribfest celebration. The Caribbean Students Organization (CSO) have chosen the theme “Let Your tTue Caribbean Spirit Shine” for this year’s festivities. On the day of the event, there will be a flash of flair with the costume parade, a traditional staple that demonstrates the colorful spirit of the cultures demonstrated. Attendees can also get a true taste of the islands by dining authentic homemade Caribbean cuisine. While dining, the community A student in costume can take in marches in the parade a Calypso during last year’s Caribc o m p e t i - fest. tion. Calypso is a popular form of Caribbean music. The CSO puts the celebration together every year, and a press release said it is the “highlight of the organization’s event calendar.” “This year we are really trying to expand Caribfest to include other groups on campus and members of the wider Wichita Falls community,” Danielle Thomas, chairperson of the Caribfest committee, said. “We already have a few sororities and fraternities on campus signed up for the parade, and we also made a presentation to Sheppard Air Force Base.” The proceeds from Caribfest, including ticket sales, donations and funds raised from other activities, will be donated to Hospice of Wichita Falls, First Step and WFISD. “It’s something we do every year and we just want folks to come out and enjoy the friendly Caribbean atmosphere,” Thomas said. “Our goal is to showcase our culture, so of course we need an audience.”

MSU going green: standing out or blending in? Chris Collins Managing Editor

MSU is cooperating with a German university to make campus more eco-friendly, but is going green a necessity for the future or an extremist profiteering scam? German native Francis Soor thinks being eco-conscious could reverse the flow of global warming, the gradual increase of the average temperature of the planet. Soor, 26, is a student at the Environment Campus Birkenfeld, a

branch of the University of Applied Sciences. The school is in West Germany, close to Luxemburg and France. Soor has attended the climateconscious university for about two and a half years, but for the last month he has been visiting MSU – and receiving credit from ECB for it. He’s part of the expanding relationship between MSU and ECB, a partnership that started about four years ago. “I just wanted to get closer cooperation between the McCoy school and our department,” Soor said.

MSU has been accepting foreign exchange students from ECB through the Dillard college of business. Soor, who is working toward a bachelor’s degree in economics or environmental planning, is the first ECB student to travel overseas to join the engineering program. “There is a common program between the Dillard college at ECB concerning economics and business” said Dr. Peter Gutheil, professor of engineering at ECB, said. “Dr. Wiedemann [former provost] asked last year why there were no connections at the

McCoy school.” Gutheil said he first visited the campus in October 2008. He said he and administration immediately started discussing the possibility of sending students to MSU for what he called “projects.” Since then, the ECB has implemented two programs in which students may travel to MSU or a local business to receive credit. “We sent Francis abroad and his mission was to explore and research your campus,” Gutheil said. “We found out the main interest of your university at the

moment is to have cooperation with environmental things. Your president said the campus should get greener.” Gutheil said ECB’s main interest is in planning to create renewable energy resources. Heat and electricity at the university are created by plants that burn wood pallets and biogas (a fuel produced by the fermentation of organic matter). The campus buildings have zero carbon dioxide emissions, he said. “We have a lot of experience in making concepts for using less

energy from outside,” Gutheil said. One way is to save energy could be isolating buildings and being more efficient with electricity. The other, he said, is to produce your own energy “The goal is to have a zeroemission campus,” Gutheil said. This means you energy you use and produce equals zero. He said energy can be produced from the sun, biogas, wind, or water, among other things. He said he believes there See ENERGYpage 3

Staff Editorial

Seeking safer crossings All it would take to create a tragedy is

one distracted driver, texting their way through a red light at the intersection of Midwestern and Louis J. Rodriguez.

New safety measures, such as a 30 mileper-hour speed limit and flashing lights,

have been put in place, but it is a well known phenomenon that drivers tend to

The sound of settling

ignore such warnings as long as there are no cop cruisers in sight.

It’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt.

Drivers should be responsible, but it would be idealistic to assume that Wichita

Josh Hoggard Op-Ed Editor

tive measure. Building a skywalk will un-

I remember one time, when I was a sophomore in high school; I really really liked this girl. Her name was Rachel. I had the biggest crush on her. She was my image of a perfect girl. She was smart, unique, fun to be with, really cute, the total package. I had it bad for this girl. I had to tell her how I felt, it was that good. To my shock and horror, though, when I told her I liked her, she said she wanted to be “just friends”, two words every guy in the history of the entire world has hated since the dawn of time. Just friends? NO SIR! That wasn’t going to work for me. I wanted a girlfriend, and I wanted it to be her. Not to mention, that night, I was trying to pee out of a car window and my glasses flew off my face and shattered into a million pieces and I couldn’t see for a week until I got a new pair.

lawsuit when someone is unfortunately

Falls Residents will suddenly and simul-

taneously drive more cautiously down this particular piece of road.

The solution? Start setting aside money now for a skywalk over the road.

It’s been a while since we’ve tacked on any more student fees, after all, and not

being run over by a driver too busy typing an E-mail on their smart phone while eating a Big Mac seems like a smart use for our money.

If nothing else, look at it as a preempdoubtedly be cheaper than the inevitable hit by a car.

More and more activities are taking place on south campus now, and it’s only

a matter of time before a pedestrian forgets to look both ways at the same time as a driver loses focus.

Consider it, MSU. And until more safety

measures can be implemented, we pedestrians would really appreciate it if motorists could give us a brake.

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So, I settled for this girl at school. She was absolutely nothing I really wanted in a girl. But, she liked me. So, I settled for her, and it was the worst experience ever. I don’t know if we were ever official or not, but it was just unhealthy, and has left me a bit scarred to this day. I see so many of my friends, peers, classmates, acquaintances, and even people I don’t really know settling for less than what they really want, and it really saddens me. They have an image of true happiness in mind, and they give it up for a quick fix, for the “next best thing”. This girl has an image of a perfect guy, but rather than waiting for him to come, she settles for the jerk who uses her for her body. This guy has an image of a perfect job, but rather than pursuing that and taking the risk of failing, he takes the fast track to a dull life. Girls settle for guys who have

money and no love, guys settle for girls who are hot with the personality of a brick, friends settle for empty false gossip that destroys relationships, people settle for lust rather than wait for love, settle for substance abuse rather than dealing with pain… It happens all the time, and we let it. We settle for less than our best way too often, and when we do, it destroys the creative, unique being we were designed to be. When we settle, we kill a part of ourselves. I learned after I “dated” that girl that settling just wasn’t going to work for me anymore, and I’ve been single since then. Does waiting around suck? Absolutely it does. It’s hard to just sit and wait for my perfect girl. But settling isn’t going to cut it for me. Even if it takes six or seven or twenty more years, I’ll wait, because its worth it. Some of you who are reading this right now are so scared of waiting and risking it all to pursue what you really desire

and what will really make you happy. You’re terrified of failing, of falling, of not getting it, that you settle for a quick fix that just leaves you empty in the long run. Waiting is hard! I know it is. But the benefits exceed the risk exponentially. The sacrifice of waiting is NOTHING compared to how amazing life will be when you finally get what you want. Don’t let cynics tell you it’s a lost cause. Keep waiting! Keep fighting! Be strong, because your best days are ahead. For those of you who have settled, it isn’t too late to pursue your dreams. It’s scary and risky, but its really the only way to live. Sure, if you aim for nothing, you’ll never miss, but you’ll never have purpose either. Live your dreams! I swear, when (not if) they come true, you’ll never regret it.

now, I sympathize with you. In an effort to help you, my fellow student, cope with a roommate of poor quality, I have assembled all my knowledge and put together a short guide to dealing with uncooperative roommates. If you are trying to get revenge on a loud, obnoxious roommate by pulling a practical joke, beware; those kinds of roommates are tricky and can easily get you back. I have studied this type of species and realized practical jokes gone wrong will become either World War III or Armageddon. If your roommate is antisocial and doesn’t want to be bothered, I highly recommend knocking on his or her door/wall and asking permission to enter. I have witnessed the fires of Hell because I barged in without permission and was greeted by Satan herself. Mind you, I am not saying all roommates are the same. Some

students might have been blessed with sharing living quarters with his or her best friend since grade school. Others are just placed in a room and then later realize their roommates will become best friends or worst enemies. Be prepared for expectations being fulfilled or broken. Living with one or more roommates is an experience that everyone in college should have. It could either be a good or bad experience; that is between you and your roomies. I have experienced both the good and the bad; at times, I wanted to shoot my annoying roommate and other times, I wanted to show my appreciation by buying my roomie a movie. You know how you act as an individual and you know how you respond to actions or words; let your roommate know your pet peeves. I don’t think that most roommates are psychics. If a roommate is psychic, then

I suggest watching any Dallas Cowboy’s game in another building. If any arguments arise, don’t get upset or get even. Explain the issues or problems you are experiencing and work out a solution together or compromise. I will admit that I have butted heads with one of my roommates, both figuratively and literally, about taking out the trash. My yelling, however, was a whisper compared to her angered shouting. Afterwards, we have come to compromise of my taking out the trash and her cleaning the bathroom. Above all, respect each other as roommates and as people. Both parties may not share the same likes or dislikes, but chances are, rewards of friendship can resurface once you have bonded. I can honestly say that you will not regret having to share the same roof as your roommate once you become best friends.

Do roommates come with instructions? Adrienne Nash Guest Conributor

My best friend, who shall not be named, is an energetic and comical woman. She is loyal to her friends and quick to toss out her advice on serious discussions or gossip. I am honored to call her friend. My roommate, whom I shall not name, is a lazy girl in a twenty-something-year-old body that refuses to do her share of chores and complains about the living situation. I am on the verge if igniting flames with my eyes every time I see her. Here’s the twist: these two ladies are the same person! Whether you are male or female, living in dorms or apartments, you have heard or seen or even experienced the same issues with roommates; disarray, disorganization, or just plain disgust. If you are in this situation

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The Wichitan September 23, 2009


ENERGY.........................................................................................................continued from pg. 1 is great potential in using MSU’s rooftops to collect solar rays. Gutheil said it’s important that humans eliminate their carbon footprints, the effect they have on the environment due to daily activities. These footprints are directly responsible for global warming, he said. “We cannot use the same kind of energy we use now much longer,” Gutheil said. “The resources are limited. In a couple of years, we will run out of oil. The oil will become very expensive.” “I would say the scientific community is pretty convinced that global warming is taking place,” said Dr. Salim Azzouz, assistant professor of engineering at MSU. Azzouz said the melting glaciers in Greenland are a product of humanity’s excessive carbon use. There may be more debate regarding global warming than Azzouz is aware of. Sen. James Inhofe, R – Oklahoma, stated in January 2005 that Arctic temperatures are actually cooler than they were in the 1930s. “The threat of catastrophic global warming is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people,” Inhofe said. “The carbon footprint of volcanoes is very low with respect to the carbon produced by human activity,” Azzouz said. “There is a huge gap.” Apparently this is another point of contention among climatologists. “There is no question the earth has been warming; it is coming out of the ‘Little Ice Age,’” said Reid Bryson, American atmospheric scientist and geologist. “However, there is no credible evidence that it is due to mankind and carbon dioxide,” he said. Bryson was made a Global

Photo courtesy

Laureate by the UN’s Global Environment Program in 1990. He died in 2008, but not before questioning the validity of proglobal warming arguments. The Little Ice Age he refers to is a period of global cooling that followed the medieval warm period. “We’ve been coming out a Little Ice Age for 300 years,” Bryson said. Humans have not created significant carbon emissions until the past century, he said. “It’s been warming up for a long time,” Bryson said. Though scientific evidence falls on both sides of the global warming debate, people like Azzouz and Gutheil still champion the questionable crisis. “There is a trend here in the U.S. colleges to try to imple-

ment green energy,” he said. “As a university, we want to lead by example and show that this works.” Azzouz is part of a university group called Tiger, which aims to identify which parts of MSU need a green makeover. Azzouz said the group will scan each building on campus – using thermal imaging—to see which parts are leaking fuel the worst. Azzouz and others started working on Tiger last May. Another project, he said, is to craft a statue that will harness solar energy. “We need to sell the idea to the people here that becoming greener will save the campus money,” Azzouz said. When asked if the ECB has seen a return on the eco-friendly measures it has implemented,

Gutheil said he didn’t know. “This is always the problem with these techniques,” Gutheil said. “In the beginning there is an investment, and it depends on the energy costs when you will get the return. When the energy prices go up, you will see the return. “It’s not – I cannot – it’s very difficult to find out real amounts because the government built the building and it was more expensive than it was with conventional technology,” Gutheil sputtered. After Soor stayed at MSU for one month, studying and calculating, he had an idea about how MSU could be greener: students in dormitories could turn off the lights when they aren’t using them.

age people who lied at first from telling the truth later on, experts said. “That’s the tension right now in the D.A.’s office,” said Jim Cohen, a criminal law professor at Fordham University. “There should be some sanction for the consequences she caused,” he said. “On the other hand, if they charge this woman, then someone similarly situated in the future might decide to stick with her story rather than coming clean.” A law enforcement source said Sunday that it is likely that the woman, who prosecutors have not named because she has not been charged with

a crime, is “likely” to face charges this week. The woman told Nassau, N.Y., police that she was tied up and gang-raped about 3 a.m. Sept. 13 in a Hofstra University dormitory bathroom by five young men, authorities said. Four of the men, one of them a Hofstra student, were charged with rape in a case that gained nationwide attention. She recanted Wednesday evening, after prosecutors interviewing her told her that a cell-phone video of the incident might exist. Cornell Bouse, president of the Nassau Criminal Courts Bar Association, said the crimes the woman would most likely be charged with are all Class A misdemeanors, carrying a maximum of a year in jail. Lois Schwaeber, director of legal services for the Nassau County Coalition Against Domestic Violence, said cases where people make false reports of rape hurt all legiti-

mate rape victims seeking justice. But she said prosecuting someone who has made a false report will discourage real rape victims from coming forward as well. “They may feel that if they can’t support the charges they are making with enough proof, they could be charged.” KC Johnson, who wrote a recent book about the false rape charges filed against three Duke University lacrosse players in 2006, said the mental health of the person making the false report may also be an issue. In the Duke case, the state attorney who took over from Durham District Attorney Michael Nifong, did not charge the woman, in part because he had seen voluminous medical records proving she was deeply disturbed. “This is one of the reasons prosecutors have discretion about whether to file charges,” Johnson said. “It is perfectly appropriate for them to take all these factors into account.”

False rape report necessitates caution Monday • SBDC and Lalani: ideaWF Orientation Session in the Dillard College of Business r oom 189


Percentage of increase in alumni memberships last year.

Ann G ivens MCT Prosecutors deciding whether to charge the woman who falsely reported that she was gang-raped in a Hofstra University men’s room last week will have serious issues to weigh, experts said yesterday. On the one hand, they will want to discourage people from lying to law enforcement, and show that there will be consequences for doing so, experts said. On the other, they don’t want to discourage legitimate rape victims from coming forward, or discour-



The Wichitan September 23, 2009

f o S U R I V E TH & s t r A , c i s Mu Culture Photo by Kelly Raymond Cody Magana and Adam Rivera, members of A Formal Affair, perform at The Virus show Friday night.

Photo by Kelly Raymond Kory Rogers, of A Band Called John, Kory and David, participated in The Virus show Friday night.

nd elly Raymo Photo by K iV e h T wd at for the cro rogramming o ll e c a lays ity P Bo Fain p art of the Univers Board. p a , w o h rus s

Arms Lik e Arches was one of the ma ny music ans to pe rform at th e show o Photo by K n Friday n elly Ra ig to have s ht. The VIRUS is p ymond hows abo lanning ut twice a month.

VIRUS.................................................................................................................................continued from page 1 performance, lasted from 6 p.m. until a little after midnight. About one hundred people attended the show, most of them students. According to Caruvana, it was a success. However, the two found an unlikely adversary while trying to promote an artistic, intellectual reverence on campus: the university itself. “MSU was probably the biggest opponent of this,” Caruvana said. Caruvana said the first thing he and O’Connor tried to do was book the Quad for the show. He said he was told a group that wasn’t an official MSU club could only rent a space three

times. That’s okay, he thought. The two then tried to make the Virus into an official club, but were once again turned down. “We didn’t have the people or the credentials to make an individual group,” Caruvana said. Eventually they appealed to the University Programming Board and were allowed to become a subgroup of it. Through the UPB the two have no limit on the number of shows they can book. Caruvana said the day of the concert he was told the Virus had to be moved inside to the Atrium because there was a chance of rain. Also, even though the event was supposed to kick off at five, it was delayed until six because

of a meeting elsewhere in the building. They said they also didn’t get the extension cords that were promised them. But Caruvana rolled with the punches. “I think the Atrium worked out better because the acoustics were really nice,” Caruvana said. Caruvana said there was a variety of musical styles present Friday, from indie rock to folk to beat boxing and free styling. One musician, Scott Rogers, came from Abilene to play at MSU. All the other musicians were local, Caruvana said. Though the two said they received a lot of positive feedback from the show, there was some

criticism as well. “Some people were thinking this is the wrong place to do it,” Caruvana said. “They were like Wichita Falls is going to be very receptive to it.” “Despite everything, it went okay,” Caruvana said. “We were kind of confused and we didn’t know exactly what was going on. Next time we do it, it should be a lot smoother.” The two created a Facebook group for the show. It had amassed 300 members in two days. For the next concert, which will occur every other week in the Student Center, Caruvana and O’Connor will design flyers to infect everyone else with the Virus.




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The Wichitan September 23, 2009


‘Mad Men’ and ‘30 Rock’ take home top Emmys Lauren Wood Entertainment Editor

The “61st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards” were packed with the biggest names in television Sunday night. From the red carpet to the acceptance speeches and all the Neil Patrick Harris in between, the night was full of surprises and laughs. Harris hosted the awards show and livened up the crowd by kicking things up a notch with a song and dance number. He didn’t end up taking home the Supporting Actor statue he was nominated for, but he joked whole-heartedly about it all night. “30 Rock” was named best comedy for a third year, and “Mad Men” best drama for a second, but most of their stars were snubbed as the acting awards went to repeat winners or surprise choices. “Lost” star Michael Emerson and Cherry Jones from “24” earned the best supporting actor and actress in a drama awards. Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” won for best Variety, Music or Comedy Series. Jon Cryer of CBS’ “Two and a Half Men” won for best supporting actor in a comedy and Kristin Chenoweth picked up the supporting actress in a comedy

Photo Courtesy “Mad Men” was named best drama for the second year on Sunday night.

Emmy for her work on ABC’s “Pushing Daisies.” Major winners included: Lead Actor in a comedy series: Winner: Alec Baldwin, “30 Rock” Nominees: Steve Carrell, “The Office,” Charlie Sheen, “Two and a Half Men,” Tony Shalhoub, “Monk,” Jemaine Clement, “Flight Of The Conchords,” Jim Parsons, “The Big Bang Theory” Outstanding Lead Actress in a comedy series: Winner: Toni Collette, “United States Of Tara” Nominees: Sarah Silverman, “The Sarah Silverman Program,” Mary-Louise Parker, “Weeds,”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, “The New Adventures Of Old Christine,” Christina Applegate, “Samantha Who?,” Tina Fey, “30 Rock” Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series: Winner: Bryan Cranston, “Breaking Bad” Nominees: Hugh Laurie, “House,” Michael C. Hall, “Dexter,” Simon Baker, “The Mentalist,” Gabriel Byrne, “In Treatment,” Jon Hamm, “Mad Men” Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series: Winner: Glenn Close, “Damages” Nominees: Mariska Hargitay, “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” Kyra Sedgwick, “The

‘Jennifer’s Body’ more humorous than scary Cora Kuykendall For the Wichitan

When I saw Megan Fox’s new movie, “Jennifer’s Body,” this past weekend, I was probably one of the few people actually scared by it. But then again, I get scared watching Halloween movies on the Disney Channel. For those of you who don’t know the storyline of “Jennifer’s Body,” here is the gist of it. It begins with Jennifer’s best friend, Needy, played by Amanda Seyfried, most known for her role in “Mamma Mia,” throwing a fit in an insane asylum and talking about the recent “killings” that involved Jennifer. The “killings” were a result of a big name band sacrificing Jennifer to Satan in her small local town of Devil’s Kettle. The only way to keep her zombie-self alive, healthy and beautiful, she must eat boys. Yes, eat. The story seemed to just drag on; the first major part of the storyline didn’t develop until a good twenty to thirty minutes into the film, and after that the gross “eating of the boy” scenes were placed pretty far apart. The plot also failed with disappointing characters, for example, Seyfried’s boyfriend, Chip. I’m pretty sure if my boyfriend came up to me and said “I think my best friend was involved in a virgin sacrifice ritual to Satan” like what happened in the film, I’d immediately suggest that he go into therapy. In the film however, Chip shrugged off Needy’s comment without thinking twice. One major complaint about the story: it could be the fact that almost every male in the theater began to clap, but the girl-on-girl make out scene was completely unnecessary and probably just added in to boost ticket sales. There were multiple parts that frightened me during the movie, some, unintentional. Adam Brody in eyeliner, certain lines like “you are lime green jello” and “nice insult, Hannah Montana” make me scared that there

Photo Courtesy Fox and Seyfried play best friends in “Jennifer’s Body.”

is an adult writer in this world who thinks it’s cool to put phrases like that in a rated-R movie. And then of course seeing Fox’s “boyfriends” being eaten did not really appease to me because I’m not a huge fan of guts and blood. But all-in-all the script was pretty funny at times, which is expected since the plot is a bit ridiculous. I especially enjoyed the scene where it keeps switching in between Jennifer and her Photo Courtesy meal, and Needy Megan Fox stars as main character in and Chip’s date. “Jennifer’s Body.” You’ll underIf you like scary movies or at stand when you see the movie. least making fun of them, Megan I have to say, my favorite part Fox (with or without clothes), or of the movie was the soundtrack. want to be mesmerized by Adam It included songs from artists inBrody’s singing voice, I recomcluding Cute is What We Aim mend this movie for you. For, All Time Low, Panic! At the If not, at least check out the Disco, Silversun Pickups and soundtrack; it’s pretty good. Dashboard Confessional.

Photo Courtesy The cast of “30 Rock” thanked audience for their best comedy Emmy.

Closer,” Holly Hunter, “Saving Grace,” Sally Field, “Brothers & Sisters,” Elisabeth Moss, “Mad Men” Outstanding Comedy Series: Winner: “30 Rock” Nominees: “Entourage,” “Flight of the Conchords,” “The Office,” “Family Guy,” “Weeds,” “How I Met Your Mother” Outstanding Drama Series:

Winner: “Mad Men” Nominees: “Damages,” “Breaking Bad,” “Lost,” “Big Love,” “Dexter,” “House” Outstanding RealityCompetition Program: Winner: “The Amazing Race” Nominees: “American Idol,” “Dancing With the Stars,” “Top Chef,” “Project Runway”

Photo Courtesy Host Neil Patrick Harris kept the night rolling with his dance number.

Girl gamer shut down

I do not consider myself a feminist. I am a female, and you couldn’t pay me enough to be a gross, dirty, icky boy. Still, I’m not a feminist. I don’t want to be drafted or serve in the Army. I like having doors opened for me and hearing the phrase “ladies first.” I like pink and wearing dresses and heels and having my date pay for my dinner. Generally, I like the perks that come with being a woman, and I’m mostly okay with today’s gender roles. But if there’s one thing that would make me take off my bra, burn it in the city square, and embark on a rampaging trail of she-woman man-hating, it’d be Xbox. It’s not so much the system itself; that little rectangle is a lovely creation. It’s the chauvinist little boys that play Xbox that make me go all Jane Fonda. I wouldn’t play Xbox if I weren’t good at it. I wouldn’t fork over $50 a year for a Live subscription to play online if I didn’t have the chops to play with the big boys. I didn’t buy a pink controller just because it looks cute on the table. I bought it because it looks super cute in my hands while I’m kicking some ass. But lately, I’ve encountered some issues playing my favorite game, “Left 4 Dead”. If you’re not familiar with the premise, it’s pretty simple. Zombies take over the world; four people are left to fight for survival. Gamers take on the role of one of the survivors and have a good old-fashioned zombie shoot em’ up. Blood, guts, and howling, screaming zombies. What gets better than that? Usually, I sign onto Live, join a party, and then go merrily into the zombie apocalypse with my pump shotgun (which, by the way, I’m ace with). But the other day I heard something that made my closet feminist bust out in all her unshaven glory. “Guys. Dropsical is a chick. Boot her.” Before I could even mutter a confused expletive, the screen went blank. Then a message flashed: “You have been kicked from the session.” It happened two more times that evening. It’s not even that I was sucking: I was the leader in total zombie kills, headshots, and had taken the least amount of damage. By all statistical counts, I was the strongest member of the team. But I was also a chick. Thus, not cool enough to be on the team. So what if I’m a chick? So what if my username is Dropsical, and my character wears a cowboy hat and a miniskirt? I can still kick it with the best of them. There is no law that says you must have a penis to be a good gamer. Having one certainly does not guarantee skill. So jerk guys that are too good to play with me? I know where you game. And the next time you play Halo, that’ll be me, punting you in the back of the head. Oh yeah, cause I’m ace at that one, too. Jamie Monroe Advertising Manager

Pearl Jam album not so jammin’ Devan Gill For the Wichitan

If you were born between the death of hair metal and the birth of Seattle grunge, chances are Pearl Jam was a part of your life somehow, whether your older siblings were blasting “Ten” from their rooms or you had your own copy of “Vitalogy” a few years later. Needless to say, Pearl Jam has gone through many changes since their debut in 1991, so it’s a testament to their longevity that a ninth studio album has been released to great anticipation. “Backspacer” showcases a leaner, more relaxed Pearl Jam, but doesn’t necessarily showcase the band at the height of its powers. Clocking in at over 38 minutes, “Backspacer” is a breeze to listen to. It’s so quick and concise that anyone can listen to it once and formulate their opinion of it on the spot. Unlike previous releases, it’s difficult to be on the fence about this album because you’re either going to love what you hear or just shrug your shoulders. There’s no filler whatsoever, and the song structures are pretty much ‘A to B’ with no surprises in between.

Photo Courtesy “Backspacer” was released to stores Sept. 20.

The first track, “Gonna See My Friend”, exhibits a strong country influence yet maintains the band’s classic up-tempo dynamic. “The Fixer” is catchy pop rock at its finest, while tracks like “Johnny Guitar” and “Supersonic” serve as fleeting reprises of the band’s grittier upbringings. “Just Breathe” is one of two acoustic numbers that compound the relaxed feel of this record, but it isn’t until “The End” that things take on a real sense of urgency. As far as Pearl Jam tracks go,

“The End” is Eddie Vedder’s finest hour in more ways than one. All-in-all, “Backspacer” is a smooth footnote in Pearl Jam’s long, distinguished career and a suitable fix for fans that have waited three years for something new. The album certainly doesn’t aim to be more than what it is and plays it safe at every turn. Regardless, “Backspacer ” is one of the more enjoyable records to emerge this year—not essential listening, but good rock nonetheless.       


The Wichitan September 23, 2009


The Wichitan September 23, 2009

MSU goes 1-0-1 against West Texas and ENMU Kaitlin Morrison Sports Editor The No. 18 ranked Midwestern State men’s soccer team opened up Lone Star Conference play Friday night at the MSU Soccer Field against their rival, West Texas A&M. Goalkeeper Raul Herrera had two key saves to keep the Buffs off the scoreboard and helped MSU to the scoreless draw. “He came up big when we needed him,” MSU assistant coach Rob Cummings said. “He’s living up to his reputation as a gamer.” Herrera, who has not given up a goal in 451 minutes of field time, stopped West Texas A&M star forward Ben Everson on a one-on-one opportunity in the 64th minute on a sprawling save at the near post. In the 89th minute of play Herrera made another brilliant save on Jose Chavez’ serve from the top of the box. Sophomores Ryan Spence and Allen Thomson gave the Mustangs

a solid effort at the center back positions as the Buffs were limited to just 10 shots and just two on goal. But the Mustangs had opportunities, as well. Thomson started a nice combination off of a WT turnover in the 78th minute and worked the ball to Landon Fruge’ on the right wing, who served a cross into Bryan Sajjadi who appeared to tangle with a defender with a look at an open net. MSU continued to work into the first overtime when Kyle Kmiec took a turnover and worked toward the right wing but was tripped by a sliding tackle while making a move near the touchline in the 95th minute. Reid Schmidt and Kmiec were the lone Mustangs to put a shot on goal. On Sunday afternoon the Mustangs took the field again and powered their way to a 5-0 victory over Eastern New Mexico University. Senior striker Nick Auditore’s

kick started the Mustangs by finishing a nice combo in the center of the pitch as junior center mid Paulo Teixiera threaded the ball to Auditore’s feet in the 18th minute. Eight minutes later, sophomore striker Tex McCullough put a throw-in into the center of the box and 6’4” defender Allen Thomson used his size advantage to head a deflection toward a sliding Auditore, who deposited his fifth goal of the season to push the Mustangs advantage to 2-0. The Mustangs stayed on the attack to push the lead to 3-0 in the 33rd minute when Landon Fruge’ fed Sajjadi for his first goal of the contest from the touch line. Paulo Teixiera added an unassisted goal at the open of the second half and Sajjadi notched his second goal on a header off of Dean Lovegrove’s serve on a corner kick in the 76th minute. Midwestern appeared to tally another score in the 84th minute when Lovegrove delivered a nice-

ly struck-through ball over the top to an oncoming Kmiec. Kmiec beat ENMU keeper Alistar Caldwell to the ball and poked it into the net, but the tally was overruled and Kmiec was issued a yellow card for allegedly going spikes up into Caldwell, who suffered an apparent leg injury on the play. Elder and Eastern New Mexico coach Harold Munoz agreed to end the contest at that point. The win extended MSU’s unbeaten streak at the MSU Soccer Field to 14 games and the shutout was the Mustangs’ fifth in a row. “We’re not allowing a lot of shots,” Elder said. “We’re really covering for each other well now and learning to drop back, but we’re not there yet as a team.” Midwestern, which improved to 6-1-1 on the season and 1-0-1 in Lone Star Conference play, will host Texas A&M International FriHerrera had two key saves to keep West Texas day night at the MSU Soccer Field. Raul A&M scoreless and help Midwestern to a draw Friday Kickoff is set for 7 p.m. night at the MSU Soccer Field. (Photo by Patrick Johnston)

Volleyball beats Cameron, 3-1; loses to Lubbock Christian in 3 Kaitlin Morrison Sports Editor Midwestern State played host to Cameron University last Thursday night for the Red River Rivalry and picked up their third win of the season and first win of Lone Star Conference play at D.L. Ligon Coliseum. The Aggies were forced into an uncharacteristic 31 errors and hit just .091 on the night after coming into the game with the second-best hitting percentage in the LSC at .221 Midway through the opening set, Cameron lost conference player of the week, Malyssa Acton to a leg injury and couldn’t recover as they went on to lose25-19, 25-22, 29-27, and 25-23. Cameron dropped to 10-3 on the season and 0-1 in Lone Star Conference play. Sophomores Miranda Byrd and Hillary White paced the Mustangs as each finished the night with a double-double. Byrd had 14 kills and 10 digs, while White added 12 kills and 17 digs. Sesley Graves added 13 kills and three blocks. Kiara Jordan, this weeks Lone Star Conference Defensive Player of the Week, had a career-high

30 digs to lead the back row defense. Kimberly Jeffery and Dimery Michaels finished the game with a combined total of 49 assists. Michaels finished with 31 assists, while Jeffrey finished with 18 assists and was just one dig short of a double-double with nine digs. Kellie Dickerson had 17 kills to pace the Aggies, while Adrienne Lawson and Lindsay Paziuk had 18 digs to lead the dedfensive effort. Sophomore right-side hitter Tiana Bond had four total blocks to pace the Mustangs at the net. On Tuesday, MSU traveled to the Rip Griffin Center to take on No. 21 Lubbock Christian. The Mustangs hit a season low .033 in the 3-0 loss to the Chaps. This is the eighth time in nine tries that the Mustangs have lost away from the confines of D.L. Ligon Coliseum. MSU was led by senior middle blocker Sesley Graves who had eight kills and was a part of three of the Mustangs’ four blocks. She averaged a .333 hitting percentage on the night. LCU outside hitter Kelsey Odell tormented the Mustangs

MSU pounds Cardinals 49-7

with 13 kills while committing just one error in 23 attack attemps for a .532 kill rate, while junior middle blocker Elissa Loynes, added 11 kills on 19 attacks with just two errors for a .474 hitting percentage. Sophomore setter Jordan Goings finished with 39 assists and the Chaps committed just eight errors. MSU was forced into 20 attack errors while making 23 kills. The only other Mustang to end the night with a positive hitting percentage was Lauren Bayer, who hit .091 for the night. She finished with four kills on 11 attempts. Kiara Jordan led the back row effort with 15 digs, while Dimery Michaels added seven. The loss dropped Midwestern State to 3-13 on the season, while Lubbock Christian improved to 10-3. The Mustangs return home to play two Lone Star conference matches at D. L. Ligon Coliseum. The first is Thursday against Southeastern Oklahoma (12-4, 2-0) at 7 p.m. The second game is Saturday afternoon at 2 p.m. against East Central (11-6, 2-0). For the Wichitan

Golfers finish third in Abilene For the Wichitan Midwestern State coach Jeff Ray can just feel Midwestern State’s first tournament championship. The Mustangs have been so close with a runner-up finish at the Texoma Championship in Kingston last spring, and then made a great run at a conference championship before fading to third. MSU was even closer in 200708 finishing as the runner-up at the Red River Intercollegiate at WinStar Golf Course in Thackerville before losing a playoff to Central Oklahoma at the UCO/ KickingBird Classic. And that was after making nine Top-10 showing in the team’s inaugural season of 2006-07. The Mustangs were right in the running at the Charles Coody West Texas Intercollegiate Tuesday as the Mustangs took a four-

stroke lead into the final round before missing a playoff for the team title to finish third behind Newman and Texas Wesleyan. “This was a good field,” Ray said. “I’m excited to get third because it’s a great showing to start out the season. We just keep getting closer to winning that first one.” The Mustangs were without two-time All-Lone Star Conference and 2008 Ping All-South Central Region performer Travis Klutts. The junior from Lake Kiowa sat out with an injury. “To finish third without Travis was great for the guys, but we definitely need him back,” Ray said. But MSU did have sophomore Chad Bryant, who carded a pair of 69s to force a three-way playoff for top individual medalist at 4-under Par. Bryant would lose out to Abilene Christian freshman Adam Carpenter in the fourth

playoff hole - on Hole No. 10 of the Par-71, 6,977-yard Diamondback Golf Course. Bryan did, however, propel Midwestern State into steady totals of 284 (E) and 287 (+3) to post a two-round final tally of 571 just a stroke behind 571 which gave the Mustangs the advantage over 10 of the 11 NCAA Division II squads at the event. Junior A.J. Pursley finished tied for 12th with a two-round total of 142 (E) after carding scores of 68 and 74, while senior Mitch Molen finished 39th with a 5-over 147 (72-75). The Mustangs got solid showing from a pair of freshman as Jordan Hoffmann finished 34th with a 146 (75-71, +4) and Raine Copeland was 42nd with a 148 (75-73, +6). Midwestern competes at the Cameron Intercollegiate on Sep. 21-22 at The Territory in Duncan, Okla.


Andy Tanner caught three touchdown passes from Zach Eskridge in Saturday’s 49-7 win in San Antonio over Incarnate Word as the Mustangs improve to 4-0 on the season. (Photo by Patrick Johnston)

Zack Eskridge and Andy Tanner connected three times for touchdowns as No. 17 Midwestern State rolled to a 49-7 win over Incarnate Word Saturday night at Benson Stadium. Eskridge passed for 340 yards and four touchdowns, while Tanner had five catches for a career-high 146 yards including scores of 80, 33 and 26 yards. Incarnate Word (1-2) scored the first touchdown against the Mustangs this season when Thomas Specia hit Todd Walker on an 11-yard hookup 4 minutes into the third quarter. The TD broke a string of 14 consecutive quarters without allowing a touchdown for the Mustangs. The Mustangs rolled out to a 21-0 halftime lead as Eskridge hit Tanner on a slip screen for an 80-yard TD in the first quarter, then found Sasan Faradineh on a 5-yard score to begin the second quarter before reconnected with Tanner on a 33-yard hookup in the final minute of the half. Midwestern answered the Cardinals’ lone score of the game with four-straight scores including another Eskridge-to-Tanner strike good for 26 yards before BeeJay Mathis, Ben McMahan and Brandon Minor closed out the scoring with rushing touchdowns for the Mustangs. The Mustangs, who improved to 4-0 for the fourthstraight season, take on Angelo State in their Lone Star Conference South Division opener Saturday night at Angelo Stadium. Kickoff is set for 6 p.m.


The Wichitan September 23, 2009

On Deck this week... Thursday September 24 Volleyball


vs. Southeastern Oklahoma 7 p.m.

Friday September 25 Women’s Soccer @Texas A&M International 3 p.m. Men’s Soccer vs. Texas A&M International 7 p.m. Saturday September 26

Mustangs are off to best start in program history Kaitlin Morrison Sport Editor

Midwestern State has accomplished two things so far this season that no other women’s soccer team has done in the program’s history- achieve a No. 12 ranking in the NSCAA/adidas national rankings and start the season off 5-0-1. Thursday night the Mustangs took on Northwood (Texas) University at the MSU soccer field. Sophomore Lindsay Pritchard had her first multiple-goal game in her career to give the Mustangs the 2-0 win. “Lindsay’s had a rough couple of months,” MSU coach Jeff Trimble said. “She really is our

Volleyball vs. East Central 2 p.m. Football @ Angelo State 6 p.m.

hardest working player in practice and she has a lot of skill. I felt like it was a matter of time before she started scoring goals. It was great to see.” The first goal came in the 26th minute after she settled a ball just inside the box and ripped a shot past Northwood goalkeeper, Ashley Ford, to give MSU the 1-0 lead. “She took a touch and just ripped it,” MSU coach Jeff Trimble said. She scored the second goal on a give-and-go combo from Kelsey Hill to beat Ford again for her second goal of the season. MSU freshman Mallory Whitworth made one save to complete

her first career shutout. “We played smart and created a lot of good chances,” Trimble said. “Their keeper just made some great saves and played really well.” On Tuesday the Mustangs traveled to Shawnee, Okla. and came away with a 2-0 victory over Oklahoma Baptist. “We really didn’t play good soccer,” Coach Trimble said. “We just couldn’t connect on passes and gave the ball away too much, but we started playing a lot better after the intermission.” Kelsey Hill was responsible for both goals scored by MSU. The first goal came in the 16th minute of play, off a header that came from a free kick from Kari

Bristow. “It was a nice goal,” Coach Trimble said. “Kari (Bristow) drove the ball deep into the box. The keeper came out to grab it and Kelsey slipped in front of her and finished.” The goal allowed the Mustangs to go into the intermission with a 1-0 lead despite being outshot 8-5 including a 5-1 edge of OBU on shots on goal according to official statistics. The second goal to give the Mustangs some breathing room came in the 71st minute on the assist from Katy Lukert and Maddie Fraser. Goalkeepers Ashley Meek and Mallory Whitworth split time to come away with nine saves and

the shutout for the fourth time this season. Midwestern State pounded OBU’s goalkeeper Sarah Robinson with 17 shots, 11 were on goal. The Mustangs travel to Laredo to take on Texas A&M International on Friday afternoon at 3 p.m. They will then travel to San Antonio to take on Incarnate Word, which will be their toughest opponent thus far. “I was a little worried about playing a midweek game going into the big weekend,” Trimble said. “I was afraid we might overlook, but I’m proud of the girls for remaining focused.” Kick off at Incarnate Word is set for 1 p.m.

Mustangs to watch...

Women’s Soccer Midwestern State is off to it’s best start in program history, 5-0-1. They have also achieved a No. 12 spot in the NSCAA/adidas national ranking, which is the highest ranking in program history.

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Cross Country @Oklahoma Baptist Invitational


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Kiara Jordan was named the Lone Star Conference Defensive Player of the Week announced Tuesday by league officials. She averaged 6.44 digs per set last week. She had a careerhigh 30 digs in Thursday’s 3-1 win over Cameron University.

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Sunday September 20 Women’s Soccer @Incarnate Word 1 p.m. Women’s Golf @West Texas A&M Lady Buff Stampede

Football Midwestern State surged ahead four spots to No. 17 in the latest American Football Coaches’ Association Division II Poll released Monday. The Mustangs rolled to its third 40-point win of the season with a 49-7 win over Incarnate Word Saturday night in San Antonio to mark just the second time in school history the program has notched as many 40-point victories in a season.

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Sept 23, 2009  
Sept 23, 2009  

Alleged horror flick ‘Jennifer’s Body’ is found lacking in fear factor. See ENERGY page 3 vironment Campus Birkenfeld, a Women’s soccer cele...