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Foreword Welcome to the poet’s corner. Unwind. Unbuckle your seatbelt. We have reached relax mode. Put your feet up. Between these pages stress and strain are pointless. We have crossed the rough edges. You may enjoy your coffee or tea and lean back. On one page, you’ll find a lyric. On another page, there’s a narrative. Similes glow with the moon. Metaphors rise above the hills. The voices herein are counted among the stars. The space between the lines is reserved for you. The poems are here to entertain. The art illustrations here are in decorated locations. There’s a little fire and a little rain. On one hand, there’s the beat of a drum. On the other, there are streams of music. Your silence may pass into laughter or tears. The poetry you read here is not the noise of uninvited guests. We have hugged you, held you hand, and kissed your cheek. What else can I say before the first words rise to greet you? Thank you for joining us. Have a good listen. Have a good read.

Phillip Shabazz Cary Academy 6th Grade Poet in Residence Week 2010

Table of Contents Aaron D. Abby S. Aiden L. Akaash S. Anand W. Andrew M. Arnav G. Aron R. Ashely F. Ashley M. Audrey D. Ava R. Avery C. Bharat M. Braden S. Calvin M. Carly L. Caroline T. Carter M. Claire G. Cole S. Conner M. Cooper M. Daniel K. Daniel S. David R. Dre R. Elisa Y. Emilio O. Gabby A. Gabby C. Grey S. Griffin M. Harry A.

Henna J. Henry H. Ian B. Izhan A. Jack L. Jack P. Jaren H. Jeonghun L. Jessica H. JohnThomas M. Jonathan R. Julia G. Julianne C. Kate D. Katherine C. Katie B. Kevin K. Kevin W. Kimia P. Lauren M. Lauren M. Lexi K. Lincoln T. Lindsay H. Lydia E. Madeline M. Maneesha P. Mary M. Matt G. Melissa H. Micaela R. Michael D. Michael H. Miles L. Nate J. Niara W. Nicholas L.

Owen G. Pallavi Y. Patrick M. Punith U. Rachel M. Rachel S. Ryan H. Sammi F. Sarah G. Sarah Sa. Sarah Sw. Sean S. Sebastian K. Shaan B. Shane S. Shreyas A. Sindhoor A. Siobhan C. Sneha A. Sophia F. Spencer R. Stuart H. Thomas M. Tyler G. Tylor M. Victoria P. Zoe S.

A lonely leaf A lonely leaf, cold in the snow, How long until spring arrives? Its friends are gone; they fell off the tree and perished, In the harsh season of winter. Brown, crispy, fragile, If touched it would crack into a million pieces. All it does is lay, And wait, And wait. I can hear it whisper, Spring’s coming, spring’s coming.

White It's everything, yet nothing. It's everywhere. The wall, The paper, The clouds, This computer. There's no escaping it. A whole universe, Empty. You could add color, but why? It's everything. You could add color, but why? It's nothing. It's hard to understand. It's not a color right? No, it's everything, yet nothing.    

AKindergartenGirl By:AbbyS Iholdinmyhandsapictureofmyselfbeginningmyeducation. Manyyearshavesincepassed,includingthreedifferentschools. Inthisphotograph,I’m4yearsold. Ihavejuststartedkindergarten. Myblueeyesshineliketheskyonabeautifulday. Myhairisasbrightasthesun. Myfaceisonthechubbyside. However,mysmileshowsmyfearlikeaclownpaintsonhisfrown. YoungestinmyclassIam,andmostfrightenedofmyteachertoo. Sheislikethedevil. Herbeamingbrowneyesdonotsooththeinnocent,butlookatusallasifweare herprey. Sendingkidstotheofficedaybyday. DayafterdayIsitinthebackoftheclassasquietasamousehopingnevertoget caughtinhertrap. Andthisishowmyeducationhadtobegin. Buthopefullywillnotend.

The Soccer Field Aiden L I step onto the field and immediately feel The warm sun shining down, encouraging us to win. I smell the cut grass and feel the gentle wind I push the ball down the field. The coach shouts out commands but all I hear is The banging sound of my cleats pounding the ball. I take the shot but the goalie's gloves are there to block it, Thump. The ref blows the whistle and the buzzer goes off. Coach calls us off to tell us better plays we can make. I can hear the wind saying, Go, Go, Go. I take a sip of the cold clear water It purifies my mind, focuses my adrenaline. I step onto the field and immediately feel My heart leap as the other team takes a shot. Ding, it hits off the goal post. The ball is passed to me. It is now just me against the goalie I leave the pack in the dust. I can hear my Dad chanting, "Go Aiden, Go!" I kick the ball with all my might. Swish‌ This time it goes in.

The Shooting Star Akaash S. The shooting star flying across the sky Looked like a rider in the night. I closed my eyes and wished upon it And hoped my wish would come true. When I opened my eyes again Searching for the magic star, I found that it has disappeared. I felt disappointed until A sparkle suddenly caught my eye, And a fire-fly landed on my hand. I looked down at the pulsing heart of light Then gasped in wonder as I realized That in my hand Was none other than the shooting star. It seemed to me that it shone Brighter than the sun. I hoped the bright burning ball Would bring me luck. I never got a chance to find out. With the passage of the night The star faded away. The cool refreshing morning Embraced me and whispered in my ears Like a teacher teaching An important lessonYour luck is in your hands.

All Out War By: Anand W Cold, but fun is the art of snowball fighting I've never seen snow before I've seen pictures I've seen videos But not the real thing Until now I'm at my grandparents' house It snowed there a few days ago I was eleven in the picture Hard as a rock Cold as ice A snowball is I'm trying my luck as a sniper He can't throw as far as me My brother This is his first time seeing snow too His strategy is a hit and run And he's better than me at that But not at sniper That’s where I excel at Fast as lightning I hit him And I win

My Favorite Weather Andrew M. The rain poured like tears. Streaming out of the clouds. This is my favorite weather. The rain is flooding my driveway. I look up. The gray is shooting across the sky. Filling the air with gray. I hear the thunder crackle. This is my favorite weather. I feel like nothing matters in this weather. I feel like I have nothing to do. The world feels free. Lightning strikes in the distance. My clothes are soaking. My hair is dripping wet and I'm shivering. Suddenly the gray dissolves in the sky. The sun comes out. A rainbow stretches miles far. I grab a basketball and began to shoot. I feel relaxed and I'm dry.

A LITTLE SILLY CHILD Arnav G. I was a one year old confident and without a care I was standing as if I owned the world. A cabbage leaf on my head Positioned like a Robin Hood Hat. I was wearing a shirt with a teddy bear on it and a pair of funny blue and gray pants. my eyes were large and round. My ears were hidden behind my curly hair. I wasn’t smiling or frowning, I had on a straight face. I was standing on the carpet. Slowly, but surely, I was approaching my destiny Growing more and more every day.

What She Expects From Me Aron R.

My mom expects me to always be on my best behavior. She expects me to never lie. She expects me to always clean up after myself. She expects me to always have a good attitude. She expects me to always do everything she says. She expects me to always go above and beyond all her expectations. She expects me to always keep working. She expects me to always be quiet when she's on the phone. She expects me to always be on time. She expects me to always understand her the first time. And she expects me to always, always say hello and goodbye. Even though I might not live up to all her expectations, I'll always try. ~Dedicated to Faith Rash “mom”

The Birthday princess In this snap shot I was turning five That day I felt like a real princess, everything had gone perfectly, but the fact that it snowed that day on my birthday. But we still celebrated on the cold January afternoon. I could hear the snow pounding on the window like it was mad. I remember when the guests that I invited sung the birthday Song to me with the lights turned off and the candle burning on used as the light just like a cave man in a dark with a . I remembered that, that Day was also filled with fun, candy, laughter, balloons, presents and pizza I also remember family members snapping pictures to capture the moment like it was the last.

That perfect day I just couldn’t stop smiling because it was my Birthday and people were always taking pictures of me, but the Main reason was because I knew that god had blessed me tremendously. That day when my dad came to tuck me in bed I heard him whisper in my ear "Good night birthday princess  a$VKOH\)

The Woods Ashley M. As I head down the familiar earthy path I breathe in the air deeply It feels as refreshing as if having a cup of lemonade after a hot soccer game I spend most of my time here, where I can really think In this earthy place I feel as one with the wind, water, and winding trees Taking a step forward I gaze into the open woods The woods are an ocean of green trees everywhere The wind speaks to me Telling me of its adventures I feel peaceful, calm, and relaxed Running on the path now I spy animals grazing on grass in a green grassy opening in the woods These sights bring awe to my eyes I could stay here for a whole year until I would get bored But alas all good things must come to an end Until next time I wait to return

My Special Place Audrey D. This poem is dedicated to my great-grandfather Right now I am in my pearl pink room. Writing on this paper Sitting on my bed No lights on And windows open Natural light inspires me as it dances on the walls like fireflies It makes me think And dream And believe. I write to you To see how you are doing To tell you of my special place Where I laugh and cry On my big bed, staring out the window The open window With the breeze rustling my blond hair My blue eyes look into space as I release my troubles Into the heavens Where you could hear them And see me In my special place.

A seed Ava R.

Before I was a child, I was a seed Warm hands pushed me into the ground Dirt surrounded me like a blanket, trying to keep me warm I stayed in my home in the earth for many weeks But I grew tired of being surrounded of darkness I started to try to push out, and away It was hard, like trying to push up through concrete My roots dug down through the ground, trying to remind me that I would always be tied to my home After a long rainstorm, I felt strengthened I gave a tremendous push Suddenly the world was light I could feel the warm breeze against my stem, playfully tickling me I heard the birds singing a cheerful tune Bees lightly landed on me, taking my pollen, then carrying it to the next flower I was content for many months But the air started to grow cooler My roots were still warm, buried safe in the earth's ground As time went on, I longed to go back to the place I had started from I got my wish Parts of my body fell back into the earth one at a time Petal after petal Finally I was back in my home I savored the warmth But it began to get too hot and dark I longed to go back up into the sunlight again




The Kingdom

Thekingdombytheseaofhope, thekingdombythehillsoflife Thekingdominthecrispsummerair  Thekingdomancientandmighty Theinvadersnewandrestless Theinvaderssodifferent Theinvadersconscriptedtothieve Thekingdomattackedforpower Thekingdomattackedforgloryintheland Thekingdomattackedforevil  Butthekingdomwasn'tfightingfromoppression Butfromannihilation,fortherighttosurvive Thekingdomdefendedfortrust Thekingdomdefendedforfriendship Thekingdomdefendedforeternity 

Bumps in the Road Braden S.

So many bumps in the road tugging at you like a rope For one to succeed in life, one must not give up hope Every day is a journey, but every journey has it's downs How you deal with the downs is how your story sounds If you choose to do the right thing, you will surely see When you live your life to the fullest, you are free like a bee These goals seem distant, but believe me, they're not If you don’t try, you're resting on a stove that is hot You cannot turn lazy, and just give up your fight Choose a destination, I promise that you will find light The temptation is pollution to the mind body and soul If choices are not thought out, you're digging your own hole You are starting a fire that will burn like a torch You are fueling it and like fire it will scorch Now hear me right now, or else you will fail Every choice is a battle, and you must fight to prevail So go home tonight and think these lines through Maybe, just maybe they'll help you live a life that's new So remember this: Know Yourself and To Yourself Be True

The Life of a Rose Calvin M. As a seed I sat in dirt Waiting to open up I felt the water quench my thirst As I drank and drank I drank as much water as there is in the ocean And I grew and grew I outgrow my shell and I still Grew and grew I grew my branch My small, shiny stupendous branch Until it came out of the ground I felt the air The cool fresh air As cool as ice Finally, something cool Not the hotness underneath I still drank my water Still growing But as I watch I grow as well I grow my thorns My sharp thorns And also my flower The flower which is the rose I finally am done Drinking and growing Waiting to wither up But before that I wait I wait for the people to admire my flower My rose My amazing red rose As red as a fire truck The rose which people wonder about When my time has come I start to shrink Till I am small As small as nothingness As somewhere else another seed grows Waiting to drink, grow, and live


My Dog, Lily Caroline T I wake in the morning walking downstairs to see my dog. She is sleeping in her crate probably dreaming of the most delicious food in the world. When she hears my presence she immediately sits up putting her ears back like she always does when she's happy. I let her out of her crate and she stretches on the carpet around her. She runs to get her bone coming back with it chewed up. As she drops it in front of me, she nods her head at her food bowl. She was hungry. I feed her and she munches down her food as loud as the music played at the school dance. Eating like a machine. I lay on the floor and when she's finished, she jumps on top of me ready to play. My skin is starting to hurt because her nails are sharp knifes digging slowly into my shoulder. I finally stand and reach for her toy. I throw it and it flies into the kitchen by the sink. She races after it and when she tries to stop, she slides across the hard wooden floor. When she got tired, she slumped to the couch, hopped up on it, then plopped down in the very center. I let her sleep and dream of all the food she could eat!

A Snowflake When I fall out of the sky The new fresh area feels like spring in the winter I am high, high above the ground Beginning my journey all the way down Down, down to the ground I am half way their Then I feel that I am getting closer and closer to the ground Then I start to see other snowflakes all around me Then as I look down I can see children running Yes, running in the fallen snowflakes before me As I am almost to the ground I start to remember the brief journey I had jus had As I fall closer and closer I start to think about the next journey ahead What it will be like on the ground What new journey waits ahead? Maybe made into a snowball And bounced off a little sisters head  a&DUWHU

The Horse I shrug looking at the horse I was 10 years old It was at a strange place Animals and vegetables together It smells like grass and hay Fences are around each animal Animals on one side of the land And food on the other I reach my hand out I try to get his attention But he turns and eats He eats like no one is there His hair is as shiny as caramel He eats food as green as evergreens My dress reaches my knees Red and white decorate it A ribbon is tied around me I turn around and shrug once more He isn't paying attention Maybe this isn't the right time  For me to say “hello�   

Soccer We dribble down the soccer field Grass flying everywhere Like berserk fireworks I shoot I pass I defend I tackle Coach is yelling from the sidelines Loud as thunder Sheets of rain are falling from the sky I am soaked through and through My bones and muscles cry defeat My knees are green as grass Yet I keep playing Because I love to play this sport


Cole S.

Running By: Conner M Running down the field with no control A ball at my feet Almost there I see the goal Almost there just one more step OH no a person behind me Gaining really fast Bring my leg back I'm going to shoot My leg is stuck I'm paralyzed Wait no I've been tripped My face plunges like a crashing plane Head first I go, it’s going to hurt The ground is cold and hard like ice it’s the middle of December I'm only 10 why does it have to end this way Everything goes black……………… I get up I'm fine maybe a bruise I'm going to live The whole crowd has gone quiet But then they realized that I'm ok and they cheered I caught my breath and got ready for the next play 

My brother’s things A dirt bike A car Tennis rackets Shoes A laptop His phone His credit card A tennis bag His tennis trophies and trophies for other sports Athletic clothes     

Forever Young Daniel K.

I stare at this picture, not knowing what to make of it. I am at a very young age; I can’t remember which. The sun has fallen too many times since then. I am as graceful as a soaring eagle. Or at least that is how I feel. I am on a boat with my arms stretched out Just like in "Titanic" Everything seems to be moving too fast to get older. Except for my hair, it is getting older and longer. It keeps flying back, as if I were a horse going at the speed of light. The water was always getting out of the boats way, As if the boat was Moses crossing the Red Sea. All of the other parts of the lake were bumpy with waves, Yet the path we were taking seems as smooth as a baby’s skin. The sound was absolutely nothing. It was like I was passed out. I could not focus on anything but the water and how fast we were going. I stare at this picture and remember a great time in my life.

The Creek 

I sit by the creek where I listen to the water flow. At times it flows quick. Sometimes it flows slow. The creek is like a friend I can tell anything and will always listen. It always flows no one knows where it goes. I like to sit by the side under a tree with my book . There's a small little bridge it goes over the creek. At times I like to bring my rod and fish in the creek. It's not far in the woods just follow the path and the sound of the creek. There you will find the creek that always flows. The creek that nobody knows where it goes. By: Daniel S

ĂŶƌŽƉ   ŝZ  


A Two Sided Person: Dre R.

To tell the truth, I’m a two sided person, sometimes not good. Sometimes, I can be mean like a lion, I can get sassy like my older sister. I can also scream because I’m mad like a baby. I sometimes disobey my parents, But they hate that the most. Lastly, I also lie, like the weather people When they say it’s nice out and it ends up raining.

Although, I have a bad side, I have a good side. If I’m in a good mood ill be nice. Ill also have a good attitude, And be nice to my parents. And I’ll always be nice and not disobey, Obviously I have a good side and bad side.

A Poem For My dog Elisa Y. My dog's eyes are black coals His smile is a black line With slobber over it. His hair is white and furry Just like a sheep's coat of fur. My dog's dancing heart Is as warm As a fire that is always glowing. His paws are Tough like sand paper. His nose is moist, The tip of it wet like Dew on a spring morning. And each day my dog Lies on the floor, Waiting for me To rub his belly.

 FathersThings By:EmilioO.

 Adiamondandonyxwatch, Aclosetfullofsuitsandties, BlackOakleyglasses, A49'ersjerseyandfootballsignedbyRogerCraig, Thatarelockedupinacase, Ascaronhisnose Thathegotbecauseofcancer, AwhiteChevyTahoe, Ascleanasahospital, Afancyoldchessboard, AbigbottleofListerine, 3hugetrophiesthathegotfrom Winningsoccerchampionships, AbasketballsignedbyHakeemOlajuwon, That’sbrightandnew, Andapictureofmeandhimfishing.



The Rain Storm Gabby A. The gray clouds looked threatening. After a while it started to pour, the clouds were crying, Tears coming down the sky. Thunder boomed softly in the distance. Our dogs whining for help. They were safe, They were downstairs, just separated by a ceiling.

BOOM! Lightning struck a tree outside my house with a loud crack. Sparks flying up in the dark sky. Waking me and my sister up. My dad came rushing in our rooms to check on us. The dogs knocked down the gate downstairs so my dad checked on them too. Soon we all fell asleep and then the morning came. Everything fine.

Baby'sthings ByGreyS 

AnamethatIgavehim Shoesthatfitmyhand Abrightbabyblueblanket Everythingthat’severybody's(orsohethinks) Shirtsthatwereoncemine Aheadthesizeofawatermelon Ahugedimple Abicyclewithtrainingwheels Dinosaursineveryroom Hisfavoritesong,RockStar BetterknownasSoWhatbyPink Aloveforhismommy,hisdaddy,andohyes,hisbrothers Eyeslikechocolate Feetconstantlytiptoeing Bluepants,andshirts,andshoes Bluetoys,bluefood,blueeverything Ascarredhandthatmakesmeblue Mylove 

Super Things that are mine Griffin M

A lacrosse stick, like a beaten shark smooth but beaten My guitar is a bird oily and cost allot A football a bumpy beaten ball A X-box black and cool A sword screams when I pull it out of it sheath A lacrosse net new and red A desk full of junk DVDs about a thousand of them A gun ready for shooting Games all over the place

Rain Harry A

Drip, drip, drip Goes the rain as it hits the ground The dark gray clouds covering the sky like a dark blanket over the sky. It was total overcast The clouds made everywhere look gloomy and put everyone down The ground was wet, creating little puddles on the ground Making everyone's feet wet and cold as they stepped in the puddles of water Suddenly, there was a big flash of lightening The lightning was like it had light up the sky with a big flash Boom, boom, boom The thunder grumbled and groaned like a grizzly bear as it shook the ground Almost like an earthquake shaking the ground over and over I counted how many seconds away the thunder and lightning was One Mississippi Two Mississippi Three Mississippi And there was a big boom And a big flash of lightning And it continues all through the night

       ‡  Š‡•‘”–Š‘Š––Š‡”‡•‘•–‡”‹›Ž‘•‡– –•”‡•”–Š‡–›Š‹–‡‘‘”‘Ž›!”‹Ž› "•”‡Ž‘‡”–Š›•‡‡”•‘‘Ž Š‡‹•‘”•"–•‡ ›”‡–•‘Ž”•Š–‘›‹ #Ž›–‘‹‹–•Š‹Ž"•–•›–Š–$‡–›‡›‡•”‘Ž‘•‹ Š‡Š‹Ž–•›‘‘•–‡”‹›Ž‘•‡–  Š‡‡%–›"Š‡”Š‹•‡”• &”$–Š”‡–‡‹Š‹•‡”•–Š–‡•Š‹(‡”•”‘›•‹‡ )*…ƒ”‡†+)–Š‡Š‹•‡”•‘Ž•‹(‡Ž•‹–Š‡›‡”‡‘$‹›–‹‘”‘•‡•• –”‹‡–‘”Š›–Š‘Š–•‹–‘›Š‡–”‹‡–”‹‡ -–‘‡‡–‘‹ Š‡‘Ž›–Š‹–Š–‘Ž–Š‹$/‘–•–Š–‘•–‡” 0”‡‡”‹›•Ž‹› 1‡”–”/‡/›‹–"•›‡ŽŽ‘‹Ž•‹Ž›•$‹$‡–Š––Š‡”‡•‘•–‡”‹›Ž‘•‡–  Š‡–Š‹”‹Š–Š””‹(‡ •‹–Š‡‘›/–Š”‘‘Ž‹Š–/‡‘”‡›•Ž‡‡ -––Š‡‘•–‡”‡/$ ) Ž‹‡ˆ‘—”›‡ƒ”‘Ž†•›‘—‘™22‹…‡ƒ†‡ƒ–›Ǥ)Š‡‘•–‡””‘Ž‡ –"•‘‹–›‹‹•‘”•Ž‹–‹‹–Š‡‘‘Ž‹Š–”‘–Š‡‹‘• Š‡”‹‹‹‡›•‡Ž/‡‹‡(‘”‡/›–Š‹•/‡•– $‡•”‡–Š‡”‡"•‘‹$–›‡”Ž 3‡%––‹‡–Š‡‘•–‡”‹›Ž‘•‡–‘Ž‹•ŠŠ‡"‡(‡”•‡–Š‹•‹••–‹–‘‡‘›”‡– 3‡%––‹‡‘Ž"–/‡‡(‘”‡Ž‹$‡Š/‡‡‹–Š‹•‹Š–”‡

A FOUR LEAF CLOVER Henry H. What's so lucky about a four leaf clover? Their just those unusual clovers that are different. I wonder if they are teased by the normal clovers. Because the special clovers get more attention. It could be that they are different. It could be that a four leaf clover could be telling you to stand out in the world. My friend is very good at finding the four leaf clovers. I have noticed he is a little strange. But what I think, Is that a four leaf clover, Is a special clover, Put on earth, To be found, By a special person.



Video Games Izhan A. Playing a video game is not as simple you think it is You gotta have the power you gotta have the will You gotta be able to press a lot of buttons with agility and skills You gotta be able to overcome finger cramps and make 27 kills Get in the mode use your hand power Insult your opponent and make them feel like they have been devoured. Like master chief kills press those buttons In modern warfare 2 make sure you get those guns and, In Final Fantasy Xll save the world of coccoon Play with your anger and you will soon Burn up, flash with heat, blaze like fire This aint no lie cuz I aint a liar

Lily’s Life Jack.L My little sister Lily, Has many items, Soft toys, Normal toys, Toys that make so much noise, They are whiny little babies. Lily discards these items, Like a greedy business person, She drags cash from us, Then the waves carry the toys away to A desert island, never to be seen again, She would pay today to pull a person, With her all the time. In the moments which, Are seldom and few, When she plays by herself, She has dress-up shoes, She is a model, Earning a million dollars on stage, She likes her puzzles, To her they are a billion pieces, All of difficulty, To us that is a moment to relax, Our woe ceases when she plays the wii, The wii to us is gold, It forms a magical spiders web, It traps her attention span, In return it gives us time, She has a game boy, The game boy is her arm wrestling opponent, She always gives it to me to take him on, Crayons, Board games, Lava lamp, You name it she's got it. But all the items are a ton of charity, They go into a dark pit, In her mind never to be seen again, Our opinion a waste, Of a wide wad of cash.

Next Time Jack P.

Next time, there will be peace, Next time, there will be happiness, Next time, the world will be a better place. Life is like a journey, A journey where there is happiness and sadness. A journey where there is ups and downs. Next time, when there is world peace, we will rejoice and celebrate. Don't judge a book by its cover, As you shouldn't judge the world by what has happened in the past. Judge the world by what seeds you plant, And by what potential the people of the next generation have, And by the way that life is going. Is it an up or a down? Is it past, present, or future? Look ahead to next time, When the world will be peaceful, And the world will be full of happiness. Next time.

The Summer Camp By Jaren H.

I went to the camp to see, What the camp looked like to me. I saw a tennis court, And the place where the kayaks port. In the cabins there wasn't much junk, I hope I get a top bunk. I saw the dining hall, And the place to play basketball. I saw where they do tifilot, When praying be sure to wear kippot. The blob wasn't set up yet, And the challenge course had a big net. The rock climbing wall was tall, Make sure you do not fall. The tree house was like a hideaway, There was so much to do in a day. The amphitheater was shaped like half a dime, The lake looked like a large lime. It was nice to see the camp, And the ground wasn't even damp!

The Battle I ran with a warning down the field As the redcoats chased after me, trying to get me killed A great big battle was about to begin But our troops were still sleeping in the inns I quickly yelled to a guard and he sounded the alarm Troops began to pour out ready for war 

Shouts of gunfire and cannons exploded in my ears Cries of pain were yelled from my peers Our troops were trees in a storm, struggling for survival The redcoats were lava during an eruption, causing death and a living thing's rival Cannons tore apart of what was a green field Now the plain was no more than a place to yield The battle field was a desert at sunset, red and causing death And more of our troops went down with their guns All that was left was me and my friend As we began to fight for freedom to the end We were two trees in a desert, only ones of our kinds Then my friend went down, like a thin tree going down with a pull I myself, was as cunning as a swift bull I was tired and was ready to give up And then I was knocked down, hoping to never get up Redcoats had won, with me in jail Then all of the sudden, trumpets were blown Another army was ready to fight for a home The redcoats ran to meet them at battle Soon they were surrounded and were decreasing in number Our army won with the Redcoats at a run I got out and celebrated a victory that we just won  )*H JKX  

The Island By: Jessica H. We will sail across the ocean To an island where we shall meet An island full of colors and flowers That make you sing like the sirens in early spring The flowers are as colorful as the rainbow on a summer day The island has no clouds in the sky just plain sunshine and moonlight So we can find the stars that make the night bright The trees will move through the wind full of music The island is where you will dance like nobodies watching A graceful dance on the tropical, smooth sand The island will fill us both with joy and happiness A joy that nobody will experience if they’re not on the island An ocean where the waves will crash on the island That will fill your heart with love and peace The island is there when you’re with me in my dreams

Paradise By: Jonathan R

Endless water as far as the eye can see Shadows gliding in the water The line drifting with the waves

Fresh clean air soaring through the breeze Bait wriggling through the dirt Fish flopping on board

Scaly fresh fish in my hand Flipping and flopping every which way Trying to escape, I hold on tight

Wading water splashing against the boat The air whipping in my ear The plea to get back in the water

Thick rich air that will take your breath away Sweet grilled fish tender to the bone The shining blue water sparkling in my eye This is paradise


Face Painting Julia G.

The picture I am holding Is of myself when I was five. I sit as still as a statue And wait for the masterpiece to be finished. The brush is an ice cube As it touches my cheek.

I’m not sure what she’s drawing But the artist is focused. My muscles start to ache, But still I sit. Boatloads of bright books taunt me, But I stay still.

When she is finished, I browse through the bookstore Looking for a book for me. The paint drying on my face feels like clay. But I do not touch it. I am proud.

What Can’t Be This poem takes place in 1970 just after the end of school segregation. He has skin as dark as night She has skin that shimmers like glass He is African American She is British He has ears that take everything in She has a mouth that lets everything out He smiles with the sweetness of honeysuckle She smiles with the vanity of the rose His hands are calloused from hard work She has hands that are soft but warm He studies her with a hint of curiosity She peeks at him with a beam of joy He has a thorn bush for hair She has pure sunshine flowing down her back He hears heart in her She sees something different in him He hides in the shadows She twirls in the spotlight He follows her home every day She waits at her window to watch him He waits still as stone She smiles when she sees him They stick together like glue Never farther than a foot away He goes home to an old farm She goes home to a wealthy mansion They watch the same star every night And they can see the reflection of each other’s eyes ~Julianne C

A Snake Kate D. A snake! A snake! A big black snake! That’s as black as nightmare And that stirs up fear Like being in a dark closet Or a thunder storm. A snake! A snake! Is it poisonous? Is it harmless? A snake! A snake! Will it bite me? Will it hurt me? A snake! A snake! Not one of those rubber snakes in the store! A real live snake! Will it bite? Will it attack? It makes fear bubble up inside Like a spider or a big dog. A snake! A snake! What will it do to me? A snake! A snake! I wonder when it will bite!

At the beach I was almost 3, in the picture that I hold Sitting at the beach, in a rocking chair Against the white chair is my pink t-shirt Like one pink flower on a snowy day With my rosy cheeks and blue eyes, I was a happy, and sleepy I was unusually calm, A ladybug among many bees My eyes were gently staring at the camera As if I must never let myself forget how it looked I was giving a small smile I was enjoying the mild weather The wind was whistling Slightly blowing my short, blond hair I was truly happy Katie B

7+(72:(52)/21'21%5,*'(  +LQ+







NEFN O     

This is Tennis %\.HYLQ: I hit the ball back to my friend We are warming up We hit the ball back and forth None of us trying to win the point Our feet are moving as fast as a cat Then we warm up our serves I blow mine through the box and he does the same thing Then we start a match I serve first I walk up to the line and get ready to serve The ball feels rough and fuzzy, at the same time I serve the ball and the point starts We exchange a series of forehands and backhands until he pops it up The ball goes as high as an airplane as I wait for it to come down The ball came down and I set my feet under it I smash it toward the corner But he gets to it and hurls a shot that Could very likely pass me I dive like a shark for it This is tennis

The Sun By: Kimia P To the world, I give the love of the Sun, Some say it might combust Thought to others, the sun is lovable, A single piece of it in everyone's heart, The Sun, some wish they were as bright, Others escape it, as if it is a monster, Some blame to possibility of Earth's non-existence on the Sun Though sometimes, the Sun can be seen as just the Sun Just one gigantic, bright, blinding star, If you think about it, the Sun is famous, In different ways Who knew one object could be thought as so many different things, With different statuses, High and low, Famous, or not A pro, a con A devil, an angel Evil, innocent. Though I think of it is "THE Sun" Nothing has changed it, Nothing did change it, And nothing will change it (Non-scientifically)

My brother's stuff Lauren M. A "special" comb Bookshelf full of shoes Axe for the ladies And the thoughts of having a Mercedes Big pants Red and black shirts Skin the color of dark chocolate Short black hair An attitude A phone that he is attached to like glue Athleticism Wave gel And of course an extra comb

Next Time Lauren M. Next time I will stop and think Next time I will listen to the big voice within me Next time I will pay attention to the ups and downs in life Next time I will remember that it takes one to know one I can't wait till next time Next time I won’t lie Next time I will keep my promise Next time I will remember the key to life is happiness Next time I will keep my head up I can't wait till next time Next time

Rain of my heart Lauren Mc Cold gray sky Over cold gray water In a cold gray world Waiting Just waiting Peacefully Here it comes like a speeding train The remembrance That I knew would come With this terrible, treacherous, terrific place Rain poured down my cheek A mirror of Mother Nature A flood of feelings A rain of my heart What do I do now? Thunder crashes Lightning flashes Anger wells up within me Why? A thousand wet tears fall from the sky People pass What do they know about sadness? Nothing I'm alone The overcast feeling of afterward Comes to end the downpour


Archery I see the target out in the distant The string screaming to me Let go let go fire the arrow The target pleading for me not to shoot The arrow eager to soar through the air I pull back further and harder I let the arrow fly sky high The arrow flew as fast as lightning The arrow hit the target The target started screaming in pain The arrow hit dead center of the target The string relived of the pain from being pulled back The arrow happy for flying as fast lightning Then the very unhappy target for being shot dead center The target was crying and pleading for me to stop I retrieved my arrow from the target And patched up the target wounds And walked away glad but sad By: Lincoln T

The Pencil Lindsay H.

The pencil jumped around like a big bolt of lightning. There was something magic in it, but I don’t know what. Maybe a storm cloud, or a person who couldn’t get out. The pencil was magic. It was floating in the air. Maybe, just maybe it could be alive. It could be a bird, with bright blue wings. Or a great, big giant with big green toes. The pen is magic but no one knows what on earth could be inside.

The Barn Lydia E. My home away from home The smell of horses fills my nose I want to live there To stay there forever I have been here for a few minutes I will be riding my horse soon I can't wait Riding her is like flying I love her, and the feeling of riding

But not everything is as happy as I want She isn't really my horse I wish she was She is my instructor’s horse She is old But my best friend When I am around her I feel safe and happy I wish she were my horse I wish I owned my own horse

I brush her down Her coat shines in the light Her chestnut skin looks like sparkling water Imagining she is mine I want her badly One day she might be I tack her up and take her to the ring While I am riding I feel a pain of sadness I am riding a horse that is not mine I love her I wish she were mine I want her to be mine Every day I ask for her I don't think I ever will though My imaginary horse At my favorite place The barn My horse My home

The Poem about a Poem By: Madeline M. This was a kind of peace Finally, an emotional release It expands what words can do And everything doesn’t always have to be true There are words that rhyme And words that never chime There are many different kinds That can come from many different minds They could be about trees Or they could be about bees They can sound like a song Or maybe just completely “gone wrong” What could this rhyming and chiming thing be? Oh ya, a poem for everyone including you and me

A smaller me Mary M I hold a photo showing me and my dog. I am 4; my dog is as big as I am. I am not exactly smiling, My mouth cracked open half way, Like a crescent moon. I have a flicker in my eyes, Like a dance; a happy one. My long brown hair is tied back, Silky braids with bright pink ribbons, All neat and tidy, unlike now. My dog’s eyes say how he takes care of me. I have my arms thrown Around him like a life raft. I wear a red dress, a wind mill when I spin. My eyes are a dark green, Glinting in the glass of the photo. The look on my face And my dogs are the same and one: Both happy, Unwilling to sit still on the steps of that old house. He is old now, but still he has the same look. The white walls bring memories to my head, As I gaze into the picture. I may be older, but I still am that girl.


We run on the field like deer running from hunters Shooting every chance we get Shooting a thousand times Hunting for goals Scoring one or two a game Saving every shot we can from the other team So that we might win a game In a season that usually comes and goes without a win Or at least as long as I have been there I play midfielder I have to run almost the whole game Usually without the luck of a goal But you can't give up because if you do You might miss the opportunity of your life -Matt G. 

My Christmas Day In this picture I have of myself, I am about 4 years old. I have changed a lot since that picture, As the years have passed. On that day it is Christmas morning, And I couldn't be happier. My eyes are small and hazel. As I was standing in the Foyer of my house on Christmas morning, My hands are wrapped around my New Christmas toy and I am happy. I look like my grandma and my mother. My hair long and brown like My mom's, but parts of my face, like my grandmas. My hair is pulled back and tied with a bow, And I am wearing my red velvet dress. As I was standing there I realized something, It was that I wanted to leave, But I wasn't allowed to, and that Is where my Christmas morning started. ~Melissa H

Wan Pen By Micaela R

I hold in my hands A picture of myself Of when I was eight years old Sitting atop an elephant I hold on tight while she Goes Goes Goes Her hair underneath my hands is like needles, But I do not care Because my love for her is stronger than my pain The humid air of Thailand Washes over my face As we Walk Walk Walk It's time to have lunch, my mother says But I stay put on my elephant, Wan Pen I finally get off After the sun has set Lingering by Wan Pen She wraps her trunk around me And I hug her with all my might The next day it is time to leave My eyes well up with tears We'll see each other again, I say to her I walk away quickly Because I don't want her to see The river of tears flowing out of my eyes

Paintball Michael D.

My senses are acute. They need to be. My legs are ready to run. They need to be. My gun is ready to fire. It needs to be. I hear the bullets, See the men get hit. I watch as their faces grimace With pain. I hop out from behind a car And light some people up. I jump back into cover As I receive fire. I quickly dash forward Like a cheetah To the fort. I'm in a second story window. No one has seen me. I hit a person, And they look around in wonder. I laugh quietly to myself. I find a man in a bunker. My bullets hit him in the face. I crouch below the window, The fort’s walls sheltering me. The wind picks up, Whispering in my ear. Telling me to leave the fort. I run out in the open, Using my pistol. No one can shoot me. I'm behind enemy lines now. I sneak up behind the enemies, And shoot them. I find the last person. He's in a bunker. I dash behind him, Sneaky like a ninja. Tag the bunker he's in, Yell "BUNKER TAG!" And he's out. And we win.

The Storm By Michael H It was a hot day on Bald Head Island, The trees swaying in the cool breeze, Animal’s peacefully eating their dinner Turtles crawling on the beach Birds flying overhead Fish swimming in the cool water The people lay in their houses A storm was brewing The animals scurried deeper in the forest Fish and turtles got deeper in the water Birds went to their homes People, Animals, Fish and birds awaiting the storm to brew Finally the rain, thunder, and lightning began 3 hours later‌ The storm had ended, the island village still intact after the tremendous storm 

The Bad Name Miles L.

There was a boy with a bad name. He didn't like how it sounded so he played a game. He wanted to run away. But he knew it was the wrong thing to do that day. Sometimes he felt dismayed. He didn't know why he got payed. Because he didn't even have a job. He did turn a turtle into a guy named bob. One day he went on a walk to the moor. To get some candy from the store. And now he's sitting in his room. Belly full of candy thinking of doom. He said bye and took a large coke. The last thing he did was choke.

The Dark Grey Clouds By Nate J

The dark grey clouds loom over the land like shadows Ready to dash water over us Soon the dark grey clouds must open their gates And flood the land with its water Thunder will boom and lightning will crackle Rapid rampant raindrops will come falling down upon our heads The deluge of water will flood the land The cool drops of water will fall on my head The tears of God don't discriminate They drench everyone equally Land upon everything in sight The dark grey clouds are a shield from the sun But the dark grey clouds loom over the land like shadow 

Expectations by Niara : They wanted me To listen to all they had to say She wanted me To give her everything I had He wanted me To look at everything he had drawn She wanted me To remember her They wanted me To stand out from the crowd She wanted me To do whatever she wanted me to He wanted me To laugh at all his jokes She wanted me To believe everything she said I wanted me To stop listening to them They wanted me To have everything they didn't I wanted me To be myself

The Way Things Are The way things are. A person drives in a car. An eagle searches for its prey. Eagles can see far Dolphins swim but breath air. A chameleon changes color, it looks like nothing is there. The wind is a knife when it blows a breeze. The cold makes water freeze. A tired person sleeps in a cot. An unfinished apple will rot. The universe is endless; it stretches out far. This is, the way things are. -Nicholas L

The old coin Owen G When walking down the street one day, I found this odd old coin. It looked gray, moldy and useless. And cold, So cold, Cold as ice. But at the same time, It was hot, Hotter than fire. I had never seen anything like it before. It was bigger than a normal coin, And much heavier too. Maybe it had powers, It could take me to the moon, Or fly above the clouds. This coin could be worth a fortune, Or possibly nothing at all. So many things that this coin might do I wonder I wonder If any of them are actually true. There is only one way to find out, So if you will excuse me, I have an imagination to use.

Pallavi's Stuff Pallavi Y. Brown and black casual flip flops Blue Carolina t-shirt for pajamas One soft fuzzy white sweater as white as snow One sleepover bag with PY on the front Several indian dresses with colors bright like the rainbow Collection of snow globes from different states Different types of jeans faded or not faded One black thin comb as black as a stormy day/night One scab on my left leg Two floor burns, burning on my right and left knees.


Everyoneexpectssomething Fromtheirselvesandotherpeople Myparentssaythattheywantmetobewellrounded Dowellinschool Benicetoeveryone Iliketomakemorefungoals Dowellinatennistournament Climbtothetopofthetreeinthebackyard Peopleexpectthemselvestohelpotherpeople Alotofthingsareexpectedfrompeople Butthatiswhatlifeisabout Lifeisabigexpectation  Ĺ? 

TheSportofBaseball  PunithU 

Ourteamhustlesallthewaytothedugout, Wedropourbagsonthecleanconcretefloor. Then,wethrowbaseballsinthegreengrass. Soon,weleaveourbaseballmitts, Andstartsprintingaroundthefield. ThefieldwasabigpartyÇŚÇŚascrowdedasever. Wewalkbacktothedugout, Readyforthegametobegin. Istarteduptobat, Swingingmybat,about5timesforpractice. Ithenjoggeduptothebatter'sbox Myfeetdigintothedrydirt. Likeamoledrivingintotheground. IpeeratthepitcherÇŚalreadyinhismotion, Theballisarocket,shootingtowardsme. Then,Ismashtheballintotheoutfield. Isprinttofirstbaseandseethebasecoach, Hewaveshisarmsinaslickcircularmotion. Ithenpassfirstandruntosecond, TheballisSTILLrollingpasttheclumsyoutfielders. Iloseenergybutstillracehardtothird, Surprisingly,thebasecoachpointstohome. InextdashtohomeplateashardasIcan, ThebasewasasfarasFloridawasfromhere. ThenIslideintohomeplate,asjoyfulascouldbe. Ihitahumongoushomerun,andthenrealizedsomething, It'sonlyonetonothing!

For Kimia She is really nice, and honest (somewhat) She brings out the best in others Her hair is chocolate brown She is athletic She surpasses expectations in everything she does I really like hanging out with her. I am so lucky to have her as a friend. Rachel 

Rain By: Rachel Boom!! Crash!! The thunder is pounding I do not like this rainstorm The rain pours out of the clouds It is like tears coming out of eyes. The sky is gray The air is cool and wet The wind whistles Through my window It is not always this mad Rain goes pitter pat On my window. The light breeze Blows against my house Sending a chill throughout it, The sound of cars Driving through the puddles left By the rain The slight flooding. Rain is tapping against my window It taps like a wood pecker against a tree Rain goes pitter pat against my window A slight Boom!! Crash!! Then the storm is gone The air is now calm.


Books Ryan H.

Books are complicated things. They can make you happy or sad. They can make scared or mad. When books are properly produced and properly deduced Everything in a book comes to life.

A bumblebee can be as big as a cloud. A book can speak to you The words on the page can whisper to you. A book can take you away It can also lead you astray. A book can be a key To a new brand beginning Don't judge a book by its cover. Just open it up, and discover.

Naked and Free By Sammi F A baby, a friend, 1 year old Runs to a fountain Asks mom in his baby language To lift him up to the streaming gems Glistening like diamonds She hoisted him into the wonderland He smiled eyes gleaming and took a rest Naked and happy But before this all happened, The angelic little baby Waddled through in his diaper Through the fountain of joy Water kissed his chubby legs as he walked right by He was so content from moving He began to trudge...His diaper was full And then it exploded, scraps everywhere He laughed a cherub laugh and just sat in the milky water He had lost his cover Just happy to be free The spectators the park just sat there in awe Of the sweet little baby who broke through his nappy Birds just chirped and young children's screeches rang out All the little kids played with the shredded pieces Nobody was angry with him Not even his mother I just stood there Watching and waiting on My handsome baby brother.

A Quiet Place Sarah G. The wind is blowing through the open windows, Like a soft breeze at a beach I can hear the bees and flies buzzing in the distance, The bees and flies are talking to each other, I am sitting in a chair reading a book The book is full of adventure and imaginary things The tree house is in my beautiful big backyard

The air is stuffy in the tree house, but I didn't care This is the only quiet place I can find No TVs or Computers to be hooked on Just my good ol' book I suddenly disappeared from the tree house, And found myself in the rainforest. The rainforest was 100 degrees The rainforest was full of adventure, tigers and monkeys Stalking and jumping around A monkey was hanging on my shoulder, The monkey was a dog chasing its tail , making me laugh It was playing with me until it jumped away The time passed by like a rocket, and suddenly I found myself back in the tree house I looked at my watch and was shocked 6:50!!! It was just 4:30 two minutes ago, right?? I got up and walked back to the noisy world.

Daddy Sarah Sa. Get's his work shoes on, His fun colorful ties, Pressed pants, Ironed shirts. Belt buckle polished and Shiny, briefcase in hand Backpack on back. Black comb that is Foggy and dirty. Sunglasses are sporty Oakley’s, But are very good looking. Wallet in backpack, Shirts and pants and jackets Are hung neatly, shows in orderly Rows. 1 bulging disc in his back, 1 knee surgery on each knee, Shoulder surgery on 1 shoulder. Short, stubby, and fast legs, Large upper dorsal. 1 toothbrush 1 tube of toothpaste, A lot of happiness, kindness, and hard work.

Rain Sarah Sw.

Rain falls from above In the sky of gray Lightning flashes and thunder roars The rain touches my skin and it is cool I look up to see a giant cloud above Covering the whole sky A fluffy piece of cotton candy in the sky The cloud spreads until the world turns dark The rain races rampantly to the ground Pouring down harder and harder as it goes The ground starts to flood all around me I’m like a turtle in the ocean Tears are falling from the sky Spreading all around Rain taking over


The Moon and Water Sebastian K.

We have never seen the one side, and see the other always at night Or sometimes during the blistering heat or When the temperature feels like 1000 degrees below Zero. We know so much about this world More than the world that is just outside the coast. One side- always as cold as Siberia's winter The other always baking in the Sun's Scorching Swelter. Always shifting, never happy with the Universe. Seems to me that The Moon reflects the Human nature. Shifting around Looking for someone else out There in the vastness and Weightlessness and Wonder of Space. Water is always flowing; never stopping Restless like the stars in the sky Most of the only world we ever known We know less about than the Red Star in the Sky. Monsters we've never thought we'd Ever see except for in Space. In our own world. That we don't know of.

Rain Shaan B It was pouring rain The clouds were gray The lightning was flashing like a broken light Then I heard the big crash of thunder The rain was like tears It would not stop falling down till it felt better Everything I could see from the window was wet Cars was wet Houses were wet It was raining so hard I thought there was going to be a flood I could feel the cool weather from inside the house But I was optimistic I thought that the overcast would get better anyways

Dad’s Things By: Shane S

Fancy jackets, Suits and ties, His own work computer, A beloved coffee maker, A lot of polo shirts, A set of shiny golf clubs, A shirt from his alma mater, Virginia Tech, Sports gear for most sports, Gardening tools for the spring, And fancy sunglasses. His phone, Which is used when he's bored, His running shoes, That are used a lot.

Biking Shreyas A. We bike up the hill, my friend and I, up the big hill from my house to the road, almost impossible to ride. As soon as we finish, we speed down the lane, barely braking as we boulder down the big hill. But at the bottom, we skid, just barely making the stop before hitting the reversing car. As soon as it moves, we slam our feet on the pedals, speeding toward the miniscule entrance to the trail. We hit the trail, turn left, and watch out for the huge machine! We turn, speed down, and stop at the crossing. The trees wave to us as we go by. All cars halt, and we rapidly ride across the road. We go across a bumpy bridge, pop off of an offset floorboard, and make the tight turn. We then speed as fast as we can, ride the trails, and stop at the secret hideout that's not so secret anymore. We climb for a while on the many big trees, but then we hit the trail again. Soon it is time to turn around, and return to the hill where we started. We pedal as fast as we can, barely making it through the crossing full of halted cars, and stop at the big machine! The machine takes up the whole path, slow as a sloth, and we have to go around, on the treacherous wet sloped grass where one mistake would make you skid and tumble into the sharp rocks. We both make it, and find the path where we entered. We slowly go up the hill, and we go down the hill where we started, and our hour of biking is done.




The Bar Siobhan C Our bones creek Our muscles feel week Our backs protest When we try to stretch But still we love to dance We grand plea And degage Our feet composed With our knees to our nose Our head to our toes But still we love to dance We chase Across the floor Our muscles scream "NO MORE" But still we love to dance

Picture with Pigeons By Sneha A. We were both surrounded, By countless black and gray pigeons, Eating right out of our hands. My mother and I were at, The famous Trafalgar Square. With wind whispering in our ears, And the sun gently caressing our faces, It was a magnificent day. There were endless numbers, Of beautiful pigeons everywhere, At Trafalgar Square that day. They were as numerous as people, In New York on New Year's Eve. We laughed at the birds' antics, To get the seeds from our palms. Pigeons took flight and fleetingly flew, A few inches above the ground. They fought and flew over each other, To get every seed in our hands. We had high spirits, And were filled with delight. It was truly one of those moments, To remember and never forget, With a photo, capturing our excitement, And a memory, etched in our minds forever. I was only 9 years old, But I will always remember this moment. Not only because I have a picture, But because this was a truly unforgettable moment.


An Acorn Spencer R. Before I was a child, I was an acorn I had been with my master as long as I could remember My master kept a tight grip on all of my brothers and sisters But not as tight a grip on me Soon after the great ball in the sky disappeared My master let go of me What was he thinking I was not meant to leave him Before I knew it I was on the ground It was cold It was wet Not the place I deserved to be My master must have been extremely displeased with me Many moons later My master died and dropped every last one of my brothers and sisters I was shocked! How could all of them displease him Why did they all have to drop at once This made no sense After shaking off my disgust, I realized something I had been so overtaken with my disappointment I didn't notice I was now the size of him and I saw myself on every branch My life now made sense I was destine to be like my master

Stuart H


The wind in my hair The breeze in my face The speed that's building I ride down the driveway Lightning speed, I hope I can stop A sharp smooth turn You really lean into it I turn around and go up hill Speed is gaining Going faster The cool yet warm air The warm toasty sunlight I make it to the top And turn around And go down again Speed like a cheetah Wind like a storm A turn that cuts through the air And absorbs the lightning speed Underneath the green trees The bumblebees circling around Butterflies flying by I continue to ride The awesomely cool RipStik

The Ferrari I hold a picture of myself. Several years ago. In the photo, I am 8. That’s when every boys dream, is to have a Ferrari. I loved cars when I was 8. And I wanted a Ferrari. That day, I got the next best thing to having one. The owner of this magnificent car said. "want to sit in it?" I thought to myself, Oh my gosh, he can't be serious. So I opened the door. Shots of energy travelled through my body. I could feel the engine. The horsepower of this amazing car. I never wanted to get out. That was the most amazing day ever.  4K P.



^ŚŝŝƵ ŝŚ Ɛ Ɛ " #Ƶ$ƐŚŝŚ Ƶ$ŝ #ŚŝŝŚ "  ZŝƐŝ $" % Ƶ  ^ ŝ#& Ƶŝ#Ƶ$ ŝ#Ś ( )

ŝƵƐ"%ŚƵŚ "ŝ ( *ŚƵŚ ƐƵ%% ( $ &$ƵƐ#$ŝ" ŝŚ$ ƐƐ$ŝŚ ŝ ŝ$$ŝƐ#%ŝ$ Ɛ" ŝŚ ƐƐŝŚ $+ /$ ƐŝƵ$+0  d$  


Sixth Grade Language Arts Cary Academy Cover Art by Kimia P


6th Grade Poetry Anthology 2010