ALUMNUS Spring 2022 - Mississippi State University

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By Joel Coleman, Photos Submitted


e’s been around the globe–from sea to shining sea and beyond. But no matter where Lennie Day goes, Mississippi State goes with him. A mathematics alumnus who is now a lieutenant commander in the U.S. Coast Guard, Day has a solid maroon and white foundation supporting him as he serves the red, white and blue. “I have Mississippi State in my office,” Day said. “I wear Mississippi State hats every day in the spring and summer to work. I represent Mississippi State all the time. It’s part of what I do.” Day graduated from State in 2004. Before that, he spent five years as a student-athlete with the Bulldog football program. A self-professed lover of basketball who aspired to one day play in the NBA, Day’s size and speed instead earned the Mobile, Alabama, native a football scholarship in Starkville. He started off as a tight end and fullback, but soon changed positions and landed on the Bulldogs’ defensive line.


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"If I were to frame it, one of the memories was my senior year–the players were able to vote for team captain and I got voted as a team captain, which was a big deal to me. That means your peers are looking up to you and feel like you’re a leader. As I moved into the military, I kind of used that to draw from all I learned from Jackie Sherrill and our coaching staff and the leadership I learned working with the players to do what I do now." - Lennie Day