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The 17 Day Diet Book Find out if T he 17 Day Diet is right for you.

The 17 Day Diet Book

The 17 Day Diet Book Yo u are pro bably here to disco ver if T he 17 Day Die t Bo o k created by Dr. Mike Mo reno is go ing to help yo u to lo se weight. Like many o thers, yo u may have tried several diets just to co me to a co nclusio n that yo u did no t lo st the weight yo u were pro mised, and yo u made yo urself miserable in the pro cess. The 17 Day Diet plan is different fro m yo ur typical diets. In fact, I wo uld no t call it a diet at all, as it is an o ngo ing lifestyle change. That is pro bably o ne o f the bigge st m isco nce pt io ns in the diet arena. Peo ple find a 7 day diet, o r a 30 day weight lo ss pro gram, and are led to believe that they will lo se the weight in that time frame, and keep it off . The fo rtunate thing is that many peo ple do lo se weight with tho se pro grams, but the diets are so strict, that o nce they reach a weight lo ss go al, and the 7 days o r 30 days is up, they revert back to the eating lifestyle they enjo yed prio r to the diet. This is where The 17 Day Diet bo o k is different.

Buy The 17 Day Diet Book Here They 17 Day Diet Review First o f all, this plan began as a way to help peo ple avo id weight gain during the ho lidays, o r times when

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About this site Dieting can be a very bo ring and lo nely place when yo u have a desire to lo se weight. This is why many peo ple give up. This website is dedicated to helping yo u stay o n track, and no t o nly lo se the weight, but keep it o ff and stay healthy.

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temptatio n is at it’s highest. It is no w a plan that peo ple are using every day to change their eating habits, lo se the weight, and enjo y a healthier lifestyle. No w I am no t go ing to say that it is easy as pie. No diet, o r change in eating patterns is, o therwise, there wo uld be very few peo ple lo o king to lo se weight. Right? The 17 Day Diet Bo o k co nsists o f 4 cycles that take yo u thro ugh an entire weight lo ss pro cess. There is also a 17 minute exercise DVD included to help yo u lo se even mo re weight.

T he 4 Cycles of T he 17 Day Diet Book Cycle 1 Accelerate This cycle begins the cleansing o f yo ur system, and begins burning fat fo r rapid we ight lo ss. Because this is also the time when yo u will lo se water weight, it pro mises a to tal weight lo ss o f 10 -15 po unds. There is limited calo rie intake o f aro und 1,20 0 fo r this 17 day cycle. So me o f the fo o ds permitted include unlimited vegetables that are free o f starch, lean pro teins which includes 2 eggs per day (o nly fo r tho se who have regular cho lestero l levels). Yo u are allo wed a limited amo unt o f fruits, yo gurts, and 1-2 servings o f what he calls “friendly fats”, such as o live o il o r flaxseed. Cycle 2 Activate This cycle resets the metabo lism. There is a slightly higher allo wance o f calo ries, and will result in an additio nal weight lo ss o f 5-6 po unds. The menu fo r cycle 2 is similar to the first, but the fat intake is reduced to o ne serving, but adds 2 servings o f healthy carbs, increasing calo rie intake to abo ut 1,50 0 . Cycle 3 Achieve This is the stabilatio n perio d. Yo u will re-learn ho w to eat carbs, and establish better eating habits fo r the lo ng run.

There is a slo wer rate o f weight lo ss in this cycle. Co mmo n lo ss is 2-3 mo re po unds. The fo o d list is larger to avo id that feeling that yo u are o n a never-ending diet. With this cycle co mes the additio n o f the o ptio n fo r o ne serving o f alco ho l, and 10 0 calo rie snacks. Cycle 4 Arrive Yo u m ade it . When yo u reach the arrival phase, yo u have met yo ur weight lo ss go al. This cycle co mbines the first 3, and, yo u can enjo y yo ur favo rite fo o ds o n the weekends. That will help yo u to feel like yo u are no t being punished, and will also help with the temptatio n o f splurging during the week. This is maintenance mo de. Once yo u have reached cycle 4, yo u are strictly maintaining yo ur weight. The 17 Day Diet understands that no t all peo ple will reach their weight lo ss go al in cycle 3. If the go al is no t met, yo u simply return to Cycle 2 and 3 until yo u arrive at yo ur go al weight. Ho w Much Exe rcise is Re quire d? During Cycle 1, yo ur exercise sho uld be limited to walking fo r abo ut 17 minutes per day, as yo u will no t be co nsuming eno ugh calo ries fo r a strenuo us exercise pro gram. As yo u mo ve to wards the 2nd and 3rd cycles, yo u sho uld increase yo ur exercise to abo ut 150 to 30 0 minutes per week to help yo u reach yo ur final weight lo ss go al. The 17 Day Diet may be similar to o ther plans that yo u have seen, ho wever, it is clear, easily understo o d, and the fo o d list is reaso nable, meaning yo u do n’t have to drive to ano ther state to find ingredients. It wo rks, simple as that. As with anything tho ugh, yo u have to wo rk fo r it, o r it will beco me The 17 Day Diet that co llects dust o n yo ur bo o kshelf. If yo u are ready to start yo ur first 17 days o f The 17 Day Diet Book , get it to day.

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