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Year I / Nº 1

La Barca de la Florida / November 2012


A note from the teachers Hi there everyone! We would like to introduce you to the first school edition of our school newsletter: WAKE UP! This project has been created for students to have some room to express themselves and let their abilities and imagination flow. We are really happy about it and we hope you all like it and make the most of this experience. Before saying goodbye, we would like to thank to all our students for their support and hard work. WAKE UP! wouldn’t have turned into a real newsletter without them! You definitely rock! Talk to you soon and take care! Love, Gema and Rocío

MY FIRST DAYS IN LA BARCA : How a new student feels at school... A letter to my aunt. Hi María! I am writing to tell you how I’m doing in my new school and also to ask you how things are going in your job. I started school on 17th September and so far I love this school!I’m having lots of fun and time goes by really fast! However, I have to study hard and unfortunately, I don’t have much free time. On the other hand, I am very happy because I have met lots of people and I have made three new friends :) The teachers areall very different but I tihnk that I’m goingn to learn a lot with them. How about your new job? Did you meet someone frindly? I hope that everything is fantastic in your everyday life. Hope to hear from you soon! Kisses, Alicia. By Alicia Cortijo, 1ºBach.A Page 1

Year I / Nº 1

La Barca de la Florida / November 2012

SUMMER 2012 HOLIDAY DESTINATIONS In this section of the school newsletter we are going to focus on different subjects related to travelling.


For this month we asked the students from 3ºESO and 4ºESO about their holiday destinations during summer 2012. If you have a look at the graphics you can see that most students stayed at home last summer. Destinawithin Spain were more popular than the international ones. Baleares and Barcelona were the most popular Spanish holiday destinations whereas Italy was the most visited foreign country by our students.

We would like the 4ºESO trip to come true! We need some teachers to organize it. PLEASE, JOIN US!!!

Marisa Pineda and Mª José Jiménez, 4ºESO-A Page 2

Year I / Nº 1

La Barca de la Florida / November 2012

MUSIC TIPS: One Direction


One direction is a group of five British – Irish singers that was formed in London in 2010 thanks to the program The X Factor. In 2011 they released their first album “Up All Night” which highlighted four songs: “What Makes You Beautiful”, “Gotta Be You”, “One Thing” and “Brit Awards”. This year they have launched a new album “Take Me Home” that plays up the song “Live While We're Young”. The children are having much success!!

Some of the top singles these days are: -”Tanto” by Pablo Alborán -“Someone like you” by Adele -”Te voy a esperar” by Juan Magan and Belinda -”Where have you been” by Rihana

By Claudia Márquez y Rocío Román, 3ºESO-A



There is a new TV music show called “La Voz” in Spain. It started a few weeks ago. The contests have to sing in front of a jury who decide if they stay on in the show or not.

Although young people are crazy about contemporary music we must not forget about the classic songs . Here there are some timeless songs in both English and Spanish : -”Un beso y una flor” by Nino Bravo -”Algo de mi” by Camilo Sesto -”Lucía” by Joan Manuel Serrat -”Imagine” by John Lennon Music section by Juan Antonio Mármol, 4ºESO-A

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Year I / Nº 1

La Barca de la Florida / November 2012

BENEFITS OF DOING SPORT Sport or physical exercise improves mental function, self-esteem, memory, speed, personal wellness...It also produces optimism, euphoria and mentali flexibility. It is an appropriate means to achieve personal and social values like personal development, respect, fair play or sportmanship. *Important values to consider when exercising: 1.TOLERANCE 2. INTEGRATION 3.SOLIDARITY 4.COOPERATION 5.TEAMWORK 6.PARTICIPATION 7. EQUALITY 8. SPORTSMANSHIP 9. COMPANIONSHIP 10.FAIR PLAY 11. COMMUNICATION 12. RESPECT 13. FUN 14. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT

It also allows us to be int ouch with nature and to know new things about the environment that surrounds us. It is a fun way to be healthy! Sport has a great influence in preventing diseases such as obesity, diabetes or hypertension according to the V Congress of the Spanshh Society of Community Nutrition. Besides, aproximately 9 to 16 percent of all deaths in developed countries can be attributed to a sedentary lifestyle. C’MON, DO SPORT! By Fátima Domínguez, 1ºBach.B

WHAT IS IT? Could you say where these pictures have been taken? Have you looked at them carefully? They are nearer than you think.

By Nazaret Nieto and Inmaculada Portillo, 3ºESO-C

Photo: Author

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Year I / Nº 1

La Barca de la Florida / November 2012

Curiosity killed the cat.... ....our high has got 279 boys and 271 girls, 550 students! ... there are 47 teachers, 23 women and 24 men. ... La Barca de la Florida has got 4,353 inhabitants ...this building is eleven years old ...students can’t do photocopies between the lessons ...students can’t use their mobile phones in class because it is prohibited By Fátima Granados, 4ºESO-A

...Feliz Baumgartner jumped from the stratosphere breaking the sound barrier on 14th October 2012? ...Coca Cola and Pepe have got 0,001 of alcohol? ...when you wake up at aroun 2-3 am without any reason there is 80% of possibilities that someone has been watching you? ...cockroaches can live 9 days without their heads before dying of hunger? ...listening through our teeth is possible? ...our heart beats 3,000,00 times during our lives?

By Álvaro 3ºESO-A

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Year I / Nº 1

La Barca de la Florida / November 2012

GETTING PERSONAL WITH... Mayte Aparicio (Spanish teacher)

1.When you finish your compulsory secondary education, did you already know what you wanted to study? M.:I only knew I wanted to be a fashion designer but unfortunately you need a lot of money for that. 2. What’s the best part of being a teacher? Is it hard for you to separate your personal life from your career? M.:Well I love working with students and being helpful to them. However, sometimes it’s really hard cause you only hear the complaints and nobody congratulates you. I try not to talk about work when I’m not working! 3.Have you ever had any other job? If you got fired tomorrow, what would be the best and the worst memories you would have about being a teacher? M.:Before teaching I worked as a waitress and shop assistant. The best memory would be helping people and the worst one would be the lack of recognition. 4. I think you are a very smart person, have you keep on studying since you finished your university degree? M.:Sure! I Always try to keep in touch with all the stuff I like. 5. What’s your favourite book and film? M.:I love Asian cinema and movies like “Mi vida sin ti” by Isabel Coixet. As for a book, “Trilogía de Argel” by Yasmina Khadra.

UP CLOSE & PERSONAL: Nora is going to be in charge of the “Up close and Personal” section of this newletter. In other words, she is going to be working with gossip and personal information about students and teachers.You should keep an eye on this section if you don’t want to get outdated! For this first newsletter she has interviewed two of our teachers: Mayte Aparicio and Luis Miguel Coballes. ENJOY! By Nora Benani 1ºBach.-D

Luis Miguel Coballes (Spanish teacher) 1.Luis Miguel, you look like a very quiet and trustworthy person, are these qualities helpful for your daily job? L.M.:Well, it always depends on the circumstances. 2. What aspects are essential for the students and teachers training? L.M.:To be a good student you need to work hard everyday.As for teachers, they need to be good at planning and at getting to know their students. 3.Does your way of teaching vary according to the students’ results? L.M.: I care about it and you must always consider the reresults. 4.Can you remember when you decided you wanted to be a teacher? L.M.: I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. 5. What’s your favourite literary genre, writer and book? L.M.: I love short stories. My favourite writer is Borges and one of my favourite books is “A sangre fría”.

HALLOWEEN AT SCHOOL! Last week we celebrated Halloween at school! The Halloween decorations as well as the cards and carved pumpkins created by our students created a really scary atmosphere! Have a look at the picture to see how it looked!

By Gema López (English teacher) Page 8

Year I / Nº 1

La Barca de la Florida / November 2012

SOCIAL NETWORKS AND YOUNG PEOPLE Social networks have become an indispensable element for young people in the 21st century. It is an open door to keep in touch with people, but, is it real? One of me the main changes in society is the fact that young people can spend an unlimited number of hours in front of their computer screen. Why do they look for those relationships in the virtual world insted of in real life? It can be easier to make friends online cause you are not watching that person. We must also consider that there is a lot of personal information available online. Besides, these new socialnetworks will get outdated eventually and new ones will come up. It all started a long time ago thanks to the now oldfashioned Messenger. I think we should be more careful about our posts, Though the socialnetworks have lots of advantages they also they could get us into trouble at the end of the day. In have lots of disadvantages like fake accounts or harassment. that case, it would be our fault. Another important issue is our privacy. Do we really need to post every single detail of our ordinary life like what we are eating or doing at every single moment of the day? Is is really important to tell the worl that you are having a shower? By Ana Castillo 1º Bach.-A

FILM RECOMMENDATIONS Films you have to see: -Apocalypse Now -The Apartment -Chinatown -City of God -A Night at the Opera -Sexy Beast Films you shouldn’t see: -Daredevil -Superman Returns -Terminator Salvation -Resident Evil -Constantine -Halloween (2007) By Mª Victoria Jiménez1º Bach.-C

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Year I / Nº 1

La Barca de la Florida / November 2012

CLASSICS OF THE CINEMA Some of the most important cinema figures of the cinema industry are: CHARLES CHAPLIN He was born on April 16, 1889 (19th century) in London. He is considered a symbol of humor and silent films. By the end of the First World War, he was one of the most Her biggest commercial success was “Some like it hot”. recognized man in the world of cinema. Her worldwide recognition develped after starring in the He received many awards and nominations. A star with musical “Gentlemen prefer blondes” (1952). his name was placed on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood Despite being considered the sexiest woman in the hisin 1970. tory of cinema, she was a sensitive and unstable woman. Because of his political ideas, he was forced into exile in Swtizerland. His latest works where “A King in New York” JAMES DEAN He was born in Indiana (USA) in 1931. He was the main and “A Countes from Hong Kong”. star in movies such as “East of Eden” or “Rebel without cause”. His last film was “Giant”. MARYLIN MONROE She was born in Los Angeles. She was an actress, a singer, James was considered to be an introverted, awkwad and melancholic actor who was passionate about his job. a model and one of the leading sex symbols of all time. She played important roles in movies such as “All about Eve” (1950) or in “How to marry a millionaire” (1953).

BEHIND THE CAMERAS... Did you know that...? -Most “Twilight” fans didn’t want Robert Pattinson to star the films of their favourite books because they thought he was “ugly and that he looked like a wonderer”. -In the film “The Lord of the Rings” the New Zealand army helped build Hobbiton roads. -In “Gladiator” the maing stage of the film magically appears beside the Tiber river when its true location is quite far from it. -”Avatar” and “Titanic” are the highest-grossing films by James Cameron. I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know if you have any questions! By Mª Victoria Jiménez, 1º Bach-C

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Periódico escolar en inglés del IES Vega del Guadalete.

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