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Inside Oasys A newsletter for customers, employees and opinion leaders. Prepared by Oasys Exhibitions, Events, Audio Visual, Hiring and Electrical

Dear colleagues, The image of a company can be influenced by many factors – both positive and negative. However, one that stands head and shoulders above anything else is the contribution that is made by the employees. One person is not a team, but 350 Oasys employees can make a huge difference. This is especially so if they stand united as company representatives protecting the interests of the employer. It must be emphasized that everyone,

including management, are employees, although we have different portfolios and assignments at Oasys Innovations. In this context I am grateful to those of you who are team players and who support the Oasys brand in the market and also internally in the company. There is no perfect world, no perfect company and also no perfect employee. However, a good attitude and positive communication about Oasys, with whoever we have contact with, makes a huge difference to the perceptions of Oasys as our employer and as a company. As much as we are as good as the last project completed, we have to

July 2010

work hard to make the next one just as good, if not better. The same can be said about how we conduct ourselves as people. Positive communication about us as employees, positive talk about our customers, and positive reflections about the company will ensure that we can mobilize our total effort towards success. Your continued engagement as professionals, as ambassadors, representatives and good company citizens, will help to sustain our success internally and wherever else we may have to talk about the company that provides us with reward for professional performance.

Soccer teams receive a warm we come Hosting the FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup TM is a tremendous opportunity for South Africa. Likewise, visiting South Africa to take part in the world’s biggest sporting event should be a memorable occasion for the soccer teams from across the globe. We were part of the project that created a comfortable arrival in an area dedicated to the international teams.

Explains Richard Emery: “We were contracted to build a temporary terminal at O.R. Tambo International Airport, for the convenience of the soccer teams arriving at the international arrival and departures terminal at the airport. This is the largest temporary terminal structure we have ever built, covering a total area of 3400m2.” The marquee is fully air-conditioned and includes 8 lounges, 12 bathrooms, a full clinic

and medical facility, two press rooms and a South African Police Services section. It is a temporary structure that will remain until the end of the FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup TM. We also supplied decking, generators, furniture, fencing, as well as electrical infrastructure for the temporary terminal.

This issue is printed on “Triple Green” environmentally friendly paper

Parents and expectant parents from across Johannesburg and beyond headed to The Baby Expo, a MamaMagic expo, which took place at the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg in May 2010. We supplied infrastructure to this show. Since 2005 this expo has served as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for parents and parents-to-be, with new products, pregnancy, baby and childcare necessities, toys, clothing, talks and educational workshops on parenting and baby care, competitions and entertainment for kids visiting the show. Projeni Pather, Managing Director of Exposure Marketing, is the founder of The Baby Expo. Now in its sixth year, Projeni has introduced a second show in Johannesburg for November, having expanded in 2007 from a single expo to introducing two additional shows for Durban and Cape Town.

Carl Woodland explains what was provided for the show. ‘We supplied 7990m2 of carpeting, 940m2 of shell scheme, furniture, electrical infrastructure as well as some design stands”.

Projeni shares some of the show’s successes, “The Baby Expo won the “Best Exhibition of the Year” award in 2007, 2008 and 2009, making it the biggest baby and parenting exhibition in South Africa. The award was received at the annual Exhibition and Events Association of South Africa (EXSA) awards. The show also holds a world record for the world’s largest gathering of pregnant women, an attempt that was sanctified by the Guinness World Records in 2007.” “Apart from these awards, the visitor figures for the show, as well as media interest also continue to increase yearly, something which we are very pleased about.”

Concludes Woodland “We also sponsored a stand for the South African National Blood Services (SANBS), in conjunction with the Coca-Cola Dome, who in partnership with The Baby Expo Joburg hosted the stand and services of SANBS. Visitors to the expo had the opportunity to donate blood in support of the SANBS ‘Save Mother, Save Baby’ campaign, which was very well received by visitors.”

The Baby Expo won the “Best Exhibition of the Year” award in 2007, 2008 and 2009, making it the biggest baby and parenting exhibition in South Africa.

Staff News Congratulations to KD Matlala from Oasys Electrical who got engaged to his sweetheart Thatheto Rakubu in May.

Let’s get ready for international marketing Awesome, excellent and magic! These are the words that come to mind to describe the opening of the 2010 soccer World Cup and Bafana Bafana’s draw against Mexico in Johannesburg, which I was privileged to attend. Reports received from around the country about the numerous facilities prepared by the GL Oasys Consortium, speak of a truly professional effort. Full marks must go to Xavier Becker and his team for demonstrating why they are the global leader for overlays and infrastructure suppliers for major events. These efforts measure superbly against any project organised elsewhere in the world. This effort has certainly repositioned South Africa in the eyes of the world.

We are very proud of our country and could not wait for the arrival of the World Cup. To show support for South Africa and for the World Cup, we have decorated our offices with

flags and installed flag poles outside our head office in Robertsham and also celebrated the start of the World Cup on 11 June 2010.

As many companies celebrated this once in a lifetime soccer event in South Africa, I am pleased that about 300 Oasys employees could also enjoy the celebration at our Robertsham premises, watching the opening ceremony and the game on screen with food and beverages – not to forget the vuvuzelas which echoed through our premises. Before we know it the World Cup will be history and then business has to go on. It certainly has set the stage for us to continue our activities in international markets. Our success in Shanghai most definitely contributes towards setting the pace. However, there is always a condition to success, and if we want to compete in global markets we would have to become more of a knowledge-based company. This does not only concern knowledge about our own industry, but on international affairs as well. It is everyone’s responsibility to be well informed – not only for the benefit of Oasys, but for purposes of personal growth. We need to acquire knowledge about global markets. Items that come to mind is the stand-off between North and South Korea, the effects of the environmental tragedy of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the financial demise of Greece, the trade-off of the US Dollar, the British Pound and the Euro against each other, the fact that global investors have become more discerning, that South Africa is no longer viewed positively as a financial attraction compared to countries such as Australia and Denmark, and that the Rand is expected to become more volatile. Although we are not as indebted as some countries, we are also not growing as quickly as others do. As Oasys employees, we will find that the more we equip ourselves with general knowledge on global issues, the better we will be prepared to support the company in our marketing efforts in international markets.

The 2010 NAMPO Agricultural Trade Show recorded a record number of 650 exhibitors and 68 900 visitors over four days. From a basic Harvest Day show in 1967, the event grew to attract forty international exhibitors from the United States, Argentina and Australia. We supplied the exhibition infrastructure.

NAMPO is a perfect example of how an event can negate any illusions of a sluggish economy.

Says Kevin Kennedy: “NAMPO is a perfect example of how an event can negate any illusions of a sluggish economy. Our engagement with this event has evolved from a supplier status to one of complete partnership. It is not so much about the volume of materials that we supplied, but rather how we project managed the exhibition infrastructure to accommodate the marketing collateral of the exhibitors and to support the organiser to create a successful and festive event.”

We supplied 2,700 m2 of shell scheme built in seven halls, installed 43 marquees and laid 7,500 m2 of carpet tiles. We also supplied furniture,

plants and audio visual equipment. Custom stands were built for Senwes, Zinchem and Northmec.

VIVA VIVO! The Sun City Superbowl was crowded on 19 March 2010, as Volkswagen fans celebrated the launch of the new Volkswagen Polo Vivo. We provided the branding for the occasion. The launch of the Vivo was one of the most important events in the history of Volkswagen South Africa and, as a build-up to the evening, there were five different events running during the day. The evening was attended by 6 500 guests, of which around 1 000 were VIP invitees.

Says Carl Woodland, “Volkswagen South Africa’s German Board Members and various celebrities were invited to attend the launch, so our standards of perfection were so much more important to the client. It was a pleasure working with the Volkswagen South Africa team in planning and executing the successful launch.” “We believe that the branding played a big role in the success of the event. We used around 47 different creative elements, from billboards to boom

gate signage. It was very noticeable and guests were even seen photographing it,” says Bridget Harris, Brand Manager of Volkswagen South Africa. The programme for the evening was filled with international and local talent, highlighting the arrival of the new Polo model in South Africa. The headlining acts were Kelly Clarkson and Westlife. Local talents Freshly Ground, The Parlotones, TKZee and Big Nuz also provided entertainment for the guests.

Practice makes perfect! is especially looking forward to working on the Chinese Trade Fair, which is scheduled to take place later this year at Gallagher Convention Centre.

Adri Pentz When Adri joined Oasys eleven years ago, she took up the position of bookkeeper. She spent a total of nine years working in the Accounts Department before changing direction and becoming a Key Accounts Manager. She says the changeover from accounting to key account management was challenging, but she felt it suited her personality better, because it is such a dynamic environment. The first show she ever worked on was the Wedding Expo, but luckily she had Shereen, Carmen and Leon to show her the ropes. Adri

The biggest “feather in her cap” thus far was to manage the NAMPO show with its many logistical and operational pre-show and onsite preparations – a project which took her well over two months to successfully pull off. Other large shows she works on every year include a stationery show for Shop-X, as well as the Professional Beauty Show, featuring three shows a year, covering Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. She also recently completed the Potch Herald Leefruimte show, a show very similar to Homemakers Expo, which made its debut in March this year. When Adri is not busy with her own clients’ shows, she gladly helps other

Martin Snoek Communications (MSC)

We take the pain from building your exhibition

Oasys Innovations is South Africa’s leading supplier for exhibitions and events. Wherever you need an exhibition stand or display, we can manage the entire process. From design and build to creating and installing all the content. We have consultants who specialize in your business. That means one point of access to all our services.

Oasys Innovations. Your one-stop supplier for the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

Key Account Managers with shows they are organising. Adri and her husband are both career people. Her husband is a Senior Systems Engineer for MTN. They have been married for 10 years. Adri is a good example of how far you can go with loyalty, hard work and dedication. We are sure she will continue to go from strength to strength with the opportunities Oasys can provide her with.

Quote of the month

“When one door closes another opens. But often we look so long, so regretfully upon the closed door that we fail to see the one that has opened for us.” - Helen Keller -

Shanghai World Expo 2010 By Monique Placido

Allow me to begin this story by explaining how a concept became a reality. As I sit here today, I often have to force myself to stop the many thoughts rushing through my head and just allow myself to be in the moment of having achieved such an enourmous task. It all began one Wednesday morning when Andrew, Marcelle, Thapelo and I sat down with our tea and notepads, ready to have our regular Wednesday morning meeting. We proceeded to

Monique Placido high-end concept submitted by the Special Projects Department, whereas the Design Department submitted a second option, which was more cost effective.

The following day, I sat with Marcelle for her input and ideas on the design. We brainstormed further areas within the pavilion and it was at this point - knowing the magnitude of the design requirements and the extent to which we had to fulfil the tender - that we pulled Letisha into our team. She was equally driven by this task and added an extra ingredient of design flair. Our team and the Design Department team worked non-stop for 3 weeks until the early hours of the morning refining designs, building models and compiling final tender files.

find it amazing that each city has a distinct smell. “ IShanghai smells like noodles, rice and fried food.

review our files to be completed for the day. The World Expo 2010 - a tender that arrived from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) at the Special Projects Department in May of 2009 - was the first file to be reviewed that morning. The look on Andrew’s face made us smile. This was a big one. No budget, 3 weeks, a model, full technical drawings and presentation. Yes, this is what makes design at Oasys even more exciting!

It seems as though it was just yesterday that I looked at Marcelle, saying, “We’re going to get this!” I just knew this would be ours. We were a team that functioned like a well oiled machine with strict instructions from Andrew to “think out of the box”. Going through the Terms of Reference, we realised this was a big opportunity for Oasys, so we proposed two options: Option 1 was a

That night, I sat at home with the A3 page floor plan of the Shanghai venue in front of me, silently pondering, “What does South Africa have that

other countries don’t? Who are we as South Africans and how do I fuse the theme, ‘The rise of a modern economy – Ke Nako’ into a design?” I began sketching. The first thing that transpired from the questions I posed to myself was the central slatted dome. I remember having two thoughts: HOW am I going to model this into ACAD and secondly HOW is this going to be built? I had a constant internal dialogue of problems needing solutions. The design process is never simple, because it is extremely subjective. This was my rendition of South Africa with its many facets and layers. One sketched design element led to another sketched design element, which I had by then begun drawing in ACAD 3D. It was a late night, but I was inspired and that inspiration was the fuel kept me going until the early hours of the morning.

The rest I can say is history, as Oasys was awarded the tender for option one. My first flight to Shanghai was incredibly exciting. Four hours into the flight, crossing over time zones west bound, day turned into night in a matter of seconds and bright galaxies of stars covered the night sky like wallpaper outside the window. This was the most memorable part of flying to Shanghai. Upon arrival at Shanghai International Airport, the first noticeable thing was the smell. I find it amazing that each city has a distinct smell. Shanghai smells like noodles, rice and fried food. Over fourteen hours of flying left Andrew and I a little exhausted,

styles. This is where design and architecture met on an international playing field, finally putting the Expo into perspective for me. Xiandai had by that time commenced with construction on the South African pavilion and it felt so satisfying to see the designs come to life. Interior design in Shanghai was something I had not experienced in South Africa. Every public and private space was exceptionally designed by interior design companies in Shanghai and as George (our Oasys representative in China who was working with us on the project) explained, the interior design industry in China is so saturated, that design has to be constantly innovative and creative to secure business. Shanghai interior design companies seem fearless in their application and assimilation of styles, colour and textures. It is fascinating - truly design heaven!

especially since we had flown from day into day and upon landing, immediately launched straight into hours of meetings with our construction company. In transit to Xiandai, our construction company, the roads were encased with magnificent skyscrapers with various architectural styles that left my mouth resting on the bottom of the spotless taxi floor. This experience was like something from the movies and I was living it! Travelling with my hands over my eyes became a natural approach to protect myself from the Shanghai taxi drivers and their maniacal driving

skills. Peak hour traffic in Shanghai made South African peak times on the road look like a picnic. It amazed me how there appeared to be no road rage, but rather a sense of balanced harmony in the midst of this chaos.

The South African pavilion has already officially opened its doors to international visitors and we are well into the second theme of our six month exhibition time frame. Visitors to the pavilion have displayed both amazement and confusion when entering the South Africa Pavilion, as South Africa is depicted as a modern economy and not the propagated stereotype of an African country. To say that we as a company are responsible for changing the

Life in Shanghai is constantly buzzing. The people are true to their culture of co-operation and will assist wherever they can. English is not a part of their lives and that makes communicating far more challenging. It forced me to start learning to speak Mandarin. I am pleased to say that I can ask for the basic necessities: Milk, toothpick, menu, Sprite, the bill, negotiate the purchase price of an item of clothing by knowing how to say “it’s too expensive” and fend off the insistent hawkers by saying, “no thank you”. During each trip, I made it compulsory to learn two words, although proper pronunciation made it a constant challenge! Arriving at the World Expo site on my second trip was unbelievable. Imagine a whole world within a city with an assortment of building sizes and

stereotypes about South Africa is an achievement which will be carried well into future generations of those who will never have a chance to visit and experience our amazing country.

The Rise of a modern Economy – Ke nako… Indeed, its time!

System design

a team leader. Every section is responsible for working with one of the many stand design elements, namely glass, vinyl, panels, graphics, customs, aluminium and tops. Once all the elements have been prepared, one person is responsible for combining all the different elements. As Operational Manager, Georg is responsible for controlling production to final on-site product with the assistance of a dedicated team of factory and site management as well as a specialised installation crew. The department completes hundreds of projects each year, from small projects with just a few stands, to larger projects of varying complexity. The department has completed work for local shows like Grand Designs and the Gauteng Motorshow, as well as numerous international shows. Georg believes he obtained his orientation towards quality by working on the ‘Made in Germany’ shows while still in his father’s employ.

Georg Feldberg

The editorial committee interviewed Georg Feldberg who is Operational Manager for Oasys System Design. Georg started his career in the exhibitions industry by joining his father’s company, Intermesse, after graduating from Pretoria Technikon, with a national diploma in graphic design in the early nineties. Working for his first boss, even if it was his dad, was not easy and his first duty was to sweep floors. He gradually worked his way through every discipline from machinist, to carpenter, to stand

builder. He later gained experience in the design and sales departments. His father sold the company to Oasys Innovations in 2000, whereafter Georg joined Oasys. He was eventually appointed to a position in junior management level, before taking up the position of Operational Manager. There are currently 35 staff members that contribute to the successful operations of the Systems Design department of Oasys Johannesburg. The department is divided up into different units, each one headed up by

When asked what the most satisfying aspect about his job is, Georg says: “Making the impossible possible is always a good feeling. Finding solutions and the rush of making it happen is what makes it worthwhile”.

The department completes hundreds of projects each year, from small projects with just a few stands, to larger projects of varying complexity.

Voted favourite marquee rental company again For the second consecutive year, we have been presented with the Technical Production Services Association’s (TPSA) “Favourite Marquee Rental Company” award. These awards are special, because judging is done entirely through a voting process which is then adjudicated by a committee. Companies who are members of the TPSA are allowed to make their vote count and no criteria are set for the nominees.

Richard Emery says: “It is an honour to win this award for the second year running. Because some of our clients were the judges for this award, it speaks of the confidence they have in us. We have our minds set on winning the award for 2010 with hard work and dedication to our clients.” The TPSA came into existence in 1997 when a number of technical production service companies formed the Association. The main purpose of

the TPSA is to represent members and their interests, to maintain international safety and ethical standards, to ensure service delivery and to promote the advancement of knowledge and skills in the industry. They have been hosting the annual awards evenings since 2002 to acknowledge members for the work they do.

Best in class

Best in class

World Cup excitement in Durban

Our Durban branch was involved in some of the FIFA World Cup TM preparations in KwaZulu Natal.

“We supplied all the panelling, electrical infrastructure and furniture for the exhibition at the art gallery.”

The 2010 Fine Art Exhibition at the Kizo Art Gallery features artistic creations in the form of soccer paintings and sculptures by contemporary artists from Africa and abroad. The Gallery exhibited two exclusive collections – 2010 International Fine Art and 2010 African Fine Art – for the duration of the FIFA World Cup TM. Says Brian Prowling from Oasys Durban:

For those who could not get their hands on tickets to the FIFA World Cup TM games that were hosted in Durban, the official Fan Park on Durban’s beachfront was the place to be on match days, featuring mega screens with surround sound, entertainment and food and beverage facilities. Access to the Fan Park was free and the area was fenced off and

secured by the South African Police Services and Durban’s Metro Police. “For the Durban World Destination Market, we supplied the marquee structure, shell scheme, electrical infrastructure, furniture and seating. Our involvement with the arrangements for the World Cup matches hosted here in Durban has heightened our own excitement and was most rewarding – a proud time for our country,” concludes Brian.

5 Minutes with Brian Prowling Brian Prowling joined the Oasys family in May 2007 to help open the Oasys Durban branch, where he is now serving as the Chief Operating Officer. A small stand design company was purchased and under Brian’s leadership, its turnover changed from R6 million per annum to R18 million per annum in under two years. Brian started his career in the events and exhibitions supplier arena in 2003 at Oasys Innovations in Johannesburg as an Account Sales Executive. He worked in this position for a year, where he was involved with direct selling of exhibitions and exhibition stands. In July 2004 he moved on to work as Key Account Sales Executive for Progroup.

Here he was responsible for doing marketing and bringing in new business for the company. Furthermore he project managed stand construction on large exhibitions such as Auto Africa, Aerospace and Defense Expo. Experience gained from this position led him to a position as Project Manager / Shell Scheme Divisional Manager at 3D Design in March 2005, where his first task was to project manage the design of the 18th World Petroleum Exhibition and Conference. When asked what his motto in life is, Brian says: “Life is short. Take all opportunities - good or bad - and learn from them, then always move onwards!”

Brian Prowling


AIDS drive

Acquired Immunity Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and HIV (Immunodeficiency Virus) is a very real concern for South Africa. HIV/AIDS is a serious condition that causes a weakening in the body’s immune system, making the body unable to fight off illness. Often people are uneducated about the causes, symptoms and treatment options of this sickness or they are too afraid to have a test done. Without education about the disease and through many cases being undiagnosed, this disease will continue to spread. A positive test is not a death sentence. With the proper treatment and lifestyle, people infected with the disease can live a long and fulfilling life. Most common causes of HIV The transfer of body fluids through sexual contact. The transfer of blood through sharing of contaminated syringes and needles. During pregnancy, HIV can spread from mother to baby. HIV cannot be transferred by touching someone who has the illness or sharing crockery, cutlery, stationery etc. with such a person. Coughing or sneezing also does not transfer the sickness.

Symptoms of HIV Extreme or excessive tiredness Rapid weight loss for no apparent reason Swollen or tender glands in the neck, armpits or groin for no apparent reason, lasting for more than four weeks. Shortness of breath, often accompanied by a dry cough. Persistent diarrhoea. Continuous high fever or night sweats. A noticeable change in illness patterns (frequency, severity or length). Appearance of one or more purple spots on the surface of the skin, inside the mouth or nose.

Treatment Anti-retroviral medicines can be used to control the reproduction of the virus. These medicines also slow down or stop the progression of HIV-related diseases. Support groups and help lines are also available for those affected by the disease.

“ Often people are uneducated about the causes, symptoms and treatment options of this sickness or they are too afraid to have a test done.

Whitish coating on the tongue or throat. Forgetfulness, confusion and other signs of mental deterioration. It can take as short as a year to as long as 10 to 15 years to go from being infected with HIV to "full-blown" AIDS.

To find the address and telephone number of your nearest HIV testing station, SMS HIV and your postal code to 31771.

Support for public sector events The preamble to public sector performance is to engage in dialogue at conferences to table solutions that could benefit communities, commerce and industry. To set the stage for such performance calls for a professional infrastructure to facilitate dialogue between the public sector organiser and delegates. We have been a supplier for many such events ranging from Presidential inaugurations to small political gatherings. These public sector events also extend beyond our borders, such as the Commonwealth Heads of Government meetings in Kampala, Uganda and Abuja, Nigeria. Closer to home we were privileged to work on government projects at Constitution Hill, Johannesburg and the Union

Buildings in Pretoria. Infrastructure for the inauguration of former President Mbeki and Mr. Zuma had to be at a level that befits such auspicious occasions. The Africa Union Conference in Durban provided a platform for a turnkey project, while the ANC victory celebrations at MTN Expo centre allowed Oasys Hiring to deliver furniture and associated material to match the occasion. Support has been provided for many Local Government events, while activities initiated by the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation allowed Oasys Innovations to excel with a long term partnership orientation.

This experience as a supplier to the public sector over many years has allowed for yet another vote of confidence when we were tasked to deliver the carpets and draping for the ANC 11th Provincial Conference at the Tshwane Events Centre which addressed issues around leadership and policies. Another recent project was the supply of a marquee, staging, carpets, furniture hire, shell scheme, signage, graphics and the electrical infrastructure for the HCT campaign at the Natalspruit Hospital. The public relations machine of the public sector is geared for events of any size and we will continue to position Oasys as an infrastructure partner either directly or via appointed suppliers as a sub- contractor.

Our business is to plan and build exhibitions. Anywhere, any time. We have travelled the world to do so. From infrastructure for organisers and shell scheme for exhibitors as well as custom design stands for corporate brands. We combine our global experience with translating your needs into workable award winning events.

Oasys Innovations. Your one-stop supplier for exhibitions, events, conferences and meetings of any dimensions.

Star of the m nth Congratulations to our ‘Star of the month’ winners for March, April and May. We appreciate your hard work and dedication!

Sean Els, Oasys Events - April

f t he

Star o th

Moses Dube, Shell Scheme factory (Exhibitions) - March


Martin Snoek Communications (MSC)

Wherever your exhibition, we can build it.

Kevin Gomani, Oasys Cape Town - May

Cape Town news

and Wine show, offering culinary fanatics and wine lovers the best of the best in the food industry. Oasys Cape Town was contracted to provide the entire infrastructure for the show. Graham says this year the excitement in preparation towards the event was almost tangible. “The Good Food and Wine Show organisers always manage to surprise the public with an exciting line-up every year. Even while the build-up for the show was taking place, the anticipation could be felt. We built shell scheme, designer stands and supplied carpeting and furniture for the show. A new addition to this year’s show was a VIP media lounge, which we sponsored.”

Wind Power Africa 2010, a conference and renewable energy exhibition, took place in May at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC). Our Cape Town branch was the favoured infrastructure supplier for this important event.

“We supplied the entire infrastructure for this event, which included custom built stands, electrical infrastructure, audio visual equipment for the exhibition, shell scheme, carpeting and furniture,” says Graham Jeffrey.

The Cape Town branch was also involved in many preparations for the Soccer World Cup, including providing full infrastructure for the Fan Jol at Belville Veladrome as well as modular walling, media and cafeteria counters, camera platforms and other items built for the Port Elizabeth and Cape Town Stadiums.

Another show that took place at the CTICC in May was The Good Food

Perseverance breeds success It is only through hard work and perseverance that one can be successful and grow in the workplace. We spoke to Eric Monaledi from the Planning Department, who believes in the philosophy of going the extra mile and persevering to reach your goals. Eric joined Oasys nearly four years ago as a driver. The dedication and efficiency with which he undertook every delivery task assigned to him did not go unnoticed and led to his promotion as a planner two months ago. He says that although the role change from driver to planner has been challenging, he is enjoying his new position and has learned a lot from the onset. He especially takes pleasure in being able to interact with the different departments and believes that planning forms the heart of the organisation. His duties as planner involve liaising with the different Oasys activation companies, through

Eric Monaledi

project management, in order to get a job done on time. When not at work, Eric regularly volunteers at a multi-purpose youth

centre in Nigel, focusing on career guidance, life skills, teamwork and conflict resolution. He also enjoys spending time with his wife, son and two daughters.

New talent at Oasys We would like to introduce three new additions to the Oasys family

Candice Marshall joined us in April as Account Executive. Her previous position was that of a Marketing Recruitment Consultant for The Recruit Group.

Kevin Kennedy has a new Personal Assistant. Ursula Schöneberg joined Oasys on 1 June 2010. She comes from Jeremy Thomson Financial Services where she was the PA to the Director.

Stanton Chetty worked for TNT International Express where he managed the Major Accounts and Healthcare department, before joining Oasys as an Account Executive.

Wasting paper does more harm than you think Trees are one of nature’s most precious resources and we benefit from trees in so many ways: Trees produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. They also reduce air pollution, control erosion and protect fish and wildlife. As we all know, paper is made from trees and even though trees have such an important role to play in nature, countless trees are cut down on a daily basis, just to produce paper – which is then in turn also wasted. In the past century, global paper use has increased twentyfold. Furthermore, paper manufacturing causes many issues, such as loss of habitat, as many animals live in the trees that are cut down, as well as pollution, which occurs during the manufacturing process. Other shocking facts about paper waste: One tree makes only 16.67 reams of paper. That means for every 3 boxes of paper used, at least one tree has been cut down.

115 billion sheets of paper are used annually for printing from personal computers. If all wasted office paper is put together, a 4 metre high wall of paper could be built from Joburg to Mauritius.

So what can we do in our office environment to decrease paper waste? Laminate checklist and frequently-used documents to reduce the need for replacement due to wear and tear. Circulate written reports or memos in a single copy to all concerned and have them initial it after reading; don't distribute separate copies unless absolutely essential. Photocopy on both sides of every sheet.

Ask your IT department to set up the general office printer in such a way that all printing is stored in the printer’s memory. Your paperwork will then only print once you go to the printer and ‘release’ the pending printing job. Buy recycled or recyclable paper. Not only does manufacturing recycled paper produce 74 % less air pollution and 35 % less water pollution, it also uses 58 % less water and 64 % less energy than normal paper. Your choice to choose recycled paper therefore has an indirect positive effect on the environment and on our company wide savings initiatives Recycled paper also creates five times more jobs than producing paper from trees does.

Set your printers to default to double-sided printing.

“ If we all just change a little at a time, it will count a whole lot in the end.” This issue is printed on “Triple Green” environmentally friendly paper

Take control of your workload We’ve all felt overwhelmed and stressed by our workload at one time or another in our lives. The feeling that you have too much work can easily keep you from giving your best, because you simply are too discouraged to get started. This can be changed by applying time management to your day. People who manage their time effectively are most often the highest achievers in all walks of life, from business to sport to public service. It is not true that some people are born with the ability to manage their time and some are not. Time management is a skill that can be learnt. Here’s how you can take control of your workload – even under pressure:

The most important time management rule The skill of time management can be summed up in just 7 words: Concentrate on results, not on being busy. If you understand and remember this rule, you are already well on your way to reducing work stress and accomplishing more in a day. Many people spend their days in

a whirlwind of activity all day long, but still do not achieve anything. At the end of the day, they know they worked, but cannot even explain to themselves what they have been doing, and their workload seems to stay exactly the same. The reason why they do a lot but actually do nothing is because they are not concentrating on the tasks that matter the most. The 80:20 rule explains this the best: 80% of unfocussed energy produces only 20% of results.

Write it down To-do-lists are the key to efficiency it will help you remember all the tasks that you have to do and can help you to decide which tasks are most urgent. By keeping a to-do-list you ensure that you have everything you need to take care of summarised in one spot, making it easy to refer back to. Make sure that your to-do-list contains only tasks that take no longer than 2 hours to complete. If you have bigger tasks, break these up into ‘steps’, until you have reasonable steps that will each take no longer than 2 hours to complete.

Plan your time You can plan your time in four easy steps: Identify the time you have available. Select the priority tasks that you must carry out in order to succeed in your job and place these tasks at the top of your to-do-list. Try to allocate some ‘spare time’ that can be used in case of emergencies. Less important or lower priority tasks can be allocated to the remainder of time at your disposal.

Organise your desk Far too much time can be wasted searching for lost information. If everything has a place on your desk, you will find that you complete tasks easier and quicker. If you apply the abovementioned tips to your everyday working routine, you will feel less overwhelmed and handle the tasks on your plate with much more confidence and effectiveness.

Hi Leonardo, May I also just take this opportunity to thank you and your team for all their hard work, the stand looked great and have received good feedback from Sajid and Leon but more importantly our client. Should I receive any more enquiries for work in South Africa I will certainly be in touch. Kindest Regards

Hi Craig Just want to compliment Brian and Errick and the team at Oasys in Durban for really slick and professional setup and break down of our Durban roadshow. It was a pleasure working with them! Charnia Yapp Publisher & Editor of Practical Sign + Digital Graphics, Sign Africa, Viscom Africa & Africa Print Organiser of Sign Africa, Viscom Africa, Africa Print & Sign + Digital Graphics Events Practical Publishing


Thank you Oasys for the great effort on the above stand. It was a successful build up and again we can’t complain about the good service we experience from yourselves. Look forward to the next one, Kind regards, Razia Vanker Marketing : Government Business Segments (MTN)

Dear Adri

Hallo Adri

On behalf of my team, please accept my thanks for the work that you and the wider Oasys team did for the Professional Beauty exhibition in Cape Town.

BAIE dankie vir die goeie diens wat julle gelewer het. Ek het ook geen klagtes ontvang nie.

Your quick build and professional service was very much appreciated. It is a pleasure working with you guys. Mark Moloney Managing Director TE Trade Events

Alles wat betyds afgehandel soos ooreengekom. Ek is weer in Augustus 2011 daar. Rhyno Kriek CONGRESS ORGANISER OSSA CONGRESS 2010 Sun City, South Africa

Dear Carl and Craig, I need to inform you that I am impressed and very pleased with the way the installation of the SARCDA event has transpired over the past few days. There are staff and plan of actions that I would like to especially need mentioning: Brad - he has been fantastic. He has stepped up to the plate and taken control of this event. Teresia has thanked me many times for his involvement. Georg and his team - this has been exceptional, all the design elements have been almost completed with hardly any issues. Most deadlines and hand-over have been met even though some of these deadlines were unrealistic. I must mention that the plan to have designer crew with Ben here earlier morning has definitely paid dividends to this installation. We could discuss the snags for the day well before client or any other parties have arrived. This early arrival takes the issue of "traffic" out of the equation. Thank you to Georg and his team. Jeffrey and team - I am totally astounded. The shell scheme component was installed in record time with almost no issues for this event. The planning seems to have been exceptional and all the crew was willing and able to get this project done. It is refreshing to have this type of attitude. A big thank you to Moses. Linda and her team - total appreciation for again the willingness to go the extra. All the carpeting was in place by Sunday afternoon besides some small areas and we have encountered no issues thus far. Electrical - both Duncan and Peter and their teams have been great - thank you. Again, a big thank you all involved in this project, including the staff that work in the workshops.

Dear Jonathan; Herewith a short note to thank Oasys for the successful branding project at Sun City for the launch of the Polo Vivo, Volkswagen’s brand new entry level vehicle. The launch of Polo Vivo was one of the most important and high profile launches for Volkswagen in past years, with 5 different events running during the day in various locations in Sun City. The day ended in an event hosted in the Superbowl, with 6,500 customers and VIPs – including our German board members and various celebrities. We deem the Polo Vivo launch as very successful and branding was definitely a contributing factor to this. It was extremely noticeable, beautiful and premium looking – so much so that we even found a few customers photographing the branding! To our count, 47 different creative elements were produced and erected for this project – from billboards, to boom gate signage at the Sun City entrance, branded VIP entrance tunnels, car displays and various lightboxes exhibited in our VIP lounge. This was no easy task as we were under severe time pressure, but Oasys delivered on almost impossible deadlines. During the event, we made numerous last minute requests, including the moving of branding to other areas (in order to save on costs). The Oasys team was willing to co-operate once again, working through the night to deliver by the time our 1,000 VIP guests arrived on Friday, 19 March. Many thanks to you and your team for the seamless roll out of this event’s branding. Volkswagen will definitely consider using Oasys in the future. Kind regards; Bridget Harris - Brand Manager Volkswagen of South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Oasys blood After the final donation drive whistle The next donation date is set for 8 September 2010 and anyone interested to donate is welcome to participate.

Give an hour of your time to save a life.

If you would like to make a blood donation, find out where your closest blood bank is by phoning the SANBS on 011 761-9000 or visit their website at


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