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NEW CIVILIZATION ESTABLISHED A new planet has been discovered in the “goldilocks” belt of a distant solar system, and Rodrigo Foppiani is setting up a new civilization and culture on it...IN THE DESERT


My culture

Deserts can be found in Australia, Africa, South and North America but not in Europe. The desert has 4 seasons which are extreme such as a hot summer, a rainy fall, a cold winter and a rainy spring. The desert biome has 25cm of rain fall per year and the desert temperature can reach 50degrees Celsius during the day. During the winter temperatures can drop to –80 degrees Celsius.

The desert in Gotreme has sandy soil, dunes of sand and many rocks. During the winter the desert has snow and the sand will be covered by ice. Life in a desert completely changes with the change of the seasons.

All of this makes the desert an extreme place to live in, and only highly adapted plants and animals will survive in this harsh climate. Developing a new civilization in this country will be difficult, but it is possible‌ Gotreme has proven that it is possible. Above: A cold winter 2


PHONE: 086 555 3333

Terms and conditions apply. One way ticket to the best civilization of the new Goldilocks solar system. Price excludes accommodation and food,



The flag of Gotreme

The green represents the growth of a new civilization. The colours of the crops Gotreme produces such as cacti. Green is the colour of HOPE. The red represents the heat of the desert that the people of Gotreme have to live with.

The yellow sun in the flag represents the bright sun, and the bright future that Gotreme has. The stars around the flag represent the peaceful night sky that Gotremer’s see every night.

Food of the GOTREME Desert Food in Gotreme is not easy to find. What types of food do I plan on using to keep my civilization alive? How does this food play into my culture? Above: Nuts, leaves, food

What food can we eat here? Besides the crops, food is hard to come by in a desert. Therefore for proteins and fats we will have to rely on local wildlife such as scorpions and birds, and also fruits and nuts The traditional food of the desert in Gotreme will be dried meats, nuts and many fruits. This food lifestyle will contribute to the type of culture in Gotreme. With funding, we can open restaurants and import other food from other close by civilizations in order to have a variety of choices.

Music…And tools Plants and resources found in Gotreme can be useful to the people as they can give people many tools to hunt, and make their day to day lives easier. Music is not a necessity, but every culture has its own music. New instruments can be made from materials that we can find in Gotreme. These instruments with be original and distinct, which will give more tradition and meaning to my overall culture.


Above: Camel in the desert

CAMELS! The camels can and are the animals that survive the easiest in desert because they can drink 120 litters at one time and they store their water in their bloodstream. The camels only need to drink once eve-

ry 3 weeks and they can survive very easily.

SCORPIONS! The scorpion is a type of arachnid and eats spider and other insects. They also only hunt at night and they only go out of their habitats when the sun goes out and there is no more light. The scorpion is a feared predator because it has a lot of venom and usually even though other animals like sand cats and spiders hunt at night, they

Above: Sand cat Below: Scorpion

are very careful about where they go. We can get poison from scorpions.

All these animals can be used for LABOUR and FOOD.

SANDCATS! The sand cats are the mammals that can survive in the Gotreme desert because it is very small so they can stay in holes and shade to protect themselves from extreme temperatures. The sand cats get their food by hunting gerbils and mices at night so there are less predators that can see them and they can hunt without any other dangerous predators. The sand cats get their water from small ponds. They do not need a lot of water to survive. We can create clothes, food and carpets from sand cats and their 8meat.

Farmers get milk from the animals, and meat which they will sell to butchers and the people

of Gotreme. Farmers use these animals (camels) to collect the crops and maintain the soil.

Agriculture. The Basis of our the Gotreme culture. So, what is agriculture? The science or practice of farming including cultivation of the soil for the crops to grow and the animals to live. Agriculture

What crops can grow in Gotreme? In

the Gotreme desert there are salicornia, sweet sorghum, cactus and amaranth.

These crops can grow because they do not need any water and they are use to hot climates. They are also acclimatized to salt water and sandy soil. These plants can store water because they have long roots that can get water and minerals from far underground.

CACTUS! CACTUS! CACTUS! Which of these crops would suit our new civilization the best? Cacti. We can make clothes from cacti, We can make climbing equipment and other useful tools from the cacti, such as weapons. We can eat cactus, as many people don't know. By removing the spikes and cutting it into small pieces, it is edible.

Not only can we eat the cactus, we can drink water from it, It stores a large amount of water so we won’t be without the essential hydration. These crops are the best choice for Gotreme, as it suits our basic needs. It gives every element that a human would need to survive, Food, water, shelter. It would supply us with all those things.


My Civilization: The EXTREME Humans A new planet has been discovered in the “goldilocks� belt of a distant solar system that is very similar to Earth with the same mixture of atmospheric gases and liquid Above: Typical type of home in the desert

H2O. I chose to build my civilization in a desert biome on this new planet.

Living in the Gotreme desert, as I said before, is not an easy thing to do. This means that the people that live in Gotreme are strong and capable of withstanding many hard times. The environment in the Gotreme desert is very dry and hot in summer. This will affect the culture of my

people in ways. We have to dress, to protect from sunburn, but to also stay cool. In winter however, the cold is dramatic and we have to dress with many layers. This type of clothing has created a traditional style for my culture that helps us survive. The types of homes that can be built in the Gotreme desert are very original. By using the resources around us, like ancient stone we managed to build houses that help us survive in the biome. These houses also will be a common thread in my culture. Because the Gotreme desert is harsh and this leaves very few options for the necessities we need, my culture can be formed and remain constant over many years.

Left: Traditional clothing of the desert, keeps cool in summer and covered in winter


Silver camel coins

Golden scorpion coins

Currency In Gotreme there are 2 types of currency. There are the golden scorpions and silver camels. 10 golden scorpions is equal to 1 rand and 10 silver camels is equal to 1 cent. This currency makes living cheaper and will ultimately lead to more people joining Gotreme. The Gotreme desert has a variety of animals living in it and as it is very hot not a lot of animals can live in the desert. These animals are all very useful for something and really help for the survival of Gotreme. The animals on the currency represent the animals that live in Gotreme.

The woolly mammoth

The woolly mammoth

The Florobo Linen is a natural product that makes sweat evaporate so when the people in the Gotreme civilization sweat they do not get dehydrated and they can survive better. The flowing robe is perfect for Gotreme because it can be elegant and casual. The Gotreme civilization wear them to go to school and the adults to go to work. It costs 9 golden scorpions and 7 silver camels. This product is free for the first 50 people that join Gotreme.

Wool is a natural product that comes from camels and goats that can be found in the desert. It is valuable for its warmth and it is very helpful for the environment because it is natural and biodegradable. The woolly mammoth is cheap for the first 200 people that join Gotreme. For others, it is 7 golden scorpions and 5 silver camels. This product

Join my culture today! keeps you warm.

The Florobo

Food The people in the Gotreme desert like meat such as sand cats, birds and scorpions because of what lives in the environment. They try to grow vegetables and fruits such as leaks and pears. These fruits grow very well in the Gotreme desert because they do not need as much water as the other fruits and vegetables do. Gotremer’s collect the water by using the rain and also using cacti such as the barrel cactus and the prickly pear cactus can store drinkable water for humans to consume. My culture is going to store the water by using the irrigation system and keeping the water away from the sun so it does not dry out.

Recipe 1. You will need 100

grams of leaks 100 grams of bird meat. The Birdy Sauce will be a delicious meal made out of leaks and birds. The leaks will need to be chopped into small pieces and then boiled and poured onto the plate very slowly. For the bird, it will need to be cleaned up so all of its feathers do not appear on our plate. It will need to be cooked in the leaks so it will have a super taste full of happiness.


Water recycling

Water Water collected from the rains is recycled in the waterplant we have built.

Water can be reused, by being fliltered and treated with chemicals to destroy bacteria and harmful things. Chemicals can be used such as small doses of chlorine and other disinfectants. After the water has been cleansed with chemicals it can be refiltered to produce recycled water that can be used over and over again. Water must be still conserved, so strict rules will be used for water use. Notice to the people of Gotreme. ATTENTION GOTREMERS:

Please use water carefully. We live in the desert, so preserve water when you can. Do not water your lawns too often, use water only when needed and don’t leave 14 taps running.

How do we re-

cycle water?

Diagram of a type of water recycling

Water recycled Wastewater must pass through these systems before being returned to the environment: 

Barscreens - Barscreens remove big solid waste that is sent into a grinder.

Primary Settling Tanks - floatable solids are removed from the water. Solids are removed from the top and bottom of the tanks and sent to the Treatment Plant where it can be turned into fertilizer.

Biological Treatment - The water is now cleaned through a biological treatment that uses microorganisms, bacteria can digest the dirt and other bad stuff.

Secondary Settling Tanks - The flow slows down as the water enters these tanks, allows the bacteria to settle to the bottom. As they settle, other small particles in the water are picked up, leaving behind clear wastewater. The bacteria an be used again.

Tertiary Treatment - Sand filters get water from the basins and filter out the remaining solids. As this is the final process to remove solids, the water in these filters is almost completely clear.

Chlorine Contact Tanks - Chlorine contact tanks disinfect the water. This protects the quality of the water. 15

MEDICINE The Gotreme desert has plants that can be used for medicine. As it is very hot in the desert there are a limited amount of plants that can grow in that place. Medicine is used to heal people from things like animal bites, sun stroke and the lack of water. Also the Gotreme desert has many animals that can heal people in desert.

My culture is going to have 2 healing factors which are the prickly pear cactus and the scorpion. The prickly pear cactus will heal my citizens personal sickness such as diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity and viral infections. The scorpion however will heal my culture emotionally, this animal will help them understand to not cause pain to other people. The scorpions energy will help them understand other people's emotion. These factors are crucial for the survival of my culture.

The prickly pear cactus

The scorpion

HOUSING The climate is pretty sunny during the day and very cold during the night. I will need housing that provides sun protection and shade. During the night I will need a protection from the cold by using wool for insulation .Solar panels are good in deserts because they need sun and the desert provides a lot of sun.

My people are going to live in mud-houses and also tents made out of goat's thick hair. Rain and sand can make the mud for the houses. These houses are natural and are adapted to this Gotreme desert environment. My houses are going to have an insulator which is wool because this product blocks the cold from entering the house. Also, my citizens will be warm during the night because of that insulator. My houses are going to have electricity by using solar panels because it is a natural product that replaces the nuclear reactors which is very bad for the environment.


Technology The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry. Technology are the latest discoveries that are very useful in everyday life and it helps us with everything we do. For example it helps us travel, research, communicate with other people and helps us by giving us electricity. Technology is important because it makes the Gotreme civilization survive longer. For Gotreme uses a renewable energy like Solar Panels and hydraulic stations. It also uses cell phones, computers, cars, planes and trains to communicate and move to people’s house or different countries. It does not pollute the earth because these electronics are made out of corn. The corn is a biodegradable product which does not cause any harm to my civilization because it is radiation free. The corn is found in the grasslands and the Gotreme civilization traded this product with cacti. The Gotreme civilization will not run out of resources with renewable type of energy. We will all survive with a renewable type of energy. Also, Gotreme uses computers and cell phones. The cell phones do not have radiations that is bad for people and we will live longer. We have all the normal technology from earth but it is not be harmful. Gotreme uses some types of electronics and transportation, it will also be using medical products tool technology. The medical products are the sphymanometer, it tests blood pressure, and there is also the balance which is great to measure weight, the transfusion sets to transfer blood from a person to another. These renewable energies do not do anything to Gotreme and we will not run out of resources because of that technology.

The Biodegradable cell phone

The pictures of the type of technology used in my culture

Gotreme: A place to visit, a place to live

For questions on moving to the new

GOTREME, call Rodrigo on:

The civilization on Gotreme is doing well. There are many people that are adapting well to the new way of life in the desert. Gotreme has been chosen by our environment. This civilization is one of a kind. Because of the

strange environment it seems that the culture is developing into a very original and very clever one.



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