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Elementary Evils Volume 1 Lesson 1 Scene 1 Page 1 Panel 1: The scene opens with a birds eye view panoramic view of a suburban neighborhood at night time. All the houses look plain and dull and nearly identical to one another. A single street lamp shines on Tommy who is using rocks for batting practice against various homes. The light shining on Tommy causes his shadow to look something like a monster. Panel 2: Close up on a rock Tommy threw in the air as it blocks the light of the moon and creates it's own miniature lunar eclipse. Panel 3: As the rock drops and the moon is no longer eclipsed Tommy who's face is in shadows created by wearing his signature "Q" baseball cap is poised and ready with his ripple pattern baseball bat to hit a grand slam. Panel 4: Time seems to slow down if not stop, as Tommy with his devilish smirk is about to hit the rock with a swing of his baseball bat. The panel should be closer to Tommy than Panel 3. Panel 5: Sihoulette profile of a house that has it's window shattered by Tommy's batted rock assault. The glass shards shine in the moon light

Page 2 Panel 1: Shows a broken window caused by Tommy's mischeif. Tommy is seen in the jagged reflection of the leftover pieces of glass left in the window. Panel 2: Tommy tosses another rock into the air with one hand and with the other hand holds onto his baseball bat to continue his batting practice. Tommy is looking up so the reader shouldn't see his face. But his smirk is still seen. Panel 3: The full moon is seen through the window of the home of a grump old man. The grumpy old man is sleeping in his easy chair having read his evening newspaper Panel 4: A rock crashes through the window of the home and give the old man a good startle. Panel 5: Tommy sees the grumpy old man yelling at him from his now broken window Tommy smiles back at the grumpy old man. Tommy's face is still not seen. Panel 6: Close up of the grumpy old man yelling hysterically at Tommy

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Panel 1: The grumpy old man gets startled again as he has to dodge another rock batted by Tommy Panel 2: Tommy smiles as he flips the bird at the grumpy old man Panel 3: Tommy is now being chased by the grumpy old man who is now carrying a pitchfork. Tommy laughs while he's being chased and the grumpy old man looks like he's very very angry. Tommy

Ha Ha Ha!

Page 4 Panel 1: The scene jumps forward to Tommy walking tiredly along the sidewalk and overpass barrier. Although it can't yet be seen in this panel below the overpass is a road that goes underneath. Tommy drags his signature bat along the sidewalk. Cars are driving by but they are not yet seen in the panel as the focus is on Tommy. In the background it is still seen to be night time. Panel 2: Zoom out to show the cars whizzing by Tommy as he tiredly walks along the sidewalk. Panel 3: Shows a view of the overpass from the road underneath it. Panel 4: The sun has now risen and it is morning time. Right around 7 or 8 o'clock when kids have to go to school. Robbie, Tommy's best friend calls out to him but both characters are Off Panel. Robbie (OP)

Hey, Tommy!!

Panel 5: Tommy is sleeping on the overpass barrier Tommy


Robbie (OP)

Wake up, Tommy!

Panel 6: Tommy tilts his head upwards so now one of his eyes is seen. The other eye is covered from the shadow cast by the brim of his signature "Q" baseball cap.

Page 5 Panels 1-3: Robbie runs towards Tommy, stops to take a breather and then starts running again Panel 4: Tommy is now sitting up right. He casually waves to Robbie who seems to be in a hurry. Robbie

Yo, Tommy! Aren't you going to school?

Panel 5: Tommy had taken off his baseball cap to scratch his head and think Tommy

Hmm... Is today Taco Tuesday?

Panel 6: Tommy leaps down from the overpass barrier he was sleeping on Robbie



Alright, I think I'll go!

Panel 7: Tommy and Robbie are now walking to school. Tommy has no back pack. Robbie

I'm gonna wager a guess you didn't do your book report.


Do what now?

Robbie (Narration)

Unlike the other students. Tommy only went to school whenever he felt like it.... ...and that wasn't often.

Elementary Evils Scene 1  

First scene of Elementary Evils