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ISSUE 19: Spring 2015

Goodbye To Val

Welcome Back

On the 27th March, St.George’s will sadly be losing one of their most loved and iconic members of the office staff, Mrs Valerie DeRozarieux.

St George’s Express would like to wish you all a Happy and Holy

Val has been teaching at our school for 19 years and has been a loving and kind person, who you could always talk to. If you had a worry or something on your mind, she would always be there and put your worry first, ahead of hers.

Roving Reporter Interview (Mrs Hodgson)


Val welcomes new pupils to the school in a calm and friendly way and the school newspaper would love to say a big thank you to her for all her hard work. We will miss her very much indeed.

Roving Reporter Interview (Miss Flanagan)


We asked the newspaper team to describe Val in just one word. Here’s what they came up with.

Poetry Corner


Inside this issue:

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Puzzles: KS1 Crossword


Puzzles: KS2 Crossword


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Our Roving Reporter Interviews Interview by Amelia Wilson and Elizabeth Woods in Perivale. I worked at St. Andrew’s in Streatham and I did supply teaching all over Surrey in lots of schools.

Interview with Mrs Hodgson Q.


Q. A.

Did anyone in particular inspire you to be a music teacher or was it just something you always wanted to be? When I was a little girl, I loved music and it just s o r t of naturally happened over the years. It’s the best job in the world! Have you learnt to play any musical instruments and would you like to learn some more in the future? I play the piano, I play the bassoon a bit badly, and the guitar a bit badly. But, I’ve started to learn to play the fiddle from September. So, I’m learning a new instrument and my cats don’t like it very much. I take the violin out of the case and they scarper. They go whoosh and they’re off!


What jobs did you do before you became a teacher?


I’ve done waitressing in a stately home, I worked as a carer for a long time. I’ve been a music therapist. I’m still an artist, a mosaic and glass artist, and then I I became a teacher, so I’ve done quite a lot.


What genre of music do you like to listen to and why?


I like to listen to folk music, particularly English folk music, because it makes me happy and makes me want to dance. I love Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. I like so many different types of music. It’s really hard to pinpoint just one.


If you had to describe St. George’s in one word what would it be?


Joyous, definitely joyous... and friendly too.


If you could go back in time to any point in your life when would it be and why?


I don’t want to go back as I’m the happiest I think I’ve ever been. Though, I would quite like to revisit the time when I took my wellies off, when I was about four. I’d collected a whole load of tadpoles and put them in one of my wellies. I went home with only one wellie on and everybody found that really funny. So I’d like to revisit that.


What was your favourite book as child?


I love reading and I loved to read as a child. I had a book on the Egyptians that I liked. I loved The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. I just loved reading, I couldn’t really pinpoint one book.


What is your favourite type of food and why?


I love food! I suppose it’s Italian. I like seafood pasta and it’s just because it’s really yummy.


Have you taught in any other schools before and if so where?


My last school was St. John Fisher, a primary school


So far, what do you think about St. George’s and everyone here?


I think the children are very friendly, confident, clever and talented and I think much the same of the teachers. So I'm having such a lovely time.


If there was a fire in your house, what would be the first thing you would save and why?


Well, I would save my husband, because I think he’s worth saving! I’d save my two cats, Morris and Mackintosh and I have a really special painting my mum had bought and that reminds me of her, so I would certainly take that. I don’t think I’d be able to get the piano out in time, unfortunately!


If you were stuck on an desert island who would you want to be stuck with and why?


Probably my husband and my two cats. Though the two cats are so greedy that they would eat all of the food.


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Our Roving Reporter Interviews Interview by Kaela Owusu and Matilda Brennan that time.

Interview with Miss Flanagan Q. A.

Have you always wanted to be a teacher, if not what else did you want to be? I didn’t always want to be a teacher. When I first left school I wanted to make films. I went to University and went on short courses and then I thought about it, I decided I didn’t really want to do that. It took a little while for me to think about it and I had a lot of friends who were teachers, so I thought that it would be a nice job to do. It’s rewarding and every day is different and that makes teaching fun.


What was your favourite subject in primary school and why?


I think my favourite subject would have to be history because I had a great teacher, who made learning really fun. It wasn't just writing all the time, we made lots of crafts to do with the topics we studied.


Before you came to St. Georges what school did you teach at ?


Before I came to St Georges I taught at a Catholic school called St Edward’s and that’s in London as well.


What lesson do you like teaching the most and why?


I enjoy teaching literacy the most. I like story telling and I like hearing the children's ideas, because they’re very creative.


What do you like to do in your spare time?


In my spare time I like to have a good rest and I like to meet up with my friends because being a teacher is hard work sometimes. I like to go to places like parks and have a long walk, or visit my family at the seaside.


Have you had any other jobs before teaching?


I’ve worked in shops, quite a few shops, and I worked as a waitress once.


If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?


Well, I'm not long back from Australia, which is where I was last year, and I absolutely loved it there. So, at the moment, I would probably like to live there, on the East Coast, where all the sunny beaches are.


If you could travel back in time, what period of time would it be?


I think the when my teenagers. from back

1950s and the 1960s as that’s the time mum and dad would have been I think they’ve got really good music then and I love the fashion from

Q. If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be? A.

That’s always a tricky question isn’t it? I think “competitive”, as I like to win.

Q. Do you like eating out and if so, what’s your favourite type of restaurant? A.

I do love going to restaurants and eating out. I love every type of food that there is, but at the moment, I would have to say my favourite type of food would be Mexican.

Q. Do you have a favourite singer or band and have you been to see them in concert? A.

I like quite a few different singers in different styles of music. I don’t have a particular favourite but I have been to a few concerts, some of which seem quite embarrassing now. My first ever concert was when I was about 9 years old and that was to see Take That and then I went to see Boyzone, I’m not sure if you remember them. More recently, I’ve been to see Kings of Leon and The Foo Fighters, and I’ve been to a few music festivals.

Q. Do you have a hidden talent that no-one knows about? A.

I can tap dance, but I haven’t done it in quite a while. I started when I was really young and continued until I was about 14 years old.


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Poetry Corner Spring and Easter


By Patrik Roberts

By Alyssa Fernandes

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Loving forever, Are Jesus and you.

Spring, lovely spring, is coming soon,

Bluebells are purple, Daisies are white, Listen to Jesus, For he is the light.

Leaves float down and the flowers bloom. Birds fly high, in the bright blue sky, What`s this? It’s a spotty butterfly. The sun shines down, happy and bright,

Bunnies are hopping, Around and around, Easter eggs hidden, Nowhere to be found!

As the clouds in the sky are fluffy and white.

Easter is perfect, Plants come out from rest, If I had a favourite, It would be Easter, the best!

As the flowers whistle, to the cool, crispy breeze.

Spring Fever

Bees, stripey bees, are buzzing all around,

By Abpira Wincey

As raindrops pitter-patter on the wet garden ground.

When the sun’s rays shine through the window,

Baby birds chirping in the soft green trees,

The seeds of green grass begin to grow, As the fresh new river begins to flow.

And when the flowers bloom,

We know you have to go, but don’t worry spring,

We should all realise and know,

Because we all know you what summer will bring.

That we need fresh air and get out of our room! Springtime There’s a gentle breeze that goes past us, That we may have ignored, Now we can walk, no snow, no bus, And scenery that won’t make us bored. But the excitement is when everyone is waiting, To crack open something tasty. Whilst we see the squirrels running and hear the birds chirping, We are tucked inside our cosy room eating apple pie with buttery pastry.

By Ashlyn Mascarenhas At Springtime there’s always sunshine, We can have picnics at lunch time. The flowers are growing, Whilst the wind is blowing. There are bees everywhere, Just flying in the air. Up in the sky, where it’s fresh and blue,

Once the eggs are open and everyone tucks in

We can play, me and you.

The squirrels once again run, And everyone plays a board game wondering who’ll win, Ending with a delicious hot cross bun.

You can see a beautiful rainbow, after it rains, It's multi-coloured and remains.


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Storytime Spring Mystery

written by Elizabeth Woods and illustrated by Dawid Krzewinski It was a typical dull British day and it was the least likely time for anything strange or unexpected to happen. On a quiet, neat, suburban road, Jason sat, pondering the events of the last few months. He had been the sole witness to a bank robbery and from then on, spiralled many events that led to him becoming a detective. Long story short, he had solved the crime, taking over from another detective who had tried, and failed, to lead the case. He was going to be 19 in a week’s time on the 12th of March, but he was still pretty young to be a detective. Recently, there had been four completely unconnected robberies. All different countries and different amounts, but the same concluding result. Confusion. Well, at least to him anyway. He had followed every possible lead and nothing, every witness had denied ever seeing anything unusual. He had no ideas or hunches, apart from the fact that in every single robbery, the witnesses had all reported the same thing; one man was always seen on the security cameras, clad completely in black. This was the only way the cases seemed to be connected. He got up yawning and was just going upstairs when the doorbell rang. The postman smiled at him and handed him the letters, mostly bills, but one from an address he didn’t recognise. He tossed the bill onto the table and sat down to examine the other letter further. It was a single blank envelope with his address printed neatly on it. He tore it open and a slip of paper fell out. It read, Be at Hyde Park station on 7th March at midnight. Do not ask who I am. You will not find out. His eyes registered shock as he finished reading the note. He left at 10pm and took the train to Hyde Park station. He stepped onto the station platform at 11:57 and scanned the station, looking for anything suspicious. He glanced at a man dressed in black and the man twitched, only then making Jason aware of how unnaturally still the figure had been before that movement. He came closer and looked around. The station was empty and the only other figure he could see was a sleeping guard under a ticket booth. He focused his attention on the figure and suddenly the person removed their hood and what Jason saw, made him gasp. It was the detective who had led the case before he had taken over! The man sneered at him and stepped forward, the light playing with the shallow ridge on his face, where he had been scarred. He then spoke in a high voice like a cat’s meow, “ I wondered if you’d come and it seems curiosity has got the better of you.” Jason spoke calmly, hiding his surprise under a mask of professionalism. “What is it you came to say, because I am not interested in wasting any time here?” The man smiled again and Jason began to feel nervous and just as he was about to put this man’s time wasting to an end and walk away, the man flung himself at him and Jason retaliated by pushing him away. The man grabbed him and he was too strong.

Then, like a miracle, he heard the jangle of keys as a guard walked into view. “Help! this guy i-” he started, but a needle pressed into his side and his vision tunnelled, just seeing the guard walk towards the man, smiling. It had been a trick, but it was too late now, he thought as his vision tunnelled… He woke up, his head pounding and his face feeling like it been dragged across twenty feet of gravel and broken glass. He got up from the rough stone floor and tried the door, certain it would be locked. No surprise when the door remained stubbornly locked. He leant against the wall and scanned his surroundings but there was no signs of cracks or weakened walls that could provide him with a safe exit. It was maybe three hours later, when Jason was beginning to think no one would come for him, the door swung open. The man who had met him at the station stood there, a smirk playing on his face, the wind playing with his hair. Jason stood, determined to look the man in the eye and not let his fear and confusion show. The man walked in, two broad shouldered men standing on either side of him. Jason spoke calmly “What is it you want?” and the man’s sneer, if possible, widened. “I thought you would have figured that out by now detective,” he said, savouring every word. “Who do you think was behind those crimes?” Jason thought and before the man spoke, he knew the answer. “I wanted to make a case even you couldn’t solve!” he snarled, losing all pretence of composure. They left the room, apparently satisfied. Jason started to formulate a plan. They had left the key in the other side of the door, so he took a piece of paper, a bit of wire and a stick of gum from his back pocket. He stuck the paper under the door and stuck the wire in the key hole, jiggling it around so that the key fell onto the paper. He carefully dragged the piece of paper under the door with the key still on it. It was all going well so naturally, this was where it would all go wrong… He unlocked the door silently and peeked into the hallway, praying no one would be there. No one was, so he crept into the hall and took out his phone. He had no signal to call anyone so he recorded a fake message of himself calling the police. He pressed play on the phone and put it in the room. He hid behind the corner, waiting for them to arrive. It seemed they had heard voices and as they walked toward the door, he felt relief that his plan might work. They walked in through the door, looking for the source of the noise and realised it was a trap. By then though, Jason had slammed the door shut and locked it, wedging the gum in the keyhole in case they had a second key. He then walked into a sitting room at the end of the hall and grabbed a phone. He called the police. “Hello” he said “I’d like to speak to the detective department…”

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Storytime Stephanie Believes In Fantasy

written by Abpira Wincey and illustrated by Dawid Krzewinski

Stephanie Parker was crossing her fingers whilst opening the letter. She knew well what was going to happen. What is going to happen, you may think. Well, I’ll tell you… In her recent drawing competition, Stephanie, who preferred to be called Steph, had done very well, in her opinion, and according to the observer. Although she didn’t believe in fantasy, she loved to draw fantasy: dragons, goblins, elves, fairies, wizards and witches. She loved to draw all of them, and this is what she drew in the competition. The prize for the competition was a trip in a hot air balloon with Captain Thomas, a famous pilot, who loved to steer hot air balloons, and of course, Steph desperately wanted to have the opportunity to meet him. After days of waiting, Steph finally got her letter, and she was crossing her fingers anxiously whilst opening the it. You could tell that she was pleased, as a big smile was drawn on her face. “Mum! Mum! Guess what? I’ve won first place and I’m going to fly in a hot air balloon with Captain Thomas in…” She paused to read the rest of the letter. Finally, she found her place, “in two days! I should probably start on planning my outfit!” And with that, hugged her mum and ran upstairs. The next two boring days passed very slowly, but on the third day, Steph was in a very happy mood. She packed two water bottles in her backpack and a towel, in case of spillages during the ride. A little while later, the doorbell rang. While Mrs Parker (Steph’s mum) was making her way swiftly to the front door, Steph was gliding down the stairs, also trying to get to the door. “Don’t run down the stairs, Steph. Calm down! Captain Thomas can wait a minute, if he has to,” Mrs Parker called up to her. Steph ignored her mother and managed to open the door. Her mouth fell open as she looked up and saw a big smile. “This is going to be fun!” she chuckled to herself. She left immediately and when Captain Thomas drove her to a small field, she was amazed to see a hot air balloon, lightly floating on the grass. It was bigger than she had imagined. “So, this is an adventurer’s life,” she thought to herself. They boarded the hot air balloon, and within minutes, they were off! After a long ride, going over endless fields, hills, misty mountains, busy boroughs and motorways, she began to feel restless. Captain Thomas was surprisingly restless too, which was shocking,

considering explorer.






All of a sudden, the hot air balloon began to rock, and they were lying on the floor. They landed at the entrance of a forest, where there were trees looming over each other. “Now young Steph, I’m going to let you run free through the forest and explore, like a true adventurer,” he said, pointing towards the forest. “I can see in your eyes that you have a bright future ahead of you, with lots of adventure.” Steph ran through the forest and looked up. A crack of sunlight was appearing and reflecting in certain parts of the forest. There was a brisk breeze going past her every once in a while, and she had a suspicion that someone or something was behind her. She looked behind her every second, strongly feeling that someone or something thing was stalking her. Suddenly, she felt a little tap on her shoulder, and jumped with surprise. “Hello?” said a deep, but friendly, voice. She turned round and gasped. There, in front of her, stood a green creature, about a height of an eight year old, with intriguing blue eyes. The creature wore a red and black stripey tie. “Uh-oh, hello, whoever you are. Where am I? Who are you? Do you know me?” asked Steph, still dazzled and shocked by the presence of the creature. “OF COURSE I KNOW YOU! For goodness sake, don’t tell me that you don’t know where you are. Can you even recognise me?” shouted the creature. “Why, I’m a goblin. Everyone knows you’re Stephanie Parker, and because in the future you’re going to be the most famous...” The goblin’s voice was suddenly muffled by the hand of another goblin. The other goblin had a stern face and was quite tall. “That’s quite enough Spencer. Let Stephanie discover her future by herself. You promised that when she arrived, you wouldn’t spill any news out. Now Stephanie,” said the taller goblin, swivelling round, “your captain has left you, for now.” “What!” screamed Steph. But before any other words could come out of her mouth, she was dragged deeper into the woods by the two goblins. As they went further and further, she saw many other fantasy creatures; mostly goblins, (known


to be able to tell the future), vampires, fairies, wizards, witches, zombies and most of all, Easter bunnies. She noticed a welcome sign carved out on a piece of wood. Steph’s neck was aching as she was looking up. There were tree-houses and there was always a whizzing sound going past her, like someone had just flown past her! Steph rubbed her eyes to make sure she wasn’t dreaming, and also gave herself a pinch. “Ouch!” she screamed. She wasn’t dreaming, she definitely wasn’t dreaming. “Are you okay?” asked a hopping Easter bunny. “Aaaahhhh!” screamed Steph again. The Easter bunny joined the group and they hurried away into a big tree-house with a sign saying ‘The House of Wizards! Beware!’ “W..hywhy,” stammered Steph, “are you taking me here?” “Because, we need you to help us. Vampires are invading this place and, an.” Now this time, the Easter bunny’s voice was muffled by the taller goblin. “So now it’s you, Jumper! Please, let her figure it for herself.” Steph was really puzzled, especially at why the taller goblin would always say, “Let her figure it for herself” and “Let her discover her future for herself.” You’ve probably already worked it out for yourself, but Steph was to become a world famous explorer in the future. “So wait, let me get this straight. VAMPIRES ARE INVADING THIS AREA!” She was so shocked that she fainted. After a few minutes, she sat up again and straightened herself up. “Why am I even worried? I don’t care about your stupid land that is being invaded by vam...” She looked up, her face drawn in a terrible way. There stood a majestic vampire, blood dripping from the corners of his mouth. He hissed behind his pointy teeth, and one of the hairs blew away from his pale white face. By now, Steph’s teeth were chattering so loudly, it felt like a drum beating. “Fine. I’ll help you,” she said rather reluctantly. She also whispered to herself, “I must remember not to humiliate myself. Goblins, fairies, witches and vampires. Easter bunnies! What nonsense!” After going to the Easter bunny’s den, Steph had thought through the whole plan. It was easy. All that was needed was to push the vampires into salty water. So her plan was set. Steph and the gang had prepared a tub of water that was steaming hot, filled with a sack of salt. All that remained was to push the vampires into it. And that’s exactly what they did. The salt made the vampires harmless and they climbed out of the tub and walked out of the woods, never to be seen again. Steph suddenly felt a shake on her hand. “Steph!

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Steph! Stephanie? Stephanie wake up!” said a voice. Steph found herself lying on the floor with Captain Thomas leaning over her. “Wh...Where am I?” she said, looking startled. “You’ve only been asleep for about five minutes,” whispered Captain Thomas. “But what about the goblins and vampires invading the forest?” she shouted, pointing at the forest. “Must’ve just been a dream. Now let’s go home.” suggested Captain Thomas. So maybe it was a dream, thought Steph, as she plodded back to the hot air balloon. Or was it? You never know... the goblins could be hiding right behind you, right now!

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Storytime The Easter Surprise

written and illustrated by Patrik Roberts

The wind whistled through the willows, as the lush green grass sprouted out of the dry earth. The gate blew, squeaking. George stared out into the world below, bursting with curiosity about what really is in the world. It was an adventure that he was waiting for. The older George got, the more inquisitive he became about the exciting things that could be out there, just waiting to be explored! One day George was playing in the garden in his home-made sanctuary, when in the corner of his eye, he caught sight of a beautifully symmetrical butterfly, remotely flying over the fence. George’s mind filled with the temptation to follow the butterfly. Without thinking it through, George dashed over the fence, not knowing where he would go and what would happen. After about ten minutes of chasing, George gave up, only to find himself in a dark, sinister forest, where he had never been before! ”Oh no!” cried George “How will I ever get back?” The sun shone through the trees, lighting up the forest floor, like a lantern hung on the sky. A voice was ringing through the forest. “Come back!” it called to George. A familiar face was d a s h i n g through the forest, coming towards him. “ I ’v e b ee n following you all this way.” “Oh that is just great, now we’re both lost in this…place!” How were they going to get out? Out of the trees flew a robin, flapping its wings in the spring breeze.

”Look into your heart, you’ll know what to do,” and in a quick moment, the robin had vanished out of sight. Then a pack of wolves started howling, darting towards George and Daisy, they were trapped! Daisy started panting apprehensively. The chase was on. George ran as fast he could, shooting through the forest, faster and faster, higher and higher, dragging Daisy behind, until home was in sight again. Back to the squeaking gates of home, back to the wind, blowing in the willows, back to the grass, sprouting out of the dry earth. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to “explore the world”. Later that evening, when George was fast asleep, he was awoken by a massive thud, making the floor vibrate! “Everyone’s waiting for you George!” As George climbed out of his bed, he opened his door. “George, George!” A man wearing a tuxedo appeared. “Because of your courage and great faith in yourself, you are granted, THE EASTER BUNNY MEDAL!” This Easter bunny medal was awarded to someone who has shown an act of true bravery! This was a shock to George, the Easter Bunny, him! An awesome Easter surprise…


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Advertisement by Alyssa Fernades and Amelia Wilson

After School Club After School Club ensures that you get a great price for great activity. A wide range of activities are available like dance, cheerleading, art, cookery, drama, sports and the children have their own independence in the library.

It`s at a very reasonable price of £6.50 which including a snack which consists of sandwiches, wraps, pizza, sausage rolls and on Fridays, crisps and biscuits! The snacks alternate every week.

Breakfast Club Breakfast club ensures that the children get a healthy, fun start to the day, with a wide range of tasty fruit and cereal or toast. Children can play board games, do puzzles and go to the ICT Suite. All for a great price of £3.00.

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Puzzles By Matilda Brennan

KS1 Wordsearch

Find the following hidden words: Easter, Jesus, Bunny, Eggs, Cross, Chocolate, Risen, Hunt, Chicks, Sweets


Puzzles By Matilda Brennan

KS2 Wordsearch

Find the following hidden words: Easter, Jesus ,Lent, Crucifixion ,Blood, Bread, Supper, Disciples, Sunday, Mary

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Puzzles By Matilda Brennan

KS1 Crossword



3. We …. for Easter Eggs.

1. Which animal hops?

5. What did Jesus die on?

2. What is made from milk and cocoa powder.

10. Who died on the cross?

6. Jesus has ….. from the dead. 7. Everyone loves ……!

Across 3.hunt 5.cross 8.eggs 9.Easter 10.Jesus

9. What are we celebrating?

4. What are baby chickens called?

Down 1.bunny 2.chocolate 4.chicks 6.risen 7.sweets

8. What do chickens lay that sometimes we eat for breakfast?


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Puzzles By Eddie Ranyard

KS2 Crossword Across 1.People used these leaves to greet Jesus on his way to Jerusalem. 3. Jesus was in a …. for three days after He died. 6. He was a Disciple, but betrayed Jesus. 8. Easter Sunday is part of the ……. 9. Jesus taught us not to …

Down 2. This starts forty days before Easter. 4. Jesus’ resurrection was a ……. 5. Mary ……. her son, Jesus. 7. The day Jesus died.

Down: 2.Lent 4.Miracle 5.Mourned 7.Good Friday Across: 1.Palm 3.Tomb 6.Judas 8.Weekend 9.Sin


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Shape Puzzles By George Boyle

Can you work out the value of each different shape?

20 17 23 20 12




40 16 13 11 22





Page 15

Shape Puzzles By Chloe Chambers

16 29 14 20 24




29 29 26 30 40





Page 16

Puzzles By Alyssa Fernandes

Spring Word Scramble 1.FODAILDF






































Puzzles By Amelia Wilson

Help the Easter Bunny Find His Easter Eggs

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Arts and Crafts Chick Basket by Alyssa Fernandes

What You Will Need: Small paper cup Yellow acrylic paint Yellow card Orange craft foam Pipe cleaner or ribbon Googly eyes White glue Scissors Paint brush Hole punch


Paint a small paper cup with yellow acrylic paint.


Glue on a pair of googly eyes.


Cut two small triangles from the orange foam and glue them as a beak.


Cut two W shapes out of the orange foam for the feet.


Stick the foot on to the cup.


Cut out a pair of wings from the yellow card.


Glue the wings on the side of the paper cup.


Punch a hole above the wings and attach the pipe cleaner or ribbon to create a handle.


Fill your adorable Easter basket with goodies, flowers or even Easter eggs.

Easter Bunny Basket by George Boyle

What You Will Need:

Orange juice or milk carton, cotton wool balls, felt in different colours, colour pipe cleaners, glue stick, masking tape, child safety scissors, googly eyes (optional), green strips of paper for grass. 1. Take the juice carton and push spout down flat against sides and tape down to form slope of nose for face.

2 Cut out ears along the side of the carton that has the flaps taped down. Bend ears up. Poke a hole under the point that will be the nose in the sealed strip top of the carton in order to insert pipe cleaners for whiskers. An adult may have to help with this.


Using a glue stick, cover each side of the carton, the face and ears with cotton balls [Make sure you don’t put cotton balls on the bottom or on the inside]. Make sure there are no exposed areas of the carton. Add a puffy tail with cotton if you like. Insert pipe cleaner whiskers through hole.


Next, cut out from felt the inside colour of the ears, eyes [ googly eyes], nose [ or a pom pom ] mouth and buckteeth and glue them on to make the face.


Finally, set out your basket overnight for the Easter bunny and wait for it to be filled with goodies.


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Easter Around The World By Alyssa Fernandes, Ashlyn Mascarenhas, Elizabeth Woods

Spain In Spain, children carry palm leaves to be blessed by the priest. Boys carry a plain, simple palm branch, and the girls carry a branch that has been decorated. They often have sweets, tinsel or other decorations hanging from them. On Maundy Thursday there is a special celebration when a dance is performed by men dressed as skeletons. Italy In Italy, olive branches are used on Palm Sunday instead of palm branches. In Italy, church bells ring joyfully during the year. But the bells stop ringing on the Thursday before Good Friday. They are silent for a few days while people remember the death of Jesus. On Easter Sunday morning, the bells ring out, telling people that Jesus is alive again. When people hear the bells, they kiss and hug one another. Italians say they were the first country to invent chocolate Easter eggs. In Italy pretzels were originally an Easter food. The twisted shape signifies arms crossed in prayer. Lent is preceded by a carnival with bursting colours, dancing and music. Children awake on Easter Sunday and find eggs scattered about their rooms. They look in the nests they have placed in their gardens and find Easter eggs in them. The eggs are said to have been bought from Rome where the bell ringing had gone to see the Pope and when the bells returned they bought with them the eggs. Lebanon In Lebanon during Lent, the children collect eggs for painting and then use them for egg-cracking games. Traditionally the eggs were dyed in colours of brown, green, yellow and red.

with walnuts or dates, they are made during the last couple of weeks during Easter. People go to church on Palm Sunday wearing new clothes or if they can`t afford that than at least a new pair of shoes.

Palm Sunday is called Hosaina and it happens the Sunday before Easter. This day marks the beginning of Holy Week and celebrates the story of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey. Ethiopians wear headbands of palm leaves on this day to remind them Argentina of the palm leaves that were laid in In the Northern part of Argentina, Jesus' path. they hold a carnival. Preparations The Ethiopian Easter is called start when algarroba beans are ripe. Fassika. This festival celebrates the There are lots of sounds such as day Jesus rose from the dead after singing and the tune of a ukulele being crucified. called a charango. Also there are two drinks, aloja and chicha, the After they have been to the Easter drinks are prepared in large Eve service, the family returns amounts and the houses are home to break their fast and later in whitewashed and cleaned. The the afternoon, they share the main people also gather the herb basil celebratory meal of the day. and they wear hats and ponchos. At the Easter service all Ethiopians This is done to be cleansed of the wear a traditional white clothes, evil spirits. called yabesha libs. On the Thursday before Ash During all their holidays, Ethiopians Wednesday a special ceremony eat a huge special sourdough bread called tincunaco is held. Mothers called Dabo. They bake enough to and grandmothers are gathered in offer a slice to everybody who visits two lines, one line with mothers and the house. On Easter morning, the the other one the grandmothers, bread should be cut, after saying a around an arch made of willow prayer, by a priest or by the main branches. The arch is decorated with man of the house. fruit, flowers, cheese, sweets and tiny lanterns. The two groups of France women meet under the arch and In France children look for a horse exchange a doll which is touched on drawn chariot filled with eggs. They each other's forehead. This is seen also have a tradition of throwing as a sacred ceremony and is said to eggs up in the air, and the first one unite the women with a bond only to drop their egg would be the death can break. loser. An old French tradition is to On Sunday the Carnival reaches its roll eggs down a gentle slope and climax. Women in their traditional the first egg down the slope would clothing of wide ruffled skirts, be the winner. This was to colourful ponchos, and white hats, symbolize the rolling away of the mask their faces with starch and stone that covered Jesus’ tomb. water. They sing folk songs and ride on horseback to where the dance is being held in honour of Pukllay, which is the Spirit of Carnival. Once the celebrations have come to an end, a rag doll representing Pukllay is buried as a symbol that it is the end of Carnival. Ethiopia

Another important preparation is the During Lent, Ethiopian Christians cooking maamoul. Maamoul is a little avoid any animal products, such as cake that is made with semolina and meat, eggs, butter, milk, yoghurt, covered with icing sugar. It is filled cream and cheese.

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Junior Music Day at The John Lyon School By Amelia Wilson and Alyssa Fernades

On the 4th March 2015, six talented young musicians travelled to The John Lyon School. These six children were, Emily Lopez, Alyssa Fernandes, Maisy Hartnett, Azande Jali, Trinity Queensborough and Amelia Wilson. On arrival we were registered by the teachers, Mrs Hodgson and Mrs Rands, who had travelled with us. Soon after registration, we were given name stickers, so that teachers and children who went to other schools could learn our names. We looked around in awe as swarms of children took their seats. We were soon ushered into our groups for rehearsals. There were three groups: strings, woodwind and choir. We worked hard rehearsind all morning and part of the afternoon. Finally it was time for the big performance, in front of the audience in a packed hall. The strings played two pieces. One was bouncy and cheerful and was called Minuet One. The second piece was slow and peaceful and it was called Lunchtime Stroll. The woodwind piece was Tequila! The choir (unfortunately we had no one in the choir) sang two beautiful songs called Street Seller and Music in my Feet. As we finished our mind-blowing performance, the whole audience applauded us and cheered, as the whole room was filled with joy.


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School Survey St George’s Express surveyed children in the school to find out what is the most popular musical instrument. Here are the results.








Harp Ukulele






Tin Whistle























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Book Reviews Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul by Jeff Kinney

Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan

Written by George Boyle

Written by Elizabeth Woods

The Long Haul is a great book with loads of imagination.

My favourite book in the school library is The Blood of Olympus in the Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan.

The family go on a road trip , but not any normal road trip. Greg and his family get lost and go to different, random places and there are lots of exciting surprises along the way. They meet several strange people and animals on their way. This is an amazing story that I will never forget. I would definitely recommend this supreme book by Jeff Kinney. The Long Haul has extreme imagination and vocabulary. His new book, The Long Haul, is Jeff Kinney’s best children’s book so far.

The book is about seven Demigods, half mortal, half God. They are on a quest to Athens, where the earth mother Gaea plans to wake and sacrifice two Demigods on the feast of Spes. A prophecy has been issued on the quest that one of the seven will die. Meanwhile an army of Roman Demigods march to the Greek camp to invade and unknowingly help Gaea, by eliminating her enemies. The Demigods must combine forces with former enemies to save the world from Gaea. They must choose between going on to Athens and using the Athena Parthenos as a secret weapon that will help win the war, or to use the Athena Parthenos to unite the two warring camps. As dangerous as it is to head to Athens, they have no other option. They have sacrificed too much already. And if Gaea wakes, it is game over. I love this book because it combines mythology and modern with humour. I also love this book because I felt genuine sadness after reading parts of it and felt like I was in the story.


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Movies To Go And See By Eddie Ranyard

Home (U) The alien race, the Boov, has its eyes on Earth. They wish to make it their home, if only those pesky humans weren’t in the way. One little alien by the name of Oh finds himself an outcast from his people, and while he tries to sneak around on Earth, he bumps into Tip, a feisty human. At first, they are terrified of each other, but soon they see past their differences and realise they really should be the best of friends. The Earth is turned upside down when the rest of the Boov arrive, and the two must hold on tight so they don’t lose each other altogether. With the world in chaos all around them, they begin the journey of a lifetime, and learn a thing or two along the way.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water (U) Mischievous pirate, Burger-Beard, has a magical book, and anything he writes in it comes true. Of course, he writes the most evil schemes imaginable, but soon discovers that the last page is missing, and only when he finds it will his plans come to life. The page must stay hidden for the sake of the world, and it is currently in the safe hands of everyone’s favourite absorbent, yellow and porous friend: SpongeBob SquarePants. When the page ends up in the hands of Burger-Beard, SpongeBob and the gang must venture out of the water and into the human world to reclaim it. Wandering around in the big wide world, they come across a host of difficulties, and they soon realise that this might all be much harder than they thought. Can SpongeBob retrieve this magic page before it is too late?

Cinderella (U) The classic story of Cinderella has been well-loved for many decades, and now returns to the big screen in Disney’s new live-action retelling of this enchanting fairy tale.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 (PG) Nearly six years after the blundering security guard and wannabe tough cop first took on a criminal gang, Paul Blart returns to battle more bad guys in this hilarious sequel. Due to be released: 17/04/2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron 3D (12A) - To be seen with an adult In the aftermath of the untimely demise of S.H.I.E.L.D, Tony Stark and the rest of the Avengers must find a way to protect the earth, attempting yet another peacekeeping program, this time with an advanced artificial intelligence superpower named Ultron. The deal quickly turns sour however, when Ultron decides that human beings are the cause of Earth’s problems, before setting out on a mission to wipe them out. A global battle ensues with Captain America, Thor, Hulk, The Black Widow and Iron Man fighting for humanity in their most epic battle to date. Due to be released: 23/04/2015


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School Sport Boys’ Football Written by Dawid Krzewinski Date: 29th January 2015 Venue: Whitmore High School Team: Frankie Lee, Ethan Roche, Kian Woods, Santiago Bravo-Farjado, Marlon Nelson, Kobi Akins, Charlie Lee, Dawid Krzewinski, Lorenzo Egwue, Christian Moran and Aston Greaver.

Our first match was against St Anselm’s Catholic Primary School. The game started with St. George’s attacking straight from kick-off. The attack started on the left wing with Ethan Roche using his furious pace and crossing the ball into the box, where Christian Moran was standing in the box. already tapping the ball across the goalkeeper. But the team didn’t want to celebrate too early, so they carried on. St. George’s wouldn’t stop without fighting and the match finished with a score 7-0 to the visitors. The second match was against Roxeth Hill Primary School. Both teams were not very active in the first half, with no goals being scored. When the second half started, St. George’s began with a fierce attack and with Aston Greaver storming on the right wing, surprisingly shooting a hammer ball straight in the top corner. After the opponents centre, St. George’s quickly pressed on Roxeth. Whilst Lorenzo won the ball, he passed to Dawid. Dawid paced his way through the defenders and crossed the ball on to Charlie Lee’s foot, who shot through the goalkeepers legs. Eventually, the match ended with another win for the St. George’s Football team. St. George’s were very happy with their wins.

Girls’ Football Written by Kaela Owusu Date: 29th January 2015 Venue: Whitmore High School Team: Cara Abano, Erika Abano,Bridie Connolly, Rebekah Wozniak, Kaela Owusu, Tyanna Nee– Chambers, Elizabeth Woods and Reyna Greaver. Our first match was against Roxeth Hill Primary School. The game started quietly with not a lot happening. Tyanna, our striker was heading for the goal. With a lot of power, she shot the ball into the goal. St. George’s didn't want to boast, so we carried on without gloating. The game continued with an exhilarating feel, both teams attempting to score, but St. George’s weren't giving up with a fight. Again and again, the ball was going in the net resulting in a final score of 10-0! VICTORY!! For St. Georges. But the luck didn't remain for long. Our second match was against St. Anselm’s Catholic Primary School. We tried our best but were defeated. They gave us a good run for our money, but at the end of the day we had a great time. And we all appreciated it was not about the winning, it was about taking part.

Netball Written by Kaela Owusu Date: 11th February 2015 Venue: Vaughan Primary School Team: Bridie Connolly, Ciaran Mchugh, Ethan Roche, Iluckia Paskaran, Kaela Owusu, Matilda Brennan, Mya Alli and Nirusha Venderkoon. Our first match was against St Anselm’s Catholic Primary School. We started the game with a quick and fiery start. Ethan had the ball and quickly passed it to Bridie, and she attempted to score. Unfortunately, she missed. So the game carried on. St Anselm’s were shooting goals against us but finally Kaela scored one goal. At the end of the match the score was St. George’s 1-4 St Anselm’s. Our second game was against Vaughan Primary School. We started playing, trying not to concede any goals and tried to intercept the ball from our marking partners. However, Vaughan were just too strong. However, Iluckia, with all her arm strength, shot the ball into the goal which made the final score St. George’s 1-6 Vaughan.

Profile for Mrs Rands

Issue 19 Spring 2015  

Issue 19 Spring 2015  

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