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BUZZ Volume 2, Issue 1 Moto: To tell the students. parents and staff a

Sept-October 2012

student’s view of life in our school

Terry Fox 2012 On October 4, 2012 the Terry Fox Run in Anzac was amazing on that fall day as we jogged. Students and staff of Bill Woodward and Anzac School ran to raise money for cancer. We had a great time jogging down the roads of Anzac and back to the schools. Later we had an assembly and watched as teachers did the Chicken Dance; a citizen dyed their shirt pink, and two parents dressed as girls and sang “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”. It was a great autumn day.

By: Kalie Mask and Emma Letkeman Pictures by Masey Munro Sydney Czibere

Do you like the Terry Fox Run? Missy (Parent) Hunter (Grade 4) Miss. Claveau (Teacher) Annabelle (grade 7) Megan (Grade8)

It is fun and Chilly

Justin (Grade 6)

It’s so awesome.

Ya Sure!

Taylor (grade 9)


It’s good and good exercise

Rikki (Grade 5)

Yes, Yes I do.


Shelby( Grade 5)

It’s Good.

Awesome! I am glad we raised so much money.

Amadeo (Grade3)


Alan (Parent)

Oh, It’s great.

Devon (grade 9)

It is pretty fun.

Aiden (Grade 3)

Yes it is good.

Masey (grade7)

It’s awesome!

I love it.

James (Grade 5)

Pretty cool!

Katy (Parent)


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Moto: To tell the students. parents and staff a student’s view of life in our school

Terry Fox Fundraiser Challenges Met

Interview– Why did you do this for Terry Fox? Mr. Janvier

I did this because my daughter asked me.

Mrs. Sheehan

Samantha asked me and I thought it was a good cause.

Mr. Keating

I did it for a good cause and I think it was for $1000 dollars .so I agreed

Mr. Petley Jones

I don’t mind making a fool of myself for a good cause.

Mr. Czibere

Because my father and uncle died from cancer and I try to support the fight against cancer. Also because you asked me!

Mr. Letkeman

Because it was a good cause and my girls asked me to and I love them.

Interviews by Sydney Czibere, Rikki Janvier and Emma Letkeman Pictures by Masey Munro, Sydney Czibere

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Moto: To tell the students. parents and staff a student’s view of life in our

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Art page

Are you a budding artist? Does your poetry need to be finally seen by the world? Can you draw a cartoon? We are looking for student submissions and art work! Let one of our reporters know! Contributors: Kalie Mask and Desiree Fetzko

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BUZZ Page 4

Around School‌. On behalf of the Bill Woodward Wolves Jr. Football Team.

The Bill Woodward Peace Makers. The Peace Maker program teaches upper elementary students how to help younger students solve conflicts out on the playground. They learn to ask students what they want from the conflict, how each student feels about it and how to give the student ideas on how to solve the problem.

Thank you students, teachers, community and neighbors for your support of the Jr. Wolves Football Team. We all appreciate the time and efforts to support our team in a new chapter of the Bill Woodward School and Anzac history! Ron Sturgess

The Bill Woodward Wolves Volleyball Team. So far the Woodward wolves have won 5 games and lost three. Alltogether they have played a total of 8 games. I think we are going to have a great season. Practice is hard but our coaches really push us to do our best. By the end of the season, I think we are all going to be pros! Grade 6 and ups are allowed on the team but the 4 and 5 students can come to our practices and games ( but they cannot play volleyball on the court with us during game days).

By Emma Letkeman

Students learn some valuable lessons by taking this program; they learn that it is important for them to be good role models, that they can make meaningful contributions to the school community and that solving conflicts is an opportunity to grow and learn.

By Jude Friesen

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Chilling Parade!!!!

Upcoming Events

Oct. 30-Literacy Night On Oct.31st, there will be a parade at 1:00 pm in the Bill Woodward Gym (for both schools). There is a prize for best costume, one for each class.

Oct. 31– Halloween Walk through Nov. 8– Report Cards Nov . 9– Parent Teacher Nov. 12– No School Nov . 15-Fall Feast Technology Corner We now have Wi-Fi at Bill Woodward School! Right now we have wireless at the school. Students are able to log on by using their individual accounts and the password provided. Here is a reminder of some of the rules. Use only your own password and username. Sharing can lead to your

Be considerate! If the teacher does not permit it in class DO NOT USE IT or you can lose it! Surf respectfully and do not disturb others Use ‘net-icate’ or online manners. No trolling and no spamming. Using the net ‘during class’ means using the net ‘for class’. It has to be for school use during class time. During free time it is

Remember, Wi-Fi is a privilege and not a right.

Anzac Bill Wooodward Buaa  

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