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Transforming lives with innovative, award-winning itineraries since 1989 Italian specialists with more bike tours in Italy than anyone! The world’s best tour leaders connect you to local lands and cultures Guest service that is outstanding, personal, and genuine Top-of-the-line bicycles, equipment, and gear One-on-one bicycle coaching and clinics on every tour Unsurpassed fun, learning, exercise, and relaxation all in one trip Committed to discovering and delivering the world’s best places to ride

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the perfect day... 2013





So much to share, but where to begin? Before noontime I had seen, tasted and experienced more magnificence than others would experience in a week of la bella Italia. Mozzafiato. Breathtaking, though this word only barely describes the picturesque Italian panoramas, the taste of the white truffles we were served in the small village where our guide was raised, the simplicity I reached, the chills that washed over me when I realized that these memories, that this day was mine. That this day will have no equivalent. That this day was perfect.

25 years ago, Ciclismo Classico pioneered Italian cycling tours. Today, our one-of-a-kind tours go beyond Italy to bring you to the best, most breathtaking bike paths on earth. We serve you mouthwatering local specialties, scenery that will steal your breath away, and culturally rich experiences that will change your life. You return home with new friendships, a renewed balance of health and fitness, and – most importantly – your passion, reignited! Italy is where it all began, but the dreamy Ciclismo cycling continues in France, Ireland, Austria, Portugal, Croatia, Scotland, Spain, Vietnam… When you travel with Ciclismo Classico, you don’t travel as a tourist. You are immersed in the culture and savor each special place intimately, like the locals do. Whether you are sipping cafe machiato, searching for truffles, learning ancient dance steps from Sardinian shepherds or the art of rolling your r’s, you will experience it as the locals do. When you travel with Ciclismo, you will be fueled by your passion: a passion for pedaling. Scenery. Culture. Cuisine and new friendships. Come pedal with Ciclismo… authentically, soulfully, perfectly.

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Powered by Passion: The Ciclismo Difference

And that is the Ciclismo difference. One perfect day after another. A Ciclismo Classico tour is where your passion for cycling intersects with your passion for culture. Our tours are as authentic as they are awe-inspiring. Your curiosity is sparked. You are reconnected with your soul. It is a pivotal life experience.


today was perfect...

Cari Amici Dear friends, Pedaling your passion. It sounds like a lofty goal, but at Ciclismo Classico we know your travel dreams are big and your time is limited. That is why our Ciclismo Classico collection of pedaling paradises does not cover the whole planet. We hand-pick only the dreamiest, absolute best places in the world to ride. We then bring our passion for these places to you through our unique Ciclismo Classico recipe; a recipe we created and have perfected over the past 25 years! Does your perfect day begin with a sunrise dip in the Adriatic? With a rich cup of espresso, enjoyed on a balcony overlooking ancient trulli structures in Puglia? Do you have a taste for Brunello di Montelcino? For fresh-pressed olive oils? Are you a culture connoisseur, a history buff, an artist, a fitness freak? We will match you to the trip that perfectly matches your passions. At Ciclismo Classico, creating the perfect bicycle tour is our passion and mission. Like chefs who intuitively know, love, and seek out delicious flavors to blend into a succulent dish, our Ciclismo Classico team combines an insatiable love of cycling travel and culture with a rich imagination for creating unforgettable two-wheeled tours. This special blend of ingredients, the Ciclismo Menu, is a magical feast for senses that will forever win a warm place in your heart.

The scenery and settings were like a dream. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Reuniting with your roots. Personal change. Simplicity reached. New friendships forged. Health and fitness improved. Traditions discovered. Balance achieved. Adventure captured. Cultural connections deepened. Passions energized. These are the soul-satisfying experiences – the deeper meanings – that Ciclismo brings on each of its breathtaking bike tours. This year, we are celebrating our 25th anniversary. And after 25 years – after thousands and thousands of miles pedaled, a long list of ecstatic guests, and plenty of empty vino bottles and licked-clean plates – one simple principle remains at our core: life should be active, fun, delicious, educational, flowing, strengthening, energizing, and deeply connected with beautiful people and places. Just like a bicycle tour. After a Ciclismo tour, you will not only feel like part of one big cycling family, you will realize that life itself is a dream waiting to happen. Come celebrate passion with us in 2013!

Every experience – the food, wine, tours and routes – was beyond any expectation.

Buona Pedalata (Happy Pedaling)!

Lauren Hefferon Director and Founder

Guiding Principle #1:

Guiding Principle #3:

Guiding Principle #5:

Even in a small group, feeling at ease with your travel mates is key to creating the perfect cycling adventure. Our gregarious guides break the ice between you and other travelers, no matter what corner of the world they come from. Before you know it, you’ll be talking travel memories, ancient history, wine varietals, and more. With our guides as your mutual connection, you’ll forge lasting friendships and feel like you’re traveling with family.

Whether cycling alongside you or tailing you in our support van, your guide is always on the spot, making sure you stay on track, keeping your water bottles full, and ensuring that everything you need for your perfect day is in place. Mechanical problem? No problem! Our guides have the tools and experience, and our mobile bike van is never more than a crank-turn away.

Our guides are the first to rise and the last to settle in – it’s a lot of work to make sure your tour runs like a well-oiled machine! Their professionalism is balanced by their innate ability to care for each and every individual guest. They delight in showing off their homeland in a way that unforgettably ignites your passions – whatever they may be. We carefully select guides who foster these surprisingly rare dual qualities.

Guiding Principle #4:

Guiding Principle #6:

Tranquillo. Putting You At Ease… Immediately

Guiding Principle #2: Casa Mia è Casa Tua


A warm welcome into our guides’ hometowns (and, in some cases, their own homes!) is a given. But tagging along to their personal favorite spots – gelaterias that serve up Dolomites-sized servings, ancient murals that have been long tucked away in a barn – feels like visiting a long lost cousin. You’ll mix with the locals, mingle with the locals, and tour as a local.

Sempre Sorridente. Stellar Support, Mile After Mile

Ciclist Esperti. Expert Coaching to Make You a Better Cyclist No matter how athletic you are, there’s always room to get more from your ride. Our guides are expert cyclists, former competitive racers, experienced distance tourers, and decorated with plenty of other cycling credentials. They love to share their knowledge and offer up tips to make your ride safer, better, and more effective.

Professionale e Attento

Rimani in Contatto. Stay Connected Our guides love to stay in touch post-tour. Via Facebook, Skype, email, blogs – even a personal visit – our guides will keep you up to speed on upcoming events and give you plenty of reasons to return to their homeland. They also love hearing your thoughts on what would make your next Ciclismo tour even more perfect than the last.

Andrea Marchesini: Alassio, Liguria

Marco Damiani: Verona, Veneto

Sergio Porcellotti: Arezzo, Toscana

Suzie Regul: Montevarchi, Toscana

Henrick Murphy: Lavagna/Cork, Ireland

Gianpaolo Fosco: Canazei, Trentino

Gianfranco Sappa: Morgex, Valle D’Aosta

Marcello Bonini: Bagnolo in Piano, Emilia Romagna

Paolo Nicolosi: Catania, Sicilia

Giuseppe Salerno (Beppe): Piemonte

Tyler Savage: Ridgefield, USA

Cristiano Bonino: Torino, Piemonte

Enrico Pizzorni: Acqui Terme, Piemonte

Roberto Ascone: Torino, Piemonte

Jessica Shull: Salorno, Trentino Alto Adige

Massimo De Laurentiis: Roma, Abruzzo

Simone Scalas: Pula, Sardegna

Pierre Garoia: Fano, Le Marche

Paolo Taberrette: Fano, Le Marche

Gianluca Fogliato: Villanova D’Asti, Piemonte

Frank Yantorno: Acqui Terme, Piemonte

Paul Kim: Budoia, Friuli

Dana Geraghty: Acqui Terme, Piemonte

Umberto Cena: Ivrea/Vienna, Piemonte

Massimo Marenco: Torino, Piemonte

Federica Luppi: Regnano, Emilia Romagna

Isacco Colombo: Milano, Lombardia

Stefano Martinello: Moena, Trentino Alto Adige


Each of Ciclismo’s tours achieves the pinnacle of perfection for one reason, and one reason only: our guides. In our 25 years of operation, we’ve received countless letters of appreciation from guests thanking our local, native, and leading guides for hosting the perfect tour. Tours that create deep cultural connections with the areas you travel through. Tours that take you on a insider’s adventure of Italy and beyond. Tours that are led by our amazing guides… and our own unique guiding principles:

Davide Marchegiano: Ivrea, Piemonte


The World’s Greatest Guides


What flavor rider are you? Some like to cycle. And some like to stop and smell the fresh-pressed olive oil. Whether you want test your training on the treacherous Italian Alps, or soak in the scenery on a slow ride through Sardegna, Ciclismo has the perfect ride for you.

I’m a Newbie Don’t breathe down my back tire. You’ve ridden around the block – now it’s time to take over the world! Welcome to Bicycle-Touring 101. These short and easy trips are light on pedaling, heavy on sightseeing, and a great appetizer for our full menu of tours: Ireland: The Dramatic West Coast Assaggio Toscana Italian Alps & Sud Tyrol To Venice, Con Gusto La Bella Puglia

I’m Retired. But Not Tired. I want to keep cycling strong. When “over the hill” means “nice passing you, young man.” You’ve got more get-up-and-go now than when you were 20…plus a nose for distinguishing Sangiovese from a Sagrantino and the best formaggio to pair it with. Get your fill of culture, cuisine, and – of course – cycling, on these great tours:


Piedmont: Land of Barolo and Truffles Friuli & Slovenia Croatia Portugal: Wine and Wheels

I’m a Culture Connoisseur Cycling just makes the grappa more gratifying. You eat Botticelli for breakfast, Leonardo for lunch… and are still craving culture at the end of the day. On these culturally-rich tours, you’ll brake for a lesson in Barolo, listen to a life story, make out the music to Nessun Dorma on the downhill to dinner, and learn as much as you can on each perfect day of the tour: Piedmont: Land of Barolo and Truffles Andalucia Preciosa Vietnam Portugal: Wine and Wheels

I’m a Global Go-Getter I’ve cycled the world and am back for more. Your rolling duffel is permanently packed at your front door, and your vacation calendar is clearly mapped out a year in advance. If you fantasize about future routes in faraway lands, these tours are the perfect way for you to pedal your passion for culturally rich travel: Giro d’Europa Gran Canaria Bike Across Scotland Croatia: Istria Peninsula

I’m a Hammerhead Gimme miles. And gimme plenty of them.

We’re a Combo Couple I want to tour. He wants to explore.

Conquering every climb isn’t enough – you wanna crush that extra loop, too. Cycle your heart out…and then stop for a great lunch, glass of vino, sweeping vista or historical wonder along the way…on these mileheavy tours:

Play together and stay together on tours that are perfect for both of your passions. Performance-focused cyclists can indulge in extra loops and other challenges, while casual riders can savor the scenery on a shorter ride…or even on foot:

Follow the Races Giro d’Italia Bike Across Italy II Gran Canaria Majestic Dolomites The Alps of Piedmont and Provence: More Miles for Less

Austria Assaggio Toscana Divine Provence Gran Canaria

I’m a Family Funster I want to bond with my bambinos on biciclette. A well-traveled child grows into a worldly adult. Our family tours give you the chance to pedal (or kayak, or hike…) with your progeny, long before they’re ready to vanish with the keys to the family car. Savor these rides while you still can: NEW! Sud Tyrol Roll Tuscan Fantasy Fun in the Sardegnan Sun Provence Por La Famille

I’m an Italophile I won’t stop until I’ve covered every corner of Italy! You know your tagliatelli from your tagliolini – and that’s just an appetizer. When you choose a tour company to explore more of the country you love, they’d better know “the boot” better than the back of their handlebars! You say, Pronto ad andare? We say, Andiamo! Swept Away in Sardegna La Bella Sicilia Bike Across Italy The Heart of Tuscany Giro d’Italia

levels EASY Perfect for cycling “newbies” or anyone who just wants to take it easy. Pedal at a leisurely pace, stopping to take pictures and explore without anyone hurrying you along. Average daily distance: 18-35 miles. Moderate While you’re not an avid cyclist, you exercise regularly and enjoy a leisurely jaunt on your bike. Enjoy a laid back pace with slightly more rolling terrain, more vistas and valleys, than the Easy tours. Average daily distance: 35-45 miles. INTERMEDIATE You’re active, with an inclination towards biking. You love to ride, and it shows in your endurance and strength. Intermediate tours maintain a steady yet active pace with opportunities to push yourself even further by tackling a more challenging climb with a great descent over stunning terrain. Average daily distance: 40-50 miles. EXPERT A vigorous pace. Challenging climbs. Thrilling descents. Expert tours are perfect for pedalers who covet long mileage with lots of hills, varying terrain, and maybe even a mountain pass or two. Average daily distance: 45+ miles.

Primi, Secondi, Dolci…Cin Cin! You are as passionate about antipasti as you are about pedaling. Cycle your way to the intersection of Italian culture and cuisine on any of our Savor & Sip tours. You’ll pedal at your pace, stopping to sample that rare white truffle, organic red wine, frutta di mare, fresh-pressed olive oil…


& Sip


Assaggio – or “tasting” – is exactly what you’ll experience on this introduction to the delights of central Italy. Begin with a dollop of history, add copious amounts of gorgeous scenery, let steep in plenty of la dolce vita, and season with insights from a local tour leader…and you’ve got a dish to please.

trip Essence

Experience Revel



A Taste of Tuscany (with a Dash of Umbria)

Valdarno, Arezzo, Monte San Savino and Cortona.


2013 Dates: 5/13 - 5/18 5/27 - 6/1 6/10 - 6/15 6/24 - 6/29 7/6 - 7/11 7/21 - 7/26 8/5 - 8/10 8/25 - 8/30 9/1 - 9/6 9/16 - 9/21 9/23 - 9/28 9/30 - 10/5

…the tiny villages, the local restaurants, the unbelievable food, wine and scenery are a

Length: 6 days/5 nights Total miles: 147 miles Average daily distance: 30 miles Terrain: Gently rolling, some flatland Arrive: San Donato Depart: Cortona Price: $3,395-$3,595 Single Supplement: $700

testament to the preparation that went into this trip…

in peaceful, off-the-beaten-path places. Take pleasure –­perfectly – in the true essence of Tuscany.


a Santa Vittoria lunch. Panzanella salad, crostini misti, lasagna, fresh veggies…flavors so vibrant you can almost see them.


upon distant rustic villages that tumble down hillsides while taking a break in a sunflower field.


handmade pici pasta – famous in Cortona – prepared with our chef’s signature (and secret!) methods. Squisito! – Kira Moriah, New York, NY




Pienza, Montepulciano, Montalcino, Chianti area, Siena, Volterra, San Gimignano

in the beyond-breathtaking scenery. The overwhelmingly breathtaking scenery. The awe-inspiring, hair-raising, breathtaking scenery…


the vino at one of the many wineries you’ll stumble upon while pedaling down winding routes in the heart of the Chianti Ciclismo.


upon ever more beautiful landscapes and experience everything from lush, green landscapes to vast, arid and open pastures.

2013 Dates: 5/5 - 5/12 6/1 - 6/8 6/29 - 7/6 9/7 - 9/14 9/21 - 9/28 10/4 - 10/11 Length: 8 days/7 nights Total miles: 214 miles Average daily distance: 31 miles Terrain: Rolling, some climbs Arrive: Pienza Depart: Volterra Price: $4,395 - $4,595 Single Supplement: $800 *Mini tour: 6 days/5 nights. Same departure dates as standard tour.

…a perfect example of Italian culture and riding. The olive oil guide was


For Ciclismo, Tuscany is where it all began – and this is the tour that began it. For over 24 years, this tour has been home to our favorite winery, trattoria, gelateria, nightspot and more.

trip details

Experience Revel

With magnificent Alpine views, world-class wines, and fabulous cuisine, few regions of the world are as ultimately satisfying as Piedmont.

Piedmont: Land of Barolo and Truffles trip Essence

Experience Revel Gavi, Acqui Terme, Barolo hills, Monferrato, and Torino.

in the Langhe and Monferrato – ending in Torino – pedaling down paths less traveled, enjoying locally renowned restaurants.


Barolo with local wine experts and indulge in heaping portions of authentic risotto and plump agnolotti in Acqui Terme.

trip details


the art of truffle hunting. Learn from a local hunter how to seek out these rare and allegedly aphrodisiacal delicacies.

amazing and smart. The city guides were great…


the heart of

trip Essence


A Gourmand’s Fantasy and a Feast for the Eyes

The Quintessential Ciclismo Experience In Our Home Away From Home

–Jane Croom, Los Altos, CA


2013 Dates: 5/18 - 5/25 6/1 - 6/8 6/15 - 6/22 6/29 - 7/6 7/13 - 7/20 8/31 - 9/7 9/14 - 9/21 9/28 - 10/5 10/12 - 10/19 Length: 8 days/7 nights Total miles: 234 miles Average daily distance: 33 miles Terrain: Rolling Arrive: Monterando di Gavi Depart: Torino Price: $4,395-$4,595 Single Supplement: $800



The Italian Alps and Sud Tyrol

La Bella Puglia

A Leisurely and Gustatory Journey Through Italy’s Po Valley Sure, the cycling is astonishing, but it’s the cuisine that makes this region a true journey: hearty ossobuco, golden risotto alla Milanese, light and fluffy panettone, taleggio cheese, and positively one-of-a-kind creations such as ravioli with amaretto and pumpkin. Every turn of this tour will introduce you to your new favorite flavor.

trip details eASY

2013 Dates: 5/25 - 6/2 6/8 - 6/16 7/27 - 8/4 9/14 - 9/22 10/5 - 10/13

Length: 9 days/8 nights Total miles: 235 miles Average daily distance: 29 miles Terrain: Mostly flat Arrive: Mantova Depart: Venice Price: $4,595-$4,795 Single Supplement: $800

A Dream Come True: Alpine Cycling Without the Alpine Climbs

trip Essence

Experience Revel

Beauty and culture come together on this easy yet exceptional tour of the Alps and Dolomites. You’ll experience the stunning views you’d expect from a more challenging courses!

Mantova, Ferrara, Chioggia, and Venezia in one of the flattest, easiest, and most delicious drags in Italian cycling. Travel to Venice in a most unusual style – by bike!


trip details

the fruits of the Po Valley’s fertile farmland. Ossobuco, taleggio, and the freshest, most vibrant vegetables you’ve ever seen or tasted!



Ferrara from an insider’s perspective. Get up close and personal with the area’s ancient castles, art, and bicycle-filled streets.


2013 Dates: 6/22 - 6/30 7/20 - 7/28 9/7 - 9/15

Length: 9 days/8 nights Total miles: 189 miles Average daily distance: 25 miles Terrain: Flat, with some descents Arrive/Depart: Glorenza/ Riva del Garda Price:$4,495-$4,695 Single Supplement: $800

trip Essence

Experience Revel

Glorenza, Bolzano, Trento, Lago di Garda in spectacular Alpine views while breezing leisurely down winding country roads. Turn this tour into a challenge – if you so wish…


wines of all kinds as you make your way from one vineyard to another. Riders are privy to as many wine breaks as water breaks.


Pista del Sole, which translates to Bike Path of the Sun. It’s a cyclist’s paradise and a culture connoisseur’s fantasy.

…every experience – food, wine, tours, routes – was beyond any expectation. It was mind-

Friuli to Slovenia

The Ideal Introduction to a Region of Italy Unlike Any You’ve Ever Dreamed Of…With a Final Spin to Matera The history-rich heel of Italy is filled with ancient trulli structures, fortified masserie farmhouses, churches carved into caves, olive trees, herbs, cacti, and – of course – vineyards. This region is responsible for producing more vino than any other region in Italy. Oenophiles rejoice! Your bike tour has arrived.

trip details Moderate

2013 Dates: 4/27 - 5/5 6/1 - 6/9 9/21 - 9/29 10/12 - 10/20

Length: 9 days/8 nights Total miles: 235 miles Average daily distance: 29 miles Terrain: Lightly rolling with flat stretches Arrive/Depart: Lecce/Matera Price: $4,495-$4,695 Single Supplement: $800 *Mini tour: 6 days/5 nights. Same departure dates at standard tour.

Wheels and Wines in a Little-Seen Corner of Europe

trip Essence

Experience Revel

Italian, Slovenian, and Austrian cultures collide in a land built upon its own distinct history, tradition, and even language. Experience this vanishing culture while you can.

Lecce, Ostuni, Alberobello, Matera

in a world where peaceful roads and trulli architecture meet rich olive forests, vineyards, and the sea.

trip details



locally grown ingredients, prepared in the unique and diverse style of the area’s most renowned local chefs. A culinary delight!


UNESCO sites of Lecce, Alberobello and Matera – a rare place where centuries-old traditions and la famiglia are still alive and well.


2013 Dates: 5/11 - 5/18 5/25 - 6/1 6/15 - 6/22 7/27 - 8/3 8/4 - 8/11 9/7 - 9/14 10/5 - 10/12

Length: 8 days/7 nights Total miles: 198 miles Average daily distance: 28 miles Terrain: Gently rolling Arrive/Depart: Gorizia/Ljubljana Price: $4,395-$4,595 Single Supplement: $800

trip Essence

Experience Revel


To Venice, Con Gusto

Glorenza, Bolzano, Trento, Lago di Garda in the lands that inspired Joyce, Hemingway, Freud and Rilke. The souls and spirits of these places are remarkably uplifting!


world-famous wines from the native grapes of Pinot Grigio, Ribolla Gialla, Friulano. And Malvasia. You’ll deserve a glass of each!


the Italian, Slavic, and Austrian traditions that make this region so culturally unique – and plenty of local delicacies to die for.

numbing how the “bar” kept elevating. Each experience topped the last …

– John Ramsey, Pittsford, NY


trip Essence

Il piccolo mondo

A seaside escape. A Sardegnan sanctuary. The savoir-faire of Sicily. Savor the serenity of these Mediterranean islands while cycling their perimeters, wending through the tiny, ancient worlds that thrive within them. The deserted coastline, rich with color, captured while ascending a rocky mountainside. The taste of goat cheese and ricotta, sausage and sea urchins, specially prepared by local chefs and enjoyed from an off-the-beaten-path pescheria. For cyclists who love the sea, these tours are simply Utopian.

…the ride from Bosa to Arbatax, along deserted coasts, rich in color with dramatic stone

Experience Revel

Sardegna and Corsica: Alghero, Bonifacio, Porto and Calvi

trip details Intermediate

2013 Dates: 4/15-4/25 5/6-5/16 5/27-6/6 6/23-7/3 9/2-9/12 9/30-10/10

Length: 11 days/10 nights Total miles: 316 miles Average daily distance: 35 miles Terrain: Rolling, with climbs and descents Arrive: Alghero Depart: Calvi Price: $5,195-$5,395 Single Supplement: $900

in a transparent Mediterranean Sea set below rugged, mountainous landscapes. The pristine Corsican coastline awaits!



Dramatic beauty. Fascinating cultures. Exciting cycling. Our Mediterranean Island Hopping adventure whisks you away to places where a cerulean sea is surrounded by staggering mountains, where Italian and French cultures collide, where the excitement of cycling rewards you with unparalleled panoramas that make each day of the trip, well, perfect.

Mediterranean Island Hopping

Exotic Sardegna and Corsica are Showcased in this Ultimate European Island Getaway

Sardinian and Corsican specialties. Goat- and sheep-milk cheeses. Local salami and prosciutto. Wines made from native grapes...


Corsica and explore Sardegna, the second-largest and arguably most picturesque island in the Mediterranean.

spires, perfect asphalt, and flora are among my top five experiences of all time…


– Simone Scalas

Rocky cliffs, towering over a turquoise sea. Rare animals, glanced upon through the wild undergrowth. Shepherds tending their flocks on picturesque hillsides. The one-of-a-kind culture and cuisine that has emerged from years of isolation. Prepare to be truly swept away on this bike tour-of-lifetime.

trip details Intermediate

trip Essence

Experience Revel Alghero, Bosa, Villasimius


in some of the most thrilling rides of your life. Coastal views of Alghero, the remote, rugged landscape of inland Barbagia. Perfetto.


the frutta di mare: bottarga, cuttlefish, clams and mussels…oh my!


a dream world on a tour that embodies the founding principles of Ciclismo Classico – to be swept away, speechless, in Sardegna.

2013 Dates: 5/18-5/27 6/15-6/24 9/14-9/23 10/12-10/21 10/23-11/1 Length: 10 days/9 nights Total miles: 274 miles Average daily distance: 34 miles Terrain: Rolling, with climbs, descents – and breathtaking views Arrive/Depart: Alghero/Cagliari Price: $4,795-$4,995 Single Supplement: $850

...we spent the day with shepherds on the Supramonte, an authentic

Sicily Ovest The Insider’s Side of Sicily – An Archaeological Wonderland Led by native Sicilian expert, Paolo Nicolosi, our Western Sicilian cycling tour takes you beyond the basics. Explore history-rich archaeological sites and get a taste for the still-in-tact old-world traditions that make this Mediterranean island a treasure chest of sensory delight.

trip details Intermediate

2013 Dates: 5/13-5/20 9/8-9/15 9/30-10/7

Length: 8 days/7 nights Total miles: 227 miles Average daily distance: 38 miles Terrain: Rolling, with flat stretches and some climbs Arrive: Castellammare del Golfo Depart: Agrigento Price: $4,295-$4,495 Single Supplement: $750

Sicily’s Ancient Mainlands Meet the Legendary Aeolian Islands

trip Essence

Experience Revel

The spicy spirit of Sicily is in every breath you take on this adventure through ancient worlds and volcanic islands. See Sicily like no other with island expert Paolo Nicolosi at the handlebars.

Castellammare, Trapani, Egadi Islands, Selinunte, and Agrigento

in constantly changing terrain. Lush vineyards in Agrigento, salt fields in Marsala, citrus and olive groves in Sciacca…

trip details Intermediate


local delicacies and cuisine with a kick at our favorite trattoria. Capers, pachino tomatoes, and granita. Mangia!


the mattanza, the tuna-fishing method that local Egadi Island fishermen swear by and captivate your cultural curiosity.


2013 Dates: 3/21 - 3/29 4/19 - 4/27 5/3 - 5/11 5/31 - 6/8 9/20 - 9/28 10/11 - 10/19 10/25 - 11/2

taste of a lifestyle that we never imagined.

Length: 9 days/8 nights or 6 days/5 nights* Total miles: 243 miles Average daily distance: 29 miles Terrain: Rolling Arrive/Depart: Caltagirone/Catania Price: $4,595-$4,795 Single Supplement: $800 *Mini tour: 6 days/5 nights. Same departure dates at standard tour.

–Simone Scala

trip Essence

Experience Revel Siracusa, Ragusa, Mount Etna, and the Aeolian Islands

in riding right up to the ancient ruins that dot the island’s bucolic countryside, rich in Greek heritage.


the arancini and cannoli in a Baroque Sicilian village overlooking awe-inspiring views of the Aeolian Islands.


Mount Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe. Feast your eyes on deep caverns, steep cliffs, and magnificent Mediterranean views.




Sicily Est

Swept Away in

Exotic Sardegna and Corsica are Showcased in this Ultimate European Island Getaway

trip Essence

Grand Journeys

Experience Revel

Urbino, Gubbio, Assisi, Todi, Orvieto, Argentario

trip details

Molto. Epico. Unbelievable.


4/26-5/6 5/11-5/21 5/25-6/4 6/8-6/18 6/23-7/3 7/6-7/16 7/20-7/30 8/25-9/4 9/8-9/18 9/22-10/2 10/6-10/16

Fly across Italy’s fabled historic heart. Conquer the heroic passes of the Dolomites. Cross borders to explore ancient civilizations from Greece to Belgium and back. These award-winning adventures leave no switchback left unseen. For the voracious, velocipedista, these migrations offer more. More miles. More mountains. More mouthwatering food. More memories… excellent biking and cultural experience – it was perfectly balanced…

National Geographic Adventure magazine calls it our signature trip. We call it a classic. Based on founder Lauren Hefferon’s solo cycling adventure across central Italy to discover her mother’s Italian roots in Le Marche, this award-winning hill town treasure takes you on a coast-to-coast expedition you won’t want to miss.



Bike Across

The Italy You’ve Been Dreaming Of. From One Captivating Coast to the Other.

– Carol Schaffer, Silver Spring, MD

Length: 11 days/10 nights Total miles: 350 miles Average daily distance: 35 miles Terrain: Rolling with some climbs Arrive: Fano Depart: Porto Ercole Price: $4,995-$5,295 Single Supplement: $850

in riding by breathtaking beaches, wild landscapes, majestic mountains, rolling farmland, and dramatic cliffs…all on one tour.


the stalagmites and stalactites of underground Etruscan caves. Explore the underground world of this ancient Italian civilization.


medieval towns and take part in traditions as old as time itself. Paper-making, anyone?


Cycle through four different UNESCO World Heritage sites, past the Natural Park of Causses du Quercy and Haut Languedoc, and through six stunning, scenic, and culturally rich French departments on the newest addition to Ciclismo’s repertoire of bike tours.

trip details

trip details



2013 Dates: 5/21-6/1 6/18-6/29 9/3-9/14 10/5-10/16

Experience Revel Polignano a Mare, Alberobello, Matera, Castelmezzano, Palinuro, Cittadella del Capo

in a long-running, undiscovered route that rolls across Puglia, Basilicata, Campania and Calabria.


the scents of oranges and eucalyptus as you cycle cliffside on the Cilento Coast.


the true meaning of “Southern Hospitality” as you mix and mingle with locals in the most remote areas of southern Italy.

Length: 12 days/11 nights Total miles: 430 miles Average daily distance: 39 miles Terrain: Exhilarating ups and downs Arrive: Polignano Depart: Cittadella del Capo Price: $4,995-$5,095 Single Supplement: $850

...the attention to detail and pampering by our guides made the cycling

trip Essence

Experience Revel Dordogne, the region of MidiPyrenees, the wine areas of Bordeaux and Bergerac, and the UNESCO sites of Saint Emillion, Vezere Valley, Albi and Carcassonne

in shopping in the famous Sarlat market, in timeless art at the Toulouse-Lautree museum, and in the cultural richness and diversity of six French departments.


signature recipes from Aquitaine, Midi Pyrenees and Languedoc-Roussillion, and wines from Bordeaux, Bergerac, Cahors and Gaillac

practically effortless and yet so rewarding…

2013 Dates: 5/4-5/13 6/1-6/10 6/26-7/5 7/12-7/21 8/31-9/9 9/25-10/4


the Dordogne river by canoe, relax in 4-star hotels, châteauxs, and quaint French inns, and experience France like a local.

Length: 10 days/9 nights Total miles: 309 miles Average daily distance: 39 miles Terrain: Rolling with some climbs Arrive: Saint-Emillion Depart: Carcassonne Price: $5,395 Single Supplement: $1,000

–Courtney Silvergleid, Incline Village, NY




Surrounded by trulli architecture, this cycling extravaganza starts in la bella Puglia and comes to a spectacular close on the rugged coastline of Calabria. Honored by Outside magazine as their Western European “Trip of the Year” in 2004, this is the first and only tour to travel across Italy’s spellbinding south… on two wheels.

trip Essence


Newbike across

The Latest Addition to Ciclismo’s “Bike Across” Repertoire”

Italy II


bike across

Kick Into Gear as you Bike Across the Heel and Toe of the Boot

Giro D’Italia

It goes where Napolean marched. Where salt and textiles were traded. Where battles were fought. On this two-wheeled tour of Europe, the vibrant histories of Italy, Switzerland and France, Luxembourg and Belgium become a pivotal part of your own past, present, and future.

trip details

trip details

Experience Revel Ferrara, Ravenna, Firenze, Arezzo, Cortona, Spoleto, Ascoli, Caramanico, and Gaeta

in the “real Italy.” Breathtaking back roads bring you and your bike through the charming villages of Ascoli Piceno, Norcia, Ferrara, Florence and Ravenna.


the local specialties: the black truffles of Norcia, fresh-baked dense bread, fresh-pressed olive oil in Spoleto…


atop the Gran Sasso, the highest part of the Apennines, and prepare yourself for a perfectly picturesque and completely unforgettable descent.

2013 Dates: 5/25-6/8 6/30-7/14 9/1-9/15 Length: 15 days/14 nights Total miles: 715 miles Average daily distance: 55 miles Terrain: Flat start, then undulating with incredible descents Arrive: Ferrara Depart: Gaeta Price: $6,295 Single Supplement: $1,100


2013 Dates: 6/24-7/5 8/19-8/30

trip Essence

Experience Revel Finale Ligure, Acqui Terme, Ivrea, Aosta, Belfort, Colmar, and Strasbourg.

in ancient Roman byways, the stunning Swiss Alps, the wines of Alsace, and the UNESCO Sites of Colmar and Strasbourg.


the Swiss Pino Noir after conquering the Saint Bernard pass, or a glass of Champagne after entering France.


the historical trails of salt traders, fabric merchants, Napolean’s armies, and the soldiers who found in World War I and II.

Length: 12 days/11 nights Total miles: 610 miles Average daily distance: 61 miles Terrain: Rolling with exciting climbs and exhilarating descents Arrive: Genoa Depart: Strasbourg Price: $6,395 Single Supplement: $1,100

*Mini tour: 8 days/7 nights. Same departure dates at standard tour.

...the G ‘ iro d’Italia’ was my best cycle-touring experience ever – the riding, scenery,


Snake your way through the orchards and lagoons of Ravenna, tour the Tuscan hills on two wheels, and cycle past dramatic views of the Scanno gorges on this seamless, once-in-a-lifetime route across six different regions of Italy. A thrilling Italian odyssey, filled with stunning sights, challenging climbs, breathtaking descents, and perfect memories.


trip Essence


Giro D’Europa

History Comes to Life as you Cycle the Trading Route from Italy to Belgium


The World’s Most Comprehensive Pedaling Portrait of La Bella Italia

food, cultural experiences, guides, and group were all perfect…

–Matt Masters, Walnut Creek, CA


Explore a Borderless World, Filled With Breathtaking Biking Adventures The romanticism of the French Riviera. The vibrancy of the lush Vietnamese countryside. While our roots remain deep in the heart of Italia, there are plenty of other perfect places to pedal in Europe and beyond. From sunny, southern Spain to the remarkable rainforests of New Zealand, our expertly planned tours take you to the most breathtaking places our world has to offer…and beyond.

Satisfy your cycling soul with all the splendor of the Central European landscape. Tiny villages, lakes, forests, farmland – and magnificently manicured bike paths that zig-zag through it all. From regal Salzburg to the forests of Bohemia, explore the rich history of Prague and enjoy some of the best cycling and scenery the world has to offer.

trip Essence


Salzburg, Mondsee, Gmunded, Steyr, Freidstadt (Austria), Cesky Krumlov, Ceske Budejovice, and Prague.

trip details


2013 Dates: 5/18-5/26 6/29-7/7 9/7-9/15



...bright blue lakes, fragrant forests, pristine bike paths winding through Alpine farmland.

Length: 9 days/8 nights Total miles: 261 miles Average daily distance: 32 miles Terrain: Flat and rolling Arrive/Depart: Salzburg/Prague Price: $4,595-$4,695 Single Supplement: $800

The charming Austrians with their love of music and culture…

in breathtaking views of mountains, lakes, and medieval villages while pedaling past the Danube River on one of the world’s best bike-path networks.





Austria & Czech Republic

Where Fairytale Landscapes Unfold Before You

hearty, authentic Austrian cuisine. Sample mouthwatering beers and taste local cheeses while visiting an Austrian sheep farm.


the cultures of a land where East meets West, where traditions are bridged across the UNESCO World Heritage Cities of Salzburg, Holasovice and Prague.

–Lauren Hefferon, Founder




Fields of lavender incense the air. Tables are replete with plump olives and aromatic cheeses, dishes seasoned with garlic and rich, colorful spices. Let the sun warm your skin and the air warm your soul as you cycle past beautiful fields and vineyards, quaint villages, and more Roman ruins than you’ll find in all of Italy.

trip details

trip details



2013 Dates: 5/19-5/26 6/23-6/30 9/15-9/22

trip Essence

Experience Revel Trieste, Umag, Rovinj, and Pula.


in peaceful rides past historic hilltop villages and the Adriatic Sea on a peninsula that is so close to Italy – and yet so culturally confined.


the latest vintages of Croatian wines and learn about the island’s blossoming wine industry.


the convergence of Italian, Germanic, Latin and Slavic cultures on a sublime cycling adventure.

Length: 8 days/7 nights Total miles: 264 miles Average daily distance: 37 miles Terrain: Rolling Arrive/Depart: Trieste, Italy Price: $4,195-$4,295 Single Supplement: $800

...the variety of settings and atmospheres, the way we ate and learned about


Etched by the Adriatic Sea, the coastline of Croatia is nothing short of captivating. With forested mountains, lush vineyards, distant islands and spellbinding views of the sea – all sprinkled with medieval castles, Byzantine cathedrals, and villages left untouched by the torrents of time – this is the perfect setting for a week-long bicycling idyll.


Croatia Istria Peninsula

From Avignon to Saint-Remy, Let the Sensory Pleasures of Provence Revitalize You

Experience the Old World in One of Europe’s Hottest New Destinations

trip Essence

Experience Revel Avignon, Mazan, Gordes, and Saint Remy

in a ride alongside the Saint Remy sunflower fields – the same fields that inspired Vincent van Gogh.

the regional specialties…


mouthwatering Provencal dishes featuring local herbs, tapenades, and freshly-pressed olive oils.

–Barbara Hay, Lawton, OK

2013 Dates: 5/18 - 5/25 6/15 - 6/22 7/20 - 7/27 9/14 - 9/21 10/12 - 10/19


charming chateaus and country inns as we pedal the path of the Romans from Avignon to Aix-en-Provence Saint-Remy.

Length: 8 days/7 nights Total miles: 238 miles Average daily distance: 34 miles Terrain: Gently rolling Arrive/Depart: Avignon/Saint-Remy Price: $4,995 Single Supplement: $900


French Alps

Northern Portugal: Wines and Wheels

to the French Riviera An Experiential “Peak” for the Experienced Rider The promise of picturesque Alpine peaks and valleys is enough to put even the most passionate pedaler on cloud nine. But the reality of reaching those peaks – of conquering these world-class climbs – is enough to put you on top of the world... literally. The reward for your uphill accomplishments is a day of unwinding on the French Riviera. Le jour parfait.

trip details Expert

2013 Dates: 6/22 - 6/30 7/3 - 7/11 7/14 - 7/22 8/24 - 9/1

Length: 9 days/8 nights Total miles: 396 miles Average daily distance: 50 miles Terrain: Very rolling, with mountain passes Arrive: Grenoble Depart: Sainte-Maxime Price: $4,995 Single Supplement: $900

Soul-Stirring Cycling With an Optional Spin-Off to Brittany

trip Essence

Experience Revel

Castles line the countryside and the coastline is completely at peace. Cycle this historically significant slice of heaven with native guides who know exactly where to find the finest cider, calvados and Camembert.

Grenoble, La Grave, Briancon, Gorges du Verdon, and Cote d’Azur in some of Europe’s most amazing – and ambitious! – rides: the French Alps, Provence, and along Cote d’Azur

trip details



some well-deserved downtime on a chairlift ride up to the Meije Glacier, or expand your adventure on an option whitewater rafting.


unexpected French delights, soak in their rich culture, and even pick up a little Francais from our native Alpine tour guides.

2013 Dates: 6/25 - 7/1 7/30 - 8/5 8/19 -8/25


Length: 7 days/6 nights Total miles: 167 miles Average daily distance: 28 miles Terrain: Flat and rolling with some hills Arrive/Depart: France/Bayeux, France or Saint Malo, France Price: $4,295 Single Supplement: $800

Uncork This Little-Seen Side of Portugal Fabulous landscapes and far-reaching history. Vinho verde and port. Let our native guides show you this littleseen side of Portugal…from a local’s perspective. Sample the wines of this beautiful land as you cycle through Minho, Lima and the Douro River Valley.

trip Essence

Experience Revel

trip details

Honfleur, Caen, Bayeux, and Omaha Beach


2013 Dates: 3/23 - 3/31 4/29 - 5/7 9/25 - 10/3 10/23 - 10/31

in abbeys and chateaus, coastal villages, and world-shaping historical sites as you cycle the beloved Normandy region.


the cider, the calvados and the Camembert cheese that this French region is so well known for.


Mont Saint Michel and the quaint village of Saint Malo on our 2-day post-tour trip to Brittany.

…our tour of the beautiful Dordogne – our second trip with Ciclismo – was another


Cider, Castles and Coastline



trip Essence

Experience Revel Valenca do Minho, Minho Valley, Guimaraes, Alijò, Douro River wine region, and Porto

in the cycling and scenery in Portugal’s sole national park, Serra do Marão.


vast varieties of Portuguese wine – vinho verde and port – and learn about the significance of these wines from their local growers.


hidden corners of Portugal and the small towns and villages where centuries-old traditions endure.

Length: 9 days/8 nights Total miles: 297 miles Average daily distance: 37 miles Terrain: Rolling with some climbs Arrive/Depart: Baiona/Porto Price: $4,395-$4,595 Single Supplement: $800

outstanding experience! Guides were superb and the hotels outstanding…


–Irwin Gross, Bangor, ME

Soar past sheer cliffs canvassed with whitewashed villages, fertile farmlands, lush olive groves, rustic oil presses, scenic lakes, and history-rich cities and towns. There is a reward for every rider on this tour, and our native trip specialist will ensure that everything you experience – the language and culture, the comida and the vino – is absolutely authentic.

trip details Intermediate

trip Essence

Experience Revel Cruz de Tejeda, Playa de Mogan, and Soria.


Andalucia Preciosa


Gran Canaria

Challenging volcanic slopes and vast deserts meet cooling forests and coastlines, all scattered with countless, captivating villages to break up your ride. Gran Canaria’s warm and always-mild climate makes this island and oasis for cyclists.

Spin Down the Scenic Byways of Sunny, Southern Spain


Explore a Spanish Island and Year-Round Cycling Oasis

in rides that vary from sea level to 6,300 feet while enjoying dramatically changing land and seascapes, captivating coastline, lush forests, deserts and volcanic mounts.


the year-round warmth of a classic destination that draws cycling enthusiasts from Europe and beyond.

2013 Dates: 2/17 - 2/23 3/17 - 3/23 4/14 - 4/20 10/20 - 10/26 11/17 - 11/23 11/24 - 11/30 12/29 - 1/4


the island of Gran Canaria with native tour guides. Catch your breath, drink, and be refreshed in remote villages, far off the beaten path.

Length: 7 days/6 nights Total miles: 166 miles Average daily distance: 28 miles Terrain: Very rolling, with mountain passes Arrive/Depart: Santa Brigida/ Playa de Mogan Price: $3,995 Single Supplement: $700

…beyond anything we ever expected. The scenery and settings were like a

trip details Intermediate

2013 Dates: 4/20 - 4/28 5/11 - 5/19 10/5 - 10/13 11/2 - 11/10

trip Essence

Experience Revel Cordoba, Priego, Riofrio, Antequera, Ronda

in a rewarding ride across Andalucian landscapes, dotted with thousands of olive trees, white-washed villages, and small farms.


the tapas, sip sangria, and please your palate with fresh-pressed olive oil as you travel from one tasty town to another.

dream. Each day was better than the last…


the dance that this region of Spain is famous for – the flamenco. Spin on two feet, for a change, during a flamenco dancing lesson.

–Kim Ramseier, Folsom, CA

Length: 9 days/8 nights Total miles: 305 miles Average daily distance: 38 miles Terrain: Rolling and hilly Arrive/Depart: Cordoba/Ronda Price: $4,695 Single Supplement: $850


Explore an exotic Vietnamese backdrop filled with lush countryside, rich culture, exquisite cuisine, and seascapes that will steal your breath. Gain insight and leadership from our own local guides as you mix and mingle with locals in the many tiny side-by-side villages that veil the Vietnamese countryside.

The Dramatic West Coast bike across


An Elegant East-West Transit of Scotland’s High-Minded Highlands Filled with ecological marvels – pristine lochs, fields of heather, ancient sandstone mountains – cycling the Scottish Highlands promises suberb views, fantastic loops, and that famous Scottish its best.

trip details Intermediate

2013 Dates: 6/15 - 6/22 8/10 - 8/17

Length: 8 days/7 nights Total miles: 254 miles Average daily distance: 36 miles Terrain: Rolling Arrive/Depart: Inverness Price: $4,595 Single Supplement: $800

Pedal to the Beat of a Spellbinding Celtic Landscape

trip Essence

Experience Revel

The Irish may be renowned storytellers, but nothing expresses the story of Ireland quite like its stunning scenery. The soaring Cliffs of Moher. The Twelve Bens mountains. The peat bogs of Connemara National Park. The wild heart of Ireland is not only artistically and imaginatively inspiring, but a beautiful place to pedal.

Fort Augustus, Balmacara, Applecross, Torridon, and Gairloch in lush landscapes to rugged roadsides, where you’ll spot all sorts of wildlife. Dolphins, rams, ospreys...maybe even the Loch Ness!


trip details

succulent seafood, game, cheeses, whiskey and beer – all locally sourced and produced.


the verdant and rich town of Inverness, watch for a “Nessie” sighting, and boat to the 13th c. Urquhart Castle.



2013 Dates: 6/23 - 6/30 8/11 - 8/18

Length: 8 days/7 nights Total miles: 181 miles Average daily distance: 27 miles Terrain: Flat and rolling Arrive/Depart: Galway Price: $4,595 Single Supplement: $800

trip Essence

Experience Revel

Ballyvaughan, Aran Islands, Clifden, Leenane, and Galway. in the spectacular scenery that inspired Joyce, Yeats, Wilde, Synge, Beckett, and Shaw. The Cliffs of Moher, the Twelve Bens mountains…

Savor Discover

the time spent soaking in the secluded and storied Aran Islands. the slowly disappearing peat bogs of Connemara National Park…while cycling!

…I love biking, but Ciclismo adds so much more – the hiking, the museums, a real

Vietnam Splendor trip Essence

Experience Revel Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An, Nha Trang, and Ho Chi Min City.

in pedaling past Vietnam’s many diverse and dynamic landscapes on a ride from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City.


a meal with a local historian, whose stories will bring the area to life, and learn from a Vietnamese anthropologist in his own home.


Angkor Wat and Halong Bay before or after your tour to get the very most out of your cycling vacation in Southeast Asia.

chance to experience the people, the culture, the wine, the food…

trip details moderate

2013 Dates: 11/5 - 11/15/12 12/23/12 - 1/2 2/18 - 2/28 3/5 - 3/15 11/4 - 11/14 12/16 - 12/26 Length: 11 days/10 nights or 14 days/13 nights Total miles: 204 miles Average daily distance: 21 miles Terrain: Flat and rolling Arrive/Depart: Hanoi/Ho Chi Minh City Price: : $4,795 - $4,995 Single Supplement: $1,250- $1,395 –Susan Pallotta, Bristol, WV




From North to South Vietnam; United on One Exceptionally Seamless Route


Family Vacations La Mia Famiglia in Bici

Filled with easy cycling, accessible culture, endless discovery and healthy and hearty meals (prepared for you rather than by you), Ciclismo’s family tours let your crew of all ages and sizes bike, kayak, swim, horseback ride, and cook…while staying in cozy villas and beautiful B&Bs. Bicycling bambini grow into adventurous adults. Start them early and watch young eyes – and minds – open wide.

...everything the guides did was so that our family would have fun and experience as much as

Tuscan Fantasy Where Dreams of Family Togetherness Come True Escape to picturesque Tuscany for a week-long cycling adventure. Sun-dappled landscapes and historic treasures. Silky roads and delicious gelato. Mingle with local Italian families and strengthen your own famiglia.

trip details moderate

2013 Dates: 6/15-6/22 6/13-6/20 6/27-8/3

Length: 8 days/7 nights Total miles: 121 Average daily distance: 20 miles Terrain: Flat and rolling Arrive/Depart: San Donato Price: $3,995 Single Supplement: $800 Children 3 years and younger: $750 Children 4-7 years: 25% discount Children 8-16 years: 15% discount

Cycle. Swim. Eat. Repeat.

trip Essence

Sardegna’s blend of Italian, Roman, and Phoenician heritages offers a diverse range of diversions for family fun. By bike, train, or boat, explore the refreshing Mediterranean waters and reinvigorate your family’s relationships.

Experience Revel Valdarno, Arezzo, and Firenze.

in rides through Tuscan olive groves and forests. Hike, kayak, and enjoy other cultural exchanges perfect for adults and children alike.

trip details

Savor Explore


Tuscan foods, wines, and olive oils. Make – and mangia – your own pizza! your accommodations – a Tuscan farmhouse with a swimming pool tennis courts, spectacular gardens, horseback riding and more!

2013 Dates: 6/6-6/13 8/3-8/10


Length: 7 days/6 nights Total miles: 53 Average daily distance: 13 miles Terrain: Flat and rolling Arrive/Depart: Cagliari Price: $3,895 Single Supplement: $700 Children 3 years and younger: $750 Children 4-7 years: 25% discount Children 8-16 years: 15% discount

possible about Italy and its people. A once-in-a-lifetime experience…

trip Essence

Experience Revel Calasetta, Sant’Antioco Island, San Pietro Island, and Pula.

in captivating coastal views and peaceful pedaling alongside the Mediterranean Sea.


luscious, fresh tomato foccacia, savory seafood, and cool, crisp white wines!


charming country inns and take your tour off two wheels with snorkeling, swimming or canoeing excursions.

–Kim Ramseier, Folsom, CA


Sardegnan Sun

fun in the

Sud Tyrol Roll


trip details moderate

2013 Dates: 6/24-6/30 7/12-7/18 7/29-8/4

Length: 7 days/6 nights Total miles: 134 Average daily distance: 27 miles Terrain: Flat and rolling Arrive/Depart: Saint-Remy de Provence Price: $4,295 Single Supplement: $800 Children 3 years and younger: $750 Children 4-7 years: 25% discount Children 8-16 years: 15% discount

trip Essence


La Vie est Belle – the Roman Path: Saint Remy en Provence, Les Beaux, Avignon, Arles


in lavender fields, Provencal culture, and the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Avignon and Arles.

trip Essence

Stunning Alpine views, mouthwatering mountain cuisine, and ancient history meet on this morethan-perfect family vacation. Reconnect while riding past tranquil lakes, indulging in Italy’s best gelato, and adventuring on two wheels, two feet, by kayak and more…

Experience Revel


2013 Dates: 7/7-7/13 8/4-8/10

the secrets of Provencal cuisine and indulge in indigenous wines – all with local chefs and wineries.


the panoramas painted by Van Gogh and recharge in a 4-star hotel in Saint-Remy de Provence.

A Leisurely Spin Through Lakes, Rivers and Bike Paths

trip details



Amalfi Stroll & Roll (9 days)

Length: 7 days/6 nights Total miles: 108 Average daily distance: 21 miles Terrain: Flat Arrive: Bolzano Depart: Riva del Garda Price: $3,495 Single Supplement: $600 Children 3 years and younger: $750 Children 4-7 years: 25% discount Children 8-16 years: 15% discount

The Best of Both Worlds, Amalfi Style

Bolzano, Riva del Garda, Roncolo, and Terlano

in a quiet ride along the Ciclopista del Sole bike path, the tranquility of Lake Caldaro, and the energy of multi-sport excursions in Garda.


mouthwatering mountain cuisine, local beers and wines, and some of Italy’s best gelato.


medieval castles, and adventure parks. Learn more about Oetzi, the 5,600 year old mummy found right here in this area.

…Ciclismo and their guides shared their deep passion for Italy with us, which made

trip Essence

Experience Revel Savor Explore

Positano, Amalfi, Ravello, Capri, Paestum, and Santa Maria di Castellabate. in biking and hiking across the best of the Amalfi Coast. the storied flavors of Campania: fresh vegetables, gnocchi, local wines, olive oils, and locally-made limoncello. fairytale villages, perched along the sparkling Mediterranean Sea. Indulge each of your senses in the spectacular Amalfi Coast.

Price: $4,695 Single Supplement: $900

Cinque Terre (8 days)

The Charm of the Riviera and Liguria

trip Essence

Tuscan Wanderlust (6 days) Hike Your Way Across Ciclismo’s Birthplace

trip Essence



Revel Savor


Cinque Terre, Santa Margherita, Monterosso, Corniglia, Riomaggiore, Manarola, Vernazza, Portovenere, and Palmaria Island in terraced vineyards and dramatic coastal scenery, village walks and ancient abbeys. Ligurian cuisine with local chefs. Taste the tongue-tingling local wines and find a gastronomic surprise around each corner.


the islands near Portovenere and visit with local craftsmen and fishermen. Price: $3,995 Single Supplement: $800


Adventures of sight, sound and scent await your family on this weeklong tour of Provence. Unpack just once, and set off in a different direction each day. Let our native guides lead the way while you ride, recharge, and reconnect with your loved ones.

Hiking Tours, Ciclismo Style

The Amalfi Coast. The Cinque Terre. Some of our favorite Italian spots are a bit off the bike path. Others – like Piedmont and Tuscany – are as enjoyable on two feet as they are on two wheels. Whether you want to combine your cycling tour with an unforgettable on-foot experience or just prefer to tour Italy a piede, our hiking tours bring the magic of Italy to you…Ciclismo style.

Pour la Famille

Share the Cycling, the Scenery and the Sunshine

A Piedi, alla Ciclismo

Cinque Terre, Santa Margherita, Monterosso, Corniglia, Riomaggiore, Manarola, Vernazza, Portovenere, and Palmaria Island



in classic wine country and postcard-perfect Pienza. Delight your senses while hiking on farm roads, fire trails, and hillside tracks.

Savor Explore

Brunello and Vino Nobile under a quintessential Southern Tuscan moonscape. Etruscan, Medieval and Renaissance villages, the tiny spa town of Bagno Vignoni, and enjoy classic Tuscan country accommodations. Price: $3,295 Single Supplement: $700

them and the tour itself a great part of our honeymoon!...

– Jeremy & Vanda Westin, New York, NY


Breve e Dolce (Short and Sweet)



Piedmont & Provence

and the Lake District

From Lakes Orta and Maggiore to Monferrato and Across the Foothills of the Alps Pedal through one of Italy’s most picturesque countrysides on a perfect ride through Piedmont. Reward your challenging rides with sumptuous cuisine and world-class vino. Enjoy this cyclists’ paradise…without punishing your pockets.

trip details Intermediate

2013 Dates: 5/27-6/1 7/22-7/27 8/19-8/24 10/21-10/26

…in challenging economic times, Ciclismo stands out because of the dedication and

The Alps of

Length: 6 days/5 nights Total miles: 211 Average daily distance: 42 miles Terrain: Rolling and hilly Arrive: Orta Depart: Penango (Asti) Price: $2,795 Single Supplement: $400

A Scenic and Historic Roll through the French and Italian Alps

trip Essence

Experience Revel

Rejoice in a rewarding ride through the Italian and French Alps. Sharpen your senses as you cycle past stunning Alpine scenery, as you devour local delicacies, as you ascend to amazing heights. Want more? Extend your trip for three days and experience Torino and the Gran Fondo Fausto Coppi.

the Lakes Region, Biella, Lago di Viverone, Monferrato, and Torino in spectacular spins past picture-perfect lakes, in history-rich sites, and smooth country roads with panoramic views of the Alps and Italian flatlands.

trip details



Piedmontese cuisine – famous for it antipasti – and take advantage of available wine-tasting excursions and other delicious activities.


the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Monferrato, Langhe, and Roero, and indulge in local Barbera, Ruche, and Grignolino wines.


2013 Dates: 6/29-7/8 (3-night posttour extension available) 8/4-8/10

Length: 7 days/6 nights Total miles: 279 Average daily distance: 47 miles Terrain: Rolling, with mountain passes and exhilarating descents Arrive: Caraglio Depart: Cuneo Price: $3,295 Single Supplement: $450

professionalism of its guides. Their tours are unsurpassed!...

trip Essence

Experience Revel

the Lakes Region, Biella, Lago di Viverone, Monferrato, and Torino in spectacular Alpine views and the challenge of climbing Col dell’Agnello, Sampeyre, Izoard, Vars, Bonette and Lombarda

Savor Discover

a locally produced and remarkably unforgettable Alpine cow milk cheese. the ancient Occitan culture that is so deeply rooted in the small villages of this area.

–Bill Holley, Atlanta, GA

More Miles for Less

All of the award-winning qualities of a Ciclismo Classico tour – the local guides, the path-less-pedaled routes, the deep cultural immersion, and the faultless logistics – in a short-and-sweet package. Stay in simple yet comfortable inns, enjoy “meals on your own wheels,” and free up plenty of Euros for biking ‘til you break. Our More Miles for Less tours are perfect for pedaling into the wide, wide world of Italy.


You Don’t Have to Race It to Ride It!

Famous Alpine Passes

Dramatic Mountain Views and Fairytale Towns Famous passes, fairytale villages and next-to-none mountaintop views. The world’s greatest cyclists regard the passes on this route with the utmost respect. You, too, can experience the exhilarating climbs and thrilling descents of the great Dolomites region on this tour, led by local guides who have logged more than 7.500 miles in the Dolomites.

trip details Intermediate

You’ve always dreamt about riding in one of Europe’s great road races…and now your dream can come true. On any of our exhilarating Campione Series tours, you’ll cheer the racers, ride select portions of the route, pick up expert riding tips, and experience all the “extras” that Ciclismo adds to these famous races.

...bright lakes, fragrant forests, pristine paths that wind through Alpine farmland – it is this

2013 Dates: 5/18-5/24 7/21-7/27 9/1-9/7

Length: 7 days/6 nights Total miles: 260 Average daily distance: 43 miles Terrain: Breathtaking descents and challenging climbs Arrive: Glorenza Depart: Corvara Price: $3,995 Single Supplement: $750

Dramatic Mountain Views and Fairytale Towns with an Exclusive Finale: the Gran Fondo Fausto Coppi

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Seven deliciously difficult – and regally rewarding – Dolomites passes, cycled over an eight-day bike tour, ending with a ride on the Gran Fondo Fausto Coppi.

Glorenza, Passo Stelvio, Bolzano, Canazei, and Corvara.

in a daily backdrop of soaring spires, waterfalls, cool forests and the best of mountain cultures.

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locally prepared gourmet dinners in the villages of Canazei and Corvara. the famous passes of the Dolomites: Falzarego, Fedaia, and Marmolada…

2013 Dates: 6/24-7/1


Length: 8 days/7 nights Total miles: 410 Average daily distance: 59 miles Terrain: Breathtaking descents and challenging climbs Arrive: Glorenza Depart: Corvara Price: $4,595 Single Supplement: $850

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Campione Series

Maratona of the Dolomites

Majestic Dolomites:

Glorenza, Passo Stelvio, Bolzano, Canazei, and Corvara.

in rides that take you through some of the world’s most spectacular mountains and the villages within them.


gourmet Italian dinners, enjoyed in quaint mountain villages, surrounded by the best of mountain culture.


the Gran Fondo Fausto Coppi, Italy’s main amateur cycling event and largest race route.

enchanting blend of stunning landscapes that keeps me coming back for “just one more” tour…

Use One of Our Awesome Bicycles • Bianchi Sempre carbon bike, weighing in at under 20 lbs. • 27- or 30-speed Bianchi road bike with aluminum frame, carbon fork, and Campagnolo components • Ultra-performance, 24-speed Ciclismo Classico exclusive hybrid with aluminum frame (women’s hybrid also available) • Tandems available upon request (extra charge) • Bike selection on tours outside of Europe may vary Travel Planning • An expert office staff in the USA and Italy to assist you in pre- and post-tour travel consultation • An extensive pre-departure package with information about your destination, what to bring, what to expect, and more • Convenient meeting points for arrivals and departures

On the Trip • Detailed route instructions and maps highlighting daily options • Wine and food tastings • Guided tours • On-tour cycling clinics • Museum visits • Rides with locals, visits to local festivals and special cultural events • Limited group sizes: 10-24 guests • Extra loops available on all trips • Free custom-designed cycling jersey • Inclusions vary on More Miles for Less trips. Call for details. Guides and Van Support • Experienced bi-lingual and native Italian and local guides, equipped with mobile phones • Local guides to lead walks and educational talks • Private van support to transport luggage and provide assistance when necessary Fees and Gratuities • Any shuttles (aside from private taxis) needed while on tour • Tips and gratuities for performers, local city guides and more What’s Not Included: Wine and alcoholic beverages – optional wine kitty available on tour • Most lunches • Airfare • Transfers to the starting point or finishing point, unless specified (we can assist in planning and arranging any necessary shuttles) • Helmets (required) • Transport of bike cases for guests brining their own bikes • Personal expenses (laundry, supplies, phone calls, etc.) • Guide gratuity

Your Personal Bicycle – Custom-Built Perfectly NEW! The Bianchi Sempre Weighing in at less than 20 lbs. this carbon bicycle has Shimano Ultegra components with an FSA headset, crankset, and brakes, with Fulcrum wheels. Compact setup with a 12-28 cluster in the back and 50/34 in the front. For Gear Freaks: We start with a Bianchi Via Nirone 7 road frame and build up each bike with top Italian components: Bianchi FLNcarbon fork, Campagnolo Veloce triple, Campagnolo Veloce shifters and brakes, an adjustable stem, puncture-resistant tires, and a comfortable gel-padded saddle. For Romantics: The final flourish is on our own headcrest – the Gallo Nero, or black rooster – the symbol of our heritage in the Tuscan Chianti region.

Each Ciclismo Classico bike comes equipped with: • Ciclismo Classico water bottle • Two large water bottle holders • Map holder on handlebars • Handlebar bag to carry your camera and other transportables • Tire pump • Odometer/speedometer cycle computer

• Combination bike lock • Card with your tour leaders’ mobile phone numbers Our expert guides will make sure your bike is perfectly dialed in to your body before you start your tour. Bicycle availability may vary when touring in Scotland, Ireland, Gran Canaria or Vietnam. Check with your Ciclismo tour consultant.


Accommodations & Meals • All accommodations with private baths in four- or five-star hotels, charming • B&Bs, and family-run inns • All continental breakfasts • Two Ciclismo Classico picnics and an introductory lunch • Most dinners, except one or two on your own • All snacks and drinks en route • Luggage handling during the tour

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Prefer an upright sitting position? No problem. Want an ultra-performance aluminum hybrid bike with straight handlebars that is conducive to riding at a more relaxed pace? No problem. Prefer to bring your own bike? No problem. We offer tandem bikes. We offer small bikes for children: hybrids, trail-a-bikes, and trailers designed to work in harmony with our main bikes.


Early Sign-Up Alumni Savings: Save 8-18% on the cost of your tour when you sign-up before Thanksgiving! Savings are based on how many times you’ve toured with us before. Call 1-800-866-7314 for details! Club Ciclismo: Create a Club Ciclismo chapter for you and other guests from your tour and enjoy la dolce vita with your family and friends at home…all while earning travel credits for your next Ciclismo vacation! Become a Ciclismo ambassador and earn credits for every Ciclismo event you host. Accumulate enough credits and you could even travel FREE! You’ll receive special treatment when you reserve your next trip and can enjoy free travel consultation anytime. You’ll also be invited to our own special events, rides, and reunions! Just choose the type of event you’d like to host and we’ll provide the tools to make being a chapter ambassador easy! For more information on starting a Club Ciclismo chapter, call 1-800-866-7314 or email

Bringing Dreams to Life, Locally and Globally

Ciclismo Classico has built relationships with the following organizations:

Terms & Conditions Reservations & Payments To sign up for a Ciclismo Classico tour, call us at 1-800-866-7314 or sign up online at ciclismoclassico. com, and charge the $500 deposit to your Visa or MasterCard. Balances are due 90 days prior to departure. Upon receipt of your deposit and signed tour participant agreement, you will receive a comprehensive pre-departure packet that will get you ready for your trip. Because many of our tours fill up six months in advance, we suggest reserving early. Furthermore, the sooner you decide on a tour, the more time you will have to read through our materials and prepare yourself for this unique travel experience. Accommodations Prices shown are based on double occupancy. If you would like your own room, there is an additional single supplement charge. A limited number of single rooms are available on all tours, so please call for availability. Note: In Europe, single rooms are often smaller than double rooms, even though they cost more per person. If you would like us to provide you with a roommate, we will do our best to make a suitable match; doing so is usually not a problem. If you sign up at least 90 days in advance and request that we find you a roommate, fifty percent (50%) of the single supplement charge will be added to your tour price at the time of booking. If we are able to find you a roommate, there will be no single supplement charge. If we are unable to find you a roommate, you will receive a single room at only fifty percent (50%) of the single-room charge. If you sign up within fewer than 90 days of the tour departure, the single supplement charge will apply. Please understand that many of our hotels charge the same for single and double rooms, especially if the hotel is full. Participant Responsibility We will gladly answer questions to help you select a tour or provide you with names of past participants who will candidly describe their experience with Ciclismo Classico. However, our guests have the responsibility to select the trip most appropriate to their physical abilities and interests, to carefully read all the detailed pre-departure information before leaving, and to be in sufficient good health to undertake the trip.

Children on Family Trips To ride in the van, children under 8 years old must be accompanied by a parent. Children under 4 years old or weighing less than 40 pounds are required to be in a child’s car seat in the van. Children weighing 40-77 pounds must use an adaptor or booster seat. Ciclismo Classico does not provide these seats; parents are responsible for bringing their own.

time it is paid for. The policy can be paid for at the time of initial registration or any time until 90 days before the trip departure date, when the insurance cost is due along with any other outstanding balance. Trip deposits may not be applied to the cost of the plan. Ciclismo Classico provides information about the policy, but detailed questions about the policy should be directed to the insurance provider.

About Group Travel Travel within a group invariably involves compromise to accommodate diverse desires, travel goals, personalities, and the physical abilities of all group members. Ciclismo Classico leaders may be required to improvise and exercise good faith, use discretion, and/or make decisions based upon group consensus. These decisions may not always please every individual, but they are intended to satisfy the desires of the larger group.

Cancellations and Refunds All requests for refunds must be submitted to Ciclismo Classico in writing as soon as possible. Exceptions to our cancellation policy cannot be made for any reason, including weather or personal emergencies. There is no refund for unexpectedly leaving a trip early or arriving late. We strongly recommend tripcancellation insurance. Ciclismo Classico does not recommend the purchase of nonrefundable airline tickets. Cancellation fees are determined as follows:

Changes to the Itinerary Due to circumstances beyond our control, Ciclismo Classico may have to make partial changes to the stated itinerary. Every effort is made to keep changes to a minimum, and our standard of quality is always maintained.

Days Prior to Departure Cancellation Fee 91+ $250 administrative fee

Service Responsibility Ciclismo Classico will not assume responsibility for any overseas company or person who fails to provide services that have been contracted for any of its tours (in the case of such an event, alternative services will be sought). In rare instances, we may ask a traveler to switch to another trip from one that has logistical problems or too few participants; we will attempt to notify you at least 60 days before the departure date. We reserve the right to cancel any trip, for any reason, at any time prior to departure. In this case, refund of any payments received constitutes full settlement. Insurance Ciclismo Classico will not assume responsibility or liability for any loss or damage of personal effects or for any injury or loss during the duration of the tour. Therefore, we highly recommend that you obtain baggage, health, and/or accident insurance. Ciclismo Classico offers a travel protection plan through a leading independent provider. If a guest elects to purchase the plan, the policy is only in effect from the


Loss of the $500 deposit


50% of the trip price


Ciclismo Classico was founded as a family business, and our mission is to extend our family values to our team and guests. Here are just some of the benefits of being part of la famiglia Ciclismo:

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30-44 100% of the trip price; you may apply 35% of payment to a future trip departing within one calendar year of cancellation date 15-29 100% of the trip price; you may apply 15% of payment to a future trip departing within one calendar year of cancellation date 0-14

100% of the trip price

You may transfer your trip deposit to another departure in the same tour season up to 90 days before your original departure for a $100-per-person transfer fee. Prices quoted are based on the international exchange rate in July 2011 and are subject to adjustment without prior notification in the event that those rates change.



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BEYOND EUROPE PAGE TRIP LENGTH PRINCIPLE REGION LEVEL JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUNE JULY AUG SEPT OCT NOV DEC MI/KM PRICE FROM Vietnam Splendor 33 11/14 days Southeast Asia Moderate 18 5 5(12’) 4 23(‘12) 16 204/328 $4,795 ITALY PAGE TRIP LENGTH PRINCIPLE REGION LEVEL JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUNE JULY AUG SEPT OCT NOV DEC MI/KM PRICE FROM Amalfi Stroll & Roll 37 9 days Amalfi Coast Moderate 27 25 21 19 70/112 $4,695 Assaggio Toscana 9 6 days Tuscany Moderate 13, 27 10, 24 6, 21 5, 25 1, 16, 23, 30 147/237 $3,395 Bike Across Italy 19 11 days Multi Intermediate 26 11, 25 8, 23 6, 20 25 8, 22 6 350/563 $4,995 Bike Across Italy 2 20 12 days Multi Expert 21 18 3 5 430/692 $4,995 Cinque Terre Hiking 37 8 days Cinque Terre Intermediate 7 12 9 7 15 6 $3,995 Friuli + Slovenia 13 8 days Friuli/Slovenia Moderate 11, 25 15 27 4 7 5 198/319 $4,395 Fun in the Sardegnan Sun+ 35 7 days Sardegna Moderate 6 3 53/85 $3,895 Giro d’Italia 22 15 days Multi Expert 25 30 1 715/1151 $6,295 Heart of Tuscany 10 8 days Tuscany Intermediate 5 1, 29 7, 21 4 214/344 $4,395 Italian Alps & Sud Tyrol 12 9 days Trentino Easy 22 20 7 189/304 $4,495 La Bella Puglia 13 9 days Puglia Moderate 27 1 21 12 235/378 $4,495 Mediterranean Island Hopping 15 11 days Sardegna/Corsica Intermediate 15 6, 27 23 2, 30 316/509 $5,195 Piedmont and the Lake District More Miles for Less 39 6 days Piedmont Intermediate 27 22 19 21 211/340 $2,795 Piedmont: Land of Barolo & Truffles 11 8 days Piedmont Intermediate 18 1, 15, 29 13 31 14, 28 12 234/377 $4,395 Sicilia Est 17 6/9 days Sicily Intermediate 21 19 3, 31 20 11, 25 243/391 $4,595 Sicilia Ovest 17 8 days Sicily Intermediate 13 8, 30 227/365 $4,295 Sud Tyrol Roll+ 36 7 days Trentino Easy 7 4 108/174 $3,495 Swept Away in Sardegna 16 10 days Sardega Intermediate 18 15 14 12, 23 274/441 $4,795 The Alps of Piedmont and Provence More Miles for Less 39 7 days Multi Expert 29 4 279/449 $3,295 Tuscan Fantasy+ 35 8 days Tuscany Moderate 13, 15, 27 121/195 $3,995 Tuscan Wanderlust Hiking 37 6 days Tuscany Moderate 6 24 16 7 $3,295 Venice Con Gusto 12 9 days Multi Easy 25 8 27 14 5 235/378 $4,595 EUROPEDALING PAGE TRIP LENGTH PRINCIPLE REGION LEVEL JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUNE JULY AUG SEPT OCT NOV DEC MI/KM PRICE FROM Andalucia Preciosa 31 9 days Andalucia Intermediate 20 11 5 2 305/491 $4,695 Austria & Czech Republic 25 9 days Austria/Czech Republic Moderate 18 29 7 261/420 $4,595 Bike Across France 21 10 days Multi Intermediate 4 1, 26 12 31 25 309/497 $5,395 Bike Across Scotland 32 8 days Highlands Intermediate 15 10 254/409 $4,595 Croatia Istria Peninsula 26 8 days Istria Intermediate 19 23 15 264/425 $4,195 Divine Provence 27 8 days Provence Moderate 18 15 20 14 12 238/383 $4,995 French Alps to French Riviera 28 9 days Multi Expert 22 3, 14 24 396/637 $4,995 Giro d’Europa 23 12 days Multi Expert 24 19 610/982 $6,395 Gran Canaria 30 7 days Canary Islands Intermediate 17 17 14 20 17, 24 29 166/267 $3,995 Ireland: The Dramatic West Coast 32 8 days Ireland Moderate 23 11 181/291 $4,595 Normandy: Cider, Castles & Coastline 28 7 days Normandy/Brittany Moderate 25 30 19 167/269 $4,295 Portugal Wines & Wheels 29 9 days Minho Intermediate 23 29 25 23 297/478 $4,395 Provence por la Famile+ 36 7 days Provence Moderate 24 12, 29 134/216 $4,295


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