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Dear Friends, As The 12 Bands of Christmas reaches the end of 2011, we want to make sure you know it is your support that allows us to fight pediatric cancer. Last December, we were able to make a significant contribution to PressOn to CURE Childhood Cancer. Their 2010-2011 Annual Report states, “Press On provides desperately needed funding for basic, translational and clinical research relating to pediatric cancers, specifically neuroblastoma and acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Press On provides grants to scientists conducting research aimed at developing novel, targeted therapies for neuroblastoma and AML. Through generous individual gifts and events such as concerts by 12Bands and Play for Patrick, PressOn raised an astounding $354,000 for lifesaving research.” Nearly one-third of that total can be attributed to 12Bands – contributions from all of you. The battle against pediatric cancer continues to rage on, and 12Bands continues to look for ways to bring the healing power of music to children and their families. This year, local musicians participated in a monthly music presentation at the Georgia Health Sciences University Children’s Medical Center where patients and their families were treated to different genres of music from jazz to bluegrass. This program will continue in our 2012 campaign as we continue to work toward the ultimate goal of funding a music therapist to take our program at the hospital to the next level. In 2011, The 12 Bands of Christmas also launched the 12Bands/12Kids Campaign. Major artists including Zac Brown and Glenn Frey lent their names to the cause and told their fans the stories of 12 brave kids. This was all part of raising awareness outside of our community and raising funds through a special raffle that included autographed guitars and other items from the 12 participating artists. Over the past year, 12Bands was able to launch several unique annual fundraising events such as the “Beat Cancer Drum-a-thon” which featured local drummers keeping a beat for 26 straight hours and the “Scare Cancer” Halloween party. Another new event was the “Raise the Roof” concert this past spring that featured Patrick Davis, Holly Williams and Angie Aparo. These events provided a great way to share the 12Bands “Christmas Spirit” throughout the year, paving the way for our annual Holiday Concert and CD release that have become staples of the Augusta Christmas season. 12Bands has some exciting plans for next year, but to make them reality, we need your help. That help can be in the form of TIME – volunteering, MONEY – contributions, or NETWORKING – hosting events where you share our goals through the stories of the kids our organization helps. We are eager to expand our outreach by bringing the healing power of music to even more children battling cancer and the families and friends that support them in their fights.

5:30pm - Doors 6:30pm - Vellotones 6:45pm - Joy Krueger with Wesley UMC Praise Band 7:10pm - The Radar Cinema 7:25pm - 3rd Shift 7:40pm - Jim Perkins 7:55pm - Sibling String 8:10pm - Jaycie Ward 8:35pm - Fried Goat 8:50pm - Livingroom Legends 9:15pm - Wombats

Once again, THANK YOU for your generous support! Joe Stevenson – 12 Bands of Christmas, Executive Director

Board of Directors

Schedule of Bands

9:30pm - Five’s a Crowd

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Executive Director

Bryan Hatch, President Brian Brittingham, Vice President Ward Rice, Treasurer Brad Usry Duncan Johnson Patti Ann Smith Suzanne Denning

Emily Stevenson Turner Simkins Tara Simkins Braye Boardman Patrick Blanchard Rhonda Banks

Joe Stevenson P.O. Box 12623 Augusta, GA 30914


9:55pm - Unmentionables 10:10pm - Finale (all bands) *times are subject to change without notice

Jaycie Ward Members: Jaycie, 13 (singer)

Year Begun: 2006 Musical Genre: Country/Pop Albums: Dreams that You Dare to Dream (2006)

# of Times on 12 Bands: This is the first time. Website:

What was the inspiration for your original song on this year’s 12 Bands album? I didn’t write this song, it was given to me by Joe Stevenson, the director of the 12 Bands of Christmas. When I first heard it I fell in love with it because the lyrics are very powerful.

What drew you together as a band?

What’s on tap for the near future?

I’ve been singing since before I could read, when my dad brought home a karaoke machine and taught me a song.

I’m in the process of recording an EP right now. We have the lyrics for four or five tracks we want to record, I just need to get in the studio. I’m not sure exactly when it will be released, but I know it will be soon.

What is your favorite Christmas tradition? I like helping my family set up the tree and decorating it, and enjoying the simple pleasure of being together on Christmas.

Vellotones featuring George Croft Members: George Croft, Jack

What was the inspiration for your original song on this year’s 12 Bands album? Jack sat down to write a Christmas song and he began to think about all the good things he liked about the holiday season. His mind eventually began to drift to all the stuff he did not like, such as the commercialization. Soon, he realized that all the good things about Christmas were actually free! So, “The Best Things about Christmas are Free” became the theme and the hook that the song was written around.  

What drew you together as a band? We all have the passion for playing rock ‘n’ roll and all have experience gigging in smoky bars!

What’s on tap for the near future? Losing Lee to the sea, George has asked Shannon Bonham to join us. We will continue playing our brand of music and having fun giving out lovely parting gifts for Twist and Shout backup singers.

What is your favorite Christmas tradition? Listening to Christmas music on radios in stores, on elevators, from ithings, and Spotify-ed computers.

Rigg, Lee Joseph, Carl Knoll, Shannon Bonham, John Donnelly, and Mike Vello. Begun: Band started as the Year Begun: Vellotones in 1996.  Musical Genre: Blues, R&B, Rock Albums: Vellotones original CD in 2003, George Croft’s 60s, The Pallbearers’ numerous 45s. Jack Rigg, longtime touring musician, played on 22 records including the Blue Oyster Cult albums Fire of Unknown Origins and Imaginos, authored and co-authored various songs such as “Joan Crawford” for BOC and other bands and was awarded a gold record.

# of Times on 12 Bands: CD #2, Best of 12 Bands CD, this year’s all original CD. Website: thevellotones

Livingroom Legends Members: Ken and Mindy Stephens, Dr. Michael Wilson, Steve Howard Year Begun: 2001 Musical Genre: Southern Americana Country Rock Albums: Honeymoon (2002), Hearts & Bars (2005) # of Times on 12 Bands: CD: Four (Vols. 1, 3, 8 and Greatest Hits); Concerts: Four

What was the inspiration for your original song on this year’s 12 Bands album? “The Christmas M3N” began with the first line “Old reindeer must be hard to steer” and, from there, developed into a song paying homage to three of the men associated with the holiday: Dad, Santa and Jesus Christ. The song wraps the message of Jesus’ birth and ultimate sacrifice in a Dad/Santa Clause analogy.

What drew you together as a band? “Being married to Mindy.” - Ken What’s on tap for the near future? We would like to start doing a bit of touring during the summer months, which is feasible since three of us teach high school. What is your favorite Christmas tradition? We don’t really have one yet, but we could maybe start caroling.

The Unmentionables Members: James Maples (bass, vocals), John Welch (guitar), Gary Harden, Jr. (drums). Year Begun: 1987 Musical Genre: Country, Funk, Rock Albums: Hung Out to Dry (2009) # of Times on 12 Bands: Two Website:

What was the inspiration for your original song on this year’s 12 Bands album? Our music is typically funny, and in “Santa Looks Like Billy Gibbons” we reference a lot of ZZ Top songs and slow it down so that it has a very ZZ Top-esque feel. People who hear our music like to go out and have a good time, they want to laugh and have fun, so that’s what we try to do with our original music.

What’s on tap for the near future?

What drew you together as a band?

We are going to be recording a new CD at the end of this month called Tails from the Trailer Park, produced by Howard Lovett, and enjoying the Christmas holidays.

We all have the same drive to play music and have a great time. James and I grew up playing in the bars around Augusta, where we typically had to play a lot of older shag and beach music, but when we play at Westlake once a month or at the Surrey Tavern we like to include AC/DC, Cee Lo Greene and a lot of newer stuff, and we just have a good time.

What is your favorite Christmas tradition? “I enjoy being at home with my girls and my wife on Christmas morning and building a fire after watching my girls open their gifts. That sense of family togetherness is really my favorite part of the holiday season.” - Harden

What was the inspiration for your original song on this year’s 12 Bands album? “In college down South, I had the pleasure of sharing Christmas with my girlfriend in the little town of Blue Ridge, S.C. In their living room on the fireplace, they had a manger scene – hay, animals and, of course, the newborn King. It seemed like we had brought a barn into the house. The song is about that Christmas Eve.” - Heinbaugh, the song’s writer

Members: Westy Bowen (vocals, goatar, harmonica, bass), Deke Wiggins (goatar, vocals, bass), Brian Brittingham (drums), Bian Heinbaugh (vocals, bass, goatar, mandolin). Year Begun: 2007 Musical Genre: Rock, Americana. Albums: Bon Appetit (2011) # of Times on 12 Bands: This is the first time. Website:

Fried Goat

What drew you together as a band? We all like similar music and bands. Westy Bowen and I [Wiggins] started playing together and writing songs in 2007 while living in the same neighborhood in Augusta. Brian Brittingham joined soon after. He and I have been friends for years. Brian Heinbaugh, who has played in bands with Westy in the past, joined in early 2011.

What’s on tap for the near future? We are about to start working on our next album, tentatively titled Year of the Goat.

What is your favorite Christmas tradition? My favorite tradition at Christmas is getting together with all my friends and their families and playing any instrument we can find and singing every song we know. It lasts quite a while and we always learn some new ones.

Sibling String

Members: Dave Mercer (drums), Michael Baideme (lead guitar), Henry Wynn III (violin), Deveran Roof (bass), Jacob Beltz (vocals, rhythm guitar) Year Begun: 2010 Musical Genre: Rock/Bluegrass Albums: Two demo tapes but no albums # of Times on 12 Bands: Two Website:

What was the inspiration for your original song on this year’s 12 Bands album? “I went to Belize this summer on a medical mission trip. A lot of Americans around Christmas time worry about buying gifts, but in Belize they are very religious even when they can’t afford to put food on the table, so I wrote the words to try and contrast the American Christmas story with that of a lot of poorer areas.” – Jacob Beltz

What drew you together as a band? We started out down at Joe’s Underground on Wednesday nights. At first it was just me [Jacob], but then Mike and Henry joined on and we started getting more shows, so it was a very grassroots and almost accidental beginning for our band.

What’s on tap for the near future? We’re trying to finish up a full-length album and get some more shows out of town. I see us being a good thing that could expand into other areas, though we’d still like to perform in Augusta as often as we can.

What is your favorite Christmas tradition? “I like decorating and helping out with the Christmas tree while listening to the songs. As a band, I like that there are a lot of opportunities to play shows that benefit the less fortunate.” – Jacob

Jim Perkin’s Trio Members: Jim Perkins, Jason Prouty, George Dale Year Begun: 2011 Musical Genre: Acoustic Alternative Rock Albums: Broken Record Reasons, Jim Perkins Live, Maker of Dreams # of Times on 12 Bands: This is the first time. Website: What was the inspiration for your original song on this year’s 12 Bands album? Picture a girl at a café in an old tourist town: She is all alone during the holidays. It’s snowing. A guy she has always counted on walks by, their eyes meet and he turns out to be the one she has been looking for all along.

What drew you together as a band? We were good friends that loved to play music and had a really great time on stage.

What’s on tap for the near future? Write more songs, collaborate with other songwriters in Nashville and keep on playing. In music and entertainment, there is no direct path to success – you just have to keep going.

What is your favorite Christmas tradition? Spending time with family around the Christmas tree and fireplace and watching everyone open their presents.

Five’s a Crowd Members: Luke Amerson (keyboard, acoustic guitar, vocals), Pen Chance (drums, backing vocals), Patrick Reagan (lead guitar, backing vocals), Tim Fogle (bass). Year Begun: 2010 Musical Genre: Jazz Punk Albums: None yet

# of Times on 12 Bands: This is the first time. Website:

What was the inspiration for your original song on this year’s 12 Bands album? All the band members brought together their own stories of the holidays and each contributed something special to the song.

What is your favorite Christmas tradition? As cliché as this sounds ... just having the time off to be with friends and family and not worry about going to class and just enjoying to togetherness of the holidays.

What drew you together as a band?

What’s on tap for the near future?

It’s our lead guitarist’s fault. He was asked to perform in a benefit for Lakeside High School, so he called up some friends of his and we all thought it was supposed to be a one-time thing. But when we got together, we realized that we actually sounded pretty good, so we kept doing shows together, and it’s worked out so far.

It’s hard to say, since we’re all in college and we only meet up in Augusta when we have a gig to play. If we got to sign something we would make the arrangements, but otherwise we’re very happy doing what we are now.

Joy Krueger Members: Joy Krueger Performing with The Wesley United Methodist Praise Band Musical Genre: Contemporary Christian # of Times on 12 Bands: First time! This is also the first time a local church band has been featured for a 12 Bands of Christmas performance. Website:

What was the inspiration for your original song on this year’s 12 Bands album?

What drew you together as a band?

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

Church. We are the Wesley United Methodist Praise Band. I joined the band 10 years ago.

Christmas Eve with my husband’s family and of course celebrating Christmas Day at my mom and dad’s house with all my sisters and their families. As we get older - it’s not even about traditions any more - it’s all about being with family as often and as long as you can.

What’s on tap for the near future? Keep singing!

The inspiration for my song was a soldier I saw standing at the Augusta Regional Airport in his uniform obviously heading somewhere for deployment. I thought of what that must be like for him and his family. My father served in World War II, before my birth I might add! Through the years, I’ve listened to his stories of the lonely life of a sailor away from family and home. This song was intended to capture the feelings and emotions along with the sense of duty felt by those who serve our country overseas in times of war.

The Radar Cinema Members: Jordan Sudak (vocals, guitar), Will Duckworth (guitar), Eric Parton (drums), J.P. Hare (keyboard), Nick Laws (bass).

Year Begun: 2009 Musical Genre: Space Rock Albums: Bird Meets Worm (2011) # of Times on 12 Bands: This is the first time. Website:

What was the inspiration for your original song on this year’s 12 Bands album?

What’s on tap for the near future?

We were just trying for a more festive, happy Christmas song to get people in the mood for Christmas.

We’re writing a lot right now and we’re going to be releasing a brand new song on our website Christmas day which will be available as a free download.

What drew you together as a band?

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

We all have similar personalities and we gel together really well.

Just being able to have time off work to spend with friends and family.

3rd Shift Members: Caleb Tokarska, Jacob Nelson, Robert Washington III, Meiji Nyguen, Ashley Levin, KJ Pugh, Morgan Bobrow-Williams, Khalil McCullen Year Begun: 2005 Musical Genre: Funk, Jazz, Soul Albums: None # of Times on 12 Bands: First time Website:

What was the inspiration for your original song on this year’s 12 Bands album? Our inspiration for this year’s song came from within the band. We tried to have intricate transitions and changes within the song, while preserving a catchy hook. What drew you together as a band? The band started with Jake and Caleb. Being at Davidson Fine Arts in the music program really brought the rest of us together.

What’s on tap for the near future? After 12 Bands, we are going to focus on

What is your favorite Christmas tradition? Our favorite Christmas tradition is

getting consistent gigs and recording a demo.

offering blessings to the divine 3rd Shift pony.

Wombats Members: Thom Kelley, Barry Wren, John Phelan, Jason Shepard Year Begun: 1988 Musical Genre: Alternative rock Albums: One # of Times on 12 Bands: First time Website: pages/The-Wombats/ 301062613255688

What was the inspiration for your original song on this year’s 12 Bands album? Our song was originally written 20 years ago with different lyrics. We kept the original music and Tom, our singer, reworked the words with a dark, yet redemptive, Christmas message.

What drew you together as a band?

What’s on tap for the near future?

The four of us wanted to create original music in the late ‘80s – something that was entirely our own, energetic and aggressive.

We hope to possibly get together for a few more shows and record some new material.

What is your favorite Christmas tradition? It’s now the 12 Bands show!

About 12 Bands Mission The 12 Bands of Christmas combines the universal appeal of music with the universal spirit of giving to support the fight against pediatric cancer. Purpose To promote education and public support for the fight against pediatric cancer through the arts and entertainment by providing a recurring forum for the expression of music of all genres and by providing charitable support to pediatric cancer research and other related pediatric cancer patient needs.

History The 12 Bands of Christmas was born out of a series of concert and CD compilation releases by musicians in the Augusta area, offering its first concert and CD release in December of 2003 under the nonprofit umbrella of the Imperial Theatre. These successful concerts continued from 2005-2007 under the Medical College of Georgia’s nonprofit status. Proceeds from ticket and CD sales, totaling nearly $150,000, were donated to the Children’s Medical Center. In 2008, inspired by the courage and generous spirit that a young boy in our area has maintained throughout his battle with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, The 12 Bands of Christmas assumed the task of raising funds and awareness for pediatric cancer – not just at Christmas, but year-round. 12 Bands formed as a Georgia nonprofit and in March of 2010 became a 501c (3). The tenacity and strength demonstrated by this young boy has been the catalyst to motivate others to stand up and join us as we take on pediatric cancer and bring the joy of music to the children and families affected each day. The Board of Directors established an advisory board of six prominent citizens who are charged with advising the full Board on those activities that relate to relations with charitable, philanthropic, business and governmental communities and to publicity and fundraising.

Special Thanks AB Beverage • Kim Allen • Allstar Rents • Michael and Lee Ash • Charles and Kathryn Ashley • Barry Bachrach • Dudley Baird • Tina Baggott • Chum Balk • Jean Barney • Doug and Julia Batchelor • Christy and Michael Beckham • Judy Beltz • Cliff Bennett • Hillary Bess • Patrick and Gretchen Blanchard • Russell Blanchard • Braye and Tori Boardman • Clay Boardman • Rob and Lisa Boggs • Bill Botham • Joe and Sandy Bowles • Zac Brown • Mark Bryan • Robert and Jan Burch • Ryan Burleson • William Burton • Burton D. Morgan Foundation • Tonia Busbee • Stoney Cannon • Julie Carswell • Stephen and Erin Chance • John T and Kriston Chandler • Cannon Church • Coca Cola • Comcast • Community Foundation • Chris Conner • Rory Cooper • Andrew Crumrine • Charlie Daniels • Patrick Davis • Suzanne Denning • Whitney Duncan • Kent Dunn • Brenda Durant • Tod Elmore • Mike Fanning • Fat Man’s Riverfront Cafe • Michael and Nanc Fischer • Sallie Fitzpatrick • Keith Ford • Shawn Frantom • Glenn Frey • Mariah Gardner • Holly Gebel • T Gentry • Georgia Bank and Trust • Beth Gosnell • Will Greene • Alan Griffin • Connie Guinn • Joey and Jeff Hadden • Ben and Deidre Hankinson • Bert Harbin • Gail Harkins • Kelly Hartman • Cynthia Hayes • Liz Hill • Ellen Hoffman • Jim Hudson Lexus • Jay Jefferies • Kaci and Duncan Johnson • Michael Johnson • Will and Karen Jones • Jonathan Karow and Rock Bottom Music • Abu Khan • Kiwanis Club • Pat Knox-Hudson • John Kolbeck • Russ Krueger • Stephen Lam • Natalie Lee • Angela Maskey • Trey Maxwell • Joe McBride • MCBS • Edwin McCain • Chardy McEwan • Rodney Mills • Preston and Traci Moss • Shawn Mullins • Jennifer Neal • Doug and Amy Nesbit • Denise Parrish • John Patrick • Edgar and Wanda Perry • Heath and Erica Perry • Glen Phillips • Matt and Lara Plocha • Joanna Powers • Ed Presnell • Ward Rice • Rock by the Sea • Ed Roland • Chris Rucker • Catherine Ryan • Richard Sasnett • Tara and Kevin Scheyer • Faith Sheppard-Tatrow • Sarah Simkins • Turner and Tara Simkins • Fred Sims • Corey Smith • Craig and Lynn Smith • SRP Federal Credit Union • Dennis and Sandra Stevenson • Donnie Thompson • Shane Thompson • Brit Turner • JN Turner • Steven Uhles • Brad Usry • Havrid Usry • Hodges Usry • Tammy Valvano • Doug and Cathy Varnadore • Wal-mart • Bobby and Cathy Ward • Chuck Williams • Marty Winsch • Jami Wolfe • Ruskin Yeargin

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