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The GOLDen Review We, the GOLD Classes of 2006 & 2007 are pleased to present The GOLDen Review. The newsletter has changed a bit since our last edition, so we encourage you to take a look inside!


GOLD CLASS OF 2007 I would like to personally thank the entire Newsletter team for their effort in pulling this together. The team has worked hard on both this issue and developing the framework to continue this effort into the future. Special thanks goes out to: Tiago Charbel, Laura Beth Donati, Clare Ferris, Stephanie Hurd, Sheri Jones, Hon Choong Lim, Yevgeniya Mulina, Tristan Richards, and Jenelle Sweet. Enjoy! Ryan Bradley

In this issue, we take a look at some aspects of the GOLD Class of 2007 training, including some of the lessons we learned and the community service we performed. We also take a look at some of the cultural experiences of both the 2006 and 2007 classes, and conclude with a summary of the highlights of both Classes’ rotations.

What’s Inside? Introduction.……….……..…………...1 GOLD Training.…..…………………2-3 GOLD in the Community.…..……..4-5 Regional Spotlights..…………..…..6-9 Rotational Highlights…………...10-11 Welcome to Class of 2008…………12

GOLD Training Plan. Source. Make. Deliver. by Patrick Campbell One of the key focus points from April’s GOLD training was how, as business leaders, it is important to manage an effective and efficient Supply Chain. The overall goal of a company’s Supply Chain organization, on all levels, should be to deliver a high-quality product to its customers, on-time and within specifications, every time. To reinforce this key point, GOLD Associates were given the following example: “It takes five years to build a customer relationship and only one minute to completely destroy that same customer relationship.” Thus, a holistic approach to total quality management is the driving force behind meeting an organization’s customer needs. Additionally, we learned that internal cross-functional communication and collaboration are the key enablers of the four facets of Supply Chain: plan, source, make and deliver. GOLD Associates also learned about the multiple functions that have a hand in efficient Supply Chain execution ranging from Finance’s concern for Cash Flow, P&L (Profit & Loss) statements and the Balance Sheet to Sales & Marketing’s concern for order and clarity in the demand forecast planning process. On-Point Consulting Group presented Associates with an S&OPoly board game that provided us a full understanding of the S&OP (Sales and Operational Planning) process in a fun and educational environment. GOLD Associates were split into five groups and within each group every person had a function that played an important role in the Supply Chain. Sales & Marketing developed a business plan based on scheduled promotions and historic data, which trickled down to Procurement who was responsible for purchasing raw materials. The raw materials were then transferred from the warehouse into Operations. Following the manufacturing process, the finished goods were transported to DCs (Distribution Centers) and eventually were shipped to the final customer. Associates played the S&OPoly game twice; first using a push system and second utilizing a pull system. This further illustrated the benefits of a pull system in that it frees up cash flow, which can be reinvested in R&D or via real estate acquisitions. Overall, GOLD Associates had exposure to other business functions with whom they might not have had the opportunity to previously interact. Armed with these new understandings of critical business processes, Associates will be able to translate these key Supply Chain learnings into actions as we continue to mold ourselves into well-rounded J&J leaders.


GOLD Training Advocacy 102 for GOLD Associates by Yevgeniya Mulina Ready and excited to be back in New Jersey for training, the Class of 2007 GOLD Associates were eager to continue learning persuasive communication with instructors Mike Rega and Amy Morrisey from the Ecliptic Consulting Group. The first goal for the group was to learn how to better understand the behavioral pattern and characteristics of various decision-making personalities. In this first advocacy course, we applied learned skills like the questioning methodology and the C.L.E.A.R listening technique to persuade each other in the ideas that we were advocating for. The questioning methodology technique allowed us to introduce the benefits of our advocacy and establish selfdisclosure to lead the targeted person into an open discussion. On the other hand, using the C.L.E.A.R. listening technique, we formed a bond with the other person by assuring them that we are committing our mind and body to listening and understanding the concerns that he or she might have. Practicing these techniques helped us tap into the self-interests of the decision-makers to understand their decision-making personality. The goal for the next two days for the group was to understand the importance of one’s interests in order to negotiate effectively when problem solving. Everyday we find ourselves subtly persuading someone to do something. To be effective in our persuasion, the group learned how to communicate to understand the other person’s interests. We learned to apply defense reduction language and question reframing techniques effectively. Our instructors divided our group into two teams and we worked on a proposed J&J case study practicing persuasive communication skills. At the end of the day it was amazing to see how these techniques can be used effectively to bring the targeted decision-maker back to our common interests and away from the position that he or she may be taking when problem solving.

Overall there was no doubt that everyone had a great time learning and practicing new advocacy skills. Throughout the rest of our time in training, during our breaks, dinners, and evening, we would practice applying these advocacy techniques to persuade each other one way or the other.


GOLD in the Community A GOLD’en Day of Service by Laura Stashefski After a week of intensive GOLD training, what is the first thing that people would like to do with their weekend? “Sleep” and “relax” are probably two of the first words that come to mind. Yet, the GOLD Class of 2007 signedup to do just the opposite, as 45 members of the class and program office got an early start to their Saturday morning on April 12th, 2008, to donate their time and energy to worthy causes in the Central NJ area. GOLD associates hailing from all over the world volunteered at 4 different sites, where they worked as teams and bonded with community members. One team painted rooms at a group home for people suffering from Cerebral Palsy (Cerebral Palsy Association of Middlesex County). Others helped to finish raising a garden bed so physically disabled adults could remain in their wheelchairs while planting their favorite flowers and vegetables (The Community House of St. Thomas). Some volunteers assembled over 400 boxes to be sent to underprivileged families in Brandywine, MD (Feed the Children), and still more GOLD members decided to help our homeless four-legged friends as they worked at a local no-kill animal shelter, walking & socializing dogs and aiding in their adoption days at local pet stores (SAVE, a Friend to Homeless Animals).

Tiago Charbel and Walter Powolny, GOLD ’07 from J&J Brazil, spent their day painting at the CPAMC.

Kim Gaik Yeap, GOLD ’07 from J&J Malaysia, enjoyed packing food boxes for needy families at Feed the Children in New Brunswick, NJ

This team from Brazil, Belgium, Columbia, Ireland, Puerto Rico, and the United States, are all smiles as they prepare for a day of cleaning and painting at one of the Cerebral Palsy Association of Middlesex County group homes. Dig In! The GOLD associates at the Community House of St. Thomas worked hard to create a handicappedaccessible flowerbed for residents to use.

But why spend a Saturday walking dogs, painting, moving dirt, and packing food boxes? The answer is simple…because we are able to. We have the ability to do things, large or small, for others around us, and in doing so, we can make a positive impact on another person’s life. Each activity was not without its share of challenges for the volunteers, but at the end of the day, every person was able to walk away recognizing that they had made a difference in the community. Mark Moraca, GOLD Site Leader at SAVE, states “It's important to understand how lucky we truly are and help others where needed. Once in a while we need to really step back and realize how fortunate an opportunity GOLD is. Helping the community is a great way to reflect on this point together…” By spending our free time volunteering in the community, the GOLD Class of 2007 was able to learn how loudly our actions can speak to others and truly understand what it takes to be responsible leaders in the world around us. The GOLD Class of 2007 would like to thank the following organizations for providing them with the opportunity to learn, work, and play with wonderful new people (and animals!) and for making us truly feel like a part of their communities: -- Cerebral Palsy Association of Middlesex County – Edison, NJ -- The Community House of St. Thomas - Old Bridge, NJ -- Feed the Children – New Brunswick, NJ -- SAVE, a Friend to Homeless Animals – Princeton, NJ


GOLD in the Community ASK THE VOLUNTEERS “It was fun playing with the animals, especially knowing that they were previously mistreated and really need some TLC. We found a number of people to apply for the pet's adoption.” Laura Beth Donati, GOLD Site Leader, SAVE at Petco, pictured with Bertha

“I wanted to volunteer because I knew it would be good fun and it is great to be able to help people in need. I learned so much – especially that some of our classmates could be professional painters and that painting can be great craic (translation – Irish word for fun/enjoyment)! The people at the CPAMC do a wonderful job there and I was happy to help them.” Aoife Holden, GOLD Site Leader at CPAMC

“It was a great opportunity to work with everyone outside the professional environment. Building a casual relationship really can strengthen a professional one.” Mark Moraca, GOLD Site Leader, SAVE at Nassau St.

“When you're working together with people to help make a difference in the community, everyone tends to form a bond, especially after seeing the end product, the smiles on peoples’ faces, or the appreciation for the work that you did. Team-bonding events are important because they allow us to get to know each other on another level and build a lasting relationship that we can have for the rest of our careers no matter which paths we each choose.” Ashlie Gregoire, GOLD Site Leader, SAVE at Petco pictured with Katie Benintende and Bertha. “As J&J employees, and especially as leaders, we need to practice what we preach. We have an obligation to serve in our communities, and to create such opportunities for our fellow employees. On a different note, community service helps us to see that we can, in fact, play an important role in people's lives, both with and without our products.” Kevin Ryan, GOLD site leader at CPAMC

“I have been very fortunate throughout my life. I have always been taught that the best gift to someone that has helped you is to return the favor, and help someone else in need. I think it is our duty, not only as J&J employees who live by the Credo, but also as human beings to give back to their communities. Community Service is good for the soul. I am glad that I worked with a team of individuals who felt the same way.” Shaneka Easterling, GOLD site leader at Community House of St. Thomas


Regional Spotlights Two Cultures, One Program by Victoria Davenport Tacos and Plantains? Mariachis and Salsa? Desert and Beach? Aztecs and Tainos? Mexico and Puerto Rico? What do these things seemingly have in common? They are both Latin cultures in which I have lived and worked during my GOLD Program experience. Having the opportunity to live and work in a foreign country is an amazing opportunity to learn more about others. But what does “getting to know” another culture really mean? It is made up of the three following items: - Superficial : Learning others’ traditions, foods, and leisure activities. - Philosophical : Understanding others’ social, political, and religious views. - Self-Reflective : Discovering your own values. Not only does one have the chance to experience new and exciting things when in a foreign culture, but also one understands himself/herself better and his/her place in the world. That is something that one cannot read in a book or see in a movie.

This goes to say that not just because one arrives to a foreign culture, one will automatically experience the superficial, philosophical, and self-reflective learning. In order to learn the most, one must go through a cycle. It starts with fascination. When one recently arrives to a foreign culture, everything is new, novel, and interesting. One soaks up the new experiences like a sponge. After that stage, one is more familiar with how things work, but now many aspects of the culture are frustrating or even annoying. After one can pass through that stage, the learning really begins. Only then can one really open his/her mind to see, hear, and experience all the things that the new culture has to offer. Thanks to the GOLD Program I have had the opportunity to eat both tacos and plantains, listen to both mariachi and salsa music, visit both the beach and the desert, and see artifacts from both the ancient Aztec and Taino cultures. That is something that will not be forgotten!!


Regional Spotlights The Irish Invasion of Belgium! by Aoife Holden and Katie Lyne Aoife and Katie are two lasses from the Green Isle, Their rotations saw them living in Belgium for a while, Let us talk about the culture, A big change to be sure, Our adventures might even make you smile! At first we were scared of moving away, And not eating potatoes every day, From a site where we had such fun, To one where we would know no one, Not to mention driving on the road the wrong way! When we first tasted Belgian chocolate and beer, We thought it might not be so bad over here, We then saw the Janssen canteen, Such a display of food we had never seen, But we may be rolling home in less than a year! Supply Chain was the role for Katie, To get medicine to patients as quick as can be, Aoife joined the Quality team, Trying to make deviations more lean, What an experience this was going to be for GOLD rotations two and three! We must admit it was hard to settle in, Mostly feeling like a tourist and a little lonely within, But experiences like this are few, Teaches you values and skills all new, Made friends from so many corners of the globe it would make your head spin! We wanted our sporting abilities to expand, So we thought some tennis lessons would be grand, Tried our hand at learning Dutch, I wouldn’t say we are fluent as such, And we bought bicycles to explore this flat land! On the continent there’s so much to see, Bavarian Castles from the last century, Salzburg’s famous ice-caves, Mozart’s multiple octaves, And sitting in outdoor café’s sipping coffee! As far as cultural experiences go, This has changed the outlook of the Irish Duo, We do miss home, But we’re glad we did roam, For we’ve learnt more than any book could show.


Regional Spotlights The Affiliate of Heaven by Camila Ferreira When arriving at Cali, Colombia, I wondered why this city has a pretentious nickname such as “the affiliate of heaven”… My first impression was the total opposite – chaotic traffic, more holes than asphalt on the streets, a huge social gap, security guards everywhere, and lots of people standing at traffic lights asking for alms or trying to clean up your windshield for some coins… After almost five months living here, I found out that the cultural difference from Brazil to Colombia is not restricted to the language. Colombian reality is rougher than the Brazilian one, and the way Colombians deal with the country’s rough reality and keep up their good mood has taught me a valuable life lesson. Colombians are proud of their small country of 40 million people. Colombians welcome visitors and are eager to show them that Colombia is much, much more than what is on the news around the world. Colombians bring the same behavior to the work environment: they work hard and give their best to achieve results even if they don't have the latest in technology and have fewer resources (money and people). This scenario motivates a greater sense of collaboration and teamwork between employees and is more than a key for success: it’s the basis for keeping companies up and running. From Manizales to Cartagena, from Bogotá to San Andres, from Cucuta to Medellin you will find diverse people, music, and food, and you will always find pride, passion, and happiness on every corner. However, Cali has a special touch, a warmer heart. After living this experience for some time, one understands what is behind the city’s nickname and is able to realize that heaven is not only about looks but also about feelings.


Regional Spotlights My experiments with Malaysia by Prashant Bansal Malaysia – Truly Asia. While comfortably working at J&J India during my first rotation, I was told that I would be moving to Malaysia for one full year assignment. Sounded like a punishment! Well, that was it, no escape!

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital city.

For a background, Malaysia (widely advertised as Truly Asia) is a South East Asian country that boasts one the world’s tallest buildings, the Petronas Twin Towers, that is almost half a kilometer tall. That was all I knew about this country when I was greeted “Selamat Datang” (Welcome) at its splendid KL International Airport.

With the brief experience I had living in Cape Town for 3 months as a student, I was able to convince myself of my ability to adapt. Living abroad for a full year while working, however, was altogether a different ballgame. Fortunately, I was accompanied by Vichean, a fellow GOLD associate from Thailand on a similar assignment. I still remember, it took us around three full days to figure out what “Jalan” meant, which was printed on all the street signs. Ironically it means “Road”, followed by the name of the road. Any visitor to this country would soon notice three different races in population: Malays, Chinese, and Indians. I would say, fortunately, I look a bit similar to local Indians here, which works in my favor for not being viewed as a foreigner (until I open my mouth for, “English, please!”). Adapting here was easy, except learning to use chopsticks. As per wise men’s advice My colleagues and I after they coerced me into eating frogs. Notice my forced smile. here, don’t ask what’s inside your burger or you will end up desperately looking for something edible. Hence, I think I am quite adventurous in food but that made me a vulnerable target for fellow local GOLD associates (Hon Choong & Kim). Still, I never imagined that something so little would drive my metabolism for once. Things like the omnipresent amphibian Frog!! I convinced myself that it’s not supposed to be eaten and I chose not to eat it. A few days later I was easily tricked into devouring it, falling prey to my own policy of not asking. Still today, I hear croaking from my belly. But I must admit, it does taste like chicken! All in all, it has been a wonderful experience in this incredible country. Now that I am getting comfortably settled here, it’s almost time to leave. Keep on walking!


Rotational Highlights The GOLD program goal is to develop the next generation of leaders in Engineering, Operations, and Quality. Since the inception of the GOLD program, the GOLD associates from the 2006 and 2007 classes have been very busy. The GOLD Class of 2006 is currently in the middle of their third rotation and looking forward to graduation in July. The GOLD Class of 2007 has recently begun their second rotation. Functional areas within the program include operations management, procurement, quality management, project and process engineering, facilities engineering and operations/quality technical support. The combination of substantive work assignments in a real world setting and focused training helps to develop the skills necessary to achieve success in leadership roles. Functional Highlights Engineering Multiple GOLD associates have rotated into Engineering roles and led major projects. For example, an associate at Vistakon recently completed a DMADV2 Green Belt project to develop a new extraction process for soft contact lenses for a projected cost savings of $5MM in 2008. Another GOLD associate at GPSG Alza led a project for the deconstruction and asset transfer of 1 thermal oxidizer worth $1.2MM from Vacaville, CA to Beerse, Belgium. Operations Operations roles within the GOLD program are very diverse and include all phases of supply chain (plan, source, make and deliver). One GOLD associate led a Lubriderm Inventory Reduction identifying $10MM in savings. Another associate was successful in increasing efficiency from 4-5 days WIP to 1 day WIP at Ethicon. A GOLD associate at MD&D Brazil developed and implemented a pull system resulting in savings of $500M per year. Finally, an associate at McNeil Consumer coordinated the first NA Consumer Lean Summit with 40-60 attendees. Quality Quality is the number one priority of Johnson & Johnson and GOLD associates have been very effective in increasing the quality of multiple operating companies. One GOLD associate was responsible for developing a capacity planning model for GPSG’s QC lab, identifying $3MM in 2009 savings. Another GOLD associate, working at Consumer Products Company, was the quality engineering lead for 28 product launches resulting in over $135MM in sales. Multiple GOLD associates have been involved with quality systems implementations, including one associate at GBSC that designed an automated change control system.


Rotational Highlights Certifications and Accomplishments Participants in the GOLD program have learned to drive change while in their roles through technical and business experiences, but have also gotten many opportunities to develop their skills through certifications. The achieved certifications are listed below:

DMAIIC Green Belt

DMAIIC Green Belt

Certified Auditor/CQE

Nate Barbera Patrick Campbell Jorge DaSilva Neftali Feliciano Sheri Jones Eoghan Kelly Daniel Ramey Alex Thomas Catherine Wo Alex Yan Jenelle Sweet Katie Lyne Martin O’Riordan Derrick Karpiuk Alfredo Fernandez

Melissa McDonnell Vincent Lam Parag Dalsania Robert Woods Anura Patil Rashmeet Sangari Marisol Correa Karyn Crosby Gary Kessler Jasmine Hung Pamela Jefson Payal Patel Guadalupe Segura Henry Leung Peter Jurczynski

Ashlie Gregoire Jon Breiner Jasmine Hung Henry Leung

Catherine Sawyer Marian Van Der Veen Catherine Wo Bart Van Hoof Leen Van Eylen Erin Githens Nora Volger Rigo Sanabria Sulyn Oum

DMADV2 Green Belt

DMAIIC Black Belt


Katie Benintende Caroline Monroe

Professional Engineer

Bart Van Hoof Rashmeet Sangari Jose Duprey Tristan Richards

Shaneka Easterling Jenelle Sweet Gary Kessler Pamela Jefson

Jose Duprey Alfredo Fernandez

DEX Black Belt

LEAN Green Belt

Peter Jurczynski The results from GOLD associates have proven to be great for operating companies. Many have been recognized as great leaders through many Encore awards. Two GOLD associates have received the Standards of Leadership Award based on the Global Leadership Profile. Shaneka Easterling received the award for her work with the Pfizer Integration at the Global Transportation Organization. Derrick Karpiuk received the award for mitigating the bioburden status to "green" by end of 3Q07, 3 months ahead of schedule. This significant achievement saved Neutrogena $1MM in scrap product. Go to the GOLD website at for more information about our successes.


The GOLDen Review The GOLD Classes of 2006 and 2007 would like to extend a warm welcome to the new GOLD Class of 2008. Some of the new associates have begun work, and the rest will be joining before the end of the summer. We wish you good luck as you begin your careers with Johnson & Johnson!



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