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ALUMNI V olum e 2 | S um mer 2016

HISTORY OF MID-PLAINS COMMUNITY COLLEGE The 1926 attendance policy allowed only substantial reasons for absence from classes. A penalty of a three points deducted from a student’s semester grade was given for an unexcused absence. Being tardy three times counted as one absence, and students were excused only on approval of the Dean and the instructor.



ctivities began immediately with a football team, a basketball team, a track team, an orchestra, and a glee club. Students chose the name “Indians” as their athletic team name. The football team practiced with the high school team, and games were played at the fairgrounds. Fourteen of the 19 boys enrolled were on the team. The rst game was lost to the Kearney College reserves 2-0. The McCook School Board decided to add a second year curriculum for those eligible to take those second year courses, signaling that McCook Junior College was for real and was going to be around for a long time.

McCook Community College


351 offered by Representative Carson Russell of McCook.



50th Anniversary | 1965-2015




North Platte Community College



This bill





Legislation T H P L AT 90th Anniversary | 1926-2016 R he state-level legislative process began in 1927 through House Resolution




From the President

Greetings Alumni of Mid-Plains Community College, The summer of 2016 is an exciting time for Mid-Plains Community College (MPCC) as we mark the end of the North Platte Community College 50th Anniversary year and the beginning of the McCook Community College 90th Anniversary year! When McCook College opened in 1926 and North Platte Junior College began classes in 1965, who would have imagined the many changes to our world and state that these colleges have endured? The impact on the lives of our students who received their education at any one our campuses in west-central and southwest Nebraska has been significant. As we move into a future that continues to change at an increasingly rapid pace, MPCC will continue to respond to the needs of our communities and educate our students with the tools they need to succeed personally and professionally in life and in a local and global economy. As alumni I hope you are proud of your Alma Mater and the education you received while attending here. Please stay connected to us. We’d love to hear your stories of MPCC!

Ryan Purdy, President

From the Vice Presidents Dear MCC Alumni,

We wrapped up McCook College’s 88th commencement exercises on May 6, 2016. It was a great celebration in the Peter and Dolores Graff Event Center with former alumnus, Don Jackson, as our keynote speaker. It was inspiring to hear the impact McCook coaches and instructors had on Mr. Jackson as he went on to start a successful multi-state corporation, become COO of Easter Seals, and now serves as President of Hastings College. I see the same dedication in current faculty and staff that help our students find success today. This is a special time at MCC. We had our largest spring occupancy in the residence hall, we are preparing to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the college, and we received the former Elks Lodge as a generous gift from Perry and Vicky Case. Even with the uncertainty of what the future of rural Southwest Nebraska holds, this generosity will help us to be the leader in education for the next 90 years. While we plan for the best use of the Elks Lodge, we’ll keep you in the loop as we continue to improve what we offer our students and Southwest Nebraska in the future. Andy Long, Area Vice President of Student Affairs and MCC Dear NPCC Alumni, Thank you to all of our alumni who helped us celebrate the 50th Anniversary of North Platte Community College. We hosted our first alumni weekend in February and we were so pleased with the turnout. It was great to hear stories from the past and visit with former faculty and staff who also returned for the event. It has been a wonderful year long celebration! We would love to continue to hear your stories and find out where you are today. We would also encourage you to give back to NPCC. Giving back is a way to show other students what your educational experience meant to you. The generosity of our donors helped us continue to upgrade the McDonald-Belton gymnasium this year with new seating, video screens, a refurbished floor and a new scorer’s table. The NPCC Foundation was also proud to announce at graduation the formation of the Winnie Dolph Memorial Nursing Scholarship. Thanks to the generous donation by the estate of former instructor Winnie Dolph, nursing students will have an opportunity to apply for a $2,500 renewable scholarship. Thank you for being a proud alumni of NPCC and Go Knights! Dr. Jody Tomanek, Area Vice President for Academic Affairs and NPCC

MPCC Introduces the Associate of Fine Arts Degree Mid-Plains Community College has become the first community college in Nebraska to offer an Associate of Fine Arts degree. The Higher Learning Commission granted its approval last summer, and the degree was implemented in the fall of 2015. Students are able to select an emphasis in art, theater or music. “This is a major highlight for the college,” said Dr. Jody Tomanek, area vice-president of academic affairs and North Platte Community College. “To be the first community college in the state to offer the AFA is groundbreaking – students will attend MPCC solely for this degree. By offering it, we are not only reaching out to students who are interested in majoring in the fine arts, but also this program makes us unique to students across the state and region.” Walker Baird Tomanek has been dedicated to im2016 NPCC Associate of Fine Arts Graduate plementing an AFA degree since she was hired five years ago. However, conversations about the offering actually began in 2005 after they were initiated by Rick Johnson, art instructor at McCook Community College.

“The degree offers a chance for fine arts students to be well-rounded and go on to next level refined and polished.”

individualized attention they had received through an AFA program. I thought it would be good for our students to have that mindset.” Part of the reason he thought the degree would be a success at MPCC is because of the culture of the towns in and around the college’s 18-county service area. “McCook and North Platte, especially, are huge backers of the arts,” said Johnson. “From the Fox Theatre and Wrightstone Gallery in McCook to the Neville Center and now the new Prairie Arts Taylar Hegwood Center in North Platte, this area is 2016 MCC Associate of Fine Arts Graduate really becoming a hub for the fine arts. Not to mention, we have the Museum of Nebraska Art just down the road at Kearney to use as a teaching tool.” Tomanek said she’s extremely grateful to the Board of Governors, Coordinating Commission and Higher Learning Commission for their support. Faculty at MPCC echoed her sentiments.

“This is such a unique opportunity for students,” said Johnson. “All of the instructors teaching this Riedel program are experts in their par- Sammantha 2016 NPCC Associate of Fine Arts Graduate “I proposed it so we could have a specialty degree for fine arts students,” ticular fields. The degree offers a said Johnson. “When I got my doctorate, I saw students entering the chance for fine arts students to be well-rounded and go on to next university better prepared and with more skill sets because of the level refined and polished.”

Commencement 2016 May 6 was a day full of celebration for Mid-Plains Community College. Activities began with the MCC commencement in McCook. The student speaker was Lucia Archuleta, of Colorado Springs. Donald Jackson, a 1967 graduate of McCook Junior College and now president of Hastings College, was the recipient of the President’s Award. At noon, attention turned to the South Campus of NPCC where the Nursing Department conducted a pinning ceremony for the 2016 Associate Degree of Nursing Class. That was followed by a pinning ceremony for four students graduating from the Medical Laboratory Technician Program.

The NPCC commencement rounded out the festivities. Hosted in the McDonald-Belton Gymnasium, it featured student speaker Ben Sinclair, of North Platte. Eric Seacrest, executive director of the Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation, also received a President’s Award at that ceremony. It was the first time the college presented President’s Awards.




Happy Anniversary,






50 Years






North Platte Community College! Brogden and Bob and Kathy (King) Hinrichs, of North Platte.

Rod Hazen, who went by Rod Stone in college Reunions and memories – those were the cornerstones of the North Platte Community College Alumni Weekend Feb. 12-13. Former students, staff and faculty traveled from around the nation to attend the event, which commemorated the 50th anniversary of NPCC. “We were so pleased with the response we received for our 50th Anniversary Alumni Weekend,” said Carol Bodeen, area director of development. “We’ve never really done this before, so I didn’t know what to expect. To know that people came from 100-1,000 miles to reconnect with the school is just amazing.. The most rewarding part for me was to see retired faculty visiting with their former students, sharing their stories and realizing the impacts that were made on each other’s lives.”

“We wore ugly go-go boots” The Alumni Weekend drew people from several states and also a large number of people who still live in and around North Platte. Those included Peg (White)

Brogden recalled how all of their classes except physical education were in the old post office. “I was a cheerleader, and Kathy and I were both on the dance team, the Cavaliers,” Brogden said. “Nettie Jean Street, who had a dance studio in town, helped choreograph our routines. We wore ugly go-go boots and a one-piece suit.” Sisters Judy (Herbst) Brown and Marsha Herbst, both of North Platte, were also at the Alumni Weekend. And they were part the first class in 1965.

“If the college wouldn’t have opened in North Platte, I never would have gone to one.”

“I had been out of school for years when I enrolled,” Judy said. “If the college wouldn’t have opened in North Platte, I never would have gone to one.”

Peg (White) Brogden and Bob and Kathy (King) Hinrichs “I got out of the Navy and went to the college for welding and metals,” said Cornelius. “I graduated in 1976 and got a job immediately after in Lexington, NE as a welder. I moved to Sidney and did welding for another 15 years.” For Rod Hazen, who went by Rod Stone in college, NPCC was the first opportunity he had to spread his wings while at the college from 1977-’79. “My mom died when I was four, and my dad didn’t let me do any activities in high school,” said Hazen, who currently resides at Harrisburg, NE. “So, when I got to college, I decided I was going to do everything.” Hazen acted in all the plays on campus, was a member of Student Senate, served as a mentor in “Big Brother” mentoring program, played tennis, and learned taekwondo.

“the teachers made me a good student”

The Old Post Office Building North Platte Community College provided Randall Cornelius, of Sidney, NE, the skills to launch a 25-year career as a welder.

“I had a lot of fun at North Platte Community College,” Hazen said. “I wasn’t a good student, but the teachers made me a good student. They were great teachers who gave me confidence The experience at NPCC transformed my life.”







SEPTEMBER 3, 2016 The tr adition con tin ues. . .

Highlights from the past...

E. P. Baruth

Most students who had E.P. Baruth as a coach or instructor from 1950-1972 would say that E.P. was a legend. In the classroom E.P. taught business, economics, and typing, but his good nature and confidencebuilding abilities made him special. He was known for handing students a tootsie roll when they needed a boost or he recognized a special deed or an accomplishment. Once he gave a timed test in typing class at the beginning of the session. Someone finally discovered that E.P. had placed his tootsie rolls in the cartridges so that everything locked.

His track teams won the Nebraska Junior College Championship trophy an unprecedented 12 times and also won four Empire Conference titles. His teams placed in the top 10 nationally five times, and the 1955 team placed second, the highest ever ranking for a McCook team. He assisted football coaches by keeping statistics, managing equipment, and other tasks that were assigned. Running the sidelines during a football game kept him in shape and it was not uncommon to see him sprint the sidelines from one end of the field to the other with a clipboard in hand. Most radio listeners and area coaches remember his regular appearance on “Coaches Coffee Club” on Saturday mornings. He was always the last to speak and would sign off the show with the words: “Today is Saturday. Tomorrow is Sunday. On Sunday, go to church. Go to the church of your choice, but go. Now, my time is up. Thank you for yours.”

Blue Goose

The “Blue Goose” was a blue, extended length Checker airport limousine and was a legend at McCook college in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It hauled students to sporting events, on field trips, and to the Niobrara River for canoeing. Eventually, it became a major entry for the College in community parades. Many instructors experienced the challenges of parking and manipulating the bus through traffic in cities like Dallas, Houston, and Kansas City. Several instructors also had the experience of Blue Goose breakdowns and delays. There is no historical evidence of when the bus was christened the “Blue Goose” - only that the vehicle served its purpose and indeed was an “eye catcher.”

We have been working hard to compile a list of our alumni, however we’re sure we are missing information for some alums. Please contact us if you have any information on fellow alumni with whom you’ve kept in touch.

History of McCook Community the buildings 1960


McMillen Hall - Named due to funds given by Maude McMillen to honor her son Cecil.

Brooks Residence Hall - Named in honor of Ralph Brooks who was a president of McCook Junior College who also served as Governor of Nebraska.


Tipton Hall - named in honor of Gladys Tipton.


von Riesen Library and Barnett Hall opened in the spring of 1972.


McCook Jr College began


Oval track at Weiland Field


Wigwam Student Center


Weeth Mini Theater


The Nebraska Legislature passed LB 759 which combined the junior colleges, state vocational/technical colleges, and the area technical schools into one system of two-year institutions.

Hello MCC Alumni & Friends!

In the early 1920s, some forward thinking members of the McCook community set out to fulfill the dream of an affordable, student-friendly school of higher education for the young people of McCook and the surrounding area.


mm u n i t y C o

90th Celebration Schedule of Events

l e

Andy Long, Area Vice President of Student Affairs and MCC

Co ok


Join Us!


We hope to see you!



Saturday, September 3rd


8 AM - 10AM 9 AM - 11 AM

Coffee and Rolls Tours of Campus


11 AM - 1 PM 1PM - 3PM TBA

Lunch at Participating McCook Restaurants Campus Tours Lady Indians Volleyball Tournament*

Show your McCook Alumni Pride with our commemorative 90th anniversary merchandise

*Game time to be announced

6 PM – 9 PM

Alumni & Friends Dinner

Women’s Crew Neck Tee (S-2XL) .. $15 Men’s Crew Neck Tee (S-2XL) .................. $15

Coffee Mug .................................................... $10

$15 per person, please RSVP

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Brooks Residence Hall Addition

Brooks Residence Hall Addition


McCook College Foundation was organized.



In 1926, that dream became a reality, the state’s first two-year college was formed in McCook. Fast forward 90 years to 2016 and it doesn’t take much to see how MCC has transformed the lives of the many students who have passed through these doors. Our alumni members are an integral part of the success of the college over the years. Without your continued support, we would not be the institution we are today. I invite you to come home to McCook Community College. It will be a chance to reflect on where we have been as a college family and where we hope to go in the next 90 years. I look forward to seeing you as we celebrate 90 years of McCook Community College.



Walsh-Brady Hall - constructed through funds from Mary Brady Estate and Patrick Walsh funds

Wrightstone Fine Arts - constructed through funds of the Pearl Wrightstone Estate


The Center for Applied Science and Technology (C.A.S.T.)


McMillen Hall renovation and addition


Peter & Delores Graff Events Center named after the major benefactors of the project

Alumni spotlight yesterday & today

Lucas Kotschwar

In February of this year, the Wrightstone Gallery on the McCook Community College campus showcased selected works

Nadine Fidler

from professional artist and former MCC student Lucas Kotschwar. Kotschwar credits instructor Rick Johnson for transforming him from someone who appreciated art to someone who creates it. He graduated with an Associate Degree in art from MCC in 2010, then transferred to the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Lakewood, Colo. where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2012. Family brought him back to the farm northwest of Culbertson, NE. During the off-season and at night he works on his art. He primarily paints with oils, but does

some charcoal drawing. Most of his work is classified as surrealism. “A lot of people who work on the farm spend their days in isolation where they have a lot of time to think,” he said. “My work often reflects that aspect of rural living – isolated figures.” He said it’s nice after a day of physical labor to go to his studio and create something that has meaning not only to him, but to others as well. He enjoys the feedback of his works – particularly when his audience recognizes or identifies with a universal element he’s striving for.

It may have been almost 70 years ago that a young Nadine Miller met her future husband, Ray Fidler at McCook College, but Nadine Fidler has not forgotten her SW Nebraska roots. Last fall, Nadine donated $50,000 to the McCook College Foundation to establish an endowed scholarship program for Fine Arts students at MCC. Nadine grew up near McCook and survived the historic and catastrophic Republican River flood of 1935 in the arms of her brother, Dale. After moving to Spearfish SD, Nadine and Ray began their funeral home business. Nadine owned and operated three funeral homes following Ray’s death in 1997 until she sold them in 2000. The business continues to operate as Fidler-Isburg Funeral Chapels in Spearfish and Lead, SD and Sundance, WY. Nadine and her late husband, Ray, were very active in the Spearfish community through the years and Nadine especially valued music and theatre. She has also generously supported fine arts programs at Blackhills State University.

Photo is courtesy of McCook Gazette, article printed 12/29/2015.

MCC Faculty Retirement 2016 we hate to see them go

Jim Garretson recalls one of his fondest memories was the popularity of an astronomy class in late 1985-early 1986, the last time Halley’s Comet was visible. ‘’I set up a telescope and invited members of the community to come view it, and at its peak there were people lined up clear around Barnett Hall, despite bitter cold temperatures,’’ Garretson recalls.

Jim Garretson

Chemistry/Phy. Science/ Physics Instructor

Jim Hall

Biology Instructor

Mike Hendricks

Criminal Justice/Sociology Instructor

Jim Hall, the longest-tenured McCook Community College employee, arrived on campus in 1976. The toughest thing he ever had to do was write his letter of resignation. ‘’It took me almost three weeks,’’ he said. Hall along with Jim Garretson and Mike Hendricks said good-bye to their long-time MCC college family at the end of this school year. The three have touched the lives of students for a combined total of 115 years. ‘’I keep telling people that I have the best teaching position in a 250mile radius, so giving that up after 40 years is something that really makes you stop and think,’’ Hall said. ‘’I really wish everyone could find a job they enjoy as much as I have enjoyed this one.’’

‘’When long-time resident Wendell Cheney came through the line, he pulled me aside and told me he’d seen Halley’s Comet as a boy in 1910 and thanked me for helping him see it a second time.’’ Early in his teaching career, Mike Hendricks wanted to make every student passionate about whatever he was teaching, but soon realized that if he could reach one or two students in a class he was doing pretty well. “My philosophy has always been that it’s all about the students,’’ he said. ‘’They are the ones who make it interesting and they are the reason I get out of bed in the morning.’’ Each of them is looking forward to retirement and spending more time with their family and on their hobbies.

New Foundation 2016 MPCC President’s Awards Scholarships This was the first year that MPCC presented a President’s Award at commencement. The President’s Award recognizes an individual who has positively impacted at least one of the Mid-Plains Community College institutions and who reflects the values of exemplary community service.

McCook College Foundation $50,000 McCook Elks Club Endowment Scholarship

Don Jackson - MCC Recipient Donald Jackson is president of Hastings College. A Cambridge, NE native, he received an Associate of Arts degree from McCook College on May 26, 1967. That was followed by a bachelor’s degree in biology from Hastings College and a master’s degree in rehabilitation services administration from DePaul University in Chicago. Jackson went on to found Rehabilitation Systems, Inc., a multi-state health care corporation, and eventually ended up as the global chief operating officer of Easter Seals, Inc. – a job he had for 21 years. From 2007-2012, Jackson served on the Hastings College Foundation Board and the Hastings College Board of Trustees. In the fall of 2012, Jackson became the vice president for advancement at Hastings College. He was named the college’s 16th president on Feb. 4, 2013.

Eric Seacrest - NPCC Recipient Seacrest moved to North Platte to work at “The North Platte Telegraph” in 1968 - expecting to stay about a year or two. Instead, he planted roots and became the chief executive officer of the company that published newspapers in North Platte, Scottsbluff, Lexington and Sidney. The company sold in 2000. Seacrest became executive director of the Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation in 2001 and has since overseen thousands of scholarships to college students and financial grants to area schools and colleges. Seacrest recently completed 29 years of service on the State of Nebraska’s Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education. He served on the Midwestern Higher Education Commission, on Nebraska’s P-16 Education Council and on the Mid-Plains Community College Foundation - the predecessor of the current North Platte Community College Foundation.

Scholarships will be awarded based on need and investment returns. Thank you to McCook Elks Lodge No. 1434!

Raymond & Nadine (Miller) Fidler Scholarship This $50,000 endowment will provide for $2,500 in scholarship funds to be awarded to Music, Arts and Theatre majors at MCC. Thank you to MCC Alumnus, Nadine Fidler!

North Platte Community College Foundation Winnie Dolph Memorial Scholarship Winnie Dolph’s donation of $112,000 will result in two $2,500 scholarships that will be given each year to deserving nursing students. Applicants will be asked to write a short essay detailing why they are seeking a career in nursing. Submissions will be reviewed by nursing faculty, and a final selection will be made by the NPCC Foundation scholarship committee. Thank you, Winnie, we miss you!

MPCC Alumni: Get involved NOW in the careers of students

• Post job opportunities for students at • Attend on-campus job fairs • Participate in Get to Work Wednesdays • Serve on a program advisory committee • Offer a classroom information session • Provide tuition assistance for a prospective employee

Let me help you get involved! Berva Arensdorf, Area Employment Services Coordinator 308-535-3619 |

Winnie’s Legacy

She may be gone, but she has not been forgotten. North Platte Community College was home to Winnie Dolph, LPN Coordinator, for 15 years. She moved to North Platte from Portland, OR in 1991 and took a job in the dialysis unit at the hospital - known at the time as Great Plains Regional Medical Center. In 1996 she began working part-time at NPCC. She later replaced Carroll Hill as the clinical instructor for the Associate Degree of Nursing program and also subbed for both the ADN and Licensed Practical Nursing programs. She became the full-time ADN instructor on July 1, 1997 and served as a sponsor for the NPCC chapter of the Nebraska State Student Nurses Association. It was in 2008 that Dolph was named LPN coordinator, following the retirement of Barbara Christensen and Judy Gutschenritter – a position she retained until her own retirement in 2013. In November of 2013, Winnie became ill and was diagnosed with cancer. However, she continued to give back and support the college as much as she could. “When Winnie couldn’t attend games, she watched from her computer,” said Dr. Jody Tomanek, area vice president for academic affairs and NPCC. “When she couldn’t make it to classes, she Skyped with students or had them come to her home. Each time Ryan Purdy [college president] and I would go visit her, the first words out of Winnie’s mouth were, “What’s new at the college?” She passed away on October 14, 2015 following her battle with cancer. Winnie Dolph’s legacy will now live on indefinitely at NPCC thanks to a scholarship that has been created in her honor.

What’s New

@ MPCC! Elks Club Donation Mid-Plains Community College took ownership of the former Elks Club property in 2015 when it was donated to the college by Perry and Vicky Case. Pictured are: (from left) Mid-Plains Community College President Ryan Purdy, Vicki Case, Perry Case, Steve Clark, and Mid-Plains Area Governing Board President Louis Stithem.

Student Union Remodel The McCook Community College Student Union is getting a complete facelift this spring. As part of the college’s facility improvement upgrades, the union is getting new floors, new energy-efficient windows and new walls. Officials also plan to remodel the kitchen into a convenience store area where students can pick up items on the way to and from class as opposed to driving off-campus. In addition to allowing students to have their own meeting place, the facility will also be used for classes through the MPCC Center For Enterprise.

“Winnie considered the college and her nursing students her family,” said Dr. Tomanek. “Winnie not only taught our future nurses, but also gave back to the college in many ways. She supported the Student Nurses Association, led bake sales, served as a faculty advisor, attended nearly all Board of Governors meetings and religiously attended NPCC athletic events.” “We are so thankful to Winnie Dolph for her commitment and loyalty to the college and for the legacy that she chose to leave to us for the future,” said Carol Bodeen, area director of development. “Winnie’s donation of $112,000 to the NPCC Foundation will allow for two nursing students to each receive a scholarship of $2,500 per year.”

NPCC North Campus Remodel The W.W. Wood Building on North Platte Community College’s North Campus is getting a makeover. Remodeling is in full swing on the main entryway, welcome center and front hallway. The goal is to have an entrance that is wider and brighter by the time classes start in August.

Sports Wrap-Up McCook Community College Indian Sports Volleyball Lady Indians Volleyball had a 2-40 season in 2015 under Interim Head Coach Jasmine Pritchett. Shaela Jenkins had a big Region IX Tournament, earning an All-Tournament Team spot. Jenkins led MCC in points and kills. Men’s Basketball The MCC Men’s Basketball team had another quality year with a 20-11 record and finished 6th in the country. Head Coach Brandon Lenhart was named the Co-NCCAC Coach of the Year, while Hakim Davis, Peter Poundak, and Lewis Diankulu were named All-NCCAC Performers. Women’s Basketball The MCC Lady Indians had a year for the record books in 201516. This past season, the Lady Indians finished with a 29-4 record (a school record), won the Nebraska Community College Athletic Conference, losing in the Region IX semifinals to Region IX champion Gillette College. Chante Church, MCC’s leading scorer, set MCC’s all-time scoring at with 1,255 points. Lucia Archuleta broke the three-pointers career record with 128 and Kendra Baucom set the career rebounding record with 751 rebounds.

Softball The Lady Indians Softball team had a banner year, going 35-27 and making another appearance to the Region IX playoffs. They hit .324 with 87 doubles, 29 triples, and 33 home runs, as a team. Kenzie Bilger and Kendall Yasui were selected to the All Region team. Next year the Lady Indians will be led by new Head Coach Josh Barnes. Baseball MCC finished the regular season at 25-31 and will go into the post season as the 3 seed in the conference tournament. Freshman Chase Adams broke MCC records with the number of innings pitched (72.1) and strike outs (89) while freshman Dom Paratore broke the single season home run record with 9. Golf The Indians Golf team had a banner year and qualified for their national tournament. Sophomore Brad Hill earned Player of the Year and First Team All-Conference Honors, while sophomore Bridger Ryan earned Second Team All-Conference.

North Platte Community College Knights Sports Volleyball Alexa Hopping became the head coach of the Lady Knights Volleyball team, replacing Sally Thalken, who retired after 34 seasons. The Lady Knights finished the season with a 15-23 record. Valerie Most and Jessica Lovitt were named to the AllRegion IX Team. Most and Megan Chintala were named to the All-Tournament Team. Men’s Basketball Kevin O’Connor’s Knights Men’s Basketball team ended the season with a record of 19-13, losing to Miles City Community College in the Region IX Quarterfinals. Tyree Peter, a sophomore from Omaha was named to the All-Region IX team and Diontae Champion was named to the All-Region IX Tournament team.

Women’s Basketball The Lady Knights Basketball team finished the season with a 1215 record. Lady Knights Head Coach Richard Thurin was pleased to announce that Sarah Mahr was named All- Region IX and AllTournament. NPCC Softball Coach Janelle Higgins’ Knights Softball team ended the season with a 15-30 record. Sara Villalobos, Shelby Belloni, Jessica Jarvis, Samantha Gill and Samantha Foster were named to the All-Region IX Division II team. All-Region IX Division II Tournament team selected Villalobos, Makenzi, DeCrow and Antonia Villani.

For additional details, check out and

MPCC Rodeo Team sends four to nationals Four members of the Mid-Plains Community College Rodeo team will compete at nationals. They are: Rowdy Moon, of Sargent; Trey Engel, Silver Creek; Ethan Lesiak, Clarks; and Reece Weber, Valentine. The National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association’s College National Finals Rodeo is scheduled for June 12-18 in Casper, WY.

It’s a showcase of the best of the best. The contestant pool is made up of the top three individuals in each event as well as the top two men’s and women’s teams from the NIRA’s 11 regions. That includes the Great Plains Region, of which MPCC is a member. “Making it to that is like making it to the Rose Bowl, or the Super Bowl,” said Dustin Elliott, MPCC Rodeo Team rough stock coach. “It’s a competition of the elite, and for MPCC to be represented at that level – I think it speaks volumes.” Engel is currently sitting first in the regional standings in bull riding. Moon is second in bareback riding, Lesiak is third in bull riding and Weber is third in team roping.



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